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No. 1000 King street.
Fine Store Room.
119 S Fairfax street,
2 Fine Olfice Rooms
212 Duke street
10 Room Frame.
226 N Patrick street.
7 Room Frame.
1446 and 1148 Duke street
7 Room Frame
335 N. St Asaph strea-t
St"re & 6 Room Frame
310 S Washington street
8 Roo .. Orick.
311 S. Columbus street.
7 Room Frame.
302 Duke frtreet
8 Room Brick.
1101 Prince street.
7 Room Brick.
500 Cameron street.
7 Room Frame.
! 425 S. I ee street.
8 Room Frame.
321 King strept
Third Floor Flat
342 Commerce atreet.
6 Room Frame.
312 N- Pitt street.
6 Room Frame.
621 S. Patrick street.
5 Room Brick.
103 N. West oireet
5 Room Brick.
509 Wilke* street
5 Koom Frame.
531 Wilkes itrert
5 Room Frame
The Firsl lational Bank
Of Alexandria, Va.
CAPITAL, $100,000 SURPLUS, $150,000
Undivided.Profits, $25,000
?- i nniiTHF President. GEO. E. WARFIELD, Cashier
M. B.' H AR LO W, Vice-President J. J. GREEN, Asst Cashier
This bank with ita ample capital and surplus, ita adequate equlpm"*
and facllittes, solicit* the eccounts of manufactnrerB, wholesalers, retailera
and individuals on the best tern.s consistent with sound banking.
No account too large to be handled aatiafactonly.none too Bmall to be
Modern and llp=lo=Da(e in Every Respect
Corner King and Royal Streeta. Capital $100,000
Capital $100,000
Depositors afforded every facility for business, secunty
and accomodations .... - ? i ?a
Large or small accounta invited in both Commercial and
Savings Department
Board of Directors.
A. H. Bector i
R. 1. Corkrell.
C. C. Carlin.
W. A. Rmoot.
P. F. Gorman.
A. O, Portner
Details carefully attended to for'all customers
We issue drafts on all pointa of the worid.
Judire C. E. Kicol, Preaident.
W. B. Smoot, Vice Preaident.
John A. Marahall, Vlr* Pra?*M?>??.
T. C. Smith, Vice Preaident and Cashier,
W. A. Bmoot, Jr.
Get a dozen in a box befoie going home of Riley's Celebrated
In box 50c THEY'RE DELICIOU9. On table 60c
All the leading brands of Wines and I iquors- Our speciahy?
At 1) 'M ck ru., on Parardav, March 5.
1910, in f'out of the Marktt Bniding. ou
Royal s reet, th
will l>e rented fur the eu?.uinK twelve rr.osiths
Tbe rnit r will be reouir-d 'o frtrnish ruate
rial for aad lny pUtf>rm aaAeaei t to aeneaa
ruodate th- tradl All p-sswaya muat l?- k^pt
open frtf I'.i.in otati-rtioa. The rentor to
araot no huiMiiiss within * Us* di?_> re thau
70 feet from the sonth front No privil?-g?
fo-the sale ofliij-Hirs will be gran'ed incou
w.ih t ?? laws i f the city oa the sub
The rentor will Ie rcquirtd to mnve the
oftal within 48 hours, and coae of it thall be
throwa Into tha dver.
Possession will be given at oroe. I
NohioVwill te r aaidwrad un!e?s the bid
dera (.hall be known or voucheJ for to the
aaetio-aet ??reapea_M*.
Ihe ligbt to lajeef any call tiisisre
All artii le* leudtd on the wharf for the use
of the eltj to l>e free ftaaa wkaratae.
1e>ms: Casb. Payable imniediately afer
the sale.
By ( rder of the joint Committee on Public
Pronottj. CUAf. B. VARSHALL,
feblo ul ChairiBSD.
G. Wasbiogtoo Lewis
Attorney at Law.
kkx. Nat'l. Bank Boildinr
ian 24 Iro*
MOTICE ? H?viig qu li-td as adaiin
t ' latratota, with tba will aiipexarl, of the
?tste of WiLI/AM K 8Ir?80N, decesaed,
thi< la ie -Otlfy the public that thcse persocs
Ibdebtad to ihee-tate will p'ease fbuhwith
Battle s.ioh iu.lrbtneas with ns, srd thos? per?
aona having rlaimssgsinst the said estat-> will
pr*seut the same, oroperly verified, to us ior
Ad_i_ati"t?r8, with tbe will annexed, of the
?state of W-i. E. Siaeoa, decauad.
FOR $1.00
The Price of a Year's Subacription to lbe
Tribune Farmer Alone.
Tribune Farmer $1.00
The Housewife . .35
Paris Modes . . .50
Paris Modes Pattern .10
Our price to you $1
If this ccmhination does not appe.'l to you,
write us your wantr.
The Housewife
Edifd ^y Lil an Dyneyor J-;'ce, f-.rmfrly
EdtorofThe D-lineat r, is a brigl.t, enter
tainiug monthly magszine, containioa many
gool. wh"le?oma serial BM short *torife; alao
new faahioos, aocial circle, cockinr
houathold hel,?, iesaonain ecooomy, a-dito isl
ontlook, neeilearork, rocther'a realm and
talka on heslili.
Pari9 Modes Patterns
One pattern free witb eat-h su*?c:iption.
May be ael.cte.l from an; issue of Paris Modes
during tbe year.
Paris Modes
Beautifully illustrate-l. Always has a Veau
tiful over d? iara and i* tilled from r-over to
cover ?iiih the htest styles of _mer can anl
Enro[>?-aa fashiocp.
The New York Tribuue Farmer
is a prsctical up todate we-?k)y, r>ad bv tbe
sum-asful farmer a-yerywhere. The cmbina
tion dtacribe-J in tln* uotce carnot be bet
tered. Adyantege of the c-fler should be taken
at oaee. Address
New York Tribune Farmer
l?s Naasaa fkreet, Naw Tark.
No More
is the aucceasfnl re u" of yeara of dilr
gent ttudy aod careful experimenr. It
ia not a I q ild, but ia macu'actured in
graru'ated form. An every day necei
v.ty, ttt a luxary. It abaorba dirt ard
prevertt cuit from rlsl-gcurlog tbe prc
cc88 ol swreping. It roakes barafljora
clean and smootb, savts rcnnbing, kills
tbe t u t and germa, baipt t >aa up old
carpets and mra, obvist* diBaatrti'
{t-.n-tqaeacea of sn Inevitable ekiii of
duat while aweeping tie old way.
Used on Floors, Tiies, Lmo
leums, Oil Cloths, Carpets and
Rugs, and possesses proprietie9
that firmly grip the duat and dry
cleana them.
Practically Indispensable
for Dwilllngs, Offlrea, Enrea, Warc
bonses, Public Euild'nga, rjchools, Oj!
leg/s, Hospiiala, 01 urchea, Thratres,
IJ lla, Restaurantf, HotelB, Fsttirlea or
wfativfr microbt-.nleit d iuti accom
ul> t.-s oo fbor apace.
i in inrxpenslv*; pays for Itaelf by
?aviog 1 mdreds of doliars in dsnosged
gcods each year, and It is gasraoteed to
lo tbe work of ext rmlnating dnst.
Dust Breeds Consump ion
Duat ia ex remely disagreeable aa well
*b dangeroos, every body admits tbat and
ir^amei t iaunnecesiary. Cuitiadeatrnr.
ivp, becce the neceasity of naing a
Sweepirg Oornpiund of Establiahed
rtpuiit oo and dependable qual t', be?
ing gasraoteed Att aeptic aod a Dialt
Carpets, Rugs and Art
Why take up carpets and beat theon
to piecfa when the Vtteran Dast Exter
minator gweeplog Oompoand will fcnd
ailly clean t irm wbere lley are and
br:up'back their original e lora on thf
ibor w th.ui takicg fiem C| .'
Tbls swreping Oompjnrd does ntt lav
the t.tiat, bat retoovrs it from the fl Nr
iy abeorption. No rint rl*ea aod sweet
icg brcooara an ocallojtd plia'iire ic
atesd of naity dradgery.
mEK? iN- e
nna1 meeiinu of th* atnckhol lera of THK
l>e helii st th.-ir rtfiea in Alexandria, Virginia,
on MONDAY, January 10, 1910. at 11 o'clock
Meetiugadiourned to THUR3DAY. Feb
ruary 10, 1810, whan it wiil be held at tbe
same hour atd place.
Me'tiDg adjournedtoTHl'RSDAY, March
10 1910, vh?-n it will be held at the sanu
hour and place._d?c28 td
TH E annual meeting of the atookboldera of
B0U8E COMPAHY, Incrporatel. w.llbe
held at tbe I _ea of Uardner L. Boothe, Alex?
andria Natio.i> 1 Bank K'lilding. Alexandria.
Va., tn MONDAY AFTEBNOO_ Fehrusrj
"Mh at'2.45 o'clock. B. W. PARKER.
THE annual meeting of tbe atock holdara of
HOT.-.E foal.'ANY w.ll beheld at the nf
laa ffGardner V. Rootae, Aiexandria Na
tionsl Bank BniHiiig. A exandrla, Virginia,
on MONDAY AFTERNOON. Faoruary 2f.
at 2 30 o'clock. B. W. PARKER,
feb!4 td_Seeretary.
Northern mails, week days, close at 8 45s.
m. and 10 40 a. m., and 140, 816
and lOEOp. m. Open at 800 a. m.,
12 00 m, and 5 00 p. m. On Sundays Northeix
mails cloee at 8 45 a. m? 140, aad 7 16
p. ?.
Sonthern mails via Southern Railway cloa*
al 10 40 a. m? 4 30 and 10 15 p. m. Oper.
at 800 a. m.aad 4 00 p.m.
Sonthern mails, via R, F. 4 P. R. R,
close ai 9 45 and 11 40 a. m., aod 3 60, 7 W
aud 10 50 n. m. Opvuat8 and 9 30 a. m?
3 and 1015 p. ra.
M-nS'-am Division mails cloae at 8 15 a. ro
and 3 50 p. m. Open at 12 m. and 10 15 p. ro.
Bluemont Braoch, & uthem Railway, mai.
olose -' 7 45 a. m., and 3 20 p. m. Oper
at 9 00 a. n and 7 00 p. m.
Chaaapeace and Ohio mails cloae at 1 40 p.
m. _nd 1015 p. m. Open at 800 a.m. anr"
4 00 p. m.
Waahington mails close at 8 4-'
aad 10 40 a. m,, and 1 40, 8 16
aa_ U 60 p. m. Opeu at 800 a. m.
12 00 io. and 6 00 p. m. and 8 30 p. m.
O-oe Honrs?Open at 800 a. m. Cloaa a
4 00 p.m. _,
Sunday Hoars?Opeo at 900 a. m. Close
at 1000 a.m.
Carhers' rachednis? Collection made on lr>
?ide routas?6 15 and 1000 a. m. and S 00 anr
6 80 p.m. Ftll ronte?615 a, m. and 6 301
di. Sun-iay cvllattion 4 45 p. m. Carrierr
windo- open Sanr?y 900 a. m. aad clors
10 00 a.m.
Di Ua_Sa_ made 800a.m. 1 20 p. aa. and
6 M o. m.
AJ1 m*H ahonld Ke tn th? t>%a* i*o ml-w?
hefore our ladtaatad time for oloataa_
?Wood Yard^
Kiugjsr.d Peytoa St?. ? - Alexandria, Va.
Small orders delivered 10 to 12 a. m. aad to
5 p. ro.
1, J and foll cord orders delivsitd stjonce.
Deliveries in iRoaemont, Braddock and Eel
Ray daily.
r.n;. : HtmeHi v>
OFFrca AJfD Sto_B8: 115-117 N. Royal St.
Dealer in Hardware, Paints, Agri
cultural Implements, V? hicles,
Haraess, Fieldaad Gaiden Seeds.
WABEI!<>r-i "!i)N STRBKT, ON
iink ..r aotrt?_aa railway.
Also Grain, Hay, Straw and
Ali Kinds of Mill Feed.
Will al-aya kaep ia stask the t_akaat f rade
of tbete artieka.
Why Hlndooa Don't Oo Mad.
Wby are tbere bo few lunatic asy
-.tns and ao small a proportlon of lo
snne persons ln Indla? Tbat ls a quee
tlou which many a traveler haa won
derlngly asked. The HIndoos regulate
their llvee entlrcly in accordance witb
their religlon?that is, tbeir worklng,
eating, sleeping, as well as what wo
usually regard as our "life" in tbe re
llglous sense of the word. Evorythlng
ls arranged for them. and they follow
tho rulea now Just as they dk! 2,000
years ago. This constant observance
of the same mles for twenty ccnturies
bas molded the brains of the race into
one shape, as it were, and, altliough
their rites are queer cnough, yct tbere
is bnt nn occnsioual examplo of tbat
strlklng devlatlon from the common
which Is called insanlty ln countrles
lnlmblted by tbe wbite race. They are
fatalists too. With them It ls n case
of "what ls to be will be" carried to
the extreme. Tbls has ln tlmo given
them the power lo take nll tbinps
calmly and so freed them from the
anxlety that drives so many white
men into tbe lunatic asylnms.
Thought It Was the Monkey'*.
A dlamond necklace was poasessed
by Mme. Geoffrey de St. Hllare, the
wlfe of the famous French naturalJst
It was one of tbe cblefest of her "con
tentments," as Ilindoo women aptly
term their Jewels. One day madame
mlssed her necklace. Tbere was a ter
rlble turmoil in tbe house, and all the
servants down to tbe foollsh fat scul
llon were suspected, but In turu proved
their lnnocence. At last It was remern
Dered tbat M. de St. Hilnire had a net
monkey, and on ft searcli belng made
ln the "glory hole" of tho quadrumane
theprecious baubicwas dlscovered hld
den away with a white satlu Bhoe, sev
eral cigar en.ls, a pencil case and a de
composed npple. The renowned nat
urallst calmly observed that be had
frequently seen the monkey playlug
with the uecklace. "Why did you not
take it from him?" indlgnantly nsked
his spouse. "I thought lt belonged to
blm," replled M. de 8t. Hllaire. Ho ev
Idcntly thought there wns notliing un
natural in an ape possesslng a dlamond
necklace as his personal property.
The Monasteries of Tibet.
Every TIbetan famlly ls compelled
to devote Its firstborn rur.le child to a
monastic Hfe. Soon after his blrtb
the child ls taken to a Buddhlst mon
aslery to be brotifc'lit up and tralned ln
pdaaatljr niysterles. At about the age
of elgiit he Joins one of the oarnvans
which travol to LBBBB There be Ib at
,1 to one of tbe local monasteries,
whtn ba rcmalns as a novloe untll he
ls fifteen, lcarning to rcad tbe sacrcd
bOOt- and perform the rellglous rites
Ot his faith. The firstborn Bon, belng
tbus sent Into the church, as we
should say in this country, the second
becomes the bead of the famlly
.m<l marries. Unllke some other seml
civillzed races, these young Tlbetans
have tbe right of cbooslng their own
wives. Nor can n TIbetan girl be
marrled off by her parents without ber
own consent. The curlous custom ln
regard to tbe eldest sons resulta of
coursc, in nearly every Tibetan famlly
acqulrlng tho odor of sanctity, num
berlng a monk among its membera?
London Telegraph.
6low but Inexcrablo Justice.
In October, 1900, Pietro Glaconl and
Marle Bonelll were trled at Roine on
a charge of sextuple murder by pol
sonlng eommitted thlrty-one years be?
fore. In England Eugene Aram was
banged for the murder of Clarke four
teen years after the offense. A man
nanied Home was executed for the
murder of his child ln the elghteenth
century no less than thlrty-flve years
after the offense. Tliero ls also the
well known case of Civernor Wall,
who was executed In 1802 for a mur?
der eommitted in 17*2. Sherward was
banged at Norwicu for tbe murder of
his wlfo after n lapse of twenty yeara.
But Slr Fitzjames BtBpbBQBJ recalls
what ls the most remarkable case of
all. He prosecuted as counsel for tho
crown ln 18G3 a man who was cbarged
with stenllng a leaf from a parish reg
lster slxty years before?that ls, ln
ivi.:. Iu this case the prisoner was
acquitted.?London Standard.
Prohibited Coffee Houses.
So many coflVc houses sprang Into
existence ln England durlng the relgn
of Charlea II. that he, cntertainlng a
bellef that many polltical Intrlgues had
their beglnnlng ln those places, Issued
an edlct orderlng them to be closed.
In tbls proclamatlon the following
wonls occuired: "The retalllng of cof
fee or tea migbt be an Innocent trade,
but it was said to nouriah sedltlon,
VpVMd lies an.l scandalize great men.
It mlght also be a common nuisance."
Phyllis?Harry ls the most conceited
Aiau I ever met Maud-What makea
you tbink so? Phyllis-Why, be first
.asserts that I am th" most adorable
woman In the world, tbo most beauti?
ful, lntellectunl and in every respect &
paragon. and tbou he wants me to
roarry hira!
It has been said that life Is made up
of three thlngs?heredlty. envlronment
and tbe wlll. If the heredlty and en
rtronawat of the cblld are what they
ehould be the wlll wili cboose the right
and. do IL
Couldn't Help It.
Mr. Blggs-You must thlnk me a
blamed fool. Mrs. Biggs (klndly)-No.
I don't think anybody ever blamed
you.?Bostou Transcript.
Men of loftler mlnd manlfest tbem
aelres ln their equitable deallngs.
Braal! mlnded men ln tbeir golng aiter
Snft>rera wboaay they hare tried eyery
thing withoct hameSt are the peopl* are ar*
look.ng for. We want them to kiow from
glad experience that Ely'a Cream Balm will
conqner Cold in the Htad, Hay Feyer, and
obatiaate f jrms of Na*al Oatarrh. This ram
?dy act* directlroa the infUmed, (aaasitiye
membranea. Cleanaiog, aootbiog *nd be*i
ing. Oce trial will caavinoe yon ofitt haal
rg powar. Prie* 50b. A_ droggisss or
maUsd by Elf aVcc, H WaffBB It, New
Bright and Steady
A bright and steady light depends upon the
cor.struction of the lamp. .
The best akill has put fortH ita best effort ia
pcrfecting the Rayo Lamp.
As the air is fed to the flame?ao doea the light
burn. The eaiy-flowing current of air through
the air-tube of the Rayo Lamp secures a uniform
light, with never a flicker or flare.
The Ideal family lamp. Made of brasa through
out and beautifully nickeled.
The Rayo is a lovr-priced lamp, bat you cannot
get a better lamp at any price. -i ,
i Once a Rayo uaer, always one
f Kverv Dealer Ever-where. If Vot at Yoors, Write for
D_criptlve Circular to the Nearest Agency ol tbe
Three of the fincst h^mes iD Alexandria city, butit of brick, <wo
stoiis high containing eight rooms, receotion ha'i, bath ; nd
pantry, with concrere cell-rs, heated with hor watt-r nnd li.'h ed
uith _as and e'rctric lights; stone laundry tubs, with ?.mv.i ry
plumbing throuehout. Bath rooms and vcstibules tih d. Lots
20x100 feet to a ten foot alley.
Located on the North Side of Prince Street,
Between Washington and Columbus Streets.
We will be pleas^d to hare any parties inspect these houses, fnd
wi 1 be glad to have any prospective horae-buyeis cal for <ull
details as to price, termj and full information at the office of
Thompson and Appich
Real Estate, Loan and Insurance
107 South Royal Street.Alexandria, Va.
"Worth Looking Up"
so they are You'll find them
all over town wherever you go.
Th- re s a perfec smokeconceal
e 1 in.
Each Cigar We lili actore
and we <re placing some eacel
lent brands upon the market < all
at anv cigar store and verify ( ur
clalm s
A Poor Shoe Wili Not
Menditslo ksby^h ning !
Get the kind that are msde right in the
beginning- Bight in ah?p-, wbich givi*
them atyle, right in fit, which giy?s
them comfort. Kight in rlu-abilily. wln-h
inakea them wear well. The right Uii.-1.-e
alwiay* to be had at Katz's. At th? ri-ht
prices In or-ler to n^ake room for our Hpri. g
Stock. we will *e 1 all broken ). ts>tpri'ts
regardle?B of cost. Come early befo.-e il.e
sizes are tov much broken np.
400 King Street Alexandria, Vi.
Fresh from the churn to you every Friday at
the very moderate price of ...... -
38cts per pound
We solicit your butter trade. Call or write.
Edward Quinn^Sons
Cor. St. Asaph and Oronoco Streets.
t Kaufmann Bros
We are showing some advance models of
Manhattan Shirts at
$1.50, $1.65, $2.00 and $2.50.
! 184 Suits and Oiroats
I KaufmannBros _
Clothiers, Haberdashern and Tailors.
402-405 KING STREET.
Traias laart Union Statioa Alaxaadiia
Ia Eflect January 3.1910.
ti. B?Following schednle irwat pabliah*
only aa Inforaatlon, and are not guarantaet!
7M7 A. M.?Daily Local between Waahiag
ton and Danvilie.
?47 A. M.-Daily?Local for Hanisc
??nrg, aad way stations.
9.17 A. M.-Daily-U. 8. Faet Mail. Stop
only for paasengem for point* aonth at -rhicr
schednleu tostop. Firsl elaaa ooachea, aleep
inar car* to Birmingham and drawina/room
sleeping cars to New Orlean*. Dining oar
11.17 A. M.-Daily?Mail train. Coache*
for Minaasaa, (harlotteavillf, Lynchbnrg,
Danyille and Greensboro. Sleeping can
Ore.-i^boro to Atlanta.
1.17 p. m.?Wet-k Daya?Local for War
reuton ar.d Straaburg Junction.
4:32 P. M. Daily?Birmingbam srecial.
Sleeping cars between New WI, Aogturta,
Aiken an. Ja. ksonville. Sleeper to Birming?
ham. Througi Bnt-nl?i* coaches between
Waahington am- Jacksonvill*. Dining car
aemoe. Toorist u C*lifornia four timee
4*7 P. M.-Week rinya-Loeal ror __t>
riaonborg and way station* en Maaaaass
brtan cn.
%VL*i M--p?Uy-Looal fcr W*nw<
and Charlottes-ille.
10:27 P. M.-Daily-Waahington and Chi
tanooga Limited Oia Lynchburg;. Flr
ojae* ooach and ?leeping carsto Boanok
Knoxville and Chattanooga. 81* ? per to New
Orlean*, V, iugton to Boanoke. Dining
car serriee.
11.-03 P. M.-Daily-New York, Atlanta
and jf-i Orleans Limited. All Pollman
train, c:r b andobeerration cara toNewOr
leans, SU.ping cara to Aaheyille, Atlanta,
Macon and New Orlean. Sleeping cara to
Charlotte, Dinim- oar serriee.
4:27 A. M.-Daily-Mtmphi* srecial.
Sleeping cara and coache* for Boanoke, Kuox
?ille, Na>hyille, Chattanooga and Mem
phis. Dining car service, Waahington
?leeping cars open 10:00 P. M.
Tnrongh trains from tbe South arriye at A -
exaudria 6:13 and 6:33 *nc 10:23 A. M.
2.13, 7:28, 10:23 and 11.68 P. M. daily. Har
nsonbi.ra 11:28 A. M. week daya and 9:11
P. M. da-l- From CherIotta_v_Ie9:28 A. M.
Laave Alexandria (W. 40. Station, we>k
day* at 8:22 A. il., 3.55 and 4.55 P. M. for
Blnemont; 6:33 P._.weel day* fcr Leeabu-x;
4.55 P. M. daily for Bluemont and 9:23 L
M., local, on Hnndav only fcr Bluemont.
FordetaUed schedule figurea, ticket*. Pull
_an reeervation, etc., apply to
WILLIAM 0. LEH_W, Union Tiok*
Agent, Alexandria, Va.
E. H. COAPMAN, General Msnager
3. H. HABDW1CK, Paas. Traf. Mg .-.
H. F. CARY. Ganer.1 Paasenger Agent
L. S. BBOWN, General Agent.
_Waahingt?, P. 0.
Washington, Alexandria _>
Mt. Verncn Railway.
IneffeotlMayl, 1909.
For Waahington, from corner Prince anc
Boyal street*. week days, at640, 6 06, 6'*>,
630, 6 40,6 66,7 06,715,730, 740, 7 60,/?00
815, 8 26, 836, 8 50, 9 10, 9 30. 9 60
10 10,10 30,10 50,11 10, 11 26, 11 30, 11 60 *
m., 12 10, 12 25, 12 30, 12 60, 1 10, 1 25, 1 30.
1 50, 2 10, 2 26, 2 30, 2 60,3 06, 326, 3 36, 8 M
4 11 4 25, 4 30.440, 455, 6 10, 626, 635, 5bi.
6 < , 6 20, 6 80, 6 45, 7 00, 7 15, 7 35. 8 00.
, 9 00, 9 30,10 00,10 80, 1110 and 11M
p. m,
Sondays? 700,735,810,820,8 40, 900,920,
940, 100 ,1020, 1040, 1100.1130 and 11447
a. m., 12 00, 12 20, 12 40, 100 120,140,2 00
2 20,2 40,3 00,3 20, 340,40. 420,440,500
520, 540, 600, C 20, 640, 70 720,740,800
830. 900, 930,1000. 10 <?, and 1110 p. ra
Leaye Alexandria for Moont Vernon, week
daya, 5 46, 656, 7 66, 861, 1025, 11 36, a. rn.
12 25, i 25, 225, 330. 4 40, 536, 6 80, 7 36,
8 60, 9 60, 10 50 *n 11 60 p. m.
Sunday*?7 00, 8 30, 930, 10 80,1130 a. m.
12 30, 1 30. 2 30,1 30. 480. 680, 630, 781
8 46 and l'i 16 p. m.
Leaye Ferry Wharf 8 16, 8 41, 9 10,|9 I
10 26,11 00, 11 36 a. m.; 12 80, 1 06, 1,3
2 06, 2 45, 8 30, 4 06, 4 36, 6 05, 6 <5, 6 3
/ 05, 7 45, 8 25, 9 00, 9 40 p. ra.
Leaye Spring Park 8 06, 8 80, 8 56, 9 <
10 10, 10 46, 11 20 a. m.; 12 15, 13 >
1 20, 1 50. 2 30, 8 16, 8 60, 4 20, 4 60, 6 3
6 Oi. 6 Hl. 7 ti6. 8 10. 8 4*. t. -26, 10 00 p
Washington Sonthern Rj
Behednle in eteet Nor. 7,1909.
rrains leaye Union Statioa for Washingto*
and poinU north at 7 23, 8 08, 8 23 and 9 53
a m 12 1, 230, 8 07, 818, and 1188 p. m.,
For Fredericksbnrg, Bichmond and point*
">utb *t 4 37, 7 43 (local), aud 10 23 a. m?
12 00, 4 22. 4 42, 6 18, 6 07 and 7 43 p. m.
Aooommodatieo for Fredericksbnrg at 618
p. m. < aily.
Notb :?Time of arriral* and dapartnx**
und conneotinns not gnaranteed.
W. P. TAYLOR, Traffic Manager.
Steamera of" This Line Leam Aluandrla
on and arter May 15.1909,
8ATURDAY at 4:30 p. m.
Caisine and appointments nnexoelled,
Preight fcr Baltimore, Philadelphia aav
Sew York solicited and handled with can,
Through rate* and bills of lading iaaaad.
Single fare to Baltimore, $2,50; round trip
{8.50. -tatarooms, one way, $1.50. Meals, 50c,
Foot nf I'arneron atrtMt.
Potomac & Chesapcake
Steamboat Company
On an After October 14
FoCTHBorND?Tnesday, ThnradayandSat
urday. Leaves Waahington from 8ih st wharf,
6 p. m.; Alexandria, Cameron at. wharf, 5:30
p. n..; Colonial Beach, 10 p. m. Arrivea Old
Point, 6 a aa.; Norfolk. 7 a. m.
Nobthboind?Suaday, Wedneaday and
Friday. I^-ayes Norfolk, Co-nme'ce st. dock,
I p m.; Old Point, 6 p. ni ; Colonial Beach,
12 niidnigbi. Arrivea Alexandria, 5:30 a. m,;
Waahington, 6 a. m.
Connection* at Colonial Beach and Waah?
ington wiih local steamer* for Potomac river
landinga. At Norfolk and Waahin ton witb
line* diverging,
Fare, one way. $2.00; round trip, $3 03.
W. P. EM Wr RT. Vice Prts. and Gen. Mgr,
W. F. CAfiNE. -Jb.. Gen. Agt.
REABDON A GR1MES, Agent*, Alaxandria.
lieDeral losoraDee Ageocy
4ee_i No. 4, Burka t\ Herbart Bldf
The companies repreaented in thia otBut
oayeaaseu of orer 8100,100,000. Amoaf
-tber* are :
aiartford Fire loaaraoca f,
ll-erpool at Loadoa _ Olaba.
i?_tna Inauraace Ca.
Northern Assuranca Ca.
SprlnarfUid ptr* ? Mariaa.
frompt attention gifen to adjaatcat oi
c*se* *nd all mattors ronnaelad vith l_*r
l?"? erllvt r
President. Seeretary.
Alexandria Fertilizer ul
Chemical Company.
- iJa'FACTOBiaS Of
FertiJizers, Fertilizer Ma
teriais & Sulphuric Acid,
Aak your dealer for the Alaxandrla Fer
tilizer _ Chemical Co.'a Prodncta.
C'apaclty: 50,000 tons per annum.
Princtsa Street and Potomac River Wharf.
Of all tha hsslth builders, fiesh makera and
paisaosary rsmsdias, aou* is aay kwtlar thaa
Lsadbaatar's __nUttm ot 906 Ltftt OU. K*

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