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? ? ?es Y"]'k asya thai
? li mi in that city that intends
building operations in
:;!tbal is thi
inn uiy. It bai ?
? build
- and h
? ? preparations to pro
? j ? ?- work and to protect
then. It ?rill build a-tockadearoun 1 tin
Ot and turn it into a fort. A
tentative of the company said:
We bave found that there are 180 men
?'??> up" non-union
< on building?. They form
i operate like any gang ol
< In Olir new build
o provide sleeping
quarti r that it may ni
?.?? the place
? t... We arc going to
stockade around the
This a sad state of affairs
and a travesty npon a country which
eing the "home of the free."
dea of men who want to work in
order to ? irn a living to hi guarded irom
? fer not to become
thi? or that organization, is
uant .o the constitution under
:. we live.
The continued labor troubles an
d to the thinking
? .'?try. The building in
with alarm the indorsement
. walking delegate,
tional Association
ivention at Kansas
A iuneapolie many of
for an eigbl
[n Bflka 14,000 miners
? to tie-up the Union
i properties (or more pay
The butines? world.
? a great exteut the nn
? labor equation, lia
I lj every line, the
los nward ?
mmon at 16,
lated Lake
?i the end of its
II be sold out t > m'?, t ?is ob?
li .1 this will lei G?
was visited
? forced
to hu -i at the county
at Wiimiii ??? n, Dei., on
Saturday. Fire hundred people wit
whipping, and the lash v. -
Meeerve, who. the
- a tender heart but ?
heavy band. While one of t ht* colored
tting hi- ten lashea be
? i will never steal
ibis is the
when punished,
emembram e
b is always uppermost in
ID who has once
rhen be is again
I he lash is also
the gre it< ? deterri ut yet discovered
? ? ? of St Louie who
? Porto Kien gaya
. I are practically
idition and despite the
reports tbal have been circulated by
? >r Hunt and northern republican
paper? regarding 1 prosperity
<? Porto R faci that were it
in the iii
in u stiirv
,11 mie in Pori ?
have been u sue
if thai
island supporting,
but ;i - ?ken place in limr
the appointment
With State Senate
counties in the
rial talk ??
:-. It i? tfa
that S re than held
hi? o .? ilio?.' men
the eenator
I ace. Senator
: mi mb< r ol
ithfully ami effi?
? - ol hi*
hat they will re?
to be little doubt.
1 ? int ? st tending the
? ? ? rsity of Vi
-.lore equal
fa ' | ? -? al -
. will be the
'that instilo
indenta will
? president of the
o chosen though
that unios:' there was
titution would go
~ turday
bill prohibiting boy
is, or picketing in
? -trict
I ind to tue io?
ta labor and capital in Ala
baina. The legislators in that State sei -
iiig thegreat harm resulting frota
tiniial labor troubles bave adopted this
method of checking the growing evil and
of presen ing law and order within their
? bordan,
A r.M'is to I?? known as the Indeptn
; dent Aaaodation of Brass workers for the
parpoaa of doing away with strikes and
' settling dispute? bj arbitration ?
ganized at St Louis by bmaaworki
Chicago, New York, Philadelphia,
Cleveland and ?evera! other eastern ?
Tbeobject of '.Ih? new organization i?
highly commendable
[Cormpondaaea of ?be Alexandria Gazetted
Washington. D.O., Sept. 28.
Senator Bailey, of Texas, who is nett?
ing Washington, expresses the belief
that Senator Gorman would be the beat
ile candidato for the democrat? to
nominate againat Fresili? ut Roosevelt
' Senator (ninnali is the best equipped
nan we have," ?aid Mr. Bailey. "With
? ?orinan we OUght to win; whether we do
or not i.? another matter. The democracy
has no ? hame in the middle we?t except
in Illinois. With proper organization
Qorntao can carry Illinois. In the
tar west he can carry Itali and Mon?
tana, and with theae lit? can win. lie
p?! beat Booaevelt in New York easily.
.cliccali carry Connecticut and
New Jersey."
It is ?ai<l here by those in pOaitiooi to
know that the Presiden! baa do idea ol
receding from the standpoint he baa
taken iu the Mille/ ca*e, nor will he
hold conf?rence? with officiai? represent?
ing organized labor in regard to the
natter. Tom irroa afternoon the Presi?
dont will have as his guest John
Mitchell, who i? now here, be having
??viral month? ago been invited by Mr.
elt to dine with him when he
next came to Washington. It is qnite
probable that the Miller case will be
discussed, but that it will not take the
form of a conference.
Burton K. Parker, ol Detroit, lia?
appointed supervising special agent
? d the Treasury vice W. S. Chance, ol
Ibin, who, in view of a request of bla
own, has been transferred to St. Paul.
Mr. l'aiker will take charge October I.
The Navy Department waa informed
hy cable tlii? morning of the death of
Commander E. M. Hughes, at Yoko?
hama. He waa graduated from the
', :n< ? my in
Senator Gorman will take an activi
??art in the Maryland Mate campaign.
He W?1 not make any ape? b
seldom does?but he will beat demo?
cratic headquarters in Baltimore a lay
or two each week to coniar with hi?
lieiiteii.iut.- and make suggestiona, par?
ticularly as to the work in the counties.
In the retention of Murray Vandiver at
cbairmsu of the State Committee the
?arty baa acted wisely. He is the
counterpart of Gorman in political
?? and by yea:.?: of work and study
ba? familiarized himself with the condi?
lo every county and legislative
di?.trict in the State, ile never over
.'? weak point, and in getting the
: giatered hi> able direction of his
irj.sof workers never fails of good re?
Tbc Siate llepartnuiil received today
? cable message from Minister Beaupr?,
latcd Bogota, Sept. 27, ? p. in. He
report* that there ba? been do change in
the situation to the canal matter. A
second debate on the bill reported by
the committee it expected in a few days
end it i? thought that it maybe decisive,
rhe present outlook is for some amend?
ment of the reported bill.
Congressman rod Mrs. C. A.Swsneou
hive returned to their home, in Chat?
ham, alteran absence of several weeks,
traveling in Europe.
l>r. Yarrow has sold his farm in Fair
lax county situate!] on Little River pike
near Cloud'? mill to Commander Kil
burn, ['. S. t?., retired, ubo is now greatly
improving the property.
Robert L. Campbell, s United States
soldier, who it is alleged deserted from
Fort Washington last July, was srreat
?d ?n Statuitoli and was taken to Wash?
ington on Saturday. lie enlisted (rom
A farmer of King George says that,
although he had ordered some three
hundred dollars worth of fertilizer, he
wonld have to abandon the hope of
seeding wheat this fall, tor the reason
that he could not procure labor at any
price, or on any terms, with which to
prepare his field and sow the grain.
Rev. John J. Doherty, pa-tor of St.
Mary's Church, the largest Catholic
church in Norfolk, created consternation
at mass yesterday when he denounced
male members of the parish for spitting
in the floor of the church. Father Doher?
. declared such men desecrated the
? I by their action ami nere
not wanted in the church.
Lewis .Nixon last night announced
that be was ? candidate for the demo?
cratic nomination for mayor of New
York. He made S statement in which
be said : "1 am a candidate tor the
lemocratic nominstion tor mayor of the
city of New Yorfc. This statement i
nade with a full knowledge of th< un?
certainties of the democratic situation
1 desire to make it clear that I am will?
ing to Stand with those democrats, how?
ever ?mall their numbers, who belici??
that the democratic party of this (Iiy
? iiould lead ami not follow in the lor
ward march of municipal reform."
Speaking of the municipal campaign.
Mr. Nixon says: "The battle will be
won or lost on focal ?senes that are old
enough to have gained a permanent h dd
041 the public mind. These issues are
police 'blackmail' end that mercenary
spirit which breeds dis 1 n< rtj In the
public service. To them may be ch
all the party's re?ut lost of local ???
The democracy has not been
beaten on these ?asuea by republican
vote? alono by any mean-. It ba?
be iteri chiefly by democratic votes. The
democratic party of the city has all the
- in its favor except those two. It
;!y within it- power to throw off
their dead weight when it makes up it
mind to do -o. [ta righi to dominancy
will be ? stored sa - on sa it does. 1
can be no doubt of the re-ult of any
campaign in which the party explicitly
ami without equivocation commit? it-ell
to the reform? for which the city has
four times voted in ton years." Mr.
Nixon would say nut bin? more about his
At the present rate the immigrati? d
record for the current fiscal \ear will ex?
ceed G, 000,000,
Senator Fairbanks is i|Uoted as Bsyiog
he would accept the republican nomina?
tion for Viec-1're-i lent.
A strike m threatened hy the 16,000
employe-of tin? Pennsylvania Coal Com?
pany in the central bituminous districi
of Pennsylvania.
? mio republicans bave decided to follow
the method? <>i Mr. Tom Johnsoa, the
democratic candidate, by holding tent
meeting? sod using automobile*
Ife&bersoi William Rockefeller's fam?
ily plan to leave the ?diroodacks owing
to the incendiary threats tgainsl tin
owner- ol the groat game and forest pn -
John Redmond, the Irish lesder, de?
clares that il Premier Balfour desire- to
retain office the Iri-h party would u-?? its
power to forward the interest? of the
Irish canne.
Joseph P. Dudley, a Standard <>il
magnate and ? Buttalo millionain
years ol age, alter a spirited courtthip,
has won the hand of Mr-. Sarah .1. Fow?
ler, a school teacher.
In answer to hi- wife'? petition for di?
vorce in New York I..? Wa-hburn
denies all the allegations inaile and a-k
tor the return of 135,070 ol bis money,
which be claim- sin- took.
Walter Craig, who a few yean ago was
worth half a million, died penili?
the cabin of hi- former housekeeper, near
Troy, 0., yesterday. Speculation and
fast borse? bad led him to ruin.
The burning of a power house of the
Brooklyn Rapid Transit Company, in
South Brooklyn, on Saturday, caused ?
los- ol about $200,000 and stopped
traffic 00 -evera! surface and elevati d
Chairman l>ick, of the republican
State committee of Ohio, bai declinili
the proposition for a joint debate lu
tween Senator Hanna and .lohn II.
Clarke, the democratic candidate for
A rumoro! an attempt by anarchists
to assassinate the Sultan of Turkey was
Spread in London on Saturday, andan
anarchist was arrested at Genos, cfa
with complicity in s plot t" assassinate
King Alfonso.
'???? British dip] imatic agent in Sofia
hat informed the Bulgarian government
that Great Britain waa consulting with
the otlie: ? ?wen .?- to the possibility of
introducing more suitable reinciii.il meas?
ure? in Macedonia.
Prof, W. II. Brewer, of the Yal<
partaient of agriculture, who predicted
the two-minute trotter twenty-five yean
ago, declares that the American horse
will trot a mile in 1:50, but will never
r than that.
Tho expedition that set out from Ban
Francisco to find a treasure supposed to
have hein hidden on ???? I-land, off
the l'orto Kicati c <a-t, returned disgusted
conviticeli that tie?, were fooled by Capt
Jamea Brown, who told tin? yarn and led
the expedition.
Lieutenant Genera] Sir [an Hamilton,
who participated in the defense of Lady?
-miti), arrived in New York on Satur?
day, General Hamilton will romain in
this country only three weeks, ami a
portion of that time will be spent in
Canada visiting various military poeta
Through an order of dismissal coming
indirectly troni Secretary Shaw, of the
Treasury Department, it became known
OU Saturday evening tli.it .laim-s lieatty.
liebursing clerk for the
auditor's office of the War Department,
had been found 1800 short ill his ac?
The I bike of Richmond, Lennox ami
Cordon died late Saturday night al
don Castle, Fochabere, Banflahire, from
a chill contracted Thurrday. lie had
been giving a large house party and the
castle wa? tuli oi guest? when the gravity
<>r hi? ?line?? wa? announced. Moat ol
the guest? left the ca.-tlc I nday ami
A balloon voyage from Faris to Hull,
a distance of 360 mile?, ba? been ma?'?!'
by three French aeronauta, member? ?>?
the Aero Club de France 'Ibi- Is the
first time a balloon ha.? travelled from
l'an?, to Bugland. An attempt waa
made in 1S86 to ? ro?s the channel from
France, hut the. aeronauts were never
heard of aj'terward.
Ber. John Joseph Kaie, archbiahop
of St I.oui-, ubo went to St ?
Sanitarium, in Baltimore, several m intbi
?go because of enfeebled health, i? criti?
cally ill of appendicitis. At a consulta
tion of | hysiciaiis held this morning il
was announced thai Archbishop Estiti
waa In a very eerioua condition, al
thoogb he rented weil laust night.
Many letters execrating .1. ?, M
as the cause of the rulo of thousand? of
persona bave been revived at the office Ol
.1 1'. Morgan A Co. the Lauti few day?.
Most of these letter? are said to be signed
with the true naines and addre--?
men who claim to have been ruin? d
through investment? entered Into ?
publicly stated 0| inioli ol Mr. Morgan.
It is not known that any of the??.? letti r
threaten violence.
FormerGov. Frank Brown, of Mary?
land, who wa- th?? democratic organisa?
tion candidato i p 1 sii") and bad the sup?
port of Senator < ?ormali in bit
campaign Or the governorship, declared
in New York la?t night hi< preference
for former 1'rcsidtn! t'lcvelatid :.
democratic presidential candidate, ami
be adminiatered by inference aauub to
his fellow-M.inlander by refusing to
speak of the Gorman boom for the nom?
BuOWS*8 Stati ? BbmOTBD. ---' I
the fini things, the Kimr did on lu? fir-*
visit to Balmoral after hi? secession na?
to have the marble itatueol .lohn Brown
erected by Queen Victoria carted
to the pretty cottage presented by ilo?
p to her favoriti? servant's I
The Kin' has now gone a step farther
bv baying oui the Frown Ganti]
L'e'.ting them off the royal estate alto?
gether. John Frown and hi? kin
intensely di-liked by all the royal family,
who resented the tonisene? tlat t.n
fettered old boor exercieed over Q
Victoria. Because the Queen hacked
him up in his insulting pretension? t?l?
late Eaapreaa Frederick had not ^
her mother for thirty years, while the
late Duke of Fdinbu-j.;h never went to
Balmoral for eighteen year? befire hi
The OM Camper
ba? for i.rty-rivc var? bad "lie artici?? in his
supply?Borrien'a Eagle lirai:?! Condi
Milk.' It give* te. soldiers, sailors, banters,
essapersand miner? a daily eocatbft, "like ^
the old borne, Dalitlisja hi eoasM, tea aud ?
chocada ?
The fust mai' train from New York
for New Orleans on the Southern Rail?
way was wrecked just outside of the
yard limit-of Danville yesterday after
noon. The train, which was made Dp
of mail and express care, left the track
just as the engine was entering a high
trestle thai -pan- a creek north ot the
city. The trestle is on a steep grade
and curve. It is npposed, definite in?
firmatimi I cing unavailable on account
of the death of the conductor and cm.'i?
near, that the train was running at a
high rah of speed, and that the flange
? a wheel ot the locomotive broke
when the curve was -truck. The engine,
followed by three mail and one express
car-, ran -ome distanoe on the trestle,
plunging along the on? tie-, and then
fell 70 feet to the water below.
Of the lessen en the train, slices
ployes of the United State? railroad
mail service, excepting the engineer,
lireman BBjd conductor, niue were killed
and seven hurt.
.1. a. P.roadey, tho engineer, of Salts
ville, who stuck to hi- post, was thrown
ansae distance from the engine, and
his mangled body was found lying in
the bed of the creek. The following
were also killed. J. Thomas Blair, of
Spencer, N. 0., conductor; W. 8.
I Chambers, mail clerk, Midland, Va.;
1 John L. Thompson, mail clerk, Wash
! ington, D. 0. ; D. P. Flory, mail clerk,
Noke-ville; I*. .M. Argenbright, mail
clerk, Mt. Clinton; Fireman Klap ; An
unknown flagman. The injured are:
Railway Postal Clerks Lewi? W. Spies,
Mana?a-, Va. : Frank G. Brooks, Char
| ?otte-ville, Ya. ; l'ercival Imieumauer,
Washington, l>. C. ; Ch?ties E. Beams.
Ciilpeper, Va.; Jenniiars 1 Dunlop,
Washington, D. 0.. a, c. kfaupio,
of Charlotte-ville, and J. Harrison
Thompson, of St. Luke'-.
All the coaches were piled one upon
another ami most of them broken and
I splintered iato kindling wood. The
locomotive is buried al the bottom of the
? creek. The one ear that remained in?
tact broke through the trestle at the final
| plunge, making a gapiug hole and de
! laying traflic on the road.
The wires north of Danville are all
I down. It is said that the engineer was
i running a mail tram for the first time.
Ibis train is the fastest on the road and
was entering the city at a speed of about
, 40 miles ?m hour. There wore many
eye-witnesses to the tragedy. The tracks
i at this point are lined with hou
j either -ido, and a number of women and
; children wore sitting in the porches
when tin? w rnk occurred. They -tat??
? that their attention was attracted to the
train by the high rate of-pi r I.
I wo .-mall children, the sons of Bufo?
Jones, wore playing underneath the
trestle at the time ol the wreck. The
heavy train plunged to its destruction
within a 6 w foot ol them. They vw re
? both thrown down a id somewhat bruised,
but not seriously injured. The trestle
on which the wreck occurred was issi
night ? by the otlii ials of the
road, and pei ploweie not allowed to coim
within LO feet of it It vvas in good con?
dition when the wreck occurred, but the
-train ha- male ?? dangerous. It II
i that the entire structure will col
lap e before morning.
Tin? railway officiale at Danville are
unabl?' to account for the accident, ? I
cept that the train may have been G???
? when ?t struck the ?
curve, which embrace? thetrsstli
at which point the wreck incurred, i- in
tho form of the letter 'S" and ha- a!?
way? been considered a dangerous .
ity. The injured men were conveyed lo
to the Homo for the Sick in l mi
where they have received every atten?
tion. It is believed that all of the
wounded mail clerk? will live, with the
poaaible exception of Spie-, whose con?
dition is critical. It is considered re?
markable that any escaped with their
lives, a- the -hock of the fall was t-rri
b!e, oven it the wreckage had not been
piled about and on them. This i- the
moat disastrona wreck that has occurred
mar Danville in many years. Hundreds
oi people flocked to the scone yea)
afternoon and last night. A wrecking
crew i- busy clearing away the d
preparatory to potting the trestle in
psssable condition again today if possi?
Anioni: the crowd at the scene
yesterday afternoon were many women,
who minted when the workers began to
take the dead from beneath the wreck
1 'her- turned away from the horri?
ble spectacle completely unnerved.
eral mail clerks who were on thi
car wen among the least injured.
The fall of this coach was not so far,
and it i? the only one that | resents any?
thing like its original semblance Two
men jumped aa the train plunged. They
rolled down the embankment and were
found uncon-rioii? among the broken
timber . The hole which the rear ?
of the wrecked train made in the tl
baa m ':? finitely delayed traffic over the
road, Train? which came in late in die
afternoon were seul back. The rail? of
the track north of the bridge are beni
and twisted. The erosati?? have bien
torn up lor a considerable distance, the
engine and all of the cars having pas? d
over then alter the engine leti the track.
The Southern fat arranging to run its
?oathboiind trains over the Norfolk and
Western from Lynchburg via BurkvilU
to Danville, new trains being made up
at that |
STATI G??????t??.? Chairman J.
Taylor Kllyson, of the democratic State
central committee has ???lied a call for
a meeting of the State central and execu?
tive committee- to be held at Murphy's
Hotel m Richmond at noon next Fri?
day, October 2d. The central com?
mittee consisti of fifty member-, live
troni cadi congressional district, and
the ex? ulive committee of one from
each district, making sixty-one in all,
including the cbaimaa himself. The
meeting is not called to consider any
local case or contest, hut is a general
advioorv meeting, such as is usually held
on tin inral election.
A Keiiiaikatile Iteconl.
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy, basa
remarkable record. It has been ?n ues
for over thirty years, during which time
many million boti I " aold and
need. It has loog bean the standard
and main reliance in the treatment oi
croup in thou-aiid- of homes, yet during
all this time no ease has ever bet
port???! to the manufacturers in which i'
failed to effect a cure. When girt
as the child become- hoar
?? as tl?. croupv cough ip?
il ?ill prevent the attack. ' It i
't to take, i?;,ny children lite it.
I' contain? no opium or other harmful
substance an?' may be be L'i
I baby as to an adult. For
?ale by Richard Uibeon, druggist.
Bulgaria He-dtatiiiK.
- a, Sept. 28. ? I ?.?pit?? a certain
amount of mobilisation which has been
going Ott tot sonn? days put, there are
only live Bulgarian reginenls on the
frontier against rixty regiment? ofTor
kish troops just ovai the border. The
Bulgarian? aa I result are beginning to
realize that they ar?? ill-prepared tor
such a desperate conflict as war with
Turkey would prove to be, and are now
playing for time to complete tlndr or?
ganisation and procure the nee.
supplie- of ammunition, knapsack?.
rifle?, etc s.rvia is now definite!;
ot the natter, the Sultan having secured
her neutrality by important concessioni
This last trunphant move in the
tan'? master gaum of diplomacy h. ?
? led in inking all the great pa
including England, adopt a policy of
hand? off Abdul ba? now won the
neutrality of all the small Balkan atete?,
thus completely Isolating Bulgaria
which In? deems himself able to devour
at any time without out-ide inier
The newspaper .Monomio today re?
port? that an aged priest nanu d
Cbeorghis and his whole family of':'??">
have been slaughtered by Turkish regu?
lars at the village of Lajaniw in central
Macedonia. The priest's family consisted
of his children and grandchildren, the
latter mere children.
( iiii-iiliiLiti it Lake Superior Co.
New Haven, Conn., Sept. 2%.?Judge
.lame- Pmtt in the United States Cir?
cuit Court today appointed a receiver for
tho Consolidated Lake Superior Com?
pany on a petition of a majority of the
stockholders of th ? company who were
represented in court by .Judge Walter ('.
Noyes, o? New London' Conn. With
Judge Noyes were Lawyer-. Kotheruiel
and (.'lenient, ol Philadelphia, who rep?
resent the Stockholders who are taking
the action to try and save the plant troni
sale at auction to cover the l'orci losare
by Speyer ? Co. on their loan. The re?
quest ?or the appointment ot a receiver
points out that the company has in it
plant 189,000,000 and that the entire
property was pledged for a loan of $5,?
000,000 to Speyer A Co., the broker- ol
Now Yotfc. The application says that
Speyer A Company b.tve advertised the
plant for -ale at auction on Thursday
next, and that the receivership is do
sired to prevent tin- it possible. Then?
was no opposition 10 the application for
a receiver and Judge Platt appointed
John O. Carro th, president of the Title
and Tru-t Company, Ol Philadelphia.
It is the expectation that the application
will be inailo for the appointment of the
-amo receiver in New York, Pennsyl?
vania and other States where the com?
pany has property, following the l'orai
of the action in the case of the United
Statt- Shipbuilding Company.
Beaten to Death.
St. I\ tci.-buig, Sept. 28. a lynch?
ing has occurred at tbe village of Eiaatey
m the districi of Christopolsk?, which
the newspapers describe aa re*
ling an American affair. It seems that
a family of Tartars whom the Russians
dislike a- white- in America do the
negroes, became obnoxious to the
villagers. The villager- tried l> .
them to e Tartars, whose
name wa- Mm bmond, Ml lire to a bam
in revenge. ? crowd caught them in
the act. Tiny beat Mi.-, tlachmond
until she WM iii-'iisibie and then formed
a gauntlet down the v. | and
forced Machmond to run back and forth
amid blow? from koOUta, sticks, iron
bars, and even scythe- and hatchet?.
Machmond showed remarkable vitality
and houn alter the affair began was still
able to crawl mi his band and knees,
Finally, however, he died front Ion of
bit od, ? be police, who were finally
sent to stop the affair, found Machmoud'x
body a mass of wound?. Both of his
eye? had been gOUged OUt, hi- ears were
gone and bis tongue split A? all tin
village? nere concerned it was imponi?
ble to -eeiire a .?ingle witoen wdio would
testify In the all'air,
President Leaves raw Washington,
Oyster Lay, N. v.. Sept. Sfl. -Presi?
dent Roosevelt and bis family left for
Washington at 8:80 a. m. and expect
to roach the capital at -4:1?? o'clock
this evening. Miss Alice Roosevelt
joined the family in Now ?fork. The
President U accompanied by Mrs.
Roosevelt. Mi-s Alice. Archie, Quentin
and Ethel, his children. Kermit and
Ted are attending -< bool at Croton,
Mass, A number ol household servants
who came with tho family from Wash?
ington to Oyster Hay, areal.su on the
train. The train is made up ol a bag?
gage ear and two Pulmso?, the Hortensia
and Olympia. Too latter has boon used
on many prierions trips and i- the one
that conveyed President McKinley to
the Pacific coast in 1901.
To Solvo iheNeanro Problem.
?ma, Wash., Sept. 28.?Leigh 8.
J. Hunt, million.lire mining operator in
Cores sod former resident of this State.
has joined with Hooker T. Washington
in a wholesale colonisation undertaking
which promise? to go a long way toward
solving the negro question. The project
include? reclamation of several hundred
thousand acre- tributary to the river
Nile in the Soudan and the cultivation
ot the land by negroes who are to be
taken from tho United States. Hunt i
now in Qermany, In October he will
meet Hooker T. Wsshington. I.
from Hunt received -tate that President
Roosevelt has approved of hi- plan?
which were outlined when the President
entertained Hunt at dinner at the White
Hoii-i recently.
.Mr*. Ilio i- I uiproving.
Buffalo, ? V. Sept. 28, ?Sueh nark?
ad tad continued improvement i??* being
.shown by Mrs. Jefferson Devia, the
widow 01 the Gp-ident of the Southern
Confederacy, who bad aim >.-! reached
death'- door at Castle Inn, that her
grandaon, Jefleraon Davi? Hayes, said
Ibi- morning that mil? ?
ration? set In sue would recover hi r
health. Mr?. Darn passed a comfortable
nigfal and i? now able to take light nour?
ishment, the Hr-t that ba? been admin
; except by artificia] means.
Sir Thoiiia-lo I r\ \?;uin.
fJbieago, Sept. : somas Lip
ton declare? be will scour all England in
I ,rt to timi a designer that cm build
a boat which will have a chance with
-neh cup defender? a- are built in Amer?
ica. "And if 1 lind such a designer, G
will leave un ordir, you may depend
that," -ail Sir 1 terday.
'The ambition of my life iato lift that
cup." Sir I to ??
visit?n last night. He showed no efiectl
of bis recent llluess.
New York Stock Market.
(taw fork, Sept. 28.?Stocks opened
nervous and generally lower. Steel
common made a new low record. I'< r
a time at the start liquidation appeared
to be beyond'^eontrol. Stock came out
in flood? and in instances -;tles were
made half a point apart. After the first
fifteen minutes, however, covering of
shorts stayed tho declinesnd some rallies
followed. These in -omo instance? were
fairly well held, but in other cases after
temporary resistance stock- fell to lower
points than won? seored in the initial
dealings. Toward the close of tho tiist
hour l'iiion l'acide, which has bica
comparatively steady, broke over 1 per
cent and fresh weakness was developed
in St Paul-OhieagO ?V Northwestern,
Atchison, Baltimore A Ohio, Reading,
Metropolitan Securities, and Missouri
Pacific. The market remains active and
excited. Now considerations formed no
factor in speculation, pri?e? being gov?
erned entirely by the noce??ties of liqui?
New York, Sept. lN ?noon.?Seems
bordering on a pauk sere witnessed in
the stock exchange this morning. A
flood of liquidation set in again al the
opening, and fot a time .seemed beyond
control. Short covering for a time
stemmed the tide of selling, and rallies
followed but towards eleven o'clock the
market took another downward turn.
Demoralization was especially noted in
tiic ?ted stocka and in the local tractions.
New low records wt re reported in the
? minion and preferred and in steel
tives. Some of the abaiea decline record?
ed in the first hour were from 1 to 4 per
cut. Industrials generally lost 1 and 2
per cent.
Trilli ni'.lames 11. ? ill min
Lexington, S. ('., Sept. IK?Con?
trary to gemi,,! ? ipectetiooa the trial
of Janea H. Tillanaa for the murder ol
Editor (iouzales in ? luuibia, S. ('.,
was entered upon this morning, though
the taking of testimony will not begin
until this afternoon. Son?witneases for
the Stato were ab-eiit and could not get
here before that time. Ti liman wa- ar?
raigned and ina clear strong voice plead?
ed not guilty as the formal question WM
propounded to bin by the clerk, lie
had been placed ?u the doik while the
indictment was read to bin, hut later
was allowed to sit with his attori
(rienda, and relatives, including his wife
and mother. It is hardly possible that
twelve jurors will be accepted by either
side bet?re tomorrow's session and it
may result in the drawing of an extra
A jury wax subsequently empaneled
and the I ase proci cde<i.
Explosion in a Hai factory.
Norwalk, Conn.. Sept. 28.?The alco?
hol condensor of A. A. Hodshon A < torn
pany, hat manufacturers, on the second
<loor of the Edwin Adam- hat factory,
South Norwalk, blew up with terrific
force today, enveloping the building in
Manic- and blowing Ootfred liarthol, one
oi tho members ot the Arm, who was al
work near by, through a second store
window into tho street, inflicting serious
if not fatal injuries. The l'ureo of tho
explosion blew out all of the windows in
tho building, The lire spread rapidly,
endangering the live- of several hundred
operative- employed by tin?? several firm?
who have plants in the building. Tho
loss i- upward of $50,000.
Tin- < <iai Caaes,
.New York, Sept, 98.?The hearing of
the charges brought by William U.
Hearst against the Philsdelphi
Beading Railroad and others was con?
tinued today before the interstate
merce Commission, after a delay of sev?
eral months. Tic charges allege that
the defendant? have absolute control of
o market and arbitrarily fix the
[nice of coal. Jame- V. A Idoli a public
accountant, was the first witness called
toil i-, by counsel for .Mr. Haarst He
testified to an examination of the table
of coal rates as submitted by the de?
fendant-. He found many errors, but
stated they were mostly trivial.
Serious Accident lo Wedding Party.
Chicago, Sept 28. While wedding
guests gathered on the front porch and
were offering congratulations to the
bride and groom fast night, the rapport?
of the porch ol a house in Hunker street
gave way and 20 persona were thrown 15
feet to the ground. The bride's left
arm was broken and the groom sustained
internal injuries. .Mrs. .Mary Ifasoi
was found insensible under the collapsed
timbers, her unconscious two year old
baby, bleeding from a wound in the
head, ciapsed to her brea-t. The baby
is probably fatally injured. It is thought
that with the exception of the child all
will recover.
Believed IO Have Keen Murdered.
New York, Sent 2. -At 5:80 this
morning a patrolman found the
body of a hoy, alxmt 10 years of age,
live feel six inches tall, with blonde
hair, and fairly well dressed, lying under
a pile ol canvas on pier 83, Ivi-t river.
Signs of foul piay were apparent An
?lour or -o later, the body of a dead man
about forty years old was found in a
business wagon which wa? itanding in
the vacant lot on west 65th street. The
man'.- head was covered with bandai'? ?.
Preparing lo Leave tito Siale.
??',? Orleans, Sept. l'S.? Fully 1,000
mirroe- hare packed th"ir belonging?
, and are prepared to emigrate to South
Africa troni Ifiaeissippi. They will lorm
the advance guard of an army of their
! race who, it is alleged, will leave the
because of the well known anti
negro views of Vardman. the newly
1 Governor.
rakes lii'iii wm- al avenir. ;???,.
S'.r.eii-e, N. Y.. Bent. 28.?The c,.r?i[?,.:lll
of the marriage of almon ?.. Btilwtl* nf Frank
rks, l'a., and Mr?, mh? Emerseti ?,?
Bath, ha? Joui beaa filed, ?tilwell Is p
rears oW and tbi-1? bia tfti matrimoaal v.u.
Mr.?. Mr?. Emerson's aaarriage was her third
?"id -I'? ??' I. Ib-r three SOM and
bar daughter attended th? wedding
pioyerswho have been trying for four
mouth? to bring about settled conditions
in the building trades now admit that
tho labor situation in Now Vork is more
hopelessly mixed an thin ever. I In
scheme of the Building Trades Employ?
ers' Assoeiatioo, in pursuit ot which
Miey shut down all building and then
allowed trades to work aftcrtheir ?
t.ve unions aad -igmd the arbitration
ant, instead of toni:.?.' harmony
has divided the unions into mar hostile
groupa, The amount of capital intend?
ed for building operations m th |
which it is known will b? withdra
estimated at between IflhDOO 000 a4d
The Market.
Usorgsiowu, slept. W.?Whsat ~'m??.
Washington'.* Favorito Store.
Business Hour? 8 A. If. to 6 P. M
Open Saturdays till 9 o'clock.
Our stock is so large and varied that
one can scarcely ask for a skirt of any de?
scription that we cannot supply instantly.
He? G-?.'"?? Flare Skirt, made as* excellent
quality buck broadcloth, trimmed w i t h Iva
rows of taffeta at bottom. Asplen- *C OK
M fur ?.?.? .lav. 47U.VO
Women's Black and Navy (ihie ?
skirts, of beat cheviot - trimmed with strap?
ping of same maten.d ; ?dl waist ??G???G?
meni-: all length?; tfUK) vain,?. a> a fib
Special fur one day. ?'?""
Women's Black Cheviot Press Skirt ; lap
si-ams : beautifully trimmed with bisel
feta ; we can tit any IfBJt up to .Xe-itieh
?eist; ?'?.")? value, (special mr Ca nfi
oaeaay. jVr.vO
N'.tvv Blue and Blink I.yman-v ill?? (
Walking skirt- : strictly man-tailored, strap?
ped and -titelnd ; -G.?? valu,?. CA OS
Spedai for eue day. ? ?<""
Women's Blaek Cheviot DreN Skirt;
triiiiined with tallita: tini-lied sr?th black biit
?ly adapted fordeep f C A O
moaning. Sp?cial for oos day... F?,??
Lansburgh & Bro.,
420 to 4ue st'v?Mitti Street,
fokkk;x m;\vs.
The Madrid Government has irdered
the ironclad war-blp Charles V. to get
a- C.pilmentary escort to the American
?quadrou which is expected in Spanish
ports -horlly.
A di.-patch states that Turk- have
outraged and robbed one of the nur-es
ot the Qernai hoapite] at Gulbane, near
Constantinople The dispatch add-.
that Kuropeans are not sale even in tin;
Turkish capital.
Oreaos alter long delay has succeeded
in collecting a claim oi $100,000 from
Salvador, indemnity due to the
Greek firm of Seiko Brothers, for Iones
entailed during the recent Balvadoi
A cominuiiicatioti has been sent troni
Rone to Mgr. Guidi, apostolic di
to the Philippines, urging li i ni to hurry
the negtiations in th?? island? and hold?
ing out to him the prospect oi creation
as Nuncio of Vienna or Lisbon. This
post would eventually lead to a card
Leon Polotoratzki, of Cleveland. 0.,
has been sentenced to three yen?
servitude at Basic, Switzerland, 1???
shooting and wounding the editor of a
local newspaper. The editor ai
I'oltoratzki of fraudulent prai
through advertising, and the American
went hunting for the editor.
D. P. Wataon, attorney lor the Amer?
icana, concluded hi-argument befon the
Alaskan Boundary Coinml-sioii in Lon?
don this morning. Lord ?
the Judge Advocat??. complimented
Watson on his able argument and the
clearness with which hestetedthe Amer?
ican contentions. Counsel Robinson then
began the rebuttal for Canada.
Prenier Balfour ami Lord Ifilner will
bave a conference In London tomorrow.
It is mo-t probable that the subji
this conference will be tin? acceptance oi
declination by Lord Miner oi the posi
of Colonia] Secretary, to succeed .1
( bainbcrlalii. The names of tie
member? of the cabinet ?ill be an?
nounced after the nesting,
In Catnden, N. .1., today Vice (
cellor Orey refused the application of the
stockholder? of the American Tin Can
Company for an injunction to restrain
the latter from paying preferred divi?
A- the result of ? head-on collision
early this morning between a freight
train and a cattle train at Appello, l'a..
otfe of the engineer? was killed, several
head of cattle were destroyed and the
two engines were reduced to scrap ?r,,n.
Engineer Bennett, teeing a collision was
inevitable, attempted to save his. life by
jumping fVom his engine. In the dark
ne?, however, his head strack a rock
and he was instantly killed.
It Is reported in Oklahoma Oty timi the
?sad jury ofComanehc coont] will Sod an
Indictment sooe ?gainst ?. A. Hit-?
Secretary of the Interior. The indict m
i--aid, ? ill alii ? Irregularities on il??
of Secretary Hitchcock in the matter of the
town lot sale fund of Lawton, ai.oting tu
Edward Dntton ami .lain? - Craw f?.?.|
held npand robbed is Chi sgolasi night by
two men at Ute point of pistols. \ pol
- r.v the ?et and hastened ? ?.:,-.,. ?f
tima. A running li*ht east .
ofthehigfawsvmengots ballet is his back
and dropped dead'.
Lightaingetracfc the s.mt?, .\,.t,.,K |
powder millssf the Amei-'O?,,,' ?>,,?!,.G Com?
pany hut night and two v',?',.|, ??,. p,
one corning mill wem \,i0wn up, ?bou
pounds ?? powder exploding. No ?
Harry EjDMrWjn rfj rest? eld, I
killed > r?streetcarin I
The body ?as caught under th?
? heels In ?? ,,.|,., ?;:1,,,?.,? that U required half
as hour'', ;vork to extricate it.
[ ( ?onnnnicated.
'?'I hi-end for white." "This end for
colored. How inai y in? re | e I
going to contribute to the public fund
lor violating the above law without in?
vestigating the pi dure made
in the separation of the two races by the
electric railway company.' The law
requires separation srithequal aceoesoeav
tion, not by signa, but with something
more tangible. New conche* lor each
of the race? with equal acconodstion
might lili the hill, but signs without
a board partition on the lim? of dean
tion made by the eieetric railway ?
the two rae? -.
record, of the 1'olic?? Court of tlii? city
plainly -how. < ram
The Genuine vs. Oosuatn i.h
????igualas i? always beti r then a eona?
terfelt, but the truth of thta statement is
sever more fbreibl) realised >r Btora thar?
(?uglily appreciated lhan when you compare
the smoda? DeWitt'? Witch Hasel Halve
with the rnanr counterfeits and * ??p1?!?
?titules that are on. the market, W. ?
better, <>{ Bhreveport, La., says: ''After
usiog nusaeroaa other remet ?es srithoui bene
lit, me box ofDeWitt's Witcli !
cured dm "' Por blind. bl< ? ? g and
protruding piles noratoedj is equal tn De
Witt'? Hitch lla-u.1 lai??. M?V J|V all

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