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What ar.- usually considered the
necessities of life base become luxuries
io New York dariog tbe last few -eeks,
and tbe result ia tbat mao- small pro*
vision dealers are facing bankruptcy,
wbile the average wage earner haa beete
compelled tee stop using milk, batter,
eggs aud other ditty products simply
because they cannot afford them. Milk,
which bas been eight cents a quart for
levers) years in New York, is no
quoted at ten cents to the customer;
selected eggs sre selling for fifty-five
cents a doxen, while tbe cheapest grade
ate qnoted above the forty mark; butter
is selling at 48 cents per pound and tbe
dealers declare it will be fifty cents a
pound before the end of the month. Tbe
desire for increase dividends on tbe pan
of the controlling interest in the milk
trust and tbe diary products' trust is the
reason for tbe advsoce, so far as tbe
popular mi Dd is concerned, but the >
managers of tbe companies declare thu
ls not so. No matter what the cause,
it is a fact that the cost of living in New
York bas increased thirty percent, since
tbe middle of August. There ls a rumor
that financial interests that in the psst
have been allied with tbe Standard Oil
Company bave recently "bought in"
tbe m Ik and dairy products' trusts, and
that these interests are determined tbat
dividends shall be pushed up.
Ihe Taft tour, which will end to?
dsy, ba- carried tbe president over
12,759 miles by rsll and river, five tc,
six hundred miles by automobile Bad
possibly 100 miles by stage or otber
horse-drawn vehicle. It has cost the
United States $20,000, which will come
out of the fnnd appropriated by Congress
for his traveling expenses. The presi?
dent has nude upward of 300 speeches
from pulpits, rear-platforms of his train,
in every conceivable form of auditorium
and in tbe open air. The cost to tbe
various localities tbat have "entertained"
him is very large. A conservative esti?
mate, is three million dollars, and for
tbe little entertainment at Juarez, where
he was tbe guest of President Dlsz ol
Mexico, the bill for that "little din?
ner1' is declared to bave been half a
million. Ten, fifteen and twenty dol?
lars a plate were charged those wbo sai
through tbe various formal dinners thai
wer< r/iveri in hOBOI of the visit of the
president while out at Los Angeles they
strutk tbe record finnis of twenty-five
dollars an iodivieiual.
Britons are ceasiugio look to Ameri?
ca tor their supply of beef and are turn?
ing mere ard more to Argentina for
meats aod cattle. R. M. Bartlemao,cou*
sui general at Baenos Ayres, has inform?
ed tbe department of commerce that the
traffic in beef from Argentina to En?
gland was growing rapidly and that tbe
Brit.sh Isles are becoming more and
more dependent on the South American
republic lor their meat,supplies. He also
reported that prominent English whip
owners and Argentina cattle raisers bave
organized a company wbich will under?
take to ship supplies of chilled meat
regularly each week from the River
Platte to London and Manchester. The
people of this country so for have been
entirely unable to cope with the Arr rr lean
meat trust au J will now be mt. rest?
ed witnesses of the fight between the
Britishers aod the trust.
THEshoitage in the accounts of the
Il it Feeur Rsilrosd through tbe defalca?
tion of the local treasurer at Cincinnati
was officially -tated to be $648,000
aod this >oay mn np to $2,0(10,000.
Tns men lett the company ot y that
winch he diel not want himself.
? >V anlii iigtoti
IC t ihe Aluxtadnt G*ntu?.\
Waahington, Nov. 10.
?Secretary of the Treasury MscVesgh
tatd todsy that be expected to discuss
the custom* fri adi al New York in his
forthcoming anouat report. He made
it plain that the department is uphold*
ing Collector Loeb io his tflor's "to
proDe a situation that bas become in?
tolerable." He said that the legal of*
ficos representing the Department of
Justice aud those representing tbe Treas?
ury Department were working with a
singleness of purpose which was gratify?
ing. It bad oeen found tbst the sugar
trust people and others tbat baa been
workn g customs gralt were strongly or
pauez-d acd entrenched, and had reach?
ed a point wbere they thought them?
selves secure, lt was necessary to break
imo this combination and tbat was be
ing done.
Tia' tho now famous Roosevelt
canaid -tot wild rumor of the death of
tbe ex prru'dent in Africa, which swept
over ibecocmry recently?was first given
elicitation tor ulterior purposes by a
stock firm, is thc opinion entertained
bm hy two or three goverment sources,
af er aa investigation of tbe matter. It
is pointed out, in Ruppert of the theory
thal tbe rumor was deliberately started
to influence stocks, tbat the story ap?
parently originated at a time wben con*
tirmation or denial waa oot of tbe ques?
tion for at least several days.
Unless the present working balance
of tbe Treasury, which is slightly under
$80,000,000, is materi.lly decreased or
u-lees an emergency tuan which ls now
noforseen, Secretary of the Treasury
MacVeagh 'oday ssid that no action
would be taken witb regard to tbe issu?
ance of tbe authorised three per cent
cer.ideates nor tbe issue of Paluma
bonds uotll Congress had had an oppor?
tunity to legislate further on the latter
subject. On his return to his desk in
tbe department today after an absence
of several months the secretary declared
that be found the condition of tbe Treas?
ury finances practically tbe same as
wben he went away and tbat tbere wu
do indication of trouble on the financial
A vitriolic denuociation of President
Gompers, eSecretary Morrison and Vice
President John Mitchel), the three
American FeJeration of Labor officers
wbo are concerned in tbe famous "con*
tempt csse'' ls tbe gist of the annual re?
port of General Master Workman Simon
Barns, head of tbe Order of Kulghrsof
Labor, now in session here. "Where is
there a more willful, premeditated vio?
lation of law than io thi- case?" queries
Barns. "The action of tbe so-called
leaders will be harmful for years to come
whenever an attempt is made to secure
legislation for tbe benefit of the worker.
There is no trust or combinstion of capi?
tal in the world that violates any more
laws, or oftener, than the trnst laoor or?
ganizations, who resort to more dlshon
est, unfair, and dishonorable methods
towards tbeir competitors tban any trust
or combination lu the country " Barns
took pains to indicate tbat his censure is
aimed particularly it the three federa?
tion leaders, aod only generally at the
organization as a whole, "lt looks as if
Gompers, Mitchell and Morrison," he
explained, "desired to do something
sensational so as to keep themselves
prominently before tbe public -hey
showed little respect for the courts of
the District of Oolambia, considering
them open to threats or political in?
William 0. Dennis, assistant solicitor
of the Department of State, bas been
designated by Secretary Knox as agent
of tbe United States in the arbitration of
tbe Oronoco S.eamsbip Company claim
against Venezuela by the International
Tribunal at The Hague. The position
was made vacant by the recant death of
William I Buchanan, in London.
Frederick D. McKenney, of Washing?
ton, has been designated as counsel.
Tressury officials are rather of the
opinion tbat tbe opera singers arriving
io New York are successfully striving to
work the newspapers for tree advertising
oy making complaints of the horrid cus?
toms mso. Mary Garden got hers to
tbe extent of columns a few days ago and
oow, not to be outdone, Mme. Tetrsz
xioa makes a plaintive wall to tbe eflect
tbat she was not able to get an eveuiog
gown ont of her trunks at the docks and
so was prevented from attending the
"opening" of a prominent piece where
she had hoped to be a spectator. The
press agent story says that the cus?
toms people told ber tbat decollete
-owns were stage costumes and there
tore subject to duty.
Richard A. Ballinger, the secretary
of the interior, under scathing attack
by Louis R. Glavis as a result of the
department's handling ol the Alaska
coal esses, proposes to wage bitter war
on Giavis and tbe Glavls sympathizers.
It is said by republicans here that
here will be a big shake-up among tbe
present Virginia federal officeholders
when tbe offices in tbat state are filled
by tbe Taftauminiatration. Many of the
Roosevelt appointees will go, and Taft
men will be named to fill their places.
Tbe interstate commerce commission
will geve a haaring November 24 to tbe
W., A. & Mc. Vernon Rwy. Oo. and
oe (rr at Falls and Old Dominion Rail?
way Company, relative to the enforce*
ment of tbe regulation requiring cars to
be equipped with pick-up fenders snd
automatic wheel guards.
Madame Stelnhell'a Anger.
Paria, N..v. 10 ?"I am becoming
angry. Don't expasperateme any longer
I am defending myself cautiously be?
cause, unfortunately, I am obliged to,
but If you dnv ? me lo it I shall cease to
be discreet. Do you understand."'
Tbese words in an undertone,pregnant
with significance, gave a glimpse of the
trump card with which Madame Mar?
guerite M.einheil ou trial for the murder
of her husband snd mother, hopes to
win the game foi her life. Her tone was
hard and menacing as she Lashed this
reply to presiding Judge de Vallee, who
lo the conlusiou attending tbe opening
of today's session put a sharp question
which threatened to damage her defense.
Judge, jury, lawyers and spectators
saw grave possibilities?scandal and dis?
grace for officials high in the life of the
French republic?if Madame Steinheil
revealed the "back door history" of her
attempts to mle France through her
lovers. Tbe names of peers, presidents,
aod princes would be sure to figure in a
recital of the intrigues which character?
ized her salon.
De Vallee evidently understood, He
glanced apprehensively at the accused
womao, and then abaodooed tbe ol j ac?
tionable Hoe of questiooiog.
Mob Dispersed.
Cairo, Ul., Nov. 10.?Tbe police held
np a mob which today was marchiog on
tbe local jail to lynch Will James, a
negro coal beaver, arrested on suspicion
of being concerned in the murder and
outrage of Anna Folley, a shop girl.
The chief of police snatched a mask
from the leader of the mob and then ap?
pealed to his associates to disperse, de?
claring the evidence against James wm
purely circumstantial, but promising a
speedy trial. Tbe argnmeut prevailed
and the mob dispersed. Tbe girl waa
attacked as abe was returning trom work
snd dragged into ao alley where she waa
outraged aod murdered. Torn bits of
clothing and bair scattered fur two
blocks show that abe struggled hard for
her booor and life. When found the
body was stripped of clothiog, tbere waa
a noosed rope around her neck which
had been need to choke her into uncon?
sciousness and there was a cloth gag in
ber mouth. Dogs placed on the scent
followed the trail toa negro lodging house
andall of the inmates have beeo arrested.
Frank Gorey, a chaufleur, aod Jessie
Mason, aged 28, of Williamsburg, ara
declared to be fatally hnrt, while four
other men aod three womeo are severely
bruised aod cot following the collision
of an automobile, running fifty miles an
hour with a big boulder on the boule?
vard n.ar Flushing, L. I., early today.
Nine bodies bave been recovered from
tbe ill-fated Anchiogloas Colliery of the
Delaware, Lackawanna and Western
Coal Company at Nantlooke, Pa., where
a number of mine workers were shot in
by fire last night following aa explosion.
Today's Telegraphic News
Fears for Jsmaica.
Halifsx, N. 8., Nov. 10.?There is
grsve anxiety here about the Island of
Jamaica. Communication with Kings?
ton has been abet of! since Ssturday,
and the last word received was that a
hurricane of unprecedented-severity was
then sweeping over the island. The
cable companies io tbe last message re?
ceived reports that all laod lines had
been destroyed. Since tbeu the caoles
bave failed to work. There is a p rn*
sibility tbat an earthquake has shaken
tbe island, aa it is oot considered likely
here that a hurricane woold bave pot
the cable ont of commission.
The steamer Amanda, from Halix,
which was (ground on tbe west end of
the island Friday, got efl tbat night
aod most bsve eocouotered the harri*
cane, but bas not since been heard
The hurricane is believed lo have
destroyed all of tbe esrly crops.
New York, Nov. 10.?Tbe cable
offices here today annoooced that tbeir
West Indian cables are working only
so far as Ssotiago de Coba. Tbey are
accepting meissges for Porta Rico aod
tbe Danish West Indies subject tn for*
warding by maii from Santiago via Ihe
steamer thst sails from that port this
Tbe compaoles have no koowledge
of conditions in the islands or whether
the interruption is doe to tbe hurricane
or to an earthquake.
At the offices of the Western Union
Cable Company it wss stated that their
cables bsve oot been workiog properly
since Mouday and tba trouble is be?
lieved to be due to the Jamaica huiri
caoe. Communicstioo heyood Santie-g i
ceased completely last nigbt and all
efforts to locate the cause of tbe trouble.
bave so far failed. ',
Amerlcao Federation of Labor.
Toronto, Ont,, Nov. 10.?Tbe fight
In tbe Amerlcao Federation of Labor
fellowing tbe explanation of the execu?
tive cooncil tbat it suspender! stste and
central bodies for failing to live op to
the by-laws will be carried to the fl or.
This was made certaio today wben dele?
gates who believe io tbe suspended or?
ganizations declsred they would fight
for their reinstatement.
No matter what the outcome <t is un?
likely that there will be real opposition
to tbe re-election of tbe present officers.
They rest under jail sentences for con?
tempt, and tbe delegates realize that
their removal at this time would be con?
sidered repudiation of their course. The
socialists may place csodldates io the
field tbis year, but they admit they are
not strong enongb at this time to get
control ot tbe federation.
The supplemental report of (he cre?
dential committee shows clearly tbat the
officers of the federation are determined
to crush out all opposition to tbe present
administration, and to decided all juris?
diction fights oo strictly trtde>s lines.
Toronto, Oot., Nov. 10?The ultimate
defeat cf tbe Insurgent electrical work?
ers in tbe A. F. of L. jurisdictional
fight, was clearly indicated today by tbe
conventions unanimous adoption of the
report of (he committee on credentials,
wbich recommended the noseatlog of A.
L. Ulrick, representing the Trades aod
Labor Assembly of Des Moloes, lows,
aod of H. Mecbelstetter, representing
tbe Trade and Libor Assembly of r-ioux
City, Iowa, both of those organizations
being declared guilty of violating tbe
constitution of tbe American Federation
of Labor, in retaining in their member?
ship seceding organizations of the elec?
trical workers.
Preaident Taft In Richmond
Richmond, Va., Nov. 10.?President
Taft arrived here early today and wss
driven at once to the home of Governor
Swanson where be breakfasted with the
governor and a party of invited guests.
He will remain here until 6:16 this
afternoon, when the final jauut to
Washington will be begun. Tbe presi?
dent seemed oveijoyed at the prospect
of getting home, even though it is to
be for less than twenty-four hours, and
bubbled with good nature as be alighted
from his car and entered the waiting
automobile. Governor Swanson met
bim at the station and welcomed him on
behalf of the Old Dominion.
Following breakfast the president
visited the capitol where, in the boase
chambers the members of tbe Virginia
Press Association were wailing to greet
him. He addressed them informally.
This afternoon the president will re?
view ?i street parade from a reviewiog
stand erected at tbe Lee Monument,
and will go from there to the city
auditorium where be is to make an ad?
A fier speskiog to the newspaper men
and women President Taft addressed tbe
lesdii g colored citizens of Richmond.
He dwelt largely on the opportunities of
the negro race in agriculture.
Earthquake Shocks.
Cleveland, Nov. 10 ?Father Oden*
bach's seismograph at St. Ignatius Col?
lege observatory recorded an earthquake
early today wbich lasted 29 minutes.
Father Odenbach says it was between 10, ?
OOO and 12,000 miles distant aod likely
in Japan or Onina, Tbe initial shock
was recorded at 12:85 a. m. Tbe malo
shock begee at 12:52 aod lasted until
1:21 and the final Initial was recorded at
1:50 a. m. "Tbe shock was peculiar,"
said Father Odeobscb, I'in that it was
most prooounced fnm east to west. Tbe
msjority of tbe 'quakes .are from north
to son th."
Albauy, N. Y., Nov. 10.?The seis?
mograph at the State Museum recorded
earthquake movements this morning be?
ginning at 1:88 o'clock aod ending at
2:40. The earthquake causing the
movement was of distant origin, prob?
ably occurring in South America. Ow?
ing to tbe minuteness of the vibrations,
the exact distance could not be deter?
Waahington, Nov. lu. -The earth?
quake recorded In Cleveland was also
registered on tbe aeismogrnph of the
weather bureau. The officials there
say it wm not a violent disturbance.
Cholera in Russia.
Odessa, Rossis, Nov. 10.?A virulent
onlbresk of cholera at Simferopol bas
driven the Russian royal family from
tbe imperial estate at Livadia aod bas
hurried them north to rs.. Petersburg.
Thirty-five deaths bave already been re?
corded at Simferop el, and tbe authority a
bave little hope of checking the cholers
outbreak before it spresds to tbe entire
Crimea province.
Angelo Delasco fat?ly ont Louis Fest io a
fixht e-aused by jealousy in Philadelphia to?
day. Delasco waa snot twice and is believed j
to be lue?liy wouadrsd.
City Council.
There wis a proluoged session of the '
City Cuocil Isst nigbt, although bot ao
average volume of business wsa trans?
acted. Discussion waa eooceotrated in
tbe Common Cooocil, nothing io tbe ;
nature of a debate having oot orred lo the |
upper board.
All the members of tbe Board
were present and the action of the Corn
moo Council oo all papers seut ia was
coocorred io by unanimous votes except
on Ibe resolution recommitting to the
committee on streets the matter of tbe
proposed extension of improvements on
north Washington street.
After ibe clerk had read the resolu?
tion Mr. Mar bu ry moved tbat it be laid
on 'he table, remarking that the move?
ment toward the extension of the work
bad been killed.
After some interchange of oploioo
doriog which some of the members
agreed with Mr. Marbury.it was thought
beat to concur in the action of tbe lower
Mr. Hill moved a concurrence aod
his motion was adopted.
Tbe bosrd subsequently adjourned.
Council was called to order at 8
o'clock; all the members j were present.
A delegation of members of the Cham?
ber of Commerce occupied seats without
tbe bar.
A resolution was adopted appropriat?
ing $100 for the erection on the streets,
otber than King, of metal waste paper
Mr. Leadbeater stated tbat tbe Civio
Improvement League would erect auch
boxes on King street.
Mr. Brill presented a resolution to re?
pair aod resurface Columbus street io
maoner similar to the connty road, tbe
cost not to exceed $1,000, wbicb was re?
ferred lo tbe committee on streets.
A resolution waa presented by Mr.
Snowdea directing the city engineer to
sscertsio the cost of improving Wash?
ington street, from Kiog to Queen street,
with vitrified brick or some other modero
material, aod what portion of cost the
property owners would have to pay.
Mr. Evans was In favor of making the
improvements from Prince to Queen
The resolution aa amended by Mr.
Evans was passed.
A resolution offered by Mr. Spinks
asking power to employ an expert elec
meian to aseertaio if tbe Alexandria!
Electric Oompaoy was sofflcieotly well
equipped to supply power to outside vii*
leges aod tc asc-rtsio if theoaodle power
ot the city sre lights wss of the power,
prescribed by lsw was referred to the
committee on light and finance.
Mr. Birrell introduced a resolution ap?
propriating $500 to purchase gas stoves
lor the use of those using gas as a means
of economy io fuel, wblcb was referred
to the committees on light and general
A resolution sppmprlatiog $000 for
tbe improvement of Alfred street from
Queen to Pnncrss street was referred to
the committee on streets.
A petition was received from the Al?
exandria Light Iofaotry .it "ng tbat it
bad cost tbatcompaoy bet., v , $300 aod
$400 for legaljcosts and stu. >ys' fees in
their fight (or tho retentiou of Armory
Ball aod taking Council to appropriate
that amount to settle their indebtedness,
aod also to appropriate $500 aooually
fer their support. The pell ion was re
lerred to the committee od fitance.
A petition of tbe Interstate Natural
Gas Corporation asking permission to
lay and maintain a gas pipe hoe uoder
the streets of the city aod to furnish gas
to the citizens of the city was referred to
tbe committees on light aod geoeral
A petition from Oity Attoroey Fisher
-tating that (he deed conveying the
oew Lee school building to the city
council bad been signed aod recorded
and the bill of Mr. Fisher, $5 for legal
service io the matter, was ordered to be
A communication was received from
tbe Clerk of tbe School Board and laid
over, calling attentioo to existiog va?
cancies od the School Board caused by
the expiration of the terms of Messrs. C.
R. Yates, G. Wm. Ramsay, W. F.
Carne sod Wm. B. Smoot, aud of Dr.
Wm. M Smith baviog removed from
tbe ward wblcb he was representing.
Mr. Birrell aaid he hoped tbe poai
tiem eif the several candidates for school
trrjeetees ou tbe matter of the support of
an industrial school for negroes would
be ascertained. He ssid the people had
bean taxed enough for the negro and
he wu not in favor of ao Industrial school
for them and would not vote for such a
measure. Be was opposed to teachlbg
them tr?.des so thst tbey might become
competitors of white men.
The Chair slated that the industrial
school bad beeo io operation for the
pist yrar. Then Ihe School Bosrd had
oeen asked to make an appropriation of
bu', 15 with which to buy a few tools and
sr.mo planks.
Mr. Evans believed in making (he
negroes self-snpportlng aod believed
if an apprt priatloo of $15 for a saw aod
hiicbet and someplcoks would helpmake
them such he would vote for it.
The committee on streets had reported
favorably at the last meeting a r-sola
tiou to appropriate $1,460 lor a 27-foot
broken stone roadway with cobble get?
ters and to r.set tbe curb in concrete on
Alfred s'eee', between Prince and Dnke,
the roadway lo be trested with coal tsr,
Tbe resoln'iou bad been laid over nnder
tbe rules st that time aod now came up
for consideration.
Mr. Uhler was not in favor of coal
tar, supposing it was simply an experi?
ment; a fad Be was also oppose to
mskiog a 27-foot rosdwsy oot of a 42
foot s'reet.
Mr. Smith ssid as the proposed Im?
provement wss in tbe Fourth ward the
ma ter nad better be left to that delega?
tion, wbich seemed to oppose lt.
Mr. Leadbeater stated that coal Ur
bal been io one for a cumber of years.
Crude petroleum was not satlsfsctr.ry.
It was the purpose of the city engineer
to give good aod permanent s reeta.
Mr. Spicks wanted to know the ob?
ject io nsrrowiog the streets. Weald the
property owners have to pay more aod
tbe city leas, and would the additional
sidewalks belong to the property owners?
The Chair stated that the streets be*
lonutd to tbe state and cot to the citr.
Mr. Burke was in favor of a 27-foot
wide sire-et, with psrkiog on either side.
He thought n.rtb Au'redstreet one of
the nrettiest in the city.
Mr. Eraos aod Mr. Uhler questioned
tbe right of property owners to erect
fences on that street, and was in favor
of a 42 foot street
Mr. Uhler waa in favor of a 42-foot
treat and wu opposed to decrees leg the
width of any of the s'reeis.
After further argument by M sirs.
Etan*, L;adbea:rr, Monroe, Uhler,
Burke, Marshall sod Saith, ibe mat'er
?vu recommitted to ihe committee on
streets, with the suggestion (hat a repoit
favoring the improvement ol a 42-!oot
street be made
Mr. Rlsheill called up tbe resolution
appropriating $4,000 to grade and con?
struct a 27 foot broken stone road on
north Waabiogton street from Wythe to
Montgomery street, aod for an 18-foot
broken stone roadway from Montgomery
street to tbs corporation line, wbich was
laid over at the last meetirg.
Mr. Leadbeater said the matter should
receive consideration tonight, as coun?
cil's action at the last meeting bad been
a disappointment to the street and
finance committees. Money should be
speot for a good roadway to accommo?
date the travel to and from Washington.
He then asked that the reaolutiona
adopted by tbe Chamber of Commerce
be read, which was dooe. (Tbe resolu?
tions were published io yesterday's Gs*
zette.) Be ssid the resolutions
were slgoed by a large number of
merchants and promioent boainess
men, and favorable action should
be taken on tbe matter when
it wu favored by such a body of men. Be
also at tbe request of Mr. Marshall de?
scribed tbe route the teams would lake
in order to reach the oew roadway.
Mr. Marshall was In favor of improv?
ing Washington street from Kiog to
Queen street before spending money
so far ont. Hs, however, favored tbe
Improvement of tbe road on either
Washington or Columbus street at a
moderate cost.
Mr. Leadbeater stated that the city
had not enongh money to justify it in
improving tbe two iquares oo Washing
too street he boped, however, that soon
these aod other squares would be im?
Mr. Spioks said tbe city bad already
this year exploded more than $12,000
for street improvements and did not have
funds to appropriate for any improve
mints so 'ar ou>. Why not use Colum?
bus street instead of Washlugtot? He
was lo favor ot io pinyin* ihe. center of
tbe city where the property was improved
and not wivrp it <*** unimproved.
Mr. Barke ssid the square on Cam
eroo street would bute been Improved
long ago If the pro rata cost bad been
pat up by the property owosrs. Tne
money was dow available frr the work.
He said if the improvemeot on north
Washington street was made the money
wonld be provided by Council.
Mr. Evans said be wu nuable to get
tbe most necessary improvements iu
bis section of tbe city; tbere was no
desent outlet to tbe south of tbe city;
he thought the matter should be recom?
Mr. Leadbeater said one of tbe next
improvements would be to provide a
good roadway to Bunting creek.
Mr. Harrison was In favor of the reso?
lution, and could not vote to torn tbe
matter down; the finance committee hsd
reported favorably on it and (hat wss
sufficient for him.
Mr. Uhler was not iu favor of tbe ap
propriatioo, as much cf tbe property on
tbat thoroughfare was unimproved.
Mr. Birrell wu io favor of tbe sp
propriatioo, as it was essential to tbe
business interests of the city.
Mr. Smith said he would have to vote
against the matter. Be moved to re?
commit it to tbe committee to consider
(he improvement of Columbus as well
as Washington street.
Mr. Brumback offered ao amendment
to improve Wasbiogtoo street in the
same manner as the couoty hud improved
the roadway leading to that s.rtet.
Mr. Snowden (Mr. Uhler in the chair)
said tbe city did not hava funds avail?
able to do the work u already the ap?
propriation for street work had been
practically exhansed. He was in favor
of street improvements, but said the
work could oot be dooe without money;
ho wonld vote for a sufficient amount to
improve either north Washington or
Columbus street, wbicb could be done
for a thoussod dollars, leaving tbe re?
mainder of the propesed appropriation
to lay a modern pavement oo Cameron
street, between Royal and Fairfax, wbich
work most dow be dont under an ordi?
nance already passed as the property
owners had jost paid tbeir shsre for this
improvement. He said the properly
owners oo north Washington atreet bad
oot asked for the improvemeot; would
oot pay a crnt for tbe work aod that was
unfair to those liviog south of them who
had paid tbeir share for tbe improve?
meot already mide. He expressed sur?
prise at the statement made by Mr.
Burke, who said tbe money would be
available, when that gentleman had
stated that tbe raising of taxes and
lioeosea wss necessary to secure money
to carry on tbe city government.
Be said oouocil was known as a very
uncertain body, as lt did one thing at
one meetiog aod uudid it at the next,
justly bringing criticism npon its mem?
bers. He referred to tbs presence io
tbe chamber of members of tbe Cham?
ber of Commerce; he was a friend of
each of them aod was glsl they took io
terest io the city's welfare, bot he bad
koown the time wheo matters of mncb
more importance tban this improvement
wu before council aod they were not
pre.sect. Be woold be glad for them to
aid couocil in raising money for im?
provements. He ssid it wu time for tba
members of council to step down at d
nut if tbey are incapabl* of transacting
business which came before them,
After soa.e farther argument the mat?
ter was finally recommitted to tbe com?
mittees on streets and fioance.
A communication was received from
the Brysnt Fertilizer Company nskicg
permisaioo tn erect a small frame build*
log on its property at the old Pioneer
It was stated thst tbe building had
ilready beeo erected, aod that a ma
ority of the members of Council bad
eigoed the petition. Permisaioo was
Mr. Leadbeater gave notice that at
he next meeting he woold call op tbe
joidiog laws ordnance,
Mr. Bramback moved to 'ake np tbe
natter at once, which motion wss lost.
Mr. Uhler introduced a resolution
iirec'.iog the city engineer to remove all
leoces, baddings and otber obstroc'ioos
)o oorth Fsirfax street to the corpora*
.lon Hoe and on Montgomery street to
.be Potomac river. Tbe resolution was
referred to the committee on streets.
Ooancil 'hen adj >orned.
[TbeCoamber of Commerce will, it
is understood, continue to nrg> tbe
appropriation for the north Wasbirgtoo
?tree? improvement and a special meet?
iog of that body io reference to the mat?
ter hu been called tor.Xnuraday night.]
A t a regular meeting of the Board of A lder
ineie of the city of Alexandria, Va., held No?
vember 9, lb09, there were present:
J. R. N. Curtin, esq., Preside-', and
Meaars. Hell, Brill, Karbar-, Ballanger, j
?yield, Fitzgerald and Summers.
The following ware received from the Cum
tuon Council and their action concurred in
by unanimous votes: i^^^^^~
Tbs report of the Committee on Streets, j
recommending an appro: nation of $100 for
the pure-hare of nie al boxes to be used for
-nerte paper, etc., as requested by the Civic |
Improvement League.
Resolution appropriating $1,000 for the im?
provement of Columbus street from Queen to I
Oroco' o.
Resolution appronriat,n; $ti00 for the im?
provement of Alfred street between Queeu
aii'l Princess
Communication of Hilbert 1 owden, Clerk
cf the City School Board, anuounci g vacan?
cies ia that board.
Coinniunit-alien from Samuel P. Fisher,
Corporation Attorney, announcing the re?
cording of the deed vesting the title to the j
free School building in the City Coonoil.
Bill <>f Seminal P. Fisher, Corporation At-j
torne.v ($'?), for services in connection willi
tbs title ot the Lee School building,
Petition of F. L. Slay maker, c<tp:aiu of the
Alexandria Light Infantry, asking Council to
appropriate $3eV>\ftl to defray the expenaaa of
tbs company in the recent suit for possession
of the armory.
Petition of the Interstate Natural Ou Com- j
pany for permission to lay pipes in this city |
eu order to furnish natnral ga* to consumer*.
Resolution appropriating $600 for the pur?
chase of gas stove* with i_? vi?r of demon
?t rating the economy of gsa u a fuel.
Preamble and resolution directing the City j
Engineer to examine the plant of tbe Alexan?
dria Ele trie Company and ascertain if said,
company has the facilities for fulfilling its
contract wi ti the city and at the s me time |
ftralth electricity to ontl ing towns.
P-eeolutioa direoting the City Engineer,
ncder thee direction of the Committee on
Streets, toa certain and report to Council the
cost of paving VV wallington atreet from Prince I
te. Queen with vitnlied brick or some other
m.' i. rei material, and what proportion of coat
will he ,ail by property owners on said
Beeport of the Committee on Streets appro?
priating $| ,460 I' er the improvement of Alfred j
atreet, between Prince anet Duke
A re-ieolution recommiting the report of
the Committe>e uu Streets on the extension of
iiuptoveorcnts on ? orth Washington street,
waa received from the Common Council.
Mr. Marbury move I that the resolution be
I. ?! on the table. Ih motton waa lost.
Mr. Hill then moved a concurrence in tbe |
action of the Common Council, aud his mo?
ir ie waa adop.ed.
The board then edjourne I.
J. R. bi. CH "TIN. Presider, t
At a regular meeting of tbe Common Coun?
cil of the city of Alexandria, Va., held Novem?
ber 9, 1909. tbere were pieianl
Hubert Snoweleu.esq , president,and Messrs.
Leadbeater, Burke, Kisheill, Brumback,
.-?ultu. Brill, Hander, Birrell, Monroe, Hell
mutti, Harrison, Uhlsr, Marshall, Spinksa_d
The Committee on Streets recommended an
appropriation ? ff 100 for the purchase of met?
al waate paper boxes, to be located unHer the
r-upervisiou of the Cetv Engine ?r and Com
j niitree on Streets anel the report was eviopted.
A resolution offered by Mr. Snowden m
-trueting the City Engineer, under directiou
of the Committee on ?> tree ts. lo ascertain the
Bael eef paving Washiagtou street from Prince
to Queen r-treeta. with vitrified brick or other
modern material, and the proportion of cost
ter property owners on street, wet passed.
A communication from the Corporation At?
torney stating that the property upon which
the Lee school building now stands is now
vested in tbe City Council eef the city of Alex?
andria, Va., the deed being executed on Sep?
tember 14, 1909, and recorded September 15,
1909, waa received. _
A bill of Samuel P. Fisher, Corporation
Attorney, for services in connection with the
title to the Lee echool bnilding, amounting
to $5, was ordered paid.
A resolution by Mr. Brill instructing the
City Engineer, under the supervision of tha
committee on ai reeta, to repair Col urn hus
street from Queen to Oroaoco sre et and re?
surface where n cerreary to the corporation
>ine p.t a coat not to exceed $1,000, to be paid
out of auv money in the oity treasury to the
credit cf streets and sewers not otherwiae ap
prODriated, the material u*ed to be similar to
that used hy the county authorities bevond
the city limits, was referred tc the committee
on streets.
A resolution by Mr. Hellmutli appropriat?
ing $<M) tor improving Alfred street between
Queen and Prince*?street* was leferred to the
Committee on St resets.
A communication from the Alexandria
Light Infantry requesting an appropriation
eos $3(36.61 to pay expense* incurred, and also
requesting an annual appropriation of $500,
waa received and refsnel to the Committee on
The fellowing resolution, offered by Mr
Spinks, was referral to the joint committee
on Eight and Finance:
Whereas, Mr. Philander Betta, an electrical
engineer or expe-r., wm employed by the City
Co'incil in April-May, 19u7, to maka an ex?
amination of tha electric light plant in thia
cit) aud made a report of his obeervatious
and oonclu-iooa to the joint Committee on
Light and Streets, and aa that report cannot
be we 1 ureed aa data for preetut purposes
owing to tbe lapse of time, and
Where.'ai it baa leeen reported in the A lunn
dnaUazettc tbat theAlexaudria Electric Com?
pany will poeelbly enter into ooutract for
furnishing electricity for lighting and otker
purposes to territory contigious to Alexandria,
and aa the city by the term* of ita agreement*
witb and franchiae sold to E. E. Mandeville,
will receive no revenue from tbe tale of such
Resolved, That the City Engineer be and
he is hereby directed to examine the plant of
the Alexandria Electric Company, its outside
construction, the lighting power of its arc
light., the character of ita lighting facilities
and illuminating power furnished consumers,
etc. And for the purpose of intelligently as?
certaining whether or not the said Alexandria
Electric < ompsny is equipped with the neces?
sary ina ?hniery and appliances to furnish
power sufficient to rupply the current for
?eutaieie territory, and also to furnish tbe
necessary power for city purposes aa pro?
vided for in the contract with the city of
Alexandria, the City Engiceer ia hereby
authorized to emp'oy at a ree*ona'be ligure
au expert electrical engineer to assist in mak?
ing an examination aud report to the City
Council aa outlined in thia resolution, and be
it further
Resolved, That the Committee oo Light re?
port wie eth r or tot the arc li hts are of the
??andie power called eor in th* contract (2,0o0
candie power); if they are lighted and extin?
guished accordiig to contract; if the Hue
construction is what waa promised three
y?ars i go, and any other information that will
aasiat the City Coonee! in determining whether
or not the city of Alexandria or the cititens
of Alexandria are receiving what ix due them
uuoer the francheee and contract
A petition trom Samuel O. Brent, attorney,
representing tbe Intei.u e Natural Usa Com?
pany, of Weat Virginia, rt questing a francr isa
for thirty years to carry on Ihe business of
tranaportiug, distributing and delivering
natural gas to customers, waa referred to tbe
joint Committee on light aad General Laws.
A resolution offered by Mr. Birrell appro?
priating $f.00 for the purchase of gaa stove* to
te installed ia private houses was referred to
the joint Committee on Light and General
A communication trom tbe Clerk ot' the
School Board requiting Council to fill the
vacanciee on the ooard caused by tha expira?
tion ol 'ha termaof Messrs. C. R. Yat**, First
ward; G. Wm. Katnaay Second ward; Wm
F. Carne, Third ward; W. B. Smoot, Fourth
ward; and also Dr. W. M Smith, removed
from the Fourth ward, wu received.
Permission was granted Miss Annie David?
son to renew frame kitchen at 404 Prince
street, providing there is no objection from
adjoining property owners.
e'pon petition cf the Bryant Fertilizer
Company permission wss granted therm to
erect a frame structure M feet by IU feet high
on premise* known as the Pioneer Mill*?
aye* 7, noes 6.
A resolution offered by Mr. Uhler directing
the City Engineer to remove obstruction* on
north Fairfix street and Montgomery street
aod that the e-treeta t>e opened their Tall
width, was referree to tbe Committee on
SteseU. _.__,
A report ot the Committee on Streets recom?
mending an appr^piatioo of $1,460 to grade
end coaatruct a rf foot roadway of brok en
atone top to be treated with a preparation of 11
coal tar and reset the auroa in concrete on
Alfred 'street between Prince and Duke
e,ir.*tj which wm hud on the table at the
last meeting under the rules, was colled from
the tat-'.s and after discuwion, upoo raotimj
of Mr. Smith the matter was recommitted to
the committee on streets?a>es 10, ncaa 6.
Mr. Riaheill called from tbe tabla a report
of the joint Committee on tr. et* and Finance
recommending an appropriation of $4 OOO tor
improvements on nortel Washington atreet.
Mr. Leadbeater presented reaolaiioaa adopted
by the Chamber of Commerce favoring the
improvexents. After discussion Mr. Smith
moved to neesommit the tua'ter to tha joint
Committee on Street* and Finance to be con*
sidered in connection with improvement* oo
north Columbus street, and tre motion waa
adopted by tbe following vote: Aves, Keera,
Burke, Brumback, Snvth. Br.ll, Ruder.
Birrell, Pelliiiuili. ? hie-. Marshal), Spiuks,
Evana and afr. Preside, t, (12); no s, M.sars,
Leadbeater, Riaheill, Monroe and Harrison.
Mr. Brumback offered the following, wier li
waa referred >o the Joijt Committee on Fi.
nance and Streets:
Resolved, hy the City Council of Alexan?
dria, Va., that the report of the Committee oa
Street: concerning the extension of improve*
meats on north Washington street be recom*
mit el to the aaid cou.uiitiee, together with
the Committee on Fiua re, w th the instruc?
tion to ascertain and report what it will coat
to ie. prove Washington street in the same
manner the county haa improved its road to
tbe intersection of the ssid street.
The board then adjourned.
Taste: Daniel R. Stansbcky. Clerk C. C.
New? of the Day,
Oommander Pesry aays his field wok
is over, aod he doea oot ioteod to lead
aa expedition to the south pole.
Major Thomas H. Hays, former lo*
specter general of tbe Confederate army,
died io Louisville, Kentucky, yesterday,
aged 72 years.
Judge E. Mayo Boas, of California,
formerly of Virgioia, bas beeo indorsee]
hy the Richmond Bar Asetociotinu Ri r
appointment to the bench of thee Si.
preme Oouit of tbe United States, tn flit
the vaoanoy caused by the death of Jua?
tice Peckham.
Alter hearing the report of Special
Accountant Crenshaw ou his eiamioa
tloo of the office of Oity Collector Cun?
ningham, the board of alderman af
Richmond by a uoaoimous vote Isst
oight adopted a j Mot resolution provid?
ing foran investigation to be conducted
by a special committee ot tbree cooocil*
meo aod two aldermeo. The coma i -
tee decided that the city collector must
eipiaio the delay io returoiog checks,
sod ooe of tbe members declared th.t
pressure wss brought to bear on tbs
finance committee to minimise the de
lirquency. The report -aye many polios
court fines are never paid.
Virgin.**. News.
The one hundred and twenty-seventh
annual conference of the Virgin a
Methodist Episcopal Church Sooth be?
gan in Newport Newe today.
Mr. W. W. Wayland, of Alexandria,
and Miss Ethel Fray, daughter of Mrs.
J. J. Fray, ot Oulpepper cuuuty, atm
married Thursday st tbe home of tbe
bride by Bev. P. L. B. Cross.
L. T. Wright, while alone in h'a
drag store, oorner of Lombardy anel
Broad streets, Richmond, last night, waa
beld up at the point of a gun by two
white meo, ooe wie ding the weapon
while the other emptied the cash regis?
According to the figurers of the fed?
eral government, the loas from forest
fires In Virginia during Ihe year 1908
amounted to more than 1500,000, se d
ss there a-e more than 10,000,000
acres of forest laods iu tbe stare, this
estimate is pr ibably to j low.
Miss Frances Lee Fleeiiior/. dsogLUr
ol Mr. and Mrs. Richard Blind Lee
Fleming, yesterday afternoon was mar?
ried at her home, near The Phiaa, la
Fauquier couoty, to Mr. S.muel Healey
Carter. Rev. John H. Norwood, per?
formed tbe ceremony. Daly the immed?
iate families of tbe bride and bridegroom
were present. Mis. Mary Fleming at?
tended ber sister as maid of honor.
A writ of error wai yeaterday granted
by the Coort of Appeals io tbe Coort
case of Prof. J. I). Harr's, of
Warramoo, school superintendent, who
recent y was sentenced to four years
io (be penitentiary after having
been found guilty of the killin,? of
Vf. A. Thompson, editor of the War
reotoo Virginia. The coort granted toa
wilt on the grounds of new and extenuat?
ing evidence.
Tbe strike ot tbe coal miner* in r-yd
n y, Australia, la spreading.
A fire in the Western aod Atlantic
Ballway termloal st Atlanta, Ga , totay
caused damage to the amount of $25, OOO.
At least fifteen persons were killed
aod abont 20 ie j ired te day in a wreck ow.
an Inlerban railway between Vancouver
aod New Westminster, B. 0.
A family settlement hetweeo Mrs,
Msry Rsker Eddy aod Gsorge G over,
ber soo, sod Eoeneter J. Foster Eddy,
(en adopted soi ) hss been concluded in
Briton. Uodtr tbe settlement Gaorge
W. G.over aod his family receive tbe
?am of $245,000 and Ebenezer J. Foster
Eddy, the som of $45,000.
Federal Judge Hough in New York
today imposed a fine of $4,000 on John
ti. Parks erf Ihe Fibre aod Manilla
Pap-r Association wbo wai reoar.tly coo*
viejted of vioisting Ihe Sbermsn anti?
trust law. Paika orginated the voting
plan under which tbe Fibre and Manilla
Association, the cord age .rust operated
aod was L>uod gully of conspiracy la
restraint of trade.
D-vid J. Richardson, former oaahier of tbs
Oamopoletan National Bank, at Pittsburg,
Pa., waa today sentenced to five years in tne
United States penitentiary at Leavenworth,
Kas 1 he sentence follows Richardson'a <*on*
viction upon 24 counts of sn indictment which
charged bim with making false entries in the
books of the beak and iu reports to the comp?
troller of tbe currency. Richardson will sp
t?al. ____________
The celebration of King Edward's
sixty-eighth birthday snd tbe Inangnrr -
tlon of Slr John Kalil ss lord mayor cf
London, to succeed Sir George Trosoott,
made London an especially lively center
of interest yesterdsy, although tbe his?
toric aod theatrical aide til the lor I
mayor's show was wanting,
The bacqaet at toe Guildhall Ia t
oight was tbe scene of a suffragette I -
.ideot, The iord mayor was respond! ;
to the toast toe kiog, when a crash f
glass wss heard, sad a stained g)> H
window fell In fragments in'o the ta ?
pasting hall. Sbuule of "Votes i >r
women'" rebounded through Ihe io- \
caoaing considerable excitement I a
lome amu.ement. Two women l lt
had gained tbe roof and thrown
?tones, were arrested. Another snf a
list, In evening attire, who sect e
Winston Spencer Church!!', presidei '
the board of trade, la tba vestibolf, waa

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