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TUE8DAY r.VENINO. JAN. 18. 1910.
1111: .-fiiocesiuns iocubua is sttll dia
??rblag 'Ojoe petBona in Wasbiogtoo,
BLd ip rad c caiea are reporled lo the
Oapitol. rieoator Carttr, of Moolaoa,
is HTioag tbe victima, aod tbe Wasbicg
too paper which bas for some tioio been
chasiog Ibii will o'-the wlsp priots a
"dffell bead" over a colomo aodaU'f
o;-i lioa of the seoaior concerolng the
validity ofibe receaslon of Alexandria
and Altxandria coanty to Virginia. The
r aeems to be psssiog tbroogb Ibe
acate Btage of the distemper, He aays
Ibe surj.ciis of grave coocern to tbe
United S.ates governmeot, "/or It io
volv.s io a techolcal aeose title to tbe
? ,<! opoa which tbe Oapitol, the
White lliute, aod eaaoj otber impor
taotpublc builliogs a'.aod. If the re
cesaioi Ia Vir_iola standi lo law the
eeaabr fears tbe ffderal goveroment
would fxp;t:eaced)i!i:alty in retaiuirg
jirlsdictoi over tbe pcrtioo of the Dia
uict coilh of tbe Pototnac In derogalion
of the rlghta aod at the Bofl>rance of tte
a'.Ete of Mirylaod. Heoator Oar'.er
qu,>tc* an rp'.al'wi tf H?ddIs lejlor,
who al?o underlakea lo suow tbat re
CHslon wca uneonsiitutlooal aod there
fora iuvalid. Dcksaja ia ooe of hla
afiiki litrodoeJea cbnracier wbo bad
apent many yrara ol hia life in writing
at bork t) ehow tbat by alteriog tbe nosl
tion of tba ponclualion worka io
Hhakej parr's plays tbey conld te glveo
entirely ditteot meaniugv. Tboaa whoae
mlods are eogrossed in retroceaslon dn ams
and tbe p *ail Ia Icgal itt.ctsof reoeasiou
are apsodiog their tiiua aboat as prof
Itablyaa liocbaracler referred to above.
HaMtor Oarlar aad Mr. iJioois Taylor
atboald read the Iate Swalor Hoai'e re
part oa Ibe retroeaatloa sjaitar.
,n aioDaal report of tba directora
0| tbeAea rleaa Bu-ai Keflning Oom
paay, widaly pabllabad In the daily
,,,-.., aa aa r.dveti'.BPment, Fast weik
_Cek? t ofl el c rtalo Imptesalons geo
erally preiallUag ta to ita management,
Fii??, it in daaled that tbe owoerahip ia
t in a few weahby men at New
York, aayte| tbat the aveiege indlvldual
?tock liolding is less than fiftjr abarea.
', i: Ia deoled tbat the company Ib
in a-.y ernae a monopoly In the sogar
trade, elaiaaiag that it doea not aow u
fi m more than 43 B of tha augar ooe
aimcdlothis country. Thlrd, It aaya
th r i itaa wiJeaprcad but mistaken
be lelioifgof eugar derlvcsa
artaat beniB. froaa tbe protcctive tarifl.
iust moBt think it ia talklog
to marinfa 1
A u patch froaa "VYuoatjury. N. J.,
aa>s tbe itevalent Hgb prlcea of the
uectsasrifB of life ate aboat to knock t *t
charcbea wbich make money by faroieb
_D^ eollatloaa. H.cauae of the bigh
piirrs ol fnodatofli Beveral chttrch stip
!><?? have bfen called cfl in Woodbury.
Evea with a gna'er rortion of materials
?lonated at Ibeao tuairs, close calcolatlon
iin ibe p&rt of tbe women has abowo
theoi tbat not enoughprofk cao be made
for the tr,able. Etery church In Wood?
Juirf, il i3 said, b?s a ki cben attacbed,
with (he :dea of givlog tsuppns perlodl
rallv, bat in 1 eu of a regolar enppcr tbe
woung pco^le of tbe PrcBbyteclan Ohurcb
l?lan to gifi ? aaw?r krant loncb.
Whm amouots to tbe virtual pro
o .rinapUnt to Amerlcan aoil the
.i Rue-prmaion echeroe is contalned
in thPbilliniiodacedioCoDgieaabT Bep
re entativc Ojodfty of Misaonii Ilenact
?d, lba governmeot woul 1 bave to pay a
ayeakly a ipend to every man above the
Bp ol 70(wbo b?B lived bere twenty yeais
: whoae iocome la abown to be
Mtovarlli ayear. Toall aach wi.b
?a laecma laaa than f 102 a year the
paas'oi BJOild am-.tint tofl.M amontb,
ani lba! Ia tUe rraximum, the amonot
balagcradeddowa to :\r> ceots a week
i ,r ib so hitvtrg a' l*fl?' ^110 Income.
f. !: toe very man wbo aa
HfcreUry andtte?f'!-;.r of the tujar traat
had joal elgoid the report denylog that
Mf aaetuUft offieat bad koowledge of
the tinJe:we'.,;bla_ frau la, was himarlf
Indicad by ibe gtand j iry at New Yotk
rti Friday ?l^g wiih t,.nr mloor offi.
dala, Ibiaa of wbom were previoualy
held on o'.hcr chargfB. The charge
ki la i nspiracy to deftaod
IbegQ -nment, hia name havlog beeo
?tl :,) fortain cbecka made oot by
tlu< eiwleetor'a agent. Oiteoslbly to
rafaada hr over-weights. t u realiy
tbe v\\:\ to tbe troal ?s slolen dnlies
thi U ;h ui-derweighlna.
Tu f. a??oci?tiyo tepieaaaiiog the leath
er trada of thia cenntry at its raeelirg lo
l?oaton yeelerday decidtd to Iocrtase tbe
pr.ee of ahoe". They also passed a rtso
luinn approviog the aclion of Oongress
in plAcieg hides on the free list. It
aenn< that tbe , u chaaer gets it in the
Ofck inder everv regime.
Caki'N'm QiBBOm declatea that tbe
taritf ia in ? g?at m?a?ore reapooalbie
for (be preaeot bigh ccat of liviog. Tbe
cardioal bat attack ihe ke/note of tbe
T_P* placing cf a Btalue of Qjneral
Robeit E. L?e in the Oapitol at Wash
inftoo seems to have atirred up aeveral
hornets' nest in the nonh a:d west,
The lateat bowl comea from .-.rcaton,
Illlnoie, where a wojoao's relief cerps
joioed tbe O. A. R. post ol tbat place in
alopting resolutions proteatiog agaicst
placing. Lse's statoe or tbat ol any other
wearer of tbe gray in Biataary Hail. It
waa an lllinois regimsnt, *>bich partici
pated io tbe buroiog of the Ga?tte of>
fice early in 1802. Bjme who invaded
the soath secm to be as rabld as ever.
Tbe late William McKioley, it will be
remembercd, aanonnced bis approval of
a plan by which tbe gravu ol tS-OaaV
federates aa well as tbose of ex-federals
mlght be kept green by tbe federal gov
irnment. IIa reaiizcd that tboae wbo
composed the arralca of tbe north aod
tbose of tbe aoutb were Americana aud
tbat great meo emaoated Irom botb of
wbic'i the oatioo at large shculd be
proud. It would, bowcver, be ainging
pialms lo dead assea to quote tbii to
some people.
Bkv. Hnai Bibokhbao, rectoi of
8\ Georgea Episcopal Ohurch ia New
Yurk, in his sermon last Sunday said:
I havo been exauniolng fkurps cod
ceroiog tbe payroila 0/ 2,000,1)00 em
ployts io the great mills aod have found
that wages run from $2 60 to $10 40 a
week. There there should be no poor,
lor tbere is euoagh io this worid for
every onr, even allowing some mtn to
have large fortines. My friends, wben
the eye of God is upon yon yon will be
glad to throw money away.
J. Pierpont Morgau and olher multi
miliionariea were amoug Mr. Birckhead's
hesrer*. _
From Washington.
Correspondcnoe of tha Alexandria Oaaetto,
Waehtuetou, Jan. 18.
No Innocuous deeuetude for the Bsl
lioger 1'lnchot imbrogllo just ye t. A'.l
Waahington is today eitliog up aod
takir.g notlce, lollowlng the sensationa)
cbarges ol Represeutative Hicbcook be*
lore the House commitlets oo txpeodi
turea io the intenor ilrpartment, and
8?cretary Ralllnger's lodignant daaial.
"We are going to the bottom of tbis
matter," aaid Ohslrman McGuire of the
committee today, "aod I have not
rJetccttd any diepositlon on tho part of
air memher of the committee to be
otberwlse tbauentlte'y fair to botb sidts
Mr. Hitcheock'a etatemenl, was beted
solely, *b he aeid, on rumors, but we'ii
(ijd out wbether there is or ia not aoy
baais for them." Tbe cbarges of cx
t-a??gaocr\ an<5 oepotlsm in the loterior
department seived to ) >lt Oongreae out
Ol the attimde ol Ind fterence which it
bad auorned toward tho Billinger
Piocbot invtatigation They also eerved
to determlne tbe committee tu call upon
S?eretary Ballirger, Lacd Oommlssloner
IJaonett snd sevrral otbtrs tnentianed by
II tchco:k, lo sppear before the commi*.
ue tomorro*, and pr.babiy at Beveral
Uter meetlrg*. Tbe cbarge that "Jack"
Bililnger, couaio cf ihe aroretary, waa
f.vorfd at Ibe public expense, and 10
tbe detrimentof other employee probably
caosed tbe gnaiesl leoaatlou. 8,'cretary
Billiuget'e leogthy a'atement ol denta)
is beiog wide diacussed today.
Thirty odds'.ateexecutlvesflguratlvi.l;.'
pot tbelr htade tcgelher tcday tnd he
gan a three days' threahlog out of msU
teia 0! wide ge&e'al lotereat. Tbe coo
ference Is tbe thlrd aunual gstbering ol
governor*, but diflers materlally from
the two prevk ui B;th of these were
called by Frrsident Roooevelt to con
sider national leglslation, partiru'arly
re^ardlng Jconieivatlon of ra ural re
sources, wbile the one whlch cooeenfd
today is especially for the diacuaslon of
state iegisJation, and was call?d by Ojv
ernor WIIIsod, of ileutucky Alter
edecting an orgsnlzatioo, and a brief
?psech by Ujv, Willaon ontlinlng the
oVjeeta of tbe conference, tba cxecutives
ad.onrned to atlend a lonchjon io tbe ir
honor at tbe Metropolitan Oloh. At
2:45 arrangements bavo pade to call on
the president. Tbis eveniog thcaa ai
tendlng will be the gutBta of Jobn Hays
llammtintl at dloner, aod later in tbe
evenlD? will attaod the reoeptiyn at tbe
Wblte Ho-jie whlch President Taft Is
giv'.cg to the jadlclarv. The coofer
ence elecled G.iv*rnora Willaon, ol Keu
tncfcy, atd sloau, of Arlrine, as tem
porary ihatrman and arcietary reapect
Ivrly and coramifees wfra selected on
or?aDl/a'.lon and co plunj and rcope of
/ti ure conferetilat,
lba president has been advised by
ssveral senators to wltbhold tbe pro
p?aed nomiostion of Arthur E. IT. Mld
dttton to succecd Follce Judje i-imbftH.
Crrtalu cbarges, it Is said, are belng Ir.
vestiga'ed. He was also told to wltb
hoid tbe Bomlnationof Jibn A Jobn
a oa to be deraocratlc commlealone-,
Now tbtre ia oppoiltloo to coofirmatlon.
Scathern B:atesmeo io Waahington
are consldera'rly isrought up today over
wbat they feel was a deliberate attempt
by Seoator H ybnro, daring hle eulngy
in the 8?nate vts'.erday of the la'.e Siena
tor Sboup, of Maho, to east a slnr upon
ihe memory of Gen. Robert F. Lee,
wbose stf-tue was receotly placed in
8talut7 Hsll by the atate of Vlrginia,
but whlch has Bot jet betn formally ac
eepted. 8aid Mr. Hcpborn "'t was
g rrflection of tbe cool jidgment ol ihe
peo^itf of the state tbat tbey eent his
(?sboup'*; Btatjjtc here to stand in that
hail were none but pal.'.ota ataod^to
stand amocg thoee whose record U for
freedom, who represent loyalty to the
nag in esch and every mtnnte of Iheir
liv.;e. Tbat bal! ebould be a Uason of
patrlotism to tbe people cf tbis onutry.
It Bhoul 1 Uluatrate only the reward for
loyalty to the country." Wben risna
tor Moosy, wbo waa aleo down for a
eology on felhcup, heard these remarks,
he at once leit tbe 8enate chamber, aod
did not return tintil after tha Bhoop ex
erclais were over.
The dlscnssion of the foreat prohlem,
baokicj laws, corporation lawa and t*x
ation, tbe elealica of permanent offictrs
and the sdoption of r*soiaiir,_j, occnpled
the time ol this moroiog's bmbIoo sb| tbe
conference on nnlform laas called by Ihe
national civlc iedrratlon. Alton B.
Parker, of New York, was elccted prr
manent prfsldao': .lohn M.8t*hl, of 1111
nola, sec etary and, John II -yes Ham
mond treasoier. Tba reeolutioos com
mittee, tbroogh 8eth Low, preaented a
report recomendiog tha adoption of tba
negotlaDle Instrnroenta act, tbe ware
nouse reoeipt act, tbe sales act, the billa
of ladlng act and tba aaiform dlvorce
act; lba appointmeot of coannlieiODeri
on ooiiv rm s;at3 lawa every atale oot now
reprecented aod appropriathna for tbeir
wcrk; noiform lawa lo auppreai
the white alave trafiic and tbe patatge by
all the saUs of a para food and
drug act bsaed on the oatiooal law.
A committee of nioe aat appololed to
viait tbe confer<?nce of goveroors in asa
slon bere today, infcrm them of the pai
a.ge of the reaolntiona and requeat that
(bey orge their rcapecilve states (o act
fccordiogly. Tbe lawa rela.iog to the
cjaimercial prac.ice* were opposed on
tbe tbor of the conveolion by A. J.
Page, of the af?rcaaoi's Association of
New York, wbo a-.id that his associatioo
w.nld oo'. vote for them. A nnlqne
rerolution calliog for the appointmeot io
all tbe atatca of a commiasioo compoaed
ol "two married w^men aod ooe mar
rfed man" to report npon tbe stability
ol the marrUge relation aod tbe caases
and cures of the iMvorce evll w.s pre*
sented by Abigall 9eoU Danaway of,
Oregoo, who siid ahe repreaeoted the
goveroor of that state. Oppoaitioo to
the programme of leglslatioo met with a
decided daab of cold water wheo EJward
D Ptge, preaident of tbe Merchant's
Aaaociation of New York,annoaoced that
bia organleation conld not Bopport tbe
various tradea bilia wbich bave been
prepared aod recommcnded for paiaage
io tbe various atetee. Xbe New York
law be aald Ib mucb btter thao the pro
posed leglslatioo. Dilegstes say tbat
stroog opposltloo to tbe bills has de*
veloped in varioua states aod lhat (here
is little bope of action tbis ytar.
Tbe fooeral of the Iate ambatsador of
Bfsxil, 8enor Nabnco, will be held
Thorsday at 11 a. m. a'. rjt. MaUhew's
Obntch, aod will be a'teoded by mem?
bers of tbe diplomatic corps aod
goveroment officisls. Preeldeot Taft Is
expected to be prcaeat. Tbe esalstaot
aecretary of state, two ambaasadorB and
tbree mlnist:ra will officiate In the ca
paciiy of bonorory pallbearer*. Tbe
War Departmect bsa been rtqjes'ed to
asiign aiz non commissl/n?d officcrs to
aerve as actaal pillbearers. A'ter tbe
fuoeral ma>8, the body will probably be
taken to a vanlt to which it will he escortrd
by a tqaadron of cavalry, a battery
of aitlllcry, and a battallon of eugioeora.
When Ibe family has decided npon the
date of reojoving the romalos to 11 azil
the Htate DfpartroeDt will aik tbe Navy
Ofpartmeat (o detail a warsbip for this
purpose, in cccordaoce with the precf ?
dents establ:Hhed In tbe ca?es of Anobav
B?dar Aipir. z, of Msxlco, aa I Lo iA
PaoccefolP, of Great B italn, both of
whoni died ia tbiB cinntrr. I' >* Pr0D
ablo tbat the rcraaios will not be re
moved from tbe vanlt for a month or
more. Preiideot Taft haa cabled bis
.oodolences to tbe prtsldent of Bratil,
aad S'cretary Koox hao loa'ructed tbe
American anobitsaJor to coramualca'.e
his tondolencea to tbe foreign offloo.
The call was isauc-d this afternooo for
tbe republicin caocos Wedocaday night
wbich is to ael'.ct the B?j >iity membert
of tbe Baliltger-Piocboi lovev.lga'iug
cimmiitce. It la s'gusd by loaurgenir
aa well aa regular
Preaident Taft wiil isiue an exrcoii.e
proclamttioo Iate today or lOBBOvTOW,
aecordlrg to alx cdou riea the prlvi
ledgfg o the minimnm tarlfl ander tbe
rr Hilmur.i and mioumum clau<e of the
Payne-Aldrlch tarift law. Ihtai six
coonlri s are Great Britain, Rorsia,
Italy, S,ain, Hwitrwlaod and Torkey.
K"garding theae conotriea the q leation
d scrlmlntt'on agaiost the proaocts of
tbe (Joited H ates has oot ariseo at all
aod the tariil experts of Dotb tbe Treas
ory aod tbe Htato ftepartnieots fcgreed
that they ehouM be a'lowed the rntci
raom rate with the tx'ept:on of (i.eu1
Britain, Italy ia the moat impoitint aa
her expO'lB to (he Uoi;ed 8tatea execed
those of Busala, ?paio, Swlx^iland aad
Tarkey corabincd. The maximom rale
of ibe new tarii! law will go Ioto eli ct
at mldolght oo MB'ch 81, umeaw, ?? in
these case?, an ixecotive decrte h?s
been iaaaed provldlrg for the applicst'oo
of the minimom ra>. Italy eojoying
this advantage, abe aay aocceed in
making btIous inroada tpw tbe trade
of ji'raace an.' fiermsoy with the United
State?, uoieaa these countrlea oowe to so
amlcable arr?ogemeot before March II,
Bpecial A?ent II aglaod of ibe De
psrtmeot of Justice who haa beeo ioves
tiggting the B.-rley Tobacco Asaocia'.lon
aod itaopejaCr.o in ?be slates ol Ken
tocky, Indisna and Ohlo, a.rlved bere
today for the porpose of prepariog his
Ittorl for aubmis?i.on to ihe attorney
general. As aoon as Mr Hoaglsnd's re?
port is rompUted it will be taken v}{
with him by AsRlataot Attorney Geoeral
Wade EIH% who will decldo wh?thar or
not the evidenci is aulluient npon wbich
to enable the gcvernmont to brlng enlt
ajaiBBt the eocictp with prospec'.a of n
Fiuiher eompHeatlaaa in ihe mauraent
aituation arethe remlta ofa coafercuce be
Ufcn hfii-e^ntKtiveg afnrdeek and Oar
iltu-rand President Taft at lba WhiU *
todar. The c.-nferenre la?te.t fbf an B Bl
and a half, kept Preaiden* Tatt froui lua
regular cahinet tneeti-g, and di?rnpt?d the
White nou?B routiue generally. At the cloae
ofthe discuasiou t;.e lararMat leader ma'e
the followlr.g atataaaaati "Wi eallad oniha
preaident and apoke to Lim about the per
Bonnel of the ii.veatigating committee, but
uotbing detioite waa arrived at Tha pr-ni
dent t'-lt that it ia not for him to in.licate his
clioice aa tn the future action ot' the llon^a in
tbia reapect, but urged that it waa ofthe nt
WOit importance that the membera of the
coruuiitt?? ahonld be men rceofciiLwl by both
ildeacf th?! Hou?b aud fuir and Itopartial io
tbe iuy.atigalion." Nei'her Murdo-'k nor
Oardener wculd diacusi the matter furtl^r.
Pernicioua politicil aetivity ia charge-l
agdnat V. Diua Dnriind, the Dew direcfor of
the cenaua, and certain of bia i su^rdinatea,
and to get at the bottoni of the matter, tha
eeuMUi-uLimitteect theHoute haa hij{un an iu
voitigation cause it i* oU*igei tb^t employea
ot ihe etcvis? urcau have been overlr active,
and that laeriture han be'u cirrulated aadav
the authority of ihe director deaignel to far
*her tbe republicao. Today the committee
bad apier L_n?ideration a rcsolotioa iotro
duced by Pepreaeuutiae Bc^:ni-<n, a dtmo
cratic meuibcr from Arkansas. The Bobiti
?on r??olat.Mn re ite? that the cenaaa bureau
en:i>! i>? a pnsi ageut who :? ca'ri.d on the
j-ol.'aofthe censuaaa a ipecial agetr. that
aaid pre*. agent haa br30 bnay aending ont
literature ?upj.'.-ed to beat on ronaus mafen
but which ia re:ii tv, it ii aJlawOd, i? intenu
ed to I. ->n doetrlaai that auch
mattsr baa bara tent broadout tbrru^h the
mail* nnder government frank in violation or
the proprietita, if no: of the la*. A fivor*bl!'
rep rt oa the roaolatiou vm ordered, aud sm
r.oanceru.nt roade that the comuitlec wonld
boll heiringaatd lake other bit-.?in tbe di
rection of an inqniry intone chirgea con
tiined in the Bobinaon retoluti n.
- There will beeo Jrffries-Johnaon fight at
SaU Lake City, ncranjwh-reel-e in the atata
ofVtab Thia ia thedenuite potitire atate
me^t made h?re today by Oorernor Wiil am
Spry of iheMoman aiate. "if th* tso pngi
liiU attempt to tettle tbeir diuerencv-a io
Utah/'hediclared, "tbey wiil find tha^ite
militia confrottiog them, if aoeh ettreme
measu'es are necewa'y, to proLibit the fight.
I'nlt m tba present Uwia lepealei there will
be no pri?? rlghton 'al; t or any other date,
aa long aa I am gorernor."
A p. ?n to force municipil antboritiei to
co-operate wi'.L atate arbitra'.ion andrnecia
lion bo rda in tha adjaatmatii of labor d.j.
cnltiei waa tha p-incipil topic of diacaaiion
here today at: the nrst Iflteroatiooal Conf?r
?bvv of Arbitrawa,
The Lpgislature.
ghort seaslona of botb bonses were
! held yts.erdsy. Tbegovernnr's meaasge
pabliabed in yeaterdays' Gaz.tte was
A bill to provlde for patting tho
Univeiaity of Vlrgioia on tbe Oarnegie
loundaion plan.
To amend aection 5 of chaptar 8 of
ao att cooc. rning public aervice cor
1'ira.iona, in rtgard to the dutiea of
telegraph and teltphone companlta.
To sntboriza tbe slnking food cora
mlaaioners of Virglnla, in their dis
cretioo, to purcbasa tbe fractional cer.
tifica'ra now ootatandlog, or henafur
tasued of bo'.h the Biddleberger aod
Gentury iasues.
To amend section 1752 of the code
regardiog the practioe of medicine and
A bill toaatborixe tbe Washington
and Leesburg Turopike 0 mpsuy, *.
oorporatlon iccoraorated undar the laws
of Virginia, to take possesslou of cer
tain lornpikei abandoned as socb, and
now naed as eounty roads ln the coun
tiea of Londooo, Ka rfax and Alexan?
dria; and also to take posataalon ol a
portion of coanty roal io Falrfsx
oouoty, aod to lmprove said abandoned
turnpikc* or coonty roads, and aaid
portion of a oonnty road, and to coo
vert tbe tame Ioto a modern aud hlgb
cUss tornpike for tba public convenl
ence, whereon toll may be cbarged to
pay for tbe conatructioa, operatlon and
maintenance of tbe sirae.
The committee on geusral laws bad
tbe houor of preseoting tbe firat report
of tbe eessfoo, reportiog the bill provld
iog for tbe cffioe of civll justice io clt es
of not less thao 70,000 inhabitaots. The
same committee also report'd tho bill
for the regulatloo of the practice of vet
erinary inrgery.
Toe lioar.ee committee reported the
bill exleodlog Ihe time for the collcc
tioo ol taxea, aod also the meainre pro
vidiog fcr the compeosalioo of laod as
Ii !!b were inlrodoced amrnding sec
tioo 8851 of the c >de io relitbn to un
lawfdl voting and commitliog other
frauJs lu election and tbe puoiehment
To amend tbe conatitntion bo aa to
p.'rmit the paymoat of poll taxes and
qislificatlon by voicrs sixty days prior
to tho nrx' rrgular election folloaing
ench I'luii'i.t.
Tu provlde for dfatilling brandy from
fniita; to allow distilleis to diapoae of
ardeot spirils distilled prlor to March 12,
1908; license 'ax tbrrefor aod provlde
penaltlcs in rtla'.lon tbtreto.
Grea'.lng a comm'vsioo for the purproee
of revlsing tbe tax laws snd rrquiriog a
report io be made to the next i}.<neral
Asjembly; providiog for summonlDg
witneases, and making it a misdemeauor
fus diaobedlence.
A bill io amend seclon 1967 of the
code of Virginia, entitled examinalions
Of pilcts.
To appropriate ceriain suma o/money
from thn s'ste tresanry, io aid of duly
organ'i-d Oonfederate memoriui assocla
A bill to amend and re-eoact ao act
ln provlde for the settlrmr-nt of the pub?
lic debl of Virginia oot. fond'd, ete.
To ameod ecctloo 440 ol tbe
code ia relatioa to tbe compeoaallon of
To amend section 509 of the
cido in referenca to comrnisaione:s cf tbe
revecuo exleoding llnea and compeoaa
t'on lbcr?for.
To rrquire cfJlcerfl to notify tte
bolder of the title to any goods or cbat
tela, rrserved ondrr section 2462 of tbe
code, five day* before any sale under a
levy, and provHing for their llabillty in
the cveot of ? failu:^ bo to dr
To muke It laroeoy to oblaio with
(raudulent intrnt money or otber prop
crty hy msans of a chetk, draft or order;
to make a lailnre to have on deposit or
ot tbecredit of tbemaker or drawn therr
to with the bank, person, firm or corpo
ri;ioo on whlch drawn mfheient fonds
to pay tbe same wben pretented prima
facie evldf-nce of fraodolont intent, and
providiog tbat ccrtain evidence may fce
introdnccd in a proaccution hereunder
Hpeaker Byrd offered tbe primary bi 1
whicb was presented lo tba public
throhgh the newspapert some daya agn
acd wblch went later into tho handa of
tbe commltteo which bad the (ormation
ol such meaanres in charge. Tba bill
met with diaipproval oo acooant of la
compu]s;ry festtire. Rcallzlog the aj*
most overwhelmlng oppoaitioo to this
part of the messore, Mr. Byrd bas
changed bia biil bo as to do away with
compuiaory primaries. Tho bill was re
farred to tbe committee oo prlvileges
ar,ij eleciions, where the 8ab couimlt
tee'smessure also reporer.
Tbe committee oo roads and internal
oavigatlon of tha Honie held ita firat
meeting ycaterday, but foand only one
bill before it. It wss that of Mr. Moo
care, of Alexandria, regardiog tbe rall
way accomodstioos at bia city. Its
pa'ron havlrg been called away, conild
i rsttin of th a meaaure was daferrcd ao*
til hii return.
Tbe qaeation of paasiog a bill allow
ing the rotets of the state to vQte on the
qi.eatlon ol state wide pioblbltlon will
ome up this sesaloo, bnt the leglslature
will not paas ench a bill this yrar. Tbis
statement waa made yesterday by a well
knowa member of the leglslature wbo
haa atodied the aubject carefnlly. Tbe
meeti e la expected to make Ita firat
appsarance lu tne Hoose, aod there is a
powibillty 11 at it may paas that b dy,
bot it will oct paia tba issnate. Th t is
wbare the ma'ter will bsog Gre ani it
will nct get beyend tbat body,
8eaators Lessnor, of Norfolk Olty,
and Fletcber, ol Faaqul.>r, are Inter
eattd in a bill to provlde f >r tbe dlsplay
of the state flag of Virglnla over
each schoolbouae. a bill baa already
been iotroduced provlding for tbe raia
iog ol a national flag on every school
h.uae. It is genarally koowo that tbe
aversge scbotl cbild ia ooacqoalnted
with his own state rJag, and the addltioo
cf tbatensign to Ihe national flag over
<he ichool Louaa woulJ be a moat lo
stroclive leason io pa'.riotlsm.
Tbe aon uicemant in bis bome paper
tbat be had sleot lo bed wlib a man
baving tbe smalipox bas placed ?ele
gate J. 0. Ayers( ol Carroil coonty, ln
an eaabarristing fix. Mr. Avers poal
lively deoiea ihe fsot, the ;h be admlu
tbat on Tn sdsy of last week be bad a
cooversatho with a man who, on the
following Baiurday, devaloped t mild
case of the dlseaae. Tba Bia'e H alth
Dspartment bad a vlait Irom air. Avara
aod ia ataodiog for tbf faot that ba
ii prt "daogereai.".
I Today'* Telcgraphic News
Took Live Subject for Autopsy.
New York, J*'. 11 ? P-tricar Oaeoa
i Is dylng io 8*. Viccact's Hospital be
caaae Josepb Grecc, ao ordtriy at Balle
vua Hoapitsl, waoied to sbow how an
aotopay is performedaod took a liveaob
j-ct instesd of a cadaver for bis experi
metu. Gaeoa told tbe polica thst he
aod bis friend Green were io a cafe last
ulght aod dlscoaaed viviaec ioo, aotopay
and other q lea'.looa of surgery. Greeo
ezplained all tbe intricscita of Ihe ope
ratlog room.
"How wouhl you perform an au?
topsy ?" aaked O/vens, who did not be
lieve that a mao of G.een's profesaed
akill wlib a lancet would be an ordeily
Instead ot horse snrgeoo.
"HaTtta tbe way you perform oae,"
Oweoe dec!ared Green told him, at he
drew a keeo bladrd koifp. "Fus% yoa
stick tbe kolfe througb tbe beart?j i?t
like thi?," and he made a luoge with the
knlfe tbat drove tbe bltde deep into
Owenss body. "Tbat' the way to per
form an autopsy," explalned Greeo as
he wiped ofl tbe alade of bis kolfe and
made for the street. Oaens aank uncon
bcIoos to tbe floor. The police are look
log for Greeo.
Ferryboata Collide io Pog.
New York, Jsn, 18.? The ferry bo&ta
Olnciooati and Jer:ey Oity, of tbe Penn.
sylvania Railroad lioe, colllded in tho
dense fog today close to tbe Jersey Oity
slipa. A bole 30 feet wide was bored in
tbe port slde of tbe Glucinnati, whi e
half of tbe atarboard aide of tbe Jeraty
Oity was store ia by being aide-swlped
by the Oincinnatl.
The Oincinnatl, boond for New York,
carrled aboot 800 paeasngers, wbile 100
were aboard the Jersey Oity. Iuteuse
excitement prevailed amorg the passen
gers, deapiie tbecaptalns' assurance tbat
the boats were io no dang?r. Noce of
tho paraengers waa lojardd. Bothboats
made the r slipa oo tbe Jrraey Oity side
aod were sobseqaently pat in dry-dock
at Hobokeo for repalrs.
Narrow Eacapa of Yatcbman.
Atlnotlc City, N. J., Jao. 18 ?
II trold Binney, owoer of the yacbt Mias
which wss driven aabore last nigbt by
the gale, narrowly escsped losiog hia li/e
today ln tbe sight ol an encrmoas crowd
tbat tbronged the board walk. Tbe
life savers fcave beeo trying all day to
get the yactt ofl a bar on wblch she is
ctogbr, and be finsliy deeided to try to
get aboard and save some of bis uL'Cts.
H"i swsm cu', gcttlcg tbrough the
bre ke's in clever etj le, culy to find
lUat Ihe sess aer ? mnch hravier thin he
auticipated, acd he Q.al y swir!ed well
out to aea by an enormeus wave and
wssbed baek, strlkiog the sida of his
yacbt with terrific force. Ile moit have
drowned had not two of Ihe life savlng
crew macaged lo grisp bis c'oiblng and
baul him aboard of tbe yacht completely
C-ok'e Whereabouta
Frankfort, Garmany, Jan. IS ? The
Frsukfort Zaitacg Is aathorlty for tbe
s a ement today that Dr. Frederick A.
Oaok, tbe discreditcd srctlc explorer, is
in a taoitsriom near II idelberg, sorle.
ing from a scrious physlcal oollapse.
Tne correapondent eays the doctor's
nerves are shatterad and that bis mind
is In daoger of deraogement .'rom melan
It Is rrportfd that Mrs. Oook Is wilh
ber bu.tand.
A dispatch from li -Idelberg deoles
tba report tbat Oock Is ln tbat city.
Tba Engliiri Electlou.
London, Jiin. IS ? Unlres the oon
servatlves take a deeided hnce from tbe
dcnionllza'.lon that yesterday's ro'.ing
icdlcated had takco poaa?ssion of ihtir
ranks, the be*t poiltiaal forecastcri lo
Eug'and are today predictlog that the
li'-ersls, wilh tbe ald ol the isboritea,
will control tha next I'arltament with
out calllog upon tbe 'rlsh nationallsts
for a siogle vota.
Today'B votln* lar-ked the eaciting
festu;ea of tbat of Saturday and Mon
day, for It Is now generally aocepted as
a foregone conclusion that the llbsrals
aill wlo wltboot any ssilous set backa
haliao Oirl Kldoapped.
Cbicago, Jao. 18? Marla Marccla,
aged 17, a pretty italian girl living fn
?'Lltile lialy" near ihe icene of tha It*
centmorJerof Bencdltto ticnnU, was
kiduspped today from ber horae, thmwn
Into a cab by tbree men and carrlad
The tbree msn drove to the Maroc'a
hi'iae in a closed carrlage in brcad diy
light. When Marla opeued tbe door tba
tiree mtn se z?d ber, hurrled to tha car?
rlage aod drove away at a gsllop
Several bondred I ellsns atarled In
purruit of the oarriage but were quickly
Will Refaee tha Maocburlao Rail
wsy Plan.
Toklo, Jao. 18,?The Japenes* gov
emment is preparlog to aead tbe Uoited
Biates a courteous but will-goardcd ab:
ailate refus-U toaccept Baera a-yo! _tate
Koox's p'.an for thoneulraii^.a:lan ott he
Mauchnrlan railway, aocording to a aell
groaodel ramor ctrcalsted here today.
Tne rafusal will leave no roomjfor fo'.ure
ptoposals by America on tlallar ques
It la belleved here that P.naala and
Japan have agreed to s?nd their refoasls
of Kox's propoaala slmultaneously
wiibln tbe MSt few days,
According to messagea fromj Pekio,
be public tbere Is also beglnoiag to
d ubt tbe motivea of Secretary Koox aod
f.-tr that his propo*al will place Obloa
io prrater daoger tban ever.
Waahington, Jan. 18 ? Although tha
8 ote Dtpariment officials are Joot pre
pand to ^acknovledge tba fallure of
S cretary Koox's plao for tbe
otilization of tba Maochurian Rail?
road, tbe aonoaocemeot of Japsn's
actoo lo rejectlng tha proposa)
will not be received altrgether as a
Burprise. If sacb actloa _?e been takeo
the plao will be abacdonrd at leaat for
ihe preaent, as Becretery Koox ackocwU
edgea that ita succeaa dependa upon tbe
attltode of Ihe Ruasian aod Jspaneae gov
eromeotf. It is poaaible that the United
states aod Great Britalo will now de
vote their Intentlona to the compietioo
of negotiatlooa for the conatractien of
tbe Tsibar Boad whlch will, io time,
provlde an enlrance for othar poaert in?
to tha ilanchurlan field,
Representativa Martin Dies, ofTexaa,
rasirned from tbe penalon comml'.tea ol
tbe ii | >e yesterday becaose he ia op
poaad to tbe peoaion lyatem aa now
admlnistered 11 his letter of reeigestion
to dpeaker Oaonon, Mr. Dlea declared
ha waa ln favor of general peoaion laws,
bat oppoaed to private paoiioo bllla.
Woodward & Lothrop
New York?Wasbington?Paris
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neu, aud ourttcck ia aulendidly readr, even now.
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Special price, $1.00 each
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Special price. $1.80 dozeo.
Seccnd lloorv-tlth at.
News of the Day.
Keflohsg of yesterday's balhtiog aaem
to asaare the iiberals of vic.ory in Eo>
Tbe New York Trlime anoouoces
that Goveroor Uigheswil] retire from
public life at tbe eod ol bia preaeotjterm
to reaame the practice of law.
Preaident Taft yesterday told the core
federation be tfiooght Mr. Koot's spaetfb
on centrallzatioo had beeo misooder
s'vood, and that coneerra.ien problems
were mattera for state cootrol.
Mra. Elile Sigel, widow of Gen.
Fraoz digel, and graadmotber of Eleie
Bigal, who was mordered io New York
by a Ohioamao, died yesterday without
haviog koown of Ihe maooer 0/ Ettle
Bigwl'a death.
The bill graoting aeparate statehood
to Arfz na aod New Mtxico waa pasaed
by the ii luse on yesterday. Oonaidera
tion ol theurgeo^y defloieacf bill, carry.
iog Bii appropriatlon of oic/re tban $&,
000,01)0 waa begaa towaxd the cloae of
the session.
Ilor Ialdor Rsyo6r will aucceed him
aelf aa Uoited S ates aeoaior from Mary
lsnd. Saeb were tbe decrees of tbe cau
cus of tbe democratio membera of the
^era',0 aod U >oae of Delegatea of Mary
laod Isat oigof. Jli will be re-elected
by the two hooses today.
The will of D. O^den Mills disaosM
of bis large estate by dlviaion rqaally
between his son, n^rjen fidills, aod bia
daaghter, Mre. Whitelaw Reld, wUe ot
tbe Amt ricao ambaaaador to ftle conrt
of S;. Jamea. Bfore tbe divielon of
the eatate 1400,000 ia to be paid to io
Obargee agaiaat Secretary of the Ia
terior Ballioger and other cffioials, al
leged Improper oee of pubJic funda to
pay private traveliog expecaea of a
couain of tbe accre'ary were made io a
atatemect filed yesterday by Mr. Hitoh
cck with the House committee on ex
pendltures io the Ioterior Department.
Tbe Ojnocllof Miolate/sloSt, Peters
bnrg bat decided that tha Uoi'.ed States'
proposal for tbe neutralixatioa of the
Mancbnrian railways la oot acceptable
to tbe Uuas'an goveroment at present.
Russia's rrply to fcjocretary Korx's oote
wiil bedeliveied to Uaited States Am?
baaaador P.jckhill io a few daya.
Tbe rrice of ehoes isgologop. Offl
cial aooooocemeot to tbis effect waa
nr.aJe yeaterday by the National Hhoe
Wholesalera' Aaaociation. The aaaocia?
tion aays tbat tbe exJstiog bigh pricea
of leatber aol maierlala make the io
creaae oecessary, but tbat tbe new prices
will be 80 acjqstcd aa "to permit tbe
additloo to each grade of such valoe aa
will compenBate the wearer for increaaed
Tbree women are dead and (hraa are
serloualy Irjured, ooe perbaps fatslly, aa
the rcsolt of a fire which yesterday do
atroyed tbe 11 illlngswotth apartmeste (a
Pblladelpbia. Ooe womexi died from
ihe shock of baiog dragged from the
burning bulldiog, Ibe bodiea of two
o:her women are burced in tbe ruius.
Oae flreman was also c-ltically iojared
by falling from the roof of aa adj dalog
Uolted Statea Hnt-Treasurei William
L. Bo'dtnweck, of Ohlcago, wUI not ba
compelled to make g.od the $173,000
myaterionsly abstracted from his vaolts
in tr'etruary, 1907. The House eom
mlttea on olaims yesterday, after liaten
iog to ao a-guTjeot in Boldenweck's be
balf, decided to mske a farorable report
on tbe bili which rellevea tbatreaaorer'a
bondsmeo of the loaa. The rjenataj haa
already pasaed a aimilar bill.
Mra. Mary Averill Uirrlman, widow
of?. U. Harrimao aod sole lega'ee of
bia ettate, In now ia cootrol of tbe
Night aad Day Bjok lo New York.
Tbe Night aad Day Bank which la tbe
p'oneer 24bui' baok, was orgaoiz.'d io
1'JJG for the accommodation of tboae
oeediag bmklng faoilitiea after tbe oaaal
cl se of bnslness. It bas$20O,0*)0 capi
ta', $200,000 surplos aod depoaita of
abeot $3,C00.#00. The atock bia of Iate
aold aroood 210,
Io a fit of rage with hia little Japao
eae wife, whom he married October Sl
laat, G. B aloe Eiglar, 81 yeara old,
Saoday olgbt abot aod daogerooaly
woonded her at their home ioAooapoIif.
(1 .? thea tumed the weapon opon bim
?elf aod Icflicted a allght woaod io tbe
rlgbt aide of bis head near hia ear.
Domtstic diffi.u'tiee, It ia said, is re
apooalble for tue ahootlog. Eaglar'a
Orieotal wile, whoae former oame was
Verdi May Forest, ia oow io the Emer
geocy Uospita1, Oae ahot eatered ber
head near tbe oya aod baa not beeo
foaod. h ? condition Ib reported to be
crltical. Ejoglar was arreated aad lodged
iu the couoiy j*ll,
New York Stock Market.
New York, J?n. II - The stock market
'.pei ?d weak. but after a few minatea abowed
ioiprcvement aud P'i'<* ranged allgh.ly
above yeaterday'* cb*#. Daring tbe Iate
fure'ioon piioe mov?m*n" '? aeuerel m?de
tiir prcgreiatoward hlgher Jevda, aelllug de
creaaiog materiaJly. At und-day tbe too*
waa ths strongwt of the dav.
Fraok Bohermerhorn haa confesscd
to the murder of Miss Barah Brymer,
the outse ln Birnes Oompton's houaa
at Millbrook, N. Y? early Taursday
moroiog. He alleges be wta draok at
tba time.
Blaioe Eogle, a butender, employed
in one of the reataorants ia Aunspolis,
Md., sbortly aftsr mldnight laat night
sbot bia wife, a Japanese womao, aod
afterward attemped suicide by ibootlng
himself behlod the rigbt ear. Tha
woman is in a oritical condltfon. Tba
coopie had beeo married ten weeks.
Verooica Sjpi, a lanndress at tba
George Bchooi, near Newtoan, P?.,
waa shot in the temple and the jiw
while she was at work in tbe acbocl
yesterday by Gllbert Spsncer, a negro,
aged 45 y?ara, who tben commilted
aaiclde by sbootlog himself io tbe
head. Tbe girl was removed to a h ??
pllal io a dying condition. Bpencer
aaa formerly employed at tha school,
but was diacbarged more tban a moutu
ago on complaiot of Miss 8ap', who
aaid be aonoyed her by bia attentlons.
Edward Diigtrios, a yonng colored
mao llvlng one and one-balf mlle*
from Preaton, Md., murdtred bis wife
yesterday mornlcg. Ii < eUpped to ber
bedslde * and struck her behlnd tha
rigbt ear with aa axp, aplitting the
skull aod caosing instaat d.ath. Dtig
gina later commilted suicide by drowa
log himself.
Edwia D. Faber, a cocattble of
Meodo a, III,, sbot aod probabiy faially
wonnded MUs Sidio Hauser in a crowd
ed cafe Saoday and tbeo killed himself,
fallisg dead over her body. Faber oa
Batarday wrote a note to tbe girl, with
wbom he waa infatoated, aayiog: "1'rxa
coming over tomorrow to kill yca."
Wben James Heroert 8:evr,9suu eoat
mittad suicide by jumping from a ferrr
boat into tbe Delaware river near Phila
delphia Baoday the fifth name waa
adled to the loag death iist of thoae wha
were i-Jenliried with tbo -caodal coa
uected wilh theerecioa aad furnlshlog
ol Ihe state capitol building at tfarris
burg. Staveosin was tho private stcre
tary of John II Sandersoo, the coo
tractor, who wss convicted of fraud la
connection with Ihe farnlshiogs of the
c.pltol, and who recently dled auddenly
io New York.
Steveuson is said to have been famil
ilar wltb many facts in connection with
the caie, and for more tban two yeara
baa beeo liviog in eouth Jersey, in aa
eflort, it is alleged, to dodga subpoeoa
aervers. He la said to hava been finally
eervrd with a tubpoena to sppesr at tbe
trial of Arcbltect Hnston, which is to
come up iu the Daapbln conoty coart
this wetk. Wonimeot uver this ceser
io addllloa to bis grief ove/ tbe death of
hia mother, is said to hava preyed oo
Bteveoaon's miod.
Tha quration of a sita tor tbe Battle
Abbey took a new iorn yeaterday whea
a committee called oo Goveroor 8*ao
soa and offered a aaries of reeolntiona
aaking thal a alte In tbo groneds of tbe
BoldlerV Home be aet aside for the Ab?
bey, which is to be a moseom for Oon
federate mamoriaia.
Jadge Bhea, of the committee, nrged
tbe alte. Tbe govercor replled thst it
wonld be impropir fop him to take the
inltlative wltbont the reqorst of tha
trustees of tbe asaoclation. Tbe pover
nor will, jadglog from hli expreasioot,
unbeaitatlogly slgn any bill tbat may be
passed aelecMng tbe Boldlers' Home aa
ihe site for tbe Battle Abbey. Tba
building Is to be erectcd by tbe Uoited
Oonfederate veteraca ol the south at a
coat ol $50,000.
Tbe following casea were argaeJ yes?
terday in the Oonrt of Appials:
National Oaah Begister Oompany vi.
Norfolk Oity Bealty Oooiptny et air.,
aod aame va, Burrow aod Martio, tros
teea, et als. Felly argoed aad sub
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White vs. Mooiey. Argoed and sub
We have recelved a copy of a report
entitled "Oment Resoorces in V rgioia
west of the Blo* Bidge," laat publlsbed
by the State Gnilrgical Barvcy. Tbe
report cootaios 809 psgea and ia lllo*
tratfd by nuraerous mapa, seotious and
half tones. It eboaa that an abondaoce
of raw materiala aoitahle for Poitland
ceraent manofac ure occnr tbrooghoct
the reglon treated, and it sbonld ma
teriilly aid in ihe dovelopmeot ot tbe***
vaet and impoitant reaoorces. Oopha
of the roport can be bad by aoy aJUa ?
of tbe stiteon applicatloo to Mr.Thoma*
L Wataon, atate geologUt, Cbarlotttt
vllle. ___________
Tie Market.
Oeorjratowa, D, C Jan, 18. Whaal llo-W?

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