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The Pre-ideot ol both Nicaragua and
8alvador deny thst there has been an;
outbreak of hostilites between the two
countries. Messagea of irqniry were
sent Saturday by tbe press aisocistioos
to G. neral Zelaya, president ol Nican ?
gua, aod G-neral Figueroa, president ol
Salvador, concerning ihe reports of w?r
like activity between tbe two republics,
and bo'.b issued denials tbat their coun?
tries were at war.
A dispatch Irom Managua says the
reports tbat there has beta na ou'bretk
of hostilities between Nicaragua ancj
Silva lor were sent tbere by cable Satur?
day from the United States. They are
absolutely without founds!i m. Peace
resigns in Salvador rs well ai in Nicara?
The jingoes bave some ulterior objec'
in starling these uar rumors and han
already persuaded tbis government to
get ships ready fur a war with the Cen?
tral American States.
Coxc'khssman Hobson, charging thai
the heads of the pries association hat
been decorated by ibe Mikado; that tn<
esme tactics employed on Russian news
papers are beiog used tova'd the Ameri?
can press; that Ike Pacific islands arr
bing filled with thorrugbly-organizec'
Ja-niece soldier*; tl at cr ait surveys
have been nude of ihe entire Pacific se.'.
board; tbat the Japanese army is stronger
mw than ever; that the cost ol the Rue
80-Japf.r.e-e war was|ra:d m it progressed,
and tba' a huge war faed hts beer
raised by tbe Flowery Kiogdom, a<:
dressed and to a s'rictly limited extent
startled the Wyoirigsiog Club in Philn
d-ilph'n In a lecture of over two hours las
Friday u'ght. Isn't thia awful! Can't
Captain Hubson get some one to wri e
bim another speech?
CHABLKSM BCHWAB, bead of thc
Bethlehem Steal Company, gave an in?
terview lai'. week in which he asserted
?hat the question of a sweepirg redur.
- -eal* of tbe steel ladas*
tariff would wean i;? , ?..6 ?._..* ..
wotken the country over. Bat Mr
Schwab stated last fall that if Mr. Tali
wero e'ect d wages would be kept uj
and business wou'd hum.
Giving as sn excuse the anticipation
of the laninj? of r tariff law, tbe East?
ern Pig Iron Association has announced
a ten per cant reduction in tbe wages of
all its workers. A general cot in all
parts of the country is expected to f 1
low. Between !>0,000 and 75,000 work?
er? will be effected finally. Mr. Car?
negie, the great iron master, (stated be?
fore the House ways and means commit?
tee that a tariff on Iron aod steel tva*
not needed, snd the general belief is
that the trusts sre only taking advantage
of the tariff question lo reduce their ex?
A fedekai jury at New Yoik recent?
ly found a verdict against the sugar
trust, or American Sugar Refining Com?
pany, charged with having evaded im?
port duty by the use of tampered aoaiea
This involves the paymeut of $184,000
in penalties. An appeal was taken by
the trust, and the result will pro! ably be
a fiaile, similar to the twenty-uine mil?
lion fine imposed upon the Stanard Oil
From Washington.
lOorrMpondenoe of the Alexandria Gnwtte.]
Washington, Mar. 16.
The grest parlimentcry insurrection
of lpfid ended in tbe House this af er
n<x>u in a victory lor the insurgents.
With the aid of the democia'.s, they
limed the famous Reed rules, under
which Speaker Cannon and his commit?
tee on rules have beeu av>!e to direct the
course of legit a ion for to many years.
Cha rmao Payne of the ways and
means c<jmmi;t-~H announced this morn?
ing that the tar ff hill would not b* in
troducfd today. Ke said that the bill
would not be introduced until after tbe
president's message bad been received
and that the message would rot go to
Congress until tomorrow. The commit?
tee met this rm ming to put the fiaishing
touchen on the bill.
Speaker Cannon, accompanied by
Representa ive Thurra-;, of Ohio, was
the Oral Ballet n'. tneWhite House today,
holding a conference with the president j
a lew minutes sl:er nine o'clock. The'
mat r of tue organiiatioo and rules of the j
House was discus-ed. Boon after Spe?ker'
Cannon left, Q neral Bingham, of
Pennsylvania, bal a talk witb the presi?
dent on the same subject. "How is it;
voiog io come ou>?" exclaimed General!
Bingham, "Why, we are going to win, i
of course.'' The aged Pennsylvania j
Conpre*sman is a staunch supporter of'
Speaker Cannon aod tbe present rulea. j
The caucus of the insurgents was in
?esaiou from 9 o'clock until nearly noon, j
AHont eight*** numbers were preaent.
A final account shuwed their leader
said, that they had thirty-oue votes
solidly pledged against tbe Reed role*. '
While every laaargMt was left free to
do as he pleased regarding the speaker?
ship, it was fad tbat nineteen had de?
cided to vole against Cannon. The pro
poaed committee of fifteen, tbe commit?
tee on committees, was considered and
the namea placed in a resolution to be
intodnced ll tbe demand for the previous
question is voted down.
The western coaat of Central America
is bristling with enongh American war?
ships to check effectively any warlike
movement. Tbe West Virginia and
Maryland, eccording to dlsja'.ches re?
ceived st the bureau of navigat on tiela/,
arrived at A aju'.la, Salvador, yesterday
rhe armored ciu'ser Washington, which
waa staioned al Amapala baa a rive! at
Oorinto. The gunboat Yorktown is on
her way from Acapulco to Amapala,
where she will navigate the Uuion bay.
The supply ship G'acier is also a' Ama*
?ala. The armored cruisers California
aud Pennsylvania Lave sailed from Ama?
pala for Magdalena bay. Od the Atlan?
tic side the Tacoma is on her way from
GjanUuarao to Po't; Crrle_.
The _,-bt made by the Indianapolis
Ireight bureau against the C. 0. C. A
til. Louis R, R. and otb rs, charging uo
jast discrimination against tbat city in
favor of Chicago, was decided by tbe Ia*
terslale Cumme-rce Cotnraibsion to ay.
It was held tbat there was too grta' a
lespsrty in tbe rates oo certain articles
and a relative adjustment was prescribed
on iron and steel outings, furniture, etc.
It was further held that while there was
a discrimination in the matter of weight
in car capacity in favor of Chicago
against Indianapolis, the Obicgo meth?
ods wonld oot bo e xteuded to tne lat'er
city. It was recommended that a modi?
fied rule bo made- for Indiarapolis or the
unlawful d scriminstion regr-rJiog the ra
ceacjustmen. of weights be removed.
Thia portion of the complai-1 will be
held open thief months, at tte end of
which time the commission will act if
the railrrals do not.
A telegram was sent to every member
of Congress today by a group of Ntw
York magazine publishers urging that
they vote against Cannon and Cannon
Presider t Taft's special message to
Congress wi'l oot oe ready for tbe prto*
until tomorrow.
In virtue of the suthcrity vef'ed in him hy
the caucus of rspabUean teuton, M-nator
Hale, todjy annnutir-td the member-:
ihe committee which in to have thedut. of
seltctir-g committees. The feature about this
new committee ia that th >so- ailed InMtrgrota
element iu th* __a_t* I reeogniaad try the
vppoiutraent of two of their niiiiihe' M
Korah, of Idahi, ami Dixon, of Montai'a.
Their names rf the co ruuitt-e i re ns fol Iowa
Messrs. Aldrich, ebairman; Kum, .\I Com?
ber. Crane, Flint, Sutherlan!, tunis, Borah,
aud Dixon.
Padre R lat will repre -? i doh al
of Veiif-zieh us minuter to the United -
The State Departure' t tod I to the
VmiztielaD government that he wool i I
cepta'rle. Iv j ia, who was ilriven ont of
Ventanais by Caatro, la 65 yean of sgt, amt,
uitil recently, lived iu New York darug his
Bog'it*, capital of Columbia, is under mar?
tial law and the plaza isoccupied by artillery
?a the reault of riotinu duriug ths h
dayt, aceoning to dispatobrt received at the
?tate Di ju rt mei, i today. President
naigDCd ou Brturdny, hut on the following
day reMi'iicd hi* pintmii. rXbd hil
the rsrolnlloniitt nie using the Panama
Colomhia-Ame ican treaty aa a pretext for
hostility aga?nat the p-eaMt government.
The sugar treat han taut a large'force of
ag-uts o Wathhtgton lo avert threat
injury to thr-ir taieraatt in the ne-r laritl I iii
The'iii, as it Mindi, hat rednoed thi
ou refiaed augar lioni isl 98to$1.90 a hm
rrrguail goveruuieur, ui ..... ..
ure for Aaahingon. America- legntious in
? oautrlea hsv
notified to g?t in touch with the various g -v
ernmen's concerning the r-ituit on in Nhl,
nd to aeoerta u what is I he dUpoaition
i Zelayaaud Hioartgot A V
gunboiit lins been dispatched to join the two
American war Vt*Kit patrolling the Atlantic
coast, ^_
Joseph G. Cannon, uf Illinois, v-m
selected Saturday night st the republi?
can caucus as tbe candid't; of his party
for the speakership of the House of Rep?
resentatives. At the eame time the cau?
cus bound its members to vote for thc
adoption by tbe incoming House of the
rules which governed the last house.
Ca'anon received 182 votes, Tawney,
Keller, Townsend and Smith, of Iowa
each 1.
The other officers re-nominated were:
Clerk of the House?Alex. McDowell;
postmaster, _-*__(] A, Langum; ser?
geant a'-arma, H'-nry Ca-son; door*
keeper, F. 13. Lyots; chaplain, Rev.
Henry N. Ocudoo.
Representative Currier, of New Hamp?
shire, was elected chairman of the cau?
cus, and Representative Loudeua'ayer,
ol New Jersey, elected to succeed him?
self as its secrrtary. Representative
John W. Dwight, of New York, was
chosen "whip" of the next bouse.
Insurgents who attended tho cancas
were ti eenerson, Minnesota; Pestre,
Mc ryland, and Haugen, Giod and Pck*
ett, of Iowa.
lt was the fourth time the honor bsd
been onteir d upon Mr. Cannon. But
Siturday night neither tbe selection of a
candidate for speaker, ncr the vote on
the rules wss characteriz-rd by the
nrauimity of pa-ty feeling that attended
the three preceding caucuses. Tbere
was plenty ol evidence of the insurrection
promised for Minday against the Cm*
non organization bot in tbe main the
most determined anti-Caaoon repuhli*
cans were not pp sent.
A statement ol the it hade of the
anthracite coal operators oo tbe question
of recognition of Ihe United Minework?
ers of America was given out io New
York on r-a md ty by the np'ratcr*'
coxmittee of seven. The satement
sets forth tba. the opera ors wili treat
uri rn aod nonunion men alike, and th ?<
they will * exercise no discr'mirja'ion
?gainst or io la-or of any man because
of his membership or nonmemberahip in
aiy lahor organization. The commit?
tee declares a'so tbat it is absolu.ely
inp >r>sible to grant the derrands for in?
creased wages and a shorter working
day wi1 bout increasing tbe price nf coal
to the c.ipsumers. "Thia the opwtlOfl
will not coa*erit tu di>," says the sUte*
ment, "nor will th-v even consider it."
Rioting in Paris.
Paris, M?rcb If).?Rioting occurred
in tbe city today aa the reault of che
t*:e(;raphers strike. The employes of
the Central Telegraph I'ireaa resumed
work this morning, but refused to leave
the building, wben their relief arrived
unlfs* their comrades arrested after the
demonstration Siturday, were reletaed
The employes b?ricadecj tbemselvea in
the building, and the police finally
broke im aod made fifteen artesia,
News of the Day.
Funeral services over the body of tbe
Ute Bithop Potter'a widow were held in
the Church of Ihe Incarnation, In New
York, yetterday.
The Williams A Roger- Company in
Cleveland, Ohio, one of the largest re?
tail dry goods firms in the state, made
ao alignment today fer the benefit of
Thomas Catholic Church at Arcbbold,
nra- I?-ranton, Pa., vtlacd at $75,000 it
afiire, It will probably be destroyed, as
the flames are spreading. Help bas
been atked from nearby towns.
Gan. Van H. Bukey, for the last
twelve years discusing clerk in the bu?
reau of engraving snd printing, died
yesterday st his apsrtmeota in tbe Vic?
toria, io Wasbiogtoo, aged 73 year?.
Tl o'Greater South" movement, m
rr-ire-ected by the Southern Commer?
cial Congress, will be further exploited
by a bacquet to be held at the Willard
Hotel, in Washington, tonight, io honor
of John M. Parker, president of the
commercial congress. A number ofgov*
ernment officials will be present,
Frank G. Bruce, a Yonkers inventor,
committed suicide at bit home, lo tbat
city, on Saturday, jost as the mailman
brought to his door a letter informing
bim that the United Slates Patent
Office had granted him a patent oo a
nonrefillable bottle, a device whicb, his
friends say, is worth $1,000,000.
Rrbert Strason, a mail clerk, age)
forty-five years, at supper in Flor-), III ,
yesterday afternoon poisoned his three
children, aged three, five, and seven
year*, respectively, by giving them
strychnine, in coffee, and afterward took
tbe same kind of draft himself. Tbe
oldest child is still living, bot bavinv
violent convulsions, wbile Strason and
the two others are dead. He left a note
to his wife, saying he was tired of life.
The mansion in Fairmont Park, Phila?
delphia wbich wss owned by Benedict
A-nold and occupied bv bim when he
-as io command of the American troops
In tl atc ty In the Revolutionary war,
will be known hereafter as Mount Pleas?
ant. The park commissioners have de?
cided to remove Arnold's name from
rmi the door and substitute a sign bear?
ing thc title by wbich it was known
when owned by the McPherson family,
wbo sold it to Arnold.
Tn? following changes io army offi?
cers s'a ioned in Washington are raid to
bs slated. Maj ir William V, Judson,
Oirps of Engineers, to be engineer com*
mi-'sioner of the District of Columbia;
Major BptMT. dalry, Corps of Engi?
neers, to be superintendent of public
''iilrlinj-3 and grounds, Washington;
M j ir Charles S. Ilomwell, Oorpt of
Engineers, to be engineer in charge in
harbor improveneotson Lake Michigan,
with stat on st Milwaukee.
Mrs. Matt Pikss, wife of a Wakefield,
M ch., miner, late Saturday night cur
the throats of her two children as they
'ay io bed. Both died. Tbe children
were six and seven years of age, rpspec
ively. The father was at work at the
.ime the deed was committed, and npin
hi: return home the mother told him
' " * -~.,1#" *r.t ho k->r,.?~a-r
_?_v -iran
tic c< .'ut from Philadelphia to Jackton*
ville, and around to the gulf ports. It
s planned, a'so to embrace, cities and
towns inland 'pile a distance, and ves
sels in coast aod near-coast seagoing
traffic. Trolley cars, steam rai Ire ad
trains, and even automobile*, may, it is
said, be called op aod conversed with
by patrons of tbe new wireless telephone
system. It is expected thst the work
will bave progressed within a few weeks
so tbat the lines may be opened to tbe
general public.
Virginia Newi.
Mrs. Nannie Holt, wile of W. A.
Holt aged aeveoly years, died at ber
home in Lynchburg Saturday.
Robeit L. Rrbsrts, 66 years old,
presilent of the Roberts & Hoge Shoe
Company, died in Richmond Saturday.
Mra. Lucy Csrt?r, widow of Addison
Darter, n member of the Barwell family,
of Clarke county, died at her home in
Winchester yesterday. She was b7
yean of age.
Jno. E. Rose, mayor of Barton
Heights, and ooe of the best known holi?
ness men of Richmond, died Saturday
alter an illness of more than a year.
Aged 52 yean.
The marriage of Mi*-* Rose Weoner,
daughter of Mr. aod Mr*, timrge H.
Weoner, of Lovetlsville, Loodoun cout -
tv, to James A. Baughman, of Frede?
rick City, Md., took place on Wednes?
day afternoon.
Twelve saloons and a beer bottling es?
tablishment closed at Suffolk Saturday
night as the outcome of the local option
election December 14. Saturday was
one of tbe busiest days in the barroom
history of tbe town.
The jory in Lynchburg which for
two days had been trying the case of
Ernest Wade, of Madison, charged with
Ike murder of Iasac Higginbotham, a
fireman, of that city, returned a verdict
riaturday night of murder in the first
degree, tbe penalty being electrocution.
While attempting to thrash ber 20
year-old son becaute he refuted to go
borne with ber, Mrs. Agnes Franklin,
widow nf a s?a captain, dropped dead
in b poolroom ti .'ot lay night, in Hamp
toa, Chauncey Franklin, the ton, had
been drinking, and when bis mother
appeared in the poolroom and demanded
hia a t ndnuce, he refused to obey.
lu alerter rrceirt-d io Saflolk, Satur?
day, Judge Will am Hodge* Mann atyt
if elected governor be does not expect
to be a candidate for any other office, and
that he would aim to make a record,
"wbich I can leave to my boy at bis
bea', inherit mee. I have not made any
promise*, or combination* of any kind
to or with any man or tet of men," con?
cluded the candida!*.
Flames Subdued,
New York, March 15.?The Ward
Steamship Company received word to
dav, by wireless from il. steamer
Havana, that the tmtll blan which
?tarted late Int night in thevessel'a bold
bad been extinguished with slight lots,
and tbe vessel bad continued oo ita way
toward Havana.
T*io Market.
Goorgttowa -larch 15.?WhaatllWl.
Today's Telegraphic News
Democratic Caucus,
Washington, D. C., March 15.?There
were 1C7 democrat* present at the mi?
nority cancut thia morning ont of a
possible one hundred and seventy ooe.
Mr. Sheppard, of Texas, had aeot worf
be would be pretent later. Mr. Legare,
of -otith Carolina, and Mr. Clark, of
Florida, are aick.
Mr. Clayton, of Alabama, preside 1
over tbe meeting and Mr. Robinson, of
Arta> sis, acted as secretary. Mr. Gold?
ie gie (N. Y ) wbo bat been quite ill,
ard who had prxsised Champ Clark
that be would participate in the fight in
tbe House if be had to be brought there
on a stretcher, mat ag-d ti get to tbe
caucus and he did not have to use a
Mr. Clark was unanimously nomi?
nated as the ptrty't candidate for
spetker. His address was as follows:
"Last December the demjeratic I
elected me minority leader by a uuatiimoua
vote. But a moment ago you unanimous'y
nominated nie for speaker. For these ll tier
in evidence* of yo*r confidence aud esteem,
I am dee pty grateful.
"In the lan days of tbe ii th Congrcs we
wou aonie notable victories astonishing vi -
tories wben we rem-mber that there was a
repul Hean majority of fifty-seven in that
"We achieved those triumphs by ttcndiog
together and fighting together. We can, ll
the pretest Congreas, win more victories moie
e,Hly because there ia uow a majority of only
47 again*, us.
"We muat stick together ia order to do our
duty. Tbe country expe ia us to stick to?
gether aud fight together.
"We munt remember that, to a very large
eitr-nt, we have in our keeping the immed?
iate fut.re of th* democratic p.irty. Keeeal
cents bave demonstrated that the republi?
cans are disorganized, rlisgrunted aud at
loggerheads generally. Let us rinse up our
ranks, present a solid front and demonstrate
to the world that wo a-e worthy of the high
vocation wherein we are called."
The meeting had not been io progress
long before Mr. Mcon, of Tennesaee,
withdrew. He explained tbat his vote
was all right but tbat he objected to
caucuses of democrats, declaring tbat
heretofore they bad beeo keowt aa con?
ferences. He objected to making a cau?
cus binding on all present.
Mr Underwood presented a resolution
declsriog tbat tbe right of the speaker
to veto bills under tbe pr*sent rules wai
e fleofeive, io tbat he alone had tbe power
to preveat the consideration of measures.
It also provided for the appointment of
a committee of fifteen to revise the rules.
To this, Mr. Livingston, of G-'orglt,
offered a substitute lo eflect reqiiriog oo
pledge of democratic strength to tbe in?
surgent movement lu the House, tat I
be insurgents hid themtelvet shown
their strength. The subttitute aim de
maoderJ a free discus*ion of every para?
graph of tbe tariff bili. It contaioed s
provision demandlog reformation of tbe
rules, but n< t until the tarlfl was out ol
the a ay.
The Livingston Nib ti ute waa turned
down after a brief debate, sod Coder
wooi't resolution adopted.
Io the meantime, tbe caucua nomina
ed minor officers of the House, and a
11.45 a1.) turned to make way for the
special session of the 61sl Congress call?
ed for noon.
The Car muck -Murder Trial,
?- -.in- t??? \r,,-t, ir, ??!,,?
oe mien until niue u uma luiajunun,
*hen Judge Hart will charge the jury.
No one ls rash enough to attempt te
forecast Ibe verdict of tbe jury, although
there seems to be a general feeling that
tbere is but alight chaoce of conviction.
That this is tbe feeling of the State at?
torneys is shown by tbe extreme bitter?
ness of their srguments io which fervid
pe Moralities bave beeo freely indulged.
The defeose, however, does not look for
an acquittal although (hey so express
themselves io the open. The genera)
impression is a bung jury, aod if thil
is the reault, the drfecsa will at once de?
mand that tbe (brea men be released on
bail. _______________
Bequeathed Jewels to Allia Elkins
Boail March 15 ?The Duko of
Abrnzzt, on the eve of departure of his
Asiatic expedition, bat made his will be?
queathing to Miss Katherine Elkioa thr
finest of thejewels left him by bis motbi r,
according to the friends of Ma quis Ne?
gri Ur, who will accompany the party.
The jewels left to Miss Elkins in case
the explorer meets deatb, include a pearl
necklace, emerald brooch, and several
diamond rings. Io addition, it is tuted
that the duke made an unsuccessful at
temp' to have his life insured for $1,
000,000 io favor of the American girl,
but tba*, the companies approached re?
fused to take the r sk, owing to the peril?
ous character of tbe duke's trip.
Fighting American Competition.
London, March 16.?The fight against
the invasion of the London retail dry
goods trade began in earnest today when
H. G. Selfridge, formerly maoager of
Marshall Field, c-pened hit big (tore on
Oxford a'reet. The British store-keep
ers are in a panic aod are ufferiog all
reductions regtrdleas of cost to keep
Iheir customers away from the iovader.
Maoy ol the oompaoirs are issuing new
strock tr finance the ti_ht. Harrods,
ooe of the biggest British retailers, in
an effort to keep enstim from tbe new
store, is advertising a free fete for th**
week, with singers, bands and theatrical
performance!. 0 hers are taking similar
steps to meet the competition.
Calls for Ala Missing Hand.
Wilkes-Barre, March 15.?Burglar J.
Vf. Sail-van, now serving a five-year
term io tbe penitentiary, ia eager to g-t
back bis right band. It waa nlown of)
wheo bo was dyoami'iog a sale at Ash?
ley, near here, taree yean ago. At that
time J rho W. Fenner s-cured it snd
preserved it io alcohol. When Sjllivan
started for the "pea" Fenoer offered it
to him, but he refused it. Lately, how?
ever, be bas beeo troubled with rheu?
matism and, supt-r'titionsly believirg
tbat it can be cored by the touch of the
missing hard, he ba*sent wcrd here
that he wants tbe hand. Fenner is now
trying to Sod lt.
Deatha from Spinal Meningitis.
Spricgflfld, Ohio, March 15.?Spinal
meniogiiis ia given today aa tbe cause of
tbe death of Carl Apollonio, the famous
Harvard fulllack, who was stricken
Saturday aft-ruooo, while working io
the boiler room ol tbe Meta'lic Onset
Company. Apollooio, died yesterday
before the arrival of his brother, Ray
mood, who hurried from Biston immedi?
ately op-,D, receiviog news ol Carl'a
Frcm Richmond
il Dispatch lo the Alexandria Gazette]
Kicbmood, Va., Ma-ch 15.?The
Conrt of Appeals, today, denied a peti?
tion of Ben G.Ibert, the young Norfolk
tlayer of his aweetheart, for a writ of
error and he will be executed cn Friday.
In dloying the petitioo tbe coort held
that the new electrocution la ** is net a
cruel and unusual punishment.
The Sate Corporation Commiision
hat decided tbe --cent rate case and the
opinion is now being typewritteo. Uni?
versal belief here is that a compromise
rate of 2* cents ia ranctiooed. Tbe
opinion will be male public tbis week.
Sixty-first Congress.
Wallington, March 15.
Promptly at noon today, the Gist
Ooogn d in extra session, for
the purj. , usideriog the tariff.
VicePrcail ll Soermn ca'led the
Renate to order; and this duty ia the
House was performed by Clerk Alex
ander McDowell.
There was a very largo atteodance of
visitors in the galleries of the Sjnate
when that body met today in pursuance
of tbe call cf President Tall for thc
first session ol tbe 61st Congress Mort
then halt of the audience was com- med
of ladies. Immediately after the chrp
iain'a prayer, P.-esideut Taft's proclama?
tion cal & the 6Ut Congress into extra
session, was read. This was followed by
a roll call to determine the preseoce of a
qm rum aod fifi senators responded to
their names. Senator LaFollette theo
aprunt- a surprise upon tbe Sera'e by
risirg to present tho credentials of Ina
S.fpheneoa, his colleague from Wuc.o*
sin. A few moments before noon M-.
LaFollette weet to Mr, Stephenson and
offered to ptrform the aervice for him
io accordance with the custom betweeu
senators from the stine state. The
credentials were read and received aod
thea Mr. LaFollette iacreaaed the sen?
sation that be bad created by proced
ing to escort Mr, Stephenson to the
Vice-President's desk, where the os th
was a Iministt red to the latter. There
were many smiles among tenatora at
the two marched on aud on across the
Senate chamber.
Senator Hale offered a resolution tba
the Senate should ioform tbe House o'
its resdioess to proceed to business;
Senator Aldrich offered a resolution thu
a comm'ttee be appointed to join with a1
t milar one from the House to notify
President Taft that Congress is io session
aid ready to receive communications
irom bim; and Senat r Cullom a resolu
tion that tbe bour of the r'aily meetings
should be at 12 o'clock,
vice-President Saermau then an
noooced that he would appoint Senator*
Aldrich aud Daniel to wait upon the
president. He theo discovered tba' Mr
Daniel rsa* not io the Sena's chamber,
rhereupoa be named Mr. McLaurin
(U ?*.), to take the Virginia senator's
place. It was thea reported to him that
Mr. M-j Lau ri a was alto absent, sick,
whereupon he caned Mooey of Mi*s
au j .. :uuic-.
Attracted by the prospect of a specttc
ulf r figbl against the old regime io thc
Bouse, throng*, of people from cfficisl
aod private life filled every avai.'ahli
-pace in the galleries, when that body
was ca'Ud to order today. Mrs. Tat
wat oue of the most interett dsprctators
accompanied hy Capt, Butt, the presi.
dent'a military aide.
S'ldom ba^ there been so Urge atten?
dance of numbers. Tbe speske r's chair
wss vacairt, wben Alexander McDowell,
clerk of the last House, called the mem?
bers to order. Chaplan Ooudeo prayed
?Ad which tho clerk read President
Taft's prtwUnMlioo sucnmoniagCongress
into extra eeasi \ fbi* waa followed by
tho call I by slat a,
Mr. Oaapoa, .ftas aaswering to hit
name retired fr tm the chamber. The
roll call thowed 382 members present.
Mr. Currier, of New Hsmpshirs, by
direction of the republican caucus,
named J si ph < I Canoon for speaker.
Hts announcement waa greeted with ioud
hand-clapping. Mr. Clayton, of Aa
bama,on nehalf of tbedemocra ic caucus,
named Ct amp Clark, of Mo., for
spiaker. There wss loud baod-clap
ping and also prolonged cheering. Mr.
Vreeland, republican, N. Y.), and
Deot, (dem. Ala ; were appointed tel?
lers, lhere was a hush as the clerk be?
gan lo call the rr ll aid tbe response oi
every member was received with io
tease interest. The clerk then started
to announce the result. He said Mr.
Cannon had received 20-1 votes, and Mr.
Clark 16G.
Clerk McDowell had no sooner con?
cluded announcing that Mr. Clark bad
polled l'i6 votes before Mr. Clayton,
arose indignantly. "I submit," be said
"that the tellers have not yet reported.''
Clerk McDiwell evidently read from
his personal count. Somewhat flustered
he announced that be would thea wait
for the tellers' report, which wai soon
By a mojirity of thlrteeo vote*, Hon.
Joseph G. Caonoo, ol Illinois, was re?
elected speaker,twelve republican insur?
gents voting against him.
The vda was: Cannon 204, Clark
16(",-Oooper f Wis.) 8, Norris (Neb.) 3,
Each (Wis ) 1, aod ex-Representative
Hppburn, of Iowa, 1.
The insurgent*, with their votes, were
aa follows. Hinsbaw (Neb), for Norria;
Hubbitd (Ia), for Cooper; Cary (Wi>)
for Ooopir; Ooop?r (Wu), f r Norcia;
Poindexter (Wa-b), for Oaop r; D-. a
(Minn), fir OrjOfwr; Kipp (Wit), for
Etch; Lenroot (Wi>), for Cooper; Lind?
bergh (Moo), for Hepburn; Morse
(Wn), for Cooper; Murdock (Kts), for
Cooper; Nelsoo (Wr), for Cooper.
The absentee*! were Clark, ot Florida,
Rusell, of Texas, Leyare.of South Caro?
lina aod Sheppard, .f Texas. Ia addition
neither Minority Leader Clarie, Cannon
nor Etch voted.
Tbe committee e .mpoaeJ tal lt ? resen*
tatlve Campbell (rp., Kee.), aid Rep
resentatives Bartlet-, of Georgia, aid
Mr. Clark, of M ssouri, both demetra's,
wst appointed to escort tbe tpetker to
his desk.
Wheo "-"peaker Cannon eotired tb'
ha I oo tbe arm of Minority Lead .
Citrk, there was a big d?moo*tration on
the republican side. Mr. Clark eallid
the House to order and presented the
speaker, ss the second msn Id the his?
tory of the United States who had beeu
elected speaker of ibo House of Repre
sen a ives lor four terms.
Amid thunders of applause, Mr. Can*
non mounted the rostrum aod Iaog-*d
the gavel to restore ejrder: He said:
"Gentlemm of the'House of Br preeenta
tlvea, the election to tbe high office of Speak?
er, wbich I now have for tbe fourth time by
virtue of your confidence and judgment, ii a
compliment, tbe honor of which I do not
uri'!er e*tin a'eand it which 1 aui not lack?
ing in peror al appreciation. We have be?
fore us a nina important ami difficult festoon
ofCoogre's The adjust merit of the nstiounl
r. \>mies baa been since the foundation of tbe
government a fundamental r'uis'.iou yielding
to no e other io i rn poi t ince Even in tie
civil war the question of adequate revenue
man lied side by aide willi the valor of our
armies and tbe patriotism of our people. And
in time of peace, evan, disordered finance*
area prolific source nf national ills, not so
ar'utr- as those of war, but yet fruitful af
c lamity for tbe general i-itereat and solder?
ing for thc individual. Tbeae considers ous
should animate ua tn a high devotion In the
duty lief ne uh. We must subordinate pe'*
-.' i,?i t sling* in the (werai gocd, trusting to
the considers tr- judgm-nt cf the jieople fr r
approval of our work wbeu it shall have been
Mr. Bingham, toe oldest member of
tbe House iu point of service, stood be?
fore the speaker's desk and read tbe
rath. The speaker stood w th uplift-d
baods aird swore to administer the dut'ts
of bis office according to tbe Coes itu*
The rremhers of Congress were then
aworn io. They gathered in fro it of the
speaks r's desk, the delegations from sev?
eral itates at one lime, and took the
oath nf office.
Winn the ceremony of Ibe swearing
in bad beeu concluded Mr. Currier pre?
sented a list of caodidatea for positions
aa officers of tbe House, approved by
the republican caucos.
A'l these men are now in office. Gn
bi half of the democ'ias, Mr. Clayton i
presented this list of candidates: For
clerk, W. P. Kimbad, of Kentucky;
strgeatjl-at-ara-a, J. T. Ellington, N
C., door-keeper, W. W. Adtmt; pott*
mtst'r, R. L. Douglass, S C.; and
chaplain, Gio. A Biccus, of Md. Tbe
republican list was selected on a viva
voce vote.
Tbe usual resolut'ons directing com?
an', tees to report ti the Sina'e that the
House was ready for business wete
parsed in a hurry. The speaker ia pur
-iiirjce of a resolution, ottered by Mr.
elmstead, appoioted the following to
join a similar Senate committee and in?
form the president that Oongrcts was
readv for butinett: Mes*rs. Olmsteai,
M Kinley and Clark.
1 At 1:20 Mr. Dalzell arose with the
usual resolution that the House adopt
tbe rules of tbe previous one. Ho de?
manded the previous question. M-.
Clark demanded the yeas und cays. As
the speaker put the question, "as many
as favor ordering tbe yeas nays will rite,"
tbe whole democratic side stood up sol?
idly, while Mr. Clark waved his hand
aid shouted: 'Up guards, aod at 'em."
The clerk then began to cali the roll.
The House by a vote of 194 to 188
adopted a uution for the previous ques?
tion oa the adoption of the rules of the
GO h Congress
A tremendous burst of applause from
tbe Oaunonitea and regulars followed
?."-.nncement of the vote, ft had haH.
OUt me speataoa aaaacaa ra*?? ta** uar] DO
-ucb right. According to tbe rules a
vote was then begun on adoption of tbe
resolution carrying witb it adoption of
ha rules. Oo this Mr. Clark demanded
the yeas aod nays.
Ia the fiaal vote in tbe House this
if ernoon on the adoption of the rules,
sufficient chsnges were made from the
vet? on the adoption of the previous
qaeetloa to tura victory to the insurgents.
The vote was 189 to 193 against tbe
adoption of tbe rules of the previous
Houae. Oj tbit roll call tbe speaker
himeelf voted. He
his name was called
When the cbeerit
the old roles had tu
Clark, sent a resol
desk to be read. It
rules of the 60th Congress shouiu >
by the til Congress during the special
-teston ooly. It proposed that the
speaker had authority to appoint com?
mittees on ways and means, a-counts,
mil'tgo and enrolled bills. It also
proposed that the House elect a corn
mi.tee of rules consisting of 16 members
who are named in the resolution. This
committee was to be authorial to ait
during the recess and was to repor. the
opening of Congress in December what
were desirable in the rules of tbe Hou-e.
Tho members of the c-mmit ee on
rules proposed by tWe Clark resolution
were Dal/ell, Pennsylvania; Smith,
Iowa; Mano, Illinois; Currier, New
Hampshire; Gaioes, West Virginia,
Gardner, M ssachusetla; Nel-on, Wis?
consin; Norris, Nebraska; Hays, Cali?
fornia; Clark, Missouri; Underwood,
Alabama, James, Kentucky; Hitchock,
N'-braaks; Hay, Virginia, and Burles
ton, Texiis. Thia list includes five reg?
ulars, four insurgents and six democrats.
Mr. Ciark demanded the previous ques?
tion on wbich Mr. Muon, demanded the
yena and nays. The roll tall waa ordered.
Mr. Daz.ll rna le a bee-line lor the
speaker's desk aud was reading over the
clerk's ahoulder the text of tbe Clark
reaolutioo aid the members proposed fr
the committee. Mr. Cbrk snd otner*
otjected to Mr. Da'zsil'a pres?nce at tbe
clerk'a table. Standing at the desk Mr.
Dalzell ra;sed (be paper aloft acd shout?
ed tba' he wc u!d leave now siace somr
me bad furusbed bim wi h the reaolu?
The roll call thea pr ceeded.
Tbe motion oo'be previoui qceulon
waa lo*t, and deba.eon Ihe reiolut on
followed and was in progress at 1 o'clock
tbis evening.
The Stranded Steamar Logan.
Honolulu, Much lb.? A I efl^rts tc
pull tbe big Iraospcrt Logan from tbe
reef in toe I eil harbor, which abe
struck Saturday Dight, have so
far proved unavailing. Tne commander
of the British crui-er Cambria- today
otdered tbe service of bia vessel, but
notll another concerted effort it made by
tbe tfi-et of tug-i to pull off tbe troop
ship, outside aid will be refused. The
tuagaa he* in 25 fee: of water on the
south tide of tbe harbor. She hat listed
tottarboard, bu! is oct Waking. Hei
posi.ion is well protected and tbe ia not
believed to be in danger. Pilot Sanders
is understood to bare told tbe Logau't
officers that he boca _e confused by the
iighu ia tbe eba. eel,
New Black
Special attention it called lo a tttf
broad esstrtment, now displayed frc tn,
tbe leading nranufacturers, irclndng
Priestley and Lupin, of wbich we 'how;
a very at ractive at-eortmeot. Their
productions are ? rceminently first ia
quality, weave, dye aod fioltb.
Black Spotproof
The perfection of black dress fabrics ia
Spotproof Broadcloth. It ia extremely
light in weight and very luatrons, aod ia
sponged, shrank aad refinished rea fy for
the needle. These charming lightweight
brosdclotht are gen autoed not to tpot,
and are made by leading maoufactor ra
nf Europe. Prices are
12 00, $2.25. $2.50, $8 00, $3 Ml and
$4 00 the yard.
New Cotton
Imported Matrri* nm France, (J r
many, Great Britain, Iielaod trd s*t -
zerland, aod vast quantities from teer
leading designers ot America.
Included iu part are:
25-inch French Cotton Voile, 25c a
27-ioch Prioted ?""flhure, 60a a yi rd.
27 inch Novelty Snaotung,50c artic!.
27-irch Embroidered French Bitiste,
37_ l a yHrd.
'..7 inch Japonika S Ik, 38c a -ard.
27-ioch Kyoto .Silk, 50c a yard.
2S inch Bilk Poplin, 38c a yard.
27-ioch Satin Satin Jacqui rd, 40c a
27-lrch Silk--trped Filet. 50, a v?rd.
H. inch French B.tiUe, 25c a yard.
l~>*incb Freoch Batiste, 37j < a yard,
32-inch Printed Organdie, S7A_ a yd.
28 inch English Crepe, 35- a yaicl.
30-incb Scotch Gingham, 25c aod '2'Je
a yard
30-inch French Satin, 37.c a yard.
27-inch Mercerized Poplin, 25c ard
85fl l yard.
27-inch Bitiste Lswns, 12-Vc a > nd.
3o-ioch Printed Percale, l'-Jo a wd.
28-inch Crinkled kieertucker, 124- a
32 inch Aero Suiting, 19c a yard.
32*inch Linonette Suiting, 12-V _ a
-l-ioch Mercerized Plisse, 18-a jard.
27-lncb .-r.'rpeoiine Crepe, 18- a yard.
27-ioch Galatea Cloth, 15c a ytrd.
s-cond floor?-G st.
Washington, D. C.
dorking oo Murder Mysteries,
ew York, March 15.?With but a
I cluj to work upon, the police ar*
y searching for two mea supposed to
ut* tbe murderer* of Isadore Delevaot.
night clerk 11 the Eastern Hotel, whose
body Bruised and with tbe throat cut waa
found today io the stern room of tbe ho?
tel. The murderers had stolen Dele
vant's personal effects aod robbed tho
cash drawer of $75. Tbere waa $3,000
in the hotel rafe, which tbe murderers
tried to get, but they were evidently
scared away. Tbe theory of tbe police
is tbat two roughly dressed men who
were in the Hildebrich Hotel, nex' to
the Eis'em,committed the crime. Those
men bad but tixteeo cents between them
. - i ?.:_.? . ,nm over tne Davmeot for
vim mo M-aa-uar
along the Lehigh Valley system to eolve
a mysterious mnrder reported from Al?
lentown, Pa. While a coal car which
tai been emptied here, waa oo a
tiding in the Pennsylvania town, the
boys playing about it discovered the
headless body of a wcroao io it. Before
they coo'd give the alarm the irain had
moved od and despite tbeir best eflorts,
Chief Haynes aod hia men have beera
uoable to locate it. Io proof of (heir
story, the boys gave Mayors a blood?
stained jark't tbey took from the rar.
It boro a New York make.'* name cm!
the police believe the vicMm was killed
io the Idas) yr r's aod ber body hidden*
ic the ctr._
l-tcaped Assassination.
Calcutta, lodi*, March IS ? In?
vestigations today abow that Lord
Minto, the viceroy, had an ex?
tremely narrow escape from aatatsination
Saturday, at the opening of tbe Uni?
versity Conference at Calatta. The
receipt of ao anooymou* letter canted
tbe polios to make arrests ot suspect*
who, according to tbe informst ou ob?
tained by the police, bad plsnned to kill
the viceroy with a bomb. The basan*
were flooded w'th police aod troops aod
tbe university itself was searched and a
large number ofarreata of students aod
others made.
Will Start oa Another Stroll,
New Yok.Mirch 15 ?At 4:15 today
Edward Parson West m will start f-om
the posti. flics here oo a walk to Stn
Fraocisco, Weston is 71 years old to?
day, a d wi I eel-brat* his anniversary
by starting "o the 4,300 mile j urney.
He expects to complete the walk io 100
days, Sundays excluded.
Motion Denied.
Botlalrr, N. Y., March ii\?Ftdatal .furlse
D nrreit of jnfa-ni n and
Bawl ti il rompiny $?).(W iii
the suit of t'.e enverrinjent again*! the trait
.lin*-. Tlie ti;i* fol lo ??? a ro.victioo
! in Per h. aler l**t June. It wa*
I that tl ?? bmit&atd Oil C'ouiwioy bad
ll vjii>r_eat*froc- Olear,
N'. V., 'o ,>rriuu in "rVmont,
Many Siitlr-r**r?-rs from niaal catarrh
way they get tptandid results by oaina *n alo
nu-r. fat llieir l>t-nelit *?? prep-aie Kly'a
Balor. Ixe* pt that it ia liuuM it ia ia
all re-ii-er-m like the hailing, helpful, pain
allaying Cream Balm that thar public L*?
Maa familiar with for year*. No cocaine nor
thm 'lari-eri'iii drug* in it. The soothiug
ipray la a remedy that relier** at nnoe All
IrnggitSt, 760., including spraying .abe. oe
I try Ely Bros., 66 Warren street, N*W
Ifork, ,

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