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i : preaer. icdica'ioos there ia
every reaaon to heitve that tbe ciliz-na
of Alexaadria wbo aloat two maitba
ago aignei a pttition itqati'.iog Ojw
corBwansn lo defer tbe execotion ot
Calvin Johns^n, liichard Pmei and Ea
geoo Doruey uttil Hecry Snitb, the
loromonweaith's witoeaa, abonld hafe
beoatrled, t-cted whely. The de?elop
mentsof ibe psatfewdaja ate belle?ed \<:
bc ot vi'a! intcrut to tbe ihree rxec
wboae ex-cutioo ia flxtd lor Friday
There ia no lotrntion of caitlng aDy re
flcciion on tbe antborltlea wbo doub'lese
acted for tbe ptiblic good and accordiug
Iheir b'cejt onviciiona. They npre
atrjied tbe people, and wtre anxlona to
brisg tho participaots in ? helnoua mnr
,1 ;- lo jutict. They are, howew,
hntnan a d lay oo claim to intalllbility.
Msay people from tbe first were not dia
pottjd to acoepl Hanitb's atatemeut of tbe
ilciaiij in coonection with the mur
dec. Tbey aeemed Improbable, and
tha m re bia aaaeverationi were
itadld fl?'l nl8 b,,,crJ ?,ntt,0?t5
tbP mor? Maf?tionable his uttrraocea be
c?ro?. B?1 the court with twenty-four
AliMOdrlsM ?nJ twtlvo Falrlaxiaos
tbought tl;?>rently, and tbe tbree men,
makiiy tip>n Hmith'a teetimony, the In
ability of tbeaccused to eatabliah allbia
and thwlf prcvioua ansayory blatory cnl
miiatedin their ciuviction. The coc
deuwed men prccUimed Ibelr Innocencc
in tho I'ollce Ooort, reiterated It In the
tbrpcratitm Oooit room, io thejtllaDd
in the Atadow of tbe ekctrie chair.
.ltid/? Birlwf will make (hveroor
aa /nlly atqiaioted with tbe
nimoH wbich a-e ttijat in Alexandtia,
end, cmtious cxecntife aa he Ia, he will
?ct BCeordi.|ly. Wbile two Alexandria
jariri and ooe from Fairfax connty
brought in thelr verdiots from the eyi
Jeace j.roducad in tba oaaio by Bcolth,
tbwtwelra gp&tlemeo from Obaibttea
vill* vittuaiiy rfpudlated it by retornlog
Nferdiet of mnrder io tbe firat (Jegree
ngi.ust thr: a!'. U'a wilneac.
Tm rccklesa tctiof rxany po^esaf*
?.l ? fffl money than brains can be traced
thron*,h all agfs, wbile ctimerona in
a'.ances wbicb altest the aocient obsjr
va'.ioti that all ia yanlty ccnld be pro
Ihe t'eatb yeaterdiy In Oblca^o
of Jauica Hobart Moore, a New Yoik
rinancl.r.ondercitcamataoces wbich lend
to iboa that he paid the debt of nature
wbile fiuflering Irom a debaoch Ia one of
the many w&rninga which are beiog
ebroateled. Paragrapbs in hla obltoiry
tall Ihe aad atory :
Moore wan Lnown a? a liberal ipender
aod did not contiao his apending to any
one ppctiou of tbe conntry. Wben he
%m 21 ycara old, in 1906, be waa glvcn
a cberk for $1(M) i)0O by bia father. He
?pont tbia lavlahl* aod many thouaanda
morc nr? aaid to have followtd. Tlr
ing nf h;-? metoiic career Moore left New
Y?.rk fi r thn weaf. His mirrlage to
Iflaaflelea Farco, In 1905, fcllowed a
rorxan::.- coortahlp and a rootor trip
i ibe aoaUb of Fraoce nnder tbe
cbapeionage of tbe ycuug woman'e
iiuni. V tupg Moore catned Broadway
(o ?aap in theatinterof 1907 by giving
dionei to a aeltct few. Oold
auil (i ainand alceve t uttona were glveo
awny to ihegoe^ip. At a dlnner giren
on tiii tweoty lirsi hirthday Moore gave
away t > the gueata pesrl necklacea coat
ing se7eral hundre.1 dolla'8 caob. Wben
ray pslled on bim Moore went
nd bcgai to hu?t!o ftelght h:r ibe
R ek I iland t ? Irara the tallroad buai
t ^ lit a moatb.
A tli*pntch from L? Angelea, Oal,
D ??Jt'oa Horae on Sunday eod
> gbt 8P9ing inp of two yonog Oa
Dadlaa ?:<tU from Hamiltoo, Oat , who,
dorieg tlicir a:ay in Loe Angelea, were
the gu"8'a of a roan who booght $10,000
afot h o( ' j >? ridea" aad champ. g ie 1d
? oioctb. Ihp gitN ?re 8:ella and Buih
i 17 ar.d 15, Tbey were ar
restn .^ir^iay oight with two men, wbo
?re r .v in prlaon facicg atatotory
i he glfla told the police they
-.1.4 Angelea under tbe proiec
f n trlend of thelr father aod tbat
thla frlend hadlnberited asmell fortnoe.
? d juat 80 dafi. Theo
tbe !t , i a:ed, leaticg the girla
ptBai't i s;id at ihe mercy, accordiug to
iht-ir itory, oi the meo arteated with
thfir _____?_^.
11 la p-issible tbat tbe mirglo of
vtetorf io tbe election in Eaglaod will
Us ao clos5 that neiiher party will feel
warrs-.tcd in accepiing the prcmiersbip,
which wculd reaultin a compromusmia
ialry ood? fcn Indopendent head. In
renl L ?d RoMbtff ia lioked opon
at the i? ??'. l'ke'y man (or tbe premifr
?bip, * (tinuiug in oflice until a new
i eoold he beld. A rxajarity of at
Jeaa! 60ii cooaidefd neceasary for cither
par'y to put tbrongh ita prrgramme,
cwiotj to thr ir.difierence with wbich Eog
Hab IppJ.^'ntora alteod ees<ions and the
ev?r pi s"nt posaibility of a majority
hfing turnedio'.oa minority throogh the
non-attcndanre of wmSera.
I baa tftered a reaolo*
tion csilmg oo the War Departmeot lor
the numbtr cf men wbo foogbt io the
civll war not cow oo tbe peoaloo rolli.
Qrtai S.utt: is tha reoaloa roll agilo to
to be tuiargtu;
Jt'Dt/ia GsoaaroFf Biker and 8ea
mao, of tbe Kederal Oircait Uoort of
Appeals, at Ooicago, lsst week baoded
dowo the opioioo rtTersing tbe district
cour.'s decision against tbe Atchlsoo,
Topeka aod Saota Fe IUilway, charged
witb tbe violatioo of iba hoori of aerrice
M*. Tbat law prohib'ts nilwaya from
permittiog employea to ramaio on dniy
more tban aixtem hoora at a stretcb.
Tbe railroad cootecded tbst io tbe caie
in polot the telegtapber was wrrked io
two-bour shifta with thrce-hoor iDterva's
aod tbat ihe intervals did not count in
fi^uriog tbe limit of a day's wark. Tbe
givernmeot btli that it did count, but
tbe jidgesaiy ao, aod aend the case
btck for another trial.
Thikty sEVKsappliCKtionsto organ'r.?
nattonal baoka were a^proyed duriog
D.>ccajbcr and twenty-aeven were au
itnrlzjd to begio Inslness. Tbia makea
tbe tctal Dutuber of national baoka io
operatlon 7,054. Oomptroller of Oar
rency Marray reporle tbat baoki bad on
depoait darlog tbe yrar $5,000,000,000,
ofaa increase of 1289,000,000. Thnr
capitsl atock was increaaed frem |980,
000,000 to $983,000,000. Th'a ahowa
at ieatt the baoks did a good baslneas
duriog tbe ra>t year.
From Waabington.
Cormpoadenaa of the Alexandria Gasatte ]
Tbe maotoveriog of Prcaldent Madrlz
to please the Uoiled ^tatea by pnnlahiog
somebody for Ihe ixccu'iooof tbe Amcr
iesna, Oroce and 0*nnoD, aod at the
same time to clear /. 'aya from any xt
aponaibility io tbe eff*ir, leada to tbe
contlaalon that the aucceeaor to the dic
tator ia playlog a gamejto sa?e Zilaya
8o far be haa not met with succeis io
afonring recrgoition from Srcraiary
Koox aod tbere ia no p'obability tbat be
wlll.aa bla foimer p-)liiical carerr ia aoch
as to caat auaplcion on tbe alncerity of
The chaotlc ccoditlooa oblaioing now
io tbe forest aervic?, due to the dis
cbarge of Forester Piochot, Assiciate
Forester Price BDd Law OfBxr Sfcaw,
bave been aeized by tbe weatern euper
?!acra to prcaa tbe.r demanda. A round
robin Hegram from tbe enperviaers In
the district commanded by Asa'.
Fjreeter Olyla Leavltt bas been received
at tbe dppartment nqieating Leayit.'a
removal and tbe appoiotmeut of F. W.
tt^ed in ba st<a*. Bollcitor McOib',
of tbe Agricullural I>?panment, terop
oraiily in cbarge, will rea'n the com
plaint peoding tbe arrival of aciiog
Forester Potter, txpecud from tbe wett
in a few days.
Ibe republican parly facea tbe moai
arrioaa crieie in its letter day his'ory.
Tbia is the opioion expresaed by poli i
cians of both pait'ee, and if it weatbers
tbaaoroa witbont aoff^rlng tbe loaa ol
ita power and prfa ige the propheia will
be greatly rnUtaker. Not in many yeata
bave aa many ipli's aod breachea been
appareot in tbe 0. O. P'a ooter caverirg
Bid, atriye ?hongh he msy to darn tbero
a/Hb kind worda r?d eoothirg amilea,
every ??it tbe preafdeot mzt? aeeffi
to make tbe renta Urger. ?!/ tbe Hme
tbe congresslonal campaign ia in full
awirg the democra'a cocf) 'ently predict
tbat uo two republicaoa will be able to
pasa each ohtr on tbe a'reeta without
making facea or burling brick bats, and
In con?<i'ience of tbia growicg loalde
oMhe-paitr bitterneaa the followrra of
TbcmsB J.'fl-raon, Willism J. Bryan
and Obamp 0 ark aie painting roay plc
tons of democra'ic victory.
"Tbia Ia a democratlc year," crled
Repreaentatife Henry Mtm. Tex) in Ihe
flcose, "aod we are goin? to w!n witb
tbe aid of tbe PayoeAldrich tarifl bill "
"Now Ia the tjaoeforall good men to
cotne to tbe aid of the psrtr," about-d
Obamp Glark, tbedemocratic tloorleader
at tbe Kmaaa V\ij Jackaon diuner, "i r
we'ye got 'em on the ran." 'lf we can't
win tbia year we reter can/'siid Rcpre
aentatlve Uodeiwoo^ (lem.Al), "for tbe
repoblicana are playtog rigbt ioto our
bande." Erery move they make ia good
democra'.ic campaign material. The
republican wbeel borita of conrse
scrff at tbcaa predictlona acd aaiert tbat
aben tbe camraign time comea aroond
esery good republican will forget biaper
aooal qaarrels and will take ott bla coat
and whoop tbiegs up tbe for tbe rantr
"The boja alwaya torn oot with tbe boso
rarritge wben the firereally atarla,'' aaid
Spaakfr Osnoon, in bia p'ctoreique,
bomely atyle, "but they 're not torntcg
in an a'a-raevery timeaonoo fellow tbroas
a cigar etamp itit) the gctter."
The Inaargeot mrmbers of the Ucuse,
wbo are figbtlog for their politiaal livis
and who bave lately been isndlog aoroe
beavyblowaon tbe apeaker'a racst vnl
nerable apct?bia Houae conlrol?asacit
that Mr. Cannon will cotce to the con
clualon tbat bla d ;mlc!le ia iQre aare
enoogh before they get tbrojgh wi.h
bim. I' tbe Insnrgent movemeot In tbe |
Houae were tbe ooly meoace confront- ?
iog Mr. Taft'a party, tbe aitaatioa ;
would be bad enangb. Bat tbe flgbt on ,
the rulea and tbe speaker ia only one a
number of aerlooa ailmoota thit are flf
fec'.ing tbe pailent. Tbere is the pr >?
pre?aiye mo?ement in the H?oa^; tbe
Billinger-Piucbot trcu lt; the increaaed- ?
costof-liriog aeaifl the aogsr acand^!:
the tarif! wraogle; aod the old reliable
but by no meaos decrepid aloganoftbe
Tbe prealdent mnit aooner cr latrr
come oot io tbe opeo and declare bim
aelf for or agaloat tbe ipeaker ia the io
sargent lighf, aod, no matter wbich way
he toros, party tronble will reaalt. The
Msnn orgao'ztion men aasert tbat he
will ba "with tha speaker," for he haa
ao often declared bimaelf ao advocat* of
"party aolidarity,' that be ran bardly
side witb those wbo bave yoted again't
tbelr party in the council? of the Hooae.
Tbe L? FolletteB-'a'.ow.DjllWer combl
natloo of progreeaives in the S'nate hsa
a stroog fjllowlrg in tbe repoblican
atates and will oaake troable ntxt aum
mer. Tbia wing of tbe republican pirty
is almost readyto trar itself eff oo ac
conot of tbe 'aritl wblcb waa r>ot resi'td
dowo enoogb to eoit it. 0Jt in tbe
weat the Ballioger-Piochot fight is melt* ,
iog tbe iclcles < d the prairlea. In tbe
far noitbwtst, wbere tbe forea'ry borrao
preventcd tbe inmber companiee frorn
grabbiog what waa lelt of the timber,
Mr Piochot Ia tbe herc; io tbe errid
atatea wbere ir/igation is tbe th!og, Mr.
Ballinger ia the idol of tbe dryland
farmers. No matter wbich way tbe cor.
greaaional inyastigatiog committee jmpa
Io i'a Sndiog, Tooble for the psny will
r>aul. aod icyeraaly tbe demccra.aahcnld
Alter all thcs- aatjc'.s have been cac
traaed aod thcir direraitied braringa
have been taken by the political pilota,
there ia atill a tremendoua wind in re
aerve which may blow tbe republicao
abip any old way. Thia ir flaence migbt
be better hkened (o a eitnoon and lts
name ia Booaerelt. If be abould be
?'with Taf." when he gets back, aa all
friends of the ai'Dioivraion bope and
aiy he wil1, tbe puty abip wiil prcbably
be wafud into tbe aa/er rarb&r. If cn
the otber baad, eren's abould ao tnrn
ont tbat Mr. Rafaevdt rpp>atd Mr.
Taft, tbe adminiatratico sblp wonld be
llkely to bil tbe rocks of diasster and hit
'em bard.
Atiziua and New Mexico will eacbadd
aatar on tbe flag witbin a lew montba K
the p'an of Mr, Himiltoo, cbslrmao of
tbe Honae commltueon terrtiriea, goea
thr; u.'h. Mr. Hamiltoo today la;d b<
fore Preaidect Taft hla bill profidiug for
separate s'a'.ehood for the tirritoiha,
wbtch will aoon be reportrd out cf tbe
comtcittee. Tbe pres'dent endcr'eJ tbe
bill. Tbe maio featare of tbe bill is ibe
proviaion that tbe rooetilntionil e'ectlon
in Ariona and New Mexico absll be
held eerara cly from the electioo of
atato officere.
Indiaoa waa j >ined by the reat of tbe
nat<on tocfa? in paylng bon^r to ber dis
tingolabed son, (.i.n. Lie Wallsce, ao!
dier, atate-tnan and aatbor wben a
aia'ne of the fanoous lodUnlan was no
veiled io atatcary hall Jobn P. Mc
Qrew, for thrce yeara Q u. Walla:e'r
ehief of atiff dnring tbe civil war, pre
atded at the ded'eatory exerc:aea. Wi!
liam Allen Wooda nf the 8Wtne Cbrx
mieaioo made the cfficiol preseutation ol
tbe atatae which wai accepted on behalf
of tbe s ate by Ojy. Thomas K, Mar
ahall. Ltw Wellacp, jr., gtaadaoo of tb
gene.ial, oortilfd tha figore of his bon
ored grandslre. Tbe programme Id
cludtd tbe readicg of an origtnal pocm
by James Whitcmb Rl?*, nnd ad
dresses by Sfnator A. J. Bs?eridge, of
ladiana, A. Ro?t<>m, Obarge C'afldree
of the Tuikiab Embaaay, and William
H. Audrewa, delfgate frcm New M x
ico. A glowing trlbote to Oeo. Wal
lace was jad bj S;nator Bwr'.dg'.
The Senato at tomorrow'* aeaiha will
fcrmally acrept (be ?. a'oe on bchslf of
tbe Uoitrd U.atrs, and a nambir Ol
cammemorMtiye arfdreasrs w I be de
liveri'd. Gjt. Marahali aod other
di-itipgoiaii'.-d Isd.aoians will atteud ih.
Senato aesMon.
A- the atcond s:s?ion of ibe execntiye
council of the Atncrican Fedtra'iou o'
liitor it wf.8 decided lhat nogo'.iatiooe
be opened with the farra laborers organ
izitioca with a view lo oblalnlog lh<
co oper tion of tho farm Is'uorer and tbe
accall towo lahorer wl;h the federa'br.
E?ry tfl rt will be mads by the federa
tioo to t inh its membereblp into tbe
rnral diatricta.
Ptibllc hoariogs wl'l be bfguo ca the
Towneend adrainMratlnn intpran'f
commerce bill at 10 a. m., Tueaday nexi
before the InterBUtP commerce couroi'
tee of the Hous- Diily brarings wlll
be held at 10 a. m , and a p rr., unii1
all loteree'ed in tbe meaiora bave yolc.d
tbe r ylewa.
?<j|j far aa J am corc-rned, I will not
?ote for any toember oltbe B<llicger In
vistigating committre thtt 1 am not con
vlnced beforehand wll! givo ua ao boneat
inveB'igaion," decUred ReprtaeDtativp
Norris (rep., Neb ), one of the Houae
loaurgent', lo'ay, and tbia ia lakiin tc
r.il ct tbe aeniiaient of the ioanrgenta
ai decided opon a'. a aecret msttirp; beld
laat olght. It Is practically ce^.aln n
day tbat tbe insnrgenta and tbe dem >
c .i't will inaiat on tbe raentlon of the
Houae amtndment to the inveUigatioa
rts'ljtl'jn, tbat perml'a pitties to tbe
lnyett:gatlon to fp,nar before tbe crm
tnl.tee repreaenttd by cnonael who aha 1
ba?e tbe ii$bt lo cr.ssqiea'.ion wilneaa
ra, ]be inanr^eota la.t nlght sgreed to
aitead thf }?*?? caocat ol eepn'ore f D^
rjpresentatiyts Wrdnesday night, t>
whicb every republic*>n meoaber of Oou
grees bai been ioviterJ.
(t ia f r tbe purpose of ee!fc:ing a
congreavooai eampalgo committee, bir
administratloo leaders bave beeo quoled
hs saying th*? t ao effoit will be made by
leadera io botb hona?? to agree opon tbe
arpointroeot of the Hoose memoers ol
tbe j )lnt ioTeiiiga'iog committee. "II
aoy aoch tkfi| is atterop'.ed," aaid Nor>
ria, "aome of t^e luaurgents will proba
bly not s'.ay at the c?acu?. We fe'l
tbat tbe appolntmect ol the Hoose mem
bers of the committee Is not a party
matter nor a matter for Oongress?it is a
malter entizely for tbe Houae tii decido.
The democrati in tbe llouse will hold a
rmcus Wedcetdsy nlght to nlcal their
two mrmbera of tbe j ?int committee. I'
ia ststed todsy tbat Repre?entatlve<
Sherley (K'y.) and Howard (U?) who
were reportrd tohuebeen selected by
the Whits Hoose, will oot btendoraed
by the democratic caacua. dioititute*
for Ibtse man will pro'ably be uaroed
hy Mr. Ctaoop ('lark, tbe minority
Tbe ioMir/rnU b?v* agreed not to
vote for Dali'll or Mutio ai members
of the committee. There asems to be
llttle ol)!ctlon to McOill, and S esena,
sa membera of the committee. I'. waa
agr'eJ tba*. Maliaoo (/ep , Kaaa)
would be endoraed by the laaurgeuta n
one of tbe members of tbe cemmittee
and that the regulars woold be allowed
to appcint the other three, if tbey were
ai-ceptable to tbe ioaurgenu aa fair men.
Prealdent Tsft will not asanme th* rr
rpoaalbllity for completely cnt'.lng eff the
Hoca? inaorgenta from the repiblkaa
orgaoltstioo. Tbe president spent ncar
ly an bour today in conference on th ?
inaorgent qiatlioa witb Mr. Pxigbt,
repablican t?hip from the Hoo?e. Wben
Mr. Dwight left tbe Wbi'.e Hoose he
wia pretly ceriain of the prrsident'a at
t tuda in tbe matter. Mr. Taft baa been
ra her pot oot by tho D/rlght apread
Impreaaion tba! be endoised the recent
actioo of the repnbli.ao coegroaaional
committee in declaring war on tbe Ia*
gurgenla. Tbia aod a corrbsr of cther
mattera that asemed to indicate tbat tbe
president waa fsyorlog the Oannon eod
r.f tbe inaorgent fi?ht, were diacuaaed by
tbe president and Mr. Dwlgbt. Tbe
Itttet waa giren to undera.aod tbe preel
deni ia not 'o be dragged into tbe con
troftftj witboot b!a <xpresa?d ccoient.
Mr. Dwight'a recent ao ion in a'rikiog
the oamea of the inaargen a frcm the
caocoa liat waa alao talked over.
The iraugora'ion dtta is to be charg?
ed frcm tbe 4ih of March to tbe last
Tboraday io April if the j-jdic'ary com.
mtfee of tbe Hcoae cao briog it aboat.
Tbe committee today detided to report
to tLc Hcase their resolotioo cilling for
a coostitntiooal amendment to mske tbo
cb'Dge ccntemplsted ia tbe reioluticu
iotroaoced by Representa'ire Htary
(rrp., Conr.) Tbe raaolntloo protidea
|Mt ibe chmge ahall take place in 1913
at tbe expiratioa oi Mr, Tafi'a preaent
lerm of iffke, and all membera of Ooo
griss eiecttd to terre notil March 4'.b
that year absl! beIJ o?er ontiT tbe last
Tbnrs day io Apri). Srratorial term
cb.all be tfl*c'ed ss (bcy come arooor1.
Tbe Btllingrr-Pmcbot iovestigation
roeola'ion was sent to tbe Hoose tcday
irom tbe Senate. It waa oot referred
to any committee bnt waa ltft oo tbe
apeaker'a table ao tbat it cm be takeo
up rcraorioa>. I! tbo reeolotion were
sent to a comlttce, it would ha?e to
awatt ita turn. It Ia planned to obtalo
unanimona conaect to consider it to
morrow, wben motlon will be made to
aend it to contertoce. .The ioeorgeoU
aud demociata are awaitiog with great
intereat, the aonooocement by Speaker
Cannoo nf the conferetcr.
WheD ah' wn a r ispatch from MsdrH ?ay
iii< thHt be waa to be transferred to Liabon,
ihe Marquiaof Vil bbar, 8panuh miniater
to the United statea, aaid tolay that it waa
the first inforrration he had received on the
aul'jri't. The marqaia took occanon tideny
with eniphasia ihit there had been any dia
oourteay ahown hni at thi recent White
IIou1* rewpt'on, aa had been reported in
aorce of tbe newarapers.
An inif.r vnnent it reported today in the
co itition of Tbornaa F. Walsh, the Colorado
uioini millicnaire, who haa been ill at hla
home here during the laat month. It waa
only a few daya ago that hia illuesa dareloped
-,-rioua aymptoma, but today it is ttated thai
h* ii irnoroving rapidtv.
Prerident Taft and hia adviaora apent th*
greaUr r,art of tbe cibinet meefing todny
ruaking a final review of the piw>Hseta
aptcirl rre>aa?e on ronaervatiani. 8ecretary
cf the fnteii'r Ballitger was clcseted witb
thepreaident for a h-1' hour priir to the cabl
n*tnie?iing pnlt ng the fioWbing tourhea on
the dornii.ent. It ia expected that the mea
aagewill eo to Cougroaa Wt the end oftbis
weflr or fu-ly next week
Wnile the adraioialration withht 11 patr^n
?;efrnmthe ii.HU'genta, ths Beu ite cnrainit
tee rn centua defcrred eetion rn 329 men
noralnaUd by tho preaident to be auper
.'peeial servi:e* will be heli Satnrday,
Mar.h l'i, relebratiig the aeceptanre by the
gorera ? ent of thest?tueof Johu C. Calhoun
inititmry Uall. It ia a cift fnm Houtb
Ori'lm, and Senator Tillman rilcrei th?
uauil reiolution wbich waa alopUd.
The ItiterfUte t'omm-rce Commiaaion, in a
decision martepublic today, refuaea to make
a?ard of dam.ifcs I >r loea iu the ahittM i 11
p?riahavil8 go^da and aaya thit aach que'tioaa
muat l>e J*ft to determination by the c>urt?,
b>eauia the coranmsion ia a ipwhl t-xp-rt
l>oly created far ihe pnrpoeeof dealing with
tberateaand practicea of carriera aflejting
ratee. Coramiaaior.er I.ant doea n<it agre*
with thisdecisi.m an.l haa ble<i adisamting
npinion iu wbich he prot-Us against the
"sJTender ofjuriad'rtion clenrlycon'erred."
The Houae commit^eon pu l'c lanil 11 da
agreed to reooinmeni favorably the Mnndell
bill |>ermitting agricultural eniry of ro?l
'anda if the right to tbe coal ia wai?ed by ths
agriculiaral entryraen. The committee ia at
wi rk on a pfOviatM that ?ill make sure that
the firmer rann.'t ftand in the way of the
niiner when coal is diacovereil Ihe bilt aa
Iraaaed ao Ur, proterts the farmer auJ aa aoon
a? the wording to proett the minar ia deoided
on, it w 11 Le repfnt-d to tho Llouae.
The Snnat^ In necutlve seaaion to-lay oon
ti'ined the nomination 11 W. H. Ga!e, of Vir
yini.H, to lie Beswwl at Athena, Qiwaaa.
A hill was intrtduml in the Honae tnday
pr> hit>iting manuf cturera from erclo?in?{ I
pretn aca and pic'.ure cards in the vaokagai
of tibacco, elKarettea and anu9.
Newi of tlie Day.
The Parls newspap'rs suy tbe Amerl
can pollcy in Maucbnrla probably hi?
for ila obj ct the forcing of Japin oat o
The inherit&noo ol PrincesseB Lou'se,
rftephanie and Olementine, daogbtera ol
tbe !ate Kng Iv-opold, is eatimatcd at
aboot 14,000,000.
It Ia reported from Maoagua tbat r
aplit haa occnrred intbe Nlcaragnan rer
olutioniat army and tbat (t.neral C.'bam
orra will cootinne figbllog.
M ss Margaret Lnritt, danghter cf
Q. Howland L avltf, a wealtby realdenl
of Floahtogr, was aec.etly marrlel In
Jersey Oity on rtanday to ber cbaurhur,
Jatnes W nolier.
Gimeppe Mirello, said lo hare beec
th.' britnsof tho plot tbtt endtd in the
assassination of Detecttve Petroainl, was
one of a gang cf alleged counterfeitera
ciptnred io LffV Vork,
*iego'.iatione have been began lookirg
toBBetilement "oot of cctm" of tbegot
e.-nmenl's rqi'. fo? the diaoolatloo ol th(
mergerof the ao callcd Harriman lioer,
brongbt nnder tbe proyialons of tbe
Saerman tntl-troet law.
fhe Parla Journal yesterday expressed
tbe opioion that botb of Secretary K' ox'b
propoailiona, the one in tbe Utereita of
intprnatlocal arbitration atd the o:ber
lojking to tbe ncu'.ral;zationof fhe Man
cburian Railway, wlll fatl.
Wi hinaday or two it !? expected
that Frank J. Umld's ai:orn-ys wlll
til j h a aoawer lo tho auit of Beaaie de
Vole, the actresa and dancer, for $250,
000 damages for alleged fraud and mia
reptcaeotation In conneclion with a
proraise of marraje, eaiJ to have be?D
ni'.de to ber by bim.
On the tirat balht at Jackaon, Mias,
yea erday io the caacna of leglalatora to
a?lect a ancceaior to the late Doited
3 a?ea Siaator Mcl.anrio, tho TDte stood:
Virdaman, 73; Percy, 23; Alexaoder,
28; B/id, 16; Hyle, 13; Anderroi, 21;
Orilz, 5 Total, 174. Njceaairy to
J>hn R. Bttif, npon whose caae
medlcal men bave been diylded, Ia In
r.ality a hper, aocordiog to a d<cialon
rcnJtred ia-tt oigbt by a apeclal ccmmlt
tee ol the Bodety of Medxal Jariepru
dence in New York. Sectiona of Early'a
tkin were ahown at tbe meeting nnder
mlcroec pf. Bicllll were retealed,
which the phjalc aaa preaent held to in
dicate leproay. Enly'a wlfe ia ?lill lo
Cheslcrfield county, Va., though it
cjuU not be huroed wbotber or not
Early was there.
Baotrlei Sred npon a groap of ins*
picioaa iodividuals wbo WPte aeen prowl.
ing ar>,und the Neceisidides Palace lo
Liabon Banday night. Tha incident
gr?a ly a'atmed theroyal bousehold, and
canaed a general aenaat:oa. The garrlt
aon at the palace waa reinforced yester?
day. Accoiding to rcporta 40 tnspected
repoblicans haye been arrested, aosne of
them belns; implicated in tbe marder of
Kng Carlcs and Crown Prioce Lois in
Febroary, 1908. Many otber arrests, it
Is si.d. are to be made abortly.
Three men were killed and two o'.bera
iLjured, one eerlooaly, wben the aalnmo
bile in which tbey were rldiog ran Into a
atreer car at Ailinta, O* , yesterday sf
ternoon. Tbe aatonaoblle was wrecked
aod the street car badly damaged. Tbe
accident occorred oo Peacbtree road aod
rcsalted from an sttempt on tbe part of
tbe antomobib drirer to psss between
aaoiher aot;mobile goiog io tbe same
direction and an approacbiog street car.
B.th aotomobi'Pi, it is said, were going
at a higb rste of apeed.
I-'ifty year?>\perience ol an Old Xurse
Mrs. Wiailow b fc'orthin? Syrop ia tha
pre?rip'.!oa of one of th* le?t f*ia*Je phyair
ijm and nurtM in the Uoited States, and
haa beaa ua*d for ufty yea-a with nevtr-fail
iu: Kuccaaa by mill oi? of moth?n for tL?lr
chiMren. It relieves th* child frrin piin.
curta disrrl .ti, Kriping in the bowela, acd
windroli'. Bygivinih?Mh to tbs ch.l I it
raaU the tao:h;i. Twcntyfire aacta a botUa
Today'm Telographie Xews
lilection Riota.
B)atoo, J?n. 11 ?D^perate rlo'.ing in
apj llng boo.blo weat Bo.-Iju whicbaert
two meo toa hoapitalaod caoaed a detail
of police to be aeot to qoiei the disturbacce
today opeoed tbe ballotiog in the mooici
pal campalgo.
Throogboot the wholf* campalgo the
fight bas beeo bitter. Woeo tbe polla
cpened tbia morning all aoi'.a of ea'i
ocatea of tbe vote were made. All tbe
csodidatee declare tbemaeltea aure of
victory, but tbe bef.iojr, wbich op till
last nlght had farored H.orrow, had
torned and Fittgerald waa the favotite.
Oardiff, Walea, Jan. 11.? The climax
to tbe politlcal omrages that bare cbar
acterieed tbe present campaign was re
porttd to tbe pilice today hy Marley
Stmaoo, a cooservativs candidate for
parliament, who aaid he waa eaot by an
onkoowo man while retorolog laat night
from a poliiical meeting at ^alva. 8am
sou ttys the bollet plerced the top of tbe
aatomoblle in whicb he was ridlog aod
mlsaed his bead by but a few iccbes.
Tbere is no cloe to tbe would be as
eaasiu, thocgb a ecora of policemeo are
now at work on the case. Tbere ia no
doubt tbat tbe attempt on Simsoo's life
reaulted from polltical aoimoaity.
Movement for Llmltation of Arma
Rime, Jao. 11 ?fnan etTort to aecore
auppnrt for bis plan forinternaMonal lim
itatioo of armameota, it ia aeml-offlcially
anoounced today that Kicg Vtctor rf
I aly haa negotiatiooa peoding for coo
fereocea with all itrporlaot Eiropesn
ralera dariog next sprlog and aummir.
Victor Ia tolerably aure hewill aoc
ceed, bla rsceot meeting witb a deputa
tion from tbe pirliameotsr/ peace com
mtitee liariog beeo marked by the aig
u.ficaot royal otterance tbat he bal b>
no meaos absodoned bla "armameot
limitation" ptogramme and was, on tbe
coitrary ,stiti intereatlng the beada ol tbe
European goveromeots.
Italy ia probably tbe beavirat tufl-rcr
of any cuotry ia the world from 1!k
rice ljr greiter otyicr. II. Ifko tbe very
small natiuoi wbich bave anaolotiiy no
hcps of compttlrg auccfssfuliy witb their
groater rival*, it ia compslled Io a'.rain
e?ety resource toward cqa-ility wilh the
later. Tbe sleoderncaa of its resoarcts
makea such efbrtalmpusaibla witbonttbe
impoaltion of eaormous burdana upon the
Th* Unreat In Oreece.
S'. Pettraborg, Ja->. 11. ?Serer?:
msmbers ol the royal family <;' Crreece,
fasrlol of the polltic*l nircat now prey
aleot in Oreece, hare amved io 8t.
Petertborg and are now tbe gueas o*
Ruajiaa no'ftblci, It haa noc yet beeo
Isarned jaat wbo compoae the partr.
Tbe tiight of membera of hia family is
oelleved hore to Indicate the early ao
licatloo of nicgt leorgr, whicb haa been
forecaalel for mootbi. Tho arife be
tween the klng and iheMSIt'.ary L??gu<>,
whicb Ia vir oally running tbe aflalra ot
lireece, Is becomlnz; daily more acote
aud Ia aaid t) be responaible for mem?
bera of the royal houaehold aeeklog an
saylam In Rasaia.
The rilopera.
Ohlcgo, Jao. 11?Detectives from
Pailad-iphia will arrive in Colcago tr.
night to tako ba<k to that city Roberta
de Janon, the 17 year old helreas to
$10,000,000 and Fredfrlck Oohen, a
waiter, with whom ahe el< p?i on De
cember 19. The couple who were foond
by tbe police io a room on the weat side
late yeaterday will probably atart ta;k
east tcmorrow afttroono.
Fuasrsl ofCardiaaJ Satoill.
Rom?, Jan. 11.?Ijopressive funeral
aervlcea were held today at the Ohurcb
01 B?. Joho Literan for the ia'.e Oardl
nal Hatolll, wjo died daturdaj morniog.
Tbe abaolatioo was prouonoced by
Cardioal Vtn Nottelll. Tbe fuoeral
waa attended by all the cardinala and
ffj.iala ol the Vatisao.of tbe diplomatic
repreeentatlves at tbe Holy B.'e.bandreda
of membera of the aiiatocracy aod many
promiaent Americsos.
Thb Electloo. la iinglaod.
Loodor, Jan. 11.? Toda>'s cam
paigning throoghont Sogland was de
cidedly io faror of the liberala and
awnng Ihe yaiyfng political p-ndulom
again to thelr aide. Tbe liberal <x
'cutlve committee iaaned a ataiemer.t
thia afternoon declaring that there r.ai
b?en a hlg liberal lmpro?ement In tbe
weat of E-iglaod.
Coal for Chlcago.
Ohicigo, Jan. 11,?With the wea.her
man a litl'o more lenient lu hia treat
ment of ih's Bection, Ohicfgo baa at ber
doors today $120,000 tons of fu?l tbat
wis siatiooed on rarlous side-tracks
along the road hadlng into the oity,
24 hoora ago.
NtW York Stock Market.
New York, Jan. 11. ?ellmg throogh th?
firat hour r?B' ked in general loaa of from one
t-'theu polnta tbrcugb tbe liat Thia waa
t i-liuve t to be dua to "cleiniog ao" in v~*p*
r?tinn for poasUi'c action hy the sov^rnora
of theexchangeat the mretinn eull d tor 'o
mor-ow nijjht <u the Rook Ia'.an 1 epiaode of
Deeeniber 2~. The maikct coatinael undrr
the ii)3ntncti uf Kock Ialnni I quidation
lhrou(,hout the forer.ooo, but loward nooiiday
a ettadier tone develcptd with aome rsjoyer
Suicide of a llanker.
Vtenna, Jao. 11.? Ao unldeotlfled
mao, belfered to be a Russlan taoker,
comml'ted auic:do today by baogirg
bimielf io tbe corxpsttmeut of a rsllway
traln, while Irayeling between Oyerbarg
aod Leoiscbaa. In hls pocketa wete
csib and aecoritiea wortb $750,000.
U. McKowd, capitalUt and railroad mai?
ntt, died today at nia country horaa at Madi
eol.N.;.!., afu-ra lennthy illneas. He waa
re'ated bj mtrriage to tha vanderbilt hmily
and waa a directir in rno?t ol the Vanderbilt
railwaya and an ofLcer or direclor of many
other enterJriaea.
co u rFoFTppeI ls.
The foliowlng Is a eummary of yei
terday's proceedicga in tbe Cbort of Ap
N&rfolk and Weatern Railway Cim
pany ra. Blackatone Ouano Oompany.
Osrter ys. J flries. Argned by Joho
M. Johnsoo f. r sppell*Dt aod J. 0. Git
tiogs and D. 3. Machall f r appeilee.
aad sobmltted,
Norfolk aod Western Railway C'n
pany ??, Oyerton's administratrix.
Partly argned and contloned.
Oity of Rtcbmond y?. Lombett et als.
Yoo caa make tbe holiday seaeon
mrre appreolated if yoo. presect totce
dear Irieod with a pair of the btodeome
?hoea abowo io Marshall'a wiodowi,
Woodward & Loth ro p
New York?Washington?Paris
Muslin Underwear
The sarments ia this sale from the lowest tothe hightst priced,
are generously cur, properly proportioned, thoroughly raade?ia
shorf, ali the very best obtainable at the several prices.
Gowns I Petticoats
Women'a Gowni, gocd quality moalin, full I Women'a Mualin Petticoats; deep flwcea
width ?nd l?D(!th, yoke with h-matitched 0f lawn, trimmeJ wi.h ? 1 lioe and rarka.
tucka, hiith neck ?nd lonjr aleeyea, nniihed ; Ejgh.|l 00
with uarrow embroidery ruftle, each.WH ' , .
r,' . w i. n u. u _~t, ...) i Women'a Matlia Petticoeta; desp basM
VVomeus Muslin Oowna, htgh neck and f bjd E h.".....$t|g
longaleevej, iquare jokes, with embroidery, "* ?"""????/? ?????? ?l ow
?*S.,-"??-?..??.- Z.rlbt Corset Covers
Women'a Chenwe Qowna, mide of aort
muslin, d-*penipire yoke and short kimono Women'a Kainaook Oraet Co?er?, Hicaer
? I'evea, eliborattly trimmed witb lu?. t'ront, taoked bark, embroidered yoke,
each.* .00 ! each.60cr
Women'a Nainsoo* Gowns, V neck. am- I WomeuV, ^^1 fittin* Mualin Orswt Cot
brotdary yoke.loDR alecvea, eaeh.???<?. ?w, V wk, trimneJ with embroidery.
Woicen's Nainsnolc Oownr, ecipire ah le, j each.'0j
tri rnntd withv?l I ice, e*ch.$1.(0 i _. , ., . ,""? . _
,,, L,? ,. . f, . . . I Women a Nainaook Corstt ( ores, bl>uta
Worcens 8>ft Nalai ok Gowns ehemiee . froat trjinnied with rowg o( saMtxUm ,?*
style, embroidery yoke, v 1. Itet t lomiig, ,,,? rua with rflk ribbo ,lcb.50,
eaeh.tl 75
Petticoats j Drawers
?, , ., ,. ? ... . , ,, Womfn'a Cambrir- I>rawera; riaifhed with
BoJnee iJl PtlliC0*U' tacked 'l? I embroide y rclila and tucke. Per pair.36o
Women'* Mu lio PetticosU; tucked lawn . Women'a Muslin Dnwers, with tuckcd and
dounce. Each. .$1,00 | bem?titched mm.-s, Per pair.?.2oa
Swan Bro^
Oaily Deliveries to All Suburbs.
White Goods.Embroideries
Ladies' New Muslin Underwear
In connedtion with our White Goods and Em?
broidery Sale we offer for your inspection the new
Muslin Underwear for Ladies, which we are now
showing at very moderate prices, as follows:
Gowns, each 50c, 75c, $1.00, $1.50, $2.50
Skirts, each 50c, 75c, $1.00, $1.50, $1.9^ $2.50
Corset Covers, each 25c, 50c, 75c, $1 00
Drawers, pair 25c, 50c, 75o, $1.00
Chemise, each 35c, 50c, 75c
TTalfadnzenblsnketsarc not teseratry to
k<s?p warm, cor are thirkly piled ^niltjes
cent'a! to keep ont thtse cbilly Jrouary
blaat8 Tte great Anierhan newspaper will
''o h^iuoat aa wi ll. At I aa?, auch ia tbe rtew
of a prominent health worker in a atitement
giv-n a reporter today. 'It is of courae
highlyde?iral>le,"heatated. "to haTearuple.
covering of b'aoketa andijuilts or.coi.l nighta;
but where theae cannot he bad a fcw simple
make hilts will gruatly redace tbe amoant of
Butl-rinif. I' newspapers are apraad between
blanketa thry will kvp tbe fWper as warm
ai atveial addjtional blanketi. It heavy
news.paj)?ra rr folda ofwr pping papar are
pfrced under the mattreaa.next to tbeapringa,
they wi1! prevert the chiil t om r<?li)W and
greatly increaae tbe comfort of the bed. Thts
ia (ipeciaJly imporUnt aince toany pertors
a'eeptng on a eii'gle mattreaa oyerlook the fact
tlut ab mui'h colt air comea througb t-e mat?
treaa aa tbtough tbe covering.In the rame way,
p>r?ons riding f >r long diatanrea in the oount'T
will flud paper agr??t p o\ect:?negainstoold,
If the r^wapaper is fit'ed under the co*?
ccroaa the rbfeu and another acrona tha back,
tbe? will tfiectually protect a peraon from
rold. ^_
One man waa kilied aod aix peraona
itjarcJ, foar aerioaaly, at ooon today
woen a aectlon of a ade walk io tbe
boaieat part of 8^'e atreet, Ohicago,
caved lr, ptfcipitf.tiug more tbao a
dczan ptrsous ioto the sub-basemeot.
The Rrua lan Dlet wfsopened today
by Eaiperor Wil iam in a speech from
tbe throne, wbich indlcated a flarge de
ficit in tbe nrxt tudget, owlog to ao ln
creaaa ol $50,000,000 io goveromeot
employera aalarlea.
Ia aa uoaocceaWal attempt to ?a?e bia
14-year-old aiater, Martba, EJward Hal
loway, 12 yeara old, son of an engineer
at the Abaecon pompiog aia'ioo, at At
Isntic Oity, plnnged into the icy water
of tbe rcservoir pood late Sinday and
beld op the girl, whobadbroken through
the ic?, notil rcecoera arrived. Meo
with planka maoaged to get cloaaenoogh
to grab the boy, bot the girl'a dreaa gave
away after a man bad grabbcd it, aod
ahe aaok. Her body was recovered laler.
Tbe boy waa nncooaciooa after bla atrng
gle, bot ia balieved to berecoveriog.
Ui'.y Reglater Thcmas, of Baltimore,
waa cbarged with mlademeanoi in cffhe
ia a apecial report aeot to tbe Seond
Braocb of ihe city coancli. Tbia is>
snlted from the allegatiooa tbat Mr.
Thomaa bad loaoed aooaa of money at
a?urlooa ratea of interest A coiered
jioitor locoeof the pablic achoola clatma
oe paid ioterest to Mr. Tnomia at the
rate of 5 per ceot a montb, aod that he
practically tigoed away bia aalary for
two aod a half yeara. Tbe Seeood
Braoch will cooaider tbe cbargea next
Oarncany will reply favnrehly to tbe
propcaition of tbe Uoited S.atea witb
reference to Ihe oeotral aatioo of tbe
Msncborla raihoida, aooording to a
saaoi-cfficlal commun'que iasoed iaat
nigbt. lhiaaija: ' G.'rmaoy's anawer
to tbe Americao memoraodam will be In
tbe aame aeoae aa Eogland'a, wbich f x
preaaes fandamental sgreemeot tbere
witb, aa tbe Americao propcaitlon fol'y
recognizis tbe prlnciplee of tbe open
docr aad tqaal righta for all, whicb bave
always aeen the foandatlon of the <j;r
mao policy io eastern Asla."
Tm Market.
Gawgatoro, 0. C Jao U. Waaat 115 i&t
Tbe flrat mid-wlater seasion of the
Virginia State Farmeri' Ioatitute will
be beld io fie city ot Blchmond on.
Feb.-usry la', 21 and 3'. The pro
grom eommittee is manging a decldedly
at/raclive r,r grsm wbich will be aa
nounced aod distrlboted a little later.
Oa Febrasry 3,1, the la?t day of tho
inatitote, the Virgiola Corn GroweiB*
Awciaton will bave foll cbarge cf tbe
Inetitute aod wlll bare aome ixcelleutt
speakers as well as exhibits of corn on
which valuaMe priz a bave beeo cfhred.
Anotbtr fettore for tbis day ia tbe>
boy's corn ju^giog conteet. All
fatoaers are Inyit^a to atteod tbcse con
tests and thoae wbo conteorplate ix
hibithg ccrn or a>e io ereated partict*
latly la that part of tbe prograrx, ate
requeeted to cooinaunirate wih Prol.
Lymao Carrler, Rlackaborg, W., watk
all other loformatloo pertaioing to tbr
instltote may b? had of ita a-cretary,
B. Morgau Soepberd, B x 810, Bich
The Lindner Shoe for LaditdP
flne wear has no equal, John A
Vlaratnll & Bf 422 Kiog street
If you want a clear and CDncise medl
cal bock - which Is foll nf tbe moat oae
fal laformatiOD for mao or woman?or
der tbe People'a Oommon B^nae Medical
Adfiser, by B V. Pierce, M. 0. Treata
ofaratomy, hyitieoe, oiedicloe?a book
of ooe thoarand pages (aew, fully re?
vised, op-to date editiot) gires all rar
ticolara which men aod women thonlrj
koow aboot themselvee. How to correct
ordinary dcrangemeota and weakneate*;
treata of diaetsej conditiona aod iha
prsc Icsl trea'ment thereo'. Honaehold
biois and advice about tbe famllj?n
cbapter oa mother aod fcabe, etr. loa
new editioa Is almoet a louaehold oecea
?ity. ejeud tbirty-ooe ooe ceot btarxpa
foj thia hand'ome chth boood book to>
Dr B. V. Pierce, Bollalo, N Y.
VIRGTNrA !n the f l-rk'a Offire of the
Circuit Court rf the I ity as* Aleiandria,
on tbe 11th day of lanuary, IV10.
ilenry Dixou |
ya. [ In Chancery.
Martha Dixcn J
Memo. Theobj-ct of Ihii auit Ia to obtiiu
for the oomplainaut a diyorce from the bord
of matrimony from the cefendant, and for
general itl at
It appearing by an affidavit 61?d in thia
caoae tbat tbe defendant, Martha D.xon, ia a
nonreaidtntoftbiaSute: It ia Ordered That
Sild defendant appear here witbin bfte-u
dayaafurdoe pnblication of thia order, ar?l
do what ia neceasary to prote.t her ictttt'U
in thia auit, and tbat a copy of tbia order ?,
fortb aith iuaertel ia the AJexacli ia Okz tt
a newspaper pabliahed in the Cityof Alex
andris, onee a week for four succtsiiye week -,
and po>tel at tha front door of the CaetiB
Uouacof tbia city.
I^wia II Machen. p <i. iaull w4w-!n
ANTED?RespecUbL ?.olored womara
aa CO( K f>r gentleman and wi'e,
musthaye referenrea. Aptly
713 Cameron Street
BP'CS DWELLINGNo. 511 aontb Fair
fax atreet; all niodern improvmentaaid ia
exod'ent order Applyat
No. 209 Gibbon Sireet

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