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A'.'i iii.K h>t?b bss occarred io the
pUn to raise tbe bat.Uship Maioe saok
at Havana barbor io 1898. Cjogreaa
recemly appropriated $100,000 to raise
t.? vassel, bat accordiog to a atatemeot
g'veo oat yesterday by the War Depait
udoi, It may take half a millioo dollars
or more to defray the cost of ralalng tbe
w.eck. 8scretary of War Dickinson
yasterday called tie atteotioa of tie
H imu to a letter to bim, dat?l laat Bat
n day from Obief Eapineer Maraball, of
t ie army, ssylng tbe work couid not be
doie for the $100,000, nor can tbe
amo-ot be "ejooomlcally aad eflectively
ezpeaded ia ioitial work." Ganeral
Marsball said the beBt plaa wcu d be 13
balld a cotlar dam arouid tbe wrsck aod
punp It oat, tbm permittlog the re*
mjval of tie bodies aid a tborcuj- ex
amioatioa ol the bull, BaCWUry Dick
loioa makea oo recommeodatlon. Tbe
Maioe will never be rataed bo long as
aome meo] now io authority have their
w.y, for tba reasoo tbat it mlght be
Bhiwo that the abip wai blown op from
the inside.
AaB-UUAL Ktrike oi Ihe members of
the OleikV Uolon of tbe Norfolk and
Wt.t rn iisilway Byatem, Involving 600
meo, was ordered at Koanoke yeaterday
by tbe general committee of the ddIod.
Tbe demanda made upon tbo compaoy
by tbe clerka incinded a 10 per cent
raiae in salary, ciaaBificBtion of clerks,
aeniority of promotlcn, 30 daya* leave of
absence limit, ancual vacallonwith pay,
one bi ur for mtals, right of appeal in
caae nf discbarge or disciplinr, annuai
patBes to be graated to clerks after fire
years of service, excuse from duty aa far
as |> aa ble cn Hucdaya and holldays.
Tbe demacds were refoatd, tbe com?
pany evldcnlly hfl.evicg that sbould
they bo crniplifd wi'.b (be next demand
would be tbst rach cletk be msde a di?
rect.r in the company and be given a
block of strck._
COjrO-OBBI bas been saked for an
app'uprialion of $9,000 in order ths!
tbeSate, War aod Navy DepartmentB
may go in'o the ice tuiioesa. The
ascre'arlea of these drpuimecta have
claimiii that Ice mB_ufactured by pri
vate interrsts is so txpensive that tbls
government wlll save money by making
its own sapply. Io a comrt?uiicatioo
addrpss?d to tbe Senate yeaterday, aecre
taries K'uix, Dickinson aod Meyer j io
ia a reqieat for the approprlatioo. They
watu 15,000 witb which to install an
ize making machine in their building,
and $4,000 with wblch to bnlld a foon
dation forlt. Should the gjvernrnet.t
gi into the ice basintB* it wlll not take
long to show tbat government msde ice
in the most expenslve tbat waa ever
Attorneys for tbe "defeoae" in the
Ballioger inveatigat'cn are today ec
gaged in a process of calming down Oa
car Lawler, sts'start attorney general
for the Ioterior Department. Oa the
atand yesterday Liwlrr wbb so ezplosive
io his wrsth aod so biltw io bis denon
ciatlon of the "prrwetut'on," Includlng
James B. Gufield, Giflord Piocbct,
Glavis aod Kerby, as to nullify what.
ever rftect his testimony hsd as to facts.
He made the worst wltness Secretuy
Ballingrr has yet bad, becaute of hia
inability to control bis temper. The
soBvest of qaestioos brooght forth tor
retti of abnse from Lawler, and
be even went so far at one time to yell
that Attorney Brandeia was a iiar. Tba
uacoolrolled acger of Lawler was in
atrikiog roitrapt to tbe qaiet forreulneu
of Bteorgrapber Frederick M. Kerby,
Even B-lllnger pait'.eaos adroitted he
was tbe best witness for tbe "prosecu
tion" which bas yet testified before tbe
committee. L. B. Glavis bad weeks of
prepsralioo and stody before be to!d his
ttoij, Naturally he made a splecdid
As aoticipated tbe Alabama state
democratic conveotion drclared yestei
day for local optlon, a 1 _eral atitode
toward rspiial, the repeal of any of th>
drsstic prohibition laws of tbe present
legislature tbat iovade the rigtt< of trial
by jury, and more efleu've aod protec
tive mlning laws. Oi the prohibition
pollcy, Emrmt'. O'Neal, nominee for
governor, in his speech ol scceptance,.
said : "If Ihe pollcy of Biate*wide prc
hibition is ti be maiotained, we most
porge from the stitites tbose provisioos
wh.cb invade conctitutiooal gaaraotees
and vlolate well ettibliahed legal rigbts."
The Alabamiaossppear ti be comiog to
their sober sensrs again._
ALTHor'.n tbe electlon for the next
govfT-or of Virginia will not be held for
over three jcars yet at least five candi
dates for tbe position are already in the
field. These gentlemen evideit'y be
lieve tbat tie early bird catcbea the
worm. Iortmcesare knowo, bowever,
wben tbe early bird bss been csogbt.
Bttaros from yes erday's election in
Denver indicate that the wrtihaverar*
ried tbecity by at least lf\000 maprity.
Ihe cooocil will be beaviiy democratic.
From Wasliington.
WaahingtoD, May 18
Oharles O'Neil, prlvate Rwldler now
onder death watcb at Fort Leavenwoits
Priaon for the kiliing of his swett.eart
Mlonie Sbardeno, todsy wss given a
commu at on of sentence by President
Taft. He will aerve a life sentence for
tbe kiliing.
At tbe rrquest of B?nator Perkina,
the naval appropriat oo b:ll was today
recomml tid by the Senate t. tbe com
mlt;e on naval affaire. Mr. Perkius
said lt wsa deaired to include some
amendments uot made a part of the bill
wben reported.
Preaident Talt today sent word to the
Secate insurgenti denying tbe storles
now io circuiation, tbat the presideot in
conferencea witb reguiar aecators and
with newspaper men baa attacked tbe
ioiu gents in language more empbatic
tnan polite.
A fea ure of tbe great lotjrnational
r'u iday achool conveotioo, wblch will
begin its sessions here tomorrow and
coottnue for a week, will be an immense
parade of adult male Bible claas mem?
bers. It Ib expected tbst fnlly ten
tboosand uelegalea will be iu line, rep
resentating j>r>cticaiiy every country of
the world. They wlll march down
Peonaylvania Avenne t3 the Capitil
where they will be reviewed by tbe exe
cu ive offlcers and toe maoy women del
gttis. President Taft wlll dellver an
addresa cf welcome to the delegates
tomorrow night and Mr. John
Wanamaker, ot Philadelphia, will greet
them on bthalf of tbe Sanday schools
of tbe Uuited States. Rs?. Dr. Greene,
of t.ls city; Bev. Dr. J. Munroe Gib
son, of Eugland; Btsbop Yoitsu Hooda,
of Jspin, and Bisbop Joseph 0 Hsrt
Bell, ot Africa, will also make addresa s
Metttogs wlll be beld duriog the week
at every cburch in tbia city condooted
by pulpit orat irs from all corners of tbe
Oommander Olmer bas served notice
on tbe commandera of the Madriz and
E?trada forcea aod on Iriss for the pur
pose of protectlng the llves and property
of AraerlcBDs, foreigners and non-com
batsnts. The reasoos for tbis actioo are
that there are no armed f jrces in B tu
fields Itself and tbe bombardment of tbe
city c< uld only reeult ia tbe deatruction
of property and the useless endangeriog
of llves. Ettrada baa refused tosuneoder
and a atruggle seems ineviiable.
Tbe reslgnation of Bear A Jmiral
Rogers, wblch Secretary Meyer haa
dropped like a bomb into tbe ranks of
tbe recalcltrant atail officera of the navy
who baveopposed biaieorgaoizatioo plan
will probably bave ita altermatb In Oon?
gress before toe iocldett is entirely cloi
ed. Tbe msjority of the members of tbe
coogressiotial commltteea have been in
sjmpathy with the ataff point of vlew, as
oppoaed to that ot tie lioe, aod lt la
qulte Hkely tbat tbey will waot (o
know why the paymaater geoeral bas
beeo depnaed. Such actioo would prob?
ably avert tbe skake op iu the bareao
ofiupplies aod accounts save some cf
snbordinatea lo Admiral Rogers wbo are
tbreateoed witb tbe wrsth ofthe secretary.
Detpite tbe assertlon tbat tbe reason for
tbe cuatlog of the paymaater general do
oot antedate March 2, there ia a geoeral
onwiliiogneas io believe tbat hia opposi?
tion to the Meyer reorgaolz.roo plan
aod his opeo critirlam ol it before tbe
coDgreaBiooal committees before tbat time
did oot have mocb to d i witb it Secre
lary Meyer insists that Admiral Bogers*
dowofall Ib due to his refosel to obey his
orders io bringiug the naval sopply fuod
witbin the legal llmlts aod the loefficieocy
of tbe accoont'og ayatsm of tbe bureau.
But before tbe illegality of the preseot
sopply fund waa dlscovered it was lotl
mated tbat Paymaater Gaoeral Rogers
wruld go. Rear Admiral Osppa, tbe
chief constructor of tbe nsvy, was under
ibe bao for tbe aame reasoo, bot he did
not carry oo the fight, apparently witb
the ssme peraittency as Admiral Rogers.
Wbatever the resul:s, the line aod stsfl
fight is likely to be cariied to Oiogress
aod bresk out with renewid vlgor. Many
naval rfficers are on tbe anxloos seat,
aod Dumercus orders tor sea doty are
A republican cincus to consider lo
postal savio&s haok leglslatloo will be
beld in tbe H use early next week,
Tbrre is some dlflerence of opinlon
among the republicaos as to the prc
vlaions ofthe bill and tbe leaders hit
upon tbe cautus plao rathtr than to
bring tbe bill i_ti tbe Houae until tbe
rne repablicao seniiment ookoown.
While retoroing from a polltical
meetiog nesr Wheeling, W. Va , early
tiday tbe aotomobWa cootaioing U. S.
Senator Scott, aod aeveral state patttf
ciana, dashed over a blgh embankment
and all the occupants ware injared.
S.'nattr SfOlt was conelderably biuiaed,
bot bia lr.jariea are not serioua.
Tbroogh a trlpartite pftsa of media.
tioo oo the pait of tbe Uoited Ptat's,
Brazil aod the Argentioe Republic the
war crleia between Peru and Ecnador
has, it is believed, been averted. It Is
reported tbat both countries are rfady to
accept if tbey bave not already acoepted
tbe effer.
Frederick M. Ketby, the stenogrspher who
was diachargad by Bacretary Ballnger for
making public the facts concaroing tho prep
aration of tbe fanioua "i_,wlt?r draft" ofthe
prrsidert's letterexoueratiog Bailinger, went
to the Interior I)ei> irtmeut this sfiernoon aad
rleared hisdesk _>tby waa greeted cordial
ly by hia form, r fellow workeM and his
visit was witbr nl sny ontoaard incident. He
did not sea Seora'ary BalliORer or Osoar
Cbarged wlth Unbecomlog Condoct.
Manila, May 18 ?Uoder arrest io
qosrters at Fort McKloley, Lleote-?rt
Oolonel Robert E. Ames wss t >day
served witb cbarges of cooduct u->be
coming ao ctficerand prejadiclal to mill*
tary dlsciplioe aod will be court mnr*
t sled at ooce.
Thia action IoIIowb the verdict of the
civil autbor.t'.es tbat LteotensntOlsrence
M. Jaooey, of Oolonel Ames' regiment,
the Twelftn lofantry, cominitted soicide
durlng a diooer psrty aod daoce at
Oolonel Ames' htuse oo Msrch 12.
Tbere were ramors that the lieotenant
bad been killed, bot ihe civil investl
gat jra aod a ooort of icquiry agreed tbat
he killed hlmself.
Tbere were also romors at tbe time
of trruile betweeo tbe colonel and
Liett >nsDt Jsnney, became of tbe form
er's sllfgrd at'.ections to the wife of hia
Rtfnsed to Obay Strike Order
Lrncbbor?, Va., May lS-Olerks ln
the local offlcea ot the Norlolk and West
ern Bstlway tidsy refosed lo obey the
strike order issoed by the onioo officlsls
ti eolorce demanOs for a sborter work
day aod incteaacd wages.
Io a local optiot electloo beld io Deo*J
ver Ool., yeaterday the city went wet.
Kxcitemt nt About Comet.
Bicbmood, V*., May 18.?Negro ex*
liorters are holdlog aervlcea lo the atreeta
here today worklog their aodltora into
psroxylsms of terror with dire prophecy
tbat tbe end of tbe world la almoat at
hand. Esrly thia moroiog little baods
of Bopera'.itloas black meo aod womeo
coogregsted oo the r-treeta aod prayed
loudly for deliveraoce aod aalvatioo. Io
aeveral of tbe cburches io tbe vicioity,
where tie negroes are even more super
si tii ui thao bere, special services are
being held in an eodeavor to avert by
prayer tbe calamity wbich all aeem to
believe is ceitaio to follow the cootact of
;be earth wltb the Uil of Halley's comet
The fear while geoeral, has reaulUd io
the development of a marked decomlna*
tional feeling. Negroes of one faiti believe
tbat tboao of hia faith alone will besaved.
As a result Baptista are urglog Me tho
dsata to come over and vice veras. Both
are uiiog stre-ums efforta to panutde
oon-church membera to "get religtoo"
aod their erlorts are maetiog with no
small saccess.
Marked evideoce of tbe effect of tbe
comet oo tbe morals of tbe populatloo of
color was ahown by the police court
docket this moroiog. Usoally crowded
with meo aod womeo charged witb
every varlety of pelty offeoces, today
foood this ccurt almoat empty. For tbe
preaent at leaat tbe pet.y thievery aod
drunkeoess hsB beeo dooe away witb.
Negro aalooos aod reeorta mlght as well
close their doors, for tbere are no cas*
All tbis, however, ls severely felt by
the wbites, many of whom were hard
put this moroiog to secure their break*
Bervaota failed to put lo their ap
pearaoce, nor oould any amcont of cosx ?
iog pertiude them io rttaro to tbeir
mealal duties.
"Dee, hooey, I got to look after mab
scui, ao' I'm got oo time for oothlo'
else," was the way ooe oid mammy ex?
preased heraelf when laplored by ber
mtsiresB, a yoong Bicbmood soclety
womao whom sbe bad nursed, to retoro
to work. Aod this seems to be tbe
geoeral at 1 u le arooog the darkeys.
Tbe more edaoated olass of negroes
are dligusted with wbat tbey tarm "dem
fool oarryina' oo," aod bave attempted
to rout aoperatitlon witb many more or
leaa feaalble argumtots. Their eflorts
sre geoerally fotile.
New York, Msy 18.?Dr Harold
Jscoby, Bathtrford Professor of Astroo
omy at Oolumbia Unlverslty, wrltse as
follows for tbe Uoited Preas: "Tbe
proof of the poddiog is In the eating,
and tbe proof of astronomy is In wbst
will bappen tonigbt when the earth will
probably paaa through the comet's tail.
Astronomers bave made tbeir dedoc
tiuns as accarstely as tbey knew bow,
but overyone will have personal know
ledge of tbe exact truth by midoight.
"The comet cao no iooger be seeo In
tbe morning sky. Heocefortb it will be
viaible ooly io the wertern sky io tbe
eveolog dlrectly abov* tbe poiot wbere
tbe soo sets.
"This appearaoce will tske place every
nigbt for six weeks bfgloolog tomorrow.
Tue clearoeas wltb wbich tbe comet may
be vlewed will depeod on tie blackuess
of tbe skip*. The mooo, which will be
full by Msy 24, wiil ioterfere witb tbe
view iniil tbat date. Duriog the first
and second week io Jane, It ls likely,
the comtt shoald be seeo ia all of ia
glory tbeu It will gradoally disappear.
"By the end of Juoe the comet will
have disappearcd oot to retaro for 76
years. The corrent visit bad aromed
thegrtalest popolar Interest aod astronc
mers ex%>ect as a rf suit tbert will be a
stimu'us in tbe Bcieoce of aatrooomy
wbich will bear froit lo new disroveries
and iospire tbe yooog to follow Halley's
"Ooe bencfit bas resulted from the
widf spread discossion of the vlsitor, tbat
ls the world bas beeo rid of much super*
?tition t' lublog the eod-of-the-world
Wllkeebarre, Pa-, May 18.?Deter*
mioed to die wlth their wivea and child?
ren In the event of dettrustioo of tbe
earth today by LUIIey's comet, thou
BaodB of mloers io tbe anthracite ragioo
refased to go down the mloes.
Bostoo, May LS,?The mootsd qo.es
tlon about the composltlon ol the nesd
of Halley'a comet will be acttled sooo,
according to Prof-wor 0. 0. Veodell,
of Harvard. There haa beeo cooalder
able dispate as 11 whelher tbe bead Ib
solid or gaseous.
"Wbeo tbe head of the comrt passes
across tbe face of tbe aoo," aaid Pro*
fessor Weodell, "aoy solid mattsr will
be distinctly viaible. Observera ln the
Orieot shoald be able to determine de*
fioitely the compoaitioo of the comet.
I expect nouou'ual pheoomeoa as the
eaith paases through tbe comet's oolesa
it be a reddlsh glow io tbe sky.'*1
Uarvard professors are ooaoimons io
tbeir declaratioo tbat tbe earth wili
pass oosoathed throogb the comet's tail.
Professor Pickeriog declares there
need be no fear frem tbe comet. "A
comet afp'ars at least threa tlmes a
year," he said today, aod H alley'a
comet ia oo more bslelul io efiect tbao
aov other."
Paris, May 18 ?Freoch Astrooomera
have failed to reasture the poblic rr
gsrdlng the barmleas nature of Ibe
cyanogen gaa in tbe tail of Halley's o
met, aod bondredaof people today rslded
tbe chemis!s' sbops and btught tbelr
entire aupply of oxygen gaa, t> be med
tooffiet tbe feared tfleotof tbecyaocgap.
New York, Msy 13.?All day revival
servicea are io prcgress in a negrocturcb
cn the wes side, io the rtan Josn Hill
diatrlct T ie cbu c 1 m-mbcrsbip la ax
peitid to be dtubled aod tha mloister
declared todsy tbat bt|expected to taka
io enoogb money fromjthe new worahlp
pera to pay l fi a $500 mortgsge on bi
chorcb. He is a graat tellever io the m ?
terial beuefita of tbe preaent vlalt of Ha.'
ley's comet.
Hs Ib not alone io that bellef. Sellara
of poatal csrdB beariog repreaeotationa of
tbe end of tbe eartb have also reaped a
modest harveat tbroogh the romet agita
tion. But tbe real baivesiers, tbe meo
who will gatber crope wbere no one tvrr
eowed before will reap thelrs tunlght.
Root garden partlea bave eogaged
apace at every btg botel t inigbt. Special
meoua are provided aod like the revala
thst mark New Year's eve In tbis city,
they ioclode gsstronomicel triompbs of
tbe botel chefa. Aod tablesj can ooly
be secured by these wbo buy wine. A
qoart lo eacb peraon is ihe mioimom.
Jscksoo, Mlas., May 18 ?The fsct
that tbe earth la to paaa through tbe tail
ot Misto Halley's comet toolghi has
aroosed thetuperatltlooaacu'baro darkey
to feverisb excltemeot aod io maoy
places thrcujboat the south chorcb set
vices are being held today, For two
weeks tbe negroes have raada tbe night
bide. in wlth their shmtiog aud sioglog.
Maoy have ihi ? cellara wbere they will
bide toolght while the moresapeptitious
bave prerared for the eod of tbewr.rld.
Pecoliar pheoomeoa appeared yeaterday
afternooo io the heaveoa lo the fcrm of
ao aurors. Negrcea dropped their work
In the fielda aod rao to tbeir chorcbes.
Atlanta, Ga., May 18.?A alrange
sect, oomberiog 800, who live In tbe
bllls ootsideof Atlattt, today barricaded
tbrmselvea in a cave there. They de?
clare tbat the end of the worid will
come tonigbt, aod they will speod the
interveoiog time Io prayer.
Tbe paoic over tbe approach of tbe
comet bas spread to tbe convicta io tbe
federal priaoo bere. For the flrst time
io the history of Ihe prlsoo a class of
convicta was coofirmed today by tbe
Oatbollc bishop of tbis dioceae, aielsted
by a number of prles s.
News of the Day.
Forest fires wblch bsve been raging
in the Ridgway, Pa., for several days
were today checked by sboweia but the
damage is declared n be beavy.
Mr. Jamea Barton Eey, 57 years old,
tbe only turviving male deceodant bear
Ing tbe aame nameof Francis Scott Key,
srthor of "The Star Spaogler Baoner,"
dled Monday in New York, wbere be
had been living for a nomber of years,
Every gueitof tbe Hotel Adams, at
Pboanlx, Arlz., dsttroyed by fire last
olght, is acc. mted lor today. Only one
latallty reaoltsd, Ralpb Hurvia, of
Draper, H D., dropped dead trom heart
dlsesse when tbe fire was dlscovered.
Tba loss is estimated at $27,000.
A reaoiutlon waa adopted by the dele?
gates today to the convention of Ameri?
can Asaoclat oo of Ballroad Macbaniats
at Oleveland, Ohio, antborizlng tbe
macblnltta on tbe Balt muro and Obio
to extend tbelr atrike Into every branch
of tbat railroad.
Wblie trylog to dlaettsogle a cow
cau<ht by a falleo wire on a couotry
road oearStrauatown, Pa., todsy, Wai
?er Hr later waa abocked to drata aad
JohoGraeff waa probably fstally Injared.
Tha cow was killed. j
Paymas'er General Euitace B. Rogers,
U. S. N., cbief of the buresu of tupplies
and accoonta o( the Navy Department,
will resign wlthin tbe next few weeka.
Alleged improper msoagemeot of the
oavy rupply fuod aod dlaobedleoce ol
orders, amcuatlog, io the opiolon of
Secretary of tbe Navy Meyer, almoat to
ioBubordination, ara the main causes of
bia downfa>l. Io naval circlea it is geo?
erally believed tbat hia resignation waa
demanded. Rogers' honesty or integrlty
are not questloned.
Tbe Bxplosion In Csnton.
Oattjn, Obio, May 18 ? Oorooer 11.
A. March aod Americso Bheet aod Tio
Plate officisls todtj begao ao iovestlgs
tloo of yeeierday's boiler explosioo at
the steel tiu t plant. Foorieeo meo were
killed aod aeveral ol tbe thirty Ii j ired
were near deatb this moroiog.
To tbe force of iti deatroct'on tbe ex?
plosioo added several uomusl featores,
The body of Bomane B >yer, R',u-aoian
aah bauler, was blowo likea csoooo ball
700 feet from tbe plaot throogb tbe
froot of a reaideoce, teariog cleaoly
tbroupb both walls, throogb the (ence of
ao adjiceot yard aod loto tbe groaod in
a forrow. It left a trlal of blood aloog
the front wall of the room and demolisb*
ed a cot
Tbe larger psrt of ooe of tbe boilers,
weighiog several toos, waa horled ooe
thciiiand feet over the topof a tuildlng
fifty feet bigh Into a field beyood.
A twlat*d steel bar dropped like a
bomb through tbe roofof a reaidence
300 feet awar, tearlng a bed to pfecea.
Aiahtint Buperloteodect Howard Rex
declared tbe boilers were ioapfcted re?
ceotly, aod found to be in good condi
Tbe firat thoogh of tbe foreigoers was
tbat Halley's comet bad hit tbe eartb.
For days tie approach ofMayl8 bas
beeo a foremost toplc io tbecamp. Wben
tbe concossioo sbook the groaod aod tbe
thmes Ut op the sky, meo, womeo aod
children plned locrjhg: "The comet I
Tbe end of the world !"
Coodlllon Crliical.
Toulon, May 18.? Tbe cndltlon ofthe
fiebarman wbo wss assaolted by two offi
cers of tbe United Statea cruaer New
Ycrk when be tried to ove r-charge them
for rowlng them totheir vesael, was much
worae todsy, and his recovery is aaid ti
b doubtful.
The prefect maritlme Is investigating
the oompialot of the fisberman and will
make a lull report to tbe commaoder of
tbe New York. The oames of tbe offl
cers bsve not been diacloaed.
Searcbiog for IncendUnes.
New York, May 18? Erery e ffort Is
belog mada vy tbe police and fire mar
ahal to spprehend tbe iocendiaries who
set fire to the hmte, 73 ?u'livso street,
early today, causlog tbree deatbs. Tbe
fi'e waa marked bv beroio rescuea of
most of the occopanta by policemen and
oltizana wbo dlscovered tho blsz?. They
decisre that keroseoe had beeo pcured
oo the nalls aod stalrs. The fire spread
ao rapidly tha' tbe lomatss had to be
taken out of tbe windows. Vinceoci de
B'asp, bis wife and elgbt-year-r.ld daogb
tar, 0 ars, livlog on the top floor were
bornrd ln deatb. Two aooa, Jamea aod
Aothooy, were rescued.
Battle Immlnent.
Waabinetin, Msy 18? Tha port of
Bu field, NicarBgos, the la*t strooghold
of tbe iosurgeDt , Is awaitiog bombard
mert aod the fioal batils is expected t ?
day. Oonsul Mrrlitt, io dispatcbes to
tbe r*'tite D. partmeot today reports tbat
the Veoos commaodad by Irias with 300
msn aod mouoted but, arrived at (nor
o'oclock on tbe afternooo of t ie 16tb.
Irludemaoded tbe sorreoder of Blae
fields the costom b< use aod tbe B'ufJ.
The notlce was seived on Estrada
tbroogb tbe mediam of the American
consol.te aod the gnoboet Paducah. If
the demand is refoaed Bloefielda and tbe
Blufl wltl be bombarded. Tbe time bas
probah>y already explred aod it Is now
believed the bat le is oo.
In the Ohio primary electlooB yester?
day a majority of tbe repnblicao "regu*
lsr?" lo Ooogress were reoomloated.
Ralph D Ool*, republican represeo _?
tive from the Eighth distrlct, waa de*
feated for a reoomloatioo by Frank B.
Willis, wbo ran as ao "losargeot."
The democrat c delegatioo io tbe low*
er hooae was renomtuated io a body,
wlth the exceptioo of Bepreseotstive
Tjovelle, of tie Foorth distrlct, wbo
waa not a candidate.
Siity-lirst ('ougress.
Wbeo tbe railroad bill was taken np
?odsy the amendment oft.red by Seoator
.Saith (rep., Micb ) wss tbe peodlog
qusstion. It luhstitotea the Hooae prc
vlsion relaiiog to the brioging and de
fenae of anlts io eoforclrg orders of the
Interatate Oommerce Ooinrnlseloo for
tbat ofiered by Beottir Cuatmins and
the claose io tbe pendlog measare.
Tbe ameodmeot was critic'zadst some
let-gih by Senator Dolliver, wbo favored
tbe retentioa of exlstiog law.
Seoator Hu^her, (dem., Oolo.) became
acgsred at ao iotimatloo from Senatir
Ratoer, tbat ao ameodmeot ofiered by
bim waa agalnBt the ahippers and for the
beocfit ol tbe :ailrrads. He denouoced
tbe iosinuation that he waa aligned with
aoy special ioterwts and aaid such ao
allegatioo waa onwarraot'.d.
It was rxplained by Mr. Rayner tbat
he had not qaeetloned tbe motireaof Mr.
Hugbes and tbat bia reference did not
apply le the Hugbea bnt to the Saaoot
Today is cslendar; WedneaJay and
the Houae is considering an act to
ameod tbe organlc law of Hawail.
Rooaavslt Calla on King
London, May 18.?For tha aecond
time ln tbree daya Mr. Rooseveit tiday
called on King George at Marlborough
House. Mrs. Rooseveit accompanled
Mr. Rooaevelt, U beiog her firat preaenta
tion to tbe king. Theaudience with tbe
king iasted balf an hour.
Reading proof on the book of hia Afrl
cao bunt, a two-houra'drlve in theparks
and tbe return ofthe call cfKlng Frede
rick of Denaark, were among the dlver
sloos today of Mr. Rooaevelt.
Cbarged with Stealing a Beafstsak.
Richmond, Va., May 18 ?John
Johos, alias "Nlck Gravea," waa ar?
rested bere today charged with stealing
a beef BteaV, valaed at 85 centa, and
wben searched at the police atation waa
foood to have eight cheoks slgoed wlth
tbe oamea of promloeot bosinesa meo of
Bicbmood. Tbe latt?r all deoy aoy
koowledge of tie cbecks Johos doea
oot koow bow to read or wrlti aod dit
claims aoy koowledge ol bow the checka
came ioto hia poasessloo.
Virginia News.
Tbe Grand Lodge, Kolgbta of Honor,
A Virginia, met at Murpby'a Hotel in
Bicbmood tbis moroiog to be In sesslon
tbrongboot the day. Dslegatea from all
parta of the etite are preaeot.
Bir. Moaea Ezeklel, the sculptor who
gave the new Jefleraoo slatae to tbe Uoi*
versitf of Virglola, Ib exp?ted at Obar
10 t?sville lo a sbort time aod will stsy for
the ii iveillog.
The alamnl assnclation of tha Univer
sity Oollege of Medlcioe in Rlchmood,
wbich was receotly buroed, bas as
samed all respooslbility for the ralslog
ol faods for tbe rebolldiog of the ioiti
Tbe Btratford Hotel at Petersborg,
ye-t -rday made ao aaBlgomect. Liabill
ilea are estimsted at $10,000. All pro?
perty, real aod persooal, is to be dls
pisedof tisatisfy lieosaodclaims. Tbis
hotel wasrecootly parcbasedfor$85,000.
Former Jadge Edwsrd Mason Bpil
mao died at bis bome ln Warreoton
yesterday aged 87, after a brief illnes*.
Jndge SpilniaD waa a promloeot mem
ber of tbe Virglola bar and a jadge of
tbe c.i uoty cooit. He ia aorvtved by
11 children.
Measra. Davia A Davis, Waabingtoo
pateot attomeya, report tbe grant, tbis
week, to cltiaeos ol this state, ol tbe fol?
lowiog patent-: Aagust Breatr, Rich?
mond, cbslk sbarpeolog devlce; Obas.
J. Msckerey, Newport News, valve for
atesm-traps aod the like.
Tbe Great Oooocil, Iodepeodsot Or?
der of Red Meo, opeoed in Newport
News today, aod will cootlooe tbrcugh*
oat Tbarsdsy.
Ao ioformal receptlon was held at tba
Newport II itel last nigbt.
Today Msyor Maryas Joaes weloomed
thev!s't)rs to tbe city aod tbere waa
other apeeoh makiog.
Toolght the big parade of Red Meo
will be held. Norfolk aod Portsmcutb
Bed Meo will atteod io large aombers,
a special steamer baviog beeo cbartered
to take tbem t > Newport News. The
Red Meo of Hamptou, York and Ellza*
beth City coaotles also will come In
large aombers to take part ia tbe parade.
Thursday will ba giveo over to tbe bual*
nen aeasiooa of the convenlion and tbat
evening the gaestB will be taken oo a
trolley ride tl Himptoo aod O'd Polor.
The Al xsnrirla repreaentatlvae at tbe
ccuacil are Walter B, Nlcklio, the great
sschem, who will be the presldiog of
fioers: J William May, of Semioole
Trlbe, No. 35, aad A. J. Batcher, of
Osceola Trlbe, No. 1.
After weeks of inactice deadlock, fol
lowed by other weeka of conaideration,
conference and compromise, the Honse
postal aavinga bank bill, as favored by
the repnblican members of the com?
mittee on poatofnces and poat roada, waa
introduced to the Honse yeaterday by
Representative Gardner of New Jersey.
The bill will now be conaidered by the
full committee aad passed upon by the
kepublican caucus, after which it wlll
be taken up in the House. The caucna
probably will be held next week. The
Democrats of the committee bave bad
nothing to do with the tnaking of the
Wben George T. Watterson, 22 years
of age, six feet six ioches tail and
welgbing 350 piunds, appeared at tba
San Aotonio naval recruitlng atatlon In
Texas, and asked to be eoilsted, Frank
R. Siegel, tbe officer ia charge, neariy
fainted. Reading of t.eregolatlooa bad
no cfiect oo the epplicant; he waa goiog
to enlist in splte of tbesurplus avoirdu
pois, sioce he was phystcally fit otber
wise. Siegel had bia douMa, tut Wat
tersoo ioslsted that be be examloed. He
waa fcuid pbysioaily perfect, aod an et
fort is being made to aee wbether tba
weight llmits can bestretchad tbat Wat
Urjon may become a tar.
New York Stock Market.
New York, May 18.?Pricta in tha*
majority of issuea showed declinea rang
ing from i-S to 1-1 at the opening of tha
stock market today, bnt at the end of
tifteen minutes a ateady tone prevailed.
Tha market w.s intensely dnll and there
waa no chsnge in pricea from the sarly qnota
"Tbe oogeatioo of immigraota In the
cities where tbey are coosomers i? ooeof
tbe fir.t reasocs for higb prices. Ciose to
a mililoo of tiera will cimelo this year;
90 per cent of them will be coosomers ss
distlogoiahed from prodocera offood pro
t'ucis." This aaaeitloo wsa made by Orm*
by McHarg, former asslaiai t secretary of
the Department of Commerce aod Labor
at tbe opeoiog of tbe ff.'teenib aocual
meeting of tbe Natlooal Associatioo of
Mstu'actorers at the Waldorf-Att)rla
io New York oo Monday afierooon.
"Maoy of oar fsrners are going to
tbe cltifB, aod a great maoy otbera ti
tbe Canadiao norlhweat ooder special
indocements from Oanada. Thia makes
the advantage of the immigrant going to
the f-rm apparent," he oonticued.
"Speod the price of a bat leahip a year
io placiog tur Immigraota arouod aod
we will reap a oatiooal profit of untold
milllorM. The government apenda nn
tbe army aod navy aboot $340,000,000
aooaally aod on the Agrtcaltaral De*
paitaoent only $18,000,000. The gov?
eroment glvea llberaliy to maintsin two
great national achools, wbich have for
their purpoae the tralnlngof yoaogmen
to ert of destraotino. Ihereis oothiog
quite ao appareotly foollah aa thia done
even opon a oracker farm lo the mooo
tsloa of the eoutb "
Most of Ihe a't'rnoon's sesslon waa
de voted t) the Immigration problem and
tieuogUtlc speechea of tbe late Jamea
W. Vaocleave, former presideot of the
In a atatemeot given oat ia Washing
nn laat night Gllbert M. Hitchcock, of
Nebraska, tbe democratic congreaaman
whose seosational speech ln tbe House
last Deoember practicaliy forced throngb
tbe reaoiutlon ordering tbe Balltnger
Qlavls iovestigaation, revlews the "dia
_rac*ful" developements tbat have fol
lowed and deolares tbat "socb a hlstary
of auppresalon, evaslon and falsltication
10 higb places bas never before been
known in puh'io life." He deolares
tbat lo tha defeoae of Bailinger "tbere
baa been oom mitted the most wloked
sacrifioea of public eervanta, aod directly
attaeks tbe president, asserting that "if
ever tbere waa a mao drank with power
11 tbe point of folly, be is the one."
In hia atatemeot Mr. Hitobcook savs:
"Toe disgracefnl developments in the
Bailinger iovestigatloo wltbio the laat
few days baveastcuoded eveo those wbo
took aa sodve psrt la atsrtlag ihe in
"At that time the most aggreasive crit
ics of the administration were not dia?
poaed to conJemn the Preaident peraon
ally as much as they were anxiouB to
rid bis a>lmiuistration and thepnblic ser?
vice of a Cablnet officer charged with ad -
mlnisterin/ the Land Office in the in?
terest of the apoliators of the pnblic lands.
We werj slow to involve the President
in the consplracy, even thou/i it itivolv
ed bia administration.
"Also in hia defensa there have been
commltted moat wicktdsacrincesof pub?
lic servants.
"Whom the gods wonld destroy they
first make mad. Preaideht Taft appar
enlly is marked for their wratb. II ever
there was a man drunk with power to
the point of folly, he ia the one. Rather
than give up Bailinger he ia willing to in?
volve hia administration in every imagin
ablescandsl and resort to every trick and
snbterfuge of manipulation. He is will?
ing to sacrifice any uumber of good and
faithf al aervante rather than to leave thia
member of hia Cabinet to the handa of
Pract oally no progreaa waa made ia
the Beoats yeaterday on tbe railroad bill.
Tbere waa no vote oo any amendmecti.
Nuoien ui new amendments wereoflered.
An amendment, oflered by feoator Cu_.
mlos, to give to tbe attorney gaoeral
tbe conduot of the defeoae In coart of
csses brooght by rallroada lo test the
valid ty cf orders by tbe Iaterstate C >m
meroe Commission, waa under consider
atlon. Tha allowanoe of $3,000 a year
for expenaea ti eaoh member of the
oonrt of commerce wbb stricken cut aod
membera of tbat coart put on ao equal
Ity with regard to oompenaatloo and
allowanoes wlth the circut court julgee.
Baveral amendmenla were oflered loolul
log the pbysical valuttioo of rallroads
aod their propeity aod tha placiog of
telephone and telegraph companlea nnder
tbe control of tbe intentate commerce
General debate on the sundry civii ap
proprlatlon bill oooapled the entire time
of the House yeaterday. and praciically
no leglslatlve basiaeas waa accomplisbed.
Tbe aobject diaoosaed raoged from tbe
tarifl aod the tarifl board to cottoo
futures aod tba mutrallty of the Paaama
Oampaigo speecbes were tbe order of
the day. Represeotatlve Uoderwood
arxuied the Presldent aod Cbairman
Tawoey, of tha appropriatloo committee,
of conspirlog not to give publlcity to
tbe fscts relatlog to tbe collectloo of tbe
corporation taz.
After ao all-day fight, reoewed laat
night with vlgor, tbe New York Ssnate
paaaed Henetor Daveopoit'a rrsolutloo
ratlfyleg tho federal iooome '.tax reaola?
tioo by a vote of 26 to 20 It Iaoked
one vote of tbe oeoessary 26 for several
mioutes, dnrlng which Senator Brack
ett'a name was called twioe. Oa tbe
thlrd call he oaat tbe deoiding vota for
the reaolatioo.
Thia probably meaoa tbat aame stepa
wlll be taken looking toward a reoewal
of Ibe iocome tax fight io tbe assembly.
Speaker Wadawortb, wbo domloatea the
rales committee, wlll nse bis atmost ef
forts to bold tbe Davenport reaoiutlon in
tbat body, and II will be naoeaaary to
muater one hnndred votee to dlBObarge
thia commltfe.
Colemao Santeocad
Boaton, Maas., May 18-George W.
Colemao, former clerk In the National
Oity Bank of Oambridge, was sentenced
to 15 yeara at tha Fraaklin Oountry jail
Bod bouae of oorreciioo at Greenfield,
Maas., by Jadge Olareoce Hsle, in tbe
Uoited Statea Circait Coart here today,
Colaman had pleaded gullty to ao Indict
meot obargiog biaa on 78ecuote of mls
appltcatloo of $809,000 of the fuods of
the baok and also of msklog falseentriee
io tha ledgar aod cash books of tbat lo*
Sevao Men Drowned.
St- Petersburg, May 18?By the cap
Maleg of a boat today in tba Dnl'prr
river, near Alexaodrovsk, Ekaterooslav
provlnce, wbere seven of the oioety
workmen aboard tbe boat were drowned.
Tbe boat atruck a rock.
If the Stork came in May
If Old Mr Stork brought your
friend into this world aome
month of May?
You ought to get him or her
an Emerald. For?
"Who firat bebolda the light
of day
Io Spring's sweet flow'ry
mouth of May,
Shall wear an Emerald all
through life."
And bestof all- Emeralds are
ao reaaonable ia price tbat you
can afford them as gifta, or to
wear yourself
We want you to see the rich
deep coloredFmeralds we have
here. All sizes, ahape. and
prices to suit every taste and
Sauoders & Soo,
629 King Street.
PJESIBABLE HOIT8K. 6 roims, cellar,
*J water, side alley. large yard. $10 a month.
Immediate ro*se*sion. Addrtsa Desirshle
Houae, GaxetteOffiie. niaat.i.'it
MONEY TO LOAN at tive per cent sim
pie interest on oity or rounty property in and
rtrnuuil Alexandria.Seven and ooe half years,
tiiuf given on loan. Ixxtn csn be repayed iu
initnllments if you cbuee stopping interest.
Iioans are made in full viuuatiou of real
estate or we will buy you a lot and bnild a
house for you See our Mr. Htrgrave at Tbe
Rammei.TW'RSDAY. May Mtfc, thereon
thit lUte onlr. Don't for?. t fix- <lat*?.
A830CIA1'. W..IHC.
1301 eait Main street, Iti Im nnd, Va.
__mayl7 td_
VLfANTED.-Manager f.?r Braa b < M
** Alexandria, conduetiug bu-Ming and
loin businees. Man witb up rience in Iife
iusurame or hrok*rag? l'.n*ui?-u prt-tVrred.
Apply THURSDAY, May _6tb."o N. F. Har
grave, "TbeBammel," Alextudi'it, Va.
may!7 td_
LAROE, airy, well furnished ROOMS for
rent, without board. Oue block from
trollr-y nara on Waahington Ntrcet. Addreea
"X Y Z." Care Postruan N?li?, city.
NOTICE.? Having quahtLri aa executor of
the eatate of M ARY II. J l ST, d*cea?ed.
all perioDs having elainss ftgaiust the said
estate are hereby notifi.-.l to prvsent the BBBBl
to nie duly veriried f >r settlement, aud uil
persons indebted to na d e*t*te are hereby
notifieJ to make prompt pnyuieut of their
iudebtedness to me.
mayl7 lOt K*...><utor.
You have appreciated the good
servicea ol the Cameron Dairy
Lunch and now that our suc
cesa ia assured, we add another
handsome fixture to our busi
We say a great deal to this corn
munity and we now give em
phasis to our window an
nouncements through an elah
orate iettiog We keep our
Lunch up to a high standard so
that it shall merit many nice
thingsyou say of it
Open all night. 906 King street.
Army of Rats Flaee Fire
^ummit, N. J., May. 18-This city i"
tbreateoed with ao invasioa of rats, be?
cause boya set sfire tbe city's dumpiog
grcuod Monday. The fiames apread ard
worked deep ict> the maaa oi refuse.
A /oree of meo, ooder tbe directioo of
Htreet Superiotendeot (>?ka, ftught tbe
flamea all dav Mooday aod resamed thn
bsttle yesterday moroiog Tbe r'unp was
tbe home of bindrrds of thoosands of ra's,
aod the s'reams of water aod Ibe borolog
waste aeot tbem srurryfog io all dlrec
tions. raeveral thousand of the rodeots
were killed. Itisfeared tbat oot ooly
city dwellers here, bot farmers throogb
out all this sectloo, will sofler from the
lo asloo of bungry rat*. as they are
gra-t travelers.
Culpeper Montirm-nt
Harriabu g, Pa., May 18 ?Aontuice
meot Ib made by tbe Htate Calpeper
Moaomeot Oommlsslou tbat itbstcboaen
a pyramid, crowned with polished ball,
as the design for Pennaylvanla's memo?
rial tu ber 800B wbo a?e tuded opoo the
battlefield at Gulpeper Court Htu<e,
The memorial will be exeruted in
Weaterly f raoite, aod tbe cootract bas
beeo awarded to ihe SmitbGranite Com?
paoy, of Westerly, B. I. Tbe pyramid
will be mrre tbao twenty-four feet bigb,
aod tbe ball will be five feet indiaaeter.
Tbe coat wlll be abont $8,000.
It la estimated tbat, of the 1,800
federal tffioera aod meo turiedtt Cu'
peper, 300 are soos of Pencaylvania;
110 of tbem bave beeo Ideotified.
Life Fight Wlth Maaiac
St, L'uls, May 18?Locked lo a room
of tbe Plaotera' Hotel in a dapentj
fight wlth a aupposed manisc, Ber jimm
8. Wilson, a wbolesale clothiog mrrcbaot
of Phlladelphia, narroaly eacaped death
yeaterday. Wilaon waa aeated at a table
wriltlng to bia wife, wheo a atranger
eotered tbe room. be ooticed the man
aeemed demecr?d, aod was terrified
wheo tbe vls tor lockei tbe docr bcbiod
bim, after ooce leaving the rrcm ard
retornlng. The mao iben attacked Wil
Boo, aod a battle eosaed, which only
ceeied when botel attsches forced tbeir
way loto t*>e 1 icked room. Tbe mao
gave his name aa Jobn D. Porter, nf
Joplio, Mo , aod was sent to tbe nbs*
vatlon ward st tbe Oity Hoapital. He
Isaghed gleefuily In rep.'y to all qaea*

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