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IS *?
As was slated ia a telegrar hie dis
ps'tlj io y'srerday'*. Gazette, there will
be :. j nore public hangings in tbe Old
Dominion. All criminals will hereafter
be executed by electricity ia the State
penitentiary at Richmond. No matter
what tbe present legls'ature may have
done or left undone, thin action od their
part will cover a multitude of sinB, an it
will not only i fiord great relief to jail
officials, but it will be an equal relief to
every community in which it is neces?
sary at times to fxecute the sentence of
death upon crimicals. A public hang?
ing, Dtlt to a lynching, casts a tempo
ran gi' mr, if not an odium, upon s
community. Betides this, there are
generally present st such gruesome pror
wdarM iKsny tboughtks*. persons who
never learn thc le??^n of the law, but
who seem to be mostly interested in the
she."' ti, while numbers of the
younger generation are disposed to view
Btu' '.i*y would s bull fight or
o bonfire. lld rejoice tbat the
relic ol medieval days has been obliter?
ated. _
lui: i n.t. muting it unlawful to sell
orbs ?'???pi which waa adopted ij
thi \ "'veral days ago,
paised the H niie yenterdsy afternoon.
T*i? ? ic law ii that pos?
session of the <'r^ is priraa lacie e?i
dpn - '*. cf the accused. The
per" trice in case of convic?
tion i han one nor more than
fi? . 'jill will become a law
wit! i ure of the governor.
Thi ii the part of the
legislature. The unlawful sale of co*
ca ne li a monumental evil, aod those
who engage in the traffic are doing
more toward marring the Creator's
image 'ban any other etas* of persons.
Heretofore the unlawful Bale of the
Miootie has bann a misdemeanor, and
?Ott of those engaged in the traffic
bave been in positions to pay the fines
impo^d. It will be different, hereafter,
and those who defy tbe law may be
made to weir stripe* in the penitentiary.
Mi.isman KinnKK, of Sew York,
P' - of the v American Newspaper
Association, in a letter to
1 Bonaparte makes the
flit ? the paper trust ha*
in, increased price?, and
nddi -mally to the bur
;'iju for
? so be fouoQ*
h? mu of enforcement of
ry juices atc ia the power it
' has derived from combination. The
Attorney General has asked for evidence
ot the existence of aa unlawful combi?
nation in the paper trsde and will be
famished with all the information he
desire'. The paper trust ja 0ne of the
greato't monopolies in tha country but
Speaker Cannon will not allow a resolu
tion to modify the tirifl on paper to
comp before the House of Representa?
Thk purchase yesterday by the First
National Bink of this city of a fine site
on King street on which to erect a
handsome new bnuk building is an en?
couraging sign of the times and shows
that the directors of that bank, who are
all wide awake business meer, have faith
in the business outlook of tbe city.
They are to be both congratulated and
commended. Alexandria has already
four new bank buildings which would do
credit to any city and i* soon to bave
five. The banking business of a com?
munity ia au index of its general busi?
ness Rud that in Alexandria for years
past has b*x a - > conservative!* and suc
oesafo ' on ss to materially aid
in iLt city's pr. sp^rity.
The r thing
^t use tax
likes to pay
taxes, but uuder the pr???>nt fir^ of
govcriiiuLut allv Ltaxes j
, i ii.,uld be
exemp.. Le sup?
ports, contribute their
?hare to ita support, especially as all are
pro:-.-, o visions.
vii] sit for
fi7p ' asa and recon?
vene " , ?t which time the
?chan: udge Blackstone will be
heard. Ti ; j.msibly re
r traveliug to and from
the Capitol for this extra session, but
will receive no pay for their services.
All ol which ii right and proper.
From Washington.
TCorrespondenee of the Alexandria Gatette.l
Washington, D. C., March 6.
NaTal officers are wondering today
?what sort of announcement is to be
forthcoming from the White House as a
result of tue i | President
Roosevelt wi-h Secretary Metcalf, Rear
Admiral Cowies, Admiral Pillsbury of
th* Bureau of Navigation, and Captain
Winsl w. assistant in the Bureau of
Navigation, lats yesterday afternoon.
The prevails that prob?
lems | m brought out in the
testimony of officers before the Senate J
committee were discussed but inasmuch j
as the bureaus of equipment and navi?
gation were tbe euiy ones represented
there isa possibility that the President
purposes ordering more tactical maneuv?
ers in connection with the voyage of tbe
battleship fleet.
The District of Columbia committee
nf the House will begin hearing* on the
bill to pronibit the manufacture snd
sale of intoxicants in the District of
Columbi*, March ll. Matthew E.
O'Brien, representing tbe prohibition
force*, has secured an agreement that tbe
committee will give six days hearing on
the measure. O'Brien has maps and
photographs of the tenderloin section of
Washington and claims that he can show
the loca:ion of over two hundred place*
that are dow selling lfquor i legally un?
der tbe present high license law. He
said today: "The break down of the
license system in the nation's capital
ought to convince every one that regu?
lation of the lquor traffic is impossible.
There is more lawlessness now than
there would be under prohibition. Tba
speak-easy dow abounds ia Washington
under high license."
Attorney General Bonaparte today
dissipated any impression that the ap
pcinment of a receiver for the Western
Maryland Railroad ls part of an
amicBfle understanding between the
government and the cohl-carrying rail?
roads, in order to get an early ruling
upon the constitutionality of the com?
modity clause of the Hepburn act, or
that tbe legal action taken by the Gould
line wiil give it any advantage ever
ita competitor in evading the law. He
announced today that no final agree?
ment had be-.n reached by the Depart?
ment of Justice and in:erested railroad
relative to a tei>t of that provision of the
rate law which prohibits any common
carrier fruin transporting after May 1
any coal min^d by it. It is said at the
Department of Justice th?i the govern?
ment hi* n ? intention of dealing harsh?
ly io the matter with the coal-carrying
Within two hours after the adoption
by Ihe house this afternoon, of the re
olution to investigate the Lilley charges,
the investigating committee began its
labors, Chairman Bou'ell having callrd
a meeting to outline plana for conduct?
ing the Inquiry. Before the committee
Mr. Lilley was put through the sweat
b>x regarding his alleged charge* that
Chairman Sherman of the republican
congressional committee had gotten
money from the company for campaign
purposfR. Mr. Lilley denied the charges.
He told the committee of what he
thought was an attempt to corrupt him.
The head mea of the Osage band of
Indians shook hands with the Great
White Father nt the White House tbis
morning. Congressman Maguire.of Okla?
homa, introduced the Red Men who are
said to be the richest people per capita
in tbe wcrli. The President was much
interested in the call and had a chat
with Black D >g and Brave about the
habits of the buffalo.
J. M. Gulp, vies president of tbe
Southern Railway, in charge of freight,
appeared before the Senate committee
on Interstate 0 >mmerce today in oppo?
sition to tbe Ful on bill which allows
the Interstate Commerce Commission to
snspend on complaintj ot any shipper an
increased rate proposed by a railroad un?
til after investigation as to its reason
nbleoes*, etc. Mr. Culp objected that
such a provision would really work
Against the reducion of rates,
The cruiser-yacht Mayflower, which
left Washington yesterday for the south,
went fgrour.d this merrin? rpir Nor?
folk, according lo ? rJisps ch receive! bj
?hu Navv Department.
lim leading-bunking ami iinancial bdnaca
pf Chicago protested to tb Beasts tulay
"against the enactment of say law mi rmi ri i^
(ir t v, u i!H"hi'yir.?" tbs sytvtsm of dealing io
Iii t ii -es ou grain. The petitioners among
oilier things declare that the passage of such
billi wonld be "well nigh iii*a*trons to toe
commercial, agricultural and tiuancial in?
terests of the country.
It is under tml tint the American tleet
nos >'ii th* Pacific will be ordered to return
by the way of Boss.
Sixtieth Congress.
Washington, Mar. G.
In s speech on curreucy legislation
this aferooon in ihe ^nate Mr. Depew
endeavored to show that Wall stree!
was not the den of iniquity that it has
been painted of late. Referring to the
wild speculation ia real estate out west
ia the days of the "boom towo," he de?
"There is no such reckless specula?
tion on the nock exchange in New York
There is no currency panij because of
transactions on tbe stock exchange.
The demands for loans are not merely all
fer gambling purposes.
"We cannot abolish doing business
on a margin of cash and the balance on
credit. Every successful business man
in the ountry has risen by the use cf
hi? credit."
Senator Depew charged tba* "hasty
and ill-consdered legislation ia many
states had much to <1 > wi h the recent
panic." Incidentally he wsrmly praised
Governor Hughes for his veto ol '.lie
two-cent f.ire bill.
The ara -':> I he b liss sd ij
set curreucy, bat i Ms impossible at
this session o' Corf..-m to rerohitlooixs
our I ? - om. Ai
a ten tit favored tbs
Aldrich bil , saying it .vu* "simple in
its reasedias, practical aod easily under?
The fi mm decided this afternoon,
without a dissenting vote, to investigate
Mr. Lilly's charges with reference to sub?
marine biat !egi?l .hon, having adapted
a re?o!u:i >a brought in by the commit?
tee on rules. The resolution provided
for tho appointment of a committee of
five members of the House "to investi?
gate the charges made by Mr. Lilly of
corrupt practices on the part of th? eke-1
trie b mt company and of members (fig
Congress with respect to legislation."
Speaser Cannon app)inted tbe follow?
ing committee : Messrs Bouielle, Stevens,
Oirostead, Howard and Broiissard.
In presenting the report of the com?
mittee on rules, Mr. Dalzell caused to
be read the committee's statement and
immediately asked for a vote. This
statement set forth the demand of Mr.
Lilley for an investigation, in his ieso
lutiun presented to the House two weeks
"There was nothing on the face of his
resolution for an investigation that
charges corrupt or even improper methods
do tbe part of the company or companies
iu connection with legislation or pro?
posed legislation" read the report. Cer?
tain articles la newspaper^ howevtr.j s
bad caused comment.
The House spent practically the en?
tire time today in discussing a bill for
the payment of the claims of the Roman
Catholic Church iu the Philippine is?
Mr. Crumrackir, of lodi ina. intio
duced a bill reducing the mileage of
members of Congress from tweuty cents
?0 eight cents per mile.
News of the Day.
Soldier Burns outpointed Kid Sulli?
van in a fifteen-round bout in Baltimore
last night.
Four midshipmen at the Naval Acad?
emy, at Annapolis, were yesterday
heavily punished, two for leaving the
academy grounds without permission and
'he others for fighting.
Peekskill, N. Y., known as a repub?
lican stronghold and ihe home of Sena
Depew. went overwhelmingly democratic
in the spring elections on Wednesday.
The entire democratic ticket was elected.
Poltvatsky, thestudent who attempted
to assassinate Gen. Trepofi in 1996 and
a fellow prisoner at Moscow were con?
demned to death today for attempting an
escape from and wounding a warden
when slopped.
While Fiance will not recede from her
attitude regarding the Haytien revolu
i it isis who reeent'y ti ok re.'uge in hei
consulates at St. Marc and Grnaives,
she is willing to agree in the future not
to recognize this right of asylum,
Virginia News.
Richard I). Morgan, aged twenty
eight, member nf the firm of Morgan
Brothers, merchandise brokers, died in
Richmond yesterday.
Oons'derable concern is felt for the
sifety of Rev. W. Mosby Scay, pastor of
the Suffolk Bsp'ist Church, who went to
Lake Drummond, in the Dismal -swamp,
on Tuesday, end from whom notbiLg
has been heard since.
Lucius Green, aged eighty-three, and
one of the best known citizens of Peters?
burg, died on Wednesday at the home
?f bis son-iu-law, Dr. Willum
Pilcher. Mr. Green was boru in Granville
county, N. C., January 1!?, 1820.
Mr*. Bath 'Jarret;, wife of night
polioeasan Samuel (Jarrett, committed
suicide at Orango yesterday by swal?
lowing carbolic acid. Mrs. Garrett w*s
but nineteen veirs old, and had only
been married two ninths. No cana? is
known for the desperate act.
Counsel for the Tredericksburg and
-southern Railroad has withdrawn the
application for a charier for that com?
pany. The company will apply for a
much broader charter and will, it is
understi od, ask for a charter for a liuo
from Richmond to the Potomac river.
Frank Langley, a distinguished Con?
federate veteran, and a former member
of the Richmond police force, died
yesterday in the Soldiers' Home of the
infirmities of old age. He was born in
Maryland seventy-seven year* ago, but
lived in Virginia a greater portion of his
At the trrand jury teim of the Circuit
Oourt ol Warren enanty, Judge Thomas
W. Harrison, presiding, J,,hn Duke
and Gilbert Manuel, distillers, were ir
dicted f ir running distilleries in much
the. san? manner of barrooms, and
George Alexander waa indicted tor op?
erating a hsrroom without a license, be?
ing fined $450 and *lf>0 costs and given
two months in jail.
Henry Cook, tho hotel clerk and
manager, cuarged with bigamy, waived
examination before Justice Cru'chfield
n Richn ?. ' - ?-'rrd'y mid we* re;
td to il.e ci v j ul f,)r trial in tho April
term of the hus int- C ort. Toe man
was alone end seemed friendless in his
trouble, not having been able to retain i
lawyer, and making no suggestion as to
bail. A friendly attorney told bim how
to waive examination.
Because of the provision of the Hep
hum rate law, which goes into effect on
May I, and forbids a coal-carrying rail?
road to transport coal mined by lt, the
Western Maryland Railroad (Company, a
Gould line and a heavy cnal-carrying
road, has cone into the hands of its
president, B. F. Bush, as receiver.
If eflec', the railroad puts it up to the
court to devise a means of successfully
operating a coal-carrying road under the
restrictions of the Hipburn law.
The appointment of a receiver was by
Judge Morris, ot the United States Cir?
cuit Court, on a biil filed by the Bowl?
ing Oreen Tru-t Company of New York,
alleging that the railroad company will
be unable to meet thu fixed charges, due
April 1, amounting to $1,260,600.
The railroad company filed an answer
admitting the allegations of thc bill and
;on*enting to the receivership.
Mr. Bush ga^e bond as receiver in the
mm of 1100,000. He will continue to
iperate the road under the directi- n of
Ihe court.
August W. Machen, fbraiei superin
endeot of free delivery cf the 1'
Department, convicted in 1904 of eon
pirsey |(> defraud the government
iirough the sale to it of Ororl mil-box
ss'ener-, bs vi rig lertel a term of nearly
iur year*, wi J in- released fn m Mounds
ri ile, W. V:. , penitentiary at midnight
friday and will take the first ttaio for
Rs'ber than spend thirty days more
n the Mouudsvill penitentiary, Machen
ia- paid bis hoe of $10,000.
Machen says: "My transactions with
jorenz and the GrofT brothers were per
ectly legitimate. 1 assert most emphati?
cly tbat there was nothing illegal or
unscrupulous abonl oar business opera
ions. Sam Gr tl died au innocent man.
Vhile confined in this institution he
urfered untold ag nies."
Mr. George Thrmp-on, a venerable
entleman fromCulpeper who w?- taken
week ago to the University Hospital,
jtTering with an aggravated case of in?
guinal troubles, died at tbat institution
esierday in the 84th year of bis age.
'be seven children of tbe patient were
resent at the time of tbe operation
rhicb was performed npen him and re?
tained at hts bedsicfe to the last. Cap
lin Thompson manied Elias Barbour,
aughter of Capt. Jahn S. Barbour, of
ulpeper, and sister of the late James
Arbour and the late Senator John'S.
barbour. The remains were taken to
ulpeper where tb? funeral service* tock
lace this afternoon. His children are
rrs. James G. Mnnigerode, Miss Leli*,
liss Eliza, Mr. Richard C., Mr. George
. jr., Mrs. John Hanckel snd Mr. J.
B. Thompson, of Atlants, formerly of
lis city.
The Legislature.
The Senste substitute for tbe House
appropriation bill was submitted yester?
day. The bill carries s totsl appropria?
tion of $10,750,000. An amendment
providing for reimbursement of Gover?
nor Swanson for $4,000 of private funds
expended in entertaining tbe visitors to
the Stste st the Jamestown Exposition,
was defested.
Alden Bell's joint resolution reques?
tion tbe State board of education to
adopt tbe single etandard of text books
for use in the public schools of the
State, and which passed tbe House some
time ago, unanimously passed.
Tbe Senate passed bills to provide for
the office of Secretary of Virginia Mili?
tary Records, prescribing his duties,
and for collecting materials tor tbe
"History of Virginia in tbe Civil War:"
and to appropriate the sum of $0,000
annually lor the years 1908 snd 1909,
to defrsy the necessary expenses of the
To provide single list of text-books
for public schools.
Relating to taxation on bank stock.
To pay funeral expenses of Confede?
rate soldiers' widows.
Imposing a penalty ou telephone and
telegraph companies for failure to de?
liver messages.
Concerning fishing in the waters of
the Commonwealth.
To establish an agricultural station at
the State Farm.
To establish a school of mines.
To incorporate the town ol Potomac,
in the ce unty of Alexandria.
The bill establishing a teacher's retire?
ment fund, which wss adopted in the
Senate on Wednesday, passed the House
yesterday. The House adopted the
amendment proposed by the finance
committee decreasing tbe appropriation
for the fund from $10,000 to $5,000.
The bill making the unlawful selling
or handling of cocaine a felony, which
had passed the Senate, was adopted in
the House yesterday. The chief feature
ot ihe new law is that it makes posses?
sion of tbe drug prima facie evidence of
guilt. The penitentiary sentence, in
eas* of conviction, is not leas than one
year nor more than five.
By sn almost unanimous vote, the
House defeated the Senate resolution to
allow the State Corporation Commission
to prepare a plan for a system of tax?
Tbe House passed the Senate bill,
which allows tbe publisher, business
manager or assistant business manager
of a newspaper to make affidavits as to
toe proper publication of legal evidence.
Un 'er the ola law, only the editor could
make such affidavits.
The House passed tbe Senate bill to
prohibit bucket-shopping and to abolish
bucket shops; to declare: tbe same un?
lawful and to prescribe a penalty there?
The House passed ihe following Sen?
ate bills:
To require sll eleemosynary institu?
tions, hospitals, colleges, universities,
prisons and reformatories to report
monthly to tbe auditor pi public ac?
counts in detail tbe manner in which all
lund* received by said institutions from
the Commonwealth are disbursed.
To amend section 534 of the Oode In
relation to payment for wittie**** >um
moned for the Commonwealth. The bill
requires tbe sheriff to pay fees before
the witnesses leave the court-house.
To amend section 3682 of the Oode in
re'stion to tbe fees of jstlors.
To amend section 833 of the Code in
relation to the powers and duties of the
board of supervisors at annual meeting,
by changing tbe body of said section and
by tbe addition eta hew section to be
designated as section 833a, which shall
prescribe the powers and duties of boards
of supervisors in relation to county and
school levies.
To validate the recordation of memo?
randa of sales or contracts for the sale of
goods and chattels wherein the title
thereto, or a lien thereon, is reserved or
the transfer of title is made to depend on
any condition, and possession is delivered
to tbe vender.
A bill from the Senate to allow the
Supervisors ol Clarke county to main?
tain a toll-gate at the top of the Blue
lt dge mountains lu Snicker's Gap was
defeated on objection of the delegation
from adjoining counties.
The House passed bills: !
To regulate the duties and salaries I
of division school superintendents. I
To provide a penalty for failure to
deliver telegraph messages. t
To prohibit bucket-shops. i
To regulate carrying of pistols. i
To prohibit sale of cocaiue, under i
severe penalty.
To define powers aod dutres of coun- 1
ty supervisors.
To provide for local assessment!! in
cities and towns.
To provide for incorporation by cir?
cuit courts of towns of '200 or over, up
to 5,000.
Among the bills which have passed
both houses ari: ,
The establishment of s school Of mines
ll Blatkshurg, tha bill io regard *to tbe
Board of Education aod asbool super?
intendent*, the eilis allowing the Rich
ii -od, Fredericksburg and Potomac
Railway Company to secure a new
:harter, giving up its present exemp
i ns from certain forms of taxation,
he bill allowing circuit courts to grant
:har'ers of incorporation to towns of
iver two hundred and less than five
housand inhabitants, the bill io regard
o tbe csrrying of concealed weapons,
he bill to increase the pay of jailors
n small counties, and other* of less
general interest.
The school superintendents' bill looks
o the eventual consolidation of the
imatler school districts, to the better
lompensation of superintendents and to
leeming better service from them.
The Senate has passed tbe bills:
To provide for the inspection of plans
md specifications for the construction
nd reconstruction of public school
luildings, and for the correction of
insafe or unsanitary conditions.
To amend section 608 of the Code
a relation to lists of property, etc.,
elicquent for taxes.
To smend section 174T of tbe Oode
egulating the practice of medicine and
urgery in Virginia.
To amend an act providing for the
emoval of remains interred in gravey?
ards, and sale of land vacated by such
em? val.
To amecd section 67 of tbe Oode of
'irginis, in relation to appointment of
Tu amend an act to provide places of
abode aod for the safe custody ac
proper guardianship of children wi
are vicious, or depraved, or withoi
proper places of abode, or proper gua
dianship or control, or who shall I
ill-treated, neglected, or deserted ti
parent*, gusrdisn, or other custodisi
or who shall be exposed to immorsl i
vicious influences and training.
To amend section 1017a, in relatic
to powers and duties of the police fort
of ths cities snd towns.
To incorporate the town of Parcel
ville, in the county of Loudoun.
To prohibit the sale of pistol ca
fridges except in pscksges, or to persoi
under sixteen years of age, with penali
foi violation.
To amend section 3799 of the Coe
respecting violators of the Sabbath, t
as to provide tbe right of appeal froi
judgment in such cases.
The House bas psssed bills:
To amend sections 16 and 26 <
chapter 230 of the act to provide f
tbe opening, altering, changing an
working tbe public roads in the conni
of Warren.
To amend an act to provide for crea
ing, working and maintaining publ
roads In Fairfsx county.
Today's Telegraphic New*
Judge Blackstone Defiant.
[Special Dispatch to the Alexandria Gazette
Richmond, Mar. 6.?Judge Blact
stone burls defiance at bis enemiei
The following is a copy of bis accept
ance of serving of papers by the sei
geant-at-arms of each house of the lej
The serjeant-at-arms of each hout
of the general assembly has served
copy hereof on me in my room at tb
Richmond Hotel while lam ill undi
the charge of Dr. Chas. V. Carrington
I do not desire to put either of the*
gentlemen in any unpleasant positiot
but I hereby disclaim that the procedur
i* constitutional and will contest same t
the highest tribunal.
J. W. G. Blackstone.
Cotna and Japan.
Pekin, March 6.?With the Japanee
southern squadron on its way to Canto
and the danger of an armed clash wit
the Mikado growing hourly more in
minent, China is wavering betwee
national pride and the fear of a wa
which might mean the disintegration o
tbe empire.
While Japan has been asserting the
she has no thought of figh'iog over th
TatsQ Maru, she bas made it clear t
Pekin, according to information froc
official circiles, tbat force will be used i
tbe Chinese government persis's in defy
ing or disregarding the Tokio foreig
office's demands.
The word "war" bas not actually ap
peared in the correspondence, but Chin
cannot figure that "force" means any
thing else unless, indeed, she is to sub
mit to the recovery br a Japanes
Miuadrcn of a vessel which ('hines
officials seized for bringing aid, almos
openly, to malcontents in arms sgains
the Chinese government.
China does not want war at present
Her military experts are building up th
army as rapidly as possible, but the;
realizs that they are still far ontclassee
by the Japanese. Their navy cmoaot
practically to nothir.g.
So far a* the Tatsu is concerned, thi
government might yield were it not con
vinced that Japan is making an issue o
tha matter as a mere pretext. If thi
Tatsu is surrendered the Emperor's ad
visors are satisfied another cause lo
trouble will be found?probably ove
territorial rivalries?and tbat hostilities
will only be postponed. It is questionec
whether, under the circumstances, any
ihing is to be gained by compliance ic
the present case.
Tokio, Mar. 6.?The foreign office hai
refused an offer from Cuina to surrendei
tbe steamship Tatsu Maru and apole<
[iee, but to hold the captured muni'
lions, which it is still insisted were foi
Chinese revolutionists. The Japanese
itick to their demand for surrender o:
ressel and cargo, an apology and indem
Officials of the foreign office say there
viii be nothing left ior tbe Mikado tc
lo but resort to force unless Chins
thargo Against London Newspapers.
London, Mar. 6.?Accusing the Lon
lon press of a deliberate attempt to
ireak up the growing friendship be
ween England and Germany, First
>ord of the Admiralty LordTweedmouth
lenied through bis secretary today tbat
he Kaiser has made the slightest sug
;esion to him concerning the British
laval estimates. His lordship admits
eceiving a letter from tbe German
uler, but says it was purely private and
as nothiog whatever to do with naval
xpenditures. He will make a firms!
tatement to the House of Lords Mon
ay. In the meantime the newspapers
re trying to make an international
care of the letter, with the exception
f tbe Star, which joins in Lord Tweed
louth's assertion tbat the Times in
articular, is trying to stir up discord,
'he latter paper editorially demanded
lis morning that Tweedmou'h produce
ie Kaiser's letter and his own reply,
barging an attempt by Wilhelm to
iflaence a British minister responsible
ir the navy in Germany's interest.
Belgium and the Congo.
Brassils, Mar. 6 ?The Congo will
>st Belgium $40,039,000 io cash if it
jeep* tbs annexation tieaty submitted
i it by King Leopold. Nor wiil it get
Dqualified title to tbe entire domain.
a long as Leopold lives it must continue
lyment of tbe revenues be has hitherto
len deriving from his properties there,
must respect the concessions he hss
?anted, among them to tbe Thomas F.
yan interests. It must reserve 40,000
ectares of land for the king aod give
im title for life to all the French and
elgian properties he has bought with
is Congo revenues. The cash expec
turee include a $21,000,000 indebted
sss, $9,000,000 for unfinished public
ork, $10,000,000 for hospitals snd
hool* the king planned to found, and
lowances to various members of his
sjesty's fsmily. Considerable opposi
>n has developed to these terms among
e members of the committee to which
irliament referred the treaty, and indi
tions point to its ultimate acceptance.
New York Stock Market.
New York. M?rch 6.?The market follow
along in almost ths sam* line* a* those of
e corresponding period yesterday, being
rly ?troog all through Ute tint hom.
lion Pacific was strong from the opening.
Mt of the manipulative orders seem* to be
ncentrated in Union Pacific and other rail
sd (tocks followed iu lead. Bat there were
rmgh exception* to the general strength to
ike the market increment* irregular.
d I Investigating Cause cf Death.
oj Hsukensack, N. J. Mar. 6.?Acting
on the p mitive declaration of chemists
that they bad discovered large quantities
of arsenic ia the vital organs of Walter
F. Baker, a wealthy Boston clubman,
who died about four months ago at tbe
former home of Mr. aod Mrs. Frank
Hurd at Bogota, N. J., after an evening's
pleasure seeking in New York, and with
the evidence of detectives employed by
Edward F. Baker, a brother, placed in
their band*, the authorities of Bergen
county today took the first steps
looking toward a formal investigation
into tbe young man'* death. Baker's
body is now in Ridgefield Park, N. J.,
having been exhumed and bought there
from Boston on Jsnuary 23, where it
wss burieJ shortly after his death. The
investigation bas been urged by Edward
F. Baker, who has never believed his
brother'* death resulted from] na u al
cause*. Baker had been living with the
Hurd'* and their little daughter w*g
bequeathed $200,000 in his will. The
little girl died February 21 after a five
weeks' illness with scarlet fever. It *
supposed her parents will inherit tbe
money left her by Biker.
Will Defy Anarchists.
Madrid, Mar. 6.?Fearful that a trip
to anarchistic Barcelona will cost Krg
Alfonso's life, King Edward and tbe
Kaiser have written begging the young
manarch to give up the trip he bas
planned to the bot bed of Spanish
terrorism. His majesty refuses, how?
ever, to abandon the visit and Chief
Arrow, of Scotland Yard, now bead of
the Barcelona police, has requisitioned
several of the members nf his old force
to g'lard the youthful ruler. Barcelona
has been seething with discontent for
months, several bomb outrages have
occured there recently and tbe streets
were plastered with pos'ers a few days
ago declaring that if the king visited the
town he would never be prrmitted to
leave it alive. Chief of Police Arrow
bas warned him that he cannot guarantee
bim against violence, and that tbeie is
not a single street through which be can
pa-8 in safety.
Thaw in Matteawan.
Albauy, N. Y., Mar. G.?Harry K.
Thaw, slayer of Stanford White, af'er
six weeks in Matteawan Asylum has be?
come a model inmate.according to Dr. A.
W. Ferrie, head of the State commission
ia lunacy. He has gained more than
twenty pounds since he arrived at (he
asylum. He attributes thin to his be?
ing f treed to give up whiekv and tobac?
co. Thaw seems to have fi'.ted into the
i asylum life with ease, aod not only
amuses himself, but provides amusement
for others He is permitted to play the
chapel piano, aod bis mugic has become
a part of the day's pleasure to tbe in?
mates. There is little prospect of Thaw
being rel-aaed soon, as the officials will
undcubtedly take a long ti nae for obser?
vation before arriving at any decision.
The Hesrst-McCellan-Election.
Albany, N. Y., Mar. C -The Court
of Appeal* decided today that Attooey
General Jackson has the right, in the
Hearst-McClellan election case, to di?
rect tbe opening of the ballot boxes in
any election district tn determine the
question as to who w?s eleced wi hun1
any preliminary evidence of fraud, uus
c induct or mistake or impeaching re?
turn of statement of canvass of the in?
This decision mem* that the result
of the election in New York city iu lOO.o
can now be ascertained, something tbat
has been impossible up to the present.
Another Priest Threatened.
Providence, R. L, March ii?The
fate that overtook Father Leo Heinrich*,
of Denver, threaens the Rev. J. H.
B.?land, pastor of the Notre Dame
French Catholic Church of Centre I
Falls. Litters have come to him con?
taining notification that he would be
killed at tbe altar. The sn threats were
not prompted by the Denver assassina?
tion, tor the first wits received thirteen
months ago. Father Beland made light
of the letters, but bis friends lost no
time in appealing to tbe authorities
when they learned of his danger today.
King Edward in Paris.
Paris, Mar. 6.?King Edward, of
England, in Paris on his way to Corfu
for a short vacation, paid an unofficial
visit to President Falleiree today. As
bis majesty is here, not as European
royalty but aa the Duke of Lancaster,
the call was attended by few formalities.
The fact that Edward is traveling under
an incognito makes it somewhat more
difficult to guard him, aud the police are
exceedingly uneasy lest there be an at?
tempt at violence. Secret service agents
swarm about his hotel and in the street
whenever he goes out in his motor.
Suicide of Treasurer.
Detroit, Mich., Mar..? 6,?Elwood
Hence, ths treasurer of tbe Union Ti nat
Company of Detroit, commuted suicide
today by blowing out his brains. He
was formerly pcs'.raaater of Detroit aod
one of the best known figures in Detroit
financial circle*. Tbe Union Trust
Company directorate wa* recently reor?
ganized with Henry B. Ledyard, firmer
president of the Michigan Central, as its
president. The reason for suicide is
given out as purely personal -ill health
and disappointment.
Gold Discovery.
Rawhide, N*v., Mar. 6. ?The most
sensational gold discovery in thc history
of the State was made here last night
when lessees of toe Consolidated Mine
opened a body of ore in a 20-foot ledge
at a depth of six feet which runs entirely
across tbe four-foot width of tbe shaft.
Tbis dwarfs the best showing ever mads
at Goldfield. In 12 hours after the dis?
covery of ore $40 OOO ingold had been
taken nut. The richest strikes in the
Goldfield region never ran more than a
few inches wide.
Fatalities One Hundred and Sixty
Cleveland, O., March 6.?The re?
vised list of the fatalities at the Collin?
wood schoolhouse stands at 159 children
and two teachers dead. Cf tbis total of
161, 28 are still unidentified, and there
is little hope tbat identification will ever
be made. The list of missing now tal?
lies with tbe list of unidentified dead,
and it is believed the final count will
not exceed 161.
Elected Senator.
Columbus, BL C.. Mar. 8 ?Frank B.
Gary was elected United Mtales Senstor
on the fourth ballot (sken this afternoon.
Kodol is today the b**t known remedy for
all disorders of the stomach, such a* dyspep- I
sia, heartburn, sour ttomach and Webing of j
gas. Sold here by W. F. Creighton A Co.
Trolley Cars Collide.
Dnnkik, N. Y.t Mar. 6.?A head-on
collision between a Chatuaqna traction
car coming down grade at foll speed
snd s southbound esr climbing the grade
occurred early today a mile and a half
south of Westfield, seriously, if not
fatally, injuring Motorman B. K. Good
win and injuring tweoty other persons,
passengers in the runaway car.
Report Lacks Conflrmstlon.
Berlin, March 6?The Berlin press is
much interested, but confesses inability
to secure confirmation as yet of Lisbon
dispatches saying negotiations are pend?
ing to marry Portugal's 19-year-old
king Manuel to the Kaiser's only daugh?
ter, Victoria Louise, age IV.
Destructive Fire la Japan.
Tokio, March 6.?A tremendous fire
is raging at Nodasov, oear here. Four
hundred buildings have been destroyed
with $2,500,000 loss.
John R. Castleman, one of the leading
citizsu* of Clarke cou tty, died suddenly
at bia home at Gaylord Wednesday night,
aged sixtj-ooe years. Mr. Castleman
had just re'urr.ed from a public sale,
when, without a momeut's warning, be
expired in his wife's presence. Mr.
Castleman'* family j* one of the oldest in
that section of Virginia, being pioneer's
in Frederick county. When a mere
youth, Mr Castleman enlisted in Gol.
John S. Mosoy's command in the
Confederate army, serving with con?
spicuous bravery. 8uviviog him are
bis wife, one daughter, Miss Flors, of
Gaylord; three sons, Francis and
Howard, of New York city, and Page.
Mr. Castleman joined Mosby's com?
mand before be was 16 years of age, and
at once won lhat distinguished fighter's
absolute confidence. Col. Mosby trusted
him implicitly with matters of supreme
importance, and usually selected him
to bear messages to Gen. Robert E Lee.
Csstlemao's first interview with Lee wss
pathetic. The youth, after a bard and
dangerous ride, delivered to tbe Con?
federate cheiftain a letter from Mosby.
Before opening tbe letter Lee sadif
glanced at the boy aod said:
"My son, you ought to be at school,"
Mosby selected Castleman for the per?
formance of dutiea which called for ex?
traordinary courage, and in no expedition
did Caatleman fail. A story of the boy's
adventures during the eivil war would
fill a volume.
Bryan was declared to be the ideal
democrat by the Nebraska democratic
State convention held in Omaha, yester?
day, and the platform was almost entirely
his work.
The platform declares for: A law to
comps! foreign corporations to submit
their disputes to State courts io which
they do business; election of United)
States Senators by direct vote; enforce?
ment of criminal law against trusts; re?
vision nf tbe tariff; an income tax; n
national inheritance tax; reclamation ot
arid lands; preservation of forests; de?
velopment of interior waterways; n
generous pension policy; declaration to
recognize Philippine independence; con?
trol of railroads by Coogres*; postal
savings hinlrs; State and o*iion?l laws
for tho better regulation ot banks; ao
eight hour day; modifications in the law
relating to injunction*; an emproyera'
lisbility law; exclusion of Asiatics; sepa?
rate statehood for Ariz ma aud New
Bryan was indorsed for President by
the Nebraska State populist convention,
which met in Omaha yesterday, and
delegates to the national convention of
the party were instructed to work for
the interest* of Mr. Bryan at that con?
vention in every way possible.
Bishop Frederick Burgess, of Ibe
Diocese of Long Island, N. Y., created)
a sensation at the meeting in theObutcb
of the Holy Trinity, Brooklyn, yester?
day, by saying:
"We have altogether too much. Our
men are greedy for wealth, aod they
will sacrifice honor, truth and nobility
to get it. Our womeu are not contented
unless their bouses are crammed full of
joally rugs aod tapestries, and they vie
with each other in the cost of their
toilets and in the amount spent upon
theil tables. They must have the finest
Jresses, and often they are discarded)
ifter one or two wearings. Children
ire brought up in the midst of the worst
tind of snobbisbn?**, and women who*
ire not rich enough to be extravagant
ire extravagant in their envy of those
vhorn they csnnnt emulate."
The proceedings of the Court of Ap?
icals yesterday were as follows:
Creecy et. al. vs. Grief et. al.; argued
md submitted.
U-il-not v*. City of Richmmd; partly
rgoed aod continued.
Next c**es to be called:
Norfolk Railway and Light Company
s. Higgins, American Locomotive
Yorks vs. He ft usn, Southern Railway
Jompany vs. Moore, Norfolk and Ports
iou li Traction Company ve. Ellington's
dministrstor, aod'Prioce'*administrator
t al vs. McL?more, being Nos. 40, 47,
9, 50, and 51 on argument docket.
"Tbe Huntsman in the South" by
ilexander Hunter, has been recently
ublished by the Neale Publishing Coon?
any, New York, the receipt of a copy
f wbich weack towledge. Mr. Hunter,
bo has hunted "fur, fin and feathers"
ll over America, gives in tbis volume
ie benefit of bis many years experience
i tbe huntsman ard to every boy who
ishes to become one. He is recognized
i an sutbority upon all matters relating
i sport, and among other interesting
Mfca, he tells bow, when President Har?
ton came to Virgnia to shoot gsme,
r. Hooter was chosen by one of the
ominent clubs of tbe State to accom
inyhim; he also relates the thrilling
tperiences while together. Lack ofos
ntalion in tbis hunting trip of President
arrison,attended only byhis negro valet,
in strong contrast with President Rcote *
di's trips surround*d always ss be is by
cret service men in profusion. Typo
aphically the book is all lhat could be
sired, is illusrated by good artists aod
lound* io delicioi I anecdote and fo?
rmation on all branches of spcrt which
aid "instruct youth's ignorance and
rich the huntsman's experience."
rJet DeWitt'* Tarboliied Witch Hsael
Iv*--it i* good for piles. Sold by W. F,
eighton A Co.
Tbe Market,
ieorgetown' D.;C, Mar. 6.-Wheat 90*7,

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