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r R1DAY F^WIHg_t_ML J?l?}?_
Por *as tomorrow at MJ "?"*_' 6"3
High waUrj^^J^__L__ P* "*
light north U> eatt whi______
Mr. Jjieph L Cropper with hia fam
llyha. m.ved to Ballaton to apend the
rprlna: and tuoomtr.
Mrs R 0. Powell and Mrs. Lcu'e 0.
8 Bot't haveretorced from Wlnslow, N.
.L, wbire tbey speot tbe pset mooth.
Rev J P- Btump, formerly of this
oltv wsa'ope-ratedopon '?>t Friday fcr
(bed-atianii at tbe Uoioo Proteatanl lc
firmary in Baltlmore. Ihe doctora re
moved part of hia hip bone. The opr
ra'ion waa a auoceaa. At the recent
Mathodiat Oonferenoe Mr. Binmp waa
plsced oo the ruperaoooated llaf.
Miat Mary Deyereui of Waahingtoo,
waa tbe gu*t of Misa Virginia Wat
klns dnrlng the paat week.
Mrs. Oharles B. Eddy of Plainfiald,
N. J., ia vlaiting ber motber, Mis. John
W. Horkf, on Wilkea atreet.
J. Olinton Bmoot baa sold to Llllie E.
Hsrrls, lots 15, 16, 17 aod 18, block 6,
Fark Addltion to Alexandria.
Misa Boaic Johoaon aod Mr. William
Ooroell were marr.ed yeaterday aftei
ooon by Re?. W. E. Laokford, paator
of the Second Baptlai Otureb.
After baving beeo refaaed a marriage
Hoeoae at Rookylllr, Md? becaase they
were not of legal age and becanss tbe
father of tbe young man loterpoaad ao
objectlon by tilepoo*. Mr. Lawreooe
Welliogtoo Rose, of thia city, 19 year
old bod of J. Welliogtoo Rose, a Wssh
ington ooal mercbant, took Mlss Jewel
y-^lch, of Maaaillioo, Ohlo, who has
h_n ?t,a goeat of heralater, Mra. Barrett,
or nortta-'.? AMiph ?n?tf toB.lt.moie
...?I?u. mhf^ they were married by
V^ImF.S.4' Tneyreturoed
to Alexaodrla later lo u* ?7
Mrs. Lewia Monroe and h?* .t_? ch'
dreo are very alck at tbeir h^ma oo
Wolfe atreet.
Mr. J. B. Grlffin left today n fialt
HarriBburg, York, Erie, Pittsborg aod
Ohtcago, and will probably go intj bual
oeaa io ooe of fieae ctties.
[Jnetioe H. B. Oatoo preaiding]
Th? followlng ca?ea were diapoaed of
this moroing:
Tboraaa Johnaon, Ophelia Johnaon,
Robert Bmlth and Maria Parker, all
colored, oharged with belng dmnk and
dUorierly, were dismlBaed, and Maria
Orump, alao colored, cbarged with
alavlar oflensea, waa fined $5.
Henry Sama, colored, ebarged with
atealiog olotnee from Scott Batler, waa
committed to [all for 90 daya.
Irene McDermott, oharged w!th aa
aaalting Waitjr Hayea, bad ber caae
OOtiUou;d. _._..?.
Jamea Beeves, colored, oharged witb
tha larceny of a bicycle in Waahingtoa,
waa lurned over tbe mlhoritiea of tbat
Btrotber Sbelton and L?oo 0. Cbns
tofleraon, arreated aa aoepicloaa charac
tara, were beld.
H. F. Davia, charged with paaslng
feogoe cbrcka on Looia Brlll and Irene
McDermott, bal hla caae oontloued.
Mr Tboa. A. Gravce, formerly of hla
olty, bat now of Waebington, haa pur
cnaaed tbriugh F. L. Slajmaker, "Ibe
Rjaemont Mao," one oltbefloe terraced
loh on Boeemont avenue, near the
atatlon, and will atatt at occe building
an at.raitive bome.
With this a*le there only remaln fonr
lota an tbe north aids of Boaemont
avenu^uoaold.andanacu'cemet.t lamade
that after April 15;b, tbe remainlng lo a
will be advaooed In prioe $100.
The Boiemont 0.'. la making arrange
tnenta to have all theatreeta io Boaemott
treated with the moat improved oil daat
A man wbo gave hla name aa Walter
Hiyea, and wbo livei ln Maryland, be
cameldlsorderly In a north Lse atrett
reaort laat night when Irene McDermott
tbe proprietrtaa, ttrock bim on tbe bead
witb a vaae. Otticm Nioholaon and
Rjland arreated the woman and tbe
mao, and npon reacbina tbe etation
houae tbe latter waa glven prrmlaiiou u
go t a phyaiclan for treatmeo'. Tbe
wotnan left collateral for her appearance
Inthe Pollee Ocurt tbia morning, and
*a< pieaeut when tha comt conveoed.
Hayea, howerer, ctuld not be fonnd, and
tbe caae w?a continned uot 1 tomorrow.
A reaident of IMnce Wiiliam connty
Tlaieedthiacit/ yea:erday, and, hatlog
depleud hla excbtqinr, gave ou'. two
obecka lor amall amounts, wbicb, lt la ll
leged, are bogua. A aaloon-keeper ac
oiptei one of ih? cbeoka and the other
waaaccepted inahnne on north L?e
atreet. The man waa later arreated by
Cblel 0 >orta and Lieutenent Saoltb. Hia
eaae will come before tbe Polioe Oonrt
tomorrow. _
Frank Oarter, colored, waa arreated
thla mornirg by Oowtable Fayne and
Deputr Oonatabls Foley on the charge
of diaordorl, eoudDCt on a?n electrio rai -
?ar train laat Htturday night. Oarter
^Btakenbefr-JuUlce Wrlght .1 tbe
Dvke wben be pl-.ad gu'lty to ibe cbarge
and waa made to p?y 16.40 flne and
coa'a. _
April dawnrd brlght and crlap with
oo indicailone of addingiU firat teo daya
t,lbe borean blaata ot Marcb. There
ia, Jviwem, no telling what a day will
bUt>t n,rtb at tbia eeaaon, andculd wavea
are llfceiy tfi cime at any tlme without
Ibe pract'oal joker ia not aa rou:b In
avldence now aa in by gone yeara.
Patticg bricka mder alik han aod al
lowlng tbeot to Ite ar.uod looae in tbe
atreet ia a ttiitim wbicb bai long alnc?
beeo abandooed.
Tbia ia AH-FjoI'b l)ay and [many a
praotical pke baa been played upon ibe
Y ? ! Wont be properly dreaaed for
Eaater if yoo ba?cu't a pair of the New
Nlfty Styleaof Fine Btyliah Foot Oov
eriot, had oaly at 422 Klog a'.raet, J.
A Marah'T & Rro,
Mr. J. A. Eggboro, recett y sppoint
ed pottnaater of thia city, aaaumed the
dutiee of hia poaitioo this mcrolog with
Mr. DonalJ L. Altcheson aa hia aaaisl
aot. IJjth are well-koown and popnlsr
cit;7.ens, aod their maoy frieoda and
atqtitintaocee have today been teoderiog
them tbeir cougrt tilatioos.
Tha traoafer of tbe aflsira of Ihe office
wat Jwithoot formality, tbe former poat
masier, Mr.Tbomas Bumughs, aod Mr.
J. E. Joboson, hls aaaiatant, togetber
with oiu uai friendB beicg preeeot. Tbe
tntt'jodical and carefnl manner in wbich
the aflalra of tbe pottoffice bad been can
doct?d rendered the tranafer easy aod
brief, and the new managemeot begins
undtr aoapiclona cooditions.
The new poatmsBter was tbe recipient
of tokeoB of eeteem io the shapa of
flowers from friende. Tbe former aod
preaent po-toaetcra with their aaaiataotB
vied lo arrangiog everytblng for the new
reglme, and tbe bett of feeling prevalled.
The exofflctals attlcipated every waol
of the oew poetmaater aod hia aaaiataot
and txplsloed eterythlogconoernlng the
ti.nneaa of the offica in detail.
The falary of tbe poatmaeter ia $2,800
a year and that of tbe aaaiataot $1,400.
There were no cther chaogea lo the
peraosnel cf the attacbea of the office.
Ihere are aeyen clerka and eigbt mail
oarrlera, all of wbom ara nnder the civil
aervice laws.
Mr. Eggborn baa 6led bis bood of
$12,000, persocal friends being on the
Mr. Eggborn wll! bejthe elghteeotb
postrxaattr that Alexandria baa had.
R^beit MeOrea waa poatmaater from
1776 to 1793. He bad been pralal agent
uider tbe Brltiah goveromeot, aod
served nntll 17i?S, wben General Waah
ington appointid hls aon. Jamea Mc
Gres, n succeed him. He beld office
oiit'l 1801, wben Mr. Jefleraon appoiot
ed Dr. George W. Oralk, the eon of
WsRhingtoo's phyaloian. He asrved
untll Jaooary 1, 1809, wbenhe waa enc
ceeded by Ool. George Gilpio, wbo,
with Tbomaa P. Gilpio, eerved nntll
June 16, 1314, when Preaident Madl
son appolnted Joaiab Wataoo wbo aerved
001111821. Preaideot Monroe appolnt?
ed, April 1, 1821, Mr. Danlel Bryao,
who aerved throogh tlie adminlelratiocs
of Monroe, Qu'ncy Adams, Jackaon,
Van Baren, Uarriaoo, Tyler, Polk, Tay?
lor and Filmore. He was succeeded by
Oo). T. W. Aabby, wbo bad been Ilen
tenant in tbe company ol Alexandria
volmteera wbich aerved nnder Ganeral
Taylor in Mexlco. At tbe openiog of
the war Ool. Aabby went acutb, and
Prealdent JJncoln appolnted Mr. Wm.
D. Masaey, who bad been msyor and a
member of tbe general asaembly. He
waaeuiceeded in 1870 by Nlcholaa P.
Trht, who had been aaaiatant secretary
of a?ate, and had negotlated the
trpa'v of nface with Mexico. At hls
deatl In 1874 General Gratt appoloted
Mr. Wm. N. Berkley, a dry gooda m?r
chant, wbo bad alao aerved aa mayor of
Alexandria. Mr. Lewia MiKera'e waa
tbe next poatmaater, havlng b*en ap
poln'ed by Preaident Hayea. Ha waa
socceeded by Mr. D. A. Wlndaor, wbo
waa ippiinted by Preaident ArtLu-, and
entered npon tie Cu iea of hia office Ao
gnat 24, 1882, aerving ntt I the end of
Preaident Artbar'aaiminlttrtt'on, when
Preaident Cleveland appolnted Maj, W.
W. Herbert, of tbia city, who, aoon
after tbe opening ol G?n. Harrlaon'a ad
rniniatration, ga?e place to Mr. Perk
Agnew. His lujceBBor waa Mr. 0. O
Cariin, who waa appointed by Preaident
Oleveland in April, 1884. Mr. Joa. L
Oropper waa appoiotod by Preaident
McKmley in 1898 and after elght yeara
aervice waa auoceedtd by Mr. Thomaa
Burrcnghe, who waa appointed by Preai?
dent Booaevelt in Mrr:b, 1906 Now
Mr. Burrocgha leBuoteeded by Mr. Egg
Reference was made yeaterday to the
loconvenlence eiperienced by tbe glaaa
Jactorlea in thla city on accoont of the
refoaai at timea of fje boy belpers to
work. A whole?ale atrlke occcrred thia
wetk, wben balf an tuadred yniogit?re
gathered on tbe commonaadjacent to t'ie
glata worka and attempted to imitate
t*ielr eldera by interceptlng otber boya
who had no aeeui with the proprietors of
the works. Tbe la'ter bave dttermlned
to brlng Italian boya from otber citlea tl
Alexandria for the purpoae of inet lling
them in the positlons vacated by tbe
yoatbsof tbia city.
Alexandrlao.a old end ynong, allke
cao sgaio viatt the Opera Honae and
witnesj vau levllle o.' the higheat pro
curable talect aod ibe lateat and beat
moring pic wes shown aoywhere ln the
ccuotry. This popultr place of saiosr
meot haa been remcdeled and amply
ligbted by the pretent mansgemeot
It la believrd tbat tbe youog men now
managiog tbe Opera Hiu-e will do
buaineaa on a boainesa bssis aod hat they
will gtve to tieir palrjns all tbey
Dr. G. T. KTpiteln has aold to Mr.
Olarence Sampson a hcineand lot oo
the north aide of Duke street, between
Patrick aod II?nry.
M'. Olarence Sampson baa aold to Dr.
G. T. KHpstein a hcme and Ict on
Wolfe atreet, brtween Patrick aod
Mr, Anthony E. Soroct baa pnrchased
from Mr. Tbomaa I. R abrill ibe tbree
story brick reaidenoe on tba weat aide of
Piit a'reet, between Printe and Dakf.
Mr. Bmoot nill ehortly occopy tte
As haa beenaoticipated, theball glren
laat nigbt by the membera of the Relief
Hook and Ltdder Oompaoy at McBor
oey'a Htll waa an eojoyable affalr
tbrcujhonf. There was a large atten*
danca. Mr. William J. Cleveland waa
floor maoager and the moslc was for
ntahel by Padgstt's orcheatra.
Arrangementa have been eompleted by
tbe Alexaodria German Olnb for lts an
nual Eaater danc, which it to ba given
ton'ght H McBnrney's Hall. Th a
dance will be the laat of a seriea given
darlog the aeaaoo. Tbe afiUir promises
to be well att?uded. Tbe club, it is un
deratood, will be teodered a retoro dance
by a namber of ladies cf tne city on
Aprll Slb. Tbia will be a mask ball,
"They come b'gh." "The beat are
hecheapea'." Oar people wact tbem
aod s-i we aay to tba ladies yoo oan aee
J. A T. Cooaln'a ExcioaiyeBtylea at 422
Klog ttreet, J. 4, tfarftuli A Bro.
March went ott like a lamb.
Workmsn are engaged in prep?rlng
opper Kiogiteet for the prcpjeed iac
prjyemttt from Ue city liaiiie to tae
Uaion pauengtr s.itoo.
Tbecatcb of fi?b ia incrcaalng, tbe
preaent mild Wtatler haviog brcujht
tibad and herrlngfarup tbe rivir. Pncea
are weakenlng aomewbat.
The city ball at*eple la now In the
haada ol tbe palnttu and ita appearace
baa already been greatly Improved. Ibe
balla bave already been regllded.
Two candidit ;a were ioitla'.ed at t'ie
mwfng laat night ol Alexandria Oonn
cll, Jaoior Order of Ameilcana. Btx
applicallooa for memberahip wer* u
Mra. D. W. Prettyman, recelved a
meaaage yeaterday atating tbat ber
ccudo, Mra. Wro. McNeal, dangtt^r
of ibe late KibU Bu :hanan, died Wed
oeaday night at Ea t Badford, Va.
A colored man who w?s au9erlug
from amallpox walked Icti the atatlon
houae laat night. He waa made to rt
turn lo hla home and tbe hea'.tl offiwr
waa notlfied.
Gordon Boothe and Wiiliam Padgett,
who left thla cty on Wedneaday evenlng
and concernlng whoae wbereabcuU tbere
waa aome concern yeaterday, returoed
to their homea laat nlght al-tlng tbat
theie had beeo ncthing onnaoal aboat
tbelr abeeace.
Tbe foneral of the late L. D. Oliver
wbo died in Alexandria connty on Wed?
neaday morning, took place thla morning
fromSt. Mary'a Chnrcb, Bev. Fatber
Kelly condacted the aervicee. Tbe in
lerment waa ia 8'. Peal'e cemetery
The Waahiogton diatriot acbool boird
of Alexandria cnr.t/ baa awarded tbe
contratt fcr tie erectloo of a pnbllc
Bchool bnlldlng at Domiolon Helgbti,
near Obeerydale, to A. J. Slmpaoa, ol
Ronnd 11 II.
The officere and membere of the Bc
llance Bteam Fire Eoglne Oompany, No
6, extend their thanka to tbe ladlea wb j
bad charge of the maak ball held on
Tuesday evening, and alao thoae peraona
who oontrltu ed and helped to make the
aime a anoceea.
Tbe alarm of fire abont noon today waa
cauaed by tbe diacovery af a blate on the
eaat alde of tbe frams hooae occnpied by
Mr. Fred Dldaaonelt, on tbe loath eide
of Oameron atreet, between Pitt and 8t.
Asapb. The fire waaextlogulahed before
any aeriona damage reanltcd. It waa
cauaed by an aah barrel wblch cangbt
To particular people. tha quality ln an art
icle i? alwaya conaidered before the pr;ce.
Other haraa may bea littl* oheaper than onra.
but whei it oomee down to the jjood old eat
icg" qualit^ vou'll find that "rur" haros
can't be beat. Joat come to the Auth btand
or the Auth Market tomorrow aud huy the
moat deli-ioue ham in town at onIy20cenU*
pound. If yoa don't wanta wholeone, aak
uato out one for you. We are alwaja will
ine "A word to der wiae iaa enuf aaid, aa
Mr Einstein remarkp. Sjlvau Blondheira,
the Auth Stand and the Auth Market.
the fineat that grow for eatiua, 67>c bu.; l*at
Elgiu Creamery Buttar, in pound priuta, S4e
pound; Fresh Eg*", 25o per dozen, faucy
Japan Rice, 6c pound; 3 pounda beat Evap
orated Peachea, 25c; ? Ibe. beat large Prunea.
25c- r'ancy New York feitate EvaporaU>d
Auulea. 10c lb.; 3 oana Pink Alaaka SalraoD.
vt6c'3eana beat Fiah Roe, 26r; 7 Ibe. Bat
Laiindry Htarch, ?6c; 7 cakea 8tar 8oap, 26c;
7 cakea Cireua Soap, 26c; iarge bottle Mam
moth Qu.etn Olivaa. regular price 36c; oar
prlce 20c. Wm. P. WOOLLI A SoK, Royal
ard Wolfe atreeta.
Eight Persuot Burned to Death
;Dry Pong, Ia., April 1?Mra. Mat le
Ivy and aeven men were bnroed ti death
whlle fightiog a forest fire that deatroy
>-d aeveral Inmber camps aod bnroed
ver a large terrltory, accordirg to ic
lormation reacbiog bcre today from camps
wbicb escsped the blas?. Tbe fire
staii 'd Wedoeedsy and an at'empt waa
made toaave tbe bome of Mts. Ivy by
tieaeaeo lombtrmen. Tbe hooae waa
surrcnoded by a tbtcket and tbia takiog
Are, bemmed ln the party and all we:e
buroed to death.
P. C. Knox, Jr.
Datrolt, Micb., Aprll 1 ?Regardleaa
of what Phllaoder 0. Knox, jr., may do
regarding h'a father's oppoaltlon to hia
recent runaway maafage, themtomoblle
cinoern for wblch is workiog here
will iry t) keep him as a aalesman. D.
W. Fllnt, head of the Protldeooe, R
I., ftrm by ahlch yoong Kopx la em
ployed, broogtt the yi u ig msn and bia
brlde here to eee the factoiy aod declarts
tbat Knox Ib "ao impoitaot addition to
onr t inloes*.
Knox aod hia wife are atayiog at the
Poochartialn. ii? refusts to diacuss hia
pisoB or t'ie rfpoit from Provideoce tbat
Becntary Knox bss commanded hia son
to returo tc tie pareo'.al roof and briog
hia brlde if ahe deaires to com?.
Na Ceaaatioo of Work.
L?xlrg'oo, Ky., Apr.l 1?E. M.
Do>1p, reprfBentlog tho Yellow Jacket
Ojal Oompaoy, which omprlaes eigbtof
the largeat mines io eastero Kaotucky,
sald todsy there woold be no cessa'.lon
of work in his minea, as all are non?
nnion. The aame condlticoa c_iat In
otbtr easlern Kenlncky mlnes which
employ aoout 10,000 meo. Wettern
Kentncky minea, bowever, bave mostly
te-n noloniz>d. Tbese employ abont
9,000 men aod many of them are ont in
obedieoce to the ahnt r!own order,
The Sprlngfield Murder
Bpringfield, Mass.,April 1.?Althcugh
four tinptcta are beld on tu^plcion of
having goilty knowledge of tbe murder
lau nlght of Miss Maitha B. Iilackstone,
aged tO, and the aerlons wonnding of Mlta
Hsrriet Do*, aged 2b, n ihe Djw bome
on Ronnd ilill, the faablooable section
ofSpr'njfielr1, it la believed by no meaoa
c.rtain that tba goilty man la incladed.
G ance over the liat ot High Grade
Bhoea sold exc'tnlvely by na : J. A T.
Oiaaloi, Qtfen Quallty, R=d Oroee,
L;nder 8000 Oo., N. H?ea & Bro. (The
H'B'). Taylor % Or?. (Taylor Mad<),
Broctoo Oo. Operatlve Oj , Walk Over,
Begal, Excelaior 8boe Oo. and maoy
otbfri. J. A. Marahall & Ero. 422
iiog atreet.
Coal Coke Wood
Ba wiat?Bay your fae! before tha aevere
weathar. We ofler beat quality.prompt dallvary
nd loweat market prioe. Phoca 95. DaW.
4JTCHK80N. 107 aooth Roral etreea
Every famlly eapeclally thoae who re.
alde in the conntry ebcutd be provided
at all tlmea with a bottle of Ohambtr
laln'e Liniment. There la no telling
when it may be wanted io caaeof an ac
cldect or emergency. lt la moat ex
celle?t in all caaea of rneoma'i.m, apraioa,
aadbtu'iee. SddbyW. F. Ortlghtoo
A Oo. aad R'cbard G bWD,
VVashinglon ? ? D. C
15c Unen suiting
12ic yd
Nomi.taka-w.meanitwbeo weaayLINEN SllTINO. M ia th. nataral
color, all pnre flax.
Jt ia'/7 inchei wide. ?hii,iran'a and woiusa'sontar apparal
The best and moat ???"?"???' I?^^& Sectiou.
that IJJcyard ever bought?First Hoor waaaasaa?? ____?____??
The Opera Kouse will reopenMondayevening, April
4th, under entirely new management with the moat ad
vanced aod up to date vaudeville. Talent from the
Keith 8t Proetor and Hammeratein circuit haa been
booked and the newest and latest moving picture. will
be ahown. Only the cleaneat aad heat in the amuae
ment llnes will be offered.
Positively nothing will be perrnitted on the stage or
in any part of the houae to which the moat refined lady
could take exception.
"[No. 7093.]
At Alexandria. Va..
At tateewaaeaf bajaateeea March 29, 19.o.
Loana and diacounta. $158,420 96
Overdrafta, aecured and uusecur- ^ ^
U S iiouda to secure circulation 100,000 00
U'. 8. Bonda to aecure U. 8. de- ?
posits, 4 per rent. MfW ""
U. S. Horidaon hanJ.... t6,000 00
Piemiuma on H. 8. Bonda. MOO 00
Bonda. aecuritiea. etc.??- ?.?w W
Banking houae, furnitureand fii
turca. . ftain ifl
Other Real Eatala nwned . Ha*" w
Due from National Banka (uot
rescrveaKenta).? . ??*'*" ?
Due from Utate ?nd Pnvate
Banka and r-ankera, Trnat
Coinpanieaanl Savinaa Ban?a l,i?i ?J
Due from approved reaervts
agents. 3;.?|? i'
Checka and other caah ltema. 2,457 M
Exehansre for clearii.j? bojia-a..... 3,4V W
Notes of other National Banka... 990 00
Fractional |?per eurrency, nick
elsand cent?. 105 70
Bank, viz :
Specic.20.2". M
Legal-tender notea. 3,835 03
Redemption fund with 0. B. (6 _
percentof circulation). _o,0UM>ij
ToUl. $736.129
Capital stock na.J in. $1?n'!^! S2
Surplua fund. 10,000 00
Undivided profita, ieas expenaes
and taxea paid. ... ???? W
Due to other National banka. 4,384 85
Dividenda unpaid. 7b w
Individual depoaiu auh;ect to
eheck ... .-. 44/,&fc9 14
PemvidcertVficateiofdepoait. 14,471 61
Certified checka. 243 26
Caahier'a checka outatandinc. i3i J9
United Statea dep ait*. 1,000 00
Billa pajable, inclu'iinR Certih
cateaof Depo*'1 f?r n-oney bor
rowed. 40<m ??
StawTof Virginia, City of Alexandria. ss:
I T (' Smith, Osahlet nf the above
SMMd'baak, do aolemnly awear that the
tbovsj itatement is true to the beat of my
knouledgeandbelief.c smjth Cftih.er
8ubscribed and sworn to before me thia lat
ft_S ^O^TlAjf^^mik
Mv commiaaion exp.res Septemkor H, 1913.
C. E. Nikii,
W. K. Bain,
W. A. 8.M...H. i
J. A. Marsaai.i, Directorr.
W. A. 8MOOT, JR,
Qxo. V. PBTI05,
Another $1,5N
Tbese were b ujlt at jtst one half
fjelr rrgolar prlces, and all go on aale
t)day. Fioe Llogerle and Mao-tailored
Walala that are worth dcuMe the price
we aak. They are all fr?sh and oltao,
jaat from the famry. Ojme w tl the
crowda early. They are prlced at
55c and !)5c
420-426 Seventh Street,
KEAt, E8TAT?.-l'uderand by virtua of
authority veeted io ua by a deoree of the cor
poration Court cf the Citf of Alexandria,
Va.. rendered on the 4th day of Decembcr,
1909, in the auita thereln paading entttled
Celeata Duncan, et vir, at ala, va. Gwrge
Aahby Qorham, et al.. the underelgnad oom
miaalonera will < rJ?r for aale at public auotion
infrontof the Boyal atreet antrance to tha
Market building, in the ;oity af Alexandria,
Virfc-inia, on
SA1URDAY, the 6th day of April, 1910,
at 12 o'clock noon, the following deeorlbed
property, with the imprcvamenU theieon:
All that lot of grouod with the improve
meuta thereon in tha city of Alexandria, aitu
a'ed at the intereection of the weet aide of
Fayette atreet, with tha north aide of Duke
atreet, and running thenoe weat on Duka
atreet 3S feet S incbea mora or l?ar; thenct
north and paralUl to Fayetta atreet 100 fett
toalOfoot aller, thence eavt nn aaid allay
aad parallel to Dake atreat !5 feet 8 inches,
moreorle?a. to Fayette ctreel; thence aouth
on Fayette atreet 100 feet to the beginning.
with tbn rlght of way over and u?e cf aaid
alley inoommonwith othara entitled the-eto.
All that certain piece or parcal of iiround
in the city nf Alexandria, bounded aad de?
acribed aa folbwe; Beginnina at a point on
tbe north aida of Duke atreet, 86 feet 8 inchea,
more or leas, from ita intenectlon, with Fay?
ette atrtat; thoaoe weat on Dake atreet 23
feet 4 inchea, more or leaa, to the eaat liue of
a lot owned by I, T. Nalla, thence north and
parallel to Fatette ttreet one hnndred feet to
aa alley 10 faat wide; theuoe eaat on aaid al?
ley and parallel to Duka atreet, 33 feet 4 inch?
ea, roore < r leaa; thence aouth and parallel to
Fayetta atreet 100 feet to the beginciog with
the naeof aaid alley in common witb othera
entitled therato
Al'O the bar fixtnrea and atook in the har
at tha corner of Dake and Fayetta atreeta, for
merly condocted by the late Ihomaa ?. Oor
Terma; One-thir1 ca b; balance in ai i and
twelve mcntha. Ctnveyance at ooat of pur
I, Nevfll 3. Greenaway, do hereby osrtify
that Howaid \f. 8oaltb, ooe or the eomraia
aioneraofaslain the anit of Celeata Dancan,
et vlr. et ala, va. iGeorge Aabby Gorbam, et
al, now pending in the Corporation Court for
the Citv of Alexandria, Virginia, has enUred
in tba bond reqnirei by the deeree tharein,
oondacted aa tha law direct*.
aprl td _
U. F. Knox, Auctionaer.
uii'a by Owen J. Nugent and wife to
the uoderaigned trattee bearing data on tbe
20th day of January 1?>C, and duly of re??rd
in the land recorJa ofthe city of Alexandria,
Virginia, in daed book 53, page 284, and at
tha requeat of the party thereby aeeured, da
fault baving been made in tba payment cf
the bond aeeured by aaid daed of traat, the
uoderdgned tru tea will offer for sale, at pnb?
lic auction, on
Tl ESOAY, the 19th day of April, 1910,
at 12 o'clock _.. in front of tha Royal streat
entrance to th-Market|bu lding, ln tha aaid
city of Alexandria, all tbat lot of ground,
with improvemanta thereoo, in tha aaid oity,
and bound'd aa follawa, to wit:
Beginning at the ioteraection of tha north
aide of King atreet with tha weat aide of
Payne street, running thance west on King
atreet twentr-four (24) feet; thence north,
parallel to Payne street, ooe hundred (100
feet to an alley Un (10) feet wlde; thence eut
on said alley twanty-foar (24.) feet to Peyn*
atreet and thence touth on Payns street one
huodred (100) feet to the beginning, with the
right of way over sald alley and all appurt
Terma of aale: Caah. Coat of conveyance
?t the expanae ofthe purchaasr.
In the mstter of ) No 61 In
Jan-ei F. Grigg (. Bankroptoy.
Bankrupt. j
On readiog the petltioo for dischsrgs of tha
bsnkra^t, it ia
Ordered by the Court that a heariog be had
upon the aame on the 6th DAY OF APRIL
1910, before aaid coart at Alexandria in
the aaid diatrict, at 11 a. m. and
that notice theraof be publiahsd in tba
Alexandria Gazette, a newspapsr prinUd
in aaid distriet, and tbat all known ereditors
and other penoui in interest may appsar at
the sama time aod place and show caass, if
ai.y they bave, wby the prayer of said peti
tioner ahould not re graoted.
And lt ia further ordererd by tha Court that
tha Clerk ahall aend by mail to all known
crelitora ocpiea of aaid patitionand thia order
addreaeed to them at their places of residence,
aa stated.
Wimeaa the Honot ble Edmund Waddill,
jr.,judgeof aaid conrt, and tha aeal thertof
at Alexandria, in said diatrict, on tha 28th
ay o w<j^FpH'p BpADy. c],,,,.
By B. P. W. GA.BHETT, Depnty Cisrk,
lt_ _
EGG8 for aetting.?Bufl', Bocka Black
Mioorcas, white ?yondoUea, $1.00 par
IS. Premium ttock. Da. C. E, OCICALT,
122 aouth Wsshicfton atreet,
Citizcns' National Bank
of Alexandria, Va., January 31, 1910.
Preaident, VicelPresident,
Edward L. Daingerfield; Carroll Pierre,
Richard M. Greeo, Gaahier. E. E. Payae, Aaat.'.Caahie
J. C Smoot, Edward L Daingerfield, Jaa. W. Roberts
Worth Hulfiah,
Vl.A. Ahero,
Loana ..... 1687,951.44
U. S. Bonda to se*
cure circulation . 100,000 00
Bonds to secure U.
S. Depoait . . 1,000.00
Other Bonda and
Stocka . . . 49,986.56
Banking Honse &
Real Eatate . . 52,856.97
Oash . . 46,441.96
Due from
Banka and
Agenta . 99,132.71
?- 145,574_67
Carroll Pierce
Urban S. Lambrrt
Capital ....
Surplua ....
Undivided Profite
Circulation . . .
U. S. Depoait
$110,900.0 0
95,850 00
Fancy New Orleans
Open Kettle
60 cents a gallon
G.W, Ramsay.
Cox & Gordon
rilssouri Hams
Q, W. Ramsay.
Veteran Dust
Doe8 the Work,
250 pounds,
Not in Packages,
O. W. RAflSAY.
10 cents a pound
Extra Fancy
Bloater flackerel
20 cents a pound
Norway Jlackerel
about 3-4 pound each
5 cents?
BOY& WANIED.-Wages $*00 a wesk.
PANY^_marSO 8t
WANTED.?Settled woman to asaist in
housekeeping and aa mothsr'a helper.
8tate wagea wanted and give refarenca. Ad
dreaa, Eaat Falla Church. Va , P, O. Box 61.
mar 33eo 3t_
ence unneceaaary. Sell our brands to tbe
retall trade. Big pay. Write for foll r??r
ticulara at once. GLOBE CIGAR CO.,
Cleveland, Ohio._fahi9tjel6
A gool WHITE MAV for (ths 'stable at
Ravensworth. Write to Mra. LEE. Bnrke,
Virginia, ""l1 tf
PLANT-*. the beat red berry oulrivatad.
mar30 eo 3i* R' "t N". 1. Alexandria.
OK RENT?$4.0?.? Three brlght pleaeant
ROOM8 on aecond floor of 210 Frankliu
atreet. Newlj pfcpered; privata er.trance.
Addreaa 623 acuth Fairfax street.
mar29 3t_
Wall Paper
3 cents per roll.
M. L. Marders
129 Sonta Fairfax Street.
raar31 St ____'
160 aereo, more or leas, of fine smooth land,
suitabls for grain, graas, fruit or chioken
farm 20 acrea in graas. o in oats, 15 for
corn, 60 in wood, baltnoe for truck and paa
ture, tenant boare, bsrn, well and spriog,
part of origical Mount Vernon eatate on*
h*lf raile from Hnowdeo atatlon, Mount Ver?
non Railway, eleven milea from WaahinaUn,
fiva from Alexandria. tbree from Mount X^r
nop. $75paracre. Eaay tarms. CaJlorad
B. F.D. No. i,.AUxaadria, Va.
?prl ao *?* ,
Press the
under the thumb.
That's all that is
required to fill
Conklin's Self-Filling
Pen. There is nothing to
taka apart or#lose. No
mussy droppar to smear
the hands or clothing.
Fountain Pen
writea aa eaaily as fiiled.
You will never know what
real (ountaln pen satlafac- yl
tion is until you hava t
used a Conklin. None M
of the bother aud an- m s
/ <A.
noyance so common #&??????
witb other fountain m f^"
pens. The Cres- m tTTt
cent-Filleridenti- # ?"?
I fies the Conklin. M ??
I Guaranteed. M Like
^^^^^J ACamal
a? King Street._Bea window diapl'v.
A Full Line of
aseball and
Athletic Goods
20c per pound.
St. Aaaph and Oronoco Streeta
SPEC1AL NOTICE.? Theannual mecting
of the atookholdera of the GBEAT * A l.I.H
POWER COMPANY, for tha election of di
reetora aad the tranaaction of aucb hoaiies
aa may properlv coroe before aaid n-o.tiv*,
miII ba he 1.1 at tha office ofC. C Carlm, No.
107 north Fairfax atreet, Alexandria, Va., cn
THIR*DAY, April 7, 1910 at 12 o'clo k
noon. F. J. WHITEHFAD,
Egga for Setting.
Bufl Orpinaton, $1.00 per 1*. Pekin Dnck.
75 centa per 11- The Orptngton Poaltry Yar<).
C. A. SHAFFER A CO.. Florieta. Br-dd.rk
Boad _ mar26 lm
Many profitable deals
have failed because
of tardiness. A good
Watch, an
Acton Precision
for instance, will enablc
you to deal promptly uod
profitably. We can please
you in both size and price.
Jewalera and Silveramitha.
Phone 381. Oraenhoaaea 8. Patrck St
D. 0, arillbortzer
CARNATIONS, 50c doz.
ROSE?, 50c to $1.00
ProBoptly attendtd to. Dalivand to all parta
of tha eity. HJJWaal guaraaUad,

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