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?The Blood Is The Iifb."
lotenoa haa never gone beyond tha
ahoveslmple atatement ofacripture. Bui
H haa lllumlnated that aUtement and
given It a raeanlng ever broadenlng with
the Increaalng breadth of knowledge.
When the blood ls "bad* or Impure lt
is nol alone tha body whloh srjffen
through dlaeaaa. Tha braln ta alao
?louded, She mlnd and Judgement ara
eted, anasfeumy %n evll deed or Impure
tho\ghtya?y--li?rsnHroctly traced to tho
rmpu^-iyof tbeBlbod^ FquI. impure bloofl
made nnro by ..).<. mn of I)r,
tf'ic-rre'f, .G_oldcn Medical Dlacoverv,
-Mirr-llf8 and riurlftea the hlood, ther-h*
turlng, pimples, blotchea, eruptlona and
other cutaneous affectlona, as ecuama,
tetter, or aalt-rheum, hlvea and other
manife.tatio_a of Impure blood.
_> ? 9 9) ? ?
In the cure of scrof nlous awelllngs, en*
largod glands, open eating ulcera, or old
Borr-9, the "Golden Medlcal Dlscovery "haa
performed the moat marvelous cures. In
cum-s of old Bores, or open eating ulcera,
It Is well to apply to the open sores Dr.
Plerce's All-IIeallng Salve, which poa
BC8B6S wonderful heallng potency when
nscd as an applieation to the sores ln con
Innctlon with tho use of "Golden Medlcal
Dlscovery " a9 a blood cleanslog constl
tuttonal treatment. If your drugglst
don't happen to have the "AU-Heallng
Balve" in stock, you can easlly procure 11
by Ineloslng flfty-four centa ln poatage
ftamps to Dr. R. V. Pierce, C63 Main St,
Buffalo, N. Y., and lt wlll come to you by
retnrn poat Moat drugglats keep It aa
well as the "Golden Medlcal Dlaoovery."
You ean't afford to accept any medicine
of vnknown compoftition aa a substltute
for "Golden Madloal Dlsoovery," which la
_ medicine or kno-ws composiitoh,
having a complete list of lngrodlenta In
plaln EngllBh on Its bottle-wrapper, tha
aame being attested as ocrrect under oath.
Dr. Plerce's Pleasant Pe'lets regulata
tod Invlgorato atomach. Uver and bowc??
a% Btliabls Rsfaedv ,____#?,
___? _._... te***'* 6AV.VA x
- #HAY.EV?R Tlt
Elj's Cream Balm y $&
ia quickly absorbed. ^^_r"^ rf.** 1
Gi.es Beliet at Once. ^^u *??** -/$>\
it clean- a, rmothea, JKV$\i*r>*
Ueals and protei-ts
the disf-ii^a nn'iii
tsrane resultinpj fmra Catarrh and i1
?wny aCohl la tbe II'' ?1 mtiokaV. Ba
the Beaseaos1 T_ata aud raaatt,
r>o i-t.i. at Drnggiata or by h.h:
Cr?aiii Bahn Cor nae in aaa^siteen
Elv !;-??' - ? ''" ""_
Offiob and Ptoeiw: 115-117 N. Royal St.
Dealer in Hardware, Paiints, Agri
cultural lmplements, Vehiclts,
Harness, Held and Gaiden Seeds.
Also Grain, Hay, Straw and
All Kinds of Mill Feed.
Will alwaya keepin stock the highest grad*
of tue?e articlea, _
Fresh aod Salted Fish
Are recpiviug Fiah daily from the shores of
the Potomac and will MiDply customer* in
auy quamiiie* to auit, either freah or aalted,
r-y nuericnced pickera. Country ordere so?
licit d and witiif^ct.on guaranteed.
Tt-h: C. O I)., or beat reference*.
FtaU No. 2, Boyal rreet entrance; Stall
No 1. Fairfax ?trea-t entrance to the City
Market. aud Fiah Houte front of Corporation
Fish Wharf. Fell 'phoue 321-J.
" PARK. AGNEW, Proprietor.
Bromilaw Brick Co.
Building, Paving and
Sewer Brick,
Front and Building Sand,
WORKS : Hunting|Creek.
VT '?"??leprione toy.
Phone 281. Greenhousee S. Patrick St
D. 0. Orillbortzer
CARNATIONS, 50c doz.
ROSES 50c to $-.00
Promptly rtiended.to. Delivered to all parta
of the city. ft*,ti?_~tion guar&nteed.
f?22 tf_
BlTABLIhlED 1868
Modernly equipped for banking in its vari
Ot.a branceea.
Deposite received anbject to cheek at sight
Collectiona made on all pointa.
High-grade inveatment aeonritiee bought
and aold.
Letters of Credit axd Foreign Exohonge
Safe Deposit Boxee for rent.
A Savings Department in which intereat ia
allowed on denonir-^_
Oabdhkb L. Bootbb I I M. B. IUfig**
I-KKMDBKT. )1 \ ice Preeident.
Gbo. E. Wabfikld, Cashikb.
First National Bank,
__1__KD_(A. YA.
Oe_Uriia-e- Depository of __e
Unlte- State*.
CAPITAL ? ? ?*?*???
PBOirre ? ?_ ? ? %i7b,ow
lJ-J#CtQT% \
O. L. POOTn*!., M. B. HABLOv*
OIICK ? Ihe reguUr enn-sl m*eiingof
the atockhclders of the COll'MBIA
REA L E8TATE COMVANY will be h_d at
the I'flice of .hecotcpny, No. 111 sontb Fair?
fax atreet, Alexaniria, Virginia, on MON?
DAY, Mat. 2, 1910, at 2 o'dock p. m. fur the
eloctiiu ot'i?ve-a end other bminesa.
. ?-.__ oA- P- FARDON. Preaident,
A. 8. JONES, Seeretary.
april, 1S.-5._
Abdominal Belaa for oorpulaot penpla ob*
tained on special order ot Lstf baoter's.
rro__H_D DAILY amd ?:*"_^J__2_
[Entered at the Postoffioe of AJaxondr _, Ylr
ginia, aa aooc_d-_a_ n_*t?T.l _
Tbbks: Daily? l year. tfrOC16 ?____
|3:50: 3 months, $1_6; i month, 48 centa;
1 week, 10 oenta.
Tri-weekly-1 y?*r, ?.00; 6 montha, fl.90
8 months. 75 centa: 1 month. 26 oenta.
Oontroct advertiserB will not be allowed to ex
oeed theirBpaoe nnlesa theexcesa is paid foi
at transient ratea, and under no ciroum
atanoee will they be allowed to advertiae
other than their legitimate bunneea in he
apace contracted for. . _ .
Beaolutiona in memonam. of thanka, uioates
of reepeot, reaolntions adopted by societiea
or peraona, unleea of pnblio eonoern, wiL
nly be printed in the paper as adTort_*
meBts. _
Atlanta, Ga., April 13 (8ptc'-!)
Sevecty all Bteel sleeping cars ol Lbe
most modern tpe, eleci ic ligbted and
rqu'pped wlth every devlce for the com
fort nnd aafety of pa_engers which the ic
genatty of the world's leading car build
era has brtu^ht ru , are now being col
ftncted by tie Pallman company lor the
Boutlern Railway Oompany on its
throagb traina Irom the 8i;nth to New
York city. It iaexpected tbat theae cars
will be ready in Scptemberor October of
tbia year and aa aoooaa tbey are deliver?
ed to tbe SoQthero, tbe oompany wlll
operate its thrtugb traina ta New York,
wbich now stop at Jeraey Oity, Into tbe
tbe magolficient new terminsl of tbe
Pennayivan1- Rallrcad Oomptaoy on
Manbattan Island, located between 7th
and 8 h avennea and 8 lst and 33fd atree ta.
To reacb this teimlcal traics wjll psis
from the Jeraey shore uader the Hti-soo
river thrt ugh Pennsylvania tunn*ls wblch
are In reality Bteel tubeB, driven beneath
tbe river. By their nso the 8ou hern In?
stead of landing pirsengere in Jeraey
Oity wlll enahle tbem to ttr>p from their
sleepera in the heart of the hotel, theater,
and ebopping di.trkt, tbus eliminatiog
the ferry tiip from J raey Oity which
haa beeo a leatare of all travel to New
Yoik Irom the asutb eince tbe begio*
niog ol rallroad service. The cons.iu**
tion of taeae termlnalB wltb the par
chase of tbe ntceesary laod and tbe
boring ol the tnnnels co.t the Penr
Bylraula mlllions of dollar?. Never io
tbe world'a his'ory haatuh va uable
realty been pnrcbased for rallroad ter
minala. Tbe new atation will be tbe
most magniliceLt in tbe world and will
combioe arcbittttural beaaty ol toe
bighrst type wltb every facility lor the
salety aod comfort of psBieDgern and the
expedltions bandling ol traffi~. Tbe
Pennaylvania b?p'B to have tbis s'.atiou
open aoon after Ju y 1 l ut no t'aioa will
be operated in o Itti it excapt tbose
made up of solid equ penent aad ligbted
by electric t*. All traioB vtill be drawn
tbroogh tbe taooela by electric locomo
tlves. Oa accoant ol this provlaion
tbe Soutbern will not be able
to operate it. trains into tbia atitlon m
ttl tbe new sleepera are delivered to it by
the Pullman company. Every eflort Is
being made toiuh tbe work on tbese
cars which will r. preaent tbe hlgheat dr
gree of comfoit aod beauty combioed
wbich bas ever been known in sleepicg
car constroction. The steel cars are oct
only fire proof bat carry an element of
b reogth impoBsible to obtain in wooden
conatiuctlon. Tbis expeoaire character
ol equlpmett haa been adopted In the
interett ol the aafety aad r, rotett on of
the traveling public and tbe cars will
repreaent tbe resnlt ol years of experi*
ence and the exp3odltore of large >u_s
of money in eaperimeots as to tbe best
and most satiafactory rqaipmett. The
oproirg of the new termiral ia New
York c t/ mll mean not oaly mach
greater convenience lor psssengers
b?and from the soath to the metn pilis
io being landed ln tbe heart of the city
proper tu; wlll add greatly to the com*
lor. aod aafety ol the trip from tbeaou.h.
Cb*mb?rlain'a ttimach and Llver
Tabltta assiBt nttu-eio drlving all itx
pDtitira cut of tbe ajslem, ioaoriog a
free and re_.u'ar condition and r-stcring
the organs of the body to beaith and
strength. 8old by W, F. Oreigtton &
Oo. and Bichard Gibeoo.
Htnry Curtia B-nnet*, a Bow streel,
1/ndcn, magistrate, tackled thematinee
bat qneBtion yeaterday and decreed that
the manai.emtnt of a theatre has the
rigbt to eject womeu patrcna who refuse
to remove tbeir "cart-wheil beedgear."
The action had been instituted by
Mrs. Elbnche EarcMey, a writer, whe
charged Frank Curzcn, mnnager of thy
Prince of Wales Tbt atre, with a tech
niccl as auit. Mra Eardley attended a
maiinee wtaring an enormou6 hat. A
man who had the misfortune to beeeat
ed juet beh:ni her founl hia view of ihe
stag* obacDred, snd inisted npon the
remov 1 of wbat hestjled "the ridicu
Ioub thing" worn by Mrs. Eardley.
Tne latter, irritated by the man'* man?
ner, refu8fd. The manager invited Mrs
Eardley into the corridor for a dlecus
*ion ofthe matter, and when sbe remain
ed firm in her refutal tocomply with the
practice of the theatre he would not per?
mit her to retnrn to her scat. In dis
missing the case the magistrate declar
ed that the manager had acted altnir
ably and in the in'erest of theatre-goers
The Baldavln LTOomotlve Works at
Eddystone is bailding t? largest ioto
motlve lt ever contt:u:ted. The lscc
motive, for which (be frsme bss j-??
beeo bniP, still be 64 ieet long, with?
out tbe tender, and 110 feet loog witb
the tender.
Ibe ergire will carry 50,000 gallons
ol water. It is being bnilt for tbe Penc
sylvania Bailroad Oompany.
The presett Italian cablnei fortned by
Signcr Luzzatti, with the snpport of the
radical ptrty, will probably initiate ao
anti-clerlcal policy. Tbe under secretary
of posls and telrgrapha, In a rfcent
speecb, aald tbe radicals were detfrmined
ta revindlcste the right* of tbe state frotnl
thoae of tbe chorob and the papacy, aod
to onder'.ake an antagonistlc policy t>.
ward tha f?te?o. Efidettlj tie?of
ernmert progrsmme wlll Inclule severa!
at t clericil meaeare-, aach aa a law glv
ing prtcfdence to civil over religioos
narrisgrs, and the total abolition ol tt
ligicoa Instrnction in the * u?llc schools.
An ett-mpt wlll probably be msde to
tuppreaa religiooe congrsgatlon*. Thtse
mtasorea, however, ln all Hkellhood will
not be vo'ed by Parhament owltg t? tbe
facl tbat Blgior Oblilt ia exptc;edt>
retuose power towerJ (beeod ot tbe year
and it laalanst certain that Luzztt I'a
cablaet wlll fall aoon altei tae aammer
Hany Brqueata frora Catarrh vuffere-s
who u?e atomizera have cauaed ua to put ap
Liquid Cream Belm, a new aLd ronvenient
f. rm of Ely's Cream Balm. the only remedy
for Catarrh whid* csn alwaya be depended
on. In power to allay inflammation, to
clf anae tha rlogged sir paa*au;e*, to promote
free, natvril breating, tbe two forms of Cream
Balm are alihe Liquid Cream Balm is aold
by all diuggista for 75 centa, inclnd ug ?prav
ing tul'e. MaiM by Ely Broa., 66 Warren
atreet, New York.
A tuhns Bcene tctu red in Berlin
when a troape ol black Benegaltee, wbo
had been playing lor montha at a muaic
hall in Uoter dea Lindeo, left the city
tbe other day. Tbe blacks had appar
ently cocqiered whole??le tde hearta ol
feminine Bsrllo.
At midday, as they prepared to drlve
ti the railway atation, a crowd of 1,500
peraona, moitly women and y. u ig g'rls,
gatbered opposlte the maslc ball. E ght
polleemen tried to keep ordtr, bnt the
women and girla broke throagb tbe cor*
doa and dtmanded aogrily a last fftsX
well Irom the blacks. Many ol tbe
women were prett/ and well drassed aad
when the scene waa over they deparied
In taxlcabs.
Tbe Benegalese, wlth complacent
Bmllea oo their -road laces, tjnderly em*
braced and ki-s-d their adorera, and to
lond cries of "Oome back soon ! ' drove
away in droskys.
The Berlin newspapers com? >nt blt
teily on what tbey call "a tiplcal p<c
tu e of IWlin mannera and morals."
_b*y recsll the /act tbat aome noaths
ago tbe goveroment had t) ia?u i aa ap
peal warning ycu ig girla of good society
agaioat carry ing on aniatory correepoc
dsnee with halt edactted nrgroes In the
(t'rmao colonier. Tbe nrgroea' bnts,
atated tbe warning, were haog rtuad
witb pbotographssent ti them by fooiisb
yoaag glrls, maoy of whom were tt.ll at
Two deal, one dylog and probably
ooe or two others slightly woonJed, are
tbe frults of a Sunday alternoon bittle
laa family/. ti i of long atanding U'e
yesterday In Emmanarl c uaty, Qa.
Tbe dsad are A 8. Oo lina, a well-to
d > farmer, aml his Bcn, Wilscn Oollin*.
Msrion Liwls Ib bo badly wuunded tbat
be is expected to die at aoy momeat.
Tbe battle waa betwem the familiea
of 0 .llios and Lf wls, aod was the ou!
come of idlirue over a *m_U road
crossing. Tbe two familiea rtside leaa
tban a mlle apatt, acd tbe connty line
rnoa betweco tbeir bomee. Tbey met ln
a lane yesterday alternoon near the
LtswIs home. The members of the Ooi*
lins family were armed with piatols,
and two shot_u-a were u.edoa the other
Joseph Lewis, lathcr ol Msrion, ia tf
leged to bave fired tbe shol tbat ended
tbe life of tbe elder 0 iIIIdb.
Jsmee, iMm "Beddy," Gallagher,
who pitticipated in the robbery of tbe
Maias _a Nut onal Bank on Novembtr
12, 11)04, met hia death in an tt empted
robb -ry in Phlladelphia laat Thursday
The t tbir paitieB who patt cipsted in tbe
robbery of the M.nasaas Bmk were
Frank Eu-oi, Edward Fi -patrick, Rib
ett Oasey, Wi'Pam Bmith and James
Kiog. Burns, F t-oatrlckend 0.e?y wtft
tried and convicted in tbe Oircuit Oon t
of Prince VYilllsm c uity and sentencd
to terms in tie penit-ntiary. 8_lth w>s
t-le-I and acqalttod. Q-llagher, togetbrr
with Barns, Fi rpa'rick and Oaaiy wer?
apprehcrjdei in Bichmond, and GHa
ghrr waa teleas'd upon the ciriifica'e tl
a pbyaician that he was dylog of eon*
sumpti n GJI-gber ]wai conaldmd
one of the chief conrpira'.ors in tbe Man
aasas bank robbery, acd from Ibe evl?
dence availsble a strorg case end have
been mnds againit bim.
Annns.1 Reunlon, United Confederate
For above oocaaion.Southern Bailwav take.
pleasure in announcing excuraion tiekets will
oe p'aced on aale Ap-il 23, 24, 'ib, Waahlng
ton to Mobile, AN., and retnrn st $.'0 80
Corre*pondingiy low fare* from poioli in
Virginia. Fin?l retnrn limit May 2, 1910
Bv depositing Mcket with special agent, Mo?
bile, and upon paymept uf fifty cen'R,
same will be exte.-ded to May 19. K'10 Stop
overs allowed returning within tinal limit.
Consult agenta or write.
. _L. S. BBOWN. Gen Agt.
____t______k____M_____! -^_T_*____f _________fe _____
BWe Want Everyg
8j Housekeeper a
flJTo get one of those Bj
handy fU
Hj Can Openers |
ttf Given Only to Adults. f$
aat None to Children. rtj
fljluspect our line of Rc-fl)
mfrigeratorsand Mattinga. (Q
jjjlH. f.il(BoScg
ffcf 601 Kiog Street fP
Modern aod Up4o-Date in Every Hespect
Corner King and Royal Strecta.
apital $100,000
In the Savintfs Department arerequested tobriog 0
in their pass books as early f s convenient and
have the interest due April 1 entered in the same.
We Solicit Your Banking Business.
HMM> >M.f liJjteJ&??*++*+++*t1^
iiii w wm
lt you do you've missed half the joyB of
smoking if you haven't been buying the
I'lantatton and Choice Cigars.
Here are Cigars Fit for a
anl at prices so low everybody can af
ford them. For cigars that are trust
worthy and that yon dupllcate we have
them. See that every PUntation is
stamped Hauiiltou & C >.
Thos. W. Robinson.
*_, pORTLANd^J
Makes The Best Concrete
For sale by GEO. H. ROBINSON'S SONS,
De?l<rj in Cement, Lime, II?ir, Calcined Plaater. Wall Plaster, Terra Cotta Sever Pip
ap8 6m and Fine I.iuing, Fire Bricka, Fire Clay, Ac._
Virginia Safe Deposit & Trust Corporatioo
\_.horized Capital Paid in Capital
C. J. Rixey, Joht. P. Robinson, Thomas J. Fannon, C C.Leadbeatet
Henry K. Field, h-_-y Baeder, George S. Hanth, J. K. M Norton
We act cs Execulor, Administrator and Trustee. Issue Fidel
Ity, Contract, Official and Judicial Bonds. General Bankingvand
Trust Business Transacted. Interest paid on Savtngs Accounts.
We solicit the accounts of Banks, Gorporations, Firms and Individ*
uals, and oromise liberal treatmentconsistent with sound banking
0O~r_^O.jR~NEI(j H BORS DO.
Get your Spring Suit now and pay a little at the
time. We have a complete line of
Ladies9, Gentlemen's and Boys' Clothing.
The latest fashions of the season. Inspect the goods
and convloce yourself that our prices are lower than
somewhere else. Goods and perfect fit guaranteed.
S. H. BERMAN, 612 King Street
aprfi lm _ __________
We are authonzfd to offer for sale two NEW EIGHT ROOM
BRICK DWELMNGS with every modern convenience, in
cluding gas electric light-, concrete cellars, hot water heat,
excellent bathp, anJ tile vestibules, now being completed on
north C'olumbus street between Queen and Princess streets
(Court House square). These hcuses are to be up-t-*-date ln
everv partictilir, with '-de and rear alley ways- To quick
pifchasers these houc bc oifered at extremely low
prices, and extraordit ie terms See us for price
and terms. .... _
Special five day offer?Tv f the best building lots in the
growing subdiviai' v.ay, conveoient to car lines
cburches. schools with city water and electnc
lights. To a q- .be*e lots will be sold for $3,000.
Thoir and Appich
107 South Ro .Alexandria, Va
,ae No. 278.
* 'tbe atockhoMera of the PNE"MATIC
nB?.CC^STEUMER CuMP-NY will be
I *t the Uotel F!ei?ehmann. in the city of
? ^ndria. Virginia, on MONDAY. the 25th
April 19'0, at 2 o'clock p. m., for the
ofoflScers and fir the transaction of
sa wbich may properly come before
'. G. A. PBEVOST, eecrttiry.
papering your houae thia ipriog
Vall Paper Cleaner will make th*
*x look almoat like new. Get it at
.eator'a. 2fie ? boT._
Vnuaa- and onlr the beat tinds ?n!d
Leadbeater's Cherry Cengh Symp ia pure
anrl **iy to take, and.yon ean't beat it in
euring coughs. Go and r*t a bottle now, 26c.
Look Over Those
Beautiful Homes in
Nothing like them in Alexandria. Two with iix
bed rooms?three with four bed rooms.
Dr;, c'eao, concrele cellars, fine hratiog plaota, lutler'a alnk io psnlry,
porcelioe sick ia k.tcbeo, aoapstone wash traya, aervatt's tillet, bath
room witb fiartt Bsnitary plombing, besatifol combioatlon gsa and electrc
ligbting fixture*, opeo firf place, floora plaloed aod poliabed, wide porohef,
fice l.iwna all shaptd up and graaa aeed so-u, concrete walks, etc, etc.
All in the finest residence section south of New
York. Open for inspection.
313 King Street.
Sale of Favorite
White Goods
Desirable Kinds; Dependable Grades; Low Prices;
Including Both Plain and Fancy.
35c White 36-inch Dress Linens at 25c.
25c Plain Sheer Flaxons at 17c.
25c Stripe and Check Flaxons at 15c.
39c Mercerized Batiste at 25c.
25c Mercerized Madras at 18c.
500 36-inch Rough Lioen Suitings, all new shades,'
at 39c.
25c Imported White Dimities at 19c.
-vaooeaaors to
Lnmber and Mill Wort
Llme, Cemcnl: and Plaster
O-U* and Yard 315 ;?. Fnis.-. rtra-ri,
F_ctory Nt>. Ul N. i.? -
ia_**M?ta.LU Delivered FRK>. in tha elti.
Aad Dcalcs iu
a*7? oa hand Gibaons XX. XXX, XXXI
_d Pure Old Rye, Old C.=.linet aod Mct.c
irata Whiskiea: also Baker aarvi Thomyrxr.'t
Pru-s Bye Whiskies, to which the;/ Invite U.I
attention ofthe t.?_?'?,
Orders from tho oountry for mcrchan-Ua
shall reoelve proiapi attention.
Donsij-nmentja of Floor, Gr_n and Countrj
Prodnoe solicited, for which they jpiarentea
he higoest market prices and prompt retarnt
N. E corner Camercn and Royal Streeta,
At' Do-lers ln
Got-try Prodnoe reoeived daily. Oor stock
ot pl_ia an 1 Faaoj Groceries embrs/jee ertrj*
thlhg to be _vi in this line.
We hold iarfjely in United Btatea bondad
?arshooM and carry ln stock v-rions brtnda
of the be?t _
__a. Have alao in store s-;perior gradaa a*
Foreign and _ineriean
J_r* ?__aotlcn G-aranteed aa to Prlos ata
-<?-??- Pi*.*w_- --?" ""---r-.--** ????_?
Seuoral Insaranee Igeccj
({??as Ne. 4, Barke & Herbert Blda
The compantea repraaecte-J in thia offio.
_v?aase_ of over 1100,000,000, Amonj
rthera are :
Hartford Plra Insaranee 6a.
Uverpool _ Loadon _ Olaba.
/fetaa Inaaranc* Co.
Northern Aseuranca Ca.
gprlngfield Flra At Merlao.
Prompt attention given to edjtt-___t o
loasas and ali _at?rs r-nnnaeted %it_ _-_?
8oma faaailiea buy five eottlea of Colouiai
Barsaparilla at a time. It etrtaialy i* a gry d
me-icioe, aud they wo.ldu't ba witbont it.
8iz bottiea for |2.t0._.L_____r -.
john P. Bobinsow, Gro. S. Frrnch
Preaident. Secretary. _
Alexandria Fertilizer aad
Chemical Company.
Fertilizers, Fertilizer Ma?
terials &Sulphuric Acid,
Ask yonr dealer for the Alexandria For.
tllizer & Chemical Co.'a ProdncU.
Capaclty: 60,000 tons per annum.
Princeas Street and Potomac Biver Whs/.r
AI"?nHrU. Virginia.
Litbla and Jfagnesia Spriagi
Grtsatestknown Water for Dys
tepsia. lndige9tion, Kidney and
iver Troubles.
Leading Physicians endorse It
ind tcstify to its gr?3at merit
mu WABFIELD, Droggist
H V Pn?i?r ??|r->- ?nrl Prlnn* Htr_rf
The Best Your Money Can Buy
in Ice Cream is
"Qnality" Ice Cream
Fresh frui?a and pure ingredl
enls. Special prices for churches
and festivals
H. B LOC rl B0th phones
The *p-ing exarainations fo- teachers.white
end colored, will be held iu the New Pchool
Buillingon Prince itreet, between Patrick
and Hrnry, Alexandria, on TUUR8DA.Y.
FBIDAY snd SAHBDAY, April 21, 22
aod 23, 1910 open each day at 9 *. m. charp.
Applicanta will furni-di ink and pena acd ihe
iiiperinteudent will furnish wntiag paper.
Aprlicant* mu?t be punctual at hoor named,
W. H. feWEE*EY, Saperintendent.
april 'Ot_
We ha?**houlder bractaof all kind*. Bny
a breathe-i it. or knickerbocker for your boy
or girl. E. M leadheater A 8?na, Inc_
Be wia*. U*? Climai Cleaaer to elesn yonr
walljpeper. ?e a boi at Leedbeatar'e.

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