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The Alexandria Oazstte baa reached
the ripe age of one hundred yeara, and,
like the sturdy oak, ia harily io it8 ma
turity. Iq fact more than a century
has elapaed aiuce its tirat appearaoce,
tbe paper having been an Alexandria
inatitution Beveral yeara before the
beginniug of tbe nioeteeDth century,
although it ia impo^sible at thia time to
fix the date defioitely when the flrat
number of tbe Gazette appeared. Tbat
it baa been circulatirg in tbia city and
State for more tban a century ia a fact
nevertbelees, atteated by its filea, that
have been preaerved, having been
saved from predatory red coats when
tbey captured tbe city in 1812 and from
rutbteaa federal aoldiery in 1862 who
burned tbe Gazette oflice to the ground
for cbronicliog one of tbeir acta of eac
rilege and vuudaliam. It oaeaed througb
many trying acenea during the aubat
quent tbree yeare and tbe "reconetruc
tion" daya that followed, but, like a
rock amid the aogry billowa, it baa
stood the teat of time, and when tbe
atorma of war, foreign and internecine,
blew tbemselvee out, italwayaemergtd
?a tbeeun from a diasipated cloud, acd
pureued tbe even tenor of its way, as it
ia now doing.
It would be aupererogation to fjay
tbat tbe Gazette has been a recognizcd
part of many houaebolda in Alexandria
and the country aurrounding tbia city
duriug all theae year*. Tbouaanda wbo
have been born, played tbeir parta and
entered tbe unseen world, were, ere
they iiaped tbe lettera of the alpbabet,
familiar with its headliue, and contem
plated the Virgioia coat of arma on lll
editorial page aa mucb bewildered as
toita meaning aa they were wbile gaz
ing at the aigna of the zodiac on tbe
title page of tbe old family almanac.
In lact many firat learned to form let?
tera into worda by apelliug the heaii
linea of the Gazette. And bow mat?>
now living can remember in tbe re
mole past tbe cuta of the an
tique stage coaches, runaway negroe?,
tubbj-looking shipa acd ateamboats, re
sembliug thoae in John Comly'a epell
ing book, whicb were sprinkled in iU
advertising pa^ea in tha olden timee !
More tban one bundred yeara hav?
paaaed away ainoe the paper Legan it*
miaaioD; but, like the ea^le, it ever and
anon reuewa its youth, and wbile map?
of the world are changing, conqueror
and atatesmen riaing and falling, polit
ioaf partita waxing and waniog, aod
one generation crowding another from
oarthly Bcenee, tbe Gazette ia etill an
inatitution, aa it waa a few yeara after
oolonial daya, a part and paroel of the
Old Dominion, a paper wboae birtb wa
almoat ayn-hronoua with tbat of tbe
United State*.
Tbe Gazette has been a recogniz-d
part of Alexandria ao long tbat with
out it the city would savor of Hamlet
minua Hamlet. It waa ahowiog "the
age and body of the timea" when the
infant republic wsa being rocked in ite
oradle; waa cotemporaneoua witb many
of the aign ra of the Declaration of Io
depeudence and has witneaaed all tbe
fluctuationa of the country from the
time it left Britaunia'a apron stringa to
the preaent day. It delivered the val
edictory to the laat century and ia now
hailiog tbe advent of its auccesaor, and
entera iuto tbe new era amid tbe salu
tationa of a clientele wboae progeoitora
read in its columna scenea at tbe deatb
bed of George Washington, the bom
barduient of Fort McHenry, the battlts
of North Point, New Orleana, etc.
Aa atated above, it ia imposaible at
preaent to state with any degree of cei
tainty when tbe tirst copy of tbe Alex?
andria Gazette appeared. Oxasionally
frienda have brougbt to tbia offke
copiea of the paper beariDg tbat name
wbich bad been exbumed from amou?>
old-documenta in atructurea erect d io
oolonial days. Several copiea prinled
during tbe laat decade of the eighteentb
oentury have been exbibited to tbe
preaent pubiiabera witbin tbe paat few
Tbe firat mention of tbe Gazette la
found i:> tbe old court recorda in whicb
it ia stated :bat io May, 1784, a decre<
was entered directing tbat a cerlaiu 01
der be publiehed io tbe Alexandria
Gazette. Samuel fctaoarden, graotl
fath.r of tbe preaent, pioprie?ora of tbe
Gazette, waa oooDeoted with tbe publ -
oatioo of newapapera in Alexandria
previoua to 1800, but in that year 88
editor and proprietor iewued tbe Alex?
andria Advertiaer, a daily newepaper.
Tbe Gazette tbua datee ite eatabliab
ment from 1800. He later purcbaseit
tbe Oolumbian Mirror and otber Alex?
andria papera and merged tbem iuto
tbe Advertiaer. Tbe paper appeared
under tbia name uuttl July, 1808, when
tt resumed the name of tbe Alexandria
Gazette, and oontioued to bear it until
tbe latter part of 1824 when tbe plaot
was deatroyed by fire. Oa January 1,
1825, th-? paper appeared under tbe
name of tbe Pboenix Gazette with the
joootto, "Fait oe qu' i) faut, arriveceyu'
il pourra." Hiween the worda
"Pboenix" and "Gazette" tbe fabulous
bird was repre^ented as emerging from
a fire. The paper waB publisbed uuiier
tbia name uotil JaDuary 1, 1834. wben
it again appeared as tbe Alexandria
Gaz3tt', a name it bas ever Bince borne
Bave for a few moDtbs duriog tbe latter
part of 1861 and tbe U-ginr ing of 1862,
wben it was publisbed in a quarter
sheet form aa the"Local Newe."
() i May 5. 1832, the late Edear
Soowden, fatt er of the preaent owuers,
became tbe proprietor of tbe Gazette,
hia father, S.muel Snowden, baving
<iied tbat ytar. At thU time the late
Kobert Bell waa foreman of tbe
Gazette. Duriog the twenty-nioe
yeard which iDtervened between
tbat time aud tbe outbreak of the war
b uween the 8tatea in 1861 tbe Gazette
outgrew tbe drtama of its proprietors
tt-nl wbile a fixed Alexandria iostitu
tion made its infiuencd felt throughout
tbe entire Btate and in no incorjeider
able part of the tben oomparatively
small country. With a conservative
and tbougbtful roind at its bead, who
eschewed everytbing aavoring of the
sdnsationai and unseemly, with a due
r^gard for the feeliogs of every reader,
the Gazette look its place upon the
plaM of lofty jjurnalism and there re
mained it.ni'i all tbe rancor of party
broils and the eurginga of political is
sues. Wbile pronouuced in its con
victione, its columns uever became tbe
vebiole of invective which bo often
tirnishea the pages of otber jourtial-.
When the war bettfeen the Nortb and
^ouih was abont to be precipitated the
circulation of the Tri-weekly Gazette
iu ibis G jngreddional district alone was
over two tbouaand copies, and the daily
elition a few weeks before Alexandria
ii? captured by tbe federal army bad
r .ii up to nearly four thousand, circu
litious never reacaed before orsince by
i'i Alexandria paper. This demand
was caused by tbe fact that tbe Gazette
bsing localed .-o clo.-e to Washlngton
wa* in a po-ition to obtain and publieb
all the presd didpatches and present
ne lateat nnws to its readera during
fusj atirriog times long bt-fjre it could
r>e obtained by otber papers. t' >not -
tjuently newsdealers iu Kicbmond an.i
o:hers on tbe lmes of railroad ruaning
out of Alexandria were compelled to
h ive tbe Gazette, wbich was in demand
by their cuHomers.
Tne oity was captured by the ftderal
troops May 24, 1861, and the Gazette'*
-)Uibern uiiii beingcut ofl and business
baving come to a cotnplete ataadstill
bere, it was thougbt btst to disconlioue
tbe publication of the paper for a short
t me, and after geltinj; out a quarter
nheet on the nigbt of that day deecrib
i ig tbe occupation of the city and tbe
killiug of Jaekson and E Nworth at tbe
vlatsball Hnu-r, tbeofficewas closed
aad tbe old cyliuder presa wbicb bad
revolved for so tnany years Btood still,
iestioed never again to turn a wheel,
aj in tbe early part of tbe following
,earthe building was burned by fed
eral soldiers.
Sborily after the Gazette auapended
publication a detacbment of aoldiera
from tbe Fiftb-rennsylvania regiimnt
were placed in posaeaaion of tbe Ga
/.ette otlieo by tbe military authorilies,
iil for a few weeks printed a paper
nmed after their regiment. Part
.)( tbe paper waa in Engliah and
;?art in German. Nearly every
thiag in it pertained to their regi
ii-nt. Tbe paper waa aet up in the
G-zette office and printei on the Vir
.jinia Sentinel's presj. The Measra.
^mith, who-e office waa where tbe
Kleischmann Houae now atanda, had
? ;t idoned tbeir property and gone
->u:h. Tbe aoldierB before vacating
? e Ga/. -U? ollic ranaacted the building,
tole a valuable library and threw near
lyr everythiug topsy-turvy. After
t iiiigs bad once more been put in place
i quarter aheet, known aa the "Local
Newa," appeared on October 7, 1861,
be object of the proprietor of the
Q tzotte being to to keep a record of
<ocal events, knowing from a busine*
? i.nt of view tbe enterpriae would
k ? unrt iiuin. rativi'. Tbia publication
?v.is continued until February 10, 1862,
*ben tbe entire plant, mitua the filts
vuicb had fortunately beeu removed
previously, was de?troyed.
O.i tbe 13th of the following Juue a
iimunilive and cqually unremunerative
our-page paper bearing. the name of
tM Alexandria Gazette appeared, and
ojntinued to appeer every afternoon un
til the latter part of Oatober, 1864,
?vhen Edgar dnondn, jr., who waa
he buaine^s manager and one of tbe
editors, was taken into cuatody by tbe
lederal authorities, placed with othera
) a box car aud ruo up and down the
Manaa^ae Rtilroad every day. Thia
was done uuder tbe delusion tbat Mosby
vould not derail tbe train if 8outbern
.teople were aboard aa hostagea.
The Gszjfte resumed publication on
Jauuary 2, 1865, atill in its abbreviated
. 'in, and ciMitiuued in tbat ahape until
the cloae of the war, aiuce wbich time
it baa been enlarged three timea, tbe
laat time on May 10, 1892.
In September, 1893, it publiahed a 22
page induatrial isaue wbich up to that
time waa the Iargeet paperever publiah?
ed in thia section?iucluding Waabing
Tbe senior editor of tbe Gazette died
September 24, 1875, and bia ? Ideat aon,
Edgar Snowden, jr., July29, 1892,aince
wbich time tbe paper baa been conduct
e 1 by the youoger aonp.
Sucb in a ehort sketcb of the career
of tbe Gazette. For a century the pa
?er baa been in one family, generation
fcl owiog gaoeration in tbe order given
above. ThefiUaof tbe paper are tbe
official and unabridged hiatory of Alex?
andria, and wbile numben of othor pa
pers have appeared and disappearcd
I during all the yeara of its existence it
bas weatbered all tbe storms of tim
and been borne ssfrly ov?r all tbe bil
lows whiob have ever aod anon ewept
the place of its birtb. Like DamapcuB,
it bas proven to be an immune to tbe
Boytbe of Time.
And now, upon the tbreahold of the
twentieth century, witb all its powers
intact, it ia the same prominent figure
in the grand march of time, and dee
tioed to continue amid all the chaogea
of mundane things wbich will mark the
yeara to come.
Thb Gazkttk today enters upon its
one bundredth and firat year, a long
life, to be sure, and one tbat bas been
full of vicusilude*, but it has borne
them with the best grace at its com
mand, and hm at 1-a-t tried, as in
structed by the oatechism, to be coc
tented witb tbe condition in wbicb it
baa pleased Providence to place it. Ita
record is clean and it bas a clear coo
Bcience, and therefore it ia bappy, and
is glad to wiab ita many and increaaing
nurnber of readers a prosperous year,
and to assure them tbat it will in tbe
future, as in the pas(, show them the
very age and body of the timea in tbe
most coudensed abape, set down naught
in malice, and tbat it will contioue not
ooly to shoot folly as it tiies, butalsoto
catch the liviog manners as they rise.
So here's to its sub^cribers, boping they
may Hve long and prosper and that
God may bless us every one.
The herit and mont |>rofitable resolu
tion everybody iu Alexandria, who
doean't already f-ubticrtbe to the Ga?
zette, is to do so at once, and for those
wbo do, to have it sent to their absent
relativea and friends, to whom it will be
iiku a daily letter from those tbey
love. _
ACC0BDINC4 to the latest report about
tbe Daoieh West Indies, Mr. McKinley
will buy them for four million dollare.
Tbat will be a high price to pay for
them, but Btil), it will be muchlesatban
be paid for tbe Philippinea, not
only in money, but in blood. But na
tions as wel! as men cm be lai.d poor.
[Correapondence of the Alexandria Gaiotte.]
Waahmijton, Jaouary 1.
It h Baid here tbat Seuator Uaona
naya be is not swinirtb aud tbat conse
quently be will not go to the next na
uoual repubiican conveotion as a dele
gate at large from bis State but will al
low some otber promioent Ohio repub
lican to goiD bis stead.
Amont; tbe demicratic Senatorn
wbo it is reported will vote to ad
init Henator Quay are Meesrs. Riwling
of V ab aud Kiuney of Delaware, fot
tbe reason that. tbere are vacanciea in
the Seoate (rom botb tboae titatea wbicb
tbe denucratic governorr thereof will
?ppoint democrats to fill. It in also r>
ported here tbat botb tbeSenators frcm
Virginia may be amoug tbeotherdeaic
eratl who will vote for Mr. Quay.
A rii"etin ' of tbe repreeeutatives of
the several Geiman and Irlajb organiz.
tioDd in tbiri cily was beld lant nigbt at
which arrangements were made for
nolding a maas convention of those or
gauizitions at an early date, to maKi
pubiic protest in tbe federal capital
agaiuBt tbe war Great Britain is now
prosecutiog againat tbe people of tbe
PraoBvaal who are ouly bgbting for
bome rule.
Tbe Preaident's action in making a
vacancy in a brigadiersbip tbe occasion
ol promotiog a dozen othYers to tbat
rauk and immediately retinng them ia
by no means popular among army im n
Tbe fight between the Cbaodler and
tbe Gallinger factiona in the republican
party of New Hampshire, tbougb now
tn full progreea, will, it ia auppoaed
?lore, socool by thu time of tbe next
Senatorial election in that State, tbat
tho oppoaition of the latter to the rc
election of Senator Cbaodler will be
A member of the Virginia legialature
wbo pa-M-d througb here today ou hia
way to Ricbmond, naid be tbought tbe
bill to compel electric railroada to atop
it all their atationa to take on or put oll
a r. eta pasaenger.', and alao the one to
makeall railroada 10 tbe State run Jim
Crow cara, wou'd paas, and tbat the nt
ceaaity for the latter waa daily iocreat
Tbe caae of tbe U. S. ^overnment
against R. H. Phillipa, superintendent
of tbe Waabington and Falle Churc'u
electric road, iodic'ed for interfering
vvitb government telegtapb liuea, will
come up befnre tbo U. H. court for the
eastern Jiairict of Virginia at Alexan?
dria on Friday next.
.It ia eaid today that a airong effort
will be made tn create a new depart
ment, that of commerce and labor?
?a soon aa poasible after tbe reaaaem
b irg of U n jieaa.
Tbe fact tbat Secretaiy Gage baa
made tbe bank, aeven bundred ahan
of the s'ock of wbich be owna, one ol
the depoaitoriea of the internal reveoue
receipta, will, it ia aaid, be made a sub
j-c!. of congreeaional iuvestigation.
The frienda of ex-Senator Blackburn
are a little perturbed today about a
rumor to tbe etlect tbat Senator Lind
~ay, hia gold atandard opponent, has
gone back to Kentucky, authorized by
tbe President to command tbe republ;
cana in the legisluture of that State to
unite with the anti-Geobel mernbera
and vote for him, aa thtir combined
'oroea would makn a majjrity in that
? jtpLHin Coghlau, made famoug by spoaking
li I giuging dmespoit.ullj of the Emperor
of < irrtiiHiiy al a puolic baaquet, ig tho oaly
11 itninoi.t U 8 naval otEcor wbo hw no
:>(?? u spacially honored, and hia frienda resei.t
wbat toey aeem to coosidor t h ? d gbt.
'I be Becrelary of AgMcutite hi s l>.-en
formod by tbe State entomoloitigt of Oeorgia
tbat by hia order thirty thoua?nd fruittrc
ia that btate bave been buraed, 10 aa to pro*
vent the apread of the 8t. Joae acale.
The commiasio 1 and feod atore of Hoae &
Bro, on Louiaiaua avenue, near tbe m<rktt
wa< badly damtged by Are thia afternam.
-ai ?
Hardin for fcenator.
Frankfort, Ky., Jan 1 ?Tbe announcc
mcnt yeet r iay ofOenerslP Wat Hardin M
a candidate for .-e' a'.or c;e?t >d wild confu
sion Ia political circles. Speak dk of the
Kentucky aitutun Ueaeral Hadiu said:
' Two yeara ago the democratic party chrried
Kantucky by a niajonty of 17-000. Becaase
of bad leadenhip, becaus* of uodemocratio
ruea-ures. because of actiooa whuh the party
caumt defend, but for wbich it is now pro
I'O-eJ to tu.ke it reeponsible, we ha?e 1 >it
Kentucxy. If t ig to ba regained we must
act promptly aud decigively. We muat ao act
aa to trake clear tbat Gotklum ia not demo
Governor General Wood. of Ciba,
hap practically selected bia new cabioet.
Severe cold weathtr and anowstorms
are reported from eeveral pointa in the
Aeuioaldo bas ordered tbe release of
all ripaniarda now in poaaeaaion of the
Beoator Veet bas announced that be
woold retire from tbe Senate at tbe ex
piration of hi.s recent term.
It 18 reported from Copenbagen tbat
tbe Daoiah Weat Indica will be aold to
the United tiiatee for $4,000,000.
Considerable oppoeition to the Fran
co-American commerciai treaty bas
arisen in tbe French Parliament.
Tbe state entomologiat of Qeorgia
bas ordertd the deatruction of 30,000
peach treea ailected with tbe 8an Joae
A dispatch from Rmie stysthatPope
Leo bas deeigned Cirdinal Girolamo
M -rirt Gotti, tiie famouffGenoese monka
as bis Bucceasor.
Thomaa Kite, the old parish clerk of
Shakspeaer'a churcb, known to all
theatrical celebralies, ia dead, at tbe
age of rinety-one.
Omplicatioua between France and
Grcat Britaiu are feared as a result of
tbe expiration of tbe Newfoundland
tHiicri.-M modus vivendi.
geveral ieadiog German newspapera,
uotwlthstandiug the aemiofficial disa
vowalB, believe tbe exiatenceof a secret
treaty concerniog Delagoa Bay.
The United States goveroment baB
come to an agreement witb Eagland
and France with roference to concet
aions about Bbangbai.
To tbe note sent out to tbe powers by
detr tary of S.ate Hay, aaking for cou
curreucu in an open-door policy in
C noa, favorable anBwers were receiv
ud from all, Italy being the only one
not yet beard from.
Cjmmisaioner Evans says there is no
preaent prospect ot a reduction in ptn
aion payments, and the government
may have to pay $150,000,000 a year in
defioitely. Many penBion billa have
been introduced in the House of Rep
The well-known and venerable type'
founder, printer and autbor, Dr. Tbom
aa MacKellar, senior member of the
American Type Foundera Citnpany,
MacKellar, timitbs & Jordan, of Pbila
delpbia, dted auddenly on Friday at
;iis bome, " Woodneat," in Germantown,
aged 87 yeara.
Dr Birtb, liberal ieader in Germany,
condemiis tbe war, and expreaaea the
ouinion tbat, Eogland will lose tbe wbole
of South Africa. Dr. Barthalsodeclarep
tbat Germauy's new naval echeme ia iu
cjuuection witb tbe war in Houtb Afri?
ca, Germauy baving lost confilence in
the men wbo are ehaping Eugland's
Attorney General Grigga baB refuaed
the petitiou of Hhippers fur an injunction
uoder tbe anti-truat lay to prevent tbe
operation of tbe propoaed new freigbt
claaaifieatioo. The Attorney General
Biys tbe anti-trust law does not apply,
aud tbat tbe remedy, if need of one
? xiats, lies witb tbe ioteratate commerce
The Uoited Irish Hocieties of New
York and its vicinity ti 1? d tbe Acade
my of Music, in New York, last nigbt,
it a maa meeting called to expres
-vnipiitliy witb the Boera and opposi
tiou to Euglaud in conatquence of the
- 'iitri Afncao war. Secator Mason, of
Illinois Cirg-eaamen Sulzer and C'um
minga, ot New York, aud otbers ad
dressed tbe meeting.
German government officiala regard
'!)?? seizure of the G rman steamer by a
Britisb warabip in Delagoa Bty aa aeri
ously involving tbe rigbts of neutrala.
An itnpertal c<tbinet m*eiing will coii
tider tbe eeizure. Tbe Britisb rigb' to
-stop passengera on aeteamer, wbether
" hey intend to fiaht for tbe Boera or
not, ia Htreouously diaputed by tbe
Germaup. Two German protected
orainfl bave been deapatcbed to De?
lagoa Bay.
Americans, wbile Bearcbing for Re
f-irte, a Filipino Ieader, fouod explc
riivo bomba and a quantity of arms and
ammunition in a Manila reaidence, aaid
to be placed there in anticipation of an
opriaiug. The Americaos claim that a
plot waa discovered wbich included the
throwiog of bombs among the foreign
r-onaule attending the funeral of Gen.
Liwton. Nattvo apiea bave informed
American^tbnt'there are more tban 2,000
Kilipii o aoldiera witbin a luile of Imus,
ia Oavite province._
Mejor P. 0. Warwick died on Satui
<lay at hia country home, Caoapfield,
i'lieHtertield county, aged aixty five
W.lliam Marabali'a large fliur mill,
at Millbank, on the Sbenandoub, near
Elkton, waa burned Friday night. Tbe
mill waa an old landmark. The losa ia
about 110,000. No insurance on either
mill or conteute.
Caakie Hurton, a well known youbg
utan of Lyncbburg, waa drowned Sta
tirday wbile akatiug on tbe river. A
large crowd waa on the ice when Bur
tou broke tbrough, and acorea of ex
cited people watcbed bia atruaglea for
ahoot five minutea uotil be aank.
Every eflort waa made to save him.
Mra. JaneC. Jnhusuo, wife of Gen.
Bradley T. Jobnson, died yeaterday
morning at ber country bome "Wood
laod," near Amelia Court Houae, aged
66 yeara. I) aih waa due to heart dir
? aae. Mr?. Johnaon waa formally a
Mias Saundera, of N irth Carolina. Sbe
waa married abortly before the civil
Mr. and Mra. TbomaaLeacbman cele
brated the fiftieth anoiversary of their
marriage, at tbeir bome, "Follv Cif
tle," near Wellington, Prince William
ciuuty, Wedneaday evening, Decem
ber 27 There were many guesta from
Wa-biogton an I Alexandria, and the
relativea and frienda from Prince Wi'
'iiin and tbe aurroundingcountiea were
Stanley M. 8mitb, aon of John R.
Smith, of Purcellyille, almost severed
nia head from bis neck with a razir on
Friiay. Smith waa only twenty yeara
old. Heenliated early in "the Spanish
war, and aerved at Manila, but waa in
valided by an attack of fever. Recov
ering, he was boncrably diacbarged,
and returned bome laat Aagest, but
haa since been deepondent and in deli
c?te health.
Mr. Thomas R. Day, a millionaire
busineas man of New Orleana, wbo left
Culpeper a poor boy many yeara ago to
aeek bis fortune, made 300 Sunday
pchool childreo bappy at Culpeper oo
Friday night. He aent a check for
#250 and with thia money the Sundaj
ecbool united ina Cbristmaacelebration
at wbich each ohildreceived a eubatar
tial gift, useful or oroamental, accord
ing to hia condition in life, beaidea a
liberal aupply of holiday goodies.
ThePrealdent'a Reception.
Waahinietoo, Jn . 1.?Tbe tirst offi
cial func ion of tbe new year at tbe
Wbite Houae occurred today wben all
the rppreeentativea of tbe civilized nt
lions of the world, togetber witb tbe
bigb dignitariee and officials and sov
eral tbouaand plain citizena of tbis
oountry, called to pay their reapecte to
the Preaident.
It was a brilliant affair. From 11
o'clock the atream of visitors flowed by
tbe Preaident otfarirg their cougratu
lationa and beat wianea. Tbe hai <1
some ccstumes of the ladiep; tbe iuter
eating uniforma of membera of tbe dip
lomatic corpa; tbe gold-'aced full dreea
of the United Statea army aud navj;
all mingled witb the Bombre black anu
wbite of tbe civ.liasa made a gay
picture of life and oolor under
tbe brigbt raya of tbe elec'ric ligbta.
At 11 o'clock a bugler aiunded tbe call
aud the Preaident. and Mr.--. McKinley
pAft-ed down tbe a'airway into tbe
Blue K )ora. The receiving party, com
poaed of the ladiea of tbe Cabinet witb
tbe Preaident and Mr-. McKinley at
the bead, took ita place in tbe Blue
Rxim near the door leading from tbe
K-d Koom and tbe reception tben bt
gan. Co). Bingham and Capt. McCaw
ley making the introductionp. Tbe
members of tbe diplomatic cotpi were
tbe first to extend their greetingB,
headed by L ?rd Pauncefote, Great
Britain'a representative, and tbe ladies
of bia embassy. The diaplay of court
iosignia and decoraiiona, tbe beavi:y
gold-laced coetumea, tbe white and eil
ver uniforms of the German military
attaches, the green and crimson of tbe
Caioeae officials, tbe blue velvet and
gold of the Austrian representative
and the queer rig of tbe C >reaua made
ao intetea iug and kaleidoscnpio Bhow.
Tben came Coief Juatice Fuller and
tbe Jn-tioea of tbe Supreme ('jurt,
aod tbe Senators and Repreaentativea
in Coiigreap. Major-Ganeral Milea was
next annouuced followed by a ntimber
of otficars of tbe army. Admiral Dawey
came next. He was accompanied by
many naval otlicora, after wbom follow?
ed Colonel Haywood, leadiog a ontin
gent of officera of the marine corpu.
Geaeral Uarriea aud the geueral .i l!
of tbe militia of the D.atrict of t'jlum
bia b.ought up tbe rear of tbe line.
A long li-t of important peraonagts
in the departmen'p of tbe government
next greeted the Preaident. They Were
followed by repreaentatives of the war
veterans and mcimers of tbe nldest in
nabitants of tbe Datr.c" of Cdumbia.
Thia completed the olli -ial Mat and tben
for an houror rmretne Preaideni shook
h&uds wit'i ruch citiz<na as had bteo
fortunate enougb to tecure aa earlv'
place in the line. Waen thedoora final
Iy closed there waa turoed away a long
ooaaesaion of diaappoiuted people wbo
had failed to reacb tbe Wbite Huii-k at
he appointed Ome.
Tho kituation iu South Afrioa.
Capetown, Dec. 31.?Oaptaiu Mont
morency, reconnotenugyeaterday north
of Dordrecht, mef, a stronger fjrce ol
Boaffl than be expected in the vieiuiu
of Lafua Cbanger'a Nek. Tho Bjera
opeued tire aud the British replied. Tbe
engagemen' lasted bix bours, wben ttn
Boera receivinv reenforcementa, Mon'
morency wigcompelled to retire eight
milea into Dordrecht. When tbe aigoal
to reiire waa aouuded, Borne of Mont
monecy's men refustd to deaert Lieut.
Warren, wbo had been wouuded, auii
were left bebind. This little force kepi
the Boers at bay all nighf. They had
their horaea shot under them an 1 aevt
ral of them were wounded. A forc
ander Captaio Goldaworthy left Dord
recbt, today and succeaafully encount
ered tbe Boers,relievicg thesmall party
of Montmorencyrs eommand who bad
been bemmed in and cut ofl duritig yet
'erday's eogagement.
Tbe next engagem^nt of importance
ia exoected to he at 0 deaburg between
the Free State troopi aod the force un?
der General French. Tbe British are
at R^uaberg, ouly 4,000 yards south p|
ttio Boer camp. Today the Boers ad
vanced driving in the British outposte
who report that the euemy numberr
2,000 men.
General French ha-i outflanked the
Boers at (Jjleaburg, forcing them to
evacuate. The Britiab now occupy tbe
The McCoy-Maher Fight.
New York, Jan. 1.?Peter Maher aud
Ktd MrCjy will battle at tbe C'jnej
I-land Atbietic t'lub tbia afiernooti for
25 rounda. Bolb principais are traim-d
|0 a point of pbyaical perfection and
e ?eh ia confident of beiug returned the
winner. Opiniona on tbe result oftbe
mill are about evenly divided. B tting
laat nigbt makts Maher favorite at 10
to8. Pittsburg Pnil bet $15,000 \et
terday at thtae odds on Maner. Many
beavy beta at the eame odds wer<
placed. At 3:30 p. m. Charley Wnite,
who will act aa releree, will call tbe
m 'ii togetber, and tbe battle will be
oo. Judging from tbe advance sale of
ticketa, tbe attendacce will be very
large. All the boxeeata ^ave been dit
poaed of, and more than balf of tb? n
aerved aeate. The purae will be $20,
000; of thia tbe winner will receive $15,
The men bad not entered the ring at
4 o'clock thiaafternooo.
TheKaiser's Speech.
Berlin, Jan. 1.?i'he Emperor foday
made a martial apeech to the eenerals
aaaembie.i in the Zmghaup. He gave
hia viewa in retroapect of tbe eventH of
the laat century, mentioning the ruin
of the German army at tbe com
mencement of it and then dwelling
glowingly on the army regeneratiou
and reorganizition wbich followed.
Toereeultcf thia waa iheproeecutioo of
tbree aucceaafu) wara and the establiab
m?nt of German unity.
In conclusion, the Kaieer quoted tbe
worda of Frbdrich Wilhelm I: "If I
execure a great work, i aball not ac
c ui;ltah it by the pen but ty tbe
aword." He uaed (hia motto to urge a
conaideral 1 ? augmentation of the navy
wbich be aaid waa Germany's moet im
portant ttsk.
From Manlla.
Matila, Jan. 1 ?Generals Bates and
Wbeeler are neioa mentioned to auc
ceed tbe late Geceral Lawton in com
mand of tbe Soutbern Luz)n forcea.
Geoeral Batea will probably be ap
pointed, being the eenior bripadter gen
Foreign Newg.
Bottsrdam, JiD. 1 ?Tbe fcooth American
H mbor< linrr Pelotaa. wbich rin aground
on the Ker.tish coaat Fr day oight, and which
waa r floattd yectoid -y arrived in the Mass
1'iia loday in tow.
Parig, Jan. 1 ?Mmo 8?rah Bernhardt
fainted at the theatre lait nigbt aud today ia
teriongly il).
Tbe women of tbe American coiouy he e
?fcro oraanzing a mt.veuienl to raiae a bojpi
t?l fui d tor the B a:rg to ceunterb*hnce the
actiou of the American women in England in
equipping the hoapital ahip Maine,
Lynchtng Moh KafHed.
Naabville, Teun., Jan 1.?Douula-s
Cotftnan. night optrator for tbe Louia
; vi if & Nasbville railroad, at Cedar
Hill waa ahot and killed Saturday
nigbt by Wiliiam Morrieon, aged
22. C tlman bruabed againet Morri
j -on ai ci an argum-nt followed, during
I wbicb Morriaon sbot C'jllman.
To eacape a mon, tbe aberiff who
caught Morriaon had to ride to tbe jail
on a borse at breakneck epeed, tbe
priaoner riding bebind, tbe mob follow
ingcloarly. Tbe jail waa surrounded
h>)t tbe ahoritf t-aid be would kill tbe
brst man wbouttempted to enter. They
di.-jnr-ed aajiog tbey would return.
The New Zion.
Cbica^o, Jtr. 1.?Dowie'g Zion will be
built in Lako county. Tbe faith bealer at
hia watch night geivice appeared n hi? oriest
ly r.)b.-a ahortly after 2 o'oock and relieved
tho curiodty of hig followtri by anneunc
ing ite locaU'in of bia iew city of Zion. Dr.
Dowio expU.ued tbat the land secur.id cot
tained 5.674 acrea Tbe bealer estlained
that it w?8 tho p' -ii to bud'l a grtatbarbor on
ih< water Iro ,t and a Midwty P'a'same
tbrjugh i h ) center of the property.
Signa point to the probability that
the greateel battle of tbe South African
war wil occur in Natal aoon, perbapa
tiiHW-ek. There have been iutima
ione to tbia etl ct, and diepatches from
Geueral Buller'a headquartera predict
tbe reliefoftbe Britisn at Ladyamitb
b-?ore "many days."
Thtae dispatcbes forecaat complete
viclory for tbe Britiab, and the end o
tbfl war withina few montba.
It waa underatood receutly tbat Gen?
eral Buller would perbaps delay unttl
ho arnval of the new commander-ic
iviu-f, General Koberta, but tbeae dh
patchee iudicate a decided change of
Tbe Boera bave been firing at Lady
?mith plugged abella containiag plum
pudding and the complimenta of the
eaaon. Advicea from Ladyamitb atate
hat h B^er ahell atruck a meaa tent ot
'he D'Vonabire regiment, killing Capt.
I > i / -II and wouodingaeven lieutenanta.
A diapatcb from Kimberley atatta
' at tbe town has food enough for tbree
nontha. This Ig difjerent from previ
Ottl a ;v cea, whicb reported the town
OQ ohorl ratiooa weeka ago.
The Boera oppoaing General Frencb
Ia Nonheru C?pe Cilony have retired
to CjHsberg where, it ia believed, tbey
?re prepared to givo battle.
A Britiah reconnoiteriDg expedition
a^ven milts uorlh of Djrdrecht, C?pe
CdlOBf, and attached to General Gat
acre'b conmicd, engaged euperior
forces of B i raand waa forced to retire.
Batida of G ?pe Colooy Datcb are dc
ing guerrilla lightii g aloug the line o;
;.-iitiI Metbuen'a commubicatioos.
Tue Britiah autborities iu order to cope
witb tbe revolt, are drilliog the royal
residents and orgaoizing tbem into
iome guards.
Bankruptcy fob United States.?
A career of cocquest and aggrandizt
mnnt ia predicied by Imparcial, tbe
newapaper organ In tbe City of Mexico,
ol the L/beralia'a, for tbe Uuited Statee,
vhich, it dairae, baa j dued E'jgland,
Kuaaia, France and Germany in a poli
cy of expanaion aud imp irialism. It
ompaies tbe conduct of tbe Uuited
S:ntea in tbe Ph.lippiuea to tbat of
Great Britain in Sou'h Africa, and enda
? v predictiog that all expauding nu
tions w 11 be forc.-d to prodigal expen
diture to maiuiain tbeir bold on tbe
uew panaeaaiona, acd so will become
$100 BEWABD $100.
Tl>e inilu-i of thig piper will be pleaged to
oaru t iat tbere i-> al least o e drtaded di
g' ag'j Ibat -??!? ii'-o has been able to cure in all
ia -iHtfci, aud that ia ' atarrli Hall's Catarrh
Cora ia tbe only posilive cure kuown to tbe
rnidnai frateri,ity. Catarrh being a congti
r itiorml d m;i-c, rrqu'r-a a cougtitutional
:i ? m ot Ubli'g Catarih ( ure ia taken in
t nuaily, artiux dirocty upon tboblcol aud
mucoag eurlacen of tho sygtem, lli reby de
atroyiux tbe fuuudbtou of the d sea e, aud
Kiving tho patient Hitength by bu lding up
the constitutio-i and a-i-ding tatuie in doing
its work. Tbe propi ie! >r- bave an o.u h laith
in its curativo ^oweru, that they ofler One
Hundted Doliart lor auy caao that it lails to
cure. eu 1 for Uat of toatimonials. Addreea
f J. CIIENEr' <* CO., Props. Tolodo, O.
S-'old by all druxKiat*.
Hall'a Faniily Pilla are the beet
A BKUABK \ iil.K Cabe.?Miss 1 i ii 4 Wilbu r,
a banttfal girl of 8an Frauciaco, wbo has
b e:> unconscious for nearly two year?, doc
t ira and scientista oabacsting iv ry remedy
Hnd plan Io awsk n bor 'rom thia strange
r1"c>p, h -1 nly couiiog ba k ii lifc. Mba
VVilbur w n found onn morning in thiOi'Pr
part o' Fobruary, 1898 lying fudy dres8e<i
on tbe 1 >ungo in h r nom, as tbougb ra'miy
sleoping. The wiudow was open, and bo was
t n< tt-insi iii over ber door. The gas had appa
rently been b'.own out. 'o the ttop was balt
oa, as thoutfh th ? ligbt htd been lowered.
All sorts of icm dies havo been employed to
ronse ber from her strango sleep without re
sult, iii.ii lereally. Now she so. im to be
slowl? improving. 8he is apparendy con
s lous of rier surrouudiug?, and acrepta offor
oi foo.t, but is tl unable to speak Farap*
ing gas was t io csuse of the a'upjr which baa
ao atroui a b >ld on hor
To the Public.
I w int to let the people who euffer
from rheumatism and Bciatica know
tbat Caamberlaiu'a Pain Bilm relieved
me Hfter a number of otber medicine
and a doc'or had failed. I ia tbe best
linimeut I hav-> ever known of. J. A.
Dodokn, Alphare'ta, G?. Tbouiaude
ave been cured of rheumatism by thia
remedy. 0.ie applicatiou relieves tbe
pain. For sale by ail druggistP.
Lewis Djnnls, Salera, Ind., siya "Kodol
Or.-p -p-iia Cure did me more good than any
thmg I over toofe." !t digests what you eat
and can not help btt cu e dyspepsia and
storuacb troublea.
e>? ?
Deauty Ih Iiioud Deep.
Cloan Uood aaaana a dcao skin. Nt
beauty without it. Caacarfta, Caiidy Cathar
tic clean your blood and keep it clean, by
"tirring up tbe Ia7.y liver and driving all im
ourities from the body. Begin today to
banish pimplea, boila, Idotehes, blackheads,
and that sickly bilioua complexion by taking
Caacareta,?beauty for tvn cents. All drug
giata, aatiafaction guaranteed, 10c,25c,50c.
J I. B vry, LogattowD, Pa , write', "I am
willing to take iny oath th t I waa cured of
pneumonia entireiy by tbe uaa of One Micnte
Coagb Caro af'er doctors failed. Jt also rnr
ed my chi'dren of whooping cougb." Quick
ly rolieves and cores coughi, colda, giippe and
tbroat and lurg triuble?. i h dr.-n ail like
iu Mothers endorse it
BANttKLIGr.8-Fan.-y CapeCod Lran
berriea just teceived by
TfERCE'8 Cox & Gordon Miesonri
Hama, very rine qcality, just received by
p* BAOS I.IM.A BEANS jnst received by
(TGAB LOWE8.?Besl Fine Grain Granu
lated r-ugar for saie at S^c by
ILD CREAJf cHEKSEjuat reoeivei ly
Strictly Beliable QoalitlesT"
SrOBE OPEN FBOM 8:30 A. M. TO 6:30
Our Annual January
Coats and Suits.
ThUaaloembtaeeaall Catt and Suits ex
"f-pt the ndvance apting atylea whicb hayo
juat arrired. We give you nnrettn ted croce
of ev?iry i.aiiioV and ( bill'a Coat and uiost
of our Laiiea'8nita, which have been in ihe
houae nnly a inonth or aix we> ka, at a-1 ia ,
hona fi le reduced pricca from our a ready
low regnlar pricee. Ibesaliia now in prt
Wm. H. McKnew,
Waahington, D. C.
Sole D. U Agenta for Centeuieri 01 ,v&.
Ueueral D. C. Agenta for the Dr. Jaeger -xna
tory Woolen Underwenr.
Flour Rxtra. '2 75 a 3 15^
Faniily. 3 60 a 6 60
Faucy brandi. 4 00 a 4 50
Wheat, longbeny. 0 68 a 0 72
Mixed. 0 66 a 0 70
Fulta..- 0 67 a 0 72
Dainp andtongh. 0 65 a O M>
Oajaa. whitc . 0 38 a 0 40
Yellow. 0 37 a 0 30
UornMeaL. 0 40 a 0 41
Bye. 0 43 a Q 45
Oata, mixed. 0 28 a 0 30
White. 0 30 a 0 32
tiuttor, Virginia, packed. 0 16 a 0 18
Choico Virgima. 0 22 a 0 26
Common to middling... 0 12 a 0 14
Eggi. 0 20 a 0 21
Beef, hind qaarter*.. 0 7^ ? 0 08
Forequartera. 0 4 a 0 5
UveChickaLi(hani). 0 7?fe a 0 8
8pring do. 0 71* a 0 8
Hogs, dreaaed, larga. 0 4 'v a 0 5
" amall. 0 6 a 0 5?fc
Turkeys, live. 0 8 a 0 ( 9
" undrawn. 0 10 a 0 11
" drawn.. 0 11 ? 0 12
Potatoea. Va? baab. 0 50 a 60
Sweet Potatoee. bbl. 150 a 2 0<>
Oniona, per boahel. 0 60 a 70
Dricd Paacbea, peeled.... 0 1\ > 0 8
Unpeeled. 0 6 ? 0 7
Dricd Cherriea. 0 9 a 0 10
Dricd Applea. 0 4 a 0 5
Racon, country hania. 0 llHi a fl 12
Beat augar-curod harus " lOSi * t? ll'v
Butchera'hama. 0 10"*, a "11
Breakfaat Pacon. 0 8Vi a 0 9
Sogar-cured ahoaldera. 0 7\ a 0 8
Balk ghoulderg. 0 6% a 0 6%
DrySaltiidog. 0 6% a U by,
Fat backg. 0 5>? a 0 6^
Bellica. 0 6 a 0 6?*
tbnoked ghoulderg. 0 6% I 0 6%
Bmokedgidec. 0 6 a ????'?.,
Urd. 0 6>fra O 9%
Smoked Beef. 0 14 ? 0 1*\
3oga/a?Brown. 4 ?> 0 4^
On* A. 0 4% 0 i%
Oonf.atandardA. 4 88 ? 6 00
Granulatcd.... 0 6 a 0 Pfc
Uoffeee?Bio. 0 8% ? 0 12
LaOauyra. 0 14 a 016
Java.. 0 16 a OM
VfolaaaeaB.8. 0 9 a 0 14
C B. 0 17 a 0 H
New Orleana. 0 20 a 0 45
PortoBloo. 0 18 a 0 28
gngarSyrupe...... 0 16 a 0 22
Harring, Eaatern per bbl 6 0U ?. 7 00
PotomacNo.l. 2 75 a 3 00
Potomactamiiy roe. 4<0 a 4 60
Do. halfbarrel. 2 00 a 2 25
Potomac Shad. 9 00 i 10<KJ
ICackercl.small.per bbl. 15 00 18 00
No 3 medium.22 00 ? 23 00
No. 2.24 00 a 25 00
Plaeter. gronnd, pei ton.. i 50 ? 5 <*
Groundin bagg. 6 00 a 6 50
Lamp. 3 50 - i 7 fi
Olovcr Secd. 4 25 a 4 75
Timothy. 130 a 160
Old proocca Linaeed Meal Sl 00 a 32 00
Salt?O. A. 0 65 a 070
Finc. 090 ? 1 2">
Turk'a Ialand. 100 a 1 I 0
Wool?long, unwaahed... 0 18 a 010
Waahcd. 0 24 a 008
Merino.unwaahed. 0 14 a 016
Do.waahed. 0 20 a 099
Oottonseed Meal.20 00 a 1100
Huua. 6 50 ? 7 00
Ootton Seed Mixed Feed. 12 00 a 1 3 ' -
d'imac ...... 0 70 ? 0 75
Hay. 15 00 ? 17(0
Cnt do. 13 00 a 15 <H)
fVheat Bran per ton. 14 50 h 15 50
Brown Middlinga. 15 (X) ?. 16 00
White liiddlinga.16 00 a 17 00
Alexandria Market. Jan. 1.
Thia being a balf holtday but I t'.ie was
done in the grain marktt aud pricis rernain
unrhanged. Conntry jr.)duce ii iu fa r di
mind and pricea are firmer.
Cbicago Cattle M*rket. Dec. .'10 Cattle. -
steers rloaed flrni, with decline of tho wetk
irenerally rrgained ; Texai ateen in good d< -
rnand; good to choice $5.35i(>.50; poor to
tiK-dinm $4.1r>a5.25; mixed st ckors $.1*
I 85 ; selected feedeis $4.25a4.85 ; good la
choice cow* $3.40a4 60; h.ifers $3a4.0O;
cinnera |2a3 10, bulla $2 50*4.50. calvis
*4a7 35; ftd Tcxaa beeves $4.25*616.
Hokb ? marktt aboat 5c lower; mixed aml
batcbera $4 101.40, good to choieo heavy
f 1.20*4.42V rough heavy $4 <)"..! 15.
Hght $4.05a4 35 bnlk of sa'cs H'<K>a4J0.
-Iieep --Sbeep and lambs were aboir steal< ,
cative wethera $4.15?4 05 ; lambs $4a5.75 ;
W??tern wethera $4 10a4.60; West. ru lauit s
$5.25a5 75.
Philadelphia Cattle Market. Dec. 30.-Beef
Cattle were in light snpply; market ativ
and pricea advtnced full J4<- on all g ??'?
Quotationa were aa followa : Extra B%%6% .
good &\&Qc, medium S'^a^V^ .ooimon i ?>,.
a5c per 1b. Sbeep and Lamba were fa r y
activo and good gradea advanred, wbili th
othtra wtre ateadily h. 1 i The quoUtions
were aa followa: Jixtra 4%*5c, good i\*
4 V- medium 3%a6c, cvmmou 2a3^c : r
lb Lambs 4^h6c per Ib. Hoga were in
good d mand at advanrel pii ea. at (r%a6%
per lb for beat Westerns. ar d OaO1^'- ptr ,b
for otbers. Fat cow* were io beltjr di man I
at 3a41i4cper lb. Tbin Cows wero hg<r
a? $10 per head. Veal calvea were ti ? i
4>i(|a8c per It. Milch Cowa sold wel at $3">
to $50 per head. Dresaed Beevea aol-l ai ?>Si
aM'.jC per lb.
P?A>t just leceived by
r n vttpt?v.
Gneat qnality, for aale by
J 0 llJLM'RN
GINGEB ALE.?Imported and /meiicm
Giuger Ale just reoeived by
J 0 MH ' "RN
ce.ved by
J C. HTMWt".
OYaL SUGAn BEET8, very fine aid
tender, in 3db cans, just received I y
J. G mi.BI'KPI
|0TAT0 CHIPS-Freah Siratoga Cblil
ju?t received by
J C. tffLftCBJl
L PUDDING Jnat received by /

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