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TH. B80A1 EVENIn'g. FEB. 17, WO.
Sun and Tide Table.
Rtm rt ? tr morrow at 0 49 and aa* at 5.40.
H-Awtarji^lM".^ 306 P- m
Weather Probabilitiee.
,.?. ,,.;. ..ctjoa rainor auow topigl.t and
Frid.y? ?"JKu- temiraratnra tpniKht about
M dt?r J: briak uortnesaterly wind?.
Tbe Y ingMin'a Sodallty Lyceum
defrated Oompany H. of the Diatrlct of
C u nt.ia Nailonal Gaard, in VVaabiog
loo laat nigl t ln an int-restlng game of
basketlall by the score of 23 t ? 12. The
??Speed Bojb" bad all tie b?tt.<r of the
argument from ihe atart and showed
moch biterteam work tban that dir
playtd by their opponenta. The IIdc
tompaoy H Posiiton. Lyceam
McDonald.L. F.Toomey
K-ane .B. F.Entwisle
MeGrath. C..Fatteraon
WilkiDsop L.U. Wj liamB
giuli ..B. B.Coekrell
Ooal. Mcl*ouall 3, Kesne 3, Toomev 4.
Eniarisie 6. Coekrell 2. Gola from free
to,sei Kea-e. McOrath. Entwi-le. Referee
? _r William Furmsge, of Northminister
?thletic <!ub. Timer-Mr. O'Dwjer, Ly
ttm. Fcorers? Meaari. Jobnson ?f t.om
sanyE, National Guard. and Wheatiey.of
Lycenm Time of h*lvea-20 mlnutes.
The Y. M. S. L. wlll llnc-np againat
tbe A. L. I. quint on Saturday night.
A fair liz'd audieocewaB pleaeed witb
tbe p-rformaoce at the Opera Haose
Tuesday nlght by the ElkV Drsmatic
Olub of AlexandrlB, entitled "A Modern
Aoaolas." Mr. J. Fred Birrell aa.lead
iug chatacter, fully suit dned the tule of
tbe piay. Tne acting of the company
waa good, aad tbe sloglag by Mrs. A.
D MoDtler aod Messr?. Birrell eod
Westelakeo excellett, they beingeocored
?r.nnberoftlmea. The actlog of Miss
R rrell and Miss Breeo was peaiiog acd
Harry Fleuchmaoo, as little "Iootsie
Waoiale," was "immeosf," a slgbt to
toehold, aod he created a great deal of
nau irmeot. The membera of tie Alex
?odriH D.auatic O.ub speot WednesCay
Jaere vlsitlng poln'.B of lotereet about the
city. They were bdowo maoy coortesies
by membera of the local lodge of _lk?.
? [FrcdeflckiburgBar.
M'. John S. Rce, bnt.er ol M'.
>l?r, Rice, aod a f"_ir res deot.01
t .ia elty, died io New Yuik U.t nlgl,
.?rhedsceaeed-as37ye.iaoW. "? ??
beeo amBerer from ubetculoBli. W?
r maius will be brouglt to tbia oity lor
Mr.Thomas J. Dowoey, aonorAlr.
T D DawDey, died at his parents
resideoce oo Fiaokllo atreet yesterday
afternoon. The deceased was 27 years
Old. .. |
Mrs. Msry Biyliss Wooddy, wife o
Mr. J. E. Wooddy, di?d on lijasday at
tae Bu l io House, Urbanoe, Va., io
t ie fifty-eecood year of her sge. She ls
mrvlved by her buebaod, tbree bntier*
and one siater. Mrs. Wooddy waa a
wister-ln-law of Mra. D. B. Bnntbu _,
of this city.
Mr. 0. II. Oillahao, master, aod his
committee are tiny perfett og i ie ar
raogemeots for the Masonic celebration
and baoqint to bebeldoo Tnesday neit,
in hooor of tbe blrthday of Qeorge
Waahiogtoo. ln addition to t tose here
tofore mentlooed, invltatloos to be pree
eat have been ex'ended to tbe cffioers of
the Grand Lodge ofthe Dimict of Oo
lunblB, S'oator Joboston, of Alabama;
fltnator Flint, of Oalifornia; Formir
fteoator O A. Towoe aod Ooogressmao
Oooper, of WlscooBio. The two latter
have decllosd ly reaion of ttier to
gageroet ?, bot haves expreesed tbelr la
leation of lendiog all aid posalble to tbe
erectlon lo tbls ct/of a Masooic Memo
ilal Temple. _
Tbe great liiodon, whose wonder ul
performaaca lo tbls city receit'y created
? profoond sensit on, bas b*eo engaged
ta appear st tie Opera Hioeein bla
marrelons demoastratloos tomoirow
(Frldsa) nlght when he will present a
progtamme made op of new and een
aatiooal feitirea, not yet seen bere. Tbe
"Mao of Myatery" !s at preseot creatiog
qaitea aeosation io Washlofct >o, aad
last wsek he bad Biltlmore pozz'ed over
bis work, play ing t ipacked honies in the
Moi tmental Oity. Iu add t oo to Ii u
doo'a wotk tomorrow nlght, tbere will be
-fiu levllte aod moviog pictorea, makiog
m tWO b( u V programme for teo ceole.
Mra. Myrs Warren Mi liuory, of Mla
ajr*a*L dellvered I vo antisaloon and antl
clgarette lecture. at tbeoortbweii corner
of K'og and Royal streeta yeaterday.
Ooe abortly before 4 o'clock io tbe
atternoon and tbe tfiet about three
hr.nrs la er. Mre. M: Umrj was ot t
reditt.1 ln her remarka and she con*retn.
Ut d Alexandria opon an abaeno? of
'.ntoxlcit-d men on tbe ktreeta. Her
aadiencea were Bnoall.
Rjb?rt Kior/, colored, waa arreated
Tn^sday by Ooustable Payne for dis
orderlr con.luct on an electrlc train a
?hort ditt mccbelowthlac t ?. Ktog was
fcreujht to Alexandria and placed in tbe
, i t 7n bcu ir. William Proctor.oolored,
waa alao arreet-d by Oonatable Payne on
tbe charge of disordeily condujt on an
ele< t ic tralo. The two men *ere taken
bef ;re Jastlce Wrigt I of Moont Vernon
yeatcidayand tie two made to psy t-- io
fiaea aod costs.
The arh.-< to b>nwsrded by tbe Mount
Vernon Obaptcr, D. A. B., io tbe _ee
School on Monday, at 3 p. m. is tbe glft
o( Mia. KiTe Waller Barrett, who ia ao
-Itally ioteristed in tbe u >liltof womeo
and wbo la doicg so niach t > ioci.e yoong
KirU to bighcr aaibitions aod greateric
t dlectual activitiis. Ibe M. u it Ver?
non Ooap'.er oflared a a'milar pr'za in
the Waahington Scbool, but bo Ii t e in
terest was shown tbe prlti wis with
drawn, only two boys entering ihe con
ttat in a room of fifty.
Mrs. LillUo E. Manfi.M yesterday
iostitated proceediogs io the Sapreme
0. u:t of theDI f'c: ofOolambla against
Rooert N Maostisld for maintenance.
r- Ma" rl 11* -"re married io Alexao*.
,.,. A ft IWH>. Mr?. Maaafield
?.. U B V ? I " - 1 I
Oier one luodred of the Maaooic
Iriendaof Mr. Henry K. Field gsthered
H the Ytnog People'a boildiog of the
M. E Ohorch S n b lai t night where a
social aod amoker waa tendeied bim.
M*. Field la a past-rxaat;r of Aodrew
Jackaon Lodge aod 11 the recent me. t ng
of the Grand Lodge of Virginia he wbb
elected g'anl jaolor deaton. It was
ln recognltion ol thia bonor cooferred
npon him thu Ibe aocial waa conceived
aad so saccesslully carricd cut in all ita
A boo: t'ul aupper, prepared by the
ladita of the M. E Onurcb Sonth, waa
aerved. The tablea were prt t ly eet
and decortted and ihe ladiea ac ed moat
cbarmlogly a* wa tresaea.
After theiupper clgara were l-gtua
?od Mr. 8. P. Fiahor cslled tbe assem
blage to order, after which Rev. C D.
Bulla invcked a blessing n, oo thegather
M'. Fieberthen in an intereatingmao
ner told of tbe intereit manlfeated by
Mr. Field io the princlplea of Freemt
aonry, the eateem ln which he haa al
wayt be;n beld by tbe membera of h'a
lodge bb well ai by all Maaons in Alex
andria and tbe token cf arpreclatlon
which waa Bhown by the Grand Lodge
wben that bcdy aelected him aa grand
janior deacoo.
Mr. Field made a fit Ing reply, ln
wbich he expreflsed bia appreciation of
toe cocfidcnce bestowed npon him by
tbe Maaonlc fratern t r, aod asaored all
prrsent thet bis intereet in theinatltntlon
and the principlta Incolcatd by Fret
maaonry an u'd alwaja receive his attec
tlon and cloae atudy.
*3peechea were eabsfqaerfy made by
Messrs. 0. H. Oallahsn, J. B Graham,
Donald Altcheaon, E. E. Downbam,
R. W. Arnold, R?v. 0. D. Balla, L.
Buheo, J. E. Alexander, Frank W.
Latham, T. A Fisber, J. E. Tlbbati.,
of WashingtoD, T. 0. Llndaey, W. L.
Alleo and ctbere.
After alnglng "Aa!d Lmg Syne, tbe
company at a late hoar departed for thelr
Slate-wlde prohibtlco aod lo:al optlon
j iloed laanei yesterday at tbe Oapttol in
Bichmond, wbeo a amall army of advo
cates of bttb sldes appeared before the
Senstaand House commit'ees on privl
legea aod electiooa to wage a war of
words over the Strode atat9 wide prohi
bitioo bill. A number of ladies were
A'ter the prohibit'onltti had cooclua
ed t >eir aigumeotB Mr. J. Y. Willlams,
of Alexaodria, ssld that if tbe bill be
came law the coeamerclal ioteres'a of
this city wcnld sorlar tremeodcnily.
There Is a large brewerv lo thls place,
as well as four glass factories. These
enterprise* would be destroyed, be said,
and 100 employea tbrown mofworr.
Probibitlon wc uld do tbe city no good;
its proximity to Washlngtoo will make
liqu ar essy to get, he argoed.
Mr. A. D. Brockett, of Alexandria,
vice president of tbeOhamberof Com
merce aod ex-presldeot of the Vr?rginl?
T. P. A., favored local optioo. He
th'cujht tbe people bad na more tight to
legialate 1'qn * out of bla city than the
legialitire has.
There were no caaea before the Police
O.u t ibis morolog.
Eggs are etlling in Frederlcisiorg at
22 ceots ptr dceso.
The mlld wettber ol tbe pa?i few daji
haa almoBt cleared tbe river of Ice.
ThediocersetatW H.Peck'sstoretba
week was won by Micia.e Ohampi, of
nonh Weat iteet.
Tbe clock In tbe city fcall bolldiog is
now llglt.'d by electriclty, 16 llglti be
ing nsed for tbe porpose.
No ludness was traoaatt.d at Ihe
maetiog last nlght of th* George Wa?b
lo,tan Associtt on on accouot of tbe
small atteodance.
It is nodrrstcod tbat Mr. J.G Wonlley
will deliver ao sddiesa at the fiiptlst
Church next Snoday afternoon oo the
rlgbt cf tbe people I a vote on a'.at i-wide
The city electr'o car csu;ht firelait
nlglt at the lotersect'oo of King acd
Fairlsx Btreetf. Tbe flimee were >u'a
doed by an exiio$u?shtr which was
br; nrht from tbe Relief tm:k hcu-e.
TheBairdof Fire Wardena at tbelr
meeting last nlght decided toiu'chssp
one thrutaodftetof bosefrom iheFabrls
Fire H )oae Compaoy of New York. Tbe
oew boae will arrive bere duriog the
next two weeks.
The funeral of the late Mrs. Mary A.
Dinlel took place from the reaideoce cu
Oameron street tbis afternoon. Tha aer?
vices were condocted by Rev. W. 8.
Watson, and theiotermeot waaio Bethel
Some excit?ment w ta caoaed oo npper
Kiogftreel, oear Spricg Park, yetniday
a'isrncon, by a figtt between t vo oegroes
who were engaged In M*<t :hing elcctric
wlres, They fougtt uotii they grew
tired, b< lb belligeieoteihavlng beeo tadly
uaed up No arreata were made.
"Saoaage de Lnxe" naean those irresiftihi^y
delicious *.uth Sausages. When we told thn
toUr Eimtien, he >?id: ' De lcoks" va
alright. bnt how abont their taite." Ofoour-e
he kntw they re the kiui that alwuya taste
like more. He waa jast trying to kil us.
Tho?e irresutibly delicious Auth tiautages
and fooi producta are of the "de lnxe" va
riety because they look good, taate bi'.ter and
ara the heat. Now honeatly. don't they look
good to yon '.' 8ylvan Blondueina, The Auth
Btand and The Anth Market.
Best Elgln Creaniery Ila'ter, 35o lb
Good Couniry Boll Butter, !8a lb. Uuaran
Irei Eggn, 30e dozn: -eedless Rnisins, tt lb j
3 lb*. Beat Evaporated Peache*. Me; 3 Ibs.
Large Prunee, 26r; 4 caoa Beat Toraatoes. 25c;
4 cana Sugar Corn, 25c; 4 cana String Be _?,
Vc: 3 cans Fi*h Roe, He; I euna Singapore
Piueapple, 25c; 3 large cana Peara, 2*c; 3 large
cana Applee, 25r; Sweet Florida Orangea, 15c
dozen; Walnut kernela, 50o lb.: Freah Florida
Tornatoes, 12|3 1K.; Seaia Early June Pe?i?,
?2^c- 7 lb?. fnre Buckwheat, 25c. W. P.
Woolu. k BOS, Royal and Wolfe atreeU.
The Board of Pe'.ice OommissioDera at
tbeir meetlog last oigl t called the atter
tioo of Obief Gocda to the practice co
the part of tho voorg-r geoeratioo cf
rollerakaticg oo t te sidewalka wbich ls
a caose of cbronic complaiot. A city
ordiance prohlb I > any diversion daoger
oub to t ie parllcipat 11 or other*, aod the
police will be directed t ? keep akat are ofl
tbe eidewalks, as they of ea colllde w'tb
The Alexaodria Elett ic Oompany this
afterooon fiolshed the work of stretchlog
wlres aod placiog e'ectrical appl aoces
io Roiemoot, and the curreot will be
taroed oo tooigbt and hooaee io tbat
plaee Ulamlottdd bf fleotricltr The
work bas b*,n d-o* nodfr he dr.f'.oo
i 1|| L .* K ' i
Mr. and Mra. Oaar'ea Budbeim acd
aon have n n oed bome from a pliasant
visit apet t w 11 Mr. and Mra. 8am
Bendheim, of Ricbmood.
Mr. and Mra. Oc'avia J. Sielihave
iiaaed Ilv t t one for tbe marrlage of
toeir daii^her, Edaibtth MacDweld
Oarver, to M'. Mi I ?n D. Hail, of F*ir
fsxcounty, on Wedoeeday. March <u.,
at 12:30, at Fryal Oik, Wake Foreat,
North Caroiina.
Mr. Joho A. Marahall, who baa jaat
Morned from t he 11 >l ?rr;?Ks of Arkan
ass, is qaite sick at bia bome io thia c I \
Mr. Jamta Keogb, who recently
ip ainrd l U right leg. baa retnroed to
blaru.ualn tbePoit ffi:e Department,
io Waahington.
At ilia Lsnten Bfrvicea t) be beld at
OtratOhorch tonlg t Rev. 0. Erneat
Smitb, ofSt. Thomaa's Ctuch, VVbbL
ior'oo, will deliver an addresa.
Mr. Caarles A. Ooiran who haa been
qu te alck for the pait few daya, ia able
to be tu'Bgain.
Mra. W. B. Daingerfield left I >day fcr
Frederkkaburg to via t her brothcr, Mr.
J. A. Taylor.
Rt. Rv. A. M. Raodolpb, D. P?
Uahopof the Soatbera Virglola, wlll
preacb io Eumai u 1 Ooape', Tbeolog ? I
8'minarj,Sindav morolnv, Febraary 27.
Virginia News.
Mary Ei.-ke, widow of William A.
Barke, for many yeara poetmaater o?
Stannton, died yeeterday aged abont 70
Oharlea H. M?ddox and Eloa Mor
gao, both of Prince Wllilam couitr,
were married in Waahlngtoo yeeterday
by Rev. J. B. McLaughlio.
J. T. Boydrr, a well-known horaf
mio, t >ok landanum at a R'chmond
hotel laat night, aod died before pby
alciana conld retmclUta him, 3oyder Ib
a nativeot Scottsviile.
llenry 0. Glbeou haa Bold Klgehill
farm, atx ut threemllea noith ot Wa'er
ford, Londoun connty, and cottalning
341 acreaof land, to L. F. Toutf, ol
Graesy Oreek, N. 0.
The Pamuokey rlver Iodiana yeater
day p id their annn.l tricute to the
governorcf Virginia. Ohief Oooke and
Ooooaellor Brsdiey brooght baaketa ol
dack and flah to ibeOapitol anl preaent
ed tbem u Governor Mann with stately
maoner and ihe traditional aimple cert
mony. The Indlana repreaent a aar
viving trlheoi thePowhatan oatlon.
Reporta rrceived at the War DeparU
mentehow lhat at the recect ex-mlnt
tton at Weat Point, N. Y., of candidatte
for appoinlment as cadeta nt the TJolted
r*t itca Militiry Academy I uv 105 of tbe
number were aacoesafni. In the liat
of aucceBsfnl caodida'e? are JsmeaD.
Ohriatlan, H?rle:t 8. Ragiand aad Adam
E. Pottf, of Virginia.
MeBars. Daviafc Davia, Waahington
patent attorneys, report the granl, tbis
week, to citi*.?ns of tbis atate, of the
followiog patents: Lloyd L. Arnold,
North Taxawell, axle Inbticttir; Wm
0 Low?on, Boanoke, elevated railwa ;
lleoj. W. 8n:tb, Lscrosae, eotdrlrg
racgejOuland N. Whlallcr and 0. 0.
11 am, Fort Monroe, device for cc
reciing the eaitvs curvaue and at
mospheric refraction on a depresalon
position fiader; Rfcbard 0. Wigb>,
Ricbmood, stencil macblne, and Hoorge
8. Wibiams, Norfolk, vaire for pieu
mallc auilc.l ioit umttts.
The Strlke In M*_tana
Butte, Mont., Feb. 17 ?Tbe aliu t oo
ia Butte today Indicatea a prolonged
auapenaion of work In all I >e big mines
By aifial connl, the ddspit i bjtween ill
engineers and M'ners' Uaion bave
forctd '',000 men into idleneif. It is
regarded aa almo t certsiu lhat within
fire daya the ama'gamated bokI en flt
G-eat Falla and Aoacordo, rmploylng
abt ti'.4,000 noen wlll be fcrcrdtoBus
pend. The inio'e ia one |Uril| of
juriaJictioa between the engineers and
tie minera'union, tbe former desiring
to pull away from tbe Weatern Fudera
t;on and t ying to compel the compaoles
to ralae taerr.
Attacks Lawyers and Doctors.
Obicsgo, Ftb. 17 ? Richsrd T. 0 anr
bas dlpped bla pen ln v 1 lol Ina'.tackiog
"Tbe Edacatlonal Evil," a secanc* t mr,
aod thls time tbe legal and raedica' prt
feBSors bear the brunt of the tirsde. In
tbe current isiue of tbe Valve World, a
trade jauroal Issued by tbe Oraoe Com?
paoy, Crane blames tbe lawyer for ball
of ihensiioo'Bcrlme. Craoe ssy
"Ooe half of all thecrlmr, lmposilon,
.'raod aod coriuptioo we fiod la doe to
lawyeis. Tblscltss of men make wholt
sile robbery aod tbeft posilb e aod bave
given to thtse crimes tbe air of resprct
abilty; tbey aie tbe oaei who humbog
jadges aad jorles.
"Tbey at&ai llke * stone wall be?
tween tha crimloalt and tbe poblic aod
enable tba raaoala t a keep (ut ol'the peni
"The overdercrowdlog of t'ie legal
profesaioo ia the chlefctu'e of tbeiuised
neas of tbls line of edu a'.lon, the tu _?
berof lawyers produced b.-log so Isrge
tbi t they are obliged to resart ta all sotts
of dlsbooest measures io otder t a make a
"The over-crowdiog of tbe medical
professlon briogs about cooditkni qo'i?
-imilar to thoae described In refeniogto
tbe lawyers.
Widow Beata off Aeaa'laot:
Obeaier, Pa., Feb. 17?Mrs. Eir.ibetb
Oopple, a widow, who con<' .: s a farm
on the ootsklrta of tbe city and who also
owna a milk rtttte, wbich ahe aervea
berself, was on her way b:ooe when abe
waaitacked by a negro, wbo spracg
from behind a thicket alorg (he road
and jamped into the wagon. Hi n
temp ed to grab hold of Mrs. Copple,
who uied her whip to good advamage,
keeptng her isaailsnt at bay by atriking
bim rrpeatedly oo the head. After a
decperale balt'e tbe plucky woman auc
ceeded io dnvlng tbe man from tbe vr
hicle. Then abe whlpped up hrr hora?
?ad managed 11 elode him. Ia ber
figU with the bighwayman Mra C pple
was badly Iraieed. 8oe had atx o $50
in ber posaeasioo.
On Wednesiay, February 1*. 1910. st 3.15
p m, after a short illaeas TllOMAS J
DOWNEY, beloved ?on of Tboma* D. and
(Vherine Downey,. ttd 2+ yean. Funeral
from th*r*>HlenceW-*%B?ther, -.15 Franklin
atreet. gatnrday morr*. >.* Beqaiem ms-at
E1 Msry'sChurnh atir.W o'clock. Inte?m?nt
in dt. Mary'acernetery. Belativesand friend*
of famlly iuvited to attsnd.
In Kew York citr.Thnrslay, Februsry 17,
ldlO JOHN 8. BICE, son of Juhn P. K"*,
;. , pK*i r?lt~-*t Msrv'a I'barch
...'.?-.' . I te m'rt
Any Coat in Stock at
One ofThese Prices
Values rangc from $10 up to $40.
Esr $4.i>5-$7.95--$l2.75
price lots i ^
I ong eo?la of chaviot. trelton cl..th. broadcloth. Engliah mixtnre. and othe. .m
ilar weiveT Come early before the b*t are p.eked out. _
?? . hi.rtr.in i.rice Situated on north ColumHus atreet, wherevalue*
arlncreas",_ Vot VxlOOtoa wide cleaoalley. Frame dwelLng
are inrreasi^ i w ndowa on the soulh
Th?"ho_!_ha rnom^and - rnodern bath; porcelain tob an.
wah8?antI;.owl,nk c.osef; bot W?t?rboilar ***** ?-JJ
PRICE $2,500.
Realtyjnsurance, B^nding^628KipgLs_reel'_
Bixty-firftt ('ongress.
(Second Seaslon )
Waahington, Feb. 17.
Tbe8!0rte t -day conaidercd and paac
edthe comular aod diplomatia apprc
prlatlon hill. It cirrirs $1,110,000 or
approximately $.350,000 more thao when
it came to the II iubc
ejenst i Davla epoke 11 letgth In op
posltion t > a bill permittirg I ie con
ttraction of a pipe ii e across tbe pnblic
lsnda of Arkansa*. The bl!l was it
called from he H-.ma aad recoosldered
for that purpoaa.
He deot u ;ccd tbe Standard Oil Oom
pany (fficia'a ai a a i of thievea and
robbtrs; be charg-d that Seoator Orren,
of Oklshoma, wna too much intereited
in the MtandtrJ Oil and appea'ed lo the
Senste to keep this mooi p >ly ittf of thia
The bill waa raistd.
The followlng comm.'t te wa< an
oounced by Vict-Preaident Hherrcaa to
eondact tho incraas.d cost of liviog in
vesfigstlon ordered by the S8nate.
Sonators, Ladge, Galling^r, McOum
ber, 8mo t an 1 Onwlord, (r rpi ) and
?Jimmons and (J.ark of Arkanais, (lem )
A nutii1>er of DUtrict of l/olunibia
billi were paaatd. ?_
Aaother Removal Exp!Cted.
Mare Ulo.tl, Cal f., P?*?. 17?The ?e
tion of Secreln-y of the Navy Meyer ln
removing i^ irauish'ler C A C jrr by
UK-gram ftCOl bia position ai heal of
the .n^ineerlngforce of the Navy Yard
is expecte-l to he fi llowert by the re
moval of Admbal Phelps ai comnanl
an*. Wbile it is stated tba'. there is a
connection betwetn tlie supercedm? of
CommanderCuTanl thefa'al aeddent
cn thedestrovcr llopkina, it la believed
the axe will bc use.l on Admiral Phtlps
because he oppose<l tbe Ncwberry re
orgiutixatioa *. lai. wbile, at the nme
time, it can be niale toappear aa a
devlopment of the II >pkins matter.
Repudlatea New^paper'a Demaod.
Tokio, Ftb. 17.?oil ihe foreign office
today it wai atated emp'oi t -al!y I iat t ie
iiclsraiion Iu Ihe newspsprr Aaabl de.
manding thi t he gcvcrnmei i take 11 >pe
tocorxpjlthe Uaiicd Safi to extend
Ihe n?t iralzitloo provlslon to Japaneae
!a obnoxloua tn ihe JapsntBe govern
ment. Thecfflciais declare t oat pauiotlam
ccuplfd whiaoial coace. t-ation will
be necesssry nmm hatin iaternatlcnal
r mpeiitlon Tbe i ih: a!i d.-clare tbat
Jjpaiea* j!i-n'd be encn.aged to re
malo at i.otne io cr.br to provide for
this, ira*moib ai :ho prpol.too ol
Jipan la loa.tq'nte H the beat.
KUltd by Exploalon.
Bresl, Feb. 17.? Ine caplaln of the
three tnasted aebconer J aone d'Aro waa
killfd t.oday and t io of tbo traw daoger
onaly Ir jnreu by an rxplosion aborrJ tbe
scbooner ubile the ciesr waa unloading
kerosene aod a quiotitr of cellolold. A
llgbt 'd cand'e caaaed toe explos'.on, The
achooner was bodly rla-sged.
New Vork Stock Market.
Bfetr Y<rk, Frb. O Tlie atock market
rontinuod atrong at the aUrl aml in tlieeaily
trading with fractimiil gaiaa over verteroay'a
closina in mo-t a-tive kftoaa Altbonnh there
were soms reeff-io::' frosn npwiaai fiijurea the
trne rontinued etio.ie'.'>r u.-l. tha lir-t hcur
with Ri''i?rally subslaMisI ejaios. Ad itional
gsius uer* made in lb* 1 B! halfcf the fore
nonn in man; ? t'the Isadieg r*il'oad isanet.
I'nioo Pa< ilio wai up over two pciuH. Lon?
don buying coutintel atrontf.
A Husbind's Tirrible Deed
Acqni, I'aly, P?b. 17 \< the reault
of a qoarrel with his wife today, l.'tillio
Boida Bhot acd killed her, clioked bis
oldest cbill to deatb, lehealed his
other cbill aid cominitted auictde by
juniping down a cfcaatu.
Exploiion in a Mim
gelina Grrve. Feb 17 -Cireleanesa in tha
handlingof dynamiteeapf, toiav reaa:i'ed ia
a ter tiio eiplo?ion la the miaa uf the Trever
ton Coal Latd Conapanr. (t Dankleb?rger,
rntonibin? a a.-ore BS* mii.tr-, ??"n.e of whom it
in f.-nred W ?recrnaht-1 to deatb. Thre-a uien
were extricittil at noon. Al were fatally in
iured. A hundred poandsot dtnanaite eapa
went ofl. They were s-n in the rninn into
a box and careleaaaeas in opening aet ofl the
entire cbarge.
Tha Kafser Haa loflucpzi.
Feilio, Feb. 17.?The katier la todiy
confiaed ti bis bed with an ettsck of
l^fluer.za. Tbe p_Me pbyslcians ssy
hat his ccndition ia tu at all seritui
andtiatwtito a few dsya he will bs
cut, Tbe kaUer's chiooic esr tn Q ale
has been aggravated by tha icduiczi aod
helaar.flerioggteit palo.
Fallirg from atlippiry car platform
William E. Boyle, 35 years old, a brake
man, waa grr.ucd t < deatb beoeath '.be
wheels at Mabooey City, Pa., today.
Tbe car had to br j tcked to ex.ricate Ihe
bidy. John Micivitz, aged 32, was
cinsbed to d>_'b st the Oilbertoo mioe
n#ar Maaooey City by a fall of rxk.
H 1 badf wa* buried under tooi of took
f r '1 I rt,
Return Engagement.
One night only -Frlday. February 18-s gi
ganUcdonble bill.
The uisn of myaler?with veuderille and
moving picturee.
4 Nlght With (he Spirits.
New eeneational featurea Also Houdon't
utieatl n reading a"t. The b*at programae
jetcflered by Houdoo. Don'tmiasit.
Reeervedseata6eextra. fcVure aeata mad-,
vance at Wartield'a Drug Store. Picturaa
atart at 7*0. 8?anre begina at 8.16.
"I have worn W. L. Dcuglas shoes lor th,
past sia yaart, and always tind they are ta.
superior to all other high grade shoes in style
comtort and durablllty." W. Q. JONE3,
119 Howard A.e . Utka. N V.
If I could take you into nay large fac
toriea at Brockton, Maaa., and ahow foi
how carefuliy W. L. Douglaa ahoea ar..
made, you would realize why they hold
their ahape, fit better, wear longer, and
are of greater vaiue than any other make
i i i"riuaai~5eethat W i? PeaaUaaaaa aad prle
? .1 on iha bettom. Takf N<> Siil>?iii<u<
.. ,ieal.-t caimot Ut yon with ? i .
i Mail Orittr Catalos. W.L.Dougiaa, Bioclrten
Mas*. -, FOR BA_? BT
The Llodner Slhoe for Ladles fine
wear has oo equil. Joho A. Marsbali
& Bro? 422 KUog street.
Wholesale Prtcea of Produc?
flourExtra. 6 75 a C00
Family. 8 26 a f?7G
Fanoy branda. 660 a 700
tVheat, longbarry.- 123 a 126
Mixed. 12S a 1 ?
Fn.ta. 121 a 123
Dampand tough. 100 a 105
Corn, whita. 0 70 a 0 76
Mixed. 0d8 a 070
Yellow. OiV} a 0 70
Com-eal. 0/2 a 075
_ye. 07o a 0*0
Oate, mixed. new. 050 a 065
Whlte. new. 050 a 067
CloverSeed.1. 800 a 950
Timothy. 176 a 20J
Hay_. 2100 a 2201
F.lpin Print Bntter. 032 a 0?3
Bntter. Virginia, packed. 018 a 020
Choioa Virginia. 0 20 a 0 25
Couimon to middling. 014 a 016
Eag, . 0 31 a 033
Live Chickena (hans). 0 11 a 0 12
Spring Chiokena ..-. 0 20 a 0 22
Potatoee, per Du. 66 ? '<>
Sweet Potatoes bbl. 2 60 a 3 00
Ouiens, per bushei. 1 00 a 1 20
Apples. per bbl. 300 a 500
Drual Peachea. pealad. 008J * 0(9
I'ork, per 100 lbi. 9 60 a 10 50
Baoon, coantry hanaa. 0 1/ a 0 18
Beat augar-cured banas. 017 a 0 18
Breakfaat Baeen. 017 a 01/
Sngar-cured ahouldera. 000 a Ol.'j
Bulkahouldera. 0 12 a 0 1S
Dry Salt sides. 0 131 a OUt
Suirar . oco ? 00u
Ofl-'" . 510 a 516
Conf. Btandard. 6)2 a 618
Granulated. 626 a 646
Cofleea-Bio. J ? 016
LaOuayra . ?J6 ? Olfl
Java.... 018 a OM
MolaeseeB. 8. 015 a 016
CB . 017 a 0 22
New Orleana. 0 20 a 0 46
BigarSyrupa. 016 a 031
&rto?c?..--... 022 a 036
8alt-G. A. 060 a 065
Fine.? 085 a 0 90
tvool-loni, unwaahsd- 028 a 0M
Waahed".. 032 a 033
Menno, nnwaabed. 028 a 029
Do. waahed. 024 a 0M
Herring, EaaUrn perbbi. 676 a 760
Potomac family roe. 4 50 a 000
Mackerel, amall per bbl. 1300 a 14 00
No.Smedium. 1400 a 14 50
Pliater, groond, per ton. 450 a 500
Uronod in baga. 6 60 a 6 60
The Begal bboe for meo ia all rbe
oew Issts cao be bad of|Jobo A. Mar?
sbali A Bro., 422 Klog atreet.
Standard Army Shoes for men. The
moat comfortable andduratleahoe made
can be bad at J. A. Marahall & Broa.'
422 King atreet._
Leadbsatar'a gnarantaed C-arry Congb
Banwdy ?o eurs oougha, Ws don'l sav-or
yoa/ moosy b?ck, beesaak thsra'a nnoeea, It,
' nre*. 1V firalt! ,
X **
\\ Kaufmann Bros f
ik We are showing some advance models of
o Manhattan Shirts at
;? $1.50, $1.65, $2.00 and $2.50.
j 184 Siils aml Overcoats |
I Kauf mann Bros <|
JJ Clothiers, Haberdashers and Tailori.
? 402405 KING STREET.
Citizcos' National Bank
of Alexandria, Va., January 31, 1910.
President, Vice President,
Edwa'd L. Daingerfiel"'; Carroll Pierre,
Richard M. Green, Cashie*. E E. Payne, Assr. Cashier
J. C. Smoot, Edward L Daingerfield, Jaa W Roberta
Worth Hullish,
M.A. Ah'ern,
U. 8. Bonds to se*
cure circulation.
Bonds to secure U.
S. Deposit .
Other ilonds and
Stocks . . .
Banking House &
Real Estate . .
Oasli . . 46,441.1G
Due from
Hanks and
Agents . 99,li? 71
-145,574 67
Carroll Pierce
l rban S Lamber t
Capital .... $100,00000
Surplus . . . .
Undivided Profita
Circulation . . .
Deposits ....
U. S. Deposit . .
$1,037,369 64
Thursday, Friday and
Saturday Nights and
Saturday Matinee.
Princess Bonita
The horse with a human brain.
Doesewythinjr but talk. The meat woc
derful and atartling exhibitinn ever given by
an aniiusl. Thia hor?e ims app*ar*d at
( hase'sTheatre. WnsliiiiKtou, on stversl o
caaionsa* the t'eature arf. Will positively
appear each night at 9 o'clock afb-r r'gular
pi tureahow. Admission, 10<?; 7 to '.', pk
torrg and vaudeville, f>c. Halurday ni - tiis*-*-.
plclons, vauleville and Princess Booita.
Admisaion, 1<K\ feb!5 lw
$1 19 White Crochet
Spreads, 71c.
Pull-si/e Crochet Ppead: made froai he.t
staple stojk; bfnimed, resdy for use. 71 T
$l.iy value. Spicisl. /,w
Full-s'ieailkalioeCornfort, lill-d with heat
white cotton. liaht ani dsrk eolon QJ?{_
$1.19 mdr. Bpecial. ^ww
$1.19 Piece.
1C0 pieces only to uo at snch a b?r pria
12-yard piecea. .16 inchea wide w.ft, <Liiti
tjoisb, apecially adapted l'?r women'a ac
1* ,
tinish, apecially adapted l ?r women'a acil
childrenra weur. We eannot re
place this cl-.th at tbis price. ?t f 1 Q
Piece. ?P B , a V
One bot sir FIRNACE in good condition.
Applr at
267 S Waahington Street.
f?b!6 3t*_ .
0*ntle ftmilv COW (Jerseyi Prias i?*.
P J THOllAS, Pfl Bay, opp^ue Me-iho
to depend on a
that runs fa*t or
slow or runi only
half the time.
Some day you'II wish your
watch kept the correct time.
Why not guard against the tu>
ture? Get a good watch now
We want t i ahow yoo the watches ln
th s atore, all slaodaid movrmenta, in a
large variely of alr?s, stylee and price*.
Oimeinacd we'l! >ln?v you a watch
tbat will fit yoor pcet t w k. Tbe salea
Is nt t completed ? beo yr.o psi D ?, a? wi
gmraotee ibe astcb to keep accuruta
time aod we'll set that it doea.
629 King Street
Men's Sweater Coats
at Cost for This Week.
Some Great Bargains.
W<i bava ibout fcurteeo left over nf
?jra Wool, a d 1; dcxea pirt wool.
JVVe are ahowing the 0
newest designs of the 0
celebrated Libby anJ 0
Hawkes r
R.CActon&Sons J
Cut Qlass
Why buy theap glasa
when ilatb'st coats no
more than the inferior
Jewelera and Silversmitha.
BOY 14 ieara of age. Appl
SM 1TH. IU nortb Fairfax am
fe!>15 3t?
Apply to WM. F,
l OfF. )n Wrdneaday. a BREASTPIN,
'- hait-nn-nn ah.ped, witb a J?*t' bearing ?
l<ea>lasd a diamond. TberiaiJerw.il leave
it at 1111 Cemeron itrest aod rtoeive tewa-d,
fe*al4 tt*

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