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Pkesent indicatloni are that there
will be more "mle and tane" Fourth ol
July celebration* in the cities of the
country tbit year than ever before. Il
various regulations and ordinances in
a tcore ofrjuiet-loviog places are enforced
the gory record of bat Independence
Day ought to be considerably reduced.
Cleveland hts been hoisting of itt cop?
per riveted anti-explosive law since it
was adopted, soon after last Fonrth, and
looks forward to a comparatively peace?
ful dty instead of a matt-acre. In Wash?
ington a citizens' committee ls busy on a
scheme to entertain the smail boy in a
sensible way and wean him from the
devil's inventions of years gone by. Al?
bany is going to allow a little racket and
maiming, fm -racker* of small calibre
bein? permitted from V> in the morning
until noon only. Chicago has served
notice of a rigid enforcement of the law
against high explosives and dangerous
toys. Boston hss not yet acted, and
"The Advertiser" rn urti lu I ly says thst
"the outlook for the day does not
promise much difference from the worst
features of recent years."
li the people ofthe country caa be
persuaded tbat there is no ditlerence
between 86 per cent, and 60 per cent.,
and that the MghM rate alfords no
greater protection than the lower, then
they will accept the Aldrich tarifl bill
aod the cotton schedule as meritorious
and as a revision of the present tarifl
law in accordance with Ihe campaign
promise* of President Taft aud ail other
republican leaders to reduce the burdens
of taxation imp sid upon the necessities
of life. If They can be brought to be?
lieve all this, then they can also bc
made to understand that for purposes
Of protection and revenue imported
goods should be valued far above their
actnal vbIiip, in order that the rates of
doty imposed may appear to be lower
than they really are. Upon no other
basis csu the cotton schedule he justified
or defended notwithstanding the labored
effort to defend il made by Senator Al?
drich last night
In New Haven, Coan , there was
published yesterday an appeal to yoong
women to go to the Phillippioo island"
to become the wives of Americans over
there. The appeal tet? forth :
Therre are lots ot young men over here
who are in .m-taiices and are
simply pining away for the love of n
good woman from the dear old United
Elates. 1 can acconnt for at least twen
ty young men bwidea mysp|f who would
be very grateful to you if yon could aid
us. 1 have 1,000 acres of hemp aod
cocoanut* and rubber uuder cultivation,
and have a good income.
There may be some young women in
C mnecticiit who may go to the Philip
pines in search of husbands btu it is sale
to say that if Yirginia girls are wniittd
those who want them must come for
In looking about for new sources of
revenue, wherewith to keep pace with
tbe unnecessary expenditure*, the l'.ritisb
chancellor of tho ezcheqoer propoontO
levy a tax on motor c .rs, graded accord
ing to power and upon tho petrol used
in driving them, Ihe rnonpy so oolloeted
to be applied to the construction and
improvement ol roads, lt is estimated
that such ii tr.x would add three million
dollars to the resources of tbat govern?
ment. The fact that autimobile* are very
active agencies in Ihe destruction of good
roads, and Ihe further consideration tbat
good roads are necessary to their com?
fortable use, go lar to make the impo?
sition of such a tsx justifiable. It Ki nhl
also be remembered that, as a rule, the
owners of such vehicles are well able to
bfar the burdon imposed upon them.
It is a crime, punishable by fine, for
servants to bri ak the chinaware of an
employer, according to the ruling of a
15-verly, N. .!.. justice of the peace. A
woman there lad csiised the arrest of
her colored housemaid, whom she sc
C med of smashing a number of pieces of
her best chinaware. TheViuire weighed
the evidence very gravely and gave hit
decision, but ai the trembling culprit
was unable to produce the fine she was
reminded to the custody of a home for
colored girls. Should the servants .if
this city be held responsible for the
china, glass and other ar ides tney
break the sir.e of the jail would have lo
be increased
Tin: Inti r-tii*. C>mmerce Cominis*
sion ra* sent to Congress the third in?
stalment of its report on rtilrcad dis?
criminations iu the coal and oil iriffic,
this one relating to c al only. It tells
of tbe merging of various Ohio and West
Virginia ccal companies and of their
control by the trunk line syndicate.
The commission found that the syndict'e
tended to discourage the development of
other mines not connected with itt com?
panies, thus retaining, to fir ts possible,
a mooopoly of the field.
According to the New York Tribune
President Taft is greatly worried over
the tarifi bill, which instead of being re?
vised downward, aa waa promised tbe
people, is being made worse than the
Dingley schedules. That he will sign the
bill is a foregone conclusion. Then the
question it how can be justify himself in
view of hit pledge lo the American
paopla? _
With its last issue tue Mintaja*
Journal entered upon the fifteenth year
of its life. Tbe Journal is among the
bent weekly papers published in tbe
state aid contains all the news of l'riuce
William and surrounding counties pre?
pared in the mo?t readable style.
Mr. W. H. W. Moran's new paper,
the lieview, published at Orange, has
mide its appearance, and shows the
work of a master band. The many
friends ot Mr. M iran throughout the
sta'e hope he will make the Keview the
success it richly deserves.
From Washington
! Corra* non dene* of the Alexandria Gare'te. I
Washington, .lune 6,
President Taft has practically abao
? looei his proposed visit to Alaska this
fall. He called Representatives Tawney
-ind Cushman to the White Hons.1 today
for thc purpose of putting himself right
before the members of ('.ingress regard
ing the travel appropriation tbat had
been asked for in bis name. He t dd
them that he did not want thom to ap
oropriate the $25,000 requested, wiih
he understanding that he would uso it
>o go to Alaska, and later be disap?
pointed if he had to change his plans.
old that Mrs. Taft was in no con
lition to travel at present, and it was
xtiemely doubtful thal sue would bi?
lbie lo undergo the hardehipt of an
Alaskan ti ip before oavigAtl m closed M
the Yukon this season. He a attired
hem, however, that he intended to go
fest as far as ihe Heatlle Exposition,
ind would visit as many places ps he
?mild, both going and returning. Rep
i-esentative Tawney, who is chairman of
the committee on appropriations, told
ihe president that he felt certain Con?
gress would make tbe travel appropria?
tion regardless of the Alaska trip or any
other special journey.
About Pl,uno acres ot land in Mon?
tana were today designate! by Secretary
of tbb Iotetior Pillinger as criming
within the provisions of thc 820 acre
homestead bill. The lani' is in townships
14 and 36, range 18 east, Montana,'
principal meridian, and their deeigoadou
today totals ion bun! -oi" j et to this bill
lo Mootana np to 19 967,960 acres in
.11. The parcels designated
i.it included in the esrliir ttateai
cause it was though! that there might be
>rrigali;c land therein. Investigation,
however, has disclosed the fact llia' lb
ands of tbis character were privately
>wned. TIip srere'ary also dc-ignatcd
270,090 acres in New Mexico t daj
ts coning within tbe provisions of the
?ularged homestead bill, making tbe to?
tal in that territory 14,606,280 acres.
Kxtensire plans are under c lo?
tion by the Navy Department f I
maneuvers of thp submarines arol inr
perin boats in connection with tb
tleship practice this sn na mer The
pedo flotilla coailttiog ut ih? mba r
ind torpedo boats "ill make its b :i'
quarters a: !' '?'on, while I hi
.New England waters. Here the I
viii be tried Ml in connection willi the
lefense of the harbor according t i t1
.;am<? of war. They will also n
sorties, day or night, Sgaintl the I
'hips to prevent a by pot hf I cal hom bard
' Ihe Citf,
Capt. E. R tither, ateittanl ebiel
of the bun au i f oavi| ai oi, left Waah?
ington today lor Condell lo go ab
the newest ol the A an rkaa baitleahipa,
the Michigan, which is to have dir
builder's trial ruxt Wednesday. I ii
Michigan, which is the first o' thi
ttun ships of Ibe Davy, will leav for
K ickland, Maine, on Sonday, where
the trial is lo be rna. Aboa-d 'be
Michigan will be Ucsr Admiral Mel,csu
and other members oi the bonni of in?
spection and survey, she is a sister
ship of the South Carolina, now build?
ing nt (he Cramps yard in Philadelphia.
The latter will not bara her trial trip
until late in the fall, her completion
having been delayed by the discovery
of defective armor plalea.
Preaideal Tafl lodaj teni lo Congn
re|Miit nf Governor Magoon roven og the
period of hi* idmioitt ration oftfl iir^ ii
from Darember 1,1908, to January 28, 19W>.
Ac.peny the report Ihe pre?dent sent to
Coa&TtM i letter reeonniending the report
ami the exhibit* be pnoted.
Keports are still in circulation that the
K'ueraont division of Ihe Southern Rail?
way has been sold to capitalists of Wash?
ington who own and operate the (treat
falls and Old Dominion Railroad.
It is understood that the pending ne?
gotiations consia' of a proposition pre?
sented to (bo cilicialsof the Southern
Railway Company, first to lease thc
I'.'uemont division for a term of yeare,
with the privilege of ultimate purchase,
and, second, the pureha-c- of the Hoe
outright, if certain conditiona relative lo
traffic and revenue can be shown upon
the company's books.
lt is said that in case (he Washington
c pittlists gain control of the road, it is
their intention lo operate the line for a
time a* a steam road, making an attempt
to give the region served by it better
and possibly rheaptr facilities.
One of the change* proposed is to
bring passenger Iraina into Washington,
drawn by an electric motor, over the
tracks of the KkI!h Church railroad.
The report of the sale of the division
wis first published in the (lizette bnt
wss afterwards denied by President
Finley of tbe ekmthern Railway Com?
Wanta St. Petersburg Portified.
St. Petersburg, June b -The immedi?
ate fortification ot St. Petersburg, oaring
to its present irahihty to guard agilnst
a < i'-iiiMti invadion or it* abandonment
as the Russian capital and ihe selec'ion
of Moscow as tbeenpittl, '* recommended
in the report of Gen. Iljlyan- rt, which
was filed with the government today.
The report hat stirred up a tremendous
Ran- from Now York to Bermuda.
New York, Juoe .V?Despo
liog rain that mad" balam ard flag*
iroop, a large and enthusiastic crowd
witnessed the departure from Bea Oats
today of five yachts for the long race
Irom New York to the Rermndas, a diet*
ince oi 670 nautical miles. Four power
ftottr, which are to take part in tbe
race, are to leave late thia alteration.
News ot tbe Day.
The Philadelphia ctr strike has been
setticd on terms generally favorable to
tbe motormen and conductors.
The arched roof of the Villebroeck
canal, near Brussels, collapsed yesterday
and tbe water flooded tbe neighboring
I' is announced in Stn Francisco thtt
following tbe receipt of orders from
Washington oue hundred employe* of
the Ioctl mint are to be dropped on the
ground of economy.
senator La Fol lette yetltrdiy com?
pleted hit ibree-day speech alttcking
the cotton schedule. Senator Aldrich
last night made a general defense of tl e
committee rates on co.ton good* ano
appealed to tbe south aa tbe beneficiaiy
of high tariff
Oscar Hammerstein, Ntw York's
impressario, is suffering from a number
of braises sustained today in a collision
between a taxicab in which be was
riding, aod another automobile in Paris.
Hammerstein is confined to his rooms
snd is nader the care of a physician.
Many Ameriran dignitaries of tbe
Catholic Church, among whom were
Archbishops Farley, bishop ol New
York, aud McDonnell, of Rrooklyn,
arrived at Naples today aboard tho Car
pathia from New York for the golden
jubilee of the American college in Rome.
France today paid national tribute to
he spirit of the new Pan Francisco
when Ambassador Jusserand in behalf
of tbe people of the French Republic,
presented to Sm Francisco a medal
commemorative of the determination ..nd
courage lhat has erected another and
greater city from the ruins loft iu ihe
wake of the earthquake and fire ol April
18, 1906.
A curfew law for tbe apartment house
piano, phonograph, ?COOrdhMa, and lid?
dle, which will also apply to the apart?
ment house vocalist singer, songstress, or
near-songbird, is being drafted bv City
Attorney Anderson of St. Louis. Under
his bill, the lid will be put on apnrt
ini ol house music at 10 p. m., which
will become a iniademanor from thal
hour till 7 a. m. Similar laws are in force
in London, Berlin, Paris, and other
Europetn cities.
Dress,,! in the uniform of a private of
ihe ll. S. infantry, Wellington W.
Chancey, a telegraph operator attached
0 tin Sixth recruiting company at
Foil Slocum, N. _., committed suicide
oy gas in the Oraml Union Hotel yes?
terday. Chancey left a letter addressed
to the hotel management which read: "I
regret very much this action in your
hotel, but as I have been a very good
mei perhaps you will for-a-iyp me.
1 will prom.se never to do this same
rick here a^ain."
I bal a quarrel between the physician
*nd his wife over the coming of the
4 irk wa=. responsible for tbe death of
Mrs. Haldane Cleminson, >s the opinion
reached by Ihe Chicago police in chtrge
io - case. In tbe light of information
, ttl.- quo-iion of snaly
? is of poisons io thp dead woman's vital
and theories as to afrinilies be
- ligaificanl in the solution i I
l.i strange murder myst'ry. From near
relative - oi the family the police learned
'hat Dr. Cleminson ha I urged his wife
ot submit to take steps to prevent an ac
? tichment.
I l>. Rj n preaideni ol the loaeuuda i op
rjer Company, I* lo beel?ct*d president ol ti t
1 tompany, lo
li. lute Henry ll Roger*, nt the lanna I
.:. eton tn bt i cl.l ill Nen
s'..'I. in Uondsy, A seesaw ie the late
'moo lt. i lower of the board of director* i?
il-, in o, i'.I ord. his rodenteod thal a'l
.. i'i Oe reta rued B |
president ol Ihi Anaeonda
by B, B. Thayer, i weetara napp r
Htrikeni on leaving four big thip* thal ti
o\ ed Kl M ' loutit. eXlinijiii I,cl
I n- preventin ? them Milln foi
[avrotodaj withnoo-nntooerewa. rhetitu
ttl oil approximately not?al, although tba
wd le the i> dies
ii keepdown all manifattatiooi.
ll wai on iou need Oxlsy that Oar Nicholas
if Roi ia will arrive st Chafboant,Fran
Inly 31,and thal he Hill be md there by
leal Km! liere*. (la A
lu Ru h ?ill sail for Kn u-1 ind.
Virginih Ne,w?.
After being in ill health for two years,
lohn K. Puasell, for mBny years super
nie nilen i il ihe public schools of lien
?co county, died yesterday.
It is now said that Eastern College, of
:-'ront Riyal, which had been MgOtls
ing with a view nf locating somewhere
?lae, wili remain at Front Royal.
James F. Viss, of Hanover county,
vhile o-sisiing at the burial of i< hn
rVoolfolk in (ha! county on Thursday,
vas stricken with a hemorrhage anel
lied in a few minutes.
Mic I'I-ic T. Humphrey, daughter of
Irs Kinma Humphrey, of Pinemont,
?oudotin county, arid Mr. Wade ll amp?
in Osborne, of Washington, were mar
ied Thursday in Washington.
(l^orge Hay, a prominent farmer of
Lshburn, Loudoun county, died of apo
lexy recently while aboard ship from
'hiladclph ia to Liverpool. He was on
is way to visit relatives in Scotland.
Martin S:rIngfellow died Thursday
ight ot the home oi his brother-in-law ,
lird Willis, near Montpelier, Orange
nunty, where he had been visiting fr r
everal weeks. He was born in Culpeper
ounty seventy-three yiais ago.
John W. Poller, an asphalt contrae
ir, 20 yr ara old, committed snicide at
is brother's home in Roam ke yester
ty, in the presence of relatives, by
-(allowing carbolic acid. On Thurs
ay Fuller was arrested on a warrant
Korti out by James Castro, an Dalian
t-.-ber, charging that Fuller had enticed
astra's 12-year-old dtughter from
Bolivar Ward, a veteran of the Mexi
iti and civil wars, died at his home,
mr Warrenton, Thursday. He was a
vi! engineer, and served in thi* capacity
i ibe construction of the Baltimore and
hio Railroad. He served in the civil
ar Brat in thp Little Fork Ringers and
lier in the Black Horse Cavalry. His
'mains wer? interred at Baldwin*
idge Church ye'terday by his old
immradrs who were members of the
lack Horse Cavalry.
Jame* Kirkpatrick, one of Ihe oldest
sideots ol Winchester, died yesterday,
red eighty-eight yeats. He wat a
Hive ol Ftoquier couDty. The de?
lated wa* one* of the first railroad con
?ween Alexandria and Man**
s. When Ihe civil war broke OBI he
itereel the commissiry department of
e Oonfedente army and served until
e surrender at Apporoatox, returning
the service of the Southern Railway.
[>on hi* retirement be moved to Win
Today's Telegraphic News
Paid tils Aitessmcnt.
[Special Dispatch to the Alexandria 1.M tte.)
Richmond, Va., June ft. ?H. Si. G
Tucker, candidate for governor, today
paid the som of $1,500 sasesaed by
the st?te committee. Senator Daniel
i all. d ou Chairman Ellysoo. It is un?
derstood he will pty bis fifteen hundred
dollars' asiiMsaaent belore he leaves tbe
ce Health CommUsioner E. ii.
William! it greatly disturbed over the
appearance of a virulent form of small?
pox in several sections of the stale, and
is urging prompt and widespread vacci?
Ot-rmana' Hostility to England.
Kiel, June fi. ?The strongest anti
English note yet heard in German
i lllcial circlet dominated today's aunutl
general meeting of tbe Herman Ntvy
League, under th" pre sid -cry of Admiral
Roaster. All dissimulation wis thrown
?side ind the delegates openly advocated
the accelerated upbuilding of tbe Ger?
man navy "lo contest thc present naval
supremacy of Eogland." The boldness of
man) or the speeches was suprising. In
nearly every utterance there was marked
hostility to England, and the resolutions
tbat were adopted uuanimonily plainly
favor the building of a Herman navy
that will sttnd supreme in tbe world.
The annual report disci -feel the fact that
thf-re are nearly a million members nf
the league, all clamming for a bigger
navy. The league also went on record in
urging Germany to be supreme in aerial
equipment, expressing its belief that the
wars of the future will be decided in the
Prince Henry, of Prussia, a brother of
the emperor mido a speech lo the con?
ference this afternoon, in which he ex?
tolled the work of tbe navy league and
by si doing, is considered to have gi?en
virtusl approval of tbe utterances made
against England.
don, Juno b ?While detaili of
the meeting of the < orman Nival League
at Kiel have not been received herp, the
fact that the Germans openly threw
oil the cloak of secrecy and admitted the
ii moa Intention of wresting from
England control of the seas, has merply
accentuated the bittetMM of the British
ann (Jprman feeling. The extreme na?
tional anti-C-rman feeling is so intense
thal nothing short of actual war could
add to it. The clh-ct of the Herman Naval
League meeting, however, is certain to
be the immediate construction of the
eight new Dreadnaught tppe of battle?
ships which tho British government had
boped to delay because of the condition
ol the national finances.
Plot Against Young lurks.
Belgrade, .lune 9 ?In consequence of
a discovery of a widespread plot against
the Young Talks, a larg* number of Al
t^at ian chiefs have been arrested iu Old
, and in nnrihern Albania. They
aro to be court-martialed ami it is ex?
pected may sentenced to death. Au at
it'empf to intimidate theAll sniatiH,how
evrr, is likely to fad. The powerful
Malir.ori trihle lids served notice that
thpy will not surrender their members,
and that if nnv attempt is made to lake
their otTicers into custody, they will de?
clare a war of extermination and tally to
their standard all of the factors opposed
to the present control of Turkish politics.
The Thaw Cue.
Poughkeepsie, N. Y , June b.?
Charles Morsechi.ii -er, i unsel for
Harry _, -baw, said today that he will
make a new applies! on for a writ of
habeas corona for Phew*! release, fol?
lowing the danial ol ? jury trial on the
insanity coot ntiofl Ov Iii appellate
division yesterday This was Cetermin
?? I upon aller Morsechauser had visited
and ci.ilted with Thaw st ifattrawan.
At tbe MUM tune thst the wril is hsfcul
for, the casn which wai adversely de?
cided by the apelltte division, will be
taken to the Court of Appesls, said
Speculation in Wall Street.
New York, June t>.? Speculation wa?
again heavy in Wall street today and1
notwithstanding (he faci that the stock
exchange wai open lint tao hours, 77o,
OOO shares were dealt in, the largi st
total ol any Si'imlsy sea-ion since No?
vember 7, Phis, (oar dayt altai Presi?
dent lad's election.
Prices were irregulaj, but the general
trend was upward.
Prof ttakiog in the shares that boomed
most vigorously yesterday, forced down
the prices on spprtial stocks.
Turkey Preparing for Hostilities,
Constantinople, ,Iu,-,e 5.?A Turkish
fleet of llfteen vessel* completed arrange?
ments today for an early sailing. Osten?
sibly tbe purpose is a maneuvering cruise,
but the belief is general that the real ob
|ecta is to be prepared for a movement
against Crete, should the dispute be?
tween Tarkey and ({regreets tn the owner?
ship of Crete reach the acute stage. Or ti?
ara! ChitekPasha who has increased mil?
itary activities la the last few days, is
fed?red to have the same object in view.
He it quietly mobilizing anew army.
Proposition Rejected.
Danbury, Conn., June b.?The
??xecntive council of the United Hatters
DMOfa IO rtjeet the proposition
uibmiliel by Rev. J. D. Kennedy, of
-;. I -? |h's Catholic- Church, that tbe
itrikers return to work for tho period of
lim tv days, pending arbitration of Ihe
loints in dispute, has tulay left the
muppet of a set;lenient moro distant
ban ever. The pioaoral was lo allow
he lictories to run as open shops during
he period of arbitration), and to this the
trikera refused to consent.
righi with horse Thieves,
New York, June o ?Io a running
ghi with desperate horse thieve* io
^Ittbush early tod?y Joseph Shepard,
mounted policeman, waa probably
-tonally hurt by a fall from his horse.
hepard is ni t expected lo live through
ut thp d?y, and tho pi line are making
reparation- fur a general crusade against
0SM thieves ead bom poisoners wbo
ave been lerrurizirg ibe neighborhood
ir months.
The International Hone Show.
London, June " ?The Inlerr.a iona!
loree Show opened at Olympia, today,
<* 12,000 MtrlM IO den aod the
irlgen' attention. One hnndr.d th'u
ind dalian will h> awarded ia pei/, s.
here are l_f bONH pntered from
SM rim.
1 i.oii-anda n,te sick eyery year with nome
rm r.l Rowel 0?np|__t Thou
trod by taking Da - ni aJUMLD't Rai.
l_. Wai routed ioKiv.- *%t',- faction by Prank i?,
aiheld and Henry Callao, "
Royal Carriage In Collision.
The Hague, .lum i -Prince Contort
Henry and Q'iee.1 Wilhelmina had a
narrow SSCaps tr .rn v. nous injury today
when the earrings in wbica li ey were
being driven to tbe church lo attend the
christening of their infant i.augbter, the
Princess Juliaut, col ded with another
ctrritge. The street was crowded at the
time, all seeking to do honor to the
baby princess, aod a scene of wild con?
fusion followed the colli-i m. No ooe
was injured, though tee q teen was
severely scaken up aod the christening
was dc-laved fo an hour, lbs little
princess w?s ni t ia tic earrisge, as the
followed twenty minute* liter in Ihe
royil gilt c neb, drawn by six horses.
All tbe royal relatives amended the
Early Wheat $1 35.
Fort Worth, Texas, June &.?Report!
received here Irom the wheat-growing
belt of north Texas show that ide first
nf this setsou's wheat in the United
Sia'es is being contracted for today at
$1 SS and upward. Io some ins
larmer* aro oh.a ning coulrac's that will
give them any advance that may occur
in the market at the time tbe wheat is
threshed. M Hers are eagerly buying
the crop at the prevailing quotations.
Threshing will s ari i.i nuoy fields
around Den.on tomorrow.
Saved from Suicide.
New York, June Bl Aller more
thirty an hour's hattie with the waves
?nd tide, L. 8. Dwight, a yachtsman,
was (bagged half conscious from the
waters of the Gravesend Bay early to?
day with an unconscious woman in
his arm*. Dwight had saved the woman
from suicide aud nearly lost his own
life iu the saving. The woman when
revived said she was Jennie Siellot, aged
27. She would not say why she tried to
commit suicide.
I he Striking of B. & 0. Machinists.
Biltimore, Juue, .'> ?Tho striking
mtchiuists of the Baltimore and Ohio
Railroad are today claiming steady ad-,
ditlons to their ranks. The leaders de?
clare tbat out of a possible 860 men at
work at the time the strike was inaugu?
rated, more than 700 have responded tu
the call. The Baltimore and Ohio
officers are rushing strike breakers to
every place where there is walkout, and
say they have enough men in reserve
to fill all vacancies.
Mother Kills Children and tlerselL
Corsicaua, Texas, June b.?While her
husband was away from home today,
Mrs. J. M. <: rf en killed her twelve-year
old daughter and two Hons, 7 and 2 years
old, by cutting their throats with a
ra/, ir, then killed herself bv cutting her
throat, lt is said tba', domestic troubles
caused tho tragedy.
Suicide of au Attorney.
Macon, Ga., Juue b. ? William Bron?
son, a wtll-kuowu Macon attorney, lor a
mininer of years solicitor general of the
Macon circuit, shot himself at his rest*
li,ice today and died aa the revolt of 'he
wound an hour later. L ns of ms office
and domestic trouble caused tho suicide,
Forest Firet.
Port Arthur, Man,, June b. -The
forett fires are spreading in the (irinil.rt
auction tm the north lino of Ihe Duluth
txtension railway. One railway bridge
has been destroyed, but, ho far, there are
ni reports of fins reaching settlejnenls.
New York Stock Market
New York, lune i
Thc in.-i importaat?stare in the Ural hour
eat tbe raumptiou et buying ol Meei com<
[nun by broken regarded si acting direct
from the Paris tyndicate. Tbi baying wa*
i. il .-?<-.i ia a meIden change in ihe i oe of
k, and bator* the end ofthe fire) hour
n lulled in . ii adyam ? of over a point
I he (inf. ere i stock r*?ained hfuvy. Many
if im- laadiog railroad itoekamada important
rn Qovemmanta unchanged; othtr
bondi tirang. The market ch ul ur- -rlar.
CI.- i
After a most aiiccrssful year, during
which moro than two hundred children
ni Alexandra's representative families
were enrolled, St. Mary's Academy will
close for the vacation next Fri.day, Jane
nleventh. According to a time-honored
custom, the school will hold commence?
ment exercises at which h.ve young
ladies, Misses Ida Crilly, He;en Corbel!,
Marie ('reen and Lola Ash.ton, of this
eily, and Miss Margaret Daly, oi Phoe?
bus, V*., will receive the gold medal
?nd diploma* of graduates i a tho Academ?
ic course. Diplomas ai id certificates
will also be awarded in t he commercial
MMIaa, Palmer methn tl of penman?
ship aud music, while prises for supe?
rior excellence in d eportment and
ichnlarsbip will be cot if erred upon the
A select literary and musical pro?
gramme in which all tho pupils of the
ichool will participate bas been pre
uireJ, and the exercises will take
?lace in Lennon's Opera House at 8:3d
in Friday, Invitations have been ls*
ned only to the friends oi the graduates
ind to the members, of Ht. Mary's a.um
II . Admission for all others will be
>y ticket, the proceeds to be applied to
he new fence lately erected around tbe
Tbe entertainment fiven annually by
li Mary's student* is always one of
he leading events of June. Thia year
t will form no exception; for the fix?
ity have kept in view in the prepa
ation of the programme, Bi Mary's
nusually high standard. To tbe many
atrina and friends of the institu'ioo
s well as all wbo are interested in the
pbuilding in our midst of an educa
onsl center second to neme, s cordial
ivitation ia extended to lend the as
stance snd encouragement of their
resence st the commencement exercises
ext Friday evening.
As heretofore stiled, the "Confederate
'eteran* ol Washington wf.M hold Me
lorial Day services at Arlington Na
oosl Cemetery tomorrow, Smliy,
rening at 4 o'clock. Col. 1 i K. Lea,
f "Ravensworth," Fairfax ciiuniy, will
j the orator of the occasion and a lance
tendance it expected, (atp*. J. M.
Ickey, chairman of the comm it tee on
range ment?, hat writien 'o Comnnnd
W. A. Smoo* of Lee Ca _p, this city,
(pleating bim to invite that camp acid
e Di ugh tere cf tbe Coufedecacy, of
is city, to be pre*-nt a jd ttke ptrt in
e service*.
Hird work by the Portland, Mc,
emeo and ihe crew of the reveune cut
r Woodbury, prevented a fire from
reading wbich early tod-ir destroyed
e planing mill nf Smith ? Rumery.
ie total lott it plated at ?100,000.
Sixty-first Congress.
Washington, Juoe 5.
A plain straightforward lalk ie what
Siuator Colliver, of Iowa, ooe of the
"progressive republican" senators, call?
ed bis review of the Aldrich speech in
tbe Senate today. Mr. D dllver did tome
of bis plainest Hiking when Mr. Ald?
rich, after tbe Iowan hid been talking
for a tew minutes, slatted to leave the
Senate chamber. His action brought from
Mr. Doliiver mu indignant protest againat
Mr. Aldrich's apparent determination
not to listen to ibe answer to hil argu?
"I have an engagement," exp'ained
Mr. Aldrich a* the reason for his de?
'?I waDt to engage yon here," ex?
claimed Mr. Doliiver. He said that
Mr. Aldrich could uni turo his back on
what be. Mr. Doliiver, waa going to sty
without subj ciing himself to ter iou*
moral consequences.
Mr. Aldrich resumed his sett, bat
within tea minutes he had slipped out
to his committee room.
Mr. Doliiver said be desired to avoid
any spirit of harshness in his speech,
and be would be tbe lau man to sty
uokicd things of Mr. Aldrich. The
facts in the case, however, required thal
somebody make a plain statement. He
challenged Mr. Aldrich's statement that
the Aldrich amendment to tbe cotton
schedule would all set only 10 per cent
ut tbe cotton importations. Mr. Dolli
ve r ipioted S >nator Smoot to show that
it would adect 70 per cent. Mr. Aldrich
explained that he did not mean the bulk
? if the importation, but that his amend?
ments would allect only 10 per cent of
tho total valuation of the importation*,
ami he would stand by that statement.
Mr. Doliiver did not deny that view of
the case. Referring to Mr. Aldrich ns
authority Mr. Doliiver said "Thirty
years ago I carried around with nie
copies of the senator's speeches ard
quoted his figures with a confidence thtt
has gradually slipped from my mind.
Senator Dolli vcr advised his colleagues
that they had hotter go to tbeir con?
st UMBU and tell them that they had Ja?
il duties iu tbe cotton schedules
rather than say that the duties had not
been increased. "The American peo?
ple," said he, "are willing to be robbed
but they are not willina to be IlimHam
med.'l Ho ea'd it was ridiculous lo
claim that there were no incresses and
anyone wbo tiied to tell the American
people dillerently would find himself
in tronble.
Mr. Doliiver made a sweeping attack
n Mr. Aldrich for the argument he dew
livered at laat night's session, charging
him with exaggerating the amount lost
by the government on account of rebates
paid importers.
S -natur Oulbersoo, attacked Mr. Al?
drich for having questioued tbe accuracy
of a tarill amendment made by the
1'exas Senator. The latter ahowed tba*.
the statement of facts in question had
been taken bodily from ono of the re
poi ts made hy the finance committee
to the Senate.
Mr. Aldrich said that as to tbat partic?
ular matter 'he report was in error. The
il j ot of the report had been ti
ihow revenues, not a comparison of
rates, snd it was prepared in a hnrry
and consisted nf a great mass of figures
he had informed tbe Senate several times
that it would be found to contain some
Ssaator Oliver made a persontl state?
ment on tbe floor nf the Senate ss
"There appeared thia morning in the
public press s dispatch from <i Jdfield,
Nerada, staling that certain officers and
ip reel rs of a Nevada mining company?
among them myself as one of the direc
bad bean indicted by the Esmer
I la c ninty grand jury for conspiring to
defraud that state of certain taxes oe
Thc charge is that Ibo company reo
?I red a false statement to the Bullion
tux collector snd that the directors and
officers sanctioned false book-keeping in
order to carry out Iheir conspiracy. "It
is tine to this Senate, of which I have
but. recently become a member, to state
that i bave no personal knowledge of
the facia upon which these cases are
based. I never had any intimation
even tbat such proceedings were coo
temprnteil or impending.
I knew nothing whatever about them
until advised yesterday by telegram. My
aadarttaadiag is that my name, witb
some other others, ia included in the lilt
of defendants merely beeause we happen
to be directors of the company. I desire
to make my denial of any complicity in
this affair, either c -astral lively of actu?
ally, ai emphatic huh ss sweeping as
possible, I have never, knowingly,
violated tho laws of any state and
under no circumstances would 1
censent to, or be a party in, their viols
lion hy men with whom I might be as?
sociated in business."
Tbe House wes not in session today
having adj mrned on Thundiy until
We have received from tbe faculty
and senior class of the Theological Semi?
nary in Virginia an Invitation lo be
present at the final exercises Thursday,
graduation and a'umni day, and Friday
ruination day, June 17 and"Iv Thc
Blass roll tins year ia as follows- Joseph
Walter Fulford, East Carolina; William
Georgs McDowell, jr., Southern Vir
riaia; Bei.jamin Walter Blaine McKin?
ley, West Virginia; Minor Julius Peter*,
Southern Virginia; Ztchtry Taylor
Vincent, jr., Idaho; Joseph Egbert Wil?
lison, East Carolina. The commence
raent exercises will be ts IoIIowb: Wed?
nesday, June Kith, 8 p. m.?Sermon be
'ore toe Students' Missionary Society,
Hiv. Philip af. Rhinelander; Thursday,
lune 17th?Ordination and Alumni
|)?y, 10 a. m. --Essays by member* of
rraduaiing class, delivery of diplomat;
2 m. Alumni meeting. Essayist,
imf. Thomas J. Pickard, D. D . I 30
,. m.? \ ti*?isn dinner; Friday, Jane
gib, Ht. m.?Ordinations. Hermon
ty Rev. J. Mc Bryde, I). 1).
The proceedings in the Court of Ap
*e*ls iu Wytheville yeslercay were:
laded! et als. vs. Ferdie Orr., for etc.
Uglied and submitted.
Virginia and Kentucky Bailway Coin
any vs. Heninger. Partly argued aid
ontinued until Monday.
11121* grade machine oil??oil* tbat will
ol?n rn F. H. I.*** "nKATER - HO Ww.
\ new liim of B?!t Pin* (Ult received al H.
V. Wildt A Hoa'?, 106 north ?oval strait.
Tile Best
To Wake up your Liver
and Purify your Blood
THE GENUINE ha* Iii* RED 7 on
?ha iron! ol each package and th*
signature and saal ol J. H. ZEILIN
A CO., oo the side, IN RED.
tntiS ROSA Ms MAN Ol Bl I lt
How After Two Years She Found a
Remedy for Dandruff
Ml Rim M.-Alcni ni -.-li Weal QoarU
?treat, Butt?, Mont, nye: "Merin :
thoroughly elesmel ny scalp rf dandruff,
with which il was entirely covered; and it
lt*-. stepiHst my fd lin?; hair. I hive liol
many different preparation! in th* i?-.tst two
. Out aone took eflael exeapl Ni i
Herpicide." Uah !rul! is a tarni diattat itnd
llcriiiciile is an tatalHbte destroys' rt as
(.'-nu. "Destroy the ct us ?, you remo,,
eileii.'* Kill tb*dandruff gena. .i?k your
druggist fur Herpi ii- ll it a delightful
ng; allaya itchiag; nuken the hair toll
a-. silk,
s.iid hy lending druggists. Bend im-. ie
ita?pa for unpie to The Betpieide Co., Di
Wholesale Prices ol' Procluc-c.
flour Extra. fftO ? ttt
Family. ti,SO a
Fancy brands. ti 75 a
Wheat, longherry. IM a io
Mixed. t off a 143
Fu.t*. IU a
Damp ind tough. OOO a 100
Corn, white. 07< * -
Mixed. 0 7:" a 0 7*
Yellow. 073 a 0*"'
Off A. -too a 47
Conf. Htandsrel. 4 M a 5<X*
Granulsted. SOU a (ff
Coffees?Rio. 011 a tit
LaOnayra . Ol') s (uti
Java. OH ? ttt
MolassasB. 8. Ol.i a 0 16
C. B. 017 a ?22
New Orleans. 020 a 045
Buger Syrup*. Olfi a I
Porto Rico.? .... 02*2 a 035
Salt?G. A. 0o0 a I
Fine. 076 I ld
Turk's Island. (>MJ a lue
V*ool?long, unwashed..... itt a I
Washed. ttt ? 02?
Merino, unwashed. 028 a 029
Do. washed. I 02?
Herring, Kasterii perhbl. H75 a 750
Potomac Nu 1.... Mm a
No. 1 Cut Potomac Herring SS a
Potomac- family roe. 4 H ft 60
Do. half barrel . 2 25 a ;<o.,
Mackerel, sinai I per hld. IS 00 a 14 On
No.3uiedium. HOO a MM
No. 2. ISM a tl
Plaster, ground, per ton. IM * 5tm
Ground in bags. 600 a 5.r>o
Lump. 350 a 871
Cloverseed. ti 50 a 750
Timothy. ll
Hay. ? ISOi
Corn Meal. 071 a OM
Bye. 078 a OStl
Oat*, mired, new. Ott I ttt
White, uew. OM a 06M
Elgin Print Butter. 032 a 03*
Batter, Virginia, parked. OW I i
Choice Virginia. 030 s I
Common to middling. ult a 0 tri
Egg*. 0.
Live Chickens I huns). oil > 012
Spring Chickens. 016 a ol I
Poi,noes, per nu. loo a I lo
?wool Potato? bbl. SM a
One.iii, PST bushel. 101 a I IO
Apples, per bbl.
Hri.it Peaches, paull . ' '?>
Pork, per loo lbs
Bacon, country hams. Ol
Hes! hllgar-cured bains 0 li
lti.akl.i-i Baron. OOH I ll IS
B-u.nared aboaUhH*. 0 10 a 010
ul ka shoulders. o 10 I
Drv Salt aides. Mj -ton 11
liv Samuel ll. Loni, Auctiont -r.
AUCTION SAL-, Bute ofad.-iir-bb -
dence and two lois nf L'i. anil io Del
Alexandria ( ?nu! \, Vii omi.
Kv virtue and pur*?ml io the tenn* ol a
ile.nl af i rn-t dated '
tuted br Batik I ii. E. Sullivan,
her husband, to me. Robin* m Mom or
Tm Wee, snd of record in Drat) Baoh No li!'
nt pater 40 nf the latud Ratordt ol Al. .
Couiity, Virginia, al the written i qui
directi'in of lin- party thereby M or d.O.
havi ag been made in ihe payment ..f the
note Mriiii-d by Ibe**id rWd i.r treat, Ibe
sadeninaed trastes will offal An -ul. ;,i pub.
lie auction, on the premus i, in I' l Bay,Alex
ftildri t .'iiunty, Vi r pate, oil
at6o'clock p. m. iln.se two lot* of ground
wita the improvemant* then. and Ina u|>
nnrteusaon thereto bel . <l in
Alexsudria ('.ll > , Vii il
and knows tl lo' DOmben I i in a
certain plan of lou called Del Rm\. nu
by D. .1. BowaH. Surveyor, a* bown ...
plat thereof which is dully reoorded traorig
tbe land reeord* of Alexandria Count*, Viv
ginia, in Dead Book <? No. 4 at page li.
following. The saul lott are impu
nice frame I, usc.
Term-, ot sile: Css|,, C.
rost of the pare?leer or part I
my 2? 2a w tl
Northern niailf, week da vs, eli
m. and 11 30 a. m.. and SM
s 16 and 10 15 p. m. Op m.,
I2(*0rji,ftiid5 0()p.ni. Ot ''ie rn
mail* close at 7 Ki a. m., SSO, and 7 20
Southern rosil* via Charlottesville i !
MO and 10 30 a. m., and S SO, 4 Kl tad lo I ,
[>. m. Opeu at *- ?mi a. m.aad 000 p. aa,
Sonthern mails, via Biehmoud, cloae at
I 45 aud 10 M a. m., and SM, 7 I
}, m. Open nt K a. m., ll rn mid 4 I
Mansssa* Division _si- doa Bl I 10 a. m.
ind 3 20 p. rn. Open a! 13 30 and I 30 p. rn.
Alexa?drift surf Kenirtd Dili mai le clot* at
'30 a. m., and 100 p. m. Opeu at 016a. ni,
md 7 00 p. m.
Chesapeake and Ohio mails cW ?t | 20 p.
a. ?id 1015 p. m. Open ru 8 00 a. m. aud
00 p. m.
Washington mnila clone at 7 10, a. ai. I 45
,nd ll M a. m., and 2 oo, I 10,
15 and CO 15 p. m. Open at KOO a, ?.,
200 ni. and 5 00 p. m. and H.io d. ni.
Office' Honrs?Open at SOO a. m. Qom *t
00 p. m.
Sunday Hoare?Open at 900 a. m. Cloat
11000 a. m.
Carrier*' Sohednle? Collection made oo In
de route*?(S15 and 1000 a. m. and 3 00 and
SO p. m. Fe ll root*?ti 15 a. m. aud 5 30 p.
i. Sunday mllcrtion 4 45 p, m. C?rrtesr
indow open Sunday WOO a. rn. and oloae
) 00 a. m.
Deli veriee made 800 a.m. 120 t>, m. and
00 o. m.
All mal) abonld h* in th* nlfto* Ur. ninette
?fo~> rn, intti"nt~t Him '?.? Inmtnm
The first rnitiute afier ? Bru atari* ia UM
ir?f.t critical time, and the "Columbia" Ex
ngiiisher licing alway* ready for aaa. make.
>u master cf tbe situation. K. 0 I.KAD
RATKR asiflV-,
We ofler you for $25. a white lull cut dia
.iud oi Hk 1iil?iiy King Moantu*, lt.
' f Ll rr A SON._
If you areoneof tiio?e un'ortunate people
lowe blood ni in bsd ord-r .ind troubled
ith skin eruptions you should get a betti,. ,,f
I?LA (50c). It'* a safe and reliable pr?.p
ErceUior ?or packing, hy the bale ton or
rload. - B L-ADBEATEB A Wa.

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