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A Most V_luabl* Af eat
' The glycerine employed la Dr. Pleffoe'f
medicines greatly enbancee Um medicinal
properties which lt eitracte from native
medicinal root! and holde In aol uti on
much better than alcohol would. It ale*
tiottettat medicinal propertlee of fte own,
being a valuable demuloent, nutritive,
antlteptle and antiferment. It adda
greatly to tho efficacy of the Black Cherry
Dark, Bloodroot, Golden Seal root. Stone
root and Queen'* root, contained In
"Golden Medioal Discovery ? In subduing
chronic, or lingering coughs, bronchial,
throat and lung affection*., for all of which
theta agents are recom mended by stand?
ard medical authorities,.
In all cases where there le a waiting
away of flesh, lott of appetite, with weak
ttoma(*b, at In the early tttgat of eon
au mdt ion. there can be no doubt that gly
cerlne/actt aa a valuable nutritive and
nidi ne Golden Seal root. Stone root,
?Queen.'* root and Black Cherrybark In
protnjLrit digestion tnd building up tbe
flesh trflrutrength, controlllnp the cough
and bringing about a healthy condition
cf the while system. Of course, lt mutt
not be ewoeciea to work miracle*. It will
cot eui-eobniu-ptlon except In itt earlier
otago* TT wi|| U\n **"v
iy an.Yerf?
ough*. hut
. ft*, flail "hrpnIff ?,
ntl with hoarseness In acute cougni
Ishot toetTecllve:' iris In tho lingering
ang-on coughs, or those of long standing,
oven when accompanied by bleeding from
lungs, that it has performed Ita moat
marvelous cures.
Prof. Finley Elllngwood, M. D., of Ben
?ott Mud. College, Chicago, tayi of gly?
" f n Qyspeps! * lt ie ryes an excellent pu rpo**.
Holding a Axed quantity of the peroxide of
ILydrogen in solution, lt I* one ot the bes*
manufactured product* of the present time In
Hs action upon enfeebled, disordered stom?
achs, etpeclally If cher* ls ulceration or ca
tarrhal gastritis (catarrh al Inflammation ot
atomach). lt la a moat efficient preparation.
glycerine will relieve many cue* of pj roeta
etrthurn) and excessive gastric (atomach)
"Golden Medical Discovery" an riche* anti
ararif)** the blood curing blotches, pimple*.
erupt ion*, scrofulous* a welling! and wu sore*.
mr ulcers,
Send to Dr. R V. Pierce, of Buffalo. IT. T?
Cor free booklet telling- all about the native
medicinal root* composing this weodesfnl
mee??uta There I* no alcohol lu la.
j Need a |
j Refrigerator j
T We've had a good many I
I years of experience with re- ?
T f ritrerators. Different makes ?
? have their special features. ?
? We handle the ones which I
T combine the greatest num- I
T ber of good features. The ^
T saving of ice the first con- **
T sideration. ?
j Ice Chest U?1
From-- WUP.?
j Refrigerators^ji? j
? 601 King St. J
Tbrmb: Dally?1 rear, $6:00 6 month*
12:50; S month*, $1:26; 1 month, M cento;
1 week, 10 cento.
Tri? week ly?1 year, $8.00; 8 monthi, $1.90
8 monthi, 76 cento: 1 month. 25 cento.
I Entered at the FoatoSoe of Aleu?Oria, Vlr
glnit, at eeoond-olaat taattar. 1
Prof. George I>. Footer, of the Ual
versity of Chicago, trhoee writing!, de?
nounced by come nt "a bitter indict?
ment of tbe Cbrittian religion belore the
bar ol skepticism," greatly stirred the
clergy nf Cbicago, yesterday, at a meet?
ing of Btptitt preacbere of Chicago, waa
called on by Rev. Johnson Myers, pal?
lor of Immanuel Btptitt Church of tbat
city, to withdraw from the Uaptist rn Id It
try aod to yield up bis ordination papen.
Tbe fire of criticism waa directed chiefly
at ProlBMor Foeter'e recent book, "Tbe
Fanctloo of Religion."
A motion wee put before several hun?
dred preacher! and laymen, gathered at
the conference of the Btptitt Executive
Connell, and only the objection of one
man?Prof. A. K- Parker, who, like
Prof. Foater, ie an inttructor at the
Unirertity ol Chicago, prevented the
eviction by calling attention to a con
ttitotional provision preventing action
without a week's deliberation. Tbe ca**>,
accordingly, waa postponed nntil Jone 14
It wat alter I'rofe nor Fotter bad been
characterized aa "an oncleairable Bap
title" and aa a teacher who "wonld de?
throne tbe church and deify evolution,"
tbat tbe effort to eject bim Irom the
council! of the denominations waa made.
According to Rev. W. A. Matthews,
ooe of tbe speakers at tbe meeting,
'Professor Foster declares tbat ooe who
calli himtelf a believer in tbe Bible it a
Protestor Fotter afatea in bia book
'hat God did not make man in hit own
image, but that man made < od in bis
own image. He aayt we are not fallen
augelt, but developed animals. He aayt
that miraclet bave always been the
refuge ot ignorance, and that modern
tech ole mutt take the place ol magic.
He declares that telenen baa undermined
the Trinity and that Jetut wis a child
of hit time anet tbat to oopy Jeaot it to
kill the aoul. Tbe profettor make* a
tirade against the clergy. He aayt tbe
hook ol hnmaaity it greater than tbe
The discovery of tbe art ot fifing will
be celebrated at the White House I hurt
day, wben Preiident Tall will preaent to
Wilbur and Orville Wright tbe gold
medala ot tbe Aero Club of America. It
will be tbe Brit time tbat an American
inventor hat received national recogni?
tion ol blt work by being accorded a
reception at tbe Executive Mention.
Tne Aero Club of America, of which the
Wrightt bave been made honorary mem?
ber*, Intends to make tbe presentation
of itt medalt an important event in blt
tory, Wejhave received aa invitation to
to be preaent at the reception and pre
n tat ion.
Stanley Mortimer, of Wathington,
chauffer of John F. Wilkins, of the
tame city, got himself and hit automo?
bile into trouble while tpeedlng through
Maryland Sunday night. Instead cf
reaching Baltimore, be wss forced to
nod whit comfort be Could on a cot
io tbe jail at Bslair. Loaviog Wilklua
and hia family in Newark, N. J., Morti?
mer wat given ordeia to take tbe large
Packard to Washington.
All went well until he reached tba
vicinity ol Bslalr, and at night wat
coming on and with good rr adi before
bim be tped over them et a 60-mile clip
without Hopping to light the lamp on
tbe machine. He managed Eu tome
way to make tbe neceetary lurm in the
rotd to Belair, and when he ttrnck Ihe
Harford pike be opened up tbe machine
agaio, aod failing to notice the tollgate
beyond the machine plunged through it,
splintering it into a hundred piece*.
Not tlacking hit tpeed, he continued on,
making narrow etcapet from colliding
with teams. He finally cirae to a sud?
den atop wben he ran the machine into
the iron rilling of the bridge wbich
apant the Little Gunpowder river at
Reckoid. In tome way Mortimer et
ctped injury, but the machine it a mau
of twisted iron.
Tbe officers of li'lair were quickly on
blt tiail and be wat toon taken in cut
tody. He waa fined $20 for not having
the limps lighted, $2.r? for exceeding the
tpeed limit and wat relrated for bit
appearance before the grand jury at
Belair for maliciout destruction ot
The Mallory line tteamthlp Cooche,
with 70 pattengert, bound from Ne*
York to Galvetton, bid patted Hind
Key Tburulty night when it wat di*
covered that water was rapidly filling
two compartments lu the bold. The
pumps were pat to work, bat all Thurs?
day night made little headway and
Friday morning a wireleat to Ihe Gal?
vetton ttatlon iald the venel waa Sill?
ing. It wai then IM) miles oft Galves?
Preparations were being made there
to tend out another vessel when a met
aage came that the pumpa bad gained
control and were keeping the irater
Ctptain Yoong prevented a panic
among the passengers, but waa over?
joyed when he found the water in the
bold bad been reduced Irom six to foor
feet. Yet be couldn't account tor Ihe
leak having cloted of ita own accord.
When divert examined tbe bole io the
bottom of the veatel neat morning they
found a j-or poise wedged to tight at to
practically ptevent any water gelling In?
to the abip.
Tbe vessel most have blt a tabina
tine wreck. The porpoise waa tucked
in 10 boort later. The cargo ot oemeol
aod hardware i* badly damaged.
Needed to *ecur* one of th* moat DESI RA
BI.K KEdlDKNCES ia the city. Address
X. Y./..,
juli Ivy Care Qttttte Otic*.
Swan Bros.,
King and Pitt Streets
We call your attention
to the two demonstrations
now going on in our store.
One is the "Titus Darner"
and the other is the "Per?
fection Cherry Seeder,"
both of which are great
time savers.
We respectfully invite
you to call and see a dem?
onstration of these two
wonderful little devices.
The Titus Darner
is the only successful and
perfect darning attachment
for darning on sewing ma?
chines. By this little in?
vention you can rapidly
darn on your sewing ma?
chine Stockings, Under?
wear, Table Linens, Lace
Curtains or anything re?
quiring mending.
Price 25c, 35c
and 50c each.
The Perfection
Cherey Seeder
Is a wonderful little device
whereby the seeds and
stems are rapidly removed
from the cherry without
crushing same. Come in
and see the demonstration
now going on.
Price 15c each,
15 Minutes From Washington, Immediately on Car Line.
Every one says that it is tbe most beautiful spot between Washington and Alexandria With the
splendid "improvements we are now putting in one will have all city conveniences with the pleasure of
the country We are determined to make this a strictly first clasii residential section, and while we
are selling the lots extremely cheap to the first buyers, we have such restriction in ihe deeds that it
can never be anything but high class propertv. We are glad to say that the best people of Alexandria
and Washington seem to appreciate this, by the way they have bought the lois Ihe first few days we
have had them on sale. Over 65 lota sold in four days. Many new bouses will be buitt at once.
Come out and tee the beantilul property go np on the high billi, and among the stately oak* wben you can look over the
beautiful city of Waahington and the historic city of Alexandria and the beautiful Potomac flowing below yon, and you will
be charmed No inch view can be bad eltewbere around thete peitt. Remember until Jone 1st lott will remain at the low
price of 1100 up. Any termt to mit. Alter Jane lit they will be advanced. A ak conductor to put you oil at MOUNT
IDA. Companf'. oice al .tatton.
Mount Ida Realty Co., Inc.,
JAS. S. GROVES, President and Manager,
Write for maps and contracts if you cannot come._R. F. D. No. 2,Alexandria Co ,Va
A Two-story brick on
the north side of King
street, between Lee and
Union streets.
The three story brick at
the southeast corner of
Queen and Fairfax streets.
The walls in this build?
ing are particularly thick
and, solid and with the
large lot, make it an ideal
site for factory or ware?
The price on these prop?
erties is very reasonable
as they are being sold to
close an estate.
For particulars apply to
M. Marlow
& Co., Inc.
119 South Fairfax Street,
Alexandria, Va.
There ls Solid
in every El Stilo cigar vou *ni"ke, made of
the thirst Haven* loug-liller tobacco by skill?
ed cigar iiinkeiH. lt i* n smoke that you will
willingly pay a nickel more than th? 10cent*
it costs
Ask For a El Stilo Cigar
The Best 3 Fer 25c
aii'l tike noothar. There i? no other cigar
I kt it ami you will know idat fact the
minute you begin to putt on one of then.
Once tried, the ?1 Kilo ii alway* a favorite.
Hamilton & Co.,
midland Butter
30 Cents Per Pound
On and after Friday, May 21, and until further
notice the price of MIDLAND BUTTER will
be 30c per pound.
Delivered to you fresh from the churn regu?
larly every Friday. We solicit your trade.
Edward Quinn & vSons,
Cor. St. Asaph and Oronoco Streets.
Both Phone*.
? tttawi*raa^ia*-a*vi*-*?-?Ttaa_fl?u:.-. .?---I
The Great Cry from the Cotton World Is for The Neely Cotton
Every single cotton field of Dixie?every one of thc twenty
eight thousand cotton ginneries scattered throughout the South?
every bale of cotton that linds its way to the markets and mills of
the world, calls loudly for the marketing of th* Neely Cotton
1 he cry is a century old one. It has been growing louder
with each year.
Notice how large and bulky it is. Observe its torn and
mutilated condition. Think of the needless freight it costs,
its liability to tire, the high insurance rate that it takes, and then
figure for yourself how great the demand for a bale such as the
Neely Compress puts up really is!
lt makes it possible for the small ginnery to put up a neat, compact, rec?
tangular bale of cotton, size only 24x30x40 inches.
It saves the trouble, work and expense of re-baling or re-compressing the
cotton. Because the present way is for the farmer to haul his cotton to the
ginnery, have it put in bales requiring four times the room in cars that they
should. Then these bales are freighted to the nearest trust owned compress
and reduced in size one-half. They then occupy twice as much room as a
Neely bale.
The Neely Compress makes a bale that is ready to ship to England. It
makes a bale that coats less freight, less insurance. It makes a bale that reaches
the mills in perfect condition.
It saves the farmers thousands of dollars; it saves the spinners thousands of
To-day there is a demand for twenty-eight thousand Neely Compresses.
In le^s than ten years there will be a demand for almost double that number.
These machines can be made and sold for 81,500, at a profit of $750.
r^"_^__H JjR '*':__[ ?V rn <ao\ ? ' mama
000 machines now
would be $20,000.
stockholders who
ground floor will
mean fortunes!
Hut this is but?f
business. T h e i
This repair work
dends alone!
needed the profits
000. Therefore
get in on the
reap dividends that
one side of the great
must be repairs.
will pay big di** i
American Finance Corporation, Underwriters,
Merchants National Bank Building, Phone 7476, Richmond, Virginia.
Thc- Neel) Compress & Cotton ( *>.. of Richmond, incor?
porated at SI,OOO,ooo, consisting ol shares ot the par value ol
il.00 each, i-- offering tor sale a limited amount ol stat k at
per share. The company owns outright all patents and improve
meats on the Compress- lt i^ barked by the best business men
in \ irginia.
Stock i-. liable to go to $5.00 or even SIO.'H) per -han- toon.
Use this Coupon Secure Stock To-day.
American Finance Corporation,
40-41-42 Merchants Natl Bank Bldg., Richmond, Va.
Please wild me, free of cost, and without obligation on
my part, full information about the stock you otter for ^aU*
in Tin* Neely Compress and Cotton Co^ Inc.

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