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Sun and Tide Table.
<?? -i-s tomorrow at 0 43 and BBtaatMo.
High water at 6^9*. n>-?"d 705 P
Weather Probabilitiea.
Vor this aection unsefled weather with
mcd-rate uorth and nortnwest.
Oiodition, yeaterday morning por
tendedaoo*. butliglt raioa fell before
_ooa, aod tbe weather waa cold and
miirky thrtu<bru- the remaloder of tbe
day aod laat oight. Oanditloos were
uachaogedtbia mornlog. Heavy over
coas aod warm lore will be io demaod
?II over tbe cout t y dorlog the preaeot
week, accordiog to the forcsat made lo
Waah'iagton la-t night by the weather
bureaa. Unnauallr *tormy aad cold
weather Ib tbe lodication in practlcally
?II of the distrlcte from the Bocklea
to Ihe Atlantic coaet and from the
Rockles over the north Paclrla atate*.
A atorm arta today aod Taeaday will
croaa the ceolrsl valleye, the great lakes
aad the Atlantic a aboard, atteoded by
heavy aoow ln the oorthern, rain or
?now in lbe middle and rain in tbe
Boothern paitiof the coooiry. Olesr,
cold weather wlll follow tie atorm,
overapreading the Mlasiasippl valley
and the upper lakes today, reachiog the
Atlaotlo stat a timorrow aod tomorrow
night, witb dimlolabing flgor.
A aecond storm, alao to be followed
by a cold waye, wlll sppear in the ex
t.eme weat about Taeaday, acroas the
plafos aod ccnral valley atatee Wednes
day aod Toorsday aod reach the Atlan?
tic ooaat by Frlday_
A. B.rlous tutttng aflray tiok place
?b'ut ooe o'clock yeaterday morolng
between John Dogao aod Ernest (Babi)
Miiia in which the former raceived serl
ciMcats and Mills wounds wblch may
cost blm blB life. HIb tbroat is oit,
_od hehas a nnmber of deep slashes
acroaa both arma and lfgB. He ia m'
feriag from loss of blood, and bla oon
ditiou ia beilefed to be cr't csl. The
left aide ol Dugao's face was iaid open,
the giBb startiog H the top of b!s head
?nd extendlog to his chio.
Tbe aflray took plaoe In Dogao b
housa on Dake atreet near Unioo.
MUIb aod Dugan are bruthere Ic-iaw.
liklls atseked bis brother-io law witb
a kolfe, wben Dogao disarmed Mllla
taod w?ed the knifi on him.
The men's wtuids wero dreeaed by
I?r Waher A, Werfield, at his office oo
ajuth Fairfax street. Tbey refnsed to
?o to a hospital, and Dogan retnrned
ti his home, wbile MHIj is at the resl
dtnce of retatlvtBon Prince street*
Noarre.t* bave been msdo, bnt the
vase will be brougbt before the Police
Ooar- as sooo as Miils is able to appear.
Gllbert Price and Edward Mu=s, bitb
colored, engaged ln a figbt io>a bonae
near tbe corner of Wol'e and H^nry
atreet. Ssturday olgtt Maes was cut
acroaa tbeforehead. Officers Arrlogtoo,
Nicbolaoo, Beld and Youog arreaUd
Price and Muea. Tbey were brooght
before the Pulice Ooart thia moroicg,
when Price wbb dlemlssed, tut Mu>s was
Uoed $50 for faariog a pistol in hU po*>
cesaton. __________
The Y. M. S. L. "Speed Biya" on
Saturday cight cioch-d the pennattin
the Alexandria Oity _>agae by defett
Ing -he etroog A. L. I- t am by a ecore
of 29 to 8. Ibe feature of the game
waa the fast te*m work and accu ate
goal aho' t og of the Lyeeum tjs.
Tbe followlog is ue line-up and iuo_
Y. M. 3. L. Poaltions. A. L. I.
Williams.R. F.T<enary
JCntwh-le.t. F. Duftcy
Patterwu.R. G.Gaine*
Co?kre)l.L. G.Hot
Goala from fiehl-Tcomey 6, Eotwisle 4,
Cookrell2. Williams, Dutley, Trenary. De?
nielt. Oo?i? from foul. Toomey 3, Duttay 2,
Beferee?Mr. < line. Fmpire?Mr. Oray.
Time-s?Measra Schwarrman and Thompson.
Bcore;-lir. Dubla. Timi cf halve* 20 min
tate* each.
Record of Y. M. B. L. "Speed Boys"
as followa:
Total pnint* *.-or?J. 2*1
Opponenta. "3
Dlvided as followa:
Field goils. Fouls raaie.
Entwide . 36 ?
Toomey. 27 11
William*. ?4
C'o:krell. 20 0
Pa'. ersrn . 10
H?id-u. 6 0
At a meeting of the represeotatlveB of
the diflsreot qaiots of the basketball
lesgae, beld yeaterday, it wbb decided to
disoand the leagoe. No definite reason
la asaigoed for tbe disbandment.
A negro eamed Wnl Smith boarded
the aiotor car of ihe electrlc traio which
left tbe Royal street statioo tt 130 tbia
?fterooon for Waablogtin and took a
?eat in the north end of tbe car which
is reserved for wblte people When ihe
traic na.hfd Psyne street Snlth delib
erately srose acd -.utt cg hlaarm around
a lady who was sitiing oear blm waa at
temit og (o kiss ber wbeo Ooodoctor
Mason rushed to the rest ne aod arabbed
tbe oegn. Tbe train was held while a
messsge wss sent for ao officer, and
Obief G o<!s a k n appeared and took
charge ot Sailth. Hawaa taken to the
B'ati n h usc and lock'd np. The laily
was i^n t ia yerge of nervooe prcatratloo
Irom ber egperiecoe. 8 nitb ia a ceu'ker
Bt tba abtpyatd H^jdned chorch yee
terdav, and claims that he ia tbe aoo of
Jeeea uhtis*. It is b.-l eved that be Ib
d I icged. __^_
[Joailce H. B. Catoo preslding]
Tne followlog caaes were dtspostd of
thia liiorniog:
Jobo Bryant. colored, charged witb
diaordtrly cooduct aod fightlog, srai
fioed (5.
Alaert Browo, cil^red, cba-g(d w h
?imilar orljnsta, foif.ited |"> colateral
by lalllrg tiapp?ar.
Charle* Jacksor, c lorcd, cbarged with
?Imilar ofl^oses, waa di?m s^ed.
Logao Sniib, co'ored, charged witb
as*' u t was rned |10.
Uilbert Price, colored, cbs-gel with
aaaiu't, was dismissed.
Edward Maes, colored, cbarged with
carryiog a pl t -I, was fioed $50.
The L'cdner Sho) for Ladles fine
wasr baa no rquai. John A. aUnbail
& Bro? 422 Kiog straat,
The aeveial c;_mitteee having In
charge tbe Masanic celebratioa tj be
held io tbia city tomorrow by th? mrm
bera ol A'exaodti'-W-Bbiogtoo Ladgp,
ba e pr-cfcally c mp et d all arr.rg ?
mei t. thenfor and the cccasiou will he
amoog ths greateat in tha Maa >oic his
tory of Alexaodrla. The plaoa for ihe
erectlcn of a msgolficei t meocorial tem
ple io this clty to Wasbiogtoo toe
Mssoo will ba fully eet forth aod the
Mbboob of the entlre country will be
aaked to ?id lo tbe movement. The
grand maater* of all the Btaus bave been
tovlied to be prcseot and take part
in the celebration aod many of them
have accepted, wii'e mauy who will be
noab'- 11 ba prtaaot bave aeot greetings
and expreeaed a aincere wllliogoeaa u
ald tbe merltork ui uoderlaklog.
Today a t u uber of the grand mssters
and otber prominent Maaons arrived
here, were met by members of Aodrew
Jacr.800 acd Alexsndrla-Waehlogtoa
lodges and eacorted to t ae placee assigned
for t beir eotertainment. Oommitteta for
that purpose baveb?eo at tbe lodge room
all day aod will be tbere tomorrow. The
followiog is the programme for tomor
row'a celtbiatloo : ?_
9.80 a. m.?Meeting ln Aleiaodria
Waahlogton Lodge room to form oa
tional orgaoiaatloo toerett a memorisl
to "Wasbiogtoo, tbe Masoo." To this
meetiog bave beeo lovited tbe grand
maatera ol all the grand lodgea of tbe
United 3ut;eand other Masonlc dign!
Uriee, repreBectiog varions Masonic
bodlee; the Grand Mar-t* of MasoDa io
Virginia will prealde. Many grand
masterawho will bc unable D at.end
bavedeaigntt.d aeoatora to act ln their
12:30 p. m.?Adjourofor loncheon.
1:80 p. m?ViBit by special train to
M uat Vernon to place wreitbon the
tomb of Waahington.
4 p. m?O'joferrlng of degreee In
Illinoia form by a degree team constl
t ited of grand lodge offlcers, grand lec
tnrera and dlatrtot depaty mainre,
comlog from Obloago for thU pu pose.
7:30 p. m,?Annual bauqutt of Alex
aodrlt-Washlogt a Lodge No. 22, A?
F. & A. M. at Armory Hall. Among
the apeakera of ihe occaalon will be He
H io. Sscretary of War, Mr. Dickerson;
Hoo. Oaamp Olarke, 11 )o. Wm. H,
Maan, governor of Virginia; Hon. Jas
D B'chardsoo, Hoo. C. 0. Oarlin and
the Bev. John Wesley Hlll, D. D., of
New York.
A litt of all the oommlitsei wai pub
llbbed on Saturday.
The Obicago delesates aud tha de[ u y
grand mait r cf Illioois, reached tbia
city thia eveoiog. Ia addltioa to tbose
above mentioned the graod lodgea of
North Dakota aod of Texaa will be rt
poited nmorrow.
As there appeara to be some misuc
derRtaoding sbout the celebratlom tc
morrow, Mr. 0. H. Oillahao, master cf
tbe lodje, wlshea to make it clear tbat
all membera ol both lodgas and all Mv
sooa realdlog lo Alexandria will be ac'
mitied to tie bacquet wlthout card?.
rwo membera of each lodge will be at
tbe door of Armory Hall to Identily tbe
local membera. Ii mott be understood,
however, tbat all will oot be admitted io
the coofereDce cf grand maatera at 9.30
io the mornlng. Tbt? plsn ia absohiiely
aeciaaary to prevent confuaion at the
meetiog of graod msB'era.
The funeral of ilisa Mary Emma
Bobeita, d?u?hter of the late B. F. and
Buth Ann Koberta, took place yeaterday
evonlng from her late home Cameron,
laat west of thia clty aod waa largely at
tended. The fooeral aervlcea were coo
cVt?d by Miss Sarah M*t bewi, of
WsBbiogtoo, aod Mr. Henry Wilbur, o/
Saaibmore, Pennsylyanla. The paL
bearers were MeeBra A. H armon B-ibsris,
Edmand Huit Booerts, Jamea W.
Boberte, j%, A Lewie Lnkeai, A. Somt
Gillioghain and Edward Waltoo, The
ioterment was in Ivy Hlll ccmu_y.
P.ayer at grave waa aald by Mr. Henry
The remalos of the lato Johd i'-.
Tackett^ wbo died at hia home lo thia
city onSaturday, were today taken io
Fredericksburg, wbere t ie fooeral eer
vlcea were held lo St, George'e Ohnrcb.
Tbe ioterment waa ln tbe family lot at
tbat clty. _____________
A meit'ng of the Georg? Waahlngtin
Birthday Aaaoclatlon will be held tonight
at tha rooma of the Ohsmber of (J .ro
merc?. A comm t ee will be appo'.r * :d
t) plaoe a memorial wre-11 on Waabing
t in'B t >mb.
The committees appolnted by tbe tbree
flre eogine compaotes of thia clty will
bold a meetiog tooigbt, when plaus will
be formohnd for eitMUioiog delegatea
aod visitors who will att'nd the S ate
firemeo's eonventlon ln tbis city Augnst
24 ti 26. ____________
Mre. Catbarine Downey, wifa of Mr.
Tbomas D. Downey, asaapain.'u'ly harn
ed it ber home on the corner of Alfrcd
aod Franklio atreets thia mornlng. U r
clothing took fire (rom tbe atove oo
which abe was preparlog breakfatt
Mr. Downey taa to her BBsiitence aod
aocceeded io extlogaiebing her bhz'ig
clothea no*, however, before his hacds
bad been aerlr mly bnrned.
What promises to be the most success
ful comedy comtany which has as yet
appcared at the Opera lloues this sea
son, will operi tonight for a weeks rnn,
changing again on Wednesday an 1
Friday n'ghts. "Tubb'a Visit" ia the
feature act, introducing the entire
coinranv, which will be followed by
Gilbert _ Lee in a'comedy aketcb. "The
Profesaor's Visit" |od The Garnesaaa
in sn origital comedy "AnOll Fool."
Moving pictures are aho in.ludtd.
Mrs. Annie Lanklord, widow o' Sbep
bard Lsnkford, died yeit.'rday moroirg
at her bome on north Patrick ttreat. The
dec'ssed was f>5 yeara old.
llerbert, tbe infant bod of Mr. aod
Mr*. William H Poote, died yesterdsy
mimiog tt his parents' home, 428 acuth
Fairfax atreet.
Tbe ii r-rt'oo ol tho police ia caPed to
th< cnwd of y:n'g men who gaber
diilf at tbe coroer of Q eeo aod Pitt
at eets, and aonoy paBBers-by bf their
dis^rdeil; c>cdui t.
Ladies?F,.r sdid c mfort, wrar tbe
R"wi C'o.a ^bjp. Jotn A. MarsbBll
* Bro., 422 K m a^rr.t.
Carrie OOonners, eevanteen-ye'ra
old, who ran sway irom tbe bame of ber
parenta in Lycchborg' bat been sent back
tO tbat city.
MitaMatloi Laor, of Eaat Orsnge,
N. J., ard M:ib Por.ia BsHwin, cf B.-r
ryvllle, are vlei.iog tie Misaea Lloyd at
tb?!r hotoe on nott i Alfred s:reet.
Mr. aod M a. Alexandar Saoda?od
t tali 11 !e sou, of BichmoLd, and Miu
Nainie Masoo, of Loniavllle, Ky , are
tha t u iitfl of Jadge J. K. M. Nortoo.
Mr. ind Mn, W. J. Thompaon, of
Bttblcbrm, Pa, are the gueata of Mr.
Eigsr Wsrfield.
B r. DjuglsBB Hooff, rector of 8t.
Andrew'a Oharcb, B?ltimcre, will
ptSLzh. at tha Brotherhoodaervica at 8:.
PauPs Otu-ch tomorrow night. M*.
II ? if b w-l! koown lo thia city; he is
tae boo of Mr. J. Wallace Hoofl. Tbe
off?rtory will be anng by Mra. William
M'n H. B. WalUc, ofjAmaryllls,
Tex., is tbe gneit of ber MalaY, Mra.
Wm. J. Mortor, at ber home oo nortb
Waahingtjn B'reet
Mr. Wm. Nelao-Marye, of Baltimore,
is oo a vlalt ti hia alater, at 001 Qaeea
Mr. Granville Meade, of 601 Quaen
alreit, left t day fcr an en :nded trip tc
Fiorida and Texas.
Misa Lisa Andereoo ia in Baltimore,
tbe guest of Misa England.
Thia afernoon pnplls io Ihe George
Wasbiofctin II gh School read highly
credHableJeBsays upon the iucject,"Gec
ersl Washiogton aa a Oit'zan."
Mr. 3 J. Kao/mano, of GreeoBboro,
N. 0., is viaiting bia old home In thia
Mr. Murrell Mingen ia ill with pnrw
monla at hla hcme, 426 north Oolumbut
street. ^_
ThaOircuit Court lor the Oonoty be
gao Ita Febrnary term today. The time
of tho coort wbb oc. upled ln the trial of
tbe caae oi Jamee Lee, indicted for aaf,
Mr. Pinr A. Ppengler died laet Taea
d if at Hsrrlaonturg, aged 80 yeara. He
wia the graadfatherof Mr. George Hic
keo, of this city.
Some flaga have been huog from win
dowa oo Kiog street and s'.ores bave on
eibibitlon decoratiooa and Bouveolrs for
the 22d.
The mooey drawer of tbe Alextodrla
Stram Lauodry, coroer of Fairfax aod
Prloce atreets, waa robbed of 147.76
Situri'ay afternooo.
Tba ttaamer S utblend will reeume
her place oo tbe Norfolk roote looighl,
Toe aleimer Newport Newa will I tkethe
place of the Norfolk.
A men ng of tbe Jualor Local Aeaerx
bly, Brotherhood of 8'. Aodrew, will be
held in Ohrist Ohorch Parlsh Hall t -
nigli a* 7:45 Dnlgfct.
The 3rm of Woodward & Lotbrop in
Waahlogton baa now entered opoo the
th r.ietb year of Itl activity In thit city
aad the ihirty-seveoth aince ita fornu
lljn In Obelaea, aaabarb of Bnton.
Mrr. Ida V. Bowe oa Satarday io
Waahlogton filed anit lor ao abeoVe
divoroe from Olareoce V. Bowe. They
were marrlrd in Alexandria December 1,
1900, aod llved togetber until Joly 13,
1907, wben it la alleged tbe buabaod left
bia wife and tarochlldreo. Acc-reapon
deot ia named.
Civil eerviee eximlon'on will be held
oo March 23 for chart engineer, navy
departmenl; on March 29, 30 aod 31 (or
eenir mecbaoical aod dra'taman,
ordioaoce depaitnenjt andoo March 30,
for expert farmer, Iodian acrvice, graz
iog fee collector, Okla , aod mouu/pe
machinist, wrather bareaa.
The police vesterdsy rasde a descnt on an
all -ge.l gam ling house onsouth Royal street
Tha esae will rome up ia tbo Police Court
cext Mondsy moroing.
James Butcher, sor. of A. J. Balcher, fell
from an eleetric car at the intersection of
Csmeron and Alfred streets jeeterdsy after?
nooo and was painfully IrtjureJ. Tba boy
w i? sttendsd by Dr. W. M. Sraiih.
vVhen jou sre younjr you do-'t care Li'e
in the htlejou day* d<?sn't ,sk? the aer" na
phra a of after yeara. Ever* thing is l<s*
atd easy. But even'uslly each fcurcceiiintr
yfar will ndd a wiinkle to your brow. You
aas. wh?o you're oM yon've got to caic.
There'a tomeone homa who car,s for yoi an()
ifyoa'ra thf mnn _e think yon are fenl
freit her to ine BSft there is in iir*.
y.ni'll let her come to the Auth Mnrket for
those irreaiatiblv cleHcious Auth Hsusattei.
and food prodiKtF. Eat 'em an<1 you 11 enioy
the Joy of living. Sylvsn Blon<1h?im, Ihs
Auth Btand and Tne Auth Msrket.
Beat Elffln Creaniery Bu'ter, 35o P>
Good Couulry Roll Butter, Mj lb.: Ouaran
teed Ebk?, 80c dosen, Weedless Raisini, 6c lb.;
31ba. Best Evapoiated Peaohe., '/u<-, 3 lhs.
t_rge Pmnes, 25o; 4 oans Best Tomstoes, 25c,
4 eans ^"sr Com, 25c; 4 can* String Basna,
t'e; 3 cans Fieii !_? 25c; 8_o _s Singawore
Piiieapple, 25r; 3 lar/je cans reara. 1** \ - Iarg?
ran1- Apples, 'ibe- Sweet Fiorida Oraiiges, loc
? /? n; Wslnui ?eracls, 20? lb.; Frenh Florids
Toinatcea, 121c lh.; 3cana Eatly June Pe>a,
."<. 7 lb?. Pure Buokwheat. 25t. W. P.
Wogllb A 8on, Roval and Wolfa straets.
The ladiea of Monot Veroon Ohapter,
D. A. B, thia evenlng at Lae achool
bolldlog preteoted a handaomo framed
plctnre of Ganeral Wathiogton to tSat
school. Thepictiire waa a prl.a to tte
tbree girla of ihe hlgh grtce who wr tl
the best eaaavs on Waahington. There
were five competitora aod tbe prlza waa
awsrded to Miisr-s Oorslle Greenaway,
Nellle Walker and Julla Culdon. The
prca ntation waa made by Mra. Eleanor
W. lloward, rcgentof the chapter, lo ao
sppropiiate addrecs and the pictore waa
accepted for tbe athool by buperiotend
eot Sweeoey. Alur the exerciies, which
were of a very loterea'.iog cbaracler, rc
freshmenta were served io the kioder
garten room. . _
At the rrgular cooveotion of Orlental
Lodg*, No. S, KnlghtB of Pylhias, to
mrr w night, two candidrtaa for reln
statemeot wiil be received. Orlental
Lodge ia recelviog applicatiooa for merx
berahlp at each weskly conventioo, acd
much intenst ia manifeated io the work
by tbe membera. Dei uty G and Oban
cellor Erneit B. Boyer is arrangiog to
have aeveral prominent membera of the
varions lodgea In thia locality v ait
Oriental Lodge io theoear fot are. Many
of the pist cbaocellors of Orlental Lodge
will atirnd the aonual eeeaion ol tbe
grand lodge of the Diatrlot of Oolumbia,
which cooveoea tonight at Pjtbian
Temple. ________
Tomorrow, February 22nd, la Waah
iogton's blitbday, aod a legal holiday.
T ie banks aod fioaocial loa'.ltaliooa geo
e'sliy will be cloaed for the day and
Inaineao with them caoou ce traotacted.
N t scin oo tbe 22adarepayable on tbe
23rd, aa tbey caonc: be prtt'Bted oo a
lfgal holiday. Tbe city cfficea will alio
be cloaed, tbe pitt:ffice will obaerveSm
day houra, tbe Bcbools will oot be io
aeaaioo aod io the a \ .rnooo aome of the
Btores will be cloaed. Toere will be oo
geoers! pablic obtervance of tbe day, bat
at nlgbt a number of Alexandria orgao!
z t odb will celebrate tbe aoolyaraary at
b?rqiel?, n:.
Washington ? - - ? D. C
Sale of bruslies
Hair ltnisl.es worth np to V?. **aljB__ _,.??'"?".^
liair Bru*'.u-\nn'?' wotth lesa than $i. at. .<i)c
Hair Brnshes, none ??rth under 9*c, at ?????-v"????. .A9c
ffi Brw*~ ceUuloid back*..^o'.t * 5 ?r_r:.4*
M.li.ary BiStm, *?>?_-l-,4_!aH Of.'aloh'at . .??
Miliiarv Brushea. worth 7* "d $1.00 each, at......Mo
Tootb Broahes. worth 2.tc toWe. at . .^
Tvw.th Itruahea. worth 15? and 1^3, at???????__???". i5e
Hall !__*_?? aaaorted .tyles. ?orth ?? to **' J ~ ^^^=75.
Nail BtaBbaa, aerab atyle. worthilfc. at. .^
Mlrvata, roaad or ^''? *otlh.^i? choice. .l6?
Mirrors worth 43: each, two stylea, choice.
Mr Jobn G. Woolley dellvered a
lemperance address before a targe ia
diancein theFir-t BiplietOI iircayeater.
day afteraoon. Rev. J. II Ssvier, par
nrof tbe S cmd Preshvteiiao Caurch,
prealded. Kav. 0. D. Billa, paitor of
the M. E. Olirch 8 uta, intrr-doced the
speaker, and Kev. Dr. J. M U .Imea, of
the Methodlst Proicatsnt Otu'cb, de?
llvered tbe cpeolog prayer. and Rev.
Osboro Balt, ofTrioity M. E. Church,
lovokid a blessirg ai ihecloee.
Tbere waa a large 11 eodance of meo
andmaoy ladles occopied atate io the
gallery. Tbe address ol Mr. Woolley
was Interestlng thrru;hoot and waa
greatlyerjiyed by all prrsei t
The followlog preamblo end resolc
tlon wss onsnlm ualy adoj I ;d at tbe
close of the addresB
Whireas, tbe people hsve a right to
settle tbe Uqmr qu stlon bb ti them
sball seem be t- aod lf tbe people have
the right to eettle the qu'itloB, then the
people have the right to voto on the
quetfoo; aod if tbe people have ne
right to vi n on the qieatloo, tben the
geoeral assembly of Virgioia ahmld
make It poeslble fornuhao e'ectloo to
be h'ld, wheoever a tonsiderable pro
portlon of the people ol Virgioia regiiter
a desire to vote.
Therefore Resolved, Tbat we, the cltl
zaoe of Alexaodrla, Virgioia, and
vlcin't/, io maaa meeting assembled, do
bereby express t ur appnval of the bill
Irtoduced io the Hensto of Virginia, by
Mr. Strode, providing for the ammlaslon
of tbeqnestion oi the tra'uficore and
saleof lotixlcit pg liqaors ln Virgioia,
to a vote of the peoplt; and we respec'
fully orge our aeoator aod member of
the Houae oi Delegates to work and vote
for the meaiure.
It wis ssid that aboot G 11 persoos
who were presaot ?t the mntogwu'd
seLd telekrams to tbe Delegate from tbls
city orglDg blm to take actioa io tbe
Nrarly one hnndred Ie frs were seot
from tbls city tod*7 to Mr. Robluson
Moocure u'giog him tiusehlslsborsacd
iD.lieoce loward kil.iog aoy meiaire
locklnaj towaro ttsttraidf. prohlbllioo.
These lettem were written by baokere,
oaanufsctiirer*, mercbsntB aod (tben
repreaeotiog the mercaotile iotereata of
tbe commuoit/.
The Rimblers Olab will hooor Gjorge
Waahiugton aod celebnti their t nth
ftnoiversa'y 11 a borque'. t otorrow ever
iogil8 30 o'clock la tieir ball, 321
Cameron atrert. The committee in charge
nave perfei t <1 all attaigemei 11 acd ex
pecl 11 se?t 100 frieuda aod |UMU The
baoqatt hall bas been dtcorit d with
oatooal colors, wti olc.t ic tuiba
wherever one may look and lioge potrats
of Wa?hlofet ;n sre hcrr- aod t lere. The
ipnearence of the hall ii indfed woitby
oftiB occasion. S^veral riis Irj^u abtd
Ale_:odrians acd Wa-thiDgtooiaas have
accr ed Inritatiocs n eptak. A musl
c?.? programme has been arraoged.
I A fight took place between Beveral
oegrora io West Bad Si urday nigbt,
durlog whicb pitlols were diacbarged
aod peopU liviDg io tbo vicioity terri
fied. ~ colored roao In charge of a
horie and vrajon belonging ln Alexan?
dria wh'pptd np tbe hotee aud eotered
the ci y lo a horry, caoMog a report lo
be clrcolated t lat be bail eecap.d from
cold-ap mei.
A wbl:e man is aald to bave dli
obarged several sbots fr m a plstol at the
corner of King aud 0. lumbus streets
last olgbt. The poiice are endeavor
iog to Ideotlfy aod hca e the ifleoder.
The maoagement of the Surprise has
sacceee'ei la eeccrlng a resl high clsss
vandeville aod novelly enmpany for
Tkiradsy aod Frlday, IV rasry 24 and
25. From newrpap-r cl pplnga from
other cities thia ahow Is said to be a real
high clara attrac.ion, acd the people ol
Alexaodrla wlll have ao rpportonlty of
wiineasirg a vi u l^vllleand Dovelty ahow
seldom seen in Altx&ndrle.
It iareported in the press that tbe
Sonthem railway is negota'n,' witb
the lial imore & Ohio ta'lrca l for the
;rquiremcnt of that part of the latter's
1 ne between Harrisonburg anl I.exing
ton. Sincethe Southetn got con'rol of
the l'ne between Btratbarg an-1 Harria
onburg. while tbe Bahimore anl Ohio
?a* in the lande of receivers, the latter
haa had to p - y out large ?ums of mon*y
to move engneaan 1 cara on the South
ern track*.?Rockbridge New*.
Coal Coke Wood
B? wtat?Bny yonr fnel hefora the severe
weather. We offerbeat o,u_lity,promptd*livery
aad loweat market prioe. Fhone 95. DaW.
1ITCHESON. 107 "onth Bmnal *tr**t
22nd oi February
All kinds and varieties.
S. F. Dyson & Bro
Miaa Mary A. Penn, for a number of
year. chief operator at the Sonthern
Br 11 Telephone Cwupany'a office in this
city was quletly mairied yeaterday
mornlng at the home of her parents,
Mr.anrfMri. B. F. Penn, 4J9 north
Mfred atreet, to Mr. Birton J. McLaugfa
Ifa ofCrook, C?lo. The ceremony waa
performed by Rev. W. M. Poiial. paator
of Betbanv.Methodiat ProtestautChurch
Mr and Mra. McLangblin left forColoJ
rado, where they will make their home.
Miaa May Pearl Webater aod Mr.
John Baodolph S mms, both of Alexan?
dria, went 11 Boekvllle, Md., Satirday
to get married, but bad to n t irn home
asltbcut haviog the ceremony performed.
The dltlicu ty in their caae waa the age
of the youog mao, who ewore be waa 19.
The yooog fellow falled to briog with
hlm the writteo conaeot of hia parenta,
Sixty-tirst Congress.
Waahington, Feb. 21.
Applanae from aome women In the
gallerlea followed tbe lotroduction today
by Seoator Borab, ol a jolot reaolotloo
provldiog for an amendmeot t > tbe coc
atitatlon permlttlog uilverasl auflrsge.
Tbe reaolu'.ion providea tbat tbe auf
frage aball not be abridgad on acct uat of
Oonaiderable band clappiog followed
the readlng of tbereaoluiloo and Seoator
Borah bluabed.
iecator Barkett iotrodoced a bill ti
ameod tbe homeatead lawa bo aa to make
lt eaeler for tbe uoemployed to obtain a
Seoator Johnitoo (1cm., Al?.) waa
sppoloted by the vice presideot to be
the eighth member of the special Senate
commtttee to Investlgste the increesed
con of llvlng. He will sacceed Seoator
Ohamberlaio (dem., Ore.) who waa ex
i u led from aervlce.
Tbe bill to leana $80,000,000|lo certl
ficates of lodebtedoeaa to aid iu tbe com
pletlon and extenaioo of reclsmatloo
prcjnt i waa fuitber consldered by tbe
Senate today.
The commerce committee of the Sin
ate anmuiced bat it wui.d report a
rlvera aad harbora bill.
Mr. Mardock (rep , Kae ), who fcr tbe
laat two yeara baa beeo luu'giog w:n
great retu'arity agaioat Speaker Oaoooo
aod tbe Hooae rulea, went lata bat'le all
by himielf today aod for a few mint t a
bad tho aperker txplai-ing. The reau't
waa a defeat for the ioiurgent who want
ed lo koow if tha speaker doe? ac'ually,
aa tbe ralea rcqulr?, read (he jcuroil
every moialog belore It ia lubmltted to
tbe H luse,
0 jactloo waa made u the paaaage ol
tbe sinate bill ta lend goveromert teota
to the GonfederaU Vsteuot' Uolon in
Moblle, and Ihe bill waa taken from the
uuani?oaa calendar.
Mr. Tawney theo called up tbe ar
gencr deflclency bill coalereace report
and debate waa begon.
Tbi Begal Sjjoe for men io all ?be
oew laata oao be had of Joho A. Mar?
ahall A Bro., 422 King atreet.
Entire changeof projnm Monday, Wednas
day and Fridsy uighta,
Big openlnf bill "TUBB .3 VI3IT." Bui t
for lsughiog purpoaes only.
Oilbert 4 Law. in "The Prot?ssVs Visit.
The Oaraallas, ln "Au Old Pool."
Three rcela of picturea
The biggeat ahow ever.
ADMISSIQN . . 10c and 15c
Tuursday and Friday. February 24 and 25th.
TheU. S. Theatrical Enterpriee
The Americao Vaudeville and
Novelty Company.
Direct from New York, consistiog of big
European f?stnre scta and nove'ties.
The highest salaried compaoy that ever play
ed in this city.
Any ??at in tbe hooae.J5 oeots
Doors open 7 45. Curtain rslsed promptiy
at 8 o'clock. Over at 10.30.
Ioteispersed w.th latest moviog Picturea.Pic
_tnrea 7 to 8, no sxtra chargs._
There ara ltwyers who prsctice law and make
a lot of fuss,
Bat it is law, not lawyers, that practicea
on us.
Tbe law of necasaity isavsrywhtre as tbrough
this life we plod,
Bat wb co not fesi Its preasure like the man
who carrles a hod.
Immutabla law, "by tha sweat of the brow
man shall eat his brtad,"
And ws ara not at all anra man is free from
law even when he is dead.
Ths law of thelivina-is hmtle and strivs s>
we eagsrly onward preas,
And work day and night in our erlorts to win
tho thiua they call surcess.
ALEXANDRIA! If you ever had adesire
to rsward a dessrving enterpriae ?ive your
patronage to men wbo do n.t halk at twenty
fonr hours of daily effort. Yonrs slnosrely,
Cameron Daily Lunch,
905 Kiog Ptreet. Open all night.
LOST ? Dn tha atreet yeaterday tftarnoon
white BELT with goll buik'e. ioitials
"U L. M." Soitabla rsward for retnrc to
420 sonth Pitt atreet_f?b!8 3t*
LsadbsaUr's g_u_itagd Ccury Cougb
Rsoiedy ?o cars ooogha. Ws don't sav-?or
vo-r moosf.bMk, t*m? tbarai nonaad, It,
(sraa, ?fc Oat_w
Window Shades
Any size or quality. Also Shades ia stock,
all colors and sizes, from
10c to $1.00.
A handsome line to select from. All the new
1910 patterns are here.
518-20 King Street, Alexandria, Va?
Swan Bros
Daily Deliveries to All Suburbs.
- AND -
I.- -.
Tuesday, the Twenty-second of February. We are
headquartera for
Flags, Bunting, &c
Citizcns' Natiooal Bank
of Alexandria, Va , January 31, 1910.
President, Vice President,
Edward L. Dainjrerfielc*; Carroll Pierre,
Richard M. Grean, Gaihiar. E E Payne, Asat- Ca?bier
J. C. Smoot, Edward L Daingerfield, Jas W Roberts
Worth Hulfisb, Carroll Pierce
Vt.A- Ahern, Urban S Lambert
ItlXitlHt ;ES, I -MaiUTIES.
Loans ..... 1687,951.44
U. S. Bonds to se
cure circulation . 100,000 00
Bonds to securc U.
S. Deposit . . 1,000 00
Other Bonds and
Stocks . . . 49,986.56
Banking House &
Real Estate . . $2,856.97
Oasli . . 46,441.90
Due from
Banka and
Ajrenta . 99,13? 71
?- l?M74w7
Capital .... $100,001) 0 0
Surplus .... 100,00000
Uodivided Profita 18,049.91
Circulation . . ? 95,85000
Depoaita .... 722,469.73
U. S. Depoait . . 1,000,00
$!,a>37,3<>9 64
Watch and
Any Watch, Clock
or article of Jewelry
is usually worth
We are alsraya _lad to glrs
rs'iarates on snch work, acd
you'll be surprlsed at hcw
little it coste.
II yonr watch or clock can?
not be repiircd or yoor jsw
elrr fized, we'll fraokly Ull
yon ao. Dio't aay "It cao't
be done" t II we bafe a loc-k
All work promptly done
and guaranteed.
629 King Street
Bill Phone 242._
BOY to work in store. Apr?e ^to___
rebl83t WI kinr. sutat.
1 Men's Sweater Coats
at Cost for This Week.
Some Great Bargains,
We bave sbou- fourteea left over of
Pore Woo', aod li doxen part wool.
Fiawless Diamaods ;
Io our atock you will aee v
only the pureat atone, t
from the amalleat to tbe e*
largeat We have a par- ?*
ticular pride and pleaa- _
ure in handliag only the #>
beat. May we be favor- _
ed with your inapection? t
R.CAeton&Sons J
Jsaalars and 8ilvars_iths. s*
Lynnhaven Bay Oystere.
Ltttie Neck Clarns.
Brili'a Celebrated Singl. Fried.
The Opera House Cafe.
Oirlatosawoa powar machiaes; aoexoe
riema reqaired; will pay ?oo-i aalary to
brightgirlswbocan prova themsslves yj><-a
tolearo. Apply to Fortmao of THE EP
MAV-WARN'iH K C0? *S7 C :_?_ wrtha
w?at, Waabiogttap, 5, fc

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