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MONDAY EV^NiNG. FEB. 21, 1910.
A atad ia tbi 0,sr.te ol tiat day
IhtRisoa rai;-livorce bill wbich wia
paBi.i ry tbt B nate recsntly and wblch
was un Friday favorably repottedti Ite
II mewltha eugar coatd ameodmert,
arhch piBCticslly meaot nolhlog, waa
kiiled oa Bttu Jay by tie lower brat ch
byavoteof&3 to 16. The Hoase dd
wHl io actting all over Mr. Riawtll
Pags aod biscommt.ea oo courla cf
jm ica aa it did. He koew ,tbe bill wia
op?J8^d by a largo msjirit/ of the goid
people of thefitit)? men and womec?
ye. he pereisted in upbohling it aod at
taaapUd to force ita pasasge. Tbeoppr
neata of the bill based tbeir attacka oo
tha bcliel tbat tbe paessge of the meaa
nre wou'd create a new cauae for divorce
in thia atate, wcu'd act aa an inceitfe
for desertioa bv a l uaband or wife, and
wonld tecd to destroy the bomee. Mr.
1 _g?, howover, ^issented frcm tbia view,
aod asid that in bis c.pinioo It wbb a bill
ln tbe l:t>reat of cimmon homaoitv !
Mr. Oioke ln oppoaiDg the bill BBid tbat
? here was to be f uod before the ltgisltv
tire ooly a paJ atioroey askiog for tbe
passageof thia bill. Tbis atioroey ad
mlta tiat It is doDe for the beoefit of tbe
gunsy party. OootiouiDg Mr. C> k>
aaid la*yers had tald blm shat the word
"may" lo relereoce t tie graotlog cf
11- fi al dlforcB ay-ul 1 meao "moa' "
j^.ev? , h c mni tiee has >
ca ,. ., a p, t -. *nd ba* aoiei-d d
t ie bill. Bnt, ho sa d, it was oo betier,
in the opioion of eminect lawyers wto
bave examioed it. Tbe Beotimebt
which bad beeo aroased dariog th- pa.t
ten dsv3 wa? ton great, aod ihe roaj r ty
lor killing the m? aaore waa overwbelnc
iog, as it Bhonld ha?e been.
A DIBPATCH irom Oairo, Illiooia, tc
da ib.b all is qatstlB tbat ciiy. Cn
Thireday Mgbt b nub Burrouuded * jall
Wbaretwo colored porse-Boatchcrs were
COafin"il ii ihe purpoae of lyocbli-g the
pri'ocer*. Tbo membera cf the gaog
deS:'?i Ibl h Iliera oo j.tnrd when UV
latter were ordered lo fire ir t i tbe wr.old
be lyccbere. Oue volley wbb eufficiept.
Th9 BpltH uf mob law which wbb u?
to fever beat io leas time tban it takea in
tell i'. bad falleo to z?ro. Oae man was kil
ed *od a rtinber wcuided. It la lo be
Hgre 'ed tba: it is at times oeceaaary t
xeaort tj rujb drastic measorea in order
g r'j u pesre, I ?t, like tbood'r
?,tor aa, th y pi'i'y L'-e atmospber?. Tbe
cspt io oftae compaoy wbich wasgutrd
in; tbe j-i! w-sevidety a discipie oi
Napoleoo Bi~i>pa;t.. It will be remem
bered tbat he discbarged a volley of
grap9 Bul caaniater into a Paria mob,
aod the hlatorian aigoificaLi'y obiervea
"and tba revolut on waa over." Oap
taln Waduell, at one time ln cbarge of
tha OoDfedrrale croiser Shenaodoab, io
the li t Bf years of bis life waa in com
maod of ihe Marjiand poliM navy. Tbe
oys er war came oo aod be etarted alter
tbe law-Srakers ioaa-eamernpon which
waa mi n iltd a caonoo. 11a overtook
Bome bcalfl wbich were eogaged io the
war aod ordarad them to heave to. Tbe
cai t tfca paid no at'.ett on to Waddell.
U - diacbar^ed hia caonoo Ii t > tbe nn t,
killing g-rne ofthe crewa and Injorlog
otberr. Tgo newerapera of that c"ay
teraely observed "aod iheoyater war waa
over." Ia tbetiree csaea oited sbove
tbe right men were in tie right piacea.
BpiaKK- B__I> i- ihe fchun of Dek
gat^, ou ?:titday, (,fl:red a bill profic
Iog for the iospectnn of all kerosene and
otb-r illamioaiiDg oila aold ia this aUij.
Uad2r Iba prov s ous of Ihe bill the
atalo cirpi.-a loncariitnit'.oe ia to appolnt
ao oil iQBptct it, who ia to bave bbbIb;
aota, inclodmg a cbemitt. A tax ol
ball a oeot pergalionia to bs charged oil
cjmpaDiea to pay for thia. Tbia in
crtaa; ia alaaed at theStandard Oil Ootn
pany. Thespeaker s?ems to look nct
beyond ibe end of bis nose Id tbia ma'.
ter. Does be not see that if tbe Btate j uta
tbe t x on oil the oavnera ol the oil avill
aimply ralse tbe price and then the peo?
pla will pa? the tax. Bilthe preralllog
idea with mauy of tbe preaent legialators
la "the peopla he d?." Mr. B/rd haa
become occ of tbe moit ladical membsra
cf tbe lagtala u-e and with snch a radical
at its bettt', but litlle cao bs expected oi
tho b dy.
Foua pdmlDiatralion meaiures, it is
now taid by Mr. Tuft's friend*, are at
i ured cf p?38age at thia session nf Cosgreas
Afier c^nlftences with ssoators and rep
reaentatives oa Sasurday, Preaidect Tsft
tild calitrsthathe felt cc-rtaln the amend
mrnta to the interslate csmmerce act,
the poetal saviege bank bill, the anti
ipjuac'ion propositlonsand the atetsbood
bill will go tircugh. The aitoation now
aeema to portend tbat the Alaaka legisla
tive c.uocil bill, the federal incorpora
tion bill aad several other meaiures de
aired by the president will either fall by
tbe wayside orb? laid uoon tbe alielf for
another time. Evec t ie I ur mesanrra
meotioned above maygttaway fron M'.
Taft befote be kcows it,
From Waahington.
tCarraarpendenae ot ths Alexandria Gasetie.
Waahingtnn, February 21.
Ba_atOt Tillman continoea to improvr.
Hia phyBkians a?y tbeparalyals ia much
less thao yeaterday. Hla mlnd ia very
clear aod memory excellent. Tbe ?_>
look 1b more eocooraging than > t any
time sioce bia illneas begao.
Seoator rjmlth at noon today vaa re
poit-d to be lo a satlefactory cooditlon.
He ia now conaldered well on tbe road
to recovery.
Repreaentatire Perkioa, tbe republi?
can coogresamao from Bocheater, N. V.,
ia very Ul at Girfield Hoapltal, (uSeriog
from a bladder trcuble.
Ibe temoval of tbe body of A_ba*?a
dorNabaoo of B.-szil to the Ms rbwer
baa beeo postponed becaose of tbe fal'
nreof tbe Braziliao battleahip, Miuas
Gera-a, lo put in ao agpearance at Kor
folk. The body of tbe late ambaaaedor
wbb to have left Waahington today for
Norfolk to re placed aboard the cruiBer
North Oarolioa for the foyage to Bio.
The chargea broogbt again t Gj_?I'
eioner of Labor Netll by Thomas B.
D*wley were atampted as "abaolotely
ujf uaded" by Seeretary Nagel today.
Dawley charged Nelll wltb incomptt -
teocy geoerally and wbh willfu miarep.
resentatlon of facta io woman and cbild
labor inmtigatloo now being made by
the labor bureau.
Tbe Alabama State francbiie tax law
waa today declared nncomtitutlonal by
decleion of tbe United Statta Supreme
Ooort in the teat suits by the Scuthem
and LooiBvllle and Nashvllle railroadr.
Tbe judgement of tbe oirooit court
of ibe Uoited States for tbe Arkansss
district io dlamlaaiog the suit of the
W. U. Telegrapb Oompaoy agalnst the
state to enjoln enforcemeot of ihe cor
ptiratlon tax law passed May 13, 190T,
avaa revtrsed by decision in tbe case
toiay by tbe Sapreme Oourt ol t ie
United Statea holdicg tbe atatute nn
That Frederick A. Peckharo, Mosea
Haas and Theodore il. Price, thrae ol
tbe partlea ta the famotn "coltmleak
scandal" of 1905, moet facs trial fcr
their alleged participatioo, before thf
cdi-ta oftheDi trlct of Oolimbla, was
the declaloo of tbe U. -. Supreme Oturt
Pratt'cally all of the claima of thf
St t'Of Weft Virginia io tbe famoos
t uadary dispote ol tbat Oommonwealth
? ih the Bta'e of Marrland, aa <n ownei
abip ot Preetio c-ooty, W?st Virginia,
were t >day au t.ioed by deciaioo of tbe
Jijpreme Ojort.
A delffcat 0D ?f Dfgroes ?f 'he varinus
Oongr.'fBii.oal dhtricta of Ketticky,
aaked PresidcDt Tafi t idsy to appoli t
ilbert S. Whlte, ol L-iciaellle, a nrgr >
laavyer, as mlnisier lo Haj T. The dele
gatioo was preeenied bySenatorBradlty,
The atate <f Minnesotiis winner ln
the ittll ot Ih9 Qreat Nonhern and otber
raUroads to teat tbe groes earnings of
1902. This is the decision of the U. S
Supreme Ooort
JuBice Lnrton, tie oeweit member of
tbe U. S. Supreme Out t,today reodered
bisfiM drcislon aa a member of la*
h gbest c< ti t Ihread tbe opiaion o<
tin cotr. ii tbe caseof tbe comptrullerof
G?orgia Bgainat the Ge< rjla Bailway snd
Bioklng Oompsny, bold.ng generally ln
favor of tbe I tt r, lo a auit over tbe
aorll'.atluntf ibe G'orgla Stan law ot
1903 t ixing cotporr t oos on the Bum al?
leged to be In excess of i-Tcitnumt ovrr
pa.t of tbecap t.l atock.
The oorporatlona ol tie country ba?e
deciared a war againit ihe CDrpor?tioo
tax, and Preaident Taft la beiog made
t_| b-tt of tieir attackson tbemeasuiea.
The corptra?e iotertsts, besidee their
general at'.ack agaifit ne publlcily
feature of t U law, have ioaugurated a
ov.vemer t hckiog towsrd the repeal of
the entire meaeure. Aa a prellmluary
aorimsgeto the batile royal Bepreattti
tlve ftterllog of Iillnoia today preaeoted
to tie preeidett a la er algned by 30
corporat ons doiog bosmeBaln Bloomlog
too, Illiuola, asktog tae preaident to rec
ommaad to OoDgresa that t ie law be
kllled. Deepite ihe oppoa t on to tbe
law wbich haa developed ail along ibe
line, on tbe line of the coiporation, t'ae
president steadfat y niaiotslns tba: the
law shoold be "given a chance." Be
Ib prepariog t > make an a t mpt to Beonre
ao appropriatioo of $50,000 n make
cpeiatlve tbe poblic.ty ftaore of the
President Taft will Bpeod Washington'a
blithdaylo New York Iia will leave
WaBhlDptio tomorrow moroing, and
reacb tie metropills in the af
terooon, golug to the bome of hia brother,
Henry W. Taft. Io ne evenlojr, he wiil
a.teod the diooer of the Socittyoltbe
Oiociooatl ofNew Jersey at tbe Pbza
Hotel, wbere he will to tbe [iiastof
hooor. The prealdeot will leave New
York Wedneaday fcr Newark, wbere be
wlll address the Newaik B'.srd ol irs-b
Wednrsrlay aft ?rnooD. He wlll re u:n
to Waihlogtoo Ttn'iday morolng
The qu atl n of b iw far a state raiy
grt In compslliog railroada crosaing tbeir
bordera li provlde lacilltles for passcn
ge a, was decided lo tbe U. P, Saprenae
Oourt today In the caai of the M ascurl
Pacific agaioat the atate of Kaoaas
Tbe decialon of theb'upreme Conrt today
la tbat the order mutt be obaerved and
opholda tbe s'ale's cooteotloo.
Tbe Arkansai St ti law provlding for
a cbeitar fee for forelgn corpon t'oos be?
fore permlttlog tbem to do boaloeas in
tbe atats waa yeaterday afterocon de
clartd ii iconatitutlooal hy tbe Soprerae
Ouuit, three jiatlces dieieodlog. The
anit was one bnogtt by the Wemrn
0 tion TelegrapbOompany to t ?*t ihe law
Theappeal of the II nnis Diatilling
Cimpany. of Baltimore, from tbe decls
ion of the circuit court awaiding the
City of Baltimore $21,697 damages for
non-payment of city taxes by the com
pany, wbb today diamissed by the l. S.
Supreme. Court.
A decision in the tohacco trust case wss not
rsndeied by the l. 8. Supreme Court today.
Warnlng to Prlace Nicholaa.
Vieooa, Feb. 21.?Pricce Nicholaa,
of Oreece, who waa en ronte from el.
Pttersbnrg to A haoa 11 ettetd a conocil
of the r iyal fatnliy, waa lntercep'.ed t -
day at Trleate by a dlspatcb t illlng him
not to come to Athens at thl* time.
Tbe mtassge indicates an ontipectcd
devclopment in tbe Oreek crisls, bnt
whtther itmeaosthat Kiog George bas
gaioed conlril over tbe army league
aod haa decided oot to abdicata, or that
tbe prcaeoceof NicholaBin Atbenawculd
add to the danger confrooting tbe rojal
famlly, ia not koowo.
Beveral Vieooa papera declare that the
r-call of tbe prloce wasdoe to the kiog'a
determioation ti abdica.e at tbe eod of
ne week.
Standard Army Shoea for men. The
moat comfortable anddnrableahoe made
can be bad at J. A. Marsball & BroV
1 422 king Btreet,
The Strika in Pt llsdelphia.
Philadelphia, Feb. 21.?Duriog laat
n'gtt'a rioiiog twer t/ policerr.en aod
x.ver fifty citizjus were icjared. Over a
Luadred arrtsis were made.
Oa the Lsocaster Averus diflaion
pollce are hanrfliog t ie controller under
tbe directinn ol the oot -u >1od motormeo.
Shortly nt-reight o'clock tbia incrr
ing rioiiog waa r< uoaed in s-verai sec
tiooa of tbe city. Io responre to not
ealls pollce soppreaaed tbe dlatorbaoce
before aoy real damege waa done to tar*
or crewa,
Today'a rlo.lcg began witb sn at'ack
oo a car at Keosiogtoa aod Lehigh Avt
Bii'8 wbere a mob, usirg bricka ?nd
cobblestones, broke every sriodow in "he
car. The whicle, manntd by foor pr>
licemen protecling tbe crew, carikd no
psBsecgers. The police cbarged the
erowd wblcb disperatd withtu foititr
Two passengera were eeDl to tbe Epi?
cjpal Hospital aa the renolt cf an attack
oo a car at Oambria aod Kensingtno
Avetuj*. A mob of more thao a th m
and broke all t ie wiodows of tbe vehicle,
t re away the Iron gatea, attacked tbe
pasaeogera aod crew. Molorman, coc
ductcr aod piaseDgera were drsgged to
the b riets aod besten. The mob was
oot dispersed uutil a riot call had
seot to tbe c t/ hall which brooajht reic
Later in tbe day the police bad to nse
their clubs on a crowd which ?'tac*><
?wo cars at Keosington Avenae aw*i
Umtiogdon street. Althcogb both vthi
clea were filled witb policemeo, tbey
were stooed from the a dewalk and from
tbe roofa of bousea uiiil forced lo atop.
Cara were beirg ron at more freqoei t
iotervala lo thia aectioo, bot carried iew
passeogera. Drlvers ol wagona are ald
iog tbe r'otera lo obatructlng tbe t.-a.ks.
Philadelphia, Feb.21.? The attempif d
lynchiog of a mttirmsn by ao inftiriated
mob ln KeoBlogton, shortly before ooon
t :day, reaolted ln the Irjurlng ol fo ty
ritt .ra by pollce who rode down the mob.
lo aoawer to rbt calls. Io'iiriated sym
psthifers, maddeoed by tbe imporlatioo
of atrlkf-breskere, attacked a car a' tbe
rrroer of Keoslogton Aveoue, aod D
.t'eets, dragged the motorman aad c>n
c'utfor from their po*t?, polled the fmr
policemeo guardlngthemcfl tbe car, and
wbile a numbr r beld the cfficers 11 .art
rao the mtt irmao to a lamp poat, tbrew
* rrpe aroood his oeck and were on the
piiot of lyochlDg blm wbeo he was
rescoed in a tbrillinsr traoner by moutt f?
pollce Lieotecaot rtylea. B--aten ottll
he wbb berdly able to staod tbe moior
mau pleaded plteously with the mob to
spare hU 1 tf. 8ykes, lo answer 11 the
fir.t rlot call, came daahiog artiiid tbi
corner, and rfBliriog ths etrlonsness ol
be si u?tioo, charged bis hr.ne rlirec;l>
It 11 the croad swe| t It back 11 foll *p"*d
GrabbiOo' the motormao as he ewej t by
he dragged bim eeveial hondred feet witb
a eluch oo bis coat collsr aod ts.io
hurled bim eafely ioto a clgsr store. Tbe
mct irmao, aeoi..osly icju'ed, was after
aards I tirried to a boapital.
Ihe crowd tben tt acked thecrnductor
draggiog him ti tbe aidewalk and
trarnpled tina L t > noconsclonsoesf. He,
too, wsa removrd to a hospital in a aei
i u i cood t op. Tbe ilotera tben attacked
the car aod wrccked it beyood rrpair.
B; tbls time the secood riot call bad been
sooodcd aod reservts swooped down on
Ihe mob itj..riog forty of tiem, three of
wbom, it is fcared, will die. Tweoty
arresta were mtd?.
Dniiog the noon hour workmeo oi the
fl.ldwio Locomtv vn Worka made bi
tacka oo cara of the Fifleeoth atreet lioe,
Maoy of tbe cars carried women paaseo
gerr. Two ot them were stiu k with
bo <) aod bricka toro from tho pavemeot
Policemeo witb drawo revolvers mouot
cd ta tbe roofa of tbe cars cVlog tbe
New York, Feb. 21.?Aboot 4(0
motormeo gitbertd here by the agents
of the Poiiadelpbia Rapld Traoalt Com?
paoy have left for Philadelphia aod be?
fore the d?y la over It ls expected 400
more will be aeot the Quaker Oliy. The
agettiof the compaoy expect to ih'p
2,000 itrlke breakera lo all.
Wants Justice's Tongue Curbed
Bo t o, Ma?r, F<b. 21.?ADgered
by it ncmet t? made by Ju-tice W. 0.
Walt, of tbo ruperlor Ooort that uaior
iem by cbeckiog apprett ceship io
Maaeacbnae 11, was rcspocBlble for n u I.
of the !aw bresking of tbe state, tbe
Biaton Oentral Labor nnion tcday de
maoded of GivernorDraper a curb np in
the cflendiog jarlita tingue, At it?
metting the uaion paeaeil a rrao'u lon cf
proteat whioh waa today transmilttd to
the State House,
Fightiag lo India.
Allahabal, India Feb. 21?Newa of
severe fight n? between the several
thousanda native revolution ?ts tbat one
practically beselginj; Jsgdalpur, in cent
ral India, ani the troops tbat are being
rushed to thescene.are ti;omentarilv e_
pected. The troops are armed with ms
chine guiia snd havel een orderedtoaup
presstne revolt at aiV coi . So far the
deftnae of the city has be?n in the hands
of 120 police ani aban ltiil ot s. 1 liers,
who have engaijed the rev?;lutionists in
a nnmber of stnall fightasnl havekilled
a namber. The uprising ie taid to be dtie
to the oppreaaicna of the Jagdslpur
President Taft delivered a blow st aof
frage in Ihe Dialrlct of Columbla la'e
Silurday afterooou wben be addreeaed
tbe George Waahington Memorisl Aaac
clatlon at Oontioeolal Hall. "Tbe city
of WashiDgtoo ia a oational city," aaid
the prealdent. "I koow there ara ihcee
wbo llve lo tbia clty wbo lhlok that lo
scm? way or otber it has a legal qmlity
ao! tbat they, beiog free-boro Atnencan
cit'z'ns, (1. jht to be glven an oppcr
tinliy n vo:e. Wel I don't Bympe
tbia> with thst feeltog at all. It tbey
waot to vote they waot to move oot to
Marylaod or cut to Oinoinoati, or out to
aorae otber g'ol piece." The prealdett,
also tbougbl it was fooliah for womeo lo
want tD v t > in the Dia:r;ct ol OMumbia.
ThA me<t ng waa beld to eropbaszs tbe
prr j >ct for t ti ldlog aa Immeose menso
rial hall oamed aftir tbe firat president
and S.'nitira Lodge and tiirttn, acd
Justice Barlan, of the Supreme Court,
also made addr<issr?1_
New York -tock Market.
New York, Feb. 21.?After the early
irregn!arlty a geoerally week tooe dr
veloped and at tbe end ol tbe firat bonr
prices of a roaptity of both Indoetrlala
aad rsllrcads sho?cd losses of from one
totwopdot?. Tbe Londoo market wia
oS. Io the laat balf of the foreoooo
tbe market ahowed a firmer tooe.
The Duke of lalleraod and Sagan,
fstherof PrinceHMie de Sageo, buibaod
of Anna Giuld, died io Paris today.
Tha Market.
Qaergatowi. D. C. Fab..i. Wksat Ud-Ue
Todaj's Telfgraphic News
No State WleV.
[Special diep.it _ to ihe Alexandria Gaiette.]
Blcbmi-Dd, V\, Fafe, 21. -Tue houte
committee oo privl'gea and electiooa
tbia morniog rtpoited the S.rode 11 at?
wide ecabling act with the re:o_menrJa
tion th-1 it d >ea oot paea. The act on
of the cou.mittee ia oodcritood o bave
been slrnosi u lanimoos only ooe mem?
ber favurlcg tbe bill. Today* act on ii
regarded aa a aet back for the bill which
however, will go to the fltaacn commit?
tee before it cotnei up fot diacuaeioo and
actloo oo tbe fljor.
The Biitiah Parllamcnt.
Loodoo. Fer>. 21 ?Tbe third Parlla
meit .1 Ki?g Edward'a reigo, which lo
formslly a>sembled oo last Tuaeday, waa
"opeoed ln stste" thia atarooou at 2
o'clock. Added to tbe oiual brllllancy
of the iccaaion wbb a feallog of aop
prcaeed exciteoeLt dtie to tbe moraeot
us pr blems tbat confront the new
pariiament, io the handlirg of which
tie utmott diplomacy wlli be reqalred to
prevent a speedy diaaolntlon aod anuber
^fut-ral eWdon.
Everyone waa settled down wben a
htnh anocuiced thearrlval of tbe Prloce
aod Pilnceaa of Walea. The ae?embly
rote to Its feet aa tbe coople advaoced a
few paces, bowed and mcu ited the a.eP*
,1 tne -ias t) seat* Oo eltber slde of the
At 2 o'clock the pirsalvantt and
turalds, le.di-g tbe royal prooesainn,
Hit.redtte door to tbe tbrooe's right,
All rcB?. Followlog the portuivaota
andheialds eame tbe offlcera of the royal
nmeOold. Next eame the klog aad
iptto, who bowed t> the tbrone, bl
cended the diaa aod took their eeata.
As aoon aa every one was reaeated tbe
lord great cbsmberUio aent Black Bod,
_dmiral Henry p't 'pbeoBOO, tasummoo
tce O'jmmons to hcar t ae klng's speecb.
The commooB, w.ti tbe speaker a
their head, aoon appeared 11 the othoi
ud ol tne chamoer. Then the lord
bsocellur Bteppcd forward and, koeel
?aj hel re tbe throoe, baoded to thf
klog a pritt d copy of thcrjyal speech
oomloally prepared by the king hlmself,
tttt reslly the work of his mloiBiers.
Tbe king immedht ly begao t io reading
>l tie documint. The speecb concluded,
t .e kiog arose, gsve hla hand lo the
qaeeo acd deacended tie steps of tbr
uro ie. Foilowed by tbe prloce aod
prlnceis of Walea, they marched out,
tie spesker and couamoos rttiroin,
limultaneously by another exlt. Parlia
aoeut, which haa beeo Mtaillf transnet
mg t u ii ne aa since the miudle of Febru
irr, waa now formally opeoed in b; t
?i ii m. The debt j oo t ie addreai to be
pr s nt-d to tbe king la reply to hie
?*afe was Immediately beguu aod tt 1!
Kiog Eiward failed to cot the g
liao koot in h!s speech and by bis
indcclslon has preclplta'.ed a crlsla be?
tween the llberals oo one slde aod thi
Irish di t joaliats aod laboritiis on tbi
otber, all tbree psrtles suppes^d tt
forra the mlolsterial coaltloo,
A ready the nationallsta and laboritlet
bave warned Piemier A qu tb that n
leas be givea them poaitive aaaurancce
to tbe coi.irary, tbey will not soppor
the liberal program but will force the
cabioet'a resigoatioo aod aoother elec
Iheouly refereoce made io the speecb
to the prcposal to limit tbe power ol
the lordi waa the followlog "B9cent
experlecce dlaclcstd Berhni difficultlea
dae to tbe recarring diflireacea of opit
ioo betweeo the two booaea. Legls'a
tlve propoaala will be c<it forward with
al! convleot apeed t) dettno the relatlon*
il the two hooici of Parliamen aod to
letu-e the nndlvided tuborlty of tb;
commoos in ma t ra cf fioaoco and
their predomlnauce ln legialatioo. Theae
ooeaeures, la my opioico, acd ia tbe
opinlon ofmy adviaore, ahonld provide
tbi t the Hi u ie of Lo*ds ba ao consti1 utao
as to exercise Impartlally Ita fuittlooa
of leglslatlve Inltia ion aod revieioo."
A) a whole the king'a apeech waa a
diaappoiotmeut, etpecially as ooe of the
greatest aodiencea tbat ever gathered in
the H^aaeofLorda chamber was prea?
eot aod wbb aoticlpatir^ Bome siirriog
Jeiiveracccs oo tbe king's paii.
One HunJred Peraona Drowned.
Londoo, Fab. 21.?Approximately
100 drotined have slready been ac
cr u t d ln the serloui Saturday's and
-uiday'a atcrm on ibe sea aod aloog
the coAit and tbe Hat is beiog added to
almoat bcirly.
N.i /urther lidioga have been received
of a large unldeotifiad etesmsblp sighted
last cveolrg ofl Oil Oralg, Sootiand. aiir
wbb dliabltd aod driftiog ooribward. I
is feared that ahe baa been Icst
The d&magfl oo land wlll ron Into
haodrads of tnoostoda of doliars and ex
teods generally Ibroogbont Eoghnd.
Telrgrapbic comn u ilcatioo is badly
interrmt d, esptclally w!th no.tb Eag.
land potn'.s. For aeveral hours today
r.omaiiaicailon wiih L'.vtrp^ol waa cut
I, ____________
The Suspected Murdcrer.
Atlantic Oity, N. J , Feb. 21.-D;
spite the fact thu bla brother Orvia
irimtta that Wililam Seyler waa cn
Yonog'a pier with Jane Adams only a
short time before sbe disappeared, Wil
lUm Seyler, alter a aeventy-two bour
letawTOpt on by tbe police ioalata tbit
Orvia liea.
William declared be waa not on ibe
pier wlih hrr aod defies thecfflcrrs to
prove that be kntw aoytbiog aboat tbe
maooer io wblch she csme lo her dealb.
FH.ht of Uotsl Oflcsta.
Plttabaig, Pe., Feb. 21?Guests at
Newell'B and the Antl-r ilottl were for
ced to flee lightly cla 1, after having
been aroused by pclice aid firemen
eaily today when tbe two hotela were
threatened by a fire which swept eigut
floors of the Sctimidt building. Tbe fire
is satd to bave orginttedon the st;ige
of the Family Theatre, a vaudeT'.lle
house, located in the rear of tbeScbmidt
building. There were a hundred tffices
ii. thebu llingai.l <a:h suifered from
fire anl water. The ioaa waa $109,000.
Premier of Egypt Oaed.
Oario, EiyptFeb. 21.? BaUroeo Paah
Premerof Eg?pf, died tiday frcm the
ibrea tu'let wcuidi lifiet d yeat rdsy
by Ibrabim Wardaoi, a leading meoiber
of tbe Bccitty that is aeekiog E/yptian
iodepeodecce thrtu jh terrolat mttbode.
There are leara that Bootroaoo a saa
sioation may preclp ttti aotl-Eegileh
dis-rders acd the ??oopa io tbe btnacka
are belng held In readineaa to aoppitaa
tie firstdemocsta'.ion.
TLe Ejyp'.ian premer was ahot tbrce
timea yt>t rJay by a itudeot, wbo said
be draired to avenge acti 0! Ihe govern
The Legislature.
No lees tban ooebuodredand two new
allia made iheir way t > tie desks of tbe
elerka Saturday, tbst aeicg the last day
f.rihe utrorJu t'oa ol new measare*.
ftaiity-nire of thiee wer? 'n the Senatt;
tae rtma'cder io the Ihoie. Few ol
t em were o'|l_poiunce, themsjorit/ be
iig lccil or apecial bill".
Beveral minor billa ware paaaed, aod a
number of othera advaoced oo ueir re
sprctive reading*. The bosineaa of tbe
?essitn was dall aad uilnterettag.
There was no debate on the t jx qaeatiio,
the Klrg bill belng made a special order
for toda.
Favorable reporta were receivcd on
the Sale bill ti make giving a cbeck on
a baok where the maker bad nrt fnnda
larceoy, and on tbe bill, prevecting the
retaotion of a right of way by a railroad
corporation after a ceitsln time.
The tax commission bill waa aet aa a
sptclal order for Tmaday, v heo a vcte
waa agreed ta be takeo.
The following billa tben received the
fical approval of the Seoate. To reqaire
the payment of all taxea oo fuods held
ln t ust when they are tranafered by
the fiJocary; o provlde how a tax deed
may be aecured lo tbe case of delicqoeot
lands; to amend tbe law in relation to
school tru t.?ee; to r^utate ths practlce
of chlropactice; to requlre t-.e repoitlng
of caaea of |iofectioua and daugerous
diaeaaes to boarda of bealth; t> amend
the aox locorporating tbe town of Falla
Ohnrch; to fother amend the law relatlve
to school aoperlnteodeotB.
AmoDg the billa introducel were to
authorlre tbe connclls of c'tiee and
towna aod the aupervlaors of conntiea
la which ao liceaae to sell ardenl rplrita
Is granted to prevent the briogiag into
said cities, towna and couotlea any la
toxlcatlog or alcohollo I'qaora aod to
poolsh auy expreas compsoy, common
carrier or aoy peraon vlolatiog tba pro
visioDB ol this act. Ajolnt rwo!tit;oo
propoaiog amendment to aection 170
of artlols XIII. of the conatitntion and
providiog for pobliahiog aaid amend?
ment and certifyicg the aame to tbe
oext general aasembly; ti amend sec
oo 3G80 of ibe code with releieace to
rape and in ptinlabmeot; to amend aec
tion 4079 of tbe code ln refere>?*e ?_
medlcal atisudance, aiedld^-g andcloth
iog for indlgent -;'?0nera io jsil aod
aoalysla '._ pohon csbes; rrqairing the
board of mpervlaora of each ccnnty,
aad each inember tbereof, witbia ten
daya after notice from their clerk, aa
hertioafter provided, exsmloe the per
*ooal property books of the several
rommUalouera of tbe revenne and the
interrogatoriea in the hands ol the
tcveral cowmiasionera of the revenne
tnd to report therenf to the Oircalt
Ooart of the aeveral coott ea for actioD
thereoo; to amend aection 609 of Um
oode, commisaiooers to extend tixea
aod laviea, compensatiun therafor; lor
the pnt action of eubcontractora and
owners; for the protectlon of tbe public
health and to prevent frau 1 aad decep
tlon in the msnufac'nrer, aale, and
baviog in possassion, witb itt 'ot to sell,
of adu.lterate or deleterlcua ice cream;
rlx'ng a standard of batttr fat for ice
cream, a_B.;to anthorlxa and empower
tbe atate corporation commission to
cloao or diacontinua any prlvate dock
or wbarf aflected with pabiic ub3 or
eaaement in certaln cases; t.i *tipulate
what ahall coostltnte a full crew ou par
?eoger and frelght tralna in the atate ol
In addition to disposingof the divorce
bill, aa was atated in the G z;tte of Sa'
arday, tbe Honse aettled qulto a Buabri
of other mittera. The hotel bill waa
jiiaaod with bnt few oppoaiag vitr, and
uow goea to tbe Senatt1, where percnaace
its eigbt-foot sbeets will appeil to those
tenatora who hareatoppedat aome of the
hotela in the atate at wbich the measure
ia aimed.
Tbe liouse alao took ita final action Id
refcreoce to tbe propoaed amendmen'.a to
the atate conatitntion, which ware first
acted on favorably by the last legislature.
Thia la what la knowo as the eoabling
act. Provlslon ia made for a vota of tbe
people on the qoeallona at the next regu?
lar election. There waa oppoaltion to the
enabling act on the part of only a few
The amendments to be thoa preaented
to the people are: To allow c i/ and
cr uniy treaaarera to succeed themselves
iode&nltely; to allow city aod coanty
commlasiooers of the reveooe to bo
elected by the poputar vota and to aac
ceed themselves; toextend the time of
Beasions of tbe general assembly from
tlx y to ulneiy days; to provide tbat bills
need be read io fall only once la the leg
islature, lostead of three tlmea, as at
A matter eame before tho Uoaie ia
the form of a Senate amendmeot to a
Ucuae bill concerolng the choice of pub
lic Bchool teachera. It was iotended 11
allow dlstrict school boards to etnploy
tbe brother, slater, wife, 10a or daugbt-r
ol a momber of the body tu itacb a
s^co1, provlded a petition wrre prv
aetted asking for such ac'ion by fcutv.
fifths of the patroni. Such pttitlon
would hold good roronly tbe achool year.
The amendmeot waa repcted.
Wbst ia known as tie "mental ar
gulah" bill waa reported favorably from
the llouse comm i ee for courta of p. ?
Fortone telllng received the diaappro
batioo of tha House committee on gec
?r%l lawa, which reported favorably t ae
Uarwood bill breaktng ap thia practlce
for pay.
Ihe bl 1 prohlh.t'ng tbo employmert
of toys or anexperlenced p?raoos aa
rallway telegraph opeiatora w?a repoit d
(r.m tbe committee oo roade and ir t r
nal .avinaiioD, with tbe recommenda
tion tiat it do nct pasa.
The commitee oo Inaaraoce and
baoking rrported the bill forblddicg tie
issoaoce of chartera to banks with leaa
thao 110,000 capital atock.
The Hi ae agreed t) the s.-nate
amendmeot 11 the bill a'hwlng the
cl-rlts < f c< urta in ceiuio conntiea and
citiea 11 coliect tramfer feea of commls
atooera nf tre reveoue.
Tbe H i;te paaaed the bill regalatiog
the ruonlng at large of certain atocks.
It als> paaaed tbe bill regulating tbe
practxe of medlclne and aurgery.
A bill waa offered by Speaker Byrd,
provldiog for tbe loapectioo of all karo
seoe aod other lllomlcatlog o'ls sold in
thia atate. The corporatioo oemmisaion
ia lo appoint an otl loapector, wbo ia to
bav* aaatatanta, iocludiog a chemitt,
Tods/ray the expeaaee of thia work a
cbarge of balf a cent a gallon la to be
made. It la qnlte evident to the lay
mlod t ist io addiiioo to payiog the ex
penaea, such a tax woald yield ao ioc
meaea) raveoaa p tbe atate,
Woodward and Lothrop.
TRirtieth Anniversary
of the Establishment of Their House.
Attention is also called to their formal opening of select?d and
completed importations for spring and oummer, 1919, of
Women's, Misses', and Girls* Suits, Wraps, Costumes
and Blouses
An authoritative presentation of high-class apparcl, showing latest
European and American ideas in
Imported Costumes and Adaptations
For Afternoon, Evening, Street, Churcb, and Visitiog
Tailored and Demitallortd Suits for street and evening weir
Cbiffon, Silk, and Lingerie tBlouses for .formal and informal
We Also Sliow a Splendid Collection of
Misses' and Girls' Garments
Includins beautiful sp cimens in Wraps, Dresses, Coats, Party
Frocks.&c , of rich cloth", piques, reps, linens,&c , for formal aod all
informal occasions
The assemblage as a whole is the most impreosive and intereat
in_ we hare ever shown, embracin?, as it does, a most comprehen
sive asvortraent of ready-to-wear apparel in both tropical and me*
dium weights.
Your inspection is invited.
Arr.ong tbe billa Intrcdaoed were : A
bill to provide for the retiriog of ceiula
officeri and employes of the conimon
weallb oo batf pay for life; coocerniog
railroad companlea In wbich, cr ln tbe
atock or aecarity of wblch, the common
wealth (inlttoan name or otherwia )
eirectly or lodirettly, owns, poasetses or
is enlitled to any propritury rigbta or
fotereit ; to rrqalre addu ooal license
t .xea to be paid by all t aveliog oirt" )t>g
and carnivals; to ameod ebapU' 267 of
an Btt to provide for tha p.-ment of
lioecaa tax for tie ea?-';o(|jon of ,? m0T.
iogpltiu-e t_?*_IDe, phonoiraph, etc,
when tb?? ^j^ 0# _d_iasloodjea not ex
t"ia tbe tuoa of 10 cenia; to amend stc
ilon 504 of ths code relative to tbe coo
tetiti of the peraoaal property tax book;
to regnlate the sale of pit-oleutn prn
ducta med for tl'irninatiog pnrpoaea; t)
m.tborli? tbe S:ate Oorporation Odmmls
atoo to appoiot oil iuapectors and otber
agentr, aod to raise reveoue to csrry cut
tbe prvotsioua ot this act; to license aod
r _u'a'e tbe lunaing of actimoblles,
looomobllea and otber vehiclea and
cioveyaaces. whoae motive power ia
other than aoimal power, aloog and over
pobllc hlghwaya of thia atate, etc.; to
provide lor tne eleit on of achool tror
t ea in the year 1911, aad every four
yrara tbcrealter; to rrqalre all railroad
compaoiea whose cbarure rrqalre iu:h
compaoiea to take ua or aet down paf
aengeia to :u Qll Ihe t >rma of itejh char
ter; u make it unlawfu! for flra loaor
ance companica, liceneed tj traoasct
bualuees in tila tttte, to charge a rate
on property In tbia rule io exceas of the
r< t >s cbprged by each compaoiea on the
?ame class of property in the Oistrict ol
Oolumbia, or in any ttite arjjiiniog the
state of Virgioia; to ameod aection 3 ot
auatt to provide for tbe ex.enslon ol
tbe corporate lire'u of cities and tcwos;
io prohlblt nayors of oltles in tbia atate;
who receive aalarles, from collectiog fees
for is uiog warraitior trying cases; to
amen l an rct approved March 15, 1906,
en.ttied ao act to provlde for the conaol
idatioa or anncxatlon of c t ea.
Virginia News.
Ohia. M. Ohiiamore died of fuber
oaloaia Saturday, near Whlt-a Poet,
Olarke ccuoty, sged thirtyone years.
John H. Graber, a oative of Baitl
more, bnt a reaident of Wlncheater for
30 yeara, died Sstirday of Bright'*
dlsaase, aged 53 yeara. He waa an ex
part itine carver.
Mra. Bettle Keot Harrlaon, wife of
Judge Geo. M. Harrlaon, of tbe Gonn
of Appeals, died tn Richmond Sonday
of poenmnnla. The body waa taken to
Stauton for turial,
The Virgloiao Fu blieblog Oompany,
of Warrentoo, F. L. Poindextir owner,
bss been declared iuaolvent. The paper
will becott.nnd by W. C. Marsball
u 11 the property \\ dispoaed of.
The Bev. Oharlea E Woodaoo, rec'or
'if Sr. Peter'a Episcopal Church, Nor?
folk, bas reeelved a call to tbe Chorcb
of the Good Shepherd at Oolumbia, 8.
C , and, it is belleved, he wlll accept.
Fire In tho basemerjt of Ft Pml's
Episcopal Ohurcb, Norfolk, last night,
tbrea'.eoed ti deatroy the hlstorle old
house of worship and created inteose
excltement The rjaaaage, howevrr, ifd
oo preveot servicea beiog held laat oight
aad wlll not exoaed $600.
J. A. Tlnden, blghwayoao, and
Jamea Myera, aafeblower, foogbt lo tbe
tnbertuhaie hospital at tbe penitect ary
fa?ni near Bicbmond Frlday oight aod
Tioden stabbed Myera ti deatb after
having beeo badly beatea with a r-oker.
Tbe qaarrel waa the revlval ci a gradge
which origioated between the two men
before >aey were convitt'd.
Wbai appeared at first to be a most
aamatonal featu'e of the seasion of tbe
Hoose of Delegatea on Situ'day was a
statemeot made by Mr, Joboaoo, of
Kuisel coooty, 'bat he bad beeotrtred
$40.0 to vote for tbe Rison divorce bill.
Oa belngqaeatloned, however, Mr. Job_
aoo rxplalned thet he bad not meant
to obarge nte_pt:d bribjry. A client
had aaked him to vote for the bill, aod
ha1 said that II It were pssted aod be
ccu'd sccure a divorce uoder It he wculd
piy a fee of f 400. It waa a tranaactioo
between lawyer and client,
Oootioolog tla right ro tbe Sta'e
Biard ol E.'uiatian, Mr. Love oa Frlday
laat cil.red in the II BM an amendment
to tbe conatitntion atriklog oot tbe aec
tioo apecifylng the cnmpoaltion of Ihe
Stati Biard ot Ec'uea'.tan. He anbatituaa
a aimple paragraph il itlog tbat tbe ed
ucatlonal afiaira of the state sball be
under the cootrol of the goveroor, tbe
a'tnrnejgeueral and tbe anperinteodeot
of pablic iostroctloo. This was tht plao
uoder the old cooatltn'.Ioo, aod Mr.
j Love's idea ls to make all tba membera
j of the bcard directly ameoable to the
' people by election.
Biafcop EarlCranatoo, of Waahiogtoo,
dedicted tbe new Garrttt Park Metho.
dUt Episcopal Church, Monroe and
L<_lnt: o atreets, Baltimore, yetterday
aflerocon. Tbe haodaome alone edifke,
conatiiuted at a cost cf $50,000 waa tba
1 aseoe of aa almoit couttaot atrylca tll
dij yesterday.
_?__ CKXIUS.
39c and 50c Colored
140 pieoss, bonght at ^a great saerifice- -ia
fsct, at about ooe-tbird actual value. Our
oustomerashsll reap the benefit, /or we have
pUced on sale 5,000 vards Imported Llnens,
io etripes aod cheoks, of white. blsok, blue,
brown, aad green on grounds of light biss,
pink, Copenhagen, brown, lavendar, and,
nataral; the much-wanted f&bric for women'a
and children's suita. The like in value sel
dom ottarjd. Think ol it'. At times th,
tarifl alore on this cloth would coat as niuch
as we ahall aslc you for this lot. No mail or
'phone orders fillet or sent C. O. U.
News of the Day.
Former Vce-Preadent Falrbtnkaoo
cnpled tbe pnlpit ina fierilncl uch yea?
An alleged p'ot by ex-presld -ntOastro'r
frlends f> ov*rihrow f?p preaeot V>ne
/neian po 'rrnmrnt waa dlBCovrred aod
many arre ta weie made io Oarausa.
Forlha firat tlrre lo many yrars, Ice
formed lo the golf of Mexlco.on Friday.
A drop la tbe tmperature io 24 degreea
above zaro waa reapooslhle
Advlcea from 8 u*fleid?,NicarBea?,say
tbat the iosorg nta had driveo Geoeraf
Vsiqutz from his poaitioo near Ssn
Vlcente, the Americao scoots taking a
leading part in the actloo.
Ia New York oa S t irday eight
counterfeirrs get ja.il Beotences sgjre
ga'.log 150 years and flnesof 17 GOO.Lopo
aod Morello, tbe lead r?, g tt og thlrtj
five aod twentr-five years, reipect vely.
Mrs. Carollne V. Minea, wldow of
Oo). John F. Minea, hetter koown to
eluJenti of old New York tbrough bia
volumea, icider the peo oame "Fe ii
Oldboy," died aadd?nly yesterday _hd3
iog tt her home io Wsshington.
Mrs. Mary OUherlne F.un'alo,
formerly of Woodstcek, Va., was foood
dead lo b'd In W^bingtio yeaterday,
her death reealtlog from ta?e?t disesse.
She waa the widow of a Ooofedenu*
Half cr*/. d by driok aod domra'io
troublea John O. Gargan, twenty-aiz
yeara old.of Bonklyo, ooSatnrdav even
log abot b!s brotber and his fatbi r in-lsw
io the s ilooa of Jnaeph Keta. Ga'gso
bttampted lo kill bimsilf, and wheo tiat
fatled be trled to eacspe, bat waa caogtt
within a few blocka cf tbe aalooo. He
is a clerk in a scu fa Brooklyo rr.pt
The caae for tbe proaecot'on la tbe
Btllioger Pincbntlnquiry baa pract'eslly
been closed. Wben the comml tee ed
jonroed Stt-irday a't?rnoan a< tli Fr day
uext, Mr B.-andeia itited tbat th?re was
aorae corromrative evideore'yet to Is
prodoced and that O.llird I'.och t prob
ablv woold waot t>mske Btt t meot be?
fore be co'jII aononccs tbat hla caae wia
ended. M' Pinc^ct wss 11 bave taken
tbe Btand Sa urd ybr cr u d ro.be fooni
r/uriog the loocoeou recese.
Before a large congreg t oo at tbe
New York Aveaao PresbyteriBo Ofco'cb
Waahiogtoo, Bev. Dr. Wallsce Badcliffa
snoke l*i t nlgbt on "A Boval Fa hre."
Haaaid, inpart: "The divine pu poae
of ihe church is to be a meelirg place
with Oid. Eir. it ia made a lectare room,
a honae of rotertal-meot, a aocisl dob,
aod ofteo a mere miilioery ahow plsce.
Mco rnnke it a real estate propcal'loo;
womea a faahiocable disrlay, aad chll
drco a playbouse. It would be imprea
sive could aome ooe diacloae why aoaae
penple really boild cburcbea aod othtra
alt nd them."
THF. annnal irwiing < f the .lorkhoMrri of
( OMl'ANY. Ineorporsted, will h? held sl
the priocipsl < IV. e ol the companr, 11] souih
Fairf x strei-t, alexacdrts, Virginia, nt
MONDAY, Msrrh 7, 1910. eUoVlnck p m .
I fur theelectiou ol directora fur Ih* easalug
i ytar snd to tranwt Baeh niher ha?ia<ss ss
| uny b* prepsrlr before th? nuetiiig.
Books open fi.r the tiamfer ofstivk rf tba
corupanv uotil 3 t?. m. on rVbtuarv 2Mh.
| WM. 1' HKt'KWITH.
I fabSl td Assisuot fcecrturi.

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