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Local Matters.
Sun and Tide Table.
Hon nsee. tomorrow at 5 34 and aeta at 6.23
H.gb water at l.'2l a. m. and 1.&4 p. BB.
Weather Probabilities.
For tin-ee. tion feir with rising tempera
tars tonight nod I uesday; li_ut variable
wind*, ui M , ?. ii.therly.
A i umber ol Baltimoreans bave es
. tabliabed tu-nie tr homes in tbe vicinity
of Springfield, Fairfax county, where
tbey t j ..y a commanding view of tbe
beautiful country. Among the number
are Mem*. Ellsworth Mcclintock, rail?
road lumberman, sou Wiiham F. Potee,
a refred a lr ,>a t ui in. They bave built
beau iful sum?er homes near Spring?
field. M.-hm. Nichr.lai Long aod J.
Oliver beck coatemplae building sum
mir ) ai nu early day. It ia
r. p rt: 1 tiitt M . Ellsworth Mcclintock
ard several Aiixaidria capitalists con
tempi t< bulJ.ng an electric line un the
Li.tl.- lt er turnpike, cunnecticg Fair
tax U Ditt* us* with thia ci:y, wbicb
will cpen up a beau.iful country, noted
for Ila fi .e sceo-ry, fine wattr and
Amoug tbe c?ses in tbe Polioe Court
ibis mr ruing was ibat of a resident of
the F ur th ward, who bad been cited to
appear to answer tbe charge of removing
a trame house from one street to another
with ju', legal permission. Tbe owner
of ihe bouse obtained tbe signatures of
t&e nu rubin of botb branches of the
City C nindi aa well as permission to re?
move tbe house from people living in the
neighborhood of tbe new site of (he same
but after tbe structure hal been placed
in position Borne people owning ar'j >in
ing property utj'cted, it having been
teo rfd ibat the owner wss about to sell
the bnias to colored people. Tbe casa
was dismissed.
B shop Coadjutor-elect Attbnr S.
Ll ; I was in thc city today io consulta?
tion with R*-v. W. J. M >rton, rector of
Christ Church, in reference to his con?
secration services to be beld in tbat
church on Wednesday, October 20.h
Biahop Diane, of Albany, will preach
tbe consecration sermon.
Mr. L'hu Lloyd aad Misses Mary
au El z.b to Lloyd, son and daughters
nt l; ?;. *. Llojd, are tbe gues's of Mr.
Oeirge (Jitter. Tne bishop aud Mrs.
Ll >yd w>ll arrive here during the month
a ??el will occupy the residence at the
comer of Aided and Columba*, recently
leaned trim Mr. M. B, Harlow.
Miss Frances K. Ballenger, of this
city, and Mr. Louis W. Freedman, of
OkarlNtoa, W. Va, were married at
Rockville. Md , Friday, by Rev. 8. R.
W.'i!"*, of tbe B.pti-t Church, at tbe
hom? of tip tninist-r.
Mis* (J r md- Van Every and Mr.
J ibo 8. Loveless, both of Alexandria
coonty, were u.arried at Rockville, Md ,
Friday, f.y the Ref. W. D. Keene, of
the* Southern Methndist Cnurch.
M'. W. K Hamilt >n and Mrs. Alice
M Fig-tr, both of tbis city, were mar?
ried in Washington on Saturday by Rev.
J. B. .VI Leellghl'0.
A number of complaints have been
mad** recently of the disorderly conduct
of n-^ruea wbo congregate- at night on
Prince-i-i str-et, between Columbus and
8t As<p'-B're'te, Lite Saturday night
0(B*t*rs Knight, R**id and Riwlett ar
res o I Bildred Urawford, Rjbert Qallin,
Winfield Majors and Simuel Johnson
whil" they wire engaged In making
night h doone, There were about twelve
in the gang, but th* tithers managed to
escape irom tbe officers. The four ne?
gro'", were brought before the Police
Coon tbis morning and fined $5 each.
1 ? tra*iy I'lif-n-Ia of I) ector L. M.
Bia'..ford will t>e delighted lo bear ol
the great im-r iveuient in his health.
Doctor Black (oed, ai heretofore stated,
waa taken ill wbile <o bia way to
Ejrope with Mra. Blackford in July and
waa compel lett to r. turn hon* on the
aime steamer. Hia condition bat since
grea iy unproved ir.d he will soon be
ante to resume bis dunes aa principal of
tbe Episcopal High School.
A launch on tbe way down tbe river
yesterday morning from Washington
stopped at tbe wharf of the Mntual Ice
Company to lay in a supply of ice. Tbe
child lying still too long for a young
child wh) was one of the passengers, its
mother gave it her pocketbook for
ing tbe value or
. oort le ... ti?
wiki one ol tbe b
given in this city. iu? ino are lom
lin, Oar1' and Tomlin. The stage set?
ting is tUborate and there will be
ofl*T**d seven big illusions. The scenery
aud ettei"* . nnecied with tbis prc
dncLn c st |8,000 It is great.
Tnere wili a's i t,e Y .ung and L'sle,
in comedy and pat'ieii*. akeches. These
artists wili highly f-Ursin. Entire
new set of moving pictures tonight.
A musical La?t took place at the
residence of Mr. John Swift, in Print**
Oat rge's county, Md .opposite this city,
laat night, and the powerboat belonging
to tbe boat waa busy escorting friends to
and from tbis city until a la'e boor.
An et j tyable evening was spent by all
present Mrs. Julia V. Nalia, of this
city, took part in tbe entertainment.
Dr. James W. Herbert, for many
yeara a practicing physician of WasMng.
ton, died yesterday morning at his home,
684 Pennsylvania avenue aoutbeaat, ot
pare-is. Dr Herb*r*. waa born in Alex
andr.a in 1850 He was the eldest son
of the leta W. U Herbert. Besides his
wife Mr.* Hay M. Heib?rt, he leaves a
ten-year old son.
The only atore where Regal
(shoes can be had outside of
their agency. John A. Marshall
& Lil? 4J2 King str^t.
Mr. William Lanham, wbo is the
practical manager of tbe blacksmith
shop of Mrs. Jul an Fogg, bas received
the foiiowlng:
Alexandria, Va.,
B ll Linham:
r-jir: I aend this note to yon nnd you
bad better take warning. You aod I
cannot live in tbe same place together
and you have come here aod knocked
me out of a living. Yon take my ad?
vice and leave lowe, for if you don't I
will have to do something tbat might
get me into trouble, for you burt my
bu-ines' a* d I will give you till Septem?
ber to go back to Waahington, and if
you don't I will have to do wha. I bave
made up my mind to do.
Tbe letter la not signed except wi'h a
badly drawn skull and tr ssbones. Mr.
Lanham, however, is still a'tcndiog io
business and seems to give the matter
little concern.
The clerk of the City S:hool Biard
beean tbis morning at Armory Hall is?
suing permits to pupil* to attend the
public schools and during the day issued
474 permits, 227 to white boys and 247
to while girls. On tbe corresponding
day last year 573 such permits were is?
sued,295 to white boys and 278 to white
girls. A number of children who ap?
plied for permits, bnt wbo bad not been
vaccinated, were denied permits until
they shall bave been vaccinated.
[Judge L. 0. Barley presiding.]
The following decrees in chancery
were entered today :
Charles Lyman vs. International
Building and Loan Association- decree
appointing Robert S I'irrett substituted
trustee in place of Jackson H. Ralston,
of Washington, resigned.
J. Albert Henderson vs. Annie S.
Henderson; decree confirming report,
and final decree.
One woold have thought yesterday
that he was living io the dark ages
when a gnza on the Potomac, wbich at
tbe present time has so many fa t and
handsome yachts, revealed an old
stern wheeler coming op the river loaded
with lumber. It has beeu a long time
sioce a boat of this descr -rion en?
tered the Potomac. It could not be
said that she was traveling a mile a
minute, but, safely, a mile an hour.
Labor Day bas, in a large meaiure,
been observed today. Tbe banks bave
oeen closed, and, in some instances,
merchants suspended business during a
portion of the afternoon. Numbers of
people patronized public excursions,
while many o'heragweut on private pic?
nics. Motor bea's were numerons on
the river. Most of thos9 who erjoyed
outings spent the day fishing or f-UDning.
Tbe weather has been ideal for a holi?
Mr. John Hubbes, jr., while at work
painting the residence of Mr. P. J.
Dempsey, oo south Fairfax airer t, was
precipitated almost from the roof to the
ground esrly this afternoon by the collap?
sing of the scaffold. He struck on his lett
hip and arm and was painfully injured.
Dr. Warfield was summoned, and be
liree'ed that the irjured man be taken
to tbe Alexandria Hospital for treatment.
The surface of the river was nearly
covered witb steam, sail and gasoline
crafts yesterday and a notable ihirg
about it was tbe fact tbat there were
more breakdowns tban any Sunday
during the summer aea-oo. Bnt they
ill reached home in eafety, for the con?
geniality existing among the masters of
the different boats compels them to help
others in distress.
Qrave fears were entertained yesterday
morning wben a gasoline boat ira- dis?
covered on fire in tbe river rear Notley
Hall. 15/ great presence ol mind the
boat waa sr vd from dentruc'ion and no
one wss bad y irjired. All the launches
that happened to be in the neighborhood
went lo the rescue of the crew.
Washington Lockie, who a few days
sgo esc-p'd from tbe work house where
be had been sent for ninetv dava for
v-grancj-, waa arrested in Washington
on Saturday aod sent back to ibis city.
He was taken before the Police Oonrt
this morning when he bad twenty days
added to his term.
Attention is directed lo tbe ssciifice
of plan's and organs by the Cable
Piano Company, at 125 norh Fairfax
street. The company ls arranging to
move to other ware rooms, and any one
contemplating the purchase eft* j.'ano
or organ would net a bareain bv aelr>r*i
? u .u.s vu* ku?uieuiiug ai I .00 u Ciota,
Tbey will be conducted by a rabbi from
Cincinnati. ^_
Mr?. John Creglo, -is'er of Rev.
W. M. Poisal, pastor of Bethany Inde?
pendent Methodist Church of this city,
died at the residence of tbe latter, whom
abe was viiitinp, yesterday afternoon,
Mrs. Cre_)o wss from Hedgesville,
W. Va.
All low shoes at cost price for
a few day only at John A- Mar
shall St Bro . *\li Kino; street.
Free Crabpicking
Foot of King Street
Open F.ren'n2? f'trtM 10 p. m.
A join* _<eting of the rue?lt rs of 8*-_ii ola
Tn oe of Red Men and each and eve.y la ly
inlere-tt-d in the Autumn Festive! ure mnteot
I) reei.ie-.ted to meet et the Janeaon Studio,
417 King atna . T0E8UAY EVRHING 7th
iiinant nt 8 o'clock. If you have dIvbh lae
other ineetiLi-a. don't fail to atteod thin one.
E. L. FINK-',
e.pt6 2t Secretory FxfCuti^Cimrui tte.
LOST?On King street, letwe.n Si. Am ph
nrU <\.luii'bus, or e.n ( oli'in' ua greet
reward if left at ".07 norih Columbus atie-t,
?ej.6 lt*
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Bendhelm have
gooe to New York to secure the fall and
winter stock of the firm of D. Bendhelm
A dons.
Mrs. B. B Cline and daughter, Mrs.
Joseph H. Byrne, accompanied by Miss
Madeline Byrne, have returned from a
pleasant visit 'o the valley of Virginia.
Mr. A. D. Denton baa received a let?
ter from Mr. P. H Jones, a former resi?
ded of Alexandria, inq-iring about the
associates be bad while living here He
;a now g?neral baggage agent of the 8'.
Louis aod S u hwe-trrn Railway Com?
pany with headquarters at Teia kans,
Mr. Mablon H. Janney has re'nroed
from Elkion where he spent a part of
ibe sommer.
Mr. John M. Johnson, a prominent
nt'orney of Alexandria, i* in town. Mr
Johr-aon bad legal business which called
aim to Woodstock aod after attending
io matters ihern be came here to visit
ds brother, M j A Hunter Johnson.?
Harrisonburg Times.
Miss Katherine Daiogerfi-ld, wbo
ijeent 'he summer in the north, has re
urned to ililtimore and is spending tbe
sta summer as tbe guest of her uncle
md aunt, Mr. and Mrs. George 0. Jen
tins, at Seveo Oaks, their beautiful
?ountry place io the Oreen Spring Val*
ey, near Roger* station.
Mr. and Mrs. Johu L-Mcber, of Nor
-rik, were the guests yesterday and to
lay of Mr. Albert S uart on King street.
lr, Letcber is a soi of tbe late Gover?
ns Letcher, of Virginia.
Col. Charles A. Dempsey of R'ch
oond, spent ye-terday with his brother,
ir, P. J. Dempsey, in th;s city.
B_n.8UMMlG Brent and Mies Jean
trout bave returned from a month's
io t at Charmion, Pa.
Mr. and Mra. EiwardH. Kemp r and
hildren have returned from Delaplane,
rbere tbey spent a part of tbe sommer.
Mrs. Thomas W. Robinson aod ber
bildrcn bave returned from Delaplane
rbere they spent tbe past month.
Cspt. J. P. Woody has returned from
i tltimore where be had been visiting
iib daughters. While in Biltimore the
aptiiin was ireated at an eye and ear
Mr. W. H. Banlz, engineer of Ihe
.eliance Steam Fire Engine Companv,
- taking his vacation. His place is be
Dg ti.led by Mr. F. L Entwisle.
Mrs. M. F. Hopkins has returned
rom Amherst where she spent the aum
Rev. Dr. B. A Wallis has returned
rom Atlantic City where he spent the
eaat few weeks
Mr. H E. Stansbury, assistant eng!
eer of tests on tbe El Paso aod South
res>ern Railway, who baa been on bosi
ess for tbe company at Bsy City, Mich
ian, for the past three months, has
one to Tucumcari, New Mexico, to
ske charge nf new work along the line
f the road in New Mexico.
Miss B anche ("Stansbury, who has
eeo on a visit to her brother in Bay
Sty, bas returned to her home in this
Dr. Julian T. Miller, U. 8 N., lt lo
hecitv on a short vrsit to bis family.
)-. M lier is surgeon on the U.S. 8.
lorth Cirolina, now stationed in Hamp
on Roads.
Mr and M's. S. L. Monroe bave re
jroed from Fsnquier county, where
bey ap ot the psst few week*
Mr. James Campbell, a native of thia
iiv, but for many years a rrs'dent of
Vashinfon, was in the city today. He
) now 83 yeara old. Mr. Campbell met
ut two ol hia co'emporarlea whom he
rt-ogni7.?d?- Former Chief Webster aod
Ir. William Phillipa.
Mr. Henry Walsh and bis sister, Miss
/zile Walsh, of Burgundy, Fairfax
ounty, are visiting Mr*. M. Scbuler, in
his city. Mrs. Scholer aad her guests
rill go to Niaga-a Falls, points in Can
da, Boston and New York.
Mc O'raid McAnery, chairman of
he board of assessment of Boston, ac
ompanied by his wife, paid a visit to
lia city yesterdav.
The rompl mentsrv excorshn of the
Ilks' Draa-atlc Club tn Marshall Hall
o Wednetday promiaea to be one of
he fi.nat of the sesson. The commit
;e, o', wbich Mr. Harry Fleisohmann is
hftirman, are sparing no efforts to furnish
mu-ement for all. These annual ex
ursion of this popular organieition bave
ern of the first order and greatly er.
oyed. _
Mr. B oj. Sjrlvener, who lives at Del
tty, Al xandria county, heard a noise
o his yard abont 2 o'clock this morning,
nd upon looking out a window Baw a
nan esdeaforlag to enter the chicken
innae. Mr. Scrivener discharged a gun
t the roan when the lattM scaled a fence
md escaped. 1* is not known whether
he trespasser w?b white cr colored.
^oal Coke Wood
Order ronr coal before' the advance at low
ttiv 7-fm>*-*._
Removal Sale.
upright "lanos
At sacrifice; standard mafref;
guaranteed for TEN YEARS;
four brand new : must be sold by
the 10th.
Were $3C0 to $450, now
$169 to $228.
steven OrgaHS
From $15 to $75.
Now is the opportunity of a life
time. Call at once.
No 125 North Fairfax 8treet
INO No '( 1 l'rince atr-et, containing eight
nd bath Firat-CUsa condition. Jm
iiii'aire of JOHN D.
? LE. K_k and Foyal atreea.
?t-pitj il
Washington - - - D.C.
New Fall Dress Goods
In twenty different aha l*a, ine-lu "'n? the ver? neweat. Th's fabric is to beth
favo ile for 1 p ec*, dreewa You'll like th1- qa-Htv of this cloth very mach. A As*
Made to sell at $1.00 a yard. 4t iochei wide. Spe-ial yd. . *??**?*,
flpe'-ial oflerinuof thee fabrics, 54 in. hes wide, in Blithe new WI Cf ?*f)
shades and black. A re?olar $1.75 a yard quaiity. Spacial, a yd. ?*P ? UXJ
752 All-wool Panamas, 50 in , in black and navy. Special, a yd.59c
Special oflerinir of rt-i-iiUr ti.'.O ej ?lity e,fola;k50-inch-Brea(cloth at, yd.79c
*?**" *r.f*w\m g
(Citizens {National Bank
I'reslJent, Vice Preaident,
lid wa rd L. Dalngerfleld. Carroll Pierce.
Klcbard M. Oreen. Cashier _ Iti, Payne. Asst. Cashier.
Edward L. Dalngerfleld.
J. C. Smoot, J. vf .Koberta.
Worth Hulfieli, Carrall Pierce.
M.A. Ahern, Urban S. Lambert.
directly identified with the mercantile,
manufacturing and jobbing interests of Alexandria
for thirty nine years, and with its large capital,
ample surplus, conservative directorate, progres?
sive management and convenient location, is
equipped to satisfactorily handle new accounts
and to accord them that same courteous attention
which has been a vital factor in its steadfast and
continuous growth.
Letters of credit drawn on Brown. Shipley &
Co., of London.
The members nf Alexandria Council,
No. 33, Junior Order ol Americans, are
making preparations lot the celebration
on tbe 20th instant of tbe 19.b anni?
versary of tbe organization of that coon*
eil. An intereatiug musical and literary
programme ls being prepared for tbe oc?
casion, Several prominent members of
the order of this city sod Washington
will make addresses. The anniversary
will oe celebrated in the Young People's
Try-to Ko. 2, tbe nnw mot'ir brat re?
cently built OJ Ur. Josi pi M un, was
launched ibis afteroo m.
A brilliant meteor shu' (thwart the
heavens early laat night. It passed from
northeast to southwest.
Tbe Woman's Aoxllinrr to R. E
Lee Camp of Caofedeia'e Vetrranawill
mee', tomorrow night at 8 o'cl ck.
The teachers and scholars of tbe First
Baptist and Village Saoday school* went
on a p'enic to Ccllngw od B?ach today.
A game of baseball between membera
if Alexandria Washington and Andrew
Jackson Lodges of Masons, to have been
played on Wednesday,, will come efl to?
morrow afternoon at 4 '.'clock.
Oddeo&Oo., nt Washing-inn, have
leased from Mr Wi>b><rt (J Itag<rtt the j
oilding and refrigerant* pleat, 209
north Royal street, and will op< n thera
for basinets on September l.V.b.
At a late boor laat ugh' ?I's-engers
on an electric train wbicb p*B*ed B'Bd
dock Bta'ion saw a man lyir.g hy tbe
aide of the track. J his gave rise to tbe j
report that a rr ai hal ti rn struck tnd
killed by a train. No accident has been
Three straogers lateonSi'urday night
secured lodging in a room io the Brad- j
dock House and left ?r an parly hoar
yesterday morning. When the proprie?
tor of the house !ator rnterpl the room
in which the strangers had slept he
fonnd tbat ibe pillows hsd brm cut open
and tbe festbers therefrom strawed npon
the floor.
Salt for absolutely d'vorce from bis I
wife, Louise -Urie IVker, ha- been
entered in Waabinet'in by 1). Frank
Parker. Mr. Parker was formerly in
He stationery buain'es ia Waahington
aud avers tbat bis wile ha* been un?
faithful, ti.d he ramps a on respondent.
He sara thee w?r? -ei^rrled in Alexan
hu* have not beeo
ral y. ara.
.'"Iks will hold no
dee howeve*, will
lugs next Monday
:e Ar*bi?a nights,
eui Ki Kaar-hid wee
a ;t hs. in-ned tbat J
._.--., foetli into the city (
disguiaed aa a heirgsr Suddenly he came
upon a real special*ii ? f the hsnd-nul society.
"Who art thou, fellow " H?t. I tba Caliph,
sud the real b g*ar rented; "Sir, I am the
Caliph Haroun Kl Knar did, mid I am on my
way to th" Pal fe ot the M"? High lo partake
f a Inncheon of tbos ? irreeiftlbly e'l-li.iooa
Auth products from the A"th *land " And
thoa it ia chronicled that for omre old El
Raachy got stung. Sylvan Blondheim, The
Auth Stand, City Mar -t
Mr. John Ri ey baa iaviled bia fr ends snd
patrons toa f"?at'.I Nor'oik rib. of an ex
cc ll>*i t rariely, 'o tai e (dice at h:a re it au mut
The river ex ?undoo seaa' ii has practically
closed. _^^^^
The Re*I 0ko?8_OM lor tender feet
The ladie* who wear tho Red Oroaa
"?hoe* always wear a sral'o. RoM only
by J. A. Marshal! A Rn., 422 B-J
it-eat __^
In Wanhingtm, D. C, Saturdav, September
4 hr Bev J. B. McUughlin. W R. HAM?
ILTON'au! Mra. A. M. FItJABT, both ot
Having ruutoetlv agi-eed to iii continue
buain ??- M will from thiel d te clo*e o**t our
stock at and below rest. Now ia t'ie time to
makeelittl??**\ce>'K0**' lena way Every
th og meat ne -Kl'. Come eat ly and get your
nirk Thanking yon f*' r*?*t favors,
pict J*"*- HONTZ& MOUNT,
,g _Sin Cameron street.
You are "nerve-broken" snd run down.
Th?i'? *be* alla you-ou ne d a big bottle of
LTdbeUer'a HrpophtaphiUa. Jue bottle
will do yxru good.
[Justice L. H. Thompson presiding.]
Tbe following esses were disposed of
this morning*
Tbonoai Pendleton, colored, chsrged
with drunken and disorderly conduct,
was fined $.1.
Rober', G.llio, Mildred Crawford,
Winfield M-jirs and Samuel Joodbod,
til colored, chars-ed with disorderly coo
duct wero fined $5 each.
William Walker and Mary Whit*,
both colored charged with disorderly
conduct and fighting were fined |5 each.
Henry D-ran, colored charged witb
disorderly conduct ard fighting forfeited
bia coIlvttr.il by billi g to appearr
William L'e, colored, charged with
being drunk iu tbe Hutt, was fined $1.
A white man charged with fighting
was dismissed.
A white man cbarged with removing
I house (rom one s reet to another with?
out legal permission aaa diemissed.
Letter tu J. O. Normoyle.
Alexandria, Va.
Dear Sir; Some think we take a good deal
of risk in inviting complaints of Devoe l?ad
an.bzinc?ne authorize our agent to sell it
nnder this guarantee:
"If yon have any fanlt to find with thia
paint, either now in potting it on, or here?
after)^ the wear, tell your dealer about it.
"We authorize him to do what ia right at
our expense."
The following -tory tells how little the risk
J. A. A'lher-Cn, Inri ware dealers, Kb. ia '
beck. N. Y , hnvp ?j*d Devoe from 76 to now;
have sold Ihoi a nda of gallons and have had
juet one complaint ia all thia time.
Three aides of a home were perfect-the fourth
side waa aa bad aa the iii re ? were good.
Kxp'anation?It rained the night before Ihe
fourth aide was ptinted; hu I tbe painters did?
n't wait for th? wood to dry.
What ia done in au li a case? Whatever tin
dealer who so'd the paint, considers it fair to
do. We leave it to him. He may not do ex?
actly what we > hould do if we were there: but
we are not th're. The tea*, we can do ia to
leave it to him
Your* truly
F. W. DEVO*-" & CO.
P. s E. S. Leadbeater k Sona sell oar
paint._ ftl
White Canvas.Barefoot Sandals
regular price SI.00. Our Price
this week 59c John A.. Marshall
?fir Bro _, 422 King street.
Norfolk Oysters
In all Styles.
Hard Crabs Deviled Crab". Fried Ca's.
Brill's Celebrated Singh- Fried
Public School Books.
New and Second hand
Each book covered with strong
School Supplies-Bags, Boxes,
Tablets, Pens, Pencils, etc
621*623-625 King street
iy24 ir
Largest and Finest Variety
5een This Season.
The late aumroer and fall ia o-e of the best
times in the year to p?int your hou-e. Don't
tctget that we ate headquarters for every
?hie* in the paint line. 8*e os before you
place -ir order. E. 8. Leadbeater * Sona,
lao. _
Both 'Phone* o-ooo Both 'Phone*
Are Knee Pants, Blouses and Shirts. Boys
C tton and Wool Pants 25c, 50c and 75c.
We are agents for the Bell Blouses wbich are
considered the best in the United States, 25c, 50c
and 75c. Sizes 4 to 16 years.
Sweaters for Boys and Girls, from 50c up.
We introduce the New Autumn ^oods to
you. We have made more extensive7and more
comprehensive preparations than ever before.
New dresss goods, newjsilks, new millinery,
new suits, new carpets, new oilcloths and inlaid
linoleums, new mattings and etc.
Window Shades Hade to Order,
Any Size or Quality.
518-20 King Street, Alexandria, Va.
35c a pound
I* the quality so that appeals to those who are particularly
Ji.sc iminatint? as to the merits of the butter they buy. It's pure,
sweet and spoetizing, and i made under the most oerfect sanitary
conditions. IT HAS A REPUTATION. For yeara MIDLAND
BUI TER has been recognized aa the best that cones to Alex
mdria. We solicit your butter trade, call phone or write
Edward Quinn & .Sons,
Cor St. Asaph and Oronoco Streets
Watch Need Cleaning?
Probably it does after the dust and exposure of Bummer travels.
A liny particle of foreign matter frequently works havoc in the
delicate machinery of a walch, and prompt attention is neces?
sary in such a case
The moat thorough cleaning and repairing is done in onr repair
department, no part cf the work being slighted, and the
charges are moderate.
All kinds of repairing done promptly and satisfactorily.
Saunders & Son,
629 King Street.
Tomlin, Carl & Tomlin
rhe grea'e't iii mic and lilueiou act ia tbs
ihow MSi*MM lo lay O'eater '.Mts performed
tban Kellir tnt Kerman ever dareel do.
Comedy ai.d I'jtht-tii- Sketches. Miss Lyal*
es the Dan.'nu Doll il excellent.
rhree reeD ol new in'.ving piotures every
Emireliwer lloor 10*, Kallery bc.
Full V.-.Ulevin* ?t the SHtnrdny matinee at 3
oV'ck. A lmi.**?i"n fi cents._
Autumn Festival
Seminole Tribe Red Hen
Will be leld at tbe
Armory Hall
September 15,16,17 and 18
'omethine entirely new a?-d nniqne?a mam
ni)th Indian viii .ge in the f.irest. Four
nighta of solid fu,.
Headquarters, 417 King St.
K. L.JAMESOV, Chairman )-.
*. H. f NKS, Secretary. f r^TmiV.-l
W. ti. NICKLIN*. Treasurer, j Committee.
RUK'Jli td
_i*tum GOODS.
For Sale Cheap.
One Mission China Closet
COiT $35.00.
One Dining-room Exten?
sion Table in Mission
COST $39
Special Offering of
Dinner and Tea Sets.
100-picce Dinner Sets, nicely dec?
orated in pink flowers
Cottage Dinner Sets.
WORTH $5.00.
Cor. King and Pitt Sts.
Nicklin'. H-or Tonic brui*-* results. Re
mo?*, dandruff. reyivM th. hair roots,
strenatheoa and invigorate, the hair Pirie*
?On., Ddt. and $1.00 par twttla, at LsadhsaUr's
Now on Disp'ay
20 Pieces
New Fall Suitings, hair
lines, cheeks and
plaids, in all
12ic Yard
Daily deliveries made to
Rosemont, Braddock,
Lloyd's, Del Ray, St.
Asaph, St. Elmo, Ad?
dison, Arlington ano
Falls Church.
ll. Bendheim
??*??- Sons
316 King Street.
fob hali:
Fio. fmr atorr BRICK DWELLING con?
taining eighteen room, and h?'h, MMfHl
cellar, in f xcll.nt condition, fri? I
on etty t*r_* For further prrt,e.i;sn ad*
drear "A,' care G.Mtt. offlc.

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