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VOLUME CIX.--NO. 8.",.
mtv i; > tm
most Intelligent people to use only
itnown composition. There
Dr. Pierce's medicines, the
(ich print every ingredient
entorlngTaAc'lbcni upon the bottle wrap?
pers and attWl it* correctness under oath,
are daily grVling in favor. The com?
position of 6\|J'iert'c's medicines ls open
lo every!
of ha*
ery bod y VDr. Ph ree helng desirous
.vin? tl.- --Hi.-h IL-ht. of invef-tlga
- f.errr.iiln*. being
_ne* ls l:ii*iwii the miji'j
jE: - merita bartci-K*
nlzed ..lyinaue of Ihe active
tn'edicinal pi in- i-iles e-.tracteci?from na?
tive ' ^ ?? exact processes
original'\ ith Dr. Pierce, nnd without the
lise of se, Irop of alcohol, tri-ele-rcfined and
chemically puro ulycurlno being used in?
stead Ui i *.tr.icting and preserving the
curn' og In tho roots
etaployOd, the-sp; motilcloeo aro entirely
ii of dnir..' harm
by craatinf au apin-tite for either al?
cohol, sa or habit - forni.ng
dmr*. I oe the formula on theil
bottle ' ' to l>y
I>r. P you a 111 lind that his
"Goldi eV(.ry," the great,
blood-purlt"' r, stomach tonic and bowel
? which, while not
ure consumption In its
advft'. '? iii do that)
yet tot ? c&tarrbal condi?
tions ut head and throat, weak stomach,
.1 troubles, iraak
? :eiCh, if Ll'"**
e lead up to and
Anally terminate , tion.
Take the I Discovery'
in lime and it ls not likely to disappoint
you if onlf yu give lt a Otorotujn and
loir trial. Don't e-'"ct, mlracfea. It
sroa't do supernatural things. You must
MOKise font path nee dud p, rsevere In ita
ute for a reasonable leni-tli of time to get
ill benefit-. The Ingredients of which
)r. Pier'o's medicines aro composed have
the nu dorsement of scorn* of
tuesdtcal Uadur*?bettor than any amount
of lay, or uon-pTofesalonal, testimonials.
They are not given away to be expert*
Vented with but are sold by all dealers ia
teedtclnee* ut reasonable price*.
A Reliable Remedy
Ely's Cream Balm
it quickly absorbed.
Gives Relict at Once.
It Cle0a ?-, -e e. etll.'S,
baals and protect*
th.- diseased! m> in
iinu* remiting (rom Catarrh aud drive
aCold ni the Head ijuickly. Beatort
the ft '?? timi smell. Full tatt
r.n cts. at Druggints or l>y mail. Liquiu
Oream Balm for nae iu atom! ??
Ely Broth! rs. .*.''? w
If Your Electrical Wiring
I-. all i [ht, ron bare i wooderfal
iiiiiuhe'r of e-oiive iiiencei. Ht
? i hu,ru el. Your mitt
. .ie Mei. lin- tee lug in ie hiiie
? illu.nt e-M erl, the munni: ran
lu- .loni' in half ih.* limo, the
family cooking can be tn-ide
? and I e fer
Wc Wiil Wire Your House
And -nilpie >.'ii viii, :. 11 >- electrical
util t'u >ei-li tee emploj.
prove lu.** ie like.liable- are
bos efficient mt
Alexandria Electric Co.
502 Kin-: st. Mill'Phone IU
Dealers in
Fresh aad Salted Fish,
Are nreiv/i'ig Fish daily from the ihet-reof
the Potouia-* and will supply rnttomera in
an) * --ia rtiliei i > mit, eltbi r fresh ur lalted,
bj esp kera. Oooalry order*so*
ha* ela IJ - -'" "I No. 1 in the* market,
Terms: C. O. lt., ot 1h--i rafcrsaaee.
itali il Areal entrant***, f**t*ll
No. ! rel entraaea i" 'he City
Market, and Ki*h lli.ii-.*- front of r*orporation
Ki-.li VVbarf. Kine vnrieliete will hI*.. he
fee uni im Hi- leeiie-he??*:u -lemrket. Bell 'plmn*
ll ' -nee ri fi 2m
ntria. Va.. April lat, 1908.
(Ibis itHte- Hi*- Drag Bael*
e- I : t Nee. 113(1
Kine - x . . nader the linn
- I..,, pharmacy"
will in the* tm ure he ,?< ndaeted aad kai
4'Entwisle's Modern
Thank ii .? yon IV y ox P *? ??*?"
, esenl anea ?' "' roar bun*
. ? ig von of efficient
Rnt?vl*le*e Modem Pliarmarv.
.1. vt ill ni.ruN MlHTto l-l.I'.
A tn - ' .-.?.. A lull
lille eel ' . -, Gio** Ae.
aprl _
Loweiibaeh Bros
The Family Liquor Store
Kinj: and Alfred Sts.,
Wakefield Rye S&L
_ir Whisky
ll.lt I cr ?.
line Table and Cooking Wines.
O Kui* D. '.ive :? d ti- A'.v Part of tba Ota
1're.I11[.I eUUlliliell lo I M Velere..
' ir.
C ii:,,, 1 i.nUler aud Shrimp.
Ite-rm-d hy .1. C. -UlLBUKN,
^I-fxte^ria (Sazeite.
TKRM8: Daily?1 year, $6:00 6 month*
$2:50: 3 months, $1:26: 1 month, 43 cent*
1 week, 10 cents.
Tii-weekly?1 year, $3.00; 6 months, $1.60
3 month*. 75 cent*: 1 month, 25 cents.
Marriage and death notice* moat be paid for
in ad va nee.
Revelation* in memoriam, of thanks, tribute*
of respect, resolutions adopted by societies
or persoiis; unless of public concern, will
?Jj be printed in the paper as advertise?
[blared at the Postoffice of Alexandria, Vir
Kin ia, a* second-class matter. 1
Those persona interested in horse
racing in New York State bave called
attention to tbe fact that msny millions
of dollars are involved in the issue now
before tbe legislature ot that State. The
following statistic* have been prepar**!
and presented to members of the legis?
lature in order that they tnsy count the
cost ot abolishing racing: Estimated
Kelling value of teal estate holdings of
the Coney Inland Jockey Club, Brook?
lyn Jockey Club, Bngh on Beach Rac?
ing Association, Queen* C ninty Jockey
Club, Me?ro| o'itian Jockey Club, Went
Chester Racing A*-sociation aud Em
pire City Racing Association $4 800,
000; racing association* now taxed on
$l',40o,000 in realty holding*; eati-naed
number of breeders stlected, including
all states raising tbotoughbreds, .'{,000;
esti anated value* of tbeir property, in?
cluding realty holding*, buildings and
horses, $7."., 000,000; estimated number
of employes dependent upon breeding
farms lor livelihood, 85,000; stables iu
training for 1908, 1500; value of an?
imals and property (estimated) |20,
000,000; number of employes, (esti?
mated) 15,000; disbursements annually
by racing stable* in Metropolitan cir?
cuit for feed and firmer*' Mn**-*t?es.
$9,000,11110; ftnploye* of local rac?
ing s?8ociatious, 2,000; employe*
of catcier* to local associations. 500;
bnokmakeis sn t employes , ad- ried,
3,000; annual ezpendi ure* in New York
city end vicinity by patrons of racing,
excluding a'l suuis employed in makin-;
wager* (-siinatec), $25,000,000; amoun
paid annually for railroad fare- (min'
mum estimate), $400,000; train crews to
be unemployed y withdrawal ot servite
(estimated) ten dail- ; probable deprec'a
tina of value*, should the bill* hr.ve the
eflect predicted, not leas than fifty per
cent, within a year; loss to small mor
chants, whose livelihood depends upon
race track psrtronage, estimated at
$l,000.OHO; lo** to sbeephead Bay,
G av send and Brighton for mfinte
n-i <? f owooia, trainers and stable em
.1 ? ?, Kinuielly, $,r)00,000. Io the
nb ..* no t flirt i- ? -ide to compute the
po.ieible lo** at San >>?**.
the Shah of Slabs, the Light of lh.
t, h.* ti k n extraordinary pie
cairions to sfthyoard his wonderful col?
lection* of jewels, estimated to be worth
S'ime American travelers in Teheran
were indiscreet enough to talk openly
about the wonderful treasures hidd -ti in
he Shah'* vault*. The frank Amer?
ican-, were wondering, admiring, not
conspiring. Bul being Americans, their
conversation was reported to His
Majesty, who was seized with the notion
tbat iii'- was a plot on foot to rob him
if bis j vels.
Immediately he had deeper aod even
more secure vaults dug. Tbe iron door*
>f ihe passages leading to the vault* have
ii irenimis electrics! ontrivsnef- which,
>vhen set, not only will seud an alarm lo
ihe Palace Guard, put wil! discharge ex?
plosive enough to dr?troy an army of
robber*. Night and dsy a score of
eicked meu guard the j-wef vaults?
?mel, ruthless mountaineers, who await
inly the order to kill.
Tbe Shah's greatest treasure is a
-word, the hilt and sci.ti?? ni of which
-ire encrusttil wilh diamoin f raarvel
"iis tin ami brilliancy, worti 11,500,000,
The imperial crown contain* a ruby
which is regarded bb the Roset in the
world. Such a one could not lie bought
tor 1760,000.
Henry Qa k, a hotel man, confessed
in the Hustings C.-ur. of Richmond yes?
terday morning to being the bu-.btt.il of
two living women. On account ol hi*
age and infirmity, the msn wis given
only three yesrs in the "penitentiary.
After 1 vening to the con'eision ol the
man, M si Mse I. Conn, his fitst wife,
colls* s*d in her chair. Cook also fainted
when the court pronounced judgment.
Coi k wa* married to Miss Conn rn Au?
gust 16, 1906. He wes suf sequent ly
married lo Mis- Lucile G. Karly at
Kl/ibeth City, N. C., on October SI,
1907. Thc lest wife d'splayed nu emo?
tion. Bdh women appeared as wit
ni-.p* tor the commonweal'.!.
Henry Cook foi merl v lived in this
city where he had many friends.
DeWitt's Little Early Risers, the faniou*
little liver pills. Hold by W. F. CreiRbiou A
The comm ?* doner* of the District ol
Ci.lumbla value ihe land and improve?
ment in that section of the city from
3rd street lo IS h ?* reet and from Penn,
sylvania avenue northwest to B s'reet
southwest at "about $19,300,000." This
istimste, made by the commitsionn-,
wss includnl in a report made to Vice
I'n-dent Fairbank-* in respond to the
Senate tesoltition of February 21 direct?
ing the commissioner* to report the price
of Isl il sod all improvements within the
bnundariis mention*ti This territory,
because of i - libation, has been strongly
ulv, cited li .he site fjr an extension of
the Msll upon which to erect a number
of government building*, and i*- pur
, h i is provided for in the Hejburn bill
now rending in Congrrsj.
_ mm _ i
There ls mulline: bttu-r than Fndol fa
pepsia, iniliL'-**tii.n. BOsir *.i.jiu*ih, Webing
mel uti vou? hu l*rhe. ll eli(-e--t? what
>ou eat. fold by W. F. Creiahtou * Co.
Nj'h ii*; which that gay old L**tfearl >,
King Leopold, ha* ever dune bel kp ha*
so excited the disgust and re*entm nt
of his long-suffering subjects a* hi* at*
tr.chment for the eardewet'i iltajghln
ba his raised to the il unity of BwoBuW
Vaughan. Their indignation ia in no
wise lessened by -he fsct thst he is said
to have married her morpRMitie'Hele ; n ir
by the other lad ibal she is the ? that
ot a babe whom Leo'told hope* to tink ?
Emperor of the Congo.
The Belgium argue that at his iga of
73, he might very well live clfanly, or
if that i* imp -lilli'1, he might at least
make some c Hon to prevent hi* love
affiirs causing a public scan..ul He
makes no disguise of them, and within
ihe last month, eluting hi* iHnes*. it wa*
well known tliAt Barnne-** V ntglian
was livine in the royal palace in the
guise ol ? nurse. Sh*e has uow returned
to her chateau npar Paris.
The king uu''ii>-*'ionably is a wreck.
Hp walks as if he had loconio'or ataxia,
and he i* r* ? 1. ebie thst the slightest
cold ifiitiiies him to bis b'd.
While Michael B, Hogan wss stand
inir in the public banking room of tbe
Mercantile Trust Company in St. Louis
Monday, Frank Sellick, of New York,
s bookmaker's shiet-writer, it is charger-,
suddenly i-eiz'-d a roll of |1,000 fruin
Hogan'* overcoat pot kit *?r -i ran, push?
ing Hilde men and wemen who stood
in his path. He wa* captured ou th
"le*** ot the bank, it is ctmrged, while
attempting lo pass tbe m.ney to a con?
federate. The confederate H>*d bet ira
th? monpy reached bis Inn-Is, ami the
crowd captured tbe money-snatcher.
Sellick was fashionably attired and was
wearing a number of diamond-.. H
bad plenty of money in hi* p irk ita.
-,uperintendeti' .I">hn Shea, ni h Bet*
? ''lon Run nu. ideni||-*d ibe pii-nnt-r a?
Kid Buike, ; I a* I'.sll'-r, kBOWl 'i'i.
?xilirt- of even large city in the Uni te,
ud In Puris and Load m. s v
ertil ph; ure- of Burke were lound in ibt
rogoea' puller.. Mr. Hogan i* pre*i
tknt and principal owner of the bsnk
nt Al amoru, III.
Kennedy's Laxative Death Byran set*
promptly yat fsntlj oa lbs bowel*, laraagh
v. inch tbs ''.il'l li forced nut e.f tbs -? stem, m il
st the smne time *lU*,s lliflmin?Him. BoU
bj Vi. P. Creighton ,1 Co
15 piece* only nf a well knnwn make"Of.T6
inch Black lfltl-i, h 1; -eur.* silk: Mr mg
laStiatBS, Well li'llshe'l anil wurr lated tn Weir.
?iir i>tie-e for 1 is nie.kc uiiel width b*l been
|I8*. A* I uk ss the-ee few pk???? last tbey
g I Ht
BO pteoH ot Bott F:i ii ? v Poalarda, ia da*
?ir.b'c ami lee.'iii ful enli rs un I .le i-rnsj hil
nw aad f?esb trom the leen h. We will mos
th*in in combination of eopsnh gea, tan,
browa, gobelin, navy, trray, tobac. Th
it oo \;?lue. for
50 pier** of Rouah Pongee ("i*hsib"), f7
inches wide and all rilk; soft and luktreeu*
Wa are showing Ibeai lash idesofaavr, eepea
i. i(**-n, tun, hrnwu, gillie! ill, te.I. le-, while' mut
black. $1.00 value. For
50 piece* .*-*?tin Fou'ard*, in black and
OHvy uroumU, with white dots of all Af
?iraolesises. Thia is a TSe valisa, t-'or
4*20 :o ?*-? He-vein th Ht root.
421 to 425 Bf-fhtk Mraat
IltK.si'K* Ti-'I'l.i.Y iiiii'OBBeanjyselfiaa1 ?
didateff re-election a* Mayor nf thc city
ot Alexandria sud solieitlbe rapport of siy
fellnw-ciiiwiue. I III |). J. P*\FI*\
I BBSPBCTFULLY announce myself a*.
' I'limliilaip fur tba Coomoo Conan! from
Second wr1, intiie deaorratie primari et
April ?M. i (.KROLL II. MAY.
aprti Ul*
New Spring
We are prepared to make
your house as pretty and com?
fortable as you should pos?
sibly wish. We are showing
a splendid assortment of the
latest patterns and designs in
flattings, Furni=
tureand Refrige?
601 Kine Street
' ^fiftjo
Fresh Violets and Carnations
Mrs.F.J.Kramer Floral Co.,
North Fayette tirrel. Bolh Phone-.
Mt tfci
Clothiers, Tailors,
Outfits Here
Get the Habit.
Goods Right.
Prices Sure.
The best qunlity and most
pleasing designs we
have ever exhibited.
Hasler Snits
1-0R MEN.
The Styles and Workman?
ship are Right.
$7.50 to $20.
Easter Trousers
an J Vests.
The Snappiest Styles
Ever Shown
Easter Shifts and
Select Patterns
Easter Neckwear.
The Collection of Designs
and Shapes are the
402-405 Kins Street.
Race Counc at Henning, D. C.
Spring Meetng
joi kn nus
March 23 to April 14
Admission to Grand Stand $2
Paddock, !-0c extra Ladies $1
K ce trie < *r? elire.'t tee track wi i Inuit i haime
'lie, Ttl I lilli*-** fr .III t
New' i e.rk swans H. Vi. (Coluinieia Line.
I santa,
First Race at 3 P. M.
N B Objectionable ch#ac
ters positively excluded.
Rooks, Booklets, Bibles, Epis?
copal and Catholic Prayer
Uooks, Hymnals, Book Marks
*? and Easter Post Cards.
The assortment is a very
large one and must be Seen
to he appreciated.
50ft KIM. IT,
Next tn th<* Opera Houm>.
In onler to intro>lue* our Fr*Krant Gly?
cerine? Lotion, wewili give to esrh ru Homer
who liny* a beeitle of ("herr j- ('.muli Syrup or
Niehlia'i H?ir Tonic il ur ing the naxt IO Mia
a lix* hollie eef Fraj;raut tjiy<*.riiie Lotion ab
olutely free.
President, Vice President,
Kdward L. Onlnjcerfleld. Carroll Pierce.
Richard ell Green, Cashier. h. h, Payne. A?at. ?.ashler.
Lil ward L. Dangerfield,
J. C. Smoot.N M- A. Ahern.
Worth rtulflsh J. W. Roberts.
Urban S. Lambert. Carroll Pierce.
Citizens' National Bank of Alexandria, Va.,
DECEMBER 3, l%7.
Loans.$569,556 8SjCapltal.$100,000 00
ll. S. Bonds, Surplus. 50,000.00
to secure circulation, 100,000.00 Undivided Profits . 56,252.57
to secure U S. Deposit 53,000 00
Other Bonds nnd Stocks 28,111.56
Bankin-; House & Real
Due from Banks & Re?
serve Agents, * . . 94,523.76
$941,97 ?*. 86
Circulation .... 98,900.00
I S. Deposit . . . 50,000.00
Accounts of Individuals, Firms and Corporations Invited.
Inti-rest Plied in Our Savings Department.
************************* I**********
A Cordial Invitation I
ls extended to all who wish to open personal, J
professional, business, trustee or corporation ac?
counts, i
The same care is given to the smallestj'ac
c-Mint as to the largt
Drafts issued DIRECT on all parts of j the
Investments and collections made.
An attractive rate of interest paid in our
ilexamtt National Bank,
& SON,
And everything else In the wateh, clock ani Jewelers,
jewelry line can be bought at ior. North Royal Street,
levmt. prioes of ., .. , ....
!1?U t'.i j l; -51 j J
Having removed to our
new store, 612 KING
STREET, we wish to
notify our patrons and
the puhlic generally
that we have an en?
tirely new line of up
Gents' Furnishings
l?. which wt Invite
We wan! to thank you for
your generous patronage
at the old stand and so?
licit :\ continuance of
stine at our new store.
We have a full line of
Nobby Spring Styles
of Mens' and Boys' Suits
and Trousers.
The I nti">t St7l>tt in Neckwear.
lt costs you QOthing tO inspect
our stock.
On and after April 1st the
Daily and Sunday
Washington Evening Star
will ti*- '?'' cents jeer ni'eotli. Thi*
ii hu pppjrtnnit] .>> meara Wash*
I r at a
Greatly Reduced Rate
Y-iUj-iliouhl -Kiiil iu > M[etion
at (ince tn
A, S, Doniphan,
The Fairfax.
- Iw
I'li'le-r i raaolotion pw-?el ley tlie City
een March M bids will he ran
by th* Commins**!on Public Property until
April Ul tor Ihe purch*** <ef th** property ?it
WAlel SH UW ? . north
of C\tueroo. sud known a* the Hi DRAT
reserve* the righi
EIL'*'.- I'. M *-i:*-ilAltL,
('hairiii;i<i,('"ieiiiiiu. -
m*ri6 tel
I Hl-l IM Kl. l-enill -.IllKIC
Midland Butter
- txptriment,
ful year., proYOI ita ?? u:e 1 ity.
i uaiss from v
I > -? e'tillll.
Midland Butter,
sith it- wonderful main tenant'?
Ofquality jeal' in Meei year (.nt,
- I... leiee.-b than .ether I>r?ti !.-?
: i. el can't lee- depOttdsd mi. Prii-e
35cPer p?und
Teli|.v ..ne
Edward Quinn & Sons*.
'll ... el Hr,,., -JtrUut,
?wal ll. I.'iir. Aili-tione-r.
BVT VIRTUE of a decrbi of thk
i orpontion (e.urt for the tlty ot
.Inn, .iifereel on ilie '...'nil .lay of Uiiiiar*,
l!*o7, in tiie- -nit .lep-ti liner in int* mid ajar',
botwton htsrths A O'Brieo mii. 1 otner*
pUintifls, sod Luther Hirrisoa Kell Hint
others, dstvodant*, tbt undereigaod ??<*:. i iii t -.
(tom i , appointed tey the- *anl court. Will e.lt -r
feer ..ile* Ht public HII"tlOII, eell
SATURDAY, May - th, l 90S,
at ISo'ekwk in, the foUotriag rei'i estate in
'V :
Sn. 1. House ?n.t lot No. II". K B| ItrOOt,
beginning at ? point on north *i'le of Kini{
itreet 90 fee *o*t of Leo rtrett; thtncs stat os
Km.: theme- north -el feet MM
yatta altey; t- en. e wen ot
H ley IO feel, ind then. ?: ? n'ti tee th*
en Knii;--treet with .tppnrt* I
boo* No. :, pai*e :?j.
Ko. I. l/i oa north -i'le eef Fayette aller.
beginning .in bats-si of Lm*Ueet\ thence
tiley M tatt; thanet aorta 86 f****t
7 inches, more e,r |, ^,, theme w?st ?
?iti.I thoona sooth to tbe point of bogianlagoa
ey and sppnrtsoaoi ts, I >?-?.! b?eok W.
?"I I 't hi the *<.'.'
inion 'ti .11 ot Ka i -f*., x tod i^'iee-n street-, o.-.
ginning itt .iiei lol* rotc ti on sad maning
-outh with tod nd* of Fairfai
56 feet th li e ei-f ?l feet;
*>uil hst theme east ll feet -1
inches; thsUCJ north -; feet .'( ine-hes, noel
?lieiie. ?..-en -.' reel tee t|,e point Of
beginnm? *h'l apple Dead ihk.U I*
P. Ill
Terni* ol' *t?le?Ou*~thir<t ot the purohane
III'.lee) en?h, ,m.l llie re'l.lue tleereeef ||
n|Ual payment* at sir .ml twelve I
Merlan Interest Kvielemeel hy note* and
I ie,- it -lew) eef truiet or rStftlOP of
title. .IOILN M. JOHN*
mt r of .Sale.
I . ertify thst .John M.John*oti Iih*. executed
the* teem.I .1- rtqeiiedof tbsooasnjissioaof of
?Mr 111 tl i?*Mt.
apr7 ul
i-Rlv-li Ult A IU il 1-i.Ul li just reeeive-l
by J. C. Mimi'KN.
Woodward & Lothrop
10th, lltft, Fat 0 Sta. N. W.
WAsniNQroM, o. c
Spring and Summer
WE ere sh iwlug complete lines ot
Spring and Summer Curtains,
Curtaining*, Window Screen*, Ben en
l>oor*, i'ortiere*, C.ucb and Table
Jiiver*. Bjx and He?d Couches, Cu*h
ons, Utility B xe-t, Cedar Cnests, and
?thtr requisites (<>r the town home or
mininer cottee.
Linen Couch and
Table Covers.
Attention is called to our complete as*
soriment of these desirable C.iuch and
Table Covers fir summer use. Tue-/ are
made of puie Belgian linen, with plain
center* anti borders of Mae, nd, or green,
Table Coner*, fringed, 4 4, 606; 0-4,
ll..16; 8*4, *2 M.
Couch Cover*, plain edge, t'i OD each;
Fringe!, $2 76 each.
New Art Fabrics.
New Fainted Art Fabric-i for curtain*,
ili|> inver*, bed drap rie*, cushion cov?
ers, iltc , comprising imported cretonnes,
imported white dimities and English
*triped dauiHsk*, also new domestic fab?
ric*, laois* ting art ticking, striped dimi?
ties, figured taffetas, coronation cloth, .Vc,
Imported Cretonne*.
'inc, M , and 7">c the yatd.
Domestic Fabric-1,
16c, ibe, and :<0c the yard.
Cross-stripe Curtains.
Light Draperies, tor spriug and sum*
mer, ot cro?s-striped madra* ami im?
ported Scotch aud French fabrics.
Cros*-*tripe Curtain*,
$1.00 tu ti.bo a pair.
Scotch and French Madras Curtains,
>)6.D0 to $8 50 a pair.
Imported Madras
Imported Madras, in rich cathedral
and stained glass efl-jetn; Mutable lor
spring and summer hanging*.
$1.0t?,$1.2o, and |i.60 tho yard.
Upholstery Fabrics.
Exceptionally good values in Up?
holstery Fabrics, consisting of Velour*,
Arinure*, Gobelin Tapestry A;. Suit?
able for library and dining room furni?
ture, eke.
11.75 to t'i 78 the yard.
New Cushions.
Ala-ge ats ir.mem of Cushion*, cov?
er^! wi h print* 1 art fabric, suitable
for summer u*p.
11.00 and |1.61 each.
Ft.urth ll >or--3 st.
Woodward & Lothrop.
pROPOSAIA?Proposals will he rec. ive.1
? at the office of the fity Eagiaaar until
noon April 24th, amt then opened by the
Committee on Pantie 1'roperty, tot the con
?traction of ? rtoord room, 4<*., io the Market
betiding amt for osrtaio tlttraHoot, addi?
tions, pluuibinv painting, tte.. Ac, in he
? 'onrt lt..I,aaa taotaaaad hall pertaining
Plaai aad -.oecificatioim can lee seen at the
City Eajrinorr'* otto*
The riirht i* reserve I to reject auy and all
pro|eeesHl* anet to extent tbe time for re
ooh ing the sun.'.
('haimian rommittee Public Fropeity.
-e|e*e, l,|
VI--Ci (NI A.?Io tbe Clerk* Office or the
* Corporation ''ourtof the city of Alexan
'Iria, on the titb day of April, l!*>.
Willam M. 1-elwin!*, compleeinaat. vs. Mary
- i-an Edward*,(Mhadaat. 'n chancery.
Memo. The olej e-t of this snit i-to obtain
un ali*-.-Inte divorce from the bonds of matri?
mony lor the complainant from the .lefenil
iiiit. sad 10 ..le'un Mth further relief** to
e.jiiity nity see-ni right.
11 StVpaariog hvan Rid ivit tit***l in thi*c*,u*e
that th- ilef-ie.l.ini, \t*rv Hueeeii Kdward*. i?a
iion-reNiileni ot thi*. *U-ile : lt is Ordered,
Ihat sa et defendant appear here within tif-ej
teen day* a'ter it lt pnMication of th)* order, J
tad do whit ll n***-eei**rv to protect her in
ier.--t* in this .mt and that a ceepy nf thi*
or.ler bo forthwith iueeerU-'l in the Alexandria
(j*/, tte, a neu-ipaper puhlisheet in the city of
Alexandria, oa-t I week for four succeaiive
week*, and uemteel at the front Amt of the
Court Hon-..* eef tiii* city.
A ropy? I I
Robinson MoUCUre, p. <U*<,
aler') WiW inon
X/IRGINIA. lilllie Clerks Office of tho
r lorpeiralion Court of the coy of Alesau
.Iria, ..ii the 1st .lay of April. [Mt,
John N. M"Pherson |
va. - in tkmomty.
Catherine Md'lier-eenn )
tho objoot of thlsaait is to necore a decree
of divore-e frotn tiie i.en .1, ?f matriiiieuy fe.r
'Ur "oiiiplHinant from the defendant, ami for
,'Mieer*l relief.
It -tpiK-arinir hy an affidavit tiled In this<au*r
th?t the defendant, Caih-rine M. I'heison i*
?a non resilient of tin* Slate: ll i*Or.lered.1 li t
saiel defcadaal appear here within fifteen d*>?
alter dat p iblicolioi of this order, sud io
?"-tint i? : ee-e?*?rv to j. otee t her inure*' Ile
OM of thi* onler lee
forthwith iafarttd La '.iee A lev ami rm Gaz-it.
rt lle-wsf ;,j?e: ( ||le'l*hee| in tbei-ity of Alexau
dna, ..me a week for four MMM?ff*t week*.
Sad posted at ttie front "lee r ol' llie < eeiiil
llou*e of thi* .-nv.
A .op* ? 1
NEV Kl i. .**. GREENAWAY. Clerk.
Walter C. Varnt-y, p n aprlw-iw w
THK r* ;"il*ir hu i. us I mee ti ti k of the ttock
t.e,l,iei* of the VIRGINIA MARRI.K
COMPAkJ will lee held at 115 ne.rth Fair
o-et, AlexaciTiii, Vi., oa THCR
HaY, April lie, VM)#, *' 11 o'e-leeck a. nj., feer
the pu ri* s* eef the electieen of officer* anet feer
auy oilier hu?ine?? pert-ininit tn ths com?
pany. WM. H..-SAUNDERS,
t l.AP.KNt K THOMA.-, Vi,-e President.
apr.1,7.:'.: I_Secret*ry._
A Kieoei thii.? to u?* after walbina your
hau?N.CKLIN'eS HAIR TONIC, 26 osaU
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