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THI 28DAY EvTaWWe. MAB. 17. ***_.
Sun and Tide Tabie.
Ban rlHM tomorrow at 10. and -at. at 6.09.
Hlgh water at 1.13 a m aiid 1.44 y. m.
wnk _
L O* O. F.
Tbe committee oo the aevettj-firet
aoniversary of Potomsc Lodge ofOdd
on Msrcb 10,183'.-) have abont completed
?II arrangemer n for an intere. tiog and
latt u t veett rlaloment ti the meni
bn o' ihe order aod their invlted frieoaa
r tbe Yooog People's Biildiog on next
Monday nigtt, March 21st
The palace c*r 'Moott Veroon" wlll
leave Wasbionia at 7 20 o'clock with
the inviteJ gue"' and (he exerciaee wili
cimmence promp'.ly at 8 o'clocb. Ad*
dresses wili be made by W. W. Millan,
grand r.preaeoUtve of Waahlogtoo;
Hill Montagoe, grand r.preaeotative, of
Ricbmood, V*., aod John B. Gjodwio,
grsoi Bccretarf of Ltltimore, Md. Mr.
Gjodwin Is a patt graodaire ol tbe order
a-id waa formerly mayor of Atianta,
Pro'.B. Wheatia Howard wlllcocduct
tbe nmiical p?rt of tbe r.ngram ajeieted
el bj the Philharmonla q M t'tte, proool*
nett I'dy alogtre, iocluding Mrs D?yo,
Mra. Gilmcre, Miei II mien and M'ts
Oheoowitb, all of W.s.legfoo. Tbe
popol r actor Mr. John M. K ioe, wlll
preaeit drama'.lcrtadlogaand ProfO.ld
well'a orcbeatra wlll render aelectiooa
dorirg tbe eveolrg.
The badge to be worn by the membera
of tbe) Lodge on tbe occaaaion wili be a
aca'l-.t flowtr, repreBenting the color of
tie thitd degree, or D'grei of Trata .
The Hill Directory Company. of Rich
mond, have agreed with Mr. R. S. Bar
rett, the latepubllsher ofthe Alexandria
City Directory, totake charge of and
publish tbe City Directory for the year
1910. In order to make this book one of
tbe very best that Alexandria bm ever
had they ask the co-opera'ion of ali cit
izen'% Tne Hill Directory Cim^any w.ll
put The Alexandria Directory in the di
rectory files of a very large number of
cities in this country, where it 'a in con
atant nse by rnerchants, trav'ling men,
and inquiring one?. The IM1 Directory
C.mpany is alwaya anxiooa to add sny
new features to their directories, and
wili be glad to receive any suggeations
looking towa'd the improvement of The
Alixandria City Directory. They re
.questall bousekeepers snd othera to
bave their data rea ly when repreaenta
tivea of the company call.
(30NVIOTED of la~roeny.
Qiorge L. Brown, the baggsge man
who wbib lo tieeropioyoftheBjutbem
Railway wia arrested abuit a ytar ago
on chargea tbat he had atolen more thao
ajlOOOO wnrthof j:welry from ba?eage
*,<d r bia car-, wa* convlcted yeaterday
io Uruiinal O.urtNj. 1. in Washiogton.
Bnwn cfl-'red oo delenee aod noted ao
appeal. B-owd'b sole defeoae cooaieted
of a motion made by bia attorneja to
qaaib tbe Indictmeat on the gromd Ibat
tns larcenies. if aoy, occurred withont
the ju isdic'ioa of the Dis rlct of Oolnm
rda. Jastlce G u'd held, howev*r, that
B owo'a orleose conatituted acontloooua
Bt-raard and L-.wreoce Petty, arreat
cd on anaplclon of robbiog a S.uthetn
Bailway freight cir at Semloary atitloo,
were yeattrday afterooon given a hear
leg in tie Police Ccurt room io this
ct' before Jastice Stuut, of Fairfax
ctuitf, aod beld for tbe action ofthe
grand jury. It wlll be remembered tbat
t-oodry a tcleB of millinery were found
fn the bcuse, occupied by the Ptttey'e
and lhat Beroard Pttfy waa aeen c?n*
Ing dowa Wea'. Eod road at ao early
hcu: ln tie morning with a bag on hia
ahtu'der. He aaid he eaw a atrange man
drop tbe bag aad be picked it up aid
carried it to bia hune. The aoca-ed
was represented by Mr. Gardner L
Toe fuoeral of th? late A. 0. L.nd
tfeet, who d-eJ at Moujt Atr, Falrfax
coootr, oa Taesday, took place tbis
afteroooo from Pohick Oburch.
Tbe deceased formerly kept a b'g
commieeion hune in Bjltimore. He
wa. tbe son of John Laodetreet, wbo
establlshed Ihe commlsaion hoose io
Bhlmore, which tbe ion aftcrward io
berited. Saortly before tbe war tbe aoo
dlspa'ed ol tbe baaloess aod wett to
Fa'rfai coDoly and bt u^bt a large farm
wbicb he cu t vated
Uousu.lS. Pi'.rlck'sDiy weatber wia
not io evideoce to day, altbuijb coo
dittons'.rve b?eo thrett'oiug. Alexac
diU Division, No. 1, A. 0. H., wlll cel
ebrste tb? day withapproprlateexerclse.
to night in the Yctiag Men'a Bodallty
Lycenm Htll, after wbi:h the members
wlll attjnd a ta-qun at Magner's Oafe.
Two "meo of straw" attracted altent on
varly tbis morniog. Ooe had been placed
lo Iront of a hoose near the Scu'.bern
U\>!w?y d=pat and aoo'.her opposl:e a
r sart oo nortn Lee stree*. The Iriah
flig was flriog over Buike A Hjrbeit's
baoklng bouse.
Mr. L B. Moorr, of the U. 8. inter
nal rs?e ai B*rvico, oow statloned at
tbe Mshoneyvlllo distlllery, near this
ci'y, enterained a ounabt-r of his trieods
tt th t place today. Tbe botldlog waa
approprlately deeorated for the occation
Tbe fhblog aeaaon ia drawirg near,
and rrceip'a are iocreaalog. There
bave, hnwtver, been no arrivala at Fieh
t wn t-iis r'B'. 8had are aelliog at
from $1 t) $1,15 for roe, acd from 40 to
50 cn s for buck. H?rriog ?re brtaf
iog BO ceote per dtr^o, aod perch are
aellirg at 10 cetti a pood.
MA8K. bOUla-U
What p'omisea t) be one the moat en*
joyable atlalra of the aeaaon ia tie maa*
qiende daoce t > be giveo at OJd Fel
lowa' Hall tomorrr.iw oight by the Ca'
dloal Athletic Oiub. Judging from the
advaoce rale of t'ckele a large crowd ia
expected. , _
A granolitblc stdewslk has been plicrd
in troit of the Alfred atreet B-p'ii;
Obarcb, R?v. Alex. Trua'.t, p?t >r. Toe
work waa done by Mr B. P. Jobcaio.
The Liodoer Shoa for Ladiea fioe
wear baa no iqual. John A. Marahall
* Bn? 422 Kiog atraat
Coodemna i n pioc-edioii ?tt r a t act
ollad comprlaini aboat 1,155 acrea,
locat'd in Falifax coonty, oear Ooco
qoao, which tbe goveni neit desirea aa a
site for a Diatrict of OJu nbia workbcuie,
were h<ard ln tbla city today, in the
Uoited ri atea 0 u?. for the eastern dia?
trict of Virgioia, Judge EJau ld Wad
dill, prealding.
All tte coort offioers were preaett.
Jodge L L Lswia, Uoited Siatea Dii
trict Ccurt, rtpreseottd the govercmert
aod Jn ige 0. E. Nicol repreeet t d all
tbe property owoera in tbe case, vir.:
L. A. Deoty and wife, T. D. Vtolett
and wlfc, G. W. Dawaon aod wife,
J. T. D.wbod aod wife, J.L.Dawsonaod
wife.Kat lerine Olh't and R.O. Holt ber
tinbaod, W. 8. Lyno ani wife, G?e.
Belecmao, Julia T. 8elecmao, Redmood
Selecman and wife, and George A. Belec?
Afttr the legal papera io the caae had
beeo received, Jodge Nicol for tbe prop
erty owoera.atated tbat bycooaeot all bia
clieota bad agreed that tbe proceediDga
ahiu'd be coodocted aa io oae caae, aod
t.at all had agrred aa to the price at
hlch they beld their laode.
Tweoty-ftur men had been enmrnooed
from which a jary of twelve coold be
aelected to appraiee the landa aod tbe
followiog wereeelec'ed:
0 urtney Acton.Heury Aitcheaon, De
W. Aitcheaon, J. F. Birrell, L. BriJI,
0 F Oarter, F. 0. Oteightoo, A. P.
D-niphan, R. E 0r-W, W. P. Gravea,
Wor.b Hn B?h and H. B. Lfilnn.
Aa atated above, tbe ptlce bad been
agreed upoo and the jury nturned a
ferdict a?aeasing the fain of the
1 154.70 acrea io queetloo at $28,648.84,
which iocludea ioierest for aboat nloe
mottha aod tbe price of a rock ciuiher,
or at an average of abnit $1? per acre.
Tbe ccurt tberenpoo eutered an ordtr
approv.og tbe verdict ot tbe apptaiaera
aod orderlog a dittrlbntion of the money
by Judge Nicol. Thoao whoae landa
bave been taken and tbe money they
wili receive are aafollowf: L. A. Daoty,
212.65 acree, $3,349.24; T D. VI teti,
25 25 acrea, $897.69; G. W. Dawaon,
15fiOacres, $244.13; Mra. K 0. Holt,
309 80 acrea, $12,480 50; W. 8 Lyno,
112 50 acrea, $2 244 I8;0r. Baecmao.
83 acree, $1,743; JuMa f. 8.1'cmar,
100 70 acrea, $1,586 02. B. and G. A.
3-lecmao. 57.90 acres, $1,003 91; J. L.
Dawioo, 237 40acre-, $5,539.90.
Mr. J. Armistead Ejrgboro, who wae
recentlyappoiLtid by tie prealdett to
be poatmaater at Alexaodria to tu.cred
Mr. T. F. BurroijbB, today anntuiced
tho appointment of Mr. Dooald L.
At:beaon to be bia aeaiatant. Mr.
Ejgborn and Mr. A;t:heaoo wili eoter
u?,on their new dullea about Aprll lat,
Tbe aalary of the poatmaater ia abont
$2,700 and that of the asiitt mt $1,400.
Mr. Ejgborn, aa hertUfore itated, haa
been conoected with the Virgiuia Bafe
Depoalt aod Troat Oorporstion In thia
city for a number of yeara and haa
troved himaelf tibea very cnmpetent
officer of that Inititntioo. IU wlb
doubtlesa make an excellent poatmaater.
Mr. Altcbeeoo baareeidedio Alexsndrle
all bia life aad ia well aod moat favor
ably koowo in the city. For a nomber
of years he haa been emploved in tbe
government navy yard at Waahington ae
a first claea macbinist. He waa bigbly
recommended for hia new poaltlon by
theleaderaof tbe rcjublican party in
tbia city aod hia appointment meeta witb
the approbation of a honi of friends. He
wili aucceed Mr. J. T. Johoston.
assaulted" A WOMAN.
William Lomax, colored, waa before
i_9 Police Court thia morning charged
with uslng ftbosive aod threaleoiog ian
gusge toward Ida Foard, alao colored,
l'be trouble aroae over the owoerahlp of
eome diacarded railroad liea. The tvl
denca wae l>therfletttbat Lomax picked
np a brick aod threatened to tbrow lt at
t.e wnman. Juitce Oaton fioed the
accnsed $5. He waa exceedicgly loqaa
cltuiand peraisted in Ulkiog after the
caae bad beeo diapcsed of, aod had to be
forcad out of the dock aod dowcataira by
an officer. Lomax paid bia fine and ia
aald to bave remarkcd aa be left the
attttoo boose tbat he could not get jus
tice before tbe Police Oourt, hitwou'd
obtao it somewbere eUf. II) unse
quently met tbe Foard woaoao and us
merclfu'ly beat her, aod when .be re
taroed to the .tattoo hoose ber face was
braised aod cot aod she was bleeding
pro'usely. A wairaotwas is u d for the
rearrest of Lorasx.
The ste.mer Cbatbam, of tbe Mer
chants aod Miners' Transporlation Oorx
pany, ashore on tbe j?tty at the entrance
?8t Jobos river, Florida, was pur
chased yee'erd.y by A. R Wilson, of
Wasbiogtop. The price paid w;s $3,000
for tbe steamer and ao addltlooal $150
fnr what-cargo silll remaloslo t e vesse',
What Itt-rests were represeoted by M'.
Wilsoo aod whttber tbe ateamar w u d
be floated by a wreckiog compaoy or
broken up for old juak caonot be ascer
taioed. Tbe Ohatham w.? an Iroo Bcrew
sesmer of 2,729 rtosb toos aod 1,909
Dtt toos reglater, 265 fert long, 40 feet
b;sm aod 34 feet deep. Sbe was tuilt
lo 1884.
Mr. J. Fle'cher Heard, of Atlanta,
Gs.,aodMi?a Erelyo H.ll, of Wa.h
logion, formerly of RlchmonJ, were
married at Grnce Oturch at 5:30
o'cleck yemrday evening, Rsv. Mr.
Oarpenter cfficiat ng. The ceremooy
wa. quiet, only a ftw frlendabilng pie -
ent Mr. H*rd la the electrlo.l lc
speotor for tbe Postal Telegrapb Oom
pany with headqoarters al Atlanre.
Miss Hall was at one time cinoected
with tbe pcatal main office at Washlng
too. After tbe ceremooy the party left
this city via the Btu'.hern for Atlanta,
which will be tbeir future bome.
A fioal plea for tbe l.fe of Henry
Smith. the fou-tb negrocoovldcd of aid
ing ln the nurder of Walt.r F. Schollz,
and sennnced 11 dle ln the electrlc chair
tomorrow, was made lo Gavernor Mann
by Attorney Frederick P. Ruuell today.
Tbe three otber negroes have been re
spited uatll May 1
Brakemao b>nnedy lell irom tbe roof
nfacarintbe Potomac railroad yarda
laat night aod was paio'ally iojor d on
th. brad. He waa broogbt ta ths city
and placed lo the Alexandria Hospltal
where be wa. attended by Dr, Smith.
Standard Army Shoea for m.n. The
moat oomfortable and dnrable ahoe made
aan be bad at J. A. Mar.ball & Bros.'
?? King itrtet.
polioe oooar.
[Juatlee H. B. Oaton preslding]
Tne followlog caae. were dlapoaed ol
thia morniog:
Amca Geer^e, ehsrged w ta disorderly
condac, forfeited his collateral by fall.
iog lo appear.
Willlam Lomax, colored, cbaraed
w'tb mlog aboslve laoiu.ge toward Ide
Foard, alsa colored, wbb fioed $5.
8amiul Nichols, coored, charged
with aasaolllog Lswrenee Pierce, alao
colored, titt ? brick, wa. fioed $10.
A colored deckband ('thoee n.me
ccu'd n t be learoeo) was fcuad tobe
missing abeo tbe steamer Three Rivers,
from Bsltimcre, reachedGlymoot Taet
day olghr. Hswas latt seeo at Llvei
pool Point, and tt ia soppoaed he fell
ovetboard from a ladder which extends
from the gaogway on tbe outslde of tbe
steamer, to tbe opper deck.
A cbarter haa been granted to tha
8oothern Realty Oompany (loc ), Alex?
andria, J. B. Haydsn, pretideot, Alex?
andria, Joseph Hayden, treasorer,
Omaha, Neb ; A. R. Nlcoll, aecretary,
Alexandria, capital:Maxlmnm, $50,000;
minimu-, $50,000. OdjscU: Real
estate baslnese. _
Mr. Willlam M. Larmou-, wbo haa
been io Alexandria dartog thepast seven
weeks, left today for a vUit to relatite.
in Baltimore coa ty, Md.
IovitationB are oot for the maeqoerac'e
ball ta be given on Aprll &, by tbe Eiater
LUy Olub.
Tbe L'ghthouse Bo.rd h?. au horited
the e.tabliBbmeot ol taree gas luaysto
waro Marylaod Polot chaonel, Bmiih
Point chanoel and Ohlcorauten oreek
sboal. Tney wlll repl.ce bnoys 36, 44
and 52.
Ata meit'ng ofthe board of police
commissiontrs last night Mr. JThomse
Fisber was elected secretary to eocceed
tbe late Zaro Hill. The otber boaioeaa
transacted was of a geoeral natnre.
In a row last n'ght bttween Samuel
Nichols, aod Lawreuce Pierce both color
ed, the former tbrew a brick at thela'ter
aod cut his bead. Dr. W.rfleld attended
tbe injared man. The asa.ilatt was
fioed $10 in the Police Oourt this morn?
The meeting of the Society for the Reetora
tion of Bistoric Alexandria, to have been h.ld
last night in the rooms of the Chamber ot
Commerce, was postponed till after E.ster.
TheArabian night w? still and balm?
<Jofil? th? limpid waters of the Bosohora*
lnlled to sleep the beautifuldaugbterof r?h*ik
Ali H saan. In her dreama there came the
King of the Msgi. Marvelling at her ex reme
beauty, he traniported hsr to a foreign JanJ.
Th* Bcream of an ea?-leproclaimed it tha land
of liberty and Ihoae irresistibly delioious
Auth 8ausagei, Hams, and fo->d produ?ts
from the Auth market nisdeitthemost.de
ligbtful place to live in, imasinalle 8j lvan
Mondneim, the Autb Stand aod the Auth
the finest that grow for eatinir, 6-ac bu.; best
Elgin Cresmery Buttsr, iu pound priots, 3-.e
lb.- Fre?h Virginia Roli Butter, 28a
II..- fmcy Japan Rice, 6c lb.; 3 lbs. bevt Evap
orited Peachea, 26c: 3 lbs. best t arge Prunee
??c Fancy New York 8tate tvaporated
Applea. 10c lb.. 3 csns Pink Alaaka Sslroon.
;?5c-3oans best Fish Roe. 2.V; 7 lb*. B*st
Laundry Starch, 2f>c; 7 cakes Star 8oap, 25c;
7 c<?kes Circns 8oap, 25c; large bottle Mam
raoth Quetn Olivts, reg-'-ar price 36c; our
price 20c. Wm. P. Wooixs A Son, Royal
and Wolfe atreeU.
llivlug tbougbt so mach abont tbe
prablem of tha succeesorshlp ol Beoatcr
Daoiel the members ol tho legisl.ture aod
oihers laat olght nitmlly had thelr
mlods taroed toward the pfr.oooel of
the oew Benator. As stated In Tb.
Timee-Dispstcb of yesteiday, lt was re
cogoizsd tbat OongressmtnFlood'sn.me
woold doubtless receive favorable con
sidcration from theexetut ve. Of coarae,
ibe nams of Ei-Go*ernor Bwaoson w??
most tj be besrd. Laer io the d.y a new
phsse came ioto the stiaioo, wheo
Speaker Rlshard Erelyn B,rd was sag
gested. Among the otber names brard io
thlsconoectloo werelhose of Ex Gover?
nor Aodrew J?ckson Monlafcui, 8;nttir
GeorgeB. Ketzdl, Givernor Willlam
Hodges Maor>, Heory 0. S:uart aod
Alleo Oaptrtoo Braxtoo. Aa t > tbe latter, I
of wton it wai aaid aome yeara ago
tbat he wonld be Hkely to aocceed S na
tor Daoiel shtuld the latter ratlre, it waa
speedily learoed that he bad aaid tbat
he bad no asplnt'ons of thu sort -
Richmond Timra Dispatch.
The oplnlon ia belog freely ei{ I ??ed
that ahould Governor Mann be called
upoo to appoiot be wili name Ooogreei
mio Flood ol tne Tenth diatrict, who
had large ly to do with Mr. Mann'a cam
pilgn lorgoveroor. Mr. Flood la per
hapa Seoat.r Martin'a cloaaat ptraonal
aod po'itlcal friend, aod bia aelectlon
woold no dtnbt be grallfylog tj tbe
juolor aeoator.
Keeplng a cloae watcb on a pretty bat
aeemlogly deapoodeot girl of 17, who
aaked him for matchra early yeaterday,
Policeman Doyle aaw ihe yt uig womao,
who lubacqaenlly eald ahe waa Ettber
Kaplao, llght a fire ot paper aod twiga
io Tompkioa Park, at Avenoe A ard
Baventh atreet, New Yoik, and then at
on the flamea.
At tbe flrst aign of tbeblanDijle ran
l.titbepark. II. yelled totbeglilto
get away from tbeflimra, bt t ahe ptid
00 attention to him. H ? clothiug waa
on fire when be reacbed the aceoe.
Wben he aeizsd ber to drag ber away
ahe fcuzhthlm deaptrately fora few mir.
utca aod pleaded with him oot to exilr
guiah the oamea ttat were ooaomicg
her clotbiog. Alter the fire had bjeo
* ut oot ahe wept.
"Why don't yon l?t aae aloot ? ' ahe
crled, "I bave no irleoda. Evervbody
io tbe woill ia againat me. Nobody
seems to care for me or want me an uad.
1 koow I wiu'd be bet r dead than
Tbe emaciated appearance ol the girl
aod her rambliog talk of waotlog to die,
coopled with the fact tbat ahe had been
badly bnroed, iodaced Dovle to call an
amtu'ance from Btdlevoe Hupltal. Dr
Baakerville aald be believed tbe girl'a
aoirow had aflected her mind. Hs rr
moved her to the boapltal for cbaerva
tion. m
Ladiea?For aolld comfort, wear tht
R-d Oroaa Bhoe. John A. Marahal
A Bro., 422 Kinfjtra-u____
Coal Coke Wood
g, _Ua?Boy your fuel bafbre tha aevart
weather.Wa ofler baat qaality.promptdelivery
and lowaat markat priee, Phooe 96, DlW,
ilTCHPSON, 107 aonth Ron) ftrftt
TMI ll__.?" XOMNtH
D. C.
59c glace Silk pongee
39c A YARD
Something new?and here only.
c" H3IS9%~;i _ a- -a-, _?*,
whei made up into wai.ts. frock. oi tailorad auita.
Virginia New*.
Mia. V.rgioia M. II rrls, widow of
JadgeJobnT. IL.rs, firmaoy year.
represeiti'lve from the Beveotb diatrict
of Virgioia, dl?d in et. Louia ye tsrday.
Jul^e William Gardoo RoberUoo, for
20y?arsa bading law,er of Riaooke
aod ihe fltat juige of ihe Oirpoiation
Ooart of tbat city, died Tue.d.y mid
nighi of besrt trouale, aged 54 years.
Jodge Willism Gordon Rabertsoo,
54 years old, died at bi. bome lo Rja
ook* yeaterday trornlr-g. Hs was the
firtt ju Ige of tbe Carporatlon Ooort ot
Koaoake Bod beld office for t f o terms
aod relused resppoiotmeot.
Manio Hugbey, 18 ye?r. o'd, of
4cboolfield, a aaburb of Diovllle, waa
ioitsotly killed yesterday, aodSaauel
Wlles, 19 yeais old, of Greensboro, N.
0., was fatally lojured wheo t .ey were
struck by a socthboaod p.ssenger traio
00 the Bootbero Rsilway near Pelham,
eigh: miies etuta ol Daoville.
Edward 8. Kslly, 30 yeate old, of
Macbipongo, near C.ps Obarles, died
Tuesday night io a peculiar way. Wbile
walkiog aloog tbe road be was stricken
with epllepey and fell with bis face Into
* small pool which cott.ioed loss tban a
galloo of water. He died of etrao_u'a
Edwln A. Herndoo, m.naging edltor
af tbe Lyncbbarg Ntws, and a proml
aeot newspsppr maa ol tbe st.te, w?.
killed late yesterday afteroooo by a fall
'rom a borse which he was ridlcg. His
?koll was fiac'.ured, aod dealh eomed
half an hour later, the virtim oever hav
log recovered conscicmuesi.
J.mes A. 8'.one, one of tbe most suc
cesslul bu.loei. meo of Scu hwetWn
Virgioia, wa. yesterday appoloted by
the Btate Oorporaloo Oommissioo to fill
tie positloo of a.sessor of mioer.l laod.
of ihe Oommoowealih. Mr. 8tone llves
at Brlslol. The office wa. created by
ihepreseit !e_iala ure, at the sollclta
t on of Judgs Wii:iam F. Rbea, of the
oommlutoo, wbo ba) general charge of
his brancb of tbe wotk.
Rev. Dr. J. Ad lph Caicieoel i has
reiigned tbe psitKBto of 81. Aothony's
Italian Ostbollo C. urch of Oanton.Ohio,
to fill an sppointment to iovrs'.igst- the
I-aliao sl'.ust'on lo th? Uo t?d Biatea
in aneffjittaget t tbe ro. t of It.Han
crime, partiuilarly Blick Hand aut
It will requ'rrab DtfeuryeW. When
tbe repoit of the fiadlcg. is msde to ihe
pope itwill cotUlo snggestioos for the
remedy of these conditions from a rellgl u
The movement ls Rev. Dr.Oi?ci?telll'?
own cooception. 11. wect before Rt
Rev. Dlomede Falonla, spostolic dele
gate to the Uoited SMs.it Wssbington
and presented his plsn. The spo.t>IIc
delegate took the matter onder adviat
ment with hia coucsdor.. Th'eir coo
ference ecded witha comp'e'e approval
01 the propoaltloo, and fie appaiotment
of F.tier Cascl.nelli to c.rry it oo*.
Hs wlll take up hi. du lf. Monday
and will work ln tae Oaotun discose,
maciog Olevelaod bis lempnr;ry besd
quirters, aod wlll eott'can bis work
taroogh ooe dlrcese a t r another u tl
be has toored tae eniire United Btate..
"It ia the aim of tbis movem.nt,"
said F.tber O.sclanell', ' t > Iccrease re
I'gloos reatralot opoo thellslians of this
ccuatry, lo help them cootrd their fiery
The proceediogs of the Ouitof Ap
peals wereas follows:
Oaroegle Trost Ooopp.ny et als. v?.
S.carity L'fe Iosarauce Oompaoy of
Americs, Iuc , n?k Fully argued aod
tubmitt d.
Fi.her va Bordea et slas. Argued and
Mlnick r.. Woode, Bubmitted on
The Amerlcao*Japaneee Agreement?
London, Msrch 17.?Tbe Eog'bh
Fjreign Office pro'eaata to be In Igoor
aoce loday oi the reported oveitirea of
Japan to Ameiia lor an Americao- Jap
ineae agreemeot regrrdiog lar eaitsrn
qo 'atiooa.
Tbe repoit la georra'ly tliscredlt:d,
but oothiog would please Eoglaod mor?<
tbanforitto develop lhat J.pan baa
a ten tbla ati p.Adlp'omlt c rqualb'e with
Japan would give Eoglaod the deaired
oppor inity ol breakiog the recentlj
fjrmed Aoglo Jipantae alliance, whicb,
ii view of a poeaible crflict between
Japan aod America, is provlng tie moat
uipopular dlplomatic movc ol Eoglaod
lo several yeara
The fore'go office a?ya it doea not
koow whether the rrported overturea
conlimp'ite tbepratt.cal abrogatlco of
the Aiglo Japaneae pact, or the ioc'mlon
of America io a trlaogalar agreement.
It la u ilikely E-glnnd wcud cooalder a
ttiangalar arraogemeot, aa It wi u d teod
to ptrpeluttl the Angb Japaoeae agree?
Jamea J. Hill apoke before the Na?
tional Oanaervat on Oongreas in 8t.Paol.
Mlno., today. ^^^^
Ohamberlalo'a trtomach aod Liver
Tabltti lovarlable briog relief to womeo
ao-eriog from chroolc cooatlpiton,
headache, biliooaoeaa, dlzzloeaa, aallow
oraa of tbe aklo aud dyapepiia. _old by
W. F. Crelfbton A Oo, aod Richard
Drcss Goods
$2 Importcd Broadcloth.
511> 56 inah Importad Chiflon Broadclotb,
sbown ln thlrty naw pastel shadei and a
wide raogeof atreet ahade*; Ihe oorrect _??
Urial for capea and suits. 8e' a reaularly
elaewhere for $.-00. Our special tf I ^g
price, yard .~
$1 Fancy Suitings, 49c.
66inch Llght 8oitinga. with overplaida
andchecksofaoontraaticg oolor; the riafct
weight for apring and aummer wear lor aktrt.
and auits. Instead of $100, onr apecial ^Qq
price, yard.
Silk-Warp Henrletta, 89c.
Prieatley'a All-pare-ailk and Wool Hen.
rietta, with a heantifol, rieh luiter; f r the
wearing qualitlea tbere ia nothiug hetter, and
it makea np very handiomelf, aa it ia rspec
ially adapted for apriog and aomuier
dreaVet. Actual value, $1.19. Our Q(\q
price, per yard. w
420426 Seventh Street.
A BOY to work io Ice Cream Parlor in tba
day time.
marl6 2t_
Four five-room FRAME HOU3E* in noith
weatern -ection Rented to good tenanta for
l-.ifOeach. Wili sell cheap for cash. Addreas
P. O. Boi 3, Alerandrla Va. marll. 3t
WANTED TO RENT.?Place to keep
autw-obile 8tate prioa and location.
AdJre?s ' W." cara Qaz^ta. marl6 8t
L03T This morning betwren 416 south
Ro-al atreet and 312 nnrth Fairfax street,
a RAZOK iu .reen case, tnarked "Our Spec?
ial." A auitable raward it rt-tnrned to 3l2
noith Falrfax street- C W. WHITtNO.
FOR RENT. $15-Vfodero 8 room BRICK
KOT'SE in e-c-llent condition. Cellar,
bath and modern improvements. Address
6?3 aooth Falrfai street._marl" 3t
The el-lke eooditiooi In Philaddphla
were uichaoged tiday.
8:1:1 procla mlog bia lonoceoce, 8am
Hardy, coovltt d of marderlog Tlberlae
Gracchaa Jaoea In tbe door way of the
latter'a bome at Hclland oearlv 17
montha ago, waa aertioced by Jodge
McL-more In Bofldk, yeaterday, to be
electrotu ed May 20.
W F-rank Wilwn, aasiatant aeneral mana
ger of tha Naw York Central f eight linea.
died early today aboard a train in Ctice,
Laurentde Qive.owner ofthe Grand Tbe.
atra at Atianta, aad for years consul for Bel
giiim in Atlaata, died at Coooa, Fla., today.
Tba Regal Shoe for aarn in all 'he
new laata can ba had of Jobn A. Mar?
ahall _. Bro? 412 Klov itreat.
Wholeaale Pricea of Prodnoe
flour Extra..- _ JJj
Family.?? ?*
Fancy brand.. ?___
Wheat, longberry. J ?{
Mixed. 1?
Fo.ta. JIO
Dampand tough. 1W
Oorn. white. 076
Mlsed. 0 69
Yallow. 068
Corn Maal. 072
p,?,..... 075
Oau. mixed, new. 060
White. new. 055
CloverSeed. . ???
H2moth'.;;::.;:::::;:::::;::: .IS
Elgin Print Buttar... 0M
Bntter. Virginia, paeked. 018
Choica Vlrgima.. 0 30
Oommofl to middllng. 014
p\.M. 0 50
Live Chickena (hans). 0 H
8pring Chiekena. 0 20
Potatoe*. p?r ou. ?"
bweet Potatoes bbl.?. *_.
Onions, per bushel. J CO
Applea, per bbl. ???
Dried Paaahaa. paalad. 008*
Pork. per 100 lbs. 10 60
Bscon, country hatua. ??
Best sngar-cnred bama. U 17
Breakraat Bacaa..... 0 17
Bugar-cnred shooldars. 0 00
Bnlk ahonldera. 0 la
DryBalteidea. 013*
Vil._. ?'0
Conf. atandard. 5_5
Orannlatad. **)
Coflae?-Rio. 0 1
UOaayra . 016
Java.. 018
MoUsseeB. 8. 015
q g . 017
Newdrlaaaa..? 0?
Sryrar Sympa. 016
PortoRico._..... 0M
8a!t-O.A. 060
Fine.? 085
ft ool?long, unwaahad.~ 028
Waahed.-. !_?
kenno, onwaahad. 025
Do. waahed. 088
Harring, Eaatern per bbl..? 5 25
Potomac nunlly roa..... 4 60
Maokaral,small parbbl. 1J00
Nclmadlrun. 1400
Plaater, ground, per too. 450
Grooiwlnbae.. oou
Cherry Cow* Syrup is earafully madsi ln
ourown stare. ,D-'t *mP,ro?'wiUV,*?,
tory mide msdleloas, *o a hcttls, E. 9
UsdbtaWr A *?.,
Swan Bro<s
Daily Deliveries to All Suburbs.
Buttons andTrimmings
We are showing an attractive line of New Ea.ter
Uress Materials?Buttons and Trimmings.
And call your attention to half wool popular
Cloths. AU colors at 25c yard.
All Wool Mohairs, Batistes and Panamas at 50c
And all wool very fine Panamas. Voiles, Batistes
and Wool Taffetas, at $1 00 yard.
-landanl ftilleros. 10c aod \k
The Season Has
wben we look forward to green lawna, cool breeeee, v.lde porchra aod all
the many advaot gea ol the country evideocr. All thia you wili flod ia
_ _ m The Reaidence
Rosemont asa
without any of tbe ioconvenienoea of tha country.
Oity water, gas, eleclricty, eeweri, eldewalke, atreet llgbta, police aad fire
Where io the citv of Alexandria cai von flnd bulidlng altaa with a few of
tbese advaotagea.
on the north aide of Roaemont Avenoe, from the atation to Klog atreet ex
teoded. You aiejmueiog your oppoitnnity.
Let me ebow you thoae perfect 7 aod 9 rooaa houaee. Oomplete in every
313 King Street.
w enre unceteMBry. Pell our brand- to the
r.tall Irarie Biiria<-. Wtite for fi II p*V*
g\t ?' l?rwt. ?M?._fel"9i)*?o
A gool WHITK MAV for tha ftahle at
Rtreaaworib. Write to Mra. L-B, Pu.ke,
Vlrgiaia._ _?-"?'"
Dankey Cart aod Harness
Rubber-tire Surr?, Par.opy-tnp Buggy. fclfj
S.-nTd Colt aud Work Ilorse kft f.r aale at
bargaini. _._?_.__._
Corner Duke and Henry 8treeta.
maris St_
Music Loving People
Can find in my More the folbwing music,
told asfolloaal with wordsand mu.ic):
The Moat I'opular Hon-.e Songv
.. <? ?? llymnH
.. ? ?' National Songs.
M " '? I.O'e *0I1R8.
?? ?? " Pollege Hougs.
.1 ?? " Piano riece*.
ii ?. ?* Piano Dufta.
ii ?? " Dance FoHo,
.. <? '? Operatie I'.ece*.
?i ?' " \10Iin Piecea
n ii " Manloliu Piece*.
?i ?? " Bong for Gl*e Club.
In Preparlng
for spring house eleaning
why not have your
House Wired?
Electricity is ihe cleanest,
saft* st aad brightest light.
See the
Alexandria Electric Co.
ia not a "Delmonico," where with high living
you g'tthe gout,
Where millionaireaBnl billionairea rreet lor
a syba ite set-ont.
It'a for every-day pe?Pl? wbo wsnt
atrength tbat ii I'onnd in who'eaome
Soeemraild try onr 0AIRY JJ NTH, we
know it willdo jou good.
Yea aaimplelcnch lhat br nsrs health and
Ltrengih ia better tban Welch Kirebit
and a n ghtmare.
Cameron Dairy Lunch
9.6 King Street._ Open all night
The Best of Everything.
Asjl-odid outrltlve loole. GIvee
it'ingts, energy and Increaaed ap?
Large Bottle 50c.
616 King Street-_
Of all tha aaalth buildera, flesh makers and
nnlmonary remadias. none ia aay bslur than
Wbaatcr'a Kmuiatmt o/C?i anter 011. 00a
Cume in and
let us show
you our qual?
ity and our
priccs betore you pur
chase anywhere.
I'st) jtur advanlage to iovraligata
filly before ycu par i_1 your gtod
That'a wby we waot yoo tocnmehere.
Compare Quality and
Prices-lhen judge
Where to buy*
We oow bave a Urge aeiorimeot to
e>lect frvin and oor \ r cea are iowerthan
629 KingiStreet
Bell Phone 242.
If you wsnt diamoada or other ^
precioua atones TEY US. J
Our gooda and priees makea it m
safe, plrasent and proQuble to ^
deal with us.
We can and wili satiafy you.
R.C.Ac.on_So_s \
Jeaelers aad Silvaramiths.
Kpiacopal and Cathalie Prayer B *ka.
Bibles. Fine Statlonery aad a nambar
_f other 1-ioga tbat make awiUhle gil
for Easter ean be had at
S- F. Dyson & Bro
We are eeliing maoy bottlei ot Owrry
Cough Syrup daily aa tbe best lemedy for
coqgcs kaown. A good, prompt e?-a <6c,
T. <f LaadbaaUr A Soos

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