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Thi. new ro!ei committee of the
11 ou ' of ReprteenUtim ls nd glvlog
eitiafaclion to any section q! Ihe Htuse
rosmbenblp. It seemB to be fearfnl
ol doiog aoytblDg at all. Piled lf
oa its taSle are many reaolotlons ask
log fjufaorintiou lor maklng Investl
gations by v?ricm commlttees, among
tbe mcst impirlaot beiog the SbakeN
ford r.scluton calling lor an Icqirry
ioto the thottages ln tbe Ohicago and
K:. Louis sub-treasores. Ibe commit?
tee on rxpend tiree tn the Tmsnry De
partnrnt bas a mrjarity In /avor ol
makiog IcvesiigatlonB, not only cf these
ehor ?&es, bct o/ the maoagement ol
?ll no enbtreasurlef. Bu'. tbe com?
mittee od treaeu-y fxpecditii'ti csn do
nothiog uolens tbe committee on rulea
empo*ers lt to send for persons aod
papers, and m?ke the cecessary expen
dituiea hou the Houae contlogent food.
Mr. Herbeit Pmboob wiote to have an
investigition ol impore bulter, cream
and mllk, but tbe rnles committee pte
Herves on ths, as on the Bot-treasury
mat er, the ssme mssierly ioaitlvtty.
()_ Wedoeeday the rnles committee did
give Mr. Pars >ns a heariog, as well aa
Chairman Scoll, ol the sgticult.re ccm
mltt^, who wante action on a inle to
limit dtbate on bis bill to ormke illegal
dealings in c.t'on futilta. Tben t.ere
_re before the rnles committee many
prrp aitioca lor io ure cbaogei ln tbe
Honss roles, on nooe of which dces
t.e commi t:e seem di?p:a?d to act.
The c nimlttee sppjars to lack nerve.
It fta's that it may do somethlog tbat
will prove cbjec'lcnable t> a nujirity
0( t_?? U :os? aod itus bricg on iUelf a
defeai when Its rnpositlon Ib preseoted.
Asacousqueoc* tbere la mach grnmt
iiog ln all <iuar;ers of the Hjose at the
cew rules c>-mmittpe._
MATOB Oavnok, of New Yurk, took
occssiou at the baoq.et of ibe Pablisb?
ers' Association aod tbe Associated Press
io tbat city laat niglt to r<l>r to recent
oewspaper at'acks made upan blm by
Willlam Uaodolph Hearst, and In doiog
_d preclpiteted a scene seldom wltnessed
?t ? aociat gu'ieriog. Sime who read
the d?8.rlpUona pnbliahed io the moro
iog papers were luclined to regret that
Mr. (tiynor selected sach an opportu.i
ty to re:u e tbe cbarges made by ihe
reclrlejB editor, while othere are dlsposcd
to regard tbe major's speecb aa oppor
t.nr. II) was, it is tru?, tbe goest of
honjr on the occaslon aod waa called
mon to retpond to tbe toaet, "The
Pre?B," bnt the latt thit Mr. flearet
was not present sbould not be urged.
Mr. Gayuor said msny tun thlngs, and
his excoriatlon of ceiUlo men who tup
pose the miesbn of a oewspaper is to at
tack everr peron occupylng ao cfScial
posltion will be commended by all con
a?>rvative people. The newspaptr Ib ,a
terribl\bludgeooin t'lebaedsof thcujbt
les? or irrecpoosible men. Tbeir victims
are always a'. a disadvantage, ss tbey
virtualiy have oo oppoit.oity to atrike
back rseept by plac-ng themselves on
sn iquallty with thelr tradacera by unb
iog Into pr'.ct. Tbe charge made by
Mr. O'vuor that Mr. Hearat omltted tbe
date frm ths check whicbhe reprodnced
in bis pipei rrqnlres a eatisfactory
rtoswer. A ootable murder in ooe ol
iu* rottiern citles rrcently wbb tbe cut
come of cttacks made opon an ofneial by
the editor of a tewspaper wbo wbb nct
in sympatby witb tbe party at that time
io power. _
Lbttebs ta.Mteaiog tne demcl ton
ofthe [>es St. Ladisltui Roman Oatholic
Obirch io H nth Norwalk, Oonn., nnleie
f 500 Is given to the wrller have fllled
ht c ngregatian with canttnoatloD.
The K-ttera were received by the paitv,
Ba?, B ?;>L^n F. Oheroitz.y, who kept
ailett ib u ibcm uitil a few days ago,
whon kh* rioa' one threateoed hia life as
weil. Th?- ihey wera given to tbe
palice. The iettT'. wr:it^n ln excellect
English, beai no dripping daggera or
other dcvicM o't^o used by secret black
ma'lers Tbey are j/aia and boslneer
llke. Tbe ci urcb was ncenlly fiolshec'.
Dr. Oherni z.v bhjp:
Tbey don't knw me or they woold
not try such a game. Kmh aa I love
my new Ol u'ch I wcuM raiher see it lo
ruins :bcn give one cent for such blsat
Tbe enrmy of Bfn's U represeoled as
reiortlcg tj maoy trlcks ln order lo crip
l>!c tbo l_fiueoc9_of the ctu-ch. II the
evil one ii at present aolmatlog those he
l? leidi-g cptive st his wlll to make
cbu-ch balidingi dsngerous pia;es la
wbicb to priher, cotdllions as Berioos
to rliacples ix!st'rg ln the dajB
of tbe CaeBars may be at onr doors.
Tan\ ii.i.E, after baviog been dry for
tw. yesrs, _?s been p'acrd in tbe wet
colatun agaio, the "drys" baviog best
defeated yes'.erday by a "oost"?teD
votes. Tbe dry wava which began at
sett!o over Virginia st7eral years ago ia
by oo means bo proncu.iced as formerly,
bnt mttmt to be gradually giviog plsct
to more liinU! etnditione it Ib said
ibtt Daavilk will now brcome tbe ablp
picg {oiiit to conti|uonj dry coottlea.
The Treaaury Department yesterday
seot to Ooogrew an estim.ts for the for
t!6oatlon of the Paoama caoal aggregat
iog 11-1,104 203, aod ao sppropriatlon
o' $4,000,000 was isked for the begir
niog of the work. II a halt ia oot called
tbis caoal business will baokropt tbe
C u try. _____.
From Washington.
Waahiogton, April 29
Thia was aoothcr streoatui day for
Pr.oce TbbI Tao, member of tbe inr
eerial family of Obica, wbo ls the goest
of the Uoited Suts. With blsstcretariee
be ibe vistted tbe navy yard, the army
war collrge, the capltol, wbere hewatch
ed iotently tbe process of laws in ibe
makiog, aod Ibe Ooogretsiooal library.
Hecretary Koox gave blm a luDcbeon
aod aftenvard the party went down the
river oa the Majfliwer to M uit Ver
aoo. Prioce TbbI Taoaccepis his booors
witb tbe greitjst digoity bnt Isaoaflable
and alert peraon, l ul tbe task of "selog
tbe Uoited S fcUs" seems to have palled
a little. Not bo with Lord Ll, soo of L*
Huig Obaog. Lord Ll Ie at leaat
six feet tsll aod weigbs not a
little over t?o hr ndred pounda. He
snd President Taft wonld be in aboot
ll.e aamp class pbyslcally. He speaks
Kigllsb flusotly and ttaoala'es Amerlcao
I ikes ao well tbat tbe prioce himself cm
see tbe point of tbem. Toe party wlll
see Annapolii tomorrow. Tbe cadtti
will drill for tbem. The eod ot the
lestivlties wlll be tbe ball aod dinoer
iclveo by tbe Obinese mloister, Obaog
Yio Tscg. Aiter lhat they will go lo
New York.
A psrcels post blll providing for the
es abilahment of an experimectil system
00 tbe rcral rontee of the c uitry wlll be
r p rtpii by tbe Hoose committee od
post. ilivs aod post roads before tbe eod
of tbe preeeit sessioo. A poll ofthe
committee receotly takeo shows a clesr
m jority for the pending legislation and
tbe matter will be placed in the handa
01 the mb-commlit.e tbis week In order
tbtt a proper bill may be reported.
Tbe cot t:s!ed elcctlon cases agalort
Joaeph F. O'Ooonell, of Massachoset'-s
aod Albert Eitoploal, of Lou'slsna,
which have been peoding before the
II iQ?e cjmmft'9 on elections No. 2,
bave been pract oslly decided in favor of
tbe present iocombeots. There remaloa
ooly formal aciion t> be taken by tbe
commi %v. Represeititlve O'Oonnell
wbb elected by less than a dczsn votes,
tu". the committee foood tbat tbe elec
tlon wa3 nt t illrgal. Ex Governor
Warmootb, a repbblicao cootested Ei
loplnal'a sest oo the groood that be had
b:en bsrred from tbe democratic pri
Uoless PresidettTalt brsaks all pre
cedect fcr oearly a certury aod a hal',
Obsrles E. Hugbes wlll remain on tbe
supreme beoch as an aasocltt? juilce,
aod oot be elevated to tbe chief jastice
ship lo tbe eveot ibat place brcomes
racsnt. Cu rant romore sre that (Jjv.
Hu<he> acceit>d tbeaesociate judiceabip
on the nodersUndiog tbat he wcu'd be
appoioted tosu:ceed Chief Juatlce Fal
ler, lo the eveot of Ihe retlrement or
death of tbat aged jarlat.
8'crctiry M?yer appeated before Ihe
naval afl?iia commht?e of the Hoose
tbis morniog for a 6vc-mlnote lalk. Bis
Btay wts exteoded to two hoors of hea:
ed dlscossloo oo tbe oicrit of bis naval
re-orgsnfzitlon plan. Mr. Meyer asked
tbe commi tee to loelru t Mr. Robs to
consult with Sanator Perkioa , cbalrmao
of tbe Sinat. committee and urge him
to iosert lo the oavsl appropritton blll
aotborlty for him tiestablish his plao.
This anthority was Biricken from
tbe Hiose bill cn a point of order,
Meyer bad barely comphtul hia argc
meot when BepreBentative Hobson of
Aiatama, apptBied snd endeavored to
preveut tie adoptioo of tbe motioo pro
posedby tbe secMiryaod tfleredby Mr.
B.ller, of Peoosylvaola. Mr. Hobsoo
exprei'sed hia eotlre disapproval of the
Meyer plan aod etirted a cevere cross
examlnatioo of the s?crefary. He tie
clared that Mr. Meyer had et irted tho
plso wlthoot aotborliy of Ooogre5s aod
sboold not now ask f.ir thit mtnority.
Members of tbe committee say tba'. bec'
retsry Meyer was vislbly pertorbed.
Represenlat ve Rutler flnslly eoded tbe
dacoBsioo by moviog tbe previcos qnes
ilnn on his md on wbich was agreed to.
Batlerloe Is an Immscolate food prc
rJuct aceordlog to a statemeot mede by
II. 0. Pirraog, a matmlmirer at Ool
omboB, Oblo, to the H msa committee on
apricultore I >day. He denied that tbo
maoufactorers ever sold eleo as butter
aod aaid tbe greatest .are wbb exerclsed
io its maDofacturj, and employea io the
fictory are compelled lo keep clear.
House leaders make n. secret of the
fact that tbey are much perturbed at
the ftilure of the offer to push the nresi
dent's railrcad bill tbrough the House
without Biibstsntial amendment. They
are mnch gratified tliat the Conitn'rce
Court section was te'a'ned io the bill
biat they feel tbat the amendment adopt
ed yeaterday includ ng the telegraph
and telephone companies in the uieaaure
as common carriers may prevent an
agreement between the House for many
weeka. They view the President'a de
parture from Washington at this time
with some concern as they connted on
him to assist them in brlnging aome of
the less tadical insurgfnts into line.
Represtntattve Stafiord, of Wisconsin, a
meml>er of the m'erafate Commerce
C ammittee said today that the amrn 1
ment adopted yeaterday would never be
accepted by the Senate under nnycir
cumstances although he admitted that
ik bad a substan'.ial majorllv in the
House a*. all times. "If the House in
aists on tbis amendment," said Mr. Staf?
iord, "I think it is fafe to say that con
gress wili not adjourn until mid-summer
and that thia action may be taken without en
acting a aingle line cf the railroad bill."
Tba feet on the queation of recommen "ing
tha pwageof a catupaigu publicity bill waa
agaiu poitponed by the Senate comiaiiltce ou
privileg'ai and eiectiona. It w.s tlecidel to?
day lo rel'er aeveral publicity billa pending
befor* the cmmit ea to a tuh-comniittee
rhich wili enbmit a report on May 7.
Tbe gravery a'ore of John II. Magroder, at
Co nertirut avenaae aaad K tatrwt, waa dam
ageal r>y fire earlv this morning to the extent
of$lO,txO. Lieutenant Santon, ofNo. 5 Fn
gine Co, waa aetionaly iojnre 1 hy by the
hreaking of a ladder from which he frll latty
ft-et He was retat to tbe Emergency Ilos
In an elitorial in The Comm->ner. Mr.
Rrvan aavs i.ethinka Roosevelt wili re nrn an
aaitaartra-n'. f'e gives foar reaaon* ani here ia
thefifrh: "Fafth, >o far aa ia known h-is
not in correapondence ?ith whom he nomi
nafl and elevt'd."
A Ur.e delegatl.n of men distingnished in
-rience and repre?entative* of all Ihe leading
life insur-rice rompanits appeared befo?e tb*
Senate committee on pnblic health lodjy to
nrge the adop'ion cf :hs Owen bill, that pro
poeea a deparirceiit of he-lth, tb. haad of
wbich ahall be a mrmber of tbe Cabinet.
Frank Breitwiaer, egel 18, died sf'er beirag
atrark over tie heart wiih a batted hall in
Caratral lark, New Ycrk, laat ev?ring. Thia
sevtotb fatality in laeseba'.l gameakii.ce
the leason opened tv. o ateks ago.
Sixty-tirst Congress.
A bill t) problbit loterfereoce with
commerce btt*eeo the s'atea was iotro- \
docrd io ne Beoat) by Saoatir Ola,-. i
I: aiso regulat*s tie traosmitalon o' |
cablegrams aod telegrams between tbla
aod foreigo coattries.
The purpoae r.f the bill is to prevent .
gambliog io fotnrea. I; ia ioteoded to
make it anlan'u'. lo ose tbe maW, tal?
graph or nlepbooe or make cootracts for
tie porcbaae of ccfon or farm produ ts
wbere Ihe property ia oot delivered. It
Ie almilar to tbe ""cott blll now pending
lo the H use. Benator Clay read a prt
pared speecb urgmg t.e paaBsge of tbe
bill, wblcb waa relerred lo the commit?
tee oo agrlcaltorr.
Tbe resolatlon lntroc"u*ed by 8eostor
8_lib, (itm., B 0 ) d recting the attor
oey geoeral to inveetlgate gambliog ln
cattoo, wss called op io tbeBeeate today
aod Mr. Bmith preseoted aome figurea
ahowiog tbe valoe of expirtailooa aod
prodoct He aaid tbla year approxl
mit ly $800,000,000 wcu'd ba brcujht
io to pay for co too aent abroad.
Attoroey Oeoeral Wickeraham waa
agsio criticised for eeeklog to prosecu'e
tbe cotton pool ooder tbe Shermao aoti
tro't ec'. I' baa already ccat tbla cooo
try $30,000,000 he rald, by deprecatiDg
price h.
Mr. B_ith suggrs'edtbe at.oroey geo?
eral ahould inveatigst) the cblef of tbe
Weather Ituresu for baving permitted
tbe bligbtiog froat Ibat made aocther
cca'tin crop tmpoaalqla
B?DH'or MlkioB e ujbt (o prevent a
vote oo tbe resolutloo aod waa atlded by
Senat r Adrlch tbereby cauiiag macb
irrit t'on.
Tbe reeolntioo was adopted wlthcut a
diviaioo. It loatiii:ta tbe aitorney geoe?
ral to aacertain who sold ctttoo to the
allfged pool bow mnch they owoed acd
what tbe price of apot cottoo in tbe
aootb at t.at time aod Ibe price on coc
tract io New York.
Oharges t.at the Department of Jor*
tice has ceglected the intereats ot the
government in coooect'on wiih mlllhta
of acrea ot land io Oregoo are preferrrd
io a reaclutioo lntrocucd by Ohamber*
laio (dero., Ore ), io tbe .. joate today.
Tbe laoda io qorition are held hy ihe
Sonth-rn Paclfic Rallrcad Oompany.
Wben tbe railroad bill araa taken up
tbere waa a long wraogle aa to whether
ayea and noea can be ordered ln advance
ol ao immediate vote.
Beoitir Newlaoda apoke at leogth on
the proviaion permltting traffic avree*
menta. He aaid railroada are a oatursl
monopoly aod abe uld be r.dleved from
the operat;ona of the Bbermao anti-trost
ac". Prior to Ibata ayatem of regulation
shoold bo perfeoted.
Mr. iUrrisoo of New York, loday in
trodoced a reaolotion au hoii/iog tbe
t.e preaident to sppoltt a commlealon cl
seven to repr>sent ihe Uo'ttd Btiteaat
toe ceremooifB u'.endiog tie lOOti ao
niveraeryof the Mexican declsntion ol
iodepend.nce. The cerfmonlea are to
be held at M'xlco Oity, Bep'.ember 16,
JV10. The reBolutloo baa tbe approval
ot the Mexlcan ambasaabor and wili be
reported from the Forelgn committee ln
tbe near fu'urr.
Mr. Marlln, of Oolorado, aerred notice
ontherules committee today of hia de?
aire to aecarc ao early hearing upoo bir
r-aolutlon cbargiog tb- nnlawful atle of
Phlllppioe frlar landa to the aogsr troat
and tbat tbe aale was eflectad by \toito
per itflaence workiog on the D*pail
meots of W&r and Justice.
TbeHcine bya vote of IdO lo t>7
adopted Mr. Malden's amendment to
tho Railroad bill providiog lor a pb?
Bical valua'ioo of railroada. Ao on
unally large oomber of inmrgeute jolc
ed with tbe democnti.
Tbe ameodment anthorlris the Ioter
alate Oommero? Oommlasioo lo aacerlain
tbe valae of all t.e property of every
common cairier in the Uoittd 8:ates.
Wilhelmina Receivee Rooaevelt Party
Arohem, Ne^bcrlaodr, April 29.?
After a foor bocr*' ride tbroogh tbe
roost beauti'ul coootry ihey have yit
eceo. Mr. Rooaevelt aod bia family ar
rived bero at noon today.
There waa aa ovatbn for Ihe former
preaident at every atatloo, calminatlng
wltb tbe democstratlon hete by aeveral
tuodrrd Americana and ten times their
numbrr of oativea.
Awaiting ibe Rooaevelta at the elation
wei.twoof Qieen Wilhelmina'a ann
mobilea lo which they wrre drlvi-n lo
t.e Ret Lio Paltce of the .,ueeo, a
short dlstance from Apeldcoro, aeven
t?en milea northeait of Arobem.
Tbe recepllon by tbe queeo and ber
coBiort, Prloce Henry, waa utiMoally
cordlal. Aiter loncbeon there waa an
informal viait aboot IhepaUce ground-,
with Wilhelmina honoriog hrr &u?>t
by acilog aa their pcrs-inal ca.ort.
ai .t n'rlnck the Rooaevelta motored
to Apeldooro andat f? o'clock they took
a special traio lor Amsteidam.
A dinoer wlll be given In boncr of the
Rooseveti at tbe qineo's Amsterdam
palace tonight, tt wbich ibe Burgome'
ster wlll presida. There will be40gaes*.B.
At 11 o'clock the psrty wlll lesve for
tbe Begoe aud nmaln tbere nntll fr?u>
day nigh'.
Amatcrdam, April 29.?Orowded Into
a coacb, O.lonel Roosevelt aod family
male the sbort nit from Apeldooroto
ATiterdam tbis efternoon, arrlvlog at six
o'clock. A sp-cial train had beeo or?
dered for the tr p bat it did not m?ter
liz? and tbe Oolonel, sccepted the regu
larcosch aod apeot ao h vr miogliog
wltb Du'ch trsvelere ol h'gh an 1 low
A big cr.wdw?e a*. the Btatlon and
M'. Roisevelt was received nproarloosly.
Conf?iaet HeSent Polsoned Candy.
Vienos, Aufltria, April 19 ? Lleot.
Hofrichter, ao cfficer ln one of the crack
Aostriao rrgimeoK b?acoufe!Beil, uoder
aweat-box Irqu'a tioo, tbat he aeot
poiaooed caody aod poiaoncd medicioea
to bis mperlor ( fficers, more than ascore
io number, in the nops thit by their
death be wt u'd be prnmoted,
As a res.lt of tbe confrsaion, there
seemi oo bope tbat Hofrichter cso e?cspe
faciogafiriog iqaad Hofrichler rsoired
to becom? a majir. Prom t'nns go
slowlylothe sbcw reglmens aod Hof.
richter faced long deWys tef.re hsooIJ
win bis rank.
It wbb shown that every officer io the
regiment of a rsok superior to tbat ol
Hofrichter, received a bcx of caodv or a
"oew psteot medicine" liberally treated
with cysoide of p.twsinm. The fatt
that Hofricit r did not recelve aoy of
tbe poiaon and tbat be waa knewo to be
ambltiooB, attra.fd implcloo lo him.
Morua Delesdo, recutly app-hrlcd Baarr
tary of Ajtrienltnre. and th*- tirn atgro to bold
9 oahl?1 posibwn in Cuba, died nuidenly in
' U .vans today of Bright'a diaes_e,
Dauville, ?f ter two years of dry regime> '
again vot'd wet in an el*ction held ye*- |
terday, by a majority oj io, outof a total |
of 1,154 votes in the four wards partici
patin/ in the election, the fif th and sixth
wards, constituting Iheaectionknowna"
N"rtb Danville, baviug no voice in the
contest, That section was dry wben ao
nexed, on con-lition that liquor abould
not be tbere.
Never in tbe history of Daivilli bave
the people been so stirred as ln yester
day'a contest, and the vote cap.t lacked
only about 75 of beinz the total regiatra
Danville. during the past seven years,
has alternated in the four elections held.
The last election was held April 15, 1908,
when the Urya won by a majority of 45.
In 1905 the cliy went wet and in 1913 dry.
Tbe victory of the wet forces yester?
day bas a wide slgnificance. Itmeans
tbat the dry Statea of North Carolim,
South Carolna and Georgia will bave
better facilitles of procuring liquor.
The city promiies to develop in'.o a
mail order liqnor town snd whisky men,
anticlpating today'a victory, have _e
cured opinlona on practically every place
In the city soitable for tbeir business.
Both sides reali/.d that it was a fight to
the finlab.
Women were not in evidence tt the
pr II9 yesterday, and there wa? no parade.
Tlie election, while most agKrevssie,
was devoid of excitement, and there
was no disorder._
Damages to crops io the southern
atates eaat of tbe Miasisaippi river are
not aa great as some of tbe first repoitt
seemed ta lodinate, aceordlog to Presi
dent W. W. Floley, of tbe S)o'.hero
Railway. Ilistld io Washio^tio yes
terdsy that reports show cotton aod coro
have saffsred ii Ihe noitbern two-thirds
of MiBsissippi, Alabama and Qeorgla,
but tbat fartber soutb tbese crops were
nctirj rd aod thst farther north they
were Lot far eocugh advaoced to be
serloosly hort.
"There is st ill ample time to repltot
both cotton aod coro," bo aaid, "aod il
this Ib done extenslvely the final yield
may not be greatly rer'u:ed. Reports
iodicate a geoeral eospeosloo of cotton
seed croahiog by oil milla, with a vlew
to cooserviog tbe setd for plant op. The
pjach crop does ootseemt) htve beeo
materially damaged, Melooaaud caote
ii upes io aontbero (horgia may bave to
be replsoted to some rx'.eot. rjttaw
berries aoflered llttle. No damage was
dooe to fruits, vegtttblcs or other crops
io Virginia."
(i a. E, P. Alexaoder, a noted Oon
federate soldier kod writer, dieditSi
vaooab, Gb., yesterday, aged 75y?sra.
Gen, A'exsnder was gradu.t:d inm
West P0I1 t io 18.r>7. Va some time he
rema'ned at West Point as aasiataot lt
? truclor iojmll t iry eDgloeeriog. Ia l.f>8
he w*>nt on fi-ld du'.y with tbe Utih ex
peditloo. Io 1860 he wts made smIb'.bdI
engineer io charge ol the defenees at Alca
triz Iiland, San Fraoclsco. He realgo
ed bis commiaaloo toettu tieOoofed
?r.ta army as a csptiin of eogioeers.
II ) wss on tbe sttrt of Geoeral Bssare
gsrd at lioil Ru 1, and was chief of ord
osnee of the Ooofederats army of North?
ern Virgioia, 00 the aufl of Generale
Johoaoo aod Lm u.til N ivember, 1862
He wse promt/ted to be colinel of artil?
lery in Loogitreet'B corpi, aod later te
be brlgadier g-n>ral of aitillery. At tbe
sorrender at Appomat ox be wbb Long
Btreei's chief of artillery.
At thn resldeuce at Oharlott(S7llln ol
Oapt. Micajah Woods yesterday af teroooc
bis dtujbler, Sillie .Uart Woods, wta
married to Mr. William Jarurs Rucker,
of 9'. James, ln tho stt;? of Miaaru-i.
R*v, Dr Fraok Page, of Brocklyo,
N. Y. aa ooe'e 1 f the brlde, perlormed
tbe ceremooy, asiisled by ibe Rev.
Hsrry B. L-p, rector of Ohrist Ep'icopal
Oburch, of Oharlotteaville.
MUb Jolia Jac.soo Pa'.tle, eldest
de u^hter of Mr aod Mrs. 0. M. Patle,
wbb msrried to John Thomss R?velle, ol
Washln^tm, '.n Warrettinon Monday
Mr. G. C. Pa Le wib tbe best mao
and (he brlde was glveo io msrriage ba
ber fatber, M<ss Betiie Mclotosh and
MIbb Obla Putle atteoded tbe bride.
A very pretty beme weddlog look
place la*t Wedoesdty at tbe residencf
of Mr. aad Mrs. Dilmon Estrp, tt
Millwood, when tbeir diujbter, M'?*
Nellie, wbb m*rrird to Mr. Ivoest L
Alger. Rev. II, B. S.onehsm performed
ibe ceremooy.
Miss Nellie I. Aroetr, daoghter ol
Mr. and Mrs. Mablon Aroett, of Loo
dooo county, and Mr. 0. E. Packard,
formerly of Parkman, M.ioJ were mar
ried od Mnnday.
Tbe daring thelt of a'xty ahettt of
UDBlgaed #.r. bslls?fl,200 in all?waa lt
por el to tbe pilice tbla a'nrnooo by
Prealdent 8ou?, of tha Firat N.tonr.1
Bank at Syiacua?, S, Y , Saow w?b
sigolcg the sheets when a atrangerer
tered the back and cngaged him in cor
veraation. H-.ow waa called away a
momet t and wben he returoed, the
atraoger and tbe billa were gone.
Tbe i'uural oi Welliogton Bmi'.h,
ihe wealtby paper manafastcrer wh~re
neck wia broken when a foldiog bed
n which be waa akeplrg in a New
York rooming hcuie aosppeialut, ?a
beld in Lee, Maa*., today, The famil*
rr-'naed to revesl the ideotity of tbe
woman whwai .-mit .'b c mp?nloo io
New Yirk ahliougb they are believed to
know w'o ahe ma
Th? uay-t<"y narroaanding llae disappearance
of I.inalo-i C. I. d/ily*. a alualerat of llae
Theoloiiral gerui.ary, at Prin<*eton, N. ?).,
waa clrirel up tadiy wli-u kil l-criy waa
foutad d aing in ihe Raritiu caaaal. He had
heen miaaina ?inre Siataday. lt - b lievnl
that be w*s alt-raiaged t'roaai over-atudy. He
waa a naiive of Conla Rice.
New Market Stakea.
New Market, Eigland, April 29.?
Waldnrf Astot's Wink pop woo ttday
the 1,000 goioea race for tbree jear old
filliea. Her price wia 6 to 2. Maid of
O.riotb waa aecocd at 100 to 8; and
Roa?line, M to 1, tiird. There were
tbirteeo tttrters,
New York Stock Market.
New York, April 2S??A atrout* tonaa devel.
oped at the opeaing of the atock market acd
at the e.d et itttt n rainotea a m*i>rity of the
leading U?oe ahowed gaina of abont a paint.
Althongh tbere were evidenccs of firther
h*avy liq .id*iioD, prices were fairly well
maiDtained, tankiog housea being large boy
era. Brokera repirt cooaiderab.'e nervous
neas amoog small tndrra owing to reported
droughts in the aonth.
Ao omoihni bill for tha payrrenl of
claiis egainst the U alied 8tit*a was le
po.t d ls the Benat-ytat'rday. I: carriea
ltetna aggrrgaticg $2,040,000,
News of the Day.
In Waabicgtoa yeaterday OUrence
Hrawlett, wbo stale jewela raiu'd at
$16,000 fr.aa Mta>. Frcderick Bu-her,
-aa eenteuced to ft uryeara in the federal
penit'Otiary at Le.venworlh, Kaa.
W. E D. Btikea, j*., a 14-year-oid
boy, yeaterday made an argu-eot br
fcre the Beoati committee io oebalf oi
amatmr wirelies telgraph opsrator*.
Tboaaaorla of cratea of a r.wberriea
from tbe flelda of Norfolk and Princeaa
Aone coantiea are boiog ahipp'd north
by rail and ateamer every day. The
fields are crowded with men, women and
children engaged io pickiog the berriea.
All poa'maaters wlll be given not ex
ceedlog five day.' leave of abaeoce from
tjuty io enable ibem lo at eod the meet?
log of tbe Virgioia Poatmaatera' A-ao
ciatioo, which wili be held at Rock*
bridge Alum Springs Ju'y 27 to 29
Pcatmaaler Geceral Hitchcock aanouoced
t ie fact yea erday.
Io a aiogle alttiog, witbont oppoaitlon
the Hcuie of Lorda ye*t;rday paaaed
the budget bill, the first -ej'Ction of
whicb li'd to tbe receot general election.
The bill oow only awaita the kiog'a a!g*
oatore to become law. The royal appro*
val wili be given aa a matter of ccirae.
The railroad biil waa uader conaldera
tloo lo the Hoaae all day yeaterday. The
demccrata aided by toe radical repabll
cans c.i.ceeded In anending tbe bill tl
inc ii ie telepbone and telegraph com
paolea noder the deaigoatlon of common
carriers bb osed in tbe act. It ia tbe
moat radical amendment which the op
pooeiii of tbe bill bave ao far tu:ceeded
in obtaioiog.
A apecial mettiog of the board o
t u-tsea of tbe O'orge WaBhiogloo
Uoiveraity in Wiabiogton bas beeo
called for Monday at 4:30 o'clock, wheo
tbe reaigoat oo of Prealdent Needtan
wlll be conaldered. There ia a poaaibi.'
ity tbat Dr. Needham'. realgnation
wili not be accepted unless he insiata.
Ia tbat event, the trattjta wili u'ge
bim to remalo in control nntil tbe
clo*e of the preaent academic year, it
Tbe big clrcui elephant wbich started
all the o'bers of the berd on a rampagp
whlcli on Wedaeaday afternoon reaolted
io tiotnaoda of dollara worth. of damage
beiog dooe, bcaidea aeriona injariea to
aeveral prraona at Daovilie, III.. wa*.
prooruoced loaaoe and waa rxecnled
vesterday aft irnoou ia the p-essoce ol a
oamber of physicians. Obaioa were
faateoed aroaod bia neck and r uMed from
each end by two oth*r elephauta until he
waa ataogled. 111 waa valu d at
To preveot capture aftir a vicioaa at
tack on Aona Kipp, Olarenco Wood, 19
yeara old, of Rutberforl, N. J., barrl
caded bimaelf lo tbe Ratherford Bnt
Olab house yeaterday, morolog and
for five bcura foaght ofl a poese of polict
aod depoty aberlfi., 30 or 40 memben
of amilittry compaoy and eaongh volac
teers from Ralberfotd aad Hackenssck
to briog the posae up to 460 or 500
armed men. Finally, bis atrongbold,
riddled with bnllrt- and aarrender tbe
?oolyj alteroatlvr, Wood ended the
?troggls by firing a bu'let ioto bia terr -
ple, dyiog almott loatsntly. Wood, it
ia believed, bad become auddeoly de
Five membera of the crew ol the Mor?
gan Line ateatSBhip El Alba, boand
from (J .lvp?t.,ii to New York with a
cargo o'aioions, met tbeir deith in a
moat horribl.* manner laat Saturday lost.
wbile the ahlp waa in the Galf of Mex1
co, tweott-'.hree boara out from tbe
Texaa port. The main nteam pipe in
tbe boiler room oi ths ireigrnr bunt
and a great strram of acaldiog vapor
waa aent fortb, eovelopiog tbe corr|> irt
ment aod literally boiliog the ootorto
oate men. The big veaael wss crippled
by the acc'dent aod waa le.'t hcipleaa.
Her cm! t on was learned in por*
tbroogh wircleaa meeaagea aod ahe was
towed to port.
Only four houae9 are atamiing in the
litile bamlet of Orleans, Ontario county,
N. V., the others having been destroyed
by fire early todav. The hamlet was
wi hont fire apra-nm-. The residenta
fornied a bncket brigade but conld do
little and the fire burned itaelf out.
Iucendiarism is euipected.
Members of the I'resbyterien board of
foreign missions in New Vork today re
ceived with regre* the announcement of
the deatb, at Beirut, Syr'a, of Rev. Dr.
Henry Harris Jessup, healof the misaion
work there. Dr. Jessup waa 78 years
old and a noted linguist, g?ologist and
Tbe Virgioia State llortico'tural 8:
rlety will give a field demooftra'ioo of
?pnylog lo the nrcbard of Mr. George
0. R'nod, at Mansssis, on Monday,
Mty 21. Tbia demons'rrtlon wlll be
cindocted by a repreBeotativeof the Vlr
sinia State Experiment S'atlon. Prof.
Drlnkard, who wlll make and apply all
the mott Important sptav*, oslog modero
aprsying rqirpmeot He wlll be ready
todlsonsall practlcsl problemsof or
chard managemert, mth At proniog,
coltlvatlno, fertllzttion aod dlseases of
fiult. Tbe demoostratlon, which begln
at 10 b. m., Is free to all.
Goveroor Marshsll pave machlne po'
itlcs a eu-prise yesterday by tha vicory
which be won lo tbe state ccoveoiion
wheo Joho W. Ksaru, democrstic nom
inee for vice prtstdeot In 1908, was io
dorsed for tbe Uulted States S:Date.
Yesterdiy'a action meana lhat Kearo
ihould be tlcktal to mx.td Se.a'or A
J. B2veridge, pr.vlded ibe dcmncrats
bave a m jority ln the next ata-.e legls
Isture aod ibit m-j jrity tdber:n to the
Wbiie be goveroor owes his Iriumpb
t>a happy combioaiioo wltb Jobn VV.
Kern aud ihe work of the Kero support
ers, as distio^oisbed from the T.ggait
i .llowing, the victory ij largely du i to
the adroitatas of the goveroor bimaelf.
(JjTernor Marsbail's admloistra.iun
wbb couomeoded, but ho waa oot ci
doraed lir president. The Payoe Al
drlch iar.fl l?w was deoouaoed as a mas?
ter! iete of iojua ce, aad toe repobllcaos
ol Indlaoa wtre cbarged witb cowsrilice
/or tbeir endorBfrneot of the Wr.fT lo a
resolutloo opbolding Sjostor B.verldge,
wbo voted agaln?i toe law.
One pl?-k of tfce platfcr- favors ao
iccome (ax. Ihe sblp sobsidy bill is
ng'.r.usly coodemoed.
Flfty yeara'experlence ol an Old Nurae
Mrs. Winslow'a _oothiii?? syrup is td*
pre?cription of one of the t*-t ftm-.ie piiysic
isna and nurae in the United rVsu*. aod
.&. __?_ nseu for fcrty years with oever-f.tii
ing tuccaas by milhou-. of ruotliers tof the ir
elnidrsa. It raOav- tb? ea_l_ frrui puo,
are* i;*rr_ce*, _rii<in* in the bowels, sua
wiuJ col:c. By giving hoalui lo th? ciuU i.
isau ths moUier. T#*aiv An aaatt ? bottls
Woodward & Lothrop
New York?Washington?Paris
Men's Retiring Garmcnts.
Lu.urlruifeeliog of freedom sod comfurt ln Ptjamaa forelgn to ttber IcoDg
log aod nt riog garoneots for meo.
The matrrlals of wbich r.urs are made are silks, merceilced c ttocs, aiaJraus,
percales aod checkedand pla'n naioaooka.
Ligh'.weigbt Mercer'znl Poplln Paja
maa, in wbite, blor, tan, aod laveoder,
trimmed with wh t. ailk fr.?/.f2.50
Silk-floiahed Ootton P.jtma*, in a
very light welghl; plsio colors aod white,
made with military collar aod flolahed
wltb silk frogs.*.$3 00
made in corr.ci
Obecked Wbite N.ioa. ok and Colored
Percale P?j?m?s, made witb milituy
collar cr w:th Vneck.$1 00
Mao'r.s P.j4ma?, In white, s?lf-jtriped
and colored figored aod striped dts'gos,
stith milituy collar.$1 50
Featber-weight Wbite Nainsock Pajs
mar, fioisbed wl'h military collar; alao
of self-strlped plaln wbite msdras aod
colored mercer'zid cottor.$2.00
Also a fall line of Nigbtsbirta for those wbo prefer them,
st/leaand in measuremeots for meo of all proportioos.
50c, 75c, to $1.50 each.
Maio fl wr?F atreet.
fien's Seasonable Underwear.
All soiti of fabrice?coltoo, balbrigfcao, lisle, merloo, wool, lineo, and silk??
aod In very i'ght bb well ss med ua welgbti.
Sbirta with loug sleeves, half sleevea, and sleevelcss, Drawers ia regular
leogth, short loseams, aod knee length.
Balbripgan, 00c. 75., $1 00, and $1 50 garmeot.
Llsle, fl 00, $1 50, aod $2 00 garmeot.
Merino, $1.00 aod $1 50 gaimeot.
Wool, $2.25 and $3.00 garmeot.
L'oen, $1 00 $2 25, and $3 00 garmeot.
All-sllk, $3.75 garment and up.
Msin 11 wr? F etree*.
319 King street,
Fine store Room.
301 Cameron street,
Store and dwelling.
116 south Pitt street,
7 room brick and bath
1227 King street,
(J room brick and bath.
323 south Lee street,
7 room frame and bath.
$15 00
226 north Patrick street,
7 room frame.
$15 00
Second floor?427 King street,
Office rooms.
$15 00
Third floor-427 King atreet,
Oifibe rooms.
1101 Prince street,
7 room brick.
418 Queen street,
o room frame.
500 Cameron street,
7 room frame.
1200 Wilkes street,
5 room frame
$6 00
921 north Washington stroet,
7 room frame.
$10 00
923 north Washington street,
5 room frame
521 north Pitt atreet,
6 room frame
?21 aouth Patrick street,
5 room brick.
Virgiuia News.
Amocg the appolntments sent to the
Sasal s by the preaident yeaterday were
William P. Keot, of Wytheville, to b
c 'nlii at New, Obwaog, Obina; aod W.
II or? Robertion, of Ricnmond, to ba
con ul at Oallao.
Bnperlntendent J. B. Wood, of tbe
Virginia penitentiary, haa aancuiced
bta ir t'rt'.cn of doiag away with wbip
ping at the "peo," Tbe lash irill be
applied only in extreme caaes, if at all.
Sditary confiaemeot or a dark cell la to
be subiiitiit?d (or tbe wbip The method
baa been tried out ln the laat month or
two and baa been Luad very aatia
A L. Watthen, of I" rryville, who
recentiy porchaeed Rosemont near
Obarlea Towd, W. Va,, cootraalog 415
acrea, baa aold a portlon of the land con?
taining aboat 21:' acres, to William D.
Sra'th and Harry B/rd, of Wiochester,
(or $25 000. The greater part of the
land aold haa an appple orchard oo
The jury lo the caaa of JuoiuaA.
Willlamaon, accased oi the marder of
hia wife Jane 9, 1909 ahortly before 11
o'clock last night in Peteraborg came in?
to court and repoit d that they were an*
able to agree oo a verditt, beiog hope
lesaly dlvided. Tbey were tbeo die
obarged aod the caae contir ued to tbe
next term ol court. The jary etood aix
for marder in tbe firat degree and aix
It took a warrant aod an cfficer and a
Uoited 8:atea commisaioner to make Miaa
El'a Pettlcolaa of Richmond t?ll her age
to the ceoaQB man. Miaa Ptttcolaa de*
c'ared ahe would not, Blsmmed the door
io tbe centut man's face and ii.'d to the
poatmaater for aid. A warrant waa ivu d
and when U. B. CommUaiooer Brady
t 1J her there waa a prospect of a beavy
flneandajaH sentence If she did't at
awer Miss Petticolai tearlully aorrend
Dr. Waogh latu d the following bol
letin yeaterday rela'iv- t) the cond t oa
of Beoator Dacaiel, now at bia home in
Lynchborjr,: "8-ostor Daoiel'a con
dttion la aa good as can be expected.
He bad a good night, aleeping cif acd
on tu Iog the oight. The increaa-d
amoant of noarisbm.nt that he ia takiog
aod the use of the electric curreot to tbe
mucles oo the paraijz'd aide are begic
nirrg to tell lo tbe way of a geoeral im
provemeot of hia condlilon. Tbe aeoator
alept aix hoors yeaterday and expreased
a deslre for food. His sp*ecb ls more
distinct and bia reaponse to qaeatioos
more prompt than formerly.
The membfrs of Marr Camp willmeet
at Fairfax, Monday, May 16 (court day)
to transact importaot busineaa, snd to
make preparaticns for the annnal mem
orial day servicea, whicb take p'aee Jane
i each yea-.
Plans are bcing made ?* Richmond, to
lannch a campa'.gn within the next few
days for the creation of a board of con
trajl for tbat city, which, while appo'n*.
ed by the mayor and in some measure
subordinate to the council, sball bave
entire cbarge of the municipal govern
Policeman Jcaeph Hoherty, of N*w York.
retairned home early today to find a bnr.lar
ia the parlor. The man ran toward a wara
d .w acd Doherty drew hia revolver. **e,?*J
le?a'hanten feet from the robber ard fired
two ahe-ts. Brth miwd but penetrated a tew
i'M piano. The burglar eseapid.
Diarrhcea abtu d becu.-ed witbcotloea
of time and by a medicine' wbich like
Obaro-erlaio'a Oolic, Obolera aod Ci*r
rhoea Uemedy oot only cores prcmptly
bu- proftrea no ncpleasant af<er rflects.
ll -rvor '? le -iO<i i* pleaaant and aale to
.ake. BaW-J W, F. Creigbtoo & Co.
aod Ricbard Qib**o,
i Virginia Military Institute
f HwBo-ruolVli :.. ?.-'_'? r
I I IM, wlll apimiDt ST.T. C.DBM
U*M_, I -Ii 14th, .??'Ii 1 'il' ?n
1.1 Di.truU. ?nJlw,)lll AT-IRUK Th.? ?p|..iutni*tjl. t.r. r
fr?* hcaril ...I UIMoa, Appltt-tioni .hrmlj r>? ? ? ?
th. unJiriljn.d oo ec b?tur? Ja_. Unh . n i. ?.. tb.i .,11 b*
MuruwiMi L, W. NM ti01.H,H?pt.
aprlStm r75-tu.fr!_
Reported Massacrce of Jews.
Bichhrests, R unaola, April 29.?.
The Dinincstzri tod*y pri-n dupatchea
from Kirff sistirg tbat buidreds of J. wa
maseacred tbere vestertday by the Roe
siao pcssaotry. HurureU* M p?s?snta
from aarrtuodiog towns gstbered ln
Kiefl, aceordlog to tbe diap.t:he?, aod
iovaded tbe shetto, wbere tbey ccm
mit'ed the most terribia atrocities.
Tbe Jews appealed to tbe goveroor
geoeral for protectioo, but he Ignored
Women aod cblldre" suffr.d dea'h
and iojory aiike with thn men, toe
Dlmiocatza sa)8, and tbe Piogrem wsa
kepl up until the U-tof th* Jews bad
either killed or had fl d the city.
The expalsion d Jews Irom K if
brgsn on April 23 aod wgg to have been
complatid by yesterJay. Tbe work
wbb eupp'scd tola'o bftn dono nnder
official fupsrvislon. In cr?er ti alley
pablic clamor, ihe Rri'slan ? u horitles
anncnoced on April 24 tbat tbe expal?
sion edict ha I been mndified aod ibat
most ol the Jew* would be allowed lo
r?msio. TbU wbb shown to be a croaa
New York, April _f ? D spafebes re?
ceived t)day by the Jewl-h Daily News,
tell of the brntsl rxj ulsho teaterdsy
fr im Kieff of 2 500 Jewlib fnmilies. The
dlflps>cbes ray Ibe Jews were tre< t d witb.
ntmoit barbarlty, bnt do nrt mentlon
the deatbs repcit d in Ihe Uoited Preis
The expolsiort bogan at ao early hrur
thlfl morniog. Men, sot.rn aod cblldren
were ruMed from their beds with scaot
time lo dress weredriven to tbe central
polxa ttt'.icn. LaUr in tbe day the
exiles were sett oot of th* city in ganga,
soldlers oo borseback berdiog them I ke
c.ttle. The'American Jewisb committee
also received advices from tbe Oerman
Jewlsh relief soclety, coofiaing tbe news
dispatches, Tbe rommi.t'e immed ately
sent ao appeal ti Becrittry of Bat*
KaO-t, nqieBtiog b'm to Inerceeds in
babalf ol Jtws A slmllar p;t;tion baa
beeo forwsrded to fie Britiah Forelgn
Office by tbe Jewlsh 0 ramuoitv ol LjO
doo aod ihe E.glisb Forelgo Office haa
a'ready inrtoct-d tbe Eogliab Amra?
sor at 9'. Ptterstii'g lo soucd the Czu'l
Car Stoned and Wreekel.
Colombo*, Oblo, April 2!?.? R'otleg
tiday followed the aLerrpt of tha local
treet car company to hrtr-k tbe atrike
started by the recrnt'v orgsoiVd noloo.
A car was ?t ned at Brosd and Liooard
str.'ets, and wben the p lice tried to
drlve hack the crowd they were over
whelmed aod ths car turoed over aod
Tbe t cu'ile srnse over the refasal of
tbe compaoy to reios'ate men discbargev,l
tbeoofoomen c'aim, f..r Ibcir scilv ty
as orgaoz rs. Tbe compsnv hsd jast
aeltl.d ooeprcspectivesirk: b; graotirg
iDcreas'Sia wsges and tbe mio cUira
tba*. tbeir leaders were dischsrged for re
General Msna|ter SUwrrt (ri<d to stop a
hoy who waa oatiius: a trollrjr rope noH wia
*trn'?k in tbe f??e but no? hsdly Imrt. A raob
.limberioK more thin a thoo?sn I jrathere'l
in front of th* capit.l aud Fmealied tbe wied
ows of all cara that piased. The compaoy
anoonnces Jit ;wili;not re-trrploy any cf tha
strikera. _^^^^
Mra. Lfs'iH Oarter, whois ill in C\ velsn I,
Ohio.of arate.o;ii?, wu aaid by Dr.J.H.
ij'iayle todnv fo Ke in no iuim^hte r,at)g>r.
Mrs. Oartrr's r-? ?? '.uack ia atlributed to
ptomaoe i_ arft abell crabs which abeat
W t'4uv?iay aignt,

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