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A i.r.i't r.i.K an pntxlionis1: piblica
t'onof tie uoith ia iti issue of last week
From all over tbe land cornea tbe good
tidings that an unmit-t ikable and abun
daxt wave of proper.ty is sweeping
along. Mills are running fall blast,
crops ar? bumper everywhere, tbe rail
r lac's are taking cn men, and the entire
nation, witi coe acct ri, gives vent to
the expn.Mion that josperjus seasons
are at hand.
This is a silly attempt to deceive tbe
unwary wbich will catch no sensiole
voter. Of course every Berti ole man
hopes for a reiuro of prosperous times,
bit one only has ti read tie daily papers
t) see that mills and factories are shut?
ting down ail over the country which rn
a sad refut ton of such s'.itementa fs
th_t above. Concerning the business of
the preeent time, Bradstreet's for Satur?
day says:
Retail ll >cki of .j-oods tte down to low
points in tbe connt'y at large. Bcplka
to aa irq'iiry by Bradstreet's from 100
cities and tjwnsin the United Stat ??
rthow thut fully 7b percent oftbe c>tte
report smaller stocks of summer goods
and 60 percent, rai ort smaller hucks
of winter i">< dilban were held a year
ago at this dal i. Buying ability is re?
ported to be impaired as compared witb
Inst year, nearly 70 per cen;, of the re?
plies showii g let-'?ned buying power re?
port *d by ret tiler-*. Colled ions also are
backward, is 65 j"-cent, of tbe citiet
report paynientc at retail slower than a
yeir ago.
Tin. nomination of Joseph L. Bris?
tow io tbe republican primaries oi
Kansas last week for tho sta', in the
Kenn? now occupied by Senator Long
ia almost univer ally credited to tbe
influence of Senator La l'"jllett?, of
Wisconsin. The figbt began over two
years ago, when Long was helping to
block the La Follett? programme ia tbe
8=>nfte. The Wisconsin man weet into
Kansas, and read Long's legislative ie
cord before the local Chautauqua as?
sociations. Bristow was the logical
beneficiary of this influence, and he had
lH.'?idea the support of a brcther editor,
William Allen Whit?. Biistow h Idly
declared from the stump tbat he would
v l > with any party t > secure the re?
duced freight rotes for Kansas, while
Long said that be would be guided by
tbe republican caucus.
Tat: commercial failures ia ths United
Fl .'.en dur ng July*, at mrnniled tn
Dun's Review, were 1,282, with liabil?
ities of 114,222,126, which is tho fewett
of any month in the past year fxcepl
May. Still it is heavy compared witb
the corresponding month of laet year,
when the total of failures reached only
777. Manufaiturerint; failures last
month were ::H, against 211 in July,
r.'07. There were 871 trading failures,
against 631 such defanlts in the same
mot th of last year. These are not en?
couraging figure! fer tha republicans,
who tell people fut prosperity will con?
tinue if they vote the republican ticke*.
Eviiiv form of theatrical amusement
and every kind of rliyhouse in the
United Statea has bren brought under a
huge combination of iateiests by means
of what is known as a "gent'emen's
agreement," made at New York last
week in the offices of Klaw A Erlanger.
The ostensible otject was to discuss tbe
bettermeLt of conditions and the harmon?
ious co-operation, and a committee was
?ppoint"d to draw up a plan. Keen
Belasco and Fiske were gobbled in tbis
agreement through the pres9nce of Lee
Shubert. It is in effect a inst er organi?
zation of tbe managers, each to remain
undisturbed in his present position.
Oxkoi i itt: most diabolical deeds com
mitt d iu a civilized ?:ounli/ for a long
time was that near Br ningham, Ala.,
early yestenUy mornioi.', when a party
of strikers fired into a train, killing
tin *e men rind maiming many others.
t?uch atti are incomprebpn"lle|p tn wtV
thinking j>< be pfrpttraton
et-r^aW | tb ft ti ar,d punished to
t ie lull t-t-ot of tbe law, which, how?
ever, is hardly severe eoough for suth
fiends. Jua.ice demands tie.t no stone
should be lelt unturned by tho Alabams
authorities to bring these criminals lo
Tn i* employees of the International
l'aper Company, ci trust, which oper?
ates mills in many place, wei? e rJered
out last week, as a priest against the
reduction ol the wage* of mme of the
member* of the union. Most of t' e
80,000 workmen i sponded, and tie
mills _re idle. Officers of the trust said
that they had an abundant supply of
paper on band with which ti fill orders.
These are tbe mpn who so violent y op?
pose a reduction in tbe Uri ri of material
used in the manufacture of paper
Tm: ejHOB manufacturers of Germany
hiving resolved ti combine in order tr
make hend ?sr-tin?t tbe increasing im
portatioti cf ohott Ir^m the United
^'.atea the I'nilsdelphia Record en
quires what will they do when und r
d mer tc policy the American -btt
manufacturer- are ju. t on iqual gre ur:d
with them by repeal of tue duly en
From Washington.
fCorreapondenoe of the Alexandria OaaeUe.l
Waabingtou, Aug. 10.
For the purpose of fighting the in?
creased freight rat* in southwestern
t rritory, wbich went ioto effect today,
Seaator Oulbersoo, Attorney General
Pollard, and State Railroad Oom mi asioo
er Mayfield, all of Texas, and Commis?
sioner Love, of Oklahoma, today filed a
voluminous complaint lot aubraif-sion to
the Interstate Commerce Oommisiion.
Th" document names CA railroads, and
a?k? lhat ait-r due investigation tbe
ro.da be rrderei to cancel the rat's,
hat the shippers may be given repara?
tion and d images and tbat any ahipper
affected by the proposed advances in
rates be allowed ti Intervene as j lint
Fully a year will elapse before the
surgeons of the Marine Hoepittl and
Public Health Service can be withdrawn
with safety from their wcrk of fighting
the plague at San Francisco and other
Pacific coa?t points, according to an
opinion expressed today by e'urgeou
General Wyuma. Tho disease is not
now prevalent among the haman in?
habitants, bat is still found .".nong rats.
The treacherous nature of the plague is
cited by the surgeon general.
Col. Marion F. Maus today succeeded
General Funstoo, as commander of the
Department of California. It is expect?
ed that Col. Maui will soon be made a
brigadier general. Gen. Funston will
at onie take command at Fort Leaven?
An indirect result of the wc rid cruise
ofthe Atlantic fleet iain the increase
of recruits for the naval service. Last
week, 473 new enlistments were an?
nounced, and the record for the past
several months exoeeda all previoua
re cords in the history of tbe department.
According to a dirp'tch received at
the State Department, today, from Wil?
lam F. Doty, United States consul at
Tabriz, Persi-, the American flag flying
over the consulate, at that place, waa
shot away yesterday by the loyalist
forces and a man waa wounded immedi
? t dy in front of the consulate. Because
of the brevity of this message the opin?
ion is expressed Kt the department that
the shooting down of the flag was an
accident, the shot having been intended
k t the revolutionists.
The election of 0. G. Bantz to be as?
sistant treasurer in the place of the late
Major J. F. Meliue, in to is city, was
ainounced today. Ban la who bas been
d?pot; assUtint treasurer, will be suc?
ceeded in that capacity by Wm. H. Gib?
son, at present cashier
Secretary of War Wright, today, an?
nounced that ne would render his final
decision in the case of the eight cadets
recently found guilty of hazing al West
Point late this afternoon cr tomorrow.
It will take the form of a direction to
the Superintendent of the Military
Academy as tithe final dispovt'on te
be made of the cases. The cadets are
already unier suspension with a recom?
mends on that they should be dismissed
banging over their heads. The impres?
sion exists that this recommendation
will be adopted at least in (he case e.f
t ie ringleaders, although leniency may
b> shown to some of the classmen.
The f ouiract for furni-hiii^ 750,< CK) yards pf
cotton khaki for the A mei i tm annv waa ti -
lav .livid-d between thc two Philadelphia
bidders at ahon' *>fj- * -?rd
Three men were imtintly killed and
ll injured, two of whom will probably
die, when striking miners fired into a
ipa eager train on tbe Brmlnghtm
VI im rd Rai'r md at Blocton, Alf., vee
t rdty morning, about 2 o'clock. Th>
lead are : Conductor Joe T. Collins, O.
7. Dent, deputy sheriff; Willsr 1 Howell,
nonunion miner; Ihe wounded include
several officers of the coal company and
employea of the road and deputy sher ft*.
The train was a special bearing non?
union men to the Blot ton mines under
guard of soldiers and deputies. Oa tbe
outtkiits of the town the engiaeer sod?
denly saw a log across the track, and at
nee a fusillade was fired int o tbe train.
The engineer did not stop, but let the
cowcatcher throw the leg from the (rick,
and put on full speed. The place where
tbe attack was made is in a cut, the
?round being on a level with the lower
patt of the windows. Toe assailants he
bud tbe rocks above poured down
murder us fire direct'y into the windows
and tit tbe engineer. Practically every
window in the tr tin was broken, and
shots t-truck all parts of the engine and
cab. The train proceeded lo Bindoo,
and tbe dead aod inured returned to
Birmingham. Eight negroes were
arrested yesterday afteraoon.
Joseph T. Collins, the conduct r was
? cit zen of Washingt in. His mother
resides at 1218 H. street northeat-t He
wis a native of Frederick Md., being a
son ofthe lat ? Ivijah Collins. He spent
bis early life in Alexandria, being
educated in St. John's Academy.
Bis father was an engineer on the
old Alexandria, Loudoun and Hampelvr >
railroad and ran the locomotive Clarke.
Gove ncr Comer held a hurried con?
ference with Lieutenant Colonel Hob
bard, c mmandlng the militia, and
anctier company was hurried to Blocton.
All is repoit ?d quiet lhere tonight.
The trouble has caused widespread in?
dignation, and a general demand is be?
ing made that mon vigorous steps be
taken looking to the preservation of
Alton B. Parker, of New York,
brought firs: aid yesterday afternoon in
what was almost a fatal runaway.
While A. U. Mills, with his wife and
daughter, of San Lois Obispo, Cal.,
aod David Oliver, a school director of
-?an Francisco, aad the latter's daughter
were riding in a surrey the horses be?
came frightened at an automobile and
ran away.
The surrey was overturned and Mr.
Oliver and daughter and Mias Mills
wf re caught underneath. Mr. and Mrs.
Mills were thrown clear of the tangle
and Mr. Mills grabbed the reins. After
the sutr y has been dragged a hundred
yards wi'.h its pinioned captives Milli
psrlf checked the runaway team.
Just then Mr. Parker and Delancey
Nicoll, of New York, whirled np the
road in an automobile. Almost before
he machine was stopped Mr. Parker
'caped from the tonneau and seised
he horses* bim. The animals were
brought lo a standstill and tbe three
bruised occupants of the wrecked surrey
were liberated.
All were put in Mr. Parker's automo?
bile and taken to the* Milla hon e.
Kenm-dy'a laxative Cough Syroc ii er
pecially reeomiueded for children, lt tastes
nearly aa good aa maple sugar. Sold by W.
F. Creig-iou A Co.
News of the Day.
?A Wi Ikes-Bs rr? (Pa.) engineer hts
leen driven insane by a fatal accident
for wbicb he bolds himself responsible.
The dresses w*rn at Atlantic Oity by
Rvelyo Nesbit Thaw are the wonder
and despair of the other visitors at the
A woman at Asbury Park, N. J ,
resterday saved herself aod fout-year-old
ion from dea'h by leaping from io fr jot
if an on rushing express.
Harry AlperstieD, of Baltimore, was
Boed tb and costs hy Juet ce Loden,
resterjay mrroiog on the charge of de?
livering ice with a wagon on Sunday.
A auit for breach of promise has been
?tatted at Sbamokio, Pa., by Rebecca
Metz, who says William Meiaberger
wooed her for 2C years, ofteo promising
to marry her.
A policeman at Brooklyn, New Ycrk,
found a family of five living under the
er.odstand of the baseball park, all ot
the members being in a starving condi?
The city of Chicago has passed an or?
dinance obliging all milk to be pasteur
ized t.oat is drawn from ettie that bave
not heeo submited to the tuberculosis
The Shah of Persia is practically a
prisoner in tbe hands of wild tribesmen,
who threaten to destroy his palace and
pillage Teheran if he does net grun
th*ir continuous demands for money.
John Walsh, n motorman, was in?
stantly killed and Mrs. John Conlin, of
Hattford, Conn., received a brokenleg
aod other injuries in a head-on trolley
collision on tbe Farmington Street Rail?
way yesterday.
Elmer Dover has res'gaed as secretary
of tbe national republican committee,
and is made secretary of the advise ry
cnmmit.ee. William Hayward, of Ne
briaka, succeeds Dover on the national
The American battleship fleet come
to anchor in Waitematt bay, in front
of Auckland, st tt-AO Sunday morning,
thus comple ting another leg of its world's
tour. New Z-aland gave formal official
greeting to tie flett yestsrday,
Samuel Becst, of Lawrence township,
Clearfield county, Ps., has made the
high record for several years past of rat?
tlesnakes killed in one day. While
ringing the barrens for huckleberries
Saturday, he killed nine rattlers in six
Hugh L McKeever, while digging a
well at Wardensville, W. Vt., unearned
afr.**,' ti feet under the ground imbedded
in hard and solid clay. The frog was
flat anel thin and the color of the clay,
but after teing out ?_ few houis was as
lively as any other frog.
Typhoid fever is still on the increase
in Baltimore. The report of the Health
Department for the week euding yester?
day shows thal 70 cases were reported
(luiirg Ihe psst seven days from all sec?
tions of the city, thin making the in?
crease for the tame p'riod I mt year In
typhoid cases nearly loO per cent.
About 400 former employes of tbe
govirnment printing office bindery who
were dismi sid by former Public Printer
Mdiiog% cannot re-enter the service of
tbe big hindi ry without submitting t
another examination, such as is r quire<.'
of apprentices aoout to go int i the ser?
Foul play is suspected by the local
police snthorities, io the death of David
McOloskey, 22 years old of York, Ps.
Y nmg McCloskey's lifeless body waa
found at an early h'.ir yesterday by
bis me t ler, lying fare upward on the
ground iu the yaid of her home. It is
believed thai he was drugged aod robbed
of his money.
While swimming in Elk river near
his home, el. Locust Po.nt, Md., Theo?
dore Oil stuck his foeet against some
sharp instrument aud, diving beneath
the water to find out what it might 1)*,
was more than surprised when he brought
up a pair of spectacles which be b.-t
overboard about three years ago. Tbe
spectacles are as bright as wben he lost
When an antimobile plunged overs
s'eep embankment on the road neer
Toledo, Ohio, yesterday, Charles W.
Pohlmaon, a Cleveland merchant tailor,
Father Geoige Vahey, pastor of Oolumb
kills parish, Cleveland, were instantly
killed beneath the car. Mrs. Charles
W. Poblmano, her daughter Florence,
ad F. C. Dietz:-], a Cleveland dentist,
were in the car, but were saved from
injury by the high back of eta tonneau.
To elect a bishop of Washington, tbe
convention of the local Episcopal dioceae
will me/t October 1 at St. Thomas' Epis?
copal Church. Tols anoouocemeut was
msde Saturday by Rev. Dr. Randolph
ti. MeKim, president oftbe convection.
This will be the third sessioo of the con?
vention called to elect a successor to
Bishop H. Y. Satterlee. Bishop Charles
Henry Brent of the Philippines was
twice chosen at the other sessions.
With a view to bringing about bett r
social, sanitary and economic conda ot a
on American farms President Roosevelt
bas requested four experts on cnunirr
life to make an investigation into tie
whole ms't r and lo repoit to him with
recommendations for improvement'.
Toe r'port aod recommendations, wi,li
any additional recommendations which
the president himself may desire to make,
will be incorporst -d in a message which
the president will send ti Congress prob?
ably early next year.
Ten thousand persons leaving board?
walk amosemeutpl cs, just before dark,
at Ailaotic City, Haturday, weretbriwn
into a panic by ao attempt made by
Tomblcr Vangaudsllum, a giant Hird i,
to mtirler Luisa A. Fort, an oct .roon
girl, during a jealous rag-*. The woman
was terr bly slashed with a raz r by the
insane msn, and a score of women
fainted fro n fright while policemen w ?
dragging tbe mau from his victim, th
man bad be-sn following the girl for sev?
eral days with offers of marriage, and
ber repulse drove bim partialiy insane.
For an hoar yesterJav Miss Mary
Pout-, mou-iain moonshiner, 27 years
old, of Beaver Crek, Kv., stood eft
United Stiles Marshal Blair and a poaai
witb a rift? in a pitched battle in which
(Ml shots were fired, lt was not untii
Deputy Marshal Day wss mnt.lly
wounded by ber lhat the officers, carry?
ing their comrade, retreated. Tbe woman
occupied an ad vat tigeons position ins
ravine near her still camp. The author
ties have for ? loog time tried to mr st
ber. This is the third lime she has en?
gaged them in battle. Vet eight y ara
?he haa been constantly engaged in mnoa
shining, aod s known far and wide aa j
the "maiden moonshiner."
?Senator Willii m B. Allison waa
>uried at Dubuque, Icwa, Satorday, in a I
nauner devoid ot all ostentation. Ser?
vices were held et hia borne, and while
ioi of a private character, the limited
ecceimraoriations of the house p- emitted
inly the presence of distinguished viai
nrp, relatives and moat ionats friends,
rhe servicee consisted of the reeding of
Psalm xxiii, the fifteenth chapter af tbe
[epistle ofthe Corinthians and a prayer.
?The Rev. Dr J. T. Bergen, of the West?
minster Preahyterian Church, officiated.
Besides the membn of the corgres
donal committee named by Vice-Preai
lent Fairbanks and Speaker Cannon,
there were at the funeral large delega?
tions from Des Moines, consisting of
Governor Cummins aod other stale of?
Virginia News.
A big emery wheel in the Portsmouth
navy yard went to pieces Saturday,
killing William A. Brinkley.
The Norfolk Liquor Dealers" Asso?
ciation appeared saturday io the role
if prosecutor of two of its members
wii -rn it had detected violating the
Byrd law aod not closing their salooos
at midnight. ?*
Dave Holly, a youth 19 years old,
was brought to Marion, Saturday, un?
der heavy guard, charged with crim?
inally assaulti jg the 7-year-old child
of J. W. Gass, a prominent and wealthy
cit'z ti of Radford.
Governor Swanson has directed that a
respite until September ll be granted
Lee Strother, the Msdison couuly negro
under s'ntenc* of death for attempt d
assault on a white gill. This is tbe
third respite for the man, and also the
third crime ol the same sort charged
against bim.
Many politicans hereabouts says fie
Richmond Journal sre of tbe opinion that
the so-called democratic "organization"
bf the Stti is about to withdraw the
support of the machine from Judge
William Hodges Mann, of Nottoway
c.unty, and attempt to elect Harry 8'.
George Tacker to the governorship of
Virginia ia the election next year.
Pointing out the mao and emphati?
cally branding him as ber assailant last
Tuesday morning, Mra. Albeit Powell,
Ihe elderly lady who was struck down
by a negro in her Preotls Park home
early last week, (seed William King,
a negro in the Norfolk county jail, yes?
terday, and told Juatce Peed tbat King
was without a doubt the man wbo at?
tacked ber.
1). Lawrance Groner, a prominent
republican of the Norfolk district, whose
name has been mentioned in connection
with the congressional nomination, de?
clared yesterday that io tbe event that
National Committeeman Alvab H.
Martin persists in refusing (be republi?
can nominstlon for Congress from that
district, it is net improbable thst the
republican convention, to be held Au?
gust 20, will name a "Tait democrat"
to oppose tbe democratic nominee.
A watrarit charging him with an at
pmpt to criminally asssult a womsn
pa'ient on July 28, was served tt Roa?
noke yes'erday on W. S. Gregory, a
tromiaert Roanoke dentist. Gregory
mi released on $1,000 bail. Wben the
alleged vicfm of Gregory recently re
c led her stery to E. M. Coulter, f resi?
dent nf the National Ba?ine-t Cn liege,
of Roanoke, and Lee Keedick. e.f New
York, a manager of lecturers, they went
lo Gregory's teffice and thrashed him.
King and Emperor.
Crooberg, Germany, Aug. 10 ? Every?
thing is in readiness foi the meeting of
Emperrr Willison and King Edward.
The kaiser i reived he ij at noon today
and the king will stop oil for tbe day on
his wsy to Marie.obad, where he goes to
lake the baths to reduce his weight.
Great political significance, it is ex?
pected, will a neb ti this mc. Fog.
While the ties of blood ere string roe
t-veen the two, the bitterest political dif?
ferences exist between them. The mon?
archs will spend the day at Friedrich*.
hof Cattle, the guests nf the kaiser's
youngest sis'er, Princess Frederic Cbs rles
of Hesse.
Nearly Drowned.
Lincoln, Nev., Aug. 10?Despite
efforts to keep the mst er quiet, it was
learned tod-ay that Eugene F. Chafin,
pr ihibition candidate for president, was
nearly drowned here Saturday nigbt,
while swimming in the Y. M. C. A. pool.
Maurice Hyland, who rescued him says
Chafin was practically helpless. He
delivered a chautauqua address yester?
day morning,
The results of primary election, as
far as it is accurate, in reganl to Satur?
days Illinois State officers, ls given in
the following list:
Democratic ticket:
Indorsed fcrU. S. Senator? Lawrence
B. Stringer.
Nominated for govornor?Adiai E.
Lieutenant-governor?E. A. Perry.
Republican ticket:
Indorsed for U. S. Senator?Albert J.
"Hopkins, I r George E. Foss.
ti iverne.r?Charles S. Deneen (re?
turns incomplete).
Lient 'naitt-governor J. G. Oglesby
or F. L Smith.
AU roey-general?William H. Stead.
New York Stock Market.
Mem York, Ang. 10.- After lin- strong
opt-nini; ti number of tho largest room traders
r_a<l-* a vigorous demons)rat:ou against the
market. Thal* waa a K.sxl deni of gonai poa
Ihe fleer. After the lir?t hour's trailing the
?ito, i il list .(iiietrd dowo considerably.
Suddenly on Aug. 1, 1008, st Po".c>, Clarke
county. Va , LUCY I'KAhl, IF1.I., wid..?
of Dr. I, S, Hill, iitul daughter ot ihe late
Wil ism mi.I .Anna Di-ihl. Interment at
Berty ville, Vs.?[August-, (J*, piper*
Saturday, August t, IMS, at 2 p. m., after
* lingeririK illnewi which he hore with pa
tienee, FUBBKt K. BOT, aaa it Peter and
Minnie Moy, aced '22 year* and 10 montha.
Funeral tomorrow (Tuesday I at lour p. rr.
Friends of the family invited to attend ?
[Riliimou-, W'aahingtoii and Richmond pu?
ters pleane (,.py._
F ur are dead, two others are dying,
and six are ia a serious coodition from
barns received iu a fire started today by
n incendiary, tn ihe f.inr story tene?
ment house at 181 east 112th street, New
Vork. _
EFoREUOINU ANYlHiriu get our
prioea oo CEMENT RIMMUM, ant
SILO HUH RS; Amble air spare; thr.e
walls in one; thmt, moisture aol tiri- proof,
CEMENT BRICK, e.jual to beat pe ease. I
hrick. (oat ii.. in..r* thin BS-aM?. CEMENT
<'<iNTTtAeT?iR.-i for sid. walka, fo.ndetions,
etc. Write ui.
Rowe Concrete Co.,
King and Peyton Street*, Alexandria, Va.
'jo im
Today's Telegraphic News
The Woman Tempted Him,
Hurloak, Md., Aug. 10?'The woman
tempted me. But I am innocent."
That is tbe defense of the Rev. Stephen
B. Shipman, pat-tor of Washington M.
E. Church who was beaten almost un?
conscious by Thomaa Carew when he
found tbe preacher and his wife to?
gether in a room at nigbt. Following
is tbe ste ry he will tell when Carew
sues for divorce and when he sues Carew
for damages for assault:
"I went to the borne of Nathen Todd,
Mrs. drew's faher" says the preacher,
"about eight o'clock in the evening and
when I retired was given a room usu?
ally occupied by Carew.
"After I bad fallen asleep, I was
ur .used by a hand on my face and was
surprised to Mod Mr. Carew's wife sitting
on the side of my bed. lat once pro?
tested and insisted on ber leaving the
roora. She said: 'Ob, won't you love me.
Wont you pray for me ?'
"I insisted quietly tbst she go to
avoid making a scene and started ti
leave the bed. She arose and iu leaving
the room ran into tbe srms of ber hus?
band, who bad lit a match wbich was
extinguished in the scuffle.
"In the meantime, I was putting oom*'
clothes. I said 'I will leave as soon asl
can gel my clothes on.' He said 'No, you
wiil go oow, witioot any clothes,' and
commenced tearing the clothes I had on.
Grabbing my shoes and a small gr.p I
at rt'd for the doer when he attacked
me, grabbed my throat and nearly
choked me to death. Finally, I fled by
the front door. He followed with a
large club, tbe while beat ng rae mos
unmercifully. His wife aod mother
followed screaming to him not t) ki
For a querier of a mile he kept this
up till wei reached the home of a neigh?
boring doctor. I looked as if I bad been
butchered and toe clothing I had on was
torn ti shreds After I had been at?
tendee! to aud pot to bed in Dr, Wind?
sor's house, Wau Carew, a brother of
Thomas Carew, came and told me hr
was afraid the man would return aod
kill me. He took me arrosa a ditch acd
into a corot! ld ?h re I remained t r
mented by moaqtiiioe-i till morning.
Tom Carew's verson nf the all dr is
that the preacher wss seen by him from
outside the house first ti go into Mr--.
Carew's room ail r which she came to
tbe room where the minister slept _ffd
was there li lueu miaul-* befor the strug?
gle began.
Sentiment among the members of
Shipmen's charge here is strongly witb
tbe pastor,
Tortured Wife and Child.
Lisbon, Aug. 10.?For torturing his
beautiful youtg wife, ut.t.l she went in?
sane, and so mistreating bis infant
child that it is feared the little one can?
not live, Count Msrgnlho, of the Portu?
guese nobility, has been banisheel in
dtatrMa from King Manuel's court,
and deprived of the high office he held
under the Isle King Cail s. The count
married a rich Lisbon banker's daughter
three years ago, aod for a time seemed
to live happily wilh her. Tao yean
latsr, however, the wife and child dis?
appeared aod Margslho nrver give?
satisfsrtor*, anawer an ti tier where
e-bOQtt, Th'' p tike were finally led to
investigate. Detectives poid a surprise
visit to t ie count's home and, breaking
down t^e doors, found the countess
chaicel io an ttt'c, her features dis
torted by suffering, her bair white and
her form emaciated. Tbe child, in even
werne plight than its mother, lay oo a
pile of rags in a semi-stupe r trim neglect,
illness and hunger.
Tbe countess's mind was so completely
wrecked lhat she could give no account
of her imprisonment, The servants con?
fessed, however, lhat mother and child
had been held pr soners ia the at.ic dur?
ing the entire year, led only on bread
and we pr. The court asseit.'d in his
own defense tht-t he believed his wife
had accepted attentions from a naval
officer whose name he refused to give.
He finally admitted tbat be had no more
than suspicions on which 11 base bis
accusations. King Manuel and Queen
Amelia, who were to have visited the
count's estate at the expiration cf their
period of mourning, immediately can?
celled the engagement, and ordered
Margbalo never to come Into their pres?
ence again.
Woman Loses $15,000 Crop In
Whist Game.
Los Angeles, Aug. 10.?With a fruit
crop worth "$16,000 as the stake, the
fiercest game of whist ever seen in tbe
southwest was played Saturday oight in
a I flo summer cottage at Corona del
Mar, near Bclboa Beach. Tbe players
were Mrs. Oeorge E. Hart, a Los Ange?
les society woman, and her hus ja nd, a
prominent broker, on one side, aod
George A. Nelson and Hugh W. Nelson,
Nevada mining men, on tbe other. The
game was the outcome of a real estate
deal, tbe Nelsons ir-ding tbe whole town
ot Winchester, Riverside county, for tbe
Hart ranch in Simi valley, north of this
eily. Both parties insisted no having
ibis year's valuable erop from the ranch.
The Hsrt"i had leads and leads and
American and international whist signals
at their fingers' ends, but the Nevada
men bsd the trump*. In spite of bril
laot and bewildering playing by the
Hait", thorough and ready cowpuncher
lack won. Mrs. Hart lost without a
wince. The Harts led the first thirty
five points, though it was close, and
then their rivals jumped ahead aod
ft ty ed lhere.
The Illinois Primaries.
Chicago, Ang. 10. -Charles S. De
neen's victory over Richard Yates for
the republican nomination lor governor
ass made certain today by complete re?
turns from K& out of 102 counties in the
s'ete giving bim a majority of more than
Tbe reeult of the primary ia a "dog
fall" for tbe three leading candidates in
the repabl can senatorial race -"stnstorA.
J. Hopkins, Oonpr samsn (iiorge E.
Foss, aad former Senator William E
Hm n.
There is every probability, according
to experts, that the republican csucu-. at
Springfield next January, will face a bit?
ter dead-lock on the aeoatorship. Com?
plete returns show tbat all tbe prevent
republican congressmen in Illinois are
Tho new primary law seems not to
bave added greatly tj its popularly
since iu trial throughout the state - A
onlay. It it hinted today io both demo?
cratic aod republican circles that tbe Um
is to be attacked aod that before another
primary day it may be wiped ott tbe
?tafote books,
Mr. Bryan.
Fairview, Lincoln, Neb., Aug. 10 ?
Witb unification day but two days off,
tie advance guard of visitor* is arriving
in Lincoln todsy along with it being
moat of tbe members oftbe comm'ttee
on notlficstion. This is a very bnsy
dsy at the Bryan home as moat of tbe
visitors are calling to pay their respects.
Down town the work of decorating the
s'reo'a ia well underway.
Manv democratic clubs from Nebraska
and adj teent states, w{U be on hand.
Tbe committee is preparing to entertain
the largest crowd in the history ofthe
capital. Among the fint to call on
Mr. Bryan, Ibis morning, was Congress?
man Henry D. Claytin, of Alabama,
who was permanent chairman of the
Denver Convention aod hy reason o(
that fact, ia chairman of the committee
on notification.
Bryan today completed his speech on
the tsrlfl wbich he will deliver in Des
Moines, August 21. It is moon looger
thao his notification speech. He will at
once take up the preparation of his
speech on the trusts, which he will de?
liver in lodianapoli", on August 25, at
the time of the notification ot John W.
Mr. Taft.
White Sulphur Springs, W. Va.,Au*.
10.?Mr. and Mrs. Taft left here at 9.20
o'clock this morning for Hot Springs.
A good sized cr md wss at the station
to see them od, and cheered heartily.
Hot 8prings, Va., Aug. 10.?Mr. Taft
and his party arrived here at 10:2o
o'clock. On t'le same train with the
candidate came Charles W. Swisher, the
reguhr republican nominee for governor
of West Virginia. Geonre McIntosh,
representating Arnold C, Sbern, the
other republican candidate*, will be
ber... this aftrr.io.in. Representatives
of both sides will remain bere until Na?
tional Chairman Hitchcock arrives on
Wednesday ard then they will try to get
bim to commit himself as to wbich State
ticket will get thesuppoit ot tbe national
?Senator Stephen B. Klkln* and Sena
tor Scott arrived bere today to join in the
confab. Mr. Elkins said he had come
to try to permade the national commit?
tee to work io West Virginia wit I and
for the Shisher wing, which io thc
senator's opinion ii the regular repub?
lican patty.
Fighting for Work.
Camden N. J , Aug. 10.?In answei
to the announcement of the Campbell
'Preserving Company that their plant
would stall in operation this rooming,
thousands of men stood in line since
dawn hoping to secure one of the 48C
positing nesrly all nationalities were
represented, aod they speedily seperatec
themselves into groups. Tbe American!
soon complained thst tl ey were binns
the foreigners in preference to them
selves and attacked the Ifter trying t
force them back. Knives, revolvers,
clubs, and stones were ased io the rim
which followed, some the men entering
a lumber yard near by, securing pieces
of wood which they wielded in a lively
fashion. The police huriied ti the
scene. Officer George Merry was at
tacked end rendered aimeet helpless.
Other officers esme to b's aid in the
uick af time. Several arrest* were made
and one man clubted, although it ii
believed ho will recover. The Camp?
bell Company claimed it was not giving
preference to the foreigocis.
Cardinal Gibbons
Rome, Au-r. 10.?-Cardinal Gibbon
antlered a slight relapse t day, due ti
e-xer ion in attending ee audiencegrantee
by the pope Saturday, yesterday's arr
-fen at the vat'ean in celebration ef tli
Pope's fifth papal anniversary and Itu
congrega'ion. As a result of today'i
relapse, wbi h the cardinal's physician!
jay is not serious, the Cardinal me]
have to cancel all bil plans and remove
to the coui.try for complete resl. Thi
physicians hsve ordered the crJinal h
refrain from all unnr:es-"r.rf exertioi
aid to leave Rome as soon as he is abli
to t'ave) t) some country retreat.
The cardinal's trouble was diagnosec
as intesinal, resulting from climatic .nc!
dietary changes. The c rimal wai
brought brick to bi* apartments in Rome
aod within a few hours was resting com
fortably thrush he had a high fever,
Tbere would be no alarm felt over tbe
cardinal's present trouble, were it nd
le r bis extreme age, 74 years.
Fight Over a Girl.
New York Aug. 10,?One man Ii
dead aod another dying in Bi Joseph
hospital today after a bat le for poses
sion of a girl at Iowocd, near Far Rock?
away, in which several persons wer
wounded. All the psrt'cipant-i in tbi
? tiray were Italians, but the girl wai
an American girl. She has disappeared
The murdered mao,is Josefa Pooteleoo,
aod the dying one, Ferdinado Maszco
Tbe two with friends who aided them ti
hold the girl rallied to the fr ty when a
band of thugs invaded the hamlet am
and after a desperate druggie, wen
worsted. Constable Wm. Belcher
who at empted ti ktjrfere, had hi
clothing riddled w.th bullet- but escape
The Mine Trouble.
Birmingham, Ala., Aug. 10.-Tbi
death of three men and the wounding o
nearly a serra more lu yesterday's at
tack by armed etrikrri en a Louisvi I
& Nashville train today drew from Oov
ernor Comer an order to increase du
f ree of troops in the Blcctoo di trict ti
1,OOO men. Mer.isl law is likely ubi
f roclaimed thcughout Ihe whole terri
tory sf er affected by the s'rike beftr
Interveuti m hy the Dominion got
eminent ts tiday demanded by all thi
new'pap-n at Winnipeg, to end thi
?t'ike on (fe. Canadian Pacific of the me
chaoics which so far bas shown no sigm
of settlement.
Statements that Thomas A. Edison fi
to finance nod aid Henry Farman an
currant at New Ye>rk today in aero
naatic circle-* following tbe departure
of the> French aviator and his wife le
East Orange, to vii.it the inveolor.
In a collision between a pasieiiger
train and u tr-tin of empty carson the
Piensburg Kiel branch Woe, io 0<r
many tfday, leo peru,is mete killer]
at d a -core badly Injured, several ol
whom will die.
Tbe American ffi-et having been form
slly welcomed et e?vfrrthing in Auck?
land, the officers and the first batch ol
s*il ra to receive shore leave today, si I
about lo enjoy the week's pn gramme
of entertainment ia thia strange land.
Suspected of being the assailant of
Carrie Per rod, ten, snd Larine Long,
welleuht, tbe two Swlssvale, Pa., _ ria
who were brcttlly atsaolted, last Thurs?
day, Robert Blanagan waa f ,ued tod?y
io hiding ina clump of bu-hes oer-r
Stowe township. Blanagan was taken
to Swlssvale.
City official*, saloon keepit-, a few
clergymen and a largeuumber of citiz-os
cou-Hitit >d the gathering at Ibe c?uit
bouse at Camden, N. J., tbia morning
wheo the comm;s*ioo appointed by
(Jeiverni r Fort, to loves igate excise coo
ditiiins throughout the state, began ila
Wm. J. Bryan and Pteddent Roos**
vc'i or his represent t've are expected
to attend at the official welcome to the
American Olympic team io New York
on August If, Tbe executive commit?
tee in charge having extended invita?
tions to both, today announced tbat tae
Nebraskan is likely lo attend, aod the
heads of the atste and city government
are certain to do.
The Oporto express arr ved at Lisbon,
today after one of the mrxi exci ing
runs in the history of Portuguese r il
roadirg. Hemned in by forest fires, toe
eogioeer speeded the train to the ut?
most and ft r seven miles dashed ibrou.fi*.
a burning wasts. Not one of tie 125
passengers was irjured, however. The
forest tires bave destroyed many villages
aod the loss of life is hesvy.
Harry Thaw was today examined at
Poughkeepsie in supplements ry tro
ceeding brought by Mrs. Peter B. Hayt,
a judgment debtor of Dr. John P.
Wilson one of Thaw's expeit-, who is
suing Ihe prisoner far $600 for services.
Mrs. Hayt has a judgement of $700*
againtt tie doctor. Thaw was bmugt t
before the referee at half psst ten o'clock
and after he was sworn, an adjournment
wrs taken for an hour.
A rumor that Sultan Adout Hamil,
grown tired of the insatiate demand*
of voung Turks, int-ods to flee tho
couctry, is being generally credited
in diplomatic and official circle* in
Constantinople. Tbe sultan itt con?
vinced that he will never be able to
meet all tbe demands nf the young
Turks and that his inevitable failure lo
do so, will eventually lead li his over?
throw and plunge fie county in vat*
r. eaaat tl' the strain upon his ey<>s dmipR
two tears coiitinciueni Harry Thaw wa* U><li>
lilted ont with glasses. He waa alto ted to gi>.
to the office of an oculist in PouRhkeep.ir.
Judge Cardwell, of the GbwtQJf Ap?
peals, on Saturday granted a writ of eir r
in the Norfolk poll-tax case, receatly
decided by Judge Martin, wbo held that
only those persons who presented their
bodies at the office of the treasurer when
they paid their poll-tues are qualified
vt tera, except in the caae of war veter?
ans, who did not hare to pay taxes aa a
prerequisite to enfranchisement at the
The action on Saturday means that
the couit, e r ooe member thereof, per?
chance, has fouod enough ia Ihe con?
tentions of tbe intervener ti justify rn
review cf the lower court's decision.
Tae case comes up anew before the
Bfl| r me Court st its September term in
?"?tannum f. r thst tribunal to now decide
the (ideation once for all as lo what is
meant by the word *'personally" io that
s-e t on of the constitution providing for
the payment of poll-t.xcs f r wm ?
chisement at the polls.
Tbe decision of the lower couit, if
sustained, will, it is said, deprive BO pet
cent of the people tf the State ol their
votes, as the bulk bave paid by checks
rr messengers. The new coust tution
requires that a vet?r shall "personally"
?>ay, and the. ac t ?< ti was brought lo have
tbis iiiirrprt i 'il.
At a di mocratic c-neus in Clefelani',
O., today tho democratic maj>riiyof tte
city council approve-1 the pr .portion lu
alow the municipal traction company
11 charge a five cent fare in til the f res?
ent debt is overcome.
Letter to Dr T B Cochran
Alexandria, Va.
Pear Sir: Here's Ihe uni uni. el (ruth:
I- wry joli jiiinUd Fi'vee lake-i lesa Kallona
than ot any . th r paiut.
Ano thi- pail.t that takea least Kallona w.ara
longest: Alway*.. We eau t be'f it.
Yours truly,
F W DrvorACo.
P. 8.?K. 8. Leadbeater A 8ona wil our
Two of the finest
lots om north Co?
lumbus Street,
to ten foot alley.
Quick purchaser
can have them for
M. 8. Harlow
& Co., Inc.,
lit Sooth Fairfax Stree!
Alexandria, Va.
?Kent MSB.
PeauiiC.il CABIN LADVCB, Mongin* lo
a MY-t.-rn teatM-mai. practically new, up
t.,-.iHtf in every raepeet- tl fwi lung, tiniahtd
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Imli .-.*t in,..?? imam UMA Price $600.
Alee a lot ot (mo YACHT ENGINES at
hair prk*, A|?ply tn

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