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The Constitution provides that each
house of Congress shall be the judge of
the elections, returns and qualifications
of its own members. The plain mean*
ing of this is to determine who has
been chosen by the qualified vottrj, at
the legal time and places, and returned
according to the regulations prescribed
by the law3 of the States or by Con?
gress. So that the recent secret as?
sembling of the defeated republican
candidates for Congress in Virginia at
"Washington, for the purpose of induc?
ing the republican members of the
House to give them the seats to which
their successful democratic opponents
were chosen by majorities of the qual?
ified voters,at the legal time and places,
and returned according to the regula?
tions prescribed by the laws of Virginia,
was not only ridiculous, but was an im?
pudent and bare-faced affront to Virgin?
ia, and a gross insult to the republican
congressmen whose action they desire
to affect. Such behavior is not surpris?
ing in respect of some of those present,
but it is so in respect of the others, as it
certainly tends to strengthen the fa*
mous erroneous assertion of Mr. John
Wise, that "all Southern republicans
are apostates for the price of their
The New York Press, rank republi?
can, says: "Tammany must be exiled
from all the departments of the city
over which the republican mayor has
power of appointment. The business
of the successful party now is to give
the city of New York such good gov?
ernment that the people will not desire
any change in the future, but should a
change come about, no principle is more
strongly engrafted in republican dogma
than that the majority must rule."
This is a good and wise political advice
from a successful republican standpoint.
If the national democratic administra?
tion had exiled from all the depart?
ments of the government, as soon as it
came into power, the party that elect?
ed it would not have sustained such an
overwhelming defeat as it did last week.
The low price of American farm
products is the result of a glutted mar?
ket. Too much is produced for home
consumption, and foreigners are pro?
hibited from buying the surplus by a
tariff that forces them to pay for it
with scarce gold, instead of with the
plentiful 'products of their own coun?
tries. But,last week,American farmers
either refused to vote, or else cast bal?
lots for congressmen in favor of a high
tariff, and thereby proved that they
are even too stupid to know what is for
their own individual welfare.
The fact that millions of Russians,
rich and poor alike, are still weeping
for the death of their as yet unburied
Emperor, no matter what penny liners
may say to the contrary, is conclusive
evidence to all reasonable men that the
people of Russia feel they have
lost a good and kind ruler. Those fa?
miliar with the true condition of Rus?
sia know that the criminals sent to Si
beria-duriug the reign of the late Em?
peror, in other countries would have
been puuished with death or imprison?
ment for life._
The President is so enamored of
the civil service reform law that he has
determined to make every body in the
government's employ,exceptjPreaident8
and Cabinet officers, subject to its opera?
tion, before the expiration of his term;
force bills, tariffs, currency and other
national and international matters of
importance "may flourish or may fade,
a breath can make them as a breath
has made," but like the everlasting hills
and brooks, the mugwump civil service
system must go on forever.
An association has been organized
in Washington for the purpose of se?
curing the privilege of suffrage to the
people of the District of Columbia. As
this is a "free and equal" country, in
which special "favors" are granted to
none, the object of the association
should be attained. The "inestimable"
benefits of suffrage are so apparent that
the people of the District of Columbia
should fight to obtain them, "until the
last armed foe expires. -
The facts that the democrats sus?
tained losses in ali the Southern States
last week, and that in eight of them the
republicans gained congressmen, should
be sufficient of themselves alone, even
if there were no others, to refute the
entirely groundless republican assertion,
that in the South the republicans are
allowed neither a free vote nor a fair
At the recent congressional elections
in Ohio, Mr. Coxey, who led his poor,
duped and deluded followers to Wash?
ington last summer, and then deserted
them, received nearly nine thousand
votes. And yet there still are people
stupid or demagogic enough to cry out,
"Vox populi, vox Dei!"
The Woman's Christian Temperance
Union, at its annual convention in
Cleveland, Ohio, yesterday, declared
.against corsets, belts, and skirts, and
for women members of the police force.
Fortunately for the women, the W. C.
T. U. cannot change their sex.
[Correspondence of the Alexandria G?fwtte.l
Washington. Nov. 17,1894.
A Tammany democrat here to-day
j says Tammany cast one hundred aid
thirteen thousand votes at the late elec?
tion, but could not have succeeded with
the republicans, mugwumps, anti-snap?
pers, prohibitionists and saloon, dives,
and bawdy house keepers, cranks, the
A. P. A., and the churches combined
against ic. He said, and named
them, that the pastors of only five
Catholic churches in the whole city
were favorable to Tammany.
Congressman Turner of Virginia, was
in the city yesterday. He said he wrs
fairly elected by a satisfactory majority
and is not bothering himself about the
contest he hears Mr. Walker, the de?
feated republican candidate, intends to
make for h's S6at.
A Northwest syndicade are here now
looking out for lands for farmers who,
having grown tired of their inclement
section, have determined to come
South, and are thinking about settling
either in Maryland or Virginia, near
the river. They were down in the for?
mer State this week, inspecting lands.
Assistant U. S. Attorney General
Holmes Conrad, of Virginia, says the
recent democratic defeat was the legiti?
mate result of several causes which,
combined, produced apathy and disaf?
fection in the democratic party.
The express company has such direct
and conclusive evidence against the
men now under arrest for the train rob?
bery at Aquia creek that it will not
agree to spare one of them by allowing
him to turn State's evidence.
It is said here that every republican
congressional candidate in the South
who was defeated last week, except the
three from Maryland, will contest the
election of their successful democratic
opponents; but it is also said that few,
if any, of them will succeed, as the re?
publicans are already saying their ma?
jority in the House is too large, and as
the election of republican congressmen
in several of the Southern States, and
the reduced democratic majorities in
all the others, afford prima facie evi?
dence that elections are as fair in the
South as in the North.
Secretary Herbert has approved the
naval court-martial which recently tried
Paymaster Cann's clerk, David B.
Sayer, at the Norfolk navy yard, found
him guilty of embezzling $190, and
sentenced him to be imprisoned for two
years, and to lose the greater portion of
his pay during that time.
Congressman Meredith, who was here
yesterday, says he has been formally
notified that his defeated republican
opponent, Mr. McCaull, will contest
bis seat. He says he doesn't anticipate
any trouble, as the worst than can hap?
pen will be an order for another elec?
tion, at which his majority will be
larger than it was last week.
Congressmen-elect Howard of Ala?
bama, who is here to-day, says he is
informed that the President'* fortune
now amounts to four million dollars,
and that as he was a poor man when
he first came to Washington, he, How?
ard, intends to introduce a resolution
in Congress demanding an investiga?
tion of the means by which so large a
fortune was acquired in so short a time.
Since November 13, the date of the
circular, issued by Secretary Carlisle in?
viting bids for the new $50,000,000 bond
loan,"the Treasury has lost by the ex?
change of gold for Treasury notes and
United States notes $1,775,000 in gold
from the sub-Treasuries. The with?
drawal of gold in New York, yesterday
to the extent of $975,000 for which
United States notes were presented, has
caused Treasury officials to anticipate
that it is but the forerunner of large
withdrawals of gold at that point,as such
notes are redeemable only at Now York
or San Francisco. Treasury notes may
be redeemed in gold at any sub-Treas?
ury, but they are believed to be less
generally distributed throughout the
country than the United States notes,
which are largely held in New York
and the East.
The President having disciplined
Secretaries Gresham and Carlisle and
Attorney General Olney, has now ap?
plied the whip to Secretary Herbert,
and has revoked the latter's appoint?
ment of Admiral Walker to the com?
mand of the Naval Academy, and did
so, it is currently reported, without
even consulting the Secretary. But
they all take their drubbing with the
most servile obsequiousness.
John W. Nicholson, of Portsmouth,
Va., was to-day appointed inspector of
?team boilers for the Norfolk, Va., dis?
Postmaster Warfield, of Baltimore,
was in consultation with the Civil Ser?
vice Commissioners to-day with refer?
ence to the recent promotion of seven
watchmen in bis office to higher posi?
tions, contrary to the civil service rules.
Virginia's Vote.?The returns from
every city and county in the State have
I been received at the Capitol iq Rich
! moud. These returns show a grand
total vote of 214,158; for democratic
candidates, 113,433; for republicans,
88,247 ; for populists, 10,327; prohibi?
tion and independent, 2,145; democrats
Ovar republicans, 25,186.
The totals by districts are as follows:
Firstdistrict?Jones, 11,598 ; McDon?
ald, 6,947 ; Morton, 461; Bristow, 291.
Jones over McDonald, 4,651.
I Second?Tyler, 12,375; Borland, 8,
868; Edwards, 751. Tyler over Bor?
land, 3,507.
Third?Ellett, 11,745; Gregory, 1.7SS;
Southward, 4,653. Ellett over South?
ward, 7,092.
Fourth?McKenney, 8,773; Thorp.
7,307; Hobson, 1,109; Horner, 2S4;
Thornton, 173. McKenney over Thorp,
Fifth?Swanson, 10,750; Cornett, 8,
417; Hale, 1,121; Shelton, 249. Swan
son over Cornett, 2,333.
Sixth?Otey, 10,602; H?ge/ S,2S8;
H?cker, 3,550: Smith, 52. Otey over
H?ge, 2,314.
Seventh?Turner. 11,035; Walker,
9,500; Barber 248, Hopkins, 395. Tur?
ner over Walker, 1,535.
Eighth?Meredith, 10,801; McCaull,
8,450; Mason, 628. Meredith over
McCaull, 2,351:
Ninth?Walker, 14,2S7; Morrisca,
13,332; Howe, 271. Walker over Mor?
rison, 955.
Tenth?Tucker, 12,422: Yost, 11,
530; Grove, 285: Cocke, 396 < Cowdon,
51. Tucker over Yost, 892.
Rev. Albert ?lein, paator of the
Germrn Evangelical St. John's Church,
Port Huron, Mich., committed suicide
this morning, by hanging himself to his
bedroom door. Yesterday he was
brought home from a private retreat
where he had been undergoing treat?
ment to restore his mental condition;'
Secretary Carlisle is preparing a plan
for a stable and flexible currency which
will be presented to Congress in his
annual report.
Dr. Jas. McCosb, the venerable ex
president of Princeton University, and
a leading educator of the age, died last
night, aged S3 years.
At the Episcopal Church Congress at
BostOD yesterday the topic was, "The
Argument from Design as Affected by
the Theory of Evolution."
It is stated in Denver that a big syn?
dicate is scheming to obtain control of
the silver market and dictate the price
of the metal to all silver using coun?
For cowardice at the battle of Ping
Yang, where the Chinese were utterly
defeated, with heavy loss, General Wei,
one of the Chinese commanders, has
been beheaded.
The New York Herald says Senator
Gorman and other democrats are try?
ing to find some plan by which the
democrats can organize the next Senate
of the United States.
Kev. Richard Carroll, a prominent
Baptist preacher, hung himself near
Mayoorchville. Ky., yesterday. He
was eighty-nine years old, and had been
preaching sixty-five years.
Ex Uuited States Senator Robert C.
Winthrop died last night at his Marl
borough street residence, Boston, aged
SI years. He was Webster's successor
in the Senate and the Washington
Monument orator.
Congressman Holman, of Indiana,
says : 'There were just three causes of
the late revolution. They were Cleve?
land's miserable foreign policy, the
hard times and the unpardonable delay
of Congress in passing a tariff bill."
The ioitial steps looking towards the
curtailment of the flour output, by a
six-weeks' suspension of the merchant
mills of thecouutry, aud the consequent,
advance in prices, were taken at a
meeting of millers in Chicago yester?
The cruiser Cincinnati, which left
the Brooklyn navy yard at dawn yes?
terday, struck a sunken wreck aDd was
badly damaged. She is now in the dry
dock and it has been discovered that
she has a hole entirely through h&
false bottom.
Represeutative-elect Howard, of
Alabama, populist, says that he will in?
troduce a resolution in the House in?
quiring how President Cleveland be?
came the possessor of $4,000,000. Mr.
Howard is the author of ''If Christ
Came to Congress."
A severe earthquake was felt through?
out the province of Messina, and also
in Calabria yesterday. Much damage
was done. Churches of masonry fell,
and the walls of a number of houses
cracked. The upper part of the light?
house collapsed and the keeper was in?
Mr. Frederick C. Waite, in his paper
before the National Statistical Associa?
tion, in Washington, showed that
5,000,000 democrats remained away
from the polls at the recent election.
The democratic vote in North Carolina
at the recent election was 30,000 short
of the party's strength.
A letter was sent to Lord Kimberly,
Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs
of Great Britain, giving the details of a
fearful butchery of Armenian men and
women at Bittis, Asiatic Turkey, the
annihilation of several villages and the
rape of women by soldiers under orders
from Constantinople.
At Atlanta, Ga., yesterday Wm. J.
Myers, the boy still in his teens, who
was charged with the murder of Forest
L. Crowley, was found guilty. There
was uo recommendation to mercy. The
prisoner took the verdict without ap?
parent emotion. His father, who sat
beside him, held the boy by one hand.
An unknown colored man entered
the houses of four highly respected
white ladies in Atchison, Kan., yester?
day and assaulted them. Searching
parties are out and there are threats of
lynching. The negro was evidently ac?
quainted with the habits of the male
members of the families, as at each
place they were absent at the time.
The executive committee of the com?
mittee of seventy of New York city
have made application to Governor
Flower for the assignment of the Attor?
ney General or a deputy to prosecute
election cases and those against other
public officials in that city. The Gov?
ernor refused to grant this request, on
the ground that there was no proof that
District Attorney Fellows would not
conscientiously perform the duty.
Martin V. Strait, a well-known flour
and feed dealer, of Elmira, N. Y., yes?
terday afternoon fatally shot his wife,
put one bullet in the body of Mrs.
Wm. Whitford, which may cause her
death, and then turning the revolver
on himself, tried three times to put a
bullet through his own heart, failing to
strike that organ, but inflicting wounds
which will undoubtedly cause his
death. The shooting was the result of
domestic difficulty. When arrested
Strait said : "l am sorry this happened,
but they drove me to it." All of the
persons are of middle age, and have en?
joyed the best reputations. Mrs. Strait
died last night. The physicians say
that Mr. Strait and Mrs. Whitford can?
not recover.
Important Spring Elections.?
Very important elections will be held
in Virginia on the fourth Thursday in
next May and the result may have an
important bearing on the contest next
fall. At the spring election officers are
to be chosen in every county in the
State. Judging from some intimations
thrown out yesterday there will be an
effort made by the republicans to cap?
ture as many of these offices as possible.
The republicans hope to effect a fusion
with the populists and all other anti
democrats. The offices in nearly every
county -now are democratic. A*t
the elections four years ago the demo?
crats made almost a clean sweep. Foi
merly the republicans had possession
of a good many county offices, but they
lost them when Mahoneism began to
Seventh Day Adventists.?At the
Seventh Day Adventists' conference in
session in Washington yesterday, a re?
cital in the report of Secretary S. B.
Horton was read of the persecutions to
which the denomination is subject to in
certain localities. It was reported that
two members are in jail at Centreville,
Md.. for chopping wood op Sunday. In
some places it has been impossible to
induce insurance companies to insure
churches on account of threats of incen?
diarism, and the secretary said that he
had often been served with whitecap
notices when trying to conduct meek
ings. The report showed a member?
ship of S5i in the United States.
A fine deer, weighing 135 pounds, was
killed in Spotsylvania county yesterday.
Fire at the Roper Lumber Com?
pany's works in Norfolk yesterday, de?
stroyed $00,000 worth of lumber.
The barn and other buildings on the
farm of Isaac Sheets, in Shenandoah
county, were destroyed by fire yester?
Wild turkeys are quite numerous in
Orange county, and many a Nimrod
now yelps in ambush for the unsus?
pected game.
Col. Oliver W. Dudlev, of Danville,
of Col. O'Ferrall's staff, "and Miss Lucie
H. Esles, of Richmond, are to be mar?
ried on the 21st.
Lee Camp of Confederate Veterans in
'Richmond last night handsomely enter?
tained a delegation of the 15ih Regi?
ment, Connecticut Veterans.
At Norfolk yesterday there was an
explosion of gasoline in the house of Ed?
ward Deer and Mrs. Deer was serious?
ly and perhaps fatally burned.
Secretary Herbert has issued an or?
der for a court-martial in the case of
Captain Carlisle P. Porter, in command
of the marines at the Norfolk navy
yard, on charges of drunkenness.
Mr. Maurice Fountain has been ap?
pointed temporary assistant to the prin?
cipal of the Deaf, Dumb and Blind In?
stitute at Staunton, in view of the va?
cancy caused by the death of Captain
Funsten as steward.
That historic old building situated
on the corner of Twenty-second and
Main streets, Richmond, known as the
Henrico county courthouse, had a nar?
row escape from being consumed by
flames early yesterday morning, and,
as it was, was badly damaged inside.
There was an increased attendance
at the Pure Food Show in Washington
yesterday. There has been arranged a
special course of lectures for the com?
ing week. There is to be a special day
set apart for Alexandrians to visit the
show, when reduced rates will be ar?
ranged on the railroads.
It is said that Congressman Jones of
the first district will not be a candidate
for re-election in 1S9G and that he has
his eye on the governorship. A gentle?
man who enjoys the confidence of Mr.
Jones when asked about this matter con?
firmed the rumor that the congressman
would retire from the House at the end
of the term for which he has just been
chosen but he was unable to say wheth
er or not Mr. Jones desired to succeed
Governor O'Ferrall in the executive
Capt. J. B. Baylor, of the United
States coast survey, reported to Gov?
ernor O'Ferrall last night that he had
completed surveying the oyster bot?
toms on the Atlantic side of Accomac
and Northampton counties. This fin?
ishes the survey of the entire oyster
grounds of the State, on which he has
been engaged the greater part of near?
ly three years. It will take him several
months yet to complete the work. He
says that there are S,000 acres of good
natural oyster rock on the Atlantic
side, where he has just made the sur?
Thrown Over a Bridge.?A mys?
terious mnrder of a prominent phy?
sician occurred at Montgomery, Fay
etto county, W. Va., yesterday. Dr.
A. C. Aultz was called from his bed to
attend wbat was alleged to be an ur?
gent case on the opposite side of Morris
Creek. At 7 o'clock the doctor had
not returned and his family began a
search for him. About 9 o'cloclc a
man passing over the Morris Creek
bridge saw the dead body of the doctor
lying on the jagged rocks 50 feet below.
An examination showed there had
been a terrible struggle on the bridge
and that the doctor had been struck on
the head several times with a blunt in?
strument. The fall to the rocks below
broke almost every bone in his body.
The only theory for the crime is that
friends of persons implicated in the late
coal riots put the doctor out of the way
to keep him from testifying against
them. Two months ago Dr. J. W.
Davis, of the same place, was murder?
ed from ambush for the same reason.
Knights of Labor.?The Knights
of Labor are still in session in New
Orleans. Sovereign, the Grand Master
Workman, has presented his report in
which he urges the Assembly to take
strong grounds against an increase of
the military forces of the nation and
and that they advocate a decrease in
the regular army and the abolition of
the State militia, "for from them are
coming to the surface tbe sentiments
of a military despotism." There now
in the general treasurer's hands tbe j
sum of $9,000. A schedule of the prop?
erty in the possession of tbe order was
also presented. It aggregates $95,000.
Interest|is now centering in the election
of officers, which will not be taken up
nntil the part of tbe sessioh. Powder
ly is now in the field and has a. strong
following against the present incum?
bent. Powderly will not say that he
is after the office, nor will he deny tbe
rumor that he is.
Virginia Conference.?The feature
of yesterday's session of the Vir?
da Conference, Methodist Episcopal
Church South, at Cbarlottesville, was
Bishop Haygood's address to the class
admitted to tbe full connection.
Messages of Christian fellowship were
received from the Virginia Baptist As?
sociation, in session at Alexandria, and
from the Virginia Christian Missionary
Society, at Clifton Forge.
PrizeFights.?And now Alexandria
is being advertised as a place where
brutal prize fights are and can be held
without let or hindrance. Is this rep?
utation calculated to advance tbe city's
material, to say nothing of its moral,
interest? .Is there no mayor, common?
wealth's attorney, nor police? Possi?
bly, as the men who engage in these
"sports" are but brutes, and those-who
witness them but little better, the "So?
ciety for Prevention of Cruelty to Ani?
mals" had better step in and suppress
these exhibitions. A Mother.
On Saturday morning, November 17,1S94,
at G o'clock, THOMAS MALCOLM, infant
son of Thomas M. and Alice E. Lynch, aged
3 mouths and 17 days.
We were weeping at his pillow.
For we knew that he must die,
And the house is sad and lonely,
While little Tommy in the grave must lie.
Fold the waxen hands together,
Close the soft and dreamy eyes.
See. how like a broken lily,
Pale and beautiful he lies.
By His Grandiiothek.
The funeral will take place from the resi?
dence of his parent^ corner Princess and
Henry streets, Monday afternoon, at 3 o'clock. I
"VTEW BUCKWHEAT in bulk and in pack
Fittzimmons Kills his Partner.
Syracuse, N. Y., Nov. 17.?At the
Opera House last evening during the
exhibition bout between the would-be
champion of the world, Robert Fitzsim
mons, and Con Riordan, his sparring
partner, the latter was struck by Fitz?
simmons and the result of the blow
was death. Riordan, it is claimed, had
been drinking heavily, but dispite this
he was allowed to enter into the bout.
There were a few exchanges and then
Fitzsimmons with a quick pass landed
ou Riordan's jaw with his right, and
the latter reeled, fell to bis knees and
lopped over like a dead man. Two
physicians endeavored to bring him
back to consciousness, but despite every
effort to revive him he died at 3:30
o'clock this morning. Fitznmmons
when informed of Riordan's death, was
much affected and burst into sobs. He
has been locked up to await the action
of the coroner. Fitzsimmons says that
he noticed after the first exchange of
blows that Reordan was not right. The
blow he delivered that caused the
trouble was, he says, as light as he
could make it, merely slapping him
with the back of the hand. He at?
tributes his death to his poor condition
brought on by incessant drinking.
Fitzsimmons was taken before County
Judge Northrup at noon to-day and his
bail was fixed at $10,000, to answer to
the charge of manslaughter in the first
degree. In the court room Fitzsimmons
said he would not have killed Riordan
for $10,000 and then broke down in
tears. He will be arraigned this after?
noon, released on bail and appear at
the performance at Jacob's Opera House
this afternoon and evening.
Foreign NeW8.
New York, Nov. 17.?A cable dis?
patch from Shanghai says: Should
the - Japanese succeed in taking Port
Arthur, there can be no doubt that L
Hung Chang will answer for it with his
London, Nov., 17.?The Central
News correspondent at Shanghai tele?
graphs: "The Japanese ileet is search?
ing for the Chinese fleet which put to
sea on Monday."
A dispatch from Tientsin says that
Admiral Ting has received stringent
orders to attack the Japanese fleet at
the first opportunity.
London, Nov. 17.?The famous lace
market at Nottingham was burned this
morning. The loss is estimated at
New York. Nov. 17.?11 a. m.?The
Btock market shortly after the opening de?
veloped weakness. The trading was also on
a 1 trge scalo. Eichmond Terminal sold down
1 't> to 15~&. At 11 o'clock the market was
Baltimore. Nov. 17.?Virginia 33 72 ;
do Century 59*&.
Alexandria Market, November 17.
The wholesale commercial markets closed
to day easier in tone, but with very fow and
small changes in values. Flour is reported
rather more active at the recent advance in
prices. Wheat is a fraction lower, but in
good demand ; sales 52 to 56 for ordinary to
prime mixed ruilliug samples, no choice long
berry has been offered for several weeks past
Corn is stead y at 10 to ?l in car load
lots. Bye is wanted at 50 to 53. Oats 31 to
37. Eggs are still scarce at 23. Butter. Po
toes, Pork, Poultry, other Produce and Pro?
visions are without change. Millfeed, Hay
and Straw ar quiet.
Baltimobe. Nov. 17.?Flour quiet aud
unchanged. Wheat firmer; No 2 red spot
and Nov 59%59%; Dec 59*4859%; Jan
60";i asked; May o'3Hi*0S%; steamer No 2
red 55~&a55% ; milling wheat by sample 60.
Coin steady; mixed spot 54J4a54:,,k; year
52\a52%\ Jan 51%a51%; steamer mixed
?la?l1^; southern white corn 49a55; do
vollow l?^a?-l1^. Oats firm; No 2 white
Wrstern '.iokiz-W; No 2 mixed do 33a
33"&. Byo quiet; No 2 52a53. Hay firm ;
good" to choice timothy ?12 50 to $13 00.
Coffee firm; No 7 15\. Sugar steady;
granulated $4.45.
New Yobk, Nov. 17.?Flour?State and
Western dull and easy; Southern quiet and
steady; common to fair extra $210a3 00;
good to choice do $3 10a3 50. Bye Flour
quiet and steady; superfine $2 00a2 90.
Wheat?No 2 red advanced ^c; moderately
activo and firm; Dec 59Vja59 11-16. Bye
nominal; Western 48a57. Corn?No 2 quiet
and firmer: Dec ?G\v>?\. Oats?No 2
dull and steady ; State 37a41; Western 33^
a41; Dec :Wd, Fob 35%; May 36%. Pork
quiet and steady; moss $13 75 to $14 75;
extra prime nominal. Lard quiet aud steady ;
steam rendered $7 65.
Chicago, Nov. 17.?Wheat^Nov 55%;
Toe 5614; May Ol";.. Corn?Nov
Dec 50%; May 497^0. 'Oats?Nov 28-'V,;
Dec 29^; May 32%. Pork?Jan $12 55;
May $12 90. Lard?Jan $7 25; May
$7 -12Vj. Bibs-Jan $0 35; May $6 55.
List of Unclaimed Letters.
The following is a list of tho letters re?
maining in tho Alexandria, Ya., postofiice
November 17.
Persons caUing for lottere will please say
they are advertised.
Advertised letters not called for within two
weeks will be sent to tho dead letter office.
Harvests, Master C A Nelson, Miss Lucy
Hoffman, John? Nickens, Fannie
Jones, Henry D Stamper, J W
Jones, Mrs Silva Wedderburn John
La Fayette Pierce *
Cut by Experienced Butchers,
TOES 75c per busheL
uovl4 N. E. cor. Prince and St. Asaph sts.
I respectfully announce that I will, on
WEDNESDAY, November 14, open a FIRST
CLASS GBOCEBY at the northeast corner of
Duke and St Asaph streets, where every
thing usually found in such an establishment'
can be seen. The stock is NEW and FRESH
and will be found desirable in all particulars.
I solicit a share of the public patronage,
guaranteeing satisfaction to all.
nov!2 lw_ E. M. ANDERSON.
fine, for sale by J. C. MTXBUBN. I
There was a heavy rainfall through,
out the Memphis, Tenn., district last
night, the first that has fallen in ten
weeks. It was sufficient to put an end to
the forest and field fires.
Jeremiah Sullivan, accompanied by
his wife, left Chicago yesterday on a B.
& O. train. Sullivan left his wife east
of Chicago Junction to go to the smok?
er. His dead body was found east of
Shelby this morning.
A party of men-were at work yester?
day digging a trench near Ruxton, Bal
rhore, county, Md., when one side
caved in, burying two men beneath
tons of earth. Both were dead when
the debris was removed.
Burglars entered the office of Sparrow
and Jacobs, proprietors of the Theatre
Royal, Montreal, early this morning,
and blowing open the safe, secured
30,000 of United States bonds belonging
to H. R. Jacobs, a lot of railway stock
belonging to Sparrow, and some hund?
reds of dollars in currency.
The residence of Hiram Wheeler, at
Chicago, was entered by burglars last
night and about $5,000 worth of jewel?
ry and costly diamonds stolen. The
thieves were alarmed while at their
work and Mr. Wheeler, clad only in
a thin night robe, chased them out into
the street, but was unable to catch
Louis Rosenberg, a wealthy mer?
chant at Johns, Ala, who went insane a
year ago over financial troubles and
shot and killed his clerk, escaped last
Tuesday, but was recaptured, and while
being taken back yesterday, plunged
from the window of a train moving fif?
ty miles an hour. Nearly every bone
in his body was broken.
It was reported at El Reno, L T.,
last night that a detachment of cavalry
sent out from Fort Reno several days
ago encountered a sand storm. Noth
iag has been heard of the trocpeia
since. The storm devastated Oklaho?
ma. Nothing like it has ever been
seen in the Territory, and several pei
sons are known to have lost their lives.
-The New York Horse Show will end
to-day. There is more or less feeling
between the private exhibitors and the
professionals as the latter have cap?
tured a large share of the ribbons this
year. However, many gentlemen
breeders have captured enough blue
ribbons, and also reds and yellows, to
encourage them in their efforts to make
America lead tbe world in breeding
John Q. A. Robson, police commis?
sioner of Baltimore, died at Johns Hop?
kins Hospital to.day, aged sixty-six
years old. He represent ed bis district
in the Legislature for several terms.
Lieut. Sullivan of the Texas Rangers
and posse have arrived at Wichita
Falls, Tex., having in custody three
men, said to be a part of the gang of
robbers who held up tbe Texas and Pa?
cific train at Gordon about sixty days
At Columbus, Ky., at 1 o'clock this morn?
ing tire destroyed twelve business houses and
nine residences. Loss $75,000.
Andrew A. Lipscomb and Thomas
M. Fields, recently appointed receivers
for the Washington Beneficial Endow
in ut Association, have filed their re
p >rt in that city. AH the books and
pipers which were transferred by the
association to the Commercial Alliance
I ife Insurance Company are in the
p ssession of the receivers. They state
t tat they bave found in the papers
those relating to the assessments be?
cause of the death of John M. Leavill,
of Culpeper, Andrew J. Manning, of
Portsmouth, and Alonzo Mills, of Wash?
HARRIS' LITfilA WATER contains more
Litbia than any other wafer on tho
nurket. Call for circular. For sale by
_ Cor. King and Washington streets.
fljOA REWARD.?I will pay TWENTY
t$)4\J ($20) DOLLARS rewarded for in?
formation that will insure the arrest and con?
viction of the party or parties who have been
cutting the Telephono line near Centrevillo
or othor points, and carrying off the wire.
novlO twlm
$10,000 STOCK of tho DEIS MANUFAC
TUKING COMPANY, of Now Alexandria,
Va, at 25 cents on the dollar. Apply to
novl5 lw_309 King street.
500 Pounds of
TEE at 23 cents per pound.
nov!4 lw Cor. Boyal and Wolfe streets.
BUBBANK POTATOES, 75 cents per
nov9 lw Cor. Wolfe and Boyal streets.
Small sizes, ll^c per pound.
nov9 lw Cor. Wolfe and Boyal streets.
Will ?eil cheap.
novlO tf Cor. Boyal and Wolfe streets.
LIME JUICE, Lemon Juice and Fruit
Syrnpe for sale by
EST on the market, ELGIN CBEAMEBY
_900 King street.
linen, 3 for 50c, at
COTS, 1S94 crop, received to-day by
NICE line of UMBBELLAS, all prices,
best goods for price, at
ceived to-day by
CKEEN DOOBS, Window Screens, Fly
Traps, Dog Muzzles and Fly Fans at
sizes, at H. C. WALLACE'S,'
_900 King street
Spices. Just received by
900 King stree:.
Henry Wilson, the postmaster at
Welshton, Florida, says be cured a case
of diarrhoea of long standing in six
hours, with one small bottle of Cham?
berlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrho-a
remedy. What a pleasant surprise
that must have been to the sufferer.
Such cures are not unusual with this
remedy. In many instances only one
or two doses are required to give per?
manent relief. It can always be de?
pended upon. When reduced with wa?
ter it is pleasant to take. For sale bv
L. Stabler & Co.
A Household Treasure.
D. W. Fuller, of Canajoharie. N". V..
that he always keeps Dr. King's New Dis?
covery in the house and his family has al?
ways found the very best results follow its
use; that he would not be without it, if pro?
curable. G. A. Dykemau, Druggist, Catskill,
N. Y., says that Dr. King's New Discovery is
undoubtedly the best Cough remedy; that he
has used it in his family for eight years, aud
it has never failed to do all that is
for it. Why not try a remedy so long trio i
and tested 'J rial bottles free at E. S. I., id
beater & Sous' Drug Store. Regular size ?">? lc
and $1.
Are You Ever Annoyed
By a buzzing or roaring sound in your head?
Have you difficulty in hearing distinctly?
Aro you troubled with a continual dropping
of mucus, irritating the throat andean
you to cough? Is your breath unpleasantly
affected and accompanied with bad taste? Is
your hearing l?-s.s acut?-'.' It" so. yon have
catarrh aud should at once procure a b ittle ol
Ely's Cream Balm, the best known remedy.
The Balm will give instant relief.
Chamberlain's E70 red Skin Olntmeat
Is a certain cure for Chronic ticre Eyes,
Granulated Eye Lids, tiorc- Nipples, Files,
Eczema, Tetter, Salt Rheum and Scald Head,
25 cents per box. For sale by druggists.
For putting a horse in a tine healthy con
dition try Dr. Cady's Condition Powders.
They tone up the system, aid dige-tion, cure
loss of appetite, relieve constipation, correct
kidney disorders and destroy worms, giving
new life to an old or over worked horse. '20
cents per package. For &ale by
L. Stabler & Co., Druggists.
When Baby was sick, we gave her Castoria,
When she was a Child, she cried for Castoria.
When she became Miss, she clung to Castorfs
When she had Children,she gave them1
lOlli, 11th and F Sts., N. W.
The Electric Glove Cleaner
Is for cleaning kid gloves and for removing
grease spots from clothing. On exhibition
aud sale in Glove Department.
(First floor.Opposite Silks.)
We otl'er to-day some of the very best and
newest styles of outside garments. Eaeh is a
special value, and the price is remarkably
Jauuty Oxford Cloth School Reefers, ?5.
All-wool Mixed Cheviot School Dresses. $3.
All-lined. Sizes 4 to 12 years.
Misses' All-wool Kersey and Beaver Jackets,
Black and Blue, Plain and Braided. Sizes 12
to IS years.
The boat value we ever saw for ?!>.
A Lot of Cheviot Combination Suite?Coat
and Two fairs of Pants? ut
Coat has top pocket, iwo side pockets, tick?
et pocket, and one inside pocket. The pants
are faced at knees and in crotch. Both pants
and cojt are perfect in workmanship.
(Third lloor.10th st. building.)
A Special Lot of $1 Corsets at Gl0c.
They are made of French Coutil and Sateen.
They are stripped, have extra long waist",
two side steels, and boned bust.
6!>c A PAIR.
(Second lloor.lOth-st building
Royal Blue Dinner Set.
(Fifth floor.10th-st building.)
10x10 inch top, It is highly polished, strong
in every way, and finely finished.
Roasting Pans,
Self-basting No evaporation, no drying up
?hence, no shrinkage or loss of weight.
Medium size, 50c.
Largest size, 00c.
(Fifth floor.11th st. building.
Odo "Beading"? formerly $100?at $5<1
One "Crescent" formerly $70? at $37.50.
One "Crescent"?formerly $75?at $ 10.
One '"Union"?formerly $135?at $30.
$05 Ladies'"Majestic" at $'i5.
Boys' 24-inch Pneumatics?worth $40?
at $25.
Woodward &Lothrop.
ioth, uth& FSts., n. w.,
Washington. D. C.
You have the nerve, when money is scarce,
to pay fancy prices for your CHRISTMAS
GIFTS. Call on us, look through our holiday
display, get our price?, see if we can't help
you somewhat.
quires a turkey always, and a big one at
that We have just received a lot of EXTRA
LARGE TURKEY DISHES iu two decora?
tions at a very low price. Don't you need
one ? E. J. MILLE B ? SON,
317 King street.

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