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??OND_Y CV** NG. MlY 11,1908
Local Matters.
Sn snd Tide Tabla.
Ban rises tomorrow at 4:50 snd seta 7:03.
H gb water at 4:47 a. m. and 5:13 p. m.
Weather Probabilities.
For this section incieasing cloudiness an I
warmer loni.ht. Tuesday thunder showers;
fresh southerly winda.
The memorial service* conducted by
Alva Aerie, N >. 871, Fraternsl Order
ol Etglea, al ih ? Opera Houae lut night
brought together one of tbe largest
gatbsringa ever seen in that place. Tbs
ptog-mose ol exercises wu appropriate
and loterfsiig, and every number wu
greatly enjoyed. Those who partici?
pated in the entertainment had por?
tered themselves for the occuion, and
they all acquitted Ihemselvea in a credi?
table manner.
Tbe stage, wbicb wu tas'elnlly deco?
rated with palms, ilowere, aud American
Hags, was filled with members of tbe
At the back of tbe stage a large tab?
let, encircled with a floral wreath, bore
ibe name of those wh se memory waa
Lou.red: Joseph J. Boberts, William
M. (Pasgow, **amiiel R, Wingfield, J.
Frank Cook, J. aepli O'Toole, George
L. Simpson. Peter Sinclair and Wayne
L. Garr. As the roil of (he dead waa
called by tbe secretary, a minature light
opposite each name wu extinguished,
anel a large, luminous star appeared
The prioeipal apeakers were Repre?
sentative C. C. Carlin, of Alexan lila,
and .lulim Kahn, of California, who is!
a member of Han Francisco Aerie, j
No. 6. Taese gentlemen delivered able
and interesting addresses ou fraternal
ism which were lia'ened to wilh close
The features of the programme were
as follows: Funeral msrch by ihe
Eagle orchestra, rema-ks by Worthy
Preaident E. J. Fleming, prayer
by Chaplain Walter E. Jacobton,
soprano solo, by Mrs. C. B. Bay Iv, jr.,
an address by Worthy Past Preside*! t
Thomt.h Chauncey, a solo by Charles E
Meyer-*, an oration by Representative
C. C. Carlin, selections by tbe orcheatra,
roll call of departed by Worthy Secre?
tary Joseph H. West, assisted by a
quarle-' (ernpose-d of J. Gonion Phillips,
J. E. Griffith, F. W. Smith and Le*is
H. Ochse; a tlio, Messrs. Charles E
meyers, Dana C. Holland and M
Charles B. Bayly, jr,; an ora'ion by J.
L. Feeney, ireaaurer of Washing'on
Aerie, No. 136; a aolo hy Mrs. Es-.her
Gumprecht; an oration by Represent?
ative, Juline Kahn; quartet, Charlea B.
B*y'y? ir-? Mrs. Es'her Gumpiecht,
Charles E. Meyers and Dana C. Hol?
land; closing exercises, "Nearer, My
God. to Thee," and benediction by Rev.
W. W. Van Aradale; coronation. Chat les
V. Schofield of Washington Aetio, N-.
126, waa musical directo", and tbe
atage Betting wu under the di?
rection of Jacob Johnson, conductor of
Wuhington Aerie, No 12 Y
The following are th** preterit officers
of Alva Aerie: Iii mas chauncey,
Jiaat worthy pei len'; Elward J. Fl* no?
ng, worthy president; J >hn A. Rice*,
worthy vice-presieiem; Wal er E. Jacob
eon, worthy chaj.l i ; Joseph H. West,
worihy recording secretary; A. A.
Paul, worthy treaauier: Geo. A. Nerrie,
worthy conduc'or; Walter Hi ghi a, in?
ner guard; Tb"*. D. Downey, oe si le
guard; Sam'l B. Moore, worthy | hysi
cisn; dins. H. / mmermai*, Pe or T.
Harrington, Jobu Mo>gm. worthy
Grand Aerie member*-: Mes*rs Harry
Fleiachmann, Eugene Rogers, Jacob Brill
and aam'l Beudheirr.
Af er about two-thirds of the pro?
gramme had been rendered the appear?
ance of smoke on tbe stage caused con?
siderable apprehension. No outcry waa
made, but many composing the audience
moved toward the exile and othera let
tbs hall. Members of tbe lodge wbo
weie on tbe atage assured those in
ths auditorium that the amt ke came
through! tbe doora aid windowa from
an all -y near bv, which s'atement had
a tendency to allay the excit*meut. O.e
woman, however, ti i med.
It wis later ascertained that the smoke
rame from a stove In a room on the first
fl >or of the Opera Hons * building, and
wu caused by the buming of some ex*
cel'ior by a man who wu engaged ia
cleaning an office.
The incident sa'Ufi d all preaent that
in case of actual n ger the exits of tbe
Opera House are sufficient to enable the
au Hence to gain the street before any
calamity could poa ' \ occur. The bulk
of tbe audienc Ubi night seemed to
real zs tbi*, ard manifested wisdom by
not engaging in a stampede.
It had been announced (hst Hon. C.
O. Oarlio sod Mr. R L'udsey Gordon
would apeak from the same platform at
Fella Oburch last Sa'urday night, and a
large orond gathered in expectation of
bearing there gentlemen Mr. Carlin,
however, wu not preaent.
The meeting had benn arranged by
Mr. Oordon's supporters, and it wu
atated by friends ot the present Repre?
sentative in Congress who were preaent
at ihe meeting that the use of Mr. Car
lin'a name nu without authority.
Mr. Gordon was preceded in the
apeak Ing by Mr. R. E. Lee, jr., of Far
faz county, and former State Senator
Lew-a H. Machen.
Mr. Samuel G. Brent, of Alexandria,
and Mr. B. C. L. Moncure, of Alexan*
iirla county, were preaent, and asked
tbat they be allowed to present Mr.
Carlin's alda of the question, but their
request waa refuser-.
Mr. Lee asked the volera present to
support Mr. Gordon.
Mr. Macben in bia speech a'Bled th at
Mr. Carlin's only c'aim for renomina?
tion wu the fae. that be should have
another tero*.
Mr. Gordon read afhdaviU charging
Mr. Carlin with the use of money and
whiskr in the lut campaign, bot made
no ref.reoco to ibe chargea recently
mads that Ihe ? .11 lists in Louisa, bis
home county, bad beeu nadda* in his
Mr. Cirilo's name was cl tered each
time lt was ottered.
The lail lima iu tewn. The Cowboy aud
8.-hoolmarm. Alexandria Amusement Co,
Tans are the real Ihlag for spring
near. We handle the smllest line in
towu. Our motto, high grade, low prices.
J. A. Marshall & Bio., 122 King street.
Policeman A J. NtHqUoo was sum?
moned before Mayor Pr9 laat Saturday
night to soawer a charge o' io?ub iroios
Hon io refusing to acknowldc- a I el taxi
written hy bia honor gram lng to Mr.
Charles S. Taylor Ibe piiv le ge ot acting
as a guide to strangers who may visit
Alexandria. Among tbe fi'st to apply
for a license und r the ordinirci reeen ?
ly passed by tbe City Council wis Mr.
Taylor, a member of R. E. Lee Camp nf
Confederate Veterans. As Ibe printed
license forma and the badges had not
been receiveo, Mayor Pafl gave Mr.
Taylor a letter Be'tlng forth that be was
authorized lo pursue ibe vtcatiou of a
guide under ihe provisions ofthe ordi?
nance. Mr. Taylor was serving as a
guide to some tourists, when Policemen
Nicholson interfered and refused to abide
by tbe mayor's lette-. Toe latter ad?
ministered a reprimand to the policemen.
The mayor has examined a number of
applicants for license as city guides, and
in mos', cases bas issued to them ibe re?
quired badge.
[Just ce H. B. Caton presiding.]
The following estes wire disposed of
this morning :
A. J. Morris and James Na'ls, charged
witb tbe larceny of a pistol from C. M.
Griffin, had their case continu ci.
Jobn Lee, colored, char, ed with ar*
Mulling his wife, Mary Lee, waa dis?
missed, and the woman wu fined $5 lor
disorderly conduct.
Madison Johnson, colored, c urged
with being drunk in the street, Wis dis?
Robert Webb, colored, charged wilb
atealing a pistol from Victoria Bro an,
colored, waa lismissed.
Calharine Timbers and "Sister" New?
man, both colored, charged with dis?
orderly conduct, were dismissed.
A warrant wu iuued for the arrest
of Joseph Timbers, colored, charged
witb disorderly conduct.
A St. Lukt'a club was organized at
127 stiu.h Royal street on Salurday
"vening. The oijectot the club is to
organize a regular council under the
auspices of the General Council of the
[. 0. of St. Lukes, the headquarters of
which are in Richmond. The Mt. Luke's
-touncil is one of the stiongest benefi?
cial societies for colored people in this
country. Maggie Walker is the head ol
:he organization and president of a penny
lavinga bank operated io the intered of
he ord sr. The bank was duly chartered
inder the State and United States Uws.
?Vmong tbe club officers chosen by thia
ilub are Magnus L. Robinson, council
idvocate, amt Edward Green, conduc.or.
_ sermon will be pinched before (he
nembers of ihe club on tbe first Sunday
a June.
I. 0. O. F.
I). K. Stansbury, past grand master;
*. M. Bradshaw,-trustee ofthe O pbans'
Home; W. H. Wilie. repre.eutative
rom Potomac Lodge; H. Friedtander,
lelegate from Marley Encampment; S.
f. Self, representative from Strep a
I. urge, and other Odd Fellows left here
bis morning to attend the State Grand
Lodge wbich will assemble in Lench
>urg totiorrow morning, and to take
tart In the dedication of the Old Folks'
The members of the Alexandria Glass
Joule Blowers' Association observed
rest er day aa their memerial day. The
?aociation attended the morning service
n Trinity Methodist Episcopal Church,
itev. W. W. Van Aradale, the pastor of
he church, preached a sermon appro
>riate to the occasion which was liatened
o with close attention by all present.
The force of men engaged in rais'ng
the ateamer Teuton, which aaok a week
igo yesterday, made considerable prog?
ress in their wink yesterday and last
night. They bsd succeeded In moving
the Btesmer about SO leet tbis morning.
Doe of the chains broke dui ing the
night which retarded the work aome
wbat. _
Mr. Frank Shaman, son of Mr.
Louis Shu man, died at his father's
home ou King street ab ut 12 o'clock
last night. The deceased wts 29 yeara
old. He had beeu a sufferer from pul?
monary disease. His brother, Matthew
Shuman, died December 4, 1907, (rom
tbe same malady.
The cloting exercises of the West Ead
public school will i s held in Meem Hall,
Weat Etd, tomorrow, Tuesday, evening,
May 12.h, at *S o'clock. Thia entertain?
ment and featival is tor the beni fit of the
piano fund for tbe Weat Kid public
Keane ly'a I-axat ve Cough Syrup does cot
constipate, lint on tie other hand its laxative
f'Muoiple* gently move the bowelt. Ctill 'rec
ike it. Sold hy Vf. V. Creightm A Co.
Alexandria Amu euent Co. Moving Pic?
tures aud Illustratet Songs. Matinee every
day at 2:45 Today the last time for the Cow?
boy sud School Marm.
All want tbe beau The Hess, Walk
Over, Red Croat, and Queen Quality
Shoes are to be had at J. A, Marshall
% Bru's., 422 King street nov21 tf
Tha Coyboy and .schoolmarm. 1,40) peo?
ple saw them Saturday, Everyone wu
pleased. Gi whet** the crowd goes._
John P. Robinson, Gf.o. S. French,
Preaident. Secretary.
Alexandria Fertilizer aod
Chemical Company.
Fertilizers, Fertilizer Ma?
terials & Sulphuric Acid.
Aak yonr dealer for the Alexandria Fer?
tiliser A Chemical Co.'s Products.
Capacity: 50,000 tons per annum.
Princess Street sud Potomac Biver Wharf,
WANTED?Cetho'ic gentleman sa local
ropres. utalive; we reejui e a peraon of
energy and ability tor tbe position. Salary
$18 per week. Wr te for pirticulsrs
lt* 323 Dearborn street. Chicago, 111.
MER PUK'-?>.
Just arrived, barge Nan-em.ud witb 600
tons of Beat Clean NEW MINED COAL at
lowest summer price. Will be p'essed to
have your order. Both 'phone*.
apr'a_107 south Roysl mrett.
Tod l's Celebrated Smithfiell Old Virginia
HAM*. For aale st J. C. MMBUHN'S.
CEYLOrs TEAS.?Ext _ fi.e Oar.lea Teas,
lust received by J. C. M1LBUKN.
Mrs. W. R Purvis and Mitt Margaret
| Mc_. Ashby have returned from Allan
j tic City.
Mrs. Virginia A. Smoot announces
the engagement snd approaching marri?
age of ber (laugh er, Miss Kile Tsylor
Hmo )t, to S f. P*c 11 Tuccimei.of R me,
Italy. Tbe wedding wdl take place
early io June. Miss Smoot it a It-call,
well known singor and re'urntd only a
few montha since from Rome, wheie she
spent * -temi years as a vocal student.
It was duriog tbis time that she made
the acquaintance of Sig. Tuccimei.
Mea Kale Waller Barrett will address
tbe National Conference ol Charities
and C irrectinns now in se*aic n io Rich?
mond Wednesday evening.
R R. Woolf, formerly of Braddock
Heights, was operated on last Friday
fir appendicitis at Biaion, W. Vs.,
where be now lives. He ia said to be
convalescing rapidly.
Mrs. Amy C. Wtecb delivered s tem?
perance siilress in the Presbyterian
Church in Vienna Sunday night.
You don't have to g.) h. Washington
for all tbe new dainty features tn fine
footwear. Look our Block over aod be
convinced. We have all the new styles.
J. A. M.nhs I .V Br*.
There will We new p cloie* wilh the Cow?
boy and School Marm tonight. Kee large ad.
Mr. Carlin has introduced a bill for
tbe relief of the estate of John R. Col?
vin, dtcued.
The May term of the O rp.oration
Court opened today, but no businru of j
interest waa tranaacted.
The term of the Circuit Court for tbe
County was occupied tc .lay In the cue
of Garrett vs. Hagar, a civil ault fer
Tbe registration books in the dflerest
wards of tbe city will be opened on tbe
19.h instant. They will be kept open
for one day only.
Tbe alarm of fire at 11:15 o'clock thia
norning was caused by a Lier- in an aah
barrel iu tbe yard of a house on the
north eide of Wilkes street near Fairfax,
Tbe McKinley Normal and Industrial
Behool, of this city, will close Its wioler
md spring session next Fridsy evening
il 8 o'clock. Tbe closing exercises alli (
tske place in tbe Liberty Baptist Church
du aouth Alfred street, opposite (be
school. Rev. Dr. Drew, of Wuhington,
wi I deliver the annual aermon.
Alexandria Amusement Co. Moving Pic?
tures and lllust-ateii Songs. Mra Fannie C.
Ki- her, the celebrated cou traito, will sing to?
night and every night.
Fried Clams 3t)c. dozen. Vegetable soup
ruesday, Thursday Bud Saturday; clam aoup
M mids", Wednesday sud Friday. C. H.
'.iiiiinernisn. Market "pace. mai. tf
Chinese revolutionists in the Yuo Nan
i rovince are reported today to be within
SO milea of N^og-Trz*. Two thousand
-ebele ate marching in two great column i
iud great coosteroatioo prevails in the
own. Tbs third column was repulsed
iy Ihe provincial troops Saturday
Tbe Cleveland, Onio, street carmen
acceded to all Ihe arbitratim demanda
if the company and danger of a atiike is
practically over.
rieveleud, 3, Chicago 1.
Chicago, 2; Cleveland, 0.
Detroit, 6; St Louis, ..
Detroit, ll; St. Louia, 4.
Vf I, Pct W L Pet
New York...12 7 .832 I Chicago ... 10 10 ..'.00
Cleveland....ll S .679 | Wash'n. 8 11.421
Phila'pbis ..12 ? .671 I Detroit. 8 ll .421
gt.Louis.lill .600 I Boston. 8 13.381
Chicago, |; Pittsburg, i.
Pittsburg. 1; Chicago, 0.
Cincinnati, 3; St. Louis, 0.
St. Louis, ?; Cincinnsti, 7.
W L Pct W L Pct
Chicago.13 6 .722 I Phlla'phia.10 9.621
Pittsbur/ ... 10 t .(.25 | Cincinnsti ..ti 10 .376
New York...ll 7 .611 i Brooklyn ... 7 13 .3/0
Bostou.10 y -536 | St. Louis.... I 14 .300
A Woman Governor.
Queens have ruled many nations, bat
Pennsylvania ls the only ona of the
United States that ever bad a woman
for governor. A passage unearthed
from Armor's "Governors of Pennsyl?
vania," page 120, anya:
"On the 30th of July, 1718, William
Penn died, at the age of seventy-four.
By his will bia wife. Hannan, waa
made hie sole executrix sod assumsd
the management of colonial affairs, az*
ecutlng this difficult task witb tun
tact and business capacity. 'Sha be?
came,' says Watson, 'In effect our gov?
ernor, ruling us by ber deputies or
lieutenant governors during ail tbs
term of her children's minority.'"
Lion and Unicorn.
Tbe animosity which was supposed
to exist between the Hon and the uni?
corn, as referred to by Spenser in his
"Faerie Queene." ls allegorical of the
deep rooted Ul will which anciently ex?
isted between England and Scotland
Ever since 1603 ths royal ams bave
been supported, as now, by the Eng?
lish Hod and the Scottish unicorn In
token of the fact tbat St George and
St. Andrew bad at last shaken bands
and forgotten their old difference.
An Explanation.
The passionate rhythms of "The
Merry Widow" wtiltz floated through
the office, and the Iross looked up from
hU desk Impart, utly.
"Frederic." he said. "I wUU yon
woulds'! whistle nt your wor_."
"1 oio't workiu', slr." the office boy
replied calmly. "I'm only Just wt?i
Uln'."?New York Preaa.
Have von seen tba Cos boy and School
marm. li's great. Alexandria Amusewent
Co. _
"Sa)! your ab'es are beau liss," uid
a prominent citizen to a friend thia
week. "Whare did yru purchase tbem?"
These shoes sre the He s; I bought
them at J. A. Marshall A Bro'a, 422
King atree'.
Alexsndris Amusement Co. Moving Pic?
ture. The Cowbev snd School Mann to?
night If yon miss this picture you w li re?
gret it.
"Ar HEB lad reel-ed by
' Vi WI* PTTW**
Reduction in Tomatoes. I c?jsNaatic-okrs
?ibe. ti. A W. Tomatoes Ile each.
_ 1 C.. MILBURN*.
Five barms HEINZ'S C Cl)MBE1
PICKLES, just received tor sale at 9ix par
buodrad by J. C. MILBURN.
He re'ectioo ot i I le alan gif for ih** bride ls an ea?y matter with oar large stock to ebooee I
'rom Ansrt.ele i t silver, s.n.ll or Lr e italwayssp^r-ciated. and sterling quality assures
rve'Ustir? wear, en 1 ?u'tshTv marked it sten ls always as a souvenir of tbe wedding day. j
Osir engravirg rn ot r-lnrsctc'tic ese**lt*Sf*.
Sucrar wpoon9, Butter Knives, Olive SpoonsC9 fn CC
nnd other small pieces.** IvF sJ747
Cream Ladles, Sugar Tongs, Cold MeattfO CA fn 4JA
Forks, and other pieces.oVao-DVJ lt? *PU
Tea Spoons, Bon Bon Dishes and Berry it A fs\ Cft
Did and well-established
Retail Liquor
Including Store and
?Three Squares north of
King Street Owner
has good reason for
selling. Cheap to
quick purchaser
M. B. Harlow
& Co., Inc,,
ll) Sooth Fairfax Street
Alexandria. Va.
-lexandria Amusement Co.
426 King Street.
St'BJKlTs K.K Tn-.
rhe Holy City
. Beautiful picture of Bible Time
rhe Cow Boy and
will be repeated tonight. Don't nias
this ab. w.
llustra'ed Song hy Mrs. Fannie
C. Fisher
Window Screens and
Screen Doors
Screen Doors, all sizes.
Dark Doors at 98c
Light Doors iii $1.25 and Sl.SI
(AJl Fix'n -lted.)
Window Screens, all sizes,
from 25c up.
Perfect Oil Cook Stoves,
2-burner size, $7.50.
Gas Stoves, 2-burner,
at $\ 49,
Moth Balls, 5c pound,
6 pounds for 25c
Cor. Pitt and King Sts.
Cat_sa Bratbsrs SAP MAPLE 8YB0P
Blas Lsbel CATbUP. ASa*)KTF.D J__?S
sad BAKED BKAN9 last rae-irt-t by
J, 0. _i_b..__
Fifteen Cases Pry Goods
from our wholesale de?
partment ,
"lase Apron Ginghams, the 7c quality
at. 6c yard
Tass India Lit eas, 8c valae, at. 6c yard
'sse light Sh rtiag Piints, 7c valae,
st. 3i yard
rase Indigo Bloc Prints, 7c quality,
et. 5c yard
""sse Fancy Dress Priota 7c quality,
at.. 6c yard
Ula Fine Brown Cotton, yard wida,
at. 6c yard
ate Faucy Lawns, 10c valae, at. 5c yard
Sass Dress (iinghama, 7o valae, at... 6e yard
ait Hamburg Embroideries, at. 5o yatd
ate Ladies' B'escheJ Vasts, st. fie
'.ot Torchon Lace*, wide snd nar?
row, st. 6c yard
Sate largt ?stat towelt, at.. 6c
aot Point de Parla Laces, 10c value,
at. 6c yard
?t Fancy Hat Pica, 10o valne, a.... Se
ant Lad in' Fancy Neckwesr, st. 5c
Lot all Limn Hemstitched Handier
chi. f*. 5c
Lot White Paarl Buttons.. Sc dr un
'sse Meu's Socks. 5c pair.
316 King Street*
This is one of Ihe
many signs of gentle
Spring. The air is
bracing and the angler
is seeking the shady
nook whiling away
his leisure hours.
We Have Just
What You Want
In nohby suits just suitable for
these trips.
Cheap as the Cheapest.
The butterfly is busy
getting the best of the
hrst born of the flow?
ery kingdom Why
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example and secure
the choicest of the
first bargains offered
Io Spring Clothing.
Our inexhaustible supply of
and Gents' Furnishings continues
to bring our way the moat fas?
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| White Lawn Waists that were made to sell for ll and P
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Our $toek is too large for thia time of the year. P
Hates' Seesucker and Dress Ginghams from 15c to 124c j
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been shown before; 17.c quality reduced to 12.c 25c \
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Androscoggin Cotton, yard wide, 10c yard $
10c Lancaster Apron Gingham, 7c a yard ?'." "7J ^
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Both 'Phones.
Both 'Phones.
No matter what it is, if it's STERLING SILVER and it's useful,
it will make a nice wedding gift. Every woman appreciates some?
thing nice in Sterling. And immediately her eye feasts upon aotne
pretty article, she inatinctively looks for the little word quality.
Always give Sterling Silver. It costs little more than the other
kind, bat is much more appreciated.
Sterling Silver Tea Spoons, $5 00 up.
" Sugar Spoons, 2.50 up.
" Cream Ladles, 3 00 up.
" Pickle Forks, 2.00 up.
Saunders & Son, 6?i"ng
'Bamsay Sellt the Best.
700 pounds
Prices Reduced
15c sizes to - 12c
12c sizes to - 10c
10c sizes to - 7 1-2c
Q. Wm. Ramsay,
Potomac Family
Roe Herring
Price's Packing
40 Bartels
50 Halves
25 Quarters
75 Kits
25 Pails Herring Roe
Q. Wm. Ramsay.
Rolled Oats
a pound
Tba Fi ..eal ot KvarTihiag.
Virginia Claret
25c a bottle.
5 bottles for $1.
Cor. Cameron and Pitt Sta.
Yob at know thai Brilliance Poliah
iiitu fcrniture look like ne it. For sale by
mt j* !bi 606 King strttt.
For Rent
415 S. Lee Street,
6 rooms aod ba I-.|18.00
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7 room frame. 15.00
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6 rocm frame, large yate! 12.00
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6 room (rame (including
watat). 10.50
700 N* Patrick Street,
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311 S. Columbus St.,
0 tooma (.Deluding water) 10,50
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5 roost fran*. (i.Oo
621 S. Patrick Street,
5 room brick. 7.00
312 N. Pitt Street,
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103 N. West Street,
5 room brick. 6.50
306 Gibbon Street,
3 icon fhme. 5.00
FLAT at No. 825 Duke
12 rooms sad batb. 26.00
B cm 8, Ale itt diia Na'l liar,. Bldg.
King and Royal Streets.
B-ll 'Phone 32.. Capital City 'Phone 12.
S For Hie Bride]
We bats both tbe usual and
uou-ual In
thal cHttiaclly ehersc'n z -.?
tune and quality. Our low
priest always prc Tail.
R. C. Acton & Sons,
Jewelers and Silversmiths
The rtgalar meet'ok ot Ca UP M. I'.
ERANS, will b- held st Gm Cd mle hall,
SOS Prince street, ob MONDAY, the llth, at
i 00 p. ni. A lull alt o< 'ae.ee is requ .te 1, as
there ats ?merni comoiuaicalloo'i. invitatioa*
and ot bar impost mt' uslnees to 1 a eaaaM?ad.
By order or the Coana*ndaot.
C. W.O'MEARi. Adjutant.
ma-1> 21_
pound. 3 Its. tar tic. Nsw Potato*s, 15o
k aeek. 8 Cans Best Tomatoe*. Ha. I Pans
Shriver'* P?t, tte. 4 Can* Cream Corn, 25c.
Evapoiatad Apples, He lh. 7 Cakes 8t*r or
Clrcaa Baa *, 25 r. W. P. WOOLL8 A SON,
Kotal ?-?* Wolds Min
NOT'CE, 0. ot A.? _ and after tonight
-loam Vernon Council No. I, D. ot A ,
will meet u Jr. O V. A. M. ball on Kin*
street, aod until .lal- 1st will meet only ou
t_e secoi d snd fuurtb Friday uitcl.tt < f each
iuiiB'h_uis>S .'it
O. ELK.- 'eaulsr wm li a will be
bed MON PAY night for iuitiation. By
oidar ct EislieJ Ruler.
Soar! Han?, 16c; Mild Cared Hams. 1'oj
VreUteal Stripe, 16c. J. C. UlLBl/BM

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