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Tl i-*i'AV ETOXINQ. OvT. 22. 1907.
liiMiHiimx (if trj.ii made gooda
v.' n ttic w enter into interstate cotnnrrce
onler a section of the S oerman anti-tiust
law, is the new feature of an attack
up a illegal combinations inaugurated
ye*) erdiy by tbe Depniment ot Jts'ice.
A 1 >rge consignment of cigarettes roan
nl'ac'ed by tbe tobneco trust, and ofler
td for shipment at Nuf.lt, was sexed
at tbe instance of tbe attorney general
Lythe colite or of cus'oois at Norfolk,
af slited ia yeateid'.y's GdMtW, Tbe
trust, to(laim.it8 propeity, must go in?
to court and prove thal it is not gpmt
* ing in restraint of trade or viola*iog th*
anti-trust law. Tbis move upon th*
part of tbe Department of Justice is
prnti?My tbe most important and fer?
rel tug scion that bas yet been taken
agaioat the tru?>. Tbe immediate pur?
pose) of the Attorney funeral is to tea!
the law, but in tbe ev*, nt of ruling by
tbe courts in favor of the Kivemment
tne trusts are left abaoia < ly at tbe
mercy of the government, and all
tbei- manufactures or other property,
the moment it enters into interstate
c immerce.may be se -?d and confiscated.
As much as has been written and said
about tbe Sbrrmftn cuti-lrust law, it
baa never belora leen realized tbat the
a'a'uie cocfers any such power upon the
government. It remained for Attoroey
(i'lieral Il-jRSparte and h's r-Hsiatan'.a to
eliscover wb-t an enormous power tad
bMA given tbe govert rucut. lathe De?
partment of Justice there is cot tbe
S'ighteat doubt that the section cf the
law invoked aili be upheld by tbe
courts. Tbe courts have decided that
all combinations in restraint of trade
ere illegal, and tbat all conspiracies en?
tered into for the purptse of affecting
trtii? J>re als i illegal. Tney have aUo
decided that the control of interstate
commerce rests absolutely with the fede?
ral government and, therefore, that
urti r such control the government may
tl-te taine wb.it iltm ol goods shall
be admitted to interstate commerce
and what] class excluded. So, in
tte opinion of the attorney general
ail his assistants, tbe government
may se'/? uni, r the coi li'Cation clause
of the Sherman law, all property en?
tering into interstice commerce in
violation of thc law. If tbe courts
take tbis same view of tbe prep*
tailiofl the ?tl ct oust be immed?
iately of tba mest fur-reaching conse?
quence, Se/.no of gooda belonging to
a combination which is merely suspected
of violating tba law will be possible,
and tbe burden ofprool will bo thrown
upon the owners ol the good*. Hereto?
fore the government has been required
to prove, first thc existence of a trust,
aud than some violation of Uw. Under
the new method, made possible by the
heretofore overlooked section of the
Sherman law, the government need only
Ruspext and tbe trust must prove is in?
nocence. Iiiless the Department ol
.liis ice is mistaken, thc enforcement of
Ibil newly invoked providion of law will
compel tbe dissolution of all the trusts
iu the United State, not as the result of
court orders, bul as Ihe result of a no'.i
fi:atir.n from the government that they
ctniot continua to do business. The
law applies to every combination sub?
ject to pr> stcu'iion for restraint or the
creation o! monopoly. The coal trust op?
erating in Pennsylvania can be prevent?
ed from sending its cosl out i f the State.
lui*: aoLUbl re port nf Comnr s.ioner of
Tensions Warner, just issued, shows
that there has buen a decrease of 18,.
?SOO members from tbe pension rolls at
the end of tbe fi eil year 1907. Ac?
cording io Mr. Warner ibis la the larg?
es decrease ever registered by the
bureau. At the a. tin time, however,
tbe amount of pensions waa greater by
14,618,181. 1 **eems lhat the amount
ol niocry paid to pensioners is never to
bs letsened even though the pensioners
d.e., _
From Washington.
tCom**.-ti defect af tba Alexandria Gazette.]
Washington, Oct -2
Is tbe Federal governm*nt Hbout to
enter upon a general policy of spiting
Ifea pr ducts of "bad irus:4 ' High
official*ol the Department of Justice r -
(:kid the invoking of atd hitherto uu
used km'.inn ol the Knli-trust law in
tba ieeal warfare against the Tohacr*
Tru?', of <he deepest aiguitioance. Th^y
intimate that it w?v foreshadow aimil r
action aga.nsl the SUndatd Oil, ft r.iii
xe*, powder, and aubatiie coal Iruita,
vms lor the d*sso,ution ot which are
noa ptftdlag, Ttn-y point tbat if the
law permits tho aeiauaa and cundemna
ri n ?..! ;he one tiu-ns gt.cd in interstate
anvl loreign e* .nuieicr, therein obviously
ti'ithing to prevent the se tatt of th*
ji-nluc s cf other ttui'.r.
? The acii'in lakeo m: Nirfolk yra'.er
te'day, io the Minn el tobacco consign
eil ii tbe Hu isti-Auierieau Tobscn
Company of Londor, ts unquestionably
drastic," uplained a local crfu-er to?
day. "As ss see it bowtvir, th#> I. w
-nvidia ihe w?a*.on, and we would bt
I c* in eur duty il we fail -tl lornforc*
't the condemnation section ot the
? t) otiooabk i; should be repta'*
'? i? for congress io ne e mine."
tu lawyers, co the o.her band,
characterise the govcromeni'a action as
"high banded." They say the section
of the law jost invoked for tbe first time,
i? only aimed to give tho lederal au?
thorities final power to atop an illegel
carporatioa doing business, after it has
been so declared by the couria, in cs>
of a refusal to obey thc cc uri's
order. These lawyers declare that
the law makers never intended to give
the federal authorities the off-hand right
to stamp a corporation as illegal and
furnish them the weapon of drastic en
forcement, without due process of law.
lt is probable that tbe essa will get into
the Supreme Court on this constitutional
cueation. It is understood from a high
source tbat the Norfolk seizuree was
made for the particular purpose of noti?
fying "bad trus's," that tin government
wss losing patience over legal delays,
and that if tbis policy were persisted in,
wholesale sale seizures by the govern?
ment would follow. "We ure sincerely
desirioas ol knowing just what toe anti
trust and Interstate Cirr meroe law
meas," said anotner kw eflictr of ibe
government today. "The subterfuges,
evasions, acd legal quibbles o! the trusts
are becoming viry annoying. It is
likely ibat when some of these gigantic
combinations see what we eau, and Buy
do, they may find it to their own sel6?ti
interests to expedite a ruling from thc
highest tribunal cu all controverted ques?
Secretary Corttlyou left for New York
tbis afternoon to look into the financial
-ituaticn personally. Before leaving Le
made the following statement: "Trie*
**fcrelEry of the Treasury is keeping in
dose tcucli with busiueaa conditions
throughout the country. In the matter
?f public deposits he will at all time*
consult the needs of legitimate business
interests and will not hesitate to dec)
promp'lv and adequately with any situ?
ation that may arise." A rumor wa*
circulated here this afternoon thu Si
retary Oortely< u intended r^leiving ihe
fiuarciel situi:i'm in New York City,
by depositing 1*10,000,000 of govern?
ment funds in two of the largest bank**.
The members of the Interstate Commerce
Commission will disperse this week to vari?
ous parts ot the country lo b((jin this work
of hearing the hundreds of complaints til il
during thu summer. In edditiou, two ip ni
examiners will start onl on the mme in issi on,
and more will he addi d as soon Bathe work
.?sn be systematized. There are 2,7 O rom
lliinta swaning hearirg.
John Ht Imus, for thirty yean manager of
the Ebhett House Bullet, died at his bitee in
thia eily ye**lerdiy.
Cha*. 1. Mullett has been appointc! pott
master at Areola, Loudoun county, Va.
A Father's Vcngear.ee.
Douai, France, Oct. 22. ? Gendarmes
tore the suspecel murderer o." a 14
year-old girl fr-rn a mob here today, but
were not alert enough to save him lu rn
her father. I'.erre Latz, the suspec', ws.?
seen lurking near where the body of tbe
little girl, Susanna, Hrom ?/., rna lound
early today. The child bad been
strangled. Lill wat arrest)] without
difficulty and wat on the way lo police
hese'quarleis whe-n a throng of ncsertil
bun Ired lynchers beat tho officers off
and had actually adj-isled a ropn aboal
Lai z's neck before the gendarmes coull
summon reinforcements. Tue mun Via
rescued sf'.cr a desperate fight and haul?
ed to the city prison. Here the lather,
summoned toidnentify the prisooer,'ook I
the police by surprise, wrenched a gend?
armes' sword from its scabbard and
drove tbe blade through La'z's breast.
The frequency of such crimes have
aroused tbe people to a dangerous pkeb.
Policeman Killed by One-armed Man.
New York, Oct. 22.?Police men
Kugeue Sheehan was shot in tbe eye
and instantly killed early today by a
one-armed man, said to be a resident of
Brooklyn. The elayer, who was arrested
and taken to the Oak street police
station, declares he was drunk aid
denies knowing that he shot Sheehan.
It is asserted lhat he was at liberty at
tha time under $1,000 bone's for beating
another man with brass knuckle?.
Sheehan wa* on duty at Chatam Square
and Dark Row. Witnesses of the shoot?
ing say they saw the pi.licinan walk a
few steps with the man who billed him,
give bim a slight push and order bim "to
move along," on which Ihe man drew a
revolver undsbot him. O.her policemen
rushed to tbesceoe. The murderer fired
t-vo shots at th'm and, when knecked
t)biskne;s by Pilicemsn Kob?, fired
almost in ibe liner's Lee, niaalsg bim
by a hair's breadth.
he Balloonists.
, f?L Louis, Oe'. 22.?The balloonists
did not stick togciher followfog their de?
parture from St. Louis. Tbe Germara
ascending to a considerable height,
travel, d a trifle west of north, following
tbe direction of the Mississippi Valley.
The English aod Fiench voyagers,
taking a middle altitude, appear to have
been swept across central Illcois and
Indiana. The Americans .ita) ing ch se
to tbe ground went aim-a straight ea'..
Meninges from towns from which the
balloonists are reported to have been
seen indicate that all are now moving
in a generally eastern direction.
Fire and -Boiler Explosion.
Brooklyn, N. Y. Oct. 22.?Tbe liv* <?
of fi ty firemen wer? in tl ngir when a
boilt exploded and two brick walls fell
on a quarter of a million dollar fire thi.
morning in the factory of Schawab
Brothers k Co., manufacturers of wood
work at Washington and Park Avenues.
An entire block of flimsy frame duel?
ings went up in smoke and forty families
were driven into the streets when a row
ol wooden tenements r.cross tbe streets
caught fire. Tbe fire fighters bat'led
with the flames for five hours before they
were subdued.
The Release of the v\ allinga.
8L Petersbu-f. O-r* 22.-Wm. Kng
lish Walling told liiends here ti day that
be will make no dement) tor indemnity
from Russia for his oar, h's wife's ar d
bis sister-in-law's ar.e't Sunday on NM"
picion ol aflilih'ii nu Hi li Finnish rev< -
lutionaries. Walling, his wife snd
sister-in-law, Miss Ko?e Sirunsky, were
released last night, with profuse apolo?
gies from the Russian police, who said
the arrests were due to the indiscretion*
of an over.enthusias* c sec-e*. rervice
Street Railroad Tiod Up.
Yonkers, N. Y., O.t. 22.?The
Yonkers Street Railway system is tied
up as a result of a strike of i s motor?
men and conduct irs who ask 25 cents
an hour in lieu of 2o they are now re?
ceiving. They alaj dema-.d ibv the
present superintend*nt, aS-n Tolbar,
be replaced by another. Tbe strike
cau**d much inconvenience to commute *
who do business in Ntw York
The Market.
G..orgeto*_ Cct. 22-Wt. at 75a7e
News of the Day.
Edward Ward Yand rbil*, who married
a spiritualist hts been declared incom?
petent to manage bis estate.
The Jspsnfss armored cruiser Ku
rams, of 14 620 lons, waa launched yes?
terday at Yokoauka in the presence of
the Emperor aud Empress.
A supposed plot against tbe life of
the Czar bas been frustrated by the ac?
cidental discovery of preparations tn un?
dermine the railway near Tsarkoe-Selo.
Stuyvesant Fish holds a majority of
the proifcl in tbe fight lor the control of
tbe Illinois Central Railroad and had
refused Hammad's overtures for aa
Dil pitches from Vienna say thntEm
pc mr Francis Joseph is improving steadi?
ly. His fever bits disappeared, bia
cough his better and bis appetite and
spirits are excellent. The physicians
dow believe their patient ia out cf danger.
Ihe i flirt to secure a harmonious
plan ol action between the federal gov?
ernment and the distillers and rectifiers
in regard to the labeling of whisky has
failed and criminal prosecutions will
soon be instituted.
Alfred Gwynne Vanderbilt, under tbe
terms of the will of bis father, Coineliu***
Vauderbil', came into possession Jttit t
?ir)- of one-half of tbe residuary Vanoer
bilt eaute, Mtinatedat dom $24,000,
000 to $30,000,000.
In the first battle between tbe forces
of the rival sultans of Morrcco, Abd-el
Aa i nnd Muiai Hi fid, near Hettat, tbe
Inlier's army defeated Abd-ei-Azir. and
cnp'i1 red the commauder-in-chiet of all
the i'nperial forces ia the field.
Svurdny's Atlanta Georgian says:
'John Temple Graves, editor of tbe
Georg ia ti, has accepted the editorship on
the New YorkAm-rican and on Nov.
15 will leave Atlanta to nssumc the
chief editorial responsibility of tbat
Court Judge Seabury in New York
yes'.erdiy denied a motion msde by
counsel fr ibo plsiltifl in tbe suit lor
d vorcebiought by Msc C. Wood "Platt"
igainet United States Senator Thomas
C. Platt fora jury dial. Justice Sea
bury hi Ids that the only issue raised by
too plaintiff is whether she was married
:o Plsf, and that there is no authority
for submitting such an issue to a jury.
Att rney General Davidson, of Texas,
yesterday addressed a letter to United
States Senator Bailey as a sequel lo
Bailey's iptoeb of las' Saturday night
at the harriet to Gov. Campbell.
Among the statements made in the leter
are two, iu substance as follows: "Suit
will be s'nrted against the Stnndard Ol
Comp.iny," and "inasmuch as you know
ao much about the Standard O.l Com
pany, I shall call on you ns a sritOfta."
William E'ig'.iah Walling, Mrs. Wal?
ling, tnd hirsisttr, Min R>*e S'.runsky,
who nero ern alt d lu Ht Petersburg
Sunday, presumably on tbe charge of
aiding the terrorists, were released from
prison yeaterday. .Mrs. Wallirgand Mi *
Strm sky had a great reception Irom ile
female political [ riaootn la the prison
to which tb** nert1 taker.:. They were
kbaed hed embraced and dinner was
givin them at the expense ol tbe other
psiior ers.
E I. Stacey, soou after his arrival at
Groat Bend, Kio., from Denver, Sunday,
attcmpUd tn kill his wife with a dyna?
mite boar-ib. Btaoey'i mother-iu-law
siw Inr dnigbter'a peril and pushed her
I Bl di .'anger before the bomb exploded
Sinewy fo'l .wei the vo.iienaud struck
both if them wi'b his fists, after which
he wes arttatod. No one was injured
hy tin explosion ii th* bomb, but the
Vail")* HoOM, in -Khich the bomb was
tl.ri.wn raffered sunn* dnranfr. Stacey
tried lo f.ut tie bomb io- the botOBJ ol
hia wife's drcti, but his m.-lher-ir -law
kno.ked it from bis hsnd and battled
h-^r daughter dom the room.
Governor Swanfiii vras jesterday of?
ficially informed ol tbe death of Con?
gressman Campbell Slemp. The cl?rk ol
Wi-ortir.'y furnished th.o inf**rmstie*n.
Governor Swanson said that as yet he
i,. il not tfikui up ibe matter cf ordering
hu election lo fill the vscsney, but tbat
be w oild pivo the matti r due consider
atioo. Hi* purposes logiv all parties
a ch sr ce to ! fix tb. ir firie**."
1 ia aid tba*. Judg? William P.
Ri.ea, ol Bristol, is to maka the race for
the democratic nomination, snd thai
ther*; is some diviaion i mong die repu" -
licans, the belter element demand cg
either A. P. Oillespie or J. C. N n i.
A di-patch from Brittni savs: The
announcement of David F. Bailey, ol
Bristol, as caadida'e for tha republi?
can -fxr.unfllion for Congress in tbe
Ninth Virginia district, without difer
euce IO the wbb ol Biscoinb Slemp,
complicates the situation. Mr. Hailey,
who liss for many yeats been an ardent
piny worker, makes thc charge lhat
there has lor some time teen a private
understanding between Bascomb Slemp
and L. P. Summers regarding the nomi?
nation of Congressmen. In con?
nection with tbe Aoncuicenmni, Mr.
Batley, who ii an uncle of L. P. Sum*
mers, says:
"I do n >t believe that th? pcopD of
this district desire to m&intsin a party
with no higher olj ct than to keep ihe
Slenjp-) and Summer-uaim (Bee. I have
mr.de up ry mind to rljjht tbe combi?
nation, ard aheil ask ihe boys in Ibe
trenches to stand by me."
W. S. Rose, postmas'er at Big Stone
Gap, and a close friend of the Hemps,
said in Briatol last n ght.
"B iscomb Slemp has made no f irmal
announcement up 11 his time, and has
taken no steps to secure th" nomination.
However, io the event Gov. Swanson or?
ders a special election, I am quite con?
fident he will become a candidate. I
happen to be in a position to knot, tbat
the demand for him to announce himself
aa a candidate is general in the district.
He has received numerous letters and
telegrams from leafing republicans
throughout the district urging him to
announce his candidacy. He cannot
speak at this time, owing to tbe recent
death of his father and the cri.io il ill?
ness of his mother, who has been barely
conscious at intervals since the death of
the Congressman, and who baa sd i cot
been apprised of his death. His Mends
are confident lhat at the proper lime the
Rf publican State chairman will aonounoe
his candidacy.
Stomach troubles, Heart and Kidney ail
menlo, can he quickly corrected wiih a pre
seriproa known to druggists everythere as
Dr. f*hoop's Restorative. The prompt and
surprising relief which thii remedy im?
mediately bringa ia entirely doe io it< Resto?
rative action upon the controlling nerves of
the Stni'isrb, eu*. Bold by E. 8. Leadbeater
A Sous.
Virginia News.
The Grand Camp Confederate Vete?
rans meets in Norfolk tomorrow.
The feature of the day at the James?
town Exp'aition yesterday was a flower
Mrs. Alice Marmaduke, widow of J.
Berkley Marmaduke, died in Spotsy!
vania Friday, aged 48 years.
Paymaster Henry A Wiae, of War
enton, ie n of burgeon Wise, bas teider
ed his resignation as tm ember of the
pav corps of the navy.
The People's Bank of Harriaonburg
hss been formally organized there with a
minimum capital stock of $100,000 and
a maximum of $250,000.
Statis'.ics furt-idbed by the superin?
tendent ot the Coofedenite Soldiers'
Home in Richmond show that forty-one j
inmates have died tnere during tbe ptst j
twelve months.
John Eaton, alisa Sb filet, hss been
acquitted ol the cbfge of killing Marvin
Sb lll-lt and dangerously wouuding
Ashby Lawson, on August 17, \?a\ in
I. >e-kirgham county.
At a special election held Saturday
Mr. Joseph E. Wright wss elected rc
< order nf Leesburg over W. D. Edwards,
lo fill the vacancy cause tl by the recent
rerignation of Mr. Karl Weadoo.
1-idore Lovensteir, former assistant
supeiinteodert of thu Richmond City
1 me, and Charles Guns', a bidder lor]
the fuel ontract for tbe homp, were in?
dicted yesterday for attempting to de-1
fraud ih-a city.
Afier a aeek's investigation of how
the fire s'arted which cremated Capt.
C. W. Taylor, at his home near Proffit,
Albemarle county, tbe coroner's jury
has relumed a verdict of "death from
cause unknown."
The penitentiary board met in Rich?
mond yesterday and reelected its old of?
ficers, ra follows: E. F. Morgan, super- j
intendent; Dr. E B. Carrirgion, sur?
geon, and Dr. E P. Rowe, surgeon at
the State farm. The anticipated tight
on tbe superintendency did not develop.
During'the second day's meet of the
Middlesex Hunt Club, of South Lin?
coln, Mass., held yesterday at Clarkes)
Gap, Julian I. Chamberlain, ot Boston,
while riding to honcda across a rouj"
section of country and attempting to take |
a b'gh fence, was violently thrown, sus?
taining painful, but not serious, injuries.
Afters series of experiments at the
United States Geological Survey's fuel
testing plant, at tho Jamestown Expo?
sition, to determine tho relative fuel
value of certain fuel product!*, it hs
been found that it takes ooo and one
half gallons of denatured alcohol to pro?
duce ns much power tn a gall in nt gar
e-lene, although alcohol cos's about twice
Bl much as tbe gasolene.
The House of Bishops of the Bjrf-M*.
pal General Convention jesterday for
warded to Governor Swanson a sot of
resolutions, handsomely engrossed, ex
pris*M0*7 appreciation of his courtesy in
jiving them the Hall cf the House cf
1) legatee fol a meeting place. The
piper bear? the signature of ench mem?
ber of tb" Houso of Bishop*), including
tba negro bishop ef Africa, who dined
with Bishop Potter the hut day but oce
of tbe convention. Tnt Qoveroor will
have the paper framed and p it in tbe
State library aa n State decument.
G ivernor Swanson has announced that
ho wi!', before writing his message to |
'he got eral saseniblv, visit kl] tbe State*
ics'.itutioas?hospitals and schools?in
order to acquaint him-elf lamil arly witb
all ibe workings ol tbe institutions. The
uriternor ssys that he ia anxious to have
thc State's unfortunates carefully attend
e'1, rind it ia to st?e the inaidi working***
ot theinntiiuMons that he will make the
pets>ral inspection. The governor has
abo detemrncd tn require of the educa?
tional institutions ol the State, ihosc re?
ceiving public aid, to make temi annual
reports io him.
William and Marv Pait?raon and
(Keir sen Charles were arraigned in tbe
Police Ciurt in Richmond yesterday
upou a technical charge eif disorderly
conduct and giving Gibe May Hobart*,
a 12-yesr-old girl, enough wine to make j
| ber drunk-. Patterson and bis wife were
each fin* il sud Hititenced to aorve a long
terra in j iii. The girl was released afior
c ut to lier father, who refused to pueb
thchbducinu case against tin Pattersons.
Nf oney is, however, being subscribed by
persona who witnessed the condition ot
rho lit! > git], to prosecute Charles Pat?
terson for a grave e flense.
Much surprise was occasioned io
Fredericksburg yesterday wheu it be?
came known that J. D. Case, of Indiana,
hal irs itu'adsuit hr $9,000 io the Caro?
lin^ omuii y cmirt against A. B. Lewis,
the wtalt .y New York stock broker,
whoae wife owns tbe hacd'.oma Lewis
Anna firm oo toe lUppahannock river
below Fredericksburg.
Mr. L'-iwis is the owner eif a valuable
herd of Jersey caule, and became* promi?
nent a few months ago by paying $12,
000 hr a Jeraiy hull. Mi. Lewis owes
a considerable sum to different dealers in
Fiedericksburg. These at ouce took
steps to protect themselves through legal
action, *.s it ia feared Mr. Lewia has lost
heavily in the stock market slump.
Toe property levied on yesterday wss
32 horses and mules, 180 bead of cattle,
t.rming implements, wcgons, harness
and s earn engines. Mr. Lewis arrived
in Fredericksburg yesterday fiom New
York and staled ibat he waa much sur
pris?d that his p'operty had been levied'
u K n and tha. in a few days he would
pay every claim against him.
IT li I OK la mi-:*, too.
1 lu t l ,n Stop Their Hair l-'addiff Out
Ulh lierpicide.
ladies whs hive tala hair and whote hair
ii falling nut. can pr* v.-nt th* hair falling
out, and thii ken tba growth, .trill Newbro's
"HaroieUa." Baaiaet, tiermietie is <<ne of
ihaara ? bair dre wi aga lhere is.
Herrieida hilla the dindrull germ that eau
th- hair i ll at t! | ru t After the germ is de
stroye', thi r. nt will ehvit up and ih- hair
l rev lang aa aver. Even a**nmpe will coo
vini*** any lady that Kewbro's llerpHile ia an
i ldmpensable tcif ?t rnjui'ite ll eaotaiM no
? il <?.- gr a*e, n will Ml itain or dye.
:old liv Lading druggies, demi in ia
s an pa for mmple to I fie lierpicide Co,,
I) Inti, Hil h Two fia*'?-Vi snd ||.0U. E. H.
I e d* eavr ? ***..n*. Special Agenta. 67
I rceanili r? uc?d my ca* f?re to 15c
fr m tba Inion ?."?tieri t-> sny patt of the
city, boping it v. ..till ? fet with Ihe approval
af Ul travtlin-j prh* and tint I wou'd
have thrir rafowag ? Itot to the o.intrjry I
find toe ni j r.ty *n Ur to- 01 fare tn tbe
IV* fire th r.fir^ I hiv. de :lel t. n*:t th*
price burk to ti: OU aili Sl'*>r .ll i lit --
O.tob r Ba). Van repei-tfully,
j. n. weiz-ii.
NEW BRAZIL h leceivtd by
Today's Telegraphic News.
Truat Company Suspends
New York, Oe*. 2:\?Shortly after
tbe opening i^iis morning a run was
started on the Harlem branch of the
Knicktrboker Trust Company at Lenox
avenue and l_5:h street. The reserves
were called out to keep the depositors io
order and the bank officials brought out
huge stacks ol currency aod dealt it oat
aa rapidly as possible. They say they
have plenty ol money to meet ali calls.
Both at the general offices aod tbe
Harlem branch of the company officials
retuaed lo make any statement. Over
the telephone, tbe official in charge of
the Harlem branch said: "I can't say a
word. I'm too busy to talk. I'm no'
allowed to nay anything, anyway."
Seventy-five persons were in line seek?
ing to withdraw funds when the main
i 111 e of ibo Knickerbocker Trust Com
pauy opened at 66 Broadway today.
Harry B. Hollins, one of the directors
is helping the cflicers of ihe company
to hatiale lbs rush. He said there
was plenty of mouey on hand and lhat
plenty more coul i be procured instantly
il it she uld be needed, which he con?
sidered improbable.
Auother disastrous crisis in Wall
street waa averted tidily when, after an
all-nigM session, atteoded by J. P.
Morgun aud many other leaders of
finance, it VU '.nu ucced that tbe
trust companied bf New York would
support ihe Knickerbocker Trust Com?
pany and Mm it through any situation
that might follow the sudden resignation
of i's president, Churle** T. Barney.
New York, ()- 22? The Knicker?
bocker Trust Cornea*.y temporarily sus
pended payment at its down town office,
66 Broadway, thia afternoon, alter pay?
ing out $8,000,000.
Following thu announcement of sus?
pension by the Knickerbocker call money
ran up to sixty per cent.
Immediately fallowing the closing of
the do ira by the Knickerbocker came a
report, which spread like wildfire
through tbe finaucial district, tbat the
Trust Company of North America was
alfi in dtfti ulty. Chairman Jobn E.
Borne, of the directorate, was highly in?
dignant At ibe rumor and declared it to
he a libellou*ly malicioua statement.
Tho trust company, be asserted, hat
had no rtladors whatsoever with Charles
W. Morse or any of the persons who
have been named as being responsible
for the present upheaval in banking
An official statement regarding tbe
condition of the Knickerbocker will be is?
sued soon, according to theofficera. They
are now in consultation with lending
financial interests wi*h a view to resum?
ing payments. All tiu-t companies in
the city have been asked to come to the
aid of the Knickerbocker in order that
payments may bs resumed throughout
the day.
Examiner M. \V. Hutchins of the
State Banking Department said that he
made a hasty examination of the ac?
counts of ibe Knickerbocker Trust Com?
pany tbis morning and he emphatically
declares the books show the institution
to be absolutely solvent.
All depositors in the waiting line were
told to como back at 9 o'clock tomorrow.
The Bank Troubles.
New York, Oct. 22 ?The bouse
cleaning now going on in New York
banks is regarded in the financial dis?
trict as being considerably over due.
At the time of the insurance expo-urea
it was predicted the banka would be
next, but ilfy escaped to make way for
the Standard Oil and traction rsvela
ti ip.
Thc bank exposures hive proceeded
witb a sensational rapidity. It took
months to g<*t McCall ind McCurdy out
of the insurance companies, but in four
days the presidents of f *ur national
banka and the president of one trust
company have leen summarily bounced,
wi h a h;ng list of directors.
Tne trouble originated from tbe aame
Well street system of legal looting that
was effective in the case of the insurance
In tbe insurance expo-urea the opera?
tor*! involved laclndt-d E H. Harriman,
Senator C. M. UePea. George W. Per?
kins of J !'. Morgan k Co., and a host
of lesser fry, including heads of the cor
p irstijns tf.emseivei.
Ii tbe tracion mudd** are involved
Thomas F. R?!in, Au bony N. Brady,
August Belmont, P. A. 3. Widener,Thos.
DiliiP, H. H. Vreeland and what has
b en kuown for 5 earn ss the inside clique
of radii rn in ihe eis'.
Now in the banking revelations the
big men so far uncovered are E. Augus?
tus Heit z?, Charles W. Morse, E.R.
Thomas and 24 other lesa well-known
It 's the ru it nm >f Wall street banks
to loin money on marketable securities
up to 80 p?r cent, of their value. If the
market value of the cecurities fall the
bank demands more security. But stocks
rarely fall more than live poiola at a
time, an the banks are able to keep their
loans sale.
I-j one day, however, ibe Heinze and
Morse securities 'ell from a market value
of fifty cents on the dollar or more to
point where it was practically impcsalble
to eel! tbern at any price. Tbere was
no time for the banks involved to get
securities and they were left stranded
high on the beach.
This gave the Clearing House, now
known io Wall street as the cleaning
house, its opportunity. It had these
operators absolutely at its mercy and re?
fused to put up a cent until they got
out of tie banking business entirely.
It g-neri-tl the entire trouble is regard?
ed aa an acute case of undigested securi
t ie*, but this time it is the "inside"
banks that have ihe indigestion and not
the other banks 1 r tbe public in general.
Hebrew Men and Women Mutilated.
Berlin, Oct. 22.?Prominent Hebrews
here have received news of a Iresh oat
break of violence against tbe Jews at
OJcaaa. Tnirty men acd women have
been mutilated by the riotera io an at?
tempt, it is said, to make them give up
treasures they were supposed to have
hidden. Ooe Jewish boy's eyea were
gouged Ml belore bis mother to force
hr to bring concealed wealth to light.
Afflicted With Hore Dyes tor .13 Years*
1 have been elli cted with sore eyea for
thirty-three years. Thirteen years ago
I became totally blind and waa bliod for
six years. My eyes were badly inflamed.
One of my neighbors insisted upon my
trying Chamberlain's Salve and gave me
half a box of it To my sui prise it
healed my eves and my light came back
to me.?P OL Esr!,-, i\* luaus, Ky.
Chamberlain's Salve ia f r aale by Gib
sou tb Ii Hibernian and W. P. Creightor
D&\ GOOD*.
420 to 420 Soventh Street,
417 to 420 Eighth Street,
75c and 98c
This Trimming is very desir?
able this season for hat trimming,
and comes in all the most want?
ed colors, including black, red,
green, blue, brown, lavender, also
the desired changeable shades.
These will be on sale at our trim?
ming department bargain table,
8th street annex. These
regularly sell at 75c and OCr*
98c. Special for one day mO\*
Place for Mitchell.
Indianapolis, Oft. 22.-Tbere is reason
to believe that John Mitchell, president
of the miners, is to be pushed for a
high political office not only by his !ibor
organization of irienc's, but by som*
powerful financial|interests. It is known
that President Roosevelt will make a
high place for Mitcnell, if tbe latter will
accept it, and thia th j labor leader will
probably do, if his health is restored.
Passenger Steamer on the Rocks.
London, Ovit. 22.?With 500 pasaen
engers aboard, the Hun-dan Steamboat
Lituania is ashore elf rikillioge, accord?
ing to a dispatch to Lloyds from Malmo,
Sweden. The vessel ran on the rocka in
a fog. The stranded ship is difficult to
reaab, its position la dangerous acd the
pisiengers and crew are in grave peril.
The Lituania was bound Irom Li bau to
Copenhagen and America.
New York Stock Market.
New York, Oct. 22 ?Homes whose names
are strongly suggestive of Van-ierhilt-Margan
business bought on au eieetdiugly large
neale. Standard Oil brokt ri netealao nota?
ble buyers. It wa* g-neral comment on the
flaor that support waa i ecvstary in view of
the developments in reg ird to the Knicker*
bilker Trust C* mpsny over night. A (ter the
ti rat eflect of tke support p_w.nl away the
market betane heavy, hut declines trine
made were more ordeily and there w;.s no
evidence of demoralisation lu any part ol
the exchtng*. The priee movemeals weie
almost uniform without any spec ul it, ll uenoe
prevailing in aiy quarter, the market befog
wholly dominated by general condition*. At
the end ot the fi-at hour the entire mirk rt
misti 1 to 1 points below yesterday's elosiug.
At 1:20 p. m. the market was still iu a
highly chaatic state, wiih the quotations for
e ll funds fluctuating from 4 J to 4f> per cent,
ami but little available at that tigure
i ollowing the munnin em-nt ol'the cloting
of elie Kn (-nerbin ker's doors exciting trading
I'. ll jwid nu "hf snick rxchauge.tlnj air taking
? ni adisifoe*Ty panicky iii-pct. V.'luaiiotib
dropped hom the noon nays igtirea (rom 3 to
.a p<.i its compared with >teeiday'i closing
figure", and at the -ame the *ute for ea I
iuw'1-y nnvid up in aakigh as SS per east.
I it* r decl ning to 22 g. ri ent
Staudiii-s Oil waa and r pr suire Ur.-id.*
? ml tli-a morning flui the ?n?'k o' the gi tnt
monopoly rem heil the lowest figure in >e --,
selling down to 390. During lin.* morning
some 4t0 shares were duult.
Albert A. Wilson, former United
States mara'ial for the D.strict of Co?
lumbia, died in Washington yesterday.
Out ot Hight.
"Out of s'ght, out of mind," in an old wey
mg which spplies with special forte to ? sore,
Kuril or wound that's been treated with Buck
1 n's Arnica .-a.v.* lt's o t of sight, out of
mind and out of existeace. Piles, too, and
and chilblain divippear under its helling in '
flue ute. Guaranteed hy druggist*. 26c.
C. C. Carlin.
R. Ewell Thornton.
James R. Caton*
Election November 5th.
Every democrat is expected to
turn out and vote for the nomi?
nees of his party.
oct22 2w_
lt.'F. Knox, Auctioneer.
hearing data on the f tb day of December,
1904, duly of record in the lam! records of tbe
county of Alexandria, Vg., iu deed Ix ok No.
109, page SHS, made hy Juuea l>. Webster
and |wire and at tho request of the party
therein secure.], default baring been made iu
the pami-nt nf the BOtCS tlirrein weare I, the
undera goed trustee will oller tor sale nt pub
lio auction, on
the 7th day of November, 1907, at 12 a. m ,
in front of the Royal street entrance la the
Market building cf th-aad city, tba follow*
ingdescubed property, to wit:
AH tbat jot ofgr.mud with the buildings
and improvement thereon, lying partly in
the eouniy of A'exindrii Va., au I parly in
the cit] of Alexandria, Va., and hound.**! aa
iiaginning at "A" a atake 12 polea from
"li" a planted stone and 4 polea H links so Uh
2* eaat.fraiu the sonlk sui* er Orinoco atreet
and 43.4 fe<-t in a perp?nlii*nlar direction
from the eaat li.le of Weat aire t, mid run i ?
thenee mirth J* tm \i,\t ike la "i " n M k. ,
thence a*.nth tt*w*t?7 po'es to "C's atake
on an o!d diteb oppoal t v narked fao-aa poat
in Gray'* nm* (pate lia I' Rochford1* old
fence 2 polea 5 liuki aaa abo pi-nmg au old
ditch where aaid Hutch ford's fence formerly
stood 7 polea 2 J hnk-i) thence smtli i' emt 11
poles to "B" a stake 30 links e;m of said ditch
millllinkseiKtoi'sii raw: ihoaaa north
Ho" east 27 poles to ih- btg nning, containing
8 acres 1 rood aod 3 p >Ie*. including th
strfets and r>ad, togeth-**- with al appur?
tenance". Erceptitig, however, from di*
above described tract of lm 1 the part thereof,
cont lining one acre, sold by ibe 'aid parti-a
of the brat pirt to the .Wa-hingtoi Houtbern
Terms of sale caah: all coat of conveyancing
at the expense of th- purchaser.
oci22td WILLIAM J. WR-af. Trmtee.
NOTICE?The Boaid of Directora of the
PANY et ita monthly m*eliig Octobi r 4,
1907, declarad a dividml of six per ceat. on
the capital stock of the company, payable on
snd after October IL 19< 7, at the branch of?
fice, coner 24lh HDd Water s reta N. W., In
the city of Washington, D C. I be lio< ka of
the compsny for the tr*?n*-fer of stock will he
cloeed from Octo' er trth to November 3d,
19(7, loth incisive.
cct22 3t
Woodward & Lothrop,
10th, inn, _ & O Sta. N* W
New Separate Skirts.
We have never shown suth a splen
iid variety il Skirts. There are V. iles,
"?ilks, I'Hoamas, and tu'xturis. Frees
range from ?
$5.00 to $88.00 eacb.
A Special in Skirts:
We have just pnrc'iasul a sample line
ofSkirtaoi a BtaaiMtlitr arko makes
unly 6oe good... We < HVr them at
13.75 to $12.50 tacb.
1-8 Lena Than Regular Prices.
Only one of a kind?ao duplicate**.
Two Specials in Waisls:
They are lucked and strapped and
itherwise trimmed, and altogether so
Linasua! collection at the pr ce.
Embroidered Net
Waist at $17 50.
A collidion of Hand-made Embroid?
ered Net Waiata of our o?vn importation,
lhere are very handsome and stylish
waiata and are ottered at abiut
l-l T,??e Than Regular Prices.
Soniw.iiing New in
Girls' Raincoats.
They come in a soft gray r*hade with
bhe collar and culla, and a blue with
black collar and cuff*'.
A Special Value, $8.75 each.
Third floor?O st.
Women's New Silk Hosiery
A charming array of tbe neweat ideas
io Silk Hose, compriaiu.- many original
and graceful designs io band-embroider?
ed or openwork style.
Black Silk Hose, with and without
coltan sole', $1.15 >o $9.00 a pair.
Colored Silk Hose, $1.00 to $15 00 a
Openwork Bill Hm, |2.75 to $15.00
a pair.
Kiuo-oidered '*3i!k Hos-; black silk
H' se, in sell and colored combinations,
$2.25 to $15 00 a pair.
French Silk Hoae, in. I ito ankle, em?
broidered and t'lockul efl.cu, $3.25 to
$15 a pair.
Woracu'a Spun-silk Hosp, In black,
white, and nil the fashionable colors.
SpicUl price, $1.00 a pair.
Women's Bhck Silk Hose, embroider
el in forget mr-nota, ros**, lleur-de-1 a,
and dos.
$2.25 a pair. Values, $2.75 and $3.00.
119 8. Fairfax St
For Rent
5f 7 Prince.lOr.$30.(0
7lij Queen.ti.*. : i i u
Hraddock Height-.Hr. 16 00
114 Prince.Hr. n.lXI
W. & A. turnpike.it. 18.(0
3'4FrauJilin.<r. 8.60
117 Prince .ir.?. 80(1
Bl N. Hmry.fir . 8(0
408 B. Alfred.tir. 7.50
209 Queen.lr. 6.69
New Alexandria.tir. 4.00
Ult N. Fairfax.If.tW.OO
Ki King.4r. 7.00
113 S. Lee.4r. 4.60
uss. rut.$6.C0
W.N. Pitt. $210
For Sale.
>11 Cameron.8r brick.$3,500
i 7 S. Columbus.tir brick. 2.5C0
?I8 V. Fairfei.Kr brick. 2.500
ttl ht. C'iluiii'iu*t.tir brick. 1,500
Uti Commerce.tir frame. 1,50
CM s. Patrick.?r frame. 1 o* 0
HO B. Patrick.. .tir Irnine. 800
117 N. Heury.tir frame. 75<>
Cy Qmtea.br frame. KC
>20 N. Columbus.4r frame. 450
M. B. Harlow
& Co., Inc.,
lit Sooth Fairfax Street,
Alexandria, Va.
Int Glass Pitcher,$5.0(
New brilliant cutting,
sensible shape; stands 9
inches high. Our relia?
ble make of glass.
606 King Street.
A roost desirable HOI **>EconU
Doma, ball room and bath; io good
od in pleasant neighborhood,
nee to M B. HARLOW 4 CO
OC116 lw UV south Fairfa

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