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feiday evening aug. -j1 1894.
Sun rises to-morrow^at 5:23 ; and seta
? ?37 High water 2:00 a. m. and
2:23 p. m.
Weather Probabilities.?For this
Rccfioii f*ir; followed t>y increasing cloudi
utss Saturday : Boutherly winds.
PERSONAL.?Dr. Bedford Brown is at
Atlantic City.
Mrs. Olive C. Mason bus been np
poiuted assistant u> Miss Bettie Keys
in the telephone office.
Miss Florence Ferrell and Mrs. Annie
Hudson, of Cbarlottesviile, Va.: Miss
Alice FerrelL of Baltimore, Md., aud
Miss Lucy Cox. of Lewisburg, W. Va ,
are visiting Mrs. R. E. Hudson, !'l!i
King street.
Miss .Mary Lehleberger, of Colonial
Baach, is visiting Mrs. Jas. S. Grimes.
Mr. John H. Janney returned to this
city from Colouial Beach
Mr. B. Baerhas returned from Atlan?
tic City.
Major George Duffey and Mr. B. H.
JeukiDS a:e summering at Piney Point.
Mr. E. Goldsmith has returned from
a pleasant vi=ii to Atlantic City.
Cards are out for the marriage of Mr.
Herbert C. Graves and MissChua Edith
Walter, which is to take place iu Speu
cerian College Hull,Washington, on the
4th proximo.
Miss Laura Price, of Baltimore, is
visiting Mrs. W. H. Hogan, 109 south
Columbus street.
Miss Minnie Pyou, of Leisbuxg, is
\ isitiug Mrs. F. Kuight.
Among those who took part in the
tday of "Damon and Pythias" iu Lees
burg last night was Miss Myra Civilier,
of this city. The play was presented
by Mr. Edwin Terry's eouipany. Mr.
J. F. 1'evtou managed tbe production.
.Mrs. M. H. Chalk ley and her daugh?
ter Mary Louise, of Richmond, are vis
king Mrs. B. F. Price, on south Colum?
bus street.
Messrs. .lames T. Xowlaud, Charles
H. Oehlertand Guy Mander have re?
turned from Colonial Beach.
Mrs. Judge Pendleton and daughter,
of Atlanta, and Mrs. Col. Lawrence
and Miss M. B. Murphy are visiting
Mrs. Gilbert Cox.
Mrs. Charles Laugley aud Mrs. Ann
Allen, of King George county, and
Miss Lena Mclntosh, of Pleasant Val?
ley, are visiting Mrs. Baruett, ou south
Fayette .-treet.
Mr. und Mrs. William Perry and
their daughter, Miss Carrie Perry, of
Walhalla, S. C, are visiting Mrs.
George Penn, on south Payne street.
Tiiis is Mrs. Perry's first visit to Vir?
ginia, her former home, for twenty-five
A Dual Affliction.?An account of
the serious burning of Miss Minnie
Brengle appeared iu yesterday's Ga
. El i k. Fifteen or twenty minutes after
the sad affair the family of the young
woman found themselves plunged int."
mother sorrow by the sudden paraly
- - of Mrs. Virginia Brengle, who, as
may be supposed, had been terribly
shocked by the sad accident to her
: ighter. Her entire right side be?
came affected, her mouth beiug dis
irted and she rendered totally helj
ess. Ihr condition was regarded 68
vi i v &eri >us, and throughout last night
she, as well as her daughter, occasioned
tbe family much anxiety. This morn?
ing, to the great relief of those who
bad anxiously performed their vigils,
her condition had perceptibly improved,
and hopes of her ultimate recovery ate
now entertained. Miss Brengle suffered
considerably during the night, she be
.ng unable to sleep, and to-day she was
suffering from internal fevers. Yestei
day she was unable to tell how the ac?
cident occurred to her, but to-day she
gave a connected aecouut of the man?
ner in which she was 1 urned. She eays
she had a kerosene lamp ou the toilet
table at the time, and, desiring to heat
a curling iron, removed the chiin
? . . leaving the flame uaked. A few
moments later the lamp exploded into
.a thousand pieces, scattering the burn?
ing oil over some inflammable articles
at hand. Iu her endeavors to ex?
tinguish the flames her clothing he
Mine ignited and she ran screaming to
her half sifter, Mrs. Peverill, who, see
ber sad plight, was afraid to go close
to her lest her clotbiug also would take
.'ire. It was then that her father aud
Mr. Charles Beach, both of whom
were severely burned on the hands,
ran to the rescue and extin
guished her burning entlang. Mr.
ISrengleand his family, who are thus
utfged into a double sorrow, have the
sympathy of all their friends and ac?
quaintances iu their trying hour, and
many sincere wishes for tho ultimate
recovery of the unfortunate young
woman and her stricken mother are
Police Court.?Mayor Strauss pre
hiding.?The following cases were dis ]
posed of this morning:
Matilda Carter, colored, arrested by
< ?flicers Smith and Crritlin for disorder
? conduct, was fined $?">.
Henry Munsoo, colored, arrested by
Officer Ticer charged w ith an assault
on Edward Gray son, also eolored, was
lined $?">.
wVnry Simmons, arrested by Officer*
Bettia pijid Young charged with ab
ictiug jilt, Button, a female under 1">
M ars of age. bad his case continued un
r il 7:30 this evening.
Susie and Martha Brigadier, young
colored women, charged with cruel
treatment to their children, were dis- j
missed with a reprimaud.
Night Remrt.?Last night was cloudy
and cool. Three prisoners were at the
station house.
Charged with ARDUCTiON.?Mr.
John Suttou a few days ago swore out
n warrant against Mr. Henry Simmons
charging him with abducting his fifteen- j
year-old daughter Ida for immoral pur?
poses. Mr. Sutton, who lives at the
extreme southern end of Lee street,
alleges that his daughter left bonw
early cue morning recently about
the hour Mr. Siunnous, who is'a water
man, started down the river in his
sloop : that his daughter was seen pass?
ing over the railroad bridge across
Hunting creek, presumably with the
Mtirpoite of being picked up by Mr. Sim?
mons further down the river. The lat?
ter was arrested this morning, but. in
the absence of material witnesses, the
case was continued until half-past sever,
o'clock to-uight, when the trial will
lake place in the Police Court.
Si'eamer Disabled.?The steamer
Columbia, of the Washington ferry line,
was laid up to-day, and the steamer
Waketield ' r?a iu her place. Much
complaint is made by persons in this
city who send aagoiis to Washington
of the fact both boats now running are
unable to carry teams, aud shippers are
compelled in many instances to wend
iheir vehicles over the road.
Preferred to Remain on the
Gang.?It will be remembered that
about, two weeks ago a negro man
named Tom Covington, who had been
arrested for disorderly conduct, played
the sheep trick in t he Police Court by
"hjibing" when asked to make an ex
I pl.tnniion of his conduct. It was sup?
posed he was mentally unsound, and
he was held for further examination.
This morning he was again brought into
couit when he appeared to be possessed
of intelligence euough to be allowed
his liberty with safety, and it had been
determined to release him, but, to the
surprise of all, he informed tbe court
that he preferred staying in jail and
working on tbe chain gang than taking
chances ot making a living in the
streets. He was sent back to stay the
remainder of his term.
An Amazon.?Officers Griffin and
Smith last night arrested a tall, power?
fully-built young colored woman named
Matilda Carter, charged with disorderly
conduct some time ago. The woman
tried to hide from the officers iu some
pea vines, but they soou found her, and
upou taking her into custody she fought
and endeavored in every way to es?
cape. It was found necessary to strike
her over the knuckles with a "billy" to
make her relax a hold she had on one
of the officers. After much trouble she
was landed in the station house, and
this moruiug she was fined ?5. Jeal?
ousy was the cause of the trouble. A
darkey female had lured her gay Lo?
thario* from her, which caused her to
become disorderly toward her rival.
Fight ox the Strand.?A row oc
cur red on the strand lust night between
two colored men named Henry Mun
son and Edward Graysou shortly after
tbe Norfolk steamer left her wharf.
The trouble originated while the men
were engaged iu loadiog the steamer.
Grayson, it seems, used some threaten?
ing language toward Munson, with
whom he had bad a difficulty sometime
ago, when Munson cut at him, split?
ting bis sleeve and cutting the little
linger of his right haud. Grayson then
picked up bricks and stood on the de?
fensive, when bystanders interfered,
and he concluded to get out a warrant
for his assailant. Muusou was lined $?">
this morning.
Baby Carriage Thief.?A baby
carriage belonging to Mr. Robert
Knight was stolen from the front of bia
mother-in-law's residence, on south St.
Asaph street, this afternoon. The car?
riage had been temporarily left on the
pavement by Mrs. Knight and upon her
return, for the purpose of placing her
child in it, she discovered it had been
stolen. A negro boy named Jenkins,
who was sent to the penitentiary
last moutli, stole a baby carriage in this
city on one occasion and cut the top
from it in order to convert it into a
wagon. It is hoped he has left no suc?
cessor hereabouts.
Anxious to Come Back.?Mr. Jos.
Specht, of St. Louis, has been in Wash?
ington for several days, presumably for
the purpo.se of patchiug up a reconcili?
ation between himself and wife, who
some time ago filed a petition for a di?
vorce, and to take further steps against
Dr. Gran by Howard, who is charged
with securing money from Mrs. Specht
under falses pretenses. Howard, who
is in Canada, is said to be ready to
come homo and face the charges against
him, but is unable to do so on account
of the lack of funds.
G A r u en Tin e v es.?Considerabl e
complaint is made by householders of
the fact that their grape vines and fruit
trees are robbed by mischievous ur?
chins. It is an ordinary occurrence for
housekeepers who may be temporarily
called from their homes to find upou
their return thnt their premises have
been entered and despoiled of fruit
during their absence. Many arc keep?
ing strict watch and should the depre?
dators be caught they will be made to
pay for their thieving.
Assaulted.?Frederick Plitt, who
lives in Alexandria county, was attack?
ed by two men on ^huter's hijl road
about half-past eleven o'clock last
night. Mr. Plitt struck one of his as?
sailants over the head with his caue
and afterwards ran back to this city.
He reported the matter at police head
quarters, and Officers Sherwood and
Howsou accompanied him to his home.
Rill SlGSEf).?The President to-day
signed the bill allowing the Washing?
ton, Alexandria and Mount Yernou
Railway Company the use of certain
streets in Washington. Work will be
commenced ou the road between this
city and Washington as quickly a3
possiblf, and an electric railway be?
tween the two cities is uow an assured
Colored Baptist; Association.?
The third day's session of this associa?
tion commenced this morning. After
the usual opening exercises the associa?
tion took up routine business. The
finance committee reported ^"i!)7 77 re?
ceipts and expenditures $438 50. Sev?
eral visiting ministers were introduced.
The association will adjourn to-uight.
Burning the Garbage.?A fire was
slutted yesterday in the rubbish, de?
cayed fruit, A.c , which has from time
to time- been dumped at the foot of
Windmill Hill, and it is earnestly
hoped it will be contiuued until that
< place is purified.
Marvelous Results.
From a tetter u rit/eu by Rov. J Gunder
nian. of Diaiuondale, Mich., we are permitted
to make this extract: 't have DO hesitation iu
recommending Dr. Kind's New Discovery, ;,s
the results were almost marvellous in the case
of my wife. While i was pastor of the Bap?
tist Church at Rives Junction she was brought
down with Pneumonia succeeding La Grippe.
Terrible jmrosysms of coughing would last
hours with little interruption and it seemed
as if she could not survive the;,). a friend
recommended Dr. King's New Discovery, it
was quick in its work and highly satisfactory
in its results.'- Trial bottles free at e. S.
Lcadbeator iV. Sous' Drug Store. Regular sizo
i 50c. and $1.00.
When Baby was sick, wo gave her Castorfs?
When she was a Child, she cried for Castorf?.
?"h?a she became Miss, she clung to Castorfs.
When she bad Children, she gave them Castorfs.
Tl ''Dsovs PH ARM ACY will give away
I L m the nest 30 davs a handsome GOLD
W ATCH with Soda Water and Milk Shake-,
Hudson b Celebrated Milk Shakes are known
: all over the city. ang'24 .It
ICy CANS of good Table PORN for $1,
? ?' H. C. WALLACE'S,
_._?00 King street
VACC1> E?We havo just received a sup
nlv of fresh Vaccine Points
1 j022 E. S. LEADBEATEB & SONS.J |
10th, 11th and F Sts., N. W.
jZ5?r Until September wo close at 5 ; Sat?
urdays at 1.
Only such merchandise as we
can warrant to please and give
the proper service. Here are
some special vales in
Towels, Sheets, Pillow Slips,
Blankets, Pillows, &c.
which will interest Hotel and
Boarding-house keepers and
private families. Careful buy?
ers wi'l quickly recognize these
values as unusual. Many
other just such convincing bar?
gains as these all over the
Mouiie Linen Towels, 17x34 inches
$1.<H> dozen. Each . 10c
Hemmed Huck Towols, lHx3t; in?
ches. Each.
Huck Towels, 19x37 inches, $1.75
dozen. Each.- 15c
Hommed AU-lincu Huck Towels, IS
x.IT inches, ljU.OO dozen. Each. 18c
Hemmed Sheets, made of heavy
standard muslin, lly yards wide
vards long. Each. 35c
Hemmed Sheets, made of reliable
Muslin, 2*6 yards long, 2 yard) wide.
Each.,. 45c
Hemmed Sheets, made of one of the
best brand? of muslin, :>-inch bom at
top, 1 inch hem at bottom. Each. 7
10-4 Ulankots, plain white aud a
variety of pretty colorings. Pair.$ 1.00
Feather Pillows, '?> lbs., covered with
Auioskeag ticking. Each.$1,0<>
(Second floor.llth-st. building.)
Conti ues to offer some extraordinary values.
Our assortment is being augmented by the
arrival of fall importations. Many novelties
are among them?thing never before showns.
Large blue and white Sidehaudled
Teapots, with strainers. Value 15c...... 10c
Blue aud white Bread and Butter
Plates. Value 15c. 9c
Blue and whito CupB and Saucers, a
dozen styles. Valuo 10c. 6c
Blue and whito Cane Stands. Value
$1.26. ti!?c
Scdji and Owari Meat Platters.
Valuo J5c. 49c
A million Japanese Paper Napkins. Special
prices for utiantities.
(Third floor.1st and 2nd annexes.)
VVoodward & Lotlirop,
ioth, i Ith & F Sts., n. w.,
Washington. D. C.
A cow belonging to Mrs. Flood was
killed by a train on the Washington
Southern Railway at St. Asaph Junc?
tion this morning.
The remaius of Mrs. Ann Valentine,
formerly of this city, who died in
Washington a day or two ago, were
brought here to-day and interred.
The "snowballs'' dispensed on street
corners by boys are gettiug in bad re?
pute in some places. It is claimed they
breed diphtheria. A child died in
Philadelphia a day or two ago, it is
said, from eating this new summer con?
We haye received an invitation toat
teud the fair to be held in Winchester,
Sept. 1114. The demonstration in
honor of the completion of the new
water works will occur on the 13tb;
there is to be a reunion of the "blue and
the gray,''and many other features of j
interest will be presented.
Mr. Grillbortzer has at his store, cor?
ner of Columbus and Kiug streets, four
grain sacks mado in Germany in 1S34
aud brought to this country by hi?
grandfather, the late John A. Grill?
bortzer, in 1842. They beartho follow?
ing inscription in German letters:
"Johann Adam Urillbortfeer, in Bchuz
ingen, 1S34."
A match game of base-ball played
on the Fredericksburg fairgrounds yes?
terday between Old Dominion, of "this
city, and tho Fredericksburg team, re?
sulted in a score of 9 to 2 in favor of the
Old Dominion. Batteries, Latherop
aud Haydon, Anthony and Perry.
About tep days ago the same clubs
played and the result was 10 to 8
favor of Fiedericksburg. On Monday
aud Tuesday the Fredericksburgs will
pay return games at New Alexandria
with the Old Dominions.
Marriage licenses were issued in Washing
tun yesterday to James Owens and Mary E.
Biker, and William H. Smith and Ellen G.
Ijanaker, all of this city, and to James H.
Petfy, of this city, aud Lizzie Ponu. of Charles
county, Md.
There was a perceptible increase of Strang
eis in the city yesterday. Numbers who had
beon to Mount Vemon whiled away hours in
inspecting Christ Church and strolling among
the tombs iu tho yard of that ancient place of
B. D. Rufliii, colored, was coinmitted to jai1
by tho Police Couit of Washington yesterday
in default of $.'100 bond on the chargo of
passing a bogus check on Thomas E. Clark,
Eugene Sisson, a nephew of Miss Alberta
Sisson, of this city, died at ''Prospect Hill,"
near Arlington, yesterday of consumption.
Some one threw a st..no at an electric car
at the intersection of Eing and Columbus
streets last night.
M-. Walter Moore won tho gold watch at
the Optra House reataurant, he having held
ticket No. 1779.
Superintendent of i'oliee Dobio is actively
engaged with his force cleaning the streets. *
Alexandria, Va . August 24. 1894.
S-alcd proposals will be received by the
Clerk of the City School Board, for the'Com
^atee on Finance and Accounts, until SAT
U RDAV. September 1st, at twolve o'clock m , i
for furnishing EIGHTY TON? or moro of!
WHITE ASH COAL-nfty but'and thirty
stove size-and FIFTY-FIVE TONS OF
CUM BEBLAND COAL?for the public
Both coal and wuod t? be dplivereq and
3tored as needed.
Proposals should be addressed to the Clerk
of the City School Board._augtM lw
GREAT REDUCTION in prices at
At Pretzfelder & Co.'s, 530 King Si.
Another word to the good people of Alex?
andria. To those who were wise enough to give
ua a call and to inspect the offerings we have
been mating for the last few weeks, it is need?
less for us to say anything in the way of ex?
planation of what we arc doing. Our bar?
gains are more convincing than columns of
argument and our prices more eloquent than
mere words. But to those who are shy and
backward, and who are suspicions of "sales"
gotten up now ai.d then by merchants to boom
business, we desire to say a few words to-day.
Iu the first place wo want you to under?
stand that this is no "fake" selling out. It
isu't dono for pleasure, aud it isn't done for
prufit. Stem necessity caused the iustitutiou
of this sale. Stern necessity fixed tho prices.
Stem necessity again demands a cut in pi ices
regardless of the value, cost and desirability
of the Goods, Wares aud Merchandise we have
still on band
Tho law says that this estate must be speed?
ily wound up, and wind up is the word even
,-f wo have to practically give the goods awav.
Now, if wo have convinced you that this is
a bona fido clearing out, and havo gained
enough of your confidence to havo you be?
lieve that our object is to get rid of the goods
we have at any prices, we will, for the pur?
pose of convincing thoso who have uot visited
wo offer the bargains of a life-time, quote
some prices we have made on popular and de?
sirable goods. Figures, we know, don't lie. so
we will let them speak for themselves. Look
over our list carefully, and if you see anything
you want, cut out tho advertisement, and put
you finger on tho article aud come to us, and
you will got the stuff exactly as advertised.
To our numerous friends who have been in to
sec us so ofteu lately, we desire to say only
that this picnic can't last much longer. Make
hay while the sun shines. Our loss is your
gain. A word to the wise is sufficient.
Watch our figures. Here goes:
42-inch Pillow Case Cotton. Former price
12V3C. Now sold at 9c.
5-*4 Pillow Case Cotton, best quality. Form
or price 15c. Now 11c.
6- 4 Pillow Case Cotton, best quality. Form
or price 1 Sc. Now 13c.
7- 4 do., best quality. Former price ISe.
Now 13c.
8 1 do. Former price 20c. Now 16c.
9- 4 do. Former price '2~>c. Now '20c.
10- 4 do. Former price 30c. Now 22e.
10 pieces Silkaliuo. Former price 12c,
Now Sc.
10 pieces Outing Shirtings. Furmor price
12c. Reduced to 5c.
7 pieces Solid Colored Lawns, fan, grey,
buff, light blue, navy blue, and cream. Former
price 12Joc. Reduced to Gc.
12 pieces Imported Printed India Lawim.
Formor price 12'v. Reduced to 7c.
5 pieces Egyptian Mull. Former price 20c.
Reduced tolOc.
6 pieces Figured China Mulls. Former
price 12,<>c- Reduced to 8c.
Space will not permit further numeration
in this advertisement.
After perusing tho prices given above, can
any ono candidly say that we aro not ready to
make good any promise we have made? Why,
we could sell to shop keepers at these'prices;
but we prefer to give tho people tho 'benefit
of thif opportunity. Our unprecedented suc?
cess heretofore in this sale makes us anticipate
a very lively week after this great cut, and
we therefore advjso thoso who intend to take
advantage of it, to call early, so wo can give
them the bonellt of a better choico and better
attention. The wido-a-wake man and woman
aro tho persons who get along best now; and
they aro asleep to their own interests who
will pormit this chance to go by without so z
ing the opportunity to profit thereby.
New York. Aug. 21.?Speculation at the
Stock Exchange was again active this morn
iug and the tendency of prices is still up?
ward. Tho improvement ranged from \_ to
."J'ij per cent. SJoar 11 o'clock there was a
reaction of % to 1% per cent, on realizations.
Sugar scored the greatost low. At 1 1 o'clock
the market was quiet and firm.
"Wholesale Prices in Alexandria
Flour, Superfine. 1 50 a 1 75
Extra. 2 15 a 2 30
Family. 2 GO a 2 85
Fancy brands. 3 10 a 3 50
Wheat, longbcrry. 0 50 a 0 54
Fultz. 0 50 a 0 52
Mixed. 0 50 a 0 53
Fair. 0 4H a 0 50
Damp and tough. 0 4<! a 0 4S
Corn, white . Olil a 0 (?3
Yellow r.. OGO a 0 62
Mixed. 0 59 a Obi
Corn Meal. 0 61 a 0 04
Rye. 0 40 a 0 43
Oats, mixed. 0 37 a 0 39
White. 0 37 a 0 40
Butter, Virginia, packed... Oil a 018
Choico Virginia. 016 a 0 1S
Common to middling... 0 12 a 0 14
Eggs. 0 is a 0 1!)
Western, hind quarters. 0 H a 0 it
Foro quarters. 0 5a 06
Live Chickens (hons). 0 7 a 0 71
Spring do. Oil a 0 1'2
Veal Calves. 0 3$ a 0 5
Lambs, spriug. O 31 a 0 4
Irish Potatoes. 05 a 0 75
Onions, por bushol. GOO a 0 75
Watermelons. 0 5 a 0 12
Driod Peaches, peeled. 0 7a 08
Unpceled. 0 3a 04
Dried Chorrica. 0 8 a 0 10
Dried Apples. 0 0 a 0 8
Bacon, country hams. 0 13* a 0 14
Best sugar-cured hams. 0 131 a 0 11
Butchers'hams. 0 13* a 014
Breakfast Bacon. 0 9* a 0 10
Sugar-cured shoulders. 0 U a 0 !?|
Bulkshouldera. 0 Yi a 0 8
Lone clear sides. 0 n a 0 Sj
Fat backs. 0 7 if a 0 8
Bellies. 0 sj a 0 8j
Smoked shoulders. 0 nj a 0 !)
Smoked sides. 0 !)' a 0 9j
Lard. 0 OJ a 0 Sj
Smoked Beef. O 15 a 0 Hi
Sugars?Brown. 3.50 a 4.85
Off A. 0 41 a 0 45
Conf.standard A. 0 4.85 a 0 4J
Granulated. 4.!?7 a 0 5
Coffees?Rio. 0 181 a 0 21
LaGauyra. 0 18 a 0 20
Java. 0 26 a 0 28
Molasses B. S. 0 12 a 0 14
B C. 0 17 a 0 22
Now Orleans. 0 20 a o 45
Porto Rico. 018 a 0 28
Sugar Syrape. 0 121 a 0 25
The changes in values in tho wholesale
markets during the past week have not been
as encouraging as was expected to follow the
final settlement of the tariff question, as the
Lill adopted is not what was promised at Chi?
cago two years ago and is in the interest of
trust and monopolist. Flour is easy. Wheat
closes steady and with small receipts; sales
49, 51, 5'4 and 53, uo strictly choico milling
longborry was sold. Corn is active at 02 to
03 on cars in bulk. Bye 40 to 43. Oats 35
39. latter for white. Eggs 17 to IS for fresh.
Butter IS to 22. Thoro is a very good de?
mand for othor Produce at current prices
Provisions, Millfeed and Hay are firm.
New Yobk, Ac,g. 24? Flour? Qt?te and
Western neglected and" weak; Southern dull
aud weak ; common to fair extra $2 10a3 00;
good to choice do $3 00a3 50, Kyo. Flour
quiet and steady; superfine $2 00a3 00.
Wheat?No 2 red dull and st adv j J-.a-\c
lower; Sept 59*&a58 5-16. Rye nominal;
Western 4Sa57. Corn?No 2 dull and easier;
Sept 591^859^. Oats?No 2 quiet and easier;
Bspt 34%: Oct 34^a35^ji State and West?
ern 30a3S. Pork firm aud fair demand;
moss $15 00 to $15 25: extra prime $13 00
to $13 50. Lard quiet aud steady; steam
rendered $8.10.
This week's opportunities
are the ones you want to grasp.
The prices quoted below need
no comment. It is practically
giving you things at vour own
price, so greatly have we low?
ered all previous record. We
want your trade, and here are
the inducements that you can?
not afford to ignore.
4-4 Brown Cotton 6c, now
3^c ; 4-4 do. 7c, now 4j^c.
4-4 Androscoggin remnants
Sc, now $}4c
Our ioc Ginghams now 5c.
12^0 c do. now Sc.
Our 10c Outings (remnants)
now 7 '/je.
We have a lot of Challies
which we will sell at 3c per yd.
All-wool navy blue and bl'k
Serge 50c, now 39c.
Boys' Shirt Waists 25c, now
1 Sc; do. Outing Shirts 40c,
now 20c
4-4 Chenille Table Covers
75c, now 48c ; 6-4 do. $1.25,
now 99c.
100 do/.en Children's Black
Hose to sell at 5c a pair.
Children's Raglans [gossa?
mery] sold at $2.50, now $1.10.
50 dozen Mummy Towels,
40x22, to sell at ioc.
Ladies' Shirt Waists, former
price 50c, now 25c.
10-4 White Spreads 1.25,
now 9SC ; do. 1.25 now 1.15.
We have 2 dozen Ladies'
Wrappers which we will sell at
50c, 75c and 1.00.
25 dozen Napkins 50c, now
39c ; 25 dozen do. 60c now 49.
Baltimobe. Aug. 24..?Flour dull and
unchanged. Wheat steady at the decline j No
'2 red spot aud Aug 5<>'a5l>1..; Sept 5(Hg*
.")()'.[; Dec 59,Vi59,.<j; steamer No 2 red 53
hid : milling wheat by sample 56a57-&. Corn
dull; mixed spot 57 bid ; southern white corn
tjO'^a?l; do yellow 59a60. Oats very firm ;
No - whito Western 30^37; No 2 mixed
do 34a35. Bye quiet; No2 -17. Hay steady
to firm : good to choice timothy $14 00 to
$15 00. Provisions firm. Coil'eo quiet; No
7 lti'-.i. Sugar steady ; granulated $4.9-1.
Chicago. Aug. '24.?Wheat? Sept 54's;
Dee 57 ^ ; Mav 02%. Corn?Sept 53^ ; Oct
53; May 52. Oats-Sept 30 ; Oct 30%; May
34"h!?35. Pork?Sept $13 50; Jan $13 65.
Lard?Sept $7 70; Jan $7 071>>. Bibs?Sept
$7 35 ; Jan $7 0JlH2.
Scgab and Coffee Market. Aug. 23.?
Refined Sugars?The quotations are as fol?
lows: cu( loaf 5 9*16c; Standard powdered
5^c; cubos 5J;jc; granulated 5c; fine
granulated 5c; Confectioners' A 47/&'t
Diamond A 5c; Columbia A 4 11-16 ceuts
per lb. Prices wero advauced 1sc on all
grades except cut loaf.
Coffee.?The market closed steady with
the quotations as follows: l?^c per pound
for No. 7 Bio. Mihi codecs were steady.
Baltimore Cattle Market, Aug. 2.3.?
Beef Cattle ?All grades were woll represent?
ed at the yards except tops, which were nota
b'y ficnr.e. und for them the murkest was
strong and fully up to the values ruling for
them last week. Other grades fairly held
their own, and ouly toward tho very close
of operations trade heeamo dull. Prices of
Reef Cattle this week ranged as follows:
Best. $4.30a4.55
Generally rated fust quality... 3.87a4.25
Medium or good fair quality.... 2.75a3.25
Ordinary thin Steers, Oxen
and Cows. 2.00a2.50
Of the Cattle received 694 came from Vir?
Milch Cows.?There is a fair demand for
good cows. (^uoUHions $2un30, and a few
at $4' I per head, aud one at $50.
Veal Calves.?Trade in calves is dull, and
common arc especially hard to sell Quota
rations ?^jad'xic per lb, and common at $"2a5
per head.
Sheep and Lambs.?Thero is a heavy run
of sheep again this week, though the number
is some 3,(100 less than hist week, and it con?
sists, rs it did then, of too much common,
trashy stuff, and there being no eastern de?
mand, trade is very slow, ami values were 1 jc
lower than thoy were earlier in the week.
Sheep sell at 3 -&a!l% ; per lb, and a few ex?
tra at 3c per lb gross ; Iambs 2H2a3%C per lb,
and a few extra at 3;l.1e per lb. There is a
fair demand only for good stock.
Swine.?The market closes strong at Mon?
day's values, when sale-j vrt niadoat $5.SOn
I! 25 per 100 lbs gross. Boughs $4a5 per 100
1 ha gross,.
New York Cattle Market. Aug. 23.?
Beeves?none on sale. Calves-market quiet
but steady. Veals? poor to prime $5a7 per
lOOlbs; grawers$2./5a3, buttermilk calves
$3.25a3.50 per 100 ibs. Sheep and Lambs
?market demoralized : sheep *4a%c lower:
good lambs J-.tc lower; others 'yc lower;
sheep, fair to prime, $2.25a2j.62^i per 10<>
lb.=, lamb', inferior to choioo, $3 2;?a4.75 per
100 Its, and fancy $5 per 100 lbs. Hoes
market firmer; fair to choice hogs $5 90af> 10
per 100 lbs..
Cuicaoo Cattle Market. Aug. 23.?
Hogs?left over about 8.000 head ; quality
poor; market fairly active and firm : prices
well supported : sales ranged at S5.15a5.70
for light, _S4.90an.20 for rough packing,
$5.15a5.75 for mixed. $5.'25a5.90 for heavy
packing and shipping tots, pigs S3.5<)a5.15
per 100. lbs. Cattle?market active and firm ;
best grades 10a'20c higher: natives $1.25a.
5 50, Westerns $3.50*4.69, Te.vans $1.25a
3 50 per lOu lbs. Prices lQ.tl5c advance
ai d demand good.
TO THE PUBLIC?A catalogue of sub?
scribers of the Telephone Exchange will
be published on OCTOItEE 1ST. All parties
desiring TELEPHONES will please hand in
their names to the Manager so that they may
appear in that issue.
Manager Alexau 'ria Telephone Exchange.
m m to
We have made large inroads into the stock
during the present month, and we wish to
close out the balance by making, in many
instances, still further reduction in price.
A lot of $1.25 body Brussels, in quantities
from 17 to 25 yards, prices from 75 to 90c.
A lot of $1.00 Tapestries, best goods, quan?
tities from 15 to 20 yards, at 60c.
Several patterns in 75c Tapestries, quanti?
ties from 20 to 40 yards, at 50c.
A lot of Best All-wool Ingrains, from 10
to 18 yards, former price 75^ now 50c.
Smaller Remnants of Carpets at half value.
All our Rugs and Art Squares at a dis?
count of 30 percent, from marked prices.
Received this day, August 10.
Received this day, August H.
10 bbls.. 40 halves and 65 kits.
Also 40 kits
You Can't Tell
How easily you can 1k> suited at our store un?
til you call.
The prices below for tho week beginning
Monday, August 20, only give you a slight
idea of what we are doing.
Summer will soon b? over. We must get a
move on to make room for our winter stock.
Wo wont be disappointed, for at the prieo
we have marked them down to THEY SURE?
Take your time?study tho prices?look to
your interest?and you will lind unheard-of
bftrgsim iu every itom.
15c Figured Sateens reduced to 10c
25c Double-width Dress Goods reduced to
18 cent*.
50c Doublo-width Dress Goods, all shades,
reduced to .'15c.
20c Crepons, all colors, reduced to 1 lc.
5c Figured Lawus aud Challies roduced
to 3%c.
1 2-fcc Lonsdale Cambric re<luced to 9c.
10c Lonsdale Cambric reduced to T'^c
8c White India Linen reduced to 4%c
12-yc White India Linen reduced to 9-Ac.
12-ijC Percale, in remnants, reduced to fie.
25c Bleached or Unbleached 10-1 Sheeting
reduced to HJ^c.
4-4 Pride of the West Cotton reduced to
4-4 New York Mills Bleached Cotton 10
dnced to 9-yc.
4-4 WamsutU. Bleached Cotton reduced to
4-4 Fruit of the Loom Bleached Cotton re?
duced to 7c.
4-4 Androscoggin L. Bleached Cotton re?
duced I* (i^c.
4-4 Good Bleached 8c Cotton, in remnants,
reduced to 5c.
7c 4-4 Unbleached Cotton reduced to 4\c.
7c Onto!i Flannel reduced to 5c.
10c Canton Flannel reduced to 8c.
25c Bed Table Damask only 18c.
25c Double-width Skirting reduced to l ie.
25c WhiU or Red Flannel reduced to 15c
50c White or Red Flannel, Medicated, re?
duced to 35c.
A Good Black Sateen reduced to 7-ya
10c Outing reduced to 51?.
65c White Bed Spreads reduced to 49c.
75c White Bed Spreads reduced to 59-.
$1.25 White Bed Spreads reduced to 99c.
75c Pongee 8ilk, 31-inches wide, all colon*
reduced to 48c
$1.75 Net Canopies, all complete, reduced
to $1.39.
75c Ladies Laundered Shirt Waists reduced
to 45c.
75c Men's Laundered Shirts, collars and
euff?, reduced to 48c.
If you appreciate low prices and good bar?
gains you cannot afford to miss this slaughur
offering of Seasonable and desirable Goods.
^5jrDon't forget as, when yon want Mat?
tings, Carpet or Oilcioib*. We're right in it.

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