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Thb Houae ol Repreaentatives i
gradually freeing itaell from tbe lyr
ani.y ..f ita own rulea. On the nuppo
lioo thal ii ooul.l nol trual iitscll to ar
range an ordei ol buaineaa or to accure
the prompt conaideration <.f measure*
wlii.h a majority desired to pasa, the
Houae bad intruated iln powen ol
initiaiive aod of veto largetj '" ;l-'nU
aad ajfelieies of its own ereatn.li. AS
a reaull of the reaetion againat the lili
buatering methoda which prior to 1890
liad made the popular branch the plny
thing of any little group ol obstrue
lionifta exceasive authoritj was vestod
in the speaker, and in ihe committee*
The former was made nol onrj n par
haineniaiv autocrat, with power U) sup
preaa 1il1l.11-1.nnL'. bul also a oenaoi "I
h-gislaii..ti. ln his.ap.i.in as chair
man of the commith.n rule*, tbe
otber memben ..f which he named, he
domiiiaieil the buaini ss of the House,
deciding what reported bills should ho
,,.,iisi,lei.-.l and lo what . xl.iit they
should be open lo aniendnieiit, A
furthei effective cheek on the righi of
the majority lo carry oul its will waa
furiiished in tln- Tule forbidding the
diacharge .-f acommittee from the con?
aideration of a bill, exe.pi on " report
from the committee on rule* Com
unttees controlled bj the speaker were
thus eiial.l.-d to smother measurcH
which he mighl tlnnk it undeairabli to
have conaidered. The lack ol any
method by which a majority eould
compel action on a bill held in n com?
mittee aidcd in putting absoluU' eon
trol of legialative busineas in the hands
of the speaki i and the little group ol
his lieutenants at the head ..f thi leiul
ing eonniiilt.es. Th.- House termi
nated laat winter after a sensational
?truggle the speaker's aaaociation with
tlie committee on rulea and gave thal
body a much more indepeiident statu*
by enlarging il and making it eleetive,
inatoad ol appointive. li is '">?? iu h
fair way to become the agent ?.f the
Houae, inab ad ..f an inatrumeiil ol
tln- speaker. Bul the treto on legisla
tioii poase icdbj the committees.whieh
waaconaistent > no i>_di with the.-man
power theory >.f government, ?:o wmn
ft lt to be oul of harnioii) with the new
order of rule by the majority. It ?;i
dispensed with on Friday lasl as a use
leaa Burvival. On thal day, through
th.- peraiatent efforta ol the democrat,*
an.l "inaurgenta," a rule was adopted
giving a majority ol the House 11 n
right to lake a bill ..iii of the custody
of a committee which delayed unduly
in acting upon il and pul it on the
Houae calendar. Concemiug this
c-hauge in Ihe rules the New York Tri
Llllle M] s :
Such a change in procedure would
have been hooted al as preposterou*
two yeara ago. But many things have
bappened aince this Congress opened.
Th.- autocratk power .-I the speaker
I, i- been broken and the House is rap
idly reacquiring the lial.it ..f sell
t llllllellt. The recenl del.ate oil thi III
teretate commerce l.ill was a striking
demonatration of the body'* recovcrod
-elf confideni .?. The intersttte e.
merce bill, a- it paaaed. represenb-d the
judgmenl ..f the members theinsclves
and n.>t the judgmenl ..f a few leader*
lt cai ried i.? weight, therefore, with
the S.-uate than any House measure
paased in the long person ..i one man
rule. Members -.-.? now that Ihey ean
trual theruselvea to considei a measure
in ail its d.-tails, aml they will ii"! again
, onaenl t.. a return lo ihe old pl?n ol
letting a f. w l.ad.i- say wbal prov isi.ais
in a l.ill shall or shall nol Ih- voted
upon in the House. An era "i greal
ii freedom an.l largci reaponsibility in
tln- populai branch ..f ( ongres* i- nl
i. id\ m sight. I h, House V capacity
will Le in.nas.d and il- inlluenee will
Le ttrengtbened Ly a full.-r exereise ol
the long negleeteil fuii.ti.-ns ,.f iinlia
tive and sell govei iiment.
BaXATOfl Tai i U i BBO, of Florid i.
made a gallanl Bgbt in the Benate a
year ago to put a sky-high dtity on
pineapples. He absolvetl himself for
tln- time being from a dutiful adhi
to the precepta and ph dges o| ihe d- m
ocratic national platform and talked
protection, per se, for Florida fruit.
Butthalandol pineapples thrust him
aside in the recenl democratic primary
for ex-Governor Browani. Eveii mil.l
Qiaunered horticultural repuhlic* seem
to be capable of gross political ingrati
tude nnd tbe next axe to fail should be
upon the heada of the two'protection
democratt" of Louiaiana?and there
aro oth.rs.
Thi "reform" rule adopted bj the
Houae on Friday will be one >.f the
moat popularin that body, ifthe num?
ber of motious to dischargi comuiith es
Bled Baturdaj i- any indication. M< ?
than tlfte.n such rootkms were intro?
duced. Th.se motions will n
course. beacted on al this session.
Thk White Houae is to be litted with
Ughtuing r..ds Mr. Taft fears th,
lightnitiK will nol stnkc him tlie
aecond time.
Mi: .1 .1 lln.i.. in a speech before
railroad employea in Bt. Paul, .>n Bsl
ui I iv. a.lviM-.lfheiii lo savetl.eir moin-y
for a rainy day," whieh. be said.
"may come at any moment." This
M/arning i~ omtnoua aie! shouW be
h eded
[Corrospondonooof Alexandria Ghuette
I'.. sid. ni Taft today secepted an to
vitation tcndered l.y Senator Taylor,
(dem. T.mi .1 to attehd the Appala
ehiati Kxj.osition at Knoxviile. Teni...
soniitiii.e next Beptember. Tbe ? 1
position opens Beptember 12 an.l the
preaidenl told Senator Taylor be irould
als.. viail Na.shville during the State
Fair in Beptember.
Presidenl Tall bas detennined t..
eurt.nl his trip tln- week. in view of
th. impending close of ihe session.
Tlie exe.lllive will l.-avi- tomorrow
evening f<>r Neu Haven t<> !?? piesenl
at tho graduation from Yale (Jniversity
of ins Bon Robert. He will be back
in Waahington Thursday morning.
As originnlly pUnned ihe presidenl ei
i,,,i.,l t.. eo to Beverly from Wew
Haven with Urs. Taft,
186,567 !,,ns ,,f coal for -a.-h life
|,.st in 190?J is the estimate of tlie
(,i ological Survey today. Fatalities in
tie I'lllte.l StaU'fl were fewer ill 1909
than 111 1908, notwithstanding an in
,-i,,is, ,,i approximately lo i?'r oenl
in th. quantity of coal mines. Ihe
l.iilletin issiir.l today states thal the
tot.il number ol deatha from coal
mine accidenta in 1909 sraa 2,412
..e.iin-f 2, 150 in ihe preceding year.
Ihe iHiml.er of men ii.j.ireil iii 1909
reaehed ihe unprpcedented total of7,979,
an iucreasc of more than 1,200 ovei
1908, -ii I I'.'o- showed sn incresse ol
ni.nf.tii! ae.-iileni >.f niore than 1,400
over 1907.
Viee Tiesiili ni Bherman bore hia
famoiis sniilc when he announced thal
adjournmcnl would c.e on Friday ..r
i iv. Ile added thal he gues* d
it n-mildn'i ln nee.-s ary for any one lo
jvirt' Oj -i.i Baj for permiasion to gel
Itr.ling over her arrest f<>r disor
ii. rl) conducl on Baturday, Mrs. Julia
M.uii;oii -ti. ii.|>!..1 suici le yesterda)
l.v jumping from a seeniiil story win
ilow of her Ii..- on N.u Jersey sve
nii. She ian.le.l on Bofl e.irth aml
was nol badly injured.
( hi- Diver, a motorman, who wai
struck l.\ a live trolley win. at Caliin
Jubn Rridgc lasl nighl died al th<
(icorg. i.iuii llosjut:ii this morning.
He vv.i- i.iiihiv Iuiiiie.l from il.e con
t.iel ;i!n| mviT I ei -. .\ ele. I COnSCiOUSni H
Mon ? K. le.s.ii. 22 years old, at
t?l.|.ti il ? ?iliei'le la.st nighl at Sevel.lh
stn.t ;iinl I'linisv Ivania avei.tie, by
tnking loilim He wa- lak.-n to the
ii. iL'.ii.y Hoapital where an an
lidote was admiiiisten d. He will re
eover. l.'oseti Raiil he was tired of
I'ostmastcr (Scneral Hitchcock todaj
i,i|ui st.il Congress t>> enacl a law to
ilnl. inliity the -eluleis of thllil ail.l
foiiitli elass domestic registpred matter
|,,-t in the mails. Under the preaenl
law the I'ostoHiee Department can offer
no euaianti e nl Ihe safe deliverj of
r gistcrcd domestic mail excepl that
,,f th. lirsi claaa. N'.. conaiderable
eiowth iu tliu l.iisiii.ss ,,f regiati rin
third an I fointli claaa mail ean be
\|?:! Mr, Hitchcock, unleas
s.nie indemnit) for loaa is granted.
Allcging that the eii> of Auguata,
(Jeorgia, is di.seriminntcd againal hythi
Southern and other railwaya in favor
ol Atlanta, Macon and Kavannah in tbe
transpor.it ion of coal from Coal Creek,
Tenn., iln- Chamber ol Commerce ol
lhal placi io lay lih-.l a complainl with
the illt. Isfale rollllliel.e eolll llllss,, ,|,.
Tlie lat.s thal the railroada are now
ebareiiig on this r,,;ii to Augusta is
|2. UI tM i lon an.l th. eoliiplamt alleees
thal a propcr rate Bhould nol exceed
Action takeii l.y the Senate judiciarj
eoiiiiiiitt. .? today proved the deciaion
of ibe committee nol lo conaider th<
many charge* of corruption in Alaaka
presented in connection with tln dia
iniss;ii ..I Districl Attorney Boyce aml
Marshal Ihiniel Butlicrland. Tlie i om
mittee votel al the meeting lod ty in
il tln eotilirniation of the i.ii
nat ion of John Rtistgnrd, who is named
i.. -ii. .' i I r.i.y.e .-.s districl attorne).
\s tln time of tlie committee was
: ;ui. '.. Ihe early I.' at
whl.ll the Seli.ite llll I to.lav. ael i.II
th.' noininati.f Ilerl?erl L. Faulkner
St.it,s Marshal was post
Th.- s-.ii,).i bill was sieueil by
leiil Taft at 1:42 thia afternoon in
i number of statel.I
iu - Tlie bill which constituum
two new st,,.,-, Arizons aml New Mex
- signcd with two |.eiis. The
execulive "approvetl, Williani II."
with a e..!i| pen which l.e gave t.< Post
master Ucueral Hitchcock in aocord
am . w lt!i a promise made a year ago
aml wrotc the "Taft" with an eagle
fenther quill i"'ti |which Delegate An
.ln w-. "I Nea Mexico, clainis.
II:. le are 228 more uni< na now than
there were Octolicr 1. la-t. ae.ding ti
the executivc counael <>f the American
-...ti ol I/.l.or which n.et m
regular quarterly session today. The
! bad under preliminary (onaid
n legislation now before C ngress
in wh i i. labor is \ itally intereatcd.
p ui Taft is happy. With the
? i !ongn m ahout to
ii 1-. mphatic in expressing bis
s.'i-f.iet...f what haa already been
accomplisl e I an.l thal whicb is t.. l.e
put llirougli during ti..- rktsing days
of thi -. --.-?ii. TI .? adminiatrator'a
j.iis,.in pian is to have the publiclty
ampaign expensea legislation
iu ilial. Ij after the postal
ai\uii bank mrasurea ia agreed to by
tlie Seliate. all.l thell lake Up the. i]i
palachiam f. .resl r< sei \ e bill in the
Suiiate, To his callers today Preaidenl
Taft made no concealmenl ol his
fjratitic.ition uvei the ratiflcation by
Cmef, ss of sueh a great partof the
legislation f..r which he feels the re
|.iii,!ii.:in pari; . pl< Iged. The way has
iieeii iit.i.'.- i-lear f... the withdrawal
bill, with a 120,000,000 bond issueto go
through th. House. The st&tebood
l.ill has :i.,t v. i been aigned i>n< is oo tbe
presidenl ? deak, awaiting his reading.
The river and harbor bill has n..t v.t
been signed, bul will probabl) beconx
a law by his gignature withto the next
f.w days, The presidenl des s not ex
pect io leave for Beverly, the aummer
capital, for al leaal tw. three days
afi. r tbe rtatesmen on the bill conclude
the preseu! Beasiou. Hc is nol iiuitc so
optimiatic as to adjournmeJil date hul
placing June 80 a* tbe limK. Because
ol Iii- feeling thal ii is unwiaf to elecl
appointees for placei on the bancfa .lur
ing tln- receaa, the executhre hasdecidi .1
li,,i tO naine the judgCS whieh shall
constitute tbe "feourl ,.f commerce as
created in the railroad l.ill until nexl
fail. Mr. Taft bas als?. determi.I. in
caae Juatice Uoody avails nimaell of
the retirein, nt l.ill whi.h CongP
expected to paas that ln- will not appoinl
:, nicceaaor on the supreme bencl.til
Congress meeti in l?. tember. This
means thal the lobacco and standard
..it iriist eases will iu all proLalnliiy be
heard and decided by only eighl mem?
bers ..f tlie liighest courl -im-.- theue
raaea ar,- aet fcw bearing in November.
Anxang tln- nomlnatlons recomiuend
,-,| lor eoiilirniatioii t...la> l?J tlie ScnaUt
judlebuy ?-..ilttee was tbat of Oeorge
\v. Padgett, I'nii.d States maraball for
the diatriet Of Man laiid.
The resolution providing for an in
ireatigation ?.f thechargea of bribery
,ii,| eoiruptioii in orjonection with the
election >.f Wm. Lorimer a- senator
from fllinois, was today favorably re
ported lo the Senate from tln- eoiiimit
i.e ..ii privilegea an.l elections.
Benator Borafa moved to add Ihe
words "iiiinie.liat.-ly." II. aaid tli.it
without reflecting on the committee
these inquiries dragged along from
month I.. month an.l from year t>. year,
Senator Burrowi believed tbe amend
ineiit wa- equivalenl lo a reflection on
the committee. He aamired Mr. Borah
thal the committee <li.l nol requhre any
Buch apurring i?. perform it- duty.
Tlie alllell.lll.el.l U.l- I . je, t. ?. 1 alld
the resolution adopted.
\ siateineiii was made Lv Benator
Qallinger thal Iu- woukl find il impos
aible to .all up the ship -rubsidj l.ill f..r
conaideration at ihis seasion, IL- asked
an agreemenl that il be made a special
oid.-r for Deo mbei 10 next.
Senator Bailey objected.
\ motion was th.n made Ly Mr.
I iallinger to make il a.d.i a- re
quested. The motion wenl over until
i, morrow.
\ in at little filibuster was itarted in
th.- Benate when Benator Warren
moved to take up the l.ill lo incn .-?
the elli.-iell.y Of the t-ngilieer e..l|.- of
tbe arroy- Tbis ia tbe measure intend
edtoremove Prof. Newell asdirectorof
tbe re.-laination aenice and place an
.ni.Mii.-er iii charge ol the work. A
tlatfooted (le.laratioli ua- made Lv Mi
Bailey thal lo- intended t.. tlefeal the
l.ill by filibuetering, if neceaaarj
s nator Dixon, aaid ihe purpose of
tie- l.ill was to.r.-atea cloildof COlonels,
lieutenant-colonels an.l minor oltlcers
to take charge ..i rcclamalion and irri
gation projei I . Hecompelled a rjuoium
I,, appearthen snd 1400,000 would lie
thecoal of the propueed !m reaaes.
Senator Bailey n lumed his aiia k on
the ellgilieel OOrOS fOI H- illl.-rfei eliee
iii commerical affairs. IL- thi n \ ielded
to Senator Borah ho a sel speech whi h
carriedtbe matter over until i.orroa
Tln- \oie I.y whi.h tbe lands with
.Lawals paased the Senate was toda)
A motion was made b) S. niioi
Snioot. to strike oul tho three sections
providing for the issue of 180.000,000
m certificates of indebtedness 1L.
was done to .any oul an agreemenl
which would permil the lands with?
drawal bill to go into eonferenri The
Houae in retum, will paas the Senah
eertilieat,- issue l.ill r. dlicing the ainoiiht
to $20,000,000.
The floor was yielded b) Benatoi
Borafa in the middle ol Iii- speech t
permil w tion on the conaervation n -
clamation measure.
Senator Heyburn spoke at some
length in opposition lo withdrawal bill.
At theconcluaionof Heyburn's speech
and without further debate, the Benati
again paased the adminiatration lands
withdrawal bill,
N'oii.-e was given by Senator Burn
ham thal on wednesday be would call
up for i.sideration the omnibua
. laims bill.
A conference report on Ihe fortifi
cations appropriations bill was sub
mitted to tln- Senate.
N,, time was losl by the Benate to
day iu arranging for the speedy naasage
of the lasl money measure*. 'I he gen?
eral deflciency appropriation l.ill wa
broughl in from the Hou?e shortly afi. r
II o'elock aml rcferred to the com?
mittee ..ii appropriations. ln less than
ten minutes, Senator Hale, favorablj
reported tbe bill and gave notice thal
he would call n up for conaideration
tomorrow after tlie routine morning
busineas. Tlie Si nate committee added
$1,1)82,345 to the bill as il came from
th. House, inaking the total $7,045,
The poatal sai ing* bank bill came up
as unfinished busineas.
The lloiis,. committee on judiciary
today unanimonsly rcporhrd in favor ol
th ? Gillette bill ensbling Bupreme
t',.uii Justice M.Ij lo retirc in flve
Ii is expected thal the House will
pass the lull today.
Two petitiona aaking Congresa t>. en
a.t a pcnsion law for ieiii.it Buperau
liuate.l Civil sei \ iee clllplo)ees Were lo
day transmittod l.y Becretarv ..f the
Treasury MacVeagh t.- Bpeskei Can
ii,iu. :itni presented by him to tlie
Th.- plan proposcd by ihe petitiona
providea for a syati tn under which em
plnyes woukl eontribute to the pension
TI..- Hoii . pass, ,1 a bill al1' WUlg to
poor pers iis th.- righl to appeal an.l
puraue to eoncluaiona up n. ihe Bu
p . tn.- ('..iirt of the Tnite I States i saes
in which th.- .-? -i111 .issi-ns counsel ..f
th.- pauper. Thi- righl \\tv beretofoer
heen.oiitin.il tothe court ol original
ji.risiliet.. 'ti.
Tln- House pasaed i i.ill Ruthorizins
th.- sppointmenl ol a presidenlial com,
inissn.ii t.. considcr th.- question of
universal peace, naval diaarmament
and productiona in military expendi
tur.-s. The commiasion is t-> r. port to
Congreasin two years. Ten tbouaands
dollara were sppropriated for iti
The Houae pasaed a senate bill njak
ing it erin.inal niisileiiieaiioi puni-li
ahle l.y fiiieof So.Ni of a years imprison"
nietit, to use th.- inaignia ..f the Red
Crosassa trademark. Persons bartof
atlo|it?s| lt l.Ilor to l'.Ml.i. tlie .late of
the Red Crost Bociety'a incorporation,
? n.pt.
A bill allowuiL' . i.iryineii within re
elamation prujetto to assign their tii
tri.-s to other persons after Bvs years
residence srid euhivstioo .>f the lan.l.
A bill allowinp storekfepen mm
gaugeri .iimiilame leftVC of ajagarjeaj
was pasaed.
Tln- lt....s?-v?-lf-*lf?aii<ler >?rddlng.
NeW V.-rk. .Itllie SO. ? Theo.We
.lt. jr , an.l Miss Kleanor But"
l.-r Ah-xan.hr. at 4 o'clock this aft.-r
.n will Im- married ia tln- Fifih nv<
nue Presbyterian Church befow probs
hly the er.-atest soeial gatherilif: of ths
Invitatioiis were sent to ahout 1,600
persons, and the church will hs crowded.
Foi th>' reception at the home of Mis.
Charlea B. Alexander, an suot ofthe
l.ri.le, at No. 4 West Fifty-eigfatfa street,
between 800 aml 900 invitations were
The eeieniony will l.e perforineil l.y
tl,e Rev. Dr. H.fi.y M. Satulers, :t
great uncleofthe bride, as-ist.-.l bythe
Rev. I'r. Qordon Ruasell, ..f Oranford,
N. .1. Miss Alexander will be sttended
hv Mrs. Boowden Andrew Fahneetock
U mation of honor. MJSS Kth.-I Roose
\.lf. Miss Haniet Alexander an.l Miss
.lanetia Alexamler. Iliss JflU IMano.
an.l Mis- ,|,sjsk Millii.Kton-Drake, of
Kermii Roosevelt, will u.t 'as l.est
man. owing lo th.- ih-ath of tlie father
,,f Evelyn Irving, first ehon.-n for tha
position. Te.hly, jr.. sent a wiiel.-s, io
Kermii at aea lasl Thurada* toengage
hi- -ervi.es. The llshets will l.e llainil
f.,n Fish, j... Francia Roche, Fuhon
Cutting, George Roosevelt, Monroe
Robinson, Grafton Chapnutn, B. Mor
ean Gilbert, Klliot Cutler aad John
W Cutler.
The l.ii.lal party will walk through
;i l:iue of lili.s of the valiey froin t lie
church door to the chancel. Lilies of
the valiey aml brides r..ses will carpet
tbe st.-ps ..f llu- altar aml tln- ehalieel
rail will l.e bung with gariands of
white roses. TI..- bride aml brkie
groom will kneel upon a priedieu >.f
White salin eiishions, wlnle over them
tower the btrgesl floral srch evef leen a.
New Vork. ma.leof pink ranil.hr roses
l-'lorists an.l decoratorl t....k ehartre
of the church laal nighl aml their work
will not he completed until a short
linte before the guests bssrin srriving.
Nahan Kranko's fainoii- or. h.-tra will
plaj during th.- assemblinf <>f the
eii.sis aml ceremony.
Miss Alexander'* brtdal n>>*u k of
white satin with potnl la.e. aml orange
blo< soma lt ia an emptre gown, with
high neek aml thiw-oju?rtei lengtb
gleevea, The coUar an.l yoke sre ol
rare Valenciennea la.e, collected bv
M Alexander wlnle sbroad. Ihe
prevsiling colora <.f the coatunoea ..f
ihe bride'a attendanls are dull pink aml
pale hh.f paatel shadea. Tbejroung
women will carry pink roses snd h.r
>_'et llli- llols.
Where young Rooseveh an.l his
l.i nle inti n.l going on their li..n. ymooii
has he. ll ki pl a seeiet, He is .llll- il.
>ni Pntncisco on July 1, where he
will .ni .s manager of the Pacific coaal
hiiiieh of the earp.-l manufaetoty of
Thompaoai .11.-. Conn.
\ftciii|.t?il Murdcr and Huiride.
Atlantic City, June 20.? Lying in
wail for his wife. who has beeli em
ployed for aeveral weeka at tbe Hotel
Dei.nis. A W. Sfiause, a l.a.her, of
PottstOWn, I'a.. tifsf altempleil I.. kill
ihe uoinati snd then awallowed carbolic
.t.i.l in h.-r roomi yesterday afternoon.
He died. JesJousy <>f his wife, who
had refi.seil to live with hi... because
of hia hal.its, is believed t<> have
been the cause <>f th.- sct btrause at
t, niple.l to u?e l.oili a i.i/or and a pair
of sheais lo klll his wife wllell he eoll
fronted her a- she ellleieil her riM.UIS
in tln- -. ivants' quarters. She fought
off her husband when be tried t.. siash
h.-r with the ra/oi aml ran froin tln
room screaming when he drew the
shears from his pocket aml tried t..
si .1.1..-.. He remained in the room
aml took llu- poison.
Lafthtaitag Playa Prank-.
Tamaqua, I'a . Juna 20. -Edward
Johnson, a farmer residing two miles
from town, t.-ll- a remarkable story of
th.- prauks ol a Lolt of Kgbtning jrea
terday. While his team stood by tbe
roadside in ar ln- home lightning
strtick a telegrapb poka cloae by,
splitting it in twain li than ran along
the gr.d, nipping two s]i.?-.s off one
..f the horsea, tore 60 cenls out of
Johnson's hand andentered thewagon,
crushing a crate .>f strawberriea. John?
son an.l the boraeawere nninjured.
TfeC Kaistr's < ..n.litli.n.
Paris, June 20. -Over-indulgence in
beer i- responsible for tbe kaiser's
blood disordeni, wbich Late twice
partially incapacitated bim within the
li t month, according lo the atatement
today of Dr. Doyen, the well-known
cancer authoi ii\,
"I am satisfied thal tln- kaiaer's
kidney. are in a bad connitioo, rasuH
ing from Ihe uae of beer. Tbe infection
thal manifeated itaelf flrat in an abaceai
on his rigbl hand and noa is sbowing
itself in an nbrasion on tbe rigbl ku.-.
ii I'kelj to bacome general unlesa
beroic meaaures an-taken to prevenl
ita ? pi> .1
"should th.- infection ronfinue, death
is s,ir.- |o r.siilt. ' I don'l Ihink tln
kaiaer's adviaora realize the Mriousnees
ol ln-1 i.n.iition. In fact, I don'l think
tbe kaiser ia cared for intelligently.
"Il may I..- that the kai-.-r doean't
drmk much beer, but a man wtth
blood OUl of coliditioii, should n>>t
dnnk anv beer or other alcoliolii
l?-\erage.' _
slu.t tlie Ju.lgi.
Jackson, Ky . June 20.?Aabury
Spicer, a couain >.f Curtias Jett, and
former Hargis benchman, ahot and kill
.-,| Judge Fugate and srounded Mrs
Fugate, tbe judge'a mother, at Jetts
Creek, tln- morning, and th.-n calmly
telepboned the local authorittaa that be
waa i oming Imr. to surrender
Ih .tli X. < nli i.t.il.
N,-w York. June30.- A corocter's jury
today retumeda verdlcl tbat Charleal
IU. kinsoii. former preaident ofthe Car
negie Trusi Cotnnaajr. died from the
noeiilcnt?1 iub tl ttion of fumes from mol
t.ii metals ln sunlclent quaatities to
cnuse his death." Thia won the Inlttal
-kirmi-li ofthe Dlektnson family tO eol
leet tbe |fx5,000 a.-.-idelltal poliev whieh
I.,, kin.-arri.-.l when bfl died in St.
Luke tiospital on Ua) -I.
A cUspatcb from _St. I'eti-rsburgsays
ten peraous are dead. tifty miaaing aud
fully 2,000 others homekai a- the re
~111 r of a oonfhagratioawhieh sw.pt ovt*
Mohiles today, dattroriag more thanj
500 buildiugs,
The Jetrrle--Jortn8on Klght.
Johnson'* Training Oiiarters. S.-al
K.M-k. San Franei.se.., Cal., .luue 20.?
Nevada get.- tbe Jeffriea-Joltnaon muaa.
Tln date July 4tli hai been uiiehanged.
Wlnle rjromoten Tex Rickardaml Jack
Qleaaon refuee to tell deilnitely the
town !? whi.h the Bghl is to Le held,
it is generally unilersto.*l from what
tlny say thatRelio will Le tln s.ehe of
the battle.
Tex Riekar.l left here today for
Ifevada, toconfer with tln- men ln tln
mihing campa wbo are pulling for tbe
Bghl in th.-ir towns. Ja.l Johneon's
training eamp is Lusy pa.king up.
preparatory to taking the Brel train for
Nevada wben EUckard decidea whether
it will Le H-iio. (iol.ltiel.lor By. Toni
Flanagan, JoboSOO's new niauager, is
so sur. tbat ii will Le Heiio that lie is
making i.ctivepreparatioi?s for jtmiping
al onee lo thal <ity.
Tlie Langfonl-Kaufman tight whieli
waa to bave been puBed off in Friaco
Saturday, will also Ln shifted to Nevada
an.l Im- fougbt on July -, in the muk
ar.na iu whieh .leffrie.s and JobnaOO
will Ighl on July 4.
The people are so SUFfl they will get
tlie light that they have made pr.-pata
tions for building the tight scene ae
cording to wire advices received bere
Johnson is very anxiotis t.. know
immediatety wln-re he is t.. tight so
that he can get accuatomed to the
climate. Ii is probable Iu- will leave
San Fiamiseo with his training slaff
laie this afternoon or tooight Tom
Flanagan, ln- rnanager, has wired for
ae.omiiio.latioiis f..r ihe wlioh- party
at Hon.., indicatingbe is sun-the battle
will Le fougbt at that point. "an Fran
,is,-,, people are wild that tln- light is
lo go away from bere, but thoosands
,,f ihem ara praparing to follow it t<?
K.-no. The railioads ruillling there are
already making preparationa for special
trains lo hand!.- the crowda,
Tex Rickard today made the poaitive
aiinoun.einent that the .L-ffries -John
KMI Bghl would lake place in either
Ih no or tiol.llielil ou the afternoon of
July 4.
EUckard left 'Friaco today f..r Kei>...
In t hal lowti bu will meet ilelegatioii.s
from Keno and lioldli. Id and liatett tO
their pruposition. IL- will then an
iioun.e hisdecision. Indications, bow*
ever, poinl to Beno a- mra t.. g.-t the
acrap. Mayor McCarthy, ol this eity.
riaited Qovernor Qtlletl in Bacramimto
yesterday. Tbeir meeting was iu
ncret, bul al itaconcluaion fiill.-tt said
McCarthy bad made no aftorl t.. influ
en.e him in tlie light matter. "M\
miiid i- made up and will not Le
changed," said Qillett "Tln- flgbl
ealinol OCCUr oil I'allfoilil > BOil. "
Promoter Louis Hloi. who ia pulling
..tt th.- Langford-Kaufman Bgbt, has
given up il..- idea of having a t.-st tight
i.y afternoon. "Aw, wbat's th.- ueef"
was his only eoiiini.iil. Governor
liill.ii was piaised fr. the pulpit all
over California yeaterday.
.'elfries' Training Camp, Rowar
d.-nnaii. Calil . lune 20.?Jim Jefiries
and his entourage will leave bere lodaj
probabl) on ? special car for Nevada.
The btg fell..w is simplv awaiting word
from EUckard as to what town geta the
Bght He Will leave here the liloineiit
ln- knows whether it is t.. Le Keno, Ely
or (loldtielil.
.Lffries and his traim-is an ...nlident
th.- battle will take plaee in Reno.
Pi.iir l-lnlaiiiL
llelstingfois. Finland, .lune 20.
Under the ball jusl paaaed Ly the Rua
sian Duma, praeti.alls d.priving Fin?
land <>f ita lil.erii.-~, tneexar's omcials
bave already begun the tightening .-f
the screws upon tln- subjecl country
Th.- ratding of prtvata ratadencea has
become as common as in the days of
the hatedgovernor general Bobrikoff.
Dozens of such risiti an- made Ly the
poliee daily, peisolial eorrespi .llileliee is
ransaeked, bouses tlirned upside dOWn
and many arrests has.- Leen made.
The newspapers are gauged and a re
oigaiii/atioii of the public schoold is in
progreas t.. inaura tie- teaching only
,,f doctrinea acceptable to the Bt.
I'et.-isLurkr I5urea.ra.-y. Ageiits are
Lusy every w here and Otber spies ai e so
numerous that it is unaafe t.. speak
freely on pohli.al topiCF. The Russiaii
offlcen in tlie country are sleeping now
in barracka instead of in their quartera.
No doiil.t is f.-li thal th.- Ruaeiana are
anxioua t.< terrify th.- people by some
bloody e.vample._
Paradera Passsassb
Vieuna. June 20. Potsoning of tbe
waters ol a spring near Trau, in Dal
inaiia, ia responsible f.?r the imrnedhUe
death <.f three religioua proceasioniata,
the probable fatal illnea of 200 ..thers
aml tl.e lerioua conditioo of sl leasl
anotber hundred. The bospiUla al
Trau are today erovvile.l with the
vi.tinis of the potsoning outrage.
During a religioua parade yesterday
ui ihe Trau Dioeese, the proceasion
paased a famous alksJine and sulphur
spring. The day was inauffershly lu.t
and theprocesaionista broke ranks an.l
rusbed i?. the spring. In the disoeder
one ?.f th.- attendanta at the spring
was trampl. >1 aml killed.
The ihirsiy paraih-is .l.atik eagerly
ofthe water an.l three died withto a
minute. Others became riolenUy ill
at one,- aml the religious ol.servan.e
was abandoned, the priests turning
th.-ir attention to caring for stricken
men, WOmen an.l eluldr.-n. Fifty of
th.- processionists were ptaesd under
anest today, charged with tln- murdei
of the atten.lants. No chtt to tln
poiaontog has been found.
l-.iii.il. Candldate tur OaverSMST.
Comor.l, N. II., June 20.? Mrs.
Manlla Ricker, wbo wss characteriied
byColonel Robert G. Ingersoll as "the
in..st seiisihle w'omaii I ever know," is
b be a candidate for governor of New
Hatnpsliire. To an sdvocate of her
interests here Mrs. Ricker has senl ber
cbeck to cover the primary law pri
vilege from 8an Joael, Cal., an.l u is
expected SOOO to arrive in New Hamp
shire to pusli li.r eamh.lacy.
Mrs. Ricker will nm as a repul.li.an.
She was the fir-t woinan law\er to he
admitted to the bar <>f the District of
Colun.bia aml Jfew Hainpshire and
once was suggoatod t-. sVaaident Mc
Kinh-yfor appoiutuieiit M inini-ter to
Coromhia. ^_
Lame afaouldor ia ahnost uivariably
! bj rh.uniati-m of th.- mnSCSCS
an.l yiehls cpiickly to the fr.e appli.a
tion of Cbamberlain'i Liniment, Th's
luiniient is DOt only prompt hut (ffei
tual, but in no way .hsagrecahle t.. u-<
Bold by W. F. Creightou and RicbanJ
Henry Neville, the aotOf and dra
matk teaober, died in I-on.km yester?
Eugland, Franoe, Russia and Italy
will land troOfSJ 00 the island of Ci.-t.
if tbe Crscan Aasembly shows any dis
positioii to dispute Turkish BOVer
The Xew York Tribune'a correspon
d.-nt in London says th.- oonference
between party leaders ragarding tha
\t-to is ae.epte.I. without ellthusiaslll, as
a politi.-al n.-cessity.
Mr. Roosevelt and his family reaeh?
ed their home at Oyster Ray Satt.rday
evening atui were given a rousing re
eeption. Yesterday he spent the day
quietly and refused to talk with inter
riewers upon any suhjeet.
l.ightniug Struck St. Paul's Luth
eian Church, Cutr.lierlaiid, vestcrday,
melting a combrnataon gai and elec?
tric chandlier, and starting a fire which
was extinguished before niueh damage
was done.
The yield of strawlM-nies in Dela
Ware durit.g the season now eliding
was 20,000,000 quarts. The growera
will realise aboul seven eenta a quarl
f..r the fruit, or a total of |1,4(HI,(HHI
for the season.
lhi<? warranto proceedings seeking
to o.ist the "heef trust" from the state
of Missouri, were tiled with the State
Bupreme Conrt in Jefferson City, M<
today by Attoi iny-(ieiieral Major.
Secretary Knox will nol r.-iire froin
tie- Btate Departmenl to become the
repuhlican candidale for governor of
Pennsylvania. Mr. Knox issue.1 a
foiinal statemenl to this effect last
evening, after a long conference with
the presi.!. nt.
Fire broke out today in tbe bold of
th.- German steamer Andulasia at
I'oil Sals, an.l sptead so rapidly that it
coiild not be extinguished. Inorderto
pn.iect other sliipping aml the big
docka the burning eraft was destroyed
with dynamite.
Tln- stork made a visit iu Boston, to?
day, and lefl four infanls in ihe home
of Sami.ei Anderson, aabipfitter al the
Charleatown navy yard, All the chil?
dren, three boya and a girl, are expected
to live. Ihe mother of the children is
:I4 years old. The couple have had
eight children, four of whom are living.
Anti-clerical rioters yesterday broke
into the Catholic Club at Valencia,
Bpain, aml demoliabed the furniture.
Demonstrstiona also occurred in other
quarters. Since last Sunday, when a
crowd of repuhlicatis were attscked by
groupa of cithoiies wbile leaving an
anti-clerical meeting aml were fired
upon from the Carlist Clubj there
have been many chtshes between the
tWO fai tiotis.
1'anics developed aimultai.udy in
three "nickel" thestrea iu the Brad
dock .lisfrict of Pittsburg, Pa., Batur
dav night, when a boll of lightniog cul
tbe electric light wirea, and. seemingly
at oiice in each sbow place, some one
cried "fire." Twenty-flve persons
w.-re painfully hmt in tln- rush to es
rape tln- phantoii hla/e. Ten of the
injured were women who fainted and
were trampled upon Beata were to
from the floor. hats smssb d and
many cases clothes were practically
stripped off in the effort t.> g.-t free of
the jam at the doors,
During a thuuderstorra at 10:30
o'clock ablinding Bash of lightning waa
followed by darknesssll over town, for
the lighting system had been disabled.
Por s,.\,.ral minutes tln- crowd sal
sil-ntly in the th.-aties. an.l th. n, i
if a single tbougbt entered their minda
one or more persons at each <>f the
shows cried "tire." Those injured
receivedhodv hlllises uia.lil',. aud ll
is not heiieve.lthat any was dangerously
Th.- -toriii followed the hotlest day
..f the year. during which three deaths
and many prostrations bad been charg?
ed I,. the weatber. In outlytog districta
lightning, hailand rain caused conaider
ahle damage.
vVbilethesun wasshining al Clinton,
M J., yesterday and tbere waa no in"
dicati..f an electrical storm excepl a
cloud far to the w.st. a boll ol light
ning struck a liberty pole in fronl ol
Hassler's Hotel, sbattering the sbaft
and -.ai ing a team of miiles ao La.lly
that tbey ran ta.ilea, wrecking the
\v IgOn to whi.h they Wele attaelled.
The team was ti.d to a ring attaelled
I.- tln- pole, whieh was tbirty feet high.
After the aniiiials had been stopped it
was found that the Lolt of lightning
whi.h had shatt.-i.d the poh- had also
m.-lte.l th.- iron sboea from eacn ..f the
llllll.-s. ( Hhel Wi-e they W.l'e IIII i II jlirell.
The soliree of the liglltllillg bolt that
?truek th.- pole puzzled all th.- electri*
cal ezparta aml meterologiats, bul a
pbyatcian, wbo made acareful inves
tigation, found thal a telephone wire
running fr..m Bingac paased so cloae to
the llag pole as to toiich it. At tln
time the pole was struck ;i Berce tlmir
der storm waa raging in th.- vicinity of
Bingac, aml th.- theory i- that light
ning, striking th.- telephone wire in
ihe storm tOUe, liav.bd over the eable
until it enioiintere.l tln- iiinii ailaled
liberty pole, wbere th.- full forceof tL<
bolt Was sp..||l.
Put ing th. satraordinary yearof 1816,
according to the best records, January
aml Fehiuaiy were warm and spring
like. Marcfa was cold and Btormy.
Vegetation bad gotten well on in April,
when realwintersel to. Bleetandsnow
f.li on Beventeen different dayain May.
In June th.-re was either frosl .?' -now
everj night but three. Tbeanowwaa
fire incnes deep f.-r several day- in
luccessioo in the interior of New ^ ork,
and from t.-n inches to tbree feel In
V.iniont and Main.-. July was cold
and frosty; ice formed as thi.k as
window panes in every one ol the New
England Btatea. August was -.till
worse; ice formed neariy an inch in
thickness andkilled neariy every green
thing in th.- United Btatea snd Enrope.
In the spring of 1817 corn which bad
been k.-pi over from the crop of 1816
s.ild for froin liv<-to tetidollars a hiish.l.
th.- bnyera purchasing for seed. <>n
May l" 1886, mow f.-ll tothe d.-pth of
a foot in JsmeStOWn, Va.,ahd waspiled
up iu hutfc- dnfts in most of the nortl.ern
Mrs. Kli/.aheth Korns, tho oldest wo?
man in Frederiek eounty, died Friday
night at her home near Bloomerv,
ag.sl 166,
TWO judgments for large amounts
were entered againat the Virginia Sliirt
Company in the Corporation Court of
Fn-d.-rieksLurg, Saturday. The first
was for $16,868. The other for $1,183.
This is a n-eontiy starte.l enterprise iu
Captain William E. Hudgins, who
long as eoiumander of the Virginia
Oyster Efavy did axcatlaat service for
th.- State, was reeently oleeted harlmr
maater of the port of Norfolk an.l
l'ortsmouth to su.voed Captain T. M.
Smthgate, deeeased.
The Virginia oominission to Franee,
charged with the duty of presenting
the copy of Uie Houdon statue of
Washington to the Freneh reptiLlie,
will sail from America August M, and
will go direet to Franee. The OOtaa
niissioti eonsist.s of Colonel James
Mann, who will represetit tho governor,
and Benatora DOO P. Halsey.of Lynoh
Lurg. and Floy.l W. King, ofAlleghany.
The preaaatation ceremonaoi will take
plaee August 18th. The governor has
been infonned thal tha agure will be
placed in a building M Versailles,
where it will be open to tho ilispoetioii
of the puUic. The iMimiiissioiiers will
returii tO Virginia about the middle uf
The House on Saturday evening
adopt.-.l the eonferem-o report 00
the railroad bill without ilivisioti
and Iater ae.-epte.l in its eutirely tlie
Benate statehood bill. The preaident
sigm-il the railroad bill on Saturday
llight aml will probably sign the state?
bood bill today.
The Benate took np the poatal sav?
ings bank bill. Senator Carter moved
that the Senate a. vopt the HouW
amendmenl t<. tho bill, aml thus save
tln- delay of a rjouforaoce. Benatora
CummiuaandBaoeBoppoaed the motion
but ea.h of them took ooeasion to say
that there would Le no ditlicnlty in
reaching a vote on Monday, wbich
means that the poatal savings bank
bill will be at tho White House for the
I resiileiit's signature early tomorrow
With these three great sourees of de
Late and eoiitention eutirely out ofthe
way there remaina before Coagreas only
the eoliseivatioll bill, alld, while the
w.-steiii senators -till loudly prodaun
thal tlny will insistoti anauthoritation
of $80,000,000 worth of certificatea of
iiideLtedii.-ss for le.lamalion purposesr
it is more than likely that they will
forego defiance, exerckw dufcretion
and accept tho f2l?,lH.Mi,(K>0 whieh the
Houae offers,
The general detieieney bill was passed
by the Houae.
The omuibua building l.ill, cairying
authorixations agun-gatiug $1,102,500
Was leporleil
Speaker Caniion made aspceeh inde
fellse of the I llles.
With the exeeplloll of the pllUie
buildinga bill.no further new legiahttioo
is eotiteiiiplat.-d at this s.-s>ioii
Accordingiy every indication points
to an adjournment by the end of next
we.-k. There are several appr..priation
I.ills still in eoiiferen.-e, but thi- iliffer
eiie.s between tln- tw.. houees an- not
irreeoiieilable, esperially [if the hot
weather, whieh deacended upon Wa-h
ington yeaterday, conUnuea with una
l.iled vigor f.T the iiexlwoek. Coll
greas will adjourn on next Saturday at
the latest,
It. the Btorm which struck New York
City Saturday afternoon t.-n persons
were killed and more than asorc more
oi l.ss aeverely injured. The niajority
of those k.iled met death while on th.
waters acai New York City.
Havoc was played along'the water
Forepaugfa i Sells Circus, which
is being shown under canvaa in New
York for the first time u. '_'H years, felt
th.-full force ofthestorm. Theircriea
drowned by th.- ihrieking wind that
loie away a part of the bigteiit. more
than :i.tNHi WOOien and children ll.-d
from the enclosure iu a panic when
large portiona <>f the canvaa covering
were forn away and many of the saip
poitiiig poles snapped in two. Many
were trampled upon in tbe mad rusb to
quil the tent and bundreds w.-r..
bruised when the terror-atrickeo crowd
tried i<> escape, but only one of the
spectators waa seriously injured. Mrs
Florence Pratt was caughl under one
of tln- snapping poles and ber skull waa
Ii is feare.l by the police today that
the 17 deaths tluis far rccorded SS a
resull of Saturday's storm, in New York
which swepl upon the city iinmediately
followiog the Roosevelt reeej.tloll, will
he added t.. when the barhoc aquad bave
bad an opportunity to searcfa Jamaica
bay snd sdjacenl waters. Ihetacttbal
thousands walked in th.- Rooseveh
parade. instcad of takmg a holiday on
Ihe wal.r. saved many a life, accrd
ing to tln- police.
Biflssisa tn a siiup.
Ilalifax, June 20.- PoUowing an
explosion in tbe Chignecto company
mines ofthe Msritime Coal and Power
company today it waa reported tfaata
number ofthe nighl ahift wasentoanhed.
Bearching parties who tried M pajse
trate into th>- mine were driveo back
by gas and it will lie impossihle '.,
search th.- lower leveht until tln- fire
is BXtinguiahed.
ln Md, l.ut loving reiiieiiilirii.ee ofour
<l.-arfather,Capt JAME8 II. BEACff,
uho ili-part.-.l this life t.-ii year- ago to
The last farewell was ipokaSl
Ten ye:.rs |M to.la.v .
Our fa.nilv eir.-le hrokeii
Wli.-n our loved one pejssed away.
Ob, the ineinory ot that .-v.-ning
A- we BtOOd With SOhlng hearts.
s.eing the one we loved so dearlv
1'ieree.l l.y death s most eruel dart.
< io.l takestbe loved ones from our haassss
IJtit never froin our hearts:
Ten years have psaasd, osw heart's *uu
is time goes on we m.ss him more.
liV HlS ( HII.I.IU.V
At hia home near Woodlawn. Fairfax
, ,,i,,it\ on Pridaj night, June 17 KUKX.
j. vt VS...N. in tne Nstjrear of m^ ajw.
His funeral will take place troin his late
home on Tueadey evening at 2 o'clock.
r.irriages will ineet those wishiug to at
tciiU at Mt. Veruou sUtion at 1- o'clock.
Ileluged with Letter*.
N.-w York June go.-?Kr. Roosevi
has heen overwl .lined by the deluge
letters and telegrams, awaiting him
Oyster Bay and at his otlice with tl
Outlook. Thousands of letters ha
accumulateil and more are arrivil
hourly. Many of them are friend
greetings. more eonlaiu polsUoal advii
and not a few are from old frienda
whoni Roosevelt has been 0
It may interest the wiiters to ktif
that the great mass of this OMraspOB
ence will Uever reach Colotiel BO
velt's eyes. Sotnc of it may l.e ^
l.y persons etnplt.yed to look t! o
hut it is not certain that all lette
will even be read.
Steamer Sunk.
I.iverpool, June '20.- Ten membe
of the Crew of the steamer I,a Roche
from Hayoiine, N. J., were drowned
th. Iiish Sca today when their Meaiu
was sunk iu a collision with the stean
Yews. from Harringtoii t.. l'oit Talb.
Li R.M-helle is a big imn tran
freighter and was cul aluiosf iu tv
when the vessels came fogelher. siul
ing .so rapidly that her cngiiie r00
f.nces had I... . hail.e lo es.-.i|M-. TI
otheas jmnped into the aea aml
pscked up by the Y.-ws and an- l.eii
brought here.
The (ath.ilir 4'liuirh.
Roine, June 20, The Cuh
Church is facing a crisis that is with.
pieeedent iu its uiodcrn history
rumors are current here to.lav th
Metty dcl Yal, the ctrdinal
of state. will resign his position and
succeedcd l.y a eardinal who wii
ahle to deal more diplomatically wi
ihe .situatioti lliat coiifrotits ihe \atic
DRY (iOOl>S.
$3 and $4
at $2
Anotber lot of the Inest Pnraaj
you >ver saw. On aceottnl of ihe eoi
w.-t weather tht- mamifacturer BSM
ficed them to us, atnl we will give y
ihe l.el.elit of this maglliticelit lot
parasols. All desirable sl.ad.-s a
sfyl.-s. l'lain all-silk best l.iffeta in t
desirable shades of gie.-ii, with 1(1 g
ribs and tips, the new ehanl. c|.-i r.
aud k.lig's blue, copeiihageti. tan l:i
ender, pink. in fact, most a**] shs
you wish. All-silk pougee, eitber pla
or tueked border; colored taff.-ta bordt
or ribbon inserting; black aml wh
effects; white linen enibroidered;
have tho long direcfoire handles a
gilt ribs; also sot.>f the n.-w Japan.
shapes aniotig them Worth fn.ni $.'>
to |4.ik> Special,
?em & BRd
420-426 Seventh Stret
In Lawn Mowers, Gra
Hooks, Lawn Swings.Han
mocks, Lawn Chairs, I<
Cream Freezers, Pore
Screens and Curtains.
621-23-25 King Street.
VIKUIMA ln the tl.,1, .Uli,
th.- Corporation < tourl of ti.<- < Ity
Vl.-vaiidria, ou the l-lh da.i Of .lune la
Artluir I). I.iiiii.-s. tradhsg as A
Grimea v* averj A Rittenour. 1>i
on open aeeoiint
M.-in.i. The objeet of Ihis BUtt
t<> i.-.lu.-e tbe Interest >.t' th.- ,1, i.nl mt
certaln real estate in the cltj "i \i.
dria, Va, to the pay mentof the plalnUl
elaim againat tne ssdd ttefeadaal
thirty-eight dollars
It appearing bj an aflldavil hl.-.l
thiaeaiue thal the defendant, Aver>
Kitteiiour, i- .iu.>ii reektentofthlasn
lt Is or.ler.-.l That aaid itefeinlanl
pear here within flfteea daya after <l
pill.lieatl.>li ol thia oider. aud d<> w I. il
ii.? 11 v to proleei his iiii.r.si iii t
suit. aml Ibat a ,op\ of thi-. oi.l.
lortiiwith Inaerted in the Alexaad
Omxette. a newapaper pubtlahed In t
t'itv ol Ale\ in.llia. one.- i i\.-.-k for I,
sUei-.-s-ive w.i'ks. an.l posl.-.l al Ih.- Ir.
door ol' tlie I 'ollil llollsc of this eity
A OOpy Tesp
Rlcbard B. Waahington.p <i
joJo w-lw III
at 4:30 p. nv.except Saturday*. atl
H.BIoch's, 615 King S
j.O) Im
NoTKK. a meetlng of tha Cbosn
teeof theCtvlo frnprovemenl foaj
appointed to brlng about Improvenn
eondilions al tbe eity alma hou-.- will
heldon Monday night next at - .. <l.
at th.- rooms of tho I'hamber ofOo
ineree, soiilb. SWt eorn.-r King aml W.i
ingtOO slr.ets All iiiter.sted.ire oil'.
ly Invited lo attend. Mrs. v..t. PAJFI
MAHONlr.- A eall.d
milliieatioii ol ALKXA
LODOK, No 22, A . K. A
IL, will be h.-l.l it ,
IN'li. .lune 21. at 7;!0(, elo.
Uy order of tbe Worship
A- O. Clll.Klt. Se. r.,Uri
JeS) 21_
L08T?An l ii tooTE \\ \ i< li K.
Siinday evenmg Ix-twoen inii.- a
eleven o'elock. Flnder will i?- auital
r.-wardod If returned toJOEL M (XX
RAN4C0. je-u:
OIHi.e ofthe
Philadelphle, Pa.
The Board of Directora has this
deeiarad a quarteriy dlvldend of i1^
cent. on the lapittl stoek ofthisi,
pany, payal.le on the :?Jth day of .Iu
llllo. lo sto.khold.rs of ro.-ord al
elose ofthe buaiueaa June 25, UH0,
l*hila.lelphia./iine7. ISdO.
Checks will be n-tiled

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