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Tus ACQUITTAL of Kincaid was inacoord
ace- with law, jas'.ice ard the rights of man.
A? Taolb36 was a pablio man, Kincaid wae
perfectly jastifiable in writiDg the letter
which made him his deadiy enemy. It is
only the fear of publicity that deters many a
raao from the unrestrained indalgenoe of hi?
passions. Since writing that letter there
was not a day until heshotTanibeson which
Kincaid was not liable to affront, Insult,
asiau't pncl threatened death, from the man
who had avowed himself his enemy. In?
deed, such wa" his danger, and so desirous
waa be tc> avoid if, that it interfered with
his ra^acs of making his living, as it re
Bticted his time at the Capitol tol'uob hours
as fbr?o In which he would be lees liable to
mpet Tauige, and it was only in theBeoond
nitacfe mede en him the same day that be
f ee 1 himself. The wor.d=r ia not that he
nho' Tau1 bee, bui that he did not shoot him
A dispatch from Lyno, Mas^., says '"the
Jong-contloned strike of the morcoco work?
ers there was a total failure; the strikers
surrendered unconditionally and will e-ee-k
w:rk where, they can, but that few will fiod
Ifc, most of their planen have been filled."
Understanding is as lacking dow as it was
in the dsjs of Solomon, and always wiil be.
strikes have ezisted freaa the begtEoirg.and
t*i I continue until the end, and, with only
enough f-xcepficcB to prove the rule, they
have ftiyayp, scor.or or later, had the same
result as that at J^vnn. In tyrannous coun?
tries it con id he different, but in fret" end
iqaal and liberty-loving America people
will manage their own business in their own
way. At,d it is observed that few intis
more upon the exercise of that indisputable
right than those who, though now proprie?
tor-3, commenced ife as day laborers.
mb. GECKOS fbanklin EDMUNDS wiil
not go down to history among the great
men of the u s. Senate, but as chief of the
ignoble e'ghr, who, os a majority of the elec?
toral coinojlr<*icn, sanctioned and made ef
facive the monumental fraul of all ages of
?'he world, lb*- Prt-eideotial ewiudie of 1S76.
He wbs chalimsn of the committee that pre.
pared and reported the bill creating that
commission, urged its paseage, and accepted
a position cn the commission, and was the
principal agent by wbirh the preconceived
otjoctof the whole villainous scheme wa*
euccestfaUy aPcomt)lif;h?'d.
In BOMB cities the price of gaa is on'y
fifty four and a half cents a thousand feet,
und Ibe companies owning the works pay a
dividend of thirteen percent, to their stock?
holders Hi re the price Is $1 60, and the
dividend loss than the legal interest on the
cost of the works. A*, the price the people
of this city are compelled to pay for their
??s, the inco'ne from the gas works, which
belong to them, ought to be sufficient to im?
prove the streets and kept them in perma?
nent repair.
Ths Kansas republicans bul'ded better
than thi'y knew when they incorporated
woman eeffrage into the laws of that State,
for at the la'o municipal elections there all
f>ut two of (be cities eleoted democratic may
ors, the women, even the wives of promiu
ent republicans, having banded themselves
together and voted the democratic ticket,
giving as thrir rea?on for doing so, the fact
that the ret'tibiicans had organized the
negro vote.
-~o- -e--?
[SKciut Correspondence of the Alexandria Gazette.]
TVAi-aiKGrotf. D. ?? April 9,1811. j
The Picsideut will Btart from here next
Tuesday morntt g on his southern and west?
ern trip. Atnot g those who will accompany
biru will 1.? Lie wife and several other la
Ex-S;ale Senator Meredi'b of the Alexan?
dria, Virginia, diatrlcf, was among the visit- j
ora here to-day. H??aate the reeuit of the
!?te democratic primaries io bis couuty,
Piince William, *as that he will be re?
jected Commor.we&Itb'a Attorney, J. H.
Brawo< r wtli be treasurer, K. H. Hooe.com
mtsaiotn-r of rovenua above, and W. D.
OJarke taelosv, the Run, and O. W. Tancilij
ebtriil, and J. E Her ret', deputy.
The speech cfSenator Daniel of Virginia,
at the Patent Centennial here laut uight, is
hpoken ul by all who btard it as the most
instructive and oratorical to wbicb it was
?>ver their good lomiue to listen.
A proinint-nt nonbern repuo.ioan politi?
cian, here to- a , though by no means in
love with the President, in a talk with the
GazSTTR'8 correspondent, Raid Mr. Harri?
eon wou>d surely be renominaied, for
varions reasons, among them, fhnt nobody
else was craz? for it, r-B the prospect of ?oc
ce?a wan by no mean? (Unering. He also
Haid, however, that nothing was surer than
that ihe northwestern S.atea which gave
democratic uv j >riti^s !??t fall would go re
pub ioan in i'li. and that the Presidential
fi.;btof rhat y?ar would depeud upon the
vote of New Yjtk, Iud.a?a, New Jersey and
The latest dispatches from Florida are to
the eflict that Dunn is not in the Senatorial
fl^bt thrre, aud that Call will be re-elected.
The Allowine changes in the 4 b class
poenfhciB of V.rgicia were made to-day :
Haoford. Mecklenburg county, L B R.
Smith appointed potttmaftter.vice J. Y. Rich?
ards, rusi^ned ; L-mch, Fioyd ouuuty, ?. E
*?panglpr, vice L. A. Manin, reBigut-d.
The President appointed a number of
pcflteaasters tr-r?ay. Among th??m were the
following in Virginia: Rinson H. Smith, at
Jtiidford, effice became presidential; Jaraee
M. McLaughlin at L-ynuhburg, vlo?i T. D,
J'nninga, cnmmissiou expired; John m!
Ooodloe at Big Stone Gap, offioa beoame
prteldentiai. Wiliiam W. flu-t has been ap
nninted U. S. biortkeeptr and gaugur at
The betrs of the lftleGeneralJ-seph E.
Jobnaron have agreed that there shall be no
public sale of the furoitur* in the Generali
bouse, but that it shall be divided among
them respectively. Is tn8 division Mr.
Robert Hughes, foq of the Jud^e, will have
the General's library.
A resident of this city, one of tha ma;y
who are convinced that Alexandria is bound
to grow, told the Gizettk's correspondent
to-day that be was informed there was a
Isck of rentable houeea there, and that to
eh.. w his fal b in his convictions he would
go halves w:th any reliable party there in
the parcbase of a lot. on Washington streut,
in that city, and the erection of a row of
Euch bous ethereon.
It is understood &t the State Department
that the Behring i^ea difisreuci between
this country acd E iglend has been practi?
cal y 6ettltd, as Secretary Blalne has con
Coded the jaatioe and legality of all tbe
points made by the English government.
Third A-sistan-, Secretary of 8:ale Moore
has accep'td the position of professor of
international law ar.d diplomacy at Colom?
bia College, New York.
It is euDpcsed that tue vacancies in tbe
judiciary committee of the Senate, caused by
tbe absence of Messrs. Eiraunds, Spooner
and Evarts, will be filled by the appointment
of Senators Teller, Frye and Stewart, and
that of Hoar and Wilson, the only two pres?
ent republican members of that committee,
tbe former will be its chairman, and that his
place as chairman of the elections commit?
tee will be filled bv Mr. Teller.
Both Generals R)?ecrar>& and Spinola Bre
reported better tc-lay.
Col. L Q. Washington has jast returned
from a trio through several States of the
8outh. He says he was as muob gratified as
surprised at the phenomena! improvement
he saw every where, along the line of his
route as well as in the cities. Ha was par?
ticularly struck with Roanoke, in Virginia,
and Birmingham, Alabama. Savannah, be
say?, in on ihr 11 >od tide of prosperity, ship?
ped over a million bales of cotton last year,
and imavr.s} quantities of pig iron from
Alabama and JVnne-see. He says four
ships <? week pnil from there to New
York, acd a daily line will soon be
established. Ho pays that from what he
saw an i beard i'j the States he vi-ited he is
oertain thai w.'iile the friends of Mr. Cleve?
land are already at work, the delegation?
from South Carolioa, Georgia and Alabama,
to the next national democratic oou7entif n,
wiil not be f jr tbe ex-Preslden;. Tne
Colon:! eays he thinks the tight, for the,
Speakf rt-uii? of the next, House will be be
tween Crisp and Milb, wi h McMiHin the
second oboice of the friends of boib,
and the first of many others. Tue
Colonel has hoard of the Alexandria boom,
"and Bays he lias always believod in tho ovcntiml
growth and prosperity of that city, and if tluro
wero nothing olse to sustain his boltef.it is tho
fact that Alexandria must bo tho Rhippint! port of
ttie immense poj ulaticn of tho national capita'. I
Conferenc \
The Maryland Methodist Protestant Con?
ference, which has been in session in Balli.
more for the past w-ek.closed late yesterday
afternoon to toeet in P.;couioke City, Md ,
next year.
In the morning tho r.sjiuiion to change
the presto! system cf appointing roisiste-rp
by a e imice to a time limit of five years,
was tbe ?[ e-iia! order of buslnees. The reso?
lution is bj fo'!ow>:
Resolved That the pastorate shall not ex?
ceed twe years, exoapt by a majority vote
of this comVtei c?, and that iL shall not he
cooih operative until tbe conference of 1S'.)2 ;
and that at that time ail pastorates winch
have beim served five years >-ha!l become
After considerable discussitn, this was
iop.-. bv * ' vf?te by ru e." The vote wae 3S
for to '.'A) avaiu^i th? iimit. Tho vote of t he
lay debates was 17 for to 213 against the
rub. Tbe present ru!e permits ministers to
remain at a church so long as It U satis'ac
?ory to tbe pastor and people, though the
pretiid*nt has tbe power of remov?
al, wbi h bo is txpected to ex?
ercise ooiv in t xtrerae cases where there are
factional tights it) churches or eome other
good c-ti-c
At tbe afternoon session tbe question of
amendments to the Artie es of Faith oame
up on the ovft ture from tbe General Coc
ference. Atter eome maneuvering, the fol?
lowing resolution was pas-:ed:
"Itcsoh'ed r<~at it is tb? sense of this con?
ference that there is no present necessity lor
revision of cur articles of Faith."
Toe reoprt of the Committee on Sunday
Oosvrvance, which was reported ou T.ie?day
nith^ wjb t ga<n presented and adopted.
Toe report of ibe oommi'tee on temper?
ance w.i* bd >p<ed. Ic enunciated sympathy
with the most advpnc>d thoogbton thegreat
question of temperance. I: opposed all forms
of license of the i qaor traflio It hailed with
Pleasure what btts oerP done by tbe national
administration in prohibiting the sale of
l.quor witbiij one mile of ihoSildiers'Home
in Washington, had in the canteens of tbe
United Stales Armv. It. .-ecommended the
use of unfermented wine in the Holy Com?
munion. I., depiored the exportation of
liquors to Africa. It recommend d that,
young people's societies discuss It. Dr. L.
W. B.iteB mede a few remards on ttmper
Various other reports were submitted and
Tne appoinlmrnts wore announced by
President 8". ray er, among them being the
following: Alexandria, W. M. Poisa1;
Georgetown, D. C, W. R. Graham; Lvrich
horg, T. E Ojulbourn; Liurel, Md., J. W.
Unlawful to Kill c>r Captubb Ron
ins ?The following islhe tertian cf tbe coae
of Virginia ahem killing robins:
"It shall be unlawful for any person to
kill or capture woodcock between the first
day of Aoril and the SM day of Noveranei;
or, at any time, to kill the turkey bnzzird
or black bozzard, or to capture, for sale or
transportatioo, or kill tbe mocking bird, cr
kill or capture the brown thrush, cardinal
or red bird, wocd robin, blue bird, honse
martin, or s'arling, or destroy their nests."
The above has been published in many
papers na the law la r? fereuce to killing rob?
ins. In not ih*? wood robin, however, a sing?
ing bl-d aud not the rod-breasted toothsome
robin ?
Mu der.
The body of Satan Watkins, colored, was fjnnd
Tuesday afternoon in a nu on tain brook three
miles west of Salora, Va , and the county coronor
was no i :ii d jistorday. The wojiaa was tho wife
of Charies Watkins, for si mj time a waiter in the
Eouioke ho!e!a. Ho has a white wile, whom he
married in Milwaukee, Wis. Tho whito wife is
of Germ n descent. Her maidon name was Fda
Fooberg. Sho tracked Watkins to Boanoko, goit g
there two months ago, and claims to bo his lo.ai
Wife, having married him in Milwaukee. Watkii s
is m.'ssiug. Ho was paid trf at Hotel Felix, in
Eo moke, on Tnesday morning. His white wife j
was arrested in that, placo yesterday and lodged
iu jail at Saletu, on the charge of being accessory
to the killing of the woman. Tho investigations
of tho coroner's jnr/ were hold iu sec et. Salem
is greatly oxcitot, and thoro is strong talk of
lynching the wbito woman. A party of negroes
are searching tho mountains for Watkins with
the iut nr. to lyi ch him. Tho head of tho mur?
dered woman wjs horribly bruised, apparently
with rocks. Two goid rings wore on her finger?,
and a gold watch whs lying by her sido. Her
life v*b injured for W.OOO for tho benefit of her
hnsb^m'. Watkins baa tbe policy.
The de-.th rate in New York is increasing, 206
deaths having oaurrod during the past 24 Lo:irF.
?f this naiubjr li> died of grip.
BEWS 0? TEJ? 0 AY.
P. T. Earnum's estate is va'-uad at $5 COO,
The tnortality of lbs prin is increasing in
New York at an unprecedented rate.
Arbor Day was general observed both iu
Baltimore and tbrougbcut the State of Mary?
land yesterday.
It is announced from tho Vatican that the
papal encyclical on labor and socialism will
be issued May 1,
A demand has been made upon 11-v. Sam
Small to account for funds collected for the
Utah University, of which he is president.
The President has issued a proclamation
warning all persona against enterirg Beh?
ring sea for tbe purpose of catching fut-bear
ing animals.
The Irish Federation have decided lo
ask McCarthy end Parnell toreleaee a sum
from the fund held in Paris, to defray out?
standing liabilities.
The British s'.eamer Dryden, from Santos
and Rio Janeiro, was detained at the New
York quarantine yesterday, having bad yel?
low fever on board.
Mr. Andrew Carnegie was arrested in
Pittsburg yesterday for contempt of court,
baving failed to answer a summons lseued
by a Newcastle judge la?t fait.
At the semi-annual meeting of the board
of directors of the Catbolio University at
Washington yesterday, it wts decided lo
ereot a new building for the Hall of Philoso?
Congressman Sayres, of Texas, shows that
tho appropriations of the last Congress were
considerably over $1.000 000.000, $240,000,
000 more tr.aa the preceedlng democratic
Cong res?.
A syndicate beaded by John W. Mackay
has purchased 200,000 feet of ground at the
bead of Sixteenth street, Washington, upon
which thev will erect an immense hotel to
cost $2,500",COO.
Tbe Maryland republican convention yes?
terday placed the Johnson aod Henderson
Warring Baltimore factions on an iqnal foul?
ing io ao endeavor to Bettle troubled in the
party in that city.
Ex Biate Treestirer William Herbert of
Daiatvare, whose de'ay iu paying over the
tit.Ue'd funds caused eometbiog of a eendA
tion in pohttcai circles a short lime ago, set?
tled up in fu:l yesterday.
It is ut derr'tood that Mej ir McKinley
claims that his election of Governor of Ohio
is ture ou a straight tartil issue, end (ha*
President Harrison has agreed to prevent, if
posMble, any foreign interference.
Lieut -Gov. Thomas M. Ho.lt, of North
Carolina, was sworn in yesterday by Cnitf
Justice Meriiman as Governor of tbe S ale
:o pucceed ihe late Gov. Daniel G. Fcw e,
who tibd suddenly In Raleigh on Tuesday
The will of the late Prince Napoleon di?
rects that if tho government refuce? burial
of nis body in the (Jburch of the Invalide-?,
it he placed in a tomb carved cut of the solid
reck on tbe I U Saoguinairen, in tbe Gulf of
Aj iccic.
Gov. Jackscn, of Maryland, has issued a
commisoion to Col. H. K',d D.uglas as as?
sistant judge of the Fourth Judicial Circnit
id place of .he late Judge dye-star. The cir?
cuit embraces Washington, Allegheny and
Garrett counties.
Bradlay's nltro-glycerlce works, noar Pc
tro ia, Oat., b ew up yesterday. How the
explosion occurred will never oe known as
foe three workmen were instantly killed.
Sufficient of the men's remains cave been
found to identify them.
la St. Louie on last Sunday Samuel G.
Stone, son of ex-Congressm u Stone, snatch?
ed his 3-year-jld child from its mctherV
arms as she was taking it for a rido on a
street oar, and as a result Mrs. Stone has
filed 6nit for a divorce.
It has been Iparned in Havana that six
persons were reoently kidnapped io tbe dis?
trict of Yogupj ay by a party of bauditF. Tbe
prisoners were subsiqaently released upon
the payment of a lansom, the amouut of
which has not been learned.
Mrs. King, grandmother of United States
Dlsirlct Jad<e Emory Speer, was burned to
death at her homo in Dodge ccun'y, Ga.,
yesterday. She was 86 years old and wae
eating hf?r bretkfast by tbe fire in her bed?
room. She got up to pat away tbe dishes
and her clothes caught fire.
The Italia of Rjcqp, sayp Italy must strike
the Uoited 8tate? In their strong box, where
their God renidt-p, by demanding the largest
indemnity for the- men killed at New O -
lsBnrt. Trie report that King Hamre-rt had
received a m?->pfge from President llarrifon
on tbe New Orleans eobj-ct it denied.
E^angeliBt C. E R:>b*rte, a oo-oreri
pre icher who has bt en conducting mission
services at Haverhiil, Moos., for several
months, created a sensation In t night by in?
troducing to bis congregation as his wife;
lbs handsome young wake woman who pre
'-Med at the organ. They wora married in
N*w York a^t werk.
Tho progress of the wgo?ftlicnfl l:e!wen.n
the U died Spates and Great Brite n respeut
'*n2 the !mnrov?men.i of commercial rela?
tions with Newfoundland ht>a been made
public by the publication of tbe draft of a
trep'y which was already /or signature bnd
rat.fixation when the suspension of ncgotia
tion v?ob ordered from Great Britaio. owing
to ?he protect of the Canadian gov?'nmeat.
D-foiel B in^kerhi 11 a wealthy retired
crackpr hak?r, ym:errt*y appeared in the
New York Police Court tie cotnpWioanl
against bis wi'eon th'j charge of disorderly
endue, bat she wbh acquitted. Mr.
Briuckerhi.fr has not been Jiving ??h
his wife sine? the'r formal separation Ihres
yt-ars ago. He says she. met him on tbe
street; abused him, insulted h'm, yelled et
him and held h:m up lo the derision of a
crowd that her loud voice attracted.
The opening ppppion of the Conerrss of
Inventors and Manu'sctureiB of Patented
Inventions, in celebration of the beginning
of ibe second c< n'nry of the American pa?
tent, system, was held yesterday afternoon
in the Academy of Moeic, Washington
President Harrison, who had been f-elected
a vice-president of the congress, made a
speech. S nator Jjhn W. Daniel, of Vir?
ginia, at me evening eef-sion spoke in tbe
hign-st terms of praise of ibe Patent Office
aid its worth, and pointed with pr d? to
tbe lorg list of inventors from the ec-utberc
L\nd Palks ? Or Tuesday lust commis?
sioners A. D. Payne aod R. R. Campbell
sold 309 acres in tbo *uit of ' Turner vs. B
thum." to Mrs. M. B Han-erd. Mrs. S B.
Robinson, Mrs. C B B-yle and Misa F. 11.
Bstbuns for $21 50 per acre.
Eppa Enntou, jr. trustt-n, In use ai d lot on
Winchester street, to J^mrs V. Brooke for $500.
Commissioners J. V. Brcokr. A. D. Favno and
Eppa Hum on. jr. 30 acres iTurnor Hcoti lot) iu
"Bowman's exor. vp. Eixey," to Henry Carter for
trVe are informed tbat the farm of tho late B. C.
McArtor containing Inf? acres has been sold to G.
L Scaton for $5,000. This farm adjo:ns the cor
poratien of TTpjorville and has np->n it a comfort?
able brick dw.-lling.? Warrenton Virgmm.
Court of Appeals Yesterday.
Hunter against Beach. Farther argued
jy S F. Brfcca aud G. A. Mnbb-ion, esqs.,
'o appellee*.
R'?hmond er.d Danville R^i:road Cr-m
lany against Crosen's adminis'ratrix. Dia
nissed agreed. '
At a meeting of tbe Stpndiug Committee
of tbe Episcopal diooeee, April 6. W. H.
Dabney and Ernest Plummer were recom?
mended as candidates for boly orders.
John Downs, while crossing tbe Rappa
hannock river near Morrlsville, Fauqnler
county, on Sunday last with another man,
was drowned by the upsetting of his boat.
Colonel Jmes Whittle, one of the oldesi
If not the very eldest lawyer in Pittaylvania
county, died at his home ir> Chatham yes?
terday. He was a brother of Bishop Whittle.
It is reported that Bishop Randolph will
makn his residence in Lynchburg If the pro?
posed division of the diocese ia carried ont
by tbe council, which meets in Peteiaburg
May 20.
Robert Bolls, of the N. & W. R. R , and
Miss Hamilton Lee Meede, daughter of Ruv
Dr. W. H. Meade, of 06 John's Episcopal
Church, of Roanoke, were married in tbat
city yesterday.
Mr. Armietead Taylor, a Justice of the
Peace in Loudoun county, feil dead Friday
afternoon a few feet from tbe door of bis
borne at Riund HCl, in tbat ooucty. He
was about G8 yeaiB of age.
Ia Danville on Tuesday tho suit for $10,
000 by Saverla Perrone against tbe Rich?
mond and Danville Riilrosd Company was
decided in favor of tbe defendant company.
Home time last year Perrone's horse became
frightened at a passing train, ran away,
threw Perrene out and broke his arm, He
sued the company.
Gen. L L Lomax, the president of the
Virginia Agricul Ural and Meohanical Col?
lege at Blaokeburg, has tendered his resig?
nation to the board of visitors, which has
been in session in Richmond for two days
past. Tbe resignation bas been accepted,
and the board has appointed MesatP. Vaw
ter, Venahle and Fi'z^erald a committee to
recommend bis suooeesor. The disposition
of ihn new management seems to he to make
radical changes in lb" conduct of Blackburg
College. Hon. John E MaRsey, superinten?
dent cf public Instruction, who is a member
of the board, is Inclined to favor eskiug
from various t-ectiens of tbe Slate proposals
for a new site for this Institution, Among
the names mentioned as the euccessor ol
General Lomax are Drs. McBrirle. of Sooth
Carolina, ar.d Daoney, of one cf the western
schools of teehncltgv. The salary at pres?
ent is $2,000 a year, end the president ie
furnished a home on the grounds.
A Judge's Warning
j At the opening of court for tne triai of tbe
McKee murder case at Roma, G?., yester?
day, Judge Maddox eaid in a vigorous man?
ner : '"I have been greatly annoyed by news?
paper reports that I have saen as to a diffi?
culty that might occur here this morning.
I have heard that perhaps some aoolo,jy
might bo made. I do not know acything
about this matter except what I haveheard,
but I want to say rbat, if any apology ia ti
ba made, it will he made to ibis court and to
no one else. Any other apology will be
made at the peril of the man who makes it."
C ntir.ning Jadce Maddox said :
'Thoro are simo othor things I want to say. If
any man is detected iu this cenrt room with a
weapon on his po son, either concealed or ox
posed, it will cost him inat $1,000, twelve months
in tlio penitentlry and sis month] on tho chain
gang. If any man in tais to art room knows of
any one who bas a weayon ho can now sttp for?
ward -nd make affidavit to tbat rfleet, and we
will suspond this ea- e right hjro acd try tho man
who has the pi.?tol tho first thine we do. I waut
to say, further, that if any member of this bar is
interfered with in any ollior way, it will coit the
pors<>n who interferes with him $200 and costs
and 20 dajs on tho chain gang. That's all I have
to say, and now l-.-t anybody who wants to inter
foro with this court begin right now."
The remarks of Jj.ige Maddox knocked
cut the expected meeting between Col. Fry
and Mr. Waters.
Kincaid Aquitted.
The case of Charles E. Ktccaid, the nowt
paper correspondent, iDdic'.ed for the shoot?
ing of ex Representative Taulbee, of Ken?
tucky, in February, 1S90, which has been on
trial in the District of Columbia Criminal
Court for the past few weeks, was given to
the grand jury in Washington yesterday
evening. After being out nearly three hours
they returned a verdiot of not guilty. When
the jary came into the court room there wae
a large number of Kincaia's friends present.
Judge Bradley reminded the spectators that
he did not know (be nuture of tbe verdict,
and cau'.ioaed them against making anj
tiemenstratlou In the court-toom When
the foremun of tbe jury announced the ver?
diot many of tho defet dint's friends rost
from tbelr eeats, but the Judge again cau
tinned them, and tho verdiot was received
quietly. Ktncaid then walked up to the
jury hex and heartily shooR the band of
e;acb juror, thanking them for their verdict.
Kincaid then loft tho court room, and was soon
surrounded by many of his friends, who warmly
cot gratulato 1 him on the happy tottnination of
th?> trial. His sister and a number of other
ladies, who havo beon constantly in att?ndanco
dniing tin trial, also expressed to Kincaid thoir
sympathy and py at tho result.
Short in His Acc.'UNTi'.-Mr. Lewie
Booker, of Richmond, has been for nuny
years agent of the. Hanewinckel estate
valued at t-everal hundred thousand dollars
This estate wae divided amrng the six chil?
dren cf tbe lato Fredtrick William Hdne
wintkol?fonr daughters and two sons. Sev?
eral ofth? children bid settled, but it seem*
that Mr. Eiward HaaewincKel, tbe young
est sen, noly recently demi?nded a eettle
men'. Mr. Booker was not able :o hacd
him ever all the funde. What the ehonag*
or fhrlrikft^n I?, it Is r:ot known. It h Bnid
to be latga. Yesterday Mr. EJward Herne
? nickel, through his counsel, icuiitated snii
in the Chancery Court to attach Book-,'
property and to recover about $03,000. Tbe
aiTair has caused roncb excitement in Rich?
mond. Mr. B>.jker errod very b;gb in the
community. He '? a vestryman and trea
nrer o( S'. Paul's Episcopal Church, and hi
f*imly otcupy ?hn highest social position.
Ha hii* baeu sick at home for two ?.veek
pa-t, Ri*d declines to h?> interviewed, re
ferring ^epet-tioners to his counsel. L-iBr
night Mr. Broker w?s urra-tel and locked
Grkems .cko in a Violin.?Casper
Clemen', :i charcoal burner in Bergen
county,N. J .found $1.700in greenbacks In an
old vioim which he bought recently in Phila?
delphia, Pa. Clement baB a raete for made,
but WrtS lea poor to bu? a violin. Chance
took him to'Prjiiadeipbia, and while there
he stumbled upon a i awnbroker'a sale. Tbe
old violin was t ut np. Clement bought it
for eighty cents. He took tbe violin borne,
thinking h6 had a big przs, but to bis in?
cense dlsgtist, be couldn't get any good out
of it, and was about to smesb the instru?
ment when be thought better of it and con
eluded to take it apart. He found a roll of
greenbacks inside in good enough condition
to spend. He counted ihem np and found
j-is? $1,700 He was ein ed with bia good
fortune, but had Iba ao<;d sense to put tbe
violin trg-iber. Then be found tbat be
owned really a verj Sue inatiumentas wall
biUiio-:! iimutie. C a :.f-.at Is now soeklog
for an inveotoit-nt for sia money, and ia go?
ing to giVH up the c'tsrcoal burning busi?
Foreign News.
Glaegow, April 9 ? Tbe Bteamahlp Cir
oasaia, from New York, reached Greenock
yesterdey, with fever on board, and ia de?
fined at quarantine. The second engineer
of tbe steamship died from the fever during
the voyage, and seven of the orew are now
suffering from the malady. The nature of
lbs Liver is not known.
Rome, April 9 ? The Socialists throughout
Italy are organizing a demonstration for
the first of May. As a preparative for the
demonstration they have issued a sinister
manifesto, printed on red paper, which ia
being secretly distributed among working
men. This ciroular calls upon the Neapoli?
tans to meet in Naples on May day.
Simla, April 9 ?A letter received here
yesterday from the leader of the Manipuris
who ordered tha massacre at Manipur, says:
"Tbe Britlah troops attacked the palace and
massuc:el my soldiera and also killed
women and children. Ia addition, they
threw women and children into the burniog
houses, and do aerated tbe temples. There?
fore we killed Chief Commissioner Qilnton's
Advieas have boon received here of a brilliant
Bacciss for the Biitish forces near Manipur, which,
following upon so much depressing news from the
8*nio phco, ha i decidedly raised the spirits of the
British oflicialj. According to tho dispatch re?
ceived to-day thoManipuiis have made a fierco at?
tack upon tho slender force of Ghoorkas com?
manded by Lioutcnant Grant, whith recently
ciptured Fort Thabat, driving out an overwhelm?
ing foreo of Manipuris at tho poiat of tbe bayo?
net after playing sad h*voc in their
rauks by a (roll directed riil: tiro. Tho
i loss of tho tribes mor, iu addition to the kill?
ing trt their leaders, was vory heavy. Captain
! l'ioAgravo has arrived at Fort Thabat with much
needed rcinforcomtntf. The Manipuris row an
nouneo that they are ready to recogni/9 tho au?
thority of the Briti .h officials directly the British
troop3 re-enter Manipur.
LONDON, April 9. ?In connection with tho
chargo m do by Mr. Panic!i at tho meeting iu
Phoenix Park, Dublin, recently, that Mr. Glai
stone had received American dynamiters at his
rcsidenco at Ilawarden, the St. James's Gazette this
ovening publishes con-picuously a story to the
effect that Mr. Atkins m. of Detroit, Mim., and
Dr. O'Reilly visited England in 1SS9 as emissar?
ies oT Aloxindor Sullivan and as representatives
of the Iriih-Amorlcaa extreme party, and that
while in England upon this occasion tho two gen?
tlemen nimod visited Mr. Gladstone. The St
James's Gazette adds that as Dr G'fieilly'd name w??
one of the most notorious names in connection
with tho dynimito.s, Mr. Gladstone could not
have re 'eivo l him or Mr. Atkinson without know?
ing their true character.
It Ended in Suicide
Louisville, April 9 ?Mrs. Florence
Lmg committed suicide last evening by
swallowing morphine She was a native of
I New Yjrk city. H?r maiden nama was
j CiraCochran. She was tbe daughter of a
w >a!lhy Ndw Yo k marcbaor. Among her
admirers she selected a young stock broker
as her hos )and. A bay was born to them
and they seemed to ba happy. Among the
husband's companions and ooastant visitor"
at his bcuje was bis business partner. This
ma a repaid bis friend's hospitality by steal"
ing the iffeciions of bis wife. An elope'
meit follower?. Tbs huihand sought con?
solation in driiik, and In a short timefquan
dered bis 'ortuue, so d his Stock Exchange
sea', and fiaa'ly bscame a drunkard. He
died suddenly one day while intoxicated.
Tne eloping couple went to Louisville, and
for two years they lived together as man and
wife. Then the false woman was deserted.
Sae turned to ber sged father, who mailed
her a letter which contained a check for $100
an i a touching appeal for her to re urn to
his hem". Mrs. Long refused. Tbe father
thio allowed her $100 per month as long as
he lived. Eis death a few years ago left ber
face to face with poverty, and there being
no helping hand she sank b-. low tbe line of
respectability. Her son had grown to be a
yjung man, and he went wrong and waB
compelled to lewe the oity to avoid arrest
Tmsday evening she received a lettsr from
her son telling of his arrest and imprison?
ment and begging bis mother's forgiveness
and assistance. Tnis proved too much for
her, and in desperation she look ber life.
The Chicago Election
Chicago, April 9 ?Too T.ibune claims
the election of Hempstead Waanburne (re?
publican) by a plurality of 436 votes. This
result Is arrived at on returns partly by the
j-idges of election and partly through its re
porters. The Intcr-Ocean (republican)
makes Washbumb's plurality 1,983.
Tbe Time's (democratic) says: Mayor 1
Cregierand his political managers claim hie
election by a plurality of 235 on the face of
the returns brought in by tbe police.
The Herald'? tabulated figures, however,
give Wasbburn a p'urality ovar Cregier of
The official counting commenced at 2
o'clock Ibis afternoon.
Theoew City Council as nearly as can bo ,
ascertained will stand as follows: Republi- i
caus 23; democrats 44; independent demo?
crats 1 The orerent council consists of 31
republicans, 34 democrats, 2 independent re?
public*^, and 1 indepoDdent democrat.
Lynching Postponed
K?n^as Chy, Mo , April 9.?A crowd of
500 negroes last night attacked the county i
jail with the ioteutioa of lynobir-g William 1
McCoy, who brutally murdered bis mistress,
Noliie MeGrcd?r, ibst Sunday nigbt by beat '
i:.g her bead to a j-)Hy with stones. A pre- <
vieusatttmpt to lynch McfJoy was made
last Monday. The negroes gathered about the '
building and at 12:45 twenty of their nun.- I
bar marked broke in the cn er door. 1
O .ly one guard was on duty. He drew ]
bis revolver ai d threatened to shoot the first '
mau who approached the doer, when tbe .
negrced retired.
Beujaman Horton, a retind dry goods mer
chant ofBrook'yn, put ar end ti his life thii j
morning by blowing his briina out in bed while '
suffering with the giip.
The croiaer San F<anciso Balled frcta
Qiti FiaoclecD (or Chi i last evening oo h:-r
uioideo cruise.
Cocrad B.own, an old resident cfCicndei
N J., committed suiciie this m rcing \^
taking poisoo. Tbi-* tth? his thin; attempt.
The wsl'-known p'ayw.-ight F.G M ;;,i r
author cf the Canuck and ctner mru^
pieces, d ed in New York la-t nigbt of p!]?u.
Fire iu Cheviot, ie\? Ciociooati, 0 |0
laet night, destroyed proper'y comlngnsar
ly an acre of ground and oansiog a lote 0(
Secretary Noble has ordered all lotrudeia
out of the S-?o and Fox, Cney^nne at ? r.
raphoe, aud Kiowa and Pottawattom'u [ .
dlan reservations.
Mrs. Andrew DjII, while insane, t; her.
man, Neb., this mo-nla*, murdsred hr-r ;vo
children and then* com ml taed ttoieide hj
taking concentrated lye.
Tbe Indiana Supreme Court bas (:?
tbat where candidates for pu'>:lc office r. .
ceive an equal number of votee, the eh
may be determined by the drawing of i
Tbe St. Liuis po les huve unearthed h?
elaborate system of swindilnc ihat has h>-en
successfully prac iced in we-te r:i cities h\ au
organized gang of 3an Front Isco cnr,fiti,vce
The eilver anniversary of the Grin ! \ .
my of the Republic took place ru Djcn'ur
III., yesterday. .Two thou-atid five buu.irni
veterans took part in the parsde in the a'
Edward F. Costelio, who shot his infant
child at Palmer, M*se., hist Jan?, wa- this
morning found guilry of murder in the sec?
ond degree and whs sentenced to 111- im?
Tha 8 hour q le.stion whi5>. threatened
yesterday to disrupt tbe iaier-S u:? confer?
ence of caal miners aid operators now a
sesdon in Pittshnrg, will probably bo arnica
bly eettied.
A train loid of stop,! girders for us* in Ibe
Chicego Masonic Terup'e are hi-'.I thsre by
attachment proceedings against the ('? 'cm
bit Iron and Steel company of Uniootown,
Pa., which failed last, week.
Two shots were fired by an unknown er
Bassio at Judge J T. f?^rvi;: last midnight
through the. rear door cf hia office at Cov
ington, Ky., without effect. The Judge* fa
mable to arconr t for the attempt.
Tc-lay's registration of imnvgrar.ti at 11:e
BirgT 031 :e in N.-w York has been the
l?rg6Bt elcce la-t summer. There wt-re
4 332 steerage passengers from six etesm
ships reglaten d. The Btcamablpe Cachmine
and Birmania arrived yesterday with 2,197
I adans, too late to be lander1.
Tbe Boston Herald publishes interviews
tvs morning with a number of promioei t
granger members of tbe L gielalure which
Indicates that there is but little Bjmpaihy
with the farmers' al.'iaoce movement hitiong
the farmors In Ihm State. O ie guit'emsD
said tbat the Massachusetts farmers t! > po
want unlimited coinage of eilvar, ncr .io they
want tho governmeat to issue ceniii sates rs
a loao on their etook and produce.
Milton CanlTrnan, a youog man cf Lan?
caster, Pa., died ten days ego under rnye
terieui oircnmetwriceH, and la-t. night bis
brother Harry died from the same e\mp
toms, which resembled arver.ical poi3ot.;r>g.
Their father to-day stated Ihat Harry had
confessed to him that he end bis brother
had taken poison with the ol j?ctof d,ing
together. Tbe boy would give no e*;>
tion of tbe aot.
At Omaha this morning P. F. Rinibal', ?genl
for the Northwtstorn road, shot and killed dim
self in a bath room. Ho ht.d toe giippc,
Gen Pike's Funeral
At its mooting in Washington jc-ii :
Bapr(iu ) CouncI perfected the arrangomonl for
the fmoral of (f-n. Albert Pike. This evening
the bodv will be borne to the First 0.>ngrcgational
Church, and tho solemn obsequies < f tbn Scottish
Rlto will be conduct-d there, i bo church - r
vice will ba conducted at the Church oftbo As?
cension, bv Bcv. Pr. Elliott, Friday, and tho
body will be interrc-J in f'ak Hill ('< m ten.
Juarez Lottery.'
[Frr ni tie San Francisco Post]
General John 8. Moeby has just returned
'rom Paeo Dsl Nm to, Mexico, ?htre he hss
leen eupe.rin:BndinR the regular monthly
irawinv of the Juar? z Lottery.
The Joan z Company has been in exie*
snca only about a year, and <s in a very
3 lurisbing condition. A twelvemonth bence
t will, without d ubr, be one of the great
?et financial In^ti'ntionB on this cer.?cer.t.
From (Colone! Moshy it was learned ihat
NT, Liepbeiraor, a millionaire banker cf
Hamburg, is mane.g.er of the Juarez Corn
Oany. As is well knowr, the ccropp.ny is a
sonceESion from the Mexican government,
ind tbe stockholders arf all wealthy baok
?rs and rapitali-ts of Hum^un-, Pads aid
New York.
Colooel Mo-by retains bis residence io
?an Francisco, but, acting as tbe commie
lioner of tbe company, be makes monthly
^iaits to Mexico to supetinteud tho draw
ngs. The ticket bolders aru thus guarau
e?d the lullest protee'lon.
By virtue of a deed of trust executed bj ?
V Padgett cn tho 24;h day of January,
md recorded in deed book No. 25, f.uy.c 66,
?u?ry 13th, 38i)l, (< r the benefit of tbe cred
>fW. L. Padgett, deceased,! will teil ?I | ?
tuction, in tront cf the dc or Jsadin? to the
?at on Court room, on Fairfax ?tr<v t. ol
a\T?BDAY, th-9th dar oi Way,
it twelve o'clock, tb-j folmw'ng propertj :
BOUSE and DWELLINO, with a largo 1
jrick building attached ; all in good pai
,hc residence of the late Win. L. iv..L' :
>n th? south sido of Kiuk street, betwi
ngton and 85. Aaapb atu-eU.No. , '''"t..":.
fing street 21 lett 6 inches, rannt?;
tot. This is one of the best local
tore in the city of Alex ii-Iph , ..
?11 in lots of one bare with the privi ? J
bares. This steck ia j-aying from 10 to Jo P*1
ent dividend. ,
Terms: For tho ptoicbonso ar.l lol
aahondayof Ealo; bdanc? in t^o t-ii?: P?y
oents of six and twjlvo months, with lntert?J
rom date of sale A deel of ttust on tac sa^a
uorerty will be rvqnired to s-.oire tl cde errc
isyments. Conveyance, deed o.' ti a it and kiw
t the purchaser's cost. Tho cemetery stecs wi.
e sold for cash. _ _.
?p9 Im_ W.H. MAT.Ti -*^
ap8USE 9aleby J.C. MILECBrL_
Tan-nE ' P?xCHEi, AP?Iwi'a and ?<JCi
-> PLANTS for sale by mLBim.

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