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Local Mattera.
Sun and Tide Table.
rises tomorrow at 4.M and sets at 7.23
rater at H.ol a. m. and 11.40 p. m.
Weather Probabilities.
thia aection showers tonight and Thurs,
ich change in lemis-nsture; light
no lents variable winds, mostly easterly.
As heretofore stated Mr. Hayes, ol
California, on May 27 introduced a bill
in the House of Representatives lo ex
tend the limits of the District of Colom?
bia so as to take in ail of Alexandria
county, but not Alexandria city or that
part ot Falls Chutch which lies within
the county. The bill was published in
lull in the Gazette of Jone 1. Com?
menting upon ibis the Gazette of June
1st suggested tbat Mr. Hayes should
read the report made to the Senate- on
this subject by tbe late Senator Hear.
Thia report reads as follows and baa
never before been published in full:
Constitutionality of the retrocession of a
certain portion of the District of Col
lurabia ceded to the United States by
April ll, 1901.? Ordered to be printed.
Ali: Hum:, Irom the committee on tbe
judiciary, submitted the following
ADI i i:-i- RXPOBT.
The committee on tbe judiciary, to
whom was referred tbe pint resolution
(S. K. 60) directing the attorney-general
to bring suit to determine the constitu?
tionality of the retrocession of that por?
tion of the original District of Columbia
which was ceded to the United States
by the state of Virginia, submit the fol?
lowing report:
The territory on the other side of tbe
Potomac river, including the city ot
Alexandria, which was originally a part
ol the 10 miles square, was ceded by
Virginia for the seat of government. It
was retroceded to Virginia by act of
Congress in LS46, accepted by Virginia,
and thereafter Congress exercised no ju?
risdiction over it, except so far as it con?
trols the Arlington national cemetery,
the experimental farm of tbe I "apart?
ment of Agriculture, the military school
lor cavalry, and Ihe signal corps, with
the land aod buildings occupied by them.
It seems to tbe committee that lt ia
not expedient tbat this act of retroces?
sion should be set aside by Congress,
even if Congress have tbe power so to
do, without the consent of Virginia.
Virginia accepted the transaction, it
being understood that it was at the de?
sire aud for the benefit of the rational
government. She has established in
Alexandria the important and intimate
relations wbich every state forms for ila
own citizens dwelling on her own soil and
the people, on the other hand, we pre?
sume, feel the loyal and deep attach?
ment which auth a relation aaa tea, Bkch
a tia' ought not to be wantonly broken,
and ought not to be broken at all with?
out tbe consent of the parties, except in
case of some paramount and overwhel?
ming public interest.
As to thee suggestion tbat the retro?
cession was unconstitutional, it seems to
us tbe answer is that from tbe nature of
the case it is a political and uot a ju?
dicial question, au! that it has been Hot
tied by the political authorities alone
competent to decide it. lt is like the
question, What is tho true state govern?
ment, the true and lawful government of
a ata'.e lk? tbe question, What ia the
true frontier'.' where any dispute exists
as to whether territory belongs to us or
lo a neighboring foreign country, and
many like questions.
These are partly eiueationa of law and
partly questions eil tact. The questions
of law may be settled by the highest
court to whom, in the ooarao of ju.iic.nl
prnceeelings, they may be taken, ii a less
and until tf.it conn e-Uoose to reverse its
previous opiuiona. Hut tbe tact must be
?determined in each caae, when it irises,
by the jury or other tribunal authorized
to find the fact. It would be Utterly in?
tolerable lhat territory ahtiuld be held in
one case to be a part of Virginia, and in
another raaa lo tie a part ol tbe district
ot t' ilumtiia, asst-onliiig hu might be held
iu the individual csse.
Si it seems to us the case ernst be
deemee! settled by tbv ecqoieaeeaea in
tbe act by Virginia and ot tbe United
States, .os maniipstod by tbe conduct of
tbe departments of government for mi.re
than bait a century. Tbe consequences
of holding that tbis retrocession bas
been void from the beginning would be
very serious.
ll it be desirable that Alexandria be?
come a part ol the' Matriel of Columbia
again, the only way tu ncc mplish lt will
be to open negotiations with Virginia
and get fer eoaooat. (Stl? Luthir v.
Borden, 7 How., 1.)
Tbe committee, thrteforc, report sp
versely, and recommend tbat tbe re-n.lo?
tion be indefinitely postponed
Tbe regular quarterly meeting of the
Board of Managers of tbe Alexandria
Library Association, eil which Mrs. S
L. Monroe is president and Mrs. E. W.
Howarei vice president, was held at the
home of Miss K nil* Gibson, chairman
of book committee, on Tuesday, June
8th, 1909, at 11 a. m., wben ma'ters of
interest and importance1 to ibo future of
tbe library were discussed and all
transactions of a business naturo were
unanimously sdjusied. With Mrs. Wil
liam li. Smoet as treasurer, the finan?
cial condition of the library always
makes splendid reading for the members
of. the board. The library is absolutely
aetf-supporting, with about one hundred
regular annual Hub^vibera, and has
many volumes in constant and rapid
circulation. Its reading rooms are open
to tbe pubic three evenings in tbe week
and it in tbe earnest hope anel desire ol
the bnard of managers that all interested
in books will spend as much time as pus.
eible in these rooms in free di?.
with th, ir literary friends. Ma. Alice
Green, our librarian, is a'ways hapt>v
tu entertain as many as wish lo OOrai
on these evenings. In January 1909,
7M hook* were in ciuiiU'ion, il
ruary 1909, 818 books sxj io March.
1909, 883 books were seal out, and in
April and M-.y I909aboat SOI volume*
were aided io the librsrv shelves.
Maky Vii;-.in'a \
The Red Croea Sm** lor tender l,.....
The ladle* who wear the Red
*?hoea always wear a smile.
by J- A. Marshall A Bro., 422 King
The vaudeville given at tbe Surprise
Theatre Issi night waa great, every p*rt
advertised exceeding the most eanguine
expectation of the large audience.
Fraeikiyo Lenox, the champion slack
wire walker of the wot ld, thrilled tbe
assemblage by bis wonderful feats;
George Glenfield, the ventilcquist, was
there with the goods and amused every?
body, while the two Hermanns, the ex?
ponents ot human strength, are marvels.
The way they lift thousands of pounds
in tbe air with the utmost ease is
astonishing. Tbis act alone is woith
the price of admission.
The pictures exhibited at the Alexan?
dria Amusement Company last night
were of a character to excite admiratioc.
Tbe house was lilied with people and all
of them expressed themselves as well
pleased with the show. Another feature
of the Alexandria Amusement Com?
pany's enter ainments is the awarding of
a handsome prize at 8:45 o'clock each
A scene, not previously announced on
the bills, was a feature at the Opera
House last night when Harry Van
Matre assaulted a man named Joseph P.
Downey. Van Maire and his victim
were arrested by Officer Knight and each
left $> for their appearance in tbe Police
Court this morning. Downey was on
baud, bnt Van Matre could not be
found. According to Downey's state?
ment and that ol a yoong man and a
young woman, attaches of the Opera
House, the assault was unprovoked. Van
Matre, it was alleged, applied a vile ep?
ithet lo Downey and struck him on the
left eye with bis dst. Later, when his
viet-m was seated, be kicked bim in
the face. Justice Oaton dismissed the
charge nf fighting agaiost Downey, de?
clared Van Metre's collateral forfeited
and issued a warrant for bis arrest for
assault and battery. The case will come
up tomorrow morning.
[Justice H. B. Oaton presiding.]
The following cases were disposed of
this morning:
George Mander, and Charles Joyce,
charged with conducting business on
- ini'nj forfeited their collateral by fail?
ing to appear.
A white mao, charged with drunken
and indecert conduct, was fined tb.
Two white men, old offenders, charged
with being drunk on the street, were
sent ti jul, one for ten days and the
other for twenty.
Harry Van Matre, charged with hs
suiting Jos. P. Downey, forfeited t-b
collateral by failing to appear, and a
warrant was issued for his arrest.
Doa ney, wbo bad been charged with
fighting, wss dismissed.
Hugh Wiley, charged with using
abusive language toward Eliza Pettttt,
was dismissed, the plaintiff failing to
appear. _
One ol tbe social events of the ?eason
WM given last evening in the Young
People's l; eliding by the Young Men's
Senate, it being the closing session for
the Hummer. The hall was crowded by
the friends of the senators and the pro?
gramme rendered was a great success
aud pronounced to be the beet ever
L'iven by the Renata, After spending a
pleasant hour with the programme, all
repaired to the ball below where refresh?
ments were served by the young ladies.
The moonlight excursion to be given on
the steamer St. John June 28:h promises
to be a great success.
Alexandria Lodge of Elks will cele?
brate Mag day in their ball od Monday
night next at 8 o'clock. The loth of
June will hereafter be observed by Elks
ss tbe anniversary nf the adoption nf the
United States flag. An Interesting
musical, literary and patriotic pro?
gramme has been prepared for the
.on. The principal address will
be delivered by Hon. C. 0. Carlin, and
a history of the American Hair will be
given by Mr. 8. P. Fisher Mr. Jacob
(trill will deliver the Elks' tribute to
the flag.
As will be seen by an advertisement
the prosperous dry goodet' boase of Swan
Brae, in their remnant day sale tomor?
row oller some choice bargains. The
fact presents itself to the queen of the
home that it pays to read tbe remnant
advertisement, for it contains everything
ueedful for the adorniaen' of nature's
fairest and nt prices usually prevailing
at this popular house. Courteous and
obliging clerks will not only pay the
buyers homage, but will anticipate their
The only store where Regal
shoes can be had outside of
their agency. John A. Marshall
& Bro, 422 King street.
To the Subscribers of the South?
ern Hell Telephone Company.
Wa have distributed, this month, a Tele
oheat V- ree-inry in which are published (be
?asses of tba laban lliaia up to the d?te rt
publication. Any subscriber that hos been
i.verlis'iked in the distribution can obtain a
? ry hy notifying the manager's nili"e
We would kindly ask, hereafter,(hal sll culls
bo maia by number not hy name. Weean
not give the quick service required until
lhere is mi intelligent use of the volume by
the subscribers, 'n an exchange of ov-?
sobtcribera, il is impossible for the oper:it.,rs
to nictnori/s all the numbers, consequently
when ymi call by nsme the operator has frc
qiienlly tn refer tu the direr-lory in order to
accommodate you, in the wean time, other
subscribers are getting impatient. lu e*BI t I
h;i emergency, such as the Home Corning
Weet, wne n lhere was a general complaint u
:ln Berries.We could have aecored additional
force and remedied tiiis difficulty but for the
prevailing ceiiiditi.>ii.We sincerely ask theco
? MH-ntioii of the subscribers in order to give
the service re-mired.
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mba. Crab8alad
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Foot of Kino; Street.
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li cans Farly June Peas. 25c
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Apples-. . 2Sc
5 emia <'?-!?niel Syrup. -.'o'
i'lsh Hoe.
Freeh Ve. Boil Butter, lb.
K gin Creamery Ruteer (I lb. print") . 'Ma
< .ranulated Sugar .
I -l-l a| th- Young People's Building
*? Tuesday night a lad j.' white .ilk ailv r
? Vangled FAN. The finder will please leave
it at this cilice and receive reward, jed ii
Commonwealth Reata Can? Pines
Placed Upon tbe Stand.
Henry Smitb, colored, was on the
stand in tbe Corporation Court when
the Gazette's report of tbe trial of Rich?
ard Pines, colored, one of the four meo
indicted for tbe murder of Walter F.
soul z, closed vesterday afternoon.
Smitb stated that l'mrs wanted him to
j in in au attempted delivery from the
j-il while the two were confined in the
Alexandria county jail. Pines, be said,
tdd him when tbe jailer came in they
would attack him aod then take hia pistol
from him. Smith raid be declined to
enter into negotiations with Pines, and
at once wrote a note to tbe jailer in?
forming him of the proposed attack,
and asked the latter to write to Mr.
Prent and Chief (roods informing them
of Pines' designs. ?
Smith was the last witne-s yesterday
afternoon, and when he left tbe stand
court adjourned until 10 o'clock this
When the trial of Richard Pine* was
resumed this morning the police, by di?
rection of Judge I'.arley, restricted tbe
number of spectators in the courtroom.
William J. Whalen testified that after
the murder of Schultz he saw Pines with
a ..'is-caliber revolver at Host's black?
smith shop, and witness told Pines he
bad better witch himself.
Polieeman Sampson was recalled. He
stated that Sunday morning, March 7,
Pines went to tbe field snd viewed
Schultz's body before it was removed.
Pines had two dogs witb him, he ssid.
The commonwealth then rested its
Tbe first witness for the defense was
Arthur Parker, colored, wbo testified
that he would not believe Henry Smitb
on oath and Wash Jackson, colored,
gave similar testimony.
Mr. Nicol objected to any reference to
Jackson's testimony in the Midgets case
and the court sustained him.
C. W. ("'Meara said tbat Smith had a
poor reputation for truth aud veracity,
but that he thought be would believe
him on oath.
Mary Grayson, colored, testified tbat
she was at Johu Eilis's house about 1
o'clock Saturday, March G, wheo Smitb
arrived. The witness said Clara Ellis,
a witness in the Johnson case, had gone
to Reading, Pa.
E. P. Purvis, a Southern Railway
conductor, failed to respond to his name,
and the court ordered a summons issued
for him. Judge Muley added tbat bc
wotild bold Purvis in Alexandria if it
became necessary.
John Eilis, coloreei, said that Henry
Smith was at his house when he got
home at 1:''.() S durday afternoon, March
fi. Smith left about 7 o'clock and wit?
ness walked lo the corner of '., leen and
Payne streets. Witness declined to take
a drink and returned home.
Mary Esr!, colored, raid Henry Smith
came to her house about 8 o'clock Sat?
urday, March tl, and stayed there until
8 o'clock Sunday afternoon. When he
left he ssid be was going to Waahing?
ton for a few days, as he had knocked a
white man in the head with a rock and
he was afraid the police were after him.
Smith groaned continuously in his sleep,
.he said. Soe denied having given
Smith 25 cents. She also testified that
Smith's she,es were not muddy when he
arrived at her bouse.
James Earl, colored, corroborated his
wife's testimony and denied having told
Mr. Brent and ('hie! Goods tbat Smith
told him Saturday night that he had
knocked a white man in the bead anel
wanted tn stay all night.
William Willis, colored, who keeps a
grocery store corner of Cameron and
Fayette streets, testified that Beverley
Diega, who works for him, was very
much under the influence of liquor th's
evening of March Ti. Willis flatly con?
tradicted the testimony given by Digga
Richarel Pines, the accused, then took
the stand. He traced his alleged move?
ments from (i o'clock on tbe evening of
March 6, anel said that after eating sup?
per at home he went ii Ed. Green's and
played pool. As he went in Green's,
he said, he saw a woman nearby and
spoke to ber. Pines claimed tbat he
played several games witb Phil Tolrr,
and then laid down and went to sleep.
Someone cailed him about clodng time.
Sunday morning about 7:80 o'clock he
left home with bis two dogs and tbe first
he knew of the murder was when Police?
man Arrington told him a man had been
cat. He said he went to the field and
viewed the body sf Schultz. Pines told
of having owned two pistols prior to the
murder, and to'd tbe jury how he had
disposed of them, but denied having
owned a pistol on March G.
At the afternoon s -saion of the court
Pines was again caHul to the stand and
Mr. Brent resume.i .bis cross-examina?
tion for tbe state. Pines testified tbat
Morris Harmon taunted him in the jail
st Fairfax for befriending the Alexan?
dria police, but be denied that he bsd
threatened "to tell on Dorsey." Pu as
also denied having tried to get Poiioe
man sherwood's pistol during tbe police
court trial to kill Smith.
I'.n -s wanted to make a further state?
ment, but Mr. Nicol olj cted snd tbe
accused left the slant!.
Henrieta Washington, Pinfs' mother,
said "Dick" came home about 6 o'clock
the evening of March tbe G and after
eating supper left boase shout 7, saying
be was going tut li play pool. Examined
by Mr, Brent, Henrietta admitted thst
she had marin a different statement as to
"Dick's" movements. Mr. Brent offer?
ed in evidence a copy of a letter written
by Pines to bis mother with reference to
bis witnesses, and Henrietta drn'ad
Laving received it. Pines fae rr called
and said tbat h? heil written such a
Ida Washirg? >n, a sister of the sc
emu! told prac ic?l!y the same story as
the mt ther I* th the mother and sister
teetin?d, how. si r, (bat they bsd made
mi*tak a when they talked to Mr. B-ent
and Chief G mila shortly after Pines' ar?
Under crois examination by a juror,
Pines admits that he knew it was un?
lawful >o carry a pistol. The jnror also
lectured Pints for having gambled.
Mr. Brent then took he witness.
Pines admits tba', he wrote from
the Fairfax jail to his mother,
but did not mention Phil Toler
until be told ber wben she went to see
bim at Fairfax. I'inee denied baving
said at Fairfax if Dorsey "didn't atop
fussing" he would "tell on h'm," aod
b?. also denied baving told J ai er Crack,
ol Alexaudria county, tha: be alway*
Washington - - - - D. C.
$1.50 and $2.00 kinds.
choice, 98c
American Talieta Umbrellas and some Silk and Linen Umbrellas,with
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Very largo; range of fancy bandies, such as horn, German silver, some
enameled and some dresden and gnu metal effects.
The men's umbrellas are mostly boxwood, some horn and others sil?
ver trimmed._
had a pistol. Mi. Brent suljected
Pines to a severe examination, during
which the prisoner denied ever having
said he could put his hands on the mur*
dorrrs in ten minutes.
At 12.40 with Pines still on the atand
court took a recess until 2 o'clock.
George Rector, colored, ssid he went
to Henrietta Washington's honan about
6 p. m. the night of March t', and Dick
came in a few minutes later. Dick
washed his face and hands, ate his sup?
per and after smoking a cigarette went
cut, probably about 7 o'clock. He said
be did not see Dick again until the next
Blanche R. Taylor, colored, aaid she
lived two doors north of Ed Orren's
poa! room and saw Pines going into the
pool room about 8 o'clock tbe evening
of March 6 She was clDaetf questioned
by Mr. Brent aa to where she stood
when she saw Pines. From the line of
questions by Mr. Brent it was evident
tnat he was trying to show tbat tbe wit?
ness had changed her mind on certain
points since tbe trisl ol Johnson.
Isaac Thornton, colored, said he saw
Henry Smith board a tar at King and
St. Aiaph streets tbe afternoon of March
? i and Smith got oft at Cameron and
Fayette streets, sayiog he must get a
ticket but Smith did not get on the train
again. Shortly after 1 o'clock the same
a'tetnoon he ssw Smi.h again at the
Mount Vernon station in Washington.
Jul'a Brown, colored, daughter of
Thomas Brown, Ihe undertaker, said she
wss io ber kitchen between 7 and 8
o'clock the night of March G and heard
nothing unusual.
Dr. A. B Penn, a colored physician,
repeated tbe testimony he gave in tbe
trial of Johnson as to the physical con?
dition ol Eugene Dorsey.
Mr. Brent questioned the doctor
closely as to bis knowledge of asthma,
from which Dorsey is aaid to have been
Frank F. ll iat bad j ort been called to
tbe atand when this r- port closed, and
Henry Smitb had just been brought in?
to the court room.
Tbe Seventeenth Virginia Ohapter,
U. D. C., will meet tonight at i o'clock
in Confederate Vuerans' Hall.
We are lode-b ed to the la lbs of the
W. 0. T. U. lr a beautiful bouquet sent
to this office yesterday, their Flower
The membere of Oriental Lodge, No.
6, Knights of Pythias, last night visited
Bsllston, where they paid a fraternal
visit to Sir Lau ocelot Lodge.
The members of the S?minole and
Osceola Tribes of Red Men, of tbis city,
last night nisited Tenlrytown, D. C.,
where a new tribe nf the order was in?
The steamer Wilbelrnii a, from Port
Tampa, Florida, with 1,600 tons of
phosphate rock for the Alexandria Fert
ilzer and Chemical Company, bsa ar?
The Ladies' Linen Cr.at Suit and
Princess Jumper Dress rale advertised
in today's paper by I) 1*-ndbeim .v Sons
is bound 11 ut tact alie oiinn, especially
when the prices named ate hardly half
the former price.
Mrs. James W. Bales, chairman of
the ladies' aoxiliary to the late Masonic
fair, has tamed over to Mr. 0. il,
Cillthan the sum of $28.r).G5 as the
profits of the euchre and dance recently
given at McBjmey's Hall.
The lady board of managers ol the
Children's Home will hold their regulsr
monthly business meeting at the home
Thursday afternoon, promptly at three
o'clock. All members of the bosrd are
nrzrd to be present, as thia is a very im?
portant meeting.
Two gentlemen left at this < dice today
five dollars esch ss a nucleus nf a fund
to pay the expenses nf securing an io
janct'on to prevent Ihe city from paying
the $800 appropriation by Council last
night to ihe commi'tee, who managed
the recent celebration here.
Mr. Plateia ann ?tr Ding oe t narla the
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Among the graduates ot the George
Washington University, in Washington,
this morning, was Mr. Sidney F. Sher?
wood, of this city, who received tbe de?
gree of Bachelor ol Science in Chemis?
Major James A. Long is attending
bia class reunioo, at the Military
Academy, West Point, New York.
Mrs. Geo. H. Ls Hew with her
daughter, Miss Roth, bas gone to Rich?
mond to attend the weddings of her two
nieces, wbich will take place within tbe
Miss Sallie Sturt, who has been visit?
ing Mrs. Bartlett Bolling near Char?
lottesville, bas returned to her home in
this city
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souih. The dwelling contains U>n rooms snd
all modern improvements, and ia well lo?
cated for a dwelling ot boarding house.
Owner leaving the chv the property will
be sold at a very reasonable price. Inquire of
jet 3t Han, and Royal streets.
Swan Bros.,
_ng and Pift Streets
Remnant Sale Every
We ofter some splendid values Thurs?
day, onr Remnant Dsy, many good and
usefal Remnants at very low prices, also
special Bargains from our regular Stock.
5 pieces 12*: stripe seersucker, for
dresses, reennant ^rice Thursday..9^0
1,000 yards Sc dress gingham, in short
' lengths, reypnait -price Thursday... 5c
700 yards Sc light and dark colored
percale, remnant price Thursday... 6c
15 pieces 10c chambra gingham, plain
colors, remnant price Thursday... 6Js
We have just received another lot ot
lfa union dress linen, plain colors,
rerar.aoi price Thursdar. ll$c
10 pieces loo white linen tunah line
nette, 'or skirts and suits, remnant
price Thursday. Ile
One piecj 50c tao silk pongee, rem?
nant price Thursday. 39c
Moe while dress linen, 3ti inches aide,
remnant price Thursday. 27c
Eive pieces fancy Foulards silks, rem?
nant price Thursday... 39c
lo pieces linen suitings, plain and
stripe, remnant price Thursday. 9c
600 yards IS) stripe and check white
goods for waists, remnant price
Thursdsy. . 9c
Six corsets, tb value, remnant price
Thursday.$2 49
30 dozen ladies' 12A;: extra size vesta,
remnant price Thursday. 9c
We are closing out two styles of the
O. B. $1.50 corsets, remnant price
Thursday . 98c
Six ladies' $1 whit* lawn waists,
soiled, remnant price Thursday,
each. 53s
Wo have, purchased 1,000 yards of
tine Valenciennes laces, with inser?
tion to match, for our Thursday
sale, 12 yards to the piece, 75c, |1
$1.25 value, ismoant piice Thurs?
day, piece. 49c
Fivo dozen ladies' gauze iii pants,
with lice, remnant price Thurs?
day. 15c
Ten di zeu ladies' 50c corset covers.
remnant price Thursday. 35c
Twenty doz'ii 15c elastic belts, rem?
nant price Thursdsy, each . Ile
Ten dozen 25c black and while kimo?
nos, remnant price Thursday, each 15c
100 yards 25 ami 35c wide embroid?
ery banding, r 'mnaut price Thurs?
day, ysrd. 12?c
Ono di zn ladies' $1 gowns, remnant
price Thursday, each. 69c
Five hundred yards ti, 8 and Ul.; cluny
lace and insertion, white and cream,
remnant price Thursday. 5c
Ten de<z?n ladies' 25c steick collars,
remnant price Thursday. 10c
Five di e-n ladies' Mo large shape
sailor hals, black and while, rem?
nant price thursday. 42c
Twenty dozan all silk windsor ties,
remnant price Thursday, each.... 10.3
Twenty dnz?n children's 25c black
lisle ribbed hose, all sizes, subject
to slight imperfections, remnant
price Thursday, each. 15c
One black $1160 silk dress skirt,rem?
nant price Thursday.$8.4}
Ten dozen boya' 12\ a Buster Brown
hose, siz.'s ii, til, remnant price
Thursday, each,. . 0$
$3.98 Value at
Ladies' Princess
$2.98 Value at
Daily deliveries made to
Rosemont, Braddock.
Lloyd's, Del Ray, St.
Asaph, St. Elmo, Ad?
dison, Arlington and
Falls Church.
316 King Street.
There Is Solid
in every El Ptilo cigar vou am-kr, mn.|l> Li?
the finest Havana long-tiller torisomin skill
ed cigar linkers. It ia ? meeka ttuti y?n ? il
willingly pay a nickel more than the IO rents
it costs.
Ask For a El Slilo Cigar
The Best 3 For 25c
tend take no oth-r. There ia na other cigar
I kn it and you will know thal 'wi ike
minute you h gin ti pud on one of ibeaa.
nure tried, the El t-'tilo ia allaya rn ta.mon4.tm.
Hamilton & Co.,
Present one of our
to your boy or girl giaduette
and see what a pleasant sur?
prise it aili be.
Silver - $ 6.50
Gold - $ir>.oo
R. G. Acton & Sods,
Jevul.-rs- nm! Silversmiths.
Flowers For Sale
foul-inch pot.olGEKA-tf | AA per
Nll'Mt* -"ornate at ? - *V ? ? W dozen.
Also all varieties ol'CUT FLOWERS. Or
lars for funerals a special'.y.
my ll tm Bell telephone Ne. 281.
FOP RKVT r*0?*>i th Patrick street, an
a raini i|'>i>i; iii aseellasatcoadliion;
ent ia only ri ' 0 !??da ling water. A rar
rain for tic maa** laqaira 719 Waihi
Ure*j._ieS :ti ?
Nff.leil to secure one e>f tl>- mon I ES-'KA.
BLE KE-M DENCE* io the city. Address
X. V. /. ,
ja2 1 w dre (Janette Offices
LOST.-June 7, on Waahington street., a
LOCK IT aod CHAIN, locket engraved
R V D." Suitable reward for its return 11
_ S. DON! CHAN, Kin* and Co! u in han
itreets. I-- :t
FOR RENT KURNI-HKD -A seven room
frame dwelling in good location: nide yurd;
l?rge cellar. Own?r going to lease city. Will
ital verj reasonable. Address "H 8." (2are
lisattts Office:. jet ft,
Matinee every Saturday tHom
2 to 5.
Doora open fi-4o.
Shows starts promptly ai 7 16.
Monday Tawaday Wiiluewtay
One ofthe finest ?et.
Franklyn Lenox,
Chsmpion slack wire valkl I
of the world.
Qeo. Glenfield
Difteienl fruin tlir ri M,
The Two Hcrmanos
Exponents of human strength, the liruii ol
human dare, lifting tram two to three
thousand pounds each
Don't miss this aot; it is the greatest yet.
Adalts lOo-Children u7i"r 5c
*f Alexandria
' Amasement
Good for Evil, A Story of Love
among the saw mills of Florida.
A Tax on Bachelors.
A Marriage of Convenience.
Black Princess.
Special drawing for Prises? Wed ne*! av anet
.Saturday Mattinee Drawing at i io p. m.
Prizes?Baseballa.miU, camera*.roller skate*
Drawing for prises tonight. Numher must.
bs in the boase 8**5 a. m. when article ia
drawn. Numbers good every night thia week,

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