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As slued yesterday rn circular, bear?
ing on the widely discussed prise essay
od General Lee, awarded by the com?
mit ee appointed by tbe United Daugh?
ters of tbe Confederacy to Mles Christine
Boy*on, of Minnesota, has been distrib?
uted throughout the Booth by Mrs. J.
Eiders Robinson, hutoriin general ol
the organization, urging the Daughter*
to abolish the annual price for historical
papers. Ihe circular recites certain
ala'ements made in tbe price essay tr
which particu;ar exceptions are taken
by tho Daughter*, such as, "intellectu?
ally ibe* Siuth waa practically dead;"
"mott ot of the p?o\Ae were densely
igDoiau';" "Robert E Lee iras a traitor
in that be sacrificed all to aid tbe ene?
mies of biscountry",and goee on toe.tite
tha* such contortion of history defeat?
the very purpose for wbich the price
was given?tbat is, a truthful reference
papfr. Mrs. Robinson maintains that
the per capita tax of the organisation
should not be used to encourage the
fa'siflcation of history. The pries ear-ay
on G.meta! Lee, to wbich exceptions are
taken, han crea'.ed more of a furoie
among the Daughters than any incident
which has taken p'a:e in the organiza?
tion in recant years. This, however, ia
mainly due to to the (act that such
promineut educators aa Dr. Elwin A.
Alderman, preaident of the University
of Virginia.and Dr. 0. Alphonso Smith,
professor of English at the University ol
North Carolina, were two out ol three
member* of the committee making the
award. Tbe other member of the com*
mitt <e wtii* Dr. Finney, of the College
ol New York city. B th Dr. Alderman
and Dr. S-nith bave made responses tc
the crititiim of the Daughters, both ttk
lng the ground tbat the price was axard
ed to thc raper which was best from a
literary standpoint, thoughtfulness and
general li'erary worth. The Daughters
however very properly maintain tbat
literary worth should not have been
placed above the truth of history, and
that the essay as a whole is a contra?
diction of almost all that is true of tbe
South aid ber people.
Ma ky land ia the most advanced
atate in the Union in the fight against
the "white pleagoe," according to a
bulletin issued by the National Associa?
tion lot the study and prevention of Tu?
berculosis. The state receives credit fer
being the first to adopt a practical regis?
tration law regarding tuberbulosis and jb
commended for ita ant spilling lases, and
the great sanatorium which haa been es?
tablished in the Blue Ridge Monntains.
Io speaking of the teglst-atlon law tbe
bulletin say?: "The most decided step
in tbe registration of tuberculosis wis
taken in 190-1 by the state of Maryland,
where a law was passed compelling the
reporting of tbe disease, and inflicting a
heavy finn for non-cempi'ance. This
law r. quires that the (tate board ol
health pay $1 to every physic'ao report?
ing a case of tuberculosis, an also that it
furnish him with literature and pre?
ventive aupplies for the use of his
The will of the late Mrs. Eva Smith
Cochran, one of the owners of the
factory ofthe A'exander Smith Carpet
Oompauy, in New York, bas occa?
sioned j iy among nearly the hun?
dred employees, wbo will be benefici?
aries. The following ia (he clause in
the will which caused tbe exultation :
I hereby (rive a il bequeath the som of
$1,000 to each and every employee of
the Alexander B nith *v ?*? ma Carpet
Co e-pany, who shall have been in the
employ of ta'd company for a period of
twenty years or longer at the time of my
decea-o and wbo shall still be in tbe em?
ploy of said company at the time ol my
die-ase, such legacies to be free of aoy
legacv or transfer tax which taxes I
direct the \ ayment of by my residisry
Bishop p. j. Doxahux, of Wheel?
ing, W. Va., in speaking on the divorce
q'u-tion, said be feared "general cussed
nisi" may soon be around for action.
Why, many men and women bave af.
cured divorcee In recent yet.r-1 e.n much
lee.* ground, lh*n that.
From Washington.
I Correspondent-* of the Alexandria Ga-*#tt*,)
Washington, Feb. 18.
lo tie opinion of members of tbe
S ate committee on commerce the qaea
tion of requiring all vessels carrying
pasier g-?r* 11 be equipped with wireless
te-lpj-rjij.il appara us as proposed in tha
bill p-isifd by tbe House on Mone_y, ts
?? much involved that it will be im
po?aible to give it proper consideration
at thi* session.
?i*ni*t.r Gery, of South Oarolina,
today ni-.de bia initial bow to tbe S?nate
aa au orator by dVcu'aiog the immigra?
tion pr -blero. He aaid the admission of
aliens had become a arrious question not
only on tbe Pacific coaat bat in all other
sections of ihe country
Presideot BoosmM tot'ay approved
a de-ign for a Linc In cent piece. It
will supplant the head ol Liberty which
has been on the cnn fer many years.
The Houae committee on mili ary a'
fairs rep irtrd favorably on m bill pro?
viding ilat ibe g ivtrement accept irons
tbe National Wouaen'a Relief Corp* tbe
land on which Anderson ville prison was
situated. It it a tract of 72 acres.
The Senate witbont debate adopted
tbe House resolution instructing tbe
conferee* on the legis'ative bill to take
into consideration the salary of the a:c
retar/ of state. The bill was then re?
turned to conference whew $8,000 in?
stead of $12,000 will be appropriated
for the secretary of state.
The President sent to the Senate todajr the
nomination of Qustavr* Schelle of Miunesota,
as third secretary of the embassy at Berlin.
Although inauguration day la two
weeks away, Washington bas done so
mach ot the work of preparing fir the
thousands of guest* who will go to view
the public pert of the ceremony tbat it
is not much of aa over-statement to say
Washington ia prnctlcft'lv ready now.
At every point i og Pee nsylvanla ave?
nue from which a viaw of the parade
caa be bad carpenters tere building stands
capable of Beating probably 50,000
p rsons. The average price par an! ll
$3; wherefore, the chances are that
$160,000 will be spent for aa oppor?
tunity of seeing the parade while sitting
in comparative comfort.
Tbere are but four stands that might
be called official. Three of tn<m are
on the east front cf the Capitol and one
in front of the White House, degress
as a body, provides tbe stand In front
of the east pertieo of the Capitol cn
which the oatii-'aking is djne. Oo
each s;de will be smaller stands, one
tarnished by tbe House of Representa?
tives and tbe othrr by the Ssnate.
The stand in (root of tbe White
House is under the control of the pres -
dent and on it the newly-sleeted presi?
dent reviews tbe procession ol military
and civic organiza'ions tbat bas esc ried
him from tho Capitol lo tbe Wbit
House. Ibe stand* In front of tbe
Treasury aud Department of Justice are
cooperative adair*, maraa-ed by the
clerks of those departments.
Dake Vladimir Alexandrovitch died
st St. Petersburg yesterday evening.
Death waa caused by asthma. On Tues?
day the grand dake participated in a
military parade.
Grand Duke Vladimir Aleiandrovitcb
oas tbe eldest ancle of Emperor Nicho?
las. He was born in S'.Petersburg
April 10, 1847. His father, E-upcr.
Alexander II., died by ast-assinati m la
18?a He was at one lime com_aader
in-cru'f of tbe Russian army at' tit. Pet
ersburg and wben on January 22, 1905,
otherwise known ta "B'oody Sunday,"
'be strikers of St. Petersburg undertook
to present to the emperor a petition for
tbe redress of their wrongs, instead cf
meeting tbe emperor they bal to desi
with Grand Duke V uiimir, aad the die
patches from Bt. Petersburg at tbat time
intimst d tbat he was responsible for tie
shooting down of 500 or more of the
rio'ers at the gates of tie Winter Palace.
The death of Orr nd Duke S rzius at
he bands of aa assassin in 1905 (8 tffl
us was a younger brother of Vladimi>)
a heavy blow to tbe grand duke and
probably had a good deal to do frith his
ill health of recent years. Another
brother, Grand Duke Alexis, died last
Wben the fleet enters Hampton Roa-fs
next Monday and ia reviewed by Presi?
dent Roosevelt it will form a procession
iver 10 miles iu length aud the review
by the president will occupy two and a
halt boura.
Ihe president, after receiving Rear
Admiral Sperry, the rear admirals com?
manding the divisions of the fleet and
the captains of each of tbe battleships
on beard the Mi)flower at 2 p. m. and
addressing them, will go aboard each of
the divivisional flagships of the fleet,
and addreas rn representation of the
officers and crews of the four ships
forming ia h division, who will assemble
on their flagships.
There will be 2G vessels, including
tbe auxiliary Yankton. The different
divisions of tbe fl -et will steam 800
yards apart and each of the vessels will
be spaced 400 yards apatt.
In the review tbe vessels will fire
1,743 guns in saluting the president.
The tender Yankton, preceding by
about 700 mile* the homecoming Atlan?
tic battleship fleet, passed in tho Vir?
ginia capes yesterday.
Virginia's total criminal expenses, aa
shown in the annual report of the
State Auditor, was $366,890.28 dur?
ing the fiscal year ending B ptember
30, 1908. Tbis is an increase of
$47,800 50 over the expenses dar?
ug the preceding year, and exiede
by nearly $60,000 the appropriat on
made by the legislature.
Tbe total expenses in the 100 counties
was $196,548 65, whiH tbat of tbe nine
teen cities amounted to $136,C09.31.
Tbe s'ate paid out $1,020.34 to bring
criminals back to Virginia from other
state*. The nesro reform school re?
quired $11,526 62, and tbe prison asso?
ciation of Virginia nqoir-d $21 285 46.
Tbe expenses of the cities lor tbe yr ar
was more than $20 000 greater tban
during ibe preceding year. Norfolk
heads the list with $40,629 97, ar.d
Richmond is second, with $87,153 48,
Newport News required oniy $9,110 28,
while Pettersbnig required but $8,598.
70. The expenses in the other fir ipa
were a* fellows: Alexandria, $2,965.
29; B'iatol, $1,090:71, B iena Vbtt,
$463 24; ditton Forge, $910 02; Ur?
ville $3 4S5 78; Fredericksburg, $1 -
511.85; Lynchburg-, $4,323 91; M rn
cbe*t?r, $'3,646.70; PniUmou'h, $5,
861.60; Roanoke, $9,248 40, Btoaotow,
$2 411.62; Williamsburg, $344 83;
Winchester,, $703 29; Charlotlesveile,
$1,805 89; Radf f. 1744 25.
A Preparation Discovered That Will
Destroy the Dandruff der m.
F*r some tin*, it ha* keen known that
dandruff ia eauieJ by a germ that digs up
the scalp Urta little white flakes, and hy sap?
ping the vitality of the hair at the r ot,
'-au?es falling hair, and, of course, finally
baldness For yoari there have been all
kin-** of hair stimulants and ara)p tonic* on
the marke', bot lhere has b?-en no permanent
cure for dandrnf) ontil th* dincov*ry if a
preparation called Kewhro's Ht-rpicdr,
which iotamyt tkodaadrafl gtrm. l>e*troy
the *ause, the efl rt will cease f?exi*t. Kill
the dandrtjfl Mt* and you'll have no dan
drutt, uo it ling *oalp, no falling hair.
L. Allen A Co., agent
Two tixe-t 50c. and $1.00. Pend 10c in -
for sample to The iierpioide IV., Detroit.
Mich._ 160
Becaus* th* young woman willi whom lie
was in love had broken th-ir engage-i mt
Chaoncto Hradi. of Jeraey City, committed
?uMiide by ?w allowing carbolic aold. j
News of the Day.
A man in Washington was yeaterday
| refused a license to marry hia step
mo: her.
The naval bill carrying total appro?
priations of about $136,000,000 was
pissed by the S-mat-o yesterday after
1 a 'lng been under consideration for
three days.
A farewell a'mosphere pervades the
White Hcuse executive office*. The
personal belongings of the president
and his family are being packed and tent
to Uyster Bay.
Demand for the immediate tr. sion by
Oongrees of a perera^eat tariff commls
kion vras voiced yesterday in resolutions
adopted by tbe tariff commission con?
vection io session in Indianapolis.
Fifty-four chauffeurs, employed by
tbe Terminal Taiicab Oompany in
Washington yesterday went on a strike.
They walked out following a refusal
fusil on the j art of their em*, byers to
res'ore their former scale of wages.
Robert H. Terrell, colored, who bsa
b?en a joaiica of ooe ofthe magistrate
courts ol Washington for the last seven
year*, "Bas beeo appoin'ed a jadge of the
Municipal Court of the District ol Co?
lumbia, which has jost been created by
an act of Congress.
Favorable report oo the Canadian fish
series treaty waa ordered yesterday by
ihe Senate foreign relatioua committee
EffortB will be made to secure its ratifi?
cation at this session but if opportunity
does not cfl'r it will be consider-el at tbe
special session of Congress in March.
By a joint reailutirn passed by the
House yesterdsy. the secretary of state
is directed tn invite the governments of
France and Great Britain to pirMclpate
in the celebration ofthe 300th anniver?
sary of tbe discovery of Lake Obamp'ain
to be held at Plattsburg, N. Y., and
Burlington, Vt., daring the first week
in July.
Tbe House yesterday a'opted saan
-*no ntracnt to tho penal code a provision
(bat no employees of common carri* r?
-t-a'l deliver any intoxicating l'quor to
any other tba*) the person to whom it
has been consigned, and that upon all
shipments of Iq nor there el all be placer
labels declaring accu-ately tbe contenla
of tbe package*.
Garncimo, -be no'ed Ind'ao chief,
died yesterday at Fi r Sill, Oklahonra,
where bt> had been confined as a prisoner
of war fer a number of years. Gnonim
died of pneumonia at the' hospital at the
army post. He was buried in tbe Indian
cemetery ueer tbe fort today by Christian
misaicna'les, Geronimo having professed
religion three years ago. Geronimo
war chief of the Apaches, was captured
with h's band at Skeleton Canyon, Ari
zca, twenty-two years ago, having sur?
rendered to Gea. Nelson A. Miles after
a three thou?aod miles cbas".
Four children?three of one fannily
were drowned at 6 o'clock last night, in
?-.-.nd Piind, in tue village o! Norwood,
about six miles from Providence, R I.
The children?Lillie Hansen, 15; R n
ghelda Hansen, 14; Axed Hsnsen, 12,
and Gilbert Johnson, 15, the latter Cli?
me- ?were> pupils in tbe Norwood gram
mar rchr ol, and had gone directly to tbe
pond, a halfmile away, at the close ol
? he afternoon session. They passed tho
afternoon skating. They decided to go
the length ofthe pond, when tho icc
gave way, and a'l fell in. One boy wbo
went to tbeir rescue narrowly escaped
drowning. ^^^^
Virginia Mew**.
Charles E. James, of Waterford,
Loudoun county, died on Tuesday at his
home, near that place, aged 80 year*
Mrs. L. Jaae Osbutn, widow of
Harrison Osborn, died on Tuesday at
ber home, In Round Hill, from pneu?
monia, aged 60 years.
The Air Line Manufacturing Com?
pany's Port Norfolk furniture factory
was humed yesterday with Ima estimated
at $75,000 to $100,000.
Mr*. Vf. Henry Venable, formerly
Him Whyte, of Richmocd, wife of a
Richmond lawyer, dropped dead at her
home in Norfolk, yesterJay. She had
tecentiy sud red from grip.
William Smith and John Johnson,
tbe former a white man, formerly a
merchant at Wa'son, in Loudoun coun?
ty, were yesterday convicted lhere of
burning a dwelling owoed by James W.
Ferguson, near Watson. They were
each sect*-nced to four and one-half years
io the penitettisry.
Messrs. I) ivis 4 Davis, Washington
latent attorneja, report the grant, this
week, to cit's-cs of tbis state, of the
following patent-; D. W. Aldermin,
of Covington, siiding-door fattener; R.
W. Coffee, of Richmond, circuit con
t oller, and H. C. Frezier, of Baas
City, window-[aoe fastener.
"Belleview," tbe residence of Mrs.
Belle Gross, wife of the late J)hu W.
Goss, for years a prominent farmer of
r orlbern Alb* rra-Ie, was destroyed by
fire Wednesday evening together with
ibr-re outhouses. In attempting to de?
scend from the top of the porch, where
she bad gone to mil for help, Mrs.
Gos* slipped and fell, breaking her
right leg. Thc children cf the house?
hold, aided by the neighbors, aaved
most of the furniture in the rooms on
tbe first flo ir Mrs. Gross's loss will be
between $3,000 and $4,000, covered by
The seventh anneal meeting of the
Virginia Horse Show Association was
beld in the cabinet room of tbe New
Will-'a-d Hot*-), Washington, yeaterday
afternoon. The following officers were
elected: Charles Molliken, of Bryce,
presideot; Joel M. Cochran, of Charlot?
tesville, vice president, and Arthur L.
Wartbam, of Front Roja', secretary.
The ds'es assigned to the different shows
arr: KV*wick, Ma- 12; L?eaborg, June
2 and 8; Culpeper, July 5 aod 6; Orange,
Joly 23 aod 29; Charlottesville, Augu-t
4 and 5; Fr >nt K'ya', August ll and
12; B rryville, Augu-t 17, 1$, and 19;
U{ per ville, August 25 and 26; Warren
on, September 1 and 2; Petersburg,
September 9 and ll.
Bise-d on figures obtained through tbe
tta'e bunao of vital statistics, it ii c ;>?
se-r-atively estimated that the annual
oas to Pennsylvania from two unnec ?
s ry diseases?tabercolosii and typhoid
fever?is $42,000,000, or $6 apiece for
every person within the borders of Ihe
luis encrmoo* som,wbich ls based
on tbe value of lives aod time t-ken hy
these two diseases, does not include the
money s->ent for medieal ctr-, drug-,
nursing, feeding aid funerals, nf which
latter may foroisbed last yesr 13,819, er
au average of forty-aix for eaca week
Sixtieth Congress.
Waahiogton, Feb. 18.
Io reporting the pension appropriation
bill to the S nate toduy, tne committee
which hts bad Hm*. m*tt*-r in charge
has aga'n goos od record unanimous'y
io opposition to the House plan of con
soliJaing the 18 pension agencies
br.iugbout tbe conntry iu one office to
be established is this city.
The bill ss reported carrie* apprc
priatHiM $2,145,000 lees tban tbe tot il
f r ls t y?-ar. The i.et mttXtmtt in the
pension r Hs doting tbe year is reported
to have been 15,684 although 38.682
new names bave been added, 18,807 of
which were those of widows made
pensionable under the act of last year.
Ssnator Ls Follette continued bis cru?
sade of enlightenment tor-a? when Mr.
Penrose called up tha p-wtoffice appr -
pra.ion bill for consideration. He said
the bill crrylng $226,000,000 waa re?
ported iast evening and it waa proposed
to pa ie it today. It has been in posses?
sion ot the committee 20 days aad tne
Sen*t> was allowed no opportunity for
examination. He r quested thst the
bill go over one day so S?nators might
inspect its provision*.
Senator Penrose said tbe bill came
over from the House on Jannary 28 and
had been ace ssl ble to all senators.
There hr-d been few changes, be said,
and only $56,000 added lo the bil).
Tbe bill was taken up on motion, bot
LaFollet-e objectrJ to dispensing with
thc Anal reading.
S oator Penrose then sarcastically re?
marked that be (hoped the Senator
would remain in bis seat and attentively
listen to the reading.
Senator LaFollelte hotly replied that
he would discharge his public duties as
he saw them and no senator oo the
floor would prevent him from doing bo.
Immediately after the House convened
t day at ll o'clock, Mr. Dalzell, for Va
committee on rules, presented a spc* isl
mle designed to cletr tbe com pl ct. ted
situation as to tbe salary of the secretary
of state, discovered yesterday in the
House eluting consideration of the con?
ference to report on tbe legislative, exec?
utive, judic:ai and appropriation bill.
Tbe r solution proposes tba' the House
insist npoo its disagreement to tbe
S-nate's action in increasing salaries, nsk
a funner conference, aud instruct the
c->i.fti tea?the SeDae concurring?to re?
gard a* a di-ajre->ine:it that portion of
tbe bill appropria ing $12,000 for the
secretary of stst ?.
Oo the previous question, Mr. Wil?
liams made tbe point of no quorum aud
the roll call waa began.
The previous question was ordered,
after a vote of 167 ayes and 107 noe*-,
and under tbe rule*, 20 minutes debate
was allowed ti each side.
Mr. Dalzell insisted that there wai no
necessity for spending very much time
ia the discussion of '.he proposition.
The adoption of tbis rule becomes neces?
sary io trier to relieve the House aud
Senate of a tangle in which tbey have
become involved, He explained tout
with a co'current resolution tbe con?
ferees con ld be given power to correct
the matter.
Mr. Williams, ssid he fol- proud to be
a member nf a i gielitive house which
was called to assist in the s-lettioo of s
Cabinet. He humorously rsferred to tic
complicated knet aa justly deserved by
the men wbo bad sought to eva Ie tbe
constitution. "Bjatiog the devil around
the stump," he said, "is always a tortu?
ous and someiimes a difficult proceed
Mr. Fitzgerald, threw a bomb into
the camp of the republican leaders by
declaring that the Dslzsll reaolu'ion
was illegal, inasmuch as it combined
both a Hons; resolution and a concur
rent rrsolut'on in one measure. He
quoted the federal statutes to show 'hot
such a proceedore was forbidden.
S-ldom hes the republican aide and
(be rules committee beeo beld up io
such biting seora aod such withering
sarcasm as in the speech of Mr. Fitz?
"The whole proceedings," he said,
"havo been monstrous. Of course the
committee on rules would cot be ex?
pected to bs familiar with (be revised
statutes as to tbe form of resolutions."
The New York repres-rntstive then read
fro-n a ponderous tome the language of
the law.
Mr; Fitzgerald fa'led to secure a re?
commitment of the resolution on the
ground that it wis wroogly drawn, the
speaker holding it wai: correct.
After further defa'e the Dalz-ll reso?
lution was adoptei by a rota of 182 to
During tbe course of the deba'e on
tbe resolution word came from the White
House tbat tbe president had signed the
enabling act passed on Monday, reduc?
ing the islary of the secreary of state to
$8,000. This makes it more than ever
necessary to kill tbe provision for $12,
000 in tbe legis'a'ive bill.
The House tock up the bill for codi?
fication of the pens' code, already passed
by the Sanat.-.
By a decisive veto ihe McCall amend?
ment abolishing the death penalty in
capital caies over which the federal gov?
ernment haa jurisdiction, waa defeated.
Negroes will probably bi debarred
from *? rvice on Bouthcrn juries as are
suit of an amendment to tbe penni code
proposed by the House tbi* afternoon.
The bili cootained a piovisioo that
no citizin jboald b" disqualified for ser?
vice on aoy jury "oo account of race,
color, or previous condition of servlce
tade," and provides for a penalty for
exclusion of such persons.
B ir,lett proposed an amendment re?
pealing this section. It was passed by
tbe Housa with a vice voce vote.
Ou Wedneslay. February 17, MW, at 9:30
p. m., JOHN F. Me-RRISSKY. ag* I 36
year*. The funeral will take pla-e from St,
Mary's rhurrhat9 o'clock Saturday morn
ng, when there w il be a requiem high mas*.
Friends and relatives ?re invited to attend.
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Cur isle by Vf. F. Creight jo A Oo. snd
Richard Gibson.
Today's Telegraphic News
Conservation Conference.
Washington, D. O.Foi. 18 -Having
ea its object the preliminary steps in
trratie* between tbe Uoit-d States,
M-xico and Canada, Ibat will plasti?
cally eliminate the "twilight tone" be?
tween this country sud her neighbors in
so far as litigation concerning water
waib, forest* aod public lands are con?
cerned, the first North American Cou
arm*, ion Oonfi-renc-i met today at tbe
White Hoose. Aller formal greetings
wen exchanged between the representa?
tives of the foreign countries aod Presi?
dent Roosevelt, the conference met at
the S ate Department where it will bo in
session until tbe end of the week.
The conference is composed of nine
commissioners, three fr rm each conntry.
Chief Forester G ffnrd Pinchot is chair?
man of the United S'a'.es commission
aod Secretary of the Ioterior Garfield
and Secretary of State Baoon are the
other two members.
It.'o d.!fga ions brought extensive
map* and pimpblets with them to show
what their respective govemmonts had
done in tr; way of the conservation of
aatural resources.
Secretary Bicon presented the dele?
gates to President Roosevelt.
The president made an address calling
the attention of the delegates to the
problem of conservation, which he de?
clared is the biggest problem of modern
times. He expended tbe warm thanks
of the Uoited States to Canada and
Mexico for their ready response t) bis
invitation to participate in tbe confer?
ence aod expressed the hope that much
good would come of it.
The conference was addrosssi on it*
opening later in tbe Diplomatic Room
of the Stato Department by Chief Fores?
ter Pincbo who ontliued what Lu?
be-en done in tbe United S ates in the
way of saving tho natural resources nf
the country for tho u-e of future genera?
The visiting commissioners, members
of the president's cabinet and others re?
The com na Vs on got down to actoal
work this a'teroooo when tbe mess ef
documents presented by tho representa?
tive* of the three powers wire goneovcr
I* is likely that the msjotity of the
ns of the coolerence will he execn
'ire because of ibe delicate features of
ths international ssp<-rt of the situation.
Tonight Pre-id t Boost rolt wiil give
a supper at ibe White House to the
visiting commisrioaers immediately after
the army aod cavy reception.
Tomorrow, thi* president will give a
luncheon al the White House in their
honor and Secretary of S ate Bar-on will
give a dinner in their honor tomorrow
At the close of ths cinference tia ur
dsy nigh., Caief Forester Piacbot will
give a dinner in honor of the foreign
The English Suffragettes.
London, Feb , 18 ?A woman, giving
the name of Miss Grags Johnson, acd
her a'dress aa too Uaitsd S'.utes, was
a-" ? ed t - I other women in
an at ampi .1 ? rt _ tte raid on Premier
*??squ:th'a h iui ? iu Downiog street.
Maa J dmsnn ?< ya tho is simply
visiting in London and took no part io
tho demonstration. Ths raid, despite
the fact that it bad b?en extensively
advertised, wss not the success that it*
promoters hr-d anticipated. The women
moved against the house from every
direction, bot found s heavy cordon ol
pol ce tbere all about the residence. The
"bobbies" flung the women back as fast
?a they approached their lines. A num?
ber nf small outbreaks occurred between
the suffragettes and isolate! police, and
traffic wss ti* ti up in Downing street for
more than hoor.
The suffragettes say tbey merely want?
ed to ask tho premier why the king's
speech opening parliament on Tuesdar
made no mention of "vote* for women."
A trial was Immediately ordered for
the wt men arrested and they appeared
io polee court. They all were fined
?nd on thei-* refusal topsy the fines,
were sentence] to jail for terma of from
two weeks to a month.
Three Person* Burned to Death.
Wheeling, W. Va , Feb. 18.?Io e
fire wbic'i des royed a Slavish miner's
borne, following a powder explosion, io
tbe L<-wis Findlay coal mine in Col?
liers, W. V*., early today, three persons
were burned to death aod four others
fatally bumed. The house was burned
to the ground and a score or more bad
a narrow cscare with their lives. The
dead are: Mchael Rupkoski, Mrs.
Annie Rupkoski. and a yoong child ol
thc Rupkoskis. The f*a ally burned are
Jobn Wilkoskl, Mrs. Joha Wi!
koski, Ieador Koski, and Andy Polok.
Tbe hoose was a twr-s'.ory doable frame
structure and occupied by a large num?
ber of Slavish miners employed in the
mine of the Liwis Findlay Oompany.
Mrs. Rupkoski went to the cupboard
today and in son es manner ignited a can
of powder which wis silting on a shelf.
rhe explosion which followed blew out
the whole side of the h jase and set the
itroctore ablaze. Io an almost incred
ble spate of time, the hoose wa* in
dimes, aod it was ooly a few mloutee
rotil it was burned to the ground.
Tba Persian Revolt.
St. Petersburg, Feb. 18.?A mea* age
rom Teheran today reports ao a>-my of
evolutionists marching against tbe espi?
al from Isfahan. Ihe ahab's cossacks,
inder command of Gol. Liakh< fl, are
ortifying tbe espial and slaioning
irtillcry in commanding positions.
Ibe most serious feature of tho situs
ion is the disf*ff>tt!on in Tehetao,
vbich promises to become an opea re
rolt if the revolutionists begio a siege of
he city.
Fur fear tia' ibe prospective fi^htir-g
fill sr use a vie lent aoti-foreign feeling,
ill the legation officials and foreign res;
lents are arming themselves.
The revolutionist army (sonder the
eadership of Simpson Khan, who fer
evrral mrnths has beeo at the brad of
.a independent government in Isp*! an.
Fight at ? Christening.
Phil?d?lphin. F*b. Il?Over-indulger.oe of
iquor a' a Poliah christening ra'eOr-.tio '
iris- tod*y le 1 t.. a t-ho -ting aflray as a result
fwhi.h three mao ar* diing in th
di. They are Michael Plecho k, i
lied in the h*?d and che?t, Ab-.
>cioSan>.- .ls in the cheat and
e*-e slashed nt. John Dobzki,
tab wound in abdo*n a
New York Stock Market.
York,Fer*. 18 ?Increased weakness
eveloped in the first hoor of the sleek I
larket, jelling preasnre co-ding from many j
)ir*.e*, and prier uovemant* in all the itn '
?tues we-e at materially low*r l*v*l?,
T ie Market.
(Hor^stown, D, C., Tow, ll.-Wheat lQf-11*
The Cooper'Sharpe Trial.
Naahville, Tenn., Feb. 18.?Confront,
io*-* tbe atk racys fer the defense with a
Hood of oew evidence, the state tcday
called seven new witnesses in tbe tria'of
Ooi. Duncan B Cooper, Robin J. Cooper
and J. D. Sharpe. Tbe evidence which
they gave was not adduced in tbe hear?
ing for tail, and several witness-*** called
todsy were not included in Ihe Hat of
names on the subpoena list as read in
the opening of the trial.
Tho nature ol the testimony furnished
by the witne>ses haa bean extremely
d imaging, and hts pltinly shown that
Ho defeodants, the two Coopers and
flhttrpe, tad applied epithets to fermer
Sm ator Carmack, aod usually with the
cm eluding statameut tbat he "ought to
be dead and in hell."
Miss Daisy Lao, stenographer lor J.
0 Bradford, uncle of Robin Cooper, and
Mis* Dorie Br*xtoo, domestic in the
!? i.-ni. of R. L. B ireh, son-in-law of Col.
1) II Co-per,dealt the hardest blows to
the defen?e>.
Miss Lee swore that she heard Col.
Cooper corse Carmack aod Miss B.-axten
heard Col. Cooper talking to his daughter.
Gae statement which she trifled tbat
the colonel made, wsa ti the efl wt thal
Guroack was as liable to get killed as
be was, ami that certaioly his daughter
lid oot waot him to lay down bis man?
hood. Tho*:> startling developments
bave lent au added interest to the case,
if this were possible, and the opening of
o ni rt today saw tbe chamber and gal
I. rica packed. Many spectators brought
their lunchoms and were prepared to
miss oo dett-.ll of the day's proceeding*.
The sensation cf the trial today was fur?
nished hy th* attorneys for the elefeu*-*.-, who
developed the testimony thal, after tie
trugidy, while tho clothing of Carmack, waa
beina examined, ? rubber pistol-shield wa*
f.iuii'i in 0'ie of ihe pocket*, of the overcoat,
.le pite the fact that the clothing had been
minutel? examined by the undertaker before
the state'* attorney and again io hi* estah
li-hmc t
The r-ueaiio-ilng hy the (tate's attorney left
tbe i fer* nee that the clothing wa* tampered
with i.fter having beeu kokej inf the under?
taker* clo-et?that perhaps the shield wm
put into th< pocket for th* very purpose t>
which the attorney* for the defense tamed it.
The Fleet.
New York, F>b 18. ?The United
Wlri*!c->B Oimpuny today ga's out the
following dispatch received from the
flagship Connecticut, under data of
February 17:
"Admiral Arnold's Atlaotic squadron,
tho Maine, New Hampshire, Idaho,
uri and Salem, joined Admiral
Sperry's around the world fleet at 10
o'clock this morning 938 miles from
Cape Henry. The flagship Connecticut
sighted a column of smoke coming up
out of the west which proved to bs the
welcoming rquadron, and, within an
hour, the six ships of Arnold's squadron
came on in lioe abreast formation.
Aa tbe two dirisions of the U ilted
S'atea navy come within a mile of each
other, the Maine, Admiral Arnold's
flagship, broke out the aJmiral'a flig tn
Admira' Soerry on the Connecticut and
fired a salute ot 13 gua*. Tbe Connecti?
cut answered with the same number.
Admira1 Arnold ordered his tqnadron
11?x'.cute a right fl mk movement, and
thr- wing took up their postim ks the
t..i"i squadron ofthe fl ret, 1,000 yards
ti ihe 8'firbca-d of tbe line of the first
? qnudr-n. Admiral Arnold ia now
second In c-mtrand of ths fl-et, and his
fl-et, and bis ??hip, the Miine, fl es the
red Ha e.
The iine of the rqnalroD.'s couran is
now north, 75 west. A modei ate south?
west breezi is kioking np a choppy sea,
bot the wea'.ber is fair, and the fleet is
expected to arrive ofl the capes oo the
eve of Febroary 21.
\ later dispatch at eight o'clock last
night stated that the flset was at tba'
hour just 030 miles from Hampton
Roads. The combined fl**et was main?
taining a spread of ten and one half
Newport, B, I., Feb. 18.?The wire?
less operator in the naval Torpedo
S'atioo, tere, picked op the Idaho of
the United .States Atlaotic fleet, this
afternoon. A message giving the loca?
tion of the fleet as 250 miles south of
Newport in latitude 38 40; longitude,
70 10, was received. This leaves the
the fleet about 705 mile* from Hampton
Roads. ____________
Tho President-elect.
Cincinnati, O., Feb. 18 ?President?
elect Taft arrived in Cincinnati tbis
morning from Washington. This will
be bis final visit to his home hefVre his
iraogurition Judge Taft will remain
here until Si'urday evening, when be
leaves for Philadelphia to stay there and
n New York until the inaugura'ion
At 6 o'clock this evening the ceremonies
will begin which will make Taft a
M ison at sight. Many of tha moa: emi?
nent Masons io the Uoited States will b*
prrseat. Toa'ght Judge Taft will at?
tend the brilliant Knights Templars ball.
Bank Preaident Coes to Jsil.
Freehold, N. J., Feb. 18.? A'-r
fighting B'Most imprisonment psst five
years, Albert C. Twining, president of
the defunct Monmouth Trust and Sife
Deposit Compaoy, of Asbury Park, N
J , who was sentenced to aix years in
s'a'e prism In 1903 for exhibiting false
minot's ofa direct r's meeting to a bank
examiaer, gave himself ap today. Twin?
ing has been rn fugitive from justice
since two weeks ago, when a final s'ay
of sentence was refused. Immediately
upon his surrender, he was taken to
The Earthquake In Asiatic Turkey
Coosiaii inople, Feb. 18?The earth?
quake in the vilayet of S.vas, in north?
ern Asiatic Turkey, destroyed at least a
thousand booses io the Suaberif district
though but few person* were killed, ac?
cording to narre defio ts information -re
cMvtd here, loila*. The shock occurred
oo Tuesday, aod early report* gave tbe
number of killed at 30. Today's new:
dora not increase thia total.
Mrs. Lemp Granted a Divorce.
St. Louts, F. b. 18.?Mrs. William
J. Lemp seas today granted a divorce bv
Hitchcock. She is giveo $?,000
yearly a'imony and the custody of her
bod, William J. Lemp, II., bot tbs
fathsr is to rave the chili fr rn 9 a. m.
Saturday until 6 p. m. Sunday of each
week. Lemp will give sis'!), OOO bond
to gaitaaee prompt payment of the
alimony. _"
The manager *>( the Stanley Coal
Mine ot New C*s e, Eng., have placed
the fatalities resulting from Tuesday'*
explosion at 150. Four mote bodies
were recovered toda.--, making 42 that
bave been takeo from tb-s min*-. Tbere
is no h pe of reacting any of iho*e who
are still in Die mice. It is believed
that they ara already dead.
Negro Electrocuted.
[Special Dispatch to ths Alexandria Oacette]
Rchmond, Vs., Feb. 18? Cbarle*
Gilliapie, a negro, who was sentenced to
death a month ago for having attacked a
yoong lady in thia ci'y, was executed in
the electric chair at tue penitentiary this
morning io the presence of the prisou
officials, two physicians, twelve citizens
and two colored min Utera.
Ramsey Declared -Quilty.
Pitlsbaig, Pa., Feb. 18.?W. Vf.
Ramses -ne former bunk president who
was charged wita bribing councilmen to
secure tbe selection ot the German
NV tiona! Baok ot Pittsburg as a city
depository, today was found guilty by
a resealed verdict returood late yeater?
day afterno ju sad read st tbe opening
of court tbis morning. The trial of the
notorious council?aiic graft cases laated
ooiy two daya.
Challenged by ? Woman.
S . Petersburg, Feb. 18 ?A woman
member of tbe recent Equal Right*
Cocgress today telegraphed from Mariu?
pol, challenging to a dael N. Parish
kevisb, a leadiog member of tbe
dooma for an alleged insulting leter
which Purisbihkvitch wrote to Mme.
Filesofo'a, the organizer of thecongreaa. ?
Purishktvi'.e-h says he will pay no at?
tention to the challenge.
We'll lay the jok* abont tb* jul*p ba lb*
camphor balls at last.
And acknowledge th* wont ii on us aud tks
good old daj* h*r* p***ad.
Tkat which "made our old town faiu?u? '
not a drop will Virginia ??*,
For its a Jiule mo:e tban ?b*ky in 'Keu
luck' sud Tennessee,
Oh the colonel and tbe ju lg* eau do naught
but heave a sigh.
Wh*a the dust iu their throat* doth rattle
nkta Virginia go** dry.
By tbs dill (ide in Old Virginia all will bs
(* I*-nin a* in death,
A nd the bree** from mountain bellew* will
l**ar no clove tinge on il* brea'h,
And ah* cocktail will not linger nor tb* fba_
_ liquid food,
They, together with ta* high ball will vaniib
to tbe wood*,
We'll no longer ie* tb* big (iga* a blaaiag ia
Wbich wy.'"Drink Pare Ky* Whiskey," if
Virgioia go** dry.
It will ba arda water *v*rywb*r* tatil
our heart doth ihrink,
Fer we'll no longer hear the triokle < f that
mellow, crystal drink,
N* siore yoor wife will toold you for ita*.lug
mt io lat*,
tonuwliert old 1 ger flowath but not ia
lb moll --'Itt*,
For tkeu for bread sud hort* f*?d theg will
?ow boto cora and ry*,
?nd tb* n*int lied will make a pasture wh**>
Virgtnl* go*?dry.
At th* club all will b* *ol?a*n th*r* may
b* ? ela ia tb* air.
And it'* no use to be wishful for you'll gat nw
li.j'i.ir there,
Tb* eggnog will b* uogles* and it will only
ho>d ths egg*,
And th' bottle* aud jug* will vanish witk tks
birr?l*and the keg*,
There'll be mcenshine in the meadow?not
the kind that'* made of rye,
Aid rhe pt-.-iuh bowl will held a bau*,ui-t
if Virginia gie* dry.
Thea w*'ll not jok* about the julep whiek*
will go ?*-way from h?re,
For we'll have no Tom and Jsrry ner a drip
of good old beer,
And the out- kind of high ball will bsa
wave i-f tbe right band
?nd tbe Water Wa^.-n'a ru mb: aa wilt b.i
beard throughout the land,
The corkscrew will get rmty aud tbe Co!*a*l'
ti*-': will nigh,
For Alexandria will be dusty when Virginia
aoei dry.
-.-?______-_?_- H-*
The Sioth Jersey Flying Davi! has
appeared in the neighborhood of New?
ton, and there are two men ready to
vouch for it. They are Charles Bibbin*,
who lives near tbe village cemetery, and
Joho Edgertoo, the Baleville village
blacksmith. These two men say they
saw the creature at a late boar of the
niwhi io a lonely place. A whirring acd
hi-<8ing were tbe first sounds tba* th y
heard, according lo Robbins. Ti - u
away to tho southward they saw a bia lc
figure* loom op against the gray sky.
lta.-iidly tbe figure grew larger, aod th u
suddenly swooped down w th a clatter
sad flup of the wir-gs, landing io a fi 1.1
not forty yards aw. y from them. P*ra
iyed with fear, the two men fell to the)
groucd and lay there foe-some momeots,
not dating to move. Theo, with a sound
like a railroad tiaio letting * fl the ar
brakes, the thing took flight again,
flipping its hage batlike wings seeming?
ly with great effort.?[lbia aerial non?
descript ii said to bave made its appear?
ance in certain rarts of tbis city several
years azo. lu last appearance, accord?
ing to eyewitnesses, waa in the vicinity
of Spring Pa-k.]
Tbe Japanese lattleships Fuji aod
Tokiwa struck on tho rocks early (Feb?
ruary 10) according tu m dist a ch rr
c-ived at Tokio today. The aciVn'
occurred near the ialand of Oiumi. B tu
ve-se-ls r<-!urutd to Areik3 bay, whew
repairs ar< being huiriod. The danae
is not Ber ?",
Willi*? .'. I/impre^ht, of I.arapreeht
Br*.tilers, A -xi., of Cleveland, wbich recentlv
suspended, formady announce! the sur-peu*.
sin-i on the New York Stock Ef-b,*nge. to.iai
5EVERAL goo 1 solicitor* for a wide awake
piopoa tion. Any on- man or woman rut
of work, or who want to fe ter th*-ir income*
call any *. in b tween 9 tad IO o'clock lt 114
?outh south St. Asaph stre* t. ll*
I *!KHH _OG8.
From Amhtr tcoanty every day. Kelsi1.
ia<r tndty at 28 couta per doten. _,,, a^ Qt
THOMA.--*, 919 King street, febll tm
ll'lt'-^K 912 Prim^ street.
Applv at 1225 King ??.rest.
febl7 lt*_ _
LOST.-a PEARL P08ARY coming from
ft. Mary'* I hui-ch. Monday. 9 a. m.
February 15th Finder pteaac return to Ul
north f olumbu* street._ rabid St*
At 12o'el<-ck ra . on Saturday, Mtrch 9,
1909, in front of the Market Building, on
{oyal airest, tbe
will bs rented for the ensuing twelve month*.
The rentor will oe required to furni'h m te?
ri*' for and 1 >y platform sufficiei t to neena
ni udale the trade. All paraway* mo* be kepi
open free from obstruction. The reitor to
S'S t no building* within a leas diatance thsn
7d feet from the south front. No privilege
for tbe sale of liquors will be granted inoon
-istent with the Jaws of tbe city on ths rab
ject |
The rentor will lo required to mov* tbe
offal within ta ru urs, and none of it (ball be
thrown mlo the river,
Pot-ae?ion wi'l he given at on*-e.
No bids will he coi siderel miles* the hid
ill be known or vouched for to tb*
?uot*one? r aa. r*-apon-ible.
11.- right to rvject any or all bid* is re?
All article* landed on the wharf for th* u*s
of the city ti Yt (tee from wharfage.
Terms: C**h. payable immediately after
Ihe i ile
[ly ord*.- of the joint Committee <n Publio
Property. CHA*}. B. MA RhH a LL,
tsbll td Cnairaaa.

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