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The wori.d is again startled by flia
l-.udies from Moaco* anuouncing the
a^assination of Uie Grand Duke Ser
giui today. The victim waa literally
hl.twti to pieces, as were alao his horees
and carriage Two meo who uaed the
dynarnite were arrested. It was hoped
t'ut the worst was over in Russia, and
that the revolution there had run it*
c.tirse. Advices from that ountry re
cently havt been of a more pacific na
t-iro. Workmen were repreaented aa re- |
tirning to theirrespectivevocations, and
tbe anthorities supponed they had about
*,ibdued the turbulency that ha* hoen
apparent in many placea iu the Uzar's
rcalms during the past month. The
t.-rrible event in Moscow today, how
e.-er, proves concluaively that all tbe
d-termined foes of autocracy have neither
I. -en curbed uor placed in positioDB where
tlmv can do no harm. The unfortunate
i iranl l>uke was an uncle of the preaent
(v.ar Nicholas. He had for a long time
lnjen detested by many of the Caar's
snbjects, and had been aware of the fact
iliat he passed and rcpaa*e<l people every
dav who wotild murder him were they
Mire thev could escape the consequences
..r'siich a trime. He had taken all pos
-il.'e precautions toeacape assassination.
I.ut notwillistanding his safeguards he
ha-. falleu a victim to his foe*. On
Marcli \-i, \**\, the then reigning C/.ar
(??' kussia w:ii blowu to pieces by dyna
111 ite. _
- ._ ji -:
A ^rAKTERof a century ago an at
lempt was inade to tbrtist a achool book
issne on the people of Virginia. Sub
stantially it was this : Should books be
lurni-died children of the public schools
l>v ilu- Stato, or they becompeiled to pay
|i>r tlie sanie, as at presenl'.' The advo
rates oflrec books were attempting t?
mgiatiate tluir party into the afl'ections
o! tbe many who would liave rejoiced to
have rec.'ived iree books as well as tree
tuition for ihosedependent upon them.
The botloni soon drepped otit of the
moveinent. At nreseut no real conten
t '>ns are omfronting theOld Poraiirion,
:i!ul the ^rotiiidt for precipitating an is
-ue betwecu the rivalcandidates for Gov
t-t-nor ihis year are hard to iind. Both
^rntleiuen have tested the labor plank,
and pronounced it btrong enough to bear
iheir weigbt, and in the absence of any
tbing elseu;.oi: which todisturb the peace
ot ihe Commonwealth ths friends of
the candidates are attempting to trouble
llie water* ? gpoerallyserene?orer which
the lioard of Hducation is presidiog.
lleuo.' we have tbe "raulliples" and
? -.-siiiirlt-s.*" Thoso who favor the mul
tiple MVitem see no reason why school
loards of i ities, towns and counties
ciuuot be aliowed to select books
Iroiu .?everal publishing bousee; tbe
"siugles" mainlain that but one series
ot book* should be used in the public
-ihool, of the State. Fbia issue is one
of the fiiuisiest ever hatched in Virginia,
a11< 1 U ubotit as logical as an attempt to
r imprl every one to purchase the aame
v.tneiv ot tood in a public market hou*e
w .111.1 1k?. Tbt; text book conirnittee in
Alexandria. in order to aubject people
to as iinall nii fxpense as possible.
.i'l .pted in tbe uiain books already in
usc in oiu scbools. Specunans of books,
liowever, sent tbe couamiUee from dif
tereiit publisbiuir hotnes proved to be
eijualiy as good a* any uow lu use bere.
Sunit', probablv, were auperior. N(>w
wli.'U serions objeetion can be urged
:ii;aiiist tlic ai-limi of efficials in other
parts ot Virginia should they and tboae
o'litrihuiing tuwards the maintenaoce
<?!' tbe sthooi systein desire readora, geo
irraphies, histeriea, arithmetics, gram
mars. .tc , wbich appeal to them more
tbau ibe serics now iu use.' This privi
le^e is now allowed by the State Board
? d Kducatiuti. Why itshouid be denied
and whystich a matter should ever have
btcn bigi^cil into a gubernatorial con
tfst is banl to under.stand.
Wiimi: uti: reoent polar waves have
caiise.l 11.> -terions dUtress in this por
tion ot the country, they have produced
condilions in otber localities which will
lotig be reaiembered. As is generally
the case, portions of the West have suf
tered most from the Ice King. A dis
patch from l)es Moines, lowa, a day or
two :???> >:*i<l that but one dealer in tbat
oiiy had anlbracite coal for sale, and his
stock was held at such fabulous prices
that it was beyon.l the reach of the
niassps. It was impossible to transport
>oit coal, and many people were forced
to resort to the western custoni of using
corn for fuel. The winter of 1904-190,1
has been one of tinusual rigor, the cold
weather having been almost contiouous,
while the number ofsnows bas exceeded
tbose of ibrmer years. Thera is reaaon
to bope tbat we have witnessed the more
frigid scene? of tbe present winter, and
that while tbere will, of courae, be occa.
?<ional cold spells up to aud probably
into Aprii. conditions that ara to follow
will be much milder than thoae tbrough
which we have recently paaeed.
A bii.l to regulate labor troublea and
checlr precipiuted strikea ordored by]
uoreaaonable labor teaJaWe bas been pre-'
pared by Profeasor Oeorge Watroua, of
Yale University, and iolroduced ia the
Connectkut Aaaembly. Mr. Watroua
ia also the counael for the New Hnreu
Rtilroad. Tbe bill provida* for a
Board ot Arbitration to consist of two
empbyes and two directors of the corpo
ration iuvolved, witb the Attorney Gen?
eral of the State as the fifth member.
This board is to take up ar.y dispute
t'-iat may arise and report upon it with
ia one week, during which time neither
it aaid to be allowed to ttke auy action.
It also provides that no strike shall be
eHective without three days' notice to
the corporation, and that no company
can iocreaae the hours of labor or de
crease the wages without three days of
notice. No workman sliall be allowed
ttquituntil the day'a w >rk haa been
finished. and no employer can discbarge
his help without paying for tbe entire
diy. A penalty of $100 fine or thirty
diys' impriaonraens or botb is provided.
It h statEd that 75,000 tons of coal
are to be ahipped from Baltimore and
Njw York to the Philippines in foreigo
b ittoms because of tbe excessive freight
charged by the ownera of Aaierican ves?
sels. Taking advantage of tbe laws
which favor American vessels, the own?
era of theae vessels, when bids were
aiked for wrrying the coal, pnt up tbe
ratea$l.f>0 per ton more than that ob
tained by those vessels contracted for
and now chartered, which was consider
ably more than the bid of foreign ve%ael
owners. This was so rank that those
who Hold tbe coal could not stand the
raiae so they entered into contract witb
foreign vessels to deliver the fuel at
iMi'Eftsioi'8 department clerks will
be thrown into consternation should a
biil introduced in the Hoitse of Repre
aentativo yesterday to ceropel tbem to
pay their debts under pain of dismisaal
be enarted into law. Mr. Dixon is tbe
author of the measure which providea
that all governtneot derka who owe
debts and will not pay them, may be
forced to do ao. The bill should be
passed at ouce and tben the law rigidly
enforced. __________
stoies for the purpose ot boyeotting the
trust-made and trust-sold goods haa
eDtered New York State with the inor
poration of the New York State Co
operative Company, whose capital stock
of $50,000 hai been aubicribed largely
by working men. The promotera plau
to extend the stores throughout the
State and the country. Their stores
will handle everv kind of comaiodity.
From Washingtoii.
lCaiTes|M>ndnii* of tks Alexsudris Gazette.]
Washington. D. C Feb. 17.
Oflieialp of the Panaina Hailroad Co.,
were .jtiiwed today by the Hou?e com
mitlee on comnierce, in ccnnection with
their conduct of the arlairs of the railway.
Vernon H. Brown, a director maintained
that hewas ignorantof thedefinitt finait
cial tondition of the railroad.
For the first tirae in history the legis
lative wheels of the goveniinent were
atill for a portion of today to pay tritute
to a wonian's memory. The occasion
was the forrnal accepUnce by Congress
from theStateot [llino<s of a statue of
Frances K. Willard, ibe (iriit national
president of the W. (J. T. V. and for
over a quarter of a century its leading
apirit. Ealognea were proneunced in
both branches of Congress, in the >Sen
ate at tbree o'clock and in tbe Houne of
Representatives an bour later. Tbe
ludies' galleries in each ohamber were
occupied by distingnished members of"
the \V. C. T. U. Tbe statue occupies a
pojition next to that of George Wash
iiigt?iii and in of Carrara marble.
The House comniittee on rnilitary
aflairs bas directed that tbe resolation
introduced by Mr. Lainb, providing for
?be retnrn to the. States of Oonfederale
battleflags captured during the war. be
reportcd with the recommendation that
it be adopted.
A xpecial moeting of the Senate com?
niittee on foreign relations bas been
called for tomorrow niornintr ?lt 10:30
o'clock to begin the consideration of tbe
Santo Dominiro treaty. Senator Cul
lom, cbairmrn, believea that the com
committee will not require a greatdeal
of time for the cousideration of tiie
treaty and expects to be able to return
it to the Senate with a favorable report
some time next week. Wbether it will
be poasible to ratify the treaty during
tbe short time remaining of this seasion,
will depend largely upon the nuaaber of
Senators desiring to discuss it.
The Senate as a court of impeacbment
met behind cloaed doors at 11 o'clock
this morning in connection of the secret
sesaion of yesterday afternoon, ordered
to determine whetber i'. ?hould recon
sider its action in excludiug tbe volun
tary lestimony of JuJge Swayae given
belore a sub-committee of tbe House of
Repreaentativea at the time the cbarges
against him were being inveatigated.
The debate is ovjr the interpretation of
a law ext?nding certain immunitica to
those who testify before committees of
House or Senate.
Among the nomiaations st-nt to tbe
Senate today are the f'ollowing postmas
ters : Jamea W. Hughes, Huutington,
W. Va. Fenton W. Gibson, isappoiot
ed Surveyorof Customs at NewOrleans.
The Senate ia preparing ano?her slap
at tbe Preaident this time iu connection
with his management of the Panania
canal eoterprise. When the construc
lion of this work waa put under the di
rect control of the Presideot who was to
act through a commiaaiou, it waa of
course with the expectation that, if the
interest of the public were not bemg
properly guarded, or if scandals threat
ene<l, the President would take the nec
taaary stepa. ?ince Secretary of War
Taft'a viait to Panarna and bis peraooal
inveatigation ot the conditions obtaining
tbe Preaident haa iudorsed a bill which
waa intraduced in the Houm by Kepre
sentative Mann and passed by that
bodf yesterday. It provided among
otber things for the abolitiou of the
preaent Isthmian Canal Couimission.
Tn the Senatt iotereata have been at
work to prevent the passage of any iegis- j
latioo that would diaturb the cominia
iioo. Relativea and frienda in the Senate
oi meniberaof the comutiaaion harecem-.
bined to serve notice tbat no bill can
paas that body which will proride for
eitber the abolitioo or the reduction of
the commiwion. Accordingly the bill
reported yeaterday from tbe Senate com
mitlee on ioteroceanic caoala, while fol
lowing cloeely tbe linea ot ibe bill ap
proved by the Preaident and paaaed tbe
House, makes uo attempt to disturb
Admiral Walker and hia collegue*. If
the biil pasees in thia ahape it will reeult
in a pretty fight in conference in which
whatever weight of infltience the Preai?
dent can exert upon legislation will be
in faror of the plan deenaed eaaential by
Secretary Taft in o-der to ensure the
prosecution ot the canal work without
the deUys and scandah which disgraced
the French regime.
Before th? Cabinat roeeting today Speaker
Cannon, Senator Allisoo and Repreeentative*
Tawney and Wadswor?h had a conference
with the Preaident about the naval appro
pristi'.n bill. It is uodorstood that the Prexi
? It-nt sent for these gentlemen and informel
thew st tbe conferenoe that he wiahed t > hs' e
at least two battleshipu provided for. It it
a!w> uuderstood that his callers expressed th.
belief that under tke circumstances they
would oot be able to carry out his wishes.
President Roose .relt, SecreUry of 8tate Hay
and Posrnmster Geueral Wynne today sigeied
a parcels post treaty with Great Rritain aud
from this date psckajtr* up to 4 pounds. <i
ounces in weight roay be sent to any point in
the Urrited Kingdoai at the rete of 12 ceots a
pound. Heretofore the charge has been at
the letter rate of ten oenU an ouoee. l.ord
Edwaed Georgs Villiers Stanley, postmiiter
general of Great Itritain. had alrcady signed
the trenty on the part of his country an.l for
wardsd it to Washtogton.
Newa of the Day.
Mr. JoaephChamberlainaddressed (he
Houae of Coramons yeeterdav, declaring
he !? not in favor of abandoning Iree
Jay Cooke, the noted financier and
tbe forcmost figure in supplying the
f'ederal gofernment with the ineans to j
prosecute the civil war, died at Ogontz,
Pa., yeaterday, inhiseighty-fourth year
The reaidence of Walter Beaupre
Townley, the Britiab charge d'alTairs at
Constantinople, waa burned yesterday.
and Lady Suaan Townley, sister of the
Earl of Albemarle, bad a narrow es
In a letter to Senators Simmon* and
Overniau Gov. Glenn, ofNertbCarolina,
after stating that reports aro in circula
tion to the efloct tbat South Dakota
contemplates purcbasing more North
Carolina repudiated bonds, a*ks tbat
action be taken in Congreas to denounce
this act of a sister State.
After five hours' deliberation the
Criminal Court jury in the case of Dr.
Edward W. Dawson, the Forest Park
dentist. charged with felonious assault
on a 14-year-old girl, an inmate of tbe
Kelso Home for Orpban Girls, at Forest
Park. failed to reacb an agreement in
I5altimore yeaterday and were dis
Tbe directors of the Equitahle Mfe
Asxurance Society in New York yester
dav re-eleoted Jatnes W. Alexander
president and James H. Hyde vice
president and agreed to give the policy
holders a voice in the election of direc?
tors. All of tbe old oflkers were re
elected. It wa* said the meeting was
stormv Ht times.
Under the spur of the Gates ball cam
paign May wheat shot up in Chicago
yesterday to the highest point it has
reached since tbe Leiter deal, when the
top mark waa $1.85. and the late Philip
P. Armour spoiled things by delivering
boatloads ofgrain. The high price yes?
terday was $i.21?, an advauce of 15
centa over Wednesday's senaation<il
The Pittaburg Leader piinls a story
in effeet that there is now iu the course
of completion a scheme to make well
defined opposition to the United State*
Steel Corporatien ; that many of the old
diamantled mills of the country, passed
up by the strong cor|wration at the ti nie
it was formed, bave been laken in and a
$10,000,000 comhine formed to manu
facture steel and iron.
Preaideat and Mra. Roosevelt's re
ception to the army and navy took place
at the White House laat night between
tbe hoursof 9 and 10:30 o'clock. It
was the last of the fonnal social evening
levees givcn each year by tbe President.
ft was also the most suceessful, the
rnost largely attended, aud the most
brilliant of all the reoepttons of the
season of lyo.l.
Sehool Booka Camnaign laaue.
It is atated by those in a position to
kuow that the question ofschool books
will play a very prominent j>art in the
contest for not only theottice <f superin
tendent of public instrtiction, but for the
high positions of L'niled State* Senator
and governor of Virginiaas well.
The State school board aome time ago,
ia arranging for the adoption of new
books for the public achools, provided
the multiple liit, that is, indoraed a
number of Ixmks, aay of which tae local
boards wereempowered to selcrt. This,
it is claimed, has reaulled in a state of
confusion iu etl'orts oti the part of the
big book companiea to controi the local
boards, and is ao increaae of cost tothe
patrons of the achools. All this, it is
asserted, would have been aveidcd had
the single list been adopted.
It ia aaid that Gov. Montague waa the
only member of tbe board wbe favored
this siagle list, and that it waa his deaire
te have a plan adopted wbereby the
school patrons of Inth city and country
would be able to aecure goed books for
their children at tbe loweat uost.
Of tbe three candidates for the office
of superiotendent of poblic instruction,
only onesofar haaniadejhia views knowo
on this question. Mr. J. D. Eggleston,
jr., superintendent of schools of Prince
Edward county, takea the aame position
as doea the governor. He believe* a
plan should and could be adopted under
wbich the coat of books could be consid
erably reduced. He ia in favor of the
single book systeai, ndjuated to meet dif
terent cooditiona. He especially favors
tbe single list in the country.
Tbe viewsof theotber candidatea have
not yet been expreaaed, but tbe isaue will
be a live one in the rampaign.
There is more CaUrrh in this sectioa of the
country than all other diaeasea put together
aad uutil the laat few veara was supposed to
be incurable. For a great many yeart doe
tors pwniouuced it a local dhvase and pre
scribed local remedies, and by constantly
failing to cure wi h local treataient, pro
oounced it incnrable. Science nas proven
catarrh to be a coustitutiooal diseaae and
therefore requires constitutional treatment.
Hall's Catarrh Cure, manufactured by F. J.
Cheney A Co., Toledo, Ohio, U the only con
stitutional cure on the market. It is taktti
internally in doaes from 10 drops to a teu
spoonfnl. It actsdirectly on the blood and
mucons surfaoes of the system. Tbev offcr
one hundred dollars for any ca.se it miU to
cure. 8end for circularo and teatiiuonial*.
F.J. CBENEY A CO., Toledo. O.
Sold by Drugxiata. 76c.
TaksBaUrFajaUy Pillsfer
Virginia News.
Alfred J. Gary, long chief clerk of
the city water department, died in Rich
mond yeaterday aged 57 yeare.
Inveatigatioo pmrea that thousanda
of bnahele of oyaters have been winter
killed ia tbe Rappahannock by the in
tenae cold wealben
Both hooeea of Oongresa bare paased
the bill appropriatiog $2,660 for eivil
war darnagea to the Sonthern Methodiat
Churcb, ol Wincheater.
Philip Molntrye, aged 67 yeara, yea?
terday pleaded guilty to paesing a
forged draft on a Norljlk bank aod waa
aentenced toja yearin priaoo.
Marriage licenses were issucd io Waah
iagton yeaterday to Harriaon Poaey and
Cecerta ReetJ, of Fairfax, and to Edmund
Brooka and Anaie Brent, both of Lou
donn county.
Winfield I'iggett, one of tbe most
promitient lawyera io that part ol the
State, died at Harrisonburg yeaterday
after an illness of two weeka, fr.im
pneumonia. He waa in bis fifty-second
Jlr. Gilbert M. Williamaon, a promi
nent man of Xewmarket, and ex-sheriff
ofHbenandoah couuty, died it his beme
Wedneaday night, aged &7 yeara, alter a
long illcess of Bright'a diaeaae. He wa*
a Confe derate soldier.
The annual report of Preaident Bow
doin, of tbe Siate board of IWberiea, aa
auboiitted le the board, in aeaaion at Nor
folk. sbowa tbe following: It cost the fetate
$20,380.77 to maintain the ryater navy,
consisting of three ateamera and a
achooner, for the year, iooladiog all
expenses. Tbe oet rerenne of the 8tate
from the produeta of tbe aea, colleeted
in licenses and fines, amoanled to
H. H. Asquith'sara*ndmeut to the re
ply to tbe speech from the throoe waa
defeated in the Britiuh Houae of Com'
mons last night by a vote of 311 to 248.
This amendment declared "tbat tbe
variotis aspects of the fiscal queation
tiHve been fully discussed in the country
tor nearly two years, and tbat the tiroe
has oorne for submitling the queation to
the people aitbnut futber delay." The
inajority of sixty-three by which the
aiueiidineut wa? rejected is regarded as
giving the guvernment tbe first more in
tbe political game and as ftnally dispos
ing of any present prospect of diaoolu
tion of parliament.
The real event of the night'a debate
wa? tbe brilliant speecb delivered by
Lord Hugb Cecil, which is admitted by
both Iriends and ouponents to have been
bis finest oratorical efl'ort and one of the
best speeehes delivered in tbe House of
Commons since tbe GladstoneSalisbury
period, and aa placing Lord Hugh Cecil
in the forefront ot poasible leaders of the
conservative party.
Lord Hugh Cecil is tbe leader of the
conservative free traders, and the liber
ala had placed tbeir hnpes in bim to
tnrn otit the government. He disillti
xioned tbem by centending tbat the free
trade c?u*e would gain by keepiug tbe
present goveruient in offlce still longer,
and, while he mercilessly pulled to
pieces his consin Balfour's ambiguous
attitude on fiscal queatioos, be dedmed
to vote for the A-quith amendmeat.
Tbe majority of conservative free tradera
will follow Lord Hugb Ocil's lead, and,
apart from the potuibility of some unex
pected snap division, tbe governnient'a
positiou is considercd safe.
Aside from the two houra spent in
routine business, the Senate yesterday
gave its entire attention to the Swayne
impenchment trial. Two houra and a
halfof the time given tothat case was
?pent behind closed doors considering
the adaiissibility of a statement made by
Jtidge Swayne before a committee of the
House of Representativea. The point
was arjrued at length by a uuraber ot
the lawyers of the Senate, but no decis
ion was reached. The Senate also con
sidercd, but did not conclude, the Dis
trict appropriatioo bill.
The naval appcopriation bill yester?
day further occupied tbe attentieu of
the House for a major portion of the
sessiou, but the dtbale was without par
ticular incident and no tnaterial amend
nient <vas adopted. Iu consideratioo
had not been concluded when adjonru
tneiit was takau.
May Roycott Inang-ural Batl.
If ccrtain disgruntlrd women belong
ing to oflicial circ'es can have their way
tbe iiiMUgural ball, plannedastbecrown
ing truuiph oftheRooseveltinauguration
pageant, will not be tbe brilliant success
its projectors fondly hope. A disposi
lion ia manifeat among Iheae womanand
their frienc's to bovcott tbe ball, and
uit>re tbau 2i> wives of Sena'.ors bave an
nouuccd alrcady thaltbey will r.ot at
tend. Variousexcuses aregiven for non
attendnnce, but privately aome of theae
ladies bave declared that after being
ignored aud slighted by Mra. Rooaevelt
all winter, they declino to be dragged at
ibe liooaevelt chariot wbeela in the tri
umphal pageant. Tho majority of the
Senatorial women complain ot tbe "claaa
iine" drawu at the oflicial leveea. Cer
tain women receive cards to enter by tbe
easy method provided for tbe diplomata,
while others are com|>elled year after
year to atand in liue with the great maaa
ef unotficial gueats. That tbey and their
husbands are never askel to the state
dinnersor even to the unoffleial banqueta
giveu at the White Houte, forms
the grievance of another set. The
reault is that these women find
notbiug to temp them to the
iuaugural ball, wbere all the brilliancy
will redouud of the glory of the Preai
deut and his wife. Another remarkable
thing is that mauy ef the Oabinet women
t'o not intend to attend tbe functioo;
but, of courae, their action haa no con?
nection with the protest embodied in the
attitude of the senatorial women. Mr*.
Hav and her daugbters, Mra. Payne
Whitney and Mra. Jamea W. Wada
worth, jr., have announced tbat they
will not be preaent. The defection of ao
many conspicuona tigurea in tbe aocial
ana oflicial world will certainly lessen
the brilliancy of the pageant.
Another Caae of Khenmatiem Cnrcd
by Chamterlaln'a Pain BaJm.
The efncacy of Chamberlain's Pain
Balm in the relief of rheumatiam ia being
demonstrated daily. Parker Tripletl, ot
Orisby, Va., aays tbat Chamberlain's
Pain Balm gave him permanent relief
from rheumatiam in the back wben
evervthing elae fajled, and be would not
be without it. For aale by Gibaon A
Timbermaa and W. F. Craighton A Co.,
Homb-throwing inMoscow
Oraod Doke ?orsrlaa aad Hia Oarrl
a*? aad Horaaa Blowa to Fiecea?
Arreac of Aaaaaatna.
Loodoa, Feb. 15.?The ?t. Petera
burg correapoodent of tbe Exchange
Telegraph Compaoy reporU an explo
sion at the Kremlio, the aite of tbe
Royal Palaee at Moacow. Tbe aame
correapoodent alao wireslhatwild reporta
are iu circulatlon that Grand Duke Ser
gius baa been aaaaaainated.
8t Peteraburg, Feb. 17.-Itiaofficial
ly coofirmed that an exploaion baa oc
curred at the Kremlin, the citadel of
Moacow. No confirmation ia obuiaable
to the report curreot tbis afternoon tbat
Grand Duke Sergius had been ataaasi
Loodoo, Feb. 17.?The Reuter Tele
grara Compaoy baa a dispalob cnofirm
ing the reported aaaaaaioatioo ol Graod
Duke Sergius. The diapatch sUtes that
a botnb waa thrown by two men, who
were in caba. Both men were arreated.
Both were wouoded. Several students
have alao been arreated.
9u Peteraburg, Feb. 17.?A diapatch
received bere from Moacow etatea that
Graod Duke Sergius haa been killed at
the Kremlio by m bomb tbrowo under
bie carriage. The Graod Duke Sergius,
who ia an nncle of the Cxar Nicholaa,
haa woo for bimself the most hearlfelt
hatred of any inan io tbe clique of bated
men at t^e Czar'* Court. Hia oppoai
tion to all movemeota for reform, bis
manifeet deteatatipn ot the student body,
and bis fiery temper have arouaed against
him the most intense antipatby by all
classea. This feeling ia maoifest in
court circlea, as well aa among the revo
lutionary clans. For a long tiine the
Grand Duke haa been guardiog bimself
againat violence. Atter "Bloody Sun
day," the day on which the workraeu
were ahot dewn in the street* of St.
Peteraburg, the Grand Duke's appre
hension for his owo aafety became more
acute, and he took bimself to Moacow,
wbere be aoaght refuge in one of tbe
palaces sitaated io tbe Kremlin, tbe
bigh citadel ot Moacow.
Here surrounded by walls aud gates,
tbat could stand almost any onslanght
tbe grand Duke baa felt, temporarily
at leaat, safe from tbe aasvasin's knife
or bomb. That hU feara were not
grouudleaa is shown by the fact tbat on
several occssions newa baa leaked out
from revolntionary quarters that Sergius
had beeu condemned to die.
Moscow, Feb. J7.?The Grand Duke
Sergiua was aasaasiuated at three o'clock
tbis afternoon by a bomb which was
thrown under his carriage. Tbe Grand
Duke, together witb his boraes aud car?
riage, was blown to pieces. The Grand
Duke was driviug Ironi the bistoricai
museum in tbe direction of the Kremlin
palaee aud waa clone to tbe law courts
wben the bomb was exploded.
Sergius' severity and cruelty was most
noted during his occtipancy of tbe post
of Governor General of Moecow. Here
time and again he disperaed gatherings
of young men iu the slreels by aending
scrtiea of Cosaacks o?t against them.
Theae emissariea of the Grand Dukerode
iuto tbe rank* of tbe youug men, rode
themdowu, sabredthem and lashed thetn
over tbeir heads and shoulders witb
knouts. His cruelty became so prono
unced that autborities iu the capital
were forced to take cognieance of it, and
Sergius' was forced to reaign aa Govei
nor General. Graod Duke Sergius
power with the Czar has been oftbe
strongeet kind. He ia aaid to have
influenced the mind of Nicbolaa to couo
tenance tbe affairs wbick led up to tbe
war with Japau, and to have kept the
mind ef the Czar inflamed against many
of the officers in the army who were dis
tastetul to Sergius bimself. f be Grand
Duko was bornin!857. He waa mar
ried in 1884 to Priuccss Elizabetb, ot
Hes?e Dannstadt, buthason cbildreo.
Sergius, like the remaindor of the
Remanoffs, was a man of big frame, and
had all the cbaractcristics of a bu IIy.
Tbe power waa bis, and he exercised it
in the most objectionable mauner po?
Moaeow, Feb. 17.?The Grand Duke
Sergius, uncle of Czar Nicbolas, and
next to the Grand Duke V'adimir, was
killed by a bomb at tbe very gatea of
the Kremlin, the immense citadel wbich
commanda the city and which haa so of
ten proved a place of refuge for Rusaiao
reyalty in times of peril Sergius waa
instautly killed. His body ia badly
mutilated. The raurder threw tbe city
into a state of great excitement and
troops were ordered under arms to aup
preas poasible disorder.
The Grand Duke Sergius caine to Mos
cow from St. Petersburg after the retent
"Bloody Sunday" in tbecapital. Tbere
were reporta that tha tnger i?f the people
waa directed largely against bim and to
eecape danger he tted to the Kremlin.
For a time he kept aecluded. Ttien the
strike ttirbalenceslumhered and Sergius,
tbinking all waa safe, again, ventured
outaide tbe wallaof tbe citadel. But his
enemiee, tbe nibiliata, were oo tbe alerr,
and his fancied aecurity cacne to a ?ud
den end.
0Today Sergius left the Kremlin in a
carriage and drove to the Museum ot
Hiatory. It waa makiog for three
o'clock when the Grand Duke started on
his return. Aa Sergius' carriage passed
tbe law courts a cab whicb had been
standing there fer aome time and which
containod two men, drove in behind the
Grand Dake's carriage. For tbe time
the cab followed remaiaing a sbort dia
tance bebind. Wben near the Nicholas
pate of the Kremlio, the driver, with a
signal, whipped up his borses. In a
few secoods the cab and the carriage of
the Grand Duke were at close quartors.
Then one of tbe men iu tbs Cib drew
back his arm and hurled a bomb di
rectly uoder Sergius' carriage, blowing
tbe vehicle and horaes to pieeee. and
killing and borribly mntilating tbe
Grand Duke. The bomb waa thrown at
suca cloae quarters tbat not only waa
Sergiua killed, r-ut bis aaaailaots were
wounded, one seriously. The idtntity
of tha aaaaaaina ia not yet known. Tha
police hurned them on* for eurgical at
tendance and refuae all informatioo,
Tha wildeat storiea are current regarding
tha affair and the excitement ia intenaa.
Few syropathite with the victim.as he waa
detested to tha atmost by the great maaa
of people. The Kremlin, near which
tha aaeassination occurred, ia a diatriat
encloaed by walls. Fivagateagiveegrtea.
Tbe diatrict ia theoideat partof Moaow
and withia the walls are the palace,
aenate buiMing, arsenal, treaaury bar
racka, and several ohurcbes. The
Nicholaa gata it tbe nortbeaat entrance
Fewcr Gallona; Wear Longer.
Fewer gallons; takes lesa of Devoc Lead
aad Zine than niixed painta. Wears loager
twke aa long aa lead aad oiJ.
acd leada out to tbe greai publio epace
known aa the Bed Square.
Sergius waa most unpopular in Moacow
beeause ofhia arrogance, aeverity and
reactionary aeotimenta. Tbe Grnod
Dncheaa, bia wife, wbo ia bttored by the
populaoe, waa reoently waroed not to go
oot witb ber huaband, indicaling tbat a
ptot to aaeaaeinata him wm on foot Tbe
remaina ol the Grand Duke have been
taken to the Nicbolaa Palace.
Ftrela Hotel.
New York, Feb. 17.?Abandooed to
ber fate 10 a pauic wheo flre and ?m->ke
awept through the Hotel Winton, at
Park avenue and ItOth etreet, early
today, a woman auppoaed to be Mias
Lydia Themiel of Philadelphia. waa
burned to deatb. A number of tbril
liug reacues marked the fire. Cut
of! from the atairway exits, the patrons
ol tbe hotel climbed to tbe fire eacapea,
whare they were reacued by oremen
witb acaldiog laddera. A man aad
a woman crept from a window to tha
roofofa atable adjeining tbe hotel on
the Park a /enue aide. Billowa ot amoke
enveloped tbam and almoat auffocated
they crawled to the roof determined to
hurl themselvea to the atreet. Wben
about to spriog, a ladder waa iitted aod
they were carried down to aafety. In
all six women guests were reacued by
fireraen wbo used acaliog laddera. Wben
the fire waa fioally stamped out a fire
man atumbled over tbe body of a woman
in tbe ball of the fourth floor. In a bag
found in tbe room abe occupied tbe
police discovered a Jetter addreaaed to
Lydia Themiel. The damage is esti
inated at $5,000. Liter Miss Tberoiel
waa traced to a neighboring house,
where she bad sougbtabelter.baviog fled
from tbe burning strncture covered only
witb her uight clothiug. Mystery now
surrounds the identity of the woman who
was burned to deatb, and whoae body
was thought to be that of Misa Themiel.
The Balfour Government.
London, Feb. 17.?It ia generally
behered in Londoo political circlea that
the Balfour governmejt will nowbeable
to complete tbe preaent aesaion of par
linment without diasolution. It ia not
expected, however, tbat they will atand
for afull year. An election ia likely in
tbe aunyner. Premier Balfour is suc
ceeding iu holding the Chamberlainitea
wbo are leading the tight for an eariy
diasolution and a general election in
check. How long he will be abte to do
so is a matter of conjectnre. The Ulster
unionists, who bave been uiaking their
tight against UnderHecretary McDonnell,
are only partially satisfied by Secretary
for Ireland Wyndham's altitude against
McDonnell'a objectionable attitude to
ward the Irish queation. They tbreaten
tbat unleaa McDonnell is reuioved or
reaigus, they will not support the govern?
ment wben Johu Redmond moves his
home rule resolution.
Aasault and Kobbery.
Burliugton, N. J , Feb. It],?Outrage
similar to tbat on Mrs. Biddle last year
was attempted nn the wife of B. Frank
Birkitt, livingin thelodgeof tbeMasonic
Home uaar this city, tbis morning.
About nine o'clock a negro knocked at
the door and asked for Mr. Birkitt. He
was told tbat he waa at the barn. Tbe
negro then attempted to push bia way
into the house, but Mra. Birkitt resieted
and waa hit on the back of the head
with a black jack, lacerating tbe scalp
and knocking her insensible.
The uegro then tied her to a sofa.
H.? put a rope arouod her arms and
body and then robbed the house. When
the negro came back to the room where
Mrs. Birkitt lay, he attempted to ravieh
her, but sbe had succeeded iu getting
her handa free and fought him for a
while, but a blow on tbe bead knocked
her tincouscious.
Tbe negro then fled with his booty.
Mr. Birkitt returnedhomesooo after the
negro had left and releasiog Mrs. Birkitt
he rode to Burlington for assistance. A
po?8e is uow being organixed to hunt for
tbe robber.
The War in the Eaet.
St. Peteraburg, Feb. 17.?A meaaage
from tbe front states that a large force of
Japaoeae surrounded a Russian detaoh
ment. Tbe Russians sustained heavy
casualties and lost one gun.
General Kuropatkin reported today
that the Japanese had been repulaed in
an attack on the Russian right fiaok.
The Russians burned two hanilet* oc
cupied by tbe Japanese.
Tokio, Feb. 17.?Marshal Oyama re?
porta today that tbe advance of tbe
Russian cavalry to tbe anutbward haa
been checked and that tbe euerny is
The Xan Patteraon Trtal.
Xew York, Feb. 11. ? I^evy and Uo
srer, counsel for Nan Pattersoo, were
notified this morning by the District At*
torney's office that tbe secood trial of
tbe former cborus girf, who ia cbarged
with tbe murderof CVsar Young, a book
maker, would bemovedtbc first Mooday
in Mareh before Judge Keuefick io the
criminal branch of tbe Supreme Court.
Murderer Hanged.
Baltimore, Feb. 17.? William Henry
Jones, colored, was hanged ber? tbia
morning at 10:25 o'clrtck for tbe murder
of Jamea Finory Cunr}mgham, a watck
man in tbe employ of Fny & Son,
wboleaale grocerx, this city, on Jauuary $,
1905. The carrying jout of the deatfa
peoalty waa the quickjeat in tbe history
?f the atate.
New York Htock Market.
New York, Feb. \T?At the <tpening of tbe
st.H.-k market today there was none of tbe
weaknevs in evideuce which wss developed
late yestrday. Some little irregalarity took
j.Uee sfter the initial dealing*. which were
g*aerally at higher prioe*, bnt this was suc
.eeded l?y a strong toae throaghout. The
local traotions were rather neglected anJ
heavy. _
Goveroor Hoch of K>osas today signed
the bill providing for a state oil refinery.
Pecaliar Dlaappearaooe.
J. 0. Ruayaa, of Butlervilie, O., laid tbe
pecaliar diaappearance of his painful symp
toms, of indigestion and biliousness, to Dr.
Kiug's New Life Pills. He says: "They
are a perfect remedy tor dizsinem, soar stom
acv headache, conitipation, etc." Guaran
teea at E. S. Leadbeater A Sous' drug store,
Detferved Popnlartty
To core Constipation and Liver troables by
gently moving tbe bowebi and scting asa
tonic to the liver, take Litde Early Kisers.
Thete Fauous Little PilU are mild, pleasaat
aad harmleas, but cffective and sure. Tbeir
uoiversal ose for many year* is a etrong
guarantee ot th-ir popularity aad asefolneea.
Sold by all draggist*._ ]
Dtpartedthisli/eonWedneeday, Febrnsry
15, at 630 p. m., at ais bome. 1108 Prince
ctreet, WALKER GILMEft W^ADOW, i?
the 68th year of his age. Faaeral fron tbe
residsoce Sanday afternooa at 4 o'ehwk
Frfendse/ tbeuuilv inyitsd toattead,?f B?|'.
tiseere and Wft?ai?gtoa P?p**a gfaftsa oopy.
gsj?ffi DoasHsjpv *
Aaetated IntbeOaaeti* ef thatday
tbe meeeage froaa tbe Preeident trana
miUing to the Seaate a protoool of ao
agreeaaeot between the Uaited States
and tbe Domiaieaa forerament. pretid
iog for tbe coUoctioa and diebureeateat
by the Uaited Stttet of tbe caatooM rav ?
enues of the Dominican repubUe, waa
yeeterday erdered made publie, together
with tbe protoool, a letter froaa Jonn B.
Moore, foraaeriy Aaaiauot 8ecretary ot
State, which givee a atateoeat regard
iog the award'neder tbe foroaer protocol
and ibe award of tbe commieeioa whioh
aettled the claima of the Waa Domiogo
loiproTemeot Company,
.Tbe meaeage of the Praaiieot ia a falt
dfecuaaion of the wbole eubjeoCwith tbe
Mooroe doctrine in tbe foregroond. He
beld tbat if we are to maiotak the Mooroe
doctrine and keep fbreiga governmeote
out of the Weatero Hemiephere, we
muetcollect their debte for tbee). If
we are not to do tbia, then we noat
either drop the Mooroe doctrine or fight
for it under great diaadvantagea.
Tbe proticol propoaea:
That tbe Uoited Stataa attenspt tbe
adjuatmont of all tbe debttof SaotoDo
mingo, foreigo and domeatic
That it cooaider all tbe claima agaioat
8anto Domiogo, detannine their ralidity
and deeide tbe amonnt.
To take ebarge of all thecattoat henaee
and collect tha tariff revenuea, 45 per
cent. to be uied for tbe dMaeaak ex
penaea of the D?ninieau Governmant
and ?6 per cent. to be applied to the
payment of the Republie'a debta.
No ebange io the tariffor port duUaa
cao be made except io agreemeot wkh
the Preeident of tbe Uaited Sutea nntil
tbe debu are paid.
The Uoited Statee ia to grant l( ?
Dominican Government aaabtanoe t<?
"reatoretbecredil, preaerve the order,
increaae tbeefflciency of tbe oiail ad*
miniatration and advance the aaaterial
progreaa and welfare of tbe Dominican
Attempted Swlotde.
Kxcitement waa createdio the crowd
ed Reading termioal depot in Pbila
de lpbia, yeaterday wben a youog wom?
an drew a revolver from beaeath ber
cloak and flred a bullet at her beart..
Tbe sbot atruck a coraet steel aad glanoadl
off. To tbe police the young woman
gave ber name aa Laura Young, and ia
sisted tbe tbatahooting waa an aocident.
Her sialer, however, aaya abe ia Mr*.
Nance Pollard, of a Virginla fainily,
and tbat before leaving homeiu tbe
uiorning abe bad wished abe wm dead.
Mrs. Pollard haalived in Philadelphia
for aeveral years. She married in aeeret.
and aecured a divorce. She tua been.
livmg with her aiater, Mra. RAhartCeed..
Miss Nellie Ball, a auburbanite, wa*
sitting next te Mta. Pollard. 3be tobli
:be police that tbe woman wMappereat
ly waitiog for aame one. ''Tbeo," abe*
contioued, "l saw ber take a revolver
from her wriat bag and put the niuorte
under ber waiat But abe did not flrr.
Then abe walked away quickly, retoroed
again, drew the piatol aod flired."
Wben the physician who wm eailed
arrived he mw tbe woman waa not burt.
Mra. Reed, tbe aiater, aaid htat nigbt
that Mr*. Pollard had been deapoodeot
litely. "Weboth came from Virgini*
aVe yeara ago wben my fatber loat hi*
moaey. Recentlv we fouod tbat my/
aiater had married and been diroroed.
I think abehaaaince had trouble wiita
another man." Mra. Reed would not
aay what part ot Virginia they cama
Snit for Dlvorex*.
Mrs. Dorothy Henry Henderson, the
ooted ?aneatrieone, who haa wo? fams
at all thebig horaeahowa of VirginU and
of other 4tatea, has inatiluted proceed
inga for divorce against her husbaod,
Oeorge G. Henderson, a well-koown.
devotee of tbe turf, who diaappeared!
frojj their bome io Clarke countr
aeveral mootba ago, aad of whom aii
trace haa been loat. Ao ord?r haa bera
iasued from the clerk of tbe Cirtuit
Court of Clarke couoty to Atloroera
William M. Atkinaoo, of Wiochester,
and A. Moore, jr., of Berryville, oa
behalt of Mra. Henderson. In tbe
laoguage of the court order the object*
of the auit are to obtain for the plaintiff
a decree of divorce?a mensa et thoro on
the grouods of deeertion ; to o btain for
her saftable alimooy, and to rnjoio tbe
Sheoaodaah Valiey National Baok of
Wincheater from delivering to the de
feodaot aoy mooeya or properly io tka>
baok'a posaeaaioo. The couple wer*
married io September. 1904. at Mil
wood, Clarke county, aod the plaintrtf"
allegea that ber beaband eubeequeotly
left for parta uokoowo.nrod that it ia
Bot bis inteotioo to returo. Tbe plain*
tiffia tbe daugbter ot tbe late Maj.
Heary, of Clarke county, aod beiooga to
ooe of tbe oldeat families io Virgiaia.
She roet Henderson at a houae party ia
Wiocheater. After a short eo|
meot, the couple were married at
Aa importaot civil tuit oacae upyesr
terday in tbe Circuit Court, of Newport
Newa, beforeJudgeJ. W. G. Blacketooe..
Thecate ia tbat of the Newport Newa.
Shipbuilding aod Drydock Compaojr
agaioat Aodrew J. Jnnea, andtbeamouat
involved ia oearly $$00,000.
Io 1894 A. J. Jooea leaaed a krifa
tract ot oyster laoda loeated juat above
the plaot of the Newport Newa 8hip
building aud Drydock Oonpaoy from
tbe goveromeot. Io 1898, wbeo atocae
were built for tbe battieabip Miaaouri,
the sbipyard oosopaoy oceupied aportioc
of Jooea'a oyater groanda, apoa which*
tbe leesee baJ plaoted oyaten four yeara
before. Soon alterward tbe auil waa en
tered, Jonee bftoging aa oolawful entry
aod deuiner action to aacore poaaeaeion
ot hia property. Tbe abipyard secvred
an iojuoctioo rettraioing tbe plaintiC
from prosecuUog tbe coeamao law action
and throwiog tba caee ioto eqoity. De
poattiooa have beeo takeo fron time to
ti<ne aod ouoeroua aurvey* bave -beeo
Jonee claims tbat the yard oecupied
???r 16 acrea of bia eyater beda aod dam
??ed, io all, 120 acrea. He aaksfor $150>
a year for 16 yeara eo 120 arree.
Maaoalo Le*t*uwr*\
Thomaa N. Davia, graad maater of
YlrgioU Maaoaa, yeeterdav appoioted
tbe following diatrict lectorers: Fiist
diatriet, Parge Joaea; Seoood, J. M.
Cliftitaird, a W. Wbitaker; Foortb,
J, C. Braaar; Flfth, W. T. Bbea, wbe>
ia Sute lettorer, aodSixth, S. C. Davia.
The graod lodge adjoonud yeaterday

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