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Why Have an Overheated
Kilciien in Summer?
When the sultry days come and the coal range
makes the kitchen almost unbearable and cooking a
dreaded task, put out the range fire and try the
newest method of cooking in hot weather?use a
Neto Per/ection.
Oil Cook-stove
What a cor?ast! The kitchen no longer is
stifling hot, the work is now done with comfort, and
the housewife is not worn out with the heat.
*? She saves her strength, keeps
her health and is better ablc to
enjoy the summer.
The New Perfection does everything
that any other stove can do?all the fam
ily cooking, baking, wasbing and iron
ing. No amokc, no duat, no odor. Heat
is applied directly and not waated. A
turn, and the flame ia out.
Tbe New Perfection stove baa a
Cabinet Top v/ith shelf for keeplng
plate3 and food hot, drop shelves for
the coffee pot or saucepans, and nickeled
towel racks.
It has long turquolse-blue enamel
chimneya. The nickel finish, with the
bright blue of the chlmneys, makes the
Stove very attractive and invites clean
liness. Made with 1, 2 and 3 burnera;
the 2 and 3-burner stoves can be had
with or without Cabinet.
ETfrydealfXeverywher..! If not ?t youra, wjlt* for
D&oriptlv* Circular to ll.o atutu ?t?ncy ol _e
njmc-t --
readt "New Perfection."
Standard Oil Company
The New Perfection, Sold by Elliott, 428 Kinp SL
Om burner. 13.00. Two burner. ?7.25. Three burner. ?9.50.
m, 23 im Ovcna and Cabineta Extra.
First National Bank
of Alexandria, Virginia
0. L BOOT1IE. Preaident GEO. E. WARFIELD. Caahicr
M. B. HARl.OV P .dent
J. J.GREEN.Assistant Cashier
1 naiu aud Invcatmeiil
. i '
Henklnc Ii
i .(i ? |. 111 .11,.
. !i
i i iid
, ft,,i(_i.8100.000.00
Siirplua aml Proflts. 185.iV22..r>l
< Irculation ...
Otber Liabllitiea.
ipitaland Mirplns.ii> adequate equipmeut
of manufaeturera, wholeaalera, retallera
t tenna eonalstent with sound banklng.
mdl< 'I aatiafactorily; none too aroall t<> l>e
iKhI i
Don't Try Our
Jewelry on
for ii wrill look bo pretty you will
l,;ii, Ui take it off. Every ring,
i,.!i. pin. locket, ete., is a
work ol :<ii ao fai aa ?! -i^n and
norkmanship are concerned, _
we Ruarantee the quality all you
havi t.. do ia to piek oul the ar
ii,l, \..n ailinire ni..st, having
: ronndence in the n lial.il
ity nf your choice. Thia ia a
"safe" jewelry atore to buy in.
H. W. WILDT & SON, Jewelers.
.___ ___
ui.I 527 N. Alfred, 6 rooma.110 50
. \\'..'f. . fi rooma. 10.50
triok, 6 rooma. 9.00
224 N. Pitt, 4 rooma. s-_"'
.-,!? \\ ;.' B2S Cummerce, 6 rooma. ,;--'l!
lil. vs \v. ROBIMSOM
Makes The Best Concrete
? ! ?-:. i. w all Plaster. Terra Cotta Sewer
and I'lne Uning, Flre Brleka, Fire t'lay.&c,
Point Embroidery Sale.
500 yards Irish Point Em
broideries, on batiste cloth, all
ovcrs, bandings, and 27 inch
Flouncings, all match sets. Values
ranging from $ 1.00 to $2.00 a yard.
This Ladies' Tan
Linon Dress
Tunic style with bias band trim
mings, at
D. Bendheim & Sons.
40 inches wide full merccrized, regular
price 35c. For this week only 1 7c a yard.
Children's Muslin Drawers, all sizes, 10c,
12 l-2c, 15c, 19c and 25c.
Women's and Men's Silk Hose, 50c and $ 1.
Have you tried Hop Scotch Stockings? 2
pair for 25c. Black, pink, blue, tan, whitcand
red, in all sizes.
Full Roll of Matting guaranteed, 40 yards,
$5.75 a roll.
Boys' Wash Suits, all sizes, 50c a suit.
Summer Couch Covers, fringed all around,
518-520 King Street, Alexandria, Va.
Henry K. Field & Co.,
Bueeeaaora to
Lumber, Cement and Plaster.
(ifllec aml Vard ii"' S, i fnlon atreet
Pactorj NTo. in N. Lce atreet
Matcrial Dellvcred PREE in tbe elty.
Owners of Dogs!
v \ vi ii;s ni'i n i:.
Vlexandria. Va.. June II. 1910,
All pcraomi ownlng ..r liitending lo
keepany animal of the dog or eanlno
npe< i.- -leiiiiil fuiiif lorward on or before
.11 \i. T\\ l.\ II I lr. Hill. l?10,
and take oul a llccnae for the ninc rr.nn
the Audltor. After the KKti of June all
peraonn ownlng or harlioring dogs wlth
.iiit the rctiulrco lleenac aro aubjeel Ui a
titit- M the l.nvs r.n the -uli.iift i. oiiirc ..I"
s ;.<>> or | i.01).
. 'oinplainl haa i?. n froquentlj made
that many pcraona foiI to take r.m tlu-ir
lieenae, and thal other* pay on one ->r
two dog* when owning and harhoring
morp, or who aend aueh doga away dur
Ing the Kummer inonthaand briug theni
Iraek in the foll.
Attentlon haa beencalledto thia eva
glon of the law, and |,-.l i.-.-in.M will re?
port all aueh eaae*. and finea ean he im
poai il iijkmi thoae a bo rail to take oul
lifi naex after trial in the Poliee ('ourt
In ordcr to avoid anj mlatakea |>en-ona
u I... make applioatioii for li.-.-ii-.-? would
do uill to nrrite thelrnameaand nuinln-r
of realdence, atreet. ete., on a nard or
paperwhen makingapplication forthelr
lieenae* i" the Audltor.
Attentlon li alao ralled to tho feel thal
while the paymenl of a llcensc I:. \
quired by the taws ofthe elty, whether
:i dojj i kepl "ii the premiaen of the
owner at all Umea or not, yel the pay
in.-nt >.r aueh tax doea not entltle
the dog to tbe unrratrieted u?
of tbe -tri't- and alleya ..r tlu
iii\. both rlav and night, for it Ia
provlded by liw that: "The Mai i r. In
addition.at anj aml all tirriea, In hixdia
eretlon, by proclaniatlon, -hall declare
that all aueh doga aaabove liti naed -hall
bc -fiiir.-lv muzzled, and if anj
doga be found running at large duiing
the continuan.f nuch proelauiation
without the rcquired muzzle they >ha!l
l>eaelaed by the pollee foree or other
peraona deaignateu by the Mayor for
nuch purpoae* and conveyedtoaaullnblo
l.la.-f aml deatroyed."
FKFI-. .1. PAFF, Mayor.
The followlng i> a eopj of8e< tii n ' oi
tbe Llecnae Law: "On every* dog, regard
leaaof aex, onedolburand nfty cent*
|e!12w _
PARK AGNEW. Proprictor.
The Bromiiaw Brick Co.
Building, Paving and
Sewer Brick.
Frontand Building Sand
WORKS: Huntintf Creek.
Tdephone 107.
.l..ii\ P. ItomxsoN, Ono. H. I'ki x? ii.
'.?in. Seeretary.
Alexandria Fertilizer and
Fertilizers, Fertilizer Materials and
Sulphuric Acid.
Ask your dealer for the Alexandria
I'. .iili/ rand ? hcmieal t'o.'a Producta.
Capacity: 50.000 tOBB per anniim.
Prlneeaa Streel and Potomac Rlver
\\ IkiiT. Alexandrl i, Virginia.
Mannfacturcr of
..||i. i; IXO -1?.i:f-: II.VII7 !C. ROYAI.RT.
Dealer in Mardwarc. Paints. Atfricul
tural Implemenn. Vchiclcs.HarncM.
Ficld and Gardcn Sccds.
WARKHOI'KKM, -..ri!| r\|..\ -IKIII. .N
i.im. ..i' Wilim i:s i: ui.'v * r.
Also Grain, Hay, Straw
and all kindsof Mill Feed
Will alwaj - U..|. in atoek the highcat
frnuki of thene articles.
K1FTY Vi:.\l:s' RXPERIENl i; OF
A\ <>u> m i:>i:.
Mr-. \\'iii>lie.\??.Soothlng Ryrupiathe
proacriptionof one ofthe l?.??t fcmalc
phj i.i.in- and nuraca in the ITnlted
Ntntes, and lia< lie.ii use.l for fjftj
with nevcr-Atlling auceeaa bj millUiaa 01
mothera for their eblldren, It rellevea
thc .-iiil.l from paln, curoa dlarrboea,
grlplng In the bowela, aml wlnd ooUo.
l!\ ^'i\ in;' health t<. tbe ehlld it reata tho
mother. Twenty-flveeenta a i?>ttle.
Coal Coke Wood
Order yotfr C'oal before Iheadvanee al
loweal aiimmer prices. Beal quality,
nroiiipl delivi ry and bottom prioe.
Phone ft'.. In av. Ail't IIESOX, lOTaoath
lloyal atreet j.-lni
\\ ANTI.I'.
...1 \\ IIITK MAX f..r thcatable
at Ravenawortb. W:"" to Mra LFJB
Burke, \'irjrinia. marll tf
The Bearf of Bverythlug.
Williarn's Empress
Floating Bath Soap
6 cakes for 25c
616 King Street.
A Bill Nyo 8tory]
Accordlng to tbe Uookman. Bill Nye
once made a 8bort apeecll at an nu
tbore' dlnner in Txindon thnt waa
much rellshed by tbe bookmeu pre*
pnt. lncludlng the publlshers. at whom
It was indlrecUy nlmed.
"Just a year ago." sald Nye, "I waa
walking on tbe prlndpal atreet of Ir?
?lianapolls when I met a man wlrnso
appearnuce abowed tlint ho was re
loced to tho very leptbfl of poverty.
His clotbes were rngsed. his face un
sliavcn, his ualr long and nintted and
his feet unsbod. As 1 paaaed him n
look of recognltlon cume luto lila eye.
" 'Nye, old fellow, dou't you know
ine? Dou't you know Abel P. Jones,
?rno was your elaaamate at collcce?
"?What, Joneel is it reaUa you?
Well, well! What tan I do for you?'
" 'For heaveu'8 sake, help ine. 1 am
atarving. Lend me balf ? dollnr.'
"I felt ln my poeketa They were
empty. I had no money uiyaelf. But
n brlght tbougbt liasued through uiy
" 'Abel, I can't lend you tbe half
dollar. I baven't BJOt lt. But, look
bere, i'ii teii roe what i win do?rn
let you publlsb uiy next book.'
"Gcntlemen, that was Just a year
ngo, nnd thls raonth Abel V. Jcnes
aent ine an invitatlon to go to Europe
with bltn tn his steam yacht."
Needed an Explanation.
A little boj was often arblpped by
his fnther for l.vinj,'. He usually took
lt ns a inatter of COOne, bot on one oc
casion It seeined to exeite hlin to re
llectlon. After It was all over he stood
before bia fatber tn a tboogbtfal eray,
which attraetad that wortby'a atten
"My son," sald the fatber, "what are
you thlnklng aboatl"
"Fatber," sairl tbe son, "when you
was a little boj, dld you use to tell
"No. my son. When i was a little
boj 1 dld not tell Uea."
"I'atlier," returned the son, "when
inother waa a little gtrl, did sbe use
lo tell Ilc3?"
"No, my son," n-pllod tbe father.
"When your inother was a little glrl
sbe dld not tell lles But why do you
aek mo tbese qoeatlonar
"Well," said the little fellow, drnw
Ing a long Blgn, "lt is tbe meet mya
teriona tblng In ihe arorkl to me thal
a fnther who never told lles when be
WM n little hoy and a inother who
never told lies when she was n little
gtrl eould have a hoy thnt tells ns
many ns 1 do."
Plaid and Tartan.
Will the southrou ever lenrn that
"plaid*1 is not a aynonym for "tartanV"
Not long ago mx Rngltahman came into
n boeJer'a eatabliabment iu Ulaegow
nnd nsked B man hehlnd the counter
to show bim tome "plaid tles." The
aUendant, perhapa aronderlng what
thls new nnd welrd urtlclo of wear
Ing npparcl could be, was complotely
baffled untll explanatJoe allelted tho
fact that n necktie with a tartan de
sign was reqnlred Dtckena, to.., is a
: ajnner m thls respect, for be makea
Bob Sawyer miy with regard to wheth
I er his poOtJcaJ prndh Itles are "buff"
j or "hlue"?"I'm n kind of plaid nt
preeent, n compoond of all soris of
colors." Morcover. nn Engllsh dlc
tlonary gives nn adjedlval mennlng
of "plaid" ns "colored in Bquarea."
1've never henrd such use ln Bcotland.
Haa nny one clso?? Scuttlsh Fleld.
Hall Caine's Moonshine.
Aotbora and artbrta irbo have be
come well known hy ineans of maklng
tho inoon dance ln the WTOOg houses
of bea\en are Quroerooa, bot we never
expeeted Hall Caltie to join the jjroup.
Vet in "The Bcapegoat." chapter '23,
on laraefa retnrn from prlaon nfter
evenfnll, we Ond that "with n wnve
of his band he was gone Into tho dark
ness. It was a wonderful olgbt The
moon, which wns ln Its flrst qunrter,
was still low ln tho eaal"
it wns mdeed a wonderful night
On no other Dlgbt sinno the ereatton
baa tho moon ln its tirst quarter
been Been low in tne aaet.?London
Won't Stay Retained.
This notiue appeara on a Pluatrfog
ateamboat: "Paaeengere abould obtaln
n reeeipt for all nrovtoiona taken on
board this boal and are reqaeeted to
retaln the s HM "
Kasler >;al.l tlian dotnv It reinlndo
us of the old llmerick:
Thero wns a yotins man of Oatand
Who s.-il.l lie'd lu.i.l out tfII tho cnd,
But when lialfw.-xy nvcr
From Ostend 10 Dover
He dld what ho dl.ln't I
?Loodon Olohe.
His Definition.
At n Loodon board acbool tbe tea.^h
er had eaplalned to tbe ehlldren the
uiennlng of the word "abl!il\ " "N<>\v,
ehlldren," she wenl on. ?'what word
would express tlie opposlte t.. alillity'.-"
A shiirp facad Ifttle boy at the end
of the and forni bobbed op his head
and exelalmed. "Pleaae, teacber, nobU
lty!"?WOTk and I'lay.
Jack Knew.
On comlng brirao from the office the
fathcr met Jack and Iilek.
"Whnt bave you been doing today,
boys?" he nuaetlooed.
"FlghthV," replled Dlck.
"Fightlng. eh? Who llcked?"
"Mainmn dld." answered Jack.?Ex
In Keeping.
Medlum?Tbe splrits won't rap un
less you wrlfe out your reqoeaf 00 pa
pcr. Patron?Any speelal kiud Of pa
per? Medluru - Certaiuly - wrapplnp
papor.?St-Louls Star.
Diffieulties nre thlngs that ahow
what tnen are.-Eplctetus.
If you are not mtnfied aft?r osing
eccording to directiona two-thirda ofa
bottte .>f Chamberlain'a Btomaob and
I.ivt-r Tai.let.-, you can bave yourmooey
i.a.k. The tabh?1a rbianar and invigo
ratetbeatoiiiach, Improve tbe dfajeatkan,
regulate the boweaa.' Gfve them a trial
and gel weii. s.i.i by \V. F. Oaaighton
and Bichard Gibson.
For Rent
427 Kintf Street.
Second floor office rooms.
42 7 Kint; street.
Third floor office rooma.
1923 Dukc street.
6 room frame and bath.
1101 Princc street.
7 room brick.
312 south Henry street.
6 room frame.
621 south Patrick street.
5 room frame.
Further particulars at my office.
For Rent
612 Kintf Street.
Fine atore room.
319 Kintf atrect.
Large store room.
301 Cameron street,
Store and dwellintf.
1227 Kintf street.
9 room brick and bath.
226 north Royal street.
6 rooms brick and bath.
i Royal stre
rooms bricl
1011 Duke street.
7 room brick.
New Rides
New Shows
Come Out and Dance
Music by Band of Fifteen Pieces
Free Gate Special Inducements to Picnics
Je i 2m
r..?.u iiniNt.. N \v \<;i:n
Our 1910 aummer prleea on Authraelte Coal boeame effeetlve uonday, May 2,
There baa never been a time Ia the hlatory of our buaineaa when we fclt thal
wo uereal.le toglve bettervaluea in AnthraeiteCoal than we can thia aeaaon, aa
trehavo eompleted our armBgementa t.> aeeure ourontlro amiply from two or
iiree of the verj beal eolliorlea in the Antracltc reglon, aml will havea coal whieh
a unlform in quality, well prepared, and .-..al that will -ive hr better reaulta than
Itlaourdealre togiveourtrada lhe heat valuea that can be had, and we earn
estly s,,ii,u ihc ordera of our frienda aml euatomera.
l'.KI.I. TELPHOXE 19and67.
An Arti tt's '-. itictein.
PmbmJere, tlie ai-ulplor, tella a onpl
tal atory of Henner. tbe grenl arttat,
who, oltboogb be llved ln Pnrla all bia
Hfe, never loal bia Als.itl.m peaaaut ac
eeiit or bia eountry munnera. But
lletuier wns a vety kceti crltlc and
iiad o clever way of showliig his dis
liko of wordjr eotbnaiaam Falgulere,
nrboae taleut aa a aculptor is known
all tbe world over, waa rery fond of
palntlng, bot he dld nol paint pertleu
lnly well. One day Henner wns in
his studio. and Falgulere Bbowed him
some of bia pietorea.
"Whnt do vnit tblnk of thls rine?"
aaked Falgulere.
"Superh!" snlrl Henner, with bls Al
satlon BCCent "Marfelous!"
"And this one?"
"And this one?"
Theti the old ninn plcked up a little
bust whkli his frlond had Just fln
"Ah!" he sald. "Now, dat's good!"
"I never palnted after that," snid
falgolere. New fori IfalL
Have You Diplopia?
Dlplopla, ns its nnme afgnlflei, Is the
defect which cnuses the eye to see two
imnges <>f tho aame objeet Of course
the drtinkard's teinpornry dlplopln 13
well known, but lt Is posslble for ?
quite sober person to percelvo two key
holes lnstead of one, ns the comic jour
nnls have lt, and yet be n totnl ab
stainer. Dlplopla ls u.sunlly tlie result
of sr|iihit or geoeral eye wenknoss and
ls neoessarlly ? distresslng malndy. Afl
n rule, the defect innnlfests Itself In
regnrd to smnll objects at some dls
t.ini-e?elgbt feet or so. For inatance,
one Inmp will bo seen sllghtly above
anotber or to right or Ieft. Aa a mle,
the fnlsc imagc ls falnter than the
gentrlne one, but when I looked through
the prism, which made me for the time
being diploptjc, I snw tboseeondlmngc
quite us clenrly ns the flrst, but with
n tetideii. y to wniider. Tho farther
away tho fnlso Imaga uppenra from the
trne tbe leaa rlistinct ls its outllnc.?
fkrand Magaelne.
Why Cuvier Wore a Beard.
"To aave time Ia to lengthen llfe" ls
a proverb found In one form or nn
oiher in almeat erery language, and
Cuvier, the irreot nnturallst, ifound llfe
all foo ebort to aec.iniiili.sh nll he
wished to do. thougtl moat oconomlcnl
..t tlie hours.
"I fiund," he mld, "that my abavlng
took me a qunrter of an boOT a day.
'1 hia l n and a half liours In
a motitli and nlnety Imurs, or three
daya and eigtateea boura, very nearly
four daya, a year. This dfecovetj stn^
Kered me. Here waa l ebmplalnlng
thal time was ioo abort, thal tbeyeara
Oew by tno awiftly, that I bad not
boura enough for work, and Ia tbe
tnldet of my COmpJalolog I was wast
Ing nearly four daya a year in lather
Ing my faee with a abavlng br*aJt,and
1 resolved tlieneeforth to let my beard
grow."?Omaha World-lierald.
A Story of Mark Twain.
When Mark Twain was beginniug
his career as a humonm.s leeturer he
one dny arrangad wltb a woman ac
quaintance that she should sit iu a box
and start the api.Inuse when he should
stroke his nrostacbe. The leeturer
started off so well tliat he dld not need
any sueh hel|i. bowever, for he CBUght
the atidlence from the (Irer. By aml
by, when not. aayfag anythlng worthy
of particular notice, be happened to
pull bls mustache, and his nnxlous
ally in the box at once broke Into furl
ous applause. Mark was all but bro
keu up by tbe Mlsadreutare and ever
afterward carefully avolded employlng
ancb belp to aocceaa.
A Startling Comparison.
In allenl abaorpl on they consnmed
dellcloua cherry pie.
".lames," sald the oostess tn tho but
lor. "aave all tbe cherry atonee, picase.
Waah and dry them and put them on
a ahelf in tbe attlc."
"Why," n gneat Inrjuired, "do you
aave cherry Btonea?"
"You nerer aaw them hurn," sald tho
lioatea "or you wonldn't nsk thnt
ijuestlon. All wlnter long l keep a eop
prr Jur of them "ti tbe drawing room
?i .\s (be Bre l.ttrns up I stoop
tbrow a handful of the cherry
i iu tbe blaze, Tho effeet ls won
;? rfni The atonee crackle nnd aend
. rili dellctile green Bamea, nnd pnffti
ipilsllo ndor, nn odor ;is sweet ns
?,-. ry blusaonui, floal throogb the
i "
;,i i.-'s >ai rlnlwood." Iiegan nnother
;<l i!ie ho te.-.. "I uae aan
? ???. hul it <' . irea to cher
: (iiigriiii f as Itmburger
liclii tn.pe."?Mln
j Question.
.. - refully explaln
il ughter Uargnrei
il * i i pr'i nuig. Com
i.i diuner, und
.-il lii
? ihe iiililo Rho
:. and fnllhfully
? , ., n;.is I -.:i Inv the Bra
? ?. i i
Iful. bul i'
re th ?
i- I r tif w'i i the
I Whet.
lo i i tlie !? tnpti
: ..-ii lt. r dalnl.t
i-.-n .
i and i oolloued
b gn al antUfne
' lother cotild
. ihe |fi'..-. n hteh
i nfi uf aud ? ?
? was more
Kr. ? ?/ Thim.
? I ?
?.! el,-. : ! ; -
., i ??.. . ??! i.i :
a ? you
.- ? i hitre" I
and lhe i
I il.ui a " ?? i.l llie j-ii ?
? i nmjt on p iwh-"
? i. i tbnnai
\..;i rana iwl i Tot
you know.
?irfkV* me na itiiiiv llke a r..
man : efa lhe . I the
Hie Nfmke Sni.it
"Will ronr s.r], iake a fOl
rouise:-' -S". not .pilte. fle
baaeball, fbothall nud tnrck atbk
but he feara there won't be tlru?'
for baeketbaJl."?Ciereland Leader.
Southern Railway.
Trains leave UaJOB Staiion. Ai< xamlna.
Ill ellc.t.Iitlle 13, l"M.
X. B.- -Following achedule figurea pub
llabedonlj as Information, aml are not
.'iiarant.-. .1.
7:17 A. M. Dally loeal betwe.n WBSJ>
ington aml l?an\ ille.
8*7 A. M. Dallj Loeal for Ilani-.ni
burgand way atatlona.
!i;IT A. M. Dally I . B. l:i -t M.ul.
Stopsonly for itnaaeiigeni for pointa aouth
at which ?oheduled t<> atop. Flral elaaa
eoaehea; aleeping eara to Blrmlnjrharo
and drawlng room aleeping eaaa to New
(i:l. ans. Dinlng ear >er\ i.e.
11:17 A. M. I'ailv Mailtrain. OoBChee
for \|:iua?:e-.( harl..tl.'sville.I.ymlil.iii-^'.
Danvlllc aml Oreenaboro. Slceplng eera
Urecnuhoro to Ail.inta.
1:17 I'. M. Week daya l.oeal for M'ar
teiiinii aml Harriaonburg.
p. \i Dallj Binnlngham appc
ial. Kleepingeara between New Vork,
Auguata, Aikeu and Jackaoovtllr.
8lci-|K?r to Rlrmtngham, Through Hrat
elaaseoaehea U-tweeii Waahington aml
n\ iiie. Dinlng car Ben i.-< Tour*
i>l U> ('alil'.irnia four liiili". weeklv .
:::?"._? P. M. Week daya l.oeal fcr llar
rtaonburg and ivaj aauiona on Manaaaaa
braueh. Pullman l.uil'et parlorear.
6:12 I'. M Dally Loeal kbr Warren
ton and Charlottea> ille.
u>::: l'. m Daity?Waahington aml
Chattnnoogn l.imiie.l (vln Lynehburg).
Pirst-class eoaeh aml aleeping <
llonni.!..-. Knoxvllle and (Siaittanooga.
I Kleoper to New Orlcana. Waahington t<>
, Koam.ke. Dinlng ear aervice,
! 1102 P. M. [)alh New York. Atlanta
aml New Orlcana f.imlted. AN I'ullnian
tmln. club and obaervatton cara t<> New
Urlenna. Kleeplng eara t" Aahcvllle,
Atlanta. Maeon aml Now Orleana. sto.-p
iiiL' rara to Chariotu?. Dinlng ear aervice.
127 A M. I'ailv Meinphi- -I- I Ial
Kleepinx cara and eoaehea f>>r Roaaoke.
Knoxvllle, Naahville, Chattanooga and
Meinphia. Dinlng ear Bervlce. Waah
Ington aleeping ear-, open IOjOO I'- M.
Tliroujrh rtalna from tlie aouth aarive
at Alexandria 6:13 and628 and 1023 a. m.
2:13.7:2*. 10:13and 11:58 P. M.dally, Har?
riaonburg USA A. M. week .la\ I and 9 :l.:
P. M. ilally. l'rom < liarlotte-sille !>:>
A. M.
L.ave Alexandria (W. d 0. Sl.ili.in
week daya al M22 A, M.. i:io. i>.aml
5:15 r. M. for Rluemont; OA'i P. M. week
dava for Lecaburg: 6:15 P. M. dally for
fJliicmont and 902 and 022 A. M loeal,
aml 902 A. M. | l.i.l. on Sumlays ?.nl\ for
i-i.i-il.tail..! achedule Hguree,Ueketa.
Pullmau reaen atlon, etc., applj to
u ii.i.iam <;. i.kiiku.
I'liion TJeket Agent, Alexandria, Va.
i: II. i T> \r\i \\. u.-ii. ial Mauager.
s. II. IIAKDM ICK, Paaa, Traf. Mgr.
II. P. CAKY. Goncral Pawenger Agent
1.. s. BROWN, Oenerri tgent,
w MhfiigUm, D. < .
Washington, Alexandria ??
Mt. Vernon Railway.
In etVe.t May 1. IMO,
i.i.avi: ai.i:\.\xinu.\.
For VVaahlngton, from eomer Prlnee
aml lloval streeta. week daya, at >40,
.; 05, 6 ."'. 8 30, 8 ' '. 6 -V.. 7 05, 7 15, 7 30, 7 BJ,
7 50, 800. fi 15, H 25, 8 33, 8 50. 9 10, 9 30
10 10. H>:ti?. 1080. 11 10. II 26, II 30, II ?'-> a.
m.. 12 10. 1236, U:n. 1260. 1 10. I -'?'.. I 30
I 50, 2 10, 2 25, 2 30, 1 60, 3 06, 3 25, 3 35, 3 50,
I 10, I 26, I 30, I 10, I 55,5 10,5 '
005, ii 20, il 30, II 15, 7 00. 7 13, 7 :
900,930, 1000, 1030. II 10 aml II 55 p tn.
SiiikIu - 7 00, 7 35, H 10. H 30, a M. 900,
920, 9 K), 1000, 1020, 10 k), II 00. II 20 aml
11 Wa. in.. 1200 in.. 12 20, 12 K), 1 00, I 20,
I 10, 200. - 20, J K), 300, 3 J". 3 K), 100, I -i>.
I 10, 500, S 20. ?'> in. 600, 8 20, 6 10, 7 <fc>. 7 20,
; in. B00, 830, 900, 930, 1000, 1030and
II lOp. in.
KoU MolN'l VlatNON.
Leave Alexandria for Mounl Vernoa,
week daya,al 545. 656, 758, s.m. toas,
II 25a. ni.. 1225. I 26, 226, 330, t 10. .".:t"..
6 30, 7::tv 960, 960. 1060and II -""i p. m,
Suudaya- 700. 830, 930, 1030, tl ?? a.
in.. 12 30. I 90, J 30, 330, I 30, ?'? 30, B v.. ,' 30,
h HJand 10 16 p. m.
Washington Southern Ry.
Bebedule In effeel kfay 15, 1910,
Tralna iea\e Cnion Htatlon for w
ington and |tolnta north .-ii 7 r:.
-:: and - 32 a. m., 1201,: 30, 807, 8 18 and
ii 33 p. m.. dally.
l-'oi Prederlckaburg. Itlehmond and
poinU aouth al 137,753 (loeal) and 1022
a. in.. 12 16, I 22, S 17 (loeal) 7 12 aml :? .'.7
p. m.
Accommodation for Prcdorlckaburg at
il 28 a. in.. dally. On wcob daj i mia
traln mna through to Mllford.
\..i i:: Timeofarrivalaand de|?r1 urea
aml eonnoetlona not guaranteexl,
W. P. TAYLOR, Traffic liai
Richmond \ i
John Ahern & Co.,
Corner Prinee and Oommcrce Btneeta.
and doaleni ln
C'ountrv produco reoeired daily. 'mr
itock of IMain and Fanej Oroeerlei em
hi-if. -1 -. prything to Im> ha.l In thia line.
\\ i- hold Inrgely In 1 nii.ci Ntatea hond
od wareboiiHp anil earry In ?toek varloua
Inanil- ofthe l.f-t
nia.lf. Il:iv.' :ils<> in ntSrcaupcrforgradca
of Foreign and Ameriean
Satiafoction Onaranteedaa to Prlca and
W. A. Johnson & Co.,
N. F. Corner I amerunand Royal Btrceta,
Gcncral C.mmisjion Merchant
and i|,i!f rs iu
Bavfc on i and Oineon'ii JCX, XXX,
XX.W nnd 1'iiif Old Byp, Old ' ablnel
and Mouogram VVhlakiea; alao Baker'a
and Tliompaon'a Purc Rye Wln-ki,- n.
whi.-h they imite tbe attentlon of thi
tradi .
Ordent fi.thecouatry Van mereban
? il i-ffi-jvo proniptattPtitlon.
t'onalgnmnnta of Flour, Oraie and
Countrj Produee aollclted, Ibr which
the* giwrantee tbo highcel market prleee
and proinpt r<-tm i
St. Anne's Episcopal School for Glris
Opena Bepteraber 20th, l-'nil eerpa of
teachera- Prepauratory and Aradeinle
Depmrtroenta, Miule, l^nguagea, Art.
Mi<s MAKV UYDK I'l \ Al.
jil") :lm_I'riiif i|.al.
Special for 10 Days
Bearlel Bage, Coleua, Oeranlum
turtfuma, Aatera, fte., ln urnall ilxca,
SSc per du/< n. \- tortmenl of larger
planta, UteteMe perdeoea. Oaraen
Roeebuebee, 'l tor ir,<.
The Kramer Floral Co.,
? prleee only at gre< nh
For Sunday Oinner
I'bone your eadera tor \-uality" lee
Creari, abaolute piirlty ii maktngand
onlv tbe beal Ingredlenta d.
Alao a l.tr-f i--oi-liii,.|ii l'an<\ r
and Plea,
I??in,- I'.ainil. ^ ruil nnd Marble < ake at
30e perlb.
OMouutaea l-'ruit fak.- L5e per n>.
H. Bloch "?o
wiwvsii STREET
_ Both Phonea.
? iraiilfiiK'h. ,r\ (3ougll
Bemedy lo eure eoogha \\<- doc
"ivoiu BMNW) i.ai-k. beenoM there a
no need. It curee; Zw bottle.

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