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Tr>E-D?.Y EVENING. JONE 1.1909.
Thi: Andrew Johnson M-morial As?
sociation has been formed a' Greenville,
Tenn, and yesterday the gra?e nf tbe
ex-president w?8 decoaed wi'h fl >wers,
gin a> apprip!ia>' prof raaaaaa of ex
nc sr* reudettd. Mamu W Li If t n
de<iv?rtd an oration oo tbe occasion.
Ia i'm* day.wbea he pantheon ia being
crowded with statues ?"d bust*, it ia
r>aural tnat aome memento of Johnson
ahould be in evidrrce, and the action
ot *be people of Greenville doubtless
m eta with the approval of a large ma?
jority in tbe southern county, ea well
a tboae of the conservative class else
where Johnson waa a type ol tbe
ragged Amt rican, one who fought hi*
way to the top of en against pnjudice
and great odd*. Starting life under
adverse circumstances, be battled witb
pov-rty during hm esrly years, and
havirg heen d< nied the opportunity of
?tending sihool, be f und himself near?
ing manhood ss a tailor's apprentice with
no knowledge vt letters. It i* said that
bia wife taught him to read, -'gu?
ning at the lowest rung of the ladder,
his ascent whs slow. Tbe fact tbat te
waa cf plebian origin was to many >
bad recommendation, notwithitandirg
bi* vig' rou* intellect and inborn genius.
Livirg at a lime when politic* often ltd
men into dangerous paths, he seidim
falterer!, and Iii* courage manifest) d io
m (>v ryu g aeeaea ooaataoded the re?
elect ot tb,.we whobotn feared and ta od
bim. During the I apt days of the civil
war he wa-, neariug tn*- pinnae!- of
fame, and upon the death ot Anranam
Liomin *aa installed into ihe L.gbtBt
office in tae gift if te AuoerUan people.
Dar.og the li ur yettie' coull et JofanBi U
b o ibcarrad Un* in mil ut h.i wno were
-.hung fol MWtbtfO rigbti bv reason vt
the iron t.a id be swabed while muitart
g ?v< ruoi ? f I nesste, and whi-n be bt
C*_t prts.Jeut the southero people nat?
ur* ,y mi. ? nada iger wi h
win. ii io d?al. By bi* cner-' tiff
?c'ur.-e, nowever, he toeia_e unp pu.ar
with his own psrty, which culminattd
io (he impeai'hmer.t iaice Johnson rt*
appeared^,. foinkai areli" ?? *
na$enWvT( \tiiui Tenooaeo, and died wLile
h- v.u't ii lum. As me shade*
Ol de.th gnincf.d about brno, he a.-fced
(.f i> tcridau * io bury him in tbe Aaec
Waa fl >g
Stan'mmi yes.erday on the Gettys?
burg battlefield where virtually was de?
cided tbe sanguinary col il .ct between
the north and south, Secretary of W?r
J M Ditkiuiou, a soutaeru man by
birth, made ibis sta' meot:
Tbe overthrow of tne soutn, aa always
occurs afier a fierce war, wbiD tbe de?
feated arc belpi??s and the more con?
servative of tbe victors are for a while
dominated by the fiercest and most ag
-:ve leaders, vms immediately fol?
lowed oy Bufieriugs and humiliations
tm for a long time ndtniittd of nothing
but lameotatiuu over a result tbat could
bru j: such wots. Keen and bitter as
tbey were, time and a manifestation ofja
more generous sentiment brought a
mitigation of sorrow and a clearer vieion
of the tremendous evils to all the elates
which would certainty and immedia.elv
have followed upon the is ablistimeut ol
tbe Sou nero Confederacy. Its very
cornerstone was preordained to disinte?
gration. Commercial and oiber condi?
tions would as sure as fate bave brought
about a dissolving Confederacy.
I: seems strange that so many south?
ern uko wben they accept government
positions feel obliged to stultify them?
selves and recant 'heir former words aod
acts. There are thousands of men as
competent to judge tn Mr. Dickinson,
who believe that had the Southern Con?
federacy won it would bare been one ot
the grandest nations under tbe sun. The
a>uth had the men with brain* and
courage to organize a government and
there is no reason whatever why, If thc
sou:h had succeeded, tbe Confederacy
should have dissolved.
Senator Aldmch for the first time
?ince the ia.ill figutoegao, look occasioo
yesterday to diclare mat bis tanti bill is
not intended to advance prices. "The
?ingestion," he said, "that the tarifl
duty is added to the price of the product
in this country is repugnant to me aa a
republican, as a protectionist and ss
a man." He took the position that
protection merely keeps r ut the fore.gn
producer and tbat competition within
the limits of the country fixes ihe cost of
products at the lowest possible figure at
wbich they can be produced and sold.
Bat ihe senator know* and the country
knows thst tbe great uir,j.,nty 0f the
duties of tbe Aldrich schedules are im
for thc very purpose of permitting
the combinations to add ti the price of
their pr dacts as much of the tarifl rae
as the public can bo made to pay in tx*
cess of a reasonable price.
The Senate yesterday voted to raise
the Uritt on lemons to one and a hall
tents a pound despite the protest of Sen?
ator Root wbo sunJs c!o-e to the admin?
istration. Men abon; the Capitol fa?
miliar with the tarifl state that tbis in?
crease ia tbe Urifl will pay tbe full I
wages of every man, woman ind child
engaged in tbe lemon Indus ry a fd will
also put five hundred thousand do'iaia
into the pockets of tbe few lemon grow?
ers io this country?chiefly in California
?who will now be enabled to fix the
lemon prices. Lemons bave become a
necessity and are used largely by the
poor people of the country but by the
republican high tar fl' ad voca es thfse
people will hav. tr sLll-r io ord?r that
tho lemon growers mav btciTie rich.
Wrrn one month remaining before the
end of the fiscal year, June 30,the treas?
ury deficit has reached practically $100,.
000,000. Indications are that within
one month more the deficit will he
$110,000,000. Thia figure is better
than ?as hoped for when consideration
o' th? tarriff bill b'gio. Then it was
estimated that the deficit would run to
$125,000,000 Jncreised importations
have sligbly reduced the daily deficit.
from Washington
nrr**pondence cf the Alexandria Qasetle.]
Waahinzton, June 1.
A call mar be ma Ie shortly by the
s cretary ol the treasury upon nation*!
bank dip ll'Offea for a portion pf the
sixty million dol'ars of government
money held by them. Fm'* in high
official circles that Ihe tarifl bill, with
the Panama canal bond Mtborlastlon,
may not be enacted into law until some
time after the firat of tbe new fiscal vear,
July 1, prompted Secretary MacVeagh
tcday to go thoroughly into the condi?
tion of government Seances with the
chiefs of the divisions of purdie moneys
and bonds. Although there is no neces?
sity of urgent acion because the increase
in receipts for several months has check?
ed tbe -apid growth of the deficit, now
over $93,000,000, f, r eleven months of
the present fi-cal year, a call upon the
national bunk diptsitories is likely in
order that a cf rtstn portion of the hravy
appriations for I'.'IO made by thp last
Congress may be cared for promptly in
Jnlv Bnd AugtHt.
With a key of froid studded with
nuggets from the firat mine of the Klon?
dike, President Taft in the east room of
the White House thia afternoon started
tbe wheels of the Alaska-Yukon.!'?? itir
Exposition at Seattle As the message
*ss flashed acro-s :he continent and a
response was received from the fir
Pacific coaft, the crowd of diplomats,
statesmen and officials gathered about
the president set up a hearty cheer and
declared to each other that the enter?
prise would be a grest success. Presi?
dent Taft voiced thia hope and I
in a happy audre-* imrned _*ely after
he pressed the elerie key. The fair,
he was certain, would not only rc! it
credit upon the enterprise, push, an*
business foresight of the men
planned it aod built it, but would give
to the world a more intimate kD,(v|>dge
of the ur.rv 1 mi rea nroea at Um
courtly -youd the Rockie*
Piles, of Washington, madest he- re^
rn beha f ol the expo?itiu|fc aud P. cilic
.at: Among tootah pr-sent
t the ceremony wrr/y tbe tnc-m'efrl of
President's lWa Cabinet. Mrs. Taft;
many repr/sijrfitativts ofthe dipion
. li rd W Carpenter secretary to
? ?' 'presideer; two seme* of senator* and
represent olivie: an.! the delegu
OongrerS frotn the Phil wari,
Alaska, and Por'o Kiri. 1 fa
sent telegrams of congratulation to J.
E Chi I berg, prenideol
On the ground that thu wateis of New
York Harbor would become polluted
and tbat it would result in i ir-< ol C oi
raerce, the government to'iay pel
the D. %, Supreme Court for leave :
h ..ill ../ oo?plaint agsin*'. the atate o'
New York seeking an Injooct!
the conticuat.oa of the c
Bronx river valley s:w.r, which tn
ioto tbe Hudson. Chief Justice I
announced thst the court would grant
tbe petition and receive tbe bill of com?
Lieut. Gen. MeArtliur, th" Ip.st of the
lieutenant Kenerais in the army will be
placed upon the list nf retired officers
tomorrow, having rt ached tue age limit
f ;r active service. As the ragk will d e
with bim there will he ot fivn |i?.
.og lieotena< t-generals?d'->nerais Milts,
, Oht.fl p _ imr, and Oorbin, On
IC-Ve list Maj II I ieneral Leonard
Wood, aowexHB?anding the Department
ofthe East, will bfi me the ranking
The judgment of Ihe Circuit Conrt ol
Appeals that fie 1" pier* rn the liappa
baunock river in Virginia which have
been the Mbject of long controversy he
tween the Weems and Peoples Steam?
boat Compauies of Baltimore, are public
property and open to both lines,were to?
day reversed bv decision of the Baprem*
Court of the United States. Tbe Weems
line ciaimed tbat it owned five of the
piers in question and professed to have
leases giving them control of the re?
maining eight. The Peoples Company,
an opposition line, hi gan nsiog the pier*
whereupon the Weems line instituted
the suit which was today sustained.
Th?t the National Exchange bank of
Providence B. I., must pay the United
>:ates $9,044.32 for pension checks paid
through tha' hank and la er discovered
to have beni fraudulently cashed through
forgery rn Willi*? A. .Mullion, was the
decision of the ll S Supreme Court to?
day. Munson was p?n?ion agent a* Bis?
ton and betwten 1884 aod 1S!4 drew
checks for payment ni passions to per?
sons many of whom, it was later recover?
ed, were dead.
Senator Ominous, nf Iowa, todsy pttseotfd
in the Sm ita a snhstitate for the loomat i <x
hill which was far marly introduced by him.
It pro po*** a t % m> oi laeoaae* over $5,0011 of
2 p*r cent, both on individual! aad oorpora
(MU. it is provide', however, lhat wherean
income is partly derived from inve-tru
eorporatioBB. the individaal ma> bean
ed m.rn paying tax upon the receipt* from
that "ource.
Today wus AstOflfaJt Justice Harli::, -
birthday. He aaid ka didn't foal that "ii
when seeaebody -poke aHont Pr. ti lat
au.l the chao. ? ? remaot Iron the
?f the kiaki -! c iii rt mi whish I ?
s.rvxi for .;.' feen
The jadgmeut ot the 3r*oit Coarl of Ap?
peals uf I linoi*awarding$1,660.41 to ihsSL
ns .lion tifes
ii lr. Iii the Boutbam I ?11? rt<:\.l
C aspaay for excessive transportation eb
on h;iy, was .today ievers.il by the I
supreme Couit.
New York Stock Market,
Kew York, June ].--Tl- m.trk-t bald
I] all throagh the first hour. 1.paling
railroad stocks rn!. ' grown pfaa
tmil operators, kasladtag many of
Mose that W reactive in recent rnnve,
in Beading aad steel comma, ?? i
St. Paal, taking all thal stock oflsred ap to .
\52i saul makii.^ it aasmall] nroinin?t.
Usorgstowa, JD, C. June !.-?> h?at 140-15 i
Sixty-first Congress.
Washington, June 1.
Night session-! will be added ti the
Senate programme tomorrow. Tbe
boors of meeting, beginning tomorrow,
will be from 1030 a. m. to 5 p. m. and
from 8 p. m. to not later than ll p. m.
A committee report fixing these bonrs
waa laid over until tomorrow on an
objection by Senator Colberso:., but Mr.
Aldrich said he would move this evening
to adjourn until 10:30 tomotrow aod
tomorrow alttrnoon he wov.ld move a
night session. There seems to be- no
doubt that he will be supported by a
mnj irity of tbe Senate.
While the committee report was being
discussed today Mr. Aldrich said he
hoped it would not be necessary to have
night sessions for longer than a week.
Some of the senators complained that
Ihe long hours under the order would
deprive them ot time in which to attend
to their correspondence and to investi
ggie tarifl problems.
Tbe cotton schedule upon which a
considerable fight is anticipated was
taken up in the Senate today when con?
sideration of the tarifl bill wa* resumed.
S?nator Aldrich, on behalf of the
finance committee, immediately offered
amendments proposing certain reduc?
tions in the rates as originally reported
by tbat committee. Ooe of these was
to reduce from 20 to 16 per cent ad
valorem the tarifl to be pa'd by cotton
thread and carded yarn. Another was
to reduce from 25 to 80 per cent the
duty on spool thread, crochet arid em?
broidery cotton. He also submitted
amendments restoring the House
rates on cotton cloth. Senator 1> i
liver offered some further amend?
ments to this paragraph which he pro?
ceeded to discuss. Hm amendment was
to re-adopt paragraph 312, elton cloth,
as U appeared in the Payne bill w'th
two amendments. One was to include
mercer zd cloth and the other was to
impose an ad valorem dnty of lb per
cent on cloth over 7 cents in value.
Senator Dollivvr explained that the
object of his amendment was to restore
in each of the paragraphs of the cotton
schedule the Dingley provisos so that
tbe various grades of cott in cloth should,
pay as they Increase in value, 86 p?r
ern: ad valorem. The bill as reported
by the committee changed nil the ad
valorem rates to specific rates.
News of tbe l*ay.
The Seosl ' yea?/ .ay, on motion of
Senat' r Aldric!*, adopted the Payee bill
rate of four a ti a pound on bacon and
hail and oa*! and one-h*lf cents a pound
D 'arr1
T .Isy 1,200 agents of the New York
L' Insurance Company will be dropped
under the law limiting the amount of
biH'nrss thai can Oe done.
Fire destroyel late yesterday the
N la docks atPirtO'S'a, Cal., en
? k loss ol 11,000,000. The B
em Paoifle Overland trains were held up
Im several hours,
M.rfc W. W tson, millionaire presi?
dent ot the Exchange National Bank,
and a reader in (be glass business m
P t sburg, Pa,, died today in a Philadel?
phia hospital, from paralysis. He h*d
l> en president of tho baak since 1860,
aud was 81 years old.
Virginia Mewn.
Miss Susan Hamilton, daughter of Mr.
Bngh Hamilton, and Mr. Riobard
Washington Hilliary will be marled
ibis evening at 8 o'clock at the bride'
hocnp, Scotia, near Warrenton.
lt is said tbat Edgar Allen, nvoMi
can, assisaot post?anti r a: Richmond,
o'..- ! I. sol E Cabell as post
maiter of tbat city. Mr. Cabell recent?
ly was appointed liv President Taft ss
nurra! revenue commissioner.
Philip L?wis BurweU, for many years
prominently identified with Allegany
county, Maryland,and daring that time a
resident of Mount Savage, died suddenly
Sunday at his country place, near Hay?
market, aged 76 years. Mr. Burwell
wbs a ra'.ive o' Winchester.
Capt .Limes S. Knox, one of the best
known eititeni nf Frederickaourg, dieri
at his hom- Sunday night, aged 67
years. He was a Confederate veteran,
captain of ihe Fredericksburg (iray?,
afterward* Coal pan f H, Thirtieth Keg
itn<-n', Virginia Infaniry, Corse's Bri?
gade, Pickett's Dlfiaioo, and was cap?
tured in the hattie at Savior's Creek,
neai Paraville in April, 1866, He was a
pr itninent member of St. Oaorge's Epis?
copal Church, and for 80 years a leading
memhrr of IBO City Council. He is sur?
vived by three brothers?City Treasurer
Robertf. Knox and l>>tifr|*s fl. Knox,
of Frrderit ksburjr, and Sam Knox, who
resides in the west?and one sister?
Miss Virginia S, Knox, of Fredericks?
burg. He was a relative of Capt. Robt.
F. Knox, of this city.
Mr. Will amCarnegy Kennerly, a na?
tive and lifelong resident of White Post,
< 'larke county,died at his home there yes -
terday after a bripf Illness of piralvsi?.ln
the eighty li th year of his age. Mr.
Kennerly had enj >yed unusually
health for cue of hh age until Thursday
of )a*t woek, when he was stricken with
paralysis. Mr. K--nn?rly was torn at
Qreeaway Court, the old Fairfax home
pla-e Msr White Post. In 1846 he wis
married to Minn Margaret F Withers,
daughter of .fames Withers, nf Panqakt
county, who died many years ago. Sur?
viving are one son, Mr. James Francis
Kennerly, and three daughter*, v>
Aonie C., Fainie and Minetta Kenn*
ly, all of White Post Mr. Kennerly
was a well known writer on field sports,
having contributed a great deal of mat?
ter to newspapers and magazines un hr
;he norn de plume of "Old Dominion."
During the civil war, Mr. Kennerly
?erv- d in the Confederate army as lieu
tena it of cavalry.
Baldness Due to a Living Minute
(j erm
Many people, even unto thp present day of
trrs.-e, 0*_dd?r baldness doe ;o hereditary i ti -
Nothine i? farther from thc troth?Baldness
t b) the outlauvlit nfs ruinate oryan
Ue which maratta itt*- boasata ihe Mala
tai st tack* tha roots et the hair main il
nd fall i nt.
Thi* orf*n:sm eaaaat he fol rid nf except
by tha (r-e ami persew - ' N'ewhro's
the DHiiiiru;! waly, iliant>;.
be-ihh i* restored when lirrpi,-hie is applied.
y the cans* yon remove 11
Sold hy Brassi V. Ai'eri
MsaadtljOB. SaadlOeu Mamas
for Rample to The Herpicide Co., Detroit,
-ich, B
Today's Telegraphic News
Imposition of Scalene* Postponed
Washiest in, D.C., June 1.?After
I the court room for consultation,
tbe Supreme Court today decided to post?
pone actual imposition of sentence ou
Snerifl Ship**, Deputy G baon, and
Messrs. Williams, Kolas, Padge t and
May toe six men found guilty of con?
spiracy iu the lynching of Ed, Johnson,
tbe Chattanooga negro rapist, and held
tempt, ot court.
The attorneys of the afx mea were
granted 30 i'ays ia which to li e a peti
.1 n f r re-hearing and the rn attar was
corni.iued until next term. Tbe chief
justice announced tbe decision of the
The six men were thereupon again
turned over to the marabel for the
eastern district of Tennessee for conduct
back to Cha'tauocga where they will be
again released on bond.
They will leave tonight for Knoxville
in custody of the marshal of the eastern
District of Tennessee aud his deputy,
who came up from Chattanooga with
them. At Knoxville their bail will be
fixed by the U. S. Circuit Court there
and the men again released from custody.
Siientl Shipp refused ti make any
statement after leaving tbe courtro rn
bul thought it probable lhat ihe amount
ol bail rrqnired would be fl,ooo for
each of the six men.
Toe largest crowd in the Malory; of the
Sopreni ? Court of the Uutt*l States as
se milled long before noon. Tbe historic
court room was crowded to tbe doors,
and the corridors without were throned
by a crowd of curious spectators anxious
to witness an incident unparalleled in
Am. rican legal history.
Tho six defendants were brought into
the court room a few minutes prior to
the entry of the court and were seated
just in front of the hench. At their
head walked Sherill Janies F. Sbipp,
gray haired, hut ' and erect despite
his 67 years of ff.?an ex*ct prototjpe
of a southern g. ntleman?with a sparc,
gray goatee and benevolent fsce. He
wsa the moe1, striking figure among ihe
defendant.) and appeared in the court
calm ar.d apparently not the least ento
lion',:. Deputy Sheriff Jeremiah Gib
?"ju, Lather Williams and Nick Nolan,
both saloonkeepers at the time of the
lynching, and Henry Padgett and Wil?
liam May, carpenters, who hui also been
adjudged guilty of? contempt, followed
Sheriff Shipp.
Expect Clash With Russians
London, June I ?Meeeegee from
Tabriz, today, say that tue Turki-h
troeips h.ive wploted the oecapiUoa of
Urumia, Salinas, and Khoi, in ihe A/.-r
ta jan province, and are entrenching
themselves in anticipation of a elaeh
with the Ku-nian soldiers now rjusrtend
io Tabriz.
Constantinople dfspftdM ijnote the
Turkish foreicn i Bet <.declaring that tbe
occupation is merely for the purpose ol
defending Turkey's interest in the ter?
ritory known a* the "F Of
It is believed here, however, thal the
Turks will attempt to check the Russian
advr n at,
Rossis and Turkey have about 24 OOO
Boidi-rs iq'ially divided, in northwestern
I'ttc opp H are not
more than sevevy trill. - apart, and ft
cla-h may come st any nioment. The
B ii ib 1 reign ofBce is secretly pleated
at tne resistance wi'h which Rus-oi in
If, sn it in ie r ! li- re thal Rus
ria h.in ell ced her long intended "land
grah" io violation of the Anglo Russian
Toe probability of Gurman? backing
up Turkey in her oonntermofe is a
source of much uneasiness.
\ i ooifirniUofl his been received of
the repoit that Persian .Mahometans are
mss-acreing the Christian p ipalatioa
throughout the disturbed region as ?
prot nr against the Rim in occupation.
Sitar Khan and his r olotionary fol?
lowers, who for months held Tabriz
againnt the loyalist forces, sre stillshelt r
ed iu the Turkish consulate* at Tabriz in
defiance of thr? Russian demands that
they surrender on the ground that they
fomented the anti-Russian agitation.
Small Surrendered
Christiania, June I.? James Srial
the fS-year-old railor, who crest d
sensation hy first coafetsing tha' he
aided Mrs. dunnes*, the La Porte,
Indiana, woman in committing a num?
ber of murders, and later killed her and
her children, but who as som ss he was
discharger) fiom his ship declsred there
was no truth in th n, waa sur?
rendered at tbe United S ates consulate
hero today. He will be sent to the
United 8 ate* on June 4, hut not for
any conncctioh with the < I .inness mur?
It is now generally helieved tbat he
knew nothing more about the La Porte
matter theu he read iu tne newspapers,
bnt that ho took n uni ,ne way to se?
cure his discharge from a ship which
had proven uncongenial.
He admitted at the consulate teds*
that he told bisstiryti bis captains'
that the ratter would conclude tbat he
was insane ar.d land him. The con-ul
has secured pa-sago fur him on the Scan?
dinavian A;m rican liner Helig Oisv in
the usual manner for stranded sailors.
Small tilted ra'ionally today. He de?
clsred that he is a nat.x. i ngb,
Msine, and that he has h?en a sailor all
nf ba) life, ll la'be never?as
in Indiana 'ur even heard of Mrs. Can?
nes* until he read of tbe case in the
newspapers. As there is a possibility
that Small may be insane, be will to
watchel ea rodie to the United Stairs
(iermany Demands Letters.
Cons'antinople, June 1.?Gernran
Ambssssador Von R eherstein vi.-.ited
Hilmi Pssiii todsy and made a personal
demand for the rellim of the letters
written hr Emperor Willi*? to former
sultan Aodul Hamid, during the crisis
of last April.
These lettero, a* thc (Jotted Pre** dis?
patches in lita ed at the time, are al?
leged lo prove the kaiser's support of
Abdul's- deapotissn, and G'lmany's an?
xiety to recover them is considered sig?
nificant. Th y were found am. ng the
es?ealtaa'a ifKc'swheo be was driven
trom the pata...- by the victor.oub Young
Turks. The grand vi/, er told Von
retain thai the le'ters were sti'i in
the ponairston of tbe Young Turka' in
vrstiga leg ommitee and tbat until
they were surrmded to the government
it w. old be iropo?sible fer him to com?
ply With tin
Y m !'? ebi rsti ia then asked a? to the
contents ol the latfrs, hut wss informe 1
tbat the Yoong Tnrks had disclosed
nothing to the v vrnment. Hilrni
i r united to send the ieiters to tbe kaiser
ti soon as he got possession of them,
Strike Condltioo In Philadelphia.
Philadelphia, June 1. ?A small riot I
occurred this afternoon, when an irou i
worker employed on tbe Wanamaker
ak)scraper pulled a motorman lt, rn a
car in the shopping outre/, and beat bim
up. A crowd ol several thousand gath?
ered, and mounted policemen were call?
ed to disperse it.
Iron workers on the ninth floor of tbe
Wanamaker building, hurled bricks aud
heavy iron bolts at cara passing iu tbe
street below, several arrests were made
but the ringleaders escaped.
C. 0 Pratt, secretary of the national
association of street car employees', enid
this afternoon, that tbe suiiway and
elevated mea would all walk out to?
Stock of Philadlphia Rapid Transit
Company and of most of the underlying
concerns of tbis corporation, depreciated
in value in an alarming degree on tbe
local stock exchange today. Rapid
Transit, which on Friday, the diy be?
fore the strike began, was quoted at 88
18, early today, dropped lo MO 8-8, anti
union traction which wss quoted I
LS fell 2 1-2 points to 84.
Philaielpma, Jue I ?Today, the
mirth el ty of ihe s'rik" of motormen
aad conductors of th' Philadelphia
Rspid Transit Company, shows condi?
tions worse than any of the previous
days. There are fewer esra running.
Out nf a total of 8,000 cars ordioariiy
lu opiia'.ioo not more than a hundred
were taken out of the barus this morn?
Never have tbe morning parades of
woi Icing people been greater thsu they
were today. Thousands walked twenty
and thirty blocks to their places of em?
Despite tbe endi ions which exists,
officials of the Rspid T .visit Company
annonnced today tba*, thy are obtaining
mote experienced carmen and that they
felt no anxiety over tbe strike outlook.
Ol the rlvp hundred strike-hreakere
brought here hy thc c mnpany yesterday,
more than 200 are lesdy to quit work
and return lo their homes Badi;
lightened hy the receipt 11 notices in
the form of black baud "doom" letters,
many refuseu to go to work today.
The startling announcement is i. o 1
by John J. Murphy, president of the
Central Labor IJ.iio.i, that if the de
manda of tho striking street cai men
are not met, in some way, bv Thursday
night, a general strike will be pro?
claimed on Friday morning, of all or?
ganized workers in the elf affiliated
with the Central Lihtr Union. Thi"
meena a representation ol over 75,0001
The Standard Aims at World Mo-j
Berlin, June 1.--The Standard Oil
Company's dream cf an absolute
monopoly in the prtroleum trade is
i be rt al - !. irdiag lo today's
Lokal Anz^iger, which savs that nego?
tiations are now under way a'. Hamburg
b' tween the Standard and European oil
I ^h;ch wi" give the :
the right to sell all Rai .um.
To." ri iier?>t;rp-t between the Standard
and the Austrian governmr nt (.ver the
Standard's attempt t> v*'n control ol
the huge Galicia oil Iii IN, have been
sell led The Lokal Avgeigot say* the
output of this field, tb) E I
rope, will bo Mader tbe COO
roi, ? th d ibe 8
also ooraine.! control OfOf ihe Russian
p .- lum Balda.
t-cspc from Burning Building.
Detroit, Mich., June I-Nine hun?
dred children walked down the stairs ard
apes of Si, Casimir's parochial
I here today iu response! o the gong
for a fire drill, just in time to a -e the
fire thst had been discovered ? few min
? i re, boral into a roaring na
on ihe secor.i Boor. Ooe
wus hoi in tie busty tiro drill ind sev?
eral biol narrow escapes from the gre
101 as they daabed op to tbe school.
Tuc lire bunn' fiercely and the Indica?
tions are that the building will bea]
total loss
The Sea Serpent Reappear*.
Beeton, June 1.?-Recorded in racial
log of tba liner Mereddio, in pori here
from Buenos Ayres and Montevideo, is
ii o.i it :im zing en'rv. I: is that of tho
passing of a sea serpent .'100 feet long
which was encr unteri while tho I
was live hundred miles titi the cia't ol
Br*I I. Among those who saw (he mon?
ster nus Chief < (Iii. r Neill Murray,and,
ss he sajs, the spectacle "made his hair
stand on end" as the levinthan passed
j'ist a cable's length away.
Echoes of the Revolution.
Limn, Peru, June 1,?With Ih?? ex?
ception of occasional shots fired by the
soldiers without apparent cause, the last
echo of the "revolution" of last Satur?
day has died out and the ci'y ii today
aim-st normal. One of the most imposing
?Miara funerals ever held in Lima wt.-,
accorded to Msjor Eirshuru, President
's aide, who was kill'il whih dc
i niling tbe palace in tbe revolutionary
attack. The president was among (boee
who a.tended the funeral.
Corsica hoisted.
Parii. Juno 1 ?Ooralea la flare io Im-c toda]
sith themes! Berton* tooti problem in ter
history as a tvsalt al
Sailors, whiek hhs practically isolated the
leland. Focd product* are -mer and the
.i high ilea evan tha well-tofdo are
hard dreamd, ? hole the poor are iii dan
itarvatkm. Ship o?n-rs m
will rouse the overthrow of Fri in rr < ';?
tale I he adopts I ? ?-, | .on e
IO put uu net to the strike, only thrtC
- ,.r.- ashen?a iii -ul U lay. Tba
Ino. hus Oren BggrSI .itel by
telegraph wrens. The govern BM
ihitan anarchistic organisation iu Pans ;
behind tte Maras?I** strike ami thst all tm
i.rln- given i hr sailors aiinite from tte f'nris
Strike Breakers Qu t Work.
Baltimore, .lune 1 illy .strike hreakers
ere ployed at the Loess I'.mt ctr shop*, ol
the P.altiniore and Ohio Railroid qaji
this iiio-iiing un.I refuse 1 ta return to the
?hop*. Bowral persons ar* rep.,
Leen roughly handle I hy the Baltimore and
Koo se lor mi :ifor
noon uew*|op-r uss roughly handled and
[lien ar?e?teil hy al'.. A <> Special
iharged arith disorderiy conduct. Ait
kc pr..-.
jiemeful motivcH, a moorta
loon paper waa roughly has Had, hut ?
:iubranin< the mechanical brunches I
?tulroad, will l>e in force barbra midnight.
|fi? Eli/t Lo?elt Frost, dst.tri.t
:he late sJi as Fruit, I | ,
girl, and Douglas Walla-h stewart,
vere married today In the rectory of
it, John* Cnnrcb, in fuiladelphia.
Jh? hui dint* and stock Ol tb" Ll
jarg Lontige Company were La liv dam
i/ed by fire last night witb consideraMe
oca. One fi re rt aa wa* overcome but
ioon recovered.
Present Day Duty ol the Church.
New tisser], Coon., June 1.?Defin?
ing tne present day dnty of tbe church
as the restoration aud re-building of
Ideate whiih acieoce bas "coldly
analyzed and cataigued," Rev. Wm.
Bogers Rid ards, nt S-m York city, de
etared today ina leciure to Yale divinity
student* that minister* wbo lacked the
spark to make men aware of the living
presence ot < i id should leave the
miuistry. He suggested to such mem?
bers of the cloth that they become lit?
erary critics or join the stree- cleaning
lit-par'meut. ''lue spirit ol modern
times," said Rev. Richards, "ia to di
min:sh the spirit of reverence, the very
aiiom of Aermicau life, if thia gift is
Iscking, if you are more incline4 to
analyzstbat feeling of reverence ard io
tutioo tbat leada to humility, there ia no
place for yon in tbe ministry."
Motor Car Starts on Trip.
New York, June I. -At a telegraphic
s'gual from President Taft, at I o'clock
thu afternoon, Mayor McClellan tired
a shot from the gold-mounted revolver
that sent the contestants in the ocean
to ocean automobile teat on their way
to the Yukoon-Alaska-Paciflc Exposi?
tion at Seattle. Six cars witb every bolt
and screw in perfect condition lined up
tor the start. They are one Acme, two
Fords, ono Stearns, one Shawmut, and
o;.e Ita'a. The cara were preceded by
two pace makers machines which will
keep the pace of tbe conte'itants within
the speed limits of thc various states
until they reach Kansas City. There
thi ears will be left to themselves, and
the contest will develop into a go-as
you-like, or as you please, affair.
Report Discredited.
Ch cag., Jane 1.--A report thia
morning that a Chicago, Milwaukee &
St. Paul pasBonger Hain bad ber 1 wreck?
ed .iud a number of persons killed, near
Marmatb, N. D., is discredited at thc
geneial I ffir.es of the tompeny here.
The company says tnat yesterday it gave
permission to the Northern Pacific to use
16 sallee ol its trsck between Terry and
City, on account nf a wreck which
li il np tho liuo cf tho Northern Pacific
in that vuinity. Thia wreck occurred j
Mav BO, seven miles e?sr.t of Miles City.
PtetfOgt! train No, 4 bud a dining car
derailed and several pavengers were in
jured, but ?**"? i.-;,,'-h.
OAIOa also _.LLY9I IN.
Mr. Jamr* ii. Uatoo, democratic door
leaner of the House of Delegates and
cunio-titi! bl the democratic nomination
for lieutenant governor, has giveu out a
statement relative to bis position as a
tito Caton says that he entered the
race four yean ago, but withdrew in
I ol Mr. Ellysnn. the present incum?
bent, wbo is >.lso acandidatn for renomi
i. Tbe off.ee being one of honor
purely and Mr. Kllytou having held it
for four years, Mr. Caton declares that
he does not intend to retire fioiu tba.
rac .
In further explanation Mr. Oaton says
that the constitution prohibit the govern
or from sue?eedini? himself and that
while there is no eipreee inhibition as to
the lieutenant governor yet tbe un?
broken canton ot' the lieutenant gover?
nor retirityg wi'li the governor wouiei
se io io i i ply tbat if the le-ter of B4
constitution does not, the Bpirit ol tue
constitution should apply to both offices.
"The three highest positions of honor
in o ly, in tbe gilt of V\e denocfatic
party of Virginia, are now held hy Mr.
J. Taylor Eilyaon, namely: State chair?
manship, membership lu the national
di'ir.ocra.ic party aud lieutenant gover?
norship. Tbe two first he has held for
many ytars aod the !a-;t for fonr years,
aril he now seeks to perpetuate his term
in :hat office, monopolizing the honors
in the git' of the party, which to say thc
losst is uu-di mocrntic.''
li conclusion Mr. Caton says: "Tba
relation td the State chairman, who
should bo in a position to direct a pri?
mary with ai impartial hand, aa between
all con teeta-j U for honors therein, and
the relation nf tbe chairman, as a candi?
date for lieutenant governor in the same
primary, exercising enery rtlort and
bending every evrgy and influence to
secure the nomination, in the very pri?
mary which he is directing for the benefit
of all contestants therein, is bo glaringly
improper ss not to need further com?
Mr. Eilyaon yesterday issued a lotter
In reply to the communicat'on ot Mr.
Caton, in which be takes the ground
that he offered hia resignation to the
State committee at ila last sen-ion
?tating that he was a candidate and de
sin d to relieved of tbe position pending
the primary. Thecommittee, hy a un?
animous vote, decided that tbe position
of the chairman was one that required
g'f at executive ability, tbat the people
had to pass on the candidacy of the two
gentlemen and that it was right and
r foi him ti bold th> chairmanship
aid on that vote and at the request of
the committee he is holding to his duties
aud directing the campaign.
He also states tbat Hon. John 8,
B-rhour was, whilst a member of tbe
House of Representatives, elected chair?
man of the state committee a* the meet?
ing helli .a Lynchburg in 1883.
Mr. Baili B. Conlon succeeded Mr.
Bwbooi in 1889 and whilst a State Sen?
ator he was male chairman of the Stale
c ruo, | member of the dem
? i 'ic National Committee.
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ea, ethan havs ambratdasad rudie*;
ive thining and hemstitching. Kill
band ttoa; laafth* .18 to tl Regular QQr
tl.66 value. Sfe.ial.VOL.
The fallowing is tie fill t xi ol the
sill introduced in 'he House of Repre
tentatives on May 27 hy Mr, Hayts, of
'hliforn.a, which wa* referred to the
;ommittee on the 0:s*rict of LVlumb a :
A bill ex:ending the lim'ts of the Dis?
trict of Columbia.
Whereas more territory ough: to he lo ll
under the exclusive leg'sNtiou g'ven
Congress over tbe District -which ia
the aeat of the geneial government for
ibe purposes ot such a -eal; and
Whereas th>t portion nf Alexandria
county, in tue S a'e of Virginia, which
wus originally ceiled to tcQ United
States bv the 8 r'* ol \rirgiuiaaad re?
cede) to the si Virginia by the
twent' Bints - au act ap?
proved Jut* hundred
and fort' for
tbe pub!
bimbil : lu
B it
af Bepreeentat ves oi
in Cong-ess a- (enabled,
timi ol tin; original District
ceded to the U'ited |
by the - abu.
receded t> tin Virginia b)
twrn'y-nin'h 0 mr m bf aa ace ap
proved .lulv ni eh, es;bt"n huuird
and forty-six, oxcept that poitioa lyincr,
within the bouudarv noe" or c irporate
limi'B of tbe towns of Alexandria and
Falls Ohm th, lull auder the exclu?
sive legislation given Congress ov r the
Matriel in Columbia, whtok la Um eeat
of the general government, for tbe pur
|io-ip< of such a 1 the rigbta
and jurisdict ? ii therewith ba, and the
same are hereby, forever bound unto
tbe Dislric in full and abaolute right
and iorisdi s ii a- of
pl log cr to r.>*;do t'o r u i.
^.ec 2 Tl at th.' right of jurisdiction
Md by tue
a al tor the pur
1 imhia over
that portion of said Aiexabdria county,
State of Virg''jis, BSO rtlou
lying nithln tbe corporate, limits ot the
iowna of Alexandria and Falls Church,
on aid out the firs' div of July, nine?
teen haadred ned ten.
Sep. S, Tbst tho President is hereby
tntborlasd ai open nogo*
ia with ihe "'ate of Virginia,
through the S.cre'ary of Wai r,r such
other officer ail i as bo may
doem necessary and proper, to com pl v
with the pr ivisi.ms ol ibis not: and, ' r
tber, tbe President is mi hor Bed to pay
over into the treasury ol the -tnt f
Virginia such aura of money as mav bo
mutnally agreed npon hy tba President
of the United Bl ites and t!ie governor of
the Sate nf Virginia to compen?ats the
S nt ? of Virginia tor relinquishing her
sovereignty or jurisdiction over the said
portion of Alexandria county to the; Dis?
trict of Columbia
Sec. 4. That if it b ? n ,i possible to
c include the nnr t sfions with the State
of Virginia p j firs', nitn ;
hundred ard tei, tba *ov< r 'it^n? w of tha
District of Columbia snd tbe excludive
legislation by Obagrooa, t'getber with
all tbe rights and jurisdiction of the
same, us well BB of peroone as of soil,
shall extend over Alrxsndiis. county as
aforesaid, except that portion iuclcded
witbia the corporate limit* t f the town
of Alexandria and 'he town ol Fa'ls
Church, on and affr the first day of
July, nineteen hundred and ten, and the
negotiations fixing tbe amount of tba
iwaril t > b? swarded to th* Mate, i f Vir?
ginia msy be comp'et'd aod the mr sn
oaid over into the treasury of the Sute
)f Virginia at some future tme as may
je agreed upon by the President of tho
Honed mates aud tho governor of the
"late of Virginia.
Sac b That in addition to anv sum
>f money which may be paid Into the
rv ol tfce Sa'' o.h oy tbe
President o! th" I'm" I - ill - as pro
rided bj thia bc! C agrees will a-sume
ind pa/ *il tbe debts or auy part thereof
ion due er enit?tanding against thatprr
ion rf Al'xan.^na county nr t included
within fie corporate limits of the towns
f Alexandria and F.vU Ohu.ch a; the
ime of 'hr- passage ol ihis set.
Bee 6. Tba' so much money as mav
>e needed to pay in full said outstanding
'bis or ooligalkMM against that portion
f Alexandria county, Virginia, at afore
?id, is hareby appropria ed out of the
Juiled Stales treasury, i ut of aoy
loney m.t otherwise appropriated, to be
aid wben aud as th* sane may become
aa and parable.
S c. 7. That so mich money a* may
led I* hereby epproprhttcd out ol
ne Uoi"'d -a is tr a-tiry no', otber
ise appropr a ed, 11 earry out tbe prc?
is on of thia set, not exceeding ono
undrod tboas*n<i dollars.
Had Attack ot ITjonnlaSf lured
laen of ibis tiwo wus
ifleriog fr.om a seven; at aclr of dysen
*y. He told a fm-.id, if he
?ld obtain a bottle of Or>mber!ain's
olio, Choi ra and Diarroea K-medy, he
!' I .ofident of being cure.), he having
iel this remeny m 'h- wast He waa
Iii tbat I kept it in strjelr aod lost no
obtain inp it, and was pr .tiiptiy
ired" ssy* M. J. i>-*ch, droggist, f.f
/olcoitt, V:. For sale hy W. F.
reigbtoo A Go., and Richard Oibeoni

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