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THUR DAY KVfe.l-.iNG. APR. 9. 19(8.
Local Matters.
Sua and Tide Table.
Sun ri*** tomorrow at 6:32 and Mts 8:32.
f.igh watirat 3 02 ?.|m. and 3:19 p. m. Ci
Weather Probabilities.
For thi* tection fair cor. er tonight. Friday
fair warmer; light northerly wind*, beeomirg
v-iriable. _
John Moore, private of Battery D,
Third Field Artillery, stationed at For:
Myer, while walking along the tracks of
the Arlington-Falls Church R iii way, oj
his way to the garrison, last night, was
instantly killed by being struck by train
68, in charge of Conductor Jew* Thomas
aod Motorman Roy Wrenn. The body
wu placed aboard the train aod brought
to the Aqueduct bridge, where it was
placed in a patrol wagon and taken to
Georgetown Hospital. An examination
showed -he man had been a ruck in the
back, breaking his spine.
A colored man, apparently about 20
yetta old, was killed by an incoming
train about 100 yards south of the union
passenger depot late laat night. The
body after being discovered waa removed
to Mr. B. Wheatley'a undertaker'a estab?
lishment. The right aide of the man's
face bad been crashed and hia left leg
wu broken. A Southern Railway pu
esenger train reached the depot at 11:47
o'clock, and it ia aupposed by some thst
the unfortunate man attempted to board
lt. Dr. Moore, the Coroner, will hold
an inquest tomorrow.
Representative 0. C. Carlin, of Alex?
andria, who represents the Eighth dis?
trict ia G .ogress, wu forty-two years
old yeaterday. Twenty years ago Mr.
Carlin wu a newspaper man, and for
aeveral yeera war the Alexandria corres?
pondent of a Wuhington paper. While
?working in the newspaper profession,
Mr. Carlin studied isw, and upon grad
aation wu admitted to the bar and
practiced with succeea in Alexandria.
Upon the death of Representative Rixey,
Mr. Carlia became a cmdidate for Con?
gress, aud wu elected to the present
Lut night a score of his newapsp >r
fri-nd* tendered him a dinner at La
Boheme, in Wuhington, in honor of bis
birthday. Representatives of the lead?
ing newspapers in the country were
present aa were also uveral Alexandria
correspondents. Charles A. Hamilton, of
the Troy Times, wu toastmaster.
As heretofore stated an effort w 111 j
be made to have the new sub-station In
south Wuhington, authorised and re?
quired to be built nnder the Union
Station act, located near Seventh street.
The Virginia patrons of the railroads
entering Wuhington regard the location
at the foot of Fourteenth street a* about
ss Inconvenient u it well could be.
Senator Martin and Representative Car*
lin have been appealed to by tbe Vir?
ginia commuters and others to take the
matter up, and hsve gone over the pro?
posed locatiot.a with a view of determi?
ning where ii should be located. They
both ayte,< tbat the Seventh street
locati'>-.i ii practically esse-ntial to reach?
ing the heart of the city with prompt?
ness and without ihe burden of paying
two fare--. There fue, they will use* hil
their exertions to have the atstion built
wbere it will be moat convenient to the
traveling public.
Considerable excitement was rimed
at the ii'<?? sec ion of Gibbon nud K -yal
streets >e* erday evening bv a ru* be?
tween Melinda Levtl, and M.lvin Russ,
both co! red. The woman attacked the
man and fought asa tigress, uaingatones,
bottles and a knife. Russ knocked her
down aeveral times in order to escape in?
jury fr un her. Officer Henderson was
in the vicinity and he managed to cap?
ture tho woman, but the man escaped.
He was, however, arrested by Officer
Roberts. The prisoners were brought
before the Police Court this morning
when the Level woman was hoed $10.
Rusa w*s dismissed, as it was shown tbat
he acted on the defensive.
Kenneth J. Huffman, a brakeman in j
the Potomac railway yarda north ol this
eily, report a that he wss held up and
beaten by a robber u he alighted from
a train in the yards Tuesday night. The
man demanded money, and when Mr.
Huffman refused to comply with tbe de?
mand, he wss knocked down by a blow
on the head with a heavy stick. At
Huffuusn attempted tn got up, he wi*
again knocked down. R iii mad men
came to Mr. Hufimao'a aaaiattnee and
the negro fled._
Alexandria Camp, No. U,tM, Mod?
ern Woodmen of America, hel j a large
and interesting meeting in Sarepta Hall
lut night, when considerable holiness of
im-*ortance to the camp wu transacted.
Five new memtjers were initiated ard
ten applications for memberahip were te*
calved and referred to tbe proper eon*
mltte-f. Mr. C. W. Dattor wsa elected
a d.'legV<* to the State camp aud
Julius Wolf, alternate. At th* next
meeting the degree team aud (>m-.er* irom
Wuhington will visit the camp.
As-istaot Secretary of the Navy New?
berry said yesterdsy there would be no
more lsyiug-ofl of employes in the Westl?
ington navy yard during the remainder
of the fiscal year. Alter tbat time, the
matter of retaining, employes and the
work of the yard io general would alto?
gether depend on the naval programme.
He uid th tt if Ciogreu authors*** the
cooatructi m ol more ships, arms aod
armament will have to be made, and
'hat will necesMi.ite the running of the
ysrd to its present capacity.
The lorg boat Teri, on which there
had tveen a c?*e of .--j-.llpox and which
had beeo held in quarantine below
th!* city for sometime was releised yea?
terday and proceeded to Aquia Oie*k,
where ahe belon-**.
DeWi t's Kidney aad Bladder pill, -us
prompt and thorough md will iu a short
tim* Hr ni-then weakened kidney* and allay
U-onble*. ari.ing from ii tl .mn-ea(ion of the
bladder. So.) by W. K. fr**igbton * Co.
We are brim full , t *pTin*. novelties
tor man, woman and child See our
!.? *Jl0" ,hoe^ J' A' ^kttha)\ A Br. 1
Aii King street. J
Rv. Wai M. Dam-*, of IMini r.,
will prehcb at Ibe Lvuien tatvim i*
Co?l-i Church 'ouigh*. Mr. Dame w*?
f irineily tector o' Cari.'t Church and has
u..uy (nerds in Alexandii-i.
Mk I*-. 0. Neal-* (j*re a luncheon on
t Tu-?d<iy at ber residccca in W*i*hini*tr.u
'ti Liu >r of Mrs. Swaoaou, wife of ihe
(?ive'ncr of Virginia, who re'tirnrd rn
Richmond yesterday alter a t'el-g'i ful
stay with Mr*. Arhur Wallsce Dunn.
Mr. aud Mrs. W. E. Stonnell and
little son lrf; today to attend the mar
i riage of Dr. B-rton Holland, of Phila
< delphi*, a brother of Mrs. Stonn-li.
MUs Fannie Oixon ia tbe gueet lor a
fortnight of Mrs William T. Howard,
at her residence, 2015 Maryland avenue,
Mr. (ottleib Kcherer is cinfinod to
his home bv sickneu.
Mr. John W. Trev.rs, who has been quit*
?irk, i* coavaleseent.
The wedding of Miss Lena W.llisirs,
dsHehter of Mr. snd Mrs. J ihn Ii.
WillUma, of Clarke's Ojp, Virginia,
aod Mr. Carl L. Lacey, sou of Mr. aod
Mia. E. W. Lacey of the same town,
took (lace at tbe home of tbe bride's
sister, Mrs. Claude Myers, of Washing?
ton, April lat. The ceremony waa ?!.?
nesaed by a number of relatives ani
friends. The house wu beautifully
deco-'.ted with fetui and cut flower*.
Rev. H. W. Pratt, of the Second South?
ern Presbyterian Church of Wuhington
performed the ceremony. The bride
wore a beautiful gown of white organdie
over white ailk aod carried a shower
bouquet of bride's rises. After tbe
reception the young couple left Wash?
ington for the south.
[Justice H. B. Caton presiding.]
The following cases were diaposed of
thia morning :
Malinda Leve!, colored, charged with
disorderly conduct and fighting, was
fined $10.
Malvin Rubs, colored, charged with
similar offenses, waa dismissed.
John Holmes, colored, charged with
cutting Barrie Bundy, colored, had hia
case continued.
James Downey, charged with va?
grancy, was dismissed upon promising
to leave the city.
Doubtless there ia no more popular
lecturer in the country than Seoator
Robert Taylor, of Tennessee. He* of'en
recelvea $500 for delivering hia bast mm
tme, "Castle* In Tbe Air." It ia a
literary gem, enriched wi h patho* uk!
humor. A treat ia in store (or the people
of Alexandria, a* he la to deliver thia
lecture in the Young Pe- pie'a Building
tomorrow evening. Senator Taylor, ac?
companied by a party of friends, will
oome to Alexandria tomorrow evening
on a special car.
Tbe annual meeting of the stockhold?
ers of the Lanaton Monotype Machine
Company was held at tbe Hotel Fleiech
mann today for the purpose of electing a
board ot directors. The following were
chcasn: Mee***. J. C. Maben, R. buy
dam Grant, William M. Laffin, Joseph
Bryan, William H. Goadby, H. C. Hal
lenbeck, Adrian H. Larkin, H. O
Seixu, Henry Paraona, J. Maury Dave
and Gen. Maxwell Woodhull.
John Morria and George Shaw, the
two negroes arrested in Washington
Monday night for robbing Hanajn A
Co's store at Manse aaa lut Bur d ty night,
were yesterday aentenced by the Circuit
Court of Prince William to ten ye-ara'
confinement in the penitentiary. Th's
waa quick work. Within twenty-four
hours after the darkeys reached Manas
sss they bad been tried, convicted and
aentenced. _
Connie Gray, colored, of thia city, a
member of Company li, 25h U. S.
infantry, died September 25,l?07,in the
Philippinea Islanda, as was stated in tbe
Gazette at that time. His remains are on
their way to Alexandria and tbe funeral
will take place from 311 Duke stree',
wben tbey arrive. The deceased was the
huaband of Sarah J. Gray, one ol Ihe
public achool teachera.
Two colored boys, John Holmes and
Harry Bundy, became involved in a
fight yeaterday evening when tbe former
cut the latter with a knife. Holmes waa
arrested and brought before the Police
Court this morning, but Bundy was
unable to appear. Three stitches were
taken io his wound.
A consignment of 500 hogsheads of
Porto Rico molasses direct from that
new po-seealon wes received todsy by
Meear*. Charles King A Son, nnd more
is on the way. An advertisement in to
day'a Gaaette leila of the consignment.
Pete Dailey, owned and ridd-*u by
Mr. Courtland H. Smith, won the Chevy
Uhrs* bte* plechsse at Benning on yes?
terday. Mr. Smith's other eitry, "My
Grace," took second place lu the aame
The boy'e school recently removed
from Academy building was thia morn?
ing opened in Armory Hall, where
will remain till other arrangements are
made. AU the schocls are in oneration.
Contractots may ai well get tbeir bids
ready, for it is almost certain tbat tbe
Y*iUDg Men's f-Vnate at its aess'o
night will decide that a new buihlii
for girls should be erected.
There I* nothing better tban Kolo) for d)g
pep*ia, indigestion, wur Moniarh. l+le-h ur
of ga* and ie rvou* h adaehe. lt digi Sta what
you ewt. told by W. F CiakhtjM A e'o
Money can be uved by buying yo r
Sh.iea ai Marahall'*. 422 King mrect
Ptce, ce-nirtl. by practi<**l h?-.t?r, for ll AT
tion must tie .ui ah e. St-te* > rice* and "ar?
ticular*. AldreeaHATIEK, G<uette Office*.
A fine driv.i.g Hi*K**K and a number of
WORK KOkSKSfoe-fsle. Apply to LwWiS
bTM-'l.MAN, Br.ld.ek Height..
apr! Iw*
plytoS. D. DsVaUoHAN, H4 roath t.
Asaph -.treat, ap*. 4t
Entwisle's Modern Pharmacy,
1120 KING STREET (Next to Fayette).
Emulsion Cod liver Oil, with
H> pe phosphitesof Lime and
and Soda, were 50c, now.39c
Moth Crystal Flakes, sure death
to moths, weie 25c, now.19c
Triple Extract Perfumes, all
odors, were SOc oz., now 25c oz
Beef, Iron and Wine, were 50c
25c box Soap,
I Derby Hat Clctner, was 10c,
1 lilack-o Line, for blacking
straw, gives a high pol
?sjj.10c per bottle
Two quart Fountain Syringes.
regular price ll; now.fi9c
Whisk Hrooms.15c now 12c,
25c now 19c, 4Uc now 33c
all odors, \vc.
A Complete Line of?
Truss s, Crutches and Supporters
We Fit Trusses Free of Charge
We Guarantee Prices and Fit. We Repair ' rowe;
Order of Owl Emblems.
These emblems
are designed in?
telligently and
sure to please
the most crit?
ical patron.
SAUNDERS & SON. 629 King St.
Cured ol RlieuwatUm.
Mr. Wm. Heoiy of Chattanooga,
Tenn., hs-d rheumatism in his left arm.
"The strength ieemed to have gone out
of the muscle* ao th?t it wa* useless for
work," he say*. "I applied Chamber-j
Iain's Pain Balm and wrapped tbe arm
in flannel at night, and to my relief I
found that tho pain gradually lelt me
Hnd the strength returned. In three
week* the ihiumitiisai had disappeared
and baa not since returned." If troubled
with rh-um-uiern try a lew application*
uf Pain balm. You are certain to be
pleased with tbe relief which it affords.
For sale by Vf. F. Creighton and Rich?
ard Gibson. ^_
Tans are the real thing for spring
wear. We baiidie the swellfst line In
town. Our mo'to, high grade, low prices
J. A. Marshall & Bro , 422 King street. I
Rev. Thomas SemiBfs'i*?so'd to Mr*. '
Theresa Grove I a bou-e * and 1.1 No. 483
north Columbus stn-n .
Only routine baslaaai w*s transacted
at the mee'iug, on Tu**>diy, of Mary ,
Cu*, is Lee Chapter, TJ. D. 0.
Anthony R. I) egans, colored, son oi
the late Johu Dog-ins, ot tbis city, died
in Washington, on Tuesday, aged 37
Three fi .ger rings, valued at $75,
were stolen from the residence of Mr.
J ihn Bellamy, 108 north Patrick street,
Iq tbe Corporation Oourt today,'n ths
matter of William Wat*in, the cen wss
referred to Howard W. Smith, commis?
sioner, tm report.
The remsir* of E bel Wright.c/lored,
who ditd at the Alexandria Hospital
Tuesday, were forwarded lo Fredericks?
burg yesterday by D maine A Son.
A neat parish hall is being built in
the rear of tl e Good Shepbf-rd Chapel,
at ihe corner of Fairfax aud Franklin
street*, which will be used for church
work cf the motion.
The wfatbr-r became clear and cool
last night. The liir-rctiry at an early
hour this morning stood at 4KV A
northwest wind and hit and cool condi?
tions have prevailed ti.day.
Mr. Robert L Downing conducted
evangelts'ic services in tho M. E. Church
South again las', night. A 1 irge con?
gregation whs p-esent and much interest
shown. There will be no services to?
night. -
Fish continue to arrive at Fishtown,
and herring-ire now being cut and pack?
ed there. Prices are still firm. Sbad
were selling in market th.s morning at
from 3*> to SS cents each snd herring at
20 cr nts a doz<-n.
A lodge of Owls will be organised
in this city tonight. The order will
start with a memSrnhip of more than
100. Natloaal O ev i/.<*r McCullough, of
South B ii'1, Im!., will be present and
officiate at the meeting.
The B<-'!e' ll'ven Amusement Comnsny
wllto'iKht prMMt the following new film*'
"The Rival Bartetrs," "Hi* Fir*t Cigar'"
ant "Such a J eke, But Whj Don't Ile
1-auxh," The illu?trat*-d wog, "With You
In Hernity," will be mini;.
Fried C ami 30c doten. Veeetible soup
Tuesday, Thnrsdny ami .Saturday; dum *oup
Momlar, \Vi*.luf?<!ay tend Friday. C. H.
/iuimermau. Market Pi'Te*. war* tf
It became known in New York yes
terday thst Ge ..-ge J. Omi I bas applied
to the ch*ef of police of Pari* for th*
record of Prince Helie de !?*?(?*?-. Tow
ffeov1 ul ihe heaii of the G mid family
following (3lr<*c ly Upon tie oflicial an?
nouncement which w*-8 made Tuesday
? hat Mme. Gould wm not engaged to be
married to any bo ly i* regarded by the
prince as another attack on him from
the same quarters.
Io ccmujon with most continental
countrie*, the French constahol*-r ats
on Ole th<* complete lifa hi*?*<- ry .it evry
one wi hio ???? J i - liM-ea, *j that
Geo'g-* (* "i d's taiei tie >a i? obviously to
'te >i i a ls ol ie oi Helie's esc. p.de**
and iny them before li* sister. It U
alleged (hst He-lit'* g-,moihg d?b's sra
erormou*. Ai in all, i ia ru-ro e.J
thu- i.e* cove* st. Us*l td 000.000.
E? ary aaa nf Wad the l.ni.ly owns in
Baeai so ?; P-wigo d i*. ra<?rig*ged to its
full v-*!ufe ion. Hslie'i f* h-r, now a
dem pit p-irttc, HO year* old, ls living
i i an els ii-e .|ii*tter ot Paris, supported
by the chet-i * ol fii?nd*.
All want the best. The Hess, Walk
-, and t^ue-n Quality
Siosareto tx* bad st J. A. Marshall
% Bro'*.. 422 k'inj* atren n*??21 tf
? R<>' I Vf, eleeii.i* i4 tmrl leusillevl. A pol Vt<l
yt7 U't Mi letr.et aprtJ.1l*
1*0 Vi KR PRICK-. ON BACON.?Old Me*
souri Hun*, Ibe; Mild Cur<*d Haw*. i> ;
R|e*.?Vf,ct Me-ine.. If** I C. WII.RI'T*'*
A Wtle-r re-uol i? uni WAA* leer I oi<J? au<i
I<a Grippe than <jsiy-on. (leta bo* now loo
?ad ii* at E. S. LEADi'EA i'ER A sONri
["hot cross!
?"j BUNS S~~
| Tour Order*. |
Uoth 'Phones.
vrsHivf* t'ornt*-*
Just received a lot of
from 75c up. All Colors.
A full line of RibbonI and Flown*
her Tomming Ha'.*.
Trimmed Rough and
Ready Sailors
25c and 50c.
Trimmed Hats for Misses
and Children
At 75c, 85c and 98c
Easter Baskets . 5c to 25c
Rabbits and
Chickens ... 5c to 25c
Natural Ducks . ? 10c each
Garden Seeds, lc package
Cor. Pitt and Kins Sts.
City Ha 1, April 9, 1908.
8KALED PROPOSALS' addn-s-d loL. F.
Uhier, Chairman of tb* Committee nu Light,
will he rec* ired at thia offiae until 8 p. m.,
Thuraeletv, April .10. I'll* f>r fu'n shing th*
Oa* Work* with TM KKK 'I HOINaND
TONS (more or Ito) sf GAH COAL (MM
pound* tu the ton), to tx* <!? liv.-re.l in tko
?beelu atthe work* trimme-l sa I henrhed un,
(?'iring the C?ral year iMDnteaetBet Juue I
lil.8, and ending May 31. 1909, onler* to he
aeceieted hy aueoenaful hiel ler* *nv .lute nfier
awarding of eon'rset io fiat coal will Hrrive
at the work* on or before July 1. IMS,
Tbe coal mutt be Mocougah, '1 rje-onre',
Youghiogheny, Mont ina, Fairni int, I laoola
or other gas coal or equal or superior yield
and camile powder. LieJelei* cate k've* th* i r
figure* on all of th* mine*, i"d are Kqaooled
to give candle power yiehl aud rnalykin, [kt
toa ere I.
The oniuniitUe leieirvethe rig.it to nj-ct
snv m all bid*.
Terni*: Ci?h on l*i h div of ev h mouth
fo h.ve. ii!i> delivery nt u-il.
B- nr'er c>f the Commits on ' 'glit
au Otd_J B fflU.KR, Clerk.
City Hall, April 9 1908.
8EALFD PROP MAr.**a.l ramed to I.. K.
Chler, ( h-iirmnn of the Comiuit'ee o > Light,
will bf ree-civid Rt thi* ofli-e- u ll Sd, ni
Tl ar*,Uy. April 30, 1908, 'or the r NT ILK
O'* Work* daring ihe n*xi C-?- *.) year, OOM1
??neila June I, ttoS. aud tm leg Mny .''!,
lt 'J. i<?W*J**l >uu?t agree to te^p ?l * t ,r
in ti e we.ll st all time* hoi nt I- ? ut'et or
oveid <w iii.*.
Tenn* ? S-i-'en ? ut maw '>? ****1* sa thi
IS'h ?f i' .* iu nth t .11 ?* ? g delivery of Ur.
The m i' ? lui hid'Jer matt enter into rw*>
trvt wife the Committee na f.'g'u tot fail li
lui compliance wi'h the nleove prto.
The eemneifee reserve* the right lo reject ?ny
snd all ttl*.
apr? td_J. B. WAILER, Clerk
Several (mall piece* of beautiful land [tot
SS'* ? nntiicing from
A ao 'nu WrltO fee' **I.?'xi.Y OK IN
O tOnPS. veivontent to ra treads sad shoal
ok* Ti'* reoni Aletan In* tod fl7e> f)>o-*j
**? **Mtuu.n tty. Ter'i*i-"*nii
u *. v.- '?
llf n nh Rnrni ,\ru*t, AI?-.,ue>.H*. Tfj
'-?tt tr_
If mot* very fine old JAVA t OKI \
r?eei**-d by_? C. MUK'
r? -.. -e l,. I r* U'e Or-lJlJ
Five borrel* HY.V&'Bt CnCUMBfCR
PICKLES, Jut remited 'or\aale ?t te.*1 t*?r
hundred t-.v I C. WlleRnV'-'.
Fancy kVAPoRA ' Kl> PCA. BESJkPRI*
OOr-l and PRUNES for Mia hy
Eitra quality Formnco. hlae-k TKA: also
eitra vsloea iu 60 and -XV 0. P. Te**
PRU Ml KR OAT FLAKES li, c****-**, iu,t
?received by J. C. M. LRU RN.
tomine Porto Rico lolam
Io Jane, 1907, we -tiered tor sale br* fi-st lot of Porto !.;
been imported d"?ct to Alexandria since ibe <Jivi< W-er. v?.? i
larg-ooe oed <vas fa rly well dis'.ribu ed soi ing oir m ny c i ?n*j**i Sa th n
we ba?e had 5uui?r rn* rej e t orders, an! wo ar** no* i i < asj to tb -o i k our
fifih importation The Mol??ir* produte I in Porto Rico, like OW N o < > lean*.
prrxli'Ct, bss soff-"?d with advent of modem atietc, but tli< .< Od
Fsshioued ?"War K.*a?e-? left thal mak**
Molasses by the Muscovado or Open Kettle Process,
A? d our Mr. Frank Kirg, while in I'e'.o U I in nakta -1
w.th fictors ot several of th-*' plant.it i.jr.-, an<l ai ito ti t tl i li
To those who hi.e had s ime ot th<* Mola-eM1* oat ? I j
not nfcewary to talk quality, H*ordm ara c,!:in,' ti to w Ship like last,"
but we desire to extend tbe trado to tb tat mho do poi know u*.
We renew our guarantee that if the Molasses is not
satisfactory* it can be returned at our expense.
Quotations to the Trade Upon Application.
Chas. King & Son Co., Inc.,
Who'esale General Merchandise.
Hear Mn Julia Banter in Illustrate:! Songs
: At tne DLLLL From j.j* ,() -<*,
j No Higher. II**WI-*<.^? .Saturdays Only.
Absolutely the Safest Motion Picture
House in the City.
Did you know you could buv all kim'sof
EASTER NOVEJ/llESnt thi* Hers? Wal
joui'iuibuy fr "tn a 5c Fud1 it to one th t
c>*ta $2.60. Chickens nae ls Japan; I! s*
kefs made io tie Mutes and Doll* made ii
France and 0 *rm*cy. ('roved* if the tn. le .
No *m?l lo* tee pick from, li .t in shaod mc.1,
('ernie in early ami g-it jour sstsftka.
Easter Cards and
Nice SMnrtnient*, well Ke'ected. The* car,"*
thi* year are thing* of bemty au I a joy Tr?
ever. In other v-nr.|*. tli.-y cr** u;e to elate,
and conipri-e niauy arti-t'e lUsIgM Book
let*?tbe new oce*?c?nunt be sarpssad In
beauty and material a* well a* amigo. Vie
will give jou envelope* fr*e
Episcopal and Catholic
Prayer Books.
Epi?eop\l Pr?>er ani Hun1) Hook*.. S-e
our p'ire leather line?.1 leutiful gift Our
line ol r?tlneli(*. Book* is complete ninl *h.'.u'd
be ie?n. Also s nice liue of Rosaries, from
ibe lofi.bOeae:.
Copyright Novels.
Have ju*t ginned s yearly contra t with a
northern publish ng ti in to Hell c.'pprgh**
for 75c per copy, we uo* have seven tilka
of the<je booka in (tock.
Up-to-date Stationer and Hook
r,2l ItS SS8 KU-TO *'T
FOR RF.*--'!?Dwelling northwe?t corner
('.liil'iibli* eSafi -Jrii;ce?e ?tre*>f*; H r.ee>li.->;
larg* ***rel. lieut $ (J.50 jeer mor.tli.
_ j--b29 tf_ .1. C. MU.KIT.-.'.
I-ott RENT.
Hon*-* Ko 111 Prince street, Alextmlri I.
V*. I*. * eu*io,i given May Ut Apply t.i
Cbs*. King A Boa Co., (nc, north Lee street.
.1 ct tr,i..t (luted the 17th day of At ri
1W | eiel ISCftS I buhu g tile lan I re -cr's ie!
the city ofJleiaudria, Vg,.,iu deed b ok Nee. :;.
page 610, given liv Maria C. Peyton, wi lo ?
ti the u der?i<rned, to tecure to the *avings
Mutual Bui'dh g A Loan Assreeiation of Alex
arn'rii, lie * tm nf twelve hm dre el dollar*,
with iuteres et he rate of six per c< ut. per
?ii'i uni from the second day of Ap il. 191
tlie-iein -i t for til, default having bast mu<ie
in the i aymeot of tin* principle of said debt,
and at the rnjm it sud liv tbs direction eef the
boanl of director* of the tSaviiKi Munal
Hu t lil ir k A Luau A?*ociation of Alex-.ml tia,
the un irr?igued will oller for sale nt puMii!
au< tie n iu trout of the Royal strc-t entrau-e
to the M-.rket building, io thi* eily, at 12
o'clo k m., on
BATOBDaY, April 26,19T8,
All that lot of groiin.l with the improve
me it* t ereoo, situated on th i w ?t*iele ?.f St.
A?aph Hiree*!, in the eily of AI.-X lUelri i, Vir
g'liis, std bounded a J d**?e ril>e-.| -tee fol ?s.
to *it Begii niug ou the went tidt t
A-*ph *treet 17 Itel, 4 iu.-hea routh of Q iee:i
Mn*t, wad running theuc* parallel to lj.u,e n
?tre?*t <3l feet, more or les*: I lieut*** * n ii
jur-i le-l to8t. A*aph *f-eet Iii fee-t, !ij inches
the-iie-e* eau in ? |lire t line hi f*-*rt t,. t.
Attph tetreet; ?nd t'lence no** h ra ,*t kexph
? reef, li', feet i-J mohm ls Um point of i,*.
giniiiug, with all a|epurt*-aniice? thereunt>
btloi gii.g.
Terras of Kile: C**h. Conveyau-e* a' the
cost of the purchaser.
c. c. OARi.rT, j
O. H. HARLOW, [Truot-e*.
Th* Fine-it of Ev.-nthi ??
A lear.I, Crisp Waf-ir tot d' ps > c*.
Price 20c lh.
Tb* Educator Wafer s l ed aa < toast?
ed. A ? t-lb i 'U* cracker fi? serving with j
chet se.
Price 28c lb.
Cor. Cameron and .'itt fifa
NO l< t -lUvinfr qt'*,t I
fr of ls**-Hated I. U * 'HI)"'-: V, .,
theeomat, V t*. roo* i *- * I i,i . .?..i nat.*
hie- e-.' .r l ,l e, lie i? ?- nt lei, l *.-*' ? ;-*rr.eiit lit
'''I ' ' li <di ?-?., Slitl eel: p-*f?ee|i-l I ? I.lu :?
weill rteUle i* lndelited are ree,
?eut their ,v-(ount? pn-*-*il? i.ui.i .;
for aetilemeut.
I.. V. BROWN, 1706 D-ikectreet, I
sp--1- Wt*_Ad-i
VMSITthe newrtand io the ( ity Murk--!.
? Ever>thing fresh daily. Imp r;.-.i
8. hweitr-r Cbeeae, Sph*-reti and tkarmawtmi.
All kind, or vr^ Uh!?**i and o-nned go-l,
uAlNEflek ALLEN,
tBr7y_Stall* 39 aad 30.
Very tins MARACAIBO COFFEE, fi-eablj
ro*ut**d, fur sals by J, C. MiL_URN.
~_ DRY (("M.
5.000 \i:rd i 50
Ill-wool Batiste
For One I ay*
ColotH aro cream, navy, ma?
rine, copenhagen, preen, red,
reted*, tan gr y, etc. Here's
another ins-aiic'- whero we for
got eli profit, and ;.art of tho
cos', too. But we cannot offer
these A'l-wool Imported Ba
tisto sud Nun's Veiling for
lorger tata a 'hy a*, ilii* price.
However, we place no restric
ti n*. Hut aa many as you
reid. 60c, All wool Batiste,
per yard,
ttetT Guaranteed First -'ualities. "mm
4><> t? 498 stcvc.nth Street,
421 ><> 498 \8ugu\ih Btreot.
wet- ? ^H*t.
Pawnee Oats
10 Cents a Package.
Q, Wm. Ramsay.
G. Wm. Ramsay.
Fancy California
Pitted Prunes
G. VVm. Ra rn si
Logan tomatoes
Toasted Cocaine
10 Cents a Package.
Woodward & Lothrop
lotta, lltta, F A 0 Sts. IT. W.
WASrtlNClTON. t).
Dainty French Lingerie
At Special Prices*
A late importation of Dainty French
Lingerie (til hand-mad-) ia offered at es?
pecially attractive prices. Ad opportu?
nity ia ihus offered for prospective spring
and Easter brides and other* desiring
these dainty and beautiful Pren.h Gar?
ments to secure same at very no.iceable
saving od the usual prices.
French Hand-made Gowns, of nain
s ok; slip-over s.yle; low. round neck;
three-quarter s'e ves; ront hand-em?
broidered in pretty floral sprays; neck
and sleeves finished with embroidered
scalloped edge.
$3 50 each. Value, 14.50.
French Hand-made Gowns of shear
French nainaook; high n ck, ung
sleeves, dainty hand-emb.ud.ned collar
finished with wide M?llo**ed rte tile; front
and sleeves finished with hand-em?
broidered scalloped rufll >.
$5.50 each. Valu*, |7.80,
French Hand-made Chemise.^ of good
quality nainsook, hand-embroidered iu
dainty Moral sprays or bow knots, and
finished with eyelets mu with pink or
blue ribbon.
$1.75 and $2.CO each.
Values, $2 25 and $2.50.
French Hand-made Chemises, of nain?
sook, trimmed with han i-embroidered
scallop, fioia-jed with eye ii* tua with
pink or bite ribbon.
$1.00 each. Value, $1 25.
F.e ch Hand mule' c . : li o
nainso k; front hu ; uni
ii lishe I with fine tn
boles finished wi h ?
ud beading, ruo with pi or t lae ril -
i.'t 50 each. Vain , -fl 50.
F.eoch Haud-mado V root I rs, tf
fine nainsook, hand-embroide-to t, and
finished with hand-workod ?caliope**]
idge and eyelets run with riot)
$1.75, $2 acd i
Values, $2, $2 50 aud fi.
Taird floor?11th at.
Tomorrow, Friday, ls
Vf a invite your attention this week lo
a collection of remnants which is more
than ordinarily attractive, both as re?
gards worthiness and price?a condi?
tion due to the score or more *pecial
taits of bright, fresh mechandisein prog?
ress throughout the s'ore. To rinse out
the ob's and ends, b-oken sizes and n*
tiortmcntp, one of-a-k nd things, short
ieng'hH, Ac., remaining, wo have made
ihe i rices exceptionally lo*.
Woodward S Lothrop.
Having removed to our
new store, 612 KING
STREET, we wish to
notify our patron-* and
the public generally
that we have an en?
tirely new line of up
Gents' Furnishings
To which we invite
Wc want to thank you for
your generous patronage
at the old stn nd and so?
licit a continuance of
st me at our new
We have a full lin*
Nobby Spring : les
of Mens' ani) <
and Trousi rs
The tatcat Styles in Neck*
It costs you nothing to i.i ?
our st..c.>.
Alcohol Gas Stove
A beautifully nickeled g*<! tto ?a
that makes its own gat, '
tit* lame aa the oriinary ga* at^ve.
Can be carried unywh?-r*-? In tha
picnic ba?ket, suit ca*? or auto
hamper?alway* renJy rocoot.. \\ nh
a chafing di*h it i? frr sup.nor to
the old-fn*hien?**] alcohol b-anar.
Tw*n'*--five cent* wortb of a>n.a
tureil alcohol furr.i?le-\'< i-iiouj-h KM
to keep two burner* loin et 8 hoof*.
Maila with tingle and double ouroeia.
mr alt If
R. C AwTON &
ti'i'ii.-. lot-.
I ji.un ' prck*ge Cle-a-ie-el I
? ewn i Hu nw, i-i< :
-heiul Um*, Wt pound; Pm I
rhett Pineapple, lu. r*n.
W. V. worm .
fioyal and H-ulf* ?*?**?>*.

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