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Sun and Tide Table*
a-? riaee romomrw at 5.23 and aatoat 6.38.
Digh water at 2.07 a. m. and 2.3a p. m.
Weather Probabilitiea.
For thia Baeskaa abowera and cooler tor-ight
_ ,d 8nUd>y?ligbt to moderate easterly w.nde.
Tbe servicea io tne aeveral chorcbea
of to.lc.t;, ?i:h the txceptloo of 8t.
Mary'a! A be conducted to-orro.
by tbe realdent c'ergy. In Bt. Mary s
Cburch tbe niaaioa oeing condoctad by
Rev Febeis Waters atd Doyle will be
coneWel. The nigbt aervicea at ihe
Metbod sts and Beptisi chorchea will be
held st 8 p. m.
Tbeie was a large gatberlog io the
Mttnodist Episcpal OLurch South last
Digh', the occaaion belog the rtctptioD
to B'v. II M. Oaoter, the newly-ap
poiott-i pastor to tbat cburch. The
exerciaes were iotsreating throoghoot
and weregreatly enjiyed br all preeett.
The following was the prcgramnn:
Doxo.'ogy; Lord's prayer; urgao aelec
tioi, Mrs. George E. ,Wat8eld; addresa
of avelcome, oo beball nf Mmisters' Aa
aoclalon, Rev. J. R. Siviei; eolo, Mrs.
W. L rhonipson; addresa of welcom?,
on behalf of Washington diatrlct, R?v.
F .1. Prettyroao; aolo, Mrs. T. A. Hal
fiih; addresa ot welcome, on behalf nf
church, Mr. H K. Field; qiartelt ,
Mrs M. W O'brieo, Mre. B. F. Diwn
ham, Mr. (?<orga H. Evaoa aod Mr. Keo
neth O.dec; addrese of welcom", oo be?
half of Sunday school, Mr J. F. Myers;
doet, Mr. anc< Mrs. W. L. Thonopsor.;
addresa of welcom*. on behalf of Epwoita
L?acu , Mr. J. O. (iraham: respons",
Ksv" H. M. Oaoter; qaarteit ;reoeptlon;
acc^mpaois-B, Mrs. Geo. E, Warfleld aod
Mre. Cbas, 0. Leooon.
There is a law of thia city wbicb rr
qiires proptrtj-owoera to repair their
eideivalks alter baving beeo notlfied that
gaps exist to the same. Upoo the failare
of a pnpeit -iwner to comply with the
law, a Ii ie rao be impoaed upoo the de
liorju of. To!s law is oot iotended fcr l
certain percectage oi the commooity
who never allow g#ps io tieir ?ide*val_B,
but for a class who are ready to t?ke
isaue with tbe a-thoriiies whtn attempts
are made t> enfcrce the ordloance and
io aome iosiances it is shown tbat the
aathorities are nct complyiog with a law
tiey eipsct citiz?ns to obierve. There
are aeveral tricks misaiog from Ihe side
walk io frott of the Oity 11 ti'. boildiog
near the eouthweet corner of Oameroo
and Fair.'sx ttreete. 8bonld a person be
baled before the IVlice Coort fcrrefualrg
to repair bis sidewalk stteLtion migbt be
called to the fatt tbat the city often
leavrs thiogs oodone that ahoold have
beeo done,
Tomorrow at the Second Presbyterian
Oi*orcb tbe tbemes of Ihe sermons will
be the comlog evangelistic services,
wbicb wlll begln on Sanday, April 24
At the moroiog service the autjit wil
tie "Things that help," and at the even?
ing thettiM ct "Ibiogs lhat bioder"
will be cooaidered. Arraogemente have
beeo made to seture Rev. E. T. Well
ford, of Newport News, to assist tbe
pastor. Dr. Wellhrd is paatir of the
lirgest Presbyterian Ohurch ln tide
water, Virgini", aod ia a man of attrsc
tive personal t/ aod pu'pit elcqaence.
He will arrlve oo M odsy, Ihe 25.'h.
Attrsctive mosic will be a special ffa
tare of tbe meetings. Wheo Ibe mce'
iogs begiu Bervlcra will be held eacb
day at 3:15 and 8 p. m. A cordlal io*
vitstlon to all lor the aervicee tomorrow.
Oo the night of tbe oth ioslact <Jon*
cord Lodge, 307, A F. A A. M., was in
atim ed by Rt. Wor. Wm. L?wis Allen,
I). 1). G.'M.,assisted by Rt Wor. I'.tor.
H*nry K. Field, Harry Tarner, and
Bielly. Ait:r the iostalUt'on a baoquet
waa glven in honor of tbe grantiog of
tha cbarter, all ol the membera and their
ladies beiog preaeLt, al*o Wor. Bro. 0.
E. Babcock, Ma-t rof>t. Johoa Lodge
of Washtrgloo, D 0.; Mrs. I'.ibcock,
aod Mr. Geo. E. Kiog and wife. Alter
thebanqiMt daocir* was indulged in
uitll a late hcu\?[ Fairfax Herald.
G'orge G.ary, colored, who had for
aeveral yeara been employed aa a stevc
dore oo tbe river front, waa taken io
cbarge yettarday aftsrooon by Officer
G II aod p'aced in a cell in the station
hoas?. He had beeo soflering Irom
fi a, aod it was oecesiary to take bim
ofi tbe streets. At an early htur tbia
m irnlng a colored man who aai en
gaited in cleaniog op tbe station boose
attempt>d lo ar. me tbe prlsooer, aod
npon fxamioetioo it was foood tbat
llfo was rxt'nct. The remaios were
later removed 11 Mr. B. Wneatley'a
uider'aking eetablWhment. G ary had
l.ir aome time been a sufteur from phys
Isal aad m?otal ills.
Th*) Alexandria clrcle of Colonial
Dtmes held its April me?tlng with Mra.
J. Bewart Jamtesoc yeitsrday after?
nooo u her bome on Oolumbus atreet.
Mra. Jamieson presidtd and tbe meetiog
*a< ooe of lut r.'St witb ao average at
tsodaoce. Tbe members were meat
charmlngly entertaiord by their hoatess
after the bcsloeas aessioo. Ooe of tbe
ioteresting festures of tbe evening wss the
readi"g by Mrs. W. J. Booth, jr, of a
paper oo "Arlington," wrltten by Miaa
MargaM V. gtiitb._
Ihe ateamer Bt. Jobns of the Colonial
B-ach Ojmpaiy bas uodergooe her
aoooal inspectloo at thehaoda oforBciala
ofth-Uaited 8:at?a ateambcat iospec
tioo aerv ce. The ateamer met all re
qi'rementa of tbe inepection rfgnlatlooa
aod will be licensed to carry rxcursloos
on tbe river aod bay cu ing the oomlog
snmmt r. The examinatlon of tbe s'.cam
er aas a close one. The Bt. Johni will
be male ready for trlps tolblon'al Beacb
and moonl gtt iu.s on the river darlog
the coming season._
Bpeclal services will brgin ia the
S>:ood Preubvtrian Oburci" one eeek
Irom tc-morrow. Rev. Dr. Wellloid will
take part in th" services.
Tbe WtttninaWr Lergoe will give a
aocial in tbe lee u-e room oext Tunday
ttsolng. A aausica! programnoe is beicg
prep nd fcr the OCCM.OB,
Groop 3 of the SUte Bsnkei's As
jociaiioo met tbis morning in the rooms
of the Ohamber of Commerce. This
groop is composed of the banka of
Olarke, Frederick, Loodonn, Fairfax,
Alexaodria, Prince William, FrU^oier,
S enandoah, Warroo, H ghlaod, Green9,
Page, Rockiogbam, aod Aagu ta.
Mr. Julian T. Burke, cbairman of the
groop, called tbe meeting to order short*
ly before 11 o'clcck, and on motion Mr.
A. Dibrell. o! tbe Loudcan N*t ocal
Bank at Leeabarg, was elected aecre
The roll was called wbich ahowed tbat
tbe followiog baoks was rrpresected:
Alexaodria Natlooal Biok, C. E.
Nlcol and T. 0. Bmitb.
Oiil-en'a National Bank of Alexan?
dria, Carroll Plerce aod Worlh Hulflah.
Firtt National Bank of Alexandria,
G'orge Waifield and G. L- Bcthe.
Virginia gafe Depoait and Troat Com
panv, H. D. Kirfc, B. W. Bwowell
and L. 1? Bmitb.
Boike& Herberl, Julian T. Burke
and H. R. Burke.
Firat National Bank of Berryvllle, J.
W. FoJey. _, _
Natlooal Baok of Fairfax, N. E
Falla Cburch Baokiog and Truit Com?
pany, G. W. Hawkborat,
B?nk ol Warren at Front Rojal, W.
P. Klog.
I.ondoon National Bank at L?eaburg,
A. Dibrell.
National Bank at Manassas, West
wood HatchiDsoo.
Peop'e's National Biok of Manassas,
G R Ridolill'-.
Massaiuton National B.nk at S'.ras
borg, J. W. Eberly.
Faoquier Natlooal Biok at Warren
ton. V. E Tiflany.
Plantera' Bank, of Brllgewater, M'.
Mr. N. P. Gatlin, of Lyochbnrg,
arcretary ol the Virginia 8 ate Binkeis
Asscciatioo, waa also preaent.
It was agreed ti appolnt a commi t>e
of thiee (inclodiog the cbairman) 11 r*ar
range the jarisdiction of groop 3
Mr. G. L Ii iothe, of the First National
Bank of tbis city, sabseqaeotlyexUnded
a cordial welcome t> the membere ol the
Mr. Ftirke, the cbairman, said thrre
waa viitrally no bnsineas before tbe
meeiiog, and tbat the objtOl waa mainly
for tbe pnrpcee of iff nding tbe membera
of the grt up an oppor uolty of becomiog
better arqaaict:d with each other and
for more iotimate social ioteic urse. He
theo (tit'ioed the progrsmme for today.
On mi t'on tbe meetlog ar j <urncd and
the members ol the groop later ?t cd in
front of the psrlor car Mcu t Vrraoo
when tbo members were photrg apbed.
The parly sobsrquently boarded the
car which left for Moor t Vernon. They
rttu-ned to Alexandria aboot 2 o'clcck
thia afternoon, when they wereer t?rlalc
ed at dinner at L?e Oamp Hall. A t r
wbich tbe members of the groop visited
variooa poir ti of interest in the city.
At night the viaiting bankers will be
glven a thester party In Washiogtm.
The menu card is in nn'qui coneff
tion oo the pait of tbe ladies of Mary
Onitis Lee Ohsp'er, No. 7, United
Daugbters of the Coofederacr, who were
caterers. It is a represeotalioo of a baok
book oo the front cover of wbich ls tbe
followiog: "Learo yoor bnsinesa for
pleasore st leaat once a year. Tbe
BaokofGojd Cheer, Alexaodria, Va.,
io accoutwlth Graip Three Virginia
Haokers' AssoclatioD. Julian T. Barke,
cbairmao. Always bring an appetlte to
a frast. Always make yror own ee
lectoi. See that the vlaods agree witb
yoor digestioo. Bee tbat di'cret'on en
dorses a!l." Tbe mecu waa beadrd
"DiTidecdf," whicb were the followiog:
Jaekson Creek Raw Fried Oysteu
Hone Radish Celery
I?mon Tomato Cataup
Cold 81aw
Deviled Crabi Deviled Egga
Baked Country Hara
(Virginia ttyle)
Sandwiches SHced Tomatoes
Potato Sala l
Pearl Onions Oherkins
Raliahei Spring Onione
Cheese Strawa
I!.--.t?-ti Biarwit llexandria Bolls
Coflte Tea
Regimeutal Punch CLampagne
Tbe table decoratioos were of greeo
aod geld aod everytbing had been pre
pared in tbe mo?t temptlng maoner.
John B. Craven, of Maoassts, wbo
was recently arreatrd by Poatofhce Ic*
apectcr Frank R. Barclay aod M, L.
Paokey, a special detectiveof tbe Bio'.b
ero Railway Company on a cbarge of
violatiog the postal laws and regnlt*
t'ona, and released on bond in ths tu_
of $1,5000 for bia appearance at a pre*
ltmioary bearing waa brcught belors
United Blates Oommissiooer R. P. W.
Garoett, in this city this a'terooon.
After heariog the caae tbe accosed waa rt
hased opon a renewal of bis bond for h s
sppesrance before the Ju!y term of the
U B. Cooit. Craven was represented
by Ju Ige O. E Nicol, cf this city, aud
Mr. J. B. Hill, of Wsshington.
The oew managemtot of Ihe Opera
Houae announce tbat in tbe fatare an
eotire chaoge of pertormers aod acts wlll
take p'ace Moodaya aod Tluradaya.
Aoother diatioct eoterprlsiog it p hsa
beeo msde lo tbe movfog pictore service
wbereby a positive gnaraotee ia giveo
tbat all films displayed will be seeo at
tbia theatre for the first time io Alexao?
dria, thoa iDBoriog palrooa againat see*
iog reels which tbey may bave aeeo at
aome otber hooae. Ao all atar bill Is
anooQDced for next week wblch wlll be
giveo Io detail lo M^oday's laao*.
Large corgregu nns have att'oded
th* aerviofB lo 8t. Mary'a Otu ch dur*
iog tbe pr?aent week. Tbe aermooa
bave io the main beeo dlrec.ed to ooe
Cathoiics and tbe speakerB have beeo
llstened to with close attjot'oo. Tbe
termoo tooight will re oo porgatory.
Theie will be a quwtion cltts tbree
olghta next week.
The ateamer -omhland w 11 leave thia
afternoon for Newport Newa, where sbe
will be placed io the dry dock, aod ber
bull elesoed aod painted. The ateamer
Waabiogton wili take her place oo tbe
Norfolk rcute.
J. aod f. Of u in'a Ftoe Losttal Oolt
and Bltck Ruasla Losltaoia Pu _ps aod
Oaforda. Weldt and Torn's price $5 00;
our price $4 00. J. A. Marahall &Bro.,
422 Kiog atree*.
Coal Coke Wood
Be wise?Bny yonr fuel before tha eevers
areatbar.We ofler beat qnality,prompt delivery
nd lowast market prioa. Phone 95. DiW,
1 AJ.CHE8QN, 107 ewth Royal atiwi
Misa Msry O.rllo aod ber oieee, Miss
Martha Folt3D, have gone lo Atlaotic
Oity to Bpeod a few weeka,
R?v. A W. Myer, a former paator of
the Free Mttbodiat Ol u-cb io thia city,
wlll occopy the iu'p t oi tbat chnrch D
Mr. W. II Melchior, anperioteodeotof
tie Pr.'BbyuriaoSaoday School, acd Mrs.
Rutb Field aod Mre. 0. W. H ,well,
teach.n, retorojd tbia moroiog from
Norlt-lk where they atteoded the State
Sooday S-bool Coovention. Mr. Msl
chlor waa appoioted ooe ot the 48 dele*
ga.tr s to the Wcrld Bunday School Aa
Bociation to be beld ln Washlogtoo io
Miss Marian Lindsay is Ihe goeat ol
Mrs, A. Kttrjey, it Boaooke.
Tbe aeholara in tbe variooa Sooday
schools are aaked to meet at their re
spectlve churches at 2:45 o'clock tomor?
row afteroooo aod march to Ibe Bap
t tt Oborch to atteod tbe mass meetiDg.
Every acholar will receive a preseot aod
have tbe pleature of heariog aod aaeing
Mr. Richardson'a "chalk talk." Paren a
aod frienda are alao iovit.'d to be pree*
eot aod cbildren oot at.eodiog Sunday
school are invited to come to the Bsp
tist 01 urch. A collectloo will be taken
to help pay expeoaea for advertiaing the
meetiog. Mr. Ricbardaoo kindly givea
bia Bervieea wlthoot charge.
Ospt. R. F. Koox today aold at au ??
tOD lor Messrs. J. M. Johnioo, L. H.
Machen aod H. W. Smitb, commiasloo.
ers io tbe case ol Duocao vs. Gorham,
the k t ol gronod with the Impiovemeots
thcreoo at tbe oorthwest coroer of Doke
and Fay.t e streeta to Joho lOoocao for
$1,700- also the lot adjoioiDj the above
on tbe weat to J. M. Daocan for $1,625.
Sarah J. Wataoo baa aold t > Freder
ick A. Lioger, both of Wseningtoo, a
lot at tbe aonthwett corner of Patrick
aod Wilkes atreet.
People from Falrfax cru.ty io the
city today report a large fire bnrolog be?
tween Edaalla and Spriogfiald. It la
said tbat many hundreds of acrea have
beeo burottl over aod tiat hundreds of
cords of woods hsve beeo destroyed aod
other damage done. Meo io Urge oum
bers are ligbting the flsme^, lu so far
oo dwelliog h iiies have beea turned.
Amoog the rutferers ls Mr. E 8. Pick?
ett, who lost aeveral hundred torda of
There was ao average supply of c ua
try produce in market tbia moroiog,
Pricea were virlnaily oochtrged.
The woik of layiog vitrified brick* oo
Oameron s reet betweeo B yal aod Fair*
iax, was c:mmeoc(d today.
Edward Atkiosoo, the ycu'h who dla
appeared from hU'home aeveral days ago,
bas retooed. 1J3 hal vls.t.nl several
Virgloia citiee.
A game of baseball played oo tbe silk
mill lot thia moroiog between tbe Queen
street aod the Tuioeltowo boya wss wun
by tha former by a score of 12 to 3.
At Ohrl-t Ohurch Mlsaloo, Braddock
H.tgbte, tomorrow evening services will
be beld at 4 o'clock by Mr. G.bbooy;
Suo'lay school at 3 o'ebek.
At tbe First Btptist Cburch to-mrr
roa- Bev. W F. Watsoo will take for bis
autjet at tbe moroiog service Imltatioo
of Ohrist?prayer; tt tbe nigtt eervice
hlB oat] tt will be "Tbe First Restrec
There was bot one csse before the
Police Ojort tbis morniof. Robert
White, colored, bad beeo arresied un tie
charge of Bsssuhirg Et'.s F. Tiotr, col?
ored, with a naor. The trial tf tbe
caae waa p mtponed ai the complaioaot
fsiled to appear.
A demonstration of Ihe 'Siceees
band vaciun cha'iet" wlll be giveo tc
oight in the wlolow of Mr. Roben &
Soos, itire, nonhwest ccrner of Ko.
snd .1. Aasph strei tt. It is a simple d< -
v ce aod will oot take the streogth cf
tbe hooaewlfe.
Jumbj Frogs on Ua>t, DeviJed and **< fi
Oa s, Oys'ers and Clams at Oper* Uous?
Yon'll finJ those irresistibly delioicui Anth
>au*agea e.re the onlj kind in Alexandria
that are worth eating. Thej're made
from the fineat cuta of Beef, Veal and Pork
aud not the trininiings. People who want to
know what they're eating u ni never fear eat
ing those inesiatibly delioious Auth Saasa.es.
You can eat 'em and eat 'em and never get
sick. That's becsnse they're pare end good.
Sylvan Blondheim, The Au:h Stand and The
Auth Market.
the fineat that grow for eatintr, b5c bu.; beat
Elitin Croamery Butter, in pound priuta, S4o
pound; Fresh Egg?, 26c per doien; fmcy
Japan Rioe, 6c pouBd; 3 pounds be.t Evap?
orated Peachea, 26c; 3 lbs. beat l arge Prunea.
25c; Fancy New York State Evaporated
Apples, 10c lb.; 3 cans Pink Alaska Baltaon,
26c; 3 cans beat Fiah Roe, 26r; 7 lba. B st
Laundry Starch, 26c; 7 cakea Star Soap. 25c;
7 cakes Circns Soap, 25c; large bottle Mam
moth Queen Olives, regnlar price 35c; onr
p-ice 20c. Wm. P. Woolus A Son, Boya
and Wolfe streeu.
"They come hlgh." "The beat are
ihe cheapest." Oar people met tbem
aod ao we say to ihe ladiea yon can see
J. A T. Oooain'a ExoloslveStvles at 412
King atreet, J. A. Marshall A Bro.
The Trlal caf Wolttr.
New York, April ie?Prelirnarv arrange
neots were completed taday for the tml of
Albert VYol'er, accated slayer of little Ruth
Wbeeler. whioh will beirin Monday b?fo a
Jnatice Warren W. Foater, intheCouittf
General r-'esaiona.
The trial will be aho-t and refcre tha and
of thetoming week Wolter will be in tte
death house in Sing Hiog," today sid Diatrint
Attorr.ey Vhitman who will ba in personal
eharge of tha prosecntioo, thounth Aniatant
District Attorney Frank Mosa will do tha
txamining ofthe wiin^aiea.
The thirieenth peraon to die ln Weaterly,
N. Y., tbrou h pnisoning by wood alcoho.
whisky expired today. _
Yaggmsn forcid an entran^e into the post
offl e at Middletown.Del,, and blew opea the
*\fi, early this morning and eecnred betweei
|6oo and $7oo in mone* and atamps.
Every family especially tbose who re
ilde io ths coootry ahtuld be provided
at all tlmes with a bottle of Ohamber
iaio's Lioimsot. Thtre ia no telling
when it may be wanUd in caae of an ac
cldeot or emsrgeocr. lt la most ??
celle-t in all ca?a of rhenmaHam, spralos,
aod biuiiee. 6 ld by W. F. Oril|h.on
A Oo. aod Richard Gibaoo.
G'ance over the liit ol Higb Grade
Shoes sold sxciualvely by os: J. ?% T.
Oonsios, Qu*en Quality, R*d Croas,
Llnder Bboj Oo., N. He?e & Bro. (The
Heaa), Taylor * Oo. (Taylor Made),
Brocton Oo. Operatlve Co., Walk Over,
Regal, Excelalor Bhoe Co. aid maoy
others. J. A, Maraball A Bro. 422
rflOf itreet.
Washington ? ? D. C.
New Wash Skirts
AT $ 1.00
Any worth $1.50-maay worth $2.00.
B.hti mtde of linene, canoon cloth and daok.
KV.-'lO atyle. t, cbooae from lo v.rl.tloo. of tbe pleated model.
All lengtbs ln tbis lot of sklrta?37 t) 41 ioches.
First fl jor?Birgalo Table.
Look Over Those
Beautiful Homes in
Nothiog like them in Alexandria. Two with six
bed rooms?three with four bed rooms.
room w th bnut.aoitary p'omblng, be.otllol comblo.tioo,|ai. sod ttactrlc
lighting fixture*, open flreplace, fbore plaloed aod pollshed, wide porches,
fioe lawos all sbaped np aud graas seed sowo, concrete walks, etc, etc.
All in the finest residence section south of New
York. Open for inspection.
313 King Street.
Because lt is male in one Jof the
most tani'ary breweriea in the
United States aid its cleanl'
nessls gnaranteed.
Because it is made of the choicent,
selected mal ani hops, and un?
der a sterilizing process, thua
assnring for it absolute purity.
Because it is thoroughly a?ed be*
fore leaving the brewtry and
cannot cause biliousneas.
Because it is a cool, refreshing
drink and a malt food 01 known
health-i(iving qualities.
Because it is a home prouuet,
made by home labor.
Try a case and be convinced.
Alexaodria, Va
Phone No. 49-B.
if so give us a call
when in need of
Book9, ittagazines
and Periodicals, as
we carryafull line
of them,
S. F. Dyson & Bro
Bell Telephone No. 278.
Apalied meetinjr ofthe eieontiye commit
will be held MONDAY evening. at eight
o'clock, in the roims of the Cnamber or Com
msrea. Bailnaaaof impoitaoce,
apr!6 it_
I OSr.-lhuraday nllht, the Mtb; goingor
*-> roming from Chr at Cbarrb, a LACE
HANDKEBCBIEF. Bsward il rstnrnad to
VlT Prince itreet. apr!6lt
Tha real pleaaure cf ownlng a
ia to know that it is abtolntely
pnreand fl?wlets. Our reputa
tion for aelling ouly the fiuest
ciameads is yonr saf?f?uarl in
buyirg here. Bing?, Bro < hes,
Lockata, Scarfpini. Cufi Bot'ons,
$10.1.0 np
aet with^brilliant cnt stoces only.
R. C. ACTON & *OS8,
.Tewalera.snd rJilversmitbs.
Wall Paper
Three cents up. Pictore Framea,
P*perhaoging. Loweat prices. Work
129 South Fairfax Street,
Ui?t? Pyi Bwrt,
" _2S "
n< a*n a cort. - . n . a?r?Tr?a am a tw
Early Summer
We can't begin to tell
you of all the attractive
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school*; Itls entitled "Back to Ihe Boll
io Oleveland." Mary Hamlltoo Talbot
wrltea lotereatiogly of "Tbe Wooan ol
Beaotlfol Statotea," aod Heleo Oorinne
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lOcaCopy 75c a Year
IRGTNTA-Tn the Clerk's Offi *e of tha
Corporatioa Conrt of the City of Alex?
andria, on toe 16th day of April, 1810,
Li.li.W.__a.h l In chancery.
William Ifontgoanery Smith J
Uerno. Tbe objeet of this sait is to obttin a
decree abaolctely divorclng the omplalnnt
from the defendant, awarding to the com
plainant tr-e cars and custody of tha infant
childrenof tha complainant and dafendant,
and for gtneral relief. _.,. . _,.
Itappaaring by an affidavit filtd in <his
csnse thst tie defendant, William Mont
gomery cmitb, ia a non-realdent pf tbls
8tate- It is OrderayJ. That said defsndant
sppear here wlthin flftetn days after dae
publicatlon of this order, a*.d do what ia
neoeasary to pntect hia inUwtt ln thia
anit, and that a copy of thia ordar oe forth
with iaaertert ln tbe Alaxaadrla Oas'tte,
a oewaoaper pablished in tba City of Alex
sndria, onee a weak for fourjoceesaiva waaks,
and poatad at tha front door of the Court
Hoase of this oity.
Woodward & Lothrop
New York?Washington?Paris
Boys' Spring Clothing.
The materlala are the beat and colora leated. Tbey are male by man tail m,
with a riew to bojs' needa?for dress, for ichool, for play, fcr g< netai wear.
$5.00 to $15.00 each.
Baantifol New Mixturee, in light aod dark patteroa: aallcr blcuie atyle, with
kolckerbocker truuer?, neatly trimmed and braidtd; alao fioediuble-breaaud
atylea; sl?s 6 to 17.
Special price, $3.50 each. Values $5.00 to $8 50.
Llght-weight All-wool Salts, made in new and correct styles. offiae faocy
fabrlcs, in taos and grayr.
Special price, $5.00 each Values, $5.00 to $8 00,
Boya' R'efera, In eixss from 2$ to 10, Io a rariety of atylea and fabrlcs; ther
are all wool, in faocy patterna, taos, b!u?, and golf reds, aod especlslly dealgaed
for serrice,
Special price, $3.50each. Values, $5.00 and $6.00
Oar Salts wlth teo palra of trooa n ara rery excaptlonal faloee. The mat).
rlala are perfeot io erery way, aod the abades and desigos the rery latsst.
$6.50 each.
KbakiSaitr, $3.50 and op.
Khaki Bloomers; .ixta 4 to 10; 50c pair.
Kbakl Knlckarbockera; aizeeS to 17; $1.00 pa'r.
K>;aki Mllltary I'iej c'u t<, $1 and $2 each.
Khaki 8-lrte; a'aea 12 to 14; 50: eacb.
Near Waahable Baita in every oueelrable atyle, aod ln a bnt of material-:
bloes and whites.
Thirdfljor-lO.h tt.
m awarX ??-.____??MW
Citizcns' National Bank
of Alexandria, Va.
President, Vics Presldent,
Edward L. Daingerfield; Csrroll Pierce,
Richard M Green, Cashier.
J. C. Smoot, Edward L. Daingerfield, Jas. W. Roberts
Worth Hullish, Carroll Pierce
M.A. Ahern, Urban S. Lambert
Patrons of our Savings Department
will please present their bank books
for credit of interest due April 1,
Letters of credit drawn on Brown,
Ship.ey & Co., of London.
W~TiNimr-BT a ladv. PLAIN 8EWIV0.
lo. Very reaaoaable. Addren Mrs. L,
0 tette oftVa._u
f IVi-' npto-date, HU.nTLINQ HALES
L- M iw. 11 y< u are the real thing j on can
earn i3.000 a year and thea eon:e. If mt,
aa.v 'lour poUige. Perman-nt rx^ition.
Write promptly. M. F. KNA l B. 8a?, Day
man aud wife, coloied pr ferieJ, to go
to the countrj; ooe ea crok, tbe otrwr as bnt
ler and j .nito*. Good wages. R fertw e re
rjuired. Apply at 211 north Patrick street.
ap!6 3?._,_
of ability to aell lubricaiing oila nnd
ureaaea on conmiisaion. Champicn Betining
Co., Cleveland. O._niar5 6t-s
w eoce untieceaeary. Sell onr hranda to the
retall trade. Big pav. Write (or Ml P?r
tioulara at once. OLOBE CIGAR. 10.,
CleTfland, Obio._fel.i9tjet6
A gool WHITE MAV for.th- stable at
Ravenaworth. Write lo Mra. LEE, Baike,
Virginia._tn,r11 "
At once 20 BOYA Apply at _
apr14 -1_Wrat End, Alexamlrls.
Eggs for Setting.
Bufl Orpiueton, $1.00 per 1?. Fekin Dack.
75 cents per U- The Orpington Poultry Yard.
C A SllAFFF.tA CO., Flonats. Braddock
Hard Crabs, Deviled Crtbi and
Crab SalajJ,
Op n ir.tll 10 p. m,
E" UGS for setting.?T*aafl?, Rocks, Black
Minorcas, "hite Wyondottes $..(? t>ar
13. Preminm stock Dr. C E. ODICALT,
133 sonth Washington stieat.
mar23 w*lf
On Tue*day afternooo between five snd six
o'clock ooiuing from R C. Acton's store to
Duke and Koyt.1 streets, a cst's eye pearl
dTICK PIN. Keward If retnrned to 217
aouth I' atreet.
At my atore erery week for 10 weeka.
gPECJAL No. 1.?3et of S donble jolnted
Pott'a Iroos, detachable, nickel plaleJ,
altrava cco'; handlea and a'and M
72c, was $1.00a
8PECUL N<\ ?.?Paibr Lanapa, with rery
jretty globea, aold for $1.50,
For 92c
Tha abovs prloeshold good ror this weak
621,628, fio King Street,_
OPERA house
I'aler New Manwirement.
Second week of Triumphisl socceaa.
Warren & Malloy
Comely ske'eh artist?. in a nomber tf naw
amnsin. crestions, built for laog'ajog pjr
posts only.
Chas. Leonard
Late ofthe "Ginger Bread Man"Co, in aome
thingof hisown.
3reelsofnew motion pirtaree.
TheOpera Hmsa orcbestra?a new and dis
tinct noTel'.y, nigbtly from 7.30 to 10.30.
Admissioo, 5j and 10c (whitea only).
Children's kfatinea Hatarday 5c.
Dream Theaier? Pietures and illoatrated
songs, daily 2 to l?5c._-_
The most desirable, hygienic, beantifnland
eoonom'e-1 wUl eoaung. AJaSastioe, for
sale hy E. 8. Leadbener _ Eons, luc._
Laadbaatar'a guaraateud 0_Mf Cough
Beniedy to care ooogha, Wa don't aay?or
yonr money back, becaoai thara'i noaesc\ It,
arss tfebottto.
YOU \1
For the Dlamond i*> the Birth
stone for the April born.
"Tbve wbo In April due their
years, Diamonda ahall ?far. !? at bit*
ter trar< for vsio repei tince fl. w,This
emb'em ol Inncce ice know."
Wbat is more beautiful tbao a Dll*
mood rlor, broreh or locket '?'
Oaooine I"amond Rings . $10 or
Lockrts, $7.50 to. $25
Broochee, $6 50 to. $20
Soirf Plos. $4 50 to. flK
Cufl Bjttons, $3 60 tc. |ll
Come io and look t ,en\o?er.
Sauoders & Soo,
629 King Street.
Iliiiiii'lil Farm
PriKeWinnlng Poultry?While Wyandotta,
Brown Legborn, Bairad Plymoutb Rocka
and Black Minorcaa.
Brown Leghorn.f j ?1
Barred Roeks.?*'??>
White Wjaidottas.V 60
Black Mirocaa.*nO
Hayfield Creamery Bntler
Hayfield EsgJ, fresh supply tri
Hayfield Milk Ftl Chickens Fri
72$ King Street. (Watered Windowa).
8ole agenta for HayOeld farm prodocU snd
hsndled the rooet axelasive line ot IraiU and
fanev vsgetablea in onr city.
lancy """-ggj^ pH0N_ 200.
aprlS lw
Large Geraniuma one dollar p^r <i< *en.
818 Bin? "d 114 north Fayett* street.
On Monday laat oo 8+. Asaph street r*.
tweeo King and Prin<*? streeta. a pair < fgold
riamaaV. EYK GLAJttE-i. F.nd.rw.ll pleaue
retnrn ame to 119 south St, Asaph atreet.
aprls 3i*
Anarticla every hoaae wife ahtu'd la-e;
airaole and coayeniaat. A NOOf)L- ( 11
TER. I6e. 9m ?___*. *?. CAl LIN,
april. 19 JU l-att-* ?*'? AaaP0 *?**,

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