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The Firsl National Bank
Of Alexandria, Va.
CAPITAL, $100,000 SURPLUS, $150,000
Uodivided Profits, $25,000
G L. BOOTHE. President. GEO. E. WARFIELD, Cashier
M. B. HARLOW, Vice-PresidenL J. J. GREEN. Asst Cashier
This bank with its ample capltal ard eorplns, itsadeqnate rqnlpment
and facilitiea, eolicits tbe accounts of mannfacturerB, wholesalera, retailers
and'icdividuala on the beat terms consistent with sonnd banking.
' No acconnt too large to be bandled eatisfactonly.none too small to be
601 Kinsr Street Store,.$40 00 j 1323 Qtieen Street.$12 Jjj
311 N Washington Street.$40 00 321 S. Patrick Street. 9 00
121 S St Asaph Street.$25 00 226 N. P tt Street 9.5*
1123 Duke Street.$16 < 0 32S S Patrick Street. 900
316 S Patiick Street.$13 00 719 Wilkes Street. 6.'>0
Realtv,Insurance. B nding?628 King Street.
;: Modero and Up=to?Dale in Every Respect ;;
I alexakbriOatiosal m i
Corner King and Royal Streeta Capital $100,000
I Capital $100,000
< ? Depositors afforded every facility for business, secunty
1 ? and accomodations
(i> Large or small accounts invited ia both Commercial and
4 ? Savings DepartmenL
Board of Directors.
Jndire C. E. Kicol. Preaident. A. H. Rector.
W. B Smoot, Vice Preaident. R 1. PofkrelL
John A. Marahall, V-r* P*,Mi?t. C. C. Carlin.
T. C. Smith, Vice Preaident and Caahler, W. A. Smoot.
W. A. Smoot, Jr. P. F. Gorman.
A. O, Portner
Details carefully attended to for'all customers. T
We ii?8ue drafts on all points of the world. ^
For the delicious Fried Oysters, Salads,_Reception
Sandwiches, e'c.
JC, I Rammel Bros.
FOR $1.00
Tl.e Price o? a Year'a Suhwription to the
Tribune Fnrmer Aloae.
Tribune Farmer $1.00
The Housewife . 35
Paris Modes . . 50
Paris Modes Pattern .10
Ou r price to you $1
1*"tlii ((luSr.ntiondoeanot appeal (03011.
write its joiir want*.
The Housewife
Dyi t~ar 1 ;ce, frrmerly
EdtorofTbt IVlineBt 'r, is-r. bright, enter
: b, oontaitung many
1 n J 11 i ahort <tori?t.; alao
? ..1 km ? cl?s*.
:itO i*l
k, mrther'a rrnlni and
talk* 011 henltli.
Paris Modes Patterns
'"'tie pittorn free with ?hi h luhac'lpUoa,
?fl t'ri>uiau> laailw I'anaMoilee
iliiring tde year.
Paris Modes
Beautifully lllaatraterl. Aluayahae aheau
ti'til aatereV i| i aad is ti!!-d from cover to
? itta tbe 1 -usi >tj!> tn anl
? n:i fa'-hiooe.
The New York Tribune Farmer
ia a prarlirHl up to date weeklv, r- ?<! hv the
rerywbara fhe c nihina
<? 1 in thia not'ce rat noi l ?
? laga 1 1 Ihe (Usr thould be t*ken
New York Tribune Farmer
154 Naseau Street, New York.
G. Washington Lewis
Attorney at Law.
Alex Nat'l. Bank Boili
ian 24 lm?
rry _
ETl'S FOOT h&>T PL*.r*lFK will take
them ofl 1 ke ruagic witiout haudaging or
cuttwg. it eaaae joor taap*ja**?il aa ywar
eora. AiLeadbaam'i ftjrMk*
Moderaiy eqoipped for banking in its vari
ot.s hranceea
D^poaita reci'ived an'oject to check at sight
Colle^tions made on all pointa
1 :u'h-i:ridp inveetment aecnritiea bonght
aad sol'i.
l.ettt-ra ot Credit and Foreign Exchange
Safe Depnait Boxcs for rent.
A Saviii(fs Department in which intereet ir
ailowed on deposita
Gabi n K { I M. B. IUiaow.
ramiOBHT. ) ( Vice Pieshieut.
Gko. E. Warfield, Cashikr,
irsl National Bar; .
axaxA-oBia, Va,
-itxl Reaposltorj >
f _ltC-' -itiV
"ROFm? .... $175,000
. t -rwvrrr- M. B. HARI.'V
3. ~. WARFII'I.D, J.f". MU?I
WAl.ihR ' laBFHTS, * w\?li. /B.
r^ompt attention gi?en to all r>B_ort_ 't
ndins collectiont throoghoat _t '
totes ann Raropr.
Offick and Sto_?8: 116-117 N. Royal St.
Dealer in Hirdware, Pjints, Agri
cuitural Implcmei.t", Vthiclts,
Harness, i-ie'dand Gaiden Seeds.
? BOVTa CfflOX sTr.EKT. OX
n.Nh a RAii way.
Also Grain, Hay, Straw and
All Kinds of Mill Fecd.
Will alwava ketp iu atock the kugheet grade
of theiearticlea.
Icir l.raltb at tbia tine of thevtar de
penda inoih apno ytur blood. Purfy ii by
?."kiit Uadbeater'a ColotU&l HaiaapanUa.
50c a bottle.
Probably the Most Exten
sively Advertised Silk
in America at $1.35,
To Sell at
Mirage Silk dates back
only five years. but in that
time it has become famous.
In ihe midst of its success
we are now going to sell
it for 85c yard.
Mirage is in greaier
vogue than at any time
s nce'it has been made.
Beautiful softsatin finish
and at the same time a f irm
texture for beautiful tail
The adaptability of Mi?
rage Silk for gowns is al
most unlimited
Practical'y every shade
that this fabric bas ever
been woven in, besides all
the new spring colors, are
Dainty shades for even
ing gowns and exquisite
colors o? deepei hu^s for
af ternoun gowns and street
Glace combinations, for
which so much su' cess is
predicted for spring, 24
inches wide, $1.3.) value,
at 85c yard.
and Sons
316 King Street.
NOTIC'K-Theennu^l meeting < i th? stock
holden rA tbe MDELtl v SOOIUGF.
CORPORATION w !' ba ifH at he oftice of
the niiip-pv 212 King atreet. Alexandria,
Va.ou 1TJE -DAY, the loto d%y r.f Feb
rnnrv, ?t four o'elo*k p m. At this meeting
Beersand diiaotorfl of snid corporation
f. r tba >i suing ye?r will I* elected; ? propo
pition lo inrrease ihe aixe of the warehnu'e of
tbaeorpai tUm, to prorida luidb for building
the ??me, borrowinK mooey and iasuing a di
tionB) stock \viil le deeided. and all other
mattern whi-h may be properly tramaMcd hy
iheatoekbcl an al th>- sai i meeting w:ll loe
roiaidered JAME-1 L. KAKKK'K,
II. B. KABRICK, President.
_8epre;ary._j?ntl Id
nua1 rMetingoftavaatnel koHaraofTHE
ba hehi attb( ir nfflcato AlBxaadria, Virginia,
011 MONIOAY, J-nuarv lo. 1010 nt 11 o'rluck
Ntotinc adiournrd to THPRSDAY. Feh
rnary 10. 1910, whm it wtll be held at tbe
aame bonr acd place.
IT?r_Bg adjonrned loTIU'R^DAY, March
10,1910, wh*n it will be held at the aame
hour and pl*ce. dec23 td
T1I 'ar.nusl mwtini; ofthe atock holdera of
H' rj3R OOMFAMY, Inc rpirstel, will he
ht-li at the < fli.-e ot Gardnar L Boothe, Alex?
andria Nstione] R?nk Bui'ding. Alexan tria.
\> ,cn MO.sTuY AF EBHO IN. February
loek. B. W. PARKER.
. J ul_SecreUry.
THEanniH raertirg of tbe ?tookhoM?r? of
HOI'-i: (iii.MN'V w II bchtll at th- <>f
ti e cfQardoer I. Porthe, Alexandria Na
ti .ii.l Baok HuMing. A'exandrla, Viririnia,
BBl MONIlM' AFlh.RNO.IN, Fe.rusry S8,
atJSOo'el ek. B. W. PARKER,
ff?jM Id ?tary.
Northern maila, week daya, cloae at 8 45\
m. and 10 40 a. m., and 140, 815
aad 1010 p. m. Open at 800 a. m..
12 N m, _nd 600 p. m. On Sundaya Northern
maila cloae at 8 45 a. _., 1 40, and 7 II
p. ua.
Sonthern maila via Sonthern Rsilway cloae
, I s. m., 4 30 and IU 15 p. m. Opcl
st 800 a. m.and 4 00 p. m.
Sonthern rcaila, ria &?, F. k P. R. R ,
cloae *i 9 45 and 11 49 a. n>., an.l 3 50, 7 11
:> -? m. Open at 8 ard 9 30 a. xn.,
3 and 10 15 p. m.
M._i>aa_s Division maila cloee at 8 15 a. m
and 3 50 p. ih. Open at 12 m. and 10 15 p.m.
Blnemont Pranch, 3"Uthern Railway, maii
/ *5 a. m., and S 'io p. m. Open
at u 00 a. m and 7 00 p. ra.
Cnesapeise and Onio maila cloae at 1 40 p.
m. aa't iu 15 p. ni. Open at 8 00 a. m. and
4 00 p. ra,
Waahington maila cloae at 8 4C
snd 10 40 a, m., and 1 40, 8 16
uad 10 50 p. t_. Open at 800 a. m..
li 00 m. and 6 00 p m. and 830 p. m.
Office Hoars?Opon at 800 a. m. Cloee at
? m.
Bnnday Houra?Opea at 9 00 a. m. Cloaa
at 1000a. tn.
Carriera' Srhedale? Oollection made on _?
aide routee?615 and 10 00 a. ra. and 300 acd
5 30 p. ia. Fc li roote??15 a. m. and 5 30 p.
ni. rsixnday c* Uectioo 4 45 p. m. Camen'
window open Sonday 900 a. m. and cicra
10 00 a.m.
u lirenee mads 800 a. n_ 1 20 p, _. and
6 00o.ni.
? !n th? ot!l~ Uw omite
before our ir.dirated time for ch-eing
I^saHheatrr'a gnarantei'd Cr?<-ry Congh
Bemedy 'o cure ooughr. We doo't aav?or
your mouey b?ck, beeaa**. Uiere'a iioneed. It.
irnai. 28* h?ul?.
If a truaa ia properly atud, will not ?*?_I
Jiaoomfort. Yon au bm aaah a. ti it yoa av
U Laadhaatar'a.
ll'ESDAY EVENINli. FEB. 15. 141.
Orirjin of Tory.
81r Walt<; xplauatlon ofthe
origlu of "tory" as ?give me" is not
qnite the same as that of other in
quireis. According to a bigb authorl
ty, the word is Irlsb for a ?pursucr"
nud was at flr8t given to rfleea troop
ere, who for thelr mva villainous pur
pretended to be on the side of
the crown and the constitution and tlie
rlghts of proporty aml ln that dis
guise haiintcd the bogs of Ireland.
robbing the inbabltants i:i tho name
of the king. About 1680 those wbo
"contended for the extreuie preroga
tives of the crowu" had thia contemp
tuous term npplied to tbeui by thelr
opponents, and thus we arrlve at tbe
.ing of todny. M;n aulay painta
out as n etirions clrcui iskuko tbat
"whb;" nnd "tory" origii.ally appllcd
as a term of lnsult abould so soon have
io(l wlih prido. An l
rfrcuiastanca la tbat two ftaat Baa>
lisii parttea should have taken thelr
titles the one from the Ioors of Ire?
land nnd the other from the lowlunds
of Scotland.-London ClBM
Gilbert Islanda Tipple.
Nelthor tea nor coffee ls drunk In the
Gilbert islands, bui liquor named kara
fee, or toddy. It U tbe Julce of the co
coanut tree. from which lt is drawn
dnily nt suiiriso nnd sunseL To ol.talu
it tbe natives cliinlo up the tall treea
and while oxtrneting it keep up a etfr
stnnt yeiiing tO l?-t those below knuw
tbat they are at work. Tbe sap when
fresh is a hanuless and delinous bev
erage, but after It has been ktpt a day
or two fcrmentation sets ln and It be
. lntoxlcatlng. Knrafee does not,
boweaer, fly 1 ? tba head, bot a man
wbo drinks it to M faaj powta the c^n
trol of his Iors. However, when this
i,..t.iii. ? nattT* he has sense enougb
to retoaln Ipdoora aad abowa his face
to uo 000) for if his eblef aboald ever
bear of lt he would be tried aud sen
? .?iirod to bard labor and B heavy tine
iu rortaar dajl ? native found intoxl
Catad was tied M a braa and received
a bnodred iaebee, tba Mood Caltijr
atreatmlOg tlown bis back. Jlesidea
this, all bis lauds were coullsculed to
the king forever.
Didn't Call Him Names.
Mi'koy's mother visiti'il a young
Iteaehcr on the east side the oth?
er day, eajra the New York Suti. As
nearly as she could make out from
tbe inothcr's qrtnttaainp the teaebat
had been calling Mickey "names that
Cto lady would OM and uo dacint moth
er would stand for." The teacber
thought bard, but could recollect uo
time wheu she had given way to an
Imptilee to call Mickey dreadful names.
".Surc but you did," lusisted tbe
mother. "I dou't know wbut you
meant by it, but scurvy elepbant is no
nice uauie to call a boy. That's wbat
ba Mad you called bim-a scurvy ele
nrvy elcphaiit! No," said the
t> her Iu a relieved voice; "I didn't
ca I Mlke a scurvy elepbant. I called
b a disturblng element, and I re
i; ate my Btatement."
Mlckoy's uiother went home partlal
ly satNlicd, but not quite surc that tbe
teacber badu't been calling her bbURM
To the Higheat Bidder.
Even tobacco buyers have thelr trou?
bles. One of them, wbo represeuts a
New York house, met n Connecticut
I bo bad lold bis crop. Tbe buy
er was amazed ai the price tbe man
said he had received.
Toej bBT? beeai chpated," said he.
"You aro eutitled to more money tban
-Well," roplled the farmer, "nothlug
B {>:? iil to bind the bargaln."
"Then I'll give you 5 cents more a
pound aud n bonus of $100 for the
"Agreed," exclaimcd tbe farmer, and
he re<eived a check for the full
"Oh. by the way," observed the buy
er, "who was tny rlvnl iu thls transac
Bt WM informed.
"1 Brtgbt lmve known lt," sald he
sailly. "That B_? is my partncr."
Ktrw York Press.
The Code of Hammurabi.
The ao caOed "eoil* ol Hammmbr
was bTOOghl to Ufbt durbip: the exca
ratlooa on tbe Ute ?f liabylou and ls
looked opon U btlOl o"?- of the very
oldetJ if not tlie oldest of all known
recorda !t is beUeved to bo at least
1,000 yeara older thaa the Mosaic law.
King Hamnrarabl relgned over Baby
lon about tlm year 2S0O B. C. and tlie
laws he iuscribed on the clay tableta
for the most part no doubt long- ante
datc tbat time. The Mosaic law is
roppoeed to have been given to Isracl
about 1200 P. C, and it would appear,
therefore, that tho Hammurabi code
has the much greater nntliiulty.?New
York American.
Witneaa My Hand.
In the early days only a few schol
ars knew how to write. It was then
customary to slgn a document by
amearing tho hand with ink and im
presslng it upon tbe paper, accompa
Bled by the words, "Wltnesa my
hand." Aftcrword the seal was intro
Saead as a substitute for the hand
mark and was used with the worda
above quoted, the two forralng the slg
natu'e. Thia ls the origin of the ex
pression as used ln modern documents.
The Neareat He Ever Came to lt.
"'''.lonel," she asked, "have you erer
been up in a balloon?"
?No," he nuswered, "but I got to
talklnp; nrt to a Boston lady once, and
she had me away up tn the air inside
of two mim:tes."?Erchange.
Perseverlng medlocrity is nrocu
more resjiectable and unspeakably
m<>re usefu! than talented inconstaocy.
Sufferere whoeay they have triel every
thing withoct bfnefit are the peopl* we are
lookiug for. We want tbem to kr.ow from
gladexperiencethat Ely'a Cream Balm will
corquerCold in ?he Heid, Hay Fever, and
obatinatefjrmsof Naaal Catarrh. Thia rem
edy acta direetlron tbe infl med, lenaitive
me?ibranes. Cieanaiair, aoo'hiog acd heal
ng. Ooe trial will couviree yon of iu heal
ing power. Price 60e. All draggiata, or
?aailed by Sly Broa., M Warraa lt., Vsw
Yark. "^
The Sewing Light
makes the long evening brilliant with
its steady white light for sewing or
reading. Made of brass, nickel plated
and equipped with the latest im
proved central draf t burner.
The Rayo is a low-priced lainp,
but you cannot get a better lamp at
any price.
.' Once a Rayo nser, alway* one
Every Dealer Everywaere. If Not At Yours, Write fof
Descriptive Circular to the N'earest Agency of the
t Kaufmann Bros
Clothing Sale
Sale of Suits and Overcoats
See lotof Men's Suit?, all sizes but d'fferentkinds
Worth up to $10.
AT $3.95
See Lot of Men's Trousers
Worth up to $2
At 95c
? KaulmannBros
Clothiers, Haberdashers aod Tailors.
Get a dozen in a box bcfoie going home of Rilcy's
Celebrated Fried Oysters
In box 60c THEY'RE DELICIOUS. On table 60c
All the leading brands of Wines and 'tquors. Our specialry?
114 North
Fairfax m
Fresh from the churn to you every Friday at
the very moderate price of ...... .
38cts per pound
We solicit your butter trade Cal or write.
Edward Quinn^Sons
Cor. St. Asaph and Oronoco Streets
Virginia Safe Deposit & Trost Corporatior
\ud_ori_ed Capital Paid in CapHa!
$1,000,000.00 $300,000.00
C J- Rixey, JoLa V. Robineon, Tbornas J Fannon, C- C. L?_dbe*t*i
Henry K. li?ld, fiiMj F'-etC?i. C tcij.* J> ______? J * W Nortor
We t\ct gsfxetufor, AdrriniMrator and TruMee. Issue Fide
ity, Contract, Official and Judicial Bonds. General Banking and
Trust Business Transacted. Interest paid on Savinga Accounte
We solicit the accounts of Banks, Corporatiors, Firms and lodivid
jats, and nrotnise liberal treatment consistent witb sound bankinj
Wakefield Rye
Headquarters for the BEST WINEi
AND LIQUORS in the city.
King and AJfred Streets. Both Phones.
Try Bloch's
Chirlotte ru?se, whipped crram
puff?, cream rolls, and a'l other
kinds of pastries; strawberry ice
cream fro n fresh fruifjilsoorange
H. Blocti
?15 King Street Both phone*
PARK AGNEW, Proprietor
Bromilaw Brick Co.
Building, Paying and
Sewer Brick.
Front and Building Sand.
WORKS : Hnatlng Craak.
jri T*l?pbo__ roj.
Tralns leaT* Unloa Btatica AJe-aadrla
Ia Efteet January 3.1910.
N. B?FoUowing achedule fignrea pabliaha
only aalnfbrmatlon, and are not gnarantaed
7:47 A. M.?Daily Local between Waahint
ton and Danville.
?47 A. M.?Daiijr?Loeal aw Harrisoa
>arg, and war statious.
9 17 A. M.-Daily-U. 8. raat Mail. Stop
only for passengers for pointe aontb at ~hiol
aehednled tc stop. Firsi daaa ooaohaa, aleep
iiikr cars to Birmingbam and drawina/roora
sletping cars to New Orleens. Dining oar
11.17 A. M -Daily-Mail train. Coachsa
for Manaaeas, Cbarlottesville, Lyncbburg,
Danville and Greensboro. Slecping cars
Gm-n.boro to Atlanta.
1.17 p. m.?Week Daya?Local for War*
renion and Mraahnrg Jojiction,
4:32 P. M. Daily?Birniingham speoiaL
Slecping cars between New York, Auguata,
Aiken an. Jacksonville. Sleeper to Birroing
h?m; ThrooR: flr.t-ola-s coacbea between
Washington ano Jackaonvill*. Dining oar
eervice. Tonnat t? California fonr timea
4:87 P. M.-Week Da-ra-Local lor Hai*
rtBor.bnrg and way statiena cn Mantrr
6i!?.P\ M.-?^y-Local for Wamato*
ano (harlotter?llle.
10:27 P. M.-Daily-Waahlnftoa and Cha
tanooga Ljmited (ria Lynchbnrg;. Fiw
cJaa* ooach acd sieeping oarsto finanok*
Knoxville and Cbattanooga. 8U> per to New
Orleans, Wai iagton to Boanoke. Dining
car service.
11:02 P. M.-Daily-New York, Atlanta
and Nt Orleans Limited. All Pnllman
train, eli b and observation cars to New Or
leans. 81?*? ping cars to Aaheville, Atlanta.
Macon atd N?w Orlean* Sieeping cars to
Charlotte, Dlnlm car eervice.
4:27 A. li.-Daily-Sleniphia Brecial.
Sle^ing ears and coaches for Roanoke, Knox
ville, Na?hville, Cbattanooga and Meni
phis. Diuing car service, Washirogton
aleepinv cars open 10:00 P. M.
Through traina from the Sonth arrive at A ?
exandna 6:13 and 6:33 and 10:23 A. M.
2.13, 7:2*. 10:23 and 11.68 P. _. daily. Har*
naonburji 11:28 A. 11. week daya and 9:13
P. M.dail From Cbarlott4*viJle9:28 A. ai.
Leave Alexandria (W. 40. Station, week
daya at 8:22 A. ti., 3.65 and 4.55 P. af. for
Blnemont; 6:33 P.M.weea daya for l.eeeburg;
4.65 P. M. daily for Blnemont and 9:23 A.
M., local, on 8undav> only for Blaemont.
For detailed achedule figurea, tickeu, Pnll?
man reeervation, stc., apply to
ageat, Alexandria, Va.
E. H. COAPMAN. General Maaager
?). H. liAKDWICK, Pasa. Traf. Mgr.
H. F. CABY. General Passenger Agent.
U 8. BROWN, General Agent.
_Washington, P. C.
Washington, Alexandria 6
Mt. Vernon Railway.
IneffeotlMay 1, 1909,
For Washington, froaaoorner Prinoe ana
Eoyal streets. week daya, at640, 606, 6 20,
630, 6 40,6 66.7 06,716,730, 740,760,800,
815, 8 26, 836, 8 60, 910, 9 30, 9 50,
10 10, 10 30, 10 60, 11 10, 11 25, 11 30, 11 ?0 a.
rr? 12 10, 12 25, 12 30, 12 50, 1 10, 1 25, 1 30
' 60, 2 10, 2 26, 2 30, 2 60,3 05, 3 25, 3 36, 8 bi
4 lo 4 25, 4 30,4 40, 456, 5 10, 5 26, 5 86, 660
6(1,620, 680, 6 46, 700, 715, 7 26. 8 00.
8 :*, 900, 9 80.10 00,1080, 1110 and 1166
'Sa'ndays?7 00,7 85,810,8 20,8 40, 900,9 20,
9 40,100 ,10 20,1040,1100,1120 and 114'
n. ra.. 12 00, 12 20, 12 40, 100 1 20,1 40, 2 ?
2 20,240,3 00,320, 340.40H 420,440,600
5 20,540, 8 00, 6 20, 640,70C 720,740, 8OC
830, 900, 930,1000. 10 V, and 1110 p.m
Leave Aiaxindria for llonnt Vernon, wetk
daya, 5 45, 666, 7 66, 861, 1026, 11 25, a. m.?
U 25, I 25, 2 25, 3 30, 4 40, 6 35, 6 30, 7 86,
8 50, 9 60, 10 60 -tnr1 11 60 p. m.
Sundays?7 00, 8 30, 930, 10 30, 1130 a. m.,
12 30, 1 30. 2 30, 3 30, 4 30, 680, 6 30, 730
8 46 and 1" 16 p. m.
Leave Ferry H'harf 8 16, 8 41, 9 10,|? 50.
10 25, U 00, 11 35 a. m.; 12 30, 1 06, 1 36,
2 06, 2 45, 3 30, 4 05, 4 35, 6 05, 5 46, 6 80
7 06, 7 46, 8 26, 9 00, 9 40 p. ra,
Leave Spring Park 8 06, 8 30, 8 66, 9 36
10 10, 10 45, 11 20 a. m.; 12 16, 12 50
1 20, 1 50. 2 30, 3 16, 3 60, 4 20, 4 60, 5 30
6 05. C< 50. ; 9fi. ? i(i. g 4fr. o S6. 10 00 p m
Washington Sonthern Hy
Schedule in eflect Nov. 7,1009.
Traina leave Union Station for Waahingtor
and points north at 7 23, 8C8, 8 23 and 9 53
a. m U 1, 2 30, 807, 818, and 1183 p. m.,
For Fredericksbnrg, Rlchmond aod point*
-outh at 4 17, 7 43 ? loeal), and 10 22 a. m.,
12 00, 4 22, 4 42, 5 18, 6 07 and 7 42 p. m.
Accommodatioa for Frederiokabara at 6 18
p. m. j aily.
Notb :?Time of arrivaia and departar*?
and oonnectiona not gnarantead,
W. P. TAYLOR, Traffic Manager.
.H'eamers of Tbia Llne Leave Aiaiandria
on and after May 16.1909,
SATITRDAY at 4:30 p. ra.
Coiainr?andappointmenU unexoelicd,
Freigh: for Baltimore, Philadelphla aaa
Sew York aolicitad and handled witb care,
Through rates and billa of ladlng iaaned.
Bingle fare to Baltimore, $2,60; roond trip,
$8,60. -^atarooma. one way, 11.60. Meala, 50ft
REARDON A GRIaffe, AgwntB,
Fnot of r?m?r"ri atrw*?t.
Potomac & Chcsapcakc
Steamboat Company.
On an After October 14
FoiTHUorsra?Tueaday, Tharadayand Sat
orday. Leavea Waahington from 8th ft wharf.
5 p. rij.; Alesandria. Cameroo at. wharf, 5:'<0
p. m.; Colonial Beach, 10 p. ni. Arrivea Old
Point, fi a tn.; Norfolk. 7 a. ni.
NoKruBorsia?Puoday, Wedneaday and
Frioay. i,eavea Norfolk, Cot>merce at. dock,
4pm.; Old Pint. 3p.ni; Colonial Beach,
12 mHnigbi. Arrivea Alexandria, 5 30 a. m.;
WaahioK'.on, 6 am.
Conntetiona at Colonial Beach and Waah?
ington with local ateaoiera for Potomac river
landmga. At Norfolk and Waahin ton with
Fare, one wav, $2.QD; ronnd trip, $3 00.
W. P. EMUERT. Vice Prea. and Gen. Mgr.
W. r'. CARNE. Jb., Oeu. Ajrt
BEABDON k (JRIMErt, Ageota, Alexandria.
Geoeral losarance Agency
Koom ti: 4, Burka ft Horbart Bldf.
Tha eompaniea repreeeated in thia offiot
-tveaaaeta of over $100,000,000. Amooi
othera are:
rJartford a*ira Iraeirrance ?m,
Llverpool ft Loadon ft Ql?h?
/_tna Inauranca Co.
Northern Aasurance Co.
Sprlnrfield Wlf ft Marla*
Prompt attention given to adj?tmeai ol
(catea and all mattara rosnected ?it> faamr
%t>rm ???lv1 r
Johh F. R^BiMSOiar, GSO. S. FkkncH
Preaident. SecreUry.
Alexandria Fertilizer and
Chemical Compaflj.
Fertilizers, Fertilizer Ma
terials & Sulphuric Acid,
Aak yonr dealer for the Alexandria Fer>
tilizer ft Chemical Co.'a Prodncta.
Capaclty; 50,000 tona per annum,
PrinceM Street and Potomac River Wharf.
Of all tho health buildere, fleah makara ansT.
r.Qlmof.ary reuedie*. aoae ia aav ?#tt?r tf?a_
fc*adbeawr'a BthtM^otfttf _m 011. 0Of
pw bottla, __j

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