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SJfifanbria 6ozettt\
Sun and TidefTable.
Sun rlses imiiorrow at ijSWandaetal -'?
High water at '.'.V -i.m. and 1035 \< m.
Wcather Probabilitiea.
Pot thlaaaetionahoweni tonigbt, Sat
urdav i-artly oloudy, preceded .... htaow
era iu the mornlng; nol mueh change In
temperate; moderate eaal and nortbeaal
winds. _
Kdwaid layloi and John Ballard.
hoth coloi.l. charged with being ac
coniplices in the murder of David
Blue, colored. who was shot to d.ath
in "Hell'a Bottom," AJezandria county,
hy John Lyona, a negro, during ? daV
pute over a gaine of erajis ahout two
weeka ago, were arraigtied before Itis
tii. Louia D Albert, yeaBerday, Oonr
monwealth's AttomeyCrandall Mackey
conducted the proaeeution and Attor
neya Macbeo and Jeaae repreaented the
a.eused. Ballard wM.diacharged bul
TaylOf was found guilty of gamhliiig
aad cairying a ccucealod areapon, and
tines and costsaggregating |M3g w, rc iiu
poaed upon hini. Lyona diaappeared
after tbe murder and has not heeti CBp
As B lesult of a collision which oc
cnred al the interaection ofJBenry and
Oameron atreeta, auh was eommenced
yeaterday in the Bupreme Oourl of the
Distn. t of Cohimliia by tbe VVaahing
ton. AJezandria, and Mounl Vernon
Bailway Company agaunB the Bouth
em Bailway Oompany. The decla
ration Btatea that on Fehruary L'7.
1908 an engine of the Bouthern Rail
waj Oompany collided with one of tbe
traina of the phuntiff'a oompany, al
most demoJiahing it. The plaintiff
asks *10,<X?0.
Tbe eoncert given bul night by the
malc membera ofthechoirof St. Paul'a
Catholic Church, Waahington, at the
Young llen'a Bodality Lyceum Hall,
under the auepkea of Pitxgerald Coun
cd, No #99. Knighta of Ckfatnbua, waa,
aa bad been anticipated, well attended
and a decided aucceea, Tbe programme
wa~ well rendeied, and all who partiei
pated acquitted themaelvea admirably.
II,, uieml.ers of St' Paul'a choir
(numbering 26) were entertained al a
banquetal Mr. Jamea Magner'acafe.
Mi. B Abramaon, clothiei and fur
ni.sher, 4-Jii-4-Jt'. Kmg atreet, is offering
his immenae aaaortmenl at sacrifiee
pricea, in order to reduce bia -t,,. k.
All in want of gooda in his ime ahoukl
call iinm.diat.lv and take advantage of
the |nes,iit low pricea. Everything in
tbe way ofdothing and furniahinga wil"
be found in Mi Abramaon'a st,.ek.
[Jttetiee H. B. Caton preaiding.]
The foUowing cas.s were dlspos.-d of
thifl n.orning
Martha Miles. colored, charged with
defacingproperty of Oaaie Johnaon, abn
colored, was rined $?">.
A young white man, charged with
improper conduct, was diamiaaed.
The election for membera of tbe
City Oouncil will he h.ld on Tueaday
next, June H The otih candidates
are tboae nominated by the democrata
and hut littfe intereal is being taken in
the election
The Fratemal Order of Amerkana
met last night and initiated two new
membera. One fortner member was
reinatatad. Th.- local organization
will tonigbt paj a fraternal viail to
Btar-Rpangled Banner Council of
Washingt<)n_ __^^ _
The funeral <>f the late Mra. Fannie
E. Kdel.n took place thia morning
from St. Mai\ - Chuich. Soleinn high
maaa was relebrated hy lh\ H. J.
Cutler and the pallbearen were M< ssi
W. H Deamond, Jamea Roche, John
McKenna, Bylveatei Breen, Patrick
Travera and Jamea Btewarl
The Alexandria Athletk Club will
hne up againat the st Dominic'a Ath
ietie Chab on the north Alfred
grounda tomorroa at 4:80 ^ good
faat game ia expected._
Tbere will be a meeting of the rr
puUicana at B o'dock tonighl at Odd
Fellowa' Hall f.-i the purpoae of elect
ing four detegatca t<> the convention
which will t-e in l.l in thia city June 20
for the purpoae of nominating a re
publkan candidate for Oongreaa from
the F.ighth disiiid. who will oppoee
Bepreaentative C C CarKn, the demo
cratu noaninw,
Mi Bamuel <; Brent, common
weahh'i attorney, empbatically deniea
a .staiement in a diapatch from Rich
mond publiabedin a Waahington paper
today. to the et'lVct that he ever ret'Oin
mended executive clemency foi Heur)
Sniiih oi eitbei of the other negroea
convietedof complicity in the murder
Ol YValter F. BchulU.
I.atne shouldei is ajmoat invariahly
caueed b) rheumatiam of the muaclea
and yields quickly to the free applica
tion of Chamberlain'a Liniment. Th!a
linimenl is not only prorupl hut effec
tual, bul in no waj diaagreeable to uae
BoVd by W. F Creighton and BJchard
So far aa can be karnod no damage
resulted from the four carthqu&k*
(hocka recordcd jual before niid-night
b\ the Santa t'laraCollcg.- Aeiamofrrapri
at Ban Fran. i??? Themovemenl Ia*
ed three minutea and was from eaal to
Glanee over the hat of High Grade
Bhoeaaead excluaiyely by uai J a i
Couaina, Queen Jc^bty. "?' Croea
^r8hoeCo.,N.HeaaABro (The
H..S-) Taylor A i?? (Thijor Made)
aSonOo-OperativeCc,, Walk Over,
S Kvcd-ior BhoeCo., andinany
?ing atrcet,
(.otrrmir MaiinU'Keview of the Ca*e? ol
Jolmsoii, Pines ?nd Davaaa/i
As was atated in the Gaxette, Ctoveni
01 Maim at nooii yeaterdaj commuted
the aenteoce ol Richard Pinea, Bugeoe
Doraey andCalvinJohnaon, Alexandria
negroea convicted of killiiiK Wadtei
Bchultx, and aentenced to bcelectrocnt
ed thia Priday, morning.
Thc negroea wiUapendtheieinaindei
ol their livea in the penitenUary.
In conunuting the aentence of the
trio. all of whom were implicated in
themurder of Ihe Chicago arttat by
Henry Smith, who dieil in the elec
tric chaii last Priday for his partici
patiou in the eriroe, Govemor Haan
iaaued a atatemenl covering two pagea
of typewriting in which he reviewed
the teathnony of Bmith, a confeaaed
perjurer, and -ai<l he had received a
petition from i."*i peraona and leveral
jiirorsa.skingthat the negrocs l.e not
electrocuted becauae of the doubt of
their guilt.
Thc govemor'a atatemenl fobowa:
?'The caaea of Johnaon, Proea and
Doraey, three negroc convicted of the
killingol Wait-i F, BchuHa in Alex?
andria, on the sixth of llarch, 1909,
and who are OOW in the pemtciitiary
awaiting the executkm ol the aentence
againal them, are excitinf the greate.-t
intcre-t in Alexandria as ir- cvidenced
by petitiona rigned by two hundred
and nincty-onc peraona asking for
commutation of thc aentence of Cal?
vin Johnaon, petitiona aigned by two
hundred and lifty-four peraona askmg
for commutation of the scnteucc of
Doraey, Pinea and Johnaon, which in
cludes a petition aigned by thirteen
lawyera of Alexandria, AJexandrta
county and Fairfax, which is bere
inaerted: "The underaigned memben
ofthebar of thc Bixteenth judiciary
circuit rcspccfully petition for the
commutation of thc death aentencea
of the three negroea, Johnaon, Pinea
and Doraey, convicted of thc murder
,,f ?/. F. Schulta chiefly upon the
testimony of the negTO convict, Hemy
Smith, who baa aince their trials de
r|.llvd thal all of the testimony given
againat the other men was perjury. It
ia tbe unanimoua beliel ofthiacom
munity, as far as we know it, that
Bmith baa proven himaelf to be un
worthy of credii We think it would
he dangeroua to take thc livea <>f
three other men upon his evidence:
and petitiona aigned by six hundred
and iifteeii peraona asking for the pai
don of Doraey, Pinea and Johnaon.
Three ol thc jurora trying Johnaon aak
for commutation of bia aentence, and
,??? of them a-ks for hi- pardon in the
following letter;
"Beeidee Johnaon, Doraey and Pinea,
Henry Bmith waa charged with the
murder of BchultZ, and three day- after
ln- arreet, which occurred on the
twclfth of Ifarch, hc confeaaed his
crime and implicated. Johnaon, Doraej
and Pinea, who, he aaid, compelled him
togo with them and a--i-t m carryine
SchulU to thc place where he i- said to
have been murdered. Bmith waa proved
to have been twiceaenl to the peniten?
Uary, bul baving aerved his time waaa
compefenl witneaa, and alao entirely
upon his evidence Doraey, Johnaon
and Pinea were convicted. After their
conviction thecaee againal Smith waa
eontinued f.i tune to time, and Gov
ernor Bwanaon granted reprievea to the
convicted Ilieli until the cise agaillst
Smith ahould he tried. Bmith when
tried wa- convicted, and made a
motioii for a n.w trial. bul peiiding
the action of thc court, as I am inform
ed. he diamiaaed biamotion, aakedtobe
-eliteiiced and sent to Bichinond. and
dcclar.d that bia testimony againal I' 01
Bey, Johnaon am! Pinea was fal-e and
thal they were innocenl of the crime,
that hc had never -ccn Bchultl to know
him and wa- him.-clf innocent of the
crime. Aftei thewitbdrawal ofSmith'a
motioii for a new trial the judge of the
court aentenced bim and indoing aode
clared that he waa a perjurer a- well as
a murderer. I quote bia language:
The crime it-elf was revolting and hor
rilile iu its details. bul to this you have
added perjury, and from youi recenl
atatemenl have ahown that you carry
within you a hcart as hard and as -inful
and as hlack as thc crime itsclf which
you bave committed, for which I am
about to aentence you.' After thecon
viction <>f Doraey, Johnaon, and Fines.
and before the aecond atatemenl of
Smith exonerating them, Johnaon by
his counael had the evidence certifled
and applied to tbe aupreme courl ofap
peals for a wnt of error and auperaedeai
which was refuaed,
"Varioua affidavita have been filed
from witneaaea not examined at tbe
trial: applicatiotis for clcincney have
been made. and I have gone over the
caaea with the greateat care, lirst, for
thepurpoaeol aacertainuig if the evi
dence relied <-ti to corroborate the evi?
dence tii-t given by Bmith underany
circumatancea would juatify a jury in
linding the priaonera guihy in theface
of Bmith'a denial of that teatimony
made aince the verdicta in the three
caaea noa beingconaidered were rendei
ed. And in goingover the evidence 1
tind th< greateal doubt aa to the tirnt
and plaCC of the niuidei Sclinlt/
weighed between 160 and 180 pounde,
and thc undertaker aaid that there waa
no blood in his vems when he tOOb
., of the body, his jugular vem
l.a\ ing been twice cul by the murderer;
hat hcinust havelost a galloii and a half
of blood, and yel the evidence abowa
that there waa very little Wood where
thc body wa- found and hardly any
upon his clotbea, This ia attctapted
to l.e accounted for by the atatemenl of
Bmltb that thej wiapped acloth around
him and uaed ootton batting; but thia
doea not satisfy. And then there waa
siiovv on thc ground, which did not fall
after 7 o'clock on Saturday night. the
lith inatant, and that this anow had not
been diaturbed when the body waa
seen on Bunday. The wbole theory of
the case and the attem]>t to prove
where thc accuaed were at the alleged
time of murder pioceeded upon thc
idca tliat thc murder took placc 00
Raturo% mght the **?11 i instant betwea
7 and Ko'clock; and thi- W8J Smith'
teatimony. To theae faeta mual b
l. 1 thc atatemenl of a oonductor on
?souiiuTii Railway thal beaaw thc
IkkIj lying in the anow at X o'cliK-k
afternoon, and of a btdy on
tric car, who teatified to thc
aame fa< t it ia true that aome boya
hunting on tbe ground aay they did not
see the l.o.jv. i,,,l that the Jadv WM
confuaed on croaa-dxanainatton, but in
viewol th< lacu, and leavtngoul the
|teatimon) of Smith it is dithcult to
reach the concluaion that the numler
took place ou sjauuday night aud at
tbe place where the body was found
and where Stnith said it UCCWred.
"But without going further into th.
evidence, it is admittcd hy all coiin.ct
ed with the case, as I iindcrstand the
bvcta, that without the teetimnaiy of
Sniith there could have been DO <oir
VKtion. And yet Smith has sime th.
conviction of Donaay, Jobaaaoaa an.i
Pines deelared that his testimoiiy
against them waa false an 1 that they
were innocent of tbe crime of which
they were cuiivicted, and be went 10 the
chair protesting their innocete ?? and
his own.
'Tt ishelievedbyevery one eonnected
with the case that Sniith was guilty of
the nnirder, hut he wasa confessed per
jurer, and the judge in sentencing hnn
deelared that he WBa a perjurer, and no
human heiug can tell whether he told
the truth tirst Of last, and this is the
condltion which confronts my COn
siieticeand involves the ttveaof three
men. If all these facts had been be
fore the juriestrying the case-, J would
have less ditticulty in reaching a OOn
clusion, hut they were not, and after
the moatcareful thought, 1 am in anch
a frame of mind that, while I do not
think the priaonen enthJed to pardon,
I do not think it Jnsl '?> them, who are
poor negrocs, or to the coinnionwealth
which only desires to punish those cer
tainly guilty, to perinit them to he
eleetrocuted, and thus put <orrection of
any mistake wbicb may bave been
made out of tbe power of the state if
the inystery which now surrounds the
murder of 8chultz sball ever Le clear.d
up. . .
'"Holding the*e riewi and dennng
to give as mucfa force and effect to the
verdict of the juries and the decbrioni
of the court as may he consistent with
them, in executioo of the power con
ferred on me by the oonathution of the
state to grant pardon and ootnmutation
after conviction, I have connnuted the
?entencea of Doraey, John^onand Plnea
to imprisonment for iife.
Miaa Alice Anderton will leave short
ly for Lexjngton to be preaenl during
the coniiiicnceineiit exercises at the
Virginia Military Institute.
Meeera. Bfchard Chitihaaatir, Qeo. B.
Hinkena and Mitton Frencb attended
the borae ahow at Leeaburg on Thure
Mr. A. Moore, jr,. of Claike OOUnty,
one oftbe ableatlawyera in the state. ia
in the city on profeaaional buaineaa and
il the guest of Col. F. L Smith.
Oneof the mcet charming and at
traetive young ladies attending the
Leeaburg Horse Bhow was Miaa Alice
Qraham, of Alexandria.
Mr. and Mrs. C. C. BtnOOt ai. I
daughter have returned to their honie
in Nortfa Wilkeaboro, N. C.
Rev. J P. Btump fonnerly of tlns
city, who haa been in the Onion Pro
teatant Infirmary in Baltimore, for two
montha paat, has ao far recovered u to
be able to go to his aUter'a horoe in
Gerardstown.?[Charlestown. W. VaV,
Bpirii of Jefferaon.
Shepherdatown had a very pleaaanl
Memorial Day last Baturday. Col.
Robert E. Lee, jr., of Virginia,debver
ed an eloqueni addreaa, and was f,,i
lowed by Capt, John l.aiuh. member ol
Congreaa from the Ricbmond diatricl
[Charteatown Bpirii of Jefferaon.
Rain fell ta-arly all day ye-terday
and la.st night and again this inorning.
The interior of the statioti bOUBfi has
been recently wbitewaahed and put in
good order.
Mr. W. P, Qravea has boM to Mra.
Maiv I. Haiper a house and lot on the
west iide of Lee street, between Grbbon
and Wolfe.
The harkentine Allan Wild. loaded
with asphalt from Trinidad for vVaab
tugton, paaaed np the rivei this morn
A moating of the Civic Improvemenl
League will be beldat 8 o'clock tonighl
in the rooms of the Chamber of ('om
At the suggestion of Mr. G. L
Boothe, attorney fortbe Bell Telephone
Oompany, a telephone, No. 418, baa
been placed in the ofBce of the clerk *>f
gas, freaj ofcoal to the city.
Mr. Samuel ,H. Lunt, auctioneer,
will oft'er at ptihlic sale at DOOfl tomoi
row in front of the Hoyal atreel en
tratice to the city hall two large beBI v
horaea, one aet douhle harness and one
two-horae road wagou.
Marriage lieciises were issind in
Waabington yeaterday to Qeorge A.
Young, of Fairfax, and Mary K. Jct
tell, of Bpottayrvanta, and to Roberl
Hales and Cora Tyaon, both of Prince
William couuty.
The Weatminiater League <-f the
Becond l'resbyterian Churcfa will liold
its icgular meeting tonigbt. An intt
esting prograinine baa been arrang.d
for the occaaion. This will he the laat
meeting until the fall.
Qet your vegetableaandnruita for jroui
Sunday dinner al Cfeo. K. Hcnder~
stall in the inarket iMir gooda are
always I'resh and nur pliccs reaaOBBble
Tbeae are aome of the thinga we will
have BOaaaorrow. Faney Cuoumbera,
CjrmUnaja, Boana, Egg I'lants. Oreen
Pappen, New Potatoea. Tomatoea
Peachea.tBlackbarriea, Red Cunanta an*i
romorrow, wben you ootna to markel
beaureyou vtop BM at eltberofA. J.
Butcbc r's two reliai.le produee ataada In
tbe Royal street wiug. You will lind the
flneet aaeortmant oi In and ont of aoaaon
produoe la Alexandria Don't forget th
name?A. .1. Buteber Bea ad.
Select Boft Shell Craba OB toa<t and
Deviled (rabs at Soiuks s ( afc. Prlnee
aud Royal s.treels
l iesii t'ountry Hutter Juat recelved.
Jso u>. Best Klgiu ( reamerv . Butler ;M.
II.. Fresh Eggs. ik- doz., Fauey .lapan
Riee. wholo graiu. 5c lb.. 3 Ihs. Bvapo
ratad Paaobea 2Se, 3 Iba I^arge Prunea
25e, S Oana Flab RoeS6e, 7 n.s. Laumdry
stareh 2So, 7 t'akes Star Soap 2Se, SCana
Piuk Alaska Salmou Jot. 4 CaUU li.-sj
Tomatoea 26e, 4 ('aus Sugai Corn 2Se,
iireen .Moiintain Potatoea Sfie buabal,3
t aus Bariy June Peaa, 26e, 8 n>s. l'ure
Kuekwheat SSe. \\". P. WOOLUB ABoa.
Royal and Wolfe street.s?Queon and
Henry streets.
Cbvd in the regalia of the order. the
Qrand OouneiJ of the Onited Oom
merciai Travelera for jurisdiction of
Maryland. the Vlrgmiaa, the Dkftrictof
Columbia and Kentu.ky niet this inorn?
ing in Becret Beaaioq in Baltimore. It
is believed the Virginia metropolia will
get tne nexi ooatventioo,
"They come high.' "Tbe beatare
the cheapest." Our people want them
and we BBJ to the ladies you can BBC 1
T. Cousin's Exclusive styles at422 King
street, J. A, Marsb&U 4 Bro,
N. w Y.-rk Sti.rk Market.
New York. June 10.-A decline ofCK
pointaon theCbicagoand Alton >?
companied bj aUtementa thatdlvidend
paymeni would be luapendad. nua
l.rvak eoupled with hcaviness in Amal
gamated i ncouraged the profeaatonaj
elemeiit to takc a bear poattion, amt
nreoaiire anpeared all aroutid. In gov
ernmenU the threea deellnedV. Some
fui titui loaaoa ?rere ?uaaataed ln the mjjt
balfoftbe roreaooa, but rnoat oftba aail
ing eatnc frorji tbe piafeaateaal aaanaeat
and was imimporlaiil.
New Magazine Devoted to Storiea.
One ol the inost uotalde advances i
thebieton of Ameriean publioationaia
to be take'n on June 12. <>n that data the
Phlladelpbla North Ameriean will befifl
tbe publfcatlon of a genulne, hlfn-claaa
montiilv rnanudne to be iaaued without
coetofita patr-.ns. Theeontenta will be
mainly netfon atoriea or love andad
veiiture.pallios. humor, charaeter, action
himI sentimeiu. They will l.e wlittan -v
authora Bunoua ln tbe magazine tlcld.
Bo great is the deniand for The North
Vineriean ol'Sundav. .Iime 12, that thou
-andsj'arc plaeing apeclal ordare with
new sdealer- to make eertaiu of reeelving
the tir-t numberof the new magartae
I'ure Pood Store.
Fresh from the churn to
you. For yeara Midland
Butter haa been rccognized
aa thc beat that comes to
Alexandria. Special deliv
ery every Friday.
Call. phone. or write.
St. Asaph and Oronoco Streeta.
At tbe rcsideiiec of aeraon, Thureday
morning, June 9, 1910, Ifra AJfANDA
FRANCIS, wifeol the latcCapt. Peter
Prmncia, in her EOdyear Punerad froaa
tbe realdence, 1116 Prince atreet, Bundaj
aftcriioon at 2 o'clock. [Haltimore and
VVaahlngton papen pleaae eopj JeaVSt
Ulliee Ofthe
Philadelphia, Pa.
The Board of Direetora baa thia day
deciared ? quarterly dlvidend of v-i per
eent. on the ( apital Stock (.rti.is Coon
panv. pa.v al.le on the ialtb dav of .lillie.
1910, to atockholdera of reeord at the
cloae of tbe buaineai June 23, 1910
I'tliladelplli I. Illlle 7. I9ML
Cbecka will be malled.
NOTICE. W e deaire to give notiee
that we have this day dispo-ed ol
our stock of Chlna, Qbtaaware, rinware,
etc. to Mr. Oaear P. Carter, who will de
\ote his time to the wboleaale and retail
Crockerj btuineai In Alexandria. Vir?
ginia. ai po. King atreet We wlah to laka
this opporliinitv to thalik the pul.lie for
their patronage". anil to ask for Mr. Car?
ter tbe eontinued patronage *nd rupport
thal waa ao liberalf) beatowed upon iu iu
the past. Yolirs trul v .
Alexandria. Ya..June 2nd, 1910,
i will eonttnue buainaaa at the old
atandfor thlrtydayawhere Iwlll beglad
to see my frienda and patrona and will
giv e them g.Isat eoat priee- pre\ loua
to moving. It will pay to call. I am
gralel'ul U) all my cu-loiners for their
lii.erai patronage in the paatandaaka
?hara lor my new atore, No. 605 King
itreet, as non as opened,
Je3 101 0. K. CARTER.
and board, or just for lable board
ii l' Ramaay,617Cimeronatreet.
jeio iw
Fmi xn On Thureday morning on the
eleclric in Iwav 11 aek. a hoiind PUP
PY, w biefa t he ow ner can bai <? \>x prov
Ing propertj and pay ing chargea Apply
to i. A. BEAHM, Mtvernon Railway
Station. jelOSt
Surprise Theater
Wishes to announce to ita many
patrons that owinjf to Ali Ben
Hassan and his educated horae
Ruby not cominf up to the
usual high standard oi this com
pany's acts v. all not appcar the
remaindcr of this weck and our
usualroutinc of high clasa pic
tures and vaudevillc will con
tiue at the
Popular Price, 5c
Fresh Vegetables.
A. J. Butcher
TwoRcliable Produce Standa.
Royal Street Wing City Market.
For Sunday Dinner
l'hoiie \ our orders for ??Quahty" Ice
Cream, aoaolute purity in makiugand
oniv the beal Ingredienta daed
Awoa hargeaaaortaaeal af PaueyCahea
and Pl
Kuie I'oiuid. I'ruit amt Marhle Cake at
20c per H?.
QMoUaaei Fruit takc I5e per ll>.
H. Bloch
Both Phones.
?Sorloin steak.18b lb.
Porter Houae steak.!-<? Ia.
Round sieak.17e lb.
Ilamburg Steak.i> lb.
Chuek Steak.He lb.
Kib Roact.Ific lb.
Btew Heef.. 9a lb.
Pork.i"c lb.
:f.'l Queen Street.
Tfanac Boll *">L. Ilome S7W,
may'JT-tb, fri
,-. .?, ..J'iM SnV&i
8'" ST.4PA Avt
Washington, D. C.1
Reducli sale Handled Books
The beatehanee ofvears to get the world'a baal standard worka under
peaee. Prleea for thia aaia
About One-fifth Usual Prices
?And for this Pale they avernge U to 9B3iper oenl under our former
aalelwieee?Juat beaauae moatof them ahow afgna of handling. Tbeelghl
wta listed helow show the inanner in whii h prleea on llSdifferenl actanave
beeu reduced.
< nir
I.ist aub, former Bandled
priee priee. priee.
8hakaspeare.li) vol.. % leatber.?0.OO IliOO
Oaoar WUde, 10 vola., elou. 85.00 1.75 6,25
I)e afaiipaaaant lOrola., elotfa. 85.00 7.50 M
Fielding.i; vola., k leather. 80.00 7.50 5.00
Hugo, 10 Tola.. fi leatber. ?.50 10.50 7.90
?. Kipling, 10vola., h leatber.39.00 8.75 6.80
BtaTenaon. 10 vola,V leather. 39.00 9.50 7.20
lMnUircli.'. vols J5^|l..ather . 24.50 5.50 L70
Have You Seen
Virginia Highlands,
The Garden Suburb?
Continual development alontf scientific lines. It will intcrest YOU .
Only 12 minutes out. the nearest and the newest. just the other side
Luna Park.
Saveon yourcar fare. Rate to Virginii Highlands is 15c round trip.
Come out Sunday afternoon.
See the Morrill style concrete house. poured in steel moulds.
In the midst of an Italian garden.
It will be shown and demonstrated at 4 p. m.
Clip this ad.lt is worth ?10 to you on a lot selccted now.
Lota now are 1200 up on easy terms.
Inquire of A. J. Wedderburn. Harne White. or A. S. Doniphan.
Washington Sales Agents, 621 13th Street, Northwest.
Smaller Feet
Sore Feet. Tender Feet and Swollen
FeetCured every time. TIZ Makes
Sore Feet Well No Matter
What Ails Them.
Everyone who is troubied with s,,iv.
swealv", or tender feet-swolleii feet
smellv feet. eorna, eallouaea orbuniona
ean i|iiiekl\ make their feet well UOW.
II i re la nistant relief and a laating per
manent iremedy -its called TIZ. TIZ
makes sore feet well and iwollen feel are
qulckly redueed to their natural ilze
Tbouaanda of badiea bave been able to
wear aboee a full alae amaller wltb per
fecl comfort
Its the only f?Hit remedv evermade
which aels oii the priueiple ofdrawing
outalltbe poiaonoua exudationa whicn
eauae *<>re feet Powdera and other
remediea meraly ekag up tbe porea
Tl/eleanses them oiitawd keepa them
eloan it worka ri^ht off. x"ou will feel
batter tbe very flrat time it's us.-d. l st>
Itaweek and* you ean brgei you ever
had sore feei. Tbere ia notning on eartfa
that ean eompare with it. TIZ la for
aaleatall dniggiata.25 ccntanerboxor
direet if you wish from Walter Iaither
DodgaAuo., Dodge Building. Cbioago,
Every wcanaan'a and Mhajaa' Cloth Coal
s'uit Muit Be s"i,t Begardleaa of
vTboieaale * "st.
? Hir new Suminer l>ress,-- ar>- comiog In
erarj daj and we muai have room
consequeutly have ignored e,,st and
proHts entirely.
Big Bargains
Friday and Saturday.
Misses' Junior Cloth Coat
All Sprintf Shades. Worth up to ?25.
Women's All-wool Cloth
All Spring Shadea. Worth up to ?50.
Women's All-wool Cloth
All Spring Shadea. Worth up to $35.
Women's All-wool Cloth
Coat Suits
All Sprintf Shades Worth up to $75.
420-426 Seventh Street.
PUBLIC SALK?1 will tell at publlc
auetion at the Royal street entrance
to the Market Building for the adminis
tri\ of tbe cartate of Jiinor Jaekaon on
BATUftDAT, June lltb, 1910, al twelve
o'eloek. a. m.. tbe foiiowin^ petaoaaal
Z large heavy draft horeee, I aet double
wagon harness. and OBaB tWObUBM road
Terins of sale: Cauah on Buma not ex
eeeding fJo.00 and a eredit of three
months on sums in axeeaa of that
amount. secured by a amte BBtiaBaetorlly
SAML'EL H. LUNT, Au.tioneer.
je9 td
LOST.?Between Cameron street wharf
and Columbua atreet, B Knighta
Taanpbut CBARM. Huitable rewara, if
delivered at tbis offlee.
jelo 3t
'- ?;?.
The BeerSeason
is Here.
Beer ia really a drink of all
? it-. i.ui as the warra
weatber oomea on, there is
il inerease iu ils rjse
becauae it Is the beal thirat
queneber ofall beveragea.
Have you I ried
[f you are a lover of good beer
you will l.e delighted with it, It
lia- a fine Ha\or; :i gmnoth.vehetj
la-le -devold of all l.ittein
thal i di-iineti\ ii-. own.
The dem ind for our prodUCl is
ever Inereaaing, and we ex|.t to
break all reoorda thia seaaon,
Let ua aend you a caaei
Brewing Co.
'Phonc No. 49-B
A Short Talk on
Flavoring Extracts
Put up in Alexandria
blown bottles which
are washed by Alexan?
dria boys and filled by
Alexandria girls. Ex?
tracts are made by
Alexandria men, from
materials bought with
Alexandria capital.
Delivered in Alexan?
dria made wagons,
drawn by Alexandria
shod horses, driven by
Alexandria drivers,
sold by Alexandria
merchants and adver
tised in an Alexandria
Ask your dealer ?
"A word to the wiae ia aufficient."
SPBCIAL POB \ 1- KW 1>.\ ?> 9
?Dour36e Ifattinga, Belllng at 18egel
them while thej laat H. E. W EBB,
lurniture Dealer, 921 King atreet
je'.'.it _
FOR RENT. H"l SE, No. 1108 Queea
~tr. ? i. 8 rooma and bath. Inqulroat
101 Queeu btreet. Je 0 lw.
of Alexandria, Virginia
CAPITAL, $100,000 SURPLUS, $125,000
Edward L. Dainferfield. President Carroll Pierce. Vice Preaident
Richard M. Green. Cashier
J. C. Smoot
Worth Hulnsh
M. A. Ahern
Edward L. Daingerneld
Jaa W. Roberta
Carroll Pierce
Urban S. Lambcrt
Loana. 18.78^25.54
r s. Bonda to seeure
oireulatloa. iuo.mm.no
Bonda to aeeure l . s.
Deposit. 1,000.00
Other Bonda and
Sioeks. 55,174 08
Banking Houae and
Eteal Eaatate . 62,866,97
Due I'lom
Bankaand Re
aerve Agenta.131,979.36
,088.144 I
i.i \iiii.ini -
capital. HW.UOO.OO
Siirplus. 100,0)0.00
L'ndlvided Proflta .?.. B?2*!'JK
Cireulation. <.tt;.:>?ruo
Itepoaita. 7*
l S. Deposit. 1,000.00
1>RY Q00D8.
Woodward & Lothrop
We liavc alwav- made our -p.cial llart Schaffner A M?rx"Bhie*"a leadimr
feature. Sergeis naturalfj the leadibft labric. Some are piain; aoaee are made
uith -eif -tiij.es, ,ui,| thia leada to many pleaaing variationa in pattern. Every
rtyle in aingle and.double breaated lor men and jrouagmen; aUk-lined auata
among them.
$18.00 to 185.00 eacfa.
Sqecial for the Man with $15.
Ileie'- a partK ularly atrong line ol woisied and lassimeres -nits. in fuiu'y
areavea and piain biue serge, lor which you generally have to pay nrach more.
We make a feature of them al $15.
Unuaual valuea in Fine Trouaera for dreaa and buaineaa wear. Also outing,
golf, and tennia?11.50 to $10 pair.
Cravenetted Raincoats.
Intendid originall) aa a protection from the rain, itis now ojtuka m freely
u-ed aa a light-weight overooat. We are abowing a compiete new line for rain
or aunahine. Piain black, oxford grajr, and neat fancy ctotlaa; uuuaeival ifi and
cxtrcine stylea,
$15 to $82.50 eacli.
Main lloor?10th at.
Men's High-grade Underwear.
All the varioua fabricaare repreaented?cottona, balbriggana, lisles.merinos,
ligbt'weighl woola, liuena, nainaooka, aoiaettea, -ilk madraaea, and pure silk.
The materiala are the verj beat, an are ligfat in ireight and thoroughly
sanitary, beaidea being very elaatu?and all-important poin^aUowing unrestrict
ed reaponae to every inovenienl ?.f the body.
Shirta, ?"><h? to 13.50 each. Drawera, ."><><? to *.'5..r><> pair.
I'nion Buito, $1.00to$8.00eacb.
Main tlooi ? !?? -t.
Swan Bros
Every Hour
Every hour there is some
thing new in the fashion world.
If you would have up-to-the
minute fashions, read the De
signer. Every issue is an ad
vance fashion number. Great
Summer reading in the July is?
sue?the Caravaners,a serial by
the author of "Elizabeth and
Her German Garden."
The joy of being a pampered child, a refreshing
view of child life.
The Big Harvest, an account of farming in thc north
west. Jn three years over 96,000 Americans Jliave
started to make fortunes there.
At home with the Tolstois. More stories, page
for the children, helpful home departments. . Subscribe
and save money.
10c a Copy. 75c a Year.
STANDARD FASHION C -*U V? * C.,.v/Y :.kt
the Most
When Cupid gets busy. there'a alwaya
happincs*. fond memories and plcaaant
futurea. But gifts play a very impor?
tant part. The "ovrc-night" gifts -
the kind that laat but a day. week. or
month. are aoon forgotten.
Jewelry. the Lifetime Gift,
is Always Highly Prized
Help Cupid by doing the right thing
for the happy couple. Many appropriate
auggestiona now on diaplay.
629 King Street.
Exquiaite, < blna, Bilver
and < luuw.alaboganj aod
< ryatal < loeka
Higheat quaiity anddow
est prteea alwajm
leweiers and BUveaauiitba.
Areyougoing camping
this summer?
If so. then herc are aome Camp Bargaina
Denatured Alcohol Stoves, 1,2. and 3
holes at coat.
Carop Stools. Tenta. Chairs. Hammocka.
Springa. Lampa. Guns and Whiatlca.
621-23-25 King Street
WANTKD.- A airt, white preferred,
to do geoenu house work. A| ply
at No. )^i N. Alfred street, j?>3t

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