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Sun and Tide Table.
*? *m tm-orrow at ;M0 ajj aeto at 7.13,
HiRh water at BJSa.ai.aai 9 00 p. m.
Weather ^robabilitlea.
rarfUeaoafeaabowen touiuht and Wed*
i mg vrtriable._
TwfDt7-'wo passeogers were aligbtly
Irjured io a wreck a' 6 o'clock yeatjrday
altaraooa of aspecul, rinoicg aa aecond
?ec ioo of P?Bs?nger train No. 10 of tbe
B.ntoern Railway uearOedarRan brldge,
between Oatlelt and Oslverton. The
enirine snd foar pasienger coachea were
d-railid 100 y*fJ? f*-000 ,be bridge aa a
resolf, accudiug to tie eogloeer'g aod
fireioao'sslacmeo b, of a mUuoderataud*
ing of danger signal?.
Tbe tra^k wis plowed op for a dis
tance of $00 toat, The eagioe psrted
irom toe train scarcely 50 feet from the
bridge, aod was brought to a atop on the
bridgt. lUd the tralo gooe tbe length
of two coaches farther a fearfol loss of
life w. uld have bcan loevitible
Pbyiclans from Oalvorton, Warrei ton
and other nearby tawna gave aid to toe
ii jared, and all were carried ti Wash?
ington on a spcisl (rain whith pasacd
thrfujh this city last uight,
Tne wreck was the reeult of a nilru i
derstaodlng of a tanger algoal, whicb
tbe fligman of a section force claims to
bave g'.ven tha engioe?r of the wrecked
train. The Bett'on men were repairing
the track j ist a few momeota before tho
wrecked train wsesighted. The settOD
tforeman clalma tht t torpedoes were
p'a:ed on tbe track at regulation distance
snd tbat his fUgman waa seot back in
accordaoce with the rti'es.
The engineer aaya the fligman waa
carryiog hia fl ag uodarhis arm wben bia
t'sio, ruiniog at 30 mlles ao bour,
ahot paat him. Thia atatement ia cor
roborated by ihe fireman. Vtttt sleeperB
and the baggage car were. wrecked.
Twi-t^d iron, broken csr wheels, aod
ber t rails were mu:h in evidence.
The train was ruoning aa a apeml
irim New Orleans to Washingtoo, and
?fii'ledont of A lanta, ii*., ten hou-a
Jatp. Io order to make up time, lt was
apeediogat fifty miles when the accideot
L?comotive'4No. 1210 waa at-cbed to
tbe traln. It wa* incbarge of Eogioeer
B. L. Pari/.n.
[Jostice H. B. Oaton presiding]
Tbere wero eighteen names on Ihe
docket this morning?two more than
yesterday. Seven of iberu were those
of wblte men, cha-ged with disorderly
conduct or figbting. The o'bers were
colored and all save one had beeo ar*
re-trd for eimilar | uVnara.
Four young white men, charg*d wlth
disorderly condoct aod fightiog, forfeit'd
tb. ir eotlatanU by failing to sppe?'.
Amos Ilarris, John Lewis and Frank
Orayoer, all colored, char^fd with dis?
orderly coodnc', forfeited their collteral
by fa'liDg to appear.
William I) xop, colored, charged witb
a siroiUr . tleosp, was fioed f 1.
Henry S.evens, cilored, charged with
assaoltiog Aileo Wininers, wss dis
A white man, charged wfth fight _g,
forfeited bis collatetal by falliog to ap?
A yoong white mao, aho charged
with fightiog, was fined $2.50.
Wiliiam Oole, colored, cba'ged wlth
figh'ing, had his case continned.
"J.ho Sims, Scotl Backburn aod
Emilv Baptist, all colored, charged w th
fighting, were fined |5 each.
A yoaog white msn, charged with
disorderly cooduct Dwirdhis wife, was
Perry Newby, colored, charged wlth
Bssaultiog RichsrJ Williams, also cal
ored, was finwl $.">.
Virginia Nelson, colored, charged
with the larcH'y of a watch aod chsln
beliinglng to William Rogers, was asnt
to jall Ior tbree months.
"Two more years of Oharley" soonds
better to the people ol the Ivghth dis?
trict than anything the unless it be four
more years, and then some. Mr. Oarlin
bas really repreaentrd his people Id
Ooogress. II s advice hoA couosel bave
weighed well in tbe deliherstions of the
nailou's Iswmskers; his untiring etlorts
in promotiug the welfare of the dlstrict
bave been fruitfol, and witl sll be bas
found time t > leod a belpirg baod to
many of our people io goveromeol eer
Tice. Ia fsct, Mr. Oarlin bas "made
good" il every point aod tbe people bave
been glnd to give him a clear field tor
Bootber term. ? | Falls Cburch Oommor.
Jamea 11 irrison, one of tbe yoaths
wh'j waa snestnl at bo early hoor last
guiday moroing oo the charge of
entcrit g the hrme ol Mr. J. R. N
Dsakins, at the BOBlkaMl cp'ner of
Prince and II oty atrett**, furniehed ball
yeat-rdsy afiemoou in the sura ol |1,000
lor h-i appearance before tho Oorpore*
t on Ciuit. snd was released. His fatber,
Mr. lohn II ?rrison> brcame his sor;ty.
L_ Drowns and Artrur Buros, arres'.ed
al th" same t me sa partles to tbe houae
breakr g, failid tn procare s?cnrity.
Mr. D.'skins was ia the city today.
He haa rralc s partial invei>t >ry, and
fiol* a namber of articles have been
Btolen fr.nn bia rons".
Giverjor M<no is aliil considering
tbe ciscb of the Alexandria negrors,
f mr men, a'l of wbora are iiad?r een
leuce of desth ? r a rourJer comm tted
tiere several months aa; >. Three of the
mtn are aaid t ? be innocent, and they
were ooatrleti ?' "" tbe evldence of a mao
ajrhohaoaettadtwo t*i-_ I- t if p^nitrnti
Bry aud who bsa c*nf'8*ed that he is a
peumr. The governor does no- rellshthe
Jd-a of killirn- men on the erd?oce of B
pe-ju er.- [RtC-flsond JotfrBB',
The laaataM c raaalitn ol the general
committee which is making prep?rst<ona
for tbe eiit-rtalnment ol toe tiremen at
the atate convention wbich mee'.sio tois
city io Augnat, b*a t?t<>n graailf en
couraged by tbe generous cootributiooa
tbey have received.
J. aad f. Oni'lo'a Fmc Lustral Oolt
?nd Buck Ruasia Lasitania Puxpe and
Oxlorda. Wtldt sndTarn'a price $5.00;
oor prioe $4 00. J. A. Msrshall AiBro.,
122 Kiog street.
Tbe board of maosgers of the Alex
an Iria Hotp tal ackncwiedges the follcw
ing dooatloos- Tbe Oorby Bakiog Oom
pany, all the bread uaed lo the hoepltal;
L. Shumao & 8 ms, ooe gallon of ice
cream weekly; Herman Blocb, pies
weekl); Mr Lswls Hwtl, ooe quart oi
allk daily; the Alexandria G z;tie daily;
the Washiogton S ar daily; Mico wat;r
for entire losttution from the Mulual
Ice Oompsoy; Robert Porlner Brewin.
Compaoy, $25; Mra. Olyde 0. Lamont,
9 qaarta tomatoee, 1 quart caooed applea,
1 qaart peaa, 1 qusrt atrawberrles; a
frlend, $1; a frleud, old liner,; 0 0.
Barby, ooe barrel applee; M. B. II <r
low, box of oraoges; L. M. Blackford,
$10; Woodlawn Olrcle Kiog's Daogbten,
$5; a frleod, old llnen; Firat Baptist
Church, $10; St. Vincent de Paol Sr>
cie'y, $25; Obildreo'a Ward Sociity,
$150; Ss. Lufce'a Olrcle, $3; D. A. B ,
box cooklee; Mra. Dreyfna, old lined;
Mrr. Wm Bryant, large chocolate cake
DnureeB; Mra M. E Bo:the, two table
clothes; a frleod, flowers; St. Luke's
Oirci.\ 6 pal? of rabber glovee; Mr.
LiDdstreet, vtgelable*; Wm. Ar*
rington, fish on several occasion*;
W. Hulfiab. razor bone; a frlend, eand
wlchee; a frleod, 8 quarts plckles; Mra.
McOano, picklee, preservea aod flowers;
Dr. Wilkioa, 5 dozeo eggs; Mr. Sisaor,
fiah; Mr. Ayers, fish; Mrs. M. J. BaM*
wlo; $50; Oolored Odd Fellow*, $12.61;
W. 0. T. U., flowers aod polt-d plat-t ;
Relief Aasociation, tea and 11 sacke of
flior; Mias Oarver, flowera on aeveral
occasiooe; Mrs. Oaton, msgazines; col*
ored cbildreo, Sjminary Hill, flower-;
eltc'ricllghting from Alexaodrla E'ec
tric Light Oompany at 50 per cett dia?
Bisbep Gibson will officiate at tbe
layiog of the coroerstooe of St. Msry's
Episcopal Church at Oolooial Beach
lomorrow. The services wlll be ooder
the aospicrs of the Masooic order, aod
the ceremooiea performed by Colonial
B-ach Lodge, Na 199. Several of the
officers of the Graod Lodge are ex?
pected to take pait. Prominent Maaoos
from other lodge* will assist. Tba or
r-tir of the day will be Mr. W, J. Phil
lips, of Fredericksburg. Tbe psetor of
3t. Mary's, Rev. G. G. Phelps, bss made
extiosivepnparations for tbe eveot. St.
Mary's Is located in wbat Is known as
the Wasblngtoo parish of the Ricbmood
dlocese, haviog been so named before
tbe revolotloo, because it was ihe bome
parish of Ihe Washiogton family. For
maoy years services were beld in varlous
private bomes, and leter io a small
church bnildiog. Tbe late Rev. Dr.
Lttane was paator, Tbe church his
beeo named St. Mary for tbe late Mrs
Mary Coltoo, whose hmbaod generoualy
mbsldiz.d it.
Tbe weddlng of Mias El'zabeth Win*
ter Jonea, rtaugbter of Dr. aod Mrs.
Thomas Marahall Jones, tJ Mr. Ricbard
Henrv Oarter Bwrley, son of Mr. Wil?
liam Buverley, of Broad Bnn, wlll take
place tomorrow evening at I o'clock at
the home of tbe brlde's parents on
Prince street and will be witoessed by
ooly a small compaoy of relatives and
intimate friend*. The ceremony wlll be
performed by tbe Bev. Fatber Gsston
Psyne, of Oliitin Forge, an uocle of
the bride, assisted by Father Ootler and
Fatber Kelley, ol this clty. Miss Ann
Lewis Jones will be her siater's maid of
honor and only alt-rdant. Mr. E1
rxind Hntter wlll be tbe grocm's best
mao. A reception, to which a large
r u uber of guei>ts have beeo iovited, will
follow tbe ceremony, and a number of
oti'.-af-town fcuefct* have beeo iocluded io
tbe iovititions.
Today Ib Oonfedei-ate Memorial Day
io Alexaodrla aod ia being obaervtti ??
sacb. Thevarioas commltteealrom Lee
Oamp aod tbe aeveral aoxiliary aocietiea
vlaiicd tbe cemeferieaoear tbls city and
slrewed flowers over tbe graves nf the
Ooofederate aoldiera burled therein.
La'er tbe Oonfederate monument at the
corner of Washington and Prince streets
and tbe mrand in Ohrlsf Church yard
were decorated. A etaod haa beeo
erected at tbe mnoomeot wbere thia
evening appropritt' exerciBes wlll be
held according to tbe programme pub?
lished yesterday.
Laat oight those who will take part ln
tbe memorial exercises thia evening met
at Lee Oamp Hall to practice aod nday
lbe ball waa kept open for the receptloo
of flowers used io the decoratioo for
Io honor of the occaaloo tbe public
achoola held bot ooe teeaion today.
Thia aigo, wblch has beeo _ ijced in
some very crwepiclons placea io thia
city, aod wb'ch haa csused oo little
comment, haa at last been ex dained.
"Toeaday, Jooe 7th" Ib to be Military
Day at MarehaU Hall, tt belog the
aecood annual excu-sion of the Alex?
andria Light Infantry. Tbe committee
in charge have arranged a very com
plete programme of special feataree,
lociudiog a baseball game in the after*
oooo and a prizodrill for the compaoy
aod lodivldual dril! medsl st nigbt.
These b-sldes the other featttrea will
make tbe day a most erjoytble ooe for
all those who go.
Newport New<? ia mystified over the
award of the oontract for tbe constroc
tion of ihe stesmer Northland, for ihe
Norfolk and Washington line, to tbe
li.rlanand Hilliogsworth Compaoy of
Wilmiogtoo, accordiog to a dispotch
from tbat city. It was anooooced oo
Sstu-day last thst ibe Nswport News
ahii.vard waa the \o~ bW-ler cn the
work, Its bid be'rg $3S7,000, wbile tbe
Wllmiogt n Compaoy'? bid wbb 1413,
At tbe tree'ing last night of Alexao?
dria L~,dg* of Elk. i was decided to
dedicate tre new hall with appropriate
exerclsts on tbe firs Monday ioOctober.
It was als* detided t > give ao excursioo
loMa-aba 1 H-ll on July 11, at wb ch
time tbere will be a motorboat racs sod
otber attracliooi.
Glaoce over the list ot HISh Grade
Shoes sold exi!uaively by os: J. A T.
Oousl-8, Qu.-n Qu?llty, Red Cross,
Linder Sboo Oo, N. Hess & Bro (The
He**), Taylor * Co. (Taylor Msde),
Brocton Oo. Operatl-e Oo., Walk Over,
Regai, Excelsior Shoe Oo. aod maoy
otben. J. A. Manhall \ Brc. 422
i-iog street.
Miaa Margtret N. C-meny and Mr. J.
O'luton L udsey, both of thia city, were
married laat oight at tbe pweonage of
tbeMethodiit ProtestiEt Ohorch. Tbe
ceremooy wm performed by Btv. J. M.
Mr. aod Mrs. Stoirt Jobos, Miss
Oiroline Hunter and M?j>r Robert
HoDter are occopylng tbe Wsablogton
C tsge at Virginia Beach for aeveral
Mr. George Gu?t, porser of Ibe
B'eamer Waktfleld, who bas been con
fined to his home in Washiogtoo t'uriog
the paat month by lilneas, ia on dnty
Mrs. H D. Luckett, ol Aihevllle,|ia
visitiog ber mother, Mra. R. H. Lyiee,
on aouth Faiifax stree'.
Mr. Joaeph Keehoeraod Miaa Grace
Gleaner Angor, both of Baltimore, were
married io tbia citv today.
Mr. George L yimmers, of Baraee
ville, Ga., ia viaitlng hia brother, Mr.
John W. Summers.
Mr. aod Mra. Winfield Jonea and
their little aon, Carroll Piercs Jonea, of
At'anlB, are visitiog their parenls, Dr.
and Mrs. T. M Joues.
M'. Archle Maddox, after an abaance
from Alexaodrla of fifteen years, waa
here today oo a ahoit vlsit. He waa on hia
way to Weat Virginia.
The Oity Oouocil metti t might.
Tbe mercury at noon today registered
S'minole Tribe of Bed Meo will meet
Strawberrles were plentifol io mirket
today aod sold at from 5 to 10 ceots per
Tbfl Alexandria Light Iofaotry had a
street drill lsst night wbich was witaesa
ed by a large number of people. The
movements were wel! execiited.
Tbe comet was vlslbleagsio laat night
snd it wss witnessed by maoy people.
There waa an eclipse of the moon later
which was also viewed wlth ioterest by
Mrs. May Paoline Spsrks, national
lee u*er of tbe Women's Cbristian Tem
peraoce Union, deliTf rad ao Interesting
address last oigbt beforea Isrge mlience
at tbe Methodiat Protestant Church.
We bave received from Dr. L. M.
Bisckford, principa), an invitaiion to at
tend ihe commeocement exerclses of the
Episcopal High School of Virgioia, neir
ihiicity, at 8 pm. Wedoeedsy, Juae
16th st L'ggett Hill.
Light abowera of rain fell this evening.
Oeo. E. Frife A Co. wijl hsy* in nisrket
tomorrow Pea Bas?, Butter Fian, L rge Jeraey
Tni.i, Medium Jer*ey Trout, Hilt Wnter
Croakers, Sbad and Herring, balance of tbe
Relect Poft Ph*)l Orabs on toast and Deviled
Crabs at Bpinks'a Cafe, Prince and Royal
atreet. tf
Fresh Country Butter just received,
?Rc lr>. BestFlgin Creamer? Botter 34c lb.
Fresh Efrits 25c doz, Fancy Jn-nn Ri*e,
whole grain, 6o 1\, 3 lt>*. J-.va. orated
tWbea tSe, I Iba Lirge Prunes 25c, 3Cam
Fish Rre i'6c, 7 Ibs. Lanndry Stardi ;5c, 7
Cakes Slar B0SB 25c, S Caus Pink Alsska
Bal-_B 25c. 4 Cans Be.tTomatres 25c. 4 C-ns
Su, \r Corn 25c, Gieen Mountsin Potstoes 65c
bushel. 8 Cans Karly.lune Pesa 26c, H Iba.
Pure Buckwbeat 25c. Wm. P. Woot.Ut A
Soif. Royal and Wolfe atreeU?yueu and
Henry streeta.
A lie'e.atl n from A, E, TalhottOamp,
No. 11,912, Modern Woodmen of
America,' of Waablogtio, vialled tbe
Alexaodrla Oamp laat olgbt aod assiatcd
la inlt'tating a number of candldtt?* In?
to the order.
Speecbea were made by Messrs. Ii.
tt .Millard, and J. F. Oassldy, ofthe
visitiog camp, aod Mr, Wythe White,
of tbe local camp.
Refreshmeota were aerved durlng tbe
eveniog, and at a late hour tbe Wash*
iogtonlana left for tbeir homea greatly
pleaaed with tbeir vlsit.
Tbe following formed tbe delegatloo
from A. E Taibott Oamp:
Oonrui, H. H Millard; adviser, A.
F. Doboowalak ; patt coniul, J. F. Oaa*
aldy; banker, J. B. Du-aod; racort, J.
F. .i.onpr, cbaractera, 0 E. Miller aod
V. W, Potter; degree team, J. K Doo
can, 8. 8. Robey, W. 8. Wheit ey, H.
E Lsfourcsde, 0. H. Smallwood, Theo.
Jooes, J. F. Konltz. R. E Eoois,
Harry Ober, S S. OKeefe aod J. B
A yonng man laat night took nmbraga
at anotber who waa walking with the
former'a sweetheart sod later when tbe
two met oo Kiog street, between P.tt
and St. Asaph, a figbt ensned, which
resnlted in the yuueg msn who hsd
walked with the yonng woman being
kiocked down.
Kiiled by an Expioaion
Roanoke, Va.. Msy 24 ?One man ia
dead aod two irjured as a retolt of (be
burstiog of tbe crowo aheet on tbe er
g ne nf a west b aid reght tralo ceir
BlnefieldB, W. Va., early today.
Fireman Oarner waa canght by tba
fall iiuh o' the <xpl sion anu hia eotire
body eoveloped in flsmes. He was
terribly icalded aa: death was almoat
Encounter wllh Brlgaodi.
Hatrisiolur;-, Va., May 24?A Ut
ter fmrn G-orge B. -ne, a *-ldely
koowo Harrison'iri* *t'-rnev. w**o *>ss
promioeotly meotlooed for governor laat
year, tella of a recent thrilling encouoter
with brlgaods near Joppa, Jeruaalem.
Mr. ti ts sepatated from his wife aod
t*iree dsughters wbile sigbt-seeiog aod
returned a few momeots to find them
nocrnscioos. Two men had chloro
formed them for tbe purpose of comm t
ting robbery. Site, a!tbr ugh armed
only with a small cane, attacked tbe two
aid beat them over the beads. Tta
three fonght nttil r.fficers arrlved and
plsced the briganda nnder srreet. Noce
of the ladies were seriooaly iojored.
Thiit?-five persons wers iojored (his
nnrniog wlei a rapidly moving street
oar, beyond coctrol of the motorman,
crasbed loto a crowded car ahesd io Et,
Paul, Miss.
Nt-er hfsitate sb.ut giviog Obamber
laio's Ooogb Beroedy to chlldrea. It
cootiios oo opiam or other oarootica aod
cso be glveu wlth impliclt coofldeoce.
Asaqalckcore for cooghs aod colds to
wbicb childreo are soscep^ible, it is ooi u -
ra*sed. Sold by W. F. Oreightoo A
Oo aod Bichard Glbsoo.
Atthe psrsonwtf the Metbodist Protest*
ant Church by Rbt. J. M Holmea on Mon*
day niaht. May 23, at J? <ni??) ohiiock.
D. C
65c striped aod checked silks
38c a Yard.
Tbe atrioes are in gray and white, blne aod white. and black and while, in six
m&$?&^ in rcae and white. gobelin and whlU. *reeuand oink.
amethyst and white, gray aud white, lifenderand white and many black combina
t,0B All 19 inrhes wide. and quality joa'd pay C5c a yard tor under ordinary circnm*
stances. Tomorrow, here at 3Hc a yard.
All Broken Lots of Ladies', Misses' and Children's
White Slippers
we will sell
This Week for 69c
regardless of cost, ranging in value from 75c to $2.50
What is the keynofe cl the remarkable Bcccesa of the OVERLAND CAR ? Wbatl
isit thst m?kes this car the choic- of many Ihonaands of pfople; tbe joy of ita posaeesors aod
the envv ol tht* comrKtitors '.' Malnfclasi Plill|lllnilj I Tnii car is so siniple a ohild can
Baccesafullyjopairate it. Il is ?o eennoni'cal that its npkeep is a very small item, Sturdy
and trnoblft-free. So reliable tlut Miss Rlanche Scott cf Ro<diester. N. Y., is now tonriDg
without maaculine aid M the Pacitic in a Model No. 39. Watch her daily progresa on our
win^ow m.iji.
riVERS BROTHERS. 115N.Pittst.
The Season's Cheer *
Fragrant, "taiuy." appeliiing,
cool as tie north breeze, ai'iinnting
ard invigorating?thM's Htl'drau
beer. ,
Ever open a bollle of onr l>w>r and
nntice the r*>i. >'?) ?'''*'? . !i7ZllSR -
thestopper eame oil ' Nothing Hat 4
orsti-H about it. IC- f'lll cf -n<.p and i
life?just bn^bling over with naalitr.
Portner's Hofbrau beer is irdeed the
aeason's luxury. Not. however. a
luiury in point 'f orice. Hapnily
thisbeverageis wittiu the reacn of
all. It kno?s no caste. All drink
it, rich and pioralike.
Call for it, or let ua serve you.
Alexandria, Vb. j
Phone No 49-B. J
Damaged by a Bomb.
New York, Miy 24 ?Fifty railway
cars were more or lers damaged, wiodows
io several apsrtmeots h'uies aha t>re<\
aod a tng boat io tbe Harlem river Irat
the top ol its pilot house wheo a bomb
was exploded in tbe vards of tbe Ioter
b roogb Oomiaoy at 223rd slreet today.
The bomb was tarown from the tack
plstform of ihe last csr of a oorlb-boond
sabi-ay trsin ss It waaiuinlng scrc-s
tbe slructure tbere.
The police declsre the bomb wss
thrown by a dlachirged employee cf tbe
Pennsylvsnia S eel Ooropauy which ls
bu'ldlog yards and shcds lor ibe rsilarav
comiaoy and which bashad onaideiable
labor trcuole.
Flghtlog in Nlcatagua.
Ooloo, Osnal Z ne, May 24.? Mes
siges received here toiiav Irom Bu'
Belds, Nicaragoa, say tlnt tbe Madrix
firces, under G*n. Lars, attached the
F.s'rada troops, ertreoched bsck of tbe
c'ty yesterday afternoon. Tbis is taken
to mean thst tbe Malr'z foops have
siccess'ully pissed Bama, wbere the io*
-.argeott had expected t) try to block
tielr advaoce. Beportsreachlng here io*
dlcat* that6gbtlng is now in progress Bt
the very gales of Bloefislda.
Riot and Blood-shed
Wilkes Barre, Miy 24?Plot and
blood-ibed now msrk the strike of the
Peoosylvaoia Ooal Oompsoy mioers.
The stata coosUbolary, claabed with
the strikers and st leaat three meo were
ahot, oo* being killed.
Folly 12,000 meo are iovolved io the
The Chlntss Railway Loan
Parls, May 24.-The $30,000,000
Chloese Rsllway losn, to be partlcipated
io by groops of baokers io tbe Uot-d
?i'ates, Fraoce, Eoglaod aod Germaoy
waaslgned today. The money wlll be
aud la tbe coostroctioa ol lbe Hsnkow*
gie-Ohaeo ii*.
ence uunecessary. Sell our hranda to the
retall trade. Big pay. Write for fall psr
ticnlars at once. GLOBE CIGAR CO.,
Clevland, Obio. fehl9t]elo
Tbe fine STORE ROOM No. fti King
street. Excellent location for any kind of
busines*. JOHN D. NORMOYLK.
King and Royal streets, Alexandria, Va
my21 M
LOST at "rturprise" thaa'rs, 8atnr<Jay
nigbt, a white knit 8HAWL The fioder
will pltaae leave aame at 31. north Colombni
street, snd receive reward.
may23 3t*
MA?ONIC?A called communication of
LODGE, No. 22, A.. P. A A. M? will ba held
at the Teniple TOESDAY, EVENING.
May 24. st 7 30 o'clook, tor work. By order
of the Wor-hipful Maater.
r_ay2J 2t A. G. I'HLER, Secretary.
LARS, for ooe jear oa city real
eatate at ti per cent. interest. Property worth
$3,200. Ac'dreas "T. A A." care Gasette.
may23 3t i_
"Gifts for the graduate to treaa
nre for a 1 retime."
Fine wbile and perfect, specislly
$20 to $59
silver.$6.60 np. Gold.$15.00 op.
lt. O. ACTON & SONS,
Jewelers and Bilversmiths.
Barge Wicoolaco juit arrived witb
700 tone
Best W. A. Stove Coal
at lowest
New is tbe time to place ycur order.
DeW, Aitcheson,
107 8 >uth Royal S:. Phone 96-J
LOST on the street a som of MONEY con
siMingoftwo $t0 bills aod otber notes.
Sui _Me raward f-r their retn _ to 4I? Prince
strett. _may24 3t
Accidcot to aa Editor.
New Yoik, May 24?1. was a eweet
dreamtu a aad awakennj. for Frank
Paton, a Boston editor, who arrived
bere todsy co lbe Oolonls! Express.
Dreamicg be wandered amoog the
stars, drsok from tbe big dipper, aod
flirled with Verut. He waa having the
time of bis life wben Hailey's comet
came dashiog toward bim wllb the apeed
of as uorette In a lobster palace. Hs
moat push lt aalde. Ha throat hia arm
Theo be woke ap. He bad pmhed
hia hand throogh the wiodow of a
aleeper and had it almoat removed by a
signal post past wblch the tralo waa
fisshlog. He waa taken to the Llncoln
H tepltal and bia iojarlee dressed. Tben
he resumed his joorocy to Waahington.
Cyclists Polsoaed.
Teramo, I aly, May 24--8I- Ttalla. I
cyclists, particlpaoU ln a rsce acroas
Italy, are believed to be dylog here today
ss tbe reanlt of polsoo io tbeir food last
eveniot; by a rlval eyelkt. Ooe of this
sexut e was au'B to wio the rsce, aa they
were l-uocbed aad lesdlog the rest of
ihe held. Tbe police anested the others.
Theodore K. liiller. millionaire, and oueof
the moat widely known diy goods oaerehanU
ii ths country, dropped dead in his o__ in
Baltimore this afternoon.
Leadbeeter'a guaranteed Ckeirry Cough
Beniedy to cure oooghfc W# dosi't ?y--or
yonr money back, bacaatf _e*v a aonai-,|II,
Bres, S6e.bot_B.
Woodward & Lothrop
New York?Wa_hm#on?Parif
WfiirUUITS iT $11.50
VALUES UP TO $29.50.
TFIE3E are enr*s of linea, and the sites are broken, but to those that caa be n'tted it ?esn
a high grade tailored coat suit, at about mantacturer's cost p-ice. Every garmeut i
of the best custom tailoring linkcd with bigh-grade niaterials anl trimmiogs.
Special price, $11 SO each.
Values up to $29 56.
We also (il-r in connection with the above a large lot of Fire Coat^uita at the special
oriee, $19.75 eacb. These are Ihe end- of our $36.00 linea, and r. pr.atntan un-aual value.
They are faahioned of aerges. acd men'a suiting", in strictly tailored and richly braidnl
etlect*; coata sr* made seuii flttiug snd lined with peau de cygne. Colora are thore moatly
in demand?bl ck, navy blue, tan, wiataria, and lignt and dark gray. Theasare also in
broken sizss, but it means a great saving to those who can be fitted,
Special price, $19 75 each.
Values up to $35 00.
Third floor--O st.
We have just received and placed on sale an attractive colltctio** of Wsah Skirta, of
white linene, poplin, and pii.ae; aome are plain gored, neitly tailored and finisbed with
?iile pocket, others are iu side acd panel plaited tflects. AUo shown in tau aud dark blue.
$1 00 to $3 75 each
Also a hand?cme line of White atd Natnral Liuou Skirta, in full plaited and hsnd
embroiderfd front panel *nV-ts. $5/0 to $15.00 each.
Alsoshowing a large line cf Separate Skirta for traveling, dress. and general wear,
of panama, bri lliantine, voile, >nd silk, in all Ihe latett and most des rable styies and colors,
includinir a full line of extra siaea. $6 00 to $16.60 each.
Third floor -3 st.
Swan Bro-s
On account of the Confederate Veterans' exercises
today our store will close at 5 p m.
Bath Robes
We are now showing a new line of Men's Tur
kish Bath Robes and Slippers to match, made by the
well known firm of Joseph Yeska & Co , New York.
The firm employs the reputation of only making high
class merchandise, and we direct your attention to
the low prices we are asking for these high trade bath
Men's New Turkish Bath Robes.
Each $2.98, $3.50, $4.50, $5.00.
Men's Turkish Bath Slippers to match robes.
Pair 50c.
iirginia Military ? Institute
Cllegtatt- uikI tcchalcal courses comblnca
,vitl> the rtgtd dlscipllac ofan army poar.
Viririuia Cailet. tuitlon fri
Lsiinaton. Va. Oar. E. W. NICHOLS. Supt.
my!6 t|e24 m-w.f_
Opera House
Shows that make
you laugh.
never seen before.
700 0oolce Heate. 10c
300 Balcony Seata. 5;
Matloee daily. 5o
WANTED.?Manager for Branch Offiee in
Alexsndria, condaoting building and
loin bnsiness, Man with experience in life
insaran?e or hrokeraga buainess pref-rred.
Apply TBCRSDAY. May 26th,to N. P. Har*
grave, "The Rammel," Alexandria, Va.
may 17 t.l_
FORRENT.?Two nearlv new HOi'SKS.
*_y213t_Payne ani Queen Streets.
The three story BRICK DWELLING, No.
1227 King street, containing nine rrorua and
all mrdern improveraenta. Immediate pos*
session. JOHN D. NORMOYLE.
my21 3t King snd Royal atreet*.
Silk Savings
Worth While
[$l.75.and$2.00 40-inch
Imported Saiin Foulards
At $1 00 a Yard.
40-inch Imported Satin Foalard?; soft,
beau ifully lo.trous; perfectly 6n:shed and
printe<t; ptsitively ell pore ?ilk; in navy,
black, tan, gray. brown, wis aris, old ro?e
gronn.s witb whitedota and scroll?< I (]()
A good $2.C0 valne for ?* ? ,vv
85c 27-inch AU-pure Silk
Rough Pongce
At 50c a yard.
27-incL Pongee; not too roogb, hot roagh
encugh to be f?*hi?_able for this aeaaon's
weat all pure s lk and in shadas of navy,
brown, rayrtle, reseda, olive, goH, old rose,
pink light blue. white, cream meloo, smoke.
gray, cadet, wiataria, copper, black and
natoral. Remember, all pnre ?ilk.__.Ss5c CAr
yalae for ouw
420426 Seventh Street,
If tiie Stork came in May
If Old Mr Stork brought y ^ur
frieod into thia world aome
month of May?
You ought to get him or her
an Kmerald For?
"Who first bebolds ths light
In Bpring's sweet flow'ry
montb of May,
Shall weir an Kmerald all
through life."
And best of all- Emeralda are
so reasonable in price tbai you
can afford them as gift?, or to
wear yourself
We want you to see the rich
deep-coloredEmeralds we have
here. All sizes, ahapea and
prices to suit Jevery taste and
Satiflders S Son,
629 Kine Street.
Hard Crabs, Soft Crabs, Deviled
Crabs and Crab Salad.
Open ur t! 10 p. p-,
apr7 Am
WE are now ahowing the m ? t *i bstantial
li-jeof 2x4 Pasaenger l>w.i Swiogs,
Gliding Settees, Porch Rockers, tu d Lawn
SwingB from $4.00 np to %6.b0. Rockerat
from 75c to$3.C0.
LAWN MOWERS. - Keen Katter Lawn
Mowera, every part guarantesd, from (4.50 to
19 00.
GARDEN HOSE at ,0c, 15. and 20c per
fool; al! lengtha.
Goods delirered t> Tel Ray, St. F.lnio,
Rosemont and West Fnl.
6ii, 623, 625 King Street.
PROPO-JALS?Propoeal* will M r?-ceir*<l
nntil 11 o'clock noon i ridsy, Juna 3,
1910, at tbe i tii -e ofthe fity Engineer for tb?
f jrnishing of all material except pipe and Ihe
construction of yltrified ciay pipe sewers on
sonth Columbus street] from Wilkes atnet to
?noot.iJO feet north of Duke atreet, and on
Dake atreet from Columbua street, to Alfred
street. The rigbt ia rcaerved to retojany
andall bids.
Ckairman Commitleo on Stieeta.

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