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Alexandria gazette. (Alexandria, D.C.) 1834-1974, May 12, 1900, Image 2

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?> _^__r_F 7>-?_ ^.
_??t.?-_t rvzyut-G. may 12
Jfk !?_._, of ?? _?-?_?>???, atada
a *V*?-*-t-a ia t?? -?ata 7?stta-*dsy is
_?__-_ h? ?vlvoost?- ?_? *??_???? ?*. ?
bill to pay U? t*<*x?<****-*-d ?__?_?* pani*
iS-abU prie? ior Omit
ha otmtanmA tbsy
mmassssidmm? aad ?_?_?? bita at at fi
ba threat?*??- tb? aooattry witb aa at
tseb from ?broad oamm tba m?ll?oaa ai
dall?t. t_-t aasy b. raj si/ad les ta.
???wreaaaa ot sot? ymia ba ?pytitensiao
ax orne?. Hs ?TltlaaUy took tita tpt-art
Lyre Bali-ib-ry, taad? ia Los-doa a law
_?)? ago, for bi? paitan, bot while hi*
lordsaip'? :ws_}_a?7 ?_?*??_ U thk
eo-otry, Mr. Ijs?ga'e taCfe-naa. jr. which
b? utmaaA* to battav? baa daaif- opoa
fcr__?, aad tb-t-raby upo? tb? vagary of
tba Monroe doatrina. Gtsmaoy baa ao
Irtmsmi iataatioa of stizxaa; aad aaaax
lag any br ?v'osa Utt?votj. Bet,
wbila tbis la tro*, so tbat Mr. Lttdge'?
pr at ?ase m treaaporsat, it aaad -tot b*?
t-ppoat-d that tb? _.?_.__?,) o G?. ?aa* y,
are ?smi Is love witb tba United -???t?*i
or hsve aoy p_rtte.l?r r?-gard for to.r_
for tbey, i.ke all otbar poople, bav*
Bitffl'-ri?, so that t_*y cannot bave Jor
t*?yt*o toat iba only Oolederst? ba.*r
od in this ooontry afta** tb? war ka?
tota? tba -tatas, for what ba did It
that war, was a worthy Gtrmse, wbos*
ooljr ofieose ?a? tbe ez<MQtio_ of ?__
*sE*EEEEf? order? of hi? sopanor oAoer.
Boon or the ?__*???_?? newspaper
?sen ?v? be surprised at t_e rise*-'. ? ?
covery of tbe frand* in tbe govern?
ment's eerriee ia Porto Rioo. Tha'
tbey aboeld _?, is tb? only eorpr
thing aooo'. tbe ?bole affair. VYf.?-_
the entire govern-.?sot's service, tv?, ?
tbat in W_?nington, is permeate*- with
frand, and the bigbeat officials in til
branche? of tbe government are public?
ly known to avail tbeaiaelvea ol
positions aa eaay meto? of WtARY
money, it won.d bo passing strange if
tbe government were not robbed hf, I I
oJRs?eYtol<l*ith io Cub?. Ibveetigatioo (A
toe expendiiurt-a of government asooej
In all tb? newly?.?**?*??-red province
?boni?) be rxjmmencod at onoe, and t??*
fRRReR ?? with energy, for tbe genera!
o;.ioit.n about them is 'hat tbe rogue*?,
with their op[K>rtaoitiea,H'.ooldbeoom?
meoded for tbeir moderation.
Tuo co H American ?yndicates ir.
Porto Rico are probib.ted by ? r?bc*n'
U. H. Jaw, Cubs, alno io pose newton
of the armed fore?*, of tbie country, -
not similarly protect-*?*., and d .?patch ?
froso there today are to tbe effass tr.v
tbey are cutting a wi.e MPMlk Ibttt
ond bave already gotten bold of MM
of tbe railways arid many of tbe richer
plantation? of tbat island. It won't be
long before tbe people of all tbe isl?
ands recently conquered by thie coni.?
try, where ia professed the doctrin?
that government d?pendu upon the
?rjorjfient of tbe governed, will realize
thow foolith they were wb?-n tbey swap?
ped tbeir former, for tbeir prteent form
?of government.
Thk re mi bl ice ? eer-Hus supervisors li
several of the (Southern MtaU-s bave in?
cluded among their en u as era tors some
negroes, but as the director of the c_u
?os has common senae, be has annul!??!
all such appointments oe soon as re?
ported to bla). A great many wbi e
people don't want to aoewer, correcHy,
tbe questions of white enumerators,
and thousands wbo live in the __uth
would iieorn to answer those nek?"*?! by I
At thk recent populist national con?
vention neld in Cincinnati, Dr. Crowe,
e Miasbmippi delegete, charged ex-Gov.
Wait? of Colorido with having Reei
"damm the Houtb," and tbe e_-Gov
eruor did not deny tbe soft impeach?
ment. It Isn't very likely tbat th?
?populist tick?-t will receive many volet
in tbe riouth next November; tbougl
ignorance is as dense and prevalent it.
th? Houtb now, as It Is in tbe Nortb.
.'ROM Wa.nH?Ni.iO?N
fPaeweMoRaam ei tb? Aiexmdrii <.??????- ?
Washington, May IS,
It Is possible that the Virginia dele?
gation to Keanes City may have to oc?
cupy a oar while there, a?, up to ?Ut-?.
tbe only other -?"xxtmmridatlons tbey
cm secure there, ere in tbe third story
Of ?a annex to a hotel, with no ele?
That some Virgin!-ns have money
enough to go to tbe Parie Exposition ??
proved by the fact tbat C-ongri-tesmar.
Otey of tbeir Btate was at tbeHtat*
Department toi?? morning to get |>ai*e
porte lor Miss Mattie P. Harris and C.
L. Lnnaford aod three ladies?all ol
Roanoke, In his district.
(Some of tbe federal oontiote in tbe
Raleigh penitentiary having complain?
ed to ihe Department of Justioe thst
they are ill-treated by tbe superintend?
ent thereof, the Attorney General has
directed tbat no more federal prisoners
be went to Raleigh, and that, too,
though tbe oonviots' stories are denied
by statements of reputable witnesses.
Mr. Bird H. Coler, comptroller of tbe
city of New York, called this mornio.
apon Senator Jones, chairman of tbe
national democratio committee. He
impressed upon .Senator Jooes bis views,
remarking tbat the national pl.tform
should include ? very strong anti-truet
?Senator Lodge ie of the opinion tbat
ibe bill relating to tbe Philippines has
r *<r- way to vx. _.*?*.j o*_??r a???**?-/??,
aad ba will at laaatt ?faaipt to ataba
?Ji?*;.*??_* ? L". '? 1*1'. a??*- ?Tri. ?? ~o
".'?>;.*??? ' - ? ? ? ?' - * '-*
? ra ??-?-??-? _?_*_ _ ?'. ?.-.?*?.."*'? **?
?w.- .1 Mr. ?,__?_ to
- omo ?y __?uag fi**
?a h thi . He iau?j4t*e*d a
? ye_*rrd.y **a__i_g tbat aa
aav; bad ta? riebt of ?fsy over
. - . ? ? .? . '.???
' . ?"? - . .?. * - m
oiri-fr a atstv-r a** aoeb big? prit.
r*tjftt___f Mr. Vt'Aaotl ?ill ittti-t
-_. ?nt* coaa_dar_tira oi
m ptA+dSxK appvo-tv-fctioa bill.
a. _ -taroay _*zt ?zar(
? ????? to t_
'>&?__>&?? fr'/Ci tee 0, A- ? of UaMsvtaa
of Geoera. Grast, to Oe era*rjt*d ia tba
'- -
Meada) orni ln-s*Aaj have baaa ?*t
?part is tr.? h
t or. or* ?..-.- ?.??. r??1 --w nit -,.' .?_
W-*daa?day tbe oe? o.e f.r A _--?
.at it wi?! occupy th? reel of tbe1
-, *i*>c*?d, boa ever, tbat if tb?
* j s\caA**ay Ixl: ?booId be repor -
?A irom Um atilitary cx?e*_Jtte*, of if
ae nsvsl sppropasttoe bill ?tWai.
e__?e back froa? tee _?*?___*-,eaeb woald
?liaplec? teas por ar.) tse l?-as lmnortsat
?coda ?ae-sor..
Tee Hoot* comeuxtaa oo tbe et.
Loo?? World- F.r ?t .?.? ?_e?e?..?.
?aoraiag _a_a_ad tbe waajdaratioa of
?o? bi i cutir.e a ?yraditioaal appro
trTit'ioe. o? ? . --..pport M th?
?/_pOt.fk>n. ____**_*?__ Tswnsy gave H
?a tbe a?*_ti_>?-t of tbe ooxmittee that
m tbe _o?er___*_t approprUuioa would
be oae tbird of the ???.?1 sBOOxt to be
raised to' toe ezposiuon, tae gcrvert
_M?cit abeuid ?fctr?? proportt-oeatety ?ri L
:_? cn> of .?*-. L ?-.? sad ttei-a-tcriver?
o th? aet proce?-!? of tb? fair ao thst
-.?? ??-?. . he w_oi? co_ct*y wi..
.a; y ietertot?d in ito saeessi.
A premioent Northern repob?eer,
iemator, teUit-g to on acqnaintocoe
o*re thli mor.?i-g abont _u party'??
la nomine, for Vico Prtatdeot,
i'10-? now pointed to
rfeetetery Lotg. Tney certaanly do,
accord moat reliable int*...
?;?_? r?*-c*-ive?d tere from varions quer
jure of tbe eou_.rj, bot it is oo lernt Ott
tata that tbe place con be bought cheep
oody el??? ?ar,'? . .
R-priM-e.-at ve B.iiey, belog asked
?ri? rrjorr.;-. .f oe Jemo-cra'icmem ers
-fo.-?- woo opposed bU electioo
-.- toe _ .-or eid*:r, wt-ico Mr. RiChsrd
?oci no* :. - '.:-?, tnouxh n??
.Sieve I I Me for tr>e U. -
fjaoata, be wouid not nave suited tn?t
Ve-?, e_d wooldn'l
change ? '? one rose from
ine dead lo loll (?MM -.Dey were wrong/'
??overt-i*!. acres of tbe beat ??p of
. m mete neqaeoRmae ny Georg?
Botoo Perk 0Wb*bbI? one of ht?
inaciuotittel eooRem\ a wom?n named
be tbe divsoo of mat
r-rope-rty ?cno-g o<-r grendcoiidren di?
? >s?n a gozad of
..ta r ment poe.tion-i or are
?achers in tbe school?; of this city.
? O * of ner mm, J o_n, woo some years
.to wa? a gi-e-?? re,,.?, ?<;?d ??? ? i ci a ? in
V rginia, now live-; in New York.
It i? repoft-l trial il Governor Roo??
ee wi'. ft*oAaReR? Governor o?
Sum YorK be wi 1 u. appointed
?ul to tbe P.oitip'-ioe i-iio'I
-?n 1 toa' hu ro.'e tb-re will _xc-l in mag
ai?OMl I -b?? ol tbe old pro
. tbe f?r Beat,
i rie G?? ?ard of rvenstor Clsrk of
"rlor.taoa, ????. Amelia Lt Cheppelle,
teceoiiy a pupil of ? be National Park
-ei/.i-.ar?. bevo, I *- <{'?it that school aod
arili go to Vlo-iaoao?-xt week. Among
ne reporU a-???', her ih one to the ef?
fect that ehe and the ?Senator are to be
? tary W.I-?? lOfl be will not st
empi any gard-ri.og on the Arlington
'???i*>r vat ion this year, but will ?pen?!
the appropriation for trial ?Ution in fili?
ng up tbe gullie-t tbere and in ferti?
lizing ari'1 O'berw???- improviag tbe
und, ho tbat it will be ready for farm
i-g next spring.
Nearly tbe whole gallery of the Sec,?
ite was filled t-day by school girle
from Baltimore. Washington of late
years bas becom?*) a popular place for
giboolgirl excursion?.
Tbe fact that toe owners of the Raub
property near tbe mouth of Four-mile
run bave reftisi. t ? sell or leas? a part
?final property fora testing ground,
bl aald bere to add etrength to tbe r?
port tbat tne owner, Mr. Jewell, in
t-iods to ?-?tablis!, a temp factory tbere.
It is also said tbat a large brick yard In
o be made od the weetero part ol tbat
?"?Opertyiaod it.?? products tobe shipped
Sou ti? .'r0t_ ? wbarf to -?s built on the
river near tne T'Ower boas*.
I be ?aie n.-.c-lvmg 'h. ? lining of the roid
fsriBl ibe Aqueduct Bridge to Foit Myer,
? omiag up on an ippael Cmbj trie I?-*? ecurt,
i? ?et for in?! in the Circuit Court of Alexir.?
irla cou-ty on Ibe IStb instant.
People from Alexandria county here to
tit ?ay tbe t-???? of witer tbat are aUndir g
in some parts of tbe b-?d of tb. old Alexin
Irii ? ???! are, row that the weather has
1'irii.d wirm, be???-ning nuinoroe, and that
ihe owner? of tbe lind on wbich ar. will
probably b?. indict?d it tie next term of tbe
county court
Tbe Preeident sent to the Senkte tod?? tbe
nomiBiiloii of Charle? H. Wiaan?, of M ich I
<in, to be Con.ul it I-i/iic-a??, Chile.
The Richmond Muhoeb Trial.?
Tne trial in Richmond yesterday of
Wm. J RbodeH, charged with tbe m?r?
ier of W. Frank Barnett, was bigbly
sensational. Tbe prisoner and bit wife
were tbe mosl important witum-im
Tbe teetimonv ebowed tbat the oonfes?
-?ion of Mr-. Rhode? tbat Barnett bed
wronged her wati tbe cause of tbe Bhoot
Hhe confirmed the charge that Bar?
nett brought a girl to ber bouse for
lmm.iral purpoea-i, wbich attempt wa?
rennten. Hhe etated further tbat Bar
nef, entered her apartments during the
absence of her bu-ibaod from tbe city
and used force to make her submit.
This mailer eh? ?lid not tell her hunband
unti the day of th? ?booting, being
afraid to do so. Mr?,. Rhodes al?, work?
ed in the Mucus? H-aker e-itat-li-hment
in a department over which Barnett
bad charge. The .Hid prevails that
Rhodes will be cleared. Much intereat
h taken in tbe case, and the oouit
rcorn was crowded all day.
Barnett had been away for some time,
oetenHibly beceua* of his ill-health, and
bad promised Rhode? to stay away.
When he returned R ? odes' suspicions
were ansi ? aroused. His wife made
a full cunfes??ion, and Rhodes went out
in search of Barnett and killed bim.
Twenty men left Milwaukee, Wla, last
night for Ht. Loots to take th. place of strik?
ing mot-ormati.
SE^ .F TH? DA!
Tbe Aabeoti ***** f ?**<_??_
la tbe ___________
?f Tswaaasae J-*??*?*^ g?*
MeMiltte w?? aeartaatai 1er ?
Chart?? A. Towae, tbe rbawa pee*
?i-s' esaidete tat -rice- prsaadtst, at? 1i -
?nil att seent ta?* <_i>erahc naaali?
ii_a ?x-rptoa a 16 te 1 ptatiorta.
i_M*ab Csaw.irida, ie a ?tseecb-at
Bkrsai? g?sse. Eagle ad, yeMttrdey, asid
Am fr-t* rwfwMi?? will a? a ero? eo -
a? y tor a tiate, bat ?aey later ba give*
of -riatta-, fra? ?U pars
ef tbe _o_tb. aad ?se-y Uoca to* Sctnb,
vere ia etfwtlaace at tbe J?alb? re
Bee-ta* CommmmsOm. wbicb apeaad at
Hot _pri_g?. Ark , yetWdsy.
Col. Wat. A. Cook, wao wa? for aiaay
yean aa* of tae asost promiaeet attor
a*ya of Waabiagtaa, aad Mm Eva
Mili?, tbrawrly a weli-kaown co-auc
opera enger, were bath adjudged iiaet
ia W_?ai_gt>a yesterday.
Is tb* .fata yeeterdsy Mr. Lodg*
?smrsto? s a-mea ia vbefa be ?sr_*d
in? goveratmset to prepare ha csvy i_
view of a ????til? teat of tbe Moaroe
?ioctria? by s foretga aatioa. T.t
Hoe-? broke all records yesterday by
: ?.-.- ? . . - . .- :?-; : ?--.? | __'.?? .:.t_>
;--_??a bul?.
Joba **__emsker ba? given oct a
Sina?ft in wa?cb be a_akee toeataaa
tioesl enarg? iba; A. L. _.:.g.sh, di?
rector of publie aafaty ia Po?adelpbi*,
io so at ?sept to aiieacc toe stuck-* of
..-?h AatrricaB upoa tbe adoni fc
tratioa of Mayor AsbbVidg?, thrrataaad
to ratei ia** Oy pobianog affidavit? di
retttd sgs L? the p.reo_a? c oar act. r ol
Mr. Wsr-omak-r.
A mob of ? or Ito meo aboo
o'clock last Bight iyncned WtiRam
a Mgro, in Hotoo. W. V?. Ler was
from Re*?d-v..;e, N. C. O- the night of
I be at.?rap**?- to a-seault Mr-. H.
H. Lhefenbac-, op*r?tor for t_e C_e*i
prakc and 0_io Rui way at _??a_<???
After L*o bod beeo drawn op about 500
toot-, were fired, a large nomt-tr of
?: -. ? >.* t?tat,
A* toe national converter of '.
AocteDt Order cf Hibernian?, in B>
loo, ytoterdiy. -? ?*omm__icei;o_ wa
raoeived from Btsbop McFsnl, of Tr-r.
ton, N. J., :n wbica be asid : '"We
sboold bave a proportionate reptoMO?
tation of Cattata on tbe boards cf
management of pn.iic iteti uuols. Lf.
the A. 0. H. take part it forming >
general org*ar..z?t*oo of ah societie
oo m posed of Catnoi.ce irresepwive ol
nationality, in sqcd manner that in our
._-:ete legislotare-? aod notional coogret
tne Toice of Catholic- may be tear';
iMt, when t.ere is quea'.ioo ot
oar re.;_iou_ rights under ibe oooetito
tion or tbe red re-* of g rie vanees."
Tbe generai conf?rence of tbe Met.
eaaR r... et ;-? I ?..?".-., -o -----oo a
C-icago, yt-e'-erday potVponed actior
on the problem?; of consolidatine mi?
?ionary ?vx.ie'ie? aod admitting worn?!,
delegai????! to the conference. The r?wc
Piameiai by tne iobcommittoo to
permit ibe lic-rosteg of ?omen as ice?.
preec.erB was voted down af'er a spir
it1"?-debate. I-? ?n?'.*eme_t cemmit
tee, swamped with petitions and me
saoriale, was forced to ask for more
time. An objection to the di-play o*
tne BrirL-b _?g in tne hall dt-coraiior?
nearly caused a rampas. A diecaseior.
of tbe time .imi'. o<xut,ied over two
boors et tb? me-1 ng, but toe commit?
tee failed to resco an ag-eement.
Mr-. Ktt-.eriij?; ri. Mackey, the
youog wife of ?z-J'idi*? T. J. Mackey.
ftnMtfj tf Bwatb I trolioa, was y?_
'erday adj .dge<1 i_**_e st tbe m
tn-?'jrt Ji?K ice Cole in Washington soa
'\\t**.t*A to tth ?%rnmitt*d to ri:. Eizs
bttk*t A'y.um. Mr??. Me/rkey w_? nor
la court, baviog be.n apinted ?vii
from Washington, it is alleged, by her
bu-baod, who :e anzi.u? to prever.t
tie lunacy proceed ?ok?, *_-_?_ were i_?
sUtoted by Georg?? A. Port*r_..d, o.
Ciarleatown, W. Va., the lather ol
Mr??. Mickey. Tao l.tt-rra were pro?
ietta ?o court writ.?*- by Judge Met
key, io wbicb be advised bi? wile t >
begi-i -uit for divorce agsiuet him, mt?
daring tbat unlee?? ?be did eo be would
commence an a-.-tior? as-eio.t ber, ao?:
makinK varoua unwarranted charges
ag-ir>-t fier. ??- ??aid that Mackey i
aozlou*? to aecure a divorce in order to
enter into another matrimonial alli?
ance. Evidence adduced in the ':?-*
yemerday tended to ahow tbat Mr-.
Mackey'?? mental condition was csui??.
by tbe ill-treatment whicb .he bad re
ceived at the hand?? of her hu?bar d.
ribe ?-??parate, from him several mon'hs
ago, but upon learning of tbe luoec;,
pMMadiae agaiont her be sought her
sgsio, snd in1_i*e. ber to lesve tbe
city. Hhe bsH been living in thi-i rite*.
and action will now be taken to tike
her back to Waehington aa ao escape i
Mr. A. J-e?twich (Sinclair, wbo rep."*.'"
seau tbe District in the lunacy pr? -
oeedingH, causeo s notice to be eerved
opon Mrs. Mackey to attend tbe bear
iug yerterday. but she failed to appear.
George A. Porterfleld, of Coerles
town, W. Vs., tbe father of Mi*.
Mackey, told the conrt tbat bie daugh?
ter bad t-ep-irated from Judge Mackey
some time ago and had returned to bi?
n?me in Charleafown. Oaing to her
f-eble condition he eent her to a ?-???
teriom near Biltimore, but ?be failed
to improve, ?be returned to Wash?
ington and boarded at 211 Fii?t stre?t,
nortbesst. He then Instituted proceed?
ing?) to have her committed to Ht. Eliza?
beth's Asylum, where she could be
properly treated. It wee after her ro
turn bere tbst Mackey learned ber
whereabouts and tbe fact tbat an effort
was being ma?le to send ber to an asy?
lum. He then induced ber to leave
the city.
Mr. Porterfleld declared tbat Mack?
ey'? treatment of hi? daughter bad
caused her condition. He showed to
tbe conrt two letters written by Mackey
to bis fatber-io-law in April la-t, iu
wbiob be expressed a desire for a di?
vorce. In tbe communication-) Mackey
made various charges agaioet hi- wife
and declared tbat unless ?be sued him
for divorce be would bring action
agalnet her. He preferred, however,
that she ?bould sue bim, asuening that
she could easily secure a divorce on
tbe ground of cruel treatment.
Thk Nbxt Lboi8LAT?r*_,?We watt
to recommend tbat tbe people of Vir?
atale look well to tbe choice ol men
for the next legislature. May we ur????
in northern Virginia J. B. T. Thornton,
of Prince William; R. Walton Moore,
of Fairfax; Eppa Hunton, jr., of Fau
quier, aod Col. Francia L. ?Smith, of
Alexandria city. It ie not likely that
any of these gentlemen want to go; but
we believe they would all accept if tbe
nomination Is urged apon tbem.?Ms
daobob Journal.
Fi** ; -KW?
Veera X. Borne* ami ot Wauriott-, ;
Lami-ma eao-ty, y?ur__y, eg?**- '
mu; 71 y?or .
Mr?. Manno C. Tatom, a groad ?
taigbti. of P-tne- Utmty, ami mear
LfocbMKf. yeaucdoy, ?gtd S3 y ear*.
mm Ir aea? awywcMa? ta tea tsaeaea- |
doaa V?lle-f. died yaaterdsy sttaraoom ;
at M_rlaoro, aia old boa?, after a bnef
:'??. -i
ri?. *?-**r,o, F.oqu-tr coea-t-r, where aWo
e asili far cara will be p_C ia operalie? ?
A abortog mi 1 witb ? fifty barrel
io h cape-cuy will be erected oo tb?
Frad-ricAttarf road to stifl-rd eooaty,
.boat e etilo eootb of to? Fac?q_ier
Ho?, io tbo eeor fatare.
Tbo ? i-iiaet Dentei Asao?ttioa bad
a booqoet at ibe J*ff?-noo i? '.
.<?*.. Dr. R. H. Walker,
doot of toe Virgiois Dee tal
wa? tb? t nw8f?for. Tee a_soaeti>_
??* in meato? egei? today.
Mr. L. P. fi_>odae,city aagiatar of
Lyacaaurc, died aoddeely yeateriaj
S-oraior, ag?d 52 jeera. H? waa a
b-otber of G??. _*__??_ E_ R-odce, o?
Chieder at? fame, and a grada?'.* oi
ine Virginia M-itery I_*ti:_u.
Celvia MeMilitn, a auuriei mio, li??
at tbe point of death a? tbe result of
tao puto! ?hot wooed, received at a
i_-*putat*4e komm ia Bastai, laat a?vd
night. He was ?hoi Oy E: la O'Dier,
wbo bad earned bim not to enter tbe
Tbo extensive pleat of the West So-r?
?o, s C<m pony on h .?bet. p ver, wr_?
boroed le?? night, eouiiing ? km of
?boot 1??,(OO. D-tui* of ??s on scored
?tock aid emooo? of ?oecreee? ero im
ooaaible to obtain, ?ebooaers lying
al?gnd-r tb? pi ? ?ere saved with
By the death of Mr- ? Brad
?ord, widow of the ?at* V?_eot L.
_r__'ord. LL. D., D. OL L., of Philadel?
phia, W_-hiLgton and L** U.tveraitj
com?? into pc-_*e?:oo, under Dr Bred?
?or?! . will, of ao ?o-owmeot of tl'>j,'?j
to maintain two enarra io tbe lsw de?
Mr. Jame? Louie ?__??, of Win?
c.e-ter, died at bi* home y?e#terd?y
?fter_o*.e,, sfter ten days' ilioee. of
^oe. monis, aged ?*. ? ear.. He leave?
t widow and four cii'dren. Mr. R*d
ooo was born _esr Or eso, Fsoquie-r
county, and settled in W ccbe-ter four?
teen jeers ago,
.jig* K. T. W. Lake, of Cotr
ioil*-V.iie, W-0 accepted an invi?
?at .c to deliver ao add rea? oo Toes
lay at the ?a) kg of tbe cornar ?tone of
ftouw Cty Hall, Wiocnester, t?W
.raphed )*_tsr.ay that be coold net be
prt-*?ct. A'.'.orcey General A. J. Moo
tagne will bs the orator.
rione time ago it wa? annoaocel
taet smallpox of a violent nature wa?
rag'.ng in tbe viciniry of Toano, a ?mali
-tar.oo on tne Coecapeske sod Ohio
r_eiw*y, s few mrle* from Newpor;
?'*?*' The r?ilroad -orgeoo made an
inves-lgetton and it ie oow declared
'net toe caaes sre mea-lee.
riap-rvi?or of Cee.ae John M. Steck,
of Wincbeeter, ha? made tbe followim
aDpoiotment?? ol ceo.?; enumerators for
? lark ry>uot>: Greenway di-trict,
'?-?rife C. Meade and W. A Mannio.;
d -trie, Ralph Griabj,
i-vo.in.r-.'i di-lrict, B-r jimio Cram-.?
ton; Ba.tlatown district, ri. M. Taylor
a__C. B. Bozwell
it the t-e-sron in Rrc'imood yesterday
of the American Pnarmeceotical Aeec
cittion Mr. B. V. Howell o_?-red a
papar, which was dtac_awd et lenetn,
jo "Alcohol, se sn Antidote to Car
?KiJic^-Ard Poi v>ning." ?m* of tbe
p.armac ?t* claimed that alcohol would
?aatraUfOOff modify the effect of acd
nd wa* capable of giving relief in
?aee? of p.isonias* by carbolic acid.
Mtyor Morgan, of Mart<n.ville, and
?fberiff Davis, of Henry county, by
orompt action in ca'.hog out troop? to
/'j-rd a negro, avertei another lynching
?t tbat place laut nigh'. Tbe irkn r
Charit. Hair-too, a young negro. Hi?
intended victom ?a. a young wait? girl
wbo, fortunately, escaped injury. A
later di'patch from Martioeville ?aye a
mob i- reported e-seembling three mile
from town, aod an attempt to lynch tbe
negro i? regarded s-s imminent. The
''jii.t-.rv, ? owever, ssy tl.ey can and
will bold tbe jiil.
At last Mafekiog seems to be on tbe
eve of sobetantial relief. New? bai?
reached London tbat s strong flying
column, eaid to number 3,<?)0 cavalry
and infantry, with a battery of eix gun?,
passed rapidly on Wednesday through
Vryburg, Bechuanaland. Tbie ie pan
<f the relief column commanded b>
Oeo. Hir Archibald Hunter aod it i
-aid to be traveling ?I forced apsed. I
;- a?m believed to be within two da>?
march of Msi?-_i_g. .
A Pretoria di-patch to Johann??.,-"'
i? quoted M esyiog that "bundrede of
British troopers met s watery grave''
while croeeiog tbe Vsal on the western
Event, art? al?, fast approaching a
?"risia in the Orange Free ridate. Lord
Hobert-i at last accounts was at Venten?
tiur_, but 20 milea soutb of Kroonetad.
where the rntin Boer army J sopposfl I
to be. Corninoti opposition i? offered
? Lord Kotierte' advance, but be out?
flank? tb? burgbere every t.me, being
enabled to do this easily on account of
hia euperior nombert-. It now develot."
that a severe fight occured when L rd
Koberts crossed tbe ? tnd river. The
British were engaged in the conflict all
of Thursday, and were finally succ?s? -
ful at all point?.
Tbe British coromander-in-cbief
cables that tbe river crossings are ex
tremely difficult and tbat much of bis
army's baggage has not arrived. He
has determined not to etop at obstacles,
bot to push on to Kroonstad.
A large Boer force is still facing Gen?
itale Bundle and Brabant in the eae?
ern part of tbe Free ritate, riorne fiahi
ina bas occuisd there, but tbe result is
not definitely known in London.
For meetii gof thsGermsn Bapti?t Broth
em, at North Minebeeter, Ind., May 20 to
June H, the Penn?ylvinii Riilroad Company
will piac. spedii excursion tickets on sile
Miy 29 to Jane 3, from stations west of Bal?
timore (eot inclusive), it rate of one flrst
el_>? limited fire for the ioend trip. Ticket
will be good returning until July 1, inrlo
For meeting oi Old Order of German Bi?>
ti?t Brethern it Camd n, Ind , June 3 to 5,
tbe Pennsylvania Railroad Oompiny will sell.
from Miy 31 to June 3, lnclndv??, . xcurdon
tickets to Camden, Ind , from lUtion? on its
1 ne west of Beltimore, Md., (not intlu-iv??,.
at rate of one fim-claas limited far. for th?
round trip. Tickets will be good returning
a-til July 6, inclusive,
ta io__h Atnem.
May 1- ? Tae ?all ef Knam
tb? ?t-f of Mafai tog ir?
ta? tbtage ?11 ? ? gito m? aro une
pe??g. It w bd-ewd o??? ef both
------ w . &--r-K-e.T-; i ara :?.?.
Lord Eebsru ?ms tigbt wat loe lA:
mU of -rnosoSBdt batntc
b?B army k-rward by torced
Today tb? edveece guard
??babfy cerne ta tocen aita toe _k?r
at Krooaa?Jt oed to.igct cr
early tomorrow moraiag it ? ex?.?*?, el
taot &>bano will auaeA taa&mn' poi
uoa ta ?ore?. Tee Bo*?? ?surwagtb ia
C.M itosi aod it ?b imposebi? to pre
die. tb? orniate ef tbe eagsgemett ooa
immiao-f, Tbo taot Uso the F;e?
?tate cap?tol b?? eooo removed to Heil?
ere?, fifty etile? eortbeeot, eod tbe
?aas that Greaeral Hooter's ca? o ma ia
oo ita wem ere bordar of tb? Tratrtraei
wooJd lead to tee ornimi toot tbe _-oer
oili harry eerth to toe Veal river te
eeetat to tbe great "iaat ?toed" ? _ c :
will be mode tbere.
A. a-: be pbaeiom ?solemn which
for we**? bee taco reported to bead?
Taodng oo Meiefciag, nos ma;erial.z-d.
Bot? bo? Boer aod British sour?**-.
eomes th? news tbat a Bn_b relut
column bos reeebed Vrvberg, 100 milt
of MsfeKiog. Tne colama i?
3,00) strong ned mooing w.t-oat trat?
port. I-s ed va. ce te being coote-ned
boi apparently not Mrioosiy. Hunter,
it eterni, is not for behind tbe dying
ootnmt. He has seen some bard fi<btitg,
boi reliable details ere not yet at nano.
Hanter ut ra^.-d.y getting i.to poe. ioc
to stasi rt Bober?? by a wide tur_i_??
movement io ite Trao-vaal.
Gectva ?ding. May 11.?A troop ot
Bniish cavalry white fcra?icg toda).
?a_ decoytd by a white fl?g ?yoUcp
'rem a farm boa?**?. Wni'e lb* troop
era were eff _dlhcg, (taf ?ere art?:
at from ibe window? of tbe boose, a_>.
?everal of item fell dead. T_e others.
numbering .ixt**n. surrendered.
London, May 12.?General Robert
reports from Geneva Sili g ander deu
of May 11, evening, as foi low-,
' Gordon'?? brigade is in toocb with
Boecbread. Tucttr is a short a i-tat. ?y
??oaibeeet. Iso Hamilton is fort.treos?.
"Broadwood'-! brigade overlook par
of tne enemy's convoy yesterday ai er
noon at Potg.etera laager, .out_e_'. o
Veoterebnrg, capturing several wsgo.r
aod sum?, prison*r??.
'?G.ner.i French with Porter _ an-!
Dickson'? brigades aod Hutto.-?
mouot.-i iofantry are some d.s:aoc
doe nortn of bere.
"We have captured nearly 100 p'i
onera in tee pa?: two days, ail F re?
?Stater-, Those of them wbo were able
to give a good account of ibem-wlve
were disarmed aod si.owed to return to
their farm?.
"Tbe nights are getting much ooier.
"French ?? cavalry seized a drift over
tbe Vilsch river yesterday afternoo.,
just in lime to prevent bis peeeege so?
mg oppoed by the enemy.'
London, May 12 ?General Robert
wires from Boecbran-1 under today'.
date, 0-O? a. m., as follows:
"Am eight mileseootb of Kroooetad'.
Tbe enemy evacuated tbe first line of
tbeir entrt-nehments during tbe nigtt
We are now recoonoitenng toward
Capetown, May 12, 11 a. m.?Lord
Roberts bas arrived st Geneva ?Siding,
fourteen mile- -ou'h of Kro-on??'v't sno
six miles from Bjt-vcbrand (W*--t of
Krootietsdt) where tbere toe B-er- are
; entrenched. Tne British army marched
j twenty miles yesterday.
_erto_a Wreck on tbe B. Sc O.
Pniladelphia, Pa., May 12?The B.
_ 0. freight that pasees through Pnila?
delphia from Chicago to New York
?bout midnif-'-t collided with a shifting
rain io t e tunnel at the entrance to
Farmoout Park last nigbt and a bad
wreck requited. Tao tank cars laden
witb oil ezploded aod caught fire. ?:,*
crash was terrific?. Tbe rapidity wirb
whicb tbe wreck was wrapped in fiime*
prevented tbe slightest ezamination of
he scene except from a distance,
?ieorge E. Laub, engineer of the abat?
ing engine, and William F. Hiochm.t..
nie fireman, are dead in tbe wreck.
Five trampe who were seen steeling a
ride oo toe freight train ae it entered
tb? tunnel, must certainly bave ??-?
i.bed in sdditi >n to tbe two railroa?i
meo who are known to have been
killed. Tbe tunnel today is a furnace
for more than four blocke and owiog to
the intense beat the oity firemen have
abandoned all hope of gaining entrance
for their hose lines from either tod.
Toe Biltimore and Ohio tower man,
Frank Laute!!, wbo ia alleged to bav -
been tbe one at fault, caused the disa?
lar, it ie said, by sleeping at ble poet.
He cannot be found by tbe police ani
it is believed that be committed t-uicid*
??y jumping into tbe river. Tbs loe
on tbe care ie placed at about $140,000.
Ineffectual efforts were made tbis after?
noon to open the tunuei by means ol
the explosion of dynamite. At 3 p. m.
'.he flames were burning fiercelo ano*
tbe firemen were etili powerless to
reach tbem,
Opening ot the American Pavilion.
Paris, May 12.?The formal opening
of tbe American national pavilion at
tbe Exposition took place today. ???
ceremony of opening began at 2:80 ?
m. when M. Picard, the commie, i mer
general of tbe Exposition, entered thi
building. Sousa's band wae ?tallone^
near toe entrance, and ae M. Picard ec
tered, played "Tbe Marseillaise." Com?
missioner General Peck met the French
commissioner at tbe door snd escorted
him to tbe rotunda. Mr. Peck made ?
few appropriate remarks in turning tbe
building over to tbe Exposition, and
then presented M. Picard wftb s gold
key pendant as a souvenir of the occa?
sion. M. Picard responded to Mr.
Peek's speech, witb a brief apprecia?
tive address, aod tbe ceremony was
Charged With Murder
New York M?*y 12. ? Corporal Adolpli
rises, wbo shot and killed Mrs. Leo?
Wolf, la>*t nigbt, declared tbie morniog
tbat be does not remember tbe ebootin..
The soldier, when awakened, seemed
to be dazed, as tbough suffering from
tbe effects of some drug, riass, who
wat stationed at Newport, cime to New
York on furlough and la_t night visit?
ed Mrs. Wolf, a comely woman of thirty.
He bad been io ber apartment* but a
short time when a shot a as heard.
Neighbors rushed in and found tbe wo?
man dead, riaes was arre.ted. ?a bif
belt was a cavalry revolver. One csit
ridge in it hsd been discharged. No
motive for the murder is known.
The Marke-?.
Chicago, May 12 ?The merket closed u
follows: Wbatt -M?y ?; July 65V?
Georgetown, May 12 ?Wheat 67?73.
To Car? Constipation Forever.
Take Cascarete Candy Cathart.c. 10c or23o.
U G U C i*ii m ours, _ru^__*u .-__?_. moot*
After tbe WRERRm
New Yo'k. May li,?Jim MEt?ta
eoaveaed mi- ? ara rag ita? be bado
?aid figbt lost aigbr. Beyead ? etm*Ao j
aiailartag orar tbo iati aya ?od ?
amMe? io tbo champeta ?tawed ao ?
sega? ef tee sacooater.
Corbett ?es taken to Patuno HoteJ
at -heijahia- mtotr be bad dtecarded
eel figbiiag tog?. ? ? ?if* greeted t im
M I _moi bim atote aod ague. "Im |
o. piood of yon Jm." ?te cried.
Toe talk of tbe t. wo is ibe -?bo wieg of ?
Corro* t It va? tbe moot entap?ate
reversal of form show? by aoy pugilist
ia tb? h-_ory of tb? nog. Round after
roaad be danced around tb? boiler
maker ani bit bim w'-eo be pl**a_ed. 1*.
?rae jouta an 1 strength aga n*( ag* ??_
cleverneen, however, aad tba former
had to be served.
Jrones ?_><?: "I was never so ?ur
pn?-*d :n ay life as I was at Corbett _
?oxicg. I trie i at least a busdre-J
tistes a certain blow, a left band book.
aad iterad each um? usti: th? las?.
and ina; pu: him out, I doe't -eio.
-ayiog tbst I eo: tbe worst fight of m*
??f? a-toirt. sed that CorbeUiatbe
neat a-ran I ever went op sgaiaet."
Csthett iteJatm tbat it was lack tsmt ta??
ed ta? t__t t-tiB-t _i_u J .at a??* : -1 tar
ta? igst wae aa?l u a m??t ?t* <__?___
-.?_> . jet :_; .?w tiz.ja.-i H ? _l _?_?- I
.t: _ _. ?_.:,-?-: faaaftat-bd l ael bal '
f?*-*? et* ,-kn J.frMt'pin. w__M l-ret
?a ta? isbt I eaa ?*?_*? J __ a_l ? ?? ?le
tati if?? will labt =_ ??___ I waat aa
atacr g?, aod bebe?*? I aa ?eut et I? h."
F-.r*?i?n Ite-*?.
Bsrcekna, May i_.?A? a resto.? o
the t?x d.-i_i-_i_c*e, tbe governor t>
1?y pro-leimed mai tal lew t.roogbao:
tbe province of Calatoci*. Merit tore*
moate ot troove tiofe arrived nere ?al
ail is qaiet ber? today
R-.me.May 12.?A ?biaoopCorrig?e,
wao arr vii bere tee _>t o.' tta ates,
be- not yet teen the P.pe. He bo? re
foeed timseif to el. tiPrT-??t?. The
Ar-cbbi-bop ia regar led at tb? Vatican
so e feture cardinal.
?Son', ha m p? or.. May L_.--G.eer?: G?'?
sere, wbo wa. receded lor lack of ernt?
etem in ?ootb A'r oa, arrired bare to?
day from L'?r.*t>?_. Greaerel Gotoere
VM expe-c-rd i set saiardsy bot it is
->iit?d be ai-eed h?_ boa'.
R-.mt, May 11 ?A crazy peasant in
a village near Ar? eat has m arde-red _i_*
m-mters of bis family aed wounded
several ot bere. He also barned to tbe
gr a.d a .table filled ?itb cattle.
London. Msy Ii.?Tbo Eemptoc
Parx greet "Jub ;*e* bend.osp (foor
teentb veor) cf .,000 eoveretgn. wa?
won by .ir._i?, ridden by R ckaby.
From BaTtoa.
Havana, May __??-La Loche, wbicb
is contractor Dedj . organ, in con.?
men'iog on the poetai rcscdaJ, dtftait
Mr. Rit-OO'e, <_e oirector gecerai cf
poeta, and intim?*?*. met tte War De?
partment is preparing to make him a
?cape.oet. Tbe paper dares tr.e gov?
ernment to make any attempt to parar?
cu-e Mr. Rathbooe.
Tne sentiment of tbe other Co bee
papsrs Ie tbat the pcr-toffic* has been
monopolized to provide fit eaecurta
lor American civilian? onacquatnud
?i*h the native language aod cueto??
?mere carpet baggers who came to
f-atner their nee'e.
Toe ac::c- mayor bas is.ued aa order
oroD bi'.rog tbe pray iog of Spanish airs
in public.
Aged Rivals Fight
Trer.too. sff. J., M?y 12.?riamo*:
D*?*d, ?ged 64, a_d Henry Tiltoo, ated
78, two well-koowo ?tiz-oe bere, have
?een miarrvi. c? for some time snoot
Maiy Eongnt, sged tb. Eacb watt
? marry ber and tbeir aaiaaoaty bee
re-u.ted ia both being arrested aad lb?
town being excited over tbe attempt of
one to kill tbe otber. Dean was abot
through tne wri*t by T*ihoo Thursday,
-ind yeeterlay T'itoo was held to a?
asjit before the grand pry Sor tbe
aaootiog. Til'.oo also bid Dean arresi
ed on a charge of atroctous aaaauli.
Cant were ron-i-g on six lia? in Si. Leais
today. There wie ame rioPag. bet eothirg
serioui reoited. s ;_0->.b the com ras as" or?
fica? are sii i bsving d.ficoty m ? penti ba
the line?.
Word his been reeeived at Piata? that Dr.
<ieo. C. Lo h mer tee pastor of Treeaoot Tern
pie, bu dedde. to accept the prend?a? -*f
o umbia Unveriity, Wt__?.c ???"-_, D. C Di.
Lor.iacr v. ? Lenker col?rra aor deay the
In Ph lidelph _ today the jary in the at
of Mr? Raring aga _rt Anna R- Ga__>i_
he alienating the ?flection? of the formir'?
nusbind, bioogbt in a verdict of ?y_?.OOO
in favor of the plaintiff.
Dr. George Edwird Read State Librariin
of Pennaylvica Prendesi of Dickiat-oa Col?
.ege end one of toe m-at prominent c.ergy
men in the Methodist Cburcb, wil. make tee
?ecooding speech in tke nomnuion of Pr?si?
dant McKinley it the Philadelphia convec?
There is ? partili tie up oo the line? of the
Metropolitan ?treet r.ilway lystim st Kansas
City.Mo.. tbii asorning. Tre eap.oyeee made
certain oemicda cn the company which n.re
refuted. Tbe company'? offici-I? lay they
can get a i the m-n tbey wint and ray every?
thing will ???a be running m ana!.
Mount Vernon.?The second ees
?ion of the Mouot Vernon Association
wa? beld yesterday at Mount Ver?
non. Mrs. I V. R. Tow.end, tbe re
geot, presided. Announcement wse
made of gift? t) tbe associ?t on since
the last ?espion. Among tbe articles
received are a pair of antique silver
cindle.t ck->, wbicb were regarded as a
precious relic in tbe family of tbe late
George A Goldttborougb, of Maryland
aod bequeathed by bim to tbe association
They were originally at Mount Vernon.
An auiogrsp- letter ol Gen. Wast i_u
ton was depoMt-d by bis grand neph?
ew, tbe late Faye teG. Ball.
The S'nt- of Texas bas presented
to Mount Vernon a gate placed at tbe
entrance to tbe ground?. It is of iron,
?upported on ? it ber side by a brick foun?
dation ornamented by a cornice similar
to that upon the mansion, bioce the
last council tbe following additional
gifts have bet?.? received: From Mr.8.
P. Avery, df New York, four books,
? -Washington's Let er-,'* two volume?;
"Tbe Memory of Washington;" end
'The Tomb of Washington;" Mr?.
Joseph R Limar, of Georgia, six banana
?orate; Mr. Willi im R. 8mltb, euperin
trident of the National Botanic Garden?
three books for the li rary, acedar at
L bsnon, ?nd other plani?; Mr. W. C.
McDowell, of Newark, N. J , Ethan Al?
len'? "Drama of tbe Revolution; Hor.
H. A. Herbett, "The First America/. ?
Commander R G. D.venport, United
States navy, an engraving which hung
at Mount Vein>r; Mis. ?Sara McFadden,
of -eek-kill. N Y., two flsge; Mrs Fol
ger, of San Francisco, $L Gov. Tyler
w.ll leave on Tuesday to attend tbe an?
nual mee ing of tbe board ol visitors at
Mount Vernon. The members of tbe
boerd will acoompeny the governor.
The party will return Tnsaday evening
to Richmond. I
?t }??e*t fot-lue,
_ j-a-atte m a* ??rwi tua i> ?. _ *
????-?_?> 1MB VaaVatsaMB?; ?_sat_.<V-tVJ_F m>
t*m? essay. Il jm. mms smmtaam Imi ?r
ogb? ?bt-te. brj ___r.. M_-__t?. .
te? te? aaai -_<?__- -?kJht ?-ry. .1 - .
.?: i.?_-__- '.-.. -^r-.-r-,i :
?ad runmm ?pam. _?-_??. _-*_?__!? .,
___ ?a* a_ aam aa_ *-"?_? ?_a aa_ w.o. ' ?
Try il m?m 9ma sj _a iwsamm* mu? ?__I
??una te __*_ Tria. *?*?_?*- PU
4 ree, Alta? & (Amman. La ?my S ?
' FIKTY-S.XTH *>i?i?rW
At the cioae of re-atta? ___.-. -
B-Cos rvqae*ted tbat be? r_sw ?
fered y?at*rday i.___ea la a*?.?
lec*e_ asd ezpeeded by . .
ii-faiib ha C.aa, oe .taiee_r *.
Tbe aee?! *f.t?*. ? .. . ft
t?mm kid beer- ma aad i
Cb? edler wae FssJsgs ? 4 mt mm* ? .
tai_i ae ine army paste pr?.?.
?m o i .
_WM_fiatti ?f-HI -. Hi ?
toa ef y-_tai__y be ??__ ita: ,
?f tka f__aa--ar from : m.
a oe atoa a fai? j M r A
as te toe .inattti *_*r
Harte?/ arat-vr, oaacswdbw ta?*.
? ?_ _:. _.*? : f
. k*_
? ??
?: -'- .
_*_??.-- ?- : .- t t . _
State of M aw, ??.?"
A . .... ?*-. .?.?_-;
JltteAttapeeooeeftbs V - - ,
?praCMle _e ?r?K.r.;_ : p_ f -, ?
U?ejei-etu?.??. ?:: ?%-..?.
pram?ogttabaaaraad pat:.:* ?
?: t: .:*;. :;-.?.?? ?.-.- ?_-_
:?;?-: * ead tbeeo ef ai?
?ta oRRoRRoA t =. -. omear. m - >.
imitRA* e* ER? Petad gtam Tb?
copy of fe reto>e*-?e to
govern meet.
Mr. Hal? aeked if Mr. . _?.
if be were ?jumaf iy of tee :
Harvey or Ero:?; a
L Mr _ _?_:.?? .--?
m little border it.
r, tat if I aere pej:__ i-,
too tor armor I wool. ??; :_*_.?; ?
ei ?.-- : ?>- . -a- : .
can -o :v Ita] ? ::?.?. ?: : - '?
.en.? :o _i .era.:.:* f ? .-? -??.
?tsap-y beoau-? tbey bad deodei to
?ardea it tbroagb."
Mr. C-baadkr prop-??* --.
govraaeeal eoa id ia a ; * ?
. . : ? : _ ? -. . -
beat of ara-..*.
Mr. riVwart ?poke ia favor
?ortropc-ition of tba govern _
iu owa pleat, aaakaadiag tba
?rater tram wool ri ia_re_t?
?rmor ? a:e accori.-- ?> tba ? ? ita
tb? governmect- Mr. _W_ai
during tbe warm o? __? na.tris mat
tbe ?aitad rita'?? **bai got fa b? t ta*
dam power.'" Wbca be I
hie e|-?V-*eb Mr. Hoar ?Ute-i tbat be
w;?y_-d :o e::*.* *. ? ;r::?rr ..- tl a
remark aad west oe bo Mate thai the
M .tata? es an out of tbe ?ani
1-12 "a firs* dam power I
ioo, oa aceooatof wc.?
wrvbrr-Mbddocir.oe of taparte lam," we
are cot ea M rot g as we ve: e
ago, bat we were at_. **i
;?; ??:
Mr. Bawfiaa toak* is fav.r of tbe
G nun ? mi a dm?? t
Mr. .pepear eatd mat be would v?. ta
?or r.e _________ ?me?: :_,? r. h?
wata ta par b54? per ton for
ta o?pian tbe battle-.
? __ outrage litt
aay com;_ay aba__i demand such in
Cost_-__NL Mr _?*->OB*r said : "I -p?
ia fa-tor of iacrasmeg the navy. The
'Moaroe ileuuie?' moat aod will he D| -
held; bat I do beiieve that there tea
not b**o a v.ma m tne !?_?. ?fry
when t_**. wae lee? danger of tbe Mor?
ro? doctrice beingfhaUaagad '?
day. I ?rae ecrpri-ed a: t-e s.eech ? ?
-*Bator L***dge yta'.erday, whi-n te
?tiled tbat tbe Mocrc* dec r.ce
be cha-lecged by Germany. I
tfcere never w*. a time when mon?
friendly reiatioce ezWted between Iba
Ueited'ri-firee aod Germany. 1 wouM
not vote to speod ooe dollar tf tb?
peoples' money oo thetneory tba' theie
v_ ds-ger from Germacy."
Mr Hale in making the clo-in.
in favor of tbe amendment propo-ed 1?.
tbe committee, said tbat
an increase of the oa.y, but laa?
sion to remsrk tbst he hsd no fear of ai y
trouble with Germacy.
The Houee wse net ia eeaaioo loos*,
Bismarck's Iron Nerve
Was the result of hie spienti ?i
Indomitable end tremendo.?
sre not found where "stomact. I.'- '
and Bowel? are out of order,
want these qualities and the -
they bring, u-e Dr. Kin?.'. Ne? L -
Pills. They develop every power
brain aod body. Only 25 I
E.S. Lead beeter A ?Sons' Dru?- ?
l?oa't To' ?ero Spit ????I ?*--_<-1<? loar I ? '
To quit tobacco easily at>J f? ?
neue, lullet 1Mb, nerve ar-J ? ig '? t_?e :
Bac, tbe wooder-worker, tbat makes vea.
strong. All ?-ruggiste,50c or si. Cure??'
teed Booklet and sample free, ?
tarttor emWMRM On. Cbi_?ee _ N? >
List of Unclaimed. Lettera
The following is a list of the ? '
mainiag ia the Alexandria, Va ;?
May 12.
Andrew?, Bobeit Walton, Mr? KI
Lpacomb. W ? Wit-r?, ? R
Payne, -dgir Whit-oe, Mn I
r'trenll, John W Wies fi?-Id, M - M
Phi.lipa M L
There la more Catarrh In tht??*. tion sf
?untry tha?* ali other di***?* put MM
and outil tho last few year? w?? tap)
bekeuiable- For ? treat min-, j
ton pronounced it a ??xsil diMiae, a
scribed local remedie?, and by c<
fai lino te cur. with local trea?r_?i
nraoocd it incarable ?-cience h?- ;
cst?rrh to be a coietitotiou?! dis?
therefore reqaites conati tuiionil 11
Ila..'? l'iter.h Car?, minufactare. by F-J
? brney ?k Co., Toledo, Ohio, i? t :r
rt tntionil cure on the mark t
iohrnkliy In dose? fiorii 10 drcp-t I
tpoontal. It sets directly on it.? I
id a coos sorfioe? of the system
one band red dollirs for iny ese? :
?are. bend for ci calar? and resti u
Addreee F J. CHENEY ?k CO i
Bold by d rugg??t?. 75c.
EU? i Family Pill? are the beet.
"I bad itomacb trouble foi twe? y ???'?
and gave op hop? of being cured til Ibrg
to a-.e Kodol Dy?pep*ia Core. 1:
me so mach good I call it tbe ??*- ?? ?
lila" ?ntee W. B. Wilkir -on, Albary. Tri*r.
It digeeU whit yoa eat.
j. a ____?--.

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