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Thu untimely dca-b of Former S-_a
tu Oarmack, of Tennessee, will be
deeply regretted by men of al! partita
throughout tbe couotiyand his less will be
felt by tbe people of tbe soutb of whom
he was alwajs a champion. He wrs
one of tbe brainiest men of bis time and
bis influence hss been felt ia both booses
of Congress iu which he had a brilliant
career. He wis a courageous mun of
decided convictions,fearlessly maintained
tbe aide which he believed to be right,
and his honett/ of purpose made him
many friend* even among men who dif?
fer lr >m him politically. His killing
wu both unfortunate and unjustified asl
will be seen bj the following from the
Nashville Teoneiseean, of which Ssnator
Oarmack Ml editor and which says edi*
torially today:
"At 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon Ed?
ward Carnouck was waylaid and assassi?
nated by Co). Duncan B. Cooper and his
?on, Bobbin J. Cooper. At far as it now
aopfar1, the only reason lor this action
was tba pu'die*tion in the Tennesseeao
of two tr v a editorials, elsewhere re- j
productd iu this isnue. It will be seen
tba' there wa* nothing in these editorials
reflecting on the honor of Col. Cooper,
and nothing a' all about h's son. M\
Oarmack v.ai sb.'-' while in tbe act of
speaking to one of tbe most estimable
ladies of Nashville, aod be wss on tbe
way from his office to his private room.
His as* a'I & nu. who had been lying in
wait for h<m, drew near and opened Brr
on him at once, witbootgiving bim lime
to speak. A* be fell.mo'tilly wounded,
another shot w*s fired into the i a-k of
bis neck, pto JuciDg instant d?ath. Tons
died the brav-H'naa and the gentlest
man, the mot4 courageous, and the truest
man in Tennessee. Without passion,
without wild desire ior revenge, with
pity and cot malice in our hearts, we
j tin alike with tbe friends and the foes
of the dead maa in deploring the awful
tragedy and in demanding tbe prompt
and speedy execution of josti?. A tbe
men who have been guilty of this un?
provoked and bloody assassination."
Tho.(in tbe sjuth fought fer state
tight* and was defeated ou tbe field of
battle yet tint principle survives and is
strengthened every time the question
comes before tie supreme Court of the
country. That court in deciding the case
of B rea College against the state of
Kentucky favorably to the state yester?
day held t;ii,t tue Ma 'rs of Ihe union m*y
constitutionally legislate to prevent tbe
co-education of the white and black
race. The case was instituted to test tbe
validity of fie Rtatelswof 1904 prohibi
ing white and blat k children from attend?
ing tbe same schools. The higher state
court t .ck the position that the white
aod black rices are natarally antagonis?
tic and that the enforced serarstion of
the children of the two is in the line of
the pretcrvstion of the peace. Tbe
opinion of the Supreme Oourt -ran
handed down by Justice Brewer and af?
firmed the finding of both the Kentucky
Circuit Court and the Court of Appeals.
The decision will no doubt result io the
pacing of laws in some of the nt rib'rn
and w<atora sates providing for white
and colored schools as is done through?
out the soutb.
In tue echoes of tue election heida
week ago seven-.! good-sized crumbs ot
satisfaction are found by the democracy
in states whore they captured the gov
erior.nip, notably in the election of
Htrmona* governor ol Ohio, Marshall
as governor of Indian*, dhallenberger
aa governor of Nebraska, Sjsffroth ai
governor of C Inala, Norris as gover?
nor of Moat ina and in the re-elect on
ot Governor Johnson, of Minnesota. In
Iowa one of the republican veterans who
went down to defeat was .Coi. Hepburn.
His democrr ic successor is a young and
hitherto unknown edit r, I). Jamison.
Other republicans who have been in the
House for years but who were retired
are Overstreet, ol Iodiara; M Creery,
of Minne*" a; Charles B. Landis and
others. Mr. Bryan was defeated by
about one million votes, whenan Judge
Pa-ker wa* defeated by Mr. Boosevelt
by over two ani a half mi'lion.
Declakin. that many ministers are
unable lo suppport their families on tbe
aaltries they receive and that seveial of
them are forced to till fie soil for a liv- (
ing, Bev. Herbert S Jobnsoo, pastor of
the Warren Avenue BaptM Church in
advocates the formation ot a
_"*etin*- of B**
cigarette habit is a mott pernicious one
and is undermining the he. Uh and mind
of a very large percentage of the youth
of this country.
When Mr. Nat Goodwio, the actor,
who was married on Sunday lor the
fmrth time, waa aeked how be got
through the wedding ceremony, he re?
plied, "Ob, I know it by heart " He
was divorced from a*, least two of his
wives and fr ibably three. Thiele but
an example of how the divorce habit is
growing in thi* country.
From Washington.
I 'crrmpondenoe of the Alexandria Oatette.]
Waahington, Nov. 10.
It is hamed today that the president's
dinner to labor leaders next Tneaday
will be followed by a statement of the
at itude of the administration on labor
questions in his forthcoming message to
Congress. By those in touch with him
it is said that it will advocate several
new measures which will tend to bring
in line those leaders who take Ihe more
conservative point of view in advocating
legislation before Congress. The a'ti
tude af tbe administration will be con?
structive legis ation aa opposed to the
radical demands of the leaders who fol?
low in the wake of Samuel Gompers.
The president is evidently of the idea
that tbe time is now ripe for the initia
tion of a movernen among tbe lsb< r
men themselves for more harmonious co?
operation in tbe rigoiatioo of labor condi?
tions. Tbe Central Labor Union of Wash?
ington today sent a telegram to Samuel
Gompers at Denver, congratulating him
on the ia.t that he was not iovited to
tbe White House labor conference and
dinner on November 17. lathe d s
cusaioo last night, before it wasdecidtd
to send tbe telegram, several of the dele?
gates denounced President Botssvelt in
bitter language for fa ling to include
President Gimp* ra io the list ot la oor
leaders invited to the dinner. The presi?
dent is openly flaunting the red rag in
the face of organized labor," f aid Sam
DeNedrey, secretary oftbe central body.
"His flagrant discouit sy to Mr. Gom?
pers will be condemned by the couutry
at Urge. It is an undignified act, and
it will serve to unite labor ng men io the
cause." The White House is not ready
to announce whether President-elect
Taft will be a gue*t at the dinner. It ii
understood, however, that Judge Taft
will be present. It ls believed that the
president is contemplating the ita ogara
tion of a definite labor programme far
beyond tbe measures a'ready being con?
sidered in Congress and one that it may
require many yra-s to rfa'izs.
The *>a/s aid mian* committee of
the House began it) tariff reivision bear?
ings today, by taking up the schedules
relating to chemii u 's aod cbieftly in tbe
manufacture of dyes. Cia rman Payne
and Bepresentativea Longworth, Gaines,
Needham, Hill, Dalzell), McCall. Bou
tell, Cockran, Underwood, and Griggs,
attend* d the opening session, and listen?
ed attentively while the chemists hurled
long techical tames at them, and de?
manded Kat various oils, acids ard
salt* be moved out of tbe free list and
put upon the ta*ifl vail.The plea of tbe
chemii al com* antes was mainly for the
plscing of a twenty five per ceot UriS
approxirxat 1/ upon variouscoai tar pro*
dncts used in the manufacture of dyes,
c'aiming that if this is done, United
States mano'actnrers will be able to com?
pete with Garran and Eogl j h ora' e s
* '?? r_f ft. BjWtr, of Philadelpba, A
bert Piaut. of New York, and N. li
Arnold, who represents the Varnixb
Maters National Association made the
most interesting witnesses ol the session.
Mr. Bower aiv> cited an iocrease of doty
on chemicals, bot in an unguarded mo?
ment, a loni ted that hil business wa*
good and tbat he wac msking a good
p-f fr. "Why do you want an increase
of duty then?" asked Mr. Underwood.
"If the duty wa* irc.<a*ed we coold
make more goods," laid Bower. "Ia
other words, you would make mora
profit. Ia tl at not sc? " asked Mr. Un
deiwood. Mr. Bower admitted tbat this
wss correct, and retired. Plant advocated
a rednction of 10 per cent, of the pres?
ent 25 per cen*, advalcr-mduty on med?
icinal chemicals, and begun his argument
with an afaik on the tariff, character?
ing it as unjust, oppressive and unfair.
He said that tbe manufacturers of chem?
icals in this country ba*e formed a trutt
and sell their chemicals at exactly
the same price. If the duty is reduced,
be said the consumer would reap
the benefit, and the manufactu?
rer* would not make *o much profit.
Arnold proceeded to deliver a lee tare on
the selling of goods abroad. "I don't
take any stock io all this rot," he said,
'about selling good* at a loss abroad.
When Americans sell goods in foreign
c ut.tries tbey mike a pr fit or they
don't sell at all. I've sold sewing ma?
chines in **outh Africa for $19.50
a piece, which retailed for|05 in Ameri?
ca, and still I make a pr. lit on them.
It's ju-t the same with all other classes
ot goods."
Oonot Carl Paul Oscar Moltke, the
new minister to the United S a'ea from
Denmtrk, presented his credentials to
tbe president at the White House to?
day. He waa ir tr >duced by Secretary
ol St? te Boot.
Argument wss begun today before the
United Statis Supreme Court in tbe
famous "Express Company case" in?
volving the tal dity of the anti-pass pro?
vidions ol the Hepburn and E kins acts.
Every express company in the United
(?tates is vitally concerned in tbe issue
and is a parly to the appeal. Un July
3, 1907, United States D s rict Attorney
Sims secured from the Circnit Oourt, at
Chicago, a pirpetoal injunction res rain?
ing the express companies from i-suing
franks to employees of other express
companies on the ground that it consti?
tuted a discrimination forbidden by tbe
to regulate commerce. The express
bat tbe charge of dis*
"~ ash.,
Senator Cnllom, of Illinois, paid his respects
o the pratldent and later announced that he
*>ull are no possibility of any Uri. discus- '
lion at the ciming short session of Cone rena. |
:enator Clark, of Wyoming, chairman of tbs
'enate judiciary committee, now having be?
fore it an anti-lnjunction bill and the measure
proposing an amendment to the Sherm an
inti-triif-t law relative to the boycott, had a
brief talk with the president.
Up to 3.S3 a'elo? this evening no biahop
had tx en chosen for the Episcopal diocese of j
The Navy Department is about to advertise j
for bids for th*construction of a wireless tele
?raph station that is to be the birges* thin.
tf it* kind in the country. It ii to Be erected
ia or near this city.
News of the Day.
President-elect Taft will spend part of
the winter in Augusta, Ga.
Charleston, W. Va., ls enveloped in a
dense clood of smoke, caused by forest
Brea which are taging on tbe surround?
ing mountains. Four houses were
burned to the ground Sunday night and
hundreds of homes lying in the r a'h of
the flames are in danger.
Charles H. Jones, until October 1
cushier of the First National Bauk of
Seabright, N. J., has been arrested and
held under $10,000 bail for the grand
ury. He was charged with falsifying
the books of the institution and coveting
np a shortage of |11,000.
M rs. Priscilla Abers, aged CO, and her
three children, of Carey,Ohio, apparent?
ly all became demented yesterday and,
'hotting and locking the doors and fast?
ening the nioaows, deliberately poured
seal oil opon the forniture, beds, and
rarpels and set fire ti the whole bouse.
Neighbors, who had been watching
their queer actions for several dava,
broke into the house and rescued them.
The mother and children were later sent
to jail.
Whisky valued at $125,000 and build
ing* worth $15,000 were destroyed by
ire at D?a .ville, Nelson couuty, Ken?
tucky, Sunday night. The government
lases $450,000 in tues on the whiaky.
Two warehouse*, two stock barns and
ieveral minor buildings belonging to the
T. W. Samuels Distillery Company were
destroyed. The distillery and one, ware*
boase were saved by the people, who, at
I a t*d by tbe spectacular blaze, came
from the country for miles around. The
? arebouse contained abont 9,000 bar?
rels of aged whisky, owned principally
by wholesale dealers.
Monnted Policeman William E. Yet*
ton, of tbe Nioth precinrt, Washington,
wat thrown from his saddle yesterday
afternoon, when his horse stumbled and
fell, and received a compound ftacture
nf the skull. He died three hours later
st Casualty Hospital, Yetton wa- re?
turning to the station about 4 o'clock
when his horse became frightened at a
wagon and shied. The street was slip?
pery, and the animal fell to it* knees.
Y-tton attempted to remove bis feet
from the stirrup*, and in so doing fell
[rom the saddle, striking his heal a ain*t
he curbing. Officer Yetton wa? a na*
rive of Eug'aid, and was 42 yean cf
ige.. He va* married twice, and
i wife and three children survive.
Genevieve Chandler Phipp*, the di
forced wife of the former steel magnate.
[.aterence Phipps, was the heroine of a
?ue-act drama in Denver yesterday, the
ither leading cha acter being a desperate
-oaao, armed with dynamite and in
j>ed of money. Cowed by the woman's
canner, Mrs. Phipps rode with her to
\ bank, (earing every moment thst sbe
night fire tho explodive or tbat col
islon or other street accident
*ould set it off. Mrs. Phipps
na ie the womsn believe she must go in
o the bank and get the money, and the
would-be robber and dynamiter allowed
ber to go. Two minutes later abe was
tinder arrest and helpless. Today th
woman told the police tbat she is Mr-.
Allen F. Reed, wife of a Denver drug?
For more than two hours last evening
Rev. A P. Doyle, D. D., rector of th I
Apostolic Mission House, Brookland,
D. C., entertained the Madonna Catho?
lic Woman's Circle at the Shoreham
with a recital of the impressions ga h
pred on his recent trip to Europe.
Dr. Doyle gave his hearers a descrip
t;oa of Pope Piu* X, and explained the
high regard ir. which the pontiff holds
tbe United Srates.
"The hoi* father looks upon America
it* the land in which the church has the
most oppo tunity to do good," said the
priest, Continuing Dr. Doyle said:
"Pope Pius X may be termed demo?
cratic: He belongs to thst line of Ro?
man pontiffs whose names will live for?
ever. I believe his name will be banded
down to centuries a* the "pope" ot the
Blessed Saciameut, so persistent ba* he
been to insure a reverence to this devotion.
Ia condemning modernism, he ba*
termed it the 'basest naturalism since
the days of paganism.'
"The city of Rome is tbe city of re?
fined culture which harks back to the
past. Nations have come and gone,
armies have swept across the continent,
kings and their kingdoms bare reigned
supreme and swayed the European do*
maine, but Rome, the Eternal City, and
home of Catholicity and its Pope, still
remain, a personified history of Catholic
The "pare food law'* is designed by the
government t ? protect the public from in?
jurious ingredient* in both foods and drugi,
lt is beneficial both to tbe public and to tbe
conscientious manufacturer. Ely's cream
Balm, a successful remedy for cold in th ?
head, naaal catarrh, hay fe-er. etc., cootah -
ine no injurious druir?<, meets fully the it*
i|iiirement* of th- new law, and that fact it
prominently stattd on every package. It
contains none of the injurious drncs which
are require 1 by the law to be mentioned on
tbe lab. 1. Hem <? you can use it safely.
Electrification of Railroads.
Neaak, N. J., Nov. 10.?Close on
fie heels of the announcement of the
electr fication of the Pennsylvania Rail
rr ad fr tm Harrison to Long Island City
comes tie official ea'ement that the
system from Manhattan and Jersey City
to Pbiladelpn a will alao be electrified,
and that the running time between New
York and Philadelphia will be reduced
to one hour,thu* making William Penn's
town practically a suburb of New York,
work will be poshed rapidly, the
use Company being already
new engines which are
20 miles an boor
lions in
Virginia Newa.
The Newpoit News S ai*, building
Company was low on one tyre of new
battleship and h gb. oe another.
Hei.ry Fairfax, and E B Whit*, ?(
Virginia, wera judges of the Chit ago
Horsesbow which opened yesterday.
The ?'earner Mabel W. G ru'dman,
which has been plying between Frede?
ricksburg sud VVbralt_n, on tbe lower
K tppabannock, wa* bumed at her whari
it Wheadon Saoday night.
It ia again rumored in rf publican cir?
cle* il a C. Bascom Slemp, tepreaenta?
li ve iu Corgress irom toe Ninth district,
baa been aUt<d by President-elect Tatt
(or either a position in his Canine*, or
an appointment to a foreign ambassa?
E gbt lr a led freight cars were derailed
and piled within 10 feet of Wards
s rings trestle, on the S uihern Railway
13 mile* north of Chattan, Sunday
night. The track wa* torn up for sev?
eral hundred yards and traffic delayed
ten hours.
Mra. Nancy Faller Lowery, 62 years
old, died a' Winchester, yesterday, af
t-r a lingering Illness. She was for
yesrs the a idow of her husband's brother,
Jacob Lowery, aid af.er the death of
David Lowery's first wife, who was her
sister, she was married to him.
A nong the elate senators elected in
New York I.st Toeaday was Ur. How?
ard R. Btyne, formerly of Virginie,
*bo carried the republican dis rici com?
posed ot -iebmond aod Buckland coun?
ties by a large majority. Tbe democrat?
ic and republican papers of thst district
ap> ak iu the mest complimentary tetma
of Mr. Bayne.
Three hundred acres of valuable tim?
ber land end several miles of fenc s
hs va been destroyed In a mount a>n fire
which wa* started Sunday by incen?
diaries on the farm of Etaa Pugh, at
Timber Ridge, Frederick county.
Dozens of men engaged io fighting toe
fire ali Sunday night and yesterday
evening got tbe flames nader control.
The trial of Dr. J. D. Gregory, a
prominent dentist, Indicted lor aa at?
tempted assault on Miss Theodoia U.
Irv toe, a teacher of expreaaion, of New
York, while tbe latter wu a patieot in
his effie* ou Joly 28 last under the in?
fluence of chloroform, was begun st
Bosnoke yesterday in the Oorpoia loo
Coait, Judge J. W. Woods presiding.
Dr. Gregory pleaded not guilty.
Mrs. Kittie Daodridge, the only
living former mistress of the White
House, witb tbe exception of Mrs.
Cleveland, ia recuring from an accidsol
which almost cost ber her life recently
at her residence ia Winchester. While
v alking near a stairway she slipped and
fell down, sustaining cots and braises
which it wa* feared, would result serious?
ly in view of her 86 years. It is now
stated, however, tba' ahe la much belter
aid will reeovar. Mrs. Daodridge isa
laughter of President Zachary Taylor,
Charles W. Morse, former New York
banker, aeotenced to fifteen years In tbe
Federal prison at Atlanta, Ga., balbeen
given another respite. By the ad on cf
the United States Circuit Court of At -
peals yeetfrday be will rema a io New
York till the first week in January,
though Jadge Hough, before whom he
was convict d, allowed him only ten
Wallace Mac Fa riane, counsel for the
prisoner, who is ia the Tombs, argued
before Ibe court that his client should be
admitted to bail, and he made the state?
ment that United States A t;roey Stim?
son had agreed to give bim an additional
thirty r'ays beyond December 3, when
tbe return on the wiit of error, sued ou
before Judge Lacombe on Saturday,
should be returned.
The court acquiesced in the under
To the snrpriee of the court and the
lawyer*, Mt. MacFailanesald tbat Mine
is "in some respects in poverty." He
insisted tbat tbe reports that his client ib
a multi-millionaire were false; thst hi*
assets wonld not pay his liabilities be?
cause bis affaire were tied up and he did
not have control of them.
_ coroner'a jury yesterday evening
returned a verdict of accidental shooting
in the case of Walter B. E tip, tbe 20
ye;ir-uld son of S B. Eitep, ol Boyce,
Clarke county, who on Sunday evening
shot ad killed Gilber. Grove, a 17
year-old Loudoun county boy, witb a
sh tguc Eetep was discharged from
custody. Young Oro-j, with several
companions, was o* . walking, when
Ka isp came elong.
"I'm going to kill you all," Estep de?
clared, at the same time ra'sing his
gun. Grove's companions fled, bnt be?
fore Grove could get away the gun wa*
fired, tbe charges from both barrels en?
tering his breast. He fell to the ground
Estep claimed tbat the shooting waa
an accident, and that he did not know
why be fired. Tbe boys were friends,
and Eitep is overwhelmed with grief.
Arthur Ooebel, brother of the late
William Goeb*l, cooferred at Frankfort,
Ky., Saturday, with Commonwealth's
Attorney Robert B. Franklin. He
wants Governor Wilson to issue requisi?
tion pacers upon i i iveroor-elect Mar?
shall o' Indiaoa, for the return of W.
S. Tailor and Oharlea Finley for trial
ppoo the indictments charging complic?
ity in the murder of William Ooebel.
Taylor was the republican contentee
for the governorship when Goebel, the
contes'aot, wu murdered. Finley wu
secretary of state under a preceding
state administration.
Three republican governors of Indi?
ana hsve refased to deliver the two men
to the Kentucky authorities, upon the
grouod that they would not aacure fair
European Skin specialist Says Dan
dm rr ls ( auwd by Parasites.
Upon that theory, proved beyond a doubt,
a care tor daodrufl w*s rougLt after. Scien?
tist*; chemists, diuggista and physicians all
took a hand" and the sucoeaaful issue is the
present product known u "Newbro'a Her
This retoely actua'ly kills the parasites
that infest the hair bulb, does iU work most
*.-fleet ivel y and cont* ins Bot an atom of sob
itanp* injurious tr> any thing elm than the
erm alone. Herpicide came* tbe hair to
Sow as nature intenled it atooold, -ft and
[ands ut.
ld by Ernest L. Allen _ e>., agwnt-.
sises 60c and $100. Send 10c in
ps for sample to The Harpidds C?,
oil, Mich. 117
Today's Telegraphic News
The Standard Oil Case.
Chicago, Nov. 10?Th* Untied States
Circuit Ctuit of Appeals, Judges Gross
cup, Baker and Seaman kitting, today
denied the govt rn me a t's petition for a
rehearing before (hst court of tbe $29,
000,000 Standard Oil eua. The conn
sustained i's original rnltog, reversing
the decision of Uoi ed Ss tea District
Judge Landis, and remanding tho case
to him for retrial. It ia believed that
Attorney G.narai Bonapatte will now
take tbe ca e to the Supreme Oourt ol the
United States on a antofc ri na i.
This wu the second time the United
States Circuit Coon of Appeals has acted
in thia case. The case wu originally
take- to the appellate court by tbe
S anda-d Oil Oom*nij, after Judge K.
M. La adis of Ihe U. S. District Court
had fined the company $29,000,000, on
tbe jury's verdict finding the Standard
Oil Company guilty of accepting rebates
from tbe Chicago and Alton Railr ad.
Tbe oil cowiiaiy bad been indicted
by two spec a! federal juries on 6,428
cou it', ct tt'ging violations of the El?
kins interatitd commerce law which pro?
hibits the g< anting or acceptance of re?
bates on railrtal shipments. The trial
began March 4, 1907 and luted for six
The specific indictments upon which
the United States authorities elected to
make their fight numbered 1,462, and
charged the acceptance of rebates troon
the Chicago aud Alton Railroad Oom
pnmy, aggregating $223,000 on ship?
ments of six thou u .d cara of oil from
Whiting, Ind., to Esst St. Louis, III.
Tbe trial ended io a verdict of guilty
on each count in each indictment and
the maximum fiae of $29,240,000 wu
imposed. Before be pronounced sen?
tence, Judge Ltndis expressed a desire
ti discover the connection be.ween the
S aocVd Oil Oompany of Indiana and
theStaneVd Oil Com fa ny of New Jei
sey. John D. Rockefeller, H. H.
Rogers and other Standard Oil officials
On August 3, 1907, Judge Landis deli v
-red hiscecisoo. Toe Sra.dardOompany
immediately took the case to the Oourt of
Appeals on a writ of error.
Lu t July the appei .ve court revers.d
tbe trial court, remanding the casa for
retrial. Thia opinion, written by Judge
Grotscup contained what wai called the
most remarkable excoriation of one
court by another in the history of the
American bench.
On August 14 last District Attorney
S.ma filed a petition for a rehearing ot
tbe case before tbe appellae oourt. To
('ay's ruling was on this petition.
Todsy'a decision wu unanimous.
Judge GroMcap wrote tbe opinion aod
Judge Baker gave aime reasons addi?
tional to those set forth by Judge Gross
cap tor concurring in the opinion. Jadge
Grjs-cup's opinion uses almost the iden?
tical langusge of tbe coon's original
ruling on tbe case, with a few ad li?
ttoral The court than goes on with
the origioal excoriation of Jadge Landis.
Washington, Nov. 10.?Although no
official announcement will be made at
this moment, the attorney general ts
fully prepared to file within a few days
In tbe Supreme Oourt a writ of ceitiora
ri, in tbe Sttnc'ard Oil case jost decided
adversely by tbe Circuit Court of Ap?
peals a Chic'go.
It was officially aooounoed at the
Department of Justice thia afternoon
that a petition for a writ of certiorari
might be made to the Supreme Cou it
within a week. The attorney-general
stated tbat the government wa* very
aoxlous to secure an early decision.
The Killing of fix-SenatorCarmack
Nashville, Tenn., Nov. 10.?All
Tennessee is today in a frenzy of ex?
citement following tho killing lut night
of ex Senator Edward W Oarmack in a
pistol duel with Col. Duncan B Oeoper
and bis son Bobin.
A special session of the gtand jury
ha* been called for tomorrow morning.
Col. Cooper, after a preliminary trial to?
day, will be held as an accessory. His
son, Robin, whom Carmack slightly
wounded in tbe shoolded, ie under ar?
rest io S . Thomas' Hospital. It ls said
both mea will waive eiamlcation and
be bound over without bail.
Friends of Oarmack declare the kill*
ing waa cold blooded. They uy they
can prove tbat both the Coopers had
made many threats against Oarmack,
because of the utterances of Oarmack in
i his paper, the Tennessean. Tbey de?
clare both the Ooopera were armed for
only one reason.
It is further declared that a witness
will be brought forwarJ to whom Coop*
er'-daughter telephoned ashen time be?
fore the tragedy, aaking thia man to
look out for her father and disarm him,
es he had left home with the Intentloo
of killing Car. ack.
The Oarmack adherents also declare
that a* they met on the street, Col.
Cooper aura -ted Ca-mack's attention by
calling out: "We've got you now," aod
u Carmack looked in hie direction,
young Robin Cooper fired from tbe rear,
It ia the charge that the Brit bullet
which proved fa al, struck Oarmack lo
the back of the neck. Oarmack drew
his own revolver and fired twice, one of
the ballets striking young Cooper In tbe
The tragedy occurred in front of tbe
Polk Apartment House. Mrs. Charles
E?stmao had joat come from the build*
lng aod Carmack ta'aed his hat to her.
Col. Cooper, apprcaching, called ont,
"You're trying to hide behind a worn
an, you coward." The shooting fol?
Mrs. Ea-tmao denies tbat Oarmack
tried to hide behind her or drew bia
piatol first, aa the Cooper* allege.
Colombia, Tenn., Nov. 9.?Mrs. E.
W. Gatrmsck left for Nashville yester?
day evening aod she appeared to be on
the verge of prostration. Her mother,
Mrs. Ellen Dunnington, who bu beet*
seriously ill, wu overcome and physi?
cians were called.
Nashville, Tenn , Nov. lu?Col
Duncan B. Cooper wu arraigned before
a juatice today and waived examination
on the charge of being an accessory in
the murder of ex-Senstor Oarmack. He
aaa committed without bond aod is now
In the touoty jail.
Postmaster Morgsn Will Recover
New York, Nov. 10.?Edward M.
Morgan, postmaster el New York, who
? as shot in the stomach yesterday by
Eric H. M <ckay, an escaped lunatic,
who then c< mmitted suicide, ia toe-a on
the rosd to recovery. His physic ans
believe be will be ont in tea c'ays.
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it for a while, aa that is sll yow will need to
take. Kodol digests what you eat and oakes
Um stomach sweat. It ia told by W. F.
Creighton k Ce,
Threats of Revolutionists.
St. Peteraborg, Nov. 10.?Russian
troops are today burr-lng toward Ta?
briz, to prevent the revolutionists from
carrying out their threats of blowiog up
tbe BaMiao conanlate and killing foreign
Tbe revolutionists cootrol Tsbriz and
practically the entire Azerbaijan pro?
vince. They have recruited hundreds
of Bnss'an revolutionists, who nrge
Satar Kahn, tbe revolutionist leader, ti
violence against tbe foreigners in the
The Russian revolutionist* are de?
sirous of involving Rossie in a conflict,
and are urging the attacks on the Bus*
sisn consulate ia the knowledge that
Russia will resent such an outrage witb
Kaiser lo Airship.
Harlin, Nov. 10.?Three hundred
thousand people are lathered at Lake
Constance awaiting Emperor William,
who late this afternoon, is scheduled to
ascend with Count Zeppelin I," In
the latter's dirigible airship, in which
the crown prince -ade an ascent on r?at
urc_y. The emperor's advisors bave
p'e.ded with him not to risk his life, but
he declared that he will make the ascent
despite all warnings. Count Zeppelin
wa* appealed to. Tbe count replied that
be bad to obey bbl emperor's desire. A
number of passengers will make tbe trip;
everybody of impor ance In the empire
hss requested theprivileg?of acoompaoy
ing tbe kaiser, on this first aer'al trip
ever made br a nation's ruler.
Btilid, Nov. 10.?Emperor William
a wended with Count Zeppelin this after?
Battleship Launched.
Quincy, Mass., Nov. 10.?The North
Dskota, greatest of United Slates battle?
ships, wa* launched today at tbe yards
oftbe Fore River Shipbuilding Oompany.
The launching was witnessed by a large
gathering. Miss Mary Benton, of Fargo,
N. D., christened the battleship with
champagne. While the government hu
refused to permit the publication of de?
tails of the new battleship's design, she
is known to be 510 feet long at tbe water
line, 518 feet nine inches over sll, with
an extreme breadth of 85 feet 3 inches.
The trial draft to the bottom of her keel
Is 27 feet and her displacement 20,000
tons. She will be the first American
battleship to be propelled by turbine
engines. Her sister ship, the Delaware,
is being built at Newport News. Va.
Police Inspector Killed.
Calr.uta, Nov. 10.?Newspaper and
Indian officials sre today making the
strongest demand ever hesrd in India
for repressive measures against the ter?
rorists a* the result of the Boarder last
evening of Police Inspector B inner jr-,
chief native investigator of the Indian
anarchistic plots. Baoneije wss shot to
death by three unknown nalives in a
crowded section of tbe city. The ter
rorists bave so frightened the Bengals
that witnessed the tragedy thst tbey
dsred not give information to tbe police.
Tbe activity of the terrorist* is s part of
the general campaign against English
control of Iodia,
Died from Hydrophobia.
Baltimore, Nov. 10.?Elmer Trogler,
a wealthy farmer, of M?reersburg, Pa.,
died at the City Hospital here today of
hydrophobia, Buffering all the agonies
which accompany the dreadful disease,
M-. Trogler was brought to this citv lste
yesterday aft. moon. At the hospital it
wss seen at once by the physicians that
he bad not the slightest chance of re?
covery, a* he bad developed the lut
stages of the malady.
New York Stock Market.
New York, Nov. 10.?London brutes took
about 26,000 shares and this induced pur?
chases of stocks by the trading element on the
door, causing the early fractional advances
all around the room, but the gains then made
were later lost under heavy selling by three
or four prominent commission houses, and at
the end oftbe first hour a change of position
by the room traders helped along the reactoo
and prices then showed moderate net meses
compared witb yesterday's closing. The in?
terests that have been committed to the ball
side for a long period were quiet buyers f g mi
on this decline.
Sick Headactn-.
This distressing diseue results from a
disordered condition of t*-e stomach,
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For Rent
FOR RENT?Furnished, nearly .new, two
story brick dwelling No. 411
noith Colamba* street, con?
taining six rooms and bath;
newly papered through ut.
Poetess?. December 1, 190..
FOR RENT ?Desirable three-story brick
dwelling No. _e o snath Pitt
street, corner Prince street,
containing eight rooms and
bath. Posses? on November
16, 1908.
FOR RENT-No. 1611 Duke atreet ext.nd*
ed, eight r. om frame dwelling;
witb nearly an acre of land;
stable in rear.
For Sale.
FOR SALE?Three tine building 1<>U on
north Columbus stieet (court?
house square) between Queen
and Princess. Etch lot baa a
frontage of 20 feet by a depth
of HO feet to an alley,
FOR BALE.?Two fine building lota on
Mount Vernon avenue, io Brad?
dock Heights; well located for
an idea' home.
FOR SALE.?Several fine building lota on
the east aide of south Alfnd
stree', between Wolfe and
Wilkes streets, which can be
purchase! on reasonable terms.
FOR SALE.-Three-'tory brick dwelling
No. 213 sooth Royal street, con?
taining eleven rooma and bath;
splendid condition.
FOR 8ALE.-Store aud dwelling No. UH
King atreet, containing ten
rooms and store room. A gool
location for a business of an y
For price and terms apply to
Room 3, Alexandria Nat'l Bank Bldg.
King and Royal Streets.
Bail 'Phone 234. Capital City 'Phone 124
A dispa'ch from Pekin iays the. Dow
iger Empress Tsu-Hsi is dangerously
ll. There ls small hope ot ,-er lecov
it j. *?
Col. W. F. Taylor, said to be dyiog
it Hot Springs, Ark., bu cut ob* his
wife, daughter of the late Geo. Logan,
tod left his estate to Miss Myrtle Platt,
lils "naree."
Datch traders have decided to boy.
sett ti arman goods owing to tbe un?
friendly altitude of the kaiser, u re?
vealed in his Interview In the London
Telegraph two weeks a jo.
Oared ol blindness, he says, by chris?
tian science Howard Chandler Obr'st,
the artist, is to become a convert to Mrs.
Eddy's cult. He ia a probationer now
but expects to be admitted to full mem?
bership soon.
Rev. Dr. Davis Thomu, editor of the
North Weetara Christian Advocate, of
Chicago, died today at St. Luke's Hos?
pital, St. Louis, from injuries received
last night when be was run down by an
aotomr/oile driven by Frank While, a
This is pony day at the National
Horse Soow io Madison Square Garden,
New York, aid the little sons and
daughtera of society filled the family
arena boxes to ove flowing thia afternoon
wheo the time arrived for the pretty
little animala to be exhibited and judged.
Eric H. R Mackay, who shot Poe!
mstter Edward M Mo-yan, of N. w
York, yesterday, kept Dr. G Jolley, of
Boston, the noted alienist io fi ar of, hie
life for three years. Mackay wu com?
mitted to the asylum by the doctcr. He
tried to murder the dott ir at the first
E. H. Hsrriman hu absolute control
over the electric power situation in Cal?
ifornia, according to a widespread report
which has brought forth no denial. It
is claimed be controls the Western Power
Oompany, owned by tbe West rn Pa?
irie, and all contracts with tbe power
concern hsve been tamed over to him.
Every stream io the mountains aval able
for power purposes ls claimed by one of
his corporations.
Rev. Payson Young, accused of making
love to Edna Clark, the art atadent who bat
been missing from her home in San Fran?
cisco for several weeks, has demanded aa in?
vestigation iu a lettsr to Bishop Nichols, of
the Episcopal diocese of California. The
minister claims his affection for the yoong
girl to bave been of a purely priestly char?
The agreement between France and Ger?
many for the settlement of the Casablanca
dispute was signed by both nations thia after*
Senator Platt says he expects President
Roosevelt or Secretary Root will su'ceeu him
in the United States Senate.
Two Italians?Joe Chirace and Frank
Oloi?railroad laborara, were found yes?
terday morning murdered, near Ripple?
mead, in ti.les county.
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or weak stomach, or in fact any form of stom?
ach trouble if you will take Kodol occa?
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W. F. Creighton k Co.
Wholesale Prices of Produce.
Flour Extra.. 4 00 a 4 26
Family. 4 76 a 600
Fancy brands. 626 a 6 76
Wheat, longberry.- 097 a 10,0
Mixed. 096 a 0 97
Fu.tt. 0 85 a 09O
Damp and tough. 0s3 a 087
Corn, white. 0 86 a 0 90
Mixed. 0 83 a 086
Yellow. 083 a 0 86
Oom Meal. 090 a 096
Rye..... 066 a 07O
Oats, mixed, new. 060 a 06.
White, new. 065 a 069
Elgin Print Butter. 082 a 034
Butter, Virginia, packed. 018 a 020
Choice Virginia.. 090 a 022
Common to middling. 014 a 016
Eggs. 0 24 a 026
Live Chickens (hana). 011 a 0 IS
Spring Chickens . 016 a 018
Potatoes, par nu. 90 a 1 00
Sweet Potatoes. 160 a 200
Onions, per bushel. 090 a 100
Apples, per bbl. 000 a 3 60
Dried Peaches, pealed. 010, a 014
Pork, per 100 lbs. 7 60 a 8 60,1
Bacon, country bama. 016 a 016
Beat sugar-cured hams. 016J a 016,
Breakfast Bacon. 01'ja 0 lt*
Sugar-cared shoulders. 0 10 a 0 10,
Bulk shoulders..... 0 tO a 011
Dry Salt sides. 012 a 000
Fatbacks. OH a OH
Bellies-. _.. 012, a OOO
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