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Onrt* Woman'i Wealme-Mi.
We refer to that boon to weak, nervena.
awflerlna women known as Dr. Pieree'i
Favorlte Preacrlptlon.
Dr John Fyfa ona ofthe Bdltortal Btaff
tt The EcutcTio Medical fcorrew aays
?f Unlcorn root (Helonlaa Dtofco) which
ls one of the chlof lngredlenU of the "Fae
"A remedy which lnrartably acU aa antef*
tne lnvigorator ? ? ? malcea for normal ae?
ttvlty of the entlre reproductive system.*
He ,-ontlnuaa "in Helonlaa we have amedlca*
meni which mora fully anawera tha abora
Burposca them any other druo xriih ychieh I am
arvutiinted. In the treatment of diaeaaei De
cuKar to women lt la aeldom that a caae ia
tecn which doe? not praaant some lndlcatlon
for thu remedlal agent." Dt Fyfe further
aayai "Tbe followlng are amor.ir the leading
Uidicatlona for Helonlaa (Unlcorn root). Pain
or achmr ln the back. with*leucorrho*a i
atonlc (weak) condltlotnt of (he reproductl-e
?rgans of Isotncn. mentll dcpreeelon and lr*
rltabiMty. ahsoctated wlU?chrontcalseas?sof
the rcpvod&tlve oraant of women; ccmsunl
ecn.atlon Jt htat ln the reglon of tbe kid*
ncyt; rnt-n/rrhagta (floodlng). due to a weak*
ened conjfltlon of/the reproductWe tyttemt
atr;< nor/&g>yi5Rr/reMe<1 or absent monthly
BL;iod/./-Winv"from or eccompanj Ing aa
abnoKuat condltlon of the dlgestl-e organa
and Amemlc (thin blood ) hahlti oragginf
lentfjfions In tba eitreme lower ?art of tbe
p_S____0TO^rtTTI- -
enuoiwlltcff la Unlcorn root, or Helonlaa.
and tbe medlcaf propertlea of which lt
most falthfully representa.
Of Oolden Seal root, another promlnent
tngredlcnt of "Favorlte Prescriptlon,'
Prof. Flnley Elllngwood, M. D., of Ben*
neU Modical College, Chlcago, aaya:
?It ls an lmportant remedy in dlsorders of
tbe womb. Tn all catarrhal condltlons ? ?
and general snfeoblcinent. it ls useful."
Prof. John M. Scudder, M. D., late of
Clncinnat!, saya of Golden 8oal root:
"In rolation to Its gencra'. effecta on tbe
?ys'rm. Oirrt to no mfdicine ?n tiM ahitut whieh
UmtUluch ytneral vvanimity of ojHnion. It
ls unfxtrMUy rogarded aa tha tonlc useful ia
all du!>ilitatf<d states."
Prof. K. Hartholow, M. JX, of Jefferaoa
Medlcal Collego, aays of Oolden Scnl:
?Valuable In uterlne hemorrbage. menor*
rhagla (lloodlng> and congwtlve ayamenof
rbo-a fpalnful menstruatlon)."
Dr. Pterce's Favorlte Preacrlptlon fnitn*
fully repreaents all the above named In*
fretlifiits andcurea thedJsaaaeelor whkfc
h?- are recommanded.
*~\ a> c ?>*.?;."? 1C I
Remedy ffi'?"*
Ely's Cream Balm IB^m^uo
is quickly absorhed. H*<?f_>rOr? COtf>
Cives Relief at Once. ?r'-^v ^HSMo
IteAeaneee, eoothee, W?** M
keala and protects ?* H->
the Aeeaaea inem- I v/yfc.v,
trranereealtlngfroaa I Bf^nkS1^^.
Catarrh and drives I Ht-_\>(^''
aw.iv a Cold in tbo ^?_____2__!!__
Head qnkkly. ltllAy CrUF1
stores tho Sci.^s of flsH I ? V>Wfcl
M'usto and BmelL FnHaise 60 cts., atDn
giata <>r by mail. In liijuidform, 78
i-|v H, rf-rm-s M v......... *j.-,,* ?T
Dealcr in Hardware.Paints, Agri
cultural lmplements, VehicUa,
Harness, Field and Gaiden Seeds.
I.I.NK Ol' SOllll-RN RA1I.WAY.
Alsi Grain, Hay, Straw and
All Kinds of Mill Feed.
Will always keep in stock the highest grade
of theae articlee. _^^
Fre9h and Salted Fish
Are receiving Fish daily from the shores of
the Po?omac and will fuuply curtomers in
any quimities to suit, either fresh or salted,
>>y ?-i[>*ri>-noe1 pickers. Country orders ao
licitrd and satitAetion guaranteed.
T-rms- C. 0. D., or beat references.
Bto>l No. 1 Koyal s'reet entranc*>; Stall
No 1, Fairfax street entrance to the City
Market and Fish Hon'e front of Corporation
Fi?h Whirf. Bell 'phone 321-J.
ma*7 ^"1____^___^^^-____
PARK AGNEW, Proprietor.
Eromilaw Brick Co.
Building, Paving and
Sewer Brick.
Front and Building Sand.
WORKS : Hnnting|Creek.
-i '''-lephrrnft roy.
City Hall. April 2, 1910.
BEALED I'Udl'OSALSaddresBedtoL. E.
t Ver. Chairman of the Committee on 'ight.
vill bereoetvedat tkfa otlice nntil s p. ra.,
Frid*v. April 15, 1910, for furnishiog the
( r>ore or lasa) of OA8 COAL (2.2 0 pounds
10 the ton), to he delivered in theshedsat the
-orlts trimtu*d and benched np, daring the
I ir cnmmenciog June 1,1910. aad'end
log Mav3l, 1M1I, ordera to be accept>?dby sne
oeeafa] biddprs auy dste afier awardiug of
eofetraet so that coil will arrive at the works
on or teforo July 1, 1910.
Thecoal must be Monongah, Tryconnel,
Youghiogheny. Montana, Fainnont, Linr-o'n,
o' other arts coal of etiual o- snperior yield
enl cand^e power- Bidders csn give their
fii'ures ou all ofthe miuea, and r:t requesUd
to give eaudle power yield and analysis, per
tou coal.
The committee re*er?e the riglr. to reject
any and all bid*..
Term i <'ash on 15th day of each month
Mlowiog delivery of coal.
Tty cder ot the Committee on Light.
.?>_? ,1 J B. WALLER. Clerk.
ri-y Hall,April 2 1910.
BKAL7D PR0PO3AL9 addresaed to L. F.
rbler O.i.iman ofthe ComraitUe oa Light.
? 1, bc rc .ncl at this office until 8 p m
Friday, April 15, 1910, f.r the ES1IRK
( ITP;T< FCOAL OA8TAR of the city
Gai Works duriog the next fiscal year, rom
im luitii* Jaine 1, 1910, and ending May St,
1911. liiMcra mnat agrte f? keep the Ur in
the well at all tinies balow the outlet or over
flow pipe.
l>s_w: B'Uuaw?*-t mnat he made on the
15th osTtba mon'h following delivery of tar.
Tbe aucceaaau! b'dder tnu't enter into oon
tract with the Committee on I.ight for faith*
f-1 e?apltaaaa with the above proririona.
Ihe (oninitue teaervei the right to reject
any anil ?-11 hd?.
By order of tbe Committee on Light
spr2 td J- H. WALLF.B, Clerk.
~No uae rtpsper ng your houae thia apring
CT.max Wall Paper Clfaner wil! make the
old raaper look almoat like new. Gt-t it at
LoadrvwHter'a. gfto * ranr._
~~CheTrv Cough Syrup is carefully nia.le in
onrown *tore. Don't compare it with fac*
tory m<de medicinaa, 25o a bottle. E. g
Leadbeater A Bno?._
Don't waar a troat that doaan't nt; yondo-'t
M*d to wban you ??n ba perfaatly fittad at
MrtHtira (Bozfttf,
-aa+fi >
STREET. , _,,
[Entered at tha Postoffioe of AJaxandrU, V lr
ginia. aa a>*x_d-claas matter.l
Tbeks: Daily?l year, $6:00 6 mor.tha
12:50: 3 montha, $1-25; 1 month, 48oents;
1 week, 10 oenta.
Tri-waakly?1 yaar, $8.00; 6 montha, fl.50
8 montha, 75 centa: 1 month. 26 oan'A
Oontract advertisers will not be allowed toex
oeed theirspace nnleaa theexoeas is paid fo?
at trmnaient rates, and under no circnm
?Unoea will they be allowed to advertlse
other than their legitimate btuineas in he
space eontracted for.
Beeolntions in memonam, of thanks, trlbntea
of respect, resolutions adopted by sodeues
or persona, onleas of pnblio oonoern, will
nly be printed in ihe paper aa advertias
metita. _. _
Tbr tblrty-alxth annasl oonclave cf
the Imperial council of the Ancieot
Arabic Order Noblea of tbe Mystx
Bbrine, the thind ever held in Dixie
laod, b-gao in New Orleans.
For foor days tie Creseeat City will
be giveo over to the delegatee, who,
witb their famllies aod friends, are ex
pacttd to rju-ber many thtuiand. Tbe
city is traoBformed with color aod deeo
ratioo. A mammoth electric arc\ b'at
ing forth tbe welcome s'ogan "Glad-U
Kom," ri>ans one of the princlpal street
Among the brillant featares of enter
tainment which Jersalem Temple of New
Orleans haa provlded ita brotbera will
be a typical Mardi Otas caroival aad
parade next Thoreday. Tbe Imperial
Ootncil bail In tbe historio Freneh
opera honee will follow the parade.
Each day there will be public rectr
tions, sight.seeiog trips to piaces of ic
tereat abont the city and numerooa other
eotertaiomeot featares.
Rochester aod Milwaokee are the
priocipal candidates for tbe imperial
conclave next year.
Imperial PotenUts Street said yeater?
day :
"The order of the Mystric Sbrioe has
been unusualiy prosperous dnrlng tbe
last year. It has increaaed io growth
folly 16,000 membera, aud now has a
membershlp of 149,146."
Cbsmberlaio's ttomach and Llver
Tablttt assist nttute in drivlog all im
purltits ont of tbe system, insnring a
free aod re?u'ar condltloo aod rcBtcriog
tbe organs of the body to health aod
streogtb. 8old by W. F. Oreigbtjo A
Oo. aod Richard Gibeoo.
Rigbt Rev. Bishop William Creswell
D.aoe, of All Saiota' Cathedral, Albany,
and the head of the Albany Episcopal
diocese waa sel/^d witb a falnling spell
while admloisterlng tbe r ght of com*
mooion to a clasa at St. John's Churcb,
in Troy, N. Y., Sunday. Bithop Doane
is a mao of large frame aod is well aloog
in years. Io lalling he strock bia head
on the stone floor of the chancel and wss
severly cct. He was immediatcly at
movedtiSt. John's rectory, adpioirg
the ciurcb, where medical aid waa given
bim. ibe pbyaiclans state that his con
ditioo ia oot serlons.
Twenty-four tuadred meo, 600 of
wbom were stiike-breskers, enjagcd in a
pitched battle yr.st<rday outside the lor
mecse plant of Havemeyers aod Elder
Sagar Refinlng Compaoy, io the Wil'
lamsborg, N. Y. diatrlct. Hondreds of
ibe combatanti were BlicMly iojared and
a score were badly tu*'. It rrqalred
the reaerves from several diatricts to [tr.
dowo tbe riot.
Death From Tong Battle.
Philadelphia, P?., April n?JuneSing
29 years old, shot through the abdomen
during Sunday night's Tong battle in the
Race Stieet colony, died at the Habne
man Hospital yeaterday, making those
dead in thia city thr*e. Sing wai at
tacked in a grocery store by two Chinese who
entered and opciieJ fire. Chu Mung, the
propiietor, was ahot through the head aud
body any instantiy k lltd.
While theae murders were tak;ng place two
men entered a Chinese rentauraut on Race
Stieet, where they attacbei a Chineae cook
working in the kitchen. The fiat ahot atruek
the man in the back ofthe he*d, and p tch
ing forward into the tire, his head was ai
most burned cil.
Two hiodred sieeping people bad a
oarrow eacape from death eariy yeater?
day io a fire which buroed the Julian
Httsl, one of the most promioeot hc t ds
io Dubaqtie, Iowa. A oomber of ptr
sons were injtted io the rush for
Many spectacular rescoes were made
aod, despi.e the coofosioo, moat ol the
gaests escaped wltbont harm.
Samnel I. Lsvy stood for aeveral min
otes 00 tbe window ledge of bia room
acreamiog for aid. Wonld*be rescoers
begged bim to hold oo a H't'e looger.
Io the daikoesa theflremeo did ootmska
faat eoctiih progrees aod the frlgfcnoed
mao leaped jost as anotber ladder was
bslog brougbt. The ooe already placed
ia posltloo was oot loog endtjb. Levy
atrnck on the aidewalk with ncthlog to
break the forceof theblowaod wa? taken
to a nearby I uildiog, dylog.
Mra. Edward Aogler fint wet t to the
wlodow of her room, aod, feariog to l*ap
decided to try a ruih tbrough the fire,
which waa blazlog io tbe ooly Btalrway
she coold reach. Wrapplng a blsnket
arrund her ebrnldersshe dashed tlrcugh
t*ie rlimes. 11 -r clo'.blog was borolog,
bat sbe almost rtacbed tbe lower fbor,
wheo soddeoly tbe stairway sank. Firt
meo rashed io aod dragged ber t u side.
Sbe sufljred many boros, ttu tcay re
The alaying of HioryS. Meycr, jr,
nt tbe door of bis home io Chlcago early
yeaterday, at firat a'.tibuted to iuglars,
developed elementa of mystery as tbe
police Invctt'gatloo progreaaed. Ao al
leged "sffiolty" aod reveoge as a mc
tive fiajore in tbe problem.
Mayer, a street car conr'u:tor, llving
at 2951 Qiloa street, with his wife to
wLom be wm married two yeati a|o;
Instant Relief
For Sore Feet
Sore Feet. Tender Feet and Swol
ien Feet Cured Every Time.
TIZ Makes Sore Feet Well No
Matter What Aila Them.
Policemen _1> over the world use TIZ.
Policemen stand on the r feet all day and
know what sore, tender, sweaty. swo'len feet
raally mean. They uae TIZ hecanse TIZ
curea their fret right np. H keeps feet ia
perfect eondition. R'ad what thia policeman
hastosav: "I was suiprised and delighted
with TIZ fir te:;d< r feet. I har.lly know how
to thank you enough for ?t It's superior to
powders or plBaters. I can keep my feet in
perfect eondition. Believe in my earneat
gratitude for T'Z. I am ?? policeman an I
keep on my feet all day."? Eruzy Harn'l.
Au^tin, Texae.
Kou never tried anything like TI/. before
for your fiet. It ia diderent from anything
ever before aold.
TlZianot a powder. Powders snd otber
foot remedies clog no t*>e pores- TIZ draws
out all po'sonous exudationa which bring on
screne.as of the feet, and is the only reniedy
th it doea. ? TIZ cleana out every pore and
glorifi'N tlie feet your re*'.
Yon'll never limp sgain or draw up y:nr
face in pain snd you'l' forget about your
corns, bunions and callouaes. You'll feel like
a new peraon
TIZ ia f r a<le at all druggi'ta 25 centa per
box or direct if vou wiah from 'NVslter Luther
Dodge & Co., Dodge Bldg., Cbicsgo, ill.
their baby ana Mevr's father, re:orn*d
homa at 1 a. m. Hi waa shot it tbe
door of bis home. Thr-e ahots were
fired, ooe of them peoetrating bfs beer'
Tbe elder Meyer aod tbe slaio man's
wife were arcased by tbe sh' ti, but did
oot obs^rve snyone leaving the premisea.
A black cambrlc ms-k waa fcund it the
yard later. Meyer's watch aod casb
were not taken.
The first man exsmloed by the police
in connect'on with the case wbb Ooroe
lias Sallivao, ao expre?smao, said to
have beeo a ra tat of Miss Ella Gaygao,
17 yeara old, who ia alleged to have
looked with favor oo Meyer.
Meyer's father t<>ld th<i police that his
son had been rbtti?r atrn.lve ti Miss
Giygan and tbat the Iatter and Sillivan
had qoarrHfd aa a resalt. He said hat
receotly Miss Gaygan wss wesriog a
rlng given ber by yoang Meyer, aod
th t Sullivan, wheo he ssw It on her
fioger, pnlltd t off, tu' that during the
hlgh words wblch enancd be tirew it
back in her fsce. JStlHfM haa advaoced
an alibi. '__
Seveo dead nf j> -isoo aod loar other
deatha edapect'd of belog t'ua to the
Bsme ctme, la the toll pa d io Wiat
arly, B. I., a oo licrnse Uwn, because
a person In ooe of the many drug stores
ol tie place e'r;d io nrx'og tbe iogre
dleots of poor wbisky. It is known for
a certaicty that the seven Jesths were
direit y cauted by drlnking whlaky,
which, io some way, had come io con
ttct with a poiaoo. There are U\r o her
deatbs the mtdlcal forces of tbe tiwc
caooot explsin. Tbe towo kcepa a fair
ly tight wa'.ch oo the drug stores and
kitchen barorms; bat thers were leake
aomewhere last week, and most of tbe
leaka were at the ssme store. lt is known
tbst tbre cf the dead broogbt tbe
wbiaky of ooe firm, for u<e aa a bever
age or ocedlcioal (.urposea. The theory
that tbe police ia workicg oo is t a
tbe dtaths were caased by maoofactored
whiaky, io which wood alcohol wss
uaed by mistake. Other vicilma are
sick a*ioot the town, aod it is feareJ
tbat more deaiha will follow.
R F. Koox, Auctioneer.
Ihe ui.'lcra'gnul, Charlea Bendheim, tn:?
tee iu bMnkruptcy <>t the est*tj of the Ameri?
can Loktile Compauy, will, in puranance ri
an order paaei in the I ..ied States I tstrltf
Conrt for the East?rn Dis'rict of Virginia, in
bankruptcy No. 46, bv the referee. se.lon the
23rd day of April, A. D. 1910.
in tbe offi * of Walter 1'. Varaey, 107 north
Fa'rfax atr.et. Alextudria, Virginia, all
right. title and intereat of the bankrupt com
paay's e tale in and to a United Sta'ea trade
uiark eigbt (8) foreign patent granta and
one contract. Terrna cash. Full particnlars
and deaciivtion of trade mark, patent granta
and contrH ;t will he fun iahed and announced
at time and place of sale.
Trustee in Bankruptcy.
april H_
a~? /~a_- ?r_r??i >*~ay%>~a r^>.'_'_'_
|We Want Everyg
w Housekeeper $
WToget one of thosefU
fU handy fj
fu Can Openers |
(y Gi-en Only to Adults. flJ
?j None to Children
(yluspect our line of Re
fjl frigtrators and Mattiogs.
ftt ?
gM. Ruben & Sons'
fj 691 King Street. ftf
C? -7C9 CtC**3 ?-??_? CJW.'laU
;*-_? ._* r^___. ;
jBissell's Bazaar,|
I 1207 O Street, N. W. I .__ ; 1
Store. ? .4 ?
S The Largest Novelty Jewelry Department South of New York. J ?
We'll Pay Your Fare to Washington If You Purchase $2 Worth or More,
Values That Will Bring the Women
of Alexandria Here.
Stylislt Spring Suits
Thesmatteat liue olaoits yoo coold wlsh to
see. Modish io every way. Io all the emart
labrlca aod bigh spriog shadts. Soits lo the
*oiart mac-tallored tffdit?soitt with elaborate
Irimmingr. Dsaigned aod tailored by artbtt. To
make oor openiog memorable we have tut prlces
to exuaordicary low figorcs. Sse the atock aod
you'll buy.
All $50 Suits togoat $29.98
All $40 Suits to go at $24.98
AU$30 Suits togoat $19.98
All $25 Suits tojcoat $12.98
Alteratlons Free.
All $6, $8, $10,
$12. $14, $16
Thia Millinfry D>pa t ne. t ii a atire io itself. The cbolceit domestlc cre
ations vie for favor wih Parislan models, formirg sn exhlbit of woodei? ul beaoty.
Ojr millloers havebMi boay maklog n i haa fnr the opeoio*. Toey have
accompliabed _-_:.. Y-u will be eekeH a f.ncy price '??'???n or Trimmed
Ha's that doa't compsre wiih thia?. V-lnea from $6 t > $16. Special, I4.9S.
$2.00 Shirt Waists
Hundreds of Handsome Designs for Street Q C/^
and Evening Wear, in all the wanted colors, s*J^
You've never seen such values at such a price-and right at the begioniog of theJ WMon.
There isn't a Shirt Waist value in town raoging in price all the way up toW.?
that will excell these Waists we are seiling at 95c. The ^JlMJldES
Ptire Linen, Bcautiful Sheer Lawn, etc Some are plain tailored ef ects others^elabor
ately trimmed with insertion and tucks. Every one w up to the minute in stvie.
10 PerCentProlit in TwoWeeks
After April 15th the Price on the
Last Four Lots in
on the ooith aide nf Roaemont Aveiin aod tbe few left oo the sco'h side
will be advanced 10 pr cer t Nnw is yoor cbance to get them before the
advaoce goei ioto ifsit, aod have that moch p:otl imured at ooce.
You cao get ootblog io Alexaadila oearly so fine as tbose beaot 'ul
8 ard 10 rooms aod batb, fios porche*. every firm of modern pluixibinr,
large colooial finpaces, conrr.te cellars, dry and cleao; gas and electrlc
ligbts, wide lawos, coocrete walks, etc, etc, <t:.
313 King Street.
J . JH ajjMiiajasjisipBI JilllSalsasaaallllli li'WWia
Get your Spring Suit now and paya Iittle at the
time. We have a complete line of
Ladies', Gentlemen's and Boys' Clotbing.
The latest fashions of the season. Inspect the goods
and convince yourself that ourprces are lower than
sotnewhere else. Goods and perfect fit guaranteed.
S. H. BERMAN, 612 King Street.
Near Braddoek Heights, mxleni HCl'^E j
with sll ritr converiieiicti-. E'ght large
rcorrib atd i>ath. with servant's room aiid
s'abU. I>?'te front rnl rear porrhes aid
rine gfound* with smple ?h<d*. F/>r further
inform.tion iiply to DAVID N. I;lSr, J*.
1400 II nre?t, norihwe t, \\ ssbingtcn, D C.
aprfl tf_
8om* families buy five bottles ef Colonisl
Psrssperill* at s time. It cerUinly is a gonl
roadiclnf. and t_*y wonldn't be withont lt.
Bu bott:t* for f?.{0. Laadbeeter's.
The np'iog examinstinns fjr teecbers.white
and crdored, will be held in the N?w School
BuiliiDgou Prince ?tr?t, betwe?n P*tri'>k
and Hfnry. Alexandria. on TOlTRSDiY.
FRIDAY and 5?AH'BDAV, Apnl 21, 22
and "i3, 1910 r?p#n earh day at 9 *. m. sbsrp.
\ppl:cants wil! furnNh ink acd pens and the
inperin'endent will fornUh wntiag papej.
AniliwnU roust be pnmtual at hoor nsmed.
W. H. 8WEESEY, Superintendent.
april 'Ot _,
Pawise. L'saClimai Cleaaarto clean yoor
wall paper. 26c a box at Leadbeater's,
If you do you've missed balf the pys of
smoking if you haven't been bujing the
Plan'ation and Choice Cigars.
Here are Cigars Fit for a
and at prices so low everybody can af?
ford them. Kor cigars tbat are trust*
worthy and that yon duplicate we have
them. See that every PUntation is
atamped Hamilton & Co.
Property for maoufacturing or wholesale busi
ness. Lot 55x105 situated on corner with two pn
vate tracks within half a square. Building containn
over 5,000 square feet of floor epace and both walls
and floor s arg heavy enough for aoy purpose,
PRICE, $3,500.
Virginia Safe Deposit & Trust Corporation
fVathorized Capital P-i- in Capital
C J. Rixey, Joh?. P. Robimion, Thomaa J. Fannon, C. C Leadbeater
Henry K. Held, J-ita-ty Baader, George S. hirib, J. K. M Norton
We act as Executor, Administrator and Truatee. laatie Fidel
tty, Cootract, Official and Judicial Bonda. Ceneral Banking and
Trust Businesa Transacted. Intereat paid on Savinga Accounta.
We solicit the accounts of Banks, Corporations, Firma and Indiyid
_als, and oromise liberal treatm ant conaiatent with aound banking
HEannusl ?reetiogof the fMokholders of
MENT COMPvNY, ef Washinifton, D. C.
Inrorporated, for the electon cf dirtctors
snd ofrhers and other mch busineis as may
Droofilv con:e before th* rntetmg will ne
hel.lon Wfdcesr'av, April 13th. 19I0.ati:s
office, Ko. 111 ?on?h Fairfsx str?et. Alexan?
dria. Va. Polles open from 2 to 3 p m.
J. HENRY BROWN, Becretrry.
aprfi Id _
A'-dominal Belu for corpulent people ob
Uiued on ?j*cial order at Laadbaater's.
OTICE.?Having quelifkd as exwotrix
sod ex^-otor under the list will and
ttsUmeni of ZORA HILL, decesssd.sll per
sona wbo are indebted to his estate are hertb
re<iueted to m*k? paymentof tha e?m?, ard
all pattitM hsving clai s sgainat tbe Mid
estate will please prestnt aame at once for
martfi'Ot_412 Prince stte?t _
LaadbeaUr'aCberry Ceugh Syrnp 's pure
sn-1 eaay to take. acd joo can't beat nm
enring coaghs, tio aod eet a bottle aow, 26c,

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