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The scene iD the Young People'
Building hst night was one long to b
remembered i y all wbo mingled in tb
happy gathering which participated ii
the closing act of the observance of th
22d of February. Tue auditorium o
tbe building bad been metamorphose*
into a banquet ball where Masons frou
diilerent sections of the world met
parted aud uttered thrilling truths con
cr ming tbe principles of an historic in
s.lunion tbe tenets ol which have frnn
time immemorial been world-wide
Representatives of the fraternity wen
present from Massachusetts, Oklahomi
and other states of the union, while i
native of far-away Ohina mingled witt
brethren of the Occident. Every on<
who took ? prominent part in thc
exercises seemed attuned to his number,
and while the responses to the toast*
were impromptu, there was no faltering,
and tbe words uttered were trulj
ex animo. Tbe speeches were brief bul
pregnant with beautiful aod apt illus,
trstions and references, and the exclama
tiona uf appreciation were loud and
hearty. Alexandria-Washington Lodge
never conceives or executes anythirj
ia a nalf-hca-ied manner. Wbatevei
is attempted enlists the energy and en?
thusiasm of its members, and last nigbt'f
festivities were justly noted by all pres?
ent a- among the most successiul of the
annual entertainments given by tbi
fraternity in this city.
During tbe current public discusser
of the pros and cods of a permanent tari!
commiesion in connection with the prob
lem of revision before the new congress,
Mr. Andrew Carnegie bas proposed the
crea'ion of a supreme industrial court,
which eventially would have to pan
opon prices. After referring to the ab?
surdity of leaving the question of tarif*
revision to the tender mercies of legit
tors having no technical knowledge 0/
the subject and misled by interested
parties, Mr. Carnegie, taking tbe role
of prophet, said:
The industrial world is about ti un?
dergo the most momentous change kuown
in its hiatrry. * * * We are rapid?
ly losing competition in articles of gen?
eral consumption upon which nanon*
have hitherto depended to iosure reason?
able prices for the conenmer. Some ot
our most important industries are toda
only nominally competitive, and in real?
ity are monopolies so far that an under?
standing exists as to prices tbat will pre?
Mich attention faa been paid to the
speech made by Chairman Gary, of the
steel trust, at the dinner of the Illinois
8 >ciety in New York last week, in which
he declared that vetted rights must yield
whenever they became antagonistic to
the public welllare and safety. Be
arged tbat leading men in business should
try to harmonize themselves with public
officials for tbe betterment of govern?
ment management. Ia this cojnection
Judge G ?ry said:
"Tho opportunities for the acqui*
sidon of wealth have been and are
eo great that large and increasing
fortunes of individuals and corpora?
tions compel the most thoughtful men
to dread the results of the fir ure unless
tbe influence and power of money can
be controllen by government authority.
Tbe question is too far-reaching to be
laughed out of court. If the power of
money be not so controlled, who earn tell
when cr how or to what exttnt it na?
be attacked by the mob?"
I'i:< m n h 1 wife invaded the lodge
room of tbe Order of Foresters in Spo?
kane, Waah., where he wai presiding as
chief ranger at the trial of a member,
broke up the meeting and forced him to
go home, addressing him as "imp" and
"Indian," Gxrge F. Gillette was grant?
ed a divorce from his wife, Anna Gil?
lette, by Judge Huneke io the Spokane
county Superior Court. Gillette declared
ia bis petition that be wat forced to
leave home, following the lodge room
?pi?ode, to escape the ridicule of neigh
bors and numbers of tbe order. By
taking him borne, the complainant adds,
she broke up the lodge trial and he waa
forced to resign his office, as it wss like?
ly his wife would come after him at any
time during lodge meetings. Tbls was
dreadful; will nov body blame bim? Bot
where wa< the goat? That would have
put a quietus ta her.
At Portlan.l, Malwa, u?t week depu?
ty sherifh raided the officea and itore
hoases ol seven express companies and
confiscated liquors valued at $0,000 or
more, this being mainly supplies of
liquor from Boston consigned to parties
?bo would have received it for uss over
Sunday. Tnis is the experience of all
prohibitory communities. L'quor ia
bought and sold in such bnt tbe state re?
ceives no revenue therefrom.
1'Roprik. || ,.)ii? in Kenosha,
W.< , have started a pr -bibition law of
tbsir own, refusing lo sell liquor ta nine
habiti.ally thirat men ol the town. Tbis
ls a most excellent Hes and its adoption
in other cities would do much ,to check
the radicals ia their prohibition move?
The retirement of the employes in tbe
c'aa-ified civil service is provided in a
bill introduced yesterday by Representa?
tive Gillett, of Massachusetts. M re
From Washington.
(Oorrevponleiioa of the Alexandria Gacette. 1
Washington, Feb. 28.
The president's determination not to
make any more political appiintmenti
during hie term of office ia csusing
anxiety among small r* and repre?
sentatives wbo bad promised places to
tbeir constituents. Representative Hep?
burn (rep. Iowa) called at the White
House today to urge the appointment nf
Herman Reeves for a new fedeial judge?
ship recently created in Alaska. He
wa- told that the president's dertermioe
tion not to Gil any more offices before
the inauguration of Presider, t Taft wa'
unchangeable. Senator Curtis, ot Kan?
sas, who visited bl rr*!-.'lent on asimi?
lar miasion, met with a similar state?
ment. Senator Flint, who bas been ex?
pecting to procure tbe sppointment of a
friend for the new immigration district
in Southern California, also met wiih
Preaident Roosevelt and party arrived
in Washingtan this morning from Old
Point Comfort where tbe president bad
Kine tn review the Atlantic fleet. The
Mayflower arrived a', the navy jard at
seven o'clock, the trip having* been made
without accident. The president went
immediately to the White Housa where
he had his breakfast.
Preaident and Mri. Roosevelt will
leave at midnight for New York, where
they will attend at 9 o'clock tomorrow
morning the funeral of Stewart I'ouglas
Robinson, nephew of the president, who
was killed by falling ont of a window ot
Harvard College on Saturday night.
TLe services will be held at tbe Church
of tbe Holy Communion. It is expect*
ed that the president will return ti
Washington immedia'ely after tbe fu?
Although no admission has been mair,
it is understood tbat s"me friction bas
resulted in the delibera'ion of the North
American Conservation Cnnfcrance.
The declaraion of principles, which was
to bave been made on Saturday, waa
uot finished last night and the delegates
were still at it today. It is announced
that tonight will see the end of tbe
conference. As far as can be learned,
the principle causes of disagreement aro
the diflerence between minbg regula?
tions in Mexico and in the United
States and Canada. Tbe document, it
is expected, will as a result of the
differences, be much more general io its
terms than was planned. It will he
submitted to President Roosevelt, Presi?
dent Diaz, and Premier Lord Grev, of
Canada, and noue of ila terms will he
made public except by these three otri?
Tbe patent treaty between tbe United
States and Oermany waa signed t ida
by Secretary of State Bacon and the
German Ambassador, Count von B-ros
dosiff. It provides for mutual onces
aious in the granting of patents and, it
is understood, eliminates the clause io
the Gannan regulations necessitating
the manufacture of the article upon
which the patent is granted in the < for?
man kiegdom within a spec ried time.
Tbe appointment of Commander W.
**. Sims naval aid to take President
Roosevelt ti command tbe Minneso'a
about March 1st was aunouoced Ly
>ecretary Newberry today. Captain
John Hubbard, of the Minnesota, will
come to W s logion to serve on tbe
general b >ard, filling the place va.ated
by 0 immander A. E. Cumber, who U
ill. This is tbe first of a number of
changes that will be made in the com?
manding peraouoel of the fleet. A num?
ber of the captains having completed
their sea duty will be ordered to shore
The Seneta committee od territories
held a meeting today on the bill grant?
ing statehood to Arizina and New
Mexico. It is admitted by br tb Bides
tbat the pending bill, as it pasted the
House, is very imperfect and requires
amendment in many paiticulars.
By decision of the Supreme Court of
the United Sales today the express
companies of the United. States cannot
hereafter issue franks for transportation
of packages. Tue coaslitutior.a'ity and
validity of tbe "no pass" provisions of
the Hepburn act was upheld ia tbe de
eision of the court, delivered by Justice
Io the famous sugar rebate case the
U. 8. Sjpreme Court today decided
against the New York Central A Hudson
River R. R. Company, and held the re?
bate provisions of the Elkins act in con?
stitutional. The New York Central
wa* fined $108,000 and ita traffic mana?
ger. Fred L I\imeroy, $6,000 under
the Elkins act lot granting rebates to
tbe "sugar trnst" on shipments of sugar
in 1902 from New York city to Cleve- j
land and in 1904 to De nit.
A case of smallpox is reported on the
battleship Vermont, now at Hampton
Because of tbe death of S:ewart Doug?
las Robinson, tbe president's nephew,
the Cabinet dinner which was to have
been git-en by B crttsry Straus to the
president tonight, baa been postponed
until thc evening of Ma-ch 2d.
The minimum tar ff, granted undr
clause 3 of tbe Dingley act covering
sparkling wines will be extended to
Spaiu by a proclamation to be issued by
President Roosevelt today or tomorrow.
This action is taken by tbe United
States voluntarily in return tor action of
the Spanish government in p'a-iog (his
country on a favored nation basia. The
-ame concession was extended to France
'sat year, for aimilar concessions on
American expiits.
The president today sent to the BsdaV
ate the nomioaions of Captains Giles
B. Harber and Uriah R. Ha ria to be
rear admirals.
The U B. Sjpreme Court decided in
farer of tbe American Express Company
in ooe of tbe tir-t "liquor shipment"
cases which has come before the highest
Strong efl nts are beiog made by S?r>
a'ors aod H >uae leaders to induce Presi?
dent-elect Taft to appoint Setia'or Hera
en way, of Indiana, ai bis Secretary of
Treasury. ^^^
Mi-a Sylvia Green, d.iiu-htrr <.f M ra. I letty
niiid Matthew ?
ried at St, Pat-ra ' burch, al Morri?t>wn, N. I ?
I., todav, by Rev. Phi Ionian r". Sntrj-eaa. '.
Mrs. Green waa present anther daaiKlncr waa J
(liven away by her eou.in. Howland L. Pell. '
Al.- Hummel!, Ih* New York lawyer
whose dvath lir.s be?n report d in sev?srnl
F renell rea >rta ia in Nice, Fram-a, alive abd
Tbe Arkansas anti-trust act was today de- 1
clare 1 constitutional by tbe (J. 6. Supreme ; f
Court. ]
News of tlie Day.
The keel for the new battleship Utah,
ol 21,387 tons, wai laid al Camden, N.
J., yesterday.
The battleship Vanguard, the seventh
ve- s-l of theDreadoaogbtclaas, was sue
Ccssfolly launched st Barrow, Eng.,
John Arbuckle wbo floated the cruiser
Yaokee from Spindle Rocks after others
I a 1 abandoned it, announce tbat he is
in negotiation to raise the Maine
Oipriano Oas'ro bas informed Preai?
dent Gomez nf Venezoelaof his desire to
return and live as a private citVn, but
has not yet received a reply to the letter.
A Navajo Iodian chief ran amuck io
the railroad station at Cincinnati yea*
t?rday aod (tabbed a woman and a man
perhaps and fa'ally wounded another man
lens seriously.
A second speech by Mr. Raioey, re
iteriog his former ststements concerning
the Panama canal, and a bitter arraign?
ment of Mr. Ralney by Mr. Borton, oc?
curred ia the House of Representative
In tbs House yesterday Mr. Gaines, of
Teoueasee, introdoced a resolution
lookiog to an investiga'ion io the
New York couria cf tbe Tennessee
Coal ind Iron rocree with the Uuited
S.ate Steel Corporation.
Yesterday marked the arrival of Rex
in New Orl. ans and the turning o~er to
tbe monarch of Mardi Gras the keys of
the oily. Thousands of people lined
Canal street and cheered the arrival of
ihe king of tho csrni val. The long pa
lade of civic and military bodies was one
of the most notsble of the kind in tbe
history ol the city.
Virginia News.
William R. Girnette, of Caroline
county, a Confedeiate veteran, died Sat?
urday night at bis home, near Guinea,
aged GI years. He was twice married.
.use he waa refused a night's
lodj-ing a tramp last Friday night set
fire to and destroyed the barn of John
Edward*, near Neersville, Loudoun
Mrs. Fannie P. Smallwood, widow of
B. F. Smallwood, died Siturday at the
home of her daughter, Mrs. John L
Duntarr, near Upperville. Soe was
sixty-two yiara old.
E. W. Gverbey, formerly cashier of
he Bank of Mecklenberg, was yester?
day conti ted at Bo;don of falsifying
the fiaancUl statement of tbe bank and
was sentenced to pay a fine of $100 and
to serve two years in the peniteutia/y.
In a collision between excursion
trains oo the Cape Henry division of
the Norfolk and Sonthern Railway, 8
miles from Norfolk about 1 o'clock yes?
terday a'teroooo, thirteen passengers
were iojnred, several ol them so serious?
ly that it's frared they may not recover.
I! .ii trairs of ibreecars each were ladeo
with people wbo bad beeo to Cape
Heory to witneis tbe incoming battle?
ship fl-'et. One of tbe trains, at a
standstill on tbe main Hoe of the rta),
was roo into by tbe other ooe, coming
from around a curve.
R. Vou Bannar, who said be was a
ti 'imam of noble birth, met dea'h on
the ice bridge below Niagara Falls yes*
Voa Bannar weot to Niagara Falls
Sa.urdaj, nod was takeo care of by John
L. Harper, chief engineer of tbe Niaga?
ra F^IU Hydraulic Power Company
He laid his wile bad been burned to
death in a fire which deatroyed their
tome in Chicago recently, and tba' since
then he bad been traveling around the
country. At noon Harper received a
letter from Von Binrar, in which the
a'ter raid he had Been anctber vUion of
his nile, Md tbat be bad decided to fol?
low her. Early yesterday afternoon,
while walking on the ice bridge, near
the American side, Von Bannar sudden?
ly disappeared in a crevice. Tbe bedy
was recovered by Percy Page, a park
employe, who was lowered into the crev?
ice by ropes. It was identified by Har?
Save Money by Buying Chamberlain's
Co uk li Kemedy.
Yon will pay just as much for a bottle
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy as for
any of the other cough medicines, but
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Chamberlain's Cough Remedy always
cures. Price 25 aod 50 cents a bottle.
For salo by W. F. Creighton A Co. and
Richard Gibson.
Two surprises were given the Presby?
tery of Brooklyn last night. Rsv. Dr.
Vfali'on 0. Peters asked to be received
nto membership, and Riv. Ira Wem
neli fit-iidfieon, who has just resigned
is pa tor of the Irving Sqjare Presby
erian Church, asked for a letter of dis
nisaion, tbat be may coter tbe Metho
list Episcopal ministry. Dr. Peters, it
s understood, has received bis leter from
fte?. Robert S. MseArbur, of whose
:hurch the Calvary Btpiiat, in Manbat.
an, be was a member. Dr. Peters was
'splined some y?ara ago by Dr. Ma?
Arthur. Dr. Peters wan for years pai
or of tbe Rloomingdale Reformed
Jburcb, in Mai hat'an. He left the Re
orm Church, he exp'ained, because te
i?d become th' roughit con vioced that im
nersiou was the ooly true form of btp
sm. Preabyterians do not hold to tr fl,
ketrin*. It is interesting tj know
rhrther Dr. Peters has a?a<n changed
tis views, or, at least, modified them.
n "He-plclde," tbe New Scientific
nd Successful Dandruff Treatment.
H vt- you dandruff? Then you have a con*
.irioua parasitic Oiseaae, unpleasant, un
ralthv and can tbat will eventually lead to
To rure it you mast destroy he
?-watta that eau at tba root of the hair. Tbe
nly preparation f?r destroying tbe?e Kerina
l ??ewbro'. Berpicide. charles Klein, of
-aramie, Wyn., says: "Herbicide allayed tbe ,
vhing, med the dandruff and stopped my
air'a falling cut; ant it ia bringing a near . '
n.p of hair." Herbicide ia Uer from greaae j
'rug*, and makra hair gloaay J
nd eolt as ->iU. One bottle will convince !
cu of in merita.
iv Erne* L. Allen A Co.. agents
'wc sises 50c. aud $1.00. Send 10c in a tamps
ir sample to The Herpicide Co., Detroit' j
Itch. m
Today's Telegraphic News
Richmond Journal Office Destroyed.
[Special Dispat-h to the Alexandria Gazette]
Richmond, Va., Feb 23 ?Fire, tbe
cause of which rai nit beeo ase* r ai ned,
complet-dy destroyed the riffice of Tbe
Richmond Eveoing Journal at 4 o'clock
thia rn- ron?, eatailiega lo-s of $50,000.
The il suiauce will nearly cover the lots.
The pip r will coo inue. It app-ar-d
? i noa i from the press of The
Times-Dist a ch and will be isiued from
tl at office tor a few days.
Body Severed lo Train.
- Peters,ur?, Feb. 23?0 e of the
four revolutionists who were caught in
an attempt to throw a bomb in a Teher?
an btzsar was today cut in two by the
public executioner, under orders from
the shah, aod the halves of bis body
huog np before the Baghsbab where the
shah's home is situated, as a warning
against ootlawry, accordiog to messages
received here.
One of the four was executed io the
regular wa* yesterday when tho attemp*
ed outrage occurred. The third and
fourth members will eufl-r tbe fate of to?
ds)'a victim, the butcheries being re?
served fer Wednesday and Thursday.
An outcry has been raited against tbe
barbaric anion, but tbe shah ia firm.
There is no continua ion of the report
that Salar Khan, leader of tbe Tabriz
revilutiooivs, was killed io a c'ash arith
the royalists.
Sharp Again on Stand.
Nashville, Tenn., Feb. 23 ?John D.
Sharp, plainly showing the effect of
yesterday's trilling ai tbe hands of
A-siatant Prosecuting Attorney J. B.
Guner, resumed the stand today when
the trial of himself, Col. Cooper and
Pobin Cooper for the murder of former
Sicator Carmack, opened today. Dar?
ing the night tbe attorneys for both side
held lengthy conferences aod it was
plain by Girnfr'a attitude when court
resumed th?t he was anxious that Sharp
further contradict himself. Bat Sharp
had had the benefit of exp'rt counsel
duriog the night acid was very weary in
his initial replies lo interrogations
Just what damage bas been done to the
deieost-'s case by the contradictions
"?harp made in bis original story is prob?
The Austro-Servlan Dispute.
Vienna, Feb. 23 ?Archduke Franz
Ferdinand, heir to the Austrian throne,
arrived here today from Hnoeary and
entered at once into a military coufi lenee
with Emperor Franz Josef aod a number
of leading et-nereis Owing to the many
conflicting reports concerning tbe nego
tiaiiona of tbe powers, for these tlement
of tbe Aua'i > Ssrvian dispute, it is im
poasible at this time, to trrveat the
exact status of the situat'oo. That a
climax is rapidly approaching, however,
that is oo doubt in Austrian foreign
c f n ce.
Londoo, Feb. 23 ?The Exrhaoge
Telegiaph Company today officially says
that mora than 1 .''0,000 troops strategi?
cally massed on the Servian aud Monte?
negro frontiers.
Another Conflict with the Standard.
Coicago, Feb. 23.?Thu second great
struggle between the Standard Oil Com?
pany, and the iroveroin-t.t began in the
United S ates District Court, here to
c'ay, with examination of veniremen for
the election of a jury t> re-try tbe lamont.
$29,000,000 case. Federal Judge A. B
Anderson is presiding. The rants ot
150 residents of northern Illinois were
selected last week, to comprise the pfinel
from which the jury will be chosen.
United States District Attorney Sms
asaisted by Special Prosecutor James
Wilkerson, and Assistant District At?
torney Harry Parkin, represent ihe
government, and Aforoeys John ?-'.
Millar, Moritz Rosenthal, aod A. D.
Eddy, the oil traet.
Saves Girl From Assailant.
York, Pa , Feb. 23. Myrtle Resgel,
14 years, was attacked Sunday night by
au unidentified man who met the girl on
a lonely rr.ad which leads from Pleasure
ville to North York, where her parents
reside. He struck the girl four or five
times in the face, cutting and bruiting
her, and threatened to kill her if she did
oot accompany bim. Miss R?g*l cried
and fought h'm. She broke away from
the man and stared to run, but she
-rat closely pursued hy bim. A buggy
driven by George G.ngerich came up,
and the man fled across tbe Gelds and
through a woods. The g:rl told Ginger
icb her s'ory, and he with others started
in pursuit but the mao escape,
Mardi (ima In Paris.
Parli, Feb. 23.?Today is Mardi
Gras and all Fiance ia celebrating it,
with tbe uiual gail ty and abandon.
The day is a holiday and all busiuess is
suspended. Tbe celebration centers in
Panis. All along King Carnival's pa?
rade conrae, the stores and cafes are
prettily decorated. Thousands of peo?
ple rame from neighboring loams for the
parade, which was unusually gorgeous
aod e'ao.ra'e. Toe student) of tbe
latin quarter will give their ball' Quat'z
Ara," tonight, tne feature of which
will be tbe ''crowning of Salome."
Attempted Suicide.
Summit, N. J , Feb. 23.?Robert
G llespie, a law clerk connected with
the firm of Hurry & Dutton, of 70
William street, Manhattan, i- at tbe
Overlock Hospital bere with t tMillet in
his besd, the result of an attempt at
suicide today. He will die, tbe doctors
'*7- _____
Another Deadlock.
Vienna Feb. 23-A message from
Constantinople tay* tl at the Russian
ambaseador has fir a ly rijectcd the
l't rte/a amendmeot io Ve Russian pro
poeal for the settlem r.t of the Turko
B-jlgarian dlet)-tts aod that :.->otber
deadlock bas annan.
Breaker Destroyed
Freeland, Pa , Feb. 23 ?C. M. Dod?
son & C-mp-my's breastr waa destroy,
ed by fi e at midnight, canting a loss of
175,000. Tne canes of ihe fire, which
ri-red io plane Ne. ll.it a mystery.
Five hundred men are (brown cot of
Death of Burglar.
Oleao, N. V., Feb. 23 ?Nelson I ?
be burglar who fought e pi-t 1 duel with
Chief Timothy Hass?tt, rarly Munday,
kUllafthe Utt*r, neal himaelf in the I eal
10-ipital t day from the wounds in the ?Ma
alar w at roi -
?inga hou'*- when * leler-h ne girl overheard
aim and u. J.;j -) t .e police captain, who ran,
uto the hu.Mintf and tried to arrr.t him.
Ihe fatal di ?-! followed.
Tie Market.
Osor?etowD, D. C., Feb. M.-WW iiaVUS i
Sixtieth Congress.
Washington, Feb. 23.
Rout ng business io the Senate was
omitted I day, the consular BDd diplo?
matic appropra'ioo bill beiog 'aken up.
Mr. L&Foilttte was not preaeot to inte ?
p ase sd r.t j -ctioo.
An amendment r pialiog the law of
1894 autbonziog the president to ap?
point ambassadors when any foreign ia
ttoeja raises the rant: of its representa?
tives to the Ci'ed 8 alts a d prividing
that hen a tor the ambassadorship shall
be cre?t'-d unit sa by specific act of Con*
[ire-s, was fcd pted without debate.
Tbe consular and diplomatic bill was
The Brownsville affair came op this
sfterooou. The Aldrich bill, a aubs'i
tute for all peacing measure on the
suhjoct, was taken op.
Seoator Daniels then spoke brit Hy in
opposition of ibe bill.
The bill wat theo laid aside until 4
The fortifications appropriation bill
waa taken up and passed.
A criticize of the diplomacy of Robeit
Bacon as secretary of state is contained
in a resolution introduced by Mr. Clark
in tbe House today. It is all shout Pan?
ama. The resclutioo recites the fact that
Mr. Baioey muds two speeches about
Panama io the House last month and,
Mr. Bacon, replying to a complaint 'rom
Panama, sect a letter to Preaideot G ia'
dis, by order of Preaideot Roosevelt, dis*
crediting Rai.iey's ste2ch aod raying
that what be said did not represent the
views of the Hnuae or tbe government
Mr. Clark's resolution asks tba' this rep
oiution be referred to tbe House judici
ry committee to dettrmioe if Bacon'*
leter constitutes a bresch of the (rivi
'e-cs of the House, violatiog S*c. 0
Article 1 of tbe coositutioo, where in it
is provided that a representative in Con
kre?s, "stall not be questioned In any
other place," for "any speech or debate.
The corno'ltten was direct-d to ascertain
in ibe resolution if there has been a vi?
olation of the constitution, what remedy
acas available, if there wai no remedy to
suggest some p'an to prevent such vi la
ions in tbe future, and to report within
five days.
Mr. Clark presented his resolution as
a q lesiicn of the highest privilege.
Mr. O mat reel trade tbe point of or?
der that tbe solution was not of a privi
leged character and wai not properly
befnr-i the House.
Speaker Carmoo overruled Ihe poiot
of order, he said, io order that toe
Houss might take such action as it
deemed proper.
Mr. Payne moved that the Clark reso?
lution be laid on the table which was
done by a vote oi 186 to 120.
Fleet Officers In Richmond.
Richmond, Va., Feb. 23?Io a down
p-nr of rsin A iminl Sperry and 60
?fficers of thc fl-et, which bas just com
plttel a towt of tho world, arrived here
(rum OM Pnint. A cheering crowd gave
them greeting at the s-tstioo, while tbe
eans jfibe iii limned Howitzers boomed
a aa'ute.
Giveroor Swsuson, Mayor Richard?
son, a commiiteo of one hundred ot
Richmond's most distinguished citizsna,
including a score of city and sUte offi
c'(n wira at the atation to welcome the
vi'iticr.-fVo the Virginia Capt.al. Tbe
fri ct ri* from the warships are being
lionz*! by society through the city.
Storm Warning.
WaaliiiiKti", Feb. 23.?Special storm wam?
inda are o dered displayed from ll a. rn ,
aloof the co.ist from Mobile to Baltimore.
A dlstarhaaee from Missouri to Louisrille is
moviiiR e's* and aeeornpanied by briak tc
high southeast to southwest winda, whieli
rbis afternoon and tomorrow, will shift t?
northweat on the Gulf eoaat
Suicide of Youn*- Woman.
Roston. Mess., Feb. t!3.?An unhappy love
altair is believed le luve been the motive for
the auicide of Flora Fullerton Heath, apretty
mid wealthy student, of Potsdam, N. Y.,
whose body waa found yesterday hanging
from a rope attaehrd to the dcor of her room
at the Hotel Oxford.
New York Stock Market.
New York, Feb. 23.?London was again a
heavy teller, arbitrage brokera in ihe hr*t
feu minutes putting out 40,' OJ shana chi'tly
Onion Pacific (Meei (Vmoaon, and Southern
Pacific tilling the limited demand at tbe open-'
log and starting a new downward movement,
ali around. The stetd innustrials were ex
i a weak and sustained losses ranging
from ooe to six points.
The George Washington Monument
Association, of Alexandria, have set apart
the 30th day ol April ss tbe day for the
dedication of George Washington Park,
which park will undoubtedly fill tbe
long felt wait ia our community. The
association has arranged for quite a fete
during tbe week prcceed'ng dedication
day io the way of a "Home Ciming
Week," during which time it is confi?
dently hoped aod expected to see in the
portals of onr city Urge uuinbm of onr
native and former cit sens whose busi?
ness interests have carried them away
and canned flem to make their homes ]
elsewhere. In conformity with the ac?
tion of the association, and, I believe, the
wishes of a mijority of our community,
I herebv invite our citizens to set apart
April 30 h ns a holiday aid request our
manufacturers and merchants to close
their places of business at 12 o'clock
coon oo tbat day in honor of our most
illustrious citizen, George Washington,
whose 120.b inauguration occurs there
on. G ven under my hand ibis 22J day
of February.
Fkf.d J. Puk,
According ti a disraeli from New
York there ia to be no cut in the price
of steel rails.
Only a little cold iu the haad maybe
tbe beginning of an ohatlnate caa* of Nasal
ratarrli. Drive out the invader with Ela'.
Okvtaa Palm applied straight to the inflamed
-tarted un si'-pas'sges. Prire 5Ce. If jon
j> rfrr to aaa ao atomizer, ask fer Liquid t
['ream Balm. It h*? ali 'h,'god qualities of
I form of thi* reatedyaad will rid yon
if catarrh hay fever. No rrx-alne to treed a
licidful halli'. No mercury t> dry out the
Prire "rc . with spraying tube
411 druggist-, by Ely Bros., ?6
aVarren ktreat, N?w York.
25 cents per pint.
Guaranteed Pure in Every
Particular, at
James Constantinople's,
Finest Fruits and Maccaroni.
fe'.t'i, ,'tt
FLORIDA ORANGES, aweet: jun receiv j
dby J.C.MJXBURK. "
) One Price Everything Right (
j Jack Rabbit and
Princely Shirts
Clothing Department
Kauf mann Bros g
? Clothiers - - - Haberdashers.
? 402-405 KING STREET.
9. ^^^^^^^
*l XjrtJt OXJr "ij-sur-cjr-tw-tJv^F
Wholesale Prices of Prod m*e
Flour Extra. 475 ? ~?
Family. 06O a *76
Fancy brenda. 6?0 * **5
?Vhe.it, longberry. JW a 115
Mixed . 1-"* * * '*
Fu.ts..V.'.V.'.V..'.'.'.'. - 12 ? 1U
Damp an* tough. 098 a 100
Corn, whit*. 070 a 0 75
u\IMi . 0<?8 a 0'/0
Yenow:::::::::*.'.:'.*:.. oes a o<?
oft a. /-io a tm
Cont, standard. 4 5a a 4?)
Granulated. 4 05 a 4V5
CorIee*-Bio. OH a Otf
LaGnayra . t>16 a 016
Java J. 018 a 086
IfolaasasB. 8.-.. 015 a 016
CB.-.... 017 a 0 32
New Orleans. 030 a 04o
Sugar Syrups. 016 a 030
Porto Rico._ 01? ? 085
8alt-G. A. 057 a 0 58
Fine. 08? * 122
Turk's Island. 0**" ? lft0
Wool-long, unwashed. 0 38 a 039
Washed. 028 a 029
Merino, unwashed. 038 a 029
Do. washed. 028 a 039
Hirriug, Eastern per bbl. 675 a 750
Potomac Not. 300 a 326
No. I Cut Potomar; Herring 325 a 3 DO
Potomac family roe. 450 a 500
Do. half barrel. 225 a 300
Potomac Shad, per half bbl... ? 7 50
Mackerel, email per bbl. 13 OO a 14 00
No.3 medium. 1400 a 14 50
No. 2. 1500 a 1600
Plaster, ground, per ton. 450 a 500
Ground iu baga. 500 a 660
Lump. 360 a 376
Cloverseed. 660 a 750
Timothy. iV" a 360
Ray. 16IK)a 1750
Corn Meal. 076' a 080
Bye. 076 a 060
Oats, mixed, new. _ 050 a 058
White, new. 0f>5 a 06)
Elgin Prim HutUir. 032 a 0 34
Butter, Virginia, packed. OH a 020
ChoioeVirginia. Otto a 022
Common to middling. 014 a 016
Eggs. 027" a 031
Live Chickens (hens). OH a 0 ii
9pring Chickens . 015 a C14
Potatoes, per ou. 90 a 1 00
Swaet Potatoei bbl. 3 00 a 3 26
Oniona, per buahel. 0 90 a I Og
Apples, per bbl. OOO a 5 00
Dried Peaches, pealed. 0181 * "09
Pork, per 100 lbs. 7 50 a 868
Bacon, country naru*. o 12' a ni.1
Beat sugar-cured bains. 0 121 a 013
Breakfast Bacon. 0 12 a 0 lf|
8aear-car-xl shoulden. 0 10 a. (lin
Bulk shoulder.. 0 10 a 0 11
Dry Salt sides. 011 a Oil*
Always J" Front
When you drink, drina; right, and be sure
your liquor ia pure and matured. You can
est it Wy chemical analysis, but it ia tuo-e
.'onven'ent to obtain your supply from a
reliable and honest dealer, and jut as sure.
Buy what you need at Fleiehmanu'a and you
sill get the pure a-turt.
At 12 o'olr-ck rn , on Saturday, March 6,
1909, in front of ihe Market Building, oa
Koy.il street, the
rill be rented for tbe ensuing twelve months,
rhe rentor will ?>?. required ti furnish rn te
ria- for and Uy platform sufficient to aii-r.ui
uodate the trade. All pssuwaya muat be kept
ipen free from obstruction. Tbe rentor to
ie t no building* within a leta distance than
0 feet fr..ra the south front. No privilege
or the pale ef liquors will be granted iueon
istent with the laws of the city on the ?ub
The rentor will he required to mov-i the
iflal within 4H houra, aud none of it ahall be
hrewn inlo the river,
Poaaeasinii will be g'.ven at once.
will be cor.idered unleaa the Mt?
iers aUs.1I l>e known cr vouched for to the
uct'nueer aa respond
The right to reject any or all bids is rt
? rved.
All articles landed .-n the wharf fir the use
f the cit> to I e free from wharfage.
Gawk payable immediately after
By or?'er of the j lint Committee on Public
'ro-erty. CHAS. B. MARSH ?.LL,
feblS td Chairmen
Fine Paper Hanging.
PJCITTRE FRAMES made to ord. r.
febll lm 921 K'Of ? rre .
RUBY PRUNES rr.-v.-dby
_' C. Mil BtiP'-J
Extra quality Formoaa, Mack TEA; abo
ifm value-, n fi) and ooo G. P. Teas.
r -- wrT?r-T?-(r
R POTS, jut received bv
-Ramsay Selia us Beal.
Cox & Gordon's
7 to 8ilbs.|each
in the United Statea.
15 cents a pound.
300 lbs.
12}^ cents.
10 cents.'
3iCans for 25c
ro Save Your Dollars
We have about 60 good winter garments
left which we do not wiah to rarry cyr.
?nd to cloe* them out quickly we quote tba
following extremely low prim:
3 Handsooie Long Coats in Mick,
Jiir', Wine, Blue an I Brown,
) Kiiri'i.iiiely n-atita lined. Reduct- I
fr in |H ,5 ?, $20 and $18.60 to. $-.5)
Bboti lilt ck Caracul '"oat-, ui/.e
8. Reduced frum JlK.flo to $7.50'
H.ndfome Blaek VeW?t Coats.
R*dii'ed from $25 lo. $7.53
M'dd i Laug.h Coata. in d.rk eol
ors and Tan Covert Reduced from
$'0 and $12 50 to. $500
everal handsome fur pieces of
Lynx, Martin and Pony Skins
Muffs to Match -to mo at Half
ew Spring Suit* and Waiata arri ting daily.
Popular Prices.
Wasliina-tnii - ii. C.
r-h22tmayl rowf
north St. A ss ph atreat, 12 room.; modern
nvatiii-iit ea; exeallrat boa rd ins; hoc
ni.ut to two glaa. factories. Pnrt?.-,?- fa--?
y, rotorua,- yi
d f>-enoco at'ei
rent, with bo
. street.

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