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sai pboat vrm*. *>* ?. -??
.-.?.,.* ?..nn,?.wa 6 05 aod aeteat 6.11.
Hgh water at 3.32 a. m and 3.58 P- m
Weather ProbabUitiea.
8u dsy tal ; i_oderat? , - nharly wmfla.
Church Services Sunday.
..,,,...,.,, _Rev. Wm. J. Morton.
rttaWSug*** ?"
i_ViJ_a7'P f. Ph'lHps,
"?rac-b OtracH-Rev. Edgar Carpenter.
?Jr,?, HolvComriiunion at7:30a. m. Mun
dTy^hoola.9:SOa.m. Services at 11 a. ni.
.,,,) 7<to n m hvthi rector.
iMMAVUKL Lutubbah CHURCH?Sunday
Scb?>o1at<?30a..n. Servicea at 10:80 a. m.
h? Itev 11. W. Groas.
st Macy'h Chcbch?Firat maas at7a,
n. afaas and seruion at 10.30 a. m. Vespers
an'u ba-adifTttoa 4 p. m.
Sbco.m) Pbesbytrriaw Church?Sunday
aobool at M0 a- aa. Servicea at 11 a, m. and
7 30 p. ui. by Rev. J. B. Sevier.
' FiRraT Baptikt Cutbch?Sunday sohool at
9-30. ProachinKatlla, ro. and 7:30 p. m.
by Rev. W. t. Watain.
Sbcond Baptist Chcbch.?Sunday achool
at H:M) 8. BB. and preaching at 7.30 p. m.
by Rev. W, E L?ukford
Trinity Mkth. Epia. Chubch?Rev.
Oabern It-lt, r.iistor?Sabbath achool at 9:30
?. m. Preaching at 11 a. m. and 7.30 p. m.
by the pastor. Saorament of the Lord's Sod
per sfer tbe morning serinon. Epworth
LeaRue at 6.30 p m. _,_._,
?aoatb Fairfax street^-Sunday achool at
8-30 a. m. Servicea at 11 a. m, and 7.30 p, m.
by R-v. W. M. Poisal.
Mbtii Epis. CucRcn SocTH-Rev. Charles
D Bnlla, pastor.?9:30 a. m. Sunday sohool.
Be'rviees at 11 a. a. -tid 7.30 p. ni. by the
paator. Epworth Lsjgsa atfi.bO p m.
Mbtii. Pkot. Cm?*?Sunday achool at
?;30 a. m. Services at 11 a. m. and 7:39 p. m.
by Rev. J. M. Uolmes, D. D.
Frbb Mbthodiht Church?Lee street
near Wilkes?Services at 11 a.m. 2:30 and
7-10 o ni. by Rev. Gorge Eakina.
VatuoR Chapbl, M. E. Church South
Oibbou atr*et, near Alfred.?Sunday school at
*_t__B_- Ciiaphi. M.E. Church South
Bunday wdiool ut 2. Preaching at 11a. m.
Epworth Learfne at 8 p. ni.
F)el Ray BarmTCHUBCn?Preaching at
7.30 p.m.
ALM8 ilot^K-Servieas at 3:00 p. m.
MiasiOK?Corner Fairfax and Franklin
atreet, Servicea at 8 p. m.
RouEBTfi CHAJrax, M. E. Chcbch (color
ed)?Sunday school at 9:30 a. m. Preaching
at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Epworth League
ilKADR Chaprl?Sanday school at 3:30 p.
m. Evening strvice ot 6 p.m.
Ltbbbty Baptist Church (colored)?
?Oath Alfred stre* t?Rev. W. H.Johnson, pas?
tor Sabbath School 9:30 a. in, Servicea at
11 a. m- and 8 u. m.
Tomorrow wiU be Palm Sanday, lbs
beglonlng of Holy Week, doring wh'cb
special aervicea will be held ln the
Oa?hollc, Eplacopal and Latheran
cbu'chea as folbws :
8t Mary'a Oburch?Palto Sanday?
At latemaaa, 10:80, the palma wlll be
olessed and distrituted. Tboraday, com
memoration of tbe loBtltatloo of the
Bleesed Sacrament. There wlll be high
taass at 8 o'clock with aolemn proces
aloa of tbe Blessed Sacrament and ex
position ali day. Oa Q ood Frlday maas
ot the preaanctified wlll be celcbrated at
S o'clook. Tbe holy way of the croaa
will be performed at 8 and 8 o'clock.
H)ly Satti'day, the bap'.ismal foot wll'
be bleated, aho tbe Easter. Are aod
water. Oa Ea*t*r Suoday tbe collec
tion wlll be !??en up lor tie yonng men
preparmg for tn<? mlnlatry in the dlo
ceae of Richmond. A mlssion T-Ul bt
gla the first Su ocAy alter Eaater u jder
tha directfon of Father Waters assiattd
by B'v. Fatbers Piyle aod Handiey,
O. 8 P, wben tbe memben of tbe dif
ferent organlzatlone are expscted to re
ceive tbe holy commonbn in a body.
Obrlst Oburcb?Monday, Tuesday,
Wedoeaday, Tboralay, Fridav and Sat
orday, 7 a.m.; Hily TttuBday (boly
ajommnnlon), 8 p. ro.; Gaod Friday,
?service aod aernDtto, 11 a, m ; Easter
even, baptiem, <r> p. m.
St Paul's Ohtiroh?Monday, 4 30 p.
m; Tu^aday, 4:30 p. m.; Wedcesday,
4:80 p. m ; Tbnrsday, boly commnnioo,
8p._.; Good Frlday, 11 a. m.; Eaater
even, taptlsa, 1:30 p. m.
liraco Obnroh? Monday, evening
frayer aad addrca?, 5 p. m.; Taeaday,
eveaiog prayer aod address, 6 p. m,;
Wednesdey, evening prayer aod addreie,
8 p. ?.; TnurBday, holy commaolon, 7
?. m.; Goed Frlday, 10:30 a, m., 12 to
3 p. aa.; 7.80 p. m ; Satorday (Eiater
even), evening prayer and baplam,
b p. ni.
Immactpl Latberao?Good Friday,
?iiiaaaaat 8 p. m.
Now tbat the Navy D^partmeot baa
offijiailv declared that tbe U.8. tugNlna
was lost on March l.r>, It remaloa only
fcr the next of kin of Ihe crtieera and
crew ol the ill lated vessel n file their
claima w tS the d?p?rtmecl in order to
receive the back p*y dm each of tbe
men, aa well aa tbe six mootbe* gratalty
castomary insu:hcwai. The firat formal
cl-la? for the gra ulty waa filed yeaterday
wiih Aoditor of tbe Navy Dopartment
Tf l?r by Sidie Fantroy Deadwjler, ol
Alexaodr.'a. widow and aesignee of
Nstbsnlel J. Deadwyler, cabio ook on
tbs Nica Aa ber bosband received a
aalsry of |4S permont1), she willrecelve
? gratnii/ of $270.
Elsie May I.aUerfield yesterdav filed
auit in Washington aga'nst Williara
Ricbaril l.attertield for annuitnent of
xoarnage and permissicn to resume her
piaiden n me of Klsie May Escher. Plain
tlff asaeraishe was uiarried on September
s jooi in Alexandria, and tbat at that
t:'uiedefendant bad a wife living to whom
be was lawfully married. There are no
chillren. The pjaintifi also all-ges
crurltv anl nonanpport on the part of
Tte aeeaabers of the Oardinal Athletic
Olob gave a mtwjM?ball at Odd Fellowe
11 || oo nonh 0/-?boe atreet, laat
n.gtt. Tbere wai a large attendaoce
and ai erpjable eveniog waa experi
cnced by all preaent.
balley's comet.
Balley's c met will be vislble to tbe
naked eye jost belore dawn April 8, or
ahorlly a t it that dair, atalea g, W. W.
Oampbell, director of Lick Obasrvatory
in Cal loruia. "On May 1> the earth
may pias throngh the tallofthe comet,"
aaid Dr. Oimpbell, "bm there :a no
daoger fot t rres rial lile, M tbe tail will
fce exiremely at i uited.
Standard Army Shoca for men. The
xnoat comfortabje anddurableshoe made
gao be ha 1 at J. |_ Marahall i?t {Brof.'
Tormrrow will bs Pa'm Saoday, tbe
I day commemor t vs of the triampbat ec
;try of Obriat h t > J;rus?lem, and specUl
servicM aud arr.ons appropriate to tbe
occasion wiil be in order thrcujhiot the
Obristiao world, io cbnrchea of many
denomlntt'ooa PaimSanday aleo msrks
the beginning of II <ly Week, or Passion
Week, tbe lat and mo?t solemn daya
ol Lent being tboso of H>ly Tbnrsday
and Oo d Friday of tbia wask. Porple.
"i ol monroiog, will be much in
videncealso and in tbeOatiolic cburcb
I e?j the atataea and plc.urea are ahrjod
ed wl'h porple covericg*, which are re
phced by whitecoverlogson Holy Thori
day and blsck on Oood Friday.
In ihe Oatholio cburcbea tbe morning
iog day it Is cuaimary toboldconfirma
tlon day exirciaea when all children under
14 yeara of age, who bave made tbe regu?
lar conrae of Instrocilon are reoelved
ioto tbe cburch.
Ia tbe Oatbollc cburcbee the mornlrg
aervlcei oansiat of tbe blcsslng and dls
tribntlon of palms and alcgiog of tbe
mass. The goapel of the maie consiiti
of tbe einging ofthe Psaslon of Ohri.t,
in whlcb botb the cholr and tbe priean
Io Btriking contraat to the loltron pen
itentlal Bervicea ol the Lect?o aeaaon
and particolarly Holy Week, la the ob
aervancein ihe cbnrchea cf the greit
Obriatian featival r?f the yesr; namely,
Eaater. In thoae cborchee where oere
monial plays a promineot p?rt io the
aervlce the diflerenoe between tbo aad
ritee of Hoiy Week, devold of all pomp
and eplendcr, Eaeter ia maiked by a
wealtb of ceremonial. The altsra in
tbe Oathcllo and Eplacopal charcbea are
ooce more adoroed with fbwer*, and in
the cborchee in general lireepectlve of
any denominational diflerences, there ia
festive singlog and sermons are preach
ed tbst tsll of the hopa in tbe risen
Tbe sbad, the mott toothsome ol
American food fish, are enlering the
Ohesspjake bay and Potomac river on
their travela north. Already bnck sbad
tbe foreronner ot tbe big icboole to fol
low, bave been caoght lo the gill ntts
aloog Ibe shorea of tbe Obesapeake bay
aod trlbatariea.
According lo advicei from varlom ?ec
! ior.s of the bay, it is believed that tbe
pro'pect this spring Ib be:t?r tbao bere
tofore, owing to tbe effecta of tbe early
floDd from tbe Suiqo hsnna which bas
anppMed the bsy with large qnantites of
fre?h water, in which the fish aeek to
Roports from Wicomlco river are to
the effeit th?t a'ready a nomber of abad
bava beeo oaugbt, bot the maio acbool
is notexpecteduitilabmt April 1, wben
tbe seasoo will bsgin in esi-eat, lasting
ontil ihe laal of M=y.
fiscelpt? a?. tha port are ilowly in
creasiog. Haad aold io market thia
DoorDiog from 60 to 00 cente eacb, and
berriog at f>0 cents a doxen.
Oo Monday, Uucb 14, Biahop Gib
soo, in company with hev. W. J. M*
too, of Ohrlat Oborcn, Inspected the new
cborch atructare ln prooess of erectlon
on Braddock Heigbf, near Alexaodria.
Tbe bolldirjg is oearlng completlon and
ia ol gray ooocrtte blocks. It bas a
leatiog capacity of abont one boodred.
It Ia purposed to oae it as a place oi
worshlp, but when there is abllity to
boild a cbuic i, for wbich there is now
land available, it will be weli adapted
t)fbe porpoaea of the parlah building.
The work is mdcrtie psstoral care of
Mr. Morton, tbroogh whose active ic
tereit it baa reschtd iti preient encoor
aglng atage, and wll! form part ol tbe
miRstonary aystem of Obrlat Cborch
? [3:>uthern Otu-cbman.
[Junlce H. B. Oaton prealdiog]
Tbe followlng caaes were dlapoaed of
tbia morning:
John Giles, cbarged witb disorderly
oondoct and fightiog, waa fioed |5
A. 0. Moses, charged with being
drook at tbe atation bcnse, was fined $5.
A white mao, cbarged witb belog
diuok on the atreet, waa aent to tbe
work ht u -e for 90 daye.
Willlam Peaiaoo, charged wltb dic
orcierlv condujt and flghting, waa
fined $5.
A mao, charged witb barborloga vlci
ooi fjog wM dismiised.
"Ihe mysterlooa imafte dracribed In tbe
second cbapter of Dania! Ia now io tbe
crcmbliog coodltioo." The above will
be tbe *u^ject cf Dr. Blakewell'e addresi
at theBraddockHons?misalon tocorrow
night at 7:80 o'clock. The dcctor b: -
lieves tbe smitiog of the Imaga aeea by
Nebnchsdneazu ia now in progrese,
alao "tbat tbe franchise for homan
government ssnetionfcd and ordalned ol
God 2,500 jeara ago ia now io tbe ex
prlng stage, never tj be reoewed."
Dan. II., 4.
Aecaloo Temple, No. 81, Drami* c
Order Koightji of Kotrtaan, of Wash
Ingtoo, will, on Tuesday night nexl, >iy
a fraternal vlsit to Oriental Lodge, No
6, Kolghts of Pythias. The D. O. K.
E. isao tutillary to the Koigbte ol
Pytbias. It baa been tsrmed the play
grcu ld of tke order. Toere all tronblee
are forgotteo, the membera gather for
a ciabillty aake; they give tbe glad hand
and make yon feel tbat Iife Ia worth
livlnj. Among the vlsltora will be Pait
Grand Ohancellor Thoi. A. Byoom, A.
H. Kshlert aod Secretary A. J. Divid.
Tbe membera cf Oriental Lodge, ot tbia
c t r, are lookirg forward.to thia occaiioo
witb nu:b pleaaare, end a gala time Ia
The Btreet lighta were turued on in
Roaemont last night for the firat time,
roaking It ao nnosnally well llgbttd
reddence sett on.
Many favirabl- coxmeota were made
by theae paBslog r n the electric traina 11
and from Waihlogtoo,
Tbe btuus tbai have beeo Solibed
will be opeo for i spectlon tomorrow
ft rnoon from 2 to ?? o'clock.
Tbe sile now io progreas at Mr. E
Ooldsmlth's st >re, lontheasi coroer of
Kiog aod Lee a.reeta, ii atlll attracting
manr parchiiere, all of frbotn are aatis
fled wlt i tbe goodi they procare and the
i>rlees. Tbe store will be kept open oo
?11 11 o'clock toolgut lo ord? to accom
modate (u t.mrr, All railroad obeck.
will be ciibtd.
Aa haa beeo atated, Heory Smitb,
colorid, santeoced to die io the electric
cbair w*a yeaterday morning notlfied of
a reeptj within a few mlnntea before
the time iet for hia execntion.
Mr. F. P. Rnsaell, coanael for Smltb,
haa retnrned from Richmond. He aaya
he had a loog iLtervlew witb the govrr
nor on Thu;sday and u'ged bim to mili
gate the seoteneeof tbecondemned man.
Tbe goveroor aaaored Mr. Ruaaeli tiat
he would give tbe caae his closest attec
tioo, bat he Ia no manntr intimated
wbat action he wcu 1 takr.
H&lf an boar befoH be waa to have
been pkced in tbe cbsir Smith was pre
senled by ?up;rlntendeot Wood ot tbe
peoitei tiary with a paper from Govei
nor Mann respiting him to May 13.
Msjor Wood went to the man's cell
and bad a few miootea' talk w!ti him.
Polllng from bia pocketa a docu _ent,
whicb Sooitb no donbt thcujht waa tbe
order demandiog tbat bia life be fot
felted to the ttit1, the eoperlntendent
aaked him regardlcg tbe crtme, opening
np a way whereby he could make a coo
ftsslon. Tbe cfflclsl waa dlsappolr.t!d,
aa Smit. added oothlng to hia former
The rtprieve wai handed Saperintec
dtnt WoodThorsday nigbt witb Inatrnc
tiooB (rom tbe goveroor tba; the con
vht d man ah uld c.i be told o( It notil
abortly before ne death sentence shoold
be carrled ont, with toe bope that uider
this preaiore tbe negro wculd make a
confeaaioo. Bealdea Ihe niptrlntendent
only ooe ofthe guird* knew o( it, aod
tbere wsa oo poaaibll ty of the negro
knowiog ofthe governor'a act.on ttiitil
tbe paper was read to him.
When the ofScera came to the cell,
Smith the ught tbey were there to take
him to the cbair. ila wse asked If be
had anythlng to eay. He replled toat
be was Innoceot of the crime, and dld
not even know tbe man. He also ex
preaaed the hope that Ricbard Pines,
Oalvln Johnsoo and EageneDoraey, alao
aect :nced for tbe crlme, woold be freed.
dmltb did ntt ahow tbe alighteat emo
Tbe jury summoned to wltneas the
execotion went throogh all the ttnpeoae
of takiog their aeatt, aeeiog tbe cbair
tested aad other preliminariea.
Miia Qertrade McOrea aod Mias Be -
ale Dameroo, of Westmorelaod c u ity,
Va., wbo bave been vlsltiog Miia Olara
Haocock, retoroed home today, well
pleased with tbeir atay In Alexaodra.
At a meetiog laat nigbt of the Waab
ingt >n Masooio Memonal Temple com
m t ee Mr. 0. H. Oailahan waa cboaen
acreiarr of thst oomml t>e.
The RichmondTlmes-Dispatch of Sun
dav aaya: "Cdonel and Mra. Jos. K. Wil
hrd and Miaaea Belle and Ellzabeth Wil
lard, who have apending the winter in
Paris, will go to Italy in a few weeka,
where they will remain for aome time,
going to Ronie for Easter and later
travcling in Swit/.erland."
Miss Katherine Daingerfield has joined
her mother. Mra. Henry Daingerfield, at
their apartmtnt at the Marlborough, in
Waahington, having been the gueat of
her conain, Mrs. Ral Parr, of Earl Conrt,
Baltimore, during the paat week.
A fira waa aiscovercci 'n tbe baiemeot
of tbe stoie of ihe dwelling on taearuth
eas j o r?er of Wolfeaod Leettreeuab u
10:30 o'cl( ck last night, aod aithoogh tbe
depaitneot wassooo oo tbe acaoe, coo
siderab'e daraage waidooeto tbelnterlor
of tbe boildlng aod stock of g;o:eries aod
provlslone before tbe fire was phced
ooder control. The Are broke i u. agaln
at 8:30 o'clock this morning wben tbe
dfpartmeot Kturoed aod dld oot leave
u til It waa eilectually qneocbed.
Tbe hoase fotmerly belonged to Mr. A.
Sidoey Maokln, but Ia now the property
of Mrs. L'.ulia Polllo, aod wai loaared.
Tbe store wbs oonducted by Mr. J. M.
Bowling. Tbe stock was alao Inaoied.
No ooe waa lo the boildlog at the
time tbe fire waadiioovered, tbe proprie
tor, vho eleepa io the home, being io
aoutber part of tbe oity al tbe time. Tbe
orlglo ot the Sre ia noknowo.
- Tbe Iom oa tbe stock Ii eitlmated at
Today bas been brlgbt aod sprlnjllke,
witb ibe meicury at 60'.
At tba Firat Bap Ist Church tomorrow
the aubiect at tbe morning service will
be "The Everyday Life;" at night, "A
Yooog Man'B Returnlng."
A marrr'age llceni) waa laiued lo
Bat more yesterdsy to Keooetb R.
Rlchardsoo, of Wsibiogtoo, and Mabel
F. Munford, of tbis city.
Ooe ot the most pcpular pieces of
romlc Issaed by Jereme II. Remlch, In
New York city, Ii "I Waot to 8ielgh
Wltb Yoa," compoaed by Mr. Harvey
0. Drowoa, of tbia elty.
Tbe town of Potomac, Alexandria
ccunty, will be lllnmloitsd wltb small
iDcandesce.t ttreet iampa after May 1.
Tbe Alexandria Ehctrlo Light Com?
pany U iosta'llog wlrea lo Potomac.
R'a.denta bava agread to cee electricity
fcr light. The company Ib alao placiog
ligbta lo Braddock H >'ghte.
Prieea for conntry produce in market this
morning were jiocbanged
Siz canilidatas were initlaled at tbe nieet
ing of Potomac Lodge of Odd Feilows laet
Mr. Henry Blocb, 615 King street, is now
furnUhiog brick ice cream, which is ofaau
perior quality. He is also furnishing orange
NowsdaTs wben yon bave to pay a iuighiy
big price for most any kind of me.t, why
doc't yon com* to the Auth Market at the
northwest ?otnei of Einj and Alfred itreeta,
and get the beat, the' faneie:t, the moai del
cioua freab, cooked and corned meat in Alex?
andria, at the aame prioe you pay for the
coromon ordin?ry kind? Not only ao we ex
(?1 in the quality of our meat, 1 ut we like
wise handle a gradeM r'ood produ^U that can
not be equalled anywhero elae in Aixandria.
Sylvau Blondheim, the Auth Stand and the
Auth Market.
the fioeat tbst grow for estin_, He bu.; beat
El?in Creamery Butttr, in pound prints, S4e
pound, Freah E*g?, 26o per do*en, t-ney
Jap-n Rice, 5c poumf 3 pounda Ixmt Evap
orated Peachee, 25c, 3 Ibe. beat lar?-e Prunea,
25c rancy New York State tvaporated
Applea, 10c Ib.: S cans Pink Alaaka Sairooo,
25c 3cans beat Fiah Boe, 26r; 7 Ibe. B at
Lsiindry SUrch, 25c; 7 cakea Star 8oap, 26c;
7 eakes Circus Soap, 25c: large bottle Mam
mnth Quetn Olives, regular price S5c\ our
price 20c. W* p Woolu A 8ok, fcoyal
and Woife street*. _
Coal Coke Wood
B? wiaa?Bny yonr fnal before tha severt
weather. We ofler beat qnality.prompt dalivery
and loweat market pric*. Ph?ne 95. DaW.
AITCHE^ON. 107 aontk Boral street
Deliciaus Deviled Craba Crab 8alada, Ica
Ccld CUroson HalfShell. Bnll'a Cel.brat
ed Bingla Fried, ??aks, <kc , at
D. C.
Imported Handbags
and * tible atrap band le*. Tbeae are reguUr $5.00 baga.
Formir Oommlasioner Henry B. F
MacFerland, who was gu*t at a reeep
tionodhe B.-'ghtwood Otlr-'oa Abbo
clatioo lat oight.in referrlog to propoeed
improveron t and neecls of tbe Distrlct
ofOdnmbia, aioong nther tblngs, aad:
"I b'lieve the capital will aoon become
materially and spirlually tbe moat per
(eit on earth. I believe lt wlll
be reatored to Ita original aiai by tba an
culment o( tbe uocona itotlooal act of
184C, retroecdiog that potiion of tbe
diatrlct which was grai t ;d by Viigiola.
I believe lt will a'.eo be a beau'.ifo par
of tbe capital, and tbat we will all feel
bonored to have had a ahare Ia brloglog
lt back to tbedlBtriit
Senator Cjit?r, wbo ?aa al*o one ol
tie gaett?, expreaaed hia approval of the
movemeU to bring abont retrcctaiion of
tbat part of Virginia which Lrmerly bt
longed to the Dla r t < f Oolombia.
JadgaNichol, of Virginia, aald tha
people of the tnt re Sttle of Virginia
were oppoBed totbctropoaition ti ro'.nro
to the feieral givtrament thit portion of
theitite tbst formerly bc-looged to the
Diatrlct. "We are aomewhat ln tho poal
tian of tbe mcdest old woman who aald
'I am ghd t) acceptyoaradvauce?, botl
had rit'ierhavey.uiaagoodfrleodtban
bemarried to ytu,' aho aaid."
Oflkere from Richmond arrlved In
tbia cItf today for the pnrpose of taking
0. M. Hartley and E. D. H 01 to Rich?
mond to answer the charge of atealicg
two bicyclta. The cfficea ItU witb
ibeir prlsoners this a(.?rnoon. As
wai itvtedin the Gszitte, the ytu;g
meo were awarded io this city when
tbey were abcu' to dlBpcse of the wheels
at $10 a plece. One wats valaed tt $60
and the tther at $25.
The board of directore of the Free
Klndergarteo Awiciatloo acknowledge
witb pleatire, tbe following donatlons,
which bave been grcatfully recelvtd dnr
ing the past few da*a: Mr. Wm. Dable,
for cardboard; tbe Kramtr Floral Oom
pany, growlng plsnte; tho Michelback
Oimpany, vtry pnt y tabh; Mr. H. K.
Field, window boxee, and Mr. H. B.
R'.mey, w*a:e paper ba?ket. The dl
rectors tbaok tbese goi t tmeo for tbelr
klndofB* and apprecia'e, not only the
gifia, but the itt reft macife.t d in the
Alexandria kindergarlen.
At tbe meeting of etockh'ld:rs of the
N. An.h Provislon Coopiny be'd ia
this city on Thursdav tbe Ijlloalng
dirtclori wereelected: Noccholaoa Auth,
Joo. W. Aotb, J Oa". Au'b, H. J.
Aatb, F. J. Aatb, Aotoo A..Aut\
Oba?. Gfofl, A. 0 Hammcr, Alotxo
Dille and Gaa W. B-cbler.
"Hlllcrett," oesr tho country home
ol Mr. Egb'rt Tbonpsoo, abcut f?.ur
milea aoulb of Alexaodria, Ia a new ita
lloo on tbe Washington, Alexandria and
Mooot Vernon Railway. Mr. 8. P.
Johnaon, of this city haijuat fiolBhed
five huidred yards of graoollthlc walka
for Mr. Thompsoo.
Mrs. Aogooelta Browo, wlte ol Mr
tt-nrge Brown, died at ber home, Np,
9o7 Franklln street, yeiterday adeorooo.
B -aidea her hoibaod ahe leaves fire chll
dren?'.hree aons aod tvo dsughterr.
Egga werepleit. u! lo market today
at 22 oenta a dctsn.
News of the Day.
Former Vlcc-Presidcr t Fairbanka baa
retnroed to tbis conntry from his travela
ia Earope.
TheRooseveltaerrivedatAl.il Hamed,
Bculao, yettirday, aud coutloned their
trip acioaa the deaert toward Oairo.
Fiveluidred hoases were deatroyed
?t Yokohama yeaterday by fire. Beven
lives were lo. t lo tbe eonfl gratioo.
CtDV.Willsoo.rfiii licao, ofKenlocky,
haivutfd a bill paased by tbe demr.
cratlc leglslalu e to peoaioo Oanledtrate
veteraos in that state.
The aelectlooofa Syrlaa betut; ia
qineo of the carolval to Sio Djmlngo
ctmed a urmoll becaise sbe wai not of
8panlsh blood.
Vjoe Ohaocellor II rawU, ol Ne? J?r
aeyi lo grat t.og a dlvorce to G>orge
Clark, pot the conrt coscs acd Lutbaod's
coanael feea on the cor*ipoodent.
Mr. 8amael Frsnk, oneof Itil.imore's
bett koowo Jewlih c t'_>oa ecd promi
oeot ia cl u ch aod clua Iife ia that city,
died aoddeoly at hiareiideoce jeit;rday.
A spark from agaeoiioeeoglne startcd
a fire lo the plaot of ibe F*s;on, Peoe
sylvania Oil Oompaoy i )day aod ciuied
a loaa of $40,000. Tbe plaot waa it.
Gjv. Oharlea N. Hsskel), of Okla
homs, w?s exocerated of the chargea oi
mlsspproptiation aod mismaoagemeat ol
Itaif. " idi lo a repo.t fil?d lo the legir
iatore at Gu'hrle, yett rday by the
tioasecommi te cospoaed of five demc
crats aod two recublicana.
The flrsf aeriooa at:empts in aeveral
dajs to Icjue the prrprrty of tbe Phili
delpbia Rapld TraoiiiOimpany cccorred
last nigbt, ?h&n dynamit* was exploded
oo !er cars In t so aeitiooa ol th? c;t/.
No agre:oent baa aa yet b?en reached
in tbe cootroveriy between tbe Baltl?
more aod Ghlo Ballroad aod tbe tnlc
mao aod \becoofereoce will be contloued
,D0f ability to sell lubrioatiDg olls and
vresfeson commission. Champion Refiaiog
Co.Clevelsnd. O._mar5 6t-s
P?R RENT, $10 Vfodaro 6 rooca BRICK
UoPSE in exuellent coudition Callar,
bath and modern improvemants. Addreas
6'S aonth Fsirfax straet.__>arl7 3t
FOR 8ALECHEAP- \ f_rm of 861 acres
at ColchtsUr station.WashiiigtOQ-Soaih'
ern Railway. A bargsin, coma and see it.
For fnnhsr inspeclion adCteea Q. T.
Hl GHES. Lorton Vslley. Va. marl92t*
From now on we will
have alwaya on hand
Brick Ice Gream in all
flavore ready to take
home. Fancy Moulds for
H. Blocli
?1S Kinte Street Both phonea
Plain and
Set Rlngs
Our ring? have a distinc
tive air about them.
Their quallty, individual
ism and general good
looks never fail to cause
f?vorarle comment Be
sides they are rightly
priced for all pursea.
Jewelers and Silversmiths,
Mr. George A. Davia, aa election
tuptrvlaor of Baltimore coooty, waa
fcu ad dead yeaterday hanging to a bed
poet at tha homa of bia brother, Mr.
Harry S. Davia in Bdtimore.
Oicar Johoaon, a well-to-do c'tlz*u of
Har'em, waa yeateiday tbrown cfl tbe
roof of a alx- tory b( uae io a batile with
burglars. iieescaped wlthallghtiojariea
aod aaved bia caah.
Senator Cuvmlna concluled bia
ipeech on the railroad bill Ia tbe Sanate
yeaterday and polnted oat tha: the rail
roada could acqalre the water lioea with
oat any interferenee on the part of the
Mionie Bowmao, of S.raabnrg, Va ,
waa foond uococtclcoa from ttetflec'a
of il unitatlcg a?s yeeUrdsy a tjrooon
in her room at 622 Peonsylvaniaaveou",
Waahlcgton, bot revlved uider treat
mant at the Emergeucy H spltal.
Adolpbas Slmeon Holomons, elgbtj
three ycars 11 i, foreaer [ r<wident of the
American Red Oroaa and one of Weet
lagton's moat noted phllanthroplats,
died laat night at bia bome in that city
wf tlloesa dae to old ege.
Senetor Oaramlos oompleled his foar
day's apeech io oppoaltion to tbe admlc
lairatlon'a bill to amend tbe interatit*
commerce aot at 8:30 yeaterday, and the
Penate, after a brief executive aesalon,
adjoarned over uttll Monday.
The lfat word by tbe lawye-ra waaiald
yeaterday a t -rnoon on the coostitution
alty of the corporation tax provlaioaa of
(he Payne-Aldrich t.r'.rt law, and the
U. S Sapreme Ocurt took the 15 oaaea,
on which the qaeation aroae, l ider con?
Albert Ostry, prealdent of the Nation?
al Oapltal HrewlngOompany, and proml
nett in Waahlcgton aaaoclsl circlea, waa
serloualy Injared yeaterday atirnooo,
when a borae he waa driviog oa tbe
Su't'and road ran away and thtew him
from bis bnggy. He Ia aulferlog from
concaselon of the brain and cata and
contasloaa In tbe bead and body.
Half a mllllon dollsrs?a record hlgh
price for a palnting?waa paid yeaterday
for the poitrait of Fratc Uals, tbe
Datcb palnter, and bfa family. palnted
by himaelf. Tha pqrcbaeer waa Qtto
Kahn, tbe banker, wbo seoured the por
trait from tbe Duvaeo Brotbera. J. P.
Morgan bld between $860,000 and $400,.
000 for the plcmre.
Oommaader Robert E. Peary haa cnt
sbort his lectnre tonr ia tha aonth. Tbe
refoaal of (hvernor Brown, of Georgla,
to iotrodace him loan Atlaitt aadience,
hia raferepce Ia the commander ia aa
iotervlew, aa "faklr/' and the emall
crowd tht | attended the lee ure, brooght
forlb an anooanoement irom the Oivio
Foni-ln New Tork onder whose aut
plcei Peary ia lectarlng, tbat bia plana
have beeo chaoged.
Preaideot Taft told the 700gu>*Uat
tha Bocheatir.N. Y., Ohamber of Oom.
merce laat nlgtt tbat it waa bard for a
prealdent to nlk aboot anythlng tut
politca, and then liuoched Itt) an
explaoat'on of tbe acta of hia admioit
tratloa ao far. He referred to the tariff,
whicb, be thenght, waa a good one, and
the corporation Ux. He bewalled tbe
fact that be oapqot ga late tbe balla of
GoDg.eas aad flght for hia legialatlon.
Ha aald he ia crltlclaed if he aake ald and
bsrated If he doea not, Ha alao aald he
had been called a poor polltlciao,
? _V. J a- "
Congretaman Malby tcday admltted that he
had jjioed Eliiah Ksnnedy in orging upon
OoTernor Odelt In 1901 toaign a bill rcliev
ing the raaarve fuadi of iosarance companies
from taiation. Tbe law at that time U said
corapellad the maintenance oi tbeae retarvea
aod companies inaisjed that for that reaaon
they ahould not be taxad.
Tbe Regal Shoe for mau ia all >he
oew laata can he had of John A, Mar?
ahall <* Bro., 422 Kloi atreet,
Woodward & Lothrop
New York?Waahington?Paris
ipparel lor Ita and Girls.
Misaea' and Grla Ooat Su'is?new srrlvala of tha week. Tba tallored style
in iti many varlations folly repreaeotedjuade of hlgh-qaalityiergee ia faocy itrlped
aod tbe popalar cbecked patteros: alio in tbe plalo olors of white, lans, buM,
aod browofl. Short seml-fi t'og coats are liotd throujhoat wltb satlo, cewesit
nove't ea ln cu'. of cufts and collars; foll plaited aklit*.
$16.50, $18 50 to $45 each.
Misaea' aod GirU' Raefera and Topcoats, of aergea aod rlch faocy mixtare* ;
tans, graye, browns, chccks, aad beautifol plalo colora of every aort of lloed aud
unlined; slr.es G to 16.
$4.50, $5.75 to $25.00 each.
Miasea' "Oo-ed" Dreaiea, of tao, bloe, and white Iloao; tha very popolar
Rmsian style wltb wide black fpateat leather belt aod fall plalted eklrta; long
aleevea; Dutcb neck; faiten io front.
$22.56 and $25.00 each.
Mlarea* aod Girls* Regulatlon Dreaaaa, of lloen aad fine iioeae, lo white aod]
oew plalo color*; bralded and fioiahed wltb haad embroldered aleeve emblem;
rall-plaited aklrta; afz ? 8 to 16.
$5.75, $7.50 to $15 each.
MUaea' Ohaogeable Silk Dreiae*, io plalo aod pln-a'rlpad eliscts, made
In all tbe now models Oorrect models for street, afternooo, aad evening wear.
$16.50, $18.50 to $45 each.
Girls' Wbite Dreasea, of lloen, lawo, batlste, aod Eagilaa rep, made lo tbe
long-wahnd cflsct aod at'ractlvely (rimmed witb lace and bllnd or eyalet embro'd
ery. They bave high or Datch necks, long or 3-4 ileevei; failea Ia back; a!r;s >>
$3.75, $5.00 to $15.00 each.
Third floor-Q st.
Citizcns' National Bank
of Alexandria, Va., January 31, 1?10.
Preaident, Vice-Preaident,
Edward L. Dainjrerfieltf; _, __ * Carroll Pierre.
Richard M- Green, Cashier. E- E. Payne, Aaat Caabier
J. C. Smoot, Edward L Daingerfield, Jaa W. Roberta
Worth Hulfisb,
M. A. Ahern,
Loana ..... $687,951.4!
U. S. Bonda to se
cure circulation.
Bonds to secure U.
S. Depoait . ?
Other Bonda and
Stocks ? . ?
Banking House &t
Real Estate . .
Oash . . 46.441.9G
Due from
Banks and
Agents . 99,13?.7l
1,000 00
Carroll Pierce
IrbanS Lambert
Surplus . . . .
Undividad Profita
Circulation . ? ?
U. S.
$168,6M0 0
Ladiea' Fine Gaum Lisla Hote, in ail colors;
doublesole, fplicel heel. garter wrlt. 3p?c
Ladlts' Silk Liale Hoj?, d uible sole, spli?
alheel. Special,
Ladiea' Fine Silk lideHoie douhle he 1
and toeand gartir lop. H6.-value. Special,
Ladiea' Lve I-i?|? Ho<e, deaeaf aole, aplii
ed heel. 7tc value. Hp*cM,
Ladiea' Two-rlaao Glace Kid Olove.. 'M
Un, gray, brown, black an I white, Special,
TadiW One-claap P. K- Kid Qlovei.. iu
Un, brcwn, gray, champagne aud white.
Ladias' Eight Batton Glace Kid Oloves, in
tan, browa and white. Speoai,
Ladies' One-buttoa Washable Chamois
Oloves, in white and natural oolor. Special,
420-436 Seventh Street,
1 aace unneceasary. Sell our hiaods to the
retail trade. Big pay, Write tor full pir
ticulars at oace. GLUBE CIGAR CO.,
Cleveland, Obio._fehl?t)el6
A gool WHITE MA^ for the stsble at
Raveosworth. Write to Mra. LEE, Barke,
Virginia,_marll tf
Onr advertisiog writer doth continually plan
To get the wiae attention of the Alexandrian,
"In the n ultitude of coucsil there is witdom,
so they say,
So we want at least a thoosand to diseni
luuck every d?y.
We make onr Judge and jnry and tbe vtrdict
you will psaa
Is that Camarou Dairy Lunch I? goid and
every tbing first class.
We aie like eh c.ric cu: ren s in ont movesaensa
never alow,
And we are 'pen day and night for the
n/owdJ that come and g\
Yea, we want alwaya a hoat of patrona
about ua. "T a mnaic to our years to haar the
Cameron Dairy Luoch
iCS &ing Street._Open all night
Foar five-room FRAME HO'.-ijE* ia north
westeru aectioD. R-nteJ to g?od tenanta for
fo.tOetch. Will sell cheap for caah. Addrea
P? O. Box 3, Aleitndria. Va. marla 3t
WANTED TO RENT.?Place to keep
autnmobile State priee and loratioo.
Addra*a"Vv,"carsGaai't4. mar)S3t
Wa are aelliog many bottles of Chcrry
Coogh Syrup daily aa tbe beet remsdy for
nba known. A good,^prompt oara, gae,
JUadbeater * 8ona
Come in and
let us show
you our qual?
ity and our
prices before you pur
chase anywhere.
I.'a to yur advanta|* b lovatlgafa
fally before you pay rtr, yoor good
That'a wky we waot yoa totone here.
Gompare Quality and
Where to buyi
We aow ha?a a largs aatorlment to
aelect from aad oor |? cea are iower ikao
629 Kingi Street
Bell Phone 242.
Epiacopal and Catholie Prayer Books.
Blblee. Flna 8ta_oaety and a namber
jf other thinga that make aoltable gifta
for Eaater can be had at
S- F. Dyson & Bro.
The Beat oi Everytbing.
A i| lerjdti i atritlve tooic. Givea
isra?ft\ ?ttrff atd iacreaa d ?p.
Large Bottle 50c,
416 King Street_
Of all the hsaltk boilders, fleih iu_.tr* aasl
paLmoaary remedia*. noae is aaf b:lr#r then.
?leadbe_ei'aEA?hr|n?i.of CoJ LivarOtl. >(k>
p?r hnttl*.

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