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Last week Secretary B.aine made a posi?
tive appointment witb certain Canadian en?
voys to meet them yeaterday and dUcins
with them the eubjact of reciprocity between
this country and theirs. At tbe appointed
time the envoys called upon Mr. Blaine for
the purpose referred to, bnt, to their great
surprise, as stated in the Ga/.sttk of that
date, they were informed by hioa that the
President had for bidden any each discussion
until he could be present and take part in
if, and that as ho could Dot do that before
hin proposed nxtensive southern and west?
ern trip, cp)u which he would not start till
the 1th inat., (t moat be postponed until Lie
return from that trip. As Massachusetts is
in favor of reciprocity, and aB the mgnity
of thy republican legislature of that State
had expressed a preference for Mr. Blaine
as the nominee of the next national repub?
lican convention, those wbo thoroughly un
detstand the meanness and llttlenefs of Mr.
Harrison are induced to believe that his ac?
tion iu preventing the discussion, inasmuch
es a full report of it would b&ve been made
to bim. nnd es r;o result could have been
rt-scued without his consent, was Inspired,
morn by spite against Mr. B aine ani a de?
sire to make hira appear small in th^ eyes
not only of tlm Canadians, but in those of
the paople of his own country, than by aoy
ether rejisor._
ALL thk leading meu and organs of the
republican parly proclaim with loud voices
that all they demand cf tbe South is that
the no.j:>rity shall ?ule, as provided by the
Cons'? ution.and in accordance k it b the spirit
of the institutions of the country, 8nd they
say the fart that in some southern communi?
ties thu negro vo:f is sufficient of itself alone
to dominate, or becomed so by tbe aid of
that cf a few white scalawags, has nothing
1) do with the case, as general laws can
not be set a?id? for special purpose?. The
m!e of the n'pj rlly. no maUer of what thHt
majority be composed, is, acoordltig to their
profession, all for which tbey contend. And
yet ibongh at Ihe late State election in
Rhede Irland, tbe Sta'e from which Mr
Aldrich, the manager of the Foicsbill in the
U. S. Senate, hails, the democratic cat d -
date for Governor received twelve hundred
raor? unoontested votes than his repunliran
riva!, thu latter, under the laws of that
S.aie, wiil be declared elected, and will ex
ercise the duues of en tOica against the will
of the people of his State, as expressed by
the filr, legal, unoontested and acknowl?
edged msjarity of their votes. AccorcMng
to republican Sauth-hateis, the negro ma?
jority mu-t tu e in the Soutb, but the white
minority mu?t rule in tbe North. Aud of
tuch is republicanism.
Sknatoq Edmunds, of Vermont, agrees
with his colleague, Senator Hoar, of Massa?
chusetts, that tbe republicans, in the next
national campaign, will have inscribed upon
their battle ilag, "high tat ill'. Force bill and
opposition to free ellver colnagt." Thai
euoh a il*g coul.1 not lead any party in this
country to victory in 18'J2 is a fact distinctly
apparent to everybody except the two New
Eaglatid^rs referred tr, who also seem to be
ignorant of that other patent f*ot, that tbe
supremacy of New England, even in the re
publican party, bas become a thing of tbe
past. The wild and woolly West now domi*
nsto* the republican party, and ''free sliver"
is stampeJ upon Us brow.
Noi withstanding tbe public abueo ex
Senator Blair bas cast upon the Chinese, he
eayB be intends to accept tbe commission of
U. S. Minister to that country which has
been tendered bim by President Harrison.
The tender was a gross insult to a friendly
nation, but its acoopiaace exhibits a lack of
ddicacy beyond that of a boor, and a degree
of gall that is monumental.
[?Si>co?ai Correspondence of the Alexandria Gazette.]
WAW.tw?ro?. L). U., April 7. lttttl.
Thomas E Miller, the negro ex-'Jongres?
DiHD from South Carolin??, was at the Capl
lol to-day. He says it is a mistake to sup?
pose that the Farraere' Alliance has conlrol
of his S ate. Tn, t alliance, he says, Isomy
the tougb oiomtrtt of the democratic pany,
nod ie as thoroughly democratic as a party
oould be, nut that its leaders are not as
wise as loose whom it has deposed. He
Eays they bnve failed to carry out a single
one of (heir avewed objects and have eo in?
terfered wLn the phosphate industry that
;bete will t>o a deficit in the State's, revenue
tvbtcb must ne made up by increased t?xa
iien- He says that boildcz ng and shooting
is praetioad there whenever it is necessary to
attain political EUocea-, except iu bis own
district, whfie oppruorioua epithets aud
hbots are returned in kind by the uegroes.
He euys the federal appointees in South
Carolw a made during tho early part of Mr.
HarrisouV adraiutsi ration and while tbe billy
Idea ot a whke republican party in the Soutu
prevailed at the YVhue House, are exceed?
ingly unpopu ar witb the republicans (here,
as iney are men wno bad been ku-ttlux,'
gieenoaikere, rcd-bh.neis atd the worst
sort of democrats, nut that those recently
made, ueing ultra and tdmcn-pure negro
republican*, are satisfactory. He says if the
member* ui me Farmers' Alliance"in tbe
northern at.d western States unite with
those cf the alliance io tho South, me, wili
combine witb the worsf element of demucru
oy. Miller is a contestant for tbe beat of
.Mr. E'lioit, iu tbe next House, ou the
ground of intimidation, aud did not set-m to
realize how completely ?e gave bitneelf
away when he eald there was uo Intimida?
tion bis district.
Major Pey'ou R*odolph, 31 vice presi?
dent of tbe R ohmoud and Danville Rail?
road, is very til at his residence in this city,
his ailment is said to result from heart dis?
ease and the grip.
It is reported here that Secretary Blaine is
Kreativ chagrined at the President's emphatic
prohibition of the conference be had at
ianged with the Canadian envoys for yes?
terday, bat that be is wise enough to cod
oeai his wound from all but his most trust?
worthy friends. It is a lasting one, howev?
er, and be will ; ur.-e it, to keep it warm.
He understands that the President's action
was taken solely for the purpose of showing
the country that not Mr. Blaine, but Benji
mio Harrison, grand-son of his grand-father,
rune th? government, and if he doesn't, will
know the reason why; and, wbat'd morp,
that he thinks the ruler of the country has
a better chance for being his own successor
than any of bis subordinates.
Ex Congre-eman Cicucz cf Nebraska will
be appointed Ass'siant Secretary of the
A large party in this city made arrange
menls to day for witnessing a prizs fight to
come oil in or near Alexandria to-night.
The President will leave here on his pro?
posed trip next Taetday, and will he absent,
it is supposed, for six weeks. Before he
leaves it isexpected that he will apDoiDtthe
judges cf the new land oourt, and several
President! Postmasters, and of the latter,
three in Virginia.
Mr. Manrico Smith concludod his argument in
defence of Kincaid in the criminal court of this
city t>day. lie will l>3 followed by Mr. Jero
Wils m also for tho dofecc3, and tho aieumont
will bo closed by ?. S. Attorney Cot?. Too im
prostion at tho I otirt Honso is that Kincaid will
bo acquitted. Mr. Smith, in his argumont
to-day, scored Donaldson, a candidato for
doorkoepor of tho next House, for tho testimony
be hai given.
A woll-iiift.rnud republic?n politician from
Virginia hero tj-day says that the visit of U S
district attorney Craig of Virginia to this city
ycbteiday, was lo make another effort to h:tvo
Judge Paul of his Sttto appointed tD the now U
P. judj,cship of tho Virginia circu't.
Ia is believed that Mr. Call will be re
elected Senator from Florida.
The 25 a ?nnivsi?ity of the formation of
the G. A. It. was celebrated at various
places yf-H'.etday.
Several corps of engineers to make pr?r
liti.iuery surveys of the projected intercon
tinenta! railway v;i!l sail from New York in
a few dava.
The figt t between Jim Daly and Pat Far
rel, was stopped by the police in Philadel?
phia lantolgnt at the end of the third round.
The li^a; was awarded to Daly.
The Confederate Veteran Associations,
a-sistcd bv the various military organiza?
tions cf H.-w Orleans yesterday decorated
th-t graves of their former comradea.
B-*hop A. \V. Wilson wbb expeoted to
anil from Europe for home by the steamship
Britannic Ap'il 1 I' is thought he will
rfarrh Baltimore Tonrsday or Friday of this
wef k
Sonator Edmunds thinks the Faim?ra'
AI ' ii-c? wii: noi carnage the denicc atic
party and that the silver question wili no'
be a campaign ie?ue between the two great
Tt'B Ei.-i G.rruoti Conference of Me
Methodist Episcopal church in Baltimore
yesterday voted forty-one to one Bgainst
admitting wemen ?sxle egates t> theG-. ner
al Conference.
Govftoor Jackson, cf Maryland, an?
nounced j^stf-id^y that he would appoint
Colonel Henry Kjd Douglass to the vacan?
cy o?aeed bv ihe death of Judge Syester of
tie Fou! t-> judicial Circuit of that 8.ate.
Ia ('ififiiiPRti ypslerday the entire repub?
lican oity lit km was elected he&did by John
B. Moahy a* Mayor. Toe republicans were
hIod Bocceaefol in Mansfield, Cleveland,
Dayion smd Toled\ while 'he democrats
carrier: Colo mhos, Findlay, Z'.nosviHe, and
several otn^r towns in northwest Ouio.
Af pr a fight of over three, years Claus
Sprerkels end the Pugar Trost have come to
an understanding by which there will be no
farther competition between them. By this
agreement Mr. Spreckels is not to esll his
sugar in that part of the country east of the
Missouri rlvor, and the Havecuayers are
not to invade ine territory west of the Mle
W. F. Harr'son, former'y a prominent mer?
chant of Norfolk, is dead.
The prand jury of Richmond hss fixed
April 16 far the consideration of tho caseof
E. Bafoid Grjmep, charged with embtzzi
R. E Lee Camp of Confederate Veterans,
of Richmond, recommends April 2G as a day
on which to ommemuruto the memory of
Gen. Joseph E Johnston.
The only cae* bofore the Court of Appeals
yeBterday wr?- that o.' Campbell against Ship
man, which was argned by W. Willoughby,
etq., for appellee, and EJmand Burke, for
appellant, and submitted.
Mr. John P. Branch and other Richmond
capitalists went to Washington to-day in
connection with tho prtjictfor establishing
a steamsh p line between Newport News
and South American ports.
A meeting of veterans was hel 1 in Rich?
mond last night at the residence of Maj >r
Louis Hinter, at which money was sub?
scribed to erect a monnment to Gee. A. P.
Hill at the junction of Hermitage road and
Laburnam avecue, in Henrico county.
The monument is to be of granite, oO feet
high, surmounted by a brorze statue.
It is roportcd in London that Mr. Darnell h ?
has been privately martiod aioes tho O'ahoa di?
vorce proceedings but not to Mrs O'Shea.
Motions to redoro tho appropriations for pal
ncos not occupied by tho royal laniily were reject?
ed by the Hi itish House of Commons yesterday.
There is a honvy tide of emigration from Ire?
land to tho United States, six steamships last
week carrying 1,246 emigrants, mostly of tho
firming class.
Tho ceremony of piercing the dam of tho North
Sea Canal took piaco vo-t r<1;-y. Emperor William
marto the breach, an I tho waier poured in in im?
mense volume?.
A writer npen a"*"airs at the Vatican rajs that
'he recent speech of Cardinal Lavijcrio upo..
Kronen, politics was inspired >>y tbo Pope, and
lint th.i present polic,- n' coo X III, iudicatos tho
drift of ttto ? ?tfiol c Cnurch toward modem de?
mocracy. '1 he Ptpo bo.ieving that tho republi?
can !\.rui of government will eventually prevail
in Europe, is beckiug through tho agency of a
nonibjr of cardinals, to free tue tathoiic Church
from identification with tho old dynastic paity.
Repairing Canal Boats.?Mortens
Sjps, ooat-ouildera of Cumberland Md., yes
terday opened their boat yards, which have
been idle sicco the djse of the canal in the
epilog of 1SS9, and will start a large foica of
OQtfn repairing boxt* preparatory to th60pen
ing of 11 e C. ai d O. canal. It Is not believed
that Mertens Sjus will Guild any new boats
unless t, 't y have a guarantee from the man?
agement that i?? canal will be navigable
for a certain number of years.
The numbers of LitttWs Living Age for
the wee Ks er. dim; Marth 2S b anu April 4 h
have been received from its publishers in
Buston. They contain Forjjed Literature,
The Correspondence of an O d Scotch Fac?
tor, The Early Diary of Frances Barney,
Lord John Russell, An Island Deei-Forest,
The Castle of Ainwick, Crochets, Ia the
Mcuaiuios of Mtdia, Weighiog the 8tars,
The S:ory of a Fretch Maid of Honor,
Temperature in the Gaclal Epoch, with in?
stalments cf "The Frght of the Shadow,"]
and poetry. I
Conferenc \
Tho Maryland Annual Conference of ihe
Methodist Protestant Church continued in
Baltimore yesterday. A diecussion feck
place on the report of the committee on
President Scrayer'a report which referted to
bis recommendation for a division of the
Maryland Annual Conference on the line of
the Chesapeake. The committee recom?
mended that it he referred to a special com?
mittee, with instruction to report to the
next annual conference. The reoommende
tion was lost by a vote of 70 to 19, and that
means no division will take place. A mo?
tion to elect a vice president to serve with a
subdivision of the district was lost.
The committee on President Strayer's re?
port recommended that its report on tem?
perance be referred to that committee.
The recommendation of the president for
the establishment of a summer school of
tbeologv was referred to a committee.
Rev. F. T. Tagg presented a etattment in
regard to home misalonp, far the secretary of
tha board. At the request of the general
secretary, the rt quest was made by Mr.
Teg? that an appropriation of fifteen cents
per member be made; that mite boxes be
distributed and the amount collected In
boxes be credited on assessment; and that
piizss he offered fcr racnsy collections.
Mr. Ta2g defended the plan ofprzas. say?
ing it had worked very successfully. In the
past five vears bis album scheme bad collect?
ed $20.000 for the work. By this plan young
ladles bad autograph albums, with wbicb
tbey charged younf men ten cenlB for eijtt
ing their names, ?&3 He also originated
sending out to the ''Busy Workers" przi
books. This would da no harm, but rather
stimulated the young peoole in good
work?. Ho said t "As to rewards, I expoct Dr.
Murray himself would hardly bo in thochureb
without a salary, and a salary is a reward. Nor
would any of us bo hero. Besides this, wo all
look for a heavenly reward."
Fevp. H. B. Elderdi<:>, T. H. E'dardico and C.
?. Btnjimin wore appointod a coma iitoo to pio
I uro a plan for a fcunday school association.
The Episcopal Council.
The ninety-eixth annual Council of the
Diocese of Virginia will meet in Petersburg
on May 20.b, and a large representation cf
boLh clergymen and laymen of the seveial
churches end parishes will no doubt be
present, in view of the faot that the advisa?
bility of a division of the diocese will be dh>
At the last Council, held last Mty,
a commute was appointed to consider the
t-utj-ct and submit a report at ihe meeting
next month.
The committee have agreed to report in
tavor of ihe division, and ihsy nuugest a di?
viding line from ihtt northwestern portion
of King George county to the southwestern
part of Mecklenburg count v, sb it abuts on
the Notta Carolina line. Of course ibis rii
viding line will go zig-zag so os not to di?
vide the counties. This division, which
would be pretty nearly iqutl in re/ard to
olergy, communicants and contributions,
wnuld throw forty-four counties with Rich?
mond, Norfolk and Petersburg into one dio?
cese, while the rest of the State would form
the other diocese.
The opinions on this division are rather
divided, and the proposed plan is not popn
lar with the members of the Episcopal
T Is not very likely tha' tho Council wiil
adopt this plan,
Some of th? churoh memhr-rs are In favor
of cutting off tho southwesterly part oftbe
State, with Lexington, Lyncbburg aud Dan?
ville as (he principal cities.
Others favor a division of the State by the
James river, so that a>l north of it he a dic
cpfp, with Ue present bidhops, and all Scuth
of it a new diocese.
This plan was very popu'ar a few years
ago, giving as it does the cities of Norfolk
and Porlsmouth and Petersburg and Din
villeand R:anoke and Che growing south
wopt 'or a new diocese and a new Bishop.
Still another plan, which is favored by a
good many members of the church, pro?
vides for a division of the State into three dio
But the trouble witb this plan would he
(hat three or perhaps four bishops would
have to be supported by the Episcopal
Church in thi* State, which might lead to
considerable financial difficulties.
Probeblv a division of the State into two
dioceses will be designated by theCouncil or
soon thereafter.
Io accordance with the canon the present
Assistant Bishop would have the right, in
case of a division of the diocese bf ing agreed
upon, to remain where he is, or take charge
of the diocese which tbe preseut B:shop
would not elect fur himself.
Tbe general effect of a division of the dic
crso of Virginia no doubt would be to give a
new impulse to tbe general church work.
The sentiment In tbe laity is against a di?
vision, no matter in what shape, although
he cecessi y for such a division is believed
to exist, and this is even admitted by ibo-e
who otherwise are opposed to the plan.
The Biehop, who has the powor to veto
any plan of division thai the Council might
agree upcr,| is said to be non committal at
present and determined iosw.it further de?
velopments to Bee wbur ac?cn will he taken
bv the Ccuncil next, moalb.?Richmond
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Co , Etkbart, Ind.
On Monday evening, April flth, 1891, JOHN
ST FPU ENSON. in tho Rid yoar of bis hvp. His
Inneral will take plsco to-morrow (Woinesday)
evening, at 2 o'co:k, from tho M. E Chunh
iotith. Friends and a quain'ancos of tho family
aro respectfully inviroa to attend.
Ion Carter's Eun ia Farqoier county, YV, five
miles from Marshall, known as
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Foreign News.
RoME.April 7.?At a reception given to the
college of cardinais to-day the Pope ex?
pressed great satisfaction at the result, of the
recent election of a representative in parlir
m8nt from North Sligo Ireland, when ti e
Paroellite candidate was defeated.
London, April 7.?A most e Hsciing bcolo
took place tc-day in the High Court of Jut
tica occasioned by tho retirement of Hor.
James Filzjimes 8tephen, whose health has
become seriously impaired from the worrj
and annoyance he endured during the trial
of the celebrated Maybrick poisoulrg caee
Paris, Aprli 7 ?The French Government
has determined to appoint to all its em?
bassies and legations abroad, in addition to
the other attaches, tfiioers who will turn
their attention entirely to the study of the
commerce and commercial relations of i be
C3untry to which they are sent.
Pana%ia, April 7.?Passengers just arrived
from Valparaiso declare that the cause ol
the revolutionists ia making progress, and
that in Valparaiso, the sentiment in favor
of the revolutionary party is becoming very
strong. It was expected that on the arrival
of the fhet the troops now adhering to the
Balmaceda government would go over to
the opposition. President Balmaceda real?
izes that his cause ia waning and is recruit?
ing his forces from the priaone. The reports
of loss of life and property requiting from
the revolul ion have been mach exaggerated.
London, April 7.?Advices received here
from several of tho principal capitals ol
Europe show that the political situation on
the continent ia regarded as serious by the
leading statesmen er d diplomats. The ac
tion of tha Rarslan authorities in doubling
the strength of the forces in Volhynia is
gravely discussed in the capitals of the va?
rious countries. The greatest activity pre?
vails among the troops garrisoning the pric- j
cipa1' forti?ed places in France,
j BudaPksth, April 7 ?According to semi
official news which has brei received from
Berlir, the Earopeao situation is regarded
in the Gorman capital as threatening.
Bkki.in, April 7.?The famous Scotch cut
ter Tntstle has been purchased by E&peror
William, who it is said will enter her in the
race for the Q leen's cup which takes place
oil the Isle o? Wight.
St. Louis, Anril 7 ?Tnere are only three
ickets in the field and on'y candidates for
the city assembly are up for election. Voting
is going on quietly under the Australian
Chicago, April 7.?At noon about two
thirds of the entire registered vote cf the
ol'y had been polled. Carter Hirrison was
active at the polls miking speeches He
VJted for himself and fjlt in the btst of splits
u -.til inform d that he had recsived only 25
votes up to that hour, with two thirds of the
registered votes cast. The indications are
that Chicago will poll the heaviest vote
ever cast.
Detroit, Mich , April 7.?Rdlarua from
yesterday's elections so far received indi?
cate (hat the republicans have carried the
8-at3 by about 5 COO plurality.
Cold Weather.
Washington, April 7.?The condition of
unusually low temperature which prevail?
ed yesterday over northern Florida and
southern Georgia ha* moved southward and
this morning extends over the whole of the
Florida peninsula, producing except in the
extreme northern portion, the coldest
weather ever known there at this season of
tha year. Killing frosts occurred this morn
Ing aa far south as Japiter inlet, and it is
probable that early fruits and vegetables
throughout that section have been severely
Acci "ent at a Wedding.
RAHWAY, N. J., April 7.?Arnold Henry
and Mlts Aon'e Btr'ziu wore married here
yesterday evening. Aa the bride and groom
wire about to take their departure, John
Meo;z, a guest, fired a eaiute from his re?
viver, the bail of which enter d the head
of Albert Bohaab, cne of thn guests, who
fell deed at the feet of the bride.
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ILo's. drugstore.
Spring stirs up the b.le. Yon lose your
appetite, feel week, too hot, and 0; 1 so
ired. Take Simmona L'.v-r Regulator.
The entire democratic city ticket was
elected in Dobcqae, Iowa, yesterday.
The gas works at St. Augustine, F.orida,
were burned last night. Loss $60,000.
Eleven men were seriously i> jured at
B.addcck, Pa., to-day by a gas explosion.
Captain W. L. Merry, a merchant of San
Francisco, has been appointed Consul Gen?
eral for Nicaragua.
Wm. Harsh, the Ijw* cattle man who has
oten mit sing since February 14 has at lest
been located at Beverly, &Ias<>.
G>ld coin to the amount of $1,000,000 has
neen ordered at the Sub Treasury for ship
ment to Europe to-morrow.
Jjbn M. H. S.o w, a Philadelphia commls
-ion merchant, committed suicide this mom.
log by shooting himself through the heart.
P. T. Barnum, the veteran showman, who
is extremely ill at Bridgeport, Conn., is fast
declining and his death may be expected in
a few hours.
In the New York Methodist Conference
at Yonkers lc-day, the question, "Shall
women be admitted to the general confer
eice ?" was defeated.
Mrs. Sarah Hacderson nod Mre. Tillie
Taylor, sisters, were brought to Marlon, II'.,
yesterday charged with murdering the two
year-old blind child of Mrs. Taylor.
A coal exchange is to be organized in
Coicago soon which is to be to the coal bu-i
nsss what the board of trade is to the grain
j business of (he city. The exchange Is not
designed to establish prices but to famish a
Fifty new moo went to work this morn?
ing in the Pennsylvania coke region, mak?
ing the total number at the ovens about one
hundred. The soldiers are still on guard,
but no attempt was made to molest the men
who want to work.
Six men entered the Farwell House cafe
in Chicago last night and while two present?
ed revolvers at the cashier's head, the other
four made c? with the cash drawer after se?
riously wounding a waiter. Toe police af?
ter a sharp struggle arrested all the deeper*
adoes. Iq the light a policeman received a
bullet through his right hand.
Aw Old Aud Wei.i.-Tried Remedy?Mrp.
Winalow's 8 otuinst Syrup h?s boon used for over
Fifty Years by Millions of Mothers tor their Chit
dial While Teething, with Perfect Success. It Soothes
the Child, Soften* ino Gum, Allays all Pain; Cures
H'iiul Colic met is the best rerueoy for Diarrhira.
.-old hy Druggists in eviry p?rt of the world. Be
i-ure aud ask tor Afra. Winslow's Soothing syrup, and
t?k?tMi otliar kind Twenty-five centa a bott'o.
~ dIiy~gqods.
April 7, 1891.
We shall inaugura'e to-day a
Special Display of l? l-?c.
Which will eclipse anything ever
seen in this city.
20 cases, 50,000 yards, of Dress Ging?
hams, the choicest products of the York,
Amoskoag, Bates, and Pacific Mills, in
sot and do'icato thecks, Stripes, and
Plaid*, in all tits nowest colorings.
1 - '-jc a yard.
Zopbyr Ginghams, in plain colors, bro?
caded fi?ii'C8 and brocaded stripes. A
perfect imitation of Scotch Linen Ging?
Extra Fine Qaa'ity Apron Ginghams,
all tho standard chocks in Blue, Biown,
Black, and Pink.
12\o a yard.
(S.cond lloor, first annex.)
Tn conjunction with tho above wo offer
in White Goods Department?
100 pieces lino India Linen.
12\o a yard.
100 pieces Fast Black Lawns, in Plaids,
snd stripes ; shcor quality.
12*&c a yard.
(Second floor, 11th st. building.)
To-day wo will sell one cue (3,000
yards) Lace 8tripod Curtain Scrim at the
vory lew prico of
3c a yard.
1.0OD Op'.que Window Shade", m nnt
ed oa self-acting spring rollers.
ST^jC e ch.
(Fourth floor, 11th st. builling.)
Bond's Eloctric Galvanic Garters for
l?dier. Not for the invalid, but for each
indiv i iuai who Is ongaged in standing or
$1.50 a pair.
(First fl>or, 11th st. building.;
50 dt zcu Men's Fancy Cotton Web Gar
t is.
15c a pair. v.
100 d< z :n Men's White Handkerchiefs,
in neat or elaborate borders.
18coich; 3 for50c.
(First floor, first annex.)
Comforts for Mattres* Pads.
$1 each.
(Socond floor, 11th st. building.)
CORNER 11th AND F 8TREE :'S N. W.,
Wxhfihotow. D. C.
received to-day by
doc'jr_J C. MILB?BN.
COUM1RY-KNIT SOCKb just received at
riMXyCll BRUSHES?A very large assortment of
A, fino Tooth Brashes just received by
scarce this atason. Two barrels Just revived
by_[mh4J_J. C. M1LBUKN.
NEW HOMLNT and BEANS for sr.!o by
**iS* l. <:. M1LBURN.
CHOICE LINE or CRAVA tX, latest styles, at
deel* AMUS ?. SLa vjli JifiL'fl.
Blood Diseases
mailed FREE.
Atlanta, Ga.
The Effect Was Magical.
I suffered from cancer on ray l!p thatdi
tbe skill of tbe t>est physicians ot Si
I had it burned out, but tliu operatli
id ado it worse, causing it to spr.-i :
more surface and eat deeper In. l i ?
? used Swift's Speeitlc (S. S. S..) I hea
and drove the poison out of my bl.
effect of the Specific was magical!
healed up entirely without leaving n -
a reminder. Tins was over four years
and since then there has been no sign
return of tho cancer. I will cheer)
swer any inquiries in regard t.> mj .
Exos Yount, Urad.'un!, ?hi
Book on Mood and Skin Diseases Free.
$500 Beward I
WE will pay the above reward f..- any . ,
Complaint, Uyipcpaia, si.k 11....!-..-!:., in .<,., .
stlpatloti or CostlTeiieiu we cannot curv ? ri v... .
VeeetableUverrtlni,when the ainvtl ?
compiled with. They arc purely Vegctnbl?. a
falltoirlreaatiafaction. Sugar Contal ?
eoatalaing to ruin, tit? cent*. Beware i>f.
ami Imitation*. Th?> i*..km- t-i ,i. ,]
?. CJ. I.EXXON, ?M4 Kinjr?Cr<M>(
real estate agents.
Real Estate Broker ?: Auctionoer
Particular attention given to Ales
property?soiling, renting and collecting r<
Office?t2S sc nth Fairfax streit, Ale.xat Ii
Virginia. 8;.:ttf
real estate.
Alcxsndrians do^iriug to invest in Was!
proporty, or to place money < n loan, ae< nred i y
deed of trnst, will havo their interests carefully
protected by dealing with mc.
I will bo plossad to list yonr Aloxai dria ; ro| -
ty for palo, and will vss my lost endeavors li
you purchasers for simo.
Correspondence solicited.
With G. A. Jcrdau, 1417 F st. n. w ,
mblS Im Washington, D. P.
President. | Secretary. | Treasurer.
Parties having property for salo in city or ?
try will find it to thoir interest to list
it at this oflico.
Wo doal in Real Estate and Stocks.
A lame lot of Rcanoko Property for salt...
f?bl8 ly
dry goods.
Will mention a fow lato ariivals, which we con
sider excellent bargains:
lease of FINE DRESS GINGHAMS 8c per
Two (2) Cases 5-4 BLEACHED MUSLIN,
extra good quality, in lonxths from 1 '?>
at 10c per yard.
One (1) case 4 4 ANCHOR BRAND I'l.
ED M?8LIN, 1 to ii yards, at 8c i er yard.
250 yards OILED TABLE DAMASE - o
quality and choice patterns. 50c per yard
500 yards beautiful stytos OUTING FLAIi
NELS, 8 to 12 yard iongths, 10c per yard.
have malo new additioni tj a'l of our v,;
partmonta, and havo mnrkod the same
j piicep.
Invite your Inspection. N.> tr. ub o to show
' goods.
D. Bendheim,
""dry goods.
Very best quality Fruit of the Loom Bit I
Cotton, 1 yard wirio, oi ly 8\fcc, real valr; 10
very finest quality Lorsia'e Cambric, 1
wide, only 10c, roal vainy 12'jjc; Fane) ? k(
37'id, 40, 45 and 50c; Iidu Linens, Htirtici bar?
gain!, 8,10 and 12'^c; hbeeticg Cotton, ci ?
lent quality, immortsed .ubl ! widtli, ca?b bargain,
25c ; Henrietta French Casriiucro ft.
DreM Goods, nearly 1 ht jiirde wide, :i i
wool, srecial ca<h bargain, on'y 59, i
75c;Bla<k Sarah Silks, < xtra wide ?
Plaid Muslin, auctien bargain, 5, 8,10
Tablo D*niiiB)t, immenfe double widl
Linen, 37^. 40, 45. 50 62, '?'> and
French Silks, sptcial bargains, b7'>/'- I - -
$125; Ladles' BalbrigKau English ?ti
doublo boeN and double tot s, throo pnirf
real value 25c a pair; ( bioa fciPi ?'!?'?. 45 ?
Henrietta English Cashmeres, a! col r ? ? ,:
quality, wide double width, 25c; V. ' .
?;*shmore Hiawls $1 75. $2 50, $3 75
Ladies' Cloth Dress (Ws, J 'v yarda * ?
pure wool, all c do.s. cheap at 50c.
A cash purchase of Drj Got d ? smoo
entitles you to ono of the following val
sects: a pair < f <-xtr/* iarge-Bisso Damn
worth 75c; 1 drzen pure Linen-fringed i
worth 75c; a pair of Eiik-embroidcn ' ?r?e?i
75c; a Honeycomb White Bedspread
extra large-siza (2% yard;i turke;
Damask; also many other valuable ;
our caih < ustomors.
A caeh purchase sriiountlre. :o J10 ? : '
titles you to a larte-iize handsome : ? la
worth {150; a pair of e.pl-ar.t Bl
worth $1 50 ; two p?irB.f eitrn Imj . ?? izo
ask Towols, worth $1 60; one di a
Damaik Napkins, worth $1 50, h; .: many ottei
valuable pietouts for our c*-h co?tomers.
Do tot neglect to bring this ?
you when yon come, atid wo will tl
cash bargains as you read them oil". -'? ?
Carters Cash Store,
Near Seventh street,
Next Door to Boston Variety Btorc,
WASHING' C>\ I' 1 ?
Alexandria, Apiil r> 1 ~'J\.
ON AND AFTER MONDAY, April 6th, tb?
havo daily sittings at No. 421 Kicg street
porpose of receiving and^ considering_app
for license for the sale of hqtiors duriLg the n ^
yar ending April 30tb, 18^2.
m! P. VINCENT, Secretary. ?J? *ol?t

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