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ki:ii>.\ . i:\ ENINO, JUNEft
DaUBTIO rtitiei-iii of Aiiierieaii medi
oal collefaa and of the arhole Americaa
ayatem of mcdical education iacontain
ed in a reporl iaaued today by the Car
negie FoundatJon Ibf 'h<' Advaneenieiit
of Teea bing. It chargea thal the edti
catkmal atacding required of entering
?tndenta ia tooloar; thal tbe inatruction
farniahed in m?>st of the achooh ia of
j. quabty and laboratory, boapital
and diapenaary faciKtiea grierouary in
ajdequate; thal tbirty arell-equipped
la, uuder a proper ayatem, wouW
do bettei aenrtce tban the 166 achooh
new in exiatence, and thal aa a reauh
<,f pceaenl conditiona the country i> l>e
ing overaupplied wiih ill-trai.1 doc
t,,|s t,, the detrimenl of the profeaaion
and the eodangering <>f the public
health. Tbe aignificanl facta arluch the
reporl provea are, in rVeaidenl Pritcb
ett'a judgmenl the foifowing :
There haa been for a quarter
,,f a centurj paal an enormoua over
production of ill-trained doctort
,,11,1. tbia overauppry of ill-trained men
iv to '"? aacribed to the eaaatence of in
depeudenl "i proprieUTy achooht, com
merciall) managed, aad deDandeul on
.: suppoit;tbird,tbe cbeap qualitj
?1 ,,f th.- inatruction fumi.-hed by
tlschoola; fourth, tbe lallacj of
the idea thal theae ineffective acl.ia
an- juatifled by the argumenl thal tliey
enable pooi boya t.. gei a cbance in the
oiedieal profeaaion; fifth, the uecesaity
t.,( a complete reviai.f the arrange
meiits thal imn bold aa helweell medl
.al s, hoola and the bospitala in arhich
tbeir ebnical inatruction ia given.
Tiik receasion in Preaidenl Taft'a
tide "f popularit) -<?' in almoal ai
u bc araa inducted into offlce ??> chief
itive. That be nai proven a dta
appointmenl i* non acknowledged by
niaiiN arho belped tbelecl him. 8o far
be baa manifeatedbul little of the com
ponenl parti ol a greal man, and bia
action featerd i> in pracUcally inault
iog Congreaaman Harriaon and tbe
conatituencj he repreaenta ia the beal
indea of bia contractad naind. That
the preaidenl ol the Untted Btatea
?hould bave itooped loahow bia reaent
ineiii towarjd a repreaentative of the
people is a -1 i ootnraeotary upon tlie
preaenl oocupanl ol the White Houae,
and while calculated to i-auae a further
drop ni Mr. Taft'a thermometer u ia
mn to make Mr Harriaon many
friende. The man arho uaea bia official
poaition toanuboi ill-treal thoae who
are peraona non grata to bini i^ un
arorthv oj tfte trii-' iinpoaed in him
? The offenae >> more giaring arhen a
repreaentative of a free peopi* i? tha
vJctim of auch vengeanoe. Yeajtenky^a
incidanl utn do Mr. Harriaon no barm,
lut it is aure tocauae another shrink
tge in the eateera people ahould bave
for the chief executive. It is generally
adtnitted that Mr llarrisoii ?;i- cor
rect in the staieiiietit be maile in Con
uid arhicb incurred the boatilitj
Ol the lilesidelit_
Bi pbbbes ram k Moobb's patience
gave out during tb? beariug a few daya
ago before bia aub-comniittee thal haa
baan inveatigating the high coai of
foodatuifa and he aaked a decidedl)
aharpqoaation of the gentleman who
lling the aub-committee how an"
ooying to buaineaa men the propoaed
ing a.t would he. The witllC'Ss
nttng the National Propt i -
tary Aaaociation of Druggiata, and h1'
told the coramittae that thepaaaage of
thefabeling-bill would be an opprea
aion to In* trade. "No one on this
committee,' aaid Chairman Moore,
and, so far aa 1 kiio-,\, no one in Con
aranla to baraaa any man doing
a legititnata buaineaa. Howevar, it baa
appearad that many men are doing an
unfair buaineaa; and. if thii is a fact,
whj do not tln legititnata buaineaa men
berp t hi^ uommittee to drafl a bUl thal
?ill prerenl improper practioea, rathei
tban atand aloof and diauourage what
it ia trying to do?" The aritneaa
wihed and replied: "I bad not thoughl
of that, bul will be glad to conaider
the siijei'Stu,!!. "_
h ., \si ,i; i \ni<Mi.,i bave aei'-ured
a decided advantage over Germauy in
the right for oinniercial preference in
China, notwithatanding reoanl boycotta
and the mauife8tationa ?>f boatility
toAmericana Tlie dtrone'a approval
vd th. reoommendationa of the board
acation that Enghah ahall bere
aftei be the offlcial language in all
provincial acientinc and teebnical bigb
la is a vietory for thete nationa.
Ganuan) made ? bard right to bave
ipted, bul the intliuiiee
ol burgc number of Chinaac atudenta,
wbo bad atudjed in America and Eng
land. broufhl aboul the adopti
the Engliah language. All exatnina
tioiis for diplomaa in acientifu and
teebnical training wiU arithin a fea
be beld in Engliah. Tln? nltnnate
of the new nile wili Ih'to make
En^'lish tbe otlicial language of tbe
em ? r- iti a1! its dealinga with foreign
Ouiioaponrtoanoof aImaifrla Qaaette
Becretary Naget, ol IfiJ Departmenl
Commeroa and Lahor, today laaued
regubuiona lor the protaction ol fur
bearing aniraala in Alaaka. Thc kUl
iog of m OttOI is prohihited imtil N"
rember l. I'.'l'ii, beaveri arc protected
until Novemhar 1, 1915, and the bunf
iiik ..r killing of any other fur-beariog
animals is rcstrictcd' to a fcw mOOtha of
tbe lunuxter aaaon.
The growth and magnitude of the
electrk induatry ?f tbe United Btatea
arc ahown l>y * prehmroary report
i today l>\ thc ceoaoa boreau. It
abowi that there u todayinveeted in all
ofetectricalenterpriaea the atupen*
doua amount ol $6,209,746,768,
A report iaaued today by the Depart
mcnt of CommerotJ and Labor ahowa
that there baa been ? markel improve
in.nt in inlernational commerce in all
the principal countriaa ol the world dur
lOg thc utst ycar. That the upward
trend of themovemeut is naore diatinct
lv i recovery from the depreeakm fol
lowing thc flnancial atringeocy of 1907
3 i- apparent. How mucb ol thii in
creaae ia due to higher pricea cannol be
:i,, uiatily detennmed.
Corjaideration offth? chargea ol bri
berj in thc eleetionof SenatorLorimer,
ol lllinoia, will be ghren by the Benate
committee on privdegea and electiona
ncxt week. A meating ol theobmmittae
iraa to have been beld tomorrow bul
it baa been poatponad becauee Chair
man Burrowa, waa called to New Ybrk
by tbe illneeeol hia daughter.
Briefi of the lawycri in the Baljinger
Pinchot inveatigation will be in the
handi of the committei ncxt Ifonday.
Thc committee will then take up U?e
queetionaol preparing ita deciaion or
dociaiona. There will probably be two
reporta, oi e signed l>y aeven and the
other by ftve membera ol the commit?
tee. A meeting of the committee wiU
be beld tomorrow,
The wreck ol the battleahip Maine
will not be raiaed Irom Havana harbor
until the enginoer corpa ol the arm)
reporta to Congreaa at ita nexl aeaaion
tbe beat practkable metbod and thc
probable ooatp Thia ii provided in the
general defleiency bill whicfa will be
reported to tbe Elouae tomorrow. The
bill carriea ? totalappropriation of 65,?
785,672.54, ol which the largeet aum,
11,030,600, goeato tbe naval eatabliah*
ment. It is the last ol the appropria
tioii 1'illv
Thc reaignation of Erneat <;. Lyon,
minister to liberia, waa announced by
the Statc Departmenl today. At the
nme timc it was atated that tbe chargea
which have been preferred againal him
liad notbing t > do with hi* quitting the
diplomatic aervice and that they were
found to hf without foundation, Lyon'a
reaignation was aceepted to make a
wacancy for WiUiam B. Crum, the
Charleaton, B. C., oollector, whoae
oomination was aent in ? lew daya ago
by Preaidenl Taft. Both men arc m
groea Lyon ia from Baltimore,
Thc Four Biver Bhipbuilding Cora
oany may buikl a ihird dreadnoughl
for the Argentine governmenl accord
iii<^ to information which reached tbe
Statc Departmenl today. Thc eom
pany ia already at work on the two
?hipa to cost *ll,0O0,00lf ca.-li and lias
granted the governra;nl the option to
have a third buih lor the aamc price.
CUimaoftbe repuWican leaderatbal
the praeeut tariff law is the l-cst that
baa ever been put into effect in the
t'nitcd Statc- arc >et out in an offii ial
atatemenl iaaued by the bureau of
statiatica of the Departmenl of Com
merce and Lahor today. In the nim
montha under tha operatioh ol the new
law cuatoma recaipta ol all kinda wera
150,814 the greateet amounl ever
received in the biatory of the country,
for a like period. (Jhder ka operatipn
thc valuc of merchandiee admitted free
bfduty amounted to $601,680,750, an
amounl never before approached, and
the per cenl of fret amounted to 49-9,
, Ki, eded only ander the IfcKinley
tariff law wheneugar waa admitted free.
Priendaof Repreaentative Dalxell in
thc Houae arc greatly alanued at pri?
vate reporta from Pittaburgwhich ahow
that tbe Houae kaader ia loaing ateadily
in the recount. Thc cotwty oommia
Kionen have opened only lix of the
ixtj Bve ballot bozea to be reoounted
and DalzeU'a loaa ia 97 rotee. Aa bii
uiajority waa eatimated al leai tban
800 it i> now predkted that be will be
defoated for renomination.
Repreaentative Btanley, ol Kentucky,
announced today that be i- i" rpared
with evidence to torce proceedinga in
the courta againal thc ????? I ;iuat II*
recently introduced a reaolution of in
tpiiry calling on the attorner general
to inform Congreaa whetherthia com
bination i* in reatraint of trade. Un
leaa the attorney general lepliee that
proceedinga will be inetituted againal
ihc tru-t Mr. Btanley will lay the facta
in his poaaeaaion before thc Houae.
All thc icpulili'an memben of tbi
conference committee 'on the railroad
bill, Mcasra. Aldrkh and Blkina, of the
Senatc, and Meaata. Ifann and Wan
ger, of ihe Houae, were together for
the flrat time at a meeting today. Al
torney General VVickeiaham waa prc
enl in thn capacity of legal ad\i^er.
Senator Klkin> aaid after thc adjourn
incut that it waa oiiis an ioformal
couference to conatder thc bill
A telegram was received today from
Senator Foater, (dem., Ia ) raqueat
ing to be excuaed from further aervice
a< i member of the conference com?
mittee on thc railroad bill. Hht BW
?a* iu.t announced by tbe chair.
The telegram waa preaented by Bena*
toi Monej
Paaaaagen Hoiiiini.
Dalbart, Texaa, June 10.?Wben the
Kl Baao and Southweatern paaaenget
train Ko, 2, irrived here today, a car*
load ol paaaetigera witboul enongb
inouey to buy their breaklaat, filed
from thc private car of Superintendenl
Hawkea, Thej bad been tbe victim'
of a lone bandit, who stopped the train
near OarHaoaO la^t nfplit and after
berding every paaaanger of one Pull
inan car into the private car ol the
>ii|., niitciideiit Imed them againal the
\s tll and atripped theniol all vaiuablea.
The bandit then left the train andhead'
ed for tbe mountaine. A poaae wai
out to aearch for the robber, bul at
noon tixlay no traca of him bad been
A diapatch from Sioux FaJb), B. 1' .
layi the lioinination of Uovt inor \ i -
aey, piiigmaal*n. is practicatty oon
ceded today by the followers of Egan,
independent repnbliean, and the
I'liitnl st;-te? Neap.tlatlng ?or lh?- I'ur
111.1-1 o I.I.1111I- uear thr A/t.ren.
Uajboaj. June 10. HBenof Abfama,
own.r of the C.into Islands, near the
iaorea, off th. faropean coaat, today
nked formal pev ruaaaon of the Portn
geaa governroenl to aeU 1ns islands to
the I'lilted State-, go\ el IIllietlt tWV
liamenl will lonoall] diacuaa the mat
tei ihortly.
Thi-e ielanda would furniafa aplendid
ooaling facilhiea for a Dnited Btatea
Heet in European aratara in tbe erenl
of a arar with a ooatanental powar. If
the Ameriean goveriiinent ownecl the
islands they might be fortiried and af"
ford a spletidid haven of refnge to
Ameriean warships 111 tinie of disaster.
killecl |g *torm.
Pine Bluff. Ark., June 10.?With
two peraona known tohave beon killed.
damage to tbe cotton crop earimatad at
11,000,000, tetegraph and telaphone
ariraa down. vVaah-outa on aearfy
every railroad. Arkansas ia today Bttf
fering from the aroratatonn thia year.
Bain ia itill faUing and all streanis are
badly iwoUen.
A tornadO atruck Pine Bluff late yer
terday, uniooting huildings, uprooting
trees and tearitig down polea. The eity
waa in darkneaa last night. Hail fol
lowed the Htorm and a he.-uy rain
llooded the towii. Williatn Ivy, a OOaV
tractoCi waa electrocuted when a live
wire faUing from a Dole stnU'k him.
Other pointa luffering the greateal
damage were Foit Smith, Yau Bureti
and lattle Rock. At Porl Sn.ilh. 1.28
inchea of rain fell in an hour. David
Meadowa. a farmer, waa drowned while
croaaing a awollen creek. Later while
a 'Friaco freight train was pissing over
a hridpe spanning Flat Rock ereek, the
inidge coUapaed and nine freight cara
were precipitated into the creek, No
one was injured.
Fanners have aufJered beavy loaaca
in live-etOCk and unless the rain-. 1000
ceaae, cropa will be ruinad.
I'crgliig 1.11 Nattay.
Rudajoae, Spam, June 10.?ThePor
tugeae array ia in almoal mutiny, a.
cording to aecref advicea that came
aeros.-, the froiilier today.
De6nitc newa from Liabon is unob
tainable owing to the rigid canaorahip
now being exerciaed, which bvd in it
self lends eolor to today'a alarmflig
diapatchea. It ia atated that tbere are
bardly enough loyal troopa in the capi
tal to furnish the royal palace with a
sutlieieiit guard.
Today'a diapatchea confirm the
thieatelied al.dieatloli of Killg Manilel
and the elevation totbe throne oftbe
Duke of Oporto, the brothei of the late
King Carl 's. Manuel will abdkate, it
is deelared, i.i the forlorn hope that the
inove will plaeate the growing wrath of
bia people, which was kindled againat
the royal bouaehold by the diadoaurea
of grafting on the poUic tresaurj
Tbe Mtiiatioii in Liabon and other
parta of Portugal is auch thal a rtart
ling ooup is momentarily expected, It
is rumored that the royal family. in
cluding the Dowager Quaen Maria Pia,
will ihortly seek refnge in Bpain.
Anuther Truiik Mystery.
Como, Itary, June 10.?Faabennea
caating their neta in Lake Como drow
up a beavy Iron bound trunk con
taining the body of a well draaaed and
propoaaeaaing young women, The
skull bad been beatcn in apparently
with a beavy weapon and tbere were
other marki of violence on the bodj
Bearch of the oorpae revealed a num
l.et of letters wriltcn in Knglish. the
contenta of which have been suppreaaed
by the poliee, who Ot now seanhing
for an Ameriean COUple who ocetipied
a eottage. on the lake. TlieV Wele
known aa Mr. and Mra. Porter. Three
dayi ago thej diaappeared, leaving
tbe eottage loeked up. The authoii
tiea broke in today. bul it is not known
whether they found any valuable clue.
Prize I'lghts Tniiiglit.
Milwatikee.Wis..,lune 10,?Ad Wol
gaat will light bia Bral battlo aa chani
pion of the world tonigbt. Jack Bed
.id will he his opponent. The two
bave krag been rivab. Two yeara ago
they fought aix rounda and vVolgaat
won the deciaion, bul Wolgaat waa glad
tl, bear the final bell. The battle to?
nigbt will he for ten roiiink Wolgaal
is favorite in the betting.
New York, June 10.?A rattlinggood
boul is expected tonigbt when Btanley
Katcbel, middle-weighl champion of
of the world. me.is .liin Bmith, the
light-beavy-weight, in a ten round bat
tle at the National Spoiting Club of
"Chuck" Carlton, of the batUeahip
Nebraaka, beavj weighl champion of
the navy, will meel Morria Harria, of
Philadelphia, in a ria round boui
\ Oaaatar Attark.
Pfttahurg, June 10.?Oongreaainan
Jolin Dalzell. cbairman of the bouae
niles committee returned beretoday
from Waabingtonand after aconference
with his attoroey and lieutenanta, pre
aented a pethion to the county com
miaatbnera charging fraod and illegality
m i2'.t roting distriets at Baturd k] 'a pri
mary when he won the Congreaeional
nomination over Dr. RobertJ. BUck,
ol KcKeeaport.
Thia action is a coonter attack npun
Blaek who baa chargad frami in 65 di>
tiK t.- and will probably reaull in the
commiaaioner'a authorixingthe openuig
of the hallot hoxea ill '.'1 dbBricta OUl Of
An official count of the uncontaated
diatricta of McKeeaporf baa reduced
Dabtell'i rote tbere W and eut bia plu
rality in the distriet t i 207 according
to the commiaaionen bere t<KJay.
To Many Agaia.
Waabington, 1>. C, JunelO.?Brodie
1.. Duke. mambar oftbe bunoaa family
oftobaoco millionaire.s. eame here to
daj and oaataaaaed a Iteenaaj to naarrj
Mba Mylaiita Baachelle. Duke is
aixtj two yeara of age aud recentrj waa
reported to Imj dying. The brida ia
twenty-two. Both k.uc their raandeoca
M Durhatn. N I
Thia is Duke'i fourth niatn.nial
ventnre. He gained international no
toriety in conuection with hia mar
nage to Mr< AJaDE I- Wehh in 1906
and his beeninteruitttently in thehme
light ol puhlieity for nimy year<.
Duke arranged to l?- tnitried thal
evening al fhe Firal Phaabytajrian
Chur.h by the Kev. Donald C. Mc
Georgetuwn Wheal Marliet..
Georgetown, 1>. C. Juuc la-Wheat 7?a90;
I'.l iik I I'irilileiil alld l'4inll\ l/l f
Sdiithamptou lor I'nlted Matl
Southampton, Kngland, Junc 10.?
Colonel Theodorc PooaafWll and hi-!
family sail.il for New Toff thi* after
uooti at l' o'cJock ahoard the Kajaaria
Anguate Vkstornv
Regret waa faooval in Loodoa that
i;.evekdid not retorn to that city
la-t mglit and begin bia homeward trip
from boodon instead of Southanipt<>u.
Hundrede gatbered al Watarteo Rail
way atation, aspeetiagto have a last
look at Rooaevelt, baw they bad to mn
tent ilmiinaiiliwa with cJaeera for hie
family inetead.
||n Booaeveh and chiktrea depart
ad at 1<' o'clock, Amba^sador Reid BO
ooenpanying them. Before Ihey krn
i; . beetei Mou-e. the town boroe of the
Beida, for the station, a streani of
promtnetri English and American
aociety peopk called to bad them fare
wcll. '
l In Hatana-Atlantlr City Hare.
AtlatitK City, X. J., June 10? The'
motojr boat Bemey, of Brookyn, New
York'? entry in the Havana-Atlantic
( ity motor boat racc, crossed the
finifh line off thia city this morning
at 7:58:20, The Caliph, which ar
rived off the har last night, at 11
o'clock, is still ahead on' tima.allow
anec, bul thc other two Bottt' have 1
chanca to win if they conae in aoop.
kllled in Autnmoblle ArrMent.
Cleveland, June 10.? Running sixty
milea an bovr, Fred R. BJea loat <on
trol of his automobile esrly today and
plunged through the gatea of Buparior
viaduct to his death 90 feaj below,
,Iohn \V. Anstall, gateman at the via?
duct, waa hit by the wrecked gatea and
hia h'gs were broken, Blce's death waa
inatantaneooa andAnatall is baUeved to
be mortally hurt. Blee was $8 \ears
InceiHijiii i,m Susperted.
St. Peteraburg, June 10.?-The potica
of Boriaaov an- today toveatiganng a
areU-founded charge that the deatruc*
ti.>f a ktrge parl of the city by fire
yeaterday waa thc work of a group "f
anti-Jewiah incendiaries. Nearly all
of ihc 400 buildinga deotroyed were
owned by thc Jewa. Baveral ?uapecfa
have been arreeted and they arc aafd
to have confeaaed that the tire waa
plannedbya numberof "Jewbaitera"
of Boriaaoi
Mtorm aa*aralag,
New York. June 10?The following
apedal atonn warning waa iaaued today
by the vYeather Bureao:
"Brisk nortln usterly winds with
f..<; and rain are indtcatod lor thc uexl
i w.nty-foiir hoiirs. A disturbaice,
central over Tenneaaee at ten o'clock
ilu- morning, is rapidfy moving north
eaatward. Btorm warninga arc ordered
diaplayed on thc New Kngland eoaal
north t<> Poruand Hame.
ffftaeaa Murdered.
Princeton, K'y., June io.?Judge
Robinaon, a farm hand on the farm dl
Qeorge Qoodman, and one.of thembat
importanl wUneaaea in the night ridar
trials at Hopkinaville, Baa bjjen aboj
and killed from amhush in thc vicinity
(1f Otter pond, in this city. There i.
no clue to thc aaeaaain. Aa aoon ?>? >?
became known that Robinaon was to
be lummoned aa a witneaa in the Hnjv
kinsvillc triaht be received a warning u?
leave the countrj 11<- refuaed to pai
any attention to thc notice, howeveri
and his as.sas.-ination followed. He
leavea a wifa and two children,
Proceedinga in the Court of Appeah
in Wytheville yeaterday were M fol
IfcCraw v?. Vernon et al. Argued
and aubmitted.
Virginia Carolina Railway Cempauy
ra. Claweon'i admr. Argued and aub?
Butherland va. Qent Buhmitted on
Vicar- If, Salyer. Argued nnd corr
linued until today.
A number of opioiotta were handeel
down, aniotig them the following:
Cheeapeake and Ohio Railway Con}
pany va, Willa. Circuil Ceurl of
Orange couitty. Reversed.
CommonweeJto of Virginia at rela
tion of Norton. Board of Trade, inc.
ifulk and W'etern Railway Oonj
pany ct ala. Statc Oorporation C'oui
miaaion. Afarmed,
Coppervifle vi. Ix>udouu tfafional
Bank >t ala. cinuit Ooanl of Lou
doun COuntT. AHinned.
VIKf.lMA iiaxkkk*.
The -eventeetith annual coiiventioti
of the Virginia Bankera1 Aaanctation
began at the ('hamherhn Hote), <>M
Point, yeaterday, waali 126 banketaj
from all parts of the atate in atteai
dance The ftrat day'a aeeaion was de ,
voted btrgely to the dJapoadtion of
routine buaineaa, bul that aftemoon
theconvention beard twoableaddn
one by Job K. Hedgea, of the New
Vork eity bar, the other by Preaidcnt
K. P, Miller. of the Fir-t Natioiial
Bank, of Lyncbbnrg, who diactaaaed
"Seeunty to Depoaitorava, Qnarantee"
Lfaal nigfat Uie as.viciation was ao
tertained by I'olk Miller. of Richtnond,
and his oegTO qnartette, Many vis
itora attended tlre eiitertainnient.
Preaidant Hanry A. vFalkar, of staun
t,,n. [.lesided at th- s^ssions yeiitei
day and read his annual report. which
cootained a reeana of the hanking
huainnaB in Virginia diiring tbaj paajl
year. Referenoa waa nafjoe to th.
ad paaBed by thfl laaB leg.-lature
providing for B systeni ol hauk exami
l'resident Walkersaid that thia l
ure was not what the hanke.s wanted.
hut it WOttld nnproveexistingd.'ndition
Becretary N. I' Gathng, of Richmond,
made hk report, ahowing the tnaanbei
ship of the as?H iataon to ba mon than
BOO Tlie chainnan of rarioua groupa
of the BtBtC also suhinitted eneoiiragllig
reporti (h-orge Bryan, of Richmond,
the report of the <.marttae on
laws Today Becretary Nagei. .,f th,
Departmenl of Oommcrceand F.ahor d. ?
livered an address to the bankers and
tonighl the ?aaaocaation will have it
annual banqnrt._
Chatnberlain's BtOtnach and Liver
Tableta will hrac* upthe nerves, baaiafa
sick baadacbe, pawvaaatdeapaaadaaaeji and
invigorat* the Waaota aystem. Sold by
W. F. Creigbton and Richard Gibaon.
CIIAK(.i:i? WITH |||(. \MV.
The Quarterly Couhiraitw ol the
Metho.|i*t Church of f^aaana ceaaty,
N. Y . which met Wcdii.-day night at
OorOBJt, rcvoked the preacher's UoBBM
of Willlain Thoma>, who ia m jail in
JeteeyCtty, ctaarged with bigamy.
Thomas WM an itinerant pivaclier in
Qjnean'a eownty, who bad charge <>f the
Ifethodiat congregation at COVOOI at
irregular int.rvals and lilled other pul
pit.s in the dhttrict m thc ahai nee of thc
regtdar miirarttrt Ba lived with bia
aacond will and two children by bia
tir~.t wife m Oerona. Becauaa of his
interest iu the woineti of the vari"iis
Bjockathal nuea ahder bia temporary
i aie ba was not popular in Queene.
About two months ago Tessie Waltcrs.
a maidcn of Middle Yillage. di.-app.ar
ed. Bhe wrote to her people that ahe
waa eniployed in Manhattan. Coinci
deiit with the disappearance of Teatie
Wahera, Tbomai began to ipand con
liderabhi time awaj from his bome.
He toid his wife that behad been caUed
to a eongregatian in New Jeveej and
was looking over thc ground.
Sotne buay member of the Corona
church, inapired by citrioaity, trailed
tbe paaacher and found him in Jeraey
City, where he was living with Teaaie
vYaltem, The preacher had married
the Middle Village girl. Mrs. Waltci
waa notitied. she want to Jeraey City
and had the minister arre-ted and in
dicted on a charge of Kigamy.
Oneof the most iinportant decawns
handcd down by the Court of ippfwla,
was that retidered Wytheville yesterday.
when the court dedared avotingtrua
of stock to ba a legal aeeociation, pro
viding it is properly eatabhahed and not
having been sct up hy fraud. uphold
ing the decision of the lower court.
The caae iu which the poinl waa <\f
cided waa atyled the Camegie Truat
Company va. theSecurity Life Insur
ance Company of Amcrica. Thirty
aeven tbojaaand aharea of stock were
oooveyed to five truateea for a period
of 88 yeara, truateea1 certiflcatea for the
amounl being iaaued and delivered to
aubacribera. Thc Carnegk Company
acquired 24,000 of theae certificatea and
then brOUght BUit to have llie tmst
agreemetd annuled and to require thc
truateea to lurrendar the rtock upon
the delnery to them of the r111-1 certi
The case is ofgreat importance to all
corporations doing buaineai in thc atate,
:t- ii removea all doubl a-- to thc valid
it v of a roting truat, where no frand i
Beporta from Arkanaaa, Ifiaaiasippi
and weat Teoneeaee indkate the woral
Wind, iaiii and hail Morms throughoiil
thoeeaacaiona ol thecountry that have
been known for manj yeara. Rainaof
torrential nature fell, and a cyclone liit
the towna ol l'inc Bluff and Hol
Bpringa. A Frieoo train wenl through
h brtdge near Port Bmith, Ark. The
magine got acroaa in aafety, bul four
teeii cara of merchandiae were loet. A
college buikting al cTettleton, lfiaa.,waa
deatroyed. In every city and town in
Arkanaaa, weat and aouth of Uttle
Bock, atorea and reaidencea were tl.I
ed and the atreeta were runningatreama
of water. Damage to cropa will be
enormoua. foung corn waa beaten to
thc ground. and cotton waahed out of
thc lOtl. _
Thc inaurgenta were defeated at the
annual election ofofBcera of the Ameri
can Ifedical Aaaociatioti at 8t. Louia
yeatarday, when Dr. Jobn B. Ifurphy,
of Chicago, was cboaen n/eaident. Fli.
only opponent was Abram Jacoby, of
New York.
t;.ge 11. Bimmona, alaoofChicago,
who reaigned laat Tueaday, was again
elected aecretary. Bimmona baa aerved
continuouary aince 1898, Dr. I.. E.
Johnson. of Waahington, waa elected
fourth vice-preaident. Loa Angelea waa
-elected jor the ncxt convention, in
The houae of delagatea began yeater
day a inveetigatiofl 6f a reporl that
Wedneaday night a woman with little
raimenl daaeed before membera of thc
aectaofl on aurgery.
Robert Lecky, jr., of Rich?
mond, vice-preaident and aecretary
of the Virginia State Fire In
suranrc, Cotnpany, was theonfy wit
ti"ss evamined at rfewpOfl EvcwB, yes
terday at the tnal of the oflicers of the
Soutbeaatcrn Undcrwrttera Ajboi iation,
for unlawful oonapirac] to cootrol ftre
inaoranoa ratea. The witneaa was on
the stand fursix hour.s. The.state soughi
to hring oiit that the aaaociation makea
and controls ali iates in Virginia and
conapeh independcnt companiea to
write by the rates. The witne-s ad
mitted thal the Maocaalioo makea tbe
rates. hut denied that it romj?dled in
dependenl oompaniea to abioV by
theni. He said, bowever, that thn
other companies obaerved the ratea, be
i tuee they regarded it as ''good buei
ness policy" to do ao. ff any of the
oompaniea thal beibng to tba bm
tioii wrihat lower rates thati thOM pre
?eribed by the aajxacialaon, they an w
pelled from the aaeociatioa, witneaa
BBJd, and the other as-onation eotn
pnniea aevared all batineaa relationa
with them. refusing to rewrite buaineaa
(oraocfa c(,mpiiine
Rev. Dr. Chariea A. Dickey, one of
the niost piominent l*r- <hyt. i ian eiergy
nien in theeoiuitry|and former roodera
lot of the church, died in the Preebj
terian Hoapital, in Philaderphia, of
which he waa preaadant, today. Death
waa dne to carbunclea. Dr Diek<???
bovfl in Wheeling, W. Va.. ~1 y.ar
Three < anadian Pactflfl tiaiumeii were
drownadln LakeBuperlor thia mornlng
whena freight traiu piunged kni
lake at r.,n i aidwell, Oat
Ahmeii faamld rdltnrnf tl><- Indopen
deiit iiew*|>.'t|>er S.'ilaiiniI!?? t. in < oiist.an
tlnople. wma BMaaalnated eariy today,
his murderar eaeaptng, ,
Bantencea were unpoaed today In Pat
araoB) x. .).. i,\ JudgeSeott on Bvaol
the si.\ youtha who were kuM week eo
victad foraaaaull onJuiia Reinerwhile
?be and her liance were on Moniimeiit
Heightson the night of Mayl'.th Two
ii<>\ six years ea*-h iu C'aldwell Peniten
tiary. one jrot flve yea.ru in tbe aamc
I'laee. and one failed to eppear Bad bia
bail of?l.iXO was forfeitexl. Une waa ac
I.WtoK C\lo>* >??! lAI'.MPT.
The actioo of the Senate committee
on appropriationa inatrikiog outofthe
aundryctvil appropriation bill the Hoajec
provjaaon directing that no part oftha
nioiiey appropriated for enforcing the
anli-triist law ?diall !?? utili/cd iu the
proaecuttoa of ootnbinatioo kookingto
the increaaa of wagea, the ihortening
of boura and thc betterraeol ol tle
condjtiona ol labor, waa roatained l?y
the Benate reaterday after an animated
debate. The vote waa :'?! to 16.
RcpubHcana ajenerally roted in the
aArmative and democrata in the
negative. Benatota taeBnery and Btone
voted with thc republicanaaudBenatori
Burkett, Dolliver, Jonea, Page and
U'arner in the negative
Benatora Bacon andOwen criticixed
the committee'a m tion. Both contend
ed that the anti-tru-t law was not in
tended to appiy to aoch combinationa.
If there were acts of violciicc they COuM
he puniabed nnder thecriminal law-.
Defending thc committee'i actton,
Senator Halc called att.'Ution to the
practice of boycotting and aaid that
thc committee had thoughl it beat to
strike out the pmvi-ion to afford an
opportunity to tbe e.mittee on con?
ference to oonaider the rabiect. Mr.
Heyhnrn al-" luppotlfid thc coinniit
tee's acttOD, saying that he did not sce
the wiadom of baving a criminalatatate
without providing for its etiforceinent.
He intimated that thc puipoaa of thc
Houae proviaion was to influenee votee.
Mr. Qore feontended that the Houae
proviaion was not intended to proted
rtoienee, and aakJ that the efforl to
rjroaecute laboring men for movementa
in theiv interest was :i relic of thc dark
Tlic conference report on the river
and liarbor bill was agreed to by thc
Benate yeaterday bya vote of 45 to 12.
Senator Clay gave uotice tbat today
he will movetoatrike out the appro?
priation of $250,000 for the tariff coiir
Benatora Beveridge and La FoHette
have announced their intention of
apeaking in aupport of a furtber reviaion
of thc tariff.
The conference report on thc legiahv
tive appropriation bill waa agreed to.
Senator Moncy introduced a resolu
tion directing thc appointmenl of a ae
lict committee to ioveatigate thc sul>
ie?i uf foreat reaerve and the wlth
drawal- of public land- for foreal pur
The Senate devoted more than two
boura toconaideration oftheaundry civil
appropriation bill. A numberofim
portanl amendmenta were agreed to.
Exemption of labor uniona from
proaecution under the anti-trual law
was roted down by the Benate, 84to 16.
Twenty.aix dei.'rata, in the four
roll call- di manded at thc cloae of a
leven-hour debate yeaterday, aided th<
Houae republicana to pass thc poatal
?avingi hank biUexactly aa it emerged
from the republican caucua more than
a week ago. The iiiea-uie waa pul
through on the l.i-i call by a vote of 195
to 1 * ? 1. a majority of 94.
The bill providea for the eatabliah
meiit ,.f poatal uai inga banka for the
receipi of aavinga aiccounta np to $500
fui each account. Aa amended in re?
publican caucua, it providea that65 per
cenl of depoaita ahall remain in the lo
cal banka in thc locaUUea wheretheac
c.(iint- originate, 5 per cenl mn-t bebeld
in reaerve, and .'!?> per cenl may !?? de?
voted to thepurpoaeofbonda. fntereat
at ihc rate of 2 pet cenl i- to \?- paid on
depoaita, this low rate being fixed to dem
onatratethal the governmenl doeanol
inteinl to compete with tbe banka, Th
meaaure baa been recommended lor
yeara by poetmaatent general, and waa
declared for in thc natiooal platform of
both partiea at the last conyentiona.
The conference report on the rivera
and harbora bill was reported,
Eatner Maude Mearaon, the 17-year
old stenograpber whodiaappeared from
her bome in New York laal Monday, is
held for $1,600 ranaom, according to a
tntter takeu to the police hy |h.i
brotber. Jobn Mearaon, yeaterday.
The coinniunieatioti. which waa re
ceived at the Meaaon bome, was ?ign
ed onty by tbe initiala "D. II." and
is couched in good Engliah. It fol
Brooklyn, June 8. 1010.
Mr. and Mi- Mearaon: Yourdaugh
ter ii still alive. Bhe is in good banda,
but is not at lil.erty. vV*e a-k you for
the sum of |l,6O0 for her rcturn.
We care not for the police, for thej
are only a pack ofdirty creaturee. You
are to go oui Keiit avenue at 8 o'dock
just above theOrand atreet ferrj (Tbere
is a deaerted bridge aboul a biock
awa\ I
Aboul 12 o'clock on Friday night
you will lind a candle burning on the
nramp below the bridge. Pul the
money tbere in gold. Weaak thiamuch
of you becBuae you are rich. Leave
the money. and your daughter will be
returned to you safe.adundand unblem
iabed. Don'l forget.
Qq up tofirainl street, Williainshurg.
and walk to the bridge. Bhe i- in
good care. Do not worrv. I>ut he -iir>'
to h.ne th,- money.
1)11) Tlli: (OMI'.T III KT III.W
Wlcther the comet bad any in
Buence'onthe laying ofegga ia i question
to he delertililied h_\ the profess. ,| - ,,f
poultryoftbe State Collega of Agricul
lure at (ornell lhii\i r-it>'. N Y. A
soft s|,,.|i egtj with a tail two iochee
long baa been given to them by Wil
liam Bcott, of Boutbhill, Ithka Bootl
? r. - be ia nol anre wbether il waa ?
white Leghorn pr red Wyandottc which
laid th.- egg, bul aaaerta thal n waa the
tir-t one laid rince the comei (ound
its tail and waa to be leen in the weatern
Al the time of doul.t aa to whether
tbe eartb paaaed througfa the coroet'a
tail Bcott'a bena did nol baj >t all be
Th.- .-t'g is mucfa lile the ordi
narv BOft-abell egg. hut extetiding frotn
tiie :ear i- a tWO-incfa t-iil niade of a
barder aubetance tban the eggabell
ractwlaai Ta Banrt Dawa.
FallRiver, Maaa. June 10 ?More
tban 6,000 emph>y< ea of a ren big
cotton mills bere are affected byan an
aiioiincenieiit that the factories will be
-11nt down on ajtertiate weeks begin
ning next w.-ck The niilh are owned
by M. < D Borden, of New York.
Dullneaa of the cJotfc market bajaaagned'
as the cause.
\ i:\VS OFTIIK DA i .
Fireyesterday destroyed |.".o l.iilld
inga, ineludmg three synagogues. in
l!.,ii-s,,v. BaaBM
What is said to hase baafl the drst
cargo of hananas hn.ught to Baltimurc
from Coloiiihia, Bouth Aimriea. ajajj
eceived veaterday by the United Fruit
Alma Kellner m. t her death at the
hands of Joaeph Wendling, miaaing
janitor ?.f St John'a Catholic church,
aocordingtoa verdicl rataurned bj ..
eorooer'a jury in Louaavine, Ky .
By a vote of M to 16, the LcAtanana
Houaa yeaterday laJtHafM tocoocur with
the Senate in its leanfatabn t<> siihinit
the f.deral incouie tax atnend.nt tO
the people of UwiBiBIM to ratify or rc
,11 electloti ne.Vt fall.
At a meeting of the S|)auis|i Cahinet.
preaided over by King Aifonao, yeater
d i\. l'retnier Canalejas detnanded that
the government inangurate its reugioua
program bythe recognition ofabaohite
freedom of c aaacienee thruugh the
abrogation of all imperial decreea in
bibiting the public services of non
Catholic reugioua bodiee.
The railroada raatarday til.d a notice
with the Interstate Oommerce 0on?"
missioti poatponing the operation of
the advanced freight rates until after
the new railroad laa haa gone inlo
effect. The Interstate Coiimiissioii de
cided that the agreeinent hetween the
preaidenl and the railroad ofBcera in
volved only freight and not conitnuta
tion paaaWDgei rates.
AJeerting that tbeQeorge Wa.shing
t..11 (Jniveraity is withoul funda, trus
teea of the matitution yestesday appeal
? d to the Washington Chaniher of
Coninicrce and Board of Trade for BB
lietance in raiaing $02,000, required to
maintain the BCbool on its preaonl
hasjs. In a frank statenient the trus
tees placed their appeal hefore the peo
ple aa a matterof concern toUieDia
Elixabeth Bchulta, a wealthy widow,
74 yeara otd, was found murdered yea*
terday in her resideiiee in LeavenWOlth,
Kansas. She lived alone withiii a block
of the police atation, The murderer
iiad s,-t the house on lire. It is BBld
Mrs. Bchuitl WBI WOrtb foti.iMKl and
that ihe was known to keep a large
-itm in her house \ policeman aeeing
the bouae on fire, broke down the
front door and extinguiahed the Bamea.
He theti diacovered the nude and
cbarred body of Mra. Bchnjta in the
Preaidenl Taft yeaterday adminiater
ed a atinging rebuke abnoat withoul
prcccdeiit when hc refuaed to receive
Congreaaman Prancia Burton Harriaon,
of New York. Thia anuh waa ad"
miniatered through Private Becretarj
Norton al thc White Houae, while al
the aame time the preaidenl cordially
received a delegation broughl there bj
appointincnt by Mr. Ilarn-oii and two
of hi- collcaguc- in Congreaa. Becre
tary Norton quietl) explained to Mr.
Harriaon that he had rendered him
-elf peraona non grata to tbe preaidenl
becauae of tbe reaolution introduced by
him iu the llou-e on Ifaj - calling
lipon Attoincy-ticiicral Wickersham
to furnish the original copy of the
antedated opinion <<n thc Ballinger
ea-c -.hi to the preejdeut, and upon
which Mr. Taft had itated hc
baaed his letter exonerating Becretarj
Ballinger and diamiaaing Louia B
An efforl was tnade to Iwvp the
aft'air quiet, and the fa.ts concerning
the incidenl did not become public
until late yeaterday afternoon vVhen
they did they created a senaation in
congreaaional circiea. I.a-t nighl the
incidenl waa the oue aubjed of ili>< rua
sion wherever publicmen aregathered.
Mr. Harriaon feala keenly the humili
ation to which Iu- baa been aubjected.
He contenda that there i- in bia
i, s iiuti<>n nothing offeneive t"
ward thc preaidenl of thc fjnited state
iior anythiiig which COuld ju-tly !)<?
taken as a foundatioii fot tli?- -light
adminiatered to Mr. Harriaon, which
was made partictilarly cutting by the
coidiality with which the preaidenl
greeted In- two colleaguea, M
(ioldfoglc and Kehhcr, and the dele
gation, which included aome of the
ino-t prominenl Hebrewa in New
The matter upon which theae Jewiah
rabbia and ckiaena came to Waahing
lon was to urge before thc committee
on foreign affaira favorabte actioo up
on anotber reaolution ofMr, Harriaon s
calling upon theaecretary of atatt to
uae his Igoo'l ofrlces to induce the
Ruaaian governmenl to ceaac exihng
the Jewa from Ruaaia
Mr. Harriaon was ojuoted on M
aa baving aaid, in a ipeech in the
Houae, of the back-dating of thc \\ ick
eranam rummary of the Ballinger
"This coafeaaion of the attorney
general amouuta toa concluaion thai
the preaidenl and the attorney-general
had agreed to furni-h to Congreaa nii
leading information to aupply an otii
cial documenl aa of one date which
was really prepared many we< ki
Bo far aa Mr Harriaon ia concerned
no fuel will be added to th< fiaaaea. Of
courae if anytbing furtber iaaaid at the
White Houae Mr. Harriaon aaid todaj
that he felt himsclf free todef.nd bia
poaition. It waa rumored thal Mr.
Harriaon would today riaa toaqueation
in thc Houae and probahly give the
preaidenl a aevere dreaaing down for
his refuaal to receive bim Tlu- ramor
waa diapelked by Harriaon today when
be toi.i a United Preaa reporter that be
wouldtake no furtheraction on his own
initiatr.e. _^^^
The WeMcrn I iiIdii Indirted.
vYaahington, June 10. Indictmenta
charging the VTeatern UaJoo Telegrapb
Company with forty-two riobttiona of
the buckel abop law of aaarch 1. 190$,
were returned by the federaJ grarjd
jiiry here today. A fa-t wire aejpvice
which the Weetern Union ia aaud to
have -u|.|ilie,l tbe Altemua and Cella
otlice- who arc allcged to operatc
under the name of thc Btaodard
Stock and (irain Dealera of Jerae)
city. is madc the baaiaof the indict
ment. An addittonal indictmenl waa
al-o retumed againal the Price A l
pany Ibrcee, charging them ia additiou
to baving conapired t., operata a bw kel
abop, with the actual operation <.t a
hii.kei abop in th>- Iti-trict of Cbhimna
fn aome parta of Page county on
June :: anou feU to the depth of three
incbea, In other parts gardens were
ruined by hail.
Benator Ciiinniins was in his *eat to
day, baviflaj raaamifxlaherpartacipatiofl
in the lowa primaih- II. wa~ warmly
cotigratulated hy the progi, - - ,?? I
I joked by the ragnlara. A kaffja bbjbb
|bei of S.nators ajaook his hand and
made leiii.trks a,-, ordtflg *?> tlit- way
e.?eh interpreted tbe reeurai As for
himself Mr. Cunimins was m high
L'.I hiiinor atul s,-, in,,| t<, fe,l like a
vieti.r returning from th. seene of his
\i th.- reqnaal ofBaaaaaoi Ovaaa, baa
motion inatnarting the coumnttee ajaj
privileges and electioii* to i. |^>rt hlS
reaolutioo auhmitting a constitutional
anieii'lmeiu for the eli-1-ii..ri ol aaajBaara
bj dneei rote of the. peopla weaat tavea
until tomorroa He pBvaj Botiet tfaal
it would be preaaad immediBtaiy aft.-i
the rolltllle husmess.
The suiidry eivil appropnai mn hill
was taken up m th, S.uate today and
the eoiisul. ratioti of r.serM-d ainend
I ineiits taken up. The motion of Scna
| tor Oay, to atrike out tbe tteaaj aUoaj ?
ing$280,000 tor a tariff board, which
Will he the t.'\l f, ,| s,v ,., M | tariff spec, I e -
Waa defened lllltll oth.l lll.lt t. I s ?eie
oui ,.f the way,
A oumberof propoaed atnendnaaajta
relating to lunreya of puolk bvidj ajaaj
diacuaaed at aome length. The varmus
phaaca of performiag the work and
paying for it arere conajkfered.
The bill was pajffactad hy disposingof
all ?!,.? fommtttee and reeeJnred anaaaad*
ineiits Benator Bale pcoaaoaanoad it
compleu from 1ns vtewpuint,
The s|?aker's jravel was held up
until Bve miniiii s aftet twelva today,
whell illeels swept the cliailllier III
weleome to Bepreeentative Walt.-i
Bmitb, just back from bia ractoryovaj
"inaurgency" in [owa.
After the chaplain's prayer c\ery
regular member filed by Batath'a Baaaa
for a hatid-hake.
The Houae todaj took up the con
ference reporl on the naval appropria
tion hill.
Upon the motion of Mr. Foss, (r,,|, (
ill.l th. Houae roted to inaajai upon m
amendmenl eliminating the bureaui of
equipmenl and diatributing tbe naner
tiotis of tln- hureau amoiig the variom
A number ofpenatoo bille weee dfa>
poaed of.
Joaepfa Toomey, a buaineaa man of
Richroond, and former uational coanv
eiioi of the Junior Order of DnHed
American afechanica, baa been miaaing
from his hoinc aince liay 80. It is
feared by bia frienda he baa nal with
foul play,
In the caae ol the oomnaoaiweahhi
againal Harrj Thorpe, charged with the
murder ol David Carter, neaa llaymar
ket, Princc William conntj. on April
24, i jury yeaterdaj returned a verdict
of noi guilty. Thc evidencc Rhowed
that Carter attackcd Thorpe withoiif.
provocation, and the latter in order to
proteci bimaelf from harm, gave Carter
tbe fatal knife thrual
Becauae be allowed one ol ahree
atrangera whom he m< t Wedneaday In
\\ a-hiugtoii to hold bia roll of nioiiey
for a -hort limc. Cl.ueiice Davht, of
(ilen Alien, rcported m police bead*
quarten laat nighl the loaaof *4">m.
Davia aaya be waa invited by one of the
lllell l||i to thl'll llotel |oo||| allll that
later bewenl downataira with this man,
lea\ ing bia money in the room, Gk>
ing baick alone, be found that the other
two had diaappeared and bia money
waa al-o gone.
The commencemenl eaawcieea of the
eight) foiirth aeaaion of the Univeraaty
of Virginia begin on Bunday night.
The ,-\au.itlolis are al.oiit eolieluded.
Thu- fai only one lial of dagraa aaaa
baa been made public, aamely thoaeof
the medical whool, upon whom tln
degree or doctor ol medicine will Ixi
conferred. Among them are loho
Minoi Btackford and < harlea Brown
Crawford, ofSeminary llill. aadAJbert
van Deventer Braden, of Paeonian
Baarlng Caaaaa ItakMagPi
New York. June 10.- Beeaueebeob
jectcd to Painck Qormely anoring,
Thomaa Cavanagb ia in the boapatal to?
day with twoatan wounda in thc groin,
cheal and arm, Both neii are inmatea
of Bt. Joaeph'i Home and Cavanaugfa
claimed to the coroner who was called
to lake In-anteinorteiii itatement,thal
Qormely made ? i mucb noaae that be
could nol gleep. He woke eta with a
puncb in tbe riba and Qormerly deaued
be mored The tight followed, Oor*
mcilv waa arreated,
H'hlle an aviatoi \\a- atteinptlllg atl
exhibition at the agricuhural ahow at
Worceater, Kng.. \> rterdaj. bia
plane becanae wimaiiafaahht and
iwooped down upon a crowd of sperta
tora, kiilmg one woman and injawang
-rwi.il other peraooa. The aviatorwaa
practically uninjured.
Frey, the Gferman aeronaut, while
making a ihght at Budape-t yeaterday
io-t controi of bia biptane, which deefa*
ed into the grand atand Bia aaen were
injured. two of them probabty fatally.
Frey waa not hiiri The aviaton
Latham, Addreeand Bialievuct, aeffer
ed -itnilai accidenu, bul all fcll in the
open ground and no one was injun-d
.1 C Man, an iviator. fell fiom .1
beighl of tifty feei with In- brplaae at
Topeka, Kana., yeaterday, while mak
ing an exhibition thght. The eero
plaae waa brokeo bul Mr Mars wa*
The Duke of Connaught, u is an
nunced from Loodoo, will auoceod, lari
Qrey a- goverdoi general of Oanada
Thc Preabyterian General Asscrnhly
of Oanada decided to take no actaoa on
the rctentton in tbe oonination oath of
tbe linii-h aoveraigu of that potaion
denyutg beliel in Catbolic doctrinea,
J. a*ad T Coiisin's Fine I.ustral Colt
and Black Ku ?lan lai-itania I'unips
and Oxforda, W'eldl and Turn- pre e
$6 o<?; our price $4.00 J. A. Mar
baJl ? Bro? 422 King atreajl
,d i u io\ ing.remembranee aitay
mother, MraMARV K. WALKER, who
de d .1 une In. i:? ?'. ihree years ago loda.v.
Lored in lifc and ranDambaaaal In
d< atti.

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