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Sun and Tide Table.
?_*?wn riaea tomorrow at s.36 and eett at 6.29.
H gh water at tUM ?. aa. and 6.66 p. ro.
Weatb-r ^robabilitiee.
For thia aect'on fair; cooler toni.ht, with
froat in low rlae s, minitrmm Umperature
|bMt;?Cdecrfea. Friday f.ir; liRht north
vrest to uorth winda._
A meeiiot; of the s'.re? a comm ttee of
tho Oivlc Improvement L*agu* was held
Tueaday morn ng at tiothiitj witb a
large it eodance preaent.
Maoy itemaofcivic tntereet were d?
CO*eed. __
It was vot.d to reqaen Mayor P?B lo
glvo aptc al Inatroctiooa to the police
force of thp city concarning the vnforce
neotrf the ct/ crdloanoe forbiddlog
the tirowiog ol waa'.einto the atreet*. It
waa tbooght witb tbe proper observaoce
of th'a crJioaoce a marked Improvement
lo tbe cleanlioeaa of the atretti woold be
It waa alao voted to pttllion the alnk*
ing foud commiaalooeis to wbltewaah
acd p .lot the interior of the market
bou?e anl thereby add ti Ita cleanlloesa
aod at ractivenesi wltbio, wbile the ex
terior la beiog ao nct ceably Improved
gp'cial at'eniion was ralled to the
tna?a meit og t) be beld April 14 h aod
lo the civic cleariog up day which would
foilow. _
HnroRio" gTvelT PRESENIED.
Yesterd>y av the moro'ng aesslon of
the Obeeapeake Preabyttrlal Union at
t.e Second Preabyterian Otu ch the
Helpera' Mlealonary Socttty preseoted
tbe uoion with agavel made Irom a piece
ol the magoolla tree plaated by Waab
logloo on tbe Mouat Verooo estate the
year of bia deato. Mra. B?aty, the
preaident, made a happy naponee.
La*t oight Rev. Homer McMillao de?
livered a powerful addreaa on Home
Misalon. His aidience waa thrllled
aad loap'red with bia accooot of the
uib uaded oppoituaity open before the
chu'eh io the t<e*i bome majion
Tonight at 8 o'clock Prof. Glbert of
Waihicgtin wili give a abort orgao
r.citil before tbe scrvice. Dt. 6. J.
Wo'dbridse, edltor of tbe Ohinese
Obrl'tian lotelligenoer, wili be the
ap-aker of tbe eveoiog. The pabllo ia
Invited to thia tbe coocludlng aervlce of
The Waahington polioj are hanting
for S.ella Dtan and Waiter Story, each
H ytars old, wbo bave be n miaaiog
niDce 8:30 o'clock yeaterday morning
from tbe home ol Mra. Aona Btory, In
the capital city. The children laft the
H ry home to go ti achool. Waiter
Story ia the aon of Mre. Atut Story,
8 ella D.ai ie the daughtor of Mr. and
M". Toomaa 0z?ae, aod the cbillren
ara oatiD*. A broiher-io-law of Mrs
B:irr, JaepbF. 8;ory, Hvea io Alex?
aodria, wbere hemaoajes a moviog pic
tur > ih?a'er. Tbe fatniliee to whicb t v
cbildren beloeg an natirally alarmed at
tbeir diaapp'arance and tiey are vieiac
witi tbe police in endtavorlog to iocau
ITce children were found with relt
tlves at Silver li 1), M?3., todry.)
A m?n was roboed of all the money
be had in his p:cketbook at the nppir
end of K<og etrctt, nesr Spring Park,
ywt -rday afttrooon. The victim waa ln
Ihe compiny of a ycung m.n of tbis
city and perple who wltre?ed t? rot
btryaay tbe thief pot blabandlntae
mau'B pocke', took mi bia pocketbook
tifl-4 it ol its cautenteand then replaccd
tho book in his companiou'. pocket.
Bavcral bystanders calkd tha man's a -
tentiototbe prcedu-e, but no police
maa bein? rear, tbe thM was allowed to
wslk away. The latter, bowerer, ia
A cirrl.ge in whioh Mr. aod Mrs. W.
J. B Ube were .eated r.n Into an ei
oavatioo at trieen and Oolnmbue streets
ahottly after 8 o'clo* lar-t night and
wbb overtoroed. The occopants aod
driver e.cspsd serloua barm, bot the
horse was aerioaily lojured, eo much bo
that it w?. oece.?.ry to klll lt. The
ahafts of the carriage were broken. A
danger lamp, lt i? said, waa boroiog on
the barrlcade wbich marked tbe ofcttue.
tion wben it wai atiu* bv the vebiclr.
The ttam belonged to Mr. P. T. Har
riogtoo. _'
Mr. Oforge W. Frenil., who for maoy
years rcsided in this city, died at the
restdMce of h s daoght.r, Mr?. Anole
F. Naramor-, in Washiog'.OD, yesterday
aUenoon. Th? drctaied wa? ln th.
74 h y?ar of hl. ajte. The Interment
will be nnd* in Alrx.ndria tomorrow at
1:18 >. ir. the faneral t.king place irom
Mr. B. Wheatley's cbapal.
Tbe mt.iion at St. M?ry'. Cburch
cootinue. to arcuse piety .fd iervor
amana tho'e wbo atteod. Next week
the.trv ce< w.lt be partlcolarly adapted
lor oocOathvlic frlenda wtn de.lre lo
lesrn tbe t u b aboat O.thclic doctrlne
aad pracuees. Ihen, as now, all are
cordially welcome.
8*nml Bobinson, colored, who was
arre t d aboot three monthsago charged
with robMng t >e postoflica at Ortnge,
atace whlcb Mixh hehaabeen io j -II. waa
t.ktn to Richmond yesterday by DepUr
MVehal J F. U'over, and .rraigned
tv'or* tne U. 8. Oourt. Robio.oo plead
gailtr to the charge aod was Bentecced
to atrv? tw> mantb. more, H) waa ti
luraed t > j .il by th* d*poty marshsl.
A meeting of the Od Djmioion
B a- Cua ??b held Ua night in the
raims ol tie chimber of commerce.
Two oew ruemb.n wirj elected aod
otber liniorss dispasid of. Owtog to
the absence of a qurum, ihe election of
rjtlic:rs nere poatp ;r>ed.
R. Luclao U.roell, 45 yeats cld, a
trsck band on the Richmond, Fred
erickshi g and Po'.om.c Railroad, atrp
ped oot o' the way of a pmeeger traio,
near i^iuotico yeaterday afteroooo and
wasstruck by a trelgrt t-aln aod killed.
Tbe body was brorght t) ibis ci'y last
altfkt. Ibroel! la aorvlved by bis wlfe
aod aeveral cblldreo.who live st Bt,
E W% A'fmrv'r'a eoooty,
Mr. Jiho A. Marahall is confiied
ti hi? borr.n hy indiapraition.
Mia. Harwood Davia, of F.irfsx,
atepmoihcrol Mr. 0. R.odo'ph Davia,
of thia city, ia b? re on a ahort v aU.
Mr. and Mre. GorgeS Frencb cele*
brairdlatt eveoiog at their home on
Afred atreet, the eixih annivenary of
their marrlage. by one of tbe hand
aomeat, largest and mcat erjiyable of
the wlitti'a eiPrtainmet tt, fhedraw
iog rooms aod ball were elabotaely and
artatcally decmted witb palma, feroa
and great cluit re of rosee. Mr. and
Mrs. Fieoch were aesiat d in r ceiviog
their goes's hy a_.rs. A J. H'"is, of
II nleraoo, N. C , eiater ol Mr-.Freocb
Mis Freoch wore a handaome importrd
coslumeof black lace aod acquioe, her
corsage bocqu't waa of eweet peai aod
liliea of the valley. Mra. H.rria waa
moat becoroiogly gowned in yellow ta- o.
Tbe game ol the evenlog waa progreaaive
eocbra aod Ihe briuffnl priaea were
awarded Mra. Jobo Maiaball Jooea,
Mra. Obaa. E. Nicol, Mra. George
Ubler, Mr. Wm. J. B ttoe, .Dr. T. B.
O-chrao, Dr. T. M Jones aadDrLu e
Greec. Mra. Oiareoc* Hiward aod Mra.
Rlchard Gira.n ke.t tbe ?corp.
Miaa Katheiiae Griffih Ubler very
delightfoily (n'.criaioed yeit;rday after
noon at her home on Oameroo atreet at
abridge luocheon, the guntof honor
belng Mra. Dowoa L Wileoo.of Gecrge
towo. Tbepretty prz-a were awarded
Mra. Wm. J- Boothe, jr, Mra. l.su
reoce Stab'.er and Mua P? u ine Nicol.
Miaa Eleanor .LiQdaey. of Richmond,
iaapendiog tbia week as thegusat cf Miaa
Giay Lloyd in tbla city.
Mr. J. T. Johnion, who baa been
qaite elck, ia able to be oot agaio.
Mra. W. R. Purvieand Mtes Margaret
MtG. Aehbv are at Atlaotic Oity.
Mra. M, Adamsou haa re urned from
Biltimore where ahe apect tue pa*t few
Theaotu.l meetlog of the Alaxandria
Free Klndergarten board wili be held at
tbe Yiuag People'a Building, at 8
b, m., Mooday, April 11 The basl
oess meeting wlll be ihort. Miaa 8lpe,
of Wasb'ngtoo, wili give ao lllaatrated
ulk with alidea on "Gardeniog." Miaa
Watklos, ditector of the Waahington
klodergarteo, wlll apeakbrleflf oooatore
work lo the kiodemarteo. Tbe ta'.ka
wlll be tllnifated by the ainglng of
oa ure aoegs by yonog ladiea from the
WaihiDgton Norroal Kindergarteo cla-a.
There ia no admbsion fer, but a moat
cordial Invititlon ia extended to all to be
As an addedfeatareto theperforraance
the laat half of tbe week, Joseph Maore,
a vocaliatofonmoalabilitr, wlll be beard
lo a repettdre of late hts. Ab Llng
Foo aiso promlaea a new aeoiatloo io hia
lloe of enterthiometv. Uuder new
maoagement, Ibe boo?e la dolng a
capacitr bnaineaa and the aplendld per
formance giceo fl being highly ccm
meodfd. A apecial cblldren'a matioee ia
aoooonced for Saiurday.
There were no c... for tisl la the
Polioe Oourt this morolog.
Prufessor Gehest,the celebraied org.n
h> of Wasbiog on, wi 1 give a ebort recl
tkltooight f.t the Sroond Paebyttrlan
Prices of fish were firm agaln tday
with llmlt'd recelpt. The gillen ol
this city report small catche*.
An abandoned lelegraph or telephone
p de etanding io front of No. 214 notlh
P.tick ttreit sbtu'd bB removed.
A marriage lieenae w.s iswed in
Wsshiogton yesterday to Ohri-tian A.
Heloekeo, and Oharlotte J. Jordon both
of Haymarket
The annoal mee'iog of the atcckhold
ar. ofthe Qtat Fal's Power O^ropany,
for the elec'.ion of directors, etc, was
held at tte office of Mr. 0. 0. Oarlln to
A civil aervice examloatlon for stib
clerical pc.itiooa was held ln tbis cltv
today, oondncted by Meaars. N. L. Wil?
liBmsoo and R. T. Lncw. Thir<t were
8 applicaotfl?4 white m.le aod 4 colored
Meetiog. of the Oo'unbia Steam Fire
Eogioe Oompaoy and the Frieodship
V. t >rao Flremen'a Ansoci.tion were held
last night. No bosioess ol general ic
tereat wa. traneacted by either orgao
/ iilon.
Tbe we.t dial of tbe cljck la the Oity
Hail Bteeple wa. accldenully br ken
yeaterday a'tern oo while ihe woik of
"frostlng" wbbId progresB. A new dlal
wlll be crdered. The dlal oo tbe oorth
side waa broken aeveral montbfl ago bnt
ba. been replaced witb a new ooe.
The warm weather of yeaterday wa.
foilnwed early last oight by a heavy
down pr.it' of ralo. L.ter th. wlod
changedto t'aewcst aod ctoIercoditiooB
folloned. The westher tiday bas been
cri.p aod cool with a bri.k northweaterly
Wben at tbe twiliirht hour the eowboy girl
wh.alles that tantalUing niendels ho turj*
and the girl I lftt hehiud me meets ittle
.lohnny Jor^a by the light of ths ailvery
nioon; its time to say gcodby to tbe airl from
home aa I amoke my Cubanola and g.Me to
wardi the Anth Market for tho'c irresut.
UydeHcioua Auth Sausagea, Hann, Cooke.l
Tongue. Chippsd Betl, (Yaked Hara and th?
veriTneei llome-killed Fresh Meat-. B?
van Blondheim, The Auth Stand and Ihe
Auth Market.
the finest that grow for eating, f>5c ba.; best
Elgin Crearaery Butter. m pound pnnt*. S4c
pound; Frefh Egg", 25c per doz.n; f-ney
.Upan Rice, 5c pound; I pounds best hvap
orated Peaches. 26c; 3 lba. beat I arge Prunes.
25c- raocy New York State Evaporated
Applea. Uic lb.; 3 cana Pink Alaska 8alrac.n
26c; 3 cans beat V'na Roe, 25c; 7 Ibe. B'?t
L.undry RUrcb, Be; 7 cakea Star goap, 26c;
7 cakes Circus Soap, ^6c; large bottle Maua
math Quetn Olivea, regular price 35c: our
pnca aoc. Wm. P. Woolls A 8oa, Royal
and Wolfe atraeta.
Bank Robbed.
Jjllet, III., Ajril 7.? Tcree men were
abot, ooe fataUy. io a 6 >bt at Masoo,
Illa , today following tbe robbery of the
Bank of Ooal Oity at (Lal O.ty, III., by
fire maaked yeggnoeo wLo fled wti
$1,200. Tbey bo&rded a aovtfe bouod
Sa'ote Fe train, aod tbe aoihorities at
Mtaan were ntt fled. A poiae atoppcd
the tralo aod five men aligh'ed and be
gan flriog. Io tbe revolver fight that
followed ooe of tbe oseo received sligbt
woaods. Aoother was sbot tbroogh tbe
bead and wlll die. Ibe other two ticap
?d The wounded men deoy lhat tbey
pa'rtlclp.'.ed io tbe robbery.
J aod f. Ocudo'a Fine Loatral Oolt
and Black Ruaaia Lnaltanla Puxpa and
Oilords. Weldt aod Tarn'a price $5 00;
onr price $4 00. J. A, Mtraball & Bro.,
422 #io| atreet,
Life iaa mattsrof aorpriie, but one
of tbe greateet ia tbe newa in t ie Oi I tte
of Wedteaday tbat Mr. L. B Kirby waa
(o rraigo aa lupnltt ndeot oi tbe Alex
aodr a E'ec'nc Oompaoy aod be aoc
ceeded by Mr. O. L. Howatl, of Enporia.
Aa acor u ner I bardly believed aocb a
tbiog pcaaible, koowlog Mr. K-rby aod
nalizingthe reapict and cotfiJecce re
posed io him by tbe majirlty of Al. xto
dfiacs from wb ch tbla company drawa
Ita eobataoce I beliave I echo ibe aen*
tlmeoHol all tbe cocaomera of tbla cor
poratioa when I aay that no mao io
pubitc life atanda hlgber in tbe eatlma*
tion of tboee -?i<h whom he deala tban
Lee Kirby. Hslifebna been devoled
to tbe eiectr'c .1 buslnea', every Lu :h of
bia belng la electiiea', hia waya have
tbeir electrical efl\ct and bo baa in
eta'led tbe ayalem io placea ln
wbich here waa the alighteathope. Hiv
iog been io oor midat for 21 yaaia be
koowaoor parp'e aod it la a -nattcr of
regret that be ia t > aepaiat i from them
May 1. When he took cbarge of thia
p'aot 10 montha ago complaint waa
klog of the hoor aod aioce he baa beeo
Boperintendeit everything haa been
aa amoolh aa the Dyke wheo tbe
lodiaiia left for home. Not lo be
io aoy way auggealive, Itisaprcpos to
?ay that the Alaxandria Eicct-tc Oo , ln
recognliion of Mr. Krby baa lott a
mechaolc of otqaestlooed abllliy, the
cocaomera a wa'ro Meod, aod the
citv a man who protected hia corapanv
and at tbe sametime eoadudel htmseir
with a demeanor which deraatded re*p*ct am
enlarged bueinea*. I tnay be miatakan but l
really believe that the acceptance .?f this
resignation ia a miatake the Alexandria Elec?
tric Company wili o ly regret onc< -and that
U a life time. 1 wifh Mr. Kirby that lur-k
whicb wili come toall true men who are aa
clean in their deameator and deamg aa ne
haa been. VMPMMA
Tugboat Captain Sialn.
New York, April 7.-John Platt,
forty-lbrea years old, of No. 33 huiaon
aireet, Jeraev Oity, captain ofthe tug?
boat Robert Robloaoo, waa ahot aod ln
tantiy killed on the deck of hia veasel
yesterday afernoon. Oharged wltb flr?
iog Ihe shtt which killed Plant, Alvio
0 OoIHob, thirtj-nioeyeara old, In com
maod of the coal barge Joel, wblch waa
to have been towed by tbe Robert Rob?
lnaon to New Haven, la a priaoner in tbe
east 126th street ttatlon. Tbe killlog
of Plant took place io East river, near
Astorla. Oolliae, Ooroner Feinberg aa
Rerta, said tbat be killed Plant becaoae
tbe tugboat caj t ?ln attempted to asa&ult
bia wife, SiOlioa, dnring hia abaence.
Bishop. to Taka the Slump.
Paris, April 7?Oatbolic bishop. lo
Fraoceare t >day t.kiog a more actlve
part in polltic*. in preparatioo V r tbe
tlection of April 24, tban ever before,
as the reault of permisaion from the pope
for them to take whitever etep they
deem advis.ble for tho protection of tbe
iotere.U of Ihe chorch. A oomber of
tbe caodidates for the Ohamber of De
patie. are koown to be antagooittlo to
tne Cathollc Obnrch aod tbe blsbops
plao to "take tbe i'u?p" agalnst them.
Report of Eaploalan Coafirmed
Sio Fr.ncisco, Oal,, Apr 1 7?A wlre
I?sb despatch from Oaptaio Jamei 0.
Gilmore, of the srmorei omlser Ma*y
land, canCraa. the report thit defectlve
oo* !jr tube on ta.t vts.el b!ew oot ves
terdny kllliag ooe firemao and veiy aer.
kuttj ecaldiog iwo oheis. The Marj
land I. rnroo-e to the Mate Iilaod navy
yard where tho Itjaredmcn willbe land
'd. _
Prc.identlal Boom to be Lauched.
Chicago, April 7,-Tl.e presidential boom
of OoTemor Hudaan llarin.n, of Ohio, will
i,e launohed in Illintis tonight when the
lllinoift Democrati" I.eague wiil adopt ibe
slog^n "Harmon and Harmouy" at iU annu<l
banuurt. Governor Harmon will nrt atlend.
astln Buckeye legislature ia in seadon, but
he has stnt two lettera beanng upran th* pol
ticil laBMeef the day which will be read at
the bacquet. ^_
Speaker Oanuon has gooe "wet," llke
h:s home town of Daovllle, Ll II? cot
fided the fact to R'presenUt ve Bit
tbol.li, of St, Lanis, yeaterdsy. Hiaald
he had been achlng for .ome time to go
ou'. west aod make speechea in opposl
tion to the "dry" movemcnt. He psr
ticolarly wanted tojainput) the flgtt
against tbe prohlbltlontstB or looal op
tlonlrts In his home towo, bot thoogbt
it impolitlc to do aa b:cuie It aaemed to
him a cinch the tbe town woold go dry,
owiog to the .treoncu. c.mp.igo the
}.rohibltlonltts had beeo makiog thero
for weekf. Women aod children bad
been holdlog daily and night paradee,
prayer meeting aod temperaoce rallies,
aod the speaker thoogbt lt wbb up wltb
the "wet.."
Tbeir unexpected vkury Tn-sday
tickled the epeaker immensely. lo
fact, it made him feel .0 good he forgot
bi. caotion, aod he aontuaced yeater?
day to Dr. B.rtholdt jon wbere he slood
00 tbe booa; queetloo. I: ba. beeo lorg
koown In Waahington aod elsewbere
that io praclice Mr. Osooon wa. not a
temperance crank. But where he itiod
pditlcally od the liqoor qoeation had
bsen aomethirgof amystery ntt 1 todty.
Tbrtujhan evideat overslght by the
iBwaaakers wbo p.ssed upoo aod socept
e 1 the Byrd liquar law, the qatstion as
t) whether or rot the to'.el baristote
legally licensed bai come op ln Kicfc
mond and ls creating moch iotereat aod
some trepldation lo hotil circles of the
State. Tbe grantiog of llcecee 11 r tall
liquor dealers ls Bpedned aloog w th
otber braoches ?( the bosioess io the law
bot ootbiog 1b said regarding hct-1 bars,
aodtheStite antborllica wlll graot no
Hcense. ootll an oploioo is glveu lo the
case by Attoroey Oeoeral S. W. Wil
I1*?' . -_> . I
Tbe new year begioa on May 1, and
tbe oplaioo ia aotlcipated wllbln a few
daja. '_
G'aoce ovei the liat of Hlgh Grade
Shoca aold exch.dvely by oa i J. A T.
Ooosioa, Queen Quillty, Red Oroaa,
Linder Sho, Oo , N. He? & Bro^(The
He*?), Taylor * Oo. (Tajlor Made),
Broctoo Oo, Operative 0> , Walr. Ov.r,
P.eeal. Eictlaior 8hoe Oo. an<i maoy
othm. J. A. Marahall & Bro. 422
_iog atreet.
Prompt rellef lo all caaea of Ihroatand
loog troobla lt ycu oae Ohamberlaln a
Ooogh Remvdy. Pleaeant to Uke aooth.
Ing aod healiog io efiect Sold by W.
P Oreigton&Oo,, ?od Rlchard Glb*
Eleveo peraona wert yeaterday chloro
formed and their rooma robbed of $1,000
worth of jewelry by New york Eiat Sidf
Washington ? ? D. C.
We've 50 styles in gun melal
Kolonial low shoes
at $3 and $3.50
They an< the la'fit crm in low ihxa,
We have 50 styles to thxae from, loc uling:
Aekk-tfaep Pump-, Plaln Pamps, B uoher Oilord., 2-Eyelet ltee,
Eyeht Ties, 4-Eyelit Tie., E:lii??e Tie.,
Second floor-Shoe Sectiao.
Swan Bro^
Daily Deliveries to All Suburbs.
We are showinga large variety of dress linens in
all desirable colors at very moderate pncea. m
Union Dress Linens, 27 inches wide, ydI . . 15c
All-linen Suiting, iastnpes and plain colors. ^
30 inches wide, yd , . . . ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Merceri_edLiaen,p\aincolorrJ, fine texture.
30 inches wide, yard i.
Linen Crash for Suits.
Heavy Linen Crash for Suits., 27 inchea ^
^HeYvy Linen'Crash for' Sui'ts." 3a incneJ
wide, yard 23c and . ? ? ? ?.
Standard Palterns, eal?candl5c
Get your Spricg Suit now and pay a little at the
time. We have a complete line of
Ladies', Gentlemen's and Boys' Gothing.
The latcst fashions of the aeason. Inapect the good*
and convince yourself that our pnces are lower than
Lmewhere else. Gooda and perfect fit guaranteed.
S. H. BERiVUN, 612 King Street
aprfi Im
Weappear befote you ofien withaverre for
you to read,
Our purpr*e ia lo let you know we anpply a
daily nced,
And aitice ae know tbat every one to live
must aurely e.U
We want to see a luncher occnpying every
Open all night. 906 King atreet.B
Hard Craba, Deviled Cr< bs and
Crab Salad,
apr7 tf _ _
I deaire to thank my frienda in bebalfjof
myaelf and childreu far their kindneas to me
in our aad bereavemen'.
Sami m. A. Moore.
s... Fira oo a Steamahip.
Londan, April 7.?Ia ooe of the most
briliiaot fcatB of BeaaaBnshlp oo record,
900 pas.enger. from the Britl.h it;ar_
ship Oalrnrona, boood from Laodon to
Portland, Msloe, wtre translerred from
tbst shlp, which caogbt fire today io tba
Engllsh Ohacnel, lo tbe British s.eam
ship Kanawb*.
The trao.fer taok plsce in mld-chan
oel whlle tbe ?e? wa* ronnlng fresvy
aod derp t) tbe paoic of the Oalrnrona'a
pssi,eflger?, lt wbb tcc-opilshed without
a seriona roisbap.
Cap'ain titookp, of tbe Oairorona aod
Oaftiio K'llman, of the Ksoawha, who
aoperlottoded the tranafer, eondocted
tbe work with mtlitary prrclsion and to
their brilUaot generalsblp is doe tbe fact
tbat buodreda of ibe Oaimrooa'a pasaen.
gera were not elther buroed on the y?
ael or cuihed ln the panlc.
Tbe crew of the Caimrma, under
ordera from the captain koccked dowo
and aeverely lipredlbo'e who led the
firat wlld roah for the life-boata, therc
by ioatilliog aoch fe?r loto ihe olbers
tbat it waa possible t) man aad load
tbe life-boata with aome eemb'aoce of
Many of the Oaimrooa'a paaaengera
were oo tbe poiut of juupiog overboard
io tbeir tet'or aod were e t .er forcibly
reatralned by othera or riassured by
tbe megapbone mcaaiagte of membera
of the crew tbat tbere wcnld be oo
daoger II order were pres?rved.
Tbe Kanawba waa tut a ehort dla*
ttooe frcm the Calrnrooa when the
tlamea were discovered and abe i nraedl
atslypnt to the dlaabled ateamer'a at
A t?r the laat of tbe ps'Btngera were
aalely aboard tbe Kanawba, tbe fire
aboard the Oairorooa waa got ooder
au*h cootrol that tbe v?a?l waa able to
pnt back to Dover. The Oairorona ht*
looged tithe Calro Lioe aad waa of
8,960 toonage.
"They come higb." "The beat are
thecheapeat." Oor people wai* them
andaTweaay to the ladiea yoo can see
J ?% T. Oooaio'a Eaclaeiverstylea at 482
Kiog atreet, J. A. MeraJull 6. Bro,
35c Plaza
Rough Pongee
25c yd
Tre new rough efiect in High<laaa Cotton
Waah Gr>rd??the exact reproduction oi the
all silk-17 inrhes wide. Permanent ailk
bniab;st.lendid weight and faat colcr?; tbe
ideal fabrio for tbe comiog spring ieaaon a
Persian Law ns at
Half Price.
8 000 TBrda ?2-infh Imporled Persian
Lawns. made ofthe fioettSea laland cotton.
beantifnl aod aheer; for walaia, dreBaea and
chil Jren*? wear; 3 qoahties; at half .iU regu?
lar price: ..
20c quality.- )0?
30sqaallty. J6"
40c qoality.??
420-426 Seventh Street,
B. F. Knox, Aoctlooeer.
bearing date oa the ?th dav of Noveraber
1904, and daly of record ln the lend records flf
th* oity of Alexandria. Virginia, in deed
book No. 62. psge 337. made by Jamea W.
Padgett and w fe U> the truaieee of the Oar
man Ooperetive Building AeapciaUon. No.
6, of Alexandiia, Virginia, and by order of
tbe board of dlrectora of the oaid asaocutlon,
default having b?en raada ln a payment of
tbe amonnt aecorc d by aaid desd of troet the
unleraigted trnetees wlll ofjy for aata at
publia auotion on ___
th. 23rd day of April, 1810, at 12 o'clock, m..
in front of tbe Boyal atreet entrance to tha
Market Buildiag, all that lot ofgvouid, wltb
tbe buildioga thereon, ia tha aaid city of
Alexandria, and boonded aa follows. to wit:
Beginning oa tha weat side of Fairtax
a'reet onehnodiei aa<l aeventeen (117) feet
eightand two-thlrda (M) incnes north of
(' imarou street; and rnomog thence noitb on
Fairfaz etrett twenty-three (?) f?t;lbence
wa?t, parallel to Cameron atreet, eighty two
feat three and oni third (3i> inches ta th.
line ofthe lot eonv.yed by Tbamaa MniTay
snd wife to Edward Lloyd; thawea aouth
puallel to Falif x atrtet, twanty-three (23J
ftet nd thenea eaat, in a dlrtct Roe, eighty,
two (83) feet thraa aod ona-third (ttj inohes,
more or leaa, to tha baginuing, withaH ?p
purvenaacu. '
Termser sale Caah. Cost of conveyance
at the sxpenie of tha purehaser.
fOR RENT.?Deeirable 8-room FRAME
DWEL* INQ. 610 Qi??n Btraat, modarn
imorovemantB. large side yard. Apply
Cb|i?W W aorU fiirlM itmt,
Spring |
Clothing |
TheCorrect Styles, Jj
Choice Patterns.
Bring Your Boys
Here for Pretty
See the Hat
Kaufmann Bros l
?????????? MHfMfMMHHMfMM++
from the discomfort* of uncomfor
tab!e footwear you cau do by buy
ing your ahoea at Kati-'s. Our dia
play of ladiea' one, two and three
strap sl ppers, Oxford ties and
pumps is something that the dainty
and tender feet wilt find pleasurein
during warm weather. We have
shoes of all kinds for the family in
up-to-date atylea and handaome
aud cornfortable ahapea at
A. KATZS, 401 King St.
WANTED -Alady to U??>P '??* well
paiing wo-k. Call at ihe M M NT
VERNoN, 701 King atreet. I etaneu 4 awl ti l
o'clrek p. ro. Mra WTARKF._I
- e ?cc unnere?<ary. 8*1! our hrand? to tbe
retail trade. Big pev. Write lor Ml ja*r
tirular* at once. QLOBE CiOAR CO.,
Cle--land. Ohin._feHi)tjel5
A gool WIIITE MAN for |ihe'atahle at
R_7?nswortti. Write to Mrs. LEE. Buike,
Virginia,_"?"?'? tf_
PEC1AL ROTICB.?Tba annnal nieetiiif
? ofthpatoekholderaofthe ORRATKALLS
POWEU COMPANY, (or the eleciion of dt
rectora ai.d the traimction of aucb busicefs
aa may prnperl- cnroe hcfore aatl meeting,
wlll l?a hel I at tl.e fffice of C. C. Carlin. No.
107 north Faiifcx ftreet, Alexandua, trav, on
THl'R-DAY, April 7. 19 0, at 12 o'clock
ncou. F. J. WHirEHEAD.
mar28 Id Peor-ury.
Eggs for Setting.
Bufl Orpinet". $1.00 per 1<. Pekin Dork.
75 cecta per 11. The Orpingtou Pmiltry Yard.
C. A. SHAFFEi 4 CO., FloriaU. Braddock
Road_?r'& lla
chvap. Apply at 122 north Royal atreet.
apr6 3t_
The Best of Evarythia g
Whipped Cream
2ic Pound
616 King gtreet.
"Tbe Vtlvet Kind" Ie* Cream used at
oor soda fountain. _
Phone 281. Greenhouf.es 8. Patriok ??
D. 0. Grillbortzer
CARNATIONS, 50c doz.
ROSES, 50c to $1.00
Promptly atteoded;to. Delivered to sll parU
ofthe city. Sitiafaction guarauteed.
feb22 tf_
Attractive Goods, Low
Prices, Easy Payments
I sm prepue.i to auccessfullv compets with
any store in Alexandria or Waahington an?
to give you the best vglue joa can find.
Compare our aoods with oihers aniTou
will fiod oar prices on Furniturf, Matting,
Ruk*. Bodf, Mattrtsses, etc, cannot be
equalei anywh?re.
Caah or eaiy paymenU.
921 KINO STRFET. Near Patrick.
Window rrhadaa Made to Ordar.
EQQS for aetting.-*ua<.Rocks. Black
Minorcas, *'hit? Wyondottes, $1.00 per
13. Preminm stock. DR. C. E. OUICALT,
122 south W_hington street.
mar23 w-tf_
160 eerw. more or le*s, of fine smooth land,
suitable for grain. graaa, fmit or chieken
farm : 20 screa io grasa. '5 iu c^ta, 15 tor
corn, 60 in wood, bahnfe for track and paa
tare, tennnt hnu<e, barn, well and spring,
partof origlnal Mount Verrou estate on*
h*lf mile from >"nowden statlon, Monnt V*r
non Pailway, eleveu milea from Washfogtou,
?ve from Atexaudria. three from Mount Ver
oo-. *75peracre. Eaay terms. Callorad
dreM 8: H BNOWDEN.
B. F. D. No. I.. * ??xandria, Va.
aprl eo 6t?_
rur annnal meetioa of the stockkoJdera cf
MENT COMPANY, tt WaahinKton. D. C.
Incorporatei, for ;the elaction of directcra
.and oiirera and other such business aa may
nroDoilv come before the meeting will be
'Kldon WtJoeaday, April 13tb. 1910 at ita
offlce We 111 aouth Falrfax street. Alexan
dria Va. Pollee open from 2 to 3 p. m.
J. HENRY BROWN, Bmetrry.
apr6 td
Abdominal Belu for corpul?t people ob
talned oa special ordar at Laadbetw'..
For the Diamond ia the Birth
stone for tbe April born.
"Tho?e who in April o'ne their
years, Diamooda aball wesr. hat bii
ter teara for valn repertioce fl. w.This
emblem ol loccceice know."
Wbat ia more beautiful tbao a Dia
mood rinr, broooh or Iroket ?
Oanuine Diamond Rtoga. 110 np
Lockets, $7.50 lo. 125
Broocbe*. f 6 50 to. 120
S.arf Pioa, M 50 to. *lft
Cud B t'ona, |3 50 to. 116
Coai6 In'tnd look tbeoTover.
Sanoders & Soo,
629 King Street.
A Full Line of
Baseball and
Athletic Goods
Invested injour
Acton Precision Watch
money in onoacaaored eat
iafaotioo for a life tfrne.
Yao wili fiad our pricca aa
aatlafactory aa onr watcber.
Jewalera and Silveramttha.
Under N?w Managemenf.
Hocas entirely renovateL Everjtning new.
brigbt, clean.
In tbeir original comedr.' R*inei In/'carrr
ing speeial aoene. Dire-i from New .orlr,
eepecially eogagtd for ooeoiu* week.
The Chioeae WiaaM
An oriaotal wondar who haaputzled two con*
3 reeli of cew motioo pictarea changed dailf.
Admiaaion at all timaa-lower ?oor lOj.Dream
Theater ?* 'raaos. Balcooy 5e .ah.te
onlj)?.df iranct.
TVYO SH Vfti, 7.30 and 9.0.0 p. rxi
Witb or without board. AppJy m Mrs,
Pbona S19-J

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