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WRDWI8DAY 1 VKm'no. JAaT. 99.1919.
Sun and Tide Table.
Hen t?e* tomorrow at 7.10 and sata at 5.15.
Bf?h water at M7 ?? aa. an.l 9.43 p. ni.
For thia awtion ?aaM'ej *nd1 w?rnle.r
to br.sk aesrthsrly wiaas. ^
Tbe A. 1. I- Aooo,y _" lMt
nlgh' th, scneof ibe faateet game
ot baakotball of the icaaoo. Tbe \ oang
Men's -o -Blity L7?nm deeated the A
L I by ibe acore of 18 to 14. The
change frcm the regular nmpire waa a
decided aucceae. Eatwlele aod Wllllama
i>t ibe Lyceum atarred throngboat the
contee'. It bad been aaid tbat the Ly?
ceum aaaaa rougbteam butit waaplalolj
ahown that the A. L. I. could do aa
mnch roghlngaa the oext one. For
tne A. L. I. Oalnea aod Dienelt did the
beat work.
T.,m. Won Uat PwCaat.
Y. M.S L. 6 0 1.000
Ul.l Oornlniou. S 2 .900
Fort'Hant'.-.-''?'?''?'" 0 < & m
[Joalce U. B. Oaton praaldlog]
Tue fcliowing caaea wera dlapoaod ol
tbia morolnjr:
William Lev:ll, colored, charged wlln
druoken aod diaorderly oo&doct, waa
El j h Taylir, colored, charged with
aeaaol Iog Nellle Brooka, coiored, waa
fioed $5 . . ._M
Maiiba Jobcaon, colored, charged
-I h vsgrancy, waa fioed $5.
Rufaa Le?, colored, charged with noo
onpport of bia cblldreo, waa diamlaaed
with tbe nnderatandlog tbat he woald
la lature lookoat for hla offaprlog.
A yoang whlte mao, charged with ea
ductlon, waa diamlaaed.
A uicpitob from Baenoa Alree, ander
date of Januiiy 23, atat?B that the
atesmer Jamtatown arrived there about
o mo'ith ago, and onder the name Oo
Ijoiftl, le mnningon the rlver Platte,
ixakiog da'ly trlpa from Baenoa Alraa to
a polot on tbe river aboot forty mllea
The Jameatown made tte rnn from
Newport Newa io 31 daya. She waa
bloau oot of bercooraoat one ttme and
exhautt d ber coal aopply.bottheateadi
er waa towed into a Sonth Ameriosc
port Kho-3ahe tiok on more coal |and
procced?d to her destlnatloo.
Tie Washington Mooument Aaaocla
ibn/jaapurchased from the Golf Olnb
tbe h-riso koown aa tbe Golf Olnb hoose
nn OjOffi War'aington Park. The
hooae in the fatore will be koown as
Waihinctun Mr>nument Olob house.
Ib* Washington Monument Assocla
4loa hcs iasued a dejd io aectloa 2 to
Jlr. Harvey Drowos. Thia makea bia
aecond pnrcbase.
Mr. Alexander J. Wedderbnrn, jr., of
Waahingior, bas pnrchaaed for his
denghter flblen a lot in sectbn 2 ol
ii'orge Washington Park.
Mr. Alexaoder J. Wedderturrt baa
pircotaed flve ba lo aeotion 2, George
Wasbtagion Park, aod contempl.tea
erectiog a reeideoce there.
Tbe fsmons westera melodrama wh'ch
has beeo in prepara'bo by tbe Guy
Jobosjo Company for some time psat
will ba presemed for the flrst time to?
night. The play deals wlih life in the
R~cky moontaioi lo ths daya of the plo
neera and ls foll of dr imatic Bitoationa
anJ atartling climaxes. As a specal fea
tnre, two ce'lebrattd weatern cuBractere,
Montana Jark and E:bel Roaoborae,
have been speclally eogsged for thia play
aDd wlll add to the reallty of the action
witb obaracterl'.t'c paatimea of the oow
boy, mciadiog "The Daoca o! the
Plalor." _
All the arraogementB for Ihe Ohamber
of Oommcrce banqaet to be held tomor
iow night at Arrocry Hall are perfeoted
aand every indicatlon poiota towarda a
moat er-jayabb sfhlr. The comsolttes
lo chargo wishea to annoaooa tbat the
doorB svtll be opened to tbe ilcket hold
en at 8 p. m. and that It will be greatly
apprtoia-rd if all tbe paitioipaota wlll
be In tbeir seata hy MO.
The new eomet coald ba plalnly aeen
low in the aoothweetern beaveia early
laat nlght, aod many psople w?e atraln
iog their optica to get a glimpae at the
w mdeier from tbe mldat profoand. The
conif t ia makiog a apeed of more than
150 milee a aecond. It ta now ppeedlng
siwsy from thn earth and boo and by the
laat of tbe mon'h, when lt will no longar
be vialble, it will be about 16O,C0O,OOO
mllea dlatant
L-ulge, No. fi, Kn'gh'a rjf
Pjt'iiaf, oeld ao intereatlogmeet ng laat
oight. There waa a fnll attendance of
membera and P. 0., J. S., Pollard, of
Excelstor Lcdgr, otBalilmore, acd otber
vlsltora were preaent. The lodga re?
ceived two applicatiooa for membershlp.
A prcgramme of exerdaes will be rend.
erad next moetiog nlgbt noder gosd ot
the order.
The aooouucemeot that tbs olock lo
tbe s'.eepb of the City IIall will aooo be
ln jnlng igan will bs read with aatla
faction bf (be ?ntire ommuaity. Tha
parti of tbe c! ck which it waa oeoeaaary
to reoew bave srrived from a nortberu
.factory aod the mechanics who will
piace tb? clock io tunoing order wlll
iiooa come to tbia city aod perform tbat
work. _>i_
Tbe fnoeral of (he late Mlsa Medoia
Wbgfbld took piace tbls afterooon from
the reaidence of bet faiher on Wilkes
a'reet. The aerviccs were conducted by
Rev Edgar Carpenter.
Tbe fonersl of tbe late William
Travera took place frjm the residence on
Wilkes a-r-et this afterooon The ser
-ices were condocted by Rev. kFalber
Kelley. < _
Hie R*g-1 Baoe for men io all tha
_?w lasU o?n be bad of Jobo A. Mai
'.ballABro., 1?2 Ulog atreet,
Mr. K. Kemper, whoae lllncaa had
recently been annonnced ln the Gazette,
died at 1:15 o'clock thia morniog at
tbe home of bia daagh'.er in Waebiog
too. The deceaaed waa in the 7otb
year of bia age, h*viog bsen born tn
Warrenton Jnne 18. l?'-r>. "'? ^D?ral
willtake place on Friday afterooon at
2:30 o'clock from the realdence of hia
aon, Mr. E. II Kemper, in Roaemont.
The honorary pa'lbearera will be : Ooi.
Arthur Herbert, Oapt. Herbert Btyant,
Jos. W. Eggleaton, Grand Lodga of
Virginia; E. E, Downbam, Od Do
mlnloo Commandery; H. 0. Aneley,
Moaot V^non Ohapter; Ool. Francla L.
Smitb, Waahicgton Lodge; Wm. L.
Alleo, Jaokaon L>dg*; A. H. Barbor,
KtmperLodgf, John M. Johnaon, the
bar W. A. Smoot, Ojofederate Vete
raoe; Geo. Wlae and Dr. Arthnr Hnow
den. The acttve pallbearers will be:
Dr T B Ooohran, M. L. Dinwlddie,
Gso. H. Evane, J. E. 8hlon, Bobt. W.
Foller and Dr. R^y Adame.
K;aciaako Kcmrer waa a aon of the
the late William S. Kemper. He came
to Alexandria with bia parenta in early
llfe, and waa tbeeldcat of tbree brolhera.
With Delaware and W. H. H. Kemper,
both of whom are deceaaed, be began
llfe aa an edacator. A ahort time pre
vloua tothe breaking oot of the clvil
war he went to Baaufort, 8.0, where
be cootioued hia profeeaion aa a teaoher
aod wben hoatilitlea commeoced he
waa made a oaptain io a Sooth
Ojrolioa batteiv. He contlnned in
tbe eervice of the Oonfederacy nntil
tbe cloae of hoatilitlea wh-n he retarned
to thle clty and reopened the Alexac
drla Academy, an loctitotlon for the
Inetrnction ofyonng women. Mr. Kem?
per waa a gradoate of the Uaiveralty
of Virginia and waa ln every aray qnall
fied aa a teacher, bnt tbe ad iption of
the Dnderwood conatltntlon In 1869 and
tbe Inetallatlon of the poblic achcol
syatem ln Virginia cloaed moat prlvate
inatltntlona, among them tbat coadncted
by Mr. Kemper. He eogaged aubae
qaently ln tbe practioe ol law, and ln
1874 waa elected maycr to fill tbe onex
pired term of the late Wm. H. B?rkley,
wbo had been mada postmaster Hj wai
elccted mayor ln 1875 and in 1876 was
defeated by the late Dt. J. B Johnaon
afe waa elected agaln In 1877 aud con
tinued in office uuUl 1879. wben be was
defeated by the late Oonrtland H
Bxiitb. Mr. Krmper Bobaeqnently
aerved terma as corporatlon atiorney.
Darlng Grover Obvelaad'a firat admln
istratlon (1885-1889) be held a poBltlon
utder Gaoeial Joatph E. Joh&aton,
who waa rallrcad commissbotr. Upon
rrlinquiabing that place be concentrated
bis atter.tion on tbe practice of law,
and was at tinies attorney for cer ab
corporatbts obartered ln tbls city. Ia
1892, whcn Mr. Richard L. Oarnc
realgocd his posltloo as city aoperiolen
deot of achoois, tbere was a ppaotaneooa
oall to Mr. Kempcr to fiii tbevacancy
iie was fortbwith cbosen aad contbaed
in the dlscharge of the daties locdent
to the plaoa nnlil lest year, when he
waa sncceeded by Oap'.ain W. H
8weenay. Mr. Kempar bad for many yeata
devoted much ot hia time b the stody of
the principlea and ritaal of freemsaanry.
He waa a paatmaater of Alexandria
Washington Lodge aod had ccoapied
allthecbalrs In Monot Vernon Ohar
ter, Royal Arch Maeons, and Oid Dom.
Inion Oommsndery ol Knigbts Templar.
He waa a!so one of tbe Paat Grand
Maatera of Masona of Virginia aad
Paat Oommandtr of R. E Lc.e Oamp
ol Ooofcderate veterana. A*. tbe tlma of
hia daath he was eecreUry of Moont
Vernon Obapter.B. A. M. The deceaaed
had throoghcnt moat ol hia life been
a member of tre 8>cond Preabyterlan
Ohorcb, and abce 1883 had been an
elder. Uotll recently be bad devoted
mncb of his labars to tbe Sunday sohool
work of that chorcb. He waa at one
time snperlntendent, and for yrars after
he bad lsid aside the re?panslbilitles of
tbat position he trujht claaare. Thoogh
a acholar aad poasesalog vaat koowledge,
he waa nnobtroalve and devold of ag
greaslveneas. Mr. Kemper's gentleman
ly deporlment made hlm frlends where
evar he was known. Whlle for many
yeara a promioeot aod ropreaeotative
Alexaodrlao, he waa alao well knowo
tbrooghont tba alate, and hia dea'.b will
be ainosrely regratted by ble maoy
frleoda and acquaintances. He leaves
fonr chlldren?two aona and two dangh
ters?and a alster, Mlss Oharblte Kem
per, now angaged io missbnsry work In
Brar.ll. Mr. Kemper m?rrled Mias Ira
Etta Girrett, of Albemarle, wbo died io
At a neetlng laat nlght of the com?
mittee on etreeta of the Oliy Oonncll tbe
oontract for pavlng Oameroo atreat, ta
tween Falrfax and Boyal, waa awarded
to tbaMoMahon Oompanv, tf Notfilk.
Granlte cnrblog and vltrlfled brlok will
ba naed ln tbe work. The pavameot
will be cotnmenoad aa eoon ai tba
weather wl!l perml'.
Owlng to the fact that th? preeldent
givea a reception to Congreaa on Toea
day eveolcg, Febrnary 1, Senator Taj
lor'a lectnie "Ibe Flddle and the Bow"
baa been poatponed notll Monday even
ing, Febnary 7. Peraona holdlng
tlcketi will pleaae note the cbange.
W. C. T. D.
Tbe regalar boaloeaa meeting of tha
Alliaon W. 0. T. U. will ba held tomor?
row (Thu-edav)efternoonet8 30o'clock.
Tbia meeting will ba held at the bome
of Mra. Amy 0. Waecb fOl Prnce
Mias Dorsey Aabtoo laat nlght vety
charmingly entertaloed a onrober of ber
frleoda at ber bome on Dake itreet.
Tbe elerm fire late yeaterday evening
waa caoaad by tbe bnrniog of a bag of
raga at U.bboa aad Oolambai atrwti, i
Thofint dgree waa coafemd npan
tbrre rao.ii.Ut.a at tbe meetbg last
t.lght of Bairpla l.idge of OJd Fellowa.
rhtOall wlll aueet toolght. Moch
laapOtlMl b ""?" '? ,0 be traoaacted
and a hrge ailendance 'a exp'Cted.
Mr. T A rUootenbarg cf 2465 18.b
?t rtt, norliw.at Washbgbn waa tbe
wimicr of a handaoma nmbrella recently
m!1 d by Kentfick OjoocII, 0. W B. L.
An bterrstiog roeetlog of the junior
aramblv, ftroiberhood of 8'. Aidrew,
waa beld at the Norbn Memorlal Uall,
Ust oigbt.
Tbe oyster aopper glven at tbe Yiing
People'a bolldiog laat olgbt by tbe
yourg Iadira of Ospt. George W. Keja'
claaa BMM a very succesaful affair.
Tbere waa a fire drill at Waahlogtoo
school bolidbg tbls mcrolog. Teach
era aod acbolars made thelr way oot to
p'aoes ot satety lo 30 aeoonda.
A regolar meetirg of Fi'rjerald coon
cils No. 459, K. of 0 , alll be beld to
oighf. Toe nawly-electsd offlcara w'.l!
be installed after wblch a aopper will be
Io tbe Circnlt Ooort today Mie Iaa
beila Foroabili qoal fled aa admlniatra
trix of ArcbieFornahiil.alaa eagaardian
of Msrlan R. and Kenneth D. B, Forn
shill. '
Herbert Wreon, sonof the late Robert
Wrenn, a oativa of thia city, dlad In
Washington laat olgbt. Tba remalos
will be brooght to thia city for loter
Misa Ida Breeo wlll do artiatlc work
sa the Oolonel'a ward lo "A Modern
Aiaoiss by E<ks Dramatic Oiob, at tbe
Opsra fl iieJsnaary 28b, br thebene
fit of tbe Alexandria Free Klndergarden.
The mettleoi'ahorse is abown by his arched
head and high step. Tbe mettle of a man is
in the way he walks and the way he talke.
He ?howa it in the way he throws hia
ahouldera back and his head forward. You
oau always tell a laggard by hia look. When
a "man" looka you in the eye withont a
quirer, and gripa yonr hand flrm and hard
you know he'a the man who always accom
pliahee what he atarta out to do. In tha flrat
place he'a particnlar. He demanda thoae
irreaiatibly delicioua *.uth BHuaageaaad Food
Producta from the Auth Market and enloya
the health of the man who ia worth whlle
Sylvan Blondhelm, Tbe Anth Stand, and The
Auth Market.
Tha conncil cbamber of Semlnole
Tribr, No. 85,11. 0. B. M., now located
ln the Eika' Hall, waa packed to the
doora laat clgbt, the ocoaalon being a
vialtatlcn of tbe Great Saohem of tha
Diatrlot oi Oolombla, Otto B. Flacber,
accompanled by a degree team from
Mlneola Trlbe, of Waahington, D. 0.,
wbicb ln magulficent atyle conferred the
tbree degreea of membetahlp on five can
didatea. The acene waa moat Impreaalvr
wben certaln acenlc cfiecti were lntro
doced by the vlaltlng team wbtchln con
neotion with their work broogbt fortb
expreaelooa of pralae aod coogra'u'atlooa
from all preaeot. Followiog tbia portloo
of 'be eveolng'a programme a rectaa waa
declared by Sacbem D. E. Robay, of tbe
local trlbe, who called opon Great
Sacbem Fiacher for a apeecb. The lat
ter responded in a manner befittlng tba
digotiy of bia blgh irH e durlog tbe
conrae of wblch be congratnlated tbe
tribe oa ita blghttandard of mamberablp,
Ita rapid growth and ita apparent deter
mlnatlon to further tbe caaae of "Free
doro, Frleodahip aod Obarity," cloalog
wltb aiocsre expreaelooa of frateroal feel
iog wblch he waagratefal to ackoowledge
was manlfesting i's'lf on the rart of
pvrry R?d Man in Alexandria and the
Dlat-ict of Oilumbla. Mr. Fiacher waa
fr.llowed by Paat Great Sachem of Ohio
He -l:-r, Great Sanlor Sagamore Alllaon,
(iiaod Ohief ot Recorda Trippett, both oi
ibe Diatrlot of Columbia, and Great
Sacbem of Viiglola W. S. Nlckllo,
wboae remarka were along congra'.ula
tory linea and otbarwiae abonnded in
grnnine good will. Previooa to the
gpoech maklng a light cnllallon waa
aerved datiog which visitoia a >d
hoste eio'iaoged many bappy g aa ?
ings. After tbe naoa! f .rmalilies the
repreaentativea aod tb?ir eeo?rta left fir
Waahington on tbe 11.55 o'clock train
mocb pleaaed with thetr vialt. it la tbe
parpoae of thia trlbe to pay fraternal
vlsita in the near fatnre to the Waahing?
ton trlbea at wblcb time tbere will, no
donb*. be a large delegatlon from tha
two Aleiandria organiz.tiooa ln attend
ance. _^^__
Qirla AttackStrlka Breakera
New York, Jan. 26.?Oneof themoat
aeriooa riota cf the ahlrtwalat maket'a
atrlke, occurred today Io Brooklyn, whan
a namber of tbe atrlklog girla boarded a
atreet car and attecked aeveral atrlke
breakera oo tbeir wav to work. Aa the
oar stopped at Patk Avenne, a namber
of the atriking girla boarded tbe car aod
attacked the atrlke-breakera. The atrlk*
era pulled balr, acratched faora, torebata
r.ff aod rcaaled their victlma. Pollcemaa
O'Oonnor ttled to elop the| ilot, aod the
girla whippad hlm. Tbe polloe reaervee
wero anmmoood and qaelled tha rlot,
arrealiog foor girla._
New York, Jan. 26.?Mlas Blanoha
M. Oelricb, ooe of the beat koown of
tbe aoolety bods, aod Lsonatd M.
Tbomas, of Phlladelphla, were married
thia afterooon at the home of tbe brldo'a
pareots, Mr. and Mr? Cbsrles M. Oel
richa.oo Park avenoe. Mgr. Lavells.of
8:. Patibk's Oathedral, offlciated and
the ceramooy waa wltne-eed ooly by tbe
Immedlate famllftlea of tba contrsctbg
partlea. The brlde's nephaw, Maater
Obailaa Martb, tao of Mr. aod Mrr.
Peter V. Martio, aod Ketbleen Vander
b'lt, daoghter of Mr. and Mra, Regloald
VandttMlt^ctod as traln beatara.
Tba Eogllah Eltctloo.
London, Jan. 26 ?Oomplata re
toros from yaaterday'a voting brlng
tha totala op to the followlog. Oon
asrvatives 254, Liberals 283, na'ion
alists 72, laborites 37. Tha atroog
sboalog by tbe liberals mtkca It practi
cally ceraio tbat they aod tbe labcrltaa
will bava a mr j >rity of forty over tbe
coaservatjves wlthtu1. couitlog oo tba
It iaclalmod tbat between focr and
five bondred infanta die annoally from
neglect in Rlcbmoud.
A rara bargaio a-d ooe tbat la laat
Ing caa be obtaloed at tha aboa etore ol
Joho A. Maraball A Br-*., 41? Kiog
street, Look at tha wiodow dlsplay.
In aad bnt loving ramembance of our dear
aon GEORGE H. NOBBH, who deoarttd
t-.ia life January 26th. 19.4, aix years ago tr
God call d bim home, it was his will,
But in our bearta we love him still.
HIs memory is aa d?ar today
As i? the anur be peesed aaray,
Br Bn Mot?> AM9 Fathi,
Trimmed Straw
J-J^J^g 19iOModels,at $5#0l/
They are the nre-tieat styla.a we have ever *??. iha
aaaaoo. Among tnai.any new aaadatoia waWn a, m. , ,]<rM
lecnoraContiuenlil.butatteketlier near. Otr.tr* are
and many othtr styles. . .... ,,....,,, Mlpri R> nma'.l rrsec, <-wfct
Thetrimmlng^reorvel^Yelvstr^ , MO( ?r tbe
peaaaiidpaasiff. Tbeye are aaaed lai gr?' V?fn ^ ' ^ ,. ,,.:.?., :i . : Bat*.
crowna areenUraly of rlower*. All the new coioia ert
Wood war d & Lothrop
New York-Washington-Paris
New Spring Cretonnes9 Imitation LinenStripcs,
English Damasks, Fancy Printed Lincns,&c.,
For Furniturc Slip Covers, &c
A. a apecia. v.la. for this mr.nth WO will ^J^^gSSSflStiT9 ^ "*'
iOt snites, oflniitatlon Linen Stripe, allowine; 3% jards fjr.the in.ikiiig.
Special price, $750 the Suite.
Eitraordinary ahowia, of Deaaaafe Cretonnea and Drapery laatarial The aaw >pn. g
linea are beantifol in ilaaign and colorine.
New Silkoline, 12*c yard. niniha aa- fln,i aa> Vflrd.
New Prioted Scrims and Arabian Cloth-. 21k and XK yara.
New ArtTicking, 30c ynrd.
New Tafteta, 30c and 35c yard
New Ivory and Scotch Clotn, 35c yard.
New Cretonnea, 20c, 25c, and 30c yard.
Upliolstery and Drapery Wai
To kesp oar workrooms busy for the nsit tuonth we will raike aroeeUlIy lov. eattmat. a
for the following closes ol work : .?,. M ;
Repairing furniture, leupholatering furn.ture, rJiinish'na f?"1,tu'f'
Slip covera to order, fly acreena and window shades to order, pol
iahing and waxing floors
This is also a good time to have Willow and Battan F.irnitara. paintcd or enamele 1 and
new cuahions made for same.
Priacoaa Lottlae Loeea HerflSult.
Parls, Jan. 26 ? Prbcees Laniae, eld
eat dauihter of the late Kiog Leopold of
B-lginm, loat ber suit today to recovcr
from Baroness Vaoghao, the morgaralic
wlfe of the klog, the lattet's villa at
Ballocoor. Tbe coart declded that the
villa waa the property of tbe btroneaa
aod that lt waa nct a royal reeldeoce.
Murderer Arreatad
Ooboorg, Oot., Jao. ?6 ? W.^rge
Mereonto, an I'.alian laborer, was ?oday
lodged ln jsll on the charga of rturder
bg one maa aod severly wonnding two
otbere. Mereonto wsa employed lo the
consti uotloo oamp of the OooBdlao North
ern Railrodd. He got iolo ao a'.tercation
early today with Fraok Marloo the fore
man, aod kllled blm. Io his e fbrts to
esospe he ahot two other Ia'lioa.
Jndlctmenta Cuaahed.
New York, Jar. 26,?Jndge Honse
baa graoted the motion and orderpd the
Indlctment qaasbed cbargbg criminal
libel agalnat the Preaa PobMahlog Com
raoy, pnbllahersof the New York World,
gr?wlog oot of Ita pnbllcitioo of cba.gea
rafiecllog oo a nnmber of persona In
connecdoo with tbe Paoama Oanal pur
New York Stock Market.
New York, Jan. 26. ? Innuenced by the
tavorable aUtetneiit of t"e I nite.i f-'tatea
Steel Corporatlon the atock msrket opened
strcng witb advances of 1 to 4 pointa. Tbe
character of Wa>hingtoa advicea was re r
The tone conlbued ttrong thronghout the
brst hour. After the initial adv?nce< thera
waa aome aelling for a<-c.v>nta that bad been
Impaired by the receit btwk but thia aoon
oaaaed aud prict-s rontinued to advance.
In the late forennon the market rulfd fairly
steady although receaaions ot ahnnt 1 point
were suatabed from tbe higbe.t of the day.
J.Reace Wbltehill, a jttng Fred
erlck conoty, Md., farmer, cnmmitted
luiclde yeaterday by banglog hlroaelf lo
tbe barn at hia home, a qnarterofa
mile from Uolonvlllf. The body bnng
In the barn probably five hoors or mare
before It wai duad by a oolored man
employed on tha jataa._
Unlled S-alea Distdot Conrt Jadge
A. 0. Tbompaon dled today In the
bmiae In Oioclooall io which President
Taft waa borr. _
A contrsct for fnrniehing 80,000 pounda of
plDg tobecc.o for tHe u?e of the aailora for the
coming year haa bear. awardcd to Bcoker <St
Co, of Lynchborg, Va,, an lndepeudent
concsrn. It bid 3. J cents a pound.
Ladlea?For aelld ocmfort, wrar tbe
Red Oroea 8boe. Jobn A. Marsball
A Bro., 422 King atreet. _
ofOld Domirion Commandery, No. 11,
K T will astemble at thelr aarbm FRl
DAY AFrEBNCO?s ?t 115 oYlok aharp
in full uniform of a Templar on foot to atiend
the faneral of 81r Knight K. Kamper. By
vrdsr of the EraTineot t'ommander.
F. W. LATBAii, Csptaln Qensrsl,
will be hfld the regular anruai meetiag of
tba atockholder. of ths AMER'CAN LO
ths oth* of ths company, 107 north Fairfax
atreet, Alexandria, Va, oo *?DNL*DAY,
February y, 1910, atap.m
W. B. WILMABTH, Becretary.
'will r* held the regular annaal meeting of
the sioukholdera of 'he MILTON IUDU*
TRUL COMPANY, inoorporated. at tha ot
fW ef the ooropany, 1(7 north Fanf ix straer,
Alexandria, Va., on WFDSEBDA*. Fsb
ruary 9, 1910 at 2:80 p. m.
NEL80N WHSON, Secretary.
Jan25 td._
1 1 INOTOK LODUE. No. 2J, A., P. <x A.
M? are notifled to aaaamble at Maaynic
Temtle FRIDAY. Janoary ? at 1.00
u m to attend the fanaral of our lata
brotbe'r, Putmaater K KEMPER Mem
baraof Andrew Jackaon Lclgsandall Ma?ter
Maaoos in good st.ndiog are invitod. By
order of tbe Worahipfol Ma?ter.
It A. G. UHL'- R, 8etretary.
08T ?Friday, Jannary 21, laitiea' gold
-j W.libam WATCH with lone g ld chain
attacbed Thought to have been loat between
First National Bank and Un'onatation.F.nd
er retara to Acto&'s stors and receive re
w.rdoraotifyl., M. MIWTEAD Ne.bg
toa,Vs? ,**????
TJInoh BUver Bl ? i aaa S.Qr
TabtaLlnen |l ? , ?
Scjith Dan tak !' ttera
tsSyds., we
2v2J ydH , ?
2x3yda?u. >;00
S-tNapkin ?1"'?
BlKasklaa to naateh, d
AH tba
EltrH 2^r
Tnrkish Towela; 30c. a loi Eeeb.*"J^
tjMnch Blc.vhe i ??Q_
qualitr. Bpaai I | rd ..%J^^
72-in''h Bleached frlah i"T ? <C 1 25
$1.50 qaaliry. Bpeeial, yd.?P1 ?***'
20x38 UuckTov*. 1 Or
ial, yd. ,yv
19i?H All-lloeo Hi : ; 25c
Tewah S0 vala B|leetal, eeeb.**??-?
6Mnch Heavy Oeraaaa I nbleaehed Teble
Dvn&sk. waa 82 l-2e yanl Sp*< ial, ?()[>
yar.l. ^vv
Opera liouse
Wedne dsy, Tlnir la irday.
TheGnyMnson Stock Co,
Prene,,! iEb la u-iious
avoetere nalod an a.
A thrillinga:orv?t'thp r^kies, laatradaeiag
Mf.nt;ma .l.iok ?i.?i Ethel Roan llirsr, late
ot Bnild'i Bill'ssh iw, in resiistieaoeaaaof
bor'er li(e. Baa ibe eowbwy daaca.
General Admission . 10c
Rtssrv-d 15 \ A fjrw eheies aeataat 99fi _
The Difference ia Meats
(Butchera i ud Botchers)
There iscttUraue-i for eating purposet?
only handl?l by bntrhers
And catiU rBtead for ? ther ptirpo?e onttl
thev ceaae to jltlda pnlit. and man u ia
killfd for meat. Namelj ?>ld cowa, oien,
bolls, atigs, and h; f-f?l s'o k.
Whv not r>ny from a buicher and get the
firat claaa kind?
StallalSacd 16. City Market.
Oameron asd Rjyal 8tr99t End.
Jaa2e 3t _
Oo the ttkd day nf ,Iann?rv, 1910, on read?
lng the petition of WALTEB 8. NICKI IN
bankrupt, f)t di?rh*rg<>, it ia ordered bv
the conrt that a he*ri..g be had upon the
aa^pon ths 5TH DAY <>F FKBR1 ARY,
A. D.. 19 0.before aaid eonrt, at Alexandria.
ln sa'd diatr'f'. at twelve oVlrvk nnomand
that aaetjeja t?*reof 1>h pab kboAlax
ar.dris 0?zette, a newapaper printel in aaid
diatriet, and that all knn*n eraditotaj and
oth?r otrtont ia interrst may appear at the
aaid time and plare and ahow c<uae, if anv
they bave, why the priyt-r of th? aaid petf
tion?r?hould nnt le graattd
And it is further ordered by the eesjtt, that
thederk ihall s-nl by aaaall lo ?ll knnwn
er*diiorseopiesrf aaid peiitionand tliiso-der,
add>ees*i to them at their piaces of residenre
ai stated.
Witnfaath* Baoorable Edranad Waddill.
jr, jadge r.f the ?aii] roart, aad ths sesl
tbereof at Alexandria. in sai I diatrlot, ?a the
22nd daj- of Ia aarv, 1610.
By F.P, W, liareett, Deputy Clark,
_a| u*
, CitizcDS' Mional Bank
! CAPITAL.$100,000
Surplus and Undivided Profits - $120,000
President, Vil p l>r*,*",cnt'
Edward L. Daingerfield; ,._,__ Cairoll IWr.
Richard M. Green, Casbier. I i i\.ym\Asat. Ci-hter
J. C Smoot, Edward I. nainBer?eld, J. \V. Roberts
Worth Hulfiah, .tjJ?-?0? BS
VI. A. Ahera, _ l rbao b. Lambort
directly identified with the mercantile, man
ufacturing and jobbing interests of Alexandria for
thirty-nine yearp, and with its large capital, ample
surplus, conservative directorate, progressive man
agement and convenient location, is equipped to
satisfactorily handie new accounts and to aceord
them that samecourteous attention which has been
a vital factor in its steadfast and continuousgrowth
mwmm or whw back
Dress Ginghams
1 Oc a Yard.
518-20 King Street, Alexandria, Va.1
iiin uiimt
On Thursday.
Our regular Remnant Day
every Thursday grows
more popular every
week, as hundreds of
our pitrons look for
ward to the big remnant
values, which we offer
every Thursday, and
this week's remnant sale
offers many exceptional
values; als > all kinds of
remnants at very Iow
1,0 0 ynrla l.b new dreaa ariaghatn
in thort leiiglhe of 21 to 10 yarvs. yard,
500 yarda Iffte f.uit of the loeru mue
lin in ahurt leugths of V4 to 8 yardi,
yard. ?.
250 yarda 10- percle. ot.e yard mr,
ahort lengths, ya d. ??????? ??
IttO ysrit!' t? bsawa mustiu, torty
Benaa wid-, short lengths, yard. a| l
Ten pie e? 10.- forty ioch lawu. spec- ?
al price. Ihursday,yard. ?? ?c
B>a9yaraate and 6c outitg H.nuel,
yard.?.?.??? 4*
10c tlanneleitu in short lengiba, sui
able for wsiste and klmonoa, remuant
price, yard.?. 6i?
25c Mdica' Buraon hose. atrond quai
it?. remnant price Thuradav, pair. l:'b
Tweuty-nve dozen ihade pails, all
eolora, 5o valae, Thursday, 2 pair for... 5c
200 yarda embroidery voking, >l
;nches wide, 75o and $i value, Thur*
dat, yard.???? O
2'0 yard* 25c corset cover embroid?
ery, ei.hleen inch.a wide, apecial price
Thursday, yard. 15c
t)ne lot embroidery edge and inaer
tion, 6c, %a ani Hfc value.aoile I, Thu-s
day. yatd.??.?? ??? ?>
Two paira $6.50 la<-e curtains, sjiled,
ipacisl p loe, Ibursday, p?lr. $'.9*
e.'o box writina paper, each. 35c
101 box wrltii g paper, e?ch. 19o
lOo box wriling paper, etch. >c
Winter Goods at and Be
low Cort.
r?d plaid biankets. V< r,3
'lbrse$l.98ladi's'r_nfls, sacb. 98?!
fl crib coaofoita, easb. b9o
Foor layllea" long blatk ooata, ^.50
Taloe, Tharsday, eacb.?? $1.?8
Remnants for Men and
Boys' Thursday.
Uen ? -1 red uinnsl noderwear, Tburs
d-y.????. ?*
Meu'afl o.mela hair uuderwear,thurs?
day. 69?
Four pair me'ia Wright health draw
eri, SfJtSB, 4J. aud 44, 11.10 quality,
Thunday. poir. tot
One man'e $1 5J heavy ri'iece liued raia
eo?U, eizss 38. Tharaday.
M<-n's $?.50 b'oe marcerizid cotton rb
bed underwear, Thursday. $1 50
One man's $9.60 haavy bath ruoee,
Thursday. $5.9*
i) ie lot men's fino cotton aweatera, with
high roil oo'ltre, choice Tharaday. 25e
Ooe lot men'a 26o oackttes, choire
Tharaday, eaeh. *<*
By day, week or month at
janl51* 7?7U Kiag atreet.
You luve probably notioed by
all the maga/ines that there is a
new wattlt on'.
1 very new thingin the jewelry
Hnaj it it's good?>ou lind firht
la thia store,
We hav?: ixamined the new
7-Jewel Watch
and find it a strk'Uy wellmidr,
accuritdy running watch bighty
recommended for all who need a
gcoJ popular priced timepiece
in solid (N) in 20 year
nickel tj" cold filhd
case. case
Saonders & ?
629 King Street
Sterling Silvcr ]
Plioto Irame
R. C. Acton & SODSi
Bargain Week
For the oex'. week nr !en days
?Ul be exceptioual BawaaaiaM (sfl
my store, snch aa Lmnns, Bust?,
Fancy Waste Baskets, Work Bas
kets, Box Papers, Kuives aad Forks,
Carvin^ Ze ', fimun, Pejk.w.-.
Ptaytaf raiaia, Fewad P*ter, J?r
aata, Ladiei', Wen'a and Children's
Sweaterr, ( opyriuht Booka, at*.
Positively Bargains

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