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hesdayevenVno* mab. 2-a_i_io_.
Sun and Tide Table.
*-? rl-ea tomorrow at ? 01 and aeta at 6.
H:?h water at fi.27 a. nrand b.bi p. m.
Weather ProbabUitiea.
For thia action tHirtlycloady^warmer
tr>n Kht. W-daesday fair: moderate to bnak
waihwist sui areat winds.
"Then ro* the cry ofwomen shrijl.
Aa Gosahawk'a whiatle on the hill.
Thiugs dowo at tbe Navsl Academy
at Aooapolis bave beeo lirely of late,
aid to ab)ke:-33 In Vieona remiods
ooe of that rather cyoical aothor, Bu.
nard Sbsw, io hia novel "Man aod Soper
man" aod thi play takeo from tbe aame
book aod bearing the same tlt'e.
It aeems th?t cn laat Thnraday the
ctdeta, o-rathenbemidahlproen, aa they
are asaa.'ly d.'sigoated now-a days, were
guiliy of rvost ia conaidered by the maa
agemeat of the academy a grosa act of
laeubordioatioD, called tbeailence "act."
Haviog b.-en matcbed, aa ia tie tu
tom ooder cammand of a lieuten
aot, into the dining ball, and tak
iog their ssati, they malotaloed ooe
and all a profouod alleoce, not even
opsniog their mcu'.ba to ioaart food,
t'.ttlog bilt opright, Bullea aud defUot.
Afer waitiog awhile the oommandiog
offlrer match d them oot again and bsck
to quarten, wheitupon, Oommandant of
the Academy Bowyer by way of puaiah
tneot set t'nced the entfre bsttallon to
remaio witbln tbe grcuods, lod flaitely.
Now comestbefui. I'. Is the practice to
have a b >p Satu^dsy evenioga aod these
embryo admiral?, oommodores, et oetra,
had, aotwl hitandiog the rdetrictfooe of
Lnt, obeerved by aooiety geoerally,
msde the nsaal preparatioos, aod lo
vited ss parioers hindreds of tbeir girl
iiteods aod acqualntances from other
attt's aod citiea. Bot alaa, alack-a day,
wben tbe time came fi aally forth and
bnng in their reapective fair ooea, all
dreased up and waitiog, tbe marioe
goard at tbe gate witb cros*d and crael
bayooUi, sllently forbid. Here waa a
dilemma, sureentugb. All of theae /air
crea'aresslttiogarouodloprlvate bouses,
boardlog houses aod hotels, waitiog and
elgbing for their troe loves, these
Haogbty dear Middiea wbo wonldo't talk
or ea?, but who preferred like Iittle
"Jack Horner" to sit on a coroer, and
ai'entlyai^kathumb. Nothlng daact.'d,
thoagb, tbeae enterpjiiiogyoaog women
eoon got 01 to the racket, aod matcbed
in a body dowo opoo the naval grcuida
and by the marioe goarda, entered the
git?s, aod, like embryo aoflragettei,
<lemaoded their rlghta, claimlog one
Iittle Middie apleca, if oot two. Aod it
goea withoot aayiog tbey got their rlghta
all tbat waa "oomiog to them." And
bere we bave "Man aod Soperman"
agalo The next day being Sanday aod
tba cadeti baving been marched oatalde
the groands to the obapsl, tbe glrls
took care to bs on hand theo, aod pro
ceeded to follow tbe columo back into
theenclottue, ao aa not ti be cb?at-d
ont of the accoBtomed eJttf cturrh
wa'ks and fllrtatlons not tbey. "So
there," (Jommaodaat Bowyer, yoa may
?3!rcunvcnt todf Middies, bat when U
ooTiea ti "gupermao" down you go.
Tbe George Washlogtin Birthday
Aasjciatlon at ita annual meetiog laat
nigbt io tbe rooma of the Obamber of
Commerce elected the following officera:
J H Trlmyer, presidenf; O. H. Ktrk,
flratvice president; T. 0. Howard, aecoud
-ice president; H. B. Oatcn, thlrd vice
president; P. von de We telaken, fcttrth
vioeprcsden; W. W. Billeoger, 6fih
-lee presidett; K. M Graham, aeoretary;
Harrie White, sa^Bt-nt secretary; J.
William May, treatuter, aod F. A. Bay
liaa, Metstael treaaurer. The cbairmeo
o/tbediflereotcoBimit eti: are tbe follow?
ing: A.D. Brockett, floancr; Maj. Jaa.E
Kiog, ttiiitarv; J. Y Wiiliaroa, recep
II ii ; Dsvtd W. Ai cbesou, moslr; P. T.
jH.rriDgtoD,traiar>jitatioc;K W. O^den,
Atttaev; Harry liioimood, clvle; A. A.
P.u', eecretorgen zillone; J. T.Johosor,
decoratiooe; P. ?onde Wtatlakeo, entei
taiumeot, aud Tbomas Hall, ?"<?S"
The esa c ?Uon appxopriated ftoO 191
f,e u M of the oivlc committee io prepai ?
iug ? ju A\c play grunod._
Frederiok Merteoa, jr, geoeral paaasa
ter ajeot of the Muunt Vernoa aod
Msrabai! Hall S eamboat Compaoy,
whiae father ia aprumioent aod wealtby
rea'dent of Oamberland, Md., was ar
reated yeaterday a.'terooon by OfBcer
Roberta charged with flolatlng a city
ordlnance wblch requirea peraona who
?et as m dts fo Alexandria to pay ao
aor.uil lcenseux of |5. The yoaog
anaodecllned to depcait$5 collat ral and
waa escoit'd ioto a witneas room, wbere
be waa told he wmld be detaloed ootll
elthtrtie coliateral or bjnd waa fotth
comlog. Later Mr. Jamea B. O^tin
became reaponBible for bia appearanoe
lo tbe Police Ocurtthle morning. When
the oaae waa called lt waa shown tbat
Mr. Merteoa wae eimply actlog ai boat
fcr a p?rty of excuraioniata and waa dli
charged. _
Toe hfgmm basketball taam wlll
gi toWusbiogtin and play the qalnt
f.>preseoticg Carroll Inatltote. ?tte
Lyc ti n "am has a clean record for tbe
MMaa, haviog played aod won fi'teeo
gama. wblch ia a showinj to be proad
of. Tae drroll Iostltote boya are dc
termioed utry to break tbe Lyceum's
rietoriea, while tbelatter are cnt to keep
to* r record clcao, end a lively game
may f> <xpected. Tbe Caitid 8 at?s
Paeot OfSce team and the St. Doml-'
aica will play lo a prMlmlnary gams
A latge darfgaaiaa nf Alexaodriaoa are
?saaoted to witneaa t^e ganie.
[Jaaite* U. B Oaton preaidlng]
The following caae* were diapoaed of
tbia morotca:
f_>e Divis, charged witb dlaorderly
cooductaod fightlog bad bia caae con
A yeuig min, eharved witb actiog
?a a city guide with u; a 1 ceuae, waa
Marsal Brown, colored, charged with
belrg d u k aod dis.rderly, waa dlt
Joaeph Harris, colored, charged witb
dlaorderly coocioct and figntiog, for
fei.ed hia coiN'etal by lalling t) sppear.
"Tbey come htgb." "The beat aod
tbecbea.ear." Oar people ?a-1'hem
aod ai we aay to the ladiea ynn can >ee
J. A T. Oonein'a ExcloaireStylea at 122
K nE t -re? J A, fdateball A Bra,
The exsrclaea lo cocnectloo with the
aeveotj-flret aoo'-vcraary of Potomac
L>dge, N>. 38, I. O. O- F., took place
to the Yooog PeopVs Building on
aouth Waahiofctoa atreet laat nigbt.
Tbe building was filled with a rrpresen'
ative aulieoce, nearly every Odd Fe
low of tbe city being preaent, aa well
as maoy from Waabln_ton aod otber
place*. Maoy ladiea were in ihe aod!
eoce. Tbe palace car "Moort Venoo"
waa kept buey traaeportlrg tbe Waab
iogtooiaoB to and from this city.
Among thoae wbo came over on tbe
palace sar were Hon. Jobo B Qjodwlo,
graod aecretery aover'go graod lodge,
formerly of Atlaota, Oa., tut ?t prta'ot
lecated in Baltimore, Md.; Hoo. Hill
MoDtigm, of Richmond. graod reprps
entative of Virginia; Hou. W. W.
Millan, of Waahingtoo, graod repres
entative of the Distrlct of Oolumbla; H.
N. Klogberry, ol WfBtfleld, Mase.,
grand represeotalve of the grand ec
camprjoent of Massacbusett-; Oharles
Pohllg, of Richmood, paet grand r*p
resectative grand eotampmert ol Vir?
ginia; Jobn I. Browo, of Waebiogtm,
paat grand repres;ntatlve of the District
of Oolnmbia; Gsn. E. W. Bradford, of
Washingnn, ofthe grand eocampmeot
of toe Diatrlct of Oolombla; and Meaara.
CharleB Mctoarabead, Josepb Barroogbs,
W. J. Ricb, Fraok 0. Merrrit, F. L
Harrlea, A. J. Schlppei t, J. M. Daoo
aod danghters all of Washiogtm. In
addltlon to the above a large nomber of
ladiea were in tbe party. At the con
cluilon of tbe exercises tbe car retnroed
tj Wasblogioo Btrett where toefcuwts
were taken aboard aod accompaoled by
the committee rttirned to Waahloglou,
expreealog themaelvea as highly pleased
at their viBit to this city aod attheec
joyable eveaiog epent with Pct >mac
Lodge ln their anolvemry celebratoo.
The commluae very haodsomely enter
taloed tbeir guesta on tbe car bota io
oomlng over aod retoroiog.
The followiog kt>ree!lng programme
waa well-reodered, all who partlcipated
tbeir reapective parte ln a oredltable
Sslecttoo, Oaldwell's Orcheitra; invo
catloo, Rev. Edgar Oarpenter; aelectloo,
:>rcheatra; addreaa, "Oor Fiateroity at
Home," W. W. Millan, Graod Reprc
seotatlve, D. 0.; selection, orcheatra;
Pnilharmoolc Quirtelt-, "Weloome,
Pretty BrloroBe," addrew, "Oor Order
In theState." Hill Montagoe, Graod
Representative, Va.; aelectlon. orcbestra;
dramatic readlng, J >bn M. Kllne; aoog,
"Spring ia Here," Mrs. Dejo; ad
dre?s, "Odd Feilowablp lo the World;"
John B. Goodwln, aoverelgn grand
secretary, Ga ; aelectlon, orcbema; aoog,
"Aa Old Riddle;" Miss Oheoowetb,
recltatloo, John M. Klloe; Phllharmonlc
Qiartetta, "Lullaby;" Auld Laog 8yne,
orcheatra aod aadieoce.
The apeakrra baoded their sovjecte
well and their addresses were greatly ec
joyed, wbile the muaical and lifrary
featnree were exceedlngly ectertalnlog,
It was aftir eleveo o'clock when the
exercises were brcugbt to a*close.
The followiog composed tbe commil
tee oo ariaogemmtj: D. R. Stanatiry,
past grand master, chalrmso; W. L.
Martlo, muslc; W. E. RlBdon, secretary;
G. U. 8mitb, and W. A Oooway.
(Jommissiooer of Revenae C. 11. Osl
lahan baa appointed Mr. Ubarlea E.
Tenneason bia asslstani.
Mr. Willlam H. Bt oernagel, former?
ly of i oIb city, wbo hae been critioally
III at the Jjhos Hopklna iiospital io
Baltimore for some time, ia visitlog rel
ativea ln tbia eity.
Mr. aod Mra. Jas. Hulfisb bave as
their gneat Dr. W. F. F.eher, who Ib
oondocUog a meetlog a' the Sicood
Bajt b; Clurcb.
Miss Bertha Alliaon is qaita sick at
ber home, 310noiti Coiumboa atreet.
lh?re waa born tbia morniog to Rer.
and Mrr. J. R. Sevier a little bod, Johu
Lowa Ssvier.
Mr. and Mrs. Eroest Wbite have re
u oed from tbeir wtddiog trip. Tbe)
will make ihcir home io W*sblDgtjo,
where tbey will be pleased to ne tbeir
many friends._
A mte'.lng cf the lot owners of 8".
Paul'a Uemtt^ry waa beld ln the Nortcn
Mt-morial oi bt, Panl'sOburch last oi.it
aod a cemetery aasoclation orgaofz d
with Mr. Wm. B. Smoot, presidett;
J. R, Zimmerman, vice presidst t F. J.
Evans secretary, aod John B. Waller,
treaaorer. Truateea, Osorge 8 Freocb,
E, H. Kemper aud Jadge J. K. M.
Nortoo. Execative comm t'.e?, MIbb
Lala Smoot, Mra, D. J. Howell and
Laarence Btabler.
Aa anniuiced latt week, <he cboir
ofS- P*u!'e Ctuxh will elcg Stdoer'a
"Cruoifixioo" ! als eveoiog at 8 o'clock.
At tbe offert^ry, wbich will be for the
cboir fuod, Miss Ksst will play a violio
si'lo. The soloiats ofthe cboir aod tbose
asslttiog are aii well koown and tbey,
together with the large choir which hat
heen faith'ully rehearaiog thia work,
inanre a floe rendltlon. All are Invlted.
The funeral of the late Mra. Oalherloe
8. Smitb, whoae deatb occorrcd guoday
mcrnlog, took place at 10 o'clock this
morciog fiom the reBldeoce, 308 Prince
stre; t. B?v. Kdgar Oarpenter, rector of
G aae Ohnrcb, coodocted tbe Bervlcaa,
aad the iotermer t was lo the Metbodlst
Pat tt .ot cemtt ry. The pallbeaera
were Me sra. B B. Smlib, F. W.
Smitb, Raymoad Smitb, Jaliao Y. Wll
laama, W. G.Miller tnd Sitnael Miller.
Mr. John D. Normo\|e-, real-estate
agent has aold for Mrs. Msrgaret Peck
the two-atory f.-ame dweUlog No. 711
Wytbe rtreet to Mrs. Aguats Murpby,
and a deed for the same was rl'cedon
record in the Chra'a oijice pf the Cor
poration Court thia morning.
Mra S?rai Eiz-bs;b Walker hssaold
ti Mr. George Whiton ibehuie aod
I t at the noribwestcoroer of Wythsaod
Oolomtui atretts.
G'auce ovet the lut ot Hlgb Grade
Shoia Bjld exo uiively by as : J. A T.
OjoMob, Ou eo Qn?llty, R-d Crnas,
L?nder Sooc Oo, N. He? & Bro. (The
II Br), Taylor % Oo. f Tailnr Mad?),
Brocton C\ Operatlve 0j , Walk Ovtr,
R>gal Excelsior Sboe Co. aod manv
obcii. J. A. Marshall _ Ero. 422
__n g atreet.
Ohamberlain'a etomach aod Llver
Tarilit* tova'isble nriog relief to womeo
aofleriog from chroolc coostip>tioo,
headacbe, blliooBoeu, dizzloesB, oallow
dfbs of tbe akiD aud dypepfia Sold by
W. F. Crelgtun & Oo. aod Bicbatd
The board of dlrectore ofthe Rtt.il
Merchanta' Aasoci.tm of tbia city met
last night ln ihe rooms of (he Ohamber
of 0 mmerce aod traoaacted boaloeaa of
lotereat to tbe orgaolzatloo. Tbe fol
lowlog compose tbe fBffcui committeer:
F.oance?Simael Bsodheim, chair
mao; Hurie Whit\ A'exander Kauf
mao, Aaroo K.tz aod W. A. Moore.
Legialatioo?W U. Vsroey, cbair?
mao- Thoe. O. Hoy, J. Fred Birrell,
ErneBt L. Alleo aod Au u?t H. Oehlert
Advertiaicg?R W. Arnold, cbairmao
0. M. Bchwab, 0. T. Hellmutb, Max
Ro?enfeld ond W. I. Whltaoo.
Membershlp?W. 0. H Wlldf, chair
mar; J. D. _I-1 er, F. G. 8 uodera,
H rmao Friedlaoder aod W. 0. Baggett.
luaarance?William Woolla, cbair?
mao^. II Maoafi-ld, F. 0 Mattbews,
C. W. K jtwlsle aod Robert Elllott.
Arbitration? W. P..Taylor, obalrman;
E. Steoart Smitb, F. L. Slaymaker, II.
Noel Garoer aod Jobo R Eieleo.
Oreditandcolltct ona?Bjoedict Well,
cbairmar; Frank Micheloacb, E. Gold
sm.tb, Wlllard P. G.avea aod 0. E
Oooveotloo and fa'ra?0. B Sean,
L. F. Dyaoo, Hsrry Ffeiachmaon, Gao.
L. Applch aod Siml. DeVaogbao.
Banqait?O^urtoey Actoo, chalrmar;
D. G. Grlllbor z?r, W. F. Smitb, J.
M. Bowliog and F. 0. Spinka.
Street cleaolng?JoHaa Wolf, cbair?
mao; B. L. Rosa. W H. Oook, Oharles
Kramrr aod M. E. Parker.
rransportation? B. H. Lyno, cbair?
mao; 8. Blondbeim, J. W. Gocdi, E.
L. Finka and W. E. Hinken.
Pore food, short welghtsand meaaurfa
?W. H. Peck, chalrmao; J F. Ohau':
oey, F. M. Adama, W. H. t^alno aod
W. B. Watkloa.
Printiog aod diacoonta?J. D. Nor
moyle, cbairmao; Bsojamln Abramaoo,
G. W. Heims, F. 0. Pullln aod F.
Kenoeth Bagget*.
The membership now Mimbers 70.
Tbe front wlndows of the sboe store
of Mesars. John A. Maraball dr. Bro.,
preaent ao attractive appearaoce t .day,
there beiog diaplayed io tbem samplea
of all tbe lateat styles of foctwear. From
tbe atylea of ahoea kept by this firm the
taate of everyone can be aatlafied,
The Oity Oouncil meeta tonight.
Rebec a Oonocil meeta toolght for the
initiatloo of oandidatea,
The board of direolora of ths Ohamber
of Commerce will meet toolgh'.
Tbe weather today baa been br'gbt
and balmy, with the mercaryat coon
ataylng near the 70 mark.
A called commanicallon of Alexan
dria Waahington Lodge of Maaona will
be held toolght.
Marriage llceosi waa iesned in Wash
logioo yeaterday 11 Oaytoa E Loooa and
Dora C. Frederick, both of New Market.
Miss Looise Elleoswortb, a realdeot
of thia city, died at Provldeooe Hoapltal,
Wasbingtoo, lat nigbt. The remaloa
will be brougbt to tbia city for Intermeot.
Alexandria Lodge, No. 758, Benevo
lent aod Protective Order of Eiks, met
last night. The iwiln jas traoaacted was
of oo general lotereat Arraogmenn
are being made for the inatallation ol
tbe receotly elected oflioers, which will
be beld toe firat meetiog night ln April.
Ihe alarm of fire aboat 11 o'clock
tiis mnrnUg was caosed by tbe barolog
of a cbair io ao upper room of tbe atore
cooduoted by Mrs. Bsrtha Ileymao, on
Kiug atreet, near Royal. The cbair
had caugbt fire from a atove pipe. Tbe
damage waa allgbt.
The membera cf Oriental Ooort, an
o-gaor.vioo ideotiflfd witb the Jualor
O.der of Americaos, gave a baoqint last
night at Mr. James Msgotr'a dinlog
rooms on oorth Royal strecr. Tha OC
caslon was e; j ivable ihrou<bout.
His exes spsrkled with the lastroos light of
Romance The lure cf /uivon*ure drew him
into the nuelstrom of the night, aod his
heurt went pit-a-pU at the scft npurousca
ilen'ect the guitar ss it wafted nielodlowlv
a -roes the mooalit witerr. ' was un L>sl
Venv.'an ulght and Prince Florizel, of Bo
heruii, lloatel culmly down tbe besutiful
l>igooo in his jjuilded gondola rn his wsy to
the Aatb Market for those irresistibiy de
licious Auth Haussges, ifsms and Home
killed Fresh Me t?. Bylvaa Blondheioj, the
Auth Stand and Ihe Autb Market.
the lioett thst ?row for eatinB.fi.5cbu.; best
El.in Creamery Butter, in ponod print*. 34 ?
ponnd; Freah Ekk?, 25c per do/en; fancy
J_pan Hice, 6o poun-i; 3 pounda be?t Kvap
orated Peaches, 25c- 3 Ibs. best I argo Prunes,
25c; Faocy New York State fcvsporated
Applas, lOclb.; ScansPink Alaska Salrooo,
26c;3cans best Fiah Itoe, Mr; 7 lbs. fi^st
Uuudry Rtarch, 2r-c; 7 cakes Star 8oap. 26c;
7 cakes Circna Sosp, 25c; large bottle Mam
moth Quetn Olives, re.ular price 35c; onr
price ?)c. WM. P. WOOLLB _ 305, Royal
and Wolfe streeis.
The Perovlao goveroment bas notified
tbe gcvernmeot ofOhile of the witb
drawal of the Pernvian legitioo at Sac
tiago becaine of tbe receot expuisioa of
Peni7iao prlrats from the provioces of
Ttcoa aod Arica. Peru'a action was
vobably basiened by a m ti which Obile
s?nt to tbat goveroment decisriog her
lnt?i? t in of retalolog pouesaioo of Tacoa
aod Arlca. Tbe Obllean aothoritiee
have maiolaioed tbat the Pernvian par
iah prlects io tbe provloceof Ta?os have
bseo carrrtng on a propaganda agaiost
Ohile, aod aa a reao.lt cf their preaobing,
daloyalty waa being u >read broadcaat,
A dlspatch from Ltma aaya the Chilean
govetomeot baa witbdrawo ita ligation
at L!ma, aod the Chlleao cbarge.
F'it; preaent ani former membera of
Sdect aod Oommoo Otuaclls of Pit'e
b.rg, Pa., nodcr iodictment oo a cbarge
o' biibery, aod 10 more with m<peoded
seit'Dces aod beld io $5t>) bonds upin
tbeir own coofeBsloo of abaricg lo
a pool of 1102 000 to Itfljence the votea
of the mnolcipal bodiea waa tbe retult of
yeaterday'a probe of tbe graod j uy, fol?
lowing the aeosatioosl ooofetsioa cf
Capt Jobo Klein, former member rf
emocils, wbo, aa tbe cbief distursirg
offi:er ol tbe /aod, obir.ct r'z a btmaelf
as ''ohaocellor 0f tbe excbequer." Ib
mont loataocea tbe amouBt ol $ooey tta
aacuted confitsed to acceptlog as a brlbe
waa ro'. over 1100 Ooe man get $5X0
aod anotber |200, while others go. but
181.10. im
It will be a real pleasore to na to
show you and lt will be a real pleasore
to you io see exolusive atylea In Fioe
Sprlog Footwear J A. Maraball h
Bro., 422 King atreet, Leadera ln Fine
Footwear. _
Are yoo frequaotly boaraeT Do yoa
have tbat aoooyiog Uckliog in yonr
throat? Does yoor coogb aoooy yco at
Dlirbt, and do fiB ratee mu:oaio ths
m'roiog? Doyiuwant relief? If ao,
take Cbamb* rlato'a 0 >ogh Remedy aod
yoo will be pleeeed. 8old by W. F.
Creijh'o" * Oo. aad Blohard Glbaoo.
I -? - ?J_
Washington ? - D. C.
a .nUn.til ailk for spriog frocks aod waiati. &*"' '?<
Ba b. speodid Hne of colorv, too, looladlog whlt;, Ivcry, gr.y,
resed. old Je, Piok, ceil, m.is, moa, greeo, browol!gob^o chjmpa. e,
-'S IS ah^d^^y^n ***?T&n?
SilkS tfon.
Order Your Overland Now
Delay iUeans Dlsappolntmeot
Last scason there were over 8,000 people whose
oaders for Overlands were received too late. Our tac
tory can build only 20,000 cars this year. Every single
car has been contracted for. When our allotment is
filled we cannot get more at any price. Hall the peo?
ple who want to buy Overlands here wlll be unable
to get them. Get yours now.
Thetremendonsdemand for Overlanda Yoa M tbe new Overlands eterywhere.'
haa practicaliy awamped tbe factory. Twelve boodeed bave, been aold ta,New
Ordera are plllog in at twlce tbe i.ts of York city alooe. Fifteeo hondred were
production. Eveo witb five tlmea tbe boogbt by dealera lo tbe atate of Texaa.
factary facllitiee of laat year, tbe ootpot The firat Overland egeot-lo a amall
ia daily lalliog fu.ther behind the de- New Eoglaod town-te eelliog aix huo
?,??<, B drad Overlaoda tbia eeaeoo. The more
Every Overland pnt leti an ownet'a people know about the Overland, tbe
haoda aells foor nthers like It. Sixteso mora they want If.
tboosaod 1910 Orerlaods werecoctraoted We can get a few Oeerlands for Im
for laet Aigoat, simply on tbe record of pj^i^ delivery. Come in today aod
the fdtr thonsand 1909 cars Every new tg demonatratlon. Make yonr own
Overlaod tbat appearaoa the road creatca c0mpAl|BOae. Brlng an expert with you
further demand for this wonder u' car. jfyon ftr9 aafamlllair with mot rcara. Yoo
Tbe reaaou bebind thia tiiheard-of de. w,j| (ppreci,tfl the Overiand'a ilmpllclty
taand Is sbeer merl!?notbiog elae. Up Bnd gm0) tVj raDnlog; he wlll approve Its
toJatiuary, 1910, tie car waa never eveo nj^hanleal exoellance. The car ia rlgtt.
adveitaed. Jkt tba Overland proves ao ^ Overland coats
reliable, so Bimple, ai trouble-proof, ao Tfae 40rhors8 power mode!s
-conomical tbat now everybody who J Ja %im dependlDg
learoa the fact wants ooe of these match- JJaJJJ ? -^ Bwy? 0,er,and ,, _,
lesscsra. _ood ai aoy other Overlaod,? tba ccbi
Meo who oever beforethonghtofbnj. PKSaW^SiC Yoo
>Dg cara are tuying Overlanda Men ??? inulnalcally be tu.
who bave owned other cars are buying cauouy iKmi a ~g
-bem for their mecbanical correctneas. Yoa wlll eooneror laterneed jaititnb
Wealtby men bay them becausa of their acsr Mtbeoverland,-"acarguarastjed
aand'oear. P,or men buy O/erlanda for llfs." Pot lo yoar order now acd
bea u.c they ar* the first giod cars at a bave the uae of yoar car all tt>WNN.
moderote aoat. Pnooe ? ?'lte u'fot ? <J"?00?"*t,nD
riYERS BROTHERS. 115N.Pittst.
A new departora m atbletics is t > bt
glven tbis apricg io the sbape of a track
and field meet cf all the public hlgh scbool
of the Eighth Virgloia distrlct. Thlaa
tveot will r>e beld on Roood Athletlc
Field, at Manasssa, cn M?y 7. This
meet wlil be opeo IO *ll bigh achool
pupila of the Eghth dlstr'ct, entriea be
ln< free, alth ugh all ertrlcamnt be
sent ln a block aod aigoed by the prln
clpal of tbe bigh achool. Enlry blaoka
w II be seot to all tbe higb ecbcola in
toe diatric', aod all are urgeotly re
qaeitid to be lepreeett^d. Medals will
be awarded to the vsrl in eveota and a
champloosbip cap glven to the achool
team acorlcg tbe rofat polots. The fo!
lowlog is a lia oi eve-ts: 100 yard
dsab, 220 yard dash, 440 yard dasb,
half mileun, 1 mile iud, 120 yard
hardlis, 220 ysrd lu dles, tuioiog higb
ju_p, raooiog brad jimp, pole vaalt,
12 lh, Bhct pit, 12 Ib bammrr throw, 1
mile r?Uy, 880 yard re'a*. F rt farthar
ioform?tion addresB G. H L'gbtoer,
mana?*>r M. H. 8. Track Team, Me
oasBSf, Va. _
The to'al romr tr of d ad io the wreck
io the R >ck [alasd * u'de-hearier (train
aiGreen Mnntalo, Lwa, jea'.erday ia
now fortj-jix.
The New Jcraey Senate today de
feated tho lecal optioo bill by a vote of
14 to 6 _
VIRGINIA.?ti the Clerk's Office "ofthe
Circuit Coart of the City of Alex?
andria, on the l*th day of March, 1910.
NtllieH. fiwaysei
vi y In chaDcery.
Elraer B. Swayre, I
Meaio. The object of this suit is lo obUin
for complsioant a a vorre from the bond
of matrimony frr m the Uefendaat, the cuatody
of their i?f_?t children, and for geuersl re?
Tt appearins by an affidavit filed in thia
eante that the defendant, Elruei B. Swayze,
ia a noa-wident of this Stat-: It U Ot
dered, That said defcnaant appear here with?
in nfnen days after dne poblication of this
order, and do wbat is ceceejary toproUct
hia iaterestsin this suit, and that a copy of
thia order beforthwith inserted io the Alexan?
dria Gaaette, a newspaper publiahed in the
city of AlexMidria. ooce a week for <onr sne
^eesire weeks, and posttd at the front door of
the Coart H-nseof this city.
irfwia U, M-cbtfl, p. ?? mailSwlB-t
Leare your
ordera now.
For Good
fl, BLOCli Bothphonea
Alexandria we are gladscme, becaoae onr
hopes yoa do inspire,
And you are helplog ns to things that are onr
heart's desire,
We are working hard to win saeceas and we
thank yon more and more,
For every day onr businese totals larger thsn
Yea "Everv Iittle helpa." 'Tis the multipli
rationofsmall things that make th? larire.
Between yon and ns Cameron Lunch is grow
ing big, so thaok yoa and come again.
Cameron Dairy Lnnch.
Open all oight._i*)5 King street
Sewing riachines
DO not sacriflce your old BEWI*G MA
CHINEB, I will make tbem ss GOOD
AS NEW and guarantee them for five years.
I demonatrate tba work ing of machine?.
kf. 0. M CCOY, 306 18th street. northwest,
Washington. D. C. Bell 'phone J80-H.
muM lw?
Kiog Edward'a Condliion
Londoo, March 22.?Prlvate adv'eea
from Biarrltz today contradlet tbe offi
clal agency'a report coocerolng the Im?
provemeit io the bealth of Kiog Ed
wsrd. Tbeae advlcea aay tbat wben
tbe ktna. appeared on tbe atreeta yeeter
day he waa haggsrd aad tcf.ertog Be wm
able to walk bu- ashort diataoee when be
?aa baodled io o ao .otcmoille.
Y u ! Wuot fe prop*ri? dreaaed for
Ea?'?r if *nn ba?eo'i a pair of ihe Ne?
N f'y Btylea of F n* St?Hah Foot Oov
eriDf, u.d i.ty a. 422 Kiug a.uet, J.
A. Mtribil * Bro.
Easter Clothes
We save you from $1.50
to $3 in buying your Bdys'
Suits from us. Pretty Knick
erbocker Suits. Elk Brand
Clothes they are.
See our line of
Clothes For Men
of all ages.
Easter Hats
See the $2 kind. All be
coming shapes.
t Kaufmann Bros
Clofhiers, Haberdashers and Tailors.
402405 KING STREET. <
Just One Week to Easter.
All the new wearables for spring are here,
in fuil and brilliant display with stocks far lar
ger and more complete than ever before.
We are ready to meet your every want,
Savingly, Salisfactorily and Best.
The Charm and Beauty of the Easter styles
do not affect the low prices that make this
store sopopular.
D. BEIOHEIH * 8018,
e-.ce uniieee??ary. rMl our ? rand-- to the
retatl trade. Big pay. Write tor Ml nw
?Iculera at once. QLOBE CIGAR CO.,
A gool WHITE MAV for tha aUble at
Rsve'iaworth. Write to Mra LEE, Hutke,
Virginia. _-'?''? tf
WANTED. ?-econd-hacd Bnreaua. Ice
?oxea, aud Ref igerntors for Caah.
Drop po*tal and my hnyer w" BBll. A>1dre?a
93J5thstreet, no tiwe.t, \V asniugtmi, D. t.
mar22 3i*
MA^ONIC ? A called commnni'atioo of
L^DGE. No. 21, A.. F.fta. M., will b? helt
at the TempleTbEBDAY KVENING. March
22, at 7.'0 oVlrck, for work. By oider of the I
Worahipfnl Mister.
mai212t A. Q. l'fILEB.8eoretary.
THE annasl meeting of the stookholflers of
PROVF.MENT COMPANY will be held ?t
the prineipal otflce of the rompanv. 111 aonth
Fairfax aireat. Alexandria. Virginia, on
Tuesday, April 5 b. 1910, at 2 p. m.
GEORGE M. KOBEB, Secretary.
mar21 td_
r fc?t long ti't'ed with 2j H. P. Detroit
anainai. Sped 7 to 9 lailes. air tightcora
pa?tmeots and steel hall. Will eacrific; for
fcn00(oesh),or will a<vept payments from
Columbua street._?_nl <"
"dry goods.
Dress Goods
$2.00 Chain Diagonals $1.49
52ioch Imported DIagonala, io t e
oew chalo weave; adrolrably adapted for
tbe preseot fashloo; ooexcelled lo ita
a-tariog qaalitier; Bhown io tareoty oew
fhades and hlack. Oar ? 1 _J Q
special price, jard. ,t'1
$1 50 Tailor's Suitings, 98c.
50 to 56 locb Fioe Imported snltioga,
soch as diagonals, E'g'.iahaaltloiis, stt'o
p:mtl'a?, atripe e^rges, pinhead ch-ck.
and a hoat of oth?r deeiribl* areaves. io
all colors acd Mack, ioclodiog QQ_.
many graya. Speeial, rard. ^w
420-426 Seventh Street,
Tru sea and only tha beat ainds so.d at
Ever bave anybody ?ay
that to you? Can you
depend on your
or do you have todnpetd onycur frleode
for ue
Correct Time?
There la no necd of I'. Y< a can be
aarayciibave the correct time if ycu
get a watch here. Th re'a keen pleaa
u-e in koowiog tbat ycu: time is stand
ard time.
A-k us to show ycu oa? complete lioe.
8o~etblog bere is sore to pleaeeycu,
and tbe price will make yoa a cmtomer
at ooce. ,
Oome ioaidseeabit we have
Saunders &
629 RingiStreet
Bell Phooe 242.
Plain aod
Set Riogs
Our ringa have a dim inc
tive air about tbem.
Their quality,. iodividual
ism aod general tood
looks never fail to cauae
f.vora le comment Be*
sides tbey are rightly
priced for all puraes.
JewelerA ?nd Silveramitha.
Easter C^rds and
Kookle s
Episcopal and Catholie
Prayer Books
in h if 0'?'ind a (1 p u d
R. E. KMGH'l.

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