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Of Interest To Women.
) "To mich women as are not seriously oat
kilhealtlubut who have exacting duties
tolperform, cither In the way ol house
?aid cares\or In social duties and lune
alljjjjWhichW'rloiisly tax their strength,
?sweiTiiTfio\ursingmothers,Dr. Pierces
^Favorite Prescription has proved a most
valuable supS^rting tonic and Invigorat?
ing nervine. By tts timely use, much
arrimu slrknc-s antj fluttering may be'
*\yoi(jcd. Td'- (.?["?rating ta.Me and the
?i_KCiins.' J*p~fi^W'"|uTcl. 't J.j _j>h>-^ecT
?fld( lave tn Ix- ctnploved If '.hi' most
Vaiuatile w?ii_i;ui'j"rc1jirxlY were n-MiM^'t
itcjifgcajd timi-.. The "Favorite Prescrlp
tlon"Tiaspr(.Nr-ii'a great boon to expectant
?luthers by preparing the tystem for the
coming of baby, thereby rendering child?
birth tafe, easy, ami almoel palinh
Bear in mind, plense that Dr. 1'ierce't
Favorite Prescription is not a secret or
patent medicine, against which the most
Intelligent people are quito naturally
aver ' tba uiici-rtalnty at to
their coinposition and harmless character,
Ticv, a foll list (d all Its Ingredient* being
printed, in plain English, on every bottle
wrapper. *>An examination ot this list of
llents will disclose the fact that it it
Bon-alcohollc In its com -position, chemic?
ally pure, triple-refined glycerine taking
the place of the commonly used alcohol!
In its make-up. lu this connection it
may not \>e out ot place to state that tha
?Favorite Prescription" of Dr. 1'ierco is
Oin only medicine put up for the cure of
womans peculiar weaKneatea and ail?
ments, and Mild through druggists, all
the ingredients of which have the un
atnie. mont ol all the leading
t. al writers and teachers of all the
Se\eral schools of practice, and that too
as remedies for the ailments (or which
?Favorite Prescription" ls recommended.
A littie book of thena endorsement!
he lent to any address, poet-paid, and
abtolutely fret ll you request same hy
po?'*l card, or letter, of Dr. K. V. Pierce,
Buffalo. N. Y.
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets cure eon*
?tl path m. Constipation is tba cause of
many dlseai tha causa and you
?ure tho d_fc_w. L?by to take aa candy.
DRY (i(M)lw.
Swan Bros.,
King and Pitt Streets
We call your attention
to the two demonstrations
now going on in our store.
One is the "Titus Darner"
and the other is the "Per?
fection Cherry Seeder,"
both of which are great
time savers.
We respectfully invite
you to call and see a dem?
onstration of these two
wonderful little devices.
The Titus Darner
is the only successful and
perfect darning attachment
for darning on sewing ma?
chines. By this little in?
vention you can rapidly
darn on your sewing ma?
chine Stockings, Under?
wear, Table Linens, Lace
Curtains or anything re?
quiring mending.
Price 25c, 35c
and 50c each.
The Perfection
Cherry Seeder
Is a wonderful little device
whereby the seeds and
stems are rapidly removed
from the cherry without
crushing same. Come in
and see the demonstration
now going on.
Price 15c each.
j Need a \
j Refrigerator |
T We've had a good many J
* years of exportence-wittire- T
* frii/erators. Different makes I
a have their special features, a
T We-handle the ones which T
* comhine the greatest num- T
T ber of good features. The T
T saving of ice the first con- a
? sideration. a
? Ice Chest <i:j__|
? From - - %? ?
t Refrigerators JC(J i_ J
601 Kine St *
mlSit^tihtxa (5azrtke
Trbwh: Daily?I roar, $6:00 6 month*
?2:50- 3 months, $1-5; 1 month, 43 cento:
1 weet, ll) cent*.
Tri-weekly?1 year, $3.00; 6 monthi, |1.50
3 mouth*. 75 cent*: 1 month, 25 centa.
Contract ad veitiner* will not be allowed to ex*
oeed their space unless tbeexeei* ia paid foi
at transient rate*, and under no circa?*
?taiice* will they be allowed to adverline
other than their legitimate bum nett in ?it
?pace contracted for.
_arrive ami death notioet mut be paid for
in advance.
Resolution* in memoriam, of thank*, tribute!
of respect, resolutions adopted by societie*
or persons, nnleu of public concern, will
nly be printed in the paper aa advertise.
[Entered at the Poatoffloe or Alexandria, Vir
.ti ni a. a* seoond-ol?rn matter.l
Aston Cohen, of Kuluin, saw hia
young wife letp into the swirlinu river
between second and third Sister Islands
at Niagara at 5 o'clock yesterday after
noon, only 160 feet above the brink of
tho cataract. Without a moment's hesi?
tation ho followed her, caught her hand
sod strugxltd desperately io nave her.
Mr*. Cohen probably died in ber hus
btnd'i arms. Before it wis possible lo
bnng eilicient help an hour hid passed,
during all cf which Cohen was making
frantic attempt* to retch the shore. Hut
the struggle again*' the current -tt tbtt
point it is about 2D mile* an hour?wis
beyond mere huiiitu muscle.
Fortune aided him. With his wife
tightly clapped to bim, he felt himself
bump into a grounded tree stump, and
on tbit ht got a grip with hit one free
hind. He lustily shouted for help, and
word wac carried to the reservstioo po?
lice, but it wa* nearly an hour after Mrs.
Coben hid jumped Into the tiver that
Policeman lamp* Martin, Representa?
tive James S. .-Simons, and three other
men arrived with ropes.
Three times they threw tbe rope be?
fore it fell within Cohen's grtsp. Wheo
he dd catch it he was too weak to tie it
about his own or his wife's waist. The
two were 20 feet aaa* from shore, and
it wat extremely difficult, owing to tbe
precarious nature of tbe footing, to make
a good cast. Pinned against tba*, tree
stamp by ths terrific rush of water, Co?
hen tat lost all his strength. He had
been unable ti keep his wife's face above
Once Cohen bad hold of the rope tbe
men on shore began ti pull. Policeman
Martin, wbo wa* in the front, slipped
snd fell into the stream, I ut ?juickl- re?
gained bis feet. When within fifteen
feet of the shore Cohen lost his grip on
hit wife's body aod it wis cirri sd oil
down stream and wat lost to view.
Coben was so far gone when the rea
curers got him on shore tbtt be could
not speak for ten minutes. His tint
words werf>: "She is outtliere. tri and
get her. She is dead. She died in my
Meanwhile a crowd hail gathered.
Superintendent Peirvand Chief Stine
bridge skirted (he (lott Island shore
looking for the body, but coull soe
nothing of it Cohen joined them, al?
ways inseting lhat the body mu4 have
stopped short of the cataract and might
be rescued by men daring enough.
William Barnet and Hngh Brown, who
had joined the searchers finally spied the
body just before 7 o'clock. It was held
fist by a rock about 100 feet above the
brink. Without ropes, I'.rown and Kir
net waded out into tbe stretm and mov?
ing carefully over tbe slippery rocks,
retched tbe body.
Just ai I'.rown touched the body the
current caught it again and it whirled
around in sn eddy, lt was with the
greatest difficulty thtt the two men
trout-lit the body ti land. Life tai qaiU
Cohen Fays that worry over tbe fact
tbat she wan unable ti nurse her infant
depressed his wife greatly, and probably
caused bc r desire lor deatb. He, a ro?
bust man, quickly recovered from the
shock of hit experience.
Mrs. frieda Flinder, divorced wife of
Dr, Htrrlt Flinder, who figured in one
of tho most remarkable legal proceedings
In the history of the B titi more court*,
will sail this week tor her former home
near Warsaw, Rutsit, accompanied by
ber mother, Mn. Colina Xtmcnpskis,
snd her ."-year-old daughter, Faunie
For three yean her cito was before
the local courts and, after mauy weekt
of almost hopelets endeavor to clear
Mrs. Minder's name of the limden
of her former husband, following ap?
peals to the cour * by prom'n ?nt Jew?
ish women in Ki] tim ore, Mrs. Fiinder
will return to Kassia vindicated.
Four years ago, when she was 18,
the came to America to marry a "rich,
gord huebrnd." The "rich, good bus
band" proved not to be tbe hero of ber
dreamt and the little Russian woman
was subjected tohnmilitting experience*.
Dr. Flinder secured a divcrce from her
by swearing that she had been an un?
faithful wife. Her caie then wai taken
up by tbe Jewish women and wsi pur?
sued againtt tbe mott difficult odds until
ttlast the divorce wss annuled Mrs. Fun?
der's good name wis restored and ber
hatband fled to escape a trisl for per?
jury. Now, through tho eftorti of
tlic-e strae charitable women, Mrs.
Flinder is piepating to return to her
native land.
After having been tried, cinvicted,
and sentenced ti death for tbe runnier
of Sherifl Langdon, of Tallahassee, Fa ,
Mack Morris, a negro, wat taken from
the jail bv a mob st two o'clock yester
dsy morning aod banged to a tree in
front of tbe state capitol. As the nc
gro was swinging tbe lynchers fired a
volley into hit body and then rode
away. There were sbout Kio men ia
the mob. The body wss not cut down
until netrly noon snd was gized at by
hundreds on their way lo the various
churches. Gov. Gilchrist beard the
volley fired by the lynchers, bot be bu
made no ttaleooent.
Thc Greatest Cul Price Sale Ever
In-umiratoilon first <iua,i,y *?roce,ies
UldliyiU dl-CU at prices unexcelled.
Don't Forget That Oar GootlScf^jL,
Our Coffees Always
Satisfy. Every bean
is Fresh and Crisp.
Kennie Hlend,.*; lbs.,$1.15, ll..J>
CoriKreesioiial, 3 IK. $1.00, Hi.35e
Olhf r (trades, lie, oJC> 30,., ea*,
aud 40- lb.
If yon want a good cup of
coffee give us a trial. We
guarantee to give satis
Extra Specials
dalian Hire, rsum.I.nV
White Heans " .I Aa
A A P "onddised Milk, 3 cnn....
Pure lad, lb .12c
(rna tomatoes, eau.foo
Inua pots
lo"* eor.-i " .
I'll. I .r tuon Clim: peaehrs, rt SOfl. 1 ks
Jersey i>ears, eau.MSc
Our Teas are all excellent
cpiaHty?from the cheapest
to the nest
Gan Powder, lb. 40e, 50c, **>, ?0e
OoIoiik, Hi. 40c. ".Oe;, 60c HOc ind ..$1.00
Fiiklish Breakfast Hr. 40c, 50c, Me
ITtwolo-d Japau, lb. 50 ?, cif and.W
Glass, .Tsp n, ll>. 41V, 60s. "-"Oe and...80c
Thea Nectar, the best for ice tea. Irv a
quarter pound. One |>ound box....We
Best Elgin Creamery Butter Th%Vr.n>^
a g?,n | Fall Cream Cheesea p,Td \ Peaaat Battera l\Td
Strictly fresh Eggs,
A A P at
Sultana "
lona " " .
French " best, (ail . .IS*
A A 1'eorn can.lUa
Sultana " " .">
Iona " " .r?4
trallon can tomatoe*.
A * P |coii?t(?-< .12Je
Sultan* tomaloes, eaa.liv
lena " " .I,se
No. 2 " " .Ott
A A I* Raked R?hiio, csu . III!
Peile of Huston Raked Rem,.., eau ...Mt
Campbell's P.rked Ratal, cnn.I0e
IImuIz'm "'sked "eau-.10> A 15e
hal der's Baked Beiat....l0o, i> and'.'Oe
Reata, ran.'lt
Spinach. Citll. IO*
A >V I' r-u.cotai.il . .l'ic
succotash, can .Hie
A A P lima heirn,'cm. .
Kima leans. c?n.10c
I'iniiKiiiev vegetable! for soap, eau ...ide
Asp* men*. Tip*, eau.IN' A /bc
Whole Aapatagaa, large eaa ...
A A I1 loiuitn soup, chu .
A A POlive Oil .pore I ....-/>
Olivet, pls'n. 10s, ISeand.ttt
" Minimi. lOe aod.2.5c
Salad Oil. bottle, 7.-, Itt an.1.18c
A A P Catsup, bottle Ile and.18c
Blue Label Catiap. bottle, *?.*.? and . ii
Ciiiupbeirs Tniiiato < it-lip. Ix Itle.il c
Snider's " battle Viv A tte
Pride of the (arm " " .'Ot
Ptirkfe'* Salad DrfasinR.23e
Royal ?' " 2.*k- mid |0a
Caa*pb*l_aH " .10c
Knipire Pick Its, bot 13e, Ifle and."""Oe
Keint/ " " IO and.15e
Cross A Blat_W?lU*llBWehow9te ? IOe
Maple Byran, (fart bottle.3V
Oold [_af By rap " " .1*0
" " " small battle.I'.
A A P Syrup, ran. Ino
Karo-^orn syrup, (v.n.10c
R. 4 O. M .Hie lind \tt
(Vapnell'i _a?tard, bottle.
Kulil-n's kfatUrd, bottle.I0e
Lee A Perrin- Sauc. bottle.
Courtney's Sauce, bottle.1Kb
Tabssco Saife. bottle.4'e
(juaker Oats, package .I Oe
A A P Crushed Oati, package.
Mother's " " .
Rolled Oats, pound.
K. O. " paekaft.
Split i'eas, yellow, ll).06s
" " Kreen, lb.07c
Marrowfat Heans, lb .07c
Red Kidney Raans, lb.07c.
I.ima Reins, lb.07e
Force, ptektgt.12Jc
lorn Flakes, package .10c
Post Tories. " .lop
Wheat BarrMS " .1
Ralston Break fust Fool, package.He
Malt . . ...14c
F. S. Hominy, 2 lb. package.Oxo
sib " .ide
\'ir_ini:? 6' rn ratal, 2 lb. package.0*c
V, a, Karina, I ih. saeksae.
Presto, I Iii aaeksgs.15c
Pettiiotan'i Breakfist Food, package 15e
( 'i-(in o' Wheat, |>ackatee .He
Palled "iee. ".l(?e
Cocoa Shells, pound.Coo
Postuni. pack?t;e.I cami Ti*
Dado! liol I ncr Pnu/ilor Don't forget to try our new mixed! cm __
Koyai Baking rowuer golden key - it is Pine - &* ib a 5 p Baking Powder
1 pound eau."?O'"
1 " '? .JJ*
; f - . IP"
Darts O K Baking Powder?
I pined eau.'-"0c
1 pnaad can.Itt
Romford Baking Powder?
1 poiind en.tte
i pound eau.15c
1 pr lind ran."dc
Beautiful p-esent with
Kvery Can
(iiuranleed Full WeigLt nod
Full Strength.
< penni eau.ttt
525 KING ST.
Phone 277.
Phone 277
15 Minutes From Washington, Immediately on Car Line.
Every one says that it is the most beautiful spot between Washington and Alexandria- With tin
splendid improvements we are now putting in one will have all city conveniences with the pleasure o
ihe country. We are determined to make this a strictly first class residential section, and while w<
ire selling the lots extremely cheap to the first huver<*, we have such restriction in the deeds that i
ran never be anything but high clas9 propertv. We are triad to say that the best people of Alexandri:
rind Washington seem to appreciate this, by ihe way they have bought the lots Ihe first few days wi
liave had them on sale. Over 65 lois sold in four days. Many new houses will be built at once.
Come out and tee the beautiful property go up on the high hills, and among the -lately oak* wheo you can look over th
hr ii'jiiful city of Washington and tbe historic city of Alexandria and the h. autiful Potomac flowing below you, and you wil
be charmed. No auth view csn he had elsewhere around these part*. Kemrmbir until Jane 1st lott will remain at ihe Int
?"trice of $ Kid up. Any term* to suit. Alter June 1st they will be advanced. Auk conductor to put you oil st MOUEtf
IDA. ('oajpinv'* ollice al ttttinn.
Mount Ida Realty Co., Inc.,
J AS. S. GROVES, President and Manager,
YVrifo fnr muns and contracts if you cannot come.
R. F. H. No. 2.Alexandria Co ,\ .i
Underwear? Hot Weather
B. V. S.?the Knee Drawers and Coat Under?
shirts, 50c the garment.
Poros Knit Shirtsjand Drawers, the kind with
the air cells, 50c the garment.
Balhriggan MirM and Drawers,
long and short al
long Drawer* .
long sndahort sleeves, tZ(\ _
ElatticS um Drawer*,
Elastic S'im Drawers, Un to 60,
waist measure,
50c Garment
Boys' Athletic Undershirts
at 15c.
Kauf mann Bros
Up-to-Date Man's and Boy's Store.
$1.00 ?tTMDAl EXOIIKSIONS $1 oo
Eflective Sunday, June Pith, Southern
P.ailway will place on sale at Washing?
ton Union 8tation, Alexandria (W A 0
StKtion), Glenearlyn and Fall* Church round
trip Sunday Kxetir?ion tickets to stations
Ashburn to Bluemont, inclnsiTe, limited to
date of sale, rate $1(10.
8imilar tickeU will also be mid to Wish
ioictou, 1). C-, ind return from ?tation* Pine
mont, to Ashburn, inelusivt. No stopoYer*
allowed and no b?ui;*ge cheeked. The**
ticket* will be told until feenteinber 12th
Real Estate. Loan,
my 8 1m* 602 King St ?2d Floo
If you are one of tho?e un'ortunate reop!
whnae blood is in had order rind trouble,
with skin eruptions jon lisa?d k?"I * bottle ci
Kl PLA (50c). lt'* a sit* and reliable prep
Steel Die
Embossed Stationery
"Alexandria Virginia"
In dark blue letters. The very
latest. For .sale by
508 KINO HT.
Next to Ojiera House.
Bell Telephone 27H.
Best on the Market.
Not only this?but courte?
ous assistants to
serve you
Seasonable Lunch
Served Daily.
Get one of "Hill's" Favorite
In fact if you want to spend
a pleasant evening
go to see
John Riley,
114 North Fairfax Street
Iron Works
Foundry, Machine Work
and Blacksmithing
Structural Iron 2 Specialty
Manufacturer of Patent Tarban Pump
for dairy and suburban homes.
Agent for coal oil engine, tha onlj
ssfe power around buildings
Rand nt your inquiries for anything in
At Special Prices.
24-inch All-Silk]Satin
We hata placed on sale about 200 pieces of
Foulard* in a large MSSttnaat ot th? ve ison'*
mont (ranted st vie* awl colorings; 75j am! <5fl
values. While they last
2d incl. All-silk Washable HabtiUi. in
stripes, checks, and plaids; guaranteed to
launder and retain BaJsh; Mic value, .^jteeitl
3tr*ueh All-ailk Black Lyons-live Hahn
tai; very ..'.fi and lustrous linisii; 7"C value.
$1.35 Genuine Rajah Silks,
Yard. 95c.
About KO pieces r.f the '.-7 inch Genuine
Rrj ah, in a Urge assortment of the .essen's
must wanted colorings. The t-ade mark
stamped :aloug the selvage of every yard,
shoving it lo be the genuine Rsjah, which
ht* told for years $1.3.0 per vard. Home or*
the shade* are tobie, gol len brown, seal
brown, navy blue, national blue, apricot,
caldina!, reseda, wistaria, taupe, and plenty
white, black, and natural; 27 iu,, ?1.35 value
""Special, yard
of wine, beer, whisky, that you
keep on hand to offer to your
friends, should be of the verj
best '-.nd purest to befound. You
can stock wine cellar, buffet, or
private closet fromour fine stock
of choice whiskies, Hurgun ii-s
clarets,Rhine wineslChampagne->
at prices that will enable you to
have a large variety, and of the
very best quality.
Machinists and Engineers.
Agents Gray Gasoline Motors
Engineers and Machinists
Pipe, Pipe Fitting-:. Valves, Ftc
Blacksmithing and Repair
incr Promply Executed '
tore Will Close at 5:30 P. M. Daily
I'ntil Further Notice.
cotton Dress Goods Dept.
(Second Floor, G Street.
jennine Scotch
Severn! thousand vards Genuine
critch Ginghams, fresh, crisp, and
ainty?offered at one-half the regular
rice. Very line and sheer, itt a broad
irtety of black-and-white plaid* and
nepherds' checks, which are so fash
mable this season. A very attractive
istertal for midsummer wear itt town
- at the seashore and mountains. We
iTer these at thc special price,
"?'..ethe Yard. Regular Trice, 25c,
Also Several Thousand
Yards of
Batiste Lawn
At _ Fourth Less Than
Regular Price.
New, fresh goods, with clean ont,
lack clots, figures, and ring patterns,
i sheer, smooth white, and pongee
rounds. All 30 indies wide.
Make splendid dresses and dressing
ici'ues for morning wear, and especial
1 nice for children.
qt the Yard. Regular Price, 12'j.c.
Also Several Hundred
Yards of
At a third less than usual. A tine,
leer, crinkled cloth, very popular thia
rason, and especially desirable for
reet and house dresses; also suitable
ir wrappers, kimouos, and dressing
icques. White grounds, with pink,
lue, green, and black stripes, also
nita grounds with pink, blue, and
ivender borders.
12'.c the Yard.
Regular Price, 18&
Second floor?G st.
Magazines and
,'e again wish to call attention to our
loice display of Current Literature in
ie form of
lagazines and Periodicals
ow on displsy in our Hook Depart
lent. Al! the leading Periodicals are
ibe found on onr counter on dav of
ublicition. Orders taken for back
umbers and tilled with promptitude,
inscriptions taken for all Magazines,no
utter where published, and address
av be changed as often as desired.
r.ooK l>ept., main floor?roth st.
Mff.il & lilli!
Washington, D. C.
0th.alth,F.&O.St8..N W.
Highest Cash Prices
lid for worn aarmentK; either ladle-, or
nt-s'; -4. nd pott'l, will call. 9eM ea*.h ttaid
1 Meoad-haad furniture of * ll kind-.
y'2o Itu Cor. Clama'ori an I Fairfax rl"eet
ONLY l.i'OorAsn
raded to ware oas sf'be Rtott DESTB,A?
LE BESlPENCMto the city. Addrei*
X. V / .
?,,,0 iw ( trw ''?'?/.' I''
I Citizens' National Bank
u.i:\AMmn, vi kc; in ia.
1 dward L. Dalnrerfleld. '
Riobard M. (Jreen, Cathlar.
Vice Preiident,
Carroll Pierce.
-. _ Fiyn* Attt.Catbler.
J. C. Smoot,
Worth Mulflth,
M. A. Ahern,
t-dward L. Llalnger/leld.
J. ff.Kobarts.
Carroll pierce.
Urban S. Lambert.
Patrons of our Savings Department will please
present their books for the entry of interest to
April 1, 1909.
A Specialty.
Letters of credit drawn on Brown, Shipley St
Co., of London.
flidland Butter
30 Cents Per Pound
On and after Friday, May 21, and until further
notice the price of MIDLAND BUTTER will
be 30c per pound.
Delivered to you fresh from the churn regu?
larly every Friday. We solicit your trade.
Edward Quinn &_ *Sons,
Cor. St. Asaph and Oronoco Streets.
Both Phones.

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