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The vanda'ism rampant in this city is
in strikiug contrast with the order and
regard for private property in others.
Visitors to other c t es, some o! whom
are numbered by the hundred thousand
a day, are struck with the good and
orderly public hehavior prevailing
therein, und the lack of it here. It
may be safely said thai, in no other
city in toe country are children allow?
ed a-i unrestricted license, as here. Not
only are tiuirbed buildings damaged
aud seriously injured, but those in
course of construction are defaced be?
fore completed. This is done under
the observation of parents, without cor
rectioo or protest. Those supposed to
be the conservators of the peace, aud
empowered to enforce the rights of
property owners, take no heed of the
otlense. If the otleuders are brought
to the bar of justice, they go scott free.
Those who pay taxes abd contribute
the money for the eutipott of the city
government ate weary of such a state
of affairs. Children who thus violate the
laws of propriety and decency, and de?
stroy ami injure the property of others
are not likely to become good citizens,
and do not tetd to make public free
schools more commendable.
bygones are bygones, the gray ha*
given place to the blue, even by the
Governor of Virginia and his staff, ex
Cor.federates and their sons ficht
under the American, llac and win vic?
tories for it, and throw up their caps
even for those Northern men w ho have
done them the most harm, rut the por?
trait of Jttferson Davis, the Southern
man who prociieally created the War
Department, i- not seen among the
other Secretaries of thai department on
the walls thereof, and that of Robert
e. Lee, from whom West Point, derive?
the most of its fame, has not been re
placed among the other superinten?
dents ofthat its ituiion in the gradu
ating hall there.
All white males should be men, and
not mice. Especially should such be
the case with those holding important
~aod responsible posi ions, and, above
all, should it be so with a ruler of peo
x>'e. But because some members of e
labor union in Chicago threatened to
boycott him if he should lay the corner?
stone of the new government building
there, as he had promised to do, Presi?
dent McKinley has broken that prom?
ise, and the whole ceremony, there?
fore, ha3 been declared oil. Better be
a wrong man, than a rieht m?use.
General Ludlow has put the city
of Havana under martial law, and yet
that city has been in possession of the
United States for more than a year.
The old Romans found it a difficult task
to manage their conquered provinces,
even under the autocratic power of
their pro consuls. It is not at ?11
s' ranee,th9rt fore, that the United States
under their republican form of govern?
ment, should have trouble in managing
theirs, with their generals.
It has often been said of late that
great trouble is experienced in obtain?
ing enough men for the American navy.
If what Admiral Dewey says be correc?.
there must be very few poor people in
this country, for, according to him, the
ordinary seamen on his ship receive
$80 a month. Poor men would face
shot and shell every day in the year
for such wage*, let alone the safe and
easy naval service in time of peacj.
Thk suk.ikct of curtailing the repre?
sentation of Southern States, that tievei
cast a republican electoral vote, at
national repub ican conventions, is
a^^in being discussed by republicat
newspapers, aud iias a great many a'.t
vacates. It does seem strange that
the selection of a republican candidate
for the Presidency should depend upon
the votes of negroes in States that al?
ways give large democratic majorities.
Governor Tyler 0f Virginia star?
tled the people of R;chmond yesterday
evening by firing a salute in the Capitol
grounds, upon hearing that Admiral
D 'wey'sship had beeu sighted in New
York harbor?the only governor of any
of the other forty lour States who was
so "patriotic."
Notwithstanding tho fact that national
democratic tickets depend tor success upon
the solid vote of the South, the first Dews
paper interviewer who met Admiral Dowoy
yesterday told htm the demo iats bad already
determined that ho and Goneral Wheeler
.should load them in tho next President'?]
campaign. Well, there's nothing too incon?
sistent for human naturo, but if such a rs
4 oually. inconceivable thing should happen,
then understanding would have abandoned
tho democratic party for goo.1.
A SrKNDTUuiFT's Tkcst.?In Winchester!
yesterday Judge Atkinson decided that a
spendthrift trust is valid and that the income
of the trus'c estate of Clark Maxwell, valued
at $60,000, settled upon him. should bo en
joyed by him. but bo shotiid not have the
;>ower to soil the Ottate, nor should it in any
way b; Hablo for his debts, and that no cred?
itor should subject it to tbo payment of any
debt. The plaintiffs were seeking to recover
a debt due them.
Tho Cotrrt of * ppeals has granted an appeal
jn the ?tase.
Oorre ton lame o.' :ii Alexandria tt?r?-t'e i
Washington, September 27.
Tbo Pan Presbyterian Alliance as
sembied in tbe New York avenue
chu ch today. At 2 p. m. the conveo
tion proper was opened for business.
Th ?re was a large attendance of
ministers and delegates Crom all
pirts of the world. R v. Dr. Ling,
of Glasgow, Scotland, president of
the couocil, presided. After a pa
per by Dr. Matthews, the Bermon
of welcome was delivered by Rev. Dr.
Ratcliile, pastor of the New York
avenue church. No evening session
will be held as the delegates and their
families will bo tendered a reception
tonight at the White House by Presi?
dent and Mrs. McKinley.
The appointment of Archbishop
Chappelle, o New Orleans, as apostolic
delegate to ihe Pnilippinesas well a- to
Cuba and Porto Reo, is veiy gratifying |
to hi many admirers in this city, eouie j
(A whom say it is a sure, indication of |
Iii-! elevation to a cardinaisbip.
Mr. Davis, who deserted his party at
the last Presidential election, having at
last been informed that the resignation
of his position as U. S. attorney for
this district was desired, was compelled
to tender it, and a Mr. Ander8on, an
O lio man, has been appoiuted in bis
Robert C. Milburo, 34 years old, who
has been in the drug business in diller
ent parts of the city for twelve years,
was found dead in the Thyson House
today. Corouer Car gave a certificate
of death from kidney disease.
Fi iends of Commonwealth's Attorney
JounaoD, of Alexandra county, here
todav, say he is now at a sanitarium in
he Adirondack* and is rapidly improv?
ing in health and flesh.
Mr. Wayne McVeagh uiaiie a long argu
rnent today agaiust tbe approval of the ver?
diel in the case of Captain Oborliu Carter of
hio, U. Si. A, for cheating tho government
ont of a million and a half dollars. Although
ttie hearing was public uot moro thau a scoro
; arsons were present Mr. MaeVeagh said
he had requested Col. Barr, judge advocate of
the Carter court martial, to bo presont, so that
he might correct MaeVeagh in case the latter
made any misstatetnent of tho long record.
\Ir. MacVeach road Col. Barr's reply, which
was to the effect that he d d not care to be
present at auy further hoariugs in the CAM,
with which his otlicial connection hid tormi- 1
tilted. Attornoy General Gnggsasked wheth-1
cr Carter had made objection at the court
martial to the joining of tho various offenses
in ouo indictment MaeVeagh sud ho had
not Mr. Griggs asked whether Carter had
not then assented to tho proceedings and j
whether his silence did not bar
iiitn from now making any objection.
Macvesgh thought not. Ho ssid Carter had
not been asked to give assent. The fact that
he raised no objection at tbe time should not
otint against bim.
Admiral Howison's arrival at New York
this morning gave the Navy Department an
other surprise and dispelled all doubts that be
letermiued some weeks ago to p*rticip-to in
he Dewey reception at that city When he
eft Barbadoe? last Thursday morning the of
ti'-ials thought he would appear at Sandy
Ho >k iu about eight days. Admiral Howi
son's arrival will not alte- tho naval plans for
IXwey's ie "option except that his seniority
will p'acc him next to tho admin] in all hon
.>rs rendered Bear Admiral Sampson will
continue to represent ths Navy Department
d tho official control of the marine parade,
nit instead of tho blue Usg with two stars
which tho ilsgship New York would have
otherwise di-pa el, a red flag with two
-tars, denoting junior rank, must to substi?
tuted while t^e Chicago flics tho blue. Dow
e?'s signal being four stirs on a blue ground
Dr. John Henry Feuss, acting assistant sur?
geon U. S. A., committed suicide by shooting
imsclf at sea on bosrd tho transport Bum?
ble yesterday.
Hie promotion of Capt A. H. McCormi k,
Minima-.der of t lu- Washington r.uvy yard,
?v.is an iu ii tu cd today.
.Major General Harry Hoth of the Confed
?rato army died hero at an early hour this
:.orniug. His remains wero escottod today
?y a deljg;itiin of the Confederate Veterans'
issociation of this city to Bichmond, whore
they will bo interred with appropriate honors
by the ex-Con federates of thatcity tomorrow
'Ihe fuiunl of Sister I'e.tricj, who Ins pio
-i led over Providence Hospital hero success?
fully for a long time, was attended today by a
:ir;eaud sorrowful crowd, among whom were
many Virginians, in whose State tho deceased
bad numerous friends, whoso affection sbo
had won by her kind treatment of patients
fram that State.
It is said at the Navy Department today
that at the request of Senator Martin of Vir?
ginia, the North Atlantic squadron of tho U.
s\ N. will be in Hampton Boads from iho 2d
10 the Gth proximo.
The fJhicegi Warehouse Comoany,
vilh $4,000.000 capitalization, filed ar?
ides o: incorporation at Trenton, N
J., today.
Mir-- Helen Oould has contributed
$1,250 to the Dewey home fund, di
v <i;d between the New York and
-Vashiugton committees.
The ? S. revenue cutter Grant,whicb
las arrived at Port Townsend, Wash ,
from the north, reports hurricanes of
<reat violence prevailing along the en
ire Alaskan coast.
Secretary of War Root has purchased
hrougb Major J. G. Aleshire, who is
>? Lexington, Ky., purchasing army
orses, a six year-old black saddle
telding, which was shipped last night
f ir Fort Mj er. The horse is a Kentucky
prize winner.
in the Huttings Court of Portsmouth, Va ,
yesterday. Judge Watts sentenced Walter Cot
?.on. alias John Smith, colored, to bo hangod
November 17 for tho murder of Mr. Wyatt
i few weeks ago Alcxandor T?te, another
colored man is to die tho tame day for mur
ler. The Supreme Court will be appealed to
j in each case.
Dr. Thomas Henry Evorott was arrested at
\ ;uta Ga.. yesterday and lodged in jail on
a warrant charging him with killing Henry
S oith. a negro. Tho doctor is alleged to
have bled the nogro to death. The authori
es claim Everett was not licensed to practico
Nat'oiial Democratic Committoeman Wood
s in Ins received a telegram from W J. Bryau
iskiog that appoiutments to speak for the
Qoebel ticket in Kentucky bo made for him
for October 1<>, 17 and IS.
One-fourth of tbe apple crop of Michigan
w .s blown from tbo troes by Monday's storm.
Admiral Dewey talked freely on the
I ck u( tbe Olympia yesterday con?
cerning matters since be left the States.
Speaking of a presidential nomination
He again reiterated that he was not fit
d for the office aud had no desire for
it. He says he is but a sailor, and wish?
ed to live und die one.
t was f-uggested that a democr-Uicslato bad
been made with Admiial Dewey for the Pres
i ioncy and Gon. Wheeler for the Vice-Presi
loncy. "Well," said the Admiral "we would
makcaprett, mess of it. Gen. Wheeler, of
course, bas had some training iu the political
s Ii? 1. but then he is a Wort Pointer. I had
forgotten that. He would want to run every?
thing as he would a regiment and, of course,
would make a splendid memof it. You cau
LOt run a government as yon would a regi?
ment." Borne ose said just then to tho Ad
uii-ai that h:S son was reported to have made
a statement to the effect that tbe Admiral was
a dye 1-in-the-wool republican Tho admiral
laughed outright and. turningaroand. point
ed to a piece of wood lying on the c*eck some
va ds away, at the same time saying: "My
sou knows as mach about what my politics
are as that piece of 6tick."
Archbishop Chapelle, of N iw Or!eoc=,
has beeu selected as apostolic delegate
to the Philippines.
The Pan Presbyterian Council met
in Washington today. Nearly 400 dele?
gates from all parts of the world are ex?
pected to attend.
Attorney-Gem rGrisps s'Btes thp.f,
according to Supreme Couit decisions,
Congress cannot control the business of
trusts whose operations are confined to
one State.
The capitalization of the slock of the
Amerl'au Window Glass Company,
the vliss rnauufae urers' combine, is
$17,000,000, and the stock ha* been
John Fox, the aged farmer who
recently married Kitty Z mmerman
a young woman <>f Wash inc. on county,
Md , was granted n divorce by .I oiin?'
Motter ai Frederick, yesterday.
District Attorney H. E. Davis, of the
District of Columnia, bus formally noti?
fied President McKinley that he will
retire from his present position on Sep?
tember 30, It is believed he will be
appointed to succeed Justice Cox, of the
District Supreme Court. Mr. Thomas
H. Anderson, of Ohio, will succeed Mr.
Davis who, some say, will resume the
practice of Jaw.
A saloon keeper in Newport News
was yesterday fined $390 for violating
the liquor law.
Mies Lizzie Embrey died yesterday
at her home near Remington, Faoquier
county, agad eighteen years,
The North Atlantic squadron will
escort the fligship Olympia from New
York to Hampton Roads next week.
Frederick Bright, a widely-known
man of Frederick county, died on Mon?
day after a long illness, aged Bixty-nine
i The barbecue, horse show and race*.
! which were to have commenced yester?
day and continue four days, at Lynch
burg, were postponed unli. today on ac?
count of wet grounds.
Mr. E. M. McClure, agent of the
[Southern and the Chesapeake and Onio
Railroads at Orange, and Miss .1 ssie
Earl Perry, daughter of Mrs. Julia Per?
ry, were married in that town yester?
The Rappahannock Valley fair at
Fredericksburg opened yesterday, rain
and threateni ig skies interfering with
the attendance. All races were post?
poned because of the condition of the
Seventeen guns were fired in th;
Jauitol Sqnare at Richmond yesterday
afternoon, by order of the governor in
bonor of Admiral Oewey's homecoming.
The salute was fired by the Richmond
The Valley Ore Company hn~ pur?
chased from a company, of which Hon.
JohnK Cowen, of Baltimore, is a mem
oar, 50,000 acres of ore land in Uraig
and Allegbany counties, the eonsidera
tion being $000 000
General Bowling has appointed Mies
Nannie J. Maclin, of Petersburg, spon?
sor,and Miss Celeste Staples, of Lvnch
burg, maid of honor, to the grand camp
of Confederate Veterans, at Pulaski,
October 11,12 and lb\
Roanoke is being crowded with fire?
men to attend tbe tbirteentb annual
canvention of the Virginia State Fire?
men's Association. About 700 uniform?
ed men arrived last night and were re?
ceived in true Virginia style.
I The Grand Lodge of Good Templars
met in annual session at Newport
News last night aud will remain tnere
three days. Among the visitors from
! outside of tne State is Grand Chief Tem?
plar E. C Jones, of the District of Co?
The Second Auditor has purchased
$11-1,000 of Virginia Century bonds for
retirement as provided by faw. These
purchases were made from surplus in
the treasury, largely due to the enforce?
ment of what is known as tho ''land
grabbers' law."
William Flannery Garrett.a conduc?
tor on the Richmond Traction Hue, was
accidentally shot on Monday afternoou
while sora hunting on the Mattaponi
river, and died yesterday morning from
the eflflcts of the wound. The fatal
shot was fired by a cousin, Carroll
King, who lives in King William conn
MissSallie Dixon, aged 18, daughter
of Thomas Dixon, a wealthy farmer of
Northampton couuty,committed suicide
Monday by taking strychnine. Sbe
aimed W. H. Gofligou aged 2S, a neigh?
boring farmer, as the man who had ac?
complished her ruin. When Goffigon
heard of the suicide, aud that ollicer
were looking for him he drowned him
self in a small stream about three miles
from his home. A rope had been fas?
tened tightly around his neck, and one
end tired to a post on the shore, pre?
sumably to prevent his body from be?
ing taken out into tbe deep water, af?
ter death.
General Henry Hetb, who had been
ill for some time, died at 1:40 o'clock
this morning, at his residence in Wash?
ington. The funeral will take place in
Richmond tomorrow. General Henry
Heth was born at Black Heath. Cnea
terfield county, Va., December Iii, 1S25.
He was graduated from West Point
Military Academy in July. 1S47, and
in tbe same month was commissioned
in the United States army as brevet
second lieutenant. When the civil
war broke out he left the service of
tbe Uuited Statesand oflered his sword
to Virginia and the South. During the
greater part of 1SG2 he was in com?
mand of the department of West Vir?
ginia, and was also with General Kirby
Smith in Kentucky and Tennessee in
the fall of that year. He took part in
the battle of Cbancellorsville and all
subsequent battles fought in northern
Virginia from tbat time until Appomat
tox. General Heth led his brigade
I with Stonewall Jackson in the flank
movement agiinst Hooker's right wing
at Cbancellorsville when Jackson re
ceived his fatal wound. He opened
the great battle of Gettysburg by at?
tacking Meade's advance division, and
led the advance in the Wilderness un?
der Lee. During President Cleveland's
first administration he wa? special In?
dian commissioner in the west.
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Them was a two-hour's session of tho
City Council last night. The meeting
v. as '? illed by the Mayor at the instance
of a committee appointed by tbe mana?
gers oi tbe proposed sesqui centennial
celebration in this city who asked for
$1,000 toward defraying the expense-* of
he same. Council appropriated $500
for tbe purpose, stistai ? ci the Mayor in
j bis objection to ibe gratii .g and gravel
! iug of Alfred street, between Camer
I on and Queen, and transacted some
I routine business, mostly relating to
street improvements. But f w specta
i tors were present.
I All me Aldermen were present except
Mr. Hallenser,
j Af:er tne communication from the
! Mayor giving his reasons for calling the
meeting oi Council bad been received
; fron tn-1 lower board and read,
i Mr. Soowden, member of the Com
I mou Council, appeared in the chauibt-t
j and extended an invita'ion to tbe Ald< r
j men to meet the lower board in joint
session for tbe purpose of hearing a
atement from the committee represent
; ing the managers of the proposed
? Besqui-centennial ceiebmtion. The i; ?
vitation was accepted and tbe Alder*
meu left the chamncr, and upon their
return a resolution appropriating $-?00
toward defraying the expense of the
proposed parade was received from the
Cominou Council.
Mr. Hill said the committee which
had asked an appropriation of $1,000
bad worked hard in getting up the pro?
posed celebration, aud had asked
for a reasonable sum from Coun?
cil. They intended to turn over
to the city every cent not spent in (he
j raovemeut. They proposed having free
j tire works on the occasion, and he
favored appropriating $1,000?the sum
j asked for?toward the celebration
I Mr. J T. Sweeney said he fully re
j cognized ail Mr. Hil< said in regard to
I the assiduity shown by the gentlemen
engaged in getting up the celebration,
j Tue movement had been begun by a
I mass meeting, and the City Council
i should help tho projectors; bu!
J ne thought the sum of $500 was a
i sufficient recognition on the part of the
I Council of the proposal celebration.
He believed that sum with all that will
tie collected from private individuals
won id prove sufficient to defray all ex
ponses incident to the occasion. Tbe
people were now interested in the
movement, and contributions would 1?
coming in from time to time. He
] reiterated that $0<>i? was a sufficient
: r< c ignition on tbe part of Council, and
I said this was the largest sum it had
j ever devoted to such a purpose. He
was satisfied that the gentUrnin en
gaged in getting up the celebration
were augmenting the city's interests,
nod be believed the event would do the
city good. He mov.'d to concur in the
1 action of the Common Council.
Mr. Hill moved an amendment that
ihe sum be tixed at $1,000. Tnis motion
was lost by the following vote:
Ayes Messrs. Hill, Clark asd Mr
President?3. N es, Messrs. Dobie,
Curiin, W. H.Sweeney and Mr. J. T.
Tne original resolution, appropriat?
ing f?tl?, was then passed : Ayes 0, Nos
1?Mr. Clark.
Mr. Hill introduced a resolution ap?
propriating $100 for the purpose of
completing the sewer on Columbus
stiefct from King to the alley lack of
Mr. W. B. Smoot'a residence. He said
s veral persons would tap it if it were
continued to the point indicated.
The resolution was passed by a unan?
imous vote.
Mr. Dohie offered a resolution appro
I priating $800 for the purpose of grad?
ing and graveling Alfred street from
Oronoco to PendletOD. He said i he
owners of the property on that square
would put down new pavements and
curbing were the roadway fixed. He
explained the geography of the local?
ity, and said that ('.tiring heavy rains
j lie yards and fronts of houses were in
undated. D?ring the blizzard last win?
ter it had cost the city nearly fifty dol?
lars to free the place from water, while
people living in houses on the square
were compelled to remain indoors &z
eutire day, there being no way for them
to make their egress.
Mr. Sweeney thought the resolution
should be referred to the committee on
streets. It had ever been customary to
so refer resolutions appropriating such
sums. It would he a bad precedent to
pass it on the night of its introduction,
notwithstanding it might be looked
upon as an urgent case.
Mr. Marbury suggested that the com?
mittee could report on the resolution
Mr. Sweeney did not think that
would he in order. Council would
meet again on the second Tuesday in
next month.
Mr. Dobia said similar resolution
had been passed by Council on the
night of their introduction. There
was no law against such a
procedure, while it may be looked
upon as a custom to refer. At any
rate, the resolution could be re
terred to the committee on streets with
power to act. The repair of the square
indicated was urgent, and immediate
action should be taken before cold
weather sets in.
Mr. Hid said the owners of property
on tbe square would raise the .-id -
walks and put down new pavements
sbeuld th*> city make a suitable road?
way. Tney would spend far more
money than they asked the city to ap?
propriate. The committee ou streets j
were familiar with the geography of
the locality and were aware of tbe ne- |
cessity of the work. Were the resolu |
tion referred to them tbey would sure?
ly report favorably upon it.
Mr. J. T. Sweeney finally moved thai
the resolution be referred to the com?
mittee on streets.
Tnis motion prevailed.
The Common Council sent in a mes
| sage from the Mayor giving his reasons
J for vetoing '.he measure for graveling
Alfred street, between Cameron and
Qiieen, the lower board having sustain?
ed the Mayor in his objections.
A vote was taken on concurring, and
Messrs. W. H. Sweeney, J. T. Sweeney
and Mr. President voted to sustain the
Mayor, and Messrs. Hill, Dobie, Clark
and Curtin to pass the measure not?
withstanding tbe Mayor's objections.
The President announced that the
action of the Common Council had
been concurred in, as it would require
live vores to pass the measure over the
Mayor's veto and four only were re?
It was subsequently suggested that
the board cast its vote unanimously to i
sustain tbe Mayor in his objections,
Mr. Hill expressed his willingness tu
change his vote, but Messrs. Dobie,
Clark and Curtin manifested no desire
to alter theirs, and the vote was allow?
ed to stand as recorded.
The Aldermen, after adjournment,
realized that the message should not
have been acted upon by them at all,
as the measure virtually died when the
Common Council, in which it originat
I ed, voted to sustain the jlayor.
The Aidermen concur;t<l in tbe ac?
tion of the Common Couoci on u reso?
lution BS to the expediency of continu?
ing street work under the 33 I section
of the city cuarter, and then tu journed.
The board was not called to order un?
til some time after S o'clock.
Tbe Major's message, cnllir.t? the
board, was road. The Major said tnut
he had called the mte ing at the request
of the seequi-centennial committee, and
hal also, to avoid a duplication of
meetings, sent at the same time a mes?
sage giving his reasons for vetoing an
ordinance adopted by the City Council
at its last session, in reference to repairs
on north Alfrcl street.
Mr. Suowden moved that the mem?
bers of the Board of Aldermen be in?
vited to unite in a joint session to re?
ceive the setqui-jentennial committee,
and Mr. Fickhu was appointed to invite
the committee into the chamber.
Messsrs. W. B. Soioot, Dr. Wrn. M.
Smith, George R Hill, John VV. May,
Capt. J. E King. G. L. Boolhe. C. E.
Leadbeater und M. B. Harlow then
Dr. Wm. M. Smith explained that Hie
committee was present because Alex?
andria was about to celebrate its seequi
cenlenniai. He narrated the circum?
stances which led to the celebration,
and described the v&iious organizations
which expected to attend, saying be ex?
pected nearly 10,000 men??. S. sold?
iers und sailors, the oriirade lrom Wash?
ington, men from the navy yard, &c,
ind thought that $1,000 would be needed
from tbe city. York, Pa., with 30,000
inhabitants, hud appropriated 150,000,
;>ut only a mere fragment of that .-urn
was asked here. Tnere would be here
representatives of the press from all sec
ions of the Cuion, and the celebration
should be one that would do credit to
the city. It behooved this city to enter?
tain these guests in a seemly manner, so
an appropriation of $1,000 was asked
by the committee.
Mr. Geo. R. Hill said H i; movement
bad been ioauguared at a mass meeting
of representative people. The centen?
nial would be an advertisement of very
^rtat value. They de.-ired the tin
Uouocil to express its approval and to
unite as an official body in the proces?
sion upon that occasion.
Mr. M. B. Harlow gavr> at) official iu
vitu'ion to the Mayor and City Council
to unite in tne celebration. He taid
hut it was hopel that ail buildings
would be adorned in the day and il
iiiHiitiated at night.
Dr. Smith said that the committee
:iad arranged to decorate tbe City Huli
;he school houses and the engine bouser
and that the members ol Council would
oe provided with carriages to ride in
. he parade.
Mr. Harlow returned thanks for the
courtesy arid the committee retired.
Ou motion of Mr. B. B. Smith it was
igreed that tne subject of an appro?
priation be di cussed iu joiut session.
After a short discussion as to the mat?
ter of the proceeding,
A resolution, sent in by the sesqui
centennial committee, that $1,000 be
appropriated for tbe centennial, was
Aiderman J. T. Sweeney thought
hal the enterprise had reached
proportions that called tbe attention
of the City Council to the project. He
wus di-posed lo do everytbiog that tbe
c ty should do, yet $1,000 was a con?
siderable sum for ihe cicy of Alexan?
dria to give. The appropriation o!
Washington to welcome Admiral
Dewey was only ?0,000 or ?7,000. He
bought that ul the city could allord
would be $500 He urged that the ad?
vertisement would be of value to the
city. ,
No further remarks were made and
.he joint meeting dissolved.
The Common Council then resumed
its ses.-iou.
To get the matter bi fore Coline.1 Mr.
Smith moved that $1,000 be appro?
Mr. Burke thought the city had no
legal r ghr to spend the people's money
iu this way. Any citizeu could stop
the expenditure by injunction. He
favored, however, an appropriation to
assist iu making the celebia'ion a suc?
cess, and moved that $300 be appro?
priated, instead of $1,000.
Mr.Smith was not wiiiiog to goon aud?
io a thing which was illegal and if il
was wrong to appropriate ?1 000 it
was wrong to appropriate $300. He
thought ?:;00 was not worth coming lo
Council for. He suggested that the
-ubject he referred to the corporation
attorney and let the city remain in her
darkness with the curtains drawn as it
bad been for a bundled years.
Mr. Burke did not think it necessary
to get au opinion lrom the attorney of
the corporation of Alexandria, nor did
he believe that the city had been h
darkness nor would it lapse into dark?
ness if there were no celebralion. I
was a prosperous city. But be favored
makini; the cost to tho city of this cele?
bration as light as possible.
Mr. Smith was unwilling to do any
act that was illegal in the matter.
Can't we wait on tne Mayor and see if
he is going to veto tin appropriation ?
Mr. Snowden said he did not wish to
attend any further meetings here tri
week and was opposed to asking the
attorney's opinion unless it could be
obtained at once. The Buggestiou of
waiting on the Mayor to see if he in
tended vetoing any measure this bodj
might pass was out of the question.
Mr. Desmond was sorry to see the
gei.tlemeu from tbe 1st and Mrd wards
-quabbling over this matter. It was a
-mall matter to make p. fii38 about
Some time ago ?-00 was appropriated In
Council tosend tbe Alexandria Light
Infantry to Norfolk. What is the use
of "chewing the rag" any longer. He
moved that $000 be appropriated.
The resolution was adopted by a vote
of lo to 1?Mr. Evans.
The Mayor's veio of tbe ordinance
for paving Alfred street by making "a
country road" on a street a portion o!
which was already paved with Cobble
stones, then came up, and tbe cLa;r
stated that the question was whether
tbe measure should become a law not?
withstanding the veto.
Mr. Smitn made the point that the
ordinance bad already become a law as
the Mayor had not returned it withiii
the three days required by the charter.
During the debate he suid he had the
City Attorney's opinion to this ellcCt.
Mr. Burke said that already a law
had been passed and approved by tbe
Mayor to do this work.
Mr. Smith explained that the former
law was under the 33rd sec;ion, but he
had found that the property holders
would not consent, and no further ac
t on was taken,;n order to save the city
from a useless expenditure ol i'2^> or $30
in legal proceedings that would come
to nothing. I
I Mr. Evans was opposed to putting in
I a sniveled roadway between two cob
i bk-stoue blocks.
j Mr. Psfl favored the adoption of an
i improved street on tbe ruuaro in quvs
i tiorj.
j Mr. Trimyer opposed any further
hireet improvrment unless iu accord
ance -\ith a genera! plan of s'reel im
j provemenl new under consideration.
Mr.Snowden eaid that the paper on
i which the committee ou streets had
i nctfd was out of order, for if was part
1 ot the lam council proceedings end no
part of this council and the Mayor was
perfectly right in vetoing the measure.
Mr. Smith st.id all the matters pend
iog in any committee of tne old council
had bten referred to the new commit?
Mr. Snowden was aware of this fact
i hut there was no record of this matter
j iu the official proceedings of the present
i council and it had uied with the last
j council.
Mr. Burke said council had sent the
j Mayor a corpse widen be had returned
to i his body.
Mr. Smith said the paving ordinance
! was dead, but the graveling one was
j aiive.
J Mr. Snowden regretted the paving
j svas dead and ?raveling alive.
I Mr. Lawler said he did not think the
people living on the squares mentioned
I knew exactly what kiud of street they
I did want.
j Mr.Snowden said that in conversation
I with some of the property owners ho
j ascertained that they wanted improved
I paving, tut did not want, to pay for it.
i The question recurring on the pas
I -age of the bill over the Mayor's veto,
j the veto was sustained unanimously,
j A resolution was adopted requesting
j the committee on general laws to report
j as to tbe expediency of further street
work under tbe .'JU.-d section of the
j charter.
j An appropriation of $100 was madd
to continue tbe south Columbus street
! sewer and then council adjourned.
At a railed meeting of the Board of Alder
i men <>f Alexandria, Va.. held September 20,
ls!>:?, there ?vre present:
Win. 11. Marbury, cm]. President, and
Messrs. Hill. Dobie, Clark, t nrtiu, W. H.
Sweeney and J. T. Sweeney.
A communication Ironi Qeorge L. bimpson.
r Mayor, giving bis reasons for calling the
meeting of Council and announcing his veto
of a resolution for the construction of a grav
el roadway on Altred street, b.-tweou Cam?
eron and Qieen etreots, was received f om
tbe Common Council ami their action con?
curred in.
Mr. DobieoiTtircd the following:
Be it resolved, That the sum of three hun?
dred dollars lie appropriated to gravel a twen?
ty-feet roadway on dfred street, botwecn
i ironoco and Pendloton streets.
1 be resolution was referred to the Commit
tee on Streets.
Mr Snowden. from tin Common Council,
appeared in this chamber and extended au
invitation to the Hoard of Aldermen to moet
with tiie lower hoard in joint session for tho
purpose of bearing a statement from acorn
miitee ou behalf of tho managers of the pro
j posed sosqui-centonnial celebration who had
I petitioned tne City Council for au appropria
j don of $1,000 toward defraying the coat of
{ tho same.
I The invitation was accepted, and upon the
le.urn ot the members of the Bsard ot Aldor
men a resolution was received from the Com?
mon Council appropriating live hundred dol?
lars towards aiding in defraying the expenses
i'f the proposed SOfqui-ccntennial celebration.
Mr. Hill muvoi that the Aldermen non?
concur in the action of the Common Cotiucil
and make the appropriation $l,uuo.
The amendment was lost by tho following
Ayes, Messrs. Hill. Clark and Mr. President
? 3 Noes, Messrs. Dobio, Curtin, W. II
Sweeney and J. T. Sweeney?4.
Tho action of tho Common Council was
then concurred in l>y the following vote:
Ayes, Morsrs. Hill, Dobie, Curtin, W. H
Sweeney, J. F. Sweeney hnd Mr President
?G. No, Mr. Clark?1.
Mr. Hill introduced the following resolu?
tion which wai adopted by a unanimous
Resolved. That the sum of one hundred
dollar- be appropriated to finish the sewer
from King street imining sutith on Columhui
street to tho allr}- back of \V. li Smoot's resi?
A message from the Mayor vetoing the ac?
tion of the City Council in adopting tho re
I |> >r: of the Committee on Streets favoring the
graveling of Alfred street, between Queen
I and Camer U streets, was received from tbe
? '.minion Council, that body haviog sustained
tho Mayor in his objection.
Mr. J. T. Sweeney moved that tho Alder
men concur
The vote stood: Ayes. Messrs. W. 11.
Sweeney, J. T. Sweeney an ! Mr. President?
?'{. Neo^. Messrs. Hill, Dobie, Clark and Cur?
The rule requiring tivo votes for passing
the measure, notwithstanding tho Mayor's
objections, it was decided that the action ol
tbe Com-uon Council was coneurrod in.
A resolution w?s received from tho Com
mon Council ri questing tho Committee on
tieneral Laws to report whether or not it is
expedient lor Council to eontinuo street im
provements under tho -i'-i 1 section of tbe city
charter, and their action was concurred in.
Tho board then adjourned.
W. H. MARBURY, President.
Teste: LiUl'HKii H. THOMPSON. Clerk.
ata called meeting of the Common Conn
eil of tho city of Alexandria, Va., hold Sop
temlier 2(>, 1899, there wore present:
John b'. Strider.esq . President, and Messrs.
Trimyor, Buiko, Snowdon, Moore, Latham,
Desmond, Psff, Harrison, Appich, Smith,
Uwtcr, Fickiin, nvans and Kelly.
Tin- following communication was received
from tho Mayor:
Mayor's Oilico. Alexandria. Va . I
September 26, ls>l>!>. j
To tho Honorable tbe City Council of Alex
Gentlemen:?I have called you together
this evening to considei a request from the
managers of our proposed seeqoi centennial
celebration, and as it is not my purpose to
hive you needlessly detained, I shall only
include in this measme the traiisniison of
my veto of tbe ordinance for the construction
?. f a gravel road on Alfred strcot.
QeO, L. SlMPSOX, Mayor.
Upon motion of Mr. Snowdcn tbe City
Council convened in joint session.
A delegation fioui tr.o committees of the
proposed sosqoi centennial celebration were
introduced and Messrs. VV. M. Smith. Geo B
Hill and 11 B. Harlow addressed tho boards
on behalf of the celebration, which is to take
place October 12, 1899, The committee re?
tired and remarks wero made by several
members, after which the joint session dis?
The following res tlution was adopted :
Be it resolved by the City Council of Alex?
andria, That tiiu sum of live hundred dollars
($500) be, and tho strao is hereby, appro?
priated for the so qui-centenniaL celebratii n
and the Auditor ol !bo city Is hereby au
iborizjd to draw bis warrant for this amount,
pa.ta'ilc to the finance committee of tbe sei?
qui-centennial < elebradon.
The voto stood; /.yes, Messrs. Trimyer.
Hurke, Sr.owdc-n. Mooro, Desmond, Pall",
Harrison, Appich, Smith, Lawier, Fickiin,
Kelley and Mf- President?13. No, Mr.
Mr Snowden introduced the following,
which was referred to the Committee on Sen*
era! I aws:
Resolved, That the Committee on General
T.aws bo directed to report to this bjard
whether or not it is expedient to continue
streot improvements under the -13d section of
the city charter.
Tho following communication was received
from the Mayor:
Alexandria, Va.. Sept. :><;, 1899.
ro tbe Honorable, tbe City Couocil of Alex?
andria :
Gentlemen-1 beiewilh reipi i
to your honorab.o body wittn ut ui
an ordinance for the making ol
on Alfred street, between Can
strrots. I canrot conceive tiu; |
ton of a new dirt roadway upon
oldonocau m any wise be a fin
tion of the public spirited enter
ed by the ns'dents of Alf rod - "...
beautified said street andwbobav<
the taxable value of our city by :
of costiy and siuhtiy borne?,aun ii
incompatib'e w?ti com. t H08g tl
in the construction of highwiys lo tem't
tho union of two paved Hocks thi
aid of country r .a- > There
precetieut for buch a aepait 11
ideas, for we cau readily perceive :
aniination of our streets r inn .
fi >m King street, that tl
rupted continuity of paved .
in one completely isolate] case, a
case furnishes au argutni ut
tion hereinaftci men! i ni I
tho pavement on tbe !'i
Portner aBiewery, the ..
ment being furnished by th
the work by the city. This d
work and materials was eminently , .,? j ,'
and marly as accurate In its n iu
under the thii y tbird section,
I naturally opine, therefore, thai
neither be an unpardonable .
au uuprofit ible exp irimeni
tbe property owners of unpav
to pay into the City Tr
amouut to cover tbe ex| ense
paving the sidewalks andguti
hssuuio ihe ob igt tion of coni|
tneut The extension of cou
the very heart of our city is i
the encouragement of morl
modern ilcs?, and t!io predeccs
houorab e body must havj
accotd with me upon this poii
ing leeord is nut controverted: Ini
IfS?T, a petition w > drawn .
dents of Aifr.d streel ?ski
and on March 8, 1 05)3. i .
fened to tbe ' ommitt.n
January, 1899 the oininit
reports ou tho subject am
spia-'g into existence Tl
asked that an improved pa\
cobble, be made upon Alfn I sti
provisions of tbe thiity-t! .
Council, January 24, 181MJ
under said thirty-thirl secti
iy approved the ordi r
In ;ird fron? said order tl
January, but in li ? I of it,
the unwonted specta lo of a
parently dial, tvar sineo Marel - !?!>?
straugely resuscitated n Septet IS1.*!'
and made to usurp a p
belonged to the ord'r of .fan
Rfsprrifu iv.
Qbj.'L - N Msydi
Tho question, Shall the
nutte by tbo Common C'oun
12, 1899, become a la? notwii
Mayor's objection'.' was !c
tive by the following t ??.
Ayes, none. Noes, Messrs
?nowden, Moore, Den
-'niith, Lawlcr, Fick in,
Mr President?13.
Tbo following were m
Board of Aldermen and the:
red in : A resolution a. pro| JlOO t
finish tho sewer ou Columbus si
Sing street running south ou < - umim;streit
to the alley back id* W B -
also a resolution, referred ro the totuin ttM
on Stroits, appropriating 5 '?? ? :? , ?
twenty feet roadwaj on All
Upon motion tho board I
Teste: 1). B. STANSBU !
Tkaokdv is Pin-: -A P.
I Stepbenson, a prominent and wealth;
merchant of Pittsburg, i'i.. tried to
kill bis wife yesterday then
I c immitted suicide. 6
been drinking beaviiy :or several
weeks, and during :
bail frequently tbreati
self. At dinner ye
j quarreled with his wife, at I, h; .
warning, drew a n v
her. T?e bullet mi
Mrs. Stephenrou, grabbing up hi
youngest child, ran into the kitchen,
ritephenson followed and tired two
more shots, without t:
wife ran into the yard.v.
ed man tired again, and M
son fainted. Belii \
killed her, he placed ? ver
his temple and fired, killicg bimsiifhv
[ stantly.
Baseball.?The f<
tho National League r:<>
Philadelphia at Baltinv re
Washington at Brooki;
ton at Now York, n
Cleveland 3 ; Pittsbnrg 5, I
burg 12, Chicago 0 T.
Sending of the clubs:
Won Lost 1"; '?;
Brooklyn. ;'.
Philadelphia. s
Boston. 2
St. Louis.
70 ?
Now York.
Clovoland. -"
Today's Schedule 1 ?
limore; Washington nt Bostoi 1
St. Louis ; PittSburg Bl 1
New Yoik.
Spain's Grentosi N'< 1
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spends bis winters
Weak nerves had cau e I
in the backoffs he,:. ?
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his country needs. AI
that it cures liver ai d
purifies the blood, tone*
strengthens the nerve?,
and new life into ever;
and organ of the body,
or ailing yo" need it. ? ; .
uuaranteed. Only 50c.
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ttiateloss form. Chil<lrv:i love t
profor it to hitter nauseating Toni
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and all bronchial trool es;
equal," writes Ifcnry K. tt'hi '
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Edgar War?eld, jr.
it roots.
I will soil at public i.
DAY, October 7. 1-:-''. nt 1- ???
front of the L'?val street i
ket Bulding. "that VALUABLE
INQ witb store snd - le
on north Columbus strc '? twe
and Oroooco streets, a: ?? n
feet to an Iti feet paved .
is new aud contains 7 re'? i
hot and cold water; latrobe
the store is titted tip with -
i :e box, bins, etc. There - ? ?
tho alley and a chii ken bi B?
Terms to suit.
sep-7 lOt _ ..
OYAL SVG ah beets, ????
tender, io 3 lb cans, j '
J. C illLBlk*<

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