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XUrnn?ria ^awltf
? *._.?.?-.?_
-no rises tomorrow at d.?_ a. m. and
al 7:1'??? High water at 6:42 noon and
7:0"? p. u??
.... I ?
Wkith-B PBOBtaiLlTiOB.?For thi-t set?
tion,tali tonight and -unday; variable win If.
?Otri/d Church.?Services si u -?. m
aQ(! s ??. m. by Rev. ?. 8. Hin.?., of
St, j'aul's Church.?Service at 11 a.
m. and 8 ??, no. by Rev. P. P. Phillips.
Orate Church.?Holy communion 7:15
a. m. Servios at 11 a. m. and 8 p. m.
by Rev. C. E. Ball.
V. Mary's Church.?First Maas at 7
a. m. Solemn high mas?? at 10:30 a. m.
anil sermon by Rev. Fatber Cutler.
V taper* ?t 4 p. m. ?
Immanuel Lutheran Church.?Regular
? rfioe M 11 a, m. in English by Rev.
M L Luecke. ?Service in German at
7:80 i?. m
Meted IVesbyterian Church.?8unday
-? hot)l at 9*80 a m. Bertie?? at 11 e. m.
uD.i 8 ? ? bv Rev. F. J. Brooke, D D.
lottai Church?Preaching at 11a.
rn. ami 8 j?. m. by Rev. Dr. G. L. Hunt,
ita \telh. Epis. Church.?Sunday
school ft 9:30 a. m. Preaching- at 11 ?.
ir. and S p. m. y Rev. J. A. Jeff er?
Young People?' prayer meeticg at ?:30
?? p?.
Meth Epi*. Church South.?9:15 a. m.
Sunday school. Service at il a. m
und 8 p, m. by Rev. E. V. Regester.
Prof. Church.?9:15 a. m. Sun
?....?;. S-rvicesat 11 a m. and
v p. m. bv lier. E. A. Warfield.
Fret Methodist Church?Lee street,
: Wilkes.?Services at 11 a. ra. and
|). ni. by Rev. Mr Cameron.
Village Chapel, M. E. Church South.?
street near Alfred.?Class
meeting at 9 n. m. Sunday school at
:?. m.
l>el Ray Chape!, M. E. Church South.?
Sunday riliuolat2:30. Epworlh League
a 8 p. m.
Meeting at Midland Railroad reading
r oui?? at I p. in. Service of prayer and
praise witb a short address.
(Vims Hotn?.?Services at 3 p. m.
M,wie Chapel, PrJestant Episcopal
? -ilortnlj.?-Sunday school at 3 p. ra.
ng prayer and sermon at 3:30
Robert* Chapel, M. E. Church (colored)
Preaching at 11 a. m. and at 7.30 p. ra.
( AU Postpone*..?The case of Ber
|a_tio tJoh'smitb, charged with an et?
tei??? el criminal aeeault on Mre. Mary
Rilln.-t, wa? called up io tbe Police
Conrl tbl? morning. Tbe prisoner was
reprceented by Mr. Charlee Beudbeim.
The court room was tilled wiib persone
a tract?-?! mainly by curiosity, but ""?y
order of tbe Mayor it was cleared of all
but witnesses.
Mr?. ? ?????'? testimony wan mainly
whut was published in the Gazette
yesterday; that Goldsmith, wbo was
r-o?cit in?- orders for pictures and
Iraroee, called at her house, entered
the parlor otid when she returned to
the room with some photographs be
her and attempted the assault.
She -creamed and be ran from tbe
hou*?e and whs followed by ber and ber
li tie boy who was in the street. Mr.
Thoma?? Wnddey stepped Goldsmith
mil ? ti ? tacer Sherwood conducted
li'iu to the station bousa.
Ciiild-iiiiitb was called on to testify
snd Mated th?t be had been invited in?
to the house to get an order for en
Isrging a photograph. He told Mrs
R-'llics that -?he would have to pay 25
cent? a vteek for the picture and she
t.'u-ii became excited, calling bim a
'?? ie! and a fraud. He then left tbe
bouse and on being pursued ran bo?
wer J? the police station.
Mr. Ben Iheim, ae counsel for the
ileVndaDt, then made an argument, in
wbi-h he sought to discredit the etate
m-iit?? of the woman, but ae no testi?
mony of tbe kind had been brought
forward the court could not reoeive if.
U -v. C. E. Ball, who waa present,
volai teered a statement as to tbe im?
morality, untruthfuloet-?, etc., of tbe
woman, but as his testimony was on
I?- ir-ay it was not material. He otler
e?l, however, to bring witnesses who
could tes ify as to fie woman's charac?
No etlort had been made to furnish
??Mtlmooj to impeach tbe plain'ill's
s'atement, so Mr. Bend beim asked a
p'?'!".nement o* the case. The Mayor
?'>n-ented and tb. ca-?e was continued
until five o'clock oo Monday afternoon.
: -MOMA!? ?Rev. J T. Cameron will
preach at Waterford at Hough's Hall
on Tuesday aod Wednesday evenings
Mrs George Drewry If visi'iog Mies
Lillian Peters, in Lynohburg.
Min L. V. Brockett ie visiting her
nephew, Mr. A. D. Brockett, on north
?Vafhirgtin street.
Mr. R W. Whaley, who has been
quite sick, Is much better.
Mrs. F. G. riwaiDO ie sick with the
grippe Ht her home oo Royal street.
Kev. Berry man Green will preaoh to?
morrow to bis old congregation in
L ?eburg and R?v. Mr. Hiuks will sup?
ply his nlaoe in Chriet Church.
Mr. W. H. Steuernagel, now of Phil
adelphl?. is in Ulis city on a short visit
Mr. J. D. Lannon, of New York, is
in the city on a short visit to hie old
Mr. Allan Warfield, of Philadelphia,
la in i his cliy on a virit to his father.
City Engineer J. Gales Holcombe to?
day filed his bond and qualified before
ihe Mayor and entered upon he dn
charge of his duties.
? oretary Root, Gov. Rooeevelt.Gen.
Cjrbin anda number of ladiee accom
panlsd by an escort of cavalrvmeo
ir?m Fort Myer came here from Wash?
ington today on horseback, on their
wm to Mount Vernou.
Cards are out for the marriage of Mr.
Barrv Buckley, of WanhioKton, and
MlatEtttlv May Wheat, of Louisville,
which is t) take place on June 10.
Capt. Georg* A. Musbbach and Gen.
Wm. H. Payne will shortly ea? tor Eu?
Mr. J. R. Chapman, now of Cecil
county, Md., was In the city today on a
?h?rt busin-s. trip and was warmly
greeted iy his numerous friends.
?Mr. Elmer Dava writes to his father,
Mr. L. M. Davis, of tbis oity, that at the
reosatflra at riandon, B. C, he lo.t
''early everything he pceseseed
" I tut Buffering from Mvere? dyapepsis over
lealve yeaie and using many remedie? with* !
out permanent good, I dually took Kodol
1 _ epepti? Cure, it did me ao mach good I
? ?- ..-.mo?.??! it ta every one," write? J. K. W?t
k'us, Clerk and Recorder, Chillieotb?, Mo. It
'?nests what yon eat.
take -\_atiys Bftoko Q.ininz Tablkts.
AU ?iruggist? refund the money if It fail? to
cur? ? W. Gaovcs'? aigaatur? on each
box, 26?.
W,i*?tiiii-i.in*-* Favorite Store.
Specials in
We have a ?mill lot of 3-pieco Vestie Knit?,
made of flue navy blue Jersey cloth. The??
ate vtUHl $5 50 ?nd $..00 valuea ?O Tc
To close.?.?.?..??'*-'?--*'*-'
Boys' Double>hre?_t?4 fenits, in
navy blue etriptd cheviot, ?iaee 7 to(t* 1 A(\
15* $2.00 valuoi._.....-.*P ? *^'y
Boys' Doub.o-brea.stel huit?, in
mixed ctsaimore, stood wearing ma-(l? | A"!
ta-rfai, ?Itei 7 to 15. .$2,00 ?*1???F I ?** /
Navy Bine r-'er.o ?nd Cheviot
All-wool Blou-e riuii-i,ei7e? 3 to 10.?t'y O?
-?4.00 and $4._5 valu?. .*P*-'y?
Good Values in Wash Blouse Suits.
.ulte of Light.triped Cheviot, fast col?
ors, 50z value?. 25c.
-aita of Fine Domestic and Cbev.o';
also Ciash. 75c vaines. 49c.
Baits of Imported Galit a ?nd Chtviot,
beantifully trimmed. $1 50 vain -a. 98c.
??nits of dalai oh snd Duck. $1 ani
fi 15 vaines._...._._-.. 74>.
Boys' W-b Knee Pa.t?, ? ?ir. Or.
f-oya' Percale ? nd On ting shirt Waists, ? ?c
Boys' Cassini, ro Golf Cai*._. 5c.
Free Dally Deliveries to Alexandria.
420 to 426 Seventh street,
The Best Prescription for Chilla
?nd Fevor ia ? bottle of Obove'h ???t??.e. s
?'mi.'. Tonic. It ia ainnply iron and qninine
? a tasteless form. No car??no par 50c
(-OFT SHELL ( KABS OH TOAST, tt Bl-Dll 1'?
Beetauraiit. Try onr delicious deviled crai a.
Lynn have? ? hard .hell crabs steamed twice
daily. Our dam eoup a delicacy ol tho *BB*
aon. Clams and oysters in ?-11 style?. All
orders thiough Home 'pbone63 given prompt
The enaiest and _o<t effectiv. method 1 f
purify ii.g the blood and invigorating tbe ay -
terni? t? taho DeWitt'e Liuto Early Biaerr,
the famous little pill? for cleansing tho livtr
and bowel?.
Mo-'l ?> l::i< lor t? lit y .rute.
t?aai-ant-e- t-_a*t*a nablt cure, m&kee weak
. tnooe t?T.*4\ ?Oc ta au mwsvmm
Police Court.-? Mayor George L.
Simpson presiding.?The foiiowin?.
cast*, were disposed of tbis morning; :
Benjamin Goldsmrb, charged witb
an attempted assault on Mre. Mary
Rol ings, bad bis case continued.
Tbomtis Rye 11, charged witb being
drunk und disorderly, had bis case
A woman, charged with permitting a
nuisance on ber premises, was di*
Fred Tibbs, colored, charged witb
trespassing on tbe properly of Henry
Cansler, colored, was dismissed
David Hullett, charged witb disor?
derly conduct, was fined |2.50.
Joseph Lawler, charged witb disor?
derly conduot, was dismissed.
Night Report.?Last night wae cloudy
and cool. Two prisoners and two lodg?
ers were at the station bouse.
Public Property.?A meeting of]
tbe committee on public property was
held last night. It was decided to recom?
mend to Council tbe laying of a vitri?
fied brick floor in tbe Columbia engine
bouse and tbe renewing of the ceiling
ol tbe ball of tbat house; also to recom?
mend the laying of a new floor in tbe
Hydraulion bouse and to make other
repairs to tbat building. Tbe commit?
tee decided to give tbe work for the
vitrified brick floor in the Columbia
bouse to Mr. Wm. Webster and the
renewing of tbe ceiling in tbat building
to Mr. J. F. Rodgers and the repair
work at the Hydraulion house to
Meesrs. Knight & Brenner. Tbe com?
mittee will also r? commend the taking
down of tbe heavy iron floials on the
maiket building and tbe replacing ol
tbe same witb galvanized iron orni
River Notes.?The old sohooner
Lily of the Valley is lying at Dean's
shipyard, being wrecked for tbe old
metal that ie in her.
Tbe sloop Albatross is at Dean's ship?
yard for genbial repairs and repainting.
The Norfolk and Washington Steam?
boat Company has plans prepared for
extensive improvements to its large pier
at the foot of Prince street.
The wharf at Glymont and tbe one at
Marshall Hall are to be thoroughly re?
The steamer T. V. Arrowsmith this
morning took the place of the Wake
field on tbe lower river route. Tbe
Wakefield will now receive an over?
The Epworth League of Trinity
M. ?. Cburcb will ons-rve tomorrow
the 11th anniversary ef ibe organiza
Moa? of the league in the Metboditt
Church. There will be a sunrise prayer
meeting at 6 o'clock a special sermon
to tie league at 11 a. tn.; at 3 p. in. an
address to the Juuiois by Mi.?s Jennie
Watts, of Washington, and at 8 p. m. a
league rally servici; addresses by
different members of the league and
the pastor upon league work. Tbe
public generally is very cordially in?
vited to a.teud these service??, especial
ly those not interested in Epworth
league work.
Old Folks' Concert.?At the concei t
next Thursday evening, tie choir of St.
Paul's Church will beaseit-ted by a num.
ber of tbe b tt singers in Alexandria,
nearly every choir being represented.
Miss Sara Taylor, the contralto soloist
of Curisi Churcb choir, will sing "Mary
of Argyle," ?nd Mr. C'uapman, the bari?
tene of tbe same choir, will sing "A.ni?
Laurie." Prof. Edward tw_ m ^
a*elst, and open uye seconde h?lfe" of
the programme witb a violin solo.
It Saved His Leg.
P. A. Danfortb, of LsGrange, Gs.,
suffered intensely for s.x months witb a
frightful running sore on hie leg but
write-- tbat Bucklen'e Arnica Salve
wholly cured it in ten days. For Ul?
cers, Wounds, Burns, Boils, Pain or
Piles it's tbe best in tbe world. Cure
guaranteed. Only 25 cents. Sold
by E. 8. Leedbeater & ?Sons, Drag
gists, m
Dow Are 1 onr Kidney. I
JoTiii- rxn^wnirjT
An uptight DE?.? KB PIANO, in good
condition. Apply to M IB- POWELL 714
Qeeen euoou ayiOlw
& Lothrop,
10th, 11th and F Sts., N. W.
Special Sale of
We deaiie to call ?p.ci?l ?ttooticn to our
uiimiiiliy inrg ? -ml c? lupuheuslve atoe k of
Tibie, Bed and Toilet Linen?, Quilts, Com?
forters, ??beets, Pillow Sili? , Drtpeiie?, ? ur
t?lna, Win-'.cw 8ha?J?", Window and Poor j
?Screen?., Glisa and ?biuawacs, Furnituie
and General llouseboll Supplie?. A ?lock of,
everything, uniformly reasonable in urioo.
This is the season for refurnishina botila
mttagee, Ac, and we dirett attention to onr
new ?to? k of Upholstery .tuffs, C'urtai ? ?, Cur?
tain Material?, Ac , which embraces iil tbo
loading style? and novelties. We aleo direct
attention to our facilities for executing the
following work :
Lace Curtains and Drap-ri??? taken down,
cleansed, itored, and lehuug in the fall.
Carpels taken up, eleansed, made moth
proof, stored and relaid iu the fall.
Furniture lepaired, reup_o!?t?r>.d and
Flanket, cleansed, reb.und and rempped
to look like new.
Hair Mattresses mido to order for any lise
bed or eiib,
Ma.r M?ttr-?see snd Pillows renovated and
recovend witb new tick'n ?.
Ornemental Pf rquetry (tiir.l wood) Floors
laid. Driwings submitted.
Forniture Slip ('ov?is mude to order
Window Hh?dee made to ordor.
Window Beicene m,do to order.
Boot screens made to order.
Goods called for and delivered without ad
tiotial charge.
Everything guaranteed pgaiust los? by
moths or fite.
Competent men sent anywhere without
charge to measure, plan, A".
Second floor.
The "Woodward & Lothrop"
Sewing Machines
Aie equal to any good machine on the mar?
ket, and they (0>t only about h-If a? much.
Thoy ?re constru?-te! of the best material by
the highest ?killed labor, and are guaranteed
for five years. Thoy n j ball-bearing and no
?ifoit ia required to run thtiu.
$18.00 to $36.00.
Filth floor.
Woodward & Lothrop,
ioth, ? ith & F Sts., n. w?
Washington. I) C.
Charged with MuRi>Kn ?The po?
lice have been notified hy Deputy
Sheriff Rercu.hbaugh. erf Mana-teas, to
lookout for Albert Lambert, a dark
multato, about 6 feet tall and 40 yeare
old, who ie charge 1 with murder in
Prince William county. Lambert is an
ez-Uoion Holdit-r, but no detail?? of tbe
murder were given in tbe dispatch re?
questing hie apprehension.
The following was received at this
office this evenini? :
Mnnnssas, Vu , May 12
Alexander Limbert, colored, was
brought here this morn.ng by Sheriff
J. P. Leachman and placed in jail
charged with shooting and killing his
wife,Susie Lambert, lust oigbt. She had
nat b-i?_ living with bim for .?orai- time
He bad made threats against her and
last night tbe woman was killed at
Nokesville where she bad been livinir.
Lambert seems to be unconcerned
about tbe matter. He bears a bad
?e??.??T.?The Confederate pension
board met today, Mr. K. Kemper in tbe
ohair and Mr. J. M. Johnson secretary,
and approved the following applica?
ti ins for pensions: Margaret Swann,
Dalid Manly, Mary F. Bolton,? Eli-ba
Jackson, Sarah E. Skilman, Laura V.
Tatsapaugb, James Maboney, Jane C.
Carner, Mary F. Maddox, 8. E Clem?
ents, J. f. Devaughn ?nd S?n ord Fair
The following were rejected : Lucelie
Minor, George Calvert and J. T. Petty.
Ladies, do not fail to investigate
tbe great skin food ani soap -'Mira?
bilia." Rough skin made like velvet.
Tan and freckles absolutely removed.
Indorsed and pronounced absolutely
hermits-; by tbe health officers of tbe
District of Columbia. Free demon?
stration at I. Elchberg & Son's.
Fish.?bince yesterday 25,000 herring
and 150 ?bed have ai rived at Fiehtown.
Herring sold at $2 per thousand and shad at
$12afl5 per hnndred.
Story of a biave.
To be bound band and foot for years
by the chains of disease is the worst
kind of slavery. Oeorge D. Williams,
of Manchester, Mich., tells bow such a
?lave was made free. He eaye: "My
wife bad been so helpless for five years
tbat she could not turn over In bed
alone. Alter using two bottles of Elec?
tric Bitters, she is wonderfully improv?
ed and able to do herown^work." This
supreme remedy for female diseeeee
quickly cures nervousnes*, eleeni?'
uess melancholy, H?**?^ ^^
faintio- ?-"_ ulzzy ipe?g< ThU mira.
cle working medicine isa godsend to
sickly, run-lown people. Every bot?
tle guaranteed. Only 50 ote. Sold by
? ?. Leadbeater A Sons' Druggists.
An Epidemic of Whooping Cough.
Last winter during an epidemic tf j
whooping cough my children contracted
tbe disease, having severe coughing
spells. We bad used Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy very successluly for
croup and naturally turned to it at tbat
time aud found it relieved the cough and
effected a complete cure.?John E. Clif?
ford, Proprietor Norwood House, Nor?
wood, N. Y. T.ii-> remedy ie for e.le by
ail druggists.
.-_ *
W. S. Mnaier. M?lheim, ??., saved the life
of hi? little airi by ??lving her One Minute
Cough Cure when she wm dying (rom troop.
It is the only htrmlee? remedy tbat give? im?
mediate relief. It quickly cures cough?,
cold?, bronchiti?, grippe, ?-trim* ?nd ?11 throat
and long tseohle?.
PennsylvaBia Avenue and ?Seventh st.,
Washington, D. C.
Dally Froc Deliveries are Made In Al*
e.andrla ?li? ret to tour doors.
Another Batch of Specials
Boys' Clothing
For Saturday.
One by one tbe beet
mannftetureriare wind?
ing up tbeir lummar
eeason snd getting tbeir
work looms in (hspe for
the fall making. Th!
movement puts bargain?
f i^W/ LJJ -big snd plenty?In
, "?^/?j?4\\ onr *"-??<? ,"-??*?? we
wir" I \\\ PromP?'*r' transfer to
^| / ?x^you?at the same pro
I \ portlonstely low prices.
W ^* The following lots are
the MOST SPECIAL of the speciali.
Buys' Doable-breasted and Brownie Baiti,
In neat Brown Cheek Cheviots;Brownies trim?
med with siik soutache braid, with silk em?
broidered emblem on shield ; sll s k-sewed
snd lined with Itkliau cloth; lises 3 to 16
years, f-p'ondi?! value for f'2.50. <P J | j
8pe ill.f 1,1 O
Boy?'Blue "?erge Huit?, in Double-breasted
Bro ?nie and Sailor ?.vie?; Brownie? with
?epnrite vests; sailors witb full-cut blouie;
double-breasted in latest style; sll ?ilk sewed
and with all ee?mst?p.-d? ?lies 3 to ??^ |Q
IG years. Equals of any $3.50 sait F?*'? I "
Lot of Boys' Long Pants Suits, mads up in
single-breasted style, some plain Blue snd
some Fancy Mixed All-wool Cheviots; they
are well cut and carefully tailored, and
worth $6. All sises, 15 to 19 *a Q-?
years, ?special today .... 4>*T.y?_"
500 pairs of Boys' Separate Knee Pants;
strictly all wool, witb double seats, tsped
seam? and patent waiitbanda; lise? 4 to 15
Worth 75r, bnt offered specially to- A Zn
day at.*OL?.
50 doaen 8birt Waists, made by tbe Star
Shirt W?i?t makers, in all the latest shapes;
to be worn with white collar?, or collars to
match; guaranteed perfect fitting.. AH sises
4 to 13 years. Regelar 75c value. C(\n
100 pairs Boys' Bine Denim Brownie Over?
alii, fast color? strongly made and cut to fit.
They will save tbe clothing a lot of the rough
usage and hard knocks of play. These 'I ir
are the regular 30c kind. Special . . *OL??
Saks & Company.
The Nobthumhebland.?The new
steamer Northumberland, of the Weems
Steamship Company, will sail from
Baltimore to thisci'y snd Waabiogtcn
t ii?. evening. The Northumberland is
a screw vessel, 11)0 feet in length, and
is painted white. Her speed is 15 knots.
Capt. Wm Geoghegan will have charge,
Tbo most noticeable departure in the
new boat from other vessels of the com?
pany is the arrangement oi tbe cabin of
the vessel, which is flush with the side
of ihe t?o*t, instead of having the three
foot passage around tbe sides, as is tbe
case with all the other steamers of tbe
Tomorrow will be Hospital Sunday
in most of the ci'y churobes snd the
collections will be for the Alexandria
The Southern Railway how has near?
ly 200 hands at work on the extension
of the W. & 0. to Sni.-kersville. Sev?
eral car loads of mules and carte have
arrivod and tbe work will be pushed
Jn the Corporstion Court today in the esso
of ? bar?es King & Son vs. the Union Nation?
al B?nk of Detroit, ?n ?ppeel fiom ? decision
of Jastice Pelton in favor of the hunk, jadg?
ment was entered affirming tho decieiou ol
the justice.
A gold watch which wu lost in Washing?
ton last week by Mrs. Hollett, of thi? city,
was recovered today by Lient. Smith. The
watch bed been found by James Peterson at
the time and today ho turned it over to Lieut.
Mia. Id? M. Beard, of Winston, ft. C., U in
this city Bellini* her boos, "My Own Ltfe, or
a Deserted Wife." Thia ia a ?tory of Mr?.
Board'? life, which ?be ie selling to aid la tba
?upport of herself and children.
An attempt was made at at early boor thi?
morning to burglarise ?house near the cor?
ner of Wolfe ?nd F?lrf?x ?treet*, but neigh?
bors heard the noise nod the intruder wu
?cared off.
The Alexandria Athletic Astooiition hi?
reoeived ?n invitation to attend the ?thletic
meet of the Atlantic Athletic Union on the
14th instant at Baltimore.
The mail for the Wuhiegton ?nd Ohio di?
vision of the ?ronthern ?_lw?y, which hu
been closing at 8:37 a m , closes now at 7:2.
?. ro.
Mt. Vernon Council, I), of ?., will hold a
?tr?wberry festival at Odd Fellow?' Hkll on
Thursday evening next.
A crab picking w>U be given at Mr. J ?cob
Brill's restaurant _t the foot of King atreet
Two new cases of smallpox w? . .
InWubingtou toda? ?-** ??ported
F-BSOHS contemplating ? trip to tbe Psris
Exposition ?nd Europe, would do well to eon?
?uU Mr L. S. Dolsn, agent for the American
Lin?, who?, advertisement appears on another
page of this pi?per.
THE ANNUAL MESI ING of the ?tock?
holder? of the ALEXANDRIA REAL
TITLE COMPANY, will be held ?t tbe office
of the company, 119 ?outb Fairfax ?treet,
Aloxandri?, V?.. on FRIDAY, M?y 18. 1900,
?t 11 o'clock a. m, M. B. HARLOW.
m?12 td Secretary and Treasurer.
be held on TU "?DAY, M?y 2T, at 2:40 p. m.,
at 119 eouth F?irf?x ?treet.
nivl'i td MB. HARLOW. Pec*ty.
distribute cirruUrs?nd ?ampi??; good a?y
Slate if?. Boyal Qam C?., Chicago. It '
FIR RENT.? Pie-sant and convenient
newly repaired tiKOOND AND THIRD
alORV ROOMS for houiekeeping, 321 King
?treat. Present occupant vacate? to leave tb?
citv Term? very revocable. Pome-den
given Is- of Jane. Apply to 322 8. Wash
lugto? street. tajll la?
D. y Il? (I
The Following Special
Bargains for this
We closed out from an Importer 15 piece?
-ilk Mixed Colored Madras at lust hilf of his
former price. The etyles are strictly new,
?nd tbe colorings ire beautiful. Tbey an?
woith ?!'c. but we ire going to sell them the
same manneia? 1 hey were sold -J rr <?/__
ton?, juat one half.-~~.OOL? VU.
25 pieces White Pin Dot- \ *}1/ r
ted Swissef. Worth 25c a?.- ? ??*/2t"
White Organdie 45 and 52 | G? ?.?
inches wide.?.... * **L? VU.
50 pieces White India Linon,
rer-f fine, percalire floieb. Worth Q.- ?.,1
12V ??.-._..?c y??
One case White Cheek Nain- tr,-, , ,A
sook. Worth 8o at.OL? VU.
Al!?wool Black Batiste, and
Nnn's Veiling? for Sommer C(\n ?,??
Dresses, 8T In. wid.?..OvtL? J/U.
Fast Blick, Fine Organdie .... I WCs
Black Batiste?, soft snd i ")\/ r ,.?
fine ss Indis Silk._ ? ?72^ J U?
Black French S a t i n e. f 'il/ r ,TA
Worth l?o at._I ?72^ ??'
Lidio?' Lisle Thread Hose, "% Cr
plain and dropstitched.?.AltOL?,
Children's Bleck Hose, full f ^J/ n
regolar. Worth 19c.?.* -6/_t'?
Children's Double Knee Hoto ? (\r
fall seamleM-.* OC.
White ? ? Braids, **???*??\? 0?
Whits P que?, 2.5c quality in 1 fr.-, ^.?
remnaBts..-.??,.? OL? j U.
White Finishing Braids, 5-yd "G., ?,?
pieces..-._..^ VL? Kc?
Vslenciennes Lacea IS-fcl for ? ?J y G.
New lot Tal e Oilcloth?. ? ???'/_? ?"?
ladies'Blese ied Bit bed Veit),?G
tape neck._?l7C?
D. y t?m (t Sons.
ShirtWaist Sensation
This bids fair to be the big?
gest Shirt Waist season in
years. All signs point this
way. We have heeded these
signs by equipping this depart
ment with the newest and most
original designs, stylish to the
last degree, and made by the
same reliable manufacturer
whose waists we have sold with
great success in past years.
Lot 1-20 dozen Colored Waists, 3 9C
Lot 2?25 doten color. 1 Waists, 4* VC
Lot 3-Polka Dut Percale " 75C
Lot 4?Percale Waiats, in beanti- ?-"? ?O ?
ful pattern?, at.V?C
49c, 75c, 98c, $1.29, $1.39,
$1749, $1.89, $1.98,
$2.49 and $2.98.
ia black, white
Pulley Belts, m ab__
NewStylc. 1^^' CoUarS.
Ladle?, do not fail to investigate
Bosgh ?kin made like velvet. Tan ?nd
freckles absolutely removed. Endorsed and
pronounced abaolutsly harmlt-ae \ry the Health
Officer of the District of Columbia. FREE
I. Eichberg & Son.
??-?.????- tiTma, ??53___.1!_ ??-??--?PieBl?
-?-v^._nan,..-J^-*^^ _| _DRY GO<m__
Our buyer has just returned from New York, and many
new things greet the purchaser. All excellent values.
A Special in All-wool Dress Goods
Four colors, fine stripes, excellent 50c value on old price
Our Price 39c.
6 patterns in Silk Mouslin de Soie, dainty printing ; regular
50C value.
Our Price 35c.
10 patterns in Colored Plisse Silk, very dainty tor waists ;
regular $1 quality.
Our Price 69c.
Four colors in a very sheer Cotton Grenadine, fine and
silky, imported by James McCreary & Co. to retail at 5a
Colors, blue, white, pink and lavender.
Our Price 15c.
A large range of new and desirable Ginghams at 10c.
Very desirable patterns in our fast color 7c Ginghams, just
suitable for waists and dresses.
Important additions to our stock o?
Embroideries, Beading & Laces.
We show the best assortment ol these goods ever offered.
25 styles fancy Neck and Waist Ribbons, worth 25c, at 15a
15 styles fancy Neck and Waist Ribbons, worth 29c, at 19c.
Lot of fine Net Men's Shirts, 50c quality. Our price 390
Four garments lor $150. Special values in Ladies' Vests.
We are Headquarters on Matting
Give others a look and come to us and be assured of a
saving of from 10 to 15 per cent One price.
'Ramsay Sells the Best.
Roe Herring
A new fine preparation for
nice desserts, containing
NO corn starch, just
recehred by
?Great Opening Sale of D
Summer Clothing
Hats and
Men's Clothing.
Stylish Navy Perge Unita, $6 to $7.50.
Nobby Checked, Striped ?mi Pla'.d Saite tt
12.05. f. euri 17.50.
Qentael Bltck Wonted .aita.ipt ci?l. 96.95.
Cruh Salt? f 1.39. Think of it I
Moleskey Pente 49c ?nd 69c.
Nobby line of Stripe? ?nd Cheek? 98e,
f _,__, SI.69 ?nd 9ti,50.
Cruh ???_ 49c.
Boys' Clothing.
WMh Salt? 49c, 79c and 98c
F?ncy Wonted Saita, mixed, 91e, $1.39
?nd f*2.25.
Beautiful ??lection of Kn?- pADta tt 49c?
75? ??1a?.
120 p-irt E neu p__u for thi? aale tt 14a
? psir,
CRAb G_?U 1-te.
Singl? Ooota for boys 39c.
Furnishing Goods
l-uependen for thi? sole ?t 5e ?nd 9c
Socks, bl_ck ?nd tan, for this nie. lOo
N?t(lice Shirts, ?-?od?], with yoko ne?k
b_-l 25_
CNDEBWEAE-2-c for SOe Bolbrifgtn.
Je_n Garment? 25c each.
?oy. Swnter? 17c.
207** Ov*n_ls, __? 3 to IS, 25c
402 King street,

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